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Greater Gods

    Vex (LittleBigPlanet
Vex, God of Stealing MacGuffins from Heroes
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His V-shaped Unibrow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portifolio: Tricks Sackboy Into Bringing Him What He Needs, Villainous Harlequin, Diabolical Clowns, Plays Sackboy For A Chump, Nearly Wins As A Result, Lives As Long As There Are Nightmares, Soft Spoken Yet Still Theatrical, A Shockingly Clever Bastard
  • Allies: The Pantheons Numerous Monster Clown's, Marx, Nightmare, Dharkon, The Evil Twins, Dimentio (For Now)
  • Enemies: Sackboy, Most of Kirby's allies, especially Magolor, Billy, Lara Croft
  • Creator of Nightmares. Master of the Uproar. Life of the party. These are three things used by Vex himself to describe himself. This villainous clown attempted to use a device he called the "Topsy-Turver" to fill Craftworld with dark energy he called "The Uproar". To do so, he trick the hero trying to stop him, Sackboy, by intensionally dropping his plans for him to steal, allowing him to collect the power source he needs, and then swoop in and steal all of them from him. The plan went without a hitch, and he ended up closer to victory than any other of Sackboy's enemies. While he was eventually stopped, he vowed to return, saying that as long as there are nightmares, he'll be there.
  • Sure enough, he made his grand reappearance in the Pantheon one otherwise sunny day, ripping a hole in the sky and stepping through. He revealed that Melkor himself got him ascended, having been impressed by his trickery, as well as pulling it off in a world as innocent as Craftworld. With that, he flew off to his temple (A replica of the Topsy-Turver), going to scheme his next plot to throw the Pantheon into chaos. Sackboy, naturally, was the first one to witness his entrance, and many gods noted that they've never seen him so angry before.
  • It should be noted that one of his favorite tricks is playing dumb. He simply pretends to do something that'll screw up his plans, only to reveal later on that it was all part of his plan, promptly screwing the heroes over and advancing his evil plot. This actually gave him the honor of being one of the few villains in Sackboy's roster to nearly win in the end. While, of course, he ultimately didn't, he still likes to brag about it every now and again.
  • Shortly after ascending, he formed a partnership with Marx, seeing how they're both jester-themed Manipulative Bastard's who nearly got what they got at the end. While Vex admits that simply just barging in on Kirby's deal isn't much spectacular, he also admits that it's practical enough to work, so hey, no problem. Marx, meanwhile, is amused by the fact that his Happy Harlequin Hat is literally his head. Vex is currently trying to teach him some Uproar magic, Which isn't worrying at all.
    • This had the side effect of making enemies with Kirby and his allies, most notably Magolor, who pulled a stunt similar to him much earlier. Naturally, Vex likes to tease him about it, especially the fact that he pulled it off as well as he did.
    • Speaking of Kirby, his foe Nightmare has also struck up a friendship with the Clown, thanks to both of them being Nightmare Weaver's. Vex is currently more than happy to contribute to making monsters of NME enterprises for some good cash, though he has an annoying habit of slapping his V-shaped unibrow onto his creations.
  • His alliance with Marx naturally lead him to meeting Dharkon, a being who is literally chaos incarnate. After seeing just how much chaos the thing is capable of, he immediately joined forces with the big guy, promising to bring some, as he says, "Tactical Chaos to the table!"
  • Seeing how his gimmick is being a Monster Clown, he's naturally has gotten on the good side of the Pantheon's numerous evil clowns, such as The Joker or The Violator. He is, however, unnerved by some of the more realistic and creepy clowns, Needles Kane and some of Joker's more terrifying incarnations coming to mind. Not enough to not ally with them, mind you, he just finds them creepy.
  • One day, when leaving his temple to get some coffee (He has a life too, you know), he ran into a little boy being accompanied by a skeleton in a cloak. Immediately, upon seeing Vex, he starts yelling how Vex is gonna destroy the Pantheon and, well, you all know what he did next. While Grim, the aforementioned cloaked skeleton, just facepalmed in annoyance, Vex genuinely found this reaction hilarious, admitting that this kind of fear is "Just what I was looking for!" He has promised the boy that he'll make sure to spare him when he inevitably fill the Pantheon with Uproar, mostly just to hear that reaction again.
  • Gained the ire of one Lara Croft when she learned what his title was, seeing how she herself was a victim of the trick numerous times. Naturally, Vex loves to taunt her about this whenever they cross paths, at times even making it sound like he's flirting with her (He really has no interest, he just thinks it's funny.)
  • Seeing the similar nature of their respective machines (Big, elaborate devices meant to spread evil throughout the land), he's made an alliance with The Evil Twins, Victor and Moritz. Unlike some of their other allies, he's fully aware of what the Vice-Versa Reversa Device is capable of, and is fully on board with it. The villains do have a friendly competition to see who can use their machine first, but seeing how similar they are, they really don't mind if one does it first.
  • At first, it seems that he's also made an alliance with fellow Villainous Harlequin Dimentio, seeing how they're both Magical Clown's and all. However, Vex is actually planning to backstab Dimentio at some point, seeing how he just wants to rule the universe, not destroy it. What he doesn't know is that Dimentio himself fully realizes this, and is also planning accordingly. The gods that do know about this are currently taking bets on who'll act first.

Intermediate Gods

    Abin Sur 
In brightest day, in blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power—Green Lantern's light!

Abin Sur, God of Passing the Torch on His Death
Click here for him as a White Lantern
  • Intermediate God (Greater God bonded to the Life Entity or in the proximity of a Blue Lantern)
  • Symbol: A Green Lantern ring
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with neutral inclinations
  • Portfolio: Expansion Pack Past, Posthumous Character By Origin Story, Former Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Space Police, I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin, Prophecies Obsessed And Validated, But Not In His Lifetime, Heroic Spirit, Good Is Not Soft, His Son Being Villainous And Craven, Imagination-Based Superpower, A White Lantern In The Flashpoint Timeline And Black Lantern In The Main, Too Awesome to Use, Spirit Advisor
  • Domains: Willpower, Prophecies, Wisdom, The Future, Legacies
  • Special relationship with: Thaal Sinestro (his closest friend and brother-in-law), Iroque (killer of his daughter and pupil of sorts)
  • Allies:
  • Respects: Those who choose good over law
  • Enemies: Nekron, William Hand, Krona, Parallax, YHVH, the Auditors of Reality, Merged Zamasu, Eobard Thawne, Diablo, The Dementors, The Dark Judges, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Evolto
  • Abin Sur was originally a history professor in the mid 19th century, living on Ungara in Sector 2814. With the ability to overcome great fear, he was chosen as the Green Lantern of his sector and proved to be one of their greatest. However after apprehending Atrocitus and transporting him elsewhere, his captive would use a lapse in courage to strike him down. Crashing on Earth, he granted Hal Jordan his Green Lantern ring in his final moments, as is tradition for the ring to transfer to someone else upon death.
  • Though a victim of Death by Origin Story, his influence lived on. He was the brother-in-law to Sinestro and his only friend, who's cover-ups and death were an important part of his descent into villainy. Their relationship is complicated to his descent into knight templarhood, which Abin has told him straight up he doesn't approve of. However their friendship will always be there, and since Sinestro's more of an Anti-Hero currently there's a lot of begrudging teamwork between the two. Both are massively disappointed in his Dirty Coward of a son Amon.
  • Helped to found the Indigo Tribe, and helped to redeem Iroque even though she murdered his daughter. He was overjoyed to learn that she has had a legitimate Heel–Face Turn, without the Indigo Ring forcing empathy on her anymore. His intention of founding this was to reignite the Guardian's hearts and avoid them going rogue. This happened after his death, but the corrupt Old Guardians were stopped.
  • Recognizes both YHVH and the Auditors of Reality as startlingly close to what the old Guardians of the Universe eventually turned into. YHVH possesses their order-themed madness and belief in The Evils of Free Will, while the Auditors of Reality possess the dream to end free thought that the nightmarish Third Army were meant to accomplish. Utterly appalled by this, he is trying to get the Indigo Tribe's help so as to stop the Auditors and make YHVH realize the error of His ways through Heel–Face Brainwashing. He would try to Kill the God, but that's immeasurably hard and YHVH's nature makes brainwashing a more permanent solution. Unfortunately he's far from accomplishing this.
  • The universe has lit up like a Christmas tree after his death, with Lantern Corps of all seven parts of the emotional spectrum. They mostly work together, though still argue with each other. He was surprised they've managed to team up more than once. A pantheon team-up between the Red and Green Lantern Corps lead to a very awkward reunion with Atrocitus, given he had him crucified on Ysmault and he murdered him. They're inclined to fight each other, but more than often they team up. At the very least Abin's accepted there's Nothing Personal with him being killed by him, and the Guardians were terrible.
  • Happy to learn about the Blue Lantern Corps, who represent hope and empower the Green Lanterns. He is very interested in Team Dai-Gurren and their Spiral Energy, as like the ring it uses Heroic Willpower to alter things and create mass constructs. The Rule of Cool makes them positively absurd, which he believes will make them extremely useful against extremely powerful enemies like Nekron and YHVH.
  • His body may be long dead, but his spirit lived on and has given Hal Jordan post-mortem help. He and the other dead Green Lanterns fought against Nekron in one of his earlier invasions of the physical realm, though this did not stop his body being used by the Lord of the Unliving as a Black Lantern along with his sister Arin. The zombie Abin immediately criticized Hal, but he saw through this immediately and got rid of the corrupted cadaver.
  • Doesn't have any noticeable superpowers without his ring, though he's some kind of Really 700 Years Old as he had an adventure with both Hal's Wild West ancestor and met Starman and Bulletman in World War 2. His race is capable of regrowing their head if it's destroyed, but it takes a while and he doesn't want to show it off.
  • Predicted the Blackest Night thanks to the Five Inversions, who used it to make him paranoid and vulnerable. He was Properly Paranoid but no-one believed him, partly because the Guardians of the Universe wanted to cover their ass. He feels bad for Cassandra and Absol due to being able to see the future but nobody believing them, just like he did.
  • One of the first to realize the Blackest Night, he's made an immediate enemy of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. He's also one of the many, many enemies of Merged Zamasu as he carries both the omnicidal mania of Nekron with a disturbing mindset like the Guardians of the Universe-a once benevolent entity who believes existence is better off without the chaos of mortal life, even if that means leaving only himself alive.
  • Disturbed to learn that Parallax escaped from the Green Lantern Central Power Battery, and that it was Sinestro who woke the entity of fear up. In one continuity, Parallax is the reason he's dead. He believes that the Dementors are emotional parasites spawned from Parallax, and their despair is the antithesis to the Green Lanterns. Hates Diablo as well due to being a Lord of Fear.
  • In the Flashpoint timeline, Abin Sur survived and Hal Jordan never became a Green Lantern. Him and Sinestro got into a conflict over what to do with the timeline when realizing it, and he was sent to rescue the Life Entity from Earth in case the people there destroy it. Some of the bleed through with the timelines and the pantheon's metaphysical nature led him to learn of this timeline, and is keeping his eyes on this. He has managed to work with the Life Entity as he was one of the first to prepare for Nekron's Blackest Night, and has been trying to bond with it as a White Lantern.

    Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Goddess of Living MacGuffins (Ciri, Lion Cub of Cintra, The Unexpected Child, Child of Elder Blood, Zireael, The Swallow, Little Swallow, Ugly Duckling, My Ugly One, Death, Falka, Lady of The Lake, Lady of The World, Lady of Time and Space, Poland's Waifu)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when she focuses her powers; may possibly be an Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Swallow and a Rose Tattoo On Her Inner Left Thigh
  • Theme Song: Ciri, Me Luned
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral(Books), Chaotic Good(Game)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Deuteragonist, The Chosen One, Unskilled, but Strong, Mystical White Hair, Waif-Fu, Happily Adopted, Tangled Family Tree, Character Development from Took a Level in Jerkass and Ax-Crazy(Books) to Took a Level in Kindness(Game)
  • Domains: Combat, Family, Destiny, Love
  • High Priestess: Helen of Troy
  • Allies: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold of Maribor, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Hawke, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, the Monster Hunters, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Lady Amalthea, Oberyn Martell, Team RWBY, Team JNPR, The Doctor, Tracer, Saria
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Arthas Menethil, Manus, Corypheus, Lord Tywin Lannister, Every evil elf, Jadis
  • An unassuming girl with notable royal nerve, yet even more notable political and dynastic claims, this Cintran princess is actually the last descendant of a unique legacy, with particularly poignant titles including the Unexpected Child and Child of Elder Blood among others. Ciri first appeared in the life story of Geralt of Rivia as a child whose importance was at first contained to short side stories, but very quickly became an adopted daughter to Geralt and his prime love interests Triss and Yennefer, being seen as a co-protagonist in the Witcher Saga as its events forced her to grow up fast.
    • Reports vary on Ciri's ultimate fate after stopping the White Frost in order to save the multiverse. Some say she died in the battle, or at least disappeared, others suggest she survived and became a Witcher or even an Empress. Either way, whatever road she took ultimately led her to ascending to the Pantheon, where she was overjoyed to reunite with Geralt, Yennefer and Triss.
  • Hates Arthas mostly because of how much he reminds her of Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt.
  • Allied with The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse in their campaign against Manus, as she see it as threat similar to the White Frost.
  • While wandering the Pantheon one day, she bumped into the female incarnation of Hawke and both were surprised to hear that they had the same voice. After a friendly chat the two became good friends.
  • Ciri's meeting with Oberyn Martell was by chance. Oberyn had heard if Ciri's skill with the blade while Ciri knows of his skill with the Spear...and his habit of poisoning his weapons. The match ended in a standoff (She didn't use her powers to make it fair), but it left the Red Viper impressed with the well as setting a fire in his loins. He now seeks to bed Ciri...if Geralt, Triss and Yennefer don't try to kill him first.
  • Whet they compare her with her younger, crazier self they question her sanity. Ciri said that she was angry, tired, confused and just wanted the drama to end in her world. It took her many years in more Black-and-White Morality worlds and some help with a knight called Galahad to calm her down and help her see the bright sight of life.
  • When she met the unicorn called Lady Amalthea, she taught that she's from Ihuarraquax's herd. It turns out she is far from it. For one thing she can't go jumping through universes at will, she's much more familiar with human customs and most importantly she doesn't truly hate anyone. Unlike Ihuarraquax's herd where they hate elves in general because they almost wiped out the unicorn race.
  • There is a bit of misconceptions about her love life, especially with her friend Mistle. No, Ciri doesn't love her. She was basically raped by Mistle and she didn't resist because of her emotional trauma of being alone again, despite feeling horrified and revolted afterward. And Ciri has no problem sleeping with men - it's just that she doesn't do so often, due to the fact that far too many men in the North are nothing more than murderous bandits, rapists or bullying drunkards she has to fight outside alehouses. The men in Touissant or other worlds treat women considerably better.
    • In fact, she has no problems having sex with a 60-year-old man, but he died from blood loss in the middle of undressing her.
    • Though this "misconception" grew even further, with Ciri reportedly saying she prefers women in a bathhouse. Geralt himself believes the same, thinking he ran into one of her girlfriends, an innkeeper on his travels. Ciri herself has openly stated, she is in fact, Bisexual, and doesn't mind any like-minded goddesses company in the Pantheon.
  • When she heard stories about Tywin Lannister, she thought that he sounded and acted like her father Emhyr var Emreis. Which means Ciri wants nothing to do with him, and if he hurts her surrogate family - Geralt and Yennefer - or her friends, she will kill him regardless of the repercussions.
  • Is enemies with Jadis, as the White Witch could possibly be behind the White Frost. Subsequently she's a frequent visitor to Narnia, and good friends with all the Pevensies. She and Edmund particularly enjoy snarking at each other.
  • Is glad for one of her followers Saria for successfully ascending into the Pantheon. The green-haired girl was a prime candidate for the temple, but she passed on in the hope of getting in another way.

    Edo Phoenix 
Edo Phoenix, God of Memento MacGuffins (Aster Phoenix, The Demon)

    Rex & Pyra/Mythra 
Rex & Pyra/Mythra, Divine Wielders of the Plot Important Sword (Rex: Rex-Rex, Salvager, Master Driver, Stoutheart Rex. Pyra/Mythra: Homura/Hikari, "Pyra von Aegis, Omen of Retribution", "Simpleton", The Aegis, Pneuma, Number 79 (Pyra), Number 80 (Mythra), Massive Melee Mythra.)
Click here to see Rex in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed
Click here to see Mythra
Click here to see Pneuma
  • Intermediate Gods Greater God and Goddess once Rex unlocks the Pneuma Form of the Aegis.
  • Symbol: Rex's Core Crystal or the Aegis blade.
  • Theme Music: Battle!! - Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Counterattack.
  • Alignment: Rex and Pyra: Lawful Good
    • Mythra: Neutral Good in the prequel and during the main game.
  • Domains: Swords, Kindness, Leadership, Clones.
  • Portfolio:
  • Herald: Nia (their companion and Rex's third wife)
  • Allies: The entire heroic Xenoblade cast, including Lora, Shulk, and Dunban, KOS-MOS, Noel Vermillion, Natsu Dragneel, Link, Princess Zelda, Fi.
  • Enemies: Malos, Zanza the malevolent half, Metal Face, Yuuki Terumi, Ganondorf, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Pities: Atalanta
  • Confused For Mithra (Shinza Bansho series), and Mithra
  • Rex was once a simple salvager who lived with "Gramps" in the world of Alrest. Taking on a new mission to salvage something very special, his world changed once he came across the girl sleeping who was named Pyra. She wanted him to make a connection that would make them essentially partners that involved him touching her chest...or rather her Core Crystal to awakening this power. After being revived, both of them formed a bond as Driver and Blade to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of taking Pyra back to Elysium.
  • Despite being made from the same blade Pyra and Mythra are two distinct personalities who eventually gain their own bodies after the defeat of Malos. The reason this happened was back in the past after Mythra survived the fall of Torna along with the death of Hugo. She couldn't bear such pain not to mention getting the chance to have the kindness and humanity she didn't show towards others back then.
  • Rex and Pyra were shocked to find Malos already waiting for them in the Pantheon with that same grin on his face he had when they first battle each other. Mythra, in particular, was furious to learn of his ascension having already faced the other part of the Aegis several years in the past.
  • When the fifth Super Smash Bros tournament was announced, Rex had high hopes that he and Pyra (and maybe Mythra) would be invited. Alas, they were not. When Master Hand and Crazy Hand announced they would be inviting five new challengers to join, Rex's hopes were raised once again... and promptly dashed when the five latecomers came and went. When the Hands then announced six more new challengers would be chosen, Rex was skeptical as he didn't want to be disappointed again. Then, one day, Pyra and Mythra suddenly disappeared. Rex searched all over the Pantheon for them before finally finding Pyra training on Final Destination. Recognising what it meant, he started to get excited as Pyra confirmed... that she and Mythra had been invited to join the tournament without Rex. While he was happy for them, he couldn't help but feel the Hands were actively making fun of him now. Fortunately they offered him the chance to appear in Smash as Pyra and Mythra's partner during their Final Smashes. Rex decided to accept, grateful for the chance to be in Smash in any capacity. Chrom has given the young salavger a comforting shoulder and words of encouragement, as he was once in Rex's position before becoming a Fighter. Meanwhile, Pyra and Mythra are excited to show the fighters of Smash what the legendary Aegis can really do.
  • Rex was not a complicated fellow, his only life before meeting Pyra was living on Gramps, collecting anything worth salvaging, and practicing his sword skills ready to engage a bigger world someday. He also doesn't like it when people consider him to some little kid when he knows he's a lot more mature than people think. When asked how close he was to Pyra and Mythra, his face grew red before admitting that if there was any girl he loved the most it would be them,, until it was revealed that he would go on to marry the two of them AND Nia. Turns out when he said "I love you and all of you guys", he meant it.
    • Despite never getting to chance to meet one another Rex and Pyra became friends with Lora, her tale was something Mythra knew considering she was there in Torna many years ago. Lora was thrilled to see her again wanting to learn more from the woman who saved her life and provided the inspiration for her journey while Rex was glad to meet someone kinda like himself.
    • Rex has the ability to summon other Blades into battle alongside Pyra and Mythra such as Shulk himself, so when the robotic girl named KOS-MOS saw the duo greet her like they met before she was confused at first when she mentioned that she wasn't the same KOS-MOS they found alongside in their world. Regardless, she was quick to befriend Pyra and Mythra in order to have a better grasp on emotions that blades like themselves use in casual conversation.
    • Natsu grew to love hanging around Rex, since they both were huge believers in friendship and comradery with mostly everyone. Pyra merely laughed at Rex and Natsu trying to one-up each other in a friendly game of salvaging in the Pantheon.
    • Link admired the courage Rex displays along with his skills with a sword. After seeing him in the Champion's outfit, the two got along like they were brothers.
    • Feeling awful about what the Red Archer servant has been through before her ascension, the catgirl brought to Rex's attention reminded him a lot of Nia. She had somewhat of a similar attitude with how some of her replies could be dripping with sass much like his friend who also was part-human and part-feline.
  • Pyra/Mythra being the Aegis are vital components of the Architect's work who is in fact the benevolent half of Zanza. After giving life to the world of Alrest, the Titans, the Aegis along with Malos, and other forms of life were meant to serve as his atonement for the crimes he's committed in his old world. Rex and Pyra had learned the intentions of Klaus even feeling sad that he was now gone, but Zansa still refused to budge on his viewpoint about the world and humans making it clear he was still their enemy.
    • Pyra keeps to her namesake by mainly utilizing fire instead of light giving her an edge when it comes to cooking in a kitchen, but it also provides a warm fire at night along with heat in cold places that Rex along with his other companions appreciated during their journey.
    • Shulk wasn't sure how Rex or Pyra would feel upon meeting him considering he was Zanza for a brief period of time however, the both of them didn't see him as some almighty deity or wielder of the Monado but merely as a fellow warrior of the people, and Pyra wanted to cook a nice dinner for everyone.
    • After talking with Dunban, a fellow and personal friend of Shulk her mind couldn't help but think back to Mòrag who was once an enemy who eventually joined their cause of reaching Elysium. Dunban hoped to meet the driver of the Mor Ardain empire one day for a friendly duel between warriors.
    • Fi was surprised to learn how animated Pyra was in terms of emotions, She hoped to learn how to express herself indicating it would have an 89% chance of befriending new deities in the pantheon.
  • Being the other half of Pyra, she utilizes light instead of fire in her powers during combat. Mythra is also capable of utilizing Artifice as well during a battle.
  • Deities who have the ability to glimpse in the future have recently gotten visions of Rex growing quite tall and into a hunk while standing behind Pyra, Mythra and their companion Nia as they hold babies. The sheer shock and implications of this image alone have prevented these deities from commenting on it to the trio, though they certainly can't keep their curiosity on their developments a secret, unable to look at them with a straight face based on what might be to come.

Lesser Gods

    The Six Sages 
Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru, Celestial Party of Plot-Progression Objects (Rauru: Gaebora, Spoiler Owl | Saria: Salia | Darunia: Goron Chief | Ruto: Zora Princess)
Top-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right: Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru
Kaepora Gaebora
Nabooru as an Iron Knuckle
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their Respective Medallions
    • Rauru: His Owl Form's Facial Markings when shown Upside-Down
    • Saria: The Fairy Ocarina
    • Darunia: The Goron Ruby
    • Ruto: The Zora Sapphire
    • Nabooru: The Silver Gauntlets
  • Theme Music: Chamber of Sages
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Rauru, Darunia, and Impa), Neutral Good (Saria and Ruto), Chaotic Good (Nabooru)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Sages, Guardians, Authority, Races, Companionship, Good
  • Heralds: Makar, Laruto, Fado, The Seven Maidens, The Light Spirits and Ancient Sages
    • Saira: Her fellow Kokiri
    • Darunia: His fellow Gorons, including his Son
    • Ruto: Her fellow Zoras, including her Father
    • Nabooru: Her fellow Gerudo
  • Superior: Princess Zelda
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Teostra and Lunastra (Darunia)
  • Odd Friendship: Orion (Saria), Namor (Ruto)
  • On Speaking Terms With: Pamela Isely/Poison Ivy (Saria)
  • Varying Relationship: The Fortress Dwarves (Darunia)
  • The land of Hyrule is one of prosperity and diversity, with several races coming together to represent their homeland, regardless of their differing societies, ethics, and understanding of the world. That said, while familiar, neither of these races was fully united with one another, that is until destiny called for the Hero of Time to be appointed to side with the then-princess of Hyrule, Zelda, to fight against the King of Evil and reincarnation of Demise, Ganondorf Dragmire. Unfortunately, by the time they were needed, Hyrule had fallen into despair and darkness by Ganondorf's machinations under seven years, but the efforts partook by the aforementioned hero, Link, eventually paid off as he ventured throughout the corrupted Hyrule and freed each part of the land from Ganon's control. In doing so, he awakened a figure that he knew personally as a child as someone who would take it up for themselves to represent their race as well as protect their home and the Sacred Realm, the Sages. These included Saria, a Kokiri and childhood friend of Link's, Darunia, a Goron leader who saw Link as a blood brother, Ruto, princess of the Zoras who was saved by Link and jokingly expressed a desire to marry him, Impa, Zelda personal attendant and a Sheikah who was among the first to trust and support Link, and Nabooru, a Gerudo and Ganon's second-in-command who went against her leader's desires and decided to help Link in besting him. The head of the sages was Rauru, a Hylian and one of the last of the ancient sages who encountered and mentored Link under the guise of an owl named Kaepora Gaepora as well as entrusted him with finding and freeing the other five sages. Together, they worked together with Link and Zelda to defeat Ganon and save Hyrule, forever cementing themselves as important parts of their world's history and beings of reverence.
  • Due to their newfound occupation, the sages were forced to accept that they were chosen to look after and protect Hyrule with the penalty that they would have to sever any time they can have been in the land itself. Ultimately, they were never coming back to any acquaintances or loved ones they had, even after they made sure that Ganon was defeated and sealed. That said, they were recognized for their deeds and were commemorated just like Link and Zelda were for their contribution to saving Hyrule, ensuring that would be remembered for generations to come... until Ganondorf broke free from his seal and without a savior, the Gods were forced to drown Hyrule underwater with a great flood, creating the great seas, as well as Hyrule, Ganondorf, and everything related, the sages included, to be forgotten over the years. No one knows what really happened to them after their experience with Link, though it's likely they died naturally during their natural lives. This is only in the Adult Timeline; it is possible that Link would continue to keep in contact with the Sages as long as he could in the Child Timeline.
  • Their ascension into the Pantheon came as a response signal once Ganon began to make far grander preparations into the Pantheon and Link and Zelda were needy of allies around that time. Through their call to prayer and aid, five of the six sages responded and made their presence known to the Pantheon as soon as possible. Due to the dire situation involving Ganon, they were unable to properly learn about the new world they descended upon and were forced to help Link in thwarting Ganon during an intense battle, forcing the King of Evil to retreat. Having known them for a long time, Link was thankful for their aid, though Zelda, being their formal leader, told them to relax and to allow them to immerse themselves into the Pantheon for now. While they are guardians, Zelda assured that there are several in the new world that are dedicated to protecting the Pantheon and that the sages all earned a moment where they could relax and either explore or dwell freely and peacefully as they wished. The sages complied and were happy to listen, with the exception of Rauru, who respected Zelda's actions but chose to instead continue to look out for her, Link, and the Sages, believing that as the last of the original sages, he still wants to uphold his duty, to which Zelda accepted.
  • Given how different the Pantheon is in comparison to Hyrule, the Sages are a lot more relaxed in the former, especially when they were told by Zelda that Ganon has far more goes and there are several figures who are dedicated to fighting for good. Considering how many friends and close ones they have, it certainly seemed like a blessing that they can find time to hang out with them, as well as Link and Zelda, with Saria and Ruto being excited to venture out to further forests and watery bodies rather than just their own native homes in Hyrule, Darunia to be happy about how his race has persevered throughout the ages whilst feeling sympathetic about the other races withering away due to several reasons, and Nabooru being interested in any opportunity to prove herself a worthy thief and leader whilst upholding honorable values and ethics. Impa, the only sage who wasn't ascended with the other five as she was already in the Pantheon, and Rauru, on the other hand, are the ones most dedicated to being active when it comes to opposing evil, though it's mainly because of just how devoted they are to defending Zelda and Hyrule. Overall, while still devoted to Hyrule and its safety, they've taken the Pantheon seriously as well, aware that alongside making new friends, they are likely to be making additional enemies as well.
  • One of the first figures the Sages found admiration and respect towards were the Fellowship of the Ring, given that their journey to stop a great evil, namely Sauron, as well as them encountering many who would support the Fellowship in their journey and struggles, were pretty relatable with Link's not to mention Aragorn and Zelda, being co-guardians of the House of Royalty, were already pretty good friends before the Sages ascended. From there, both parties expressed curiosity in learning about one another and despite several differences, the fact that they chose to do good in spite of them having racial differences were enough for them to become well-acquainted with each other, with Legolas being interested to explore Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods while Gimli was eager to see if the dwarves can settle in Death Mountain, claiming that volcanos aren't something to be deterred by for them. On the other hand, Saria got to learn about Fangorn Forest from the group and was quick to visit the place under supervision, befriending Treebeard and the Ents due to them being forest guardians and Treebeard being impressed by Saria's compassion and her desire to see the Ents, Kokiri, and Koroks join together to represent a harmonious unity of Plant People.
    • Of course, given what they managed to learn from Middle-earth, the sages were very quick to be in high alert from the threats that terrorized those lands, most particularly Sauron and Melkor as their mighty power and fear is similar to that of Ganon's and they've expressed worry about the fact that they are willing to target Hyrule for conquest, especially given that Ganondorf himself is one of Melkor's Four Horsemen. Though, oddly enough, the sages have more conflict against Sauron due to Melkor having to deal with other matters against other heroes and rival villains while Sauron has partaken the opportunity to be more engaged and active in direct battle. Despite no longer being under his master's services, the Lord of the Rings still desires to tear Hyrule asunder so that he can impose his own order upon the world, and given how he governed Modern and the treatment of his own allies, the sages are adamant in fighting back. Saria also personally condemns Sauron and, by extension, Saruman, for his act of tearing down Fangorn Forest to make way for industrializing his orcs to convert them into Uruk-hai for war, which meant that several plants and the forest's inhabitants, the Ents included would be endangered. On the other hand, Sauron thinks little of the sages, choosing to focus his wrath on Link and Zelda instead whereas Saruman is not above smiting Saria if she ever dares to confront him.
  • While the sages treasure the Master Sword for being the Blade of Evil's Bane as well as Link's primary weapon, they were keen enough to also see if there were swords of similar nature in the Pantheon. Alas, they stumbled across the fabled Sword Calibur, which was a sentient sword that desired order and the opposition of Soul Edge above all else. Despite its outward benevolence to the point where the sages were once convinced the blade sought a noble purpose, Soul Calibur was, in truth, unfettered and unforgiving in its desire and anybody who disagrees with its beliefs or sides with Chaos, regardless of their alignment, should be destroyed. Link himself was no stranger to Soul Edge either, having battled its physical manifestations, Nightmare, and Inferno, before, and even he became wary of Soul Calibur's actual nature, with him, Zelda, and the sages choosing to stand in opposition against both swords as they think they're too extreme in their goals. Soul Calibur simply sees said opposition as a disappointment whereas Soul Edge views the eight as nothing but cattle for slaughter. Of course, the sages and their allies focus their enmity more on Soul Edge due to its openly destructive desires and nature, though they did find some allies to support, including Siegfried, Sophitia, Cassandra, Hilde, Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi, for being willing to fight for what they think is right. In particular, the sages took an interest in Cassandra as she ended up traveling back in time to prevent a Bad Future from happening, much like Link when he picked up the Master Sword and went into a deep slumber for 7 years, waking up just in time to vanquish Ganon's evil influence throughout Hyrule.
  • The Warhammer World, despite its many differences and its bleak nature and strife, was still a place that the sages felt confident about visiting. It helped that Link and Zelda were able to get in the good graces of The Empire and become allies with their rulers, Karl Franz and Sigmar Heldenhammer as well as taking up arms to protect what remains of Bretonnia until one of its inhabitants ascends in the Pantheon. That said, there's not much luck in allies as most of the beings they've encountered have been hostile. For one, Malekith, despite his pitiful past and circumstances as well as being a little better than before his ascension, was the antithesis of a good monarch that Zelda represented, though the Witch-King only sees the sages as tertiary adversaries and only really sees Link and Zelda as actual threats to the point where he commends the former for his swordsmanship, reputation, and feats. The sages were terrified to learn of Archaon, mainly because of his relentlessness in his goals as well as being successful in achieving them. The fact that Archaon has no compunctions about destroying his own world as well as others to validate his misanthropic nihilism and seeing the sages as delusional and hopeless for believing in what he thinks is a wasteful belief only furthers the sextet's enmity towards him.
    • On the other hand, Saria and Darunia were able to find some sort of personal company in the Warhammer World. For the former, she was able to befriend Orion, King of the Wood Elves and God of the Hunt, simply because she was a denizen of the forest, meant no harm, and even extended an offer for the Wood Elves to open up and start accepting others into their forests of Athel Loren. Per usual of his race's territorial nature, Orion declined the acceptance offer, albeit outside of those attuned to nature, but respected Saria's open-minded and kind-hearted nature. He even found interest in listening to her playing the ocarina and finding the music rather soothing for him and his kind. As a gesture of the two of them being on good terms, the Kokiri and Koroks are allowed in Athel Loren, though Orion is still reluctant to allow the other sages in his homeland. Though considering Link being a humble hero and Zelda wanting to have Hyrule be represented by all of her land's races on an equal note and on peaceful terms, the King of the Wood Elves might consider having the duo come to his forests at some point. Darunia, on the other hand, became well-accustomed with the Dwarfs, with the fact that they and the Goron share various quirks like being mountain dwellers, representing strength, and having a business in mining allowed the Goron chieftain to endear himself with the other race quite quickly. He and Thorgrim Grudgebearer, in addition to becoming friends, also want to make sure that their races can work well together to promote racial working relationships in the Pantheon, though, considering the dwarfs' obsession with revenge, Darunia has been making sure to be careful about upsetting them.
  • While their worlds are very different from one another Hyrule very much enjoys a good relationship with the Mushroom Kingdom, primarily because not only do they have a royal monarch who is loved and appreciated by most but also have a hero who has gone down in history as their most celebrated figure. Of course, the sages would respect Mario, Peach, and their closest friends while Mr. Nintendo was delighted to visit Hyrule either as a simple visitor or as a racing competitor. The sages remind Mario of a few collective figures who have helped him throughout his stories, namely the Star Spirits, which helped in him being endeared by their many quirks and traits alongside being revered for their contribution to protecting Hyrule. Of course, Bowser became a figure of enmity due to sharing Ganon's nature of being unabashedly evil, but the Koopa King doesn't really hold any animosity towards them, simply seeing them as adversaries he'd have to fight. Unlike Ganon, Bowser can be a good sport towards them, being open to the idea of competing against Darunia for a sumo wrestling match after hearing how Gorons have an interest in said sport or betting them to race against him, even if those odds are very unlikely.
  • They also found interest in the world of Tamriel and its many races and locales, with Darunia finding great intrigue towards the mountain mines and settlements left behind by the Dwemer as well as Rauru being willing to learn about the many deities and beings that are revered and spoken greatly of there. Of course, the sages were quickly told to be alert of Alduin, whose destructive power, hubris, and malice was reminiscent of that of Ganon's and they knew they needed to fight the dragon to defend Tamriel. There was a potential ally in the Dovahkiin who, much like Link, was a being prophesied to stop a great evil from laying waste to the world, that being Alduin, who despite his role in having to destroy the world to lead the way of having it be reborn, decided to instead conquer it to assert his dominance and evil. Unfortunately, unlike most other heroic figures, the Dovahkiin turned out to be unscrupulous and uncompromising a lot of the time. He personally doesn't mind the sages and even allows them to help him, but they think the Dovahkiin's insistent need to kill dragons is rather excessive and he needs to rein it down, something that's been difficult to do so. Even then, the sages ended up having a tense working relationship with the Dragonborn, affirming that while he is a hero, his own flaws and inherently violent nature are something he needs to work on and improve on.
  • Being part of a race that is eternally stunted to be a child and cannot grow up, Saria does get some form of melancholy as this was one of the reasons Link had to leave her and the Kokiri, despite their close friendship, though, they may have contributed to remain in contact if her own song is of any indication. That, and being a guardian of the forest meant that she had to take up a number of responsibilities that were a lot for anybody, let alone a forever child. Fortunately, with the Pantheon offering her a less stressful and peaceful time, Saria was able to take up the opportunity to see if she can make new friends in these new realms. To her delight, she met Peter Pan, whose appearance as well as his companionship with Tinkerbelle were incredibly reminiscent of the Kokiri race. Pan expressed excitement over seeing someone biologically similar to him and offered to be a friend to Saria in the hopes that he can also fly by to her Domain and have fun, which she accepted. Tinkerbelle herself also came to appreciate the Kokiri, though her occasionally bossy and temperamental nature has allowed for a few wacky events, much to Saria's chagrin.
    • Being a guardian of the forests and being happy that the Koroks would continue her legacy in some way, Saira also became well-acquainted with beings associated with such or are floral in their physiology, such as the Toads and Swamp-Thing, who have expressed their support for the Kokiri girl and have wished her to make the most out of her time in the Pantheon, with Swamp-Thing, in particular, being fiercely protective of Saria as her not being a combatant means he would want to make sure she doesn't get into trouble due to her nature as a safe, though Saria affirms that she's fine either way. To the surprise of many, herself included, she's even befriended Poison Ivy for their attunement to nature. Saria admits to being a bit creeped out by Ivy's ferocity and reputation as a supervillainess, but Ivy herself, despite her flaws, doesn't like to harm children, and with Saria being that, in addition to representing nature and being an ancestor to a race of diminutive Plant People, she has quite the soft spot for her, allowing the Kokiri to come by her domain at any time. Saria only wishes that Ivy hopefully changes for the better, but her cynicism is something that's hard to convince, which worries the younger girl.
  • As a water guardian as well as being a part of royalty, Ruto saw herself meeting and befriending a couple of deities who were similar to her, namely Ariel, King Triton, Melody, Aquaman, Undyne, and Rikuo, and all of them sometimes gather together to discuss any events and ideas on what is going on with the waters as well as what they can do. Ruto is honestly eager to help out, though her brash nature has been compared to that of Ariel's on occasion, which is probably why the two tend to be closer confidants than one would expect, as well as finding Triton rather funny for reminding Ruto of her own father. As a survivor of her kind getting frozen, she could relate to Rikuo's former nature of being lonely and despondent and is happy to learn that he found a mate and got a happy ending at some point, and sees Aquaman and Undyne as fun people to hang out and compete against, with the two of them being impressed by Ruto's aquatic prowess. Thanks to her reputation, the Zoras have managed to be welcomed in Atlantis and Atlantica as a sign of goodwill, and Ruto wishes this can be held for as long as possible, wanting her kind to heal and thrive after having been frozen by Ganon for seven years. That said, she's come to dislike the Sea King for his brutal and savage nature as well as his motivation for wanting to terrorize others, though, to her dismay, he's actually attracted to her, which ends up with her simply having to blurt out that he's not her type and would much rather prefer someone like Link.
  • Since Ganon's exile and imprisonment, Nabooru has taken measures to lead the Gerudo to a more respectful and cooperative direction, and is happy to learn that her kind would eventually continue thriving, though this is certain for only one possible timeline. While still a thief and dwelling in the deserts, Nabooru has made it clear her targets are not-so-innocent people and makes a point to not harm or kill innocents. As a result, she's made good friends with fellow thieves like Carmen Sandiego, Catwoman, and Nami, who have all had extensive careers as thieves, and Nabooru was admittedly impressed by what they had achieved. Ever since Link proved himself worthy and made the Gerudo more open about males, though still territorial towards them, Nabooru had a high opinion towards Cassim for being a master thief and having a great sense of honor and respect to the point that he would even invite her for some good conversations about their experience. She considered reaching out to Cassim's son, Aladdin due to his own history of being a thief to make up for his status as a beggar, she's alright with him now pursuing a royal lifestyle and decided that Cassim's desires for his son matter more.


    General Rokurōta, Princess Yuki, Tahei and Matashichi 
General Rokurōta Makabe, Princess Yuki, Tahei and Matashichi, Deified Representatives of MacGuffin Escort Missions
From left to right: Matashichi, Tahei, Yuki, and Rokurōta
  • Demideities (Rokurōta and Yuki) and Quasideities (Tahei and Matashichi)
  • Symbol: The Akizuki crescent
  • Theme Song: “The Hidden Fortress - Main Theme”
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Rokurōta), Chaotic Good (Princess Yuki), Chaotic Neutral (Tahei and Matashichi)
  • Portfolio: Live-Action Escort Mission
  • Domains: Escort, Adventure, Samurai
  • Allies: Sanjuro, the Seven Samurai, Ashitaka, Nathan Algren, Therion of the Eight Travellers, Good-aligned Star Wars deities (particularly Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Princess Leia Organa), Merida, The Fellowship of the Ring (particularly Frodo Baggins), WALL•E and EVE, Link
  • Rivals: Heishiro Mitsurugi (Rokurōta)
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned deities in the Houses of Thieves and Piracy, Wario, Fred C. Dobbs
  • Complicated Relations: C-3PO and R2-D2 (Tahei and Matashichi)
  • Headbutting Heroes with: San (Princess Yuki)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Miguel and Tulio (Tahei and Matashichi)
  • In feudal Japan, two greedy peasants, Tahei and Matashichi, were returning home from a failed attempt to profit from a war between neighboring clans. En route, they cross paths with the remnants of the defeated Akizuki tribe that notably consists of General Rokurōta Makabe and Princess Yuki, who needed to escape into allied territory with their large supply of gold to rebuild their shattered clan (although the two peasants were unaware of their status when they first encounter them). To do this the peasants are tricked into helping them, with the promise that they will receive a large share of the gold when the destination is reached. Along the way, the General's prowess is put to the test as he must guide the four, and later five with the inclusion of a freed slave, through close encounters with the pursuing enemy, and out of difficult situations the bumbling peasants manage to get them into. In the end, the two peasants were rewarded with one piece of ryō while the rest of the gold would be used for Yuki’s territory.
  • A while after those events occurred, Tahei and Matashichi were still wandering down the road, though still with the piece of gold, when they came across a ronin named Sanjuro, who was walkin the opposite path. The two peasants were initially confused, thinking that the ronin was Rokurōta, asking why he is here for them. The ronin doesn’t care for their questions, dragging them with him. When they reached their destination, which is the Pantheon’s Main House, they ended up seeing Rokurōta and Yuki, who were also brought into the House. It turns out that they were brought because of their escort mission back in their world.
  • Of course, Sanjuro wouldn’t be the only samurai that the four would encounter in the Pantheon as he introduced them to a few others. For the most part, they are on good terms with the Seven Samurai, respecting their decision to defend a peasant village from a group of bandits, although Kambei sometimes gets annoyed by the two peasants. Nathan Algren is also on good terms with the gang, having mutual respect with Yuki and Rokurōta due to their higher standing in society and the latter, well, being a samurai. The two also train together from time to time. Algren also respects Matashichi and Tahei for helping the princess, but finds some of their antics to be a little annoying.
    • At times, Rokurōta would find himself being challenged in a duel with Heishiro Mitsurugi, a ronin who above all else, desires a good fight. Usually, the fights involve either swords or lances, but in the end, they do have some respect towards each other.
  • Princess Yuki was interested in befriending San as she does admire San enjoying a lot of freedom for a girl living in her time, what with her being raised by wolves. However, San does not share this interest as she hates humans, let alone those of the noble class if her experience with such people back in her home world suggests anything, though at the very least she would come to admire Yuki’s bravery. That admiration was shared by Ashitaka, whom Yuki would be on better terms with, especially taking note of the prince’s combat skills and his ability to help end a conflict between two warring sides. Yuki also gets along with Merida due to her being another rebellious princess and has taken up archery training because of her.
  • One of several deities whom Tahei and Matashichi actually got along with is Therion, who had a similar situation as he was tasked in retrieving the remaining Dragonstones in exchange for the removal of the Fool’s Bangle. At times, the two peasants would even partner with the thief whenever they’re not with their respective groups.
  • Given that their film ended up serving as one of the inspirations for a certain story from a galaxy far, far away, it would be a matter of time before the four would meet up with several deities from the Star Wars universe. In particular, Yuki seems to get along well with Leia Organa given their Rebellious Princess attitude as well as both of them having their respective home territories destroyed. Similarly, Rokurōta is on decent terms with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn given that the two are Jedi masters (who are pretty much space samurai), not to mention Qui-Gon accompanying and protecting Queen Amidala in disguise, similar to Rokurōta with Yuki. Meanwhile, the two peasants were surprised with a few similarities between them and C-3PO and R2-D2. At best, Tahei, Matashichi, C-3PO, and R2 would tolerate each other out of necessity, but 3PO finds himself easily offended by their crude attitude, notably with several times the two peasants have tried to dismantle the robots to get at the metal inside, only to get caught and scolded by the others.
  • While we’re on the subject of robots, the group also met up with and are on good terms with Wall-E and EVE considering that it’s the latter's mission to bring back a plant sample to scan within the Axiom spaceship so that they can go home. Although like with C-3PO and R2-D2, Tahei and Matashichi tried to dismantle Wall-E in the hopes of getting some valuable metal, only for EVE to intervene. Also on good terms with the Fellowship of the Ring as well as Link given that they were also tasked in escorting a particular object (in the former’s case, Frodo was tasked in taking a corruptible object like the Ring to Mount Doom in the hopes of destroying it).
  • At times, the group would stumble across various evil-aligned deities that reside in the subhouses of Thieves and Piracy; many who are willing to steal whatever object the four are tasked with escorting at the moment. If gold was ever involved, there’s a chance that Wario would try to obtain it for himself, as would Fred C. Dobbs, whom even Tahei and Matashichi find to be a little too avaricious. Sure, they can be greedy and bickering, but they do care for each other every now and then as opposed to Dobbs given his unpleasant and downright paranoid. Fortunately, Rokurōta is usually around to defend his gang against such threats.
  • Another pair of deities that Tahei and Matashichi came across when they were away from Yuki and Rokurōta are Miguel and Tulio. The two duos are surprised with how much common ground they share, particularly with their shared roles of being Those Two Guys involved in an adventure in hopes of obtaining gold. Although they do get along well, the two peasants can at times be jealous of the gold that Miguel and Tulio successfully obtained from El Dorado and would try to obtain a decent portion of it from behind their backs.

    Mai Takatsukasa 
Mai Takatsukasa, MacGuffin Goddess (The Mysterious Girl, Woman of the Beginning, Overlord Mai, the Priestess of Fate)
Click here to see her as the Woman of the Beginning
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Overlord Mai)
  • Symbol: The Team Gaim Logo
  • Theme Song: Lights of my Wish
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Belligerent Sexual Tension with Kouta, Being a Fan of Oren Pierre Alfonzo, Broken Masquerade, Determinator, Being the Voice of Reason, What Her Name Implies She Enjoys Doing, The Leader of Team Gaim due to Yuya's disappearance, Being a Shrine Priestess, Being a Forgiving Person, Stepfordism, Damsel in Distress, Being the one who holds the Forbidden Fruit before Roshou's Death, Unwitting Pawn, Being Unwittingly Responsible for the Fates of Kouta, Mitsuzane, and Kaito, Left to another planet with Kouta
  • Domains: Dancing, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Godhood
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Love Interest: Kouta Kazuraba
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku, Redyue, Kogane, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Bernkastel), Johan Liebert, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Yuu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Known as the Acting Leader of the Beat Riders dance group Team Gaim and Love Interest/Childhood Friend of Kouta Kazuraba, Mai Takatskasa was a originally a shrine priestess who is a professional dancer in the city of Zawame until the arrival of Yggdrasill Corporation that changes everything, in spite of this, she joins Team Gaim she practices with her teammates to improve their dancing skills to become the best Beat Riders in the city. However due to the appearance of various Armored Riders that leads up to the tragic conclusion of the Helheim Invasion, she became the Woman of the Beginning after The Overlord King Roshuo entrusts the Forbidden Fruit to her before she is reunited with Kouta after his victory against Kaito Kumon, as both Kouta and Mai became Godly beings, they left Earth to terraform a dying planet into a beautiful world with the Inves and Helheim transferred into that world to live peacefully.
  • Upon her ascension, many of her Armored Rider friends was very happy to see her again, especially with Kouta as he expressed his joy over her ascension as they finally reunited once more in this pantheon.
    • She also befriended Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Club, as Jojima notices her identity as the Woman of the Beginning, she also dream of getting a detour to the Planet Helheim with her fellow Kamen Rider Club Members, which Mai kindly approves.
    • She was also reunited with Mio and Kagura of the ToQgers after their last encounter back in Zawame, as of now they can now finish their unfinished business of visiting Oren's store so Kagura can buy Oren's cakes in the House of Food.
  • True to her name, Mai enjoys dancing which is one of her motivations in her life, as such she is often practices in her daily basis. This said motivation had made her friends with the Fresh Pretty Cures as well, especially with Love Momozono, after Mai is impressed with their dancing skills. Since then, they were often seen practicing dancing as well as teaching children with their dance moves to the pantheon.
    • Her connections with the Fresh Cures had made her friends with the ascended Pretty Cures as well, especially with Tsubomi Hanasaki while she shed into tears after Tsubomi learned of Mai's predicament including the tragedies that happened back in her world, and Yayoi Kise who also wants to sign an autograph of Mai due to her connections with the heroic Armored Riders of Zawame as Yayoi also pointed out that her brethren Pretty Cures might join Mai in their dance practices.
  • She is very close friends with Madoka Kaname due to their similar personalities as well as both became Godly figures while she is also saddened at the same time after learning of her status due to Homura Akemi's actions of usurping her powers for her own agenda, this makes her have a conflict with Homura Akemi as well after what she had done to her former friend Madoka while she pleaded her to return to her old self with Homura replies to Mai was "I won't rely on anyone anymore".
  • Like Kouta before, she also made friends with Kirito and Asuna after she finds the world of Alfheim Online a fascinating place while she was impressed with their high level skills. She also became friends with Yui as the adopted AI child wanted to learn about her dance moves too.
  • Also befriending Enju Aihara while she was saddened too after learning Enju's situation of being girl who carries a disease that slowly turning her into a monstrous Gastrea that would eventually kill her. Upon learning this, Mai will do whatever it takes to make sure that Enju will get cure from her sickness.
  • While roaming in the House of Travel, Mai saw a strange box, as Mai opened it, Gracia came out of the box and she surprised her. After that she quickly befriended Mai due to her connections with Kouta as Gracia wanted to join Team Gaim as an honorary member so she can spend time practicing dances with her, which Mai was glad that she found another member since back in the early days of the Inves Games.
  • She also befriended Mai Tokiha not only because of them having the same given names, but both admired each other due to their gentle nature and their compassion towards the people they care about.
  • She also get along well with a fellow Shrine Priestess named Rika Furude while she also had a sympathy for her after she heard countless stories of her attempt to change the fate of her friends, which reminds her of her own attempt of changing the fates of Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy.
  • She is also close friends with Yuma Tsukumo due to his friendly and naïve nature which he reminding her of how Kouta used to be. On top of that he wants to give her an interest on playing Duel Monsters game but Mai wants to think about it for the time being.
  • She also became friends with Miku Kohinata as she deeply admired her nice attitude to her friends and Miku also admired Mai's efforts of unifying every good-aligned Beat Riders into a super dance group, which Mai was glad to here such remarks from Miku.
  • She also meet an Idol Singer named Sayaka Maizono as Mai was feeling sorry for her after she notice her stepfordism due to her experience back in Hope's Peak Academy, however Mai also tells her own story of bringing joy to her audience through dancing despite being a Stepford Smiler due to the constant changes in Zawame City. Upon hearing this, Sayaka shed into tears as she found a real friend as both gets along since then.
  • Also became friends with Komaru Naegi as well as both never give in to despair despite the troubles that happened in their respective worlds and both shared their hate towards Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of of being the mastermind of the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy.
  • She also became friends with Illya as the homunculus notice that her being the holder of the Forbidden Fruit reminding her of her mother who was the Holy Grail itself.
  • She hates Ryoma Sengoku's guts after he attempts to kill her by dissecting the Forbidden Fruit out of her. Also gained an ire towards Kogane for corrupting Kouta into his chaotic self back in the Soccer World.
  • Due to her connections with Kouta, she was being seen as a threat by Yuu and his Da'ath organization due to her being the Woman of the Beginning which creates an interference on their own plot to recreate the world.
  • While making many friends in the pantheon, she made enemies as well, this includes with Bernkastel and Basco of the Trollkaigers as the former being a cruel witch who commit evil deeds and the latter is a backstabbing troll who harms children for his own amusement. She also dislikes Johan Liebert due to his diabolical nature and his tendency to mind rape every single of his victims.

    Spike (Ape Escape
Spike, God of Collection Quests (Kakeru, Time-Traveling Simian Subduer)


Misao, Goddess of Dismantled Plot Elements
  • Quasideity (Intermediate Goddess as a Vengeful Spirit)
  • Symbol: Her uniform and cellphone
  • Theme Song: Misao
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as a Vengeful Spirit)
  • Portfolio: Frequently ostracized and bullied by her classmates, Break the Cutie, Generic Cuteness, Hime Cut, Loners Are Freaks, Nice Girl, Plot-Triggering Death, Trauma Conga Line
  • Domains: School, Narrative, Death, Revenge, Friendship, Love
  • Heralds: Aki Narukami (both Male and Female versions)
  • Allies: Sakura Matou, Simon Henriksson, Hisako, Dollface (Black), Isaac, Chihiro Fujisaki, Carrie White, Max Caulfield, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Eliza and Neil Reagean, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Pities: Mitsuko Souma
  • Unknown Connection: Aya Drevis and Alfred Drevis
  • Misao was an ordinary and plain school girl who never stood out amongst her peers. But then she went missing for three months, with no one knowing what happened to her and believed to be dead. While a few of her classmates were joking that she would go and haunt the school, the building got hit by an earthquake and the place was crawling with evil spirits. It turned Misao really did curse the school and her spirit wouldn't be able to rest until someone found out what happened to her and gather around the elements related to her dissapearance.
    • Turns out Misao didn't have the best life at school. Frequently bullied and made fun of for being a simpleton, she caught the attention of one of the students she had a crush on, Tohma, after one of her bullies decided to expose her feelings to him. Tohma accepted and even proposed her to become his girlfriend, which she happily agreed but that only got worse for her as not only was Tohma seeing another girl but her feelings for Tohma were shown all over school in form of poems and her bullying only got worse, even at one point getting raped. After that last particular event she was found by one of the teachers, who conforted the grieving Misao over what just happened only for Mr. Kurata to try and force himself on her after taking advantage of her fragile demeanor and Misao understandably rejected his advances, angering him and murdering the poor girl in a fit of rage. Having become a vengeful spirit, Misao wanted nothing but to get revenge on those that wronged her and punish them with death and painful afterlife.
  • She ascended shortly after she got closure thanks to her friend Aki, someone very dear to her and the one that broke the curse. Arriving at the pantheon was a surprise for Misao since she had another idea for an afterlife, but she doesn't find it too bad. Nowadays she is much more cheerful, as a way to thank Aki for making her realize the error of her ways and it is said her smile is very charming.
  • A bit ashamed of her tenure as a vengeful spirit, since she let her anger overtake her and harshly punish the ones she took to the grave with a Fate Worse than Death, although many would argue that Yoshino and Mr. Kurata deserved it, even if Misao has already let them go. Hisako, being the resident Vengeful Ghost, sympathized with Misao after hearing her story and is glad that she was able to leave it all behind and not become another evil spirit.
  • Plenty of deities all around related to her being a victim of bullying, Carrie White in particular is very familiar with the feeling of being played by a boy you like and being taken advantage of, not feeling any sympathy for the four students that made Misao's life hell. At first Misao was a bit unnerved by Carrie's powers but found out she had so much in common with her that it didn't even bother her in the end.
  • Curious to meet more people that had to deal with their inner demons and wanting to help them, Misao came accross Simon Henriksson. Before approaching him, he heard of his issues with depression, heartbreak and loneliness; most of which Misao felt at one point and so the two established an unlikely friendship, with Simon being reminded of his friend Sophie in a way when he talks with Misao. While there's the fact that Simon has killed people, and in certain scenarios even kill the people that tried to help him, she feels she isn't much better in that department as she too got people killed, even if she had a good reason for doing so. Even then, the two have learned to cope with what they've done and have become good friends, with Misao being really happy that Simon was able to regain the ability to walk in the pantheon
    • Simon later ended up introducing Misao to Dollface, as he felt he would need having more female friends. Dollface instantly hugged Misao after she told her about what happened to her and coldly remarked that those that died deserved it, even if Misao doesn't think so. Dollface thinks she is too nice for her own sake and doesn't fault her for that and swore if he ever saw those people herself, he would undoubtably bash their skulls to the ground. She also heard that the entity that granted the curse to Misao never actually screwed her over, considering the ever presence of Calypso in Dollface's own universe, she is pleasantly surprised.
    • Another acquiantance of both Simon and Dollface turned out to be a small sobbing kid by the name of Isaac. Initially scared that Misao was another scary ghost given that she didn't have the friendliest of look, she calmed him down after explaining she is just a regular person and was horrified after hearing about Isaac's story. Considering how sensitive the little boy is, she tried what Aki did to calm her down and decided to become friends with Isaac, warmly smiling as to make him happier. It worked for the most part, he tends to cry less when she is around.
  • One of the most upsetting things that happened to her besides dying is that Yoshino forced her to spend some time with a male student in the male bathroom, essentially she was set up only to be raped and that happenned before she was murdered. For that reason, she relates a lot to what Sakura Matou has beent through, even worse since she had to endure it for most of her life. Misao also pities Mitsuko Souma for being another victim of rape, but she can't condone the evil actions she has done even if she has a Freudian Excuse.
  • Understandably not fond of bullies. She dislikes Eliza Reagan for embodying the worst aspects of both Yoshino and Saotome, two people that made her life hell, with Eliza herself barely even caring about Misao and thinking she is just another gloomy loser. That dislike also extends to her brother Neil.
    • Gary Smith is someone she considers to be the biggest asshole she is ever met, surprising considering she is not stranger to nasty individuals. Turns out that not only did he start targetting her for petty reasons like Yoshino did in the past, but he is such a sociopath that it makes Mr. Kurata, the man the murdered her, look like a sweet guy in comparison, and Gary hasn't even murdered people (yet, although there is implications that he actually murdered someone). Gary also somehow caught wind of the nasty photos that were taken from Misao naked and he almost shared with everybody before his long time nemesis Jimmy Hopkins stepped in and chased him off. Jimmy later explained Misao that Gary is a friendless loser that she should stay the hell away from and then told her if she ever has troubles with bullies she should hit him up, considering that's what he does.
  • She once thought that Chihiro Fujisaki was a girl, like many thought in the past, but after all confusion was cleared, she realized she had a lot of common with him. Both bullied in the past for their appearance, which caused several psychological issues and ended up being manipulated by others. She is even sad that once he tried to grow as a person, he got killed because for it but what brought the two together was that both were able to develop into better people posthumously.
  • Even if she know is at peace with herself, she had developed a bit of mistrust towards teachers considered what Hideki Kurata did to her, not helped by the presence of notoriously Sadist Teachers like Agatha Trunchbull. While there aren't any teachers that sexually prey on their students in the pantheon, Max Caulfield had to deal with one in the past and if she ever was present in Misao's school, she would have undoubtably prevented her death if possible.
  • She shares universe with both Aya and Alfred Drevis, both also having experienced a curse brought upon Alfred from his wife. While Misao never personally met her, she heard that Miss Library physically resembles Aya, implying she is a clone of her. That, and both curses may have involved the strange salesman that appeared before Aya and her friend Aki.

    The Young Girl and The Soldier (Angel's Egg
The Young Girl and the Soldier, Patron Deities of Plots Based On An Egg
The Soldier from the left, the Young Girl from the right
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Egg (for the girl) and the Cross-shaped…thing (the Soldier)
  • Alignment: True Neutral for the girl, Chaotic Neutral for the Soldier
  • Portfolio: Le Film Artistique, Minimalist Cast, Massive amounts of symbolism, Mystical White Hair, No Name Given, Messianic Archetype (Both), Quotes Bible passages, The Stoic, Taken for Granite (The Soldier), Barefoot for being a hermit, “Anata wa dare?” Dies after the egg was broken and becomes a part of a “spaceship” (The Young Girl),
  • Domains: Eggs, Arks, Symbolism, Art, Allegories, Abrahamism
  • Friendly Relations: The Robed Figure, The Angry Birds, Slave Knight Gael (for the Girl, the Soldier however distrusts him), Billy Hatcher, Horton, The 02 Digidestined, Casca, Lee and Clementine, Joel and Ellie
  • Mixed Relations with: Each other, Arya Stark
  • Non-Friendly Relations: YHVH, Chuck Shurely
  • Pitied by: Most Gods pertaining to Abrahamic Faith, but most especially Both Gods (Bob and the other God), Noah, The Occult Research Club, including their version of Archangel Michael
  • Fears: Guts, The Ashen One (for the Girl)
  • Deep within an abandoned Gothic City, there were two inhabitants going through the desolated space. One is an unknown girl, who holds and protects an egg from being broken, and another, a mysterious soldier, who has no clear motives on his behalf. However, anything comprehensible from the tale is rather dubious to tell, leaving many questions. What is clear however is that, the egg the girl is carrying is the main reason why the journey is rather convincing to try to understand.
  • To be more specific, Angel's Egg is rather difficult to interpret. The story focuses on two characters on what seems to be an abandoned city (well, an abandoned ''world'' left by God that is) while exploring the vastness of the place. While such, the Soldier asks if whether or nor the egg holds any significance to the girl, to which she clings to it in such a protective and careful manner. The egg's significance may attribute to many interpretations, however what is clear is that by the end of the story, not only does the Soldier breaks the egg, but the world is slowly seen to be a horrifying future of Noah's Ark, where the boat is capsized and the world is doomed to be lifeless. As for the girl, she became a living stone, which joins with other statues to a space-orb and the Soldier, well, his fate seems to remain unknown.
  • Their ascensions towards the Pantheon was met with massive confusion in regards to understanding their story. Majority of the House of Knowledge have tried their best to see anything that can help internalize what was going on between the two and especially the importance of the egg. The silence of the girl alongside the film's minimalistic nature pretty much makes it a lost cause. Though, thanks to that, it allows many to have different interpretations on the girl and her devotion to the egg.
  • The silence the duo maintains in the Pantheon is rather awe-inspiring, as they walk through the place with ease, which explains why they do not have a temple to begin with (some have suggested the capsized Ark, but it has not worked out). While this made their exploration worthwhile, it also captivated many deities to explore about the two, especially the egg that the girl clings to.
  • While both of them ascended for the same reason, it should be noted that the duo's relationship is very mixed, mainly to the fact that the Soldier broke the egg and resulted to the Girl becoming a stone statue, even while in the beginning, the Girl was being nice to him and protective towards her egg. Nowadays, the duo are rather separate, but the Soldier, in his instincts protect the Girl in most scenarios, though she will just run away in a safe distance after the Soldier's arrival.
    • Despite this, the Soldier is often seen as a father figure for some, since he did protect her generally against the shadows of the town. That said, his relations with Lee, Clementine, Joel and Ellie are both of approval and discontent; the Soldier's protectiveness towards the girl was applauded but his actions in regards to breaking the egg made the applause short lived.
    • Arya Stark has also been seen visiting the two, stating that she is often reminded of her relationship with the Hound, whom she had forgiven and has become, much like the Soldier, a father figure of sorts. However, it did not last when the two saw her numerous targets and assassinations. The Girl in particular always runs away from her, even if the Lady Stark has no ill intentions.
  • For being silent, the Robed Figure sees relations towards the two, given that both their respective universes are beautifully deserted places with large amounts of figurative imagery. The Robed Figure also seems to understand the girl's clinginess to the egg, often letting her go, but the girl asks who figure was. To this day, their silence has been a reverberated background whenever they meet.
  • Any God who has appeared within the Abrahamic Faith has seen what their world has become and have rather unfortunate reactions towards it. The two Gods, as in Bob and the Alpha and Omega God, have seen the world being a result of their God abandoning it, often comforting the two regarding it. It also gave insight to whether or not the two had relations towards the world they inhabited, with Bob denying any links towards him and that place, and the other giving a rather unclear answer as to if he had connections towards the two.
    • Noah however is the most affected. Hearing what happened to the Ark in their world, he fell to his knees and cried in sorrow in what would be a terrible fate befallen to the remains of all living life, being left to die. Though he would later grow into shock as he realized that both have features being close to Gods or perhaps being Godsent.
    • When news sparked about the Ark in its overboarded state, YVHV immediately denied any relation to their world, only stating it to be a heretical statement to what he sees as his lawful dominion. Upon hearing about the two people, he tasked his various servants to take both of them for questioning but the other people who pitied them have stopped any progress on their capture, making them an elusive catch. The Absolute Lawmaker has shown his determination to get rid of the two, even so far as to send his herald Metatron to capture the two.
  • In regards to the topic of eggs: Billy Hatcher seems fond of the Girl, seeing her egg to be quite unique. He has offered some of his eggs but she mostly declines his request, often citing that the egg is the only precious thing for her. The Digidestined also share her concern, since they too take care of eggs, Digieggs that is.
    • Her determination of one egg also caught the eye of Horton since he too was dedicated to protecting one thing, which was a plant (also a town filled with Whovians). The elephant of the Jungle of Nool has pledged his dedication to protect the egg as well, though he also tells the Soldier to stay back if he dares to ruin the moment.
  • Details about the duo's homeworld are rather iffy, but one thing that is confirmed that it is basically Noah's Ark, but lifeless to a complete degree. The Occult Research Club sees this as disheartening for them, as the entire club has the same scenario, hence why many occult powers exist in their degree, but it is Gasper who is saddened the most, especially seeing how the girl, who looks innocuous, is placed in such a harsh and dying world.
    • Their version of Archangel Michael, upon seeing the duo, broke out of his vulgar attitude and shifted into a more humanizing form with pity and sentimental heart. Seeing how the girl in particular got affected after the egg broke and the Noah's Ark abandoned and forever overturned, he could only pray and offer guidance to her life. His reaction to the Soldier however was with undaunting rage, following the latter was the sole reason for the fate of the Girl after the egg broke.
  • The news of another abandoned world left Chuck Shurley in bemusement, seeing that he too left his role as God, and eventually brought Earth into hellbent chaos. With the two being witnesses to the world, he could only wish he would visit their world so that he can wonder in awe the perils of a dying world, in his own amusement.
  • One day, the girl unexpectedly encountered one of the Angry Birds, which have been protective of their nest and eggs. Upon closer inspection between the two, the sentient birds have banded together to join in her protection and aid, especially if its anything related to the egg and its contents, even though there might be hints that there may be nothing inside. The birds also have a slow dislike towards the Soldier for breaking the egg in the first place.
  • Both Guts and Casca have met the two and so far, they only avoid the former for his tenacity and brutal feats, something that would leave the girl scarred of her life. The latter however sees sympathy for the girl (as for the Soldier, more of shame) as her purity and potential looks of a Godsent can almost relate to her. The little Girl could only tell that she is willing to talk to her more if Guts is not around.
  • There has been conversations and rumors about the two and the Ashen One. Some say that this was because of one time where the Ashen One encountered a being similar to the girl in the Ringed City, one who was not only possibly a Godsent, but also had an egg clutched into her body. Upon breaking it, it revealed the true nature of the city. The girl, hearing this, ran away from him after the first encounter, and the Soldier, asking whether or not this is true. The latter also pointed out that he/she encountered a remnant of the Ringed City after he touched the egg, seeing another person with a Crucifix as a weapon, confusing the Soldier even more.
    • What is more interesting is that a certain Slave Knight approached the girl with honor, seeing she looks like the Painter he has been devoted to for so long. After announcing himself to the girl, he vowed to protect her and the egg, seeing it as a potential gift. The Soldier however, doesn't share the same sentiments towards himself, as he sees the Slave Knight's deformed body and rather inhuman self as red flags concerning the safety of the two, which is funny since many people pointed out that he broke the egg in the first place and sealed the girl's fate.