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Greater Gods

Lorien, the First One
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Three-Dimensional Five
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Life Energy, The Mentor, taking followers away upon death, The Ageless, End of an Age, Energy Being
  • Domain: Immortality, Mentors
  • Allies: Kosh
  • Followers: John Sheridan and the Army of Light, the First Ones, the Shadows
  • Lorien is a First Born, the first race to gain sentience in his universe. He himself is The First One, making him the first sentient being in his entire universe. He and his kind taught and mentored many of the races who became First Ones later on in existence, including the Vorlons and the Shadows.
  • Lorien's race was originally born immortal, kept in check by their naturally low birthrates. However, as he himself explained, later generations lost their immortality, eventually growing old and infirm, and dying. As he put it: "We have lived too long; seen too much. To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment...we know it will turn to ash. Only those who lives are brief can imagine that eternal." Some members of the Emotion, Friendship and Love Pantheons aren't sure how to interpret his words.
    • "You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received."
  • Lorien is also an Energy Being, and he has shown himself able to travel around the stars both with and without his space ship as a result of his evolution to this higher form.
  • He was able to save John Sheridan's life by infusing him with some of his life energy after the latter's death, but it would only last for twenty years before his body simply "stops".
  • He has some points of conflict with the Ancients regarding their Policy of Non-Interference. While The Ancients criticise Lorien, citing that the Vorlons and Shadows are perfect examples of why they do not interfere in the lower planes and looking upon him as a 'lower being' not in the same 'Ascended' state as them, Lorien states that their policy of non-interference is part of the reason why certain conflicts got as bad as they did (the Ori), and he dislikes the way they treat their fellow Ancients who break the policy, whereas Lorien cares about the younger First Ones, who in turn up look up to and respect him like a father-figure.
  • Kosh was strongly humbled by Lorien's appearance in the Pantheon, recalling the last time he had interacted with the man who was the father-figure to his entire race.
  • Lorien looks upon the Grand United Alliances of Law and Chaos as dark reflections of what the Vorlons and Shadows could have become if they had pushed their conflict of Order vs Chaos too far, which almost did occur at the end of the Second Shadow War. He particularly frowns upon the heads of both groups, YHVH and Lucifer, for their respective beliefs in an absolute viewpoint or prizing might above all others. He knows all too well what happened when the Vorlons and Shadows went down those paths, and has joined himself with the Grand United Alliance of Good to oppose them and, if possible, turn away those who have fallen under their influence. It is his presence and the lessons they learnt that keep the Vorlons and Shadows from falling into the conflict of Order vs Chaos once more.
    • Regardless, there are still some in the Pantheon who see the former beliefs of the Vorlons and Shadows as something to aspire to. In Steven Armstrong's case, as an example, he felt the Shadows had the right idea all along.

Yveltal, God of Immortality through Rebirth (the Destruction Pokémon, The One True Destroyer)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized red letter "Y"
  • Theme Song: Battle! Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde (shared with the other two Pokémon in that track's title)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Dark Aura
  • Moveset: Oblivion Wing, Dark Pulse, Hurricane, Foul Play
    • Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
  • Portfolio: Giant Flyer, The Phoenix, being a benevolent bringer of destruction, Dark Is Not Evil, Horrifying Hero, Feathered Fiend (only to his enemies).
  • Domains: Death, Nature, Beasts
  • Allies: Xerneas, Arceus, Lugia & Ho-Oh, Emmett, Captain Falcon, Madoka Kaname, Lucifer, Yuna, Kouichi Kimura, Fujiwara no Mokou, the Spring Sprite, Phoenix, SCP-1440
  • Enemies: Lysandre, Hexxus, Melkor, Frieza, the Firebird
  • Annoyed By: Ratatoskr, Rod
  • Odd Friendship with: Anivia
  • Yveltal has a lifespan of only 1,000 years. Near the end of its life, it is said to form a cocoon and absorb the life force of all living things nearby so it can be reborn. Upon hatching, it appears that Yveltal behaves differently from Pokémon-Amie; unlike other legendary Pokémon, it behaves like a baby Pokémon, which implies that it literally is being reborn.
  • It once roosted on the House of Beast with the tile Dark Phoenix until a true phoenix has arrived in the Pantheon. It has since resettled, but it doesn't view this phoenix with contempt, as he has a purpose in the cycle of life and death.
  • Although it is a god of destruction, it cannot stand those who destroy things without reason or do so out of cruelty or malice. To Yveltal, destruction is a necessary end to which a new beginning can form.
    • Because of this, it holds a strong respect towards Arceus and Xerneas, viewing them as allies since they bring life, which balances its duty of bringing death.
      • Yveltal also views Madoka's deeds involving her universe favorably; it was so wracked by grief and despair, she destroyed it to create a kinder and gentler universe in its place.
    • It also has a strange friendship with Emmett, due to Emmett's ability to build after Yveltal purges the world.
    • Friends with Lucifer, one of whose roles is to destroy the existing status quo, so that those strong enough to reshape it can do so.
    • And as expected, Yveltal is on good terms with Sailor Saturn, a fellow 'Avatar of Destruction' who destroys the old to make way for the new just as Yveltal does. They have, in the past, worked together to "clean the slate" a few times, as well as to fight together against those who would bring Destruction just for the sake of chaos and suffering. In fact, if Yveltal weren't already partnered with Satan Jacob, he'd likely have ended up as Saturn's Poké-partner instead.
  • Unlike other birds, Yveltal is a quadruped, being able to use its clawed wings to move on land (similar to the likes of Archaeopteryx). Although it is not as agile on land as it is in the air, Yveltal can still move surprisingly fast, allowing it to take enemies by surprise.
  • Despite not being an Aeon, Yveltal has granted Yuna with the ability to summon it whenever she can.
  • Upon seeing Yveltal, Ratatoskr was reminded of the eagle above the Yggdrasil tree (the squirrel never did bother to learn its name), so he tried to get a rise out of the giant bird. Unamused, Yveltal chased the squirrel off with a few well-placed Oblivion Wings.
  • If you see Yveltal in its cocoon state, make sure you leave it alone. The last time it was awakened abruptly, Yveltal went on an out-of-control rampage and had to be calmed down by Xerneas.
    • It is an unwritten rule that no one in the GUAE or GUAC uses Yvetal as a weapon. They find it too despicable. How dangerous and badly can this go? Just look at the Pantheon during the Tarot Crusaders incident when a certain being pissed off Yvetal and caused it to destroy most of the Pantheon and nearly caused the souls of those hit with Oblivion Wing to be devoured by the darkness within Limbo.
  • Rod has gone on record that Yveltal needs to be banned from the Pantheon, falsely accusing it of being the embodiment of the Birdemic. Yveltal, like most of the Pantheon, has ignored his request.
  • To everyone's surprise, Yveltal supports the Spring Sprite despite their differences, and opposes the Firebird despite their similarities.
  • During an incident involving a gigantic, revenge-seeking ant, Yveltal was utilized along with Xerneas as part of a team engineered to counter said ant's elemental affinities. Yveltal was also taught some new ways to utilize its Oblivion Wing by its Trainer, including firing two beams at once at separate targets from its wings, sweeping a beam in a wide arc with its tail, and firing beams from both wings and its tail and focusing them all on a single target to inflict massive damage, though Yveltal's nature as the embodiment of death did cause several problems due to its Trainer making several hasty and ill-advised decisions during the battle. Yveltal's Trainer during that incident also gave it the nickname of "Soma Cruz", after the reincarnation of Dracula; Yveltal is unsure what to make of this.

Intermediate Gods

    Alex Wesker 
Alex Wesker, Goddess of Immortality Seekers (The Overseer, Lady Alex, She-Wesker (by Barry Burton), Specimen no. 012)
Alex's Uroboros Form 

    Eliza (Skullgirls
Eliza, Goddess of Blood-Driven Immortality (Neferu, Crimson Scourge, She Who Mauls, The Lady Of Slaughter, Ubiytsa)

    Fujiwara no Mokou 
Fujiwara no Mokou, Goddess of Immortal Recklessness (Hourai Incarnate, The Crimson Watchguard)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The crest of Fujiwara Clan on a visage of a Phoenix
  • Theme Music: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Complete Immortality That She Regrets Gaining, Playing with Fire, Descendant of Fujiwara Clan, Going Insane And Then Calming Down, Phoenix-like Human, Endless Revenge, Kick Chick, Jerkass Façade, The Determinator
  • Domains: Fire, Immortality, Revenge, Phoenix
  • Eternal Rival: Kaguya Houraisan
  • Allies: Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Ikaruga, Adell, Yveltal, Sumireko Usami, SCP-1440
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Zeref
  • Enemies: Albedo Piazzolla, Nekron
  • Part of the legendary Fujiwara Clan, Mokou's life was devastated when Kaguya Houraisan rejected her father's marriage proposal. After his subsequent disgrace, Mokou wandered the Earth until by chance she met with a party of soldiers dispatched to destroy the Hourai Elixir, stalked them as they fell one by one, killed the Sole Survivor and drank the elixir. However, immortality came at too heavy a price: distrusted by everyone, unaging, unchanging, she soon realized her decision had only left her more lonely than ever. Following a couple of centuries of insanity and wandering, she found Kaguya again, and in rekindling their feud (which Mokou had almost entirely forgotten about), she managed to find some direction and purpose. When Mokou somehow managed to find her way to the Pantheon, her confusion gave way to cautious optimism: at the very least, she might find more immortals she can try to chat up.
    • She was pended to become goddess of Endless Revenge due to the fact that the feud between her and Kaguya is not going to ever end. However, Kaguya finds it being like a game and Mokou has never really cared about the revenge part, only about the fact that she has something to waste her time on.
    • She was also indented to become the Humanoid Incarnation of The Phoenix, but she declined that offer. However, she has become sort of friends with Yveltal in the sense that if Yveltal runs out of life, well, Mokou has plenty of life in herself.
  • She often asks other gods to try and find ways to kill her for good. However, no matter how much punishment she takes, she just keeps on getting back up again and again. Even though she is helping them by burning her own body up.
  • Due of her immortal life, she is drawn into other immortals like the two MacLeods. Though they found out the hard way that decapitating her will not turn her mortal.
  • Even though she doesn't want to make many mortal friends for obvious reasons, she is far from being mean. She seems to be happy to help when she can, but only for the duration of the mission.

    Jack Harkness 
Jack Harkness, God of Pansexual Immortals (Captain Jack, The Face of Boe)

    Remilia Scarlet 
Remilia Scarlet, Goddess of Immortal Immaturity (Remi, The Scarlet Devil)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Gungnir, her red energy spear, piercing a scarlet moon.
  • Theme Song: Septette for the Dead Princess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Childish Besides Her Age, Vampires, Turning into a Bat, Charismatic, Fast and Powerful, Manipulation of Fate (or so she claims), Manipulation of Blood, Royal Brats
  • Domains: Vampires, Age, Children
  • Allies: Flandre Scarlet (sister), Sakuya Izayoi, Hong Meiling (henchmen), Patchouli Knowledge, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Viridi, Rachel Alucard (friends), Roahm Mythril (acquaintance)
  • Enemies: Dracula, Dio Brando, Enrico Pucci, Yuuki Terumi, The Godmodder
  • Remilia has been living in the Pantheon for a long time... not out of her own volition, but because Dracula and Dio Brando imprisoned her in her own house, keeping her as a prisoner of the GUAE; this caused the rest of the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion to scatter. Patchouli went into hiding, Meiling's position as Butt-Monkey was reinforced, Flandre was left without anyone she knew and Sakuya was forced to join the GUAE under Dio's wing.
    • Sakuya finally gathered enough resources to try to save her master, after being a playable character and a boss in two games, with Remilia being also present in one of them as a tough boss. With the help of Seija Kijin of all people, both, with the rest of the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, were able to distract Dracula and Dio, save Remilia and kick both out of the mansion.
  • Remilia's immortality is directly tied to her immaturity: She forfeits being mature in exchange for eternal youth; that is, she can live forever because she never grows up. Viridi was pissed off due to her stealing one of her positions, but was at least glad that the one she took away was the most embarrassing one.
  • Remilia claims to be the most charismatic person in the Pantheon. However, if she ever comes into a embarrassing situation, she hides in shame, an event which is called a "Charisma Break". She has gotten better when it comes to recovering her charisma though.
  • Has found a nice friendship with Rachel Alucard, finding quite a nice set of similarities with her. Not that much of a fan of Adrian Tepes due to him being the son of Dracula, even after he apologized for his father's actions against her.
  • Went berserk when she realized one of her underlings, Hong Meiling, had been shafted with the position of Goddess of Butt Monkeys. She testified as to her role in her own liberation and Word of God stating she is fairly competent at her job if utterly outclassed by regular thief Marisa Kirisame. When pressed on the matter, she snidely invited the doubting parties to test their mettle against Marisa themselves. Her defense of her subordinate got Meiling promoted to the House of Defense as the new Goddess of Gate Guardians.
    • Got even more annoyed when she found out what a "hikikomori" is, and why her friend Patchouli Knowledge had been conferred the title of their patron deity. She quickly petitioned for her title to be changed to be the Goddess of Magic Librarians.
  • Is none too happy with The Godmodder for being ultimately behind the attack on the House of Defense that put Hong Meiling into critical condition for a short period of time.

    Suzaku Kururugi 
Suzaku Kururugi, God Who Cannot Self-Terminate ([Formerly] Knight of Seven, Knight of Zero, Spinzaku, Zero)

    Touko Aozaki 
Touko Aozaki, Goddess of Backup Bodies (The Red, Dirty Red)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A doll crawling out of a suitcase
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artificial Human, Badass Bookworm, Badass Longcoat, Benevolent Boss, Someone you should NEVER insult, Cool Big Sis to everyone but her actual sister, Has a really nice car but never went to driving school, Eccentric Mentor, Eldritch Abomination, Complete Immortality / Nigh-Invulnerability, Marionette Master, The Masquerade, Meganekko, Occult Detective, Sibling Yin-Yang, Smoking Is Cool.
  • Domain: Puppets, Monsters, Magic, Neutrality, Knowledge, Retribution, Freedom
  • Followers: Mikiya Kokutou, Azaka Kokutou
  • Allies: Shiki Ryougi, Rei Ayanami, Motoko Kusanagi, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka
  • Opposed By: Araya Souren, Shiki Tohno
  • It is unknown how long she has been without her original body. It's inconsequential in the end because her puppet bodies are so well made they're impossible to distinguish from the original. They're all equally powerful and equally hot.
  • She got this position on the virtue of automatically transferring her complete soul to the next body when one is destroyed, no matter where it is. Other people might just have clones of themselves but can't move their soul, or have to have their minds manually uploaded to their next body, or have to settle for an inferior form.
  • Despite opposing him, she really doesn't hate Araya Souren. She mostly just disagrees with his methods of trying to reach the Akashic Records.
  • Ever since what happened to Cornelius Alba, other members of the Pantheon have been wary not to call her "Dirty Red." Dante tried hitting on her by saying it. It evidently took Black Jack a while to reattach his limbs.
  • She has a penchant for taming Eldritch Abominations and keeping them in luggage. Airport staff have been put on notice.
  • She is one of the members of the Pantheon who can get Shiki Ryougi to do, well, anything as a favor. Other dieties are still rather surprised when they see the psychotic demon hunter standing in line for a new manga release, looking thoroughly annoyed.
  • She doesn't really oppose Shiki Tohno for anything he did personally and is even willing to work with him. Unfortunately, thanks to Aoko, Shiki is forced to support her opposition by default.
  • Ever since her sister, Aoko Aozaki, heard about her ascending, she has been seriously considering actually accepting a position if only to oppose her. This, of course, means that Touko has been doing everything possible to block or distract her from doing so. Considering how free spirited and laid back Aoko is, this has far.
    • If Aoko actually put her mind to it, she would probably be able to. She does have her student Shiki Tohno all too willing to vouch for her. Not to mention the power of the Fifth True Magic combined with her particular skills, which has even Greater Gods concerned.
    • To compound matters, Aoko just got upgraded to Protagonist status ever since the release of her own story.
  • Recently, Rin Tohsaka has begun studying under her. While some deities were surprised that she had taken on an apprentice, she states that it was a good way to stave off boredom. Those who are a little wiser have noticed that Shiki Ryougi has been extremely annoyed with this recent development and suspect that Touko planned on this.

    Vandal Savage 
Vandar Adg, God of The Evils of Immortality (Vandal Savage, Cheops, Julius Ceaser, Blackbeard, Cain, Hath-Set)

    Lord Voldemort 
Tom Marvolo Riddle, God of Great Villains With Mundane Names and Phylacteries (I Am Lord Voldemort, The Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, Voldy, No Nose)
Click here  for Young Tom Riddle

Lesser Gods

    The Capsuleer 
The Capsuleers, Gods of Resurrective Immortality
An example of a Capsuleer pilot
  • Lesser God (individually), Overdeity (collectively)
  • Symbol: The Capsuleer Pod (individual symbols vary depending on Corp or Alliance)
  • Theme Song: "Below the Asteroids"
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality (each Capsuleer has their own individual motives, and they can fall on any end of the Alignment).
  • Portfolio: Resurrective Immortality, Merchants, Salesman and Business Owners, Asteroid Miners, "The Enemies of the Gods", Inventors, Ship Builders, and Arms Dealers, Extreme Learning Curves, One-Man Army, Sociopathic Hero, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Wide Open Sandbox, Cool Starship, Galactic Superpower, Our Wormholes Are Different
  • Domain: Space Combat, Exploration, Industry, Merchants
  • Allies: House of Commerce
  • Enemies: Abbadon the Despoiler, The Borg Queen, Sheev Palpatine
  • Respect: Montgomery Scott
  • Respected by: Khorne
  • Opposed by: James T. Kirk
  • Associates: (Insert Name Here)
  • The Capsuleer's home in the Pantheon is on the station that was built for them, on the grounds that it would be used by all Capsuleers, not just one alliance or Corps. CONCORD is responsible for enforcing this action, having declared Pantheon skies High-Sec. As a result, unless any Capsuleers actively sign on for either side, they are prohibited from engaging in combat.
  • Palpatine has schemed to abduct a Capsuleer's body for himself and re-engineer, attaining the immortality he so desired for himself. The Capsuleers responded by parking a flight of Titans with a support fleet within warp range of the Death Star.
  • Khorne loves them.The Bloodbath of B-R5RB is one of his most beloved battles of all time, and all over an unpaid sovereignty bill. He commonly arranges for the Alliances to go to war with one another, and has even set Abbadon the Despoiler upon them on numerous occasions, and enjoys every minute of it. Because they keep on coming back from death, and keep coming back for more, it makes it all the more enjoyable and profitable for the Blood God.
  • They hold a lot of respect for Montgomery Scott, if only because they seek to learn his secrets for jury rigging ships so they can apply them to their own fleets. On the other hand, Kirk and the other Federation captains see Capsuleers as the antithesis of what the Federation embodies.
  • The Capsuleers often hire themselves out to different sides in the Pantheonic Wars, depending on the morality of the Capsuleers and the corporations or Alliances they are part of. This has often resulted in one side hiring one alliance that is the enemy of another Capsuleer alliance in battle.
    • This often results in the Capsuleers butting heads with various other space empires, including the Galactic Empire.
  • They hate the Borg as much as they love to salvage their wrecks for materials to sell on the open market (they aren't permitted to bring anything back to their home universe). They remind Capsuleers of Sansha's Nation, a state governed through use of slave implants by Sansha Kuvakei, which they have spent years fighting against. Capsuleers shoot first and ask no questions if they encounter the Borg on the battlefield.
  • Capsuleers engage themselves in a wide range activities, from active warfare to manipulating markets for their benefit, exploration of lost ruins, abandoned sites and wormholes, mining asteroids and space ice, planetary and lunar resources (they've been advised to not try to mine the Moon), and running missions on behalf of individual parties in the Pantheon. Since they route all of the materials they procure (ill-gotten or fairly found) through the House of Commerce, business has boomed since their arrival.
    • No matter how many times Capsuleers are killed, their consciousness always returns to a backup clone installed in a station in their home universe. Some suspect that the Capsuleers are in fact related to (Insert Name Here).

    Czeslaw Meyer 
Czeslaw Meyer, God of The Agony of Immortality
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Strawberry Ice Pop
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Immortality Hurts, 200+ Year Old Child, Creepy Child, Crazy Survivalist, Tragic Backstory From Horrific Torture, Cynicism Catalyst, Enfant Terrible (at first), Power of Trust, Happily Adopted
  • Domains: Pain, Immortality, Alchemy, Survival, Adoption
  • Allies: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Arya Stark, Kenny McCormick, Shulk, Sakura Matou, The Heroic Protectors of Family, N, Nanako Dojima, Fujiwara no Mokou, Remilia Scarlet, Crona, SCP-1440
  • Enemies: Claire Stanfield, Ladd Russo, Asbrudael Vect, Freddy Krueger, Dickson, The Child Abuse Supporters, Alex Wesker, AM, SCP-542
  • Opposes: Immortals in any form asides from his allies
  • Czeslaw Meyer comes from a line of talented alchemists, starting from as far back as his grandfather. One of the passengers aboard the Avena Avis during 1711, and as such one of the immortals thanks to the Grand Panacea. Unfortunately he had Fermet, an absolute sadist, as his guardian who proceeded to torture him to test their immortality but in reality for kicks. This agony would change him into someone unable to trust others and a Creepy least until he was finally given some love.
  • Managed to find friendship thanks to Isaac and Miria rescuing him from the Flying Pussyfoot Massacre. They were overjoyed to see him again in the Trope Pantheon, and Czeslaw hopes to see Firo and Ennis in future. Conversly he's terrified to learn both Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield were in the pantheon.
  • Possesses immortality so complete he can survive on a molecular level, and seems only killable by another immortal absorbing him. As such, he is fearful of every single immortal in the Trope Pantheon. He's been told that they don't have that kind of power, but he doesn't want to take his chances. Freaked out upon learning about Cell and his syringe-like tail.
  • An alchemist by trade, specifying in explosives. His signature is the Strawberry Ice Pop, which Jacuzzi's gang used when raiding the Flying Pussyfoot. While screwing him up mentally, all the tortures seem to have given him an extremely fast Healing Factor and high tolerance for pain. Still doesn't stop some utterly messed up gods like Asbrudael Vect to see how far that pain threshold can go.
  • Initially a ruthless Enfant Terrible, though given the utter Hell he went through it's quite understandable. Even then he wouldn't betray a child. Following his Heel–Face Turn he's very accepting at kids who go through utter crap like Arya Stark and Sakura Matou. He is proud of the latter for getting revenge. Arya Stark meanwhile took one look at what Fermet did to him and went "and I thought my life sucked" before giving him a huge hug.
  • Him and Kenny are great friends, having to learn the hard way that dying hurts. Czeslaw is trying to help him avoid his various deaths. There's sympathy towards fellow immortal Fujiwara no Mokou due to their similar tropes(Immortality Hurts and Immortal Life Is Cheap), and is working to finally remove her Complete Immortality that she desperately wants rid of-despite his fear of other immortals, there's no bad blood whatsoever between them. Friendly to Remilia Scarlet because of their shared Immortal Immaturity.
  • Because of what he went through and the new friends that he has, he's very supportive to the Heroic Protectors of Family and condemns the Child Abuse Supporters. Especially hates those like Dickson who've committed Parental Betrayal due to his experience with Fermet, and as such supports Shulk.
  • Claims to the House of Slaughter that he has gone through so much shit that they can't put him in more pain than he's already gone through with. The Dark Eldar laugh at this, considering Fermet's tortures to be child's play. AM is interested in inflicting ungodly tortures and show the boy what it means to regret immortality, refusing to abandon the notion that anyone can be further broken.
  • Seen in the Children sub-house, and is capable of acting like a kid. He's been a senior citizen for over 150 years though, however given he can't grow any older and what's he been through tends to act his apparent age. Compassionate gods there are trying to help him regain his lost childhood.
  • He sounds like Falcom and fellow adorable kid Nanako Dojima, whom he gets along with. Has wondered if he should use Falcom's time travelling to try and undo what happened to him, but avoids it because of the Temporal Paradox involved. In English he sounds like Crona, who gets along with him due to what they went through.
    • And friendship with Nanako Dojima meant friendship with the Cutie Mark Crusaders which lead to friendship with the Crusaders' dear vampire wrestling friends. Unlike Nanako, who was doted on just as the Crusaders were, Czeslaw screamed in terror upon learning that one of Gangrel's trademarks was sending wrestlers into a Blood Bath as it reminded the boy of what happened with Claire Stanfield (not helping that Gangrel and Luna Vachon are allies with Claire). He now dreads the time the Crusaders decide to bring him for play dates.


    Hob Gadling 
Hob Gadling, God of Enjoying Immortality (Robert, Bobby, not the Wandering Jew)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The entry for the tavern he visits once a century
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Made Completely Undying Unless He Chooses To, Has No Intention Of Giving Up His Immortality, thematic Flying Dutchman, Outliving One's Offspring, Was A Man Of His Time, Including Human Traffickers (In No Way Proud Of It), Seen It All, Supernatural Repellent
  • Domains: Immortality, Experiences, Life, Britishness, Contentment
  • Allies: Dream and Death of the Endless (really the Endless as a whole), The Doctor, William Shakespeare, AZ, Forrest Gump, Jack Harkness, Czeslaw Meyer, Peter Pan, The Five Survivors
  • Drinking buddies with: Grim
  • Enemies: Nekron, Dhuum, Death(Regular Show), AM, Dr Weil, The Slavers, Calvin Candie and Stephen, Vandal Savage, Voldemort
  • Pities: Those who sincerely regret immortality like SCP-1440 and Fujiwara no Mokou, Chiron and Scathach
  • Avoided by: The House of Vampires
  • Hob Gadling was a 14th century man with an interesting outlook on death. He believed people only die because everyone else does, and it's a bad habit. While talking about this in a tavern in the 1380s, Dream overhead and was bemused. Death of the Endless decided to validate his beliefs with Complete Immortality, and he and Dream meet at that tavern once every hundred years. He can ask Death to end his immortality and life whenever he wants, but 600 years later and he still doesn't want to.
  • The tavern has it that the Wandering Jew and the Devil visits once every century. Dream is no devil, and Hob Gadling isn't Jewish. AZ fits that trope better. While he initially regretted his immortality and the shame of his past actions, the former king of Kalos has become more optimistic with his Floette returning. The two are seen conversing over their long life and experiences.
  • Very optimistic in the matter of immortality. He's been starved, outlived his children and ended up losing the one constant in Dream, but still thinks life is worth living. When informed of the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon, Gadling was interested in the idea of fellow immortals. Still, even after the pantheon is gone and everyone he knows, he will likely still want to keep living.
  • Death of the Endless is the only one who can kill him, and only if he wishes. Dhuum was completely enraged that he hasn't died yet and is trying in vain to end him. Not that Gadling particularly fears death, he just doesn't feel like dying. Grim was initially annoyed and worried he might encourage more people to not die, but they soon patched up their differences over a pint as it's not like Hob flaunts his immortality. In some ways, he is the everyman immortal(if that makes any sense).
  • Nekron hates how he's completely beyond his reach. He tried to send Black Lantern versions of those he's know at him, and while getting his heart ripped out hurt they couldn't drive him to suicide. When he tried to discourage him by saying he'll one day be alone in a dead universe, Hob Gadling merely responded "it'll be lonely, but there'll still be a lot to explore". When AM swore to make him suffer a Fate Worse than Death to prove a point, Hob responded "I may be immobilized, but give enough time I will outlive you. Or better yet, find a way to outsmart you and free those you have prisoner. We'll see who cracks first, you crazy son of a bitch".
  • The Death of Regular Show tried to coax Hob Gadling into a bet. He wins the arm wrestling match, he takes Gadling's soul. Gadling wins, he gets his best pair of sunglasses. Gadling agreed and ended up losing. It seemed like Death had finally won, but before he could take his soul Death of the Endless pointed out he didn't have the authority to break the deal and it was an empty victory. The Regular Show Death left complaining Hob Gadling had cheated. When asked why, Hob said "I knew I wasn't in any real danger, I just wanted a chance at those shades. Also, it seemed like it'd be funny to tweak a reaper.
  • He is a man of whatever time he lives in. Some of which ages poorly, like human trafficking and slavery. While he wasn't shameful about it then, over the centuries he considers it a blot on his record and never wants to get involved in it again. Perhaps this is why he has such contempt for the Slavers, Calvin Candie and Stephen, who are trying to preserve the institution of slavery.
  • Voldemort's ego refuses to let him believe any other being but himself should have immortality. The fact that Hob Gadling, a mere Muggle, did so set him off. As far as Gadling's concerned, Voldemort's attempt at exercising most of his soul to only half-achieve immortality is a pathetically craven attempt to not die, and he has no sympathy for his hellish fate in Limbo due to the murder and horrid ritual done to achieve it.
  • Regards Dr Weil as despicable. He was given a century to think over his actions and all of eternity to try and improve his condition, but instead he became even more psychopathic. Doesn't care much for Vandal Savage, pointing out that while he hasn't exactly achieved enlightenment, Vandal has remained at heart the same barbaric caveman he was at the start of his life despite being over eighty times older than him.
  • Had apparently known William Shakespeare. Given his lengthy experiences in life, Hob Gadling is often seen conversing with the Doctor and Jack Harkness about what it's been like to live for so long, and is most amused by how the very much mortal Forrest Gump has impacted history. He and Peter Pan share a love of life as well. Gadling seems to pity those who don't like their immortality and wants to improve their lot, like showing Czeslaw Meyer the wonders of the world instead of the pain he suffered under Fermet, and try to get the three Deaths to stop tormenting SCP-1440.
  • Feels bad for Chiron because in the Holy Grail War, his one wish in the Holy Grail is to regain his immortality, something he didn't achieve as he was killed by Achilles. And there's Scathach who hates her immortality because living in centuries means she won't have any students left to train under her. Hob wants to try and cheer her up about that.
  • Vampires don't care to nosh on him, almost certainly a consequence of his immortality. It's likely he can't be vampirized or made a zombie in any way either.

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