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Roger: Your smile reminded me of...
Mimi: I always "remind people of". Who is she?
— "Light My Candle", RENT

Old and often used stock phrase in which a character directly compares another to someone (generally, themselves).

Compare and contrast Junior Counterpart, Distaff Counterpart, Legacy Character, Generation Xerox.

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The first and most commonly used variant is someone telling another person that the other person reminds them of themselves, especially if they add, "When I was younger," to the end of it. In particular The Hero may say it to a character like a sidekick, a Hero-Worshipper or a Non-Action Guy who just showed some pluck and Got Dangerous, an Innocent Bystander who actually helped out, etc. Most commonly used to show that even if a character is outside the Competence Zone currently, they have potential they may yet fulfill, or that they may grow up to be just like the hero and take up the call. In a time travel story, said younger person may actually be themselves, however the character is unaware of this, having set them on a path to greatness.

This is often used to set up a Worthy Opponent scenario, and often either Sympathy for the Devil (from the hero to the villain) or Sympathy for the Hero (from the villain to hero). It's also a good way to show a possibility for a villain finding redemption.

It's worth noting that this variant often tends to be parodied or subverted. For example, an Anti-Hero or Deadpan Snarker may wind up telling someone that it's the bad parts of themselves or the bits about themselves that they loathe that the person is bringing to mind; this variant can overlap with Too Much Alike, where the similarities result in a poor relationship between the two characters, or the older character urging the younger to quickly change their ways so they don't end up like them. There are also times when it's said with the implication that the person they're saying it to is a Naïve Newcomer who is overly idealistic just like they were at that age, but will have to learn cynicism, just like the person speaking. Many a Broken Pedestal has said it this way.

  • In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Flak of Black Hole says to Max of Orange Star:
    Flak: You remind me of me. Except… I'm me.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku's shyness and nerdiness reminds Peter of himself from his teenage years. Having gone through similar circumstances with Flash Thompson, Peter hopes to help Izuku stand up to Bakugou. This is also the reason why Peter offers to mentor Izuku in the first place, as the two meet after Izuku jumps out of the way of traffic the way Peter did as a kid.
  • A variant appears in Ant-Man between Big Bad Darren Cross and his mentor, Hank Pym:
    Cross: All those years ago, you picked me. What did you see in me?
    Pym: I saw myself.
    Cross: Then why did you push me away?
    Pym: Because I saw too much of myself.
  • In Ash and Serena's Atomic Odyssey, Serena's most antagonistic rival in Pokémon Contests, a girl named Sayaka, eventually confesses that the reason behind her vitriol is because Serena is a lot like she used to be when she started competing in Contests, idealistic and having dreams of making people smile with her performances. After she failed to win the competitions, she decided she had to become stronger and more ruthless, leaving her dreams behind if she wanted to make it to the top, and since Serena embodies all she used to be, she feels the need to crush her to prove that she made the right choice.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, when Ezio comes home after spending the night at his girlfriend's place (and getting chased out by her angry father), his father Giovanni initially appears to berate him for this… before bursting into laughter and mentioning this variant of the trope.
  • Sarevok uses this line in Baldur's Gate, during his appearance in Throne of Bhaal:
    Sarevok: You remind me of myself... before I was slaughtered and cast into the Abyss. Think of that before you burn your bridges.
  • Michael implies this to a teenage client he helped on an episode of Burn Notice, complete with the show ending with the two of them leaning against his car in the exact same pose.
  • Cheating Death: Those That Lived: Sociopathic Hate Sink Bronze tells Augustus that he reminds Bronze of himself. Augustus's reaction is a sign of how much much Character Development "The Cavalier Career" has undergone since his victory.
    Only a few years ago Augustus would have beamed in pride to hear such a thing from Bronze. But not anymore. Suddenly the idea of being like Bronze was legitimately terrifying.
  • In the Ciaphas Cain novel Cain's Last Stand, one of Cain's students reminds him of himself. Amusingly (and not at all surprisingly, given his own character), this leads him to view absolutely everything Donal says and does with considerable suspicion.
    • Interestingly enough, said student turns out to be quite the model commissar, offering to stay behind (and certainly die) in order to buy time for the others to escape. When he does survive (but is brainwashed), he prefers to commit suicide after being temporarily freed rather than lose his free will again. Should Cain's assessment be on the mark, it would seem to shine a light on Cain's own character.
  • In the first episode of Community, Pierce means it as a compliment when he tells Jeff that Jeff reminds him of younger version of himself, but since Pierce is, putting it gently, a complete tool, Jeff doesn't take it as one.
  • Dawn of War In Chris Roberson's novel Dawn of War II, the two boys they find in the hive remind Thaddeus of himself at that age — partly because he came from the same sort of hive, and partly because they fit the aspirant profile. (When he suggests that they might become Blood Ravens and kill xenos such as killed their mother, they are quite eager to be like him.)
  • Miranda Priestly tells this to Andy at the end of The Devil Wears Prada, which only reinforces Andy's decision to quit.
  • Earth's Children: In The Shelters of Stone, Jondalar feels a lot of empathy for Janida because she reminds of himself when he was the same age; he also broke the rules of his community regarding intimate relationships and was judged for it (Jondalar fell in love with the woman assigned to introduce him to sex, which was seen as taboo, and beat up the boy who jealously revealed their Secret Relationship; Janida was persuaded to lose her virginity with her boyfriend rather than wait for First Rites and got pregnant).
  • Ensemble Stars!: In the Main Story, Keito encourages Mao to go back to Trickstar and give up on joining Akatsuki because his hard-working and self-sacrificing nature reminds Keito of his younger self, and he wants Mao to not make the same mistakes he did.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles: In "Wonderbolts Academy", just like in canon, Lightning Dust is, initially, made to be Rainbow Dash’s lead pony. However, Soarin is able to convince Spitfire to change her mind, because he could tell that the reason why she made Lightning Dust lead pony, was because she reminded her of herself when she was younger.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Auron states indirectly to Tidus that he reminds him of himself. "I was just a boy. A boy about your age actually. I wanted to change the world too, but I changed nothing." See also below ("You remind me of him").
  • In Futurama, Zapp Brannigan, king of Metaphorgotten, says this of Fry: "You remind me of a younger me. Not much younger, mind you. Perhaps even a little older."
  • The G-Man to Adrian Shepard at the end of Half-Life: Opposing Force.
    I admit I have a fascination with those who adapt and survive against all odds — they rather remind me of myself.
  • Variant in the Harry Potter one-shot "Ambition" (part of Odd Ideas by Rorschach's Blot): After some of Harry's actions, Dumbledore says this about Harry, but to someone who is not Harry:
    Dumbledore: I'm reminded of another student that began building up his network of contacts and his store of favors when he went to this school. Only he didn't do things nearly so well, nor was he so thorough.
    Minerva: Albus. You can't be comparing him to… to…
    Dumbledore: Voldemort? [raised eyebrow] No. I was comparing him to me.
  • Agent 47 cites this as a reason for taking Victoria away from the ICA in Hitman: Absolution. Despite (apparently) being a sociopath, 47 went up against his employers because he didn't want the girl to end up like him.
  • Parodied/subverted in an episode of I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC, when Wolverine tells the Comedian how the Comedian reminds him of himself, then immediately remembers all the things that are different about them and it turns into a Not So Similar remark instead.
    Wolverine: Maybe you ain't so bad after all, Blake. In fact, you kinda remind me of myself at your age. Except, y'know, I'm a mutant. And I've got ethics. And I'm not a psychopath… (or a rapist…) You know what, maybe you remind me of someone else...
  • When Green Lantern, Black Canary and Arsenal teamed up in the events leading to the post-Infinite Crisis. pre-New 52 JLA, Green Lantern thinks how Black Canary thinks it's because Arsenal reminds him of a younger Green Arrow—and that, the reality of it is, that Arsenal reminds him of his own younger self.
  • Referenced in The IT Crowd:
    • "God I miss Jen. She reminded me of me at her age. (beat) I mean, when I was her age, she reminded me of her age. (beat) She reminded me of my age at her age. (beat) When I was her age, she was reminded of me?"
  • Bowser says this in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time about a scrappy koopa kid he meets. The two initially don't get along, but eventually, Bowser says that the kid reminds him of himself, taking the kid under his wing for the scenario and the two working against the bros. When Bowser is defeated, he tells the kid to remember to be as evil as he can, and the kid says he's gonna be even more evil than Bowser. The kid was actually Baby Bowser the entire time and he started his own road to evil.
  • In the first episode of Mimpi Metropolitan, Alan says that this is his reason for helping Bambang find a dorm when they just met. Bambang reminds Alan of himself, specifically how clueless he was when he just arrived in Jakarta.
  • In the original The Mysterious Benedict Society book, Mr. Curtain tells Reynie that he reminds him of himself as a child. This can hardly be pleasing for Reynie, as Mr. Curtain is the Big Bad of the series.
  • In Next to Normal, Natalie tells Henry "you remind me of me… and how fucked up I can be" to explain why their relationship is struggling.
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • After giving Sanakan and Hugh the choice to either quit or continue being a hunter a second time, Kyril tells the two that the reason why they were taken in is because they remind him of himself — young, desperate, starving, poor.
    • As Kyril observes the captive clergymen who joined the Black Dogs in a blubbering mess, he internally remarks that they are the same as he once had been — fearful of death.
  • In Pearl Harbor, Alec Baldwin's character (Col. James Doolittle) tells Ben Affleck's character (Rafe McCawley) that McCawley reminded him of a younger version of himself (Doolittle). Crosses over to Actor Allusion, since Affleck played a younger version of the same character as Baldwin (Jack Ryan).
  • In Psychonauts, using Clairvoyance on the normally reserved Sasha Nein will depict Raz as a smaller version of Sasha, showing that the veteran psychonaut sees a lot of himself in Raz.
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "The Grandest Canyon", Sean remarks that Mindy reminds him of a young him, but Sydney tells Sean that "you are still young you."
  • Real Genius:
    Chris: You see, Mitch, I used to be you. And lately I've been missing me, so I asked Dr. Hathaway if I could room with me again and he said sure.
  • An inversion of the trope shows up in Road to Perdition, when Sullivan admits to one of his sons that it was the son that didn't remind him of himself that he loved more.
  • In the first Scream, Sidney gets a surprise visit at night from her boyfriend, Billy, who comes in through the second floor window. Fifteen years later, she stumbles on her cousin, Jill, receiving a surprise visit at night from her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who comes in through the second floor window. Sid comments on the similarities with this trope.
  • Subverted on The Simpsons when Homer gets a job writing fortune cookie fortunes and presents his work to the other writers, one of whom is (for some reason) Woody Allen.
    Woody Allen: My god, he's like a young me!
    Fortune Cookie Writer: Are you crazy? Yung Mi was a hack compared to this guy.
  • Son of the Sannin: Hinata's mother Hikari, comments how much she reminds her of herself when she was younger: someone who was considered far to gentle for their own good but always pushed themselves to improve and prove that they were worthy of being with the man they loved.
  • The Stainless Steel Rat for President. When 'Slippery Jim' diGriz looks like he might actually win the election, the current ruler offers a We Can Rule Together deal — he'll continue to run the government, Jim will run the opposition, and together they'll quietly eliminate anyone who is a real threat. Jim rejects the offer out of hand, but knowing the ruler will never understand his real motives, says it's because he wants all the power, money and women for himself. The ruler sheds Manly Tears at this speech. "You remind me of myself when I was your age."
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation ("Tapestry")
    Picard: [about his time as an ensign] I was a different person in those days—arrogant, undisciplined; with far too much ego, but too little wisdom. [pause] I was more like you.
    Q: Then you must have been far more interesting. Pity you had to change.
  • A Storm of Swords: When Ser Jaime Lannister talks to Ser Loras Tyrell, he realizes that the young man is basically a mirror image of himself when he was at that age.
    He's me. I am speaking to myself, as I was, all cocksure arrogance and empty chivalry. This is what it does to you, to be too good too young.
  • The Three Musketeers (1993). "You, boy, are arrogant, hot-tempered, and entirely too bold. I like that, you remind me of me."
  • Doc Holliday does the Anti-Hero version in Tombstone, speaking of Johnny Ringo.
    "He reminds me of... me. No, I'm sure of it, I hate him.
  • Both Evan Edroch and Ha Jinsung from Tower of God are reminded of themselves when they first meet protagonist Bam. Evan sees the innocent, naïve, hopeful child he used to be who knew exactly what he wanted; Jinsung sees someone who lost everything he wished for.
  • The 1968 True Grit, when Mattie crosses a river on a horse to catch up with Rooster Cogburn and LaBouef.
    Cogburn: My God, she reminds me of me.
    LaBouef: Then we might not get along.
  • Wall Street:
    Gordon Gekko: You could've been one of the great ones Buddy. I looked at you and saw myself. Why?
    Bud Fox: [getting up] I don't know. I guess I realized that I'm just Bud Fox.
  • In the Warrior Cats book Darkest Night, Twigpaw asks her father Hawkwing if she and her sister Violetpaw remind him of their mother. He says that Twigpaw reminds him of her, while Violetpaw reminds him of himself.
  • In Weak Hero, this is how Phillip realizes that Rowan is bluffing about his fighting prowess; it reminds Phillip of himself, and all the bluffing he did to get into his current position.
  • Welcome To Wonderland: Edward Conch says this about P.T. Wilkie in "Beach Party Surf Monkey" in regards to P.T.'s money-making activities. It drives Edward's daughter, Veronica, to sabotage the movie and bring a new production of it starring Aiden Tyler to the Conch Reef resort out of jealousy.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, during the match between Team 5D's and Team Taiyo, Yusei realizes that he is now the reigning champ and his opponent is the scrappy underdog of an outsider using scavenged, cobbled-together equipment.

Your father/mother/mentor

The other variant is the speaker saying that someone reminds them of X, with X possibly being anything from their father or mother, their mentor, a legendary hero, etc. A frequently response to Tell Me About My Father. A nastier, more villainish version may include pushing the Relative Button with this, or to turn it into Reminiscing About Your Victims, or ask the ever popular question "Would You Like to Know How They Died?"

  • Slappy Squirrel does this Once an Episode in Animaniacs, whenever another character reminds her of "a very young <insert obscure pop culture figure (or cartoon character) from more than 20 years ago here>". For example, to a bulldog: "You remind me of a very young Scooby-Doo." It is difficult to tell at times whether she is being complimentary or insulting with these comparisons.
  • The real reason why Rainbow Dash reacts to Sonic with hostility in Equestria Girls: Sonic the Hedgehog is due to how much the extraterrestrial hedgehog reminded her of her beloved uncle, Rainbow Blaze with his laid-back attitude and how he always calls her "Skittles" like her uncle does.
  • A subversion in Arthur 2: On the Rocks. Arthur, referring to Hobson, says to his new valet "you know, you remind me of him... in absolutely no way whatsoever".
  • In Back to the Future Part III, there is a somber instance of this. Marty McFly encounters his ancestors Seamus and Maggie McFly, under the pseudonym "Clint Eastwood." After "Clint" accepts a challenge to a gun fight for being called chicken, Seamus and Maggie tell "Clint" he reminds them of Seamus' brother Martin who let people talk him into fights and ended up dying from one such encounter.
  • Fairly early in The Golem's Eye from The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Bartimaeus realizes that John Mandrake (Nathaniel) has adopted certain mannerisms that remind him of someone, though he can't quite figure out who. When he finally does figure it out, he doesn't hesitate to tell Nathaniel that his fiddling with his hair, etc., reminds him of Nathaniel's old master, Arthur Underwood. This does not please Nathaniel at all, as he loathed his old master, who never did anything to protect him and treated him like an idiot incapable of learning or doing much.
  • Subverted in Batwoman (2019) when Kate Kane's team-up with Luke Fox is still a work-in-progress.
    Kate: You know who you sound like?
    Kate: Lucius Fox.
    Kate: I know. He was actually useful.
  • In Bleach, there appear to be some comparisons between Ichigo and Kaien Shiba, particularly in their appearance and determination to do what's right even if it's against the rules. Byakuya in particular makes note of the similarity between the two, and Rukia remembers that Ichigo's fight with Grand Fisher is quite similar to Kaien's fight with Metastacia in that it's personal to them, although Ichigo, unlike Kaien, made it out of his fight alive.
  • Bob's Burgers: It's clear that Bob gets some degree of preferential treatment from Mr. Fischoeder, the local landlord and Corrupt Corporate Executive. It's later outright stated that this is because he reminds him of his father, a hardworking Honest Corporate Executive with a lot of arm hair, Bob himself being a hairy, honest and hardworking man.
  • Broom-Stick Bunny: Witch Hazel, needing a rabbit's clavicle for her brew, ties up Bugs Bunny. Just as she's raising the cleaver, Bugs pulls a Puppy-Dog Eyes on her, causing her to drop the knife, retreat to her table, and burst into tears.
    Witch Hazel: [crying] You remind me of... of Paul!
    Bugs: Paul?
    Witch Hazel: My pet tarantula.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: In "Hog Tide", Gaia tells the Planeteers a story about a Similar Squad from the 1940s while they're stuck inside waiting out a storm. Whenever Gaia introduces a new proto-Planeteer into her tale, she says that the character in question was a lot like one of her Planeteers. In order of appearance: Nikonote , Lydianote , Wallynote , Linote  and Asinote .
  • In City of Glass, Luke tells Jace that he reminds him of someone. Jace assumes he means his father, the antagonist Valentine. However, Luke actually meant another shadowhunter, Stephen Herondale, Jace's biological father.
  • Code Prime: Implied and Played for Horror between Charles zi Britannia and Megatron. Near the end of R1, Megatron uses his Dark Geass on Charles to make him live his deepest fear. After witnessing his children disown him, Charles then witnesses a figure appear in the vision that resembles his father. Not only does Charles react with horror at the sight of it, but when the figure gets close enough to him, Megatron’s face appears on the figure, suggesting that Megatron reminds Charles of his father.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love: Jacob volunteers to help Cal rediscover his masculinity because he reminds him of somebody. Jacob's later conversation with Hannah implies that this "somebody" is his own deceased father, who couldn't handle being married to his mother.
  • CSI: NY: Mac tells Reed that Reed reminds him (Mac) of his mother, Mac's late wife Claire. It's mostly 2, but also has elements of 3, the only difference being he already knew who Reed was at the time, likely making it a 2.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: When Ichikawa asks Yamada what her dad’s like, she stares at Ichikawa and says “similar I guess” (Though Ichikawa thinks she’s talking about herself). When he appears in person, they do indeed share a few similarities; hair style, interest in video games, reservedness, and awkward methods of social interaction.
  • The Dark Knight: "You know, you remind me of my father… I HATED my father!"
  • In Death Note Naomi Misora tells Light "You remind me of L. There's something about you that's just like him."
  • Dead End: Paranormal Park: In "The Tunnel" Barney argues with Pugsley about how he's been acting since he gained the ability to talk, until he angrily asks him "Why can't you go back to the way you used to be?". In response, Pugsley coldly tells him that he sounds just like his "Grammy-Gram", who never accepted him being transgender.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • Dante reminds about half the bosses he fights of his father, Sparda. Oddly, Nero reminds Berial of Dante in the fourth game's novelization, Deadly Fortune.
    • Also in the graphic novel for DMC4, Deadly Fortune, Dante muses about Nero having the same look in his eyes as Vergil did. The orphanage that adopted Nero also took a special liking for him because he resembles Sparda.
  • In the Eddie Murphy comedy The Distinguished Gentleman, when Elijah Hawkins calls Tom Johnson out on his con-artist ways, Tom is about to make typical snarky remark, but stops.
    Tom: You know, just then you reminded me of my father... he used to say I was a scumbag, too.
  • Earth's Children: When Ayla first meets Mamut in The Mammoth Hunters, he reminds her strongly of Creb, her father figure/adoptive uncle and mentor, not so much in appearance but in that they're both very old and exude an aura of power and wisdom. The effect is so compelling that Ayla kneels before Mamut like she would to a senior Clan member out of respect. They eventually develop a close, father-daughter bond much like the one Ayla shared with Creb.
  • Elemental Gelade has Ren helping a young boy named Eugene, who looks and acts almost exactly like her partner, Coud. Different from most examples on this page in that Coud is just fine, and was only apart from her for an episode or two.
  • In Eternal Sonata, Frederic tells Polka she reminds him of his deceased younger sister. There may be a very good reason for that, or it could just be a coincidence.
  • In Fate/Apocrypha, Mordred says Semiramis reminds her of her mother, Morgan Le Fay.
  • In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Rider, aka Medusa, says Shinji Matou reminds her of Perseus, the man who killed her in her original life. She says they are both losers and spoiled brats; the only difference was that Perseus got lucky.
  • In Fate/Zero, Gilgamesh says Saber reminds him of his best and Only Friend Enkidu. This is only in the light novel version and was not included in the anime.
  • Auron from Final Fantasy X tells Tidus that he reminds him of Tidus' father Jecht. The latter isn't happy about the comparison, considering that Jecht was an alcoholic and sometimes abusive father who could only express affection through Tough Love. That said, part of Tidus' Character Development is coming to accept that Jecht wasn't always quite as bad as he believed, and that Jecht did genuinely reform himself and become a legitimate hero over the course of his pilgrimage with Braska, much as Tidus becomes a hero during Yuna's pilgrimage.
    • Wakka also initially goes out of his way to help Tidus and act as something of a big brother to him because Tidus reminds him of his dead little brother.
  • In one episode of Futurama, on a visit to the past, Fry accidentally causes his grandfather's death and ends up sleeping with his grandfather's girlfriend because she says that "You remind me of Ennis." Said girlfriend was, in fact, Fry's grandmother, the result being that he becomes his own grandfather. This has odd repercussions later in the series.
  • In Ghost Ship, while her salvage crew are onboard the titular ship, Maureen Epps encounters the spirit of one of the ship's passengers; a young girl named Katie. When Epps later discovers Katie's locket and sees a picture of the girl's parents, Katie tells her that she reminds her of her mother.
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, Antimony anticipates being told she resembles one of her parents. Mr. Donlan surprises her by saying that would be what to say, except that she's her own person.
  • Hannibal Rising: Lady Muraski tells her nephew Hannibal Lecter that he looks just like his uncle. Since the young man is physically reminiscent of her late husband, she appears to be projecting some of the feelings she had for Count Robert Lecter on to Hannibal.
  • Harry Potter has been told multiple times how much he reminds everyone of his father.
    • And has his mother's eyes.
    • Disturbingly, Harry also notes the similarities between himself, Severus Snape, and Tom Riddle — the "lost boys".
  • House: In the first-season episode "Poison", an 82-year-old woman goes to the clinic because she's acting unexpectedly "frisky". She flirts with House while he examines her, saying, "You remind me of [Ashton Kutcher]. Same bedroom eyes."
  • I Ain't a Doll, This Ain't a Dollhouse: For Jotaro Kujo, his great-great-grandmother Johanna Joestar reminds him of his mother Holly Kujo, particularly to their Strong Family Resemblance. It plays a big part in his concern for Johanna's well-being and his protective attitude against her ex-fiancé and the Joestar's Familial Foe Dio Brando.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mido meets Link after his seven-year absence. He doesn't exactly recognize Link (due to Link having grown into an adult while Kokiri such as Mido stay children forever), but does say that for some reason, seeing Link makes him remember.
  • In Little Glimpses, Celestia responds to her adopted daughter Rainbow Dash's demand for answers by saying that she is a lot like her aunt, Luna. Rainbow was not even aware that she had an aunt.
  • In the Stephen King novella Low Men in Yellow Coats (part of the Hearts in Atlantis book), Bobby gets told by a waitress how much he reminds her of his long-dead and barely remembered father. Sure enough, at one point when she's totally petrified she calls Bobby by his father's name.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Celebrimbor is awestruck at how much Elrond is the very image of his father, whom he met a long time ago. Then Celebrimbor start sharing his stories about Earendil to a very curious Elrond.
  • Isaac Asimov's Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids: It's a major Plot Point that the hermit Hansen can recognize Lucky as the son of Lawrence Starr, a member of the Council of Science. The effect is especially noticeable when Lucky gets angry. Councilmen do not have their faces publicized very often. When Hansen is taken to Ceres, he doesn't recognize Lawrence's two friends. David immediately realizes that Hansen must have been the pirate captain who led the attack against the ship his family was on because that was the first time since joining the Council of Science that his father had been separated from his uncles and it would explain why he saw the genial Lawrence Starr in a fury. Lucky keeps this information to himself until the end of the book, since he was busy working on preventing a war between Earth and Sirius.
  • Molly of Denali: In "Wise Raven and Old Crow," Layla tells Molly that she reminds her of Grandma Catherine, since they both love to research things.
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters: Lee Shaw in the present day storyline, when driving in the desert with Cate Randa, is clearly reminded of the adventures he had with her grandmother Keiko in the 1950s, who was also revealed to be Lee's love interest.
  • Miranda Hillard tells Mrs. Doubtfire that she reminds her of her ex-husband Daniel; ironically enough, Mrs. Doubtfire of course happens to be one of Daniel's fictional impersonations.
  • Naruto reminds other characters of certain people quite often. The most commonly mentioned are his father, the fourth Hokage, as well as his mentor, Jiraiya (with Sakura and Sasuke bearing similarities to Tsunade and Orochimaru, respectively). He also reminds Tsunade of her dead little brother and boyfriend in his goal of becoming Hokage, and while she initially shrugs it off as something that will get him killed, she comes to see him as someone who inherited both their hopes, and gives him the necklace she gave to the two of them shortly before their deaths, with the hope that he will succeed where they failed.
  • Negi of Negima! Magister Negi Magi constantly reminds people of his father. During the end of his tournament bout with Jack Rakan, Jack reminisces that it's almost like fighting with Nagi again.
    • Subverted somewhat as many people who knew Nagi consider Negi to be the opposite of his father. Nagi being a totally unstoppable, totally good, self taught pure talent, Idiot Hero, and Negi being a pessimistic, ambitious Determinator who flirts with The Dark Side. While none the less still very much a good guy, he is a VERY different kind of good guy than his dad.
  • In the Jonathan Winters episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Maude Frickert tells Fred that he reminds her of her favorite country singer—Glen Campbell.
  • At the beginning of The Next Karate Kid, Julie's grandmother inadvertently addresses her by her deceased mother's name, implying that this trope is in play.
  • In Noein, Atori is pissed off by Yuu, who has the same defiant eyes as Karasu, who he despises. Which makes sense, considering Karasu is an older, post-apocalyptic Yuu.
  • The titular character in Obi-Wan Kenobi remarks on how much the young, stubborn Leia reminds him of her principled and defiant mother.
  • In One Piece, Luffy frequently reminds others of Gold Roger, especially when he almost gets executed by Buggy in Loguetown and smiles even when he thinks all hope is lost, just like Roger had in his execution.
    • Both Franky and Iceberg are told that they are like their mentor, Tom, for their ambitious projects. Iceberg even uses Tom's old catchphrase "If you're a man, do it with a DON!"
  • From Percy Jackson, his mother points out how much Percy is like his father.
  • In Persona 4: Arena, Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami has this effect on the Persona 3 characters, who note his similarity with 3's main character.
  • Pirates SMP: The more time Will spends with Shep, the more he is reminded of Elyas Merton, the captain of the ship both of them were raised on, with Shep having adopted the captain's Greed, mannerisms and general outlook on life, and he voices it as such. Shep takes it as a compliment.
  • In Radiant Historia Eruca claims that Stocke reminds her of her brother. Turns out, that's because he is her brother.
  • RWBY: When Ruby tries to get Raven to switch sides and help the others take down Salem, Raven bitterly says she reminds her of Summer (Ruby's mother and Raven's former teammate), before opening a portal to let the other villains into the room.
  • In Scrubs, JD is told by Jordan (the ex-wife of his reluctant mentor Dr. Cox) how he kind of reminds her of Dr. Cox when Cox was that young.
  • In "Sid Wings It!" from Sid the Science Kid, Sid's Grandma tells him that he reminds her of his father Mort, that they like a lot of the same things.
  • In Episode 4.08 of Sons of Anarchy, Piney says to Jax "I'm not going to tell you how much you just sounded like your old man."
  • South Park: In "Super Hard PCness", Kyle develops an intense hatred of Terrance and Phillip that quickly becomes a genocidal campaign against Canadians. Stan tells him that he's starting to sound like his mom, who launched a very similar campaign back in 1999.
  • In one episode of Stargate SG-1, Teal'c informs informs the New Guy Cameron Mitchell that he reminds him of Jack O'Neill, SG-1's former team leader whom Mitchell replaced. Mitchell thinks this is a compliment. Teal'c doesn't seem so sure.
  • Tales of Symphonia draws on this trope in a slightly unexpected way, where Kratos, Lloyd's father, remarks about how Lloyd reminds him of Mithos. Not that this breaks with the trope in any way, but considering the father's more commonly the one the comparison's drawn TO, it's a neat twist for the father to be the one drawing the comparison.
  • Thor: Ragnarok: A variation occurs when Hela meets her youngest brother Loki; after he attempts to negotiate with her ("Perhaps we can come to an arrangement"), she replies, "You sound like [Odin]." While Loki is mainly his mother's son, Hela's observation reveals that his knack for diplomacy comes from his father.
  • In Turning Red, Mei's father says she sounds like her mother when she says that the giant red panda form is dangerous and out of control.
  • In Undertale, when you befriend Undyne in the Pacifist route, you have to hit her with an absurdly weak fake attack. When you do, she tells you that you remind her of her mentor, King Asgore.
  • In the Warrior Cats book Darkest Night, Twigpaw asks her father Hawkwing if she and her sister Violetpaw remind him of their mother. He confirms that Twigpaw reminds him of her, while Violetpaw reminds him of himself.

Love interest

A character with a deceased Love Interest or failed romance runs into someone who causes a Flashback Echo of their former love. The character will often look startled, then say "Sorry, for a moment you reminded me of someone I once knew." The two easily form a connection, foreshadowing a possible future relationship, though one haunted by the tragic end of the previous romance.

You get extra points if you do a Wrong-Name Outburst.

  • Abarat. Candy reminds Carion of Princess Bon. A lot.
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Buckaroo Banzai goes to see Penny Priddy while she's in jail.
    Penny Priddy: What do you want from me?
    Buckaroo: Oh, you remind me of someone I once knew long ago.note 
  • Borgia: Cesare's new wife Charlotte reminds him of his sister, Lucrezia.
    Cesare: You remind me of my sister.
    Charlotte: And you remind me of no one else.
  • CSI: NY : Mac tells Reed that he reminds him of his mother, Mac's late wife Claire.
  • Deadpool 2: Cable admits that Deadpool, of all people, reminds him of his deceased wife. He means to say that they have similar senses of humor and use that humor to cope with trauma, but an unnerved Deadpool briefly mistakes it as Cable coming onto him (not helped by Cable putting on lip balm while they're talking).
  • The Emperor's Coloured Coat by John Biggins. Otto Prohaska gets a nasty shock when, as an old man in London in The '60s, he sees a blonde girl in a miniskirt who nevertheless looks and sounds exactly like a Polish Trophy Wife with whom he had a wild fling in Vienna just before World War One. As the girl is badgering her fiance to buy her a more expensive wedding ring, he concludes that some things never change no matter what time or country you are in.
  • The only reason Oskar's grandparents got together in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is because his grandmother reminded his grandfather of Anna, her sister and his first love.
  • Gatekeepers: Feiling's Day in the Limelight has her helping out a Jerk with a Heart of Gold old man. You later learn that he has a granddaughter who looks exactly like her.
  • In Guilty Gear: Xrd, Sol Badguy at first doesn't trust Elphelt Valentine one bit, because she looks exactly like Sol's late lover Aria. As it turns out, Elphelt is a clone of Aria down to her appearance, kindness and personality traits. Sol is eventually moved to save her from being Brainwashed and Crazy near the end of the game due to this reason—as much as he despises her, he doesn't want to lose "Aria" again.
  • Gunslinger Girl. Victor Hilshire has an immediate flashback to his former Love Interest Rachelle Belleut (the doctor who died saving Triela's life) when he meets Roberta Guellfi, a prosecutor his fratello has been assigned to bodyguard. Triela too feels a compunction to protect Roberta, who subconsciously reminds her of the woman in her dreams whom she mistakenly assumes is her mother.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler: Several characters suspect that Nagi's initial attraction to Hayate is that he reminds her of her mother, who died when she was still young.
  • Inverted in JAG as a way of dealing with You Look Familiar; Mac is the one asking Harm if she really reminds him so much of Diane.
  • In Kea's Flight, Brandon becomes fond of Blaro because she reminds him of his dead wife Caitlin and makes him think of the daughter he wanted to have. Blaro is even a lesbian, like Caitlin.
  • Lackadaisy: In "Weisenheimer" Rocky asks the price for a set of bear traps in the general store, remarking that they remind him of someone "very dear" to him, hearkening back to Viktor's comments about Mitzi's "vulnerability."
  • This causes the tragic events of Lolita, when Humbert Humbert becomes instantly smitten with 11-year-old Dolores Haze because she reminds him of his first love, 12-year-old Annabell, who was killed by typhus before they had a chance to consummate their relationship.
  • Lucky Star: Konata's dad makes an, ah, disturbing comment regarding how similar she is to her mother.
    Soujirou: But you know, you feel more and more like Kanata when I hold you. It makes my heart race!
    Kanata and Konata: Don't just blurt out risque statements!
  • In My Hero Academia: Unchained Predator, upon seeing Miruko for the first time, the Slayer is instantly reminded of his wife Emily, and Miruko's rabbit-based quirk reminding him of his pet rabbit Daisy. God help the poor fool who decides to harm her.
  • In Night Trap, when Tony Martin (cousin of Jeff and Sarah Martin) meets up with Ashley before she leaves with the other slumber party guests to get ready for bed, he tells Jeff that Ashley looks exactly like his former girlfriend named Madeline, but they both shrug it off. Later, when Tony tries warning her about the Augers before Kelly interrupts to stop him, he warns them to leave the winery. He then tells Ashley, "You remind me of a person I knew and loved long ago... but that could never be," before exiting the room.
  • In Passenger 57, John Cutter accidentally calls female stewardess Marti his dead wife Lisa when in a heated argument. This is due to the fact that both Marti and Lisa have a similar physical resemblance and personality.
  • In "Quake Vs. The Wizarding World", Daisy Johnson (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), compares Severus Snape (Harry Potter) to her ex Grant Ward, as both were members of a fascist group who were nevertheless in love with someone who should have been their ideological enemy, but Snape rejected the Death Eaters due to his love for Lily where Ward "doubled down on the crazy" after Daisy rejected him. Daisy notes that she's basically Lily in this scenario, albeit with the twist that Ward was already part of Hydra when she met him where Snape joined the Death Eaters after years of friendship with Lily, Daisy musing that if Snape and Lily had gotten together it would have been a toxic and abusive relationship.
  • RENT, as per the page quote.
    Roger: Your smile reminded me of...
    Mimi: I always "remind people of." Who is she?
    Roger: She died. Her name was April.
  • In Snow White & the Huntsman, the Huntsman remarks that Snow White reminds him of his deceased wife, being just as brave, just as compassionate, etc.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Ser Barristan Selmy says Daenerys Targaryen resembles his deceased crush Ashara Dayne. When he met Daenerys, he briefly thought she was Ashara's daughter.
  • A low-key example occurs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fic "Spiderman: A Way Back Home"; when Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider-Man Series) and Mary Jane (Spider-Man Trilogy) are displaced into the MCU as a side-effect of the spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home. When Peter-1 asks Bruce Banner for help getting the girls home, when Bruce first sees Mary Jane from the back he mistakes her for some variant of Natasha Romanoff, but once Mary Jane turns around Bruce can see that the similarity is only superficial. It doesn't play a big part in his subsequent interaction with Mary Jane, but it's still an important step in getting Bruce to help get the girls home.
  • After she blows away a sentry drone, John Connor tells Kate that she reminds him of his mother in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The RiffTrax commentary identifies this as one of the worst ways to compliment a woman, second only to "You remind me of my dad."
  • Akraptor from Tower of God says this about Miseng, who reminded him of his daughter.
  • Inverted: A song called "U remind me" by Usher is an inversion of this trope because he doesn't want to get with the girl because she reminds him of his former lover. "See, the thing about you that caught my eye is the same thing that makes me change my mind."
  • Scottie in Vertigo utters the line: "Because you remind me of somebody." (Of course, as it happens, she is that somebody.)
  • In Witch Hunter Robin, Robin reminds several characters of her mother.

Examples (Other)

  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): When Vivienne tells Monarch that she and San grew close while they were trapped together in Jonah's Elaborate Underground Base, Dr. Brooks contemplates them for a moment, and then he says they're like Hank Marlow and Gunpei Ikari: two different beings who were brought together by enduring difficult times.
  • All For Luz: This happens quite a bit with Luz.
    • When Luz calls their Power Parasite Quirk evil and wrong, All For One muses she sounds just like his younger brother, the first One For All user. Later in the story she remind him of Yoichi again when they were kids, as he cries into his chest, leading him comfort the traumatized girl.
    • As Eda first lays eyes on Toshiko Shigaraki a.k.a Luz Noceda, she remarks that she looked like someone she wished she never knew, the original All For One due to having the similar hair and eye color. Because of this she decides to keep an eye on the girl.
    • To Gilbert, Toshiko's appearance reminds him of a young All For One, the madman who murdered his husband and almost attacks her in a blind rage.
    • When King first looks at Toshiko, he angrily says she also reminds him of All For One, the villain that attacked his homeland and fractured his skill and broke one of his horns. Toshiko’s disinterested demeanor doesn't help, only acknowledging the fact, prompting the much larger magical beast to threaten to take his anger out on her if she doesn't leave him alone.
  • American Gods: While insulting Shadow's intelligence, Mr. Nancy says Shadow reminds him of his son, who "slept late on the mornin' they handed out brains". Shadow politely takes it as a compliment that Mr. Nancy likens him to a member of his own family, winning Mr. Nancy's approval.
  • Arrow: Rebirth: Multiple people compare Laurel to the late Rebecca Merlyn, noting they both worked tirelessly to help the people of the Glades (legal and medical respectively). Much like no one helped Rebecca as she bleed out in the street, no one helps Laurel when she is kidnapped (except Green Arrow). Oliver worries that losing Laurel would cause him to turn out like Malcolm, who he sees as his Shadow Archetype.
  • Avengers: Infinite Wars;
    • Steve hasn’t outright said it, but his sense of discomfort around Palpatine and a vague feeling that the other man reminds him of someone is almost certainly a reference to Alexander Pierce, which Steve eventually consciously acknowledges after Palpatine sends Republic forces to Mandalore even after the planet officially declines aid from the Republic.
    • As a more direct example, in his first direct confrontation with Anakin, Ultron comments that he’s found “Banner’s ticking time bomb brother”.
  • "A Better Doctor" sees the Eleventh Doctor appear to help Rose Miller after the events of Rabid (the 2019 version), as her name and ties to the fashion industry reminded him of Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, wanting to help Rose the way he was unable to help his friends.
  • Braigen's DCU (Now With Owls): When fighting Metallo in An Owl in Metropolis, Luz notes that his ranting about Superman being a monster for not being human, while hypocritically ignoring how he's barely human himself anymore, is uncomfortably similar to Belos.
  • A somewhat forced variation occurs in the Buffyverse/The Hunger Games crossover "Demon's Games"; after she is brought back to life in Panem, Buffy starts to compare Katniss Everdeen to Faith, but it is eventually established that this is because Snow subtly manipulated her to conflate Katniss with her more negative memories of Faith to try and turn Buffy against her.
  • Daredevil (2015) has an example of this in "Aftermath". After Ray Nadeem is convinced by Karen Page that Wilson Fisk is manipulating him and his FBI colleagues, he goes into Fisk's penthouse, confronts Fisk in his bedroom, and accuses him of orchestrating the Bulletin attack to kill Jasper Evans (who Fisk had paid to shank him, and later arranged to have released). Fisk is unfazed by Nadeem's accusations, prompting Nadeem to go into a tangent about how he's encountered people like Fisk before:
    Ray Nadeem: You know, you remind me of someone I knew growing up. Jack Kem. Yeah, but everyone knew him as Jiggy. You know, Jiggy lived in a two-family house all by himself. It was practically a mansion to me. But Jiggy was a helper, too. He was always helping out folks on the block. Annie the single mom needs a new car? Jiggy's got it. The Hoffmans are desperate for rent? No problem. Ten-year-old me thought this guy was a hero. But it turned out Jiggy had hidden ten kilos of heroin in the trunk of Annie's sedan. Another five in the Hoffman baby's room. Guess who the cops arrested when they tracked down that powder? I've seen your kind of "help" before.
  • A Devil Amongst Worms: In the midst of the battle with Leviathan, Alexandria, in her thoughts, describes Makima's face and expressions as being reminiscent of the Simurgh.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy: Never quite stated, but Cloud's interaction with Firion and later Terra seem to remind him of his friends, Zack and Aerith. If anything, at least they are Shout Outs.
  • Doctor Who has a subtle version in "The Pilot." The Doctor tells future companion Bill Potts he's going to give her private tutor lessons, when she's not even a student (she works in the university canteen). Bill naturally asks why. The Doctor glances at a photograph on his desk of his granddaughter, Susan. "Well, I noticed you."
  • Dragon Age II has three examples:
    • In playthroughs where Bethany survives to go to Kirkwall, if she and Anders are in the party together, they may trigger a dialogue in which she remarks that he reminds her of her father.
    • Anders will also comment to Hawke that they remind him of a friend he had once, who had a knack for getting into trouble and dragging him along. It's generally presumed that he's talking about the Warden.
    • After a certain quest in Act 2, Hawke's manservant Bodahn will comment that Hawke's mother Leandra is "a very fine woman" who reminds him a lot of his own mother.
  • DuckTales (2017): According to Lunaris, Della said that Penumbra reminds her of her twin brother Donald. We aren't told why since the information is given secondhand, but the fact that both of them have a Hair-Trigger Temper probably has something to do with it.
  • Earth's Children:
    • In some ways, Rydag reminds Ayla of her son, Durc, especially as he was also half-Clan, half-Cro Magnon, with it being part of the reason she bonds with him so quickly. He also reminds of herself as a child; she knows all too well what it's like to be different from everyone else and to struggle to communicate and fit in, although she thinks Rydag has it harder than she did because while Ayla could pick up the Clan's sign language eventually, Rydag is physically unable to talk and lives among people who primarily communicate verbally.
    • When Ayla first meets Joharran, the leader of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii and her future brother-in-law, she's reminded of Brun, the leader of the clan who raised her. She recognises that Joharran carries himself with confidence and authority, but is a bit nervous around her and her animals, especially Wolf; Brun was also a competent and brave leader, but feared the spirit world (with Joharran assuming Ayla must wield powerful magic to control animals).
    • When Brukeval is enraged, he reminds Ayla of Broud, who was similarly mentally unstable with anger issues (albeit for different reasons) and overreacts to perceived slights Ayla unwittingly commits. As a result, Ayla feels quite uncomfortable around Brukeval and tries to avoid him, although she also feels sorry for him.
  • In Fairy Tail, Mavis notes that Cana bears a striking resemblance to her late friend Zera, and ponders that she would be just like Cana had she lived long enough. Then, after an Imagine Spot of Zera as a scantily-clad alcoholic, she takes it back.
  • In Fate/Grand Order: Ring of Promise, this is frequently invoked for King David, who can only see others as people he already knows and calls them by that name.
    • He initially refers to Mash as Abishag, the name of the young girl that was requested to lay at his side when he was old and weak so he can obtain her vitality. After noting that Dr. Romani sounds like his son Solomon, he starts calling Mash, who is like Romani's daughter, "Taphath", Solomon's daughter, and calls Dr. Roman "Solomon"note .
    • When David meets Makeda, he initially calls her Bathsheba, who was Solomon's mother and a woman he loved in the past, until she introduces herself as the Queen of Sheba, Solomon's wife, causing David to refer to her as his honored daughter for the rest of the chapter.
  • Hazel: The bossy, overbearing Harvey Griffith has a soft spot for Hazel because she reminds him of his mother, a fact that he mentions in practically every episode in which he appears.
  • In the Encanto/Turning Red fanfic hush now, little one, Bruno tells Tae-young he reminds him of his niecenote .
  • I Love Yoo: Although never stated explicitly, it is clear that Kousuke subconsciously compares Shin-Ae to his younger brother.
  • In Infinity Train: Boiling Point: King Larsta notes that Boscha reminds him of a previous passenger who passed by the Astral Car, and described them as a red-haired passenger who was accompanied by a corgi and a sentient book, who tried attacking him with fire, summoning demons and "a donut holer". Two chapters later, it's revealed that said passenger is and alternate version to Chloe of the Vermillion from Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: Chloe has been compared to Tulip Olsen due to them being redhaired girls who got on the Infinity Train by both One-One and Amelia.
  • In Kengan Ashura, Ohma feels an Irrational Hatred towards Nogi's fighter, Sen Hatsumi. Later, he admits that this is because Sen reminds him of his late master, Niko, and since Ohma was still grieving over his master's death at that time, he couldn't stand Hatsumi's presence.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
  • Labyrinth:
    You remind me of the babe…
    What babe?
    The babe with the power…
    What power?
    What babe?
    The power of Voodoo…
    Who do?
    You do.
    Do what?
    Remind me of the babe…
  • In one episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Eames is paired up with Nichols instead of her usual partner Goren. Turns out it's not that big a difference, at least in some respects.
    Nichols: It could be a native Spanish speaker, or German. Some language where the present perfect is the same as the simple past.
    Eames: You're starting to remind me of someone.
    Ross: This one's taller.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, Randy tells Rean that he didn't think he'd run into "another baby-faced playboy here." Rean asks if he knows someone else like that and Randy tells him that "Yeah, he looks real young, but he's crazy tough... Every beautiful woman he meets becomes his fan. He's got pretty nurses, even a star actress after him." Rean says that he thinks he might know who he's talking about. Although it's not stated directly, it's pretty obvious that Randy is referring to Lloyd Bannings of the The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure games.
  • In A Supe of a Man, Annie January/Starlight reflects that she never had a crush on Homelander when she was younger because he was so similar to Clark Kent/Superman; Annie basically sees Clark as a brother, so felt that having a crush on Homelander would have been weird given the similarities between Clark and the image Homelander presents to the world.
  • A Night at the Opera: "Everything about you reminds me of you. Except you."
  • Nory Ryans Song: Near the end, Anna tells Nory she reminds her of her son Tague.
  • The Order of the Stick Tarquin describes the relationship between Malack and a newly-vampirized Durkon as reminding him of his relationship with his own son, who has a more cynical view on it, though it's possible that was what Tarquin meant in the first place.
    Tarquin: You know, Malack and his new spawn are a lot like you and me when you were young.
    Nale: A shriveled heartless snake too stupid to know he should have been buried years ago—
    Tarquin: —and an easily controlled leech whose parasitic existence evokes a once-cherished relationship that died painfully.
    Kilkil: Oh that reminds me, sir: Your Father of the Year plaque came in the mail last week.
  • Peace of Mind, Piece of Heart: Steven's bright colour scheme and use of magic has Catra mentally associate him with Glimmer, right down to giving him the nickname "Sparkles". Steven saving her after nearly hurting her during a Diamond outburst also has her think of her complicated relationship with Adora.
  • Person of Interest. John Reese saves schoolteacher Charlie Burton from gangsters who are out to kill him, and tells Burton how he reminds him of his friend Harold Finch. He's more right that he knows, as Burton is actually Carl Elias, a criminal genius who for years has been hiding in the shadows under an innocuous cover, just like Finch.
  • From Poker Night 2:
    Sam: You remind me of someone.
    Max: Everyone reminds you of someone, Sam.
    Sam: That's it! You remind me of everyone! And no one. Weird.
  • Platinum Pirate: After piecing together Crocodile's plan to obtain Pluton and destroy the world he hates, Lucas compares Crocodile's violent psychopathy to Cyrus, who sought the power of Dialga and Palkia to destroy the universe.
  • Precious Like Starlight: Lute at one point remarks that Charlie's cheerful and positive attitude reminds her of Emily: The Seraphim of Joy.
  • Steven Universe: Steven often gets a mix of Type 2 and 3 in regards to his mother - especially from Pearl, who was in love with her.
  • Thanks, but no: When he meets Kagami for the first time, Nino picks up the same Lonely Rich Kid and Knight Templar Parent issues he sees in Adrien. Marinette also picks it up, which is why she immediately invites Kagami into their friend group.
  • In Toliver's Secret, the redcoat soldier Higgins tells the disguised Ellen that she reminds him of his son, Tom, which is why he's friendly to her and gives her advice about standing up to bullies.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: Leon and Marie have this in regards to each other, as they remind the other of their sibling in their previous life. Which is because they were siblings prior to their Media Transmigration. In the main timeline, this results in Hate at First Sight as they try to avoid even interacting, though they eventually figure out that the other person is also a reincarnated individual and, a volume or two afterwards, figure out that they were siblings and slowly being to repair their damaged relationship. Meanwhile, in the Marie Route Side Story timeline where they immediately confront each other due to this odd feeling, they quickly develop a close friendship that is far more amicable than anything they had before due to learning about the other's reincarnation status right off the bat. However, because they both have drastically different views on how their sibling dynamic worked, when they do try to share all the details they can remember about their pasts (as a precaution before attempting to enter a romantic relationship), neither can see themselves in the other's description, and start dating having decided all the similarities were pure coincidence.
  • Trolls: Bridget does a Cinderella-type makeover to go on a date with the king. Chef (her boss) later encounters them together and says "You remind me of someone..." as if she's just about to see through the disguise, or maybe already has.
  • Unsounded: Sette reminds Duane of his daughter Mikaila, her eyes are the same green, she's got a similar bombastic personality and her face has a similar structure.
  • Zebra Girl: Viv says that Sandra reminds her of Lilith. In Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam's first wife, instead of Eve; Lilith left the Garden of Eden because she didn't want to be subservient to Adam, and may be the mother of all demons, which makes sense why Sandra now has her eyes.

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