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Buccaneer Island

The Hall of Piracy is an island with a large harbor, the seas containing various intact and wrecked ships. Docked is the S.S Pantheon Scourge, the most powerful pirating ship in the pantheon. Split off from the Hall of Thieves, there's a certain romanticizing of the pirate life, though the more modern pirates tend to be cynical and/or ruthless. Gods like to pride themselves on how much pirate booty they have, and while it prefers an old timey aesthetic modern commodities like internet access are there for cyber-pirates.


Because there are so many pirates here, it is impossible to bury treasure effectively without some other pirate stealing the loot. The island is marked a skull and bones, only with devil horns and an angel halo given this is for pirate deities. There are three billboards saying "No law enforcement allowed!", "One Piece deities, don't bother looking for said One Piece here, trust us we looked!" and "No, we aren't The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, stop asking!"

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Greater Gods

    Gol D. Roger 
Gol D. Roger, God of Pirate Treasure (Pirate King, King of the Pirates, The Great Pirate, Gold Roger)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Roger Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: Gregorian chant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Notorious Parent, Badass Normal, Benevolent Boss, Blood Knight, Greater-Scope Paragon, Gun And Sword, Leeroy Jenkins, Perpetual Smiler, Talk Like a Pirate, World's Strongest Man, Master Swordsman, Mysterious Middle Initial
  • Domains: Piracy, Adventure, Infamy, Camaraderie
  • Herald: Portgas D. Rouge
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Edward Newgate, Monkey D. Garp
  • Rivals: Charlotte Linlin, Kaido
  • Enemies:
  • Respected by: Sir Crocodile, Dracule Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo, Smoker
  • Approved by: Lucifer
  • Special Relationship: Gol D. Ace
  • The King of the Pirates himself, Gol D. Roger was a pirate that struck fear in the hearts of both rival pirates and the highest of governments alike. With his infamously powerful Badass Crew, the Roger Pirates sailed across the treacherous Grand Line several times over, reaching its end every time. But in their final voyage, the Roger Pirates found the true final island which they titled Laugh Tale (more commonly known as Raftel), and discovered all the secrets of the world there. The captain disbanded his crew afterward and surrendered himself to the World Government where he drew hundreds if not thousands of witnesses. Instead of being the symbol of oppression against piracy, Gol D. Roger instead used his final moment to tell the world that his ultimate treasure, the One Piece, was offered to anyone ambitious enough to find it. This kicked off the Great Age of Piracy where many entered the Grand Line with the hopes that they could become the Pirate King themselves. Upon ascending to the Pantheon, Roger is satisfied with what he accomplished and now finds entire universes to explore next on his list.
  • Gol D. Roger's character can best be described as "Luffy up to eleven", which is ironic since Luffy is the grandson of his historic rival, Monkey D. Garp. Roger is an ambitious and chaotic person, unwavering in his pursuit of adventure. Usually, Roger is similar to a child but when properly serious, he is a nightmare for anybody in his path. People would not have been surprised if he was the father of Luffy instead. Those who knew him personally thought he was a beyond a great man and those who only heard of his reputation could only recoil in fear at the insinuation of his legacy. Speaking of his power, even the extremely strong Four Emperors of the Sea have not phased him, even when Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido fought with other infamous pirates under the same crew. It should also be mentioned that Roger never ate a Devil Fruit and was terminally ill secretly the entire time. The point is that people ought to be nice when Roger is present, otherwise the poor bastard would not be able to comprehend their own death.
  • Roger thought a reunion with his son born from a secret affair with a woman named Portgas D. Rouge, would have been rather sweet. Instead, Ace wanted nothing to do with Roger as a result of Roger's legacy having lingered over himself for his entire life. He sees his true father as Whitebeard and wanted to make him King of the Pirates. Needless to say, Roger was particularly bummed out by this revelation that his son hated him. He wondered if Garp is the reason for his son hating him but Garp had to rail on Roger for him to understand.
    Roger: I think I'm pretty cool...
  • Roger wanted to meet this Monkey D. Luffy fellow after hearing about how much the young lad seemed to have grown to unsettlingly act like himself. However, Roger knows that he could not. The One Piece secret must be kept safe after all and if he wanted to have the aptly named Straw Hat Pirates go find the One Piece first to be congratulated for finding. And yes, Roger did notice that Luffy had the straw hat that he gave to Shanks. He mused that it is funny that history always liked repeating itself in both the worse and best ways.
  • Roger is a member of the D clan which is feared by the Celestial Dragons, head honchos of the World Government. He found out the reason why when finding Laugh Tale and has not disclosed the mystery to those who ask. If they want to find out, he said that they ought to go look for the truth for themselves. This is encouraging the ambitious but most would relent after seeing that they had to fight through A LOT of things to learn a simple common initially. For the hell of it, Roger began listing off random people to be holders of the will of D. We have Scott D. Woz, Kirima D. Sharo, Professor D. Hojo, Do D. Nuts...
  • Despite the disbandment of his crew, Rogers wanted to form a new one in the Pantheon out of a need for comradery. After all, exploring time and space is quite boring if you are alone after. He did not want to use the Roger Pirates name since it would be awkward after making waves on the crew's breakup. Instead, he created what would definitely be an original pirate crew that would be distinct from the Roger Pirates. Roger came up with the name the Neo-Roger Pirates which is completely original and nobody would mistake it for anything but his crew. What he ended up creating was a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that looked even odder than the original Roger Pirates crew and all eventually came to some degree of Undying Loyalty to their captain one way or another.
    • The first person who Roger ended up recruiting is someone with an unscrupulous history. That would be Hol Horse, a person while a ruthless mercenary is a bit on A Lighter Shade of Black when compared to his other mercenary compatriots under the employ of a certain vampire. Roger kept asking at bars for people to join his crew and ended up looking like he had the lamest pickup lines for the night. Hol Horse who ran low on cash at that time took the job Roger offered out of desperation. Never did Hol Horse think that Roger's definition of an "easy escort job" was helping him go find Smaug's lair to steal much of the dragon's treasures. Instead of being stealthy, Roger went to fight the dragon head which caused Hol Horse to shoot wildly in panic. What ended up happening is Hol Horse tipped over a rather large tower of gold onto Smaug's head, ending what Roger considered a fun duel. Even though he could have just made off with the half of the treasure they made off with, there was an inviting excitement that Hol Horse had throughout that escapade. In the end, Hol Horse said he would follow Roger to have more of these thrills, which Roger laughed happily at.
    • The two ended up stumbling across a rather shiny sword on the ground and Hol Horse tried to loot it. Instead, it was Excalibur, a rather... annoying creature who was so annoying that Hol Horse's expression was of (ﺧ益ﺨ). However, Roger never created such a face and welcomed the sword onto his ship as a crewmate. It was weird considering that regardless of Roger's standing, that Roger should have expressed the same brand of (ﺧ益ﺨ) annoyance as well. Roger would like to say that he would make that (ﺧ益ﺨ) face if he could with Excalibur around but he would be even madder if the sword did not stick around to go on merry adventures. With that, Excalibur joined the crew with the intent to annoy anybody who joined. He liked calling them fools, calling that to Roger the most but the pirate does not mind in the slightest. Meanwhile, Hol Horse wanted to kick out the barely useful thing at this point and did so several times, though Excalibur always returned as only Roger is allowed to kick him out]].
    • Although many of the members could navigate themselves just fine, Roger wanted someone to serve that role specifically. Roger found Mr. Krabs trying to experiment if he could branch out with Krusty Krab food stands. Roger loved Krabby Patties and offered Krabs to join the crew... as a chef. Krabs hearing about wealth jumped in for this venture and left the Krusty Krab to his two employees. Much to the Neo-Roger Pirates' horror, Krabs never cooked the Krabby Patties in his stand and was such an awful chef, that he created a monster that was meant to be an appetizer. It was unfortunate that Krabs revealed he was the chef of the S.S. Diarrhea afterward. Due to his experience as a pirate, however, Krabs was changed to be the navigator for the crew as he had a great scent for what Rogers called "adventure" (money).
    • Chef after being let go of his job (the district did not want to hire a Nazi zombie and a Scientologist for safety reasons), hopped around as a cook from job to job since he could never maintain steady employment. He would always sing about how he wanted to make love to a woman very loudly likely contributed to this. Roger met Chef after a temporary cooking job on a cruise went wrong and it all sunk to the bottom. Chef was found holding onto a piece of driftwood and Roger picked him up. It was when seeing Chef's cooking skills was when the captain asked Chef to join the crew, which Chef obliged as long as he could make love to women while he is pirating around. Roger gave Chef a satchel of gold and said that all the ladies are waiting.
    • Practically the most shocking addition to their crew was Lotor, the herald of the Galra Empire who had nowhere else to go as his father kicked him out of where he lived. Lotor was busy running from assassins sent by his father and out of pure luck, Roger was present and intervened with Haki-colored efficiency. Roger then took Lotor to his ship where Lotor voiced his troubles to him and Roger resolved to kick his father's ass. Showing up in Zarkon's place, Roger proved to be a superior fighter against Zarkon and humiliated the emperor. Zarkon then began listing off the crimes his son had done but the only thing Roger cared to hear about was the fact Lotor was a good pilot. So when getting back to his ship, Roger offered Lotor a place in his crew as the helmsman if he had nowhere else to go. Lotor is quite a selfish person and thought this was an opportunity to escape his messy circumstances, so he accepted out of convenience. The Galra prince went to learn how to pilot a more primitive vehicle but eventually mastered steering in due time. To Lotor's surprise, he grew to enjoy the company of his crew and though he found the prospect of being a pirate degrading initially, it became clear Roger was more of an adventurer than a pillager, and that he was a charismatic man on par with an emperor.
      Lotor: Maybe if I learn to make people faint by staring at them, I could overtake the captain.
      Krabs: Boy, I saw you almost cry from hitting your toe. Not that it means much when I shout *dolphin noise* when I hit something.
  • A person who was almost inducted to the Neo-Roger Pirates was Sora who has always wanted to sail the oceans since he was young. Technically he fulfilled that dream after becoming the Keybearer but there will always be that want. Roger was perfectly willing to have Sora on his crew as... something (he never decided on the role Sora would play) though Sora's current obligations against the forces of darkness. Even if Sora is across existence itself and if it takes a quadrillion years, the offer to be part of Roger's crew will remain.
  • Arthur Curry finds Roger as a friend of Atlantis after he defended its inhabitance from Black Manta when their king was away. As a friend of Fishman Island, Roger could not stand by as a group of armed people tried to invade an armed submarine. Even Black Manta was taken aback by how easily Roger managed to subdue his entire crew without touching them, then proceeded to take on Black Manta's laser head on where it brought only a light scratch. Though he cannot condone pirates as his city was just attacked by them, he thanked Roger nevertheless. He did have to put his foot down on Roger wanting to mark Atlantis as his territory to deter other pirates from trying to seize it.
  • Cervantes de Leon saw the power that Gol D. Roger held and wanted to absorb Roger's soul to gain the capabilities of Roger. His immortality can only do so much for himself, but upon seeing the Haki that Roger utilized, Cervantes thought that the Soul Edge was as good as his if he took Roger's power. He underestimated Roger a bit too much when boarding his ship and with a harsh slash from a normal sword blew Cervantes off the deck and into the ocean. Roger swam after Cervantes, brought him back to the ship, and tended to the pirate's injuries while apologizing for "going too hard" on the guy. Cervantes may want him dead but Roger does not want to morally crush a fellow pirate! Instead, Cervantes de Leon felt humiliated by the endeavor and jumped back into the ocean, having promised to go after Roger someday. Roger remained optimistic about the challenge much to his crew's dismay.
  • Tyrants from Big Brother to YHVH have all expressed certain fears towards those like Roger. Those who martyred themselves to future generations, having pushed them to free themselves from a world controlled by authoritarians. Many do not fear Roger's power (which is itself incredibly strong) but rather, what he can do to their authority over others. Authoritarians always have the need to control others and bringers of freedom are seldom loved by them. Roger just laughed at their fears towards him.
    Roger: Hah! I bet you have in your rooms and play pretend that you're the will of the universe itself! You cannot stop a person from their soul's desire for freedom! Even if I'm not around, people will toss you over since nobody wants to be under some buttheads like you!
    Lotor: Buttheads? Really?
    Roger: It's true though! I'm sure most of these guys have butts for heads!
    • For these reasons, Lucifer sees Roger as one of the greater champions of freedom out there. The man is charismatic and willing to go against entire nations without any reservations. The fact that so many authoritarians fear him speaks of how threatening Roger is to their rules. Lucifer wanted to manipulate Roger to be a champion of Chaos, but the man as foolhardy as he was, is not THAT dumb. Roger saw through his plans and refused to have his crew be coerced into some ideologically political warfare. That is precisely what Lucifer wanted to hear.
  • Guybrush Threepwood once tried looking for the One Piece himself but then gave up soon upon entering the Grand Line, getting his ship completely demolished by sea monsters and being stranded on a raft. It was then by pure chance that he washed ashore in front of the Neo-Roger Pirates who were sailing the Grand Line for the sake of adventure. Guybrush did his best to annoy Roger into telling him where exactly the One Piece is hidden but Roger kept saying no to him, telling the pirate to go find it himself. Guybrush was disappointed though thought Roger himself was a great man.
  • The Bone Cousins at one point were stowed away on Roger's ship with the hopes they could plunder his treasure (or at least Phoney was) and ended up being found by an annoying Excalibur. Instead of throwing them down the plank, Roger opted to have the Bone Cousins go on a few adventures instead. They were nearly eaten by dinosaurs, run down by skeletons, and giant robots trying to punch them. Roger wanted to formally invite the three into the crew and as much as they learned to respect Roger, no amount of treasure was worth risking their lives in such a way.
  • Gildarts Clive was mistaken as Shanks by Roger and even for a bit, continued to call Gildarts the boy he knew even after being repeatedly told by Gildarts otherwise. Having Gildarts hitch on his ship, Gildarts wanted to go after Acnologia who was sited on one abandoned island. Hearing how strong Acnologia was, Roger wanted to fight the dragon even though Gildarts warned him not to. Gildarts was a powerful wizard but he lost a limb to Acnologia, though that never deterred Roger. When confronting Acnologia, the dragon had its Anti-Magic abilities deter Gildarts but Roger started beating up Acnologia with his Haki abilities, which Acnologia is unable to defend against. Gildarts had immense respect and admiration for Roger afterward for how well he fought, though refused to do the obvious and join his crew. He was a member of Fairy Tail and a guild master at that, so those take priority over swashbuckling adventures. Unsurprisingly, being a father never came up in the responsibilities list too.
  • The Lich who only wants the destruction of all life had an interest in procuring the knowledge that Roger held of the Ancient Weapons after his trip to Laugh Tale. Considering that a single of these Ancient Weapons is enough to destroy entire nations, of course an Omnicidal Maniac wants it. The Lich tried to attack Roger himself after his crew sailed into his domain, complete with radiation flowing around. The Lich then attacked the Neo-Roger Pirates with Roger being inflicted with radiation sickness afterward. It took the entire crew to try to prevent the Lich from taking Roger and ironically, what forced the Lich overboard was a perfect shot from Hol Horse. Lotor steered the ship out of trouble and treated Roger from the radiation afterward, but the Great Pirate knew what the Lich was searching for. Their captain then told them that they should run as fast as possible from the Lich to not risk something that dangerous from leaking out.
  • Might Guy had impressed upon Roger with his Eight Gates technique which actually resulted in Roger having to truly push himself against a truly furious opponent. Might Guy in turn nearly went to open all of the Eight Gates to beat Roger but even he thought that was overkill. The two sat down to drink sake together instead of fighting to the point that they forgot why they fought in the first place.
    Roger: It's like someone made us fight to entertain people without rhyme or reason! Who does that?
    *DEATH BATTLE! sneezes*
  • Madara Uchiha has expressed interest in what the capabilities of Haki are and went to challenge one of the greatest Haki users, Gol D. Roger. Roger would have accepted it kindly but Madara wanted to push Roger to his absolute limits so that he may awaken Haki in the process. Thank goodness for Roger a good drinking buddy he met, Hashirama Sengoku, whined about a guy named Madara who kept wanting to fight him. It was a fortunate thing that Roger was not on his ship nor around civilization at that time, otherwise, all would have been cut down by Madara. It took Hashirama himself showing up to have Madara stop pursuing Roger and the surprise on Roger's face when the First Hokage took out a giant wooden statue to slap Madara around was one worth keeping a picture over.
  • Immortal God-Emperor uncharacteristically despises Roger because he sees so much potential in the man to unite the world as one. Roger had the charisma, the manpower, and ambition to seize the world but instead all he wanted to explore. If the God-Emperor was Roger, he would have all the cultures of the world under a great empire he formed to purge wars and corruption. Instead, Roger just pursued in his view, a pointless fool's errand that never benefitted anyone. Roger just laughed at that sentiment and called the Emperor an out of touch old man.
    Roger: Ha! And what would that accomplish for me? Will I and the D clan just reign over the world until some new shmucks come and throw us out? My accomplishments may only be shared with me and my crew but those memories are more fulfilling than the spoils of war! If you think the dream of adventure is for the foolish, then let them be fools! Let them live their lives in excitement than in chains you want to be placed on them! Because guess what? Dreams never end! Life is short and I think you've lived too long to see that a short-lived star is just as if not even more lasting than the oldest stars out there!
  • "Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger!"

    Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard 
Marshall D. Teach, God of Bearded Pirates (Blackbeard, Kurohige, Cherry Pie Man, Rat, Teech, Black Beard, Masuru D. Chocheh, Megabeard, Everything D. Teach)
  • Greater God, formerly Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Blackbeard Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: NOW MY HANDS GET!!!!
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Piracy, Beards, Darkness, Ambition, Treachery
  • Portfolio: Beard of Evil, Manipulative Bastard, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, The Fatalist, From Nobody to Nightmare, Perpetual Smiler, Darkness Powers, Hippo Motifs, Stereotypical Pirate Dressing, Fat Bastard, Cultured Badass, Tanking Damage, Dirty Coward, Born Lucky, Faux Affably Evil, Gonk, Gun Nut, The Heavy, It's All About Me, Not-So-Harmless Villain, The Sleepless
  • Heralds: The Ten Titanic Captains (Jesus Burgess, Shiryu, Van Auger, Avalo Pizarro, Lafitte, Catarina Devon, San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Doc Q, and a currently-unknown tenth...)
  • High Priest: Firebeard
  • Followers: Captain Ironbeard, Talon Redbeard, Captain Weirdbeard, She-Beard, Burger-Beard the Pirate, Yellowbeard, Redbeard Rum, Captain Greenbeard, Eynzahr Slafyrsyn, Deadbeard, Captain Rainbowbeard, Silverbeard II, Plaidbeard, Infra-Redbeard, Captain Spitbeard, Fleabeard, Captain Webbeard
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Shanks, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Megatron
  • Blackbeard is perhaps one of the most infamous titles ever given across history. Just the two words of black and beard together convey dread and fear to anyone (alongside the image of a person with a black beard). One such taker of the epithet is Marshall D. Teach, a former member of the legendary Whitebeard's crew and now Commodore of the Blackbeard Pirates. Not even having a bounty before becoming a very brief Warlord of the Sea, Teach's ambitions have been high since he was young. Presenting himself as a loyal pirate to his former captain, Teach was secretly plotting to have Whitebeard be only a stepping stone for his career once the Whitebeard Pirates found a Devil Fruit whose powers grant the users darkness and nab the Devil Fruit powers of others. He eventually ate the Devil Fruit from himself after killing his allies, to which Blackbeard then began amassing his new pirate crew with the most deadly criminals across the sea. By setting up the war that would take Whitebeard's life, Teach would take his former captain's Devil Fruit that causes tremors for himself, and was also given a handful of criminals who would serve as his Ten Titanic Captains. Taking over the territories Whitebeard held and becoming an Emperor of the Sea as a result, the name of Blackbeard went from nothing to one of the most fearful pirates ever. For this, Teach became eligible to enter the Pantheon under his namesake’s title.
  • Thanks to his epithet, Blackbeard gives himself the pseudonym of Edward Thatch to make sure people do not know it is him. He wants to take advantage of the Pantheon as best he could, to one day rise even above his already lofty position but there are too many eyes upon him now. One of Blackbeard’s greatest strengths is the unassuming nature he held for the longest time, now blowing itself out of the water due to his rise to power. This went to prove helpful against Whitebeard as Blackbeard said he is Edward Thatch, not the Blackbeard he knows of. Ace who went to die because of Blackbeard's machinations did not like the idea of his capturer who made him a stool to reach higher heights of power may be going free. Blackbeard is being VERY careful not to have Ace find out who he is, otherwise, Whitebeard may come to him ready to tremor-tremor punch Teach's face apart. Blackbeard may have Whitebeard's current powers but Teach cannot defend himself against the Haki his old captain has at all.
  • The commonality between those who held the D initial is still unknown but one undeniable truth is they are directly or indirectly responsible for great events at some point. Teach holding the Will of D is alarming as that means that he will not only one day oppose the Celestial Dragons but it means he will likely cause more ripples across the world in the future. Most recently, Blackbeard did cause a major incident by having his crew sack the Revolutionary Army's base without a doubt would start a conflict between his pirates and those rebels as well. Alarmingly, people notice that Teach is similar to Monkey D. Luffy in several respects. An initial nobody who went out of his humble island to become a great pirate, gathering a group of True Companions who loyally follow their captain. They both eventually become so infamous, they gather a fleet behind them and are seen as Emperors of the Sea. Whether they like it or not, Luffy and Teach will clash one day and the Pantheon is VERY nervous about the resulting battle.
  • Having eaten the Dark-Dark Fruit (or the Yami Yami no Mi as the hardcore otakus call it) and becoming a Darkness Human, Blackbeard's Devil Fruit powers operate differently than others of its kind. The darkness has qualities such as gravity behind it and by touching a Devil Fruit user nulls their powers as if they never have them. This extreme power makes Blackbeard's Devil Fruit rank as one of the greatest Devil Fruits if not potentially THE greatest but there is a drawback. Unlike other Logia Devil Fruit users, Blackbeard cannot become the element of darkness itself and forces himself to tank whatever it throws at itself. Blackbeard is lucky that he is very durable for a person, as a normal person would probably die from such blows. Practically the most valuable thing that people believe his Devil Fruit holds regardless of weakness is to take others' Devil Fruits as said previously. However, it is unknown if this ability is even part of this particular Devil Fruit's arsenal as Blackbeard is already seen as a pretty abnormal human being even beforehand, though there is an obvious connection. Blackbeard has seemingly no limit to the amount of Devil Fruit powers he could take, and he can even grant it to others.
    • Blackbeard went to question if he can take anybody's supernatural powers generally, so when he got to that weird tournament-style place that made him float up in the air awkwardly did Blackbeard find a candidate. Izuku Midoriya went to close in on Blackbeard, thinking his "Quirk" works the same way as a certain classmate's but found himself stuck in Blackbeard's darkness. It is then Midoriya's Quirk began screeching out to reject the assimilation Blackbeard is doing to it, causing both persons to be in surprise. All Might came in to save his student, though finds incredible disturbance in what Midoriya went through. Blackbeard holds interest in trying to absorb both of their abilities but after feeling that punch to the face, he feels he needs a better plan than the more direct method of showing up in a straight fight.
  • All of the Emperors of the Sea do not like Blackbeard but none more than Shanks. Shanks may be generally rather lax to everything he faces, even the force of the other Emperors but Blackbeard is an entirely different story. There is something about Blackbeard that makes Shanks tense, and it is not just due to the scars Blackbeard gave him across the eye. Even the heads of the World Government pertain a keen interest of the man, going even past his Emperor of the Sea status. Shanks warns people never to take Blackbeard lightly when his appearances speak otherwise too many. He is hot on Blackbeard's trail across the Pantheon, hoping that would lead him to the man and to stop whatever plans he has ready. For the record, Buggy always knew that Blackbeard is someone to watch out for the moment the name came to his ear. A guy who never sleeps is truly frightening.
  • Risky Boots has a resume that Blackbeard found impressive, so he went out of his way to invite the woman to have her crew as part of his fleet. However, Risky Boots went to refuse such a lucrative endeavor because if someone is going to rule the oceans, it will be herself and nobody else. Also, after being under the Pirate Master, it makes sense that Risky is not looking for new employment unless some really good short-term benefit can be found. Blackbeard whose ideals are similar to Risky's with conquering the world for themselves through manipulation and force makes him respect her. Blackbeard and Risky went to drink to celebrate some sort of weird ceasefire between their crews. The Blackbeard Pirates will not bother where she dwells until she can completely call it her territory. Only then will the ceasefire dissolve and the Blackbeard Pirates can engage with her like many other places they went to take over. Blackbeard still has the offer for Risky Boots to join his crew, though she is still confident that she will not sell herself out to him ever.
  • Cherry Pie is a favorite food of Blackbeard which to further contrast Luffy, the latter hates it. His passion for the food is so high, he goes out of hiding to eat the unique variations of the meal. One time upon seeing a cherry pie special at a café, Blackbeard went inside without hesitation (after some difficulty pushing the door). Upon hearing a girl by the name of Hoto Cocoa say to her friends the special should have been strawberry pie, Blackbeard went to punish her preferences by ordering ALL THE CHERRY PIES in the place. Needless to say, Cocoa became regretful on her statement upon seeing piles and piles of empty plates before her. Sharo Kirima who is a waitress in the café went to work herself to the bone trying to give the pirate his cherry pies until the shop ran out of them. Blackbeard left happily while leaving Cocoa a newfound fear for cherries (not enough to deter her away from eating them) and traumatizing Sharo enough to tempt her to leave the service industry. The service industry is now so apparent to her being humiliating and dehumanizing, she went that close to doing it even if it means she may become homeless. All of this terror because of a fat ugly bastard slurping down on all the cherry pies.
    Blackbeard: ZEHAHAHAHAHAHA! Give me another round and some wine too while yer at it!
    Sharo: I swear I will stuff cyanide into the pie if I have some on me...
  • King K. Rool and Blackbeard get along just swell due to their persistence in getting what they want. Of course, Blackbeard is the more ambitious and threatening between them while King K. Rool is pettier despite having some incredible firepower behind himself that could do much more damage. King K. Rool after finding no use in trying to steal a pile of bananas went ahead to make a giant laser cannon that is capable to blow up islands just to spite the Kongs. Needless to say, Blackbeard found the capabilities of such a weapon would reach maximum potential under his hands. Blackbeard went to ask King K. Rool to join his fleet but K. Rool would rather try getting back at the Kongs by stealing a Crystal Coconut or something along those lines. Blackbeard sent his men to find whatever K. Rool wants but all of them came back, saying that they were getting held back by a pair of apes. Blackbeard would surmise that maybe he went too quick with underestimating the Kongs who K. Rool faces.
  • Rafe Adler has ties to the Blackbeard Pirates, with him providing information on "interesting" places for Blackbeard to seize while in return, getting members of his crew to help him search for treasure. Blackbeard found it a fair trade, though he gave Adler the most middling crew members to serve as guards for him. Adler finds it a bit miffing that he did not get at least one Devil Fruit user on his team but found a new resolve on his circumstances instead. He now gets two new goals for himself: getting one up on Blackbeard by stealing a Devil Fruit for himself which would thus also prove his worthiness as a treasure hunter. He does not intend to upset the Blackbeard Pirates, only to essential prove how cool he is (when he is not a Drake would like to say). Meanwhile, Blackbeard pays more attention to the much more intimidating Zoran Lazarević where he provides him warmongering weapons.
  • Kirby can be the equivocal to Blackbeard as well when one points it out. This rotund creature with a big appetite having the power to give absorb the powers of others applies to both of them. You can also make a stretch of a connection with both Kirby and Blackbeard making many friends along their journeys—friends with a questionably high kill count to add. Blackbeard saw the pink puffball eating some cherry pie and went to ask if he could take a bit or better yet just have the pie entirely. Without hesitation, Kirby went to shove it in his mouth. The outrage over such disrespect made Blackbeard pull out his Devil Fruit powers but to his horror, Kirby began swallowing his darkness and almost pulling him in as well. Blackbeard knew he should not find a pink puffball scary but... there are some things that he saw in Kirby that scare him to death. Blackbeard went to the Dark Matter Horde to aid them in defeating Kirby because not only for the pie but actual concern that Kirby can cause significant damage to him eventually.
  • Xehanort found great similarity with Blackbeard, with using the power of DARKNESS and sheer cunning. As much as Blackbeard would like to brag about his accomplishments, he would admit that a good lot of his genius plans do not have a good backup if they fail. Blackbeard becoming an Emperor of the Sea is due to good luck on his side with Ace finding him instead of the original plan of arresting a certain Straw Hat, which thus went to get Whitebeard's attention. The amount of time Blackbeard's original plan to become an Emperor of the Sea would have gone on for a MUCH longer time otherwise. Xehanort admires the tenacity and ambition behind Teach, remarking that he sees that the pirate has the capabilities on achieving his dream. Xehanort's dream may not have come true but it does not mean it is not Blackbeard's era to shine.
  • Starscream who is an infamous traitor regards Blackbeard highly even though Blackbeard publicly interacts more with Megatron. Megatron found Teach held the aggressive values of the Decepticons despite being a human, which he found respectable. The Blackbeard Pirates and the Decepticons went to have a truce that allows the Decepticons to retreat and travel across the Blackbeard Pirates' territories as long as they do not interfere. Megatron does not intend to uphold that mutual agreement, intending to enslave the Blackbeard Pirates and everyone under their watch. Starscream sees that moment when the Decepticons would betray the Blackbeard Pirates as the perfect opportunity to defeat Megatron and usurp his place. Blackbeard knows that he will rely on Starscream to cut down a conflict that he does not want to have and will back Starscream if that day comes.
  • Diavolo found his drug business is much more difficult to manage as that Giorno who went to usurp him took his mob, he also logically took away those drug routes Diavolo uses so much. As a new way to transport drugs, Diavolo went to the Blackbeard Pirates with the hopes to split profits with them on the drug trade. Diavolo would provide the manufacturing of drugs while the Blackbeard Pirates will use their influence to distribute it. They would split the profits with each other and Diavolo would get a marginally lower pay than what he got beforehand, but it is better than no pay at all. The closest to Blackbeard went to recommend to just take the drug business outright from Diavolo's hands but Teach knows better than to do that. If anyone found his drug trade out, then he can pin it all on Diavolo. They have a Fall Guy for a marginally decent fee, a worthy investment to Teach.
  • Yuu Otosaka became a target for Teach as Yuu holds many special abilities under his belt that would be invaluable for Teach not only to have himself but to give to his subordinates as well. Plus, Yuu already has an ability similar to Whitebeard's Devil Fruit so adding that on top of his own would bring devastation across the seas. The Five Elders went ahead to prevent this by having Cipher Pol agents follow Yuu around. Not to have him Kidnapped from Behind because that would be conspicuous but to ensure that the young man remains not in the hand of a deadly enemy. While the World Government superiors believe that these orders are by the Five Elders' own will, in truth it comes from an even higher power who has an unsettling in Teach along with many others in the Grand Line.
  • Zorc wishes to plunge the world to darkness and finds that if he were to possess Blackbeard's Devil Fruit powers, he could do just that easily more so than he is already capable of. That is possible though Zorc first needs to kill Whitebeard, then search across the seas for the Devil Fruit in question. Needless to say, that is a bit impractical considering that Zorc is a Kaiju-size monstrosity and there will be countless adversaries on his back. Instead, Zorc when to align himself with Teach with the hopes to convince the pirate to lend his strength. Teach is not an Omnicidal Maniac by any regards though he considers Zorc's tenacity on outright asking if he could help bring about the apocalypse to be admirable. Blackbeard repeats a proverb he stole that your enemies should be close while your friends should be closer.


Intermediate Gods

    David Hyde/Black Manta 
David Milton Hyde, God of Ruthless Modern Pirates (Black Manta, Devil Ray)
Helmet On 
  • Intermediate God, Lesser God without his Suit.
  • Symbol: Black Manta's iconic helmet.
  • Theme Songs: The Black Manta, The Unseen, It's No Good by Depeche Mode
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ruthless Modern Pirates, Aquaman's Sworn Nemesis, Psycho for Hire, Cool Helmet with Heat-based Lasers, Power Armour That Provides Optimum Performance and Protection Against Undersea Pressure and Attacks, Scary Black Man, Killed Aquaman's Son and Loves to Remind Him of It, Usually Unrepentantly Evil, Is Incredibly Hyperviolent, Lack of Empathy, A Psychopath to his Core
  • Domains: Water, Hatred, Enmity, Villainy, Vengeance, Piracy, Depravity
  • Allies: The Joker, Cheetah, Vandal Savage, Blackbeard, Tidehunter, Castor Troy, Vaas Montenegro, Professor Zoom, Luthor Harkon, Cervantes de Leon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Orm Marius, Ursula, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Giovanni
  • Rivals: Captain Mako, Spinal
  • Arch-Enemy: Arthur Curry/Aquaman
  • Enemies: Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Barry Allen/The Flash, Shazam, The Crime Syndicate of America, Kingdra, Kunkka, Sean Archer, The Phantom, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Namor, Toriel, Asgore, Jack Sparrow, Ariel, Melody, King Triton, Tidus, Yuna, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, Sakazuki/Akainu, May, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Manaphy, Kyogre, Guybrush Threepwood, Ecco the Dolphin, Kevin Moskowitz/The Deep
  • Opposed by: House of Family and Relatives, The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Black Manta was once a notorious and bloodthirsty pirate in contemporary times before he decided to create a diving armor with the best available technology that could allow him to breate underwater indefinitely, gain augmented superhuman strength and durability, the ability to shoot searing lasers from the helmet's eyes, and carry along an assortment of weapons and gadgets. Manta became best known as the sworn nemesis of Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, and their enmity has been comparable to that of Superman and Lex Luthor, Batman and The Joker, and The Flash and the Reverse-Flash. Details regarding this relationship has been hard to pinpoint, but depending on which timeline is accounted for, Black Manta hates Aquaman for absolutely no reasonnote , or the latter played responsibility for the death of the former's father, giving Manta a more personal reasonnote . Regardless of this, Manta has seen himself getting involved in all sorts of supervillain organizations, fighting other heroes, and occasionally getting in general piracy and treasure-hunting activities, but his vengeance on his reputation towards Atlantis and its ruler remains his defining trait.
  • He ascended into the Pantheon as soon as he found out that Aquaman was a resident of these new realms as an appointed deity. Manta didn't waste any time and made preparations for his own arrival in the deified worlds. Per his own profession, Manta made his mark by arriving on a submarine in the Hall of Water and Moisture and pitted his time until a hapless sailor sailed by... after which Manta suddenly ambushed and killed the occupants alongside taking their belongings for personal use. He would then repeat the process until reports of missing sailors and ships started making headlines. Remarks and vague thoughts on his appearance, according to survivors, were what finally tipped many off on who the culprit was, and Aquaman was not happy, to say the least, knowing that whether it's their world or the Pantheon, his battle against Black Manta will never go away. And he means that.
  • With one of the bloodiest body counts, his suit boasting high technology, and being a renowned supervillain in his own right, Black Manta is one of the most feared pirates in the Pantheon and for various good reasons, much to Aquaman's displeasure. Such was Manta's reputation that several people have become influenced in some way or another; some were terrified of a modern vicious pirate prowling the Halls of Water and Moisture and Aquatic Life, seeing as he's willing to loot anything that can be valuable with a high success rate on his end or go into a killing frenzy just to spite his worst enemy. On the other hand, some criminals were impressed, even inspired by Manta's cruelty and viciousness that they've aspired to become modern pirates themselves. If his actions ended up annoying Aquaman even further, then Manta is more than satisfied.
  • Manta is perhaps most infamous for killing Aquaman's baby son during one of his rampages in Atlantis, and to public knowledge, this is what cemented him as each other's worst enemy. It stands to no surprise that he ended up becoming incredibly unpopular in the House of Family and Relatives. Furthering this is the fact that Manta himself has a son, Jackson Hyde, who instead chose to become a hero under the mantle of Aqualad. Manta's response to this was to brand his son an enemy and is more than willing to kill him if he gets the chance. Despite the House's negative stance on him, Manta has no intention of stopping his vendetta, even if Aquaman ends up being in said House. If the Heroic Protectors of Family are going to oppose him, so be it. They may as well make for a good bounty if that's worth something.
    • The Child Abuse Supporters had some conflicting opinions on Manta. While he would make for a good ally to have, provided he has gotten himself working in villainous teams before and are aware of his antagonistic relationship with Jackson, his crazed obsession with Aquaman was a worrisome notice for some who think that he would only join something if there's something involved with opposing the king of Atlantis. They eventually decided on providing Manta with a good sum of payment to keep him motivated, and while he did accept the offer, he stated that they better live up to their payment as he doesn't tolerate failure. If the Supporters fail, then he may as well consider attacking and looting them as well.
    • If there's one remotely redeeming quality to him, it's that he at least had a positive affection for his father and that later on, much of his enmity towards Aquaman stemmed from the fact that he killed his father when the latter and his son were conducting a pirate raid. In fact, Manta even built an AI robot with his father's consciousness and branded him the Mecha Manta. Unfortunately, the AI became dismayed by the depths of Black Manta's hate and insanity, instead choosing to defect and join Aquaman, an irony that hasn't been lost on anyone who's learned of this matter. Of course, Manta doesn't want to be reminded about this, lest he really wants to butcher someone in his vicinity.
  • His Arch-Enemy position is sometimes challenged by Orm Marius, who happens to be Aquaman's younger half-brother. He and Manta have worked together on a few occasions on opposing Aquaman, but nowadays, things have been getting more nuanced as Orm has edged out to being well-intentioned on a good day and even being affectionate for his brother. Manta doesn't like this occasion, to say the least, and often tries to find Orm on his worst days. The two make a formidable duo and can probably give Aquaman a fight for his life. That said, Orm is but a stepping stone for him. He wants to work with Ocean Master to defeat the king of Atlantis, Manta wants to be the only one to kill him. He'll even kill Ocean Master if it means he'll object to his desires, and as far as Manta is concerned, that'll be fine as he'll destroy Atlantis anyway just to further spite his nemesis from his grave.
  • To give out a demonstration of just how much Black Manta despises Aquaman, he will, without any warning, target any of his enemy's friends, relatives, or allies if he's able to, citing that nothing is worse than seeing your loved ones die and not being able to save them. Despite them having nothing to do with his situation, Manta once attacked May and Manaphy when they decided to meet with one another, solely because the two happened to be friends with Aquaman. While the Pokémon Coordinator and her surrogate son were able to fend him off, albeit with great difficulty and with the aid of a passing Kyogre, it didn't deter Manta in his pursuits whatsoever, only becoming more determined to kill the two. The king of Atlantis, while obviously aggravated by what Manta had done, was also happy and proud to see that May and Manaphy were able to stand their ground, and the two have since become a lot more cautious about the seas since Manta's more active involvement in making enemies and antagonizing others with his criminal acts. May is aware that Manta's ferocity is such that her full Pokémon team may not be enough to protect her, and that her friends, especially Ash and Misty, would be required to stand a chance. That said, those are odds that Manta wouldn't mind.
    • Speaking of Pokémon, Manta's availability in regards to dirty work in the coasts and seas generated interest with the Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. He was impressed with the determination and technological prowess that Manta possessed and provided him with a higher-than-average paying contract if he is willing to capture rare and powerful Pokémon and deliver them to Giovanni and his organization. Manta found the payment promising and was open to accepting it, though he has his own agenda, believing that killing any sea and coast-dwelling Pokémon would mean severing Aquaman of a potential asset, something that Giovanni finds that front to be a double-edged sword. He is ambitious enough to even consider hunting for any Legendary Pokémon that he could hunt and catch, though not out of Giovanni's loyalty, to lull it to his side, partly to spite his arch-foe, and partly to grant himself more power, fear and authority towards his enemies and rivals.
  • Outside of Aquaman, Black Manta also found himself in opposition against the denizens of Atlantica, particularly Ariel and her father, King Triton. It turned out that Manta's pillages have caused a great deal of disturbance and fear for much of aquatic life and the underwater populace. Learning of Manta's reputation distressed King Triton, thinking that he may be worse than Ursula was, urging Ariel to be careful in case she confronts him. Ariel once did try to convince him peacefully, only for Manta to respond by attacking her, mainly because she reminded him of Aquaman, and would have killed her, had it not been for Triton's interference. The two engaged in battle until Triton managed to create a diversion to inconvenience Manta long enough for him to escort Ariel back to safety. Though Manta was annoyed about not being able to finish off his fight, he asserted that he will return to finish off what he (and Ariel) started, despite Manta himself being the instigator.
    • The confrontation between Manta and the father-daughter duo caught the attention of their enemy, Ursula, who expressed intrigue in what many considered a predatory scourge to the Pantheonic Seas and Oceans. Through Ursula as a potential intel, Manta discovered that Ariel had a daughter, Melody, and decided to use this to his advantage. To that end, he kidnapped Melody, ambushed and stunned Ariel, and then forced Triton into a Sadistic Choice between choosing who to live between daughter or granddaughter. However, what Manta didn't consider was that Ariel and Melody had personal partners, which was when their Quilfish and Keldeo suddenly sprung out to fend off Manta. He quickly realized that a 5-1 battle would not bode well for him and darted off to recuperate his loss.
    • Speaking of Ursula, she thought that with Manta inspiring a great deal of terror, he would have made a great ally and that both desired revenge. However, Manta was too rash and obsessed with his goals to properly remain on amicable terms. In fact, things soured when he realized that Ursula was also enemies with Aquaman as he personally felt that the king of Atlantis is only his to kill. Even Ursula's attempts to convince him to specifically defeat Aquaman together aren't enough at times, mainly because he thinks killing him with assistance wouldn't be satisfying enough. Ursula simply finds Manta's mentality on the matter annoying, though the two are open to working together against other mutual enemies if possible. Though she does admit that Manta's brutal nature can creep her out at times.
    • He even made an enemy out of Ecco the Dolphin. Ecco has had his own moments of trying to save the oceans and most of the time, the threats he comes across are usually environmental or the acts of an evil animal or poacher. Manta being willing to kill many just to spite someone meant that such an enemy needed to be stopped as soon as possible. If it weren't for the fact that Ecco is friends with Aquaman and would gladly hang out and help him on an occasion or two, Manta wouldn't have really cared. The fact that Aquaman's telepathic ability to communicate with ocean life making them stronger gives Manta a bigger incentive to kill Ecco as he thinks that doing so would weaken his arch-foe, so in addition to spite, there's even a pragmatic reason behind it. Not that Ecco's stopping from opposing him anyway.
  • To his surprise, Manta found himself butting heads against Tidus and Yuna on a number of occasions, if mainly because either the latter two try to find a place where they can spend time together, with middling success, and/or the former's plunders and hunts just coincidentally end up with him running into them. While Manta was aware that they would be opposing him, with Tidus calling him out on his pettiness and stating that his daddy issues don't justify anything, considering Tidus's own experience with Jecht. Yuna mostly remains impartial to Manta, though she laments the decisions he's made in his life, something that he instead takes as an insult. He's careful enough when dealing with them, mainly because Yuna's position as a Summoner means that she has more power than he would normally handle on a regular day. Though with enough tinkering in is tech and learning enough about them, Manta is more than willing to fight and kill Tidus and Yuna if it means two less threats to worry about.
  • While he's not the only evil pirate in the Pantheon, he's also one of the more unruly, yet determined ones out of the bunch, with goals beyond just looting and collecting riches to amass his wealth and pride. And while he has a high level of infamy, it's also how he was able to learn about, and eventually come to a truce with Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard. They work under professional terms with Blackbeard offering Manta a piece of his treasury so long as the modern pirate accomplishes a task that the older pirate hands out. Furthering their relationship is the fact that Black Manta is usually successful and while Blackbeard has stated that he'll fight against Aquaman if need be, he respects Manta enough to let him pursue his vendetta, feeling as if he's more invested in finding the One Piece, something that Manta isn't really interested in. He also found a working relationship with fellow undead pirates, Luthor Harkon and Cervantes de Leon, who see Manta as a valuable ally to have when it comes to dealing with secondary and tertiary threats on their side. Given that the only rules in their partnership are to pay Manta well enough and to not interfere with his enmity against Aquaman, it works... mostly, as Luthor does desire to fight the king of Atlantis if only to sate his nature as a Blood Dragon, which Manta finds annoying. At least he sees them as more commendable allies than Ursula if it's any consolation.
  • He and fellow supervillain pirate, Captain Mako, has had a pretty notable rivalry with one another ever since they first met in the Pantheon. Most who know their comment that the two can make a fearsome duo and both of them actually acknowledge this, but Mako thinks Manta is being short-sighted in his goals, not to mention that dedicating your life to spiting and killing somebody is not something that he would aspire to dictate his life towards. Manta shot back, stating that Mako only wants to kill for his own sake, something that they mutually share and that he's at least not being a total lackey, which ticked Mako off to an extent. Mako promises that he'll see to killing Aquaman himself, saying this as a way to fight Manta and indulge in his bloodlust. While they fight almost anytime they meet, Mako muses that Manta would make a most useful Patron for Lord Recluse, if his record of fighting in villain teams is to show, but Manta states that he really just intends to be independent for the most part, feeling that as a pirate, it's best to act on your desires and impulses at all times.
  • Giving piracy a bad name, he frequently butts heads against more "heroic" and "nice" pirates, such as Jack Sparrow, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, and Guybrush Threepwood, to name a few. To them, Manta is a dangerous foe who will continue to terrorize the seas if left unchecked and must be neutralized, with Luffy's gang even condemning him of lacking any true values of loyalty or camaraderie whereas Guybrush likes to taunt and insult him whenever they fight. To Manta, they're just foes that he has to contend against and he personally feels irritated and annoyed by their quirks, feeling that they seem incomprehensible to him and that they sometimes wouldn't shut up about them, especially Luffy with his desire to protect his friends and loved ones. Manta is exasperated to the point where he's willing to gut anyone, be it an ally, foe, or a passerby if he ever has to hear any of Luffy's proclamations about friendship, camaraderie, and wanting to be "King of the Pirates".
    • Speaking of Luffy, he also wound up being among the new Pantheonic hitlist of the World Government, due to his profession as a pirate. Learning of his infamy and how dangerous he is, Akainu has elected to step in and deal with Manta as soon as he can, believing that such a vicious killer like him should not be permitted to roam the seas. While Black Manta is open to seeing Akainu as an enemy, he finds him ironic in the sense that he's just as much of a threat to others, despite his mentality of "Absolute Justice". Manta even expressed annoyance over the fact that he's Obliviously Evil and that someone should just knock some sense into him, at least Manta himself admits to being a supervillain and an arch-enemy. That said, he did register Akainu as a threat that he couldn't personally handle on his own, instead of requiring desperate measures or a strong ally if it means taking him on.
  • Manta was angry when he learned of The Deep, a "superhero" who was a member of The Seven and was advertised by Vought International. He decided to try confronting The Deep... only for Manta to be even more furious when he discovered that what was supposed to be another protector of the oceans is nothing but a joke in his heroics and that he's got nothing to really make him seem like a foe he could take on. That, and just being reminded of Aquaman just by looking at him provoked Manta into a killing frenzy, which drove The Deep into a deep panic, trying to escape his situation as quickly as possible. It took a while for Manta to cool down and realize that despite his hatred for Aquaman, at least he's a strong foe for him to fight, which would make killing him more satisfying. Killing The Deep is akin to just offing a D-List hero, not to mention that The Deep is absolutely pathetic in his display of powers, though Manta would be willing to gut him if a decent paycheck can be offered out of it.
  • For a list of outdated trivia related to Manta, he was once speculated to have been Autistic, and Aquaman even thought that his Autism was the reason he was evil. Thankfully, that didn't turn out to be the case and Manta was proven to be a core psychopath, though this happens to be an insensitive topic in general. Not that Manta wants to be associated with the Hall of Disabilities due to that matter, if anything, Autism is just a trivial subject to him. At one point, he was even turned into a literal giant humanoid manta by the demon, Neron, though he wound up turning back to normal soon. That said, while it did give him greater strength, Manta mentally devolved into a feral beast and would rather be most comfortable being a man in a suit, plus he's too prideful these days to accept a Deal with the Devil, even if it means a shot in killing Aquaman.
"Y'see, deep down, in my most secret heart of hearts, I'm still a totally depraved sonofabitch whose main goal in life is to watch you die. Slowly and painfully. Just like your kid."

Lesser Gods

    Risky Boots 
Risky Boots, Goddess of Dressing Like a Pirate (Queen of the Seven Seas, Captain of the Tinkertub, First Mate of the Pirate Master)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her skull bra and hat
  • Leitmotifs: Risky Boots, this when in battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral when teaming up with Shantae
  • Portfolio: Unnatural Skin Color Due To Dark Magic, Abuses Her Tinkerbats, Relishes In Being A Pirate Queen, Loves Fighting Shantae, Learned To Develop All Sorts Of Devices, Knows She Is Sexy And Shows It, Uses Both A Scimitar And Gun, A Pirate Formerly Under The Pirate Master
  • Domains: Piracy, Theft, Evil
  • High Priestess: Captain Syrup
  • Allies: Marshall D. Teach, King K. Rool, Captain Hook, Archie, Basco ta Jolokia
  • Rivals: Isabela of Rivain, Jack Sparrow, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Donquixote Doflamingo, Davy Jones
  • Enemies: Shantae, Rottytops, Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, The Genie, Aladdin, Aladdin the Magi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Peter Pan, Will and Elizabeth Turner, King Triton, Sakazuki, Popeye, May (Guilty Gear)
  • Opposes: Euron Greyjoy
  • Risky Boots is a feared pirate captain that leads her Tinkerbat crew against Shantae and her friends. She might not be able to use magic, but with her brains, crewmen, and trusted blade she is none the less a dangerous foe of the half-genie hero. Despite her strings of defeat at the hands of the half-genie runt Shantae, the scourge of the seven seas refused to admit defeat to her main enemy, plotting her ascension into the Pantheon's fabled home of pirates.
    • While she simply scoffed at Rottytops ascending, she was actually furious when she learned that, because of Rotty and her heralds' actions, they saved Shantae from being consumed by her polarized dark magic. Risky will make sure that Rotty will be spanked extra hard, before being deprived of her precious coffee and turn into a "good, nasty" zombie like the rest of her non-sentient kind. Though as shown in Seven Sirens with the entire Half-Genie Festival trap, she is willing to use her enemies to place herself in a better position
  • Brandishing her title, status, and role as pirate queen she met all sorts of rogues and thieves in the house that Risky feels like she belongs in. Many deities considering her both a rival and ally in crime, even wanting her to join in for a bottle of rum as they sing about the pirate's creed till the night is done in the docks of the Pantheon.
  • Naturally, she wasn't thrilled about seeing that genie runt Shantae again knowing she would do everything in her power to stop Risky's overall dream of domination over the seas. While having been defeated a few times that would not deter Risky Boots; giving up so easily isn't what feared pirates do after all!
  • She is aware of how easily men are distracted by her choice of clothing or rather a lack of it flaunting her curves to easily seduce idiotic pervs knowing they aren't aware of how dangerous she truly can be. Just ask her former master who's very skull is now her own bra.
    • Naturally, the latest attempt to corrupt the Genie World with dark magic puts her in opposition with several other genies such as Aladdin's friend and the Magi who can't believe how far Risky would go in order to defeat Shantae once and for all including nearly corrupting her. Risky doesn't care who gets in her way but eventually will crush any god or genie who defies the Queen of Pirates.
  • Edward wasn't sure if he could trust Risky considering what happened with her former master, so they both agreed that they would only aid one another against their enemies that would be the genie girl, Luffy, and the rest of the Straw Hats. Afterward, the matter of the treasures locked up in the Pantheon could be split between then least that is what they agreed upon not meaning it would actually happen.
    • Donflamingo, on the other hand simply saw Risky as another potential member of his family not wanting her to be above the (former) King of Dressrosa. They were at odds with one another, but Risky does admit she isn't fond of Luffy's crew much like Donflamingo.
    • Not only does the Straw Hat crew loathe Risky Boots, but another woman claiming to be a ruler of the seas has also voiced disapproval of Shantae's main adversary. In fact, the only female Warlord of the Sea refused to let some second-rate pirate steal her place as the Pirate Empress of the Pantheon.
  • After making allies with fellow pirate captains K.Rool and Hook, she wanted to begin a new kind of crew of several criminals united in order to seize power, treasure, and dominance over the enemies of such hated pirates like Donkey Kong and that "blasted" Peter Pan.
  • Striking another ally with the leader of Team Aqua, she wanted Archie's help in controlling Kyogre however he isn't going to let her in on that secret for his own benefit.
  • Risky does welcome an opponent like Shantae despite her persistence on beating her, so when Isabela challenged the Tinkerbat Captain to a duel, she accepted planning the sword battle only to lose. This likely wouldn't be the last time they would face each other, as Risky's pride was something she had to uphold above all else.
  • While she is at odds with Elizabeth and Will for being a ruthless pirate who is willing to endanger anyone for her goals, the nefarious Captain Jack Sparrow likes her spunk and grit. In fact, his offer to a playful "date" surprised some in the Pantheon considering the differences between both captains of the sea. While she turned him down he did leave a lasting impression on Risky while threatening to cut off his hand for stealing some gems from her ship.
    • As for Dave Jones, a tense situation was felt when he threatened to make her join his locker for all eternity if she crossed him. Risky felt a familiar sensation from her past when she had to put up with her former captain before helping Shantae put him down for good.
    • She is also very much against being in any kind of alliance with Euron Greyjoy once he admitted that he would likely end up sacrificing her once their partnership was done.
  • Triton wasn't ever fond of pirates in the first place, and when his wife had been killed by a pirate ship his heart seemingly closed on the human world. After learning about Risky's attempted kidnapping of his granddaughter Melody there were many bolts of lightning being cast in the house that the king resided in.
  • She isn't respected by any marine deities in the pantheon such as Akainu or Popeye.