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Video Game / Sub Terra Draconis

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Everything's better with fire breathing!
Sub Terra Draconis is a puzzle game developed by Crystal Shard. It is the sequel to SubTerra.

Like in any Digging Game, the goal is to get gems and then reach the exit. The main character is a dragon, who aims to collect the biggest hoard ever, and who can breathe fire to scorch adjacent squares. The obstacles are grouped in an elemental theme. Unusual for a digging game, Sub Terra also includes elements from Chip's Challenge, ZZT, and Laser Light.

The game is available on Steam.

Contains tropes such as:

  • Block Puzzle: earth blocks contain gems, fire blocks can explode, water (ice) blocks keep moving once pushed, and air blocks can be moved in multiples at once.
  • Control Room Puzzle: Several switches affect distant parts of the level; in some of them you are locked in a control room and have to solve the puzzle indirectly.
  • Elemental Powers: most objects come in four flavors, i.e. fire, water, air, and earth.
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  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Touching or being adjacent to an enemy will kill you instantly.
  • Selective Gravity: Rocks and gems fall, most other things don't. This is common to the Digging Game genre.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: The general theme of the fire element, which includes bombs, crates of dynamite, and Extreme Omnivore fire elementals.
  • Timed Mission: optionally, every level can be played on a time limit to earn extra stars on the world map.

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