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The domain of fictional creatures. While pretty much all the beasts in the Pantheon are fictional portrayals of creatures, these are fictional fictional portrayals of creatures. Yes, it usually makes more sense to call them creatures from mythology, but some are a bit too recent to be called that.

Refer the house of Fantastic Races for humanoid creatures. Dragons have their own house. While Lapras', Red Gyarados', the Krakens', and Tidehunters' titles would qualify them for this house, they are more at home in the Aquatic Life subhouse.


Like the inhabitance, this house is hard to come across, with those who visit either not revealing anything or finding their claimed locations seemingly disproven. It's rumored that the house is kept hidden and mobile in a suitcase that's Bigger on the Inside. Its inhabitants have not commented on this.

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Greater Gods

    Leto Atreides II 
Leto Atreides II, God of Sand Worms (Master of Fate, Pawn of Fate, Shai-Hulud, Shaitan, The Worm Who Is God, The God-Emperor, The Divided God, The Tyrant)
Sand worm form (above) and human form (below)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Atreides Hawk.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Omniscience Morality License by the time of his ascension to God-Emperor
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Genetic Memory, Ancient Conspiracy, Sending in the Clones, Half Human Hybrids and of course, Sand Worms.
  • Domains: Time, Space, Ecology, Religion, Memory, Oppression.
  • Followers: The Zensunni fanatic Fremen, his all-female Fish Speaker army, the Sand Worms of Saturn, Kalros, the Thresher Maw Matriarch
  • Allies: Graboids
  • Rivals: Luke Skywalker, the God Emperor of Mankind, Shulk
  • Avoids: House of Water & Moisture
  • Respects: Mandy
  • Although he now resides in the House of Beasts due to his new rule over Sand Worms (the original story he came from having codified and named the trope "Sand Worm"), he normally can't be found in this house. Instead, he can normally be found in the House of Mentalism.
  • Leto II sees all and rules all through his exclusive control of the Spice Melange, key to raising human awareness, and through his perfect prescient vision. He also possesses the heightened senses and physical abilities of a Sand Worm.
  • He is also currently in a heated legal battle with the Imperium of Man over who exactly owns the copyright to the title "God-Emperor". Given that the Imperium's idea of legal proceedings in this area involves chainswords and flamethrowers, the case is progressing somewhat slowly. The God-Emperor himself, though, doesn't really care. It's not out of a sense of hatred; Leto has done much good for humanity during his rule.
  • There has been a lot of comparisons with Jedi when it comes to The Voice, a Compelling Voice that forces people to follow its commands much like the Jedi Mind Trick. Leto has stated it should be the other way around; the Dune series predates Star Wars by at least a decade. There are a lot of people demanding that he fights Luke Skywalker. Things got fluctuated due to Luke's story changing.
  • He has gotten word that other creatures of the ground are thinking about joining forces with him. The Graboids ae outside of his domain, but he welcomes them into his domain all the same. They are under his protection as long as they don't make too much of a scene outside their temple. All while he starts research to see if they have any relations to the Shai-Hulud.
  • While the most powerful of his kind, he has been difficult to gauge his alignment. He is one of the few deities in the Pantheon who have significant cults of Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil churches. This obviously puts a strain in organization for his clergy. It is this reason that he has decided not to align himself with any one faction, preferring to aid who seems like the most suitable choice.
  • Shulk is not a fan of his methods, even if it is for the good of humanity. It would be difficult to predict how a match between the two would go as both are excellent in predicting each others movements in combat.
  • He also uses his prediction powers to plan events millenia into the future. With this knowledge, he was able to help humany expand in a way that it hasn't done in his world. He certainly rivals that of the best in the business. With that said, he merely keeps to his own business, helping out his own followers as well as humanity in general.
  • Leto himself is notoriously difficult to kill. He claimed to be a god long before the Pantheon has existed. But there is one weakness that he avoids. It is known that Sand Worms cannot survive water-clogged environments. As such, he makes sure not to venture in the House of Nature lest he gets trapped by evil water deities. The most prominent in the Pantheon is Rain, who would have no qualms killing Leto is it means to protect Kotal Khan.
  • Leto has heard rumors that Many would turn out to be an effective ruler in the future, even turning into a Sand Worm herself to amass immense power. He always suspected that Mandy would rule over her world. It also means he has an inkling on her true weakness. Yet he has no interest in telling anyone. Indeed, he is willing to let that future play out, over the objects of more freedom-minded deities.

    Phoenix (DotA
Phoenix, The Divine Firebird (Icarus)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Supernova/His Star Form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Phoenix, Icarus Dive, Fire Spirit, Sun Ray, Supernova, Abilities cost HP, Actually a star, Gradual Grinder, Kill It with Fire, The Power of the Sun, Cool Mask
  • Domains: Fire, Phoenix, Sun
  • Allies: Ezalor, Princess Celestia, Solaire of Astora, Moltres, Amaterasu, Fujiwara no Mokou, Yveltal, Phoenix Ikki, Towa Akagi, the Spring Sprite, Flash Man, Alexstrasza, Sora
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, especially Anivia
  • Enemies: The Night Stalker, Phoenix (Kamen Rider Wizard), Firebird, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, Mr. Burns, The Grand Duke of Owls, Master Xehanort
  • Phoenix was born from the Keeper of the Light's first sun. It found itself in the War of the Ancients, and it saw that the world was in need of its light.
    • The bird likes to be in the company of the Keeper of the Light, unaware that he created the first sun that would later birth Phoenix.
  • There was once an empty temple in the House of Beasts filled with the destructive energies of Yveltal, but it has since seeded itself into the House of Life And Death. That was when Phoenix found its way into the Pantheon and roosted in the temple, bathing it with light. Phoenix viewed the Destruction Pokémon with contempt, until the living star learned that it destroyed with a good purpose: as a cycle of life and death, like a phoenix. Since then, Phoenix has come to respect the Pokémon.
  • Due to being a Phoenix — and thus being able to live and die again over and over — it views its status as a responsibility to shine light like a sun. This is why it dislikes the Phantom known as Phoenix, who uses his ability to revive others for the sake of destruction.
  • Phoenix also happened to befriend the Pretty Cure by the name of Towa Akagi after it noticed her motif and powers were similar to its own.
  • It hates how the Firebird assumes a form resembling a more sinister phoenix and is the embodiment of destruction and waste.
  • Celestia was drawn to the star Phoenix since she owned a pet Phoenix named Philomena.
  • Phoenix is actually wearing a mask on its face to keep its burning aura from harming its allies. It even wears a much fancier mask in some battles.
  • Kael'thas had the power to summon phoenixes on his own. Speaking of which, it was said that Phoenix once resembled the phoenixes summoned by Blood Mages.
  • The bird-shaped star found Flash Man to be a valuable ally due to his flashes of light being strong enough to repel darkness, but is understandably baffled that Flash Man's light-based attacks would affect it if they were enemies.
  • Its light is highly valued by Alexstrasza, who wants to protect the lives of Azeroth, and she believes that Phoenix's light could incinerate all that threaten it.
  • Phoenix doesn't speak any words but it has realistic voice acting.
  • Balanar the Night Stalker despises Phoenix since he detests light, and that Phoenix was descended from the first sun that destroyed his entire race. Due to how elusive Phoenix could be, he would do anything to get his claws on that blasted bird.
    • As an avatar of a star, Phoenix dislikes not only Balanar (mutually), but any bringers of darkness or beings that have tried to shun the light away.
    • It hates Mr. Burns for the one time that he tried to block out the sun in order to monopolize energy. Such an act could have been fatal to his realm.
  • Phoenix is conflicted about his rivalry with Anivia. The two birds are opposites: in gender (though Phoenix can be considered genderless, he often prefers male pronouns) and element (fire and ice). Rumor has it that Phoenix visits a bar sometimes, and that he must have hallucinated Anivia pole-dancing or some shit at at least one point... This is possibly a joke some more humorous deities came up with, but neither the star nor the Cryophoenix are amused.
  • Billy once tried to shoo the Phoenix away when he was eating some Frosted Golden Apple Scraps cereal. The bird-shaped star is still confused as to why.


Intermediate Gods

    Lady Amalthea 
Lady Amalthea, Goddess of Unicorns (The Unicorn of Literature)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The pink star on her forehead
  • Theme Song: The Last Unicorn
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Never ageing, Knowing herself to be the most beautiful creature in all the world, Canceling every magic with her horn, Not having a mortal view of morality at first, Transforming into a human adult, Having little emotions as a human initially, Becoming the only one of her unicorn kind to know love
  • Domains: Magic, Immortality, Humanity, Love.
  • Allies: Princesses Celestia and Luna, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Dovahkiin
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Napoleon
  • Odd Friendship: Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Ascended after defeating The Red Bull and freeing her kind from King Haggard. The Gods gave her the ability to change from unicorn to human and back.
    • Many in the Pantheon were surprised when they saw her unicorn form. Being the size of a large pony, having the tail of a lion, legs of a deer, cloven feet, the fur of a goat, the neck of a llama, and a horn with the length of a short sword, Amalthea only looks like a horse from far away.
  • Every evil dragon stayed far away from her when they discovered that in her world, Amalthea kills them with one blast with her horn.
    • Dovahkiin is impressed by her dragon killing power and wanted her as an Ally. Amalthea said to him that she kills them only as self-defense or protecting the forest she lives on.
  • She and Fluttershy became friends because of their protection of wild life critters.
    • Fluttershy is very disturbed as to how Amalthea deals with protecting the animals. While the pegasus pony will simply scare or talk down a dragon if it harms her forest, the unicorn will kill a dragon in hers.
  • Gets along well with Twilight Sparkle, especially due to their common experiences with becoming human. Though Amalthea had to calm down Twilight and tell her she had no intentions of harming Spike first.
    • Unlike Amalthea, Twilight never had any problems while in human form, such as losing her memories. She did have a little difficulty getting used to the body, though.
  • To those who don't know about her world, when she talks about "The Red Bull" they snicker and think that her race had been kidnapped by an energy drink. They also asked if her kind turned into alicorns. Rarity and Twilight made a joke about it.
    • The term "alicorn" as a race confused her because in her world, "alicorn" is an element her horn is made out of.
  • The House of Knowledge thinks that since Amalthea's horn can cancel ANY magic, she could cancel Lord Tirek's draining powers, since he was defeated with a magic-based attack (even though he can drain magic). They don't want to test it out though, fearing the centaur might instead absorb her magic-cancelling powers, making him a much more powerful foe than he already is.

    Princesses Celestia and Luna 
Princesses Celestia and Luna, Goddesses of Alicorns (Celestia: Celie, Trollestia | Luna: Princess of the Night)
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Celestia is rumored to be Greater God whenever — and if ever — she goes full force)
  • Symbol: Their likenesses circling the sun and the moon or their cutie marks: a sun (Celestia) and a crescent moon on a black background (Luna)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (for the most part)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Earth, Sun (Celestia), Moon (Luna), Nature, Knowledge, Mentalism, Dreams (Luna)
  • Heralds: Philomena (phoenix, for Celestia), Tiberius (opossum, for Luna)
  • Followers: Unimon, Bronies, Swift Wind, Unis
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Annoyed By: The Professor
  • Despite their ascension, there's a fierce debate among the gods over what their formal title should be. For certain, they look like winged unicorns, but "pegasus unicorn" and “alicorn” have also been used to describe them. Celestia has no comment, while Luna would talk, but due to her tendency to scare lesser deities, nobody has heard her opinion.
  • Twilight Sparkle was particularly pleased that her case for promoting Celestia to the Pantheon finally worked and made Luna ascend as well.
    • When word of their ascension came to pass, Pinkie Pie threw the party to end all parties when they arrived. It was an understatement to say the Temple of Winged Unicorns was the loudest area in the entire House of Beast, in the entire history of the Pantheon. The noise actually drove the more animalistic members of the House, as well as Death World, to stampede. Only by a combined effort of Steve Irwin, Zak Saturday (who is, sadly, no longer in the Pantheon), and back-up from the House of Combat was the riot quelled. Captain America and Commander Vimes made the pink pony ''Pinkie Promise'' to never plan a party of that magnitude ever again.
    • When Celestia and Luna made their grand entrance, most of the deities were awed. Celestia appeared in a beam of light, and Luna? Her entrance involved a nightmare chariot, bat-winged guards, and a cape made of bats, along with her announcing herself in the Royal Canterlot Voice.
    • Not long after they ascended, however, an unknown god or goddess somehow reawakened Nightmare Moon, Luna's resentful Superpowered Evil Side previously thought destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. There are three current culprit theories going about; Parsee, Bernkastel, and Terumi, though nothing has been proven yet. Laughing wickedly, the dark mare promised to bring upon the Pantheon an era of eternal night before being subdued by the promptly summoned Elements of Harmony. Unfortunately, they failed to function to their full effect and thus Luna is now in the same situation as Sayaka Miki, her normal self still acting as co-Goddess of Winged Unicorns while her Nightmare Moon personality fills the role of Goddess of Eternal Night.
      • Months later, an unknown god or goddess (it's not known if it was the same one) managed to remove Nightmare Moon from Princess Luna completely…only for it to be plunged into Rarity, turning her into Nightmare's second coming. A fierce skirmish between Nightmare and her allies against Luna, Celestia, the remainder of the Mane Six, Spike, and all of their friends (including some gods whose followers were Equestrians) ensued, which eventually became a skirmish between forces in the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil. Eventually, the Nightmare was purged, and Rarity was saved. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon was revived by unknown means and provided a new body so she can continue her "crusade" against the Day.
  • They were very happy to here that their niece Princess Cadance had ascended to the House of Royalty as an equally ranked goddess due to her having a better track record of fighting back against anything that threatens them.
  • Despite arising through the House of Beasts, the two, being sapient, spend much of their time in other houses, with Twilight Sparkle volunteering herself as guide initially. Most of their sojourns outside their temple include visiting the other Elements of Harmony, trolling villains, and asking to get up to the Main House as Princesses of Nature.
  • Celestia took part in the GUAG 1st annual "Troll" Off. Participants included Wrex, Mion Sonozaki, and most benign trickster deities. She was easily bested by the Goddess of Gadflies, Mion, as the result of some serious lulz produced (much of them being from some rather dirty, perverted jokes).
    • She is now part of Lol Ranger, designation "Blue Ranger".
  • Rarity has politely suggested that the Princesses might wish to wear a tad more clothing whenever they are actually IN the House of Beast, so that nobody gets confused about their level of intelligence. So far, they have not taken her up on this suggestion; Celestia hasn't said why, but Luna explained that she feels it should be obvious to anyone.
  • Fluttershy hasn't visited the House of Beasts much since their ascension, apparently because she doesn't want to bother Celestia if she doesn't have to, though there are rumors that it's actually because she's scared of Luna giving her a hug. That said, that only lasted for the first couple pf months before new deities drew her attention and overrode her nervousness.
  • Celestia smiled happily with tears in her eyes from afar when she saw Sunset Shimmer ascend, no longer her fallen pupil. However, while Celestia did want to greet her personally, she also understands that in order for Sunset herself to feel fully forgiven, she needs to be the one who makes the first move. As such, she waits patiently for that day to arrive.
  • Luna feels sympathy for Queen Elsa, especially after hearing her famous song. As it was, both of them have powers that had the potential of instilling fear in others. Also, while Luna only (once) feared the negative things others thought of her, Elsa experienced them firsthand.
  • They have often played games on their days off, though when they play it is quite similar to Matt and Pat.
  • Volcarona acts as a replacement sun whenever Princess Celestia isn't feeling well and can't raise the sun. In addition, the Pokémon formed the Sun Quartet with Celestia, Utsuho Reiuji, and Amaterasu to combat Baldez (later Yami) and Nightmare Moon should they ever decide to keep the Pantheon in eternal night.
  • Celestia has earned the ire of Frieza's brother Cooler. This may be due to Cooler's experiences with the sun.
  • Slaanesh shows interest in Celestia for some reason.
  • They are rather nice deities most of the time, but that doesn't mean they'll take things lying down. Celestia in particular is known for being… explosive. Just ask Chrysalis during one of their previous battles. She didn't get those holes and warped horn naturally after all.
  • Curiously, Luna is one of the few deities that can see Osmosis Jones without having to shrink down her size or see him through a microscope. She has apparently seen him sometimes when she is traveling through dreams, often teaming up to resolve whatever nightmare the dreamer is having.
  • Having had a prior experience of accepting her guilt of her past, Princess Luna decided it would be useful to face them (again) in the TV World (after hearing of the Cutie Mark Crusaders' trips there), and entered it with The Investigation Team. Due to how Personas work in the Pantheon, as well as to limit hat Nyarlathotep can do with them, she…failed to get one. She has no issues with this, though since moving on with her trauma is much more important.
  • Freddy Krueger once made the HUGE mistake of trying to instill fear of himself in the hearts of young ponies, including the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Luna showed him that that is a bad idea, before giving him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Since then, Freddy has sworn to get revenge on the princess, before taking over the dreams of all the little ponies. Luna on the other hand, not only made it her personal mission to prevent this, but is also collaborating with the rest of the GUAG to put a stop to him and free the souls of children he has already victimized.
  • After his recent stunt with the Bearers of Harmony, the Princesses have officially declared war on Lord Brevon for his nearly-successful attempt to take out all of its bearers. In retrospect, there are those that think Fluttershy being the successfully-kidnapped one was for the best, as not only did that make it personal for Discord, but if it had been Twilight who had been taken and mutated into a monster, there would've been a great chance that he would've successfully taken both (and Princess Cadence and Shining Armor) on and come out on top with his ruthless genius and an equine shield.
  • After an incident when Celestia and Luna switched Cutie Marks, gods were freaked out to find out that Celestia had her own Super-Powered Evil Side known as "Daybreaker", which is what happens if she lets loose and lets no one stand in her way. Many pray that she never becomes that side.
  • Celestia would often prepare pancakes once every morning. Usually, the first one to get some of them is Nora Valkyrie who can't get enough of her pancakes.
    • This made her get along well with the wrestlers who call themselves The New Day, since they're known for their love of pancakes as well (And they're bronies so there's that). Gods are now fearing what would happen if Trollestia and The New Day got together.
  • Princess Celestia has a love for the theater...just not the acting skills for it.

Tyranitar, Divine Representation of Those who Emulate Godzilla (The Armor Pokémon)
Mega Tyranitar 

Lesser Gods

Gilda, Goddess of Griffons (G, Grizelda)

Pegasus, the Divine Winged Horse
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Horse, Pegasus named "Pegasus", Silent Snarker, The Trickster, Giant Flyer
  • Domains: Flying, Horse
  • Followers: Pegasus ponies, Blackjack
  • Allies: Hercules, Zeus, Phil, Aladdin, Zeus, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Sora, Percy Jackson, Derpy Hooves, Caeda, Sumia, Cordelia, Hinoka, Palla, Catria, and Est, Perseus, Krypto, Heracles
  • Rivals: Gilda
  • Enemies: Hades, Jafar, Medusa
  • Wary of: Princess Cadance
  • Distrust: Kratos
  • This pegasus was created by the King of Olympus, Zeus, as a birthday present to his son, Hercules. Many years later, he became one of his companions, as well as his steed.
  • It is believed that the pegasus was born from the decapitated gorgon, Medusa, after she was slain by the hero Perseus. The steed, it is said, was likely born from Poseidon raping Medusa, making him his "son". (Pegasus was very uncomfortable by this idea.) This steed is ridden by the legendary hero, Bellerophon, who had slain the monster Chimera. As for Medusa, "Pegasus" was very frightened of the gorgon and she wasn't the gorgon that his friend, Hercules, befriended.
    • He also found Rider, whose true name is Medusa, and was rather horrified when she summoned another pegasus by slitting her own throat and drawing the blood that formed the steed.
    • Perseus managed to ride one of the pegasi, though there were some inconsistency with this assumption. First, he heard that the race were driven to extinction by Calibos. Second, the one pegasus he rode was bigger, meaner, and black. And finally, he thought that there was one only and thought that it was birth from the body of Medusa after her head was cut off. Both of them gave up thinking about it, especially now that Perseus has his own Bellerophon reign.
  • Like Hercules, he was deceived by both Hades and Jafar into fighting Aladdin and his friends. Thankfully, they learned of their plans and stopped them, and he befriended the Magic Carpet.
  • He found many small pegasus ponies and some alicorns in the Pantheon. He is constantly being challenged by Rainbow Dash to see which one of the two is the fastest pegasus in the Pantheon.
    • He is a bit wary of Princess Cadance, though, because he was once tricked by Pain and Panic when they disguised themselves as a pink pegasus and lured him into a trap.
  • He heard there was a pegasus that aided Kratos in his journey to the Island of Creation, but it was killed during the journey. "Pegasus" doesn't want to let the God of War ride him and make him go through dangerous voyages that would get himself killed.
  • He enjoys the company of Princess Caeda and other pegasus riders. He heard how there were other pegasi in their home continent, where they were bred and raised to fight. They could be found in the parts of the continent ranging from the Kingdom of Macedon to the Kingdom of Hoshido.
  • He became a good friend of Percy Jackson, especially since he could appease him as the son of Poseidon, god of horses in the Greek pantheon. He also found out that Percy also befriended another pegasus named Blackjack, but since the latter is not in the Pantheon, he allows Percy to ride him when needed.
  • Gilda doesn't like him and would sometimes give "Pegasus" a hard time. He knows that Hercules met a gryphon before, but he never truly met that gryphon himself.
  • When Sora returned to the Colosseum — and when Hades sent the Hydra to destroy the Colosseum and kill Hercules — he aided Sora in order to reach the creature and destroy it.
  • He thought that Heracles was his friend, Hercules, but it was the god-king of the horses instead. Still, the two horses get along just fine.
  • He is often compared to Krypto the Superdog, in being the animal sidekick to their heroic owners. In fact, the comparison of the two could be very noticable, much like with Hercules and Superman.

    Reisen Udongein Inaba 
Reisen Udongein Inaba, Goddess of Lunar Rabbits (Lunatic Moon Rabbit, Udonge, Suppository, Useless Little Bunny Only Good For Her Sex Appeal)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Two glowing red eyes superimposed over a full moon
  • Theme Song: Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lunar Rabbits, Illusions, Red Eyes, Long Hair, Mind Manipulation, Laser Eyes, Finger Guns, Looking Down on Humans
  • Domains: Bunnies, Lunacy, Magic
  • Masters: Eirin Yagokoro, [[{{Specialized Narratives Kaguya Houraisan]]
  • Followers: Kurousagi
  • Allies: Lelouch Vi Britannia, Bugs Bunny, Scott Summers, Hibari, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Tewi Inaba
  • Former Mentor: Itachi Uchiha
  • Enemies: The Rabbit of Caerbannog, Springtrap
  • She is a former follower of Bugs Bunny, but as Bugs has occupied a lot of Houses already, she became the Goddess of Bunnies until being moved here.
  • Is very glad about her ascension. Rather sick of being the Butt-Monkey when she served Bugs, she threated to use her Lunatic Red Eyes to drive the next person who mocks her insane. However, she quickly found out that her powers don't affect deities higher than her, so it was a bit of a meaningless threat. Her main everyday duty involve making rounds through every House, peddling her master's medicines.
    • However, Itachi Uchiha, took Reisen as a student in the art of genjutsu, and has stated that, even though she does not possess the Sharingan, she may, with enough training, be capable of using the Tsukuyomi note . Around the time when Itachi was placed in the Fallen, Reisen had develop her technique long enough to affect higher powered gods, but only if they push her that far.
    • She has also started training under Scott Summers in order to improve her ability to shoot danmaku (particularly lasers) out of her eyes. While her true strength is firing them from her Finger Gun, she is making some progress.
    • Recently, she have been known to use a technique similar that of Izanagi. Whether Itachi have taught her that is still in question.
  • Hong Meiling has been the only thing keeping her from being more abused. Fortunately for Reisen, her abuse started to slowly disappear so that even after Meiling became a goddess of Gate Guardians, she didn't have to worry about much.
  • She once had a nightmare about being skinned and boiled alive in saltwater, to be later eaten by Alice. Reisen now avoids her like the plague.
  • Was formerly the Goddess of Bunnies, but was moved out of that position. She then became the Goddess of Lunar Rabbits, ostensibly a position better suited for her.
    • However, her role switch did not go without problems. When Rabbit entered the Pantheon, The Rabbit of Caerbannog tried to kill him in order to become the God of Rabbits, thinking that Reisen was gone for good. However, Reisen blasted the Rabbit of Caerbannog into pieces before anything would happen.
  • Some time ago, a certain animatronic rabbit came up to her to scare her, causing her to blast him into oblivion. She threatened to do it again if he tried the same thing again.
  • Widely disliked among Touhou deities, among others, for running out on the Moon armies in the middle of a war. Her master and teacher, Eirin Yagokoro, knows quite a bit more about her defection than she lets on, but prefers to keep silent on that matter.
  • To the surprise of some gods, she seems to get along fine with Hibari. This is to the point that Hibari has even summoned Reisen to help her couple of times. Once Hibari told her the truth about her eyes, Reisen has started to train her on mastering the art of Mystic Eye. While Reisen is rather harsh to Hibari when she fails, the latter says that she doesn't mind the lecture.
  • Some hungrier gods once came to her asking whether she could make some mochi. As it turned out, she could, and since then, she occasionally makes some to send to the House of Food.
  • Reisen have mixed feelings about fighting against the moon recently. Considering she might have to fight against her former owner, that feeling is justified. It sure doesn't improve her image as a traitor, though.
    • Fortunately for her, not only did she avoid going to outright war against them, she also managed to save them.
  • Thank to Tewi, her temple has been safe from the threat of the Killer Rabbit. They still have a hostile relationship.
  • It should be noted that Reisen is starting to feel less like a Lunar Rabbit and more like a regular youkai rabbit, though many doubt that she will drop her title so easily.

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