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The House of Piracy is an island with a large harbor, the seas containing various intact and wrecked ships. Docked is the S.S Pantheon Scourge, the most powerful pirating ship in the pantheon. Split off from the House of Thieves, there's a certain romanticizing of the pirate life, though the more modern pirates tend to be cynical and/or ruthless. Gods like to pride themselves on how much pirate booty they have, and while it prefers an old timey aesthetic modern commodities like internet access are there for cyber-pirates.


Because there are so many pirates here, it is impossible to bury treasure effectively without some other pirate stealing the loot. The island is marked a skull and bones, only with devil horns and an angel halo given this is for pirate deities. There are three billboards saying "No law enforcement allowed!", "One Piece deities, don't bother looking for said One Piece here, trust us we looked!" and "No, we aren't The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, stop asking!"

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Intermediate Gods

Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, God of Pirates With Beard Motifs (Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, Marshall D. Teach, Rider, The Pirate All Pirates Fear)
Historical depiction of Blackbeard

    Flying Dutchman 
The Flying Dutchman, God of Ghost Pirates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A green skull symbol with knives as crossbones
  • Theme Song: Flying Dutchman's Grave, Malleus Mallificarum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ghost Pirate, Flying Dutchman, Spectral Psychopomp, Peek-a-Bogeyman, Comedic Nightmares, Standard Pirate Attire, Sickly Green Glow, Superpower Lottery, Single Colored Ghosts, Large Ham
  • Domains: Specters, Frights, Deals, Ghosts, Pirates
  • Followers: Los Dark, Captain Liliana The Black Pirate, LeChuck
  • Allies: Oswald Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Thaal Sinestro, Spooky, Pitch Black, Death(Regular Show), The Fazbear Gang, Spinal, Beetlejuice, Gengar
  • On speaking terms with: SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Jack Skellington, Danny Fenton
  • Enemies: The Incubators (one-sided), Jack and Maddie Fenton, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jack Frost, Dark Danny, King Boo, the Ghostbusters
  • Opposes: Massive cheapskates like Mr Krabs, the Reagans and Mr Burns, The Amoeba Boys, Peter Pettigrew, Freddy Krueger
  • Opposed by: Squidward Tentacles, Isabela of Rivain
  • Fears: Void of the Godhand, Beerus
  • Under the sea in Bikini Bottom lies a strange specter known as the Flying Dutchman. A Ghost Pirate, it is said that his corpse was used as a mannequin in a clothing store window, and as such he is never at rest. Time and time again he haunts and frightens the people of Bikini Bottom. That being said, when SpongeBob and Patrick get involved his frights can the rails.
  • Has a varying relationship with SpongeBob and Patrick. While he can end up being an enemy with them like in "Shanghaied" where they were incompetent forced shipmates, they've also helped out when SpongeBob brought his groove back. This has been unfortunate for Squidward who's still scared silly of him.
  • While scary and somewhat malevolent, he more enjoys scaring and frightening people over killing them, even if he can be a real jerk about it. He gets along pretty well with Oswald Thorn and Jack O'Lantern, and try their best to spook and scare. He likes the idea of having a Sinestro Corps ring, however Sinestro has told him he has to try better and being scary if he's to have a shot at getting one. He does try his best.
  • Particularly skilled at making fancy rope knots, however he hasn't worn shoes for over 5000 years and as such can't help with shoelaces. Instead he uses his lucky sock, which he values deeply and will grant wishes for it. Just be careful because he gets a wish too.
  • Appreciates those skilled in bringing frights as a job, such as Pitch Black and Jack Skellington. With the former he's troubled Jack Frost on a number of occasions. However he isn't fond of those bad at it; the Amoeba Boys wanted to work for him, but were terrible at it. Also while he's impressed by Freddy Krueger's skills at fear, he opposes his murdering.
  • A good friend of Davy Jones, a fellow undead pirate who doubles as a Psychopomp. The Dutchman helps maintain his locker where he stuffs bad souls after their death. Also works well with Spinal, who's helped to maintain his ship. Less so with Isabela of Rivain, who he hit on to her displeasure and in spite of his wedding ring.
  • Is terrified of the Godhand member Void, as it reminds him of when SpongeBob shaved himself. He became even more scared learning about Void and Berserk as whole, stating that "there's a difference between "scary" and SCARY". Beerus frightens him as well due to learning he could destroy ghosts.
  • He does deals with people's souls, though with the Incubators he's gotten less income much to his discontent (not that they notice him). Sometimes he competes with Death from Regular Show in a friendly competition, occasionally drinking when they get cheated out. However, those who are cheapskates in deals upsets him, like when Mr. Krabs gave up SpongeBob for 62 cents. Eliza and Neal Reagen were even more intolerable, and Mr. Burns even cheaper. Plus with Krabs there are way too many people to claim his soul already. Peter Pettigrew really repulses him due to selling out his friends to save his own skin.
  • Has good camaraderie to his fellow ghosts. He loves to work with Spooky, and can sympathize with her desire to be taken seriously. He's seen joining in with Gengar's pranks. However, there are some ghosts that give him the creeps. While initially liking King Boo, learning of his omnicidal mania led him to declare the Boo insane. Like most ghosts, he thinks Dark Danny is horrifying, and will briefly team-up with Danny Fenton to stop him.
  • Though not strictly a ghost, him and Freddy Fazbear seem to get along. This might be in part being reminiscent of Foxy the Pirate.
  • As with all ghosts, he opposes the Ghostbusters. Was rather concerned to learn Jack and Maddie Fenton had arrived to help them out even more.
  • Can also be found in Ghosts


Lesser Gods

Arfoire, Goddess of Evil Digital Piracy (The Deity of Sin, Magiquone, Eno, Arfork, Arbore, Arsnore, You Again? Go Home!)
  • Lesser Goddess (It varies. Sometimes, she's a Lesser Goddess, sometimes, she's an Intermediate Goddess and sometimes, she's a Greater Goddess. The reason for this is that just like the other goddesses from Neptunia, her power level varies depending on her level of shares)
  • Symbol: A flash cart (either the R4 or Magic CFW)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Digital Piracy, Sexy Evil, Invincible Villainy, Omnicidal Maniac, Pale-Skinned, Dark-Haired Women Who Look Like Witches
  • Domains: Digital Piracy, Evil
  • High Priest: CFW Magic/Magic the Hard
  • Allies: Noah Kaiba, Lord Brevon
  • Enemies: the CPUs (Especially NEPTUNE), Histoire, The CPU Candidates (Especially Nepgear), The rest of the House of Technology (Lain in particular), Lan Hikari, Litchi Faye-Ling, Link, Master Chief, Kratos, Segata Sanshiro, Seto Kaiba, BMO, Sash Lilac
  • Ascended after she was snuck in by the God of Virtual Ghosts, Noah Kaiba, who brought her in to help him steal data from KaibaCorp HQ. When she was told that the Goddesses were not around, she was glad to have them gone so she could fight unopposed, unaware that others would act on their behalf.
  • Has clashed often with Link, who acts as a herald for Blanc/White Heart. Master Chief and Kratos assist him at times, acting as heralds for Vert/Green Heart and Noire/Black Heart, respectively. Along with them, Segata Sanshiro has acted as a herald for Neptune/Purple Heart, being her toughest opponent yet.
  • There are rumors that she is either an Evil Counterpart or the Dark Side of Litchi Faye-Ling made manifest, thanks to the overall sexy she emitted and her voice, some say that if she confirms to the rumors of her being so obsessed that she will destroy anything for her goal, Arfoire will completely consume Litchi. The rumors have yet to be confirmed, but even if she's not a console personification, Arfoire already hates Litchi for her kind disposition.
    • A certain development seems to show that this rumor is about to get busted as false, but Arfoire remained calm... there's still a small hope for her that things will go south later for Litchi and her personality anyway and that'd be the time she consumes her. Arfoire also nearly succeeded, when Litchi once again got into Relius Clover's side... but her hopes were yanked the moment Wesker and Ocelot backstabbed Relius, and it turns out Litchi did not go through her Face–Heel Turn fully, all of it being Ocelot's plan. She decided to bet one last strike... by ambushing Litchi when she put herself on trial within the Midnight Channel, and gets obliterated both verbally and physically by Litchi, who has gotten a firmer hold onto herself and her good side. At that point, Arfoire had to acknowledge that she wouldn't succeed in this term and left her alone, choosing to concentrate more onto fighting the CPU.
  • Despises Sash Lilac, because she reminds her of her arch-nemesis, Neptune.

Balthier, God of Sky Piracy (The Leading Man)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His gun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sky Pirate, Gentleman Thief, Younger Than They Look, Looking Like David Bowie, Serving as the Ivalice Counterpart of Han Solo, Thinking of Himself as the Leading Man, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Dormain: Theft, Adventure, Piracy.
  • Herald: Fran
  • Followers: The Blue Rogues, Captain Celaeno, Captain Shakespeare
  • Allies: Ashe, Robin Hood, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Tron, Jareth, Crash Bandicoot, Kyoko Sakura.
  • Unlikely Ally: Guzma
  • Rivals: Birdie
  • Enemies: Cid, Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Carmelita Fox, Queen Chrysalis, Neo Cortex, Prince Hans, Count Olaf, Team Rainbow Rocket (Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre).
  • Opposes: Mad Scientist gods in the Pantheon.
  • Expy of: Han Solo
  • Rumor has it that Balthier may have broken-ties with a mad scientist. So far, Interpol has spoken with every one of them on the Pantheon, and none of them have even heard of him.
  • His first encounter with Shanoa was bit hard on her part, as Balthier reminds her of a person she knows called Albus in appearance, causing Shanoa to go trough multiple emotions raging from anger and sadness. Eventually the two of them were able to get over it.
  • Being a living legend on the pantheon, Balthier is one of the few gods who can actually get Sly Cooper and Nathan Drake to get along in his presence, if only temporary.
  • His hatred of mad scientists has gotten Balthier a Hate at First Sight towards Courtney Gears because of her alliance with one, as well as testing a biobliterator laser on a live subject after kidnapping him. In fact, he overheard her goal to work with Clu in the hopes of taking control of all the robot and program gods, and has sent a message to Tron to pre-warn him.
  • Because of his amazing resemblance to the late singer, a lot of deities and visitors have mistaken Balthier for one of the many alter egos of David Bowie.
  • Balthier has bonded with Crash Bandicoot over their mutual dislike of mad scientists.
  • He absolutely despises parents who've become obsessed with research to the point of insanity and child neglect, given he was a victim of one himself.
  • Balthier is on negative terms with Prince Hans on account of him constantly trying to marry into a royal family and then commit regicide to become a king. Ashe was one of the candidates, after all. It is the Leading Man's job to protect unmarried queens from princes with a negative history.
  • He's definitely not pleased with Giovanni using the Ultra Beasts to recruit villains who succeeded in their various plots of rebooting the universe (Cyrus), unopposed dictatorship (Ghetsis), or just destroying their world altogether (Lysandre), and try to use them to replicate their success elsewhere. As Balthier would put it, "dangerous things will happen without a leading man".
    • He's oddly enough, on neutral terms with Guzma. Both oppose Team Rainbow Rocket, and are very appalled by Lysandre trying to use the Ultimate Weapon in other worlds. On the other hand, Balthier isn't willing to lend his support to Lusamine, whom Guzma idolizes, given she reminds him too much about his own father.

    Black Manta 
Black Manta, God of Ruthless Modern Pirates (David, Devil Ray)

    Isabela of Rivain 
Isabela of Rivain, Divine Saint of Sexy Pirates (Naishe - her birth name, Queen of the Eastern Seas, The Sharpest Blade in Llomerryn)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Dual Daggers, Backstabber and Heartbreaker
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Captain Of The Siren's Call And A Skilled Duelist, Rivaini In Origin, Attracted And Has Slept With Men And Women, The Casanova, Clingy Jealous Girl, Dark and Troubled Past, Four-Star Badass, Dual Wielding, Double Entendre/Innocent Innuendo/Un-Entendre, Hidden Depths, The Hedonist/Ethical Slut, Despises Slavery, It's All About Me, Knife Nut, Ms. Vice Gal
  • Domains: Piracy, Duels, Daggers and Knives, Vice
  • Followers: The Crew Of the Siren's Call, Sophia "Riptide" de Medici
  • Allies:
  • Opposed By: Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage (due to Isabela's interest in Johnny), Liu Kang (due to Isabela's interest in Kitana), Geralt of Rivia (due to Isabela's interest in Triss and Yennefer), Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga (due to Isabela's interest in the both of them)
  • Mistaken For: Monet St. Croix
  • Enemies: The Phantom, and any evil pirate deities and those who support slavery and rape in the Pantheon, SCP-169
  • Rival: Risky Boots
  • The rebuilt Siren's Call made port on the Pantheon's docks. Emerging from the ship, in her signature white tunic with the blue sash around her waist, and leather boots, blue bandanna holding her hair back, is the alluring - and (in)famous - Rivaini pirate captain, Isabela. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Eastern Seas has come to the Pantheon...legally, as she had accepted the ascension.
  • Hawke, Varric and Merrill were present on the docks to greet their ally and to congratulate her on her ascension. On her first night in the Pantheon, they had taken Isabela to a bar. Thankfully, violence did not ensue...this time around.
  • Has a rather colorful history with the Warden and his crew. Depending on the records, she was involved in a threesome with both the Warden and either Alistair, Zevren or Leliana or even with both of the latter. No one would dare clear up the misunderstanding, though Leliana admitted that she did indeed sing like a nightingale when it happened. She is still thinking of ways to get Morrigan on the fun, but the witch has been stubborn.
  • Isabela has quite the past on her. Her real name was Naishe. The name 'Isabela' came from the first pirate captain she had served under, as she was his 'little beauty.' It would become her alias.
  • She has a severe dislike of slavery. As she herself was one when she was younger, due to her Viddethari-born mother selling her when she refused to convert. The man who her mother sold her to was her husband, who saw her as his 'plaything.' It also didn't help matters that he would have Isabela 'entertain' some of his associates. It was also the reason why Isabela allowed him to be assassinated.
  • Despite her stance against slavery and rape, she is still a pirate. The Phantom despises pirates with a passion and he can add Isabela to the list. Despite the fact that one of the past Phantoms had married a pirate in the past, that one hates then all the same.
  • Isabela finds herself on the radar of Oberyn Martell following her soundly thrashing his three heralds/daughters, the Sand Snakes (Obara, Nymeria and Tyene) in a three-on-one fight. Oberyn himself had witnessed the fight, Isabela reminding the Dornish deity of Sarella's mother, who was also the captain of her own ship. The fact that she is bisexual and hangs around the House of Lust's brothels is the icing on the cake. Not since coming to the Pantheon has a woman captured his interest....or his loins. So much so that he vows to take Isabela to his bed.
  • Of course, this is before his sister-in-law can beat him to it, as Daenerys Stormborn is also bisexual. Now the Red Viper and the Mother of Dragons are in competition to see who can seduce Isabela first. They have their work cut out for them.
  • Isabela has heard of Oberyn and his sister-in-law's intentions to bed her. She has seen the both of them and welcomes the challenge.
  • Isabela has also drawn the unwanted attention of Sonya Blade and Cassandra Cage in regards to Johnny Cage. Isabela thinks that Johnny is hot, much to the ire of his daughter and ex-wife. "I can see why your daughter is against my intentions," Isabela had said to Sonya, her tone smug, "but why do you care? He is your husband no longer. Unless you still carry some feelings for him." But Sonya and Cassie are not the only ones who oppose Isabela due to her roving eye.
  • As she is bisexual, she can be seen at the House of Lust's brothels. And given that she is a pirate, she can be seen at one of the House of Crime's many bars, getting into fights when she's not drinking.
  • Isabela is known as 'the sharpest blade in Llomerryn,' something that she takes great pride in. She is a master duelist, her weapons of choice are her daggers, appropriately named Backstabber (in her right hand) and Heartbreaker (in her left hand). Hawke, Varric and Merrill can attest to her skills with the blade.
  • Isabela has a friendly rivalry with Captain Jack Sparrow. This is after they tried to steal the other's loot and the ensuing swordfight ended in a draw. Jack is one of the few pirates that Isabela truly respects.
  • Johnny Sfondi and his first mate, May, are two more whom Isabela is on good terms with, despite Johnny being a notorious womanizer and Isabela's tendency of screwing Anything That Moves.

Locus, God of Intergalactic Pirates (Monster, Samuel Ortez)

    Risky Boots 
Risky Boots, Goddess of Dressing Like a Pirate (Queen of the Seven Seas, Captain of the Tinkertub, First Mate of the Pirate Master)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her skull bra and hat
  • Leitmotifs: Risky Boots, this when in battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral when teaming up with Shantae
  • Portfolio: Unnatural Skin Color Due To Dark Magic, Abuses Her Tinkerbats, Relishes In Being A Pirate Queen, Loves Fighting Shantae, Learned To Develop All Sorts Of Devices, Knows She Is Sexy And Shows It, Uses Both A Scimitar And Gun, A Pirate Formerly Under The Pirate Master.
  • Domains: Piracy, Theft, Evil.
  • High Priestess: Captain Syrup
  • Allies: Edward Teach, King K. Rool, Captain Hook, Archie, Basco ta Jolokia
  • Rivals: Isabela of Rivain, Jack Sparrow, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Donquixote Doflamingo, Davy Jones
  • Enemies: Shantae, Rottytops, Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, The Genie, Aladdin, Aladdin the Magi, Donkey Kong, Peter Pan, Will and Elizabeth Turner, King Triton, Sakazuki, Popeye, Sarah Fortune
  • Opposes: Euron Greyjoy.
  • Risky Boots is a feared pirate captain that leads her Tinkerbat crew against Shantae and her friends. She might not be able to use magic, but with her brains, crewmen, and trusted blade she is none the less a dangerous foe of the half-genie hero. Despite her strings of defeat at the hands of the half-genie runt Shantae, the scourge of the seven seas refused to admit defeat to her main enemy, plotting her ascension into the Pantheon's fabled home of pirates.
    • While she simply scoffed at Rottytops ascending, she was actually furious when she learned that, because of Rotty and her heralds' actions, they saved Shantae from being consumed by her polarized dark magic. Risky will make sure that Rotty will be spanked extra hard, before being deprived of her precious coffee and turn into a "good, nasty" zombie like the rest of her non-sentient kind. Though as shown in Seven Sirens with the entire Half-Genie Festival trap, she is willing to use her enemies to place herself in a better position
  • Brandishing her title, status, and role as pirate queen she met all sorts of rogues and thieves in the house that Risky feels like she belongs in. Many deities considering her both a rival and ally in crime, even wanting her to join in for a bottle of rum as they sing about the pirate's creed till the night is done in the docks of the Pantheon.
  • Naturally, she wasn't thrilled about seeing that genie runt Shantae again knowing she would do everything in her power to stop Risky's overall dream of domination over the seas. While having been defeated a few times that would not deter Risky Boots; giving up so easily isn't what feared pirates do after all!
  • She is aware of how easily men are distracted by her choice of clothing or rather a lack of it flaunting her curves to easily seduce idiotic pervs knowing they aren't aware of how dangerous she truly can be. Just ask her former master who's very skull is now her own bra.
    • Naturally, the latest attempt to corrupt the Genie World with dark magic puts her in opposition with several other genies such as Aladdin's friend and the Magi who can't believe how far Risky would go in order to defeat Shantae once and for all including nearly corrupting her. Risky doesn't care who gets in her way but eventually will crush any god or genie who defies the Queen of Pirates.
  • Edward wasn't sure if he could trust Risky considering what happened with her former master, so they both agreed that they would only aid one another against their enemies that would be the genie girl, Luffy, and the rest of the Straw Hats. Afterward, the matter of the treasures locked up in the Pantheon could be split between then least that is what they agreed upon not meaning it would actually happen.
    • Donflamingo, on the other hand simply saw Risky as another potential member of his family not wanting her to be above the (former) King of Dressrosa. They were at odds with one another, but Risky does admit she isn't fond of Luffy's crew much like Donflamingo.
    • Not only does the Straw Hat crew loathe Risky Boots, but another woman claiming to be a ruler of the seas has also voiced disapproval of Shantae's main adversary. In fact, the only female Warlord of the Sea refused to let some second-rate pirate steal her place as the Pirate Empress of the Pantheon.
  • After making allies with fellow pirate captains K.Rool and Hook, she wanted to begin a new kind of crew of several criminals united in order to seize power, treasure, and dominance over the enemies of such hated pirates like Donkey Kong and that "blasted" Peter Pan.
  • Striking another ally with the leader of Team Aqua, she wanted Archie's help in controlling Kyogre however he isn't going to let her in on that secret for his own benefit.
  • Risky does welcome an opponent like Shantae despite her persistence on beating her, so when Isabela challenged the Tinkerbat Captain to a duel, she accepted planning the sword battle only to lose. This likely wouldn't be the last time they would face each other, as Risky's pride was something she had to uphold above all else.
  • While she is at odds with Elizabeth and Will for being a ruthless pirate who is willing to endanger anyone for her goals, the nefarious Captain Jack Sparrow likes her spunk and grit. In fact, his offer to a playful "date" surprised some in the Pantheon considering the differences between both captains of the sea. While she turned him down he did leave a lasting impression on Risky while threatening to cut off his hand for stealing some gems from her ship.
    • As for Dave Jones, a tense situation was felt when he threatened to make her join his locker for all eternity if she crossed him. Risky felt a familiar sensation from her past when she had to put up with her former captain before helping Shantae put him down for good.
    • She is also very much against being in any kind of alliance with Euron Greyjoy once he admitted that he would likely end up sacrificing her once their partnership was done.
  • Triton wasn't ever fond of pirates in the first place, and when his wife had been killed by a pirate ship his heart seemingly closed on the human world. After learning about Risky's attempted kidnapping of his granddaughter Melody there were many bolts of lightning being cast in the house that the king resided in.
  • She isn't respected by any marine deities in the pantheon such as Akainu or Popeye.

    San Francisco DedSec 
DedSec, San Francisco chaptermembers , Divine Group of Hackers Accompanied With Skull Imagery (Marcus: Retr0, Marky Mark, Wrench: Reginald, Josh: Hawt Sauce, Horatio: Ratio, Raymond: Ray, T-Bone Grady, T-Bone)
Left to right:Wrench Junior (the robot), Wrench, Marcus, Sitara, Josh
Wrench without his mask 

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