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Greater Gods

Clockwerk and Neyla, Co-Gods of Purpose-Driven Immortality (Clock-La)

    Lostbelt Qin Shi Huang 
Qin Shi Huang, Divine Monarch of Immortal Rulers (Ruler, Qin Shi Huangdi, Shi Huangdi, Ying Zheng, The First Emperor, The Son of Heaven, Emperor Lelouch, Ultimate Life Form, Mothman, Mothra, Mercury Man)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Their phoenix wings surrounded by mercury
  • Theme Song: True Human; alternatively, Their Noble Phantasm theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good according to the Holy Grail alignment system; actual alignment is more like Lawful Neutral with Neutral Evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: The Lostbelt King version of the actual Qin Shi Huang, Loves Their own immortality, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Has no actual gender due to achieving immortality, Their own people have no understanding of the basic concepts of survival despite Their good intentions, the floating castle above the capital is actually Their own body and Their form is just a backup humanoid body, Uses old literal Japanese and the Royal "We", Impossibly Cool Clothes
  • Domains: Rulers, Immortality, Reigns, Progression, Paradise
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea/Ritsuka Fujimaru, Hob Gadling
  • Rivals: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Vandal Savage, Aldia, Alex Wesker, Kars, Lord Voldemort, Imhotep, The Administrators, Alcor
  • Interests: Toyosatomimi no Miko, Goetia, Arcueid Brunestud, The Doctor's TARDIS
  • Respected by: John Doe
  • Opposes: Charles zi Britannia
  • Opposed by: Lelouch vi Britannia, the House of Knowledge, The Doctor
  • After the destruction of the Singularities, a being called the Foreign God saved the lives of former Chaldean Masters originally known as the A-Team, now named as the Crypters to rule over the Lostbelts, timelines that completely diverged from the Proper Human History and has no way of progressing. The goals of the Crypters is to destroy each other's Lostbelt until only one remains and became it's own divergent timeline. Chaldea's new goal is to eradicate these Lostbelts to protect their own timeline and by destroying the Lostbelts' Fantasy Trees, they will be erased from existence. The Lostbelt King of the 3rd Lostbelt is Qin Shi Huang, a version of Them where They are able to achieved immortality thanks to using Zhenren technology. They are able to rule the entire world for several centuries that it actually lasts until A.D. 2018, achieving eternal peace with no war happening ever again to the point Heroic Spirits and the Counter Force never existed, and technology so advanced They made a backup humanoid body for themselves and Their actual body is a floating castle above the capital of Their China. Despite this, Their people are more like farm animals, having no basic education, not knowing the true suffering of humanity, being stuck in one place, the advanced technology only reserving for the emperor, and short lifespans as They believed that gaining knowledge would made Their people so selfish that it would lead to conflict and humanity's downfall, nevertheless, Their people have access to medicine that could cure every disease, crops that could grow on their own, and having a sense of purpose thanks to their undeveloped nature. Before the destruction of his Lostbelt, he made a deal with one of the Crypters, Hinako Akuta revealed to be Yu Miaoyi, that she could see the Lostbelt version of Xiang Yu in exchange of analyzing her body due to her origin as a True Ancestor and considers her as an equal as a result. When Chaldea arrived, who are there to received a cure for the Master and Goredorf's poison and hopefully to destroy the Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree to collapse, he made a deal with them due to being interested in the Shadow Border's Imaginary Numbers Dive Engine, but the moment they taught Their villagers poetry, They started to deem them a threat that needs to be eliminated. In the end, They decided to help Chaldea after they win by having Their last battle with them by defeating Their Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree and destroy Their own Lostbelt. In Their last moments before being summoned in Chaldea, They are seen with the villagers that Chaldea protected, who were staying in a cave, as a young boy recited a poem about the moon that Jing Ke taught him, with the emperor realizing just how hearing a poem that isn't about Them feels refreshing as all of them await of the destruction of the Lostbelt.
  • When the Master of Chaldea is lurking around the Pantheon, he saw a number of people complaing about why the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty ascended. Curious, he decided to see what the complaints are all about, that is, until he saw it is actually the Qin Shi Huang he knew and summoned in Chaldea. Seeing the rage of various people, he decided to interrupt them by telling that They are not the real Qin Shi Huang they knew and narrating them about his adventures of the 3rd Lostbelt, hoping that their anger would lessen. While they are in relief, some of them still didn't like Them as They and Their historical counterpart are not that different based on the story they were given, but since the emperor only desires to be in the Master of Chaldea's side for the time being, a lot of people decided to leave Them be.
  • A lot of people pointed out They and Lelouch have similar voices, to the point they actually called the former by the latter's name. Lelouch opposes him as They made Their own people illiterate and not giving them the life they deserve, reminding him of why he rebelled against the Britannia Empire, although voicing out that opinion would make him a hyporcrite as he did some similar things during his reign as the emperor, despite having a good reason to do so. For Qin's part, They became intrigued upon hearing that Lelouch did evil things to make the whole world hate him so that they could achieved eternal peace, a solution that actually worked and wants to know more about it, but it's unlikely for Lelouch to tell Them about it anytime soon.
    • Though They do recognized the goodness of Charles zi Britannia's plan on creating a world without lies, something that They respected, They won't deny that he is pretty much a hypocrite as what he did to Nunally to hide the truth behind her blindness is pretty much a lie and that his Geass power is creating lies, which means that he created a lot of lies everytime he uses his Geass.
  • They didn't gain the respect of the House of Knowledge as They isolated Their people from education, causing them to become mindless slaves who don't know the true suffering of humanity and having the concept of freedom. Even if They have good reasons to do so, they still didn't like what They did to Their citizens and pointed out how this reason causes Their empire to become a Lostbelt in the first place.
  • They are intrigued that a Beast of Calamity, an enemy of Chaldea in fact, share the same ideals as him. They are both frustrated by the sufferings that humanity suffered and so they guided humanity in their own way, only that humanity wouldn't truly progress and their solution on ending their suffering is to shorten their lifespans. They are even intrigued by his plan on going back in time to eradicate the entire human race and replace it with a perfect species that he could guide to rule the planet.
  • They are interested to hear an another True Ancestor named Arcueid Brunestud, and since They gained immortality through the Zhenren and is not completely different to that of a True Ancestor in terms of mechanism, They considers her an equal, after all, They did consider Yu Miaoyi as one after discovering her true origins.
  • The Doctor became interested in Them after hearing about the existence of the Lostbelts and how they are able to exist completely diverging from Pan-Human History, having no way of progress, and how destroying their Fantasy Trees would simply erase them from existence. But he makes it clear that he outright hates Them for isolating Their people from the rest of the world and how it failed as a society as there is no way for Their empire to progress further as Lostbelts are always destined to be destroy due to how it fails to continue it's progression for the human. Qin Shi Huang is interested in him due to being an immortal alien time traveller that can reincarnate multiple times and his TARDIS interests him as it reminds him of the Pan-Human History technology that clearly intrigues him due to being bigger on the inside, for having the ability to time travel through time and space, and having it's own conciousness.
  • They consider elite rulers (specifically those who are immortal) as Their rivals as They believed They should be the only ruler that should exist, making it clear that if They don't like the state the Pan-Human History is, They will turn it into a replica of Their own Lostbelt, and only accepts the Master of Chaldea to share with Them the title that of a ruler, which caused Them to grumble in disappoint as the latter clearly has no interest on becoming one. Being considered as the order and strongest and oldest being of the universe that the Chaos Gods even feared him and wanting to lead humanity to what it should be, They want to usurp The Emperor of Mankind and challenges him to see who is the greater emperor. They consider Vandal Sage to be an enemy, as They see him as exactly like the side of humanity that They are disgusted to see and that he only wants to conquer the world in his own ways and not for the betterment of their future.
  • Aldia hates and considers Them to be an unworthy ruler who don't deserve Thwir immortality as They stripped away the freedom, the mentality, and the intelligence of humans and not giving them the needs that they deserved that pretty much is only owned by the Themselves. Qin also hates him in return as he experimented on innocent people, removing the souls of a species and turning them into slaves, and other horrible actions he committed.
  • Can easily relate to Hob Gadling as they both enjoy their immortality, even if the latter doesn't like Their ideals. Still, the two are drinking buddies and usually tell each other's stories during their lives.
  • Hates Alex Wesker for being a seeker of immortality who wants to conquer the world through bioweapons, which They really hated as the reason why They banned the development of weapons and military technology is to stop wars and conflict from happening in Their Lostbelt.
  • They can easily compete with Kars in terms of how they never to themselves with their biological gender and wanting to be above their own species, but while Qin really cares about humanity not just as a whole but also individually and has good intentions despite the atrocities he committed, Kars wants to rule the world and does things selflessly and Qin is reallly not having someone like him to do that.
  • Doesn't like Lord Voldemort for the atrocities he committed in the name of a "perfect wizarding world", by allowing children to work despite not allowed to do so, willing to kill a baby Harry Potter, attempting to corrupt him by forcing him to kill one of his followers, murdering powerful wizards to advanced his goal, among other things. Also, They don't like the fact that Voldemort insists he should be the only immortal in existence and wants to destroy him for saying something like that to those that deserve immortality.
  • Became highly interested in Toyosatomimi no Miko thanks to her encounter on immortality. Worried about her life as a mortal, she encounter a sage named Seiga who told her Taoism is the only way of her to gain immortality, the same philosophy where the Zhenren technology Qin got came from. She started ejecting herself with all kinds of substances which damages her health, one of which is cinnabar, what's more interesting to Them is that it's a toxic ore of mercury, a substance that They had a love-hate relationship with. To solve her issue, she uses a method on transferring souls and plans to fake her own death to become a King in the Mountain, only for Buddhist monks to cast a seal on her mausoleum, which prevented her resurrection. Her mausoleum was sent to Gensokyo, a land where everything nobody believes in will go, which is enough for her for her resurrection to take place. They are waiting for the day if she will become a ruler as she is now a recluse loner waiting for the day that people will need her. While They don't want to have a rivalry to those who are immortal rulers (even those who want to become one) as They want to be the only ruler in the entire world, They do see her as a challenging ruler opponent if she ever wants to become one.
  • Learns of an alternate universe where They became a mummy and attempts to conquer the world using unlimited power but failed to do so, They are humiliated because They would have done the same. Regardless, Imhotep finds him to be a worthy adversary on who should conquer the world, and Qin doesn't want to because while They wants to have some competition, They completely regard Imhotep as a threat to humanity and since They want to cooperate and guide the Master of Chaldea on saving the world, They see him as an obstacle for that.
  • Hates it when otherwordly threats are able to bypass the Great Wall that is meant to protect it from them in Their Lostbelt. Whether it's the Foreign God bypassing it's defences and placing it in Pan-Human History or the Priestess of the Alien God being able to enter to visit Koyanskaya and Them not being altered by her presence. They're frustrated that the Administrators have access to the compendium of all knowledge and being able to rewrite or destroy Their world easily. The fact Their completely immortal overseer Canopus makes it a challenge, since Alcor refuses to cooperate with Them so that They'll receive the technology to enter the Admins' temple.
  • Also resides in Monarchs.
  • "We are indeed the first and final emperor. The absolute and immortal ruler who pacifies the Heavens and the Earth for all eternity, Shi Huangdi."

Tenebrae, God of Malevolent Immortality (Lord Vitiate, Sith Emperor, Valkorion, Immortal Emperor, Lord of Medriaas, Emperor's Voice, Voice of Darkness, The Dragon of Zakuul)
Tenebrae as the Sith Emperor
Tenebrae as Valkorion 
Tenebrae's original body 
My life spans millennia. Legions have risen to test me… My ascendance is inevitable. A day, a year, a millennium—it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same.

Intermediate Gods

    Alex Wesker 
Alex Wesker, Goddess of Immortality Seekers (The Overseer, Lady Alex, She-Wesker (by Barry Burton), Specimen no. 012)
Alex's Uroboros Form 

    Eliza and Sekhmet 
Neferu and Sekhmet, Goddess of Blood-Driven Immortality (Neferu: Eliza, Egyptian Egoist, the Crimson Scourge, She Who Mauls, The Lady Of Slaughter, Ubiytsa/Killer)
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater Gods if they absorb enough blood)
  • Symbol: Eliza's ankh
  • Theme: An Oasis in Time for Eliza, An Oasis of Blood for Sehkmet
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Lovecraftian Super Power, The Power of Blood, God Complex, Unknown Age, Villain with Good Publicity, Taking advantage of situations as they unfold, Ms. Fanservice, Women you do NOT want to Blackmail, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Rich Bitch, God Killer, Hero Killer
  • Domains: Blood, Mythology, Upper Class Society, Music, Otherness, Beauty
  • Allies: Ragyo Kiryuin, Corset, Courtney Gears, Hela
  • Enemies: Double, Filia and Samson, Squigly and Leviathan, Cerebella, Nadia Fortune, Bloody Marie, Painwheel, Parasoul, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Carmine Prime, Shino Asada/Sinon, The Crimson Court, D (Vampire Hunter D)
  • The public would know Eliza as but a celebrity diva in Bastet’s Den, a nightclub in New Meridian, who’s famous for her work for charity, namely blood drives. As per tradition to these types of stories, Eliza has quite the skeletons in her closet. She is in reality Neferu, the host to the Parasite known as Sekhmet, and has been using blood to sustain her beauty and lifespan for a long, long time. Long enough in fact for her to have a history with the Parasites Samson and Leviathan who loathe the diva. Her secret of utilizing blood drives for her own benefit would be found out by the Medici family who would soon use it to blackmail her into doing their work. Ruthless and vain, one would be dead on thinking they’re biting off more than they could chew as such a situation would force her and Sekhmet out into the spotlight and indulge in their thirst for blood.
  • The former High Priestess of Jedah Domah, she mostly used that position to gain a foothold in the Pantheon and quickly discarded it once it became apparent a position she can inherit has been opened. Eliza doesn't care much for his goals though they haven't clashed yet as she's trying to downplay her disagreements with him.
  • While initially passing herself as a well-liked socialite back home, in the Pantheon her true intentions and colors are out in the open. Simply put, her godly title has already given that away and even if that wasn't the case her enemies would of already informed people of her character. Neither Eliza or Sekhmet particularly mind, however.
  • While Eliza and her parasite Sekhmet are separate beings, they've more or less become indistinguishable. The details aren't known but their joining allows Eliza to enjoy eternal youth and blood-shaping abilities by regularly drinking blood. Sekhmet in turn serves as her skeleton and has been known to come out at times to brutalize their enemies.
    • This is part of the reason Squigly, Leviathan, Filia and Samson hate her so much, because it was because of both of them that Parasites in their world became hunted and feared. Samson especially hates her for the death of his previous host Delilah. Eliza doesn't seem to care and instead wants them (or at least Samson and Leviathan) to rule alongside her, especially Samson.
  • Eliza is rarely seen without her two underlings Albus and Horace who also serve as her bodyguards. Despite their help, the two don't really get acknowledged all that often.
    Ablus: Hey, don't we count?
    Horace: I don't think they care about us, friend.
  • Eliza took an interest in capturing Nadia Fortune as she would make an excellent drinking fountain for herself. In certain circumstances, she may have been successful in doing so in addition to taking down her enemies, which would of included the likes of Double and Bloody Marie, the current Skullgirl. At least, at first for the latter.
    • Somewhat ironically, aristocrats that are apart of the Crimson Court tend to go after her for the very same reason she does with Ms. Fortune. Initially, it was thought that the two would be allies given their similar natures though it wast simply not the case. The Court's thirst for blood that reduced them to ravenous monsters and twisted parodies of their awful nature is simply that strong. Eliza's enemies from back home could only sigh in relief at these turn of events given how numerous the Court is and how nasty they can potentially be with Eliza as one of their confidants.
  • Her alliance with Ragyo Kiryuin is quite strong. It helps that Eliza sees the life fibers as similar to parasites. Eliza has also considered taking a few fashion cues from Ragyo.
    • She also absolutely LOATHES the Scissor Blade Ryuko possesses, since its a weapon specifically designed to kill parasites like Sehkmet.
    • This alliance has also provoked a number of people, especially Ryuko Matoi. Eliza seems to be disappointed in Ryuko's companion Senketsu.
  • She used to have a temple in the House of Otherness, but it was not long lasting due to the sheer volume of vampires that swarmed the place back when the House of Undead was apart of it. She moved to House of Life and Vitality where she wouldn't be bothered as much.
  • Because of the source of her powers, Yuuki Terumi once called her "one of the shittiest vampires out there." He was later seen running away from a very enraged Sehkmet carrying bone axes.

    Fujiwara no Mokou 
Fujiwara no Mokou, Goddess of Immortal Recklessness (Hourai Incarnate, The Crimson Watchguard)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The crest of Fujiwara Clan on a visage of a Phoenix
  • Theme Music: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Complete Immortality That She Regrets Gaining, Playing with Fire, Descendant of Fujiwara Clan, Going Insane And Then Calming Down, Phoenix-like Human, Endless Revenge, Kick Chick, The Determinator
  • Domains: Fire, Immortality, Revenge, Phoenix
  • Herald: Kaguya Houraisan (shared with Eirin Yagokoro)
  • Allies: Eirin Yagokoro, Sumireko Usami, Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Ikaruga, Sun Wukong, Ghibli!Kaguya, Adell, Yveltal, SCP-1440
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Zeref
  • Enemies: Albedo Piazzolla, Nekron
  • Part of the legendary Fujiwara Clan, Mokou's life was devastated when Kaguya Houraisan rejected her father's marriage proposal. After his subsequent disgrace, Mokou wandered the Earth until by chance she met with a party of soldiers dispatched to destroy the Hourai Elixir, stalked them as they fell one by one, killed the Sole Survivor and drank the elixir. However, immortality came at too heavy a price: distrusted by everyone, unaging, unchanging, she soon realized her decision had only left her more lonely than ever. Following a couple of centuries of insanity and wandering, she found Kaguya again, and in rekindling their feud (which Mokou had almost entirely forgotten about), she managed to find some direction and purpose. When Mokou somehow managed to find her way to the Pantheon, her confusion gave way to cautious optimism: at the very least, she might find more immortals she can try to chat up.
    • She was pended to become goddess of Endless Revenge due to the fact that the feud between her and Kaguya is not going to ever end. However, Kaguya finds it being like a game and Mokou has never really cared about the revenge part, only about the fact that she has something to waste her time on. She was also indented to become the Humanoid Incarnation of The Phoenix, but she declined that offer. However, she has become sort of friends with Yveltal in the sense that if Yveltal runs out of life, well, Mokou has plenty of life in herself.
      • Having many phoenix motifs and all has given it some affinity with one of the Kanto region’s legendary birds, Moltres. Moltres, in turn, sees quite a bit of itself in Mokou, such as “dying” in order to recover their injuries (with Moltres diving into magma before rising & recovering, whil Mokou literally dies in order to revive thanks to the Hourai Elixir). With Lady Eboshi already being Yveltal’s partner, Mokou would then offer to be Moltres’, which it more than gladly accepted. To Mokou, however, this partnership was mutual and friendly, as she had sought to be better allies with Yveltal more, but at least Eboshi is kind enough to let them hang out.
    • Had mistook Ghibli!Kaguya to be Houraisan quite a few times, which was a bit of a strange moment for the duo. When Mokou tried to beat up on her, instead of seeing a fellow immortal ready to throw hands and danmaku, she found a kind and gentle princess who remained pacifist & stalwart in the face of flaming fury. Nowadays, when Mokou needs a bit of calm downtime, she would find herself as the audience to the tales that this Kaguya would spin, her voice entrancing her as she rested.
  • She often asks other gods to try and find ways to kill her for good. However, no matter how much punishment she takes, she just keeps on getting back up again and again. Even though she is helping them by burning her own body up.
  • Due of her immortal life, she is drawn into other immortals like the two MacLeods. Though they found out the hard way that decapitating her will not turn her mortal. However, she doesn't like Albedo Piazzoli, due of him reminding her of the period when she would burn everything in sight, and only recovered from it after being bored by it. She sympathizes with him for not wanting to live forever, though.
  • Even though she doesn't want to make many mortal friends for obvious reasons, she is far from being mean. She seems to be happy to help when she can, but only for the duration of whatever it is that she’s helping out with. One of these mortal friends, who she happens to have a deeper connection with, is Sumireko Usami, having seen her as such, as well as a Friendly Rival, since the the Urban Legend incident- they frequently hang out near the House of Food, usually at night.
  • Is usually the target of much of Nekron’s plight, because she happens to have Complete Immortality granted to her by the Hourai Elixir. Of course, she’s able to shrug these attempts off, as she can’t really be killed at all, regardless of whether she is in the Pantheon or not. If push comes to shove, however, she’s more than capable of blazing through much of the GUAD leader’s ranks without too much impediment.
  • Returning to Eientei one evening to try and kill Kaguya Houraisan once again, she found that Eirin was gone for some reason. Instead of going through with her attempt, she would instead ask her rival where the Lunarian went- which resulted in Mokou backtracking into the Pantheon, where she learned that Eirin had returned to it as a deity, as well. She was then offered by Eirin to fight another immortal in Sun Wukong- a fight that the Person of Hourai gladly took up, resulting in a weeklong scrap between the two that ended when Mokou decided she saw enough and walked it off. Since then, she resumed her friendship with Eirin, as well as forged a new one with Wukong, and of course, now had to deal with Nekron even more as he seemed to very much despise the Lunarian.

Geras, God of Self-Reconstruction (Terminas)
  • Intermediate God (Can reach higher levels everytime he comes back from the dead)
  • Symbol: His chestpiece
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral leaning to Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Resurrective Immortality, Becoming stronger every time he revives, Left eternally falling in the Sea of Blood, Time Master, Dishing Out Dirt, The Dragon, Golem, Ridiculously Human Robots, Scary Black Man, Seen It All, Time Abyss
  • Domains: Time, Servants, Immortality, Fighting, Brutality, Death
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Doomfist, Dio Brando
  • Enemies:
  • Geras is one of Kronika's most powerful and loyal servants. He is a construct that was personally created by the Keeper of Time, exists in a fixed point in time and like his master has lived for millennia. Notably, given his time manipulation powers and rare physical composition, Geras is essentially immortal, being able to revive himself at will and getting stronger and smarter each cycle. This was enough for Kronika to request his ascension but it was not an easy task to get him around in the pantheon.
  • Turns out, before Kronika was defeated, she sent several of her best men to deal with the invading forces. Geras was one of them and even if he proven to be unkillable, Raiden has already stated that immortality usually can bring fates worse than death and so he trapped Geras wrapped him in chains to an anchor and threw him into the sea of blood, a red ocean with no bottom, leaving Geras to forever sink, unable to die from drowning. But Kronika managed to recover him from the eternal punishment by requesting his ascension and immediately gathered enough allies to get him into the pantheon. Once a deity, Geras displayed an uncharacteristic amount of uncontrolable anger and a desire to enact revenge on Raiden for leaving him to such fate, which Kronika took advantage of and made him once again her top servant.
  • Naturally adept at time manipulation, being able to control time at will and however he sees fit, often with brutal results. Being a being made of sands and able to manipulate time, the Prince wondered if he is made of the same material as the sands of time. Geras only retorted that while the material might be similar, he believes himself to be superior to the time control the Prince has.
  • Given his connections to Kronika, Geras quickly became another of the Pantheonic Time Police targets considering how dangerous he is. Specifically, his sand manipulation abilities are similar to that of Chromie's and he seems to have a certain amount of respect for Chronoa, who could be considered the Good Counterpart to his master.
  • He often acts as the envoy of Kronika's wrath and he demonstrated this when his master sent him to pay a visit to the Occult Research Club after what they did to Shinnok. The ensuing fight left several of them badly injured because they weren't expecting Geras to resurrect quickly and even getting stronger to boot and his time manipulation techniques were on par with Gasper Vladi's, the O.R.C. Bishop. Needless to say, Geras became another of the many deities Issei wants to personally kill because he dared go after his friends.
  • Being a construct of sand and living outside the laws of time, Geras and the Dahaka have a lot in common at surface level but the similarities end there. For starters, the Dahaka has more autonomy and a bigger desire to punish those that endanger the timeline, which includes Kronika and Geras even if they are also keepers of time. The Dahaka is not impressed about Geras allegued immortality and it's implied that to all his victims he doesn't just merely kill them but traps them in a personal pocket dimension of his. Geras is not deterred either, finding the shadowy entity intriguing but also not really a threat.
  • Several people noted that he and the infamous Talon leader Doomfist have a lot of similarities being a Scary Black Man that are very imposing, with Geras using a gauntlet made of sand from time to time. Instead of being antagonistic, Geras decided to offer Doomfist and Talon the chance to fulfill their mission of a stronger society if they would aid Kronika in creating the new era, where Talon can do as it pleases with no opposition. At first Doomfist was intrigued by the proposal and briefly considered accepting but hasn't fully decided on doing it since he is aware of Kronika being a bit deceiving plus the fact that she seems to favour order over chaos (and that her brand of "chaos" doesn't really suit his vision). However, he seems vastly more interested in besting Geras in Kombat if given the chance.
  • He has lived for eons and rarely does he ever get impressed by anything. Surprisingly, he knows a lot about human history and it's important figures. He once compared Cassie Cage to Joan of Arc, who he labelled as the young martyr. He noticed that the pantheon version of her was quite different and that she didn't take kindly to his description and the fact that Geras serves a dark force.
    • He also tends to tell every single Wild West deity about the time he got shot by Wyatt Earp, which can get quickly. Just ask Erron Black.
  • Deep down, he is just a Death Seeker who his inability to die has made him resigned to be Kronika's servant. Some consider him a fool for believing that, considering many people have the belief that his blood is what makes him immortal and would do the same for anyone who comes into contact with that, making him a target for Immortality Seekers. Others pity him, since his existance is merely to serve a megalomaniacal titan who controls time at her will and refuses to let her servant die.
  • While an artificial construct, Geras isn't technically a robot. That said, he is surprisingly affable with Nox, a powerful time manipulator who seeks to return to his family whatever means necessary. Geras quickly offered him to become a servant of Kronika, assuring that his family would be back in Kronika's new era and Nox agreed on the terms, unaware that Kronika doesn't intend to honor her part of the bargain.
    • Similarly, Geras is aware that Kessler, an alternate version of Cole MacGrath, could be useful for Kronika's forces and made a similar offer. Kessler accepted, only to get the chance to defeat his past self once and for all.
  • Of all the time deities that aren't Kronika, he seems to like Chronos the most, possibly because of the resemblance to his master. Chronos actually is surprisingly fond and wouldn't mind the assistance of Geras is it wasn't for his connection to Kronika. The GUAG believes that should Geras stop serving Kronika, it would benefit them if he want under Chronos wing and have they tried to sway him in that direction.
    • Progress was made when in one possible timeline, Geras betrayed Kronika and became the new Keeper of Time, intending to sculp the perfect timeline so he could finally rest. In the meantime, he realized that trying to force mortals to follow his rule is what drove Kronika to madness and that instead he sacrificed his essence so that the hourglass could run itself. That way mortals could find their own destiny and he could finally rest, which convinced the GUAG that Geras has potential for being a truly benevolent deity but his binds to Kronika prevent him from doing that.

Orochimaru, The Divine Serpent of Immortality (The Giant Snake, The Great White Snake, The Snake Sannin)
Click here to see him as an Akatsuki Member 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when at his Prime
  • Symbol: A White Snake
  • Theme Song: His Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Chaotic Good), Now Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Invading and Stealing Individual Bodies as Hosts, Amoral Scientist, Immortality Seeker and will Stop at Nothing to Achieve It, One of Konoha's Greatest Threats, The Dreaded, Was a Renowned Hero for Konoha, Former Comrades with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Former Member of Akatsuki, Evil Genius (Though he is Prone to Flopping at Times), Becomes less Prominent Overtime, Broken Ace, The Chessmaster, Snake Association, Gets Humiliated in Satisfying Ways, His Goals for Immortality were Motivated by the Death of his Parents, Decides to Side with the Allied Forces for Preservation, Actually Manages to Survive the Series (mostly) Unpunished, Actually a Good Father to Mitsuki and Log, Truly Single Parent, Wants Mitsuki to be Better than Him, Often Made Out to be a Pedophile
  • Domains: Snakes, Science, Immortality, Villainy, Invasions, Takeovers
  • Herald: Kabuto Yakushi and Log.
  • Allies: The Sound Five, Ren Gyokuen, Lilith (SMT), Orochi, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex, Dr. Octopus, Malekith, Lord Recluse, Bowser, Ra's al Ghul
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Vandal Savage, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, Professor Hojo
  • Enemies: Apophis (yes, really), Mikoto Mikasa, Aerith Gainsborough, Jason Todd, Usalia, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Nagash, Medusa Gorgon (Former Ally/Rival)
  • Former Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Uneasy Relationship: All Heroic Naruto Deities, Nagato, Obito Uchiha
  • Special Relationship: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Pitied By: The House of Family (They do Condemn his actions however)
  • Interested In: The Grineer
  • A former member of the Legendary Sannin and hero of Konohagakure, Orochimaru is one of the most feared and deadliest threats the Ninja World has dealt with. Utterly fixated on his goal to attain immortality by any means, Orochimaru delved into science and was not above malicious and morally unethical experimentation towards living beings. He soon developed the ability to hop from one body to another, eventually gaining a host, though said host would die upon being inhabited. Responsible for numerous unforgivable acts, especially the death of the Third Hokage and his former sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and doing his best to maintain competition against the Akatsuki, whom he was also a former member of, Orochimaru has certainly built up quite the infamous reputation.
    • Beyond the malicious and diabolical scientist he is, Orochimaru had a rather pitiable past. He never really got to know his parents and his ultimate goal of immortality stemmed from the fact that he wanted to live long enough to encounter reincarnations of his parents. He also genuinely wanted to help Konoha and did get along with his teammates Jiraiya and Tsunade. Unfortunately, his experience in the Second Great Shinobi War left him incredibly jaded and disillusioned, until Orochimaru derailed on genuinely good intentions and steadily turned into the threat he is now.
    • Despite his renowned threat, Orochimaru was ultimately double-crossed by his newest apprentice, Sasuke Uchiha, whom he intented to have as his bodily vessel. And even after using his Cursed Seal of Heaven to return, he wound up sealed by Itachi, courtesy of his Susanoo. His legacy would he carried on to his top lieutenant, Kabuto Yakushi. He would return, although he decided to aid the Allied Shinobi Forces in winning the Fourth Great Shinobi War, wanting to preserve and continue on with his work.
    • Surprisingly enough, Orochimaru managed to get off mostly unpunished. That said, he has mellowed out considerably and he's a lot less malicious than he used to be. He's used his genetic material to create two sons, Log and Mitsuki and has proven himself to be a good parental figure to both of them, even wanting Mitsuki to create his own path in life. Despite past animosity, Orochimaru will work with Konoha and other alliances, even if it's difficult at best.
  • Was once a member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil and even held a position in the GUAE Mastermind thanks to his devious intelligence, vicious nature and general reliance. However, after several events in which he had been defeated, killed and sealed quite a number of times and getting to observe the Shinobi World's progression and change, Orochimaru has left the GUAE, much to the leadership's shock and dismay. That said, he hasn't joined any of the other major GUA's nor has he made a presence in an established group. It is said that Orochimaru is currently in hiding, though what allegiance he has made is left unclear...
    • Melkor was the being who had Orochimaru ascended in the first place, intending to capitalize on his scientific skills to bolster the GUAE, which the former Sannin accepted without any problem. But now that Orochimaru has left the GUAE rather abruptly and with little signs of where he has disappeared to, Melkor has not been happy about the situation. As compensation, Melkor now has Kaguya as his representing world's replacement, but unfortunately, Orochimaru is opposed to the Mother of Chakra, and he's finding it amusing that he's now against the GUAE.
    • That said, Orochimaru does have ties to some villains. He has won the respect of Bowser after hearing about his relationship with Mitsuki, though he does admittedly find Orochimaru's experiments to be pretty iffy on his end. In contrast, Malekith is impressed by what Orochimaru is capable of in battle and lauds his scientific mind, thinking an alliance with him would be of great asset. Orochimaru also finds some common ground with Dr. Cortex, considering both of them are Mad Scientists and have plotted to Take Over the World on numerous occasions, though Orochimaru has since fizzled out of the latter. He also found some common grounds with Lord Recluse and Ra's al Ghul, with both of them being intellectual immortals.
  • Some Pantheonic residents have noted to have seen Orochimaru around at times. His elusiveness has made him quite a popular "cryptic creature" by some of the more wackier sightseers. He personally finds it amusing.
  • Tellingly enough, Orochimaru does visit the Reptiles Sub-House due to his affinity for serpents. He gets along with most of the villainous snakes, but surprisingly enough, he's found himself opposing Apophis. Despite the former telling him to join his side, Orochimaru flatly declined and rebelled and labelled Apophis an enemy instead. That said, many believe that Orochimaru doesn't want his experiments to be wasted by an Omnicidal Maniac, hence his opposition.
    • Amusingly enough, he is terrified of insects. Orochimaru does his best to not get close to the borders of the Insects Sub-House. When asked by Rexxar, he simply stated that "bugs creep me out". Unfortunately for Orochimaru, some of the residents who hate him are planning to terrify and/or prank him in ways that involve insects.
  • Initially sworn enemies against Konoha, they're now in a very odd relationship with one another. Many still hate, or at least, oppose Orochimaru, given how he went ahead to torment the village and being responsible for the death of the Third Hokage and his own teacher. In contrast, Mitsuki is not only accepted into the village, but has grown adjusted and comfortable as well and treasuring his friends and partners, Boruto and Sarada.
    • Naruto was generous enough to allow Orochimaru back into Konoha for one occasion; to see his cloned son graduate. As shocking as it sounds, its also a surprisingly tender moment, given how Orochimaru has wanted Mitsuki to be better than him and is making good progress.
  • Back in his GUAE days, Orochimaru would often hang out with Voldemort, given how similar the two were. However, since Orochimaru's departure, their friendship has since devolved into a harsh rivalry, with Voldemort feeling betrayed that Orochimaru would ditch him so suddenly. Orochimaru on the other hand couldn't care less, but would take the time to mock and troll Voldemort for his ineffectiveness plus his flawed immortality.
  • Knowing that his defection from the GUAE has left him mostly bereft of allies, Orochimaru decided to play a hand in getting the Sound Five back to his side. The truly resurrected group were pleased to be working for Orochimaru again, but the circumstances of Orochimaru's alignment has left them baffled and confused. They initially didn't want to be in a truce against Konoha, given that they died fighting against Konoha ninja, but Orochimaru's feared reputation, plus the fact that his son Mitsuki is a resident made the Sound Five complacent and begrudgingly went with it.
    • Overtime however, Kimimaro has become more open and affable towards Konoha, given that Sasuke was able to take care of Jugo rather well, in addition to Boruto helping Jugo out at one point.
  • Of course, just because he's strayed from much of his former malicious traits doesn't mean others wouldn't still brand him as a threat. The most prominent of these is Mikoto Mikasa who's experience with clones resulted in her clashing against Orochimaru every now and then, especially considering the unethical treatment he went through with creating a being who was able to harness Wood Style. A similar sentiment also goes for Aerith Gainsborough who herself was experimented as a child and stays away from Orochimaru as much as possible. Usalia hates him for possessing necromantic powers and Jason Todd cannot stand the idea of Orochimaru going around doing experiments after all his past villainous actions and will waste no second in trying to kill him.
  • Has been intrigued by the Grineer, given that they are a Clone Army that is mass-produced without stop and seek immortality for their Twin Queens. That said, Orochimaru is wary about the hostility of the Grineer and is taking his time on how to approach them. He'd certainly like to learn from them, though he feels like his chances of forming an alliance with them are rather slim.
  • His reunion with Jiraiya was... not exactly how they'd have envisioned it. Orochimaru expected Jiraiya to start a fight against each other, and he proved himself right. After a brief scuffle, Orochimaru explained that he was no longer pursuing revenge towards Konoha plus he had already achieved the immortality that he had sought for. He also stated that he had to change, lest he had to die off, but asserted that he wasn't trying to be offensive towards his former comrade. Jiraiya understood what he was saying and told him that while he may have genuinely changed, he's still not going to be forgiving towards his past actions, to which Orochimaru agreed on. Currently, the two are on rocky terms, but Jiraiya is trying to make some effort in becoming friends with Orochimaru again, now that he's learned that he does want Mitsuki to be better than he was back in the day.
    • Similarly, he and Tsunade, while still on uneasy terms, will often work together to combat a common enemy. Although he hates to admit it, Orochimaru is happy to see that he can work with his former comrades as the Legendary Sannin at times. Jiraiya and Tsunade know this and would often tease Orochimaru about it. Jiraiya and Tsunade do want to see their former sensei, Hiruzen ascended at some point, but Orochimaru has stayed silent. Some have speculated that he's pretty hesitant in talking about it.
  • While Orochimaru is known for being a vicious, bloodthirsty and remorseless scientist (before his Character Development), lots of residents mainly know him for his rather... creepy interest in teenage boys, especially Sasuke. Its a common joke to label Orochimaru as a pedophile because of this, a fact which the former Sannin views with utter bewilderment.
People change. It's just a matter of whether they die before it happens.

    Touko Aozaki 
Touko Aozaki, Goddess of Backup Bodies (The Red, Dirty Red [DON'T call her that unless you WANT to die screaming])
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A doll crawling out of a suitcase
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artificial Human, Badass Bookworm, Badass Longcoat, Benevolent Boss, Someone you should NEVER insult, Cool Big Sis to everyone but her actual sister, Has a really nice car but never went to driving school, Eccentric Mentor, Eldritch Abomination, Complete Immortality/Nigh-Invulnerability, Marionette Master, Masquerade, Occult Detective, Sibling Yin-Yang, Smoking Is Cool.
  • Domain: Puppets, Monsters, Magic, Neutrality, Knowledge, Retribution, Freedom
  • Followers: Mikiya Kokutou, Azaka Kokutou
  • Allies: Shiki Ryougi, Rei Ayanami, Motoko Kusanagi, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka
  • Opposed By: Araya Souren, Shiki Tohno
  • It is unknown how long she has been without her original body. It's inconsequential in the end because her puppet bodies are so well made they're impossible to distinguish from the original. They're all equally powerful and equally hot.
  • She got this position on the virtue of automatically transferring her complete soul to the next body when one is destroyed, no matter where it is. Other people might just have clones of themselves but can't move their soul, or have to have their minds manually uploaded to their next body, or have to settle for an inferior form.
  • Despite opposing him, she really doesn't hate Araya Souren. She mostly just disagrees with his methods of trying to reach the Akashic Records.
  • Ever since what happened to Cornelius Alba, other members of the Pantheon have been wary not to call her "Dirty Red." Dante tried hitting on her by saying it. It evidently took Black Jack a while to reattach his limbs.
  • She has a penchant for taming Eldritch Abominations and keeping them in luggage. Airport staff have been put on notice.
  • She is one of the members of the Pantheon who can get Shiki Ryougi to do, well, anything as a favor. Other dieties are still rather surprised when they see the psychotic demon hunter standing in line for a new manga release, looking thoroughly annoyed.
  • She doesn't really oppose Shiki Tohno for anything he did personally and is even willing to work with him. Unfortunately, thanks to Aoko, Shiki is forced to support her opposition by default.
  • Ever since her sister, Aoko Aozaki, heard about her ascending, she has been seriously considering actually accepting a position if only to oppose her. This, of course, means that Touko has been doing everything possible to block or distract her from doing so. Considering how free spirited and laid back Aoko is, this has far.
    • If Aoko actually put her mind to it, she would probably be able to. She does have her student Shiki Tohno all too willing to vouch for her. Not to mention the power of the Fifth True Magic combined with her particular skills, which has even Greater Gods concerned.
    • To compound matters, Aoko just got upgraded to Protagonist status ever since the release of her own story.
  • Rin Tohsaka begun studying under her. While some deities were surprised that she had taken on an apprentice, she states that it was a good way to stave off boredom. Those who are a little wiser have noticed that Shiki Ryougi has been extremely annoyed with this development and suspect that Touko planned on this.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, God of Great Villains With Mundane Names and Phylacteries (Lord Voldemort, The Heir of Slytherin, I Am Lord Voldemort, The Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, Voldy, No Nose)
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Lesser Gods

    Ai Astin 
Ai Astin, Goddess of Worlds Without Death
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shovel
  • Theme Song: "Birth"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Moe, Wide-Eyed Idealist, All-Loving Heroine, half-human, half-Gravekeeper, performing a reaper's job in a deathless, godless world
  • Domains: Death, Life, Travel, Idealism
  • Heralds: Julie Sakuma Dmitriyevich, Scar, Alice Color, Alfa (her mother), Hampnie Hambart (her father).
  • Allies: 7S!Death, Death of the Endless, Decim, Chito and Yuuri, The Young Girl and the Soldier, Sam and Dean Winchester, Antonius Block, Shovel Knight
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash
  • Opposes: Dhuum, Chuck Shurley
  • Ai Astin is a young girl hailing from a world that has been abandoned by God. That world fell out of order and became stagnant, with no new people being born and nobody dying when they should. God's last gift before leaving was the Gravekeepers, the only beings capable of granting true death to humans who don't wish to soldier on as undead. Ai is half-Gravekeeper, having been born from the very first Gravekeeper and a human father. Although she is very naive, she has a strong desire to save the world that God has abandoned. After meeting her father and burying him, she went on a journey in order to help people in whatever ways she can, accompanied by her father's friend Julie, a pure Gravekeeper known as Scar and later a boy around her age called Alice.
  • Ai was traveling with her friends through her devastated, yet oddly beautiful and peaceful world. At some point they stopped to set up camp for the night, and Ai decided to wander off on her own. After arriving at a beach, which she marvelled at because she had never seen one before, she was approached by an eerie figure in a black cloak. When Ai levelled her shovel at him and demanded to know his name, he answered "I am Death," which astonished Ai. She didn't have time to fully process that information before Death was suggesting they have a nice game of chess, which a confused Ai found herself agreeing to. In the conversation that ensued, Ai wondered, somewhat accusingly, what Death was doing if he no longer reaped lives, to which he replied he was not the Death of her world and thus had no power over it, and that he was only visiting out of curiosity at what a deathless world was like. The implication of another world got Ai's attention, but she had a chess game to focus on first. Except, as she came to realize, she had no idea how to play chess, as she'd never had a chance to before...
    • At any rate, Death eventually left Ai with a portal to the "other world" open and an invitation to enter. Curiosity got the better of her and she went in. She explored on her own for a bit until she came across a tank, from which popped out two girls, Chito and Yuuri. The three girls talked and Ai learned that the place she was in was the Pantheon, and that Chito and Yuuri themselves were from a world that was also nearing its end and they had been traveling, much like Ai. As Ai joined them on their travels, the three girls became close, and Chito and Yuuri decided to bring her to the Main House to suggest her for proper ascension. Ai's story and the world she came from were deemed interesting enough that she got a position.
  • Of course, she met Death again, who was rather satisfied to see her made into a goddess and invited her to play chess again someday... when she has a better grasp on the game. Another death personification Ai gets along with is Death of the Endless, who appreciates the young girl's zest for life and empathy despite her paradoxal position as a reaper-like being. She also thinks Ai is just adorable and often fawns over her like a doting big sister. She also makes sure Death doesn't mess with the naive Ai too much.
    • Other death-bringers she likes include Decim, largely because of how kind they are. With Decim in particular she finds him to be the entity most similar to a Gravekeeper due to him originally lacking in emotion and later learning to be more expressive, in a similar development to that of Ai's pure Gravekeeper friend Scar (Ai herself always had emotions due to being half-human). Ai likes to hang out at Decim's bar, though he can't help but think it looks bad for a 12-year-old to hang around his joint, but he likes her too much to tell her to leave.
  • Gravekeepers are naturally able to detect the proximity of any undead and have an itch to bury any they find (something that is belied by their constant Dissonant Serenity). Because Ai was born half-human, these instincts are not present in her, and she is more than happy to allow the undead go on with their un-lives if they truly wish to remain in that state of being. Thus, she has a better relationship with the House of Undead than one might expect. Even back in her world there was a whole city for undead called Ortus whose culture she respected and she got along swimmingly with its leader. The House of Undead is much the same as Ortus to her. It's just too bad that the House heads are awful, especially Nekron and Nagash. Ai thinks it's unforgivable that they use the undead to build their armies when she knows for a fact that many just wish to lead peaceful existences. Nor can she abide their plans to respectively turn everything into nothing or turn the entire world into their personal undead kingdom. Given Ai's power to grant true death would make dead bodies impervious to Nekron and Nagash's manipulations, the two think this otherwise insignificant little girl does pose a threat to their goals, so it's a priority to have her assassinated.
  • At the very least, an "ally" (which is a very loose term in this case) of Nekron that doesn't go along with the idea of getting rid of Ai is Dhuum, because as an obsessive hunter of those who have cheated death, he approves of Ai being capable of granting true death, so he has an interest in protecting her. Ai by her turn doesn't like his merciless nature at all and avoids him as much as she can.
  • In her time in the Pantheon, she has become aware that there are quite a few beings that go by the name of God. She has some suspicions that Chuck Shurley is the god who created and abandoned her world, given he has been similarly flaky towards the world he is confirmed to come from. Which speaking of, she proved to get along very well with Sam and Dean Winchester, identifying with them as they also travel the world in order to fulfill a mission and have had their lives plagued by tragedy such as losing a parent. Of course, Sam and Dean have gone through a lot more than Ai, but then again Ai is far younger than them, and when you live in a world like hers, it's only a matter of time... Sam and Dean at least feel inspired to protect Ai like a little sister and try to ensure she doesn't become traumatized too quickly (especially now that she's in a place as crazy as the Pantheon).
  • Ai once met a girl about her age who seemed to be carrying an unusually large egg around. She got curious about what the egg was supposed to be and why the girl was carrying it, but the girl only gave her very sparse and mysterious answers. Ai wasn't deterred and spent that day with the girl helping her, filling up the silence with her chatter, which the girl didn't seem to mind. They ended up spending the night at the girl's temple, and once the girl fell asleep, Ai met a young man carrying a cross, who she had noticed earlier in the day following them around and who somewhat reminded her of her father. They talked a bit, and while it was a bit hard to follow for Ai, she could surmise that the two also came from a ravaged world that had been abandoned by God. The nature of the egg still eluded her, but that was fine, because it was obviously something important to the girl and Ai was happy to have helped. Though it puzzled Ai why the man kept himself out of the girl's sight, to which he admitted that he purposefully broke her precious egg in the past. This gave Ai pause, but it didn't last long as she smiled and told the man to keep protecting the girl. From that day on, Ai visits the two regularly.
  • Met Death's favorite chess opponent Antonius Block while visiting the former one day. As one might imagine, Ai was surprised that a regular human like Antonius was so at ease in the presence of an embodiment of death. They started talking about themselves and Ai learned about how Antonius' world went through a crisis of its own that at least resembled the end times, due to a black plague epidemic, and how Antonius traveled through the land on a spiritual search for God, which Ai realized was pretty similar to her own adventures. They wound up becoming pretty good friends, with Antonius reminding Ai of Julie. She has also found in him someone willing to teach her about chess.
  • Met the Shovel Knight when he suddenly appeared to her out of nowhere and demanded an honorable duel with her, having noticed the impressive-looking shovel strapped to her back. A panicked Ai managed to explain that she really wasn't a fighter at all before any fighting started and explained what her shovel's purpose was. Shovel Knight was somewhat disappointed, but not for too long as he got the idea to take Ai under his wing and train her in the art of wielding a shovel so she can deal with the many dangers of the Pantheon. Ai isn't really sure that's a good idea, but at least she can see Shovel Knight has good intentions and humors him. She remains rather on the clumsy side as of yet, but that doesn't seem to deter Shovel Knight as he enthusiastically works her to the bone in their training sessions.

Ashildr, Goddess Of Immortality-Induced Amnesia (Me, Lady Sherade, Ash El Dir, Alys, the Knightmare, the Hybrid)

    Czeslaw Meyer 
Czeslaw Meyer, God of The Agony of Immortality

    Jean-Baptiste Augustin 
Jean-Baptiste Augustin, Divine Carrier of the Immortality Field (Baptiste, Lt. Augustin, The Demoman, The Renegade)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Biotic Launcher and the Immortality Field Device
  • Theme Song: Baptiste's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Defected from Talon after witnessing their evil ways, Combat Medic, Gadgeteer Genius, Good Is Not Soft, Being wanted by Talon since He Knows Too Much, Tricked-Out Shoes
  • Domains: Soldiers, Healing, War, Orphans, Choices
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The The Mann Co. Mercenaries (Particularly the Demoman)
  • Enemies: All the Ascended Talon agents, HYDRA, SHOCKER, The Chaos Insurgency
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • Jean-Baptiste Augustin was one of millions who were caught in the omnic crisis, orphaned at a very young age. Those conditions made him adopt the Social Darwinist philosophy of taking care of your friends and killing everyone who got in his way. After the war was over, he struggled to find a normal occupation and so joined Talon, believing they would provide him, and indeed they did. But the increasing brutality and shady work he had to deal with on a regular basis took a toll and ultimately he decided to defect, realizing that his philosophy was just a poor excuse he made that only caused an endless cycle of violence and went against his desire to help people. But Talon would not let him go and so Baptiste had to take care of Talon's agents sent after him. Once they were dealt with, he decided that he would atone for his actions and help those in need.
  • The position of a deity is something he never expected to get, especially concerning his equipment. For a while the GUAG has been looking for a Combat Medic that could aid the warriors on good in combat and Baptiste was handpicked for it. To justify his ascension, it was brought up about the Immortality Field device, a gadget that allows anyone within a radius to survive fatal damage. He personally designed the thing and it saved him numerous times from a pinch so he was glad that his creation allowed him to enter the Pantheon.
  • It's only natural that the ascended Talon members would want Baptiste dead and they have tried to capture him but he's a resourceful individual and managed to evade them. He has a few friends inside believe it or not, Sombra being one of them and the one that tends to inform him of whatever Talon is up to as well as helping him on other stuff. There was also a Heavy Assault Unit by the name of Mauga who was really close with him during missions and even let him go the fateful day he defected but Mauga is also tired of this game of cat and mouse and wouldn't hesitate to shoot at his comrade.
  • How he managed to design the Immortality Field or make it work is anyone guess, according to Baptiste himself he has stated that he built from things he could find around. Understandably, the device has also garnered the attention of many unsavoury individuals looking for a way to reverse-engineer it and use them for their own purposes, but Baptiste has managed to avoid being captured by those (unfortunately he happens to share houses with many who want to steal the ImmortalityField.
  • In the past he did some volunteer work in places that where hit by conflict or war and during such work he ended up meeting Angela Ziegler, who he remained on quite friendly terms and actually decided to seek her out after he discovered that Talon was hunting down ex-overwatch agents. Baptiste has remained fairly optimistic that Overwatch is making a comeback and has tried to help the ascended agents in fighting back their old employers.
  • He worked alongside the Mann Co. mercs once, and most people though that he was actually the Demoman for some reason even if he is nowhere near as insane as the scottish cyclops. He and the Medic surprisingly got along even if the ethics of the german doctor does concern him but he has been trying to modify his biotic launcher so it can heal more people and potentially even ubercharge his teammates. Similarly, the Medic has been studying the Immortality Field device in order to apply it directly to his patients, with Baptiste's blessings of course.
  • Naturally, Baptise isn't exactly a big fan of the big and shady criminal organizations give his past with Talon and of the lot, he has had some run-ins with HYDRA, SHOCKER and the Chaos Insurgency, who are notoriously very ruthless about deserters like him.
  • He never thought that he and a assassin such as Shadow Yamoto would get along given their widely different professions, but both being on the run from darker powers that they willingly deserted certainly brought the two closer together and have been helping each other out in avoiding capture.
  • His former philosophy is a huge Old Shame for him, as it demonstrated the flaws of being a Social Darwinist and that's why he doesn't support the goals of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos even if he can understand where they are coming from. The fact that they seem better in comparison to Talon only highlights that there is some merit to thinking that way in certain situations, but doesn't excuse harming others for his own benefit.
  • In the tale of the mad Dr. Junkenstein, one of the rumored defenders of the castle that helped drive away the forces of the doctor was a Renegade that seemingly resembled Baptiste not only in appearance but in goals and motivations as well, having also deserted a darker power. Baptiste chuckled at the idea of a version of himself fighting witches and zombie robots and has stated that those are merely fairy tales.
  • "No dying on my watch".

    Mavis Dracula 
Mavis Dracula, Goddess of Childish Immortality
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of her Bat Form
  • Theme Song: My Zing, I'm In Love With a Monster by Fifth Harmony
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Nice, Polite and Energetic Vampire, Cute Monster Girl, Is Childish and Naive in Spite of her Immortality, Is Dracula's Most Emotional Keepsake and Attachment, Retains her Hairstyle from Childhood, Develops a Relationship with Johnny whom She Marries and Has a Son With, Looks After and Deeply Loves Dennis, Generation Xerox, Perky Goth, Is Exactly a Century Older than she Looks, Is Interested by Humans
  • Domains: Vampires, Hotels, Family, Immaturity, Immortality, Love
  • Heralds: Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran (her husband), Denisovich "Dennis" Dracula-Loughran (her son)
  • Varying Relationship Count Dracula (The One in her Universe is her Father, The Original Dracula is One she Vehemently Opposes, The Lord of Castlevania is Someone she Pities, though is Hesitant to Approach Him, He who Goes by Alucard is on Neutral Terms and Soma Cruz is Accepting and Friendly towards her)
  • Allies: Arcueid Brunestud, Alucard, Eric Brooks/Blade, Rachel Alucard, Larten Crepsley, Natsuno Yuuki, Hana and Wolf-Man, Kimihito Kurusu, The Monster Girls, Luka, Alice XVI
  • On Goods Terms With: The Belmont Family, Buffy Summers, The Scarlet Sisters, The Vampire King
  • On Neutral Terms With: Vlad von Carstein
  • Opposes: Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein, Count Orlok, Marlowe Roderick, The Crimson Court, Dio Brando, Nagash, Yuuki Terumi, Rassilion, Babette (The Dark Brotherhood)
  • Opposed By: Meridia
  • The story and myth of the legendary Count Dracula is one of absolute terror, malice and bloodthirst, which paved the way to establish vampires as one of the most fearsome and deadliest of the undead. And then there's a certain story where Dracula himself... is actually a sheltered and overprotective father who ran a hotel for monsters and the undead. Enter his daughter, Mavis, whose mother, Martha, was killed by humans when she was a child and was turned into a vampire by her father at age 18, ensuring that she forever remains on her father's side. However, the fact that she was kept from visiting the outside world and the lack of being able to learn much outside her hotel home, let alone leaving it meant that Mavis led a sheltered life, which clearly showed when her personality remained that of an excitable and immature child, despite being more than a century old. All that changed when she met Jonathan Loughran, who happened to stumble across Hotel Transylvania at one point and the two ended up having a "zing" with one another. Initially, Dracula himself wanted to keep Mavis away from Johnny due to his disdain for humanity, but soon began to grow out of that mindset when Johnny's willingness to provide and be there for Mavis proves to Dracula that not all humans are bad. Eventually, Mavis and Johnny get married and have a son named Denisovich, who takes more upon Mavis via being a vampire himself.
  • When Dracula ascended into the Pantheon, the very first thing he desired was to find a way to bring Mavis alongside. After all, he would do anything for his daughter and he's a really dedicated father once he sets his sights on a goal. With the help of a few new vampire friends, Dracula was able to get Mavis ascended, with the added bonus of also bringing along Johnny and Dennis as heralds. He celebrates the victory by... having a live rap performance in the House of Music, much to his daughter's amusement, though there was a bit of scene when Dracula wanted to bring Mavis up on stage, much to her embarrassment.
  • In spite of their zany and awkward moments and conversations with one another, both, father and daughter love each other immensely and the impetus behind it is not really bought up much due to its tragedy. The House of Family are in full support of Dracula and Mavis and they are more than welcome to come by and visit, with Dracula himself being a staunch supporter of the Heroic Protectors of Family. Mavis loves to bring her son along to play with the other attending kids there and, unlike most vampires, her excitable and fun-loving demeanour meant that she could integrate really easily with the House's environment. That said, father and daughter still have their fair share of zany moments. The fact that the House of Family is actually rather dysfunctional isn't helping many matters either.
  • Inevitably, Mavis would be shocked to discover that Dracula wasn't just the name of her father, but also of several individuals who just so happened to be vampire rulers themselves. She further discovered that this particular name has been passed down in literary legend, hence there came to be several different iterations of the character. Mavis loves her father dearly and vice-versa but the other Draculas elicited different feelings and perspectives from her.
    • The original Dracula was actually a repulsive and bloodhungry madman who desired nothing more than to take over London and the world and led his domain through tyranny, fear and being a predator towards unwary travellers and fauna. This made him the least popular of the Draculas in the Pantheon and Mavis was among them, wanting nothing to do with him and calling him out for being a perverted maniac. He simply baulked at the idea of Mavis and her father being well-acquainted with one another and for accepting humanity and while he was quick to state that he ends to his brides, Mavis figured that there's not really any sense of affection or respect for one another; all it was for the original Dracula was control and dominance.
    • The Lord of Castlevania, Mathias Cronqvist, is the most powerful and feared of the Draculas, alongside Alucard, but while he was firmly evil, there was a sense of sympathy to be had upon him. Like the Dracula Mavis knew, the Lord of Castlevania was once a normal royal and who had two wives from a separate point in time and both of their deaths were what led him to snap become an enemy of humanity. Elisabeth's death made him bitter about God and Lisa's execution for supposed witchcraft was what drove him off the deep end and declare war on Mankind. In fact, The owner of Hotel Transylvania is on amicable terms with him due to some of the similarities they share, but Mavis prefers to keep her distance due to how he's like her father, except a bit more crazy. The Lord of Castlevania, however, bears no ill will on Mavis, and neither does the fact that she has a son with a human; he himself has one with Lisa, named Alucard.
    • Alucard and Soma Cruz don't present a stronger feeling than the previous two, but Mavis still acknowledges them as an extension to the Dracula legacy regardless. The former (not to be confused with Mathias's son who shares the name) doesn't really have to talk about, though he does intend to troll Mavis at some points, whereas Soma is actually a decent person despite being a reincarnation of Mathias himself and, as a result, gets along with Mavis pretty well. That said, a lot of the residents of Hotel Transylvania dread the idea of Alucard attending as a guest occupant, given just how destructive and brutal he can get whenever he's feeling motivated for battle. He's surprisingly not banned from visiting, but Dracula and Mavis do have to assert Alucard to rein in his bloodthirsty impulses if he ever does come over.
  • Vampire Hunters normally tend to find it difficult to find non-malicious vampires for the most part, but there are exceptions, which Martha happens to be a part of. They were curious as to how did she and her father took care of Hotel Transylvania and were surprised to see that not only was it a haven for monsters of all kinds beyond just the Undead, but Mavis and Dracula weren't even evil by any means. The Belmont Family took this with grace and acknowledged Mavis's right to live out as she wanted. Similarly, Buffy Summers herself has made a notable vampire ally in Spike so her learning about Mavis and her father didn't really really faze so much as it endeared her in a sense. They are allowed to visit Mavis's domain as well as Dracula's... so long as they don't threaten them and their friends, which they're thankfully not going to do.
  • She and Dracula attend the House of Jobs and Profession, given the latter's occupation as a hotel owner and are taking some time to learn a thing or two about advertising and promoting Hotel Transylvania. So far, it seems to be working out, though their weakness to sunlight renders it that Mavis's friends and husband, Johnny, sometimes take it upon themselves to take day shifts. They've attracted the most popularity in the Houses of Otherness and Death and Postmortem.
    • While one would expect that the House of Undead would be among those that would hold a strong approval for Dracula and Mavis's attempts to promote their hotel business, the two were surprised to see that it wasn't really the case. Only the Hall of Vampires actually showed good interest, the rest were more concerned with tending to their own matters or working on dominating the Pantheon in darkness, which Mavis found boring. It also didn't help that the representing guardians of the House were, for the most part, total jerks, especially Nagash, who, while responsible for the creating of Vampires and the Undead in his home universe, actively couldn't care less about them either and would rather see them as mere extensions of his will.
    • Another way of getting to promote their hotel reputation is by attending the House of Music. And why is that? Because Dracula happens to be a pretty good rapper. The idea of Dracula rapping sounded ludicrous, but Mavis's father is somehow able to make it work. Sometimes, she'll join in with singing a few songs, though she prefers it with Johnny. It helps out in a lot of ways in that they've become pretty popular there plus a few monsters who happen to be Dracula's acquaintances have developed some interest in attending the House of Music with them, which Dracula and Mavis are proud of.
  • While she does stand out in that regard, the idea of a human having a romantic relationship and starting a family with someone not of their kind is not as rare as it sounds, though it wouldn't be common either. Mavis, nevertheless, was thrilled to see that sort of thing be accepted in the Pantheon (for the most part) and made friends with Luka and Alice XVI, who were able to prove their love for one another, though interactions with Luka can get... awkward, though not by Luka's fault. Alice, however, doesn't take any offense to it, given that Mavis herself would be worried about Johnny and would just prefer to see Luka as a friend.
  • She does acknowledge the fact that there are just as many good vampires as there are more malicious ones and would drop her usual quirky personality the moment she hears or comes into contact with the worst of them, Count Orlok, a sinister knockoff to Dracula himself, once tried to attend Hotel Transylvania as a guest in an effort to prove his dominance, but Dracula himself caught notice and wrestled him out. To make matters worse (in Orlok's case), Mavis and Dennis were just as capable of delivering a beatdown to him whenever needed. Orlok himself swears revenge, plus the fact that Dracula and his family are accepting towards humans frustrates him a lot as he believes that vampires should inherently be evil.
    • Vlad von Carstein has a complicated family history. He sincerely loved his wife, whom he only turned into a vampire because she was dying from a plague. Despite his war against Humanity, he was willing to employ them under his services, provided they defeated loyalty to him and since then, he's become a lot more at ease in helping Mankind against Chaos. His "sons", Mannfred and Konrad... are not any good, to say the least. Not surprisingly, Mavis hates them just as much as anyone else, both are contemptuous and condescending madmen who feel entitled to being their "father's" succession (despite both disliking Vlad) and only care about themselves (more so for Mannfred whose selfishness doomed his world). Vlad, while a ruthless warlord, is nonetheless respectful and noble enough to get along with Mavis's father and see her as a good successor in a sense. She doesn't bear any ill will on Vlad, though his reputation does make her rather nervous whenever they meet. Vlad himself seems more interested in how Mavis was able to conceive a child with Johnny as vampires in Vlad's world are literally unable to reproduce and conceive a child.
    • The Alucard who is Mathias Cronqvist actually bears a certain similarity to Mavis, namely in that their mother was killed by disproportionate prejudice when they were very little and both were impacted heavily by the ordeal; Mavis was sheltered in Hotel Transylvania by her father which stunted her emotional growth and maturity and Alucard grew distant from his father until they became enemies when he realized Mathias was willing to destroy humankind either to conquer the world or drag vampirekind to extinction as well. The idea of the two bonding over losing their mothers felt really awkward, but it did help them to understand their pain and grief. Alucard is glad to see that Mavis's father was able to patch up his problems and acknowledge his daughter's needs whereas Mavis was saddened to learn that Mathias has no hope for redemption, even if he comes to admit regret for his actions. Though she is afraid of him, Mavis does want to see Mathias change for the better, but like Alucard, she knows it's not happening at all.
  • Like all of vampirekind, she is opposes by Meridia for simply being an undead, meaning that Mavis, just like any other vampire, is a perversion to life, according to Meridia. Mavis finds this perspective too mean-spirited and unwanted and wanted to find out about what's the big deal with Meridia being so worked up about the Undead. Turns out, her Arch-Enemy, Molag Baal is responsible for the creation of vampirekind through a very questionable sort of action and takes pride out of it. Mavis herself got the point of where the enmity comes from, but she still finds it annoying that Meridia wants to take her frustration out on all undead, which she saw as stupid. Meridia simply thinks Mavis is being an immature idiot about how she herself sees the undead, though to her dismay, not only does Mavis make a good point, but Meridia seems to be making herself up as a fool by having a ridiculously petty view on the undead in general.
  • She sometimes takes visitations in the Hall of Mothers to take some sessions on how better herself as a mother while she drops Dennis at the House of Childhood and Adolescence where he could have fun with other kids around his age whilst Johnny looks after him and makes sure he doesn't stray far. Due to her inexperience in maturity, she ends up being more of a child there than a mother, much a lot of residents' amusement. Sure, she learns something about parenting and dotes and provides for son very nicely, but she's still just as much of a child as she was a century ago. Still, she's eager to want to act like a mature woman at some point.
  • The trope that she used to represent was formerly held by one of the Scarlet Sisters, Remilia, though in her case, Remilia had to spend centuries enduring her stunted emotional growth and the same thing could be applied to her sister, Flandre. That said, Flandre has little control over her destructive powers and thus, has to be sealed in the Scarlet Devil Mansion and be checked upon by her older sister for support. Mavis finds the case to be sad, but given her similar circumstances, despite being bought upon by overprotection and worry, decided to try to help them out in some way. She and Remilia quickly connected and became friends, but Flandre was harder to deal with. Remilia has tried to get her sister to get acquainted with the former's friends, though the effort does get difficult as Flandre can lapse into an uncontrollably destructive if left unchecked. Despite this, Mavis has assured that she'll help Remilia in getting Flandre to be more cooperative.


    Dr. Henry Morgan 
Alright, who's... uh sir, care to explain?

"It's a long story."

Dr. Henry Morgan, God of Immortality Angst
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A plaid scarf.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cursed with Immortality, Faced a lot of hardships and losses because of it, Resurrective Immortality, Believes that there's a scientific reason behind him being immortal, Gentleman and a Scholar, Has a wide array of relevant knowledge from years of experience, Body vanishes when dead, Refuses to ever kill on purpose, Really 700 Years Old, Heroic Neutral, Seen as eccentric, yet good-natured by others
  • Domains: Life, Sadness, Love, Justice
  • Herald: Detective Jo Martinez & Abraham Morgan
  • High Priests: The Tucks
  • Allies: Temperance Brennan & Seeley Booth, Czeslaw Meyer, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, SCP-1440, Hob Gadling, Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Relena Darlian, Rushuna Tendou, Sgt. John Davis, Florence Nightingale, Black Jack, Dr. Gregory House, Litchi Faye-Ling, Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build, Yomiel (Ghost Trick)
  • Enemies: Aldia, Alex Wesker, Tenebrae, Clockwork & Neyla, Geras, Lord Voldemort, Kars, Jack the Ripper, the Slavers, Calvin J. Candie & Stephen, the Kurgan, Johann Schimdt/Red Skull, Vandal Savage, Nurgle, Nurse Ratched, Fabius Bile
  • Opposes: Valentine, The Medic
  • Fears: King Hassan
  • New York City's best medical examiner who is also immortal... wait, how? Well, it all started in April 7, 1814 when Dr. Henry Morgan as the ship's doctor was murdered by the crew with the captain's flintlock pistol while trying to help free the slaves and prevent the murder of an ill captive. His body was thrown overboard and in that moment, his death will end up to be not the only death he faced as he emerges from the river very much as if he didn't even died at all; he is cursed with immortality through as of yet unknown means in that event. After being sent to an asylum for perceived insanity by his first wife Nora and moving on from it, Dr. Morgan continue to live on for 200 years until the present day of 2014, working for the New York County Medical Examiner's Office and aiding the detective Jo Martinez with his extensive knowledge he gained throughout the years. No one has known about his immortality and Morgan prefers to keep it that way, with his adopted son Abraham (and later on Jo as well) only being aware of it.
    • However, There Is Another immortal going by the name of Adam who seeks Dr. Morgan with the hope of finding a way to truly die and the latter might have known a way. Adam is a recurring figure in Henry's life, even witnessing his second wife Abigail killing herself in order to protect her husband and culminated into the two attempting to kill each other with supposedly the weapons that first killed them. Ultimately, it did not worked as they are both alive regardless but Adam is paralyzed afterwards and Henry told him that "they have eternity together" to solve the mystery of their immortality.
  • It was a peaceful night in New York and Dr. Morgan was just wrapping up another case, ready to go home to Abe. Before he turns off the lights, he notices a peculiar letter. He opens it and it reads that he have been chosen for a place called the Trope Pantheons; as wondered out loud about this unfamiliar place, a door appears where the entrance to his office lays. He opens the door and it led him to a courtroom but not the kind he's familiar with and the Judges before him inform that he has been chosen for a title, which symbolizes the pains and hardships that comes with being immortal like seeing your loved ones grow old and die, often prematurely; the doctor is chosen because he's more well-adjusted than most candidates they considered. Henry tried to turn it down as he's content with his homeworld and the world he entered seems overwhelming but the Judges assured him that he can go back and forth between two worlds so that he doesn't lose track of that very homeworld; after some thought, he accepted the title of God of Immortality Angst.
    • When he heard he can have the people he's close to as Heralds, he did not hesitate in choosing his detective partner Jo and adopted son Abe. They both are also bewildered by the fantastical world before them, so it will take them a while to get used to. When Abe asks if Henry would have made Abigail (his second wife) a Herald, the latter replied that she would want him to live happily without her, something that Abe somberly accepted as it is something she would do.
  • Previously a follower to Dr. Brennan & Agent Booth who are delighted that a pair like them had arrived though Dr. Morgan is the only one with the position and Jo is the Herald. Still, both pairs bond over being duos of longarms of the law and knowledgeable people and Brennan offered help to find the true cause of his immortality, to which Henry accepted and appreciated considering that Adam's own ideas of that true cause which is that the original weapons used to killed them can also take away their eternal life, happened to be untrue and hopes Brennan's conclusion does not involve unnecessary loss of life.
  • After settling down his temple which is a recreation of Abe's antique shop and apartment, Dr. Morgan decide to meet his neighbours. He first meet Czeslaw Meyer, who also knows what it's like to be immortal through painful means but his trauma of being subjected to experiments to study immortality is far too reminscent of what Adam had gone through; so, he decided to give Czeslaw more happier times so that he can have more reasons to live though he is jarred by his current age appearance. He finds Hob Gadling quite a fun fellow despite both of them seeing immortal life differently with Hob enjoying it, and it's because they both never got tired of each other's stories which are very eventful in their own ways. Dr. Morgan even befriended immortals outside of his own house like SCP-1440 and the MacLoeds with 1440 winning against Death and forever cursed to walk the Earth as a consequence and Connor & Duncan were forced to fight eternally with other eternals so that There Can Be Only One; the good doctor can only sympathize with their situations but they tell him to cherish his life as he is more fortunate than they are when it comes to the price of immortality.
    • Yomiel also related to Henry in a unique way. He was made immortal when a fragment of the Temsik meteorite struck his back during a showdown he had with Jowd while taking a young Lynne hostage while escaping from police custody and interrogation. Even though he did die and became a ghost, he was basically granted regeneration note . This condemned him to a life of loneliness as with the state he's in, Yomiel is truly unable to live a normal life and it's made worse by the fact that his fiance, thinking that he died, committed suicide to join him. These feelings then manifested into taking vengeance upon everyone involved that fateful day and even worked with a foreign organization to help dispose of them, but thanks to some time travel courtesy of the cat Sissel and Missile, they averted these turn of events entirely with Sissel getting hit with a Temsik fragment instead.
      • Henry is devastated that Yomiel had been through far worse than he did and was glad that Sissel and Missile had intervened before he becomes irredeemable; Yomiel himself thinks Henry had gone through just as badly since turning immortal from currently unknown means, being incarcerated into an asylum by his first wife and she later tried to prove his immortality by shooting him in front of everyone, as well as losing his second wife after she ran but she died defending him from another immortal sound like very tough events that even he couldn't handle if he's in Henry's shoes, and he calls Henry's current behaviour a miracle for going through them.
    • But alas, not all of his neighbours are very pleasant. Clockwork and Neyla seek to take down Sly Cooper and his family for millennia regardless of who gets in their way, Immortality Seekers like Tenebrae and Alex Wesker chases after eternal life through unthinkable means like destroying the galaxy and biological experiments respectively and Voldemort, being a true thanatophobe, worked tirelessly to become immortal and truly defeat death which resulted him into doing some pretty horrible things to accomplish this, being truly monstrous both figuratively and literally; he also got what he wanted, although being a mutilated soul stuck in limbo for all eternity may not what he quite had in mind. These are the people Dr. Morgan would come to hate and serve as bad reminders that immortality can drive the worst in people; they themselves pay no mind to him much though Tenebrae and Alex are curious as to how Dr. Morgan can survive and became immortal through just one event. The only deity on the evil side that was affable to Dr. Morgan is Geras who understands his journey of going through numerous years with heartbreak and physical pain but respects that the doctor hasn't actively seek out death yet; Henry did turn him down in joining Kronika, because he knows that a person like her make too good of promises that she wouldn't keep wholeheartedly.
    • As for those outside of the House he resides in, Henry hates Kars for being in the same camp of seeking immortality like Alex and Tenebrae though his development of the Stone Mask which has ruined countless lives, and the Kurgan for giving the MacLoeds a hard time once they warned him about his threat; the Kurgan knows Henry is not involved in the Highlander conflict but he decided to torment him soon because he wants to. Vandal Savage relishes his immortality unlike Henry and unfortunately, he uses that to commit terrible events one after another, hellbent in ruling the world as he did over the ages; the immortal doctor refuses to stand by a person like Savage and hopes he'll find a way to stop him for good while Savage himself thinks Henry is wasting his opportunity to rule over others with his Complete Immortality.
    • But none has earned his ire more than Aldia, who thinks Dr. Morgan had made the wrong choice in that moment and thinks he deserve the "punishment" for that. He angrily refuted that without that moment, he would have never met Abigail, Abe and Jo who have been very dear to him as of now; he also angrily retorted that Aldia never tried to renew his hope for life because he's too caught up in his vengeance against the royalty he had opposed, making him blind to the possibilities of new connections. After he storms off, Aldia considers him too naive to ever see his point of view.
    • King Hassan's ability to impose the concept of death onto anyone actually scares Henry as even though he just wanted to age normally again, he doesn't want to die straight away. The Old Man of the Mountain assures him that his time hasn't arrived yet and when it will, he'll be there to let him know; it still doesn't quell the doctor's fears, though.
      King Hassan: Thou art mistaken. The bell hath not tolled for thee yet as thy life still hast a large remainder to carve upon the world. Fret not for thy curse, as thou hath witnessed many blessings with it.
  • As a doctor and medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan takes the oath of "do no harm" to heart as he dedicated his life to save others which goes hand in hand with his opposition against slavery. He visited the House of Health and Diseases and stumbled upon Florence Nightingale, who is one of the House's main guardians and head nurses; as he talked to her, he began to admire her dedication to make medicine more safer for everyone and thanked her for starting the effort to do so and she in turn also appreciates him and his own dedication to others. Since then, the two have been the best of friends, exchanging small talk and medical opinions on how one should be treated. As for other doctors, he at first finds Dr. House to be abrasive and apprehensive when it comes to the profession, but soon to come to understand his experience and jadedness and House likewise finds it a miracle that Henry hasn't gotten the worst of any disease to date. Henry also commended Litchi Faye-Ling for her efforts in her job and consoling her closest contacts and Black Jack for his excellent surgical prowess; he pities her dilemma in letting go of her lover Roy which is far too reminiscent of how he couldn't let go of Abigail though in Litchi's case, she had no choice but to finally let him go.
    • But not all medical staff are that pleasant. The other guardian Nurgle, disgusts Henry as despite his intentions Nurgle is spreading disease without realizing the gravity of that action; of course, Nurgle thought Henry is just angry for no reason and continues to do what he's known for, ignoring the doctor's criticisms. The nurses Valentine and Ratched have proven distrustful for Dr. Morgan, even if the former reveals her current allegiances will not last long and the evil doctor Fabius Bile goes against everything Henry ever stood for. The Medic also has the best intentions for making new ways to heal and empower in battle but sometimes his methods to get there makes Henry question how did he ever got a medical license in the first place.
    • As he worked on the Jack the Ripper case which led to the rise of medical examiners in his world, Henry obviously antagonizes the serial killer for his atrocious crimes and it doesn't help that he assumes a lot of identities across various fictions to hide his true identity (if any at all). The killer himself couldn't care less of the doctor who does have other priorities aside from chasing him.
  • As he refuses to kill in cold blood, Henry relates to Rushuna Tendou, Relena Darlian and Sento Kiryu who commend him for sticking to his pacifism and understands the situations that pushed him to self-defense. He is impressed with Rushuna's excellent aim that can disarm guns from her opponents as he has never seen such skill in his life before and finds her to be an admirable woman, marshmallowing notwithstanding; he also commends Relena for being steadfast and willfully strong to influence her citizens into doing more without any bloodshed and Relena likewise commends his spirit for not breaking under sorrow. Sento can understand the pain of accidentally taking a life, though their circumstances are different with Henry doing so out of defending Abe and thinking the man he killed is Adam while Sento was in his destructive Hazard Form that makes him go berserk without him being aware of his actions.
  • As he was there during the landing on Normandy Beach during World War II, Henry met Sergeant John Davis, who in his world was also deployed to Normandy Beach like him; he was astonished that he have lived a very long life through a significant event and he couldn't imagine going through centuries with sorrow over seeing loved ones die, giving him the need to console Henry whenever he becomes too sad to go on. Sgt. Davis also warns him of the Red Skull who tries to spread his own brand of Nazism by attempting to bring order through oppressive means, which Henry heeded as he is angry that Nazism has unfortunately continued gain followers in every form after the war. Red Skull himself doesn't care much for Dr. Morgan, but he knows that he's going to be a pain to kill over and over again with his immortality.
  • His opposition against slavery is one of his notable traits and attempting to protect a sick slave is what got him killed; Dr. Morgan refuses to drop it as no one deserved to be enslaved. This is why he grew to hate the Slavers as well as Calvin Candie and Stephen for advocating slavery and human trafficking, calling them "abhorrent monsters" who should be paying for their crimes. The crooks themselves pay no mind to him as they are too confident that he can't take them all down that easily, at least until Henry rounds up his most powerful allies...
  • On a lesser note, some people noted that he looks like Reed Richards. The hero known as Mr. Fantastic is also fascinated at Henry's immortality and began questioning him regarding it; when he realizes that Henry is just as in the dark like everybody else, he decides to help in the research to uncover its secrets which is a help the doctor accepts and is flattered at.
  • "All I know for certain is that the pain is real. It's just the dying part is not."

    Hob Gadling 
Hob Gadling, God of Enjoying Immortality (Robert, Bobby, not the Wandering Jew)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The entry for the tavern he visits once a century
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Made Completely Undying Unless He Chooses To, Has No Intention Of Giving Up His Immortality, thematic Flying Dutchman, Outliving One's Offspring, Was A Man Of His Time, Including Human Traffickers (In No Way Proud Of It), Seen It All, Supernatural Repellent
  • Domains: Immortality, Experiences, Life, Britishness, Contentment
  • Allies: Dream and Death of the Endless (really the Endless as a whole), The Doctor, William Shakespeare, AZ, Forrest Gump, Jack Harkness, Czeslaw Meyer, Peter Pan, The Five Survivors
  • Drinking buddies with: Grim
  • Enemies: Nekron, Dhuum, Death(Regular Show), AM, Dr Weil, The Slavers, Calvin Candie and Stephen, Vandal Savage, Voldemort
  • Pities: Those who sincerely regret immortality like SCP-1440 and Fujiwara no Mokou, Chiron and Scathach
  • Avoided by: The House of Vampires
  • Hob Gadling was a 14th century man with an interesting outlook on death. He believed people only die because everyone else does, and it's a bad habit. While talking about this in a tavern in the 1380s, Dream overhead and was bemused. Death of the Endless decided to validate his beliefs with Complete Immortality, and he and Dream meet at that tavern once every hundred years. He can ask Death to end his immortality and life whenever he wants, but 600 years later and he still doesn't want to.
  • The tavern has it that the Wandering Jew and the Devil visits once every century. Dream is no devil, and Hob Gadling isn't Jewish. AZ fits that trope better. While he initially regretted his immortality and the shame of his past actions, the former king of Kalos has become more optimistic with his Floette returning. The two are seen conversing over their long life and experiences.
  • Very optimistic in the matter of immortality. He's been starved, outlived his children and ended up losing the one constant in Dream, but still thinks life is worth living. When informed of the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon, Gadling was interested in the idea of fellow immortals. Still, even after the pantheon is gone and everyone he knows, he will likely still want to keep living.
  • Death of the Endless is the only one who can kill him, and only if he wishes. Dhuum was completely enraged that he hasn't died yet and is trying in vain to end him. Not that Gadling particularly fears death, he just doesn't feel like dying. Grim was initially annoyed and worried he might encourage more people to not die, but they soon patched up their differences over a pint as it's not like Hob flaunts his immortality. In some ways, he is the everyman immortal(if that makes any sense).
  • Nekron hates how he's completely beyond his reach. He tried to send Black Lantern versions of those he's know at him, and while getting his heart ripped out hurt they couldn't drive him to suicide. When he tried to discourage him by saying he'll one day be alone in a dead universe, Hob Gadling merely responded "it'll be lonely, but there'll still be a lot to explore". When AM swore to make him suffer a Fate Worse than Death to prove a point, Hob responded "I may be immobilized, but give enough time I will outlive you. Or better yet, find a way to outsmart you and free those you have prisoner. We'll see who cracks first, you crazy son of a bitch".
  • The Death of Regular Show tried to coax Hob Gadling into a bet. He wins the arm wrestling match, he takes Gadling's soul. Gadling wins, he gets his best pair of sunglasses. Gadling agreed and ended up losing. It seemed like Death had finally won, but before he could take his soul Death of the Endless pointed out he didn't have the authority to break the deal and it was an empty victory. The Regular Show Death left complaining Hob Gadling had cheated. When asked why, Hob said "I knew I wasn't in any real danger, I just wanted a chance at those shades. Also, it seemed like it'd be funny to tweak a reaper.
  • He is a man of whatever time he lives in. Some of which ages poorly, like human trafficking and slavery. While he wasn't shameful about it then, over the centuries he considers it a blot on his record and never wants to get involved in it again. Perhaps this is why he has such contempt for the Slavers, Calvin Candie and Stephen, who are trying to preserve the institution of slavery.
  • Voldemort's ego refuses to let him believe any other being but himself should have immortality. The fact that Hob Gadling, a mere Muggle, did so set him off. As far as Gadling's concerned, Voldemort's attempt at exercising most of his soul to only half-achieve immortality is a pathetically craven attempt to not die, and he has no sympathy for his hellish fate in Limbo due to the murder and horrid ritual done to achieve it.
  • Regards Dr Weil as despicable. He was given a century to think over his actions and all of eternity to try and improve his condition, but instead he became even more psychopathic. Doesn't care much for Vandal Savage, pointing out that while he hasn't exactly achieved enlightenment, Vandal has remained at heart the same barbaric caveman he was at the start of his life despite being over eighty times older than him.
  • Had apparently known William Shakespeare. Given his lengthy experiences in life, Hob Gadling is often seen conversing with the Doctor and Jack Harkness about what it's been like to live for so long, and is most amused by how the very much mortal Forrest Gump has impacted history. He and Peter Pan share a love of life as well. Gadling seems to pity those who don't like their immortality and wants to improve their lot, like showing Czeslaw Meyer the wonders of the world instead of the pain he suffered under Fermet, and try to get the three Deaths to stop tormenting SCP-1440.
  • Feels bad for Chiron because in the Holy Grail War, his one wish in the Holy Grail is to regain his immortality, something he didn't achieve as he was killed by Achilles. And there's Scathach who hates her immortality because living in centuries means she won't have any students left to train under her. Hob wants to try and cheer her up about that.
  • Vampires don't care to nosh on him, almost certainly a consequence of his immortality. It's likely he can't be vampirized or made a zombie in any way either.