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Moving Target Bonus

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Earning more points for hitting something after it starts moving, usually a video game enemy that poses little threat when stationary.

Subtrope of Scoring Points.



  • Monster Bash: During Drac Attack, hitting Dracula gives twice as many points if he is moving than if he is stationary.
  • In Spider-Man (Stern), the second and third Green Goblin modes require hitting a moving target, with more points awarded for hitting it directly as opposed to hitting its afterglow.
  • Not only does the Skill Shot in Terminator 2: Judgment Day invoke this trope, but the Super Jackpot as well; after loading the cannon, you have to fire at the moving lit target on the Flying HK five-bank for 50 million points — while your remaining pinballs are still in play.
    • Used for the second and third waves of the RPG mini-game in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. For the second wave, four (out of five) targets are lit, and they move continuously. The third wave is similar, with only a single target lit and moving.

Platform Game

  • In Chack'n Pop, not only are there more points for killing Monstas after they hatch from eggs, but there are end-of-stage bonuses for killing all Monstas or no Monstas that you can't get if you destroy any eggs.
  • In Duke Nukem I you can get a can of cola for one health point, or shoot the can and catch it while it's in the air before it disappears off the top of the screen for 1,000 score points.

Shoot 'em Up

  • In Galaxian and Galaga, hitting an enemy while it was attacking scores more points than hitting it while it was in formation.
  • In King and Balloon, shooting descending balloons doubles the points scored by shooting them while floating; shooting balloons carrying off the King is worth three times the base value.
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  • In Scramble and Super Cobra, shooting missiles down earns you more points if you hit them after they launch themselves into the air.

Simulation Game

  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out: Sideshow Bob will occasionally appear in your Springfield, and tapping on him rewards you with money and Experience Points. Also, as part of the St. Patrick's Day update, you could purchase a Leprechaun that randomly gives you small amounts of money or experience points if you tapped on him.
    • The zombies in the first Halloween update.
    • The snakes in the Whacking Day update.
    • The Gremlins and poultergeists in the Halloween 2013 update.
    • Members of the Order in the Stonecutters update.

Third-Person Shooter