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Seeing Through Another's Eyes

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When a character is able to use a Psychic Link or similar to see what another character is seeing, particularly when at a distance. Basically, a form of clairvoyance using a host character as an on-site medium.

Control may be with either the owner of the eyes/host, or the observer. Either way, this usually requires the cooperation of the host, although it is not essential. It is also frequently mentioned by the passive observer to be strange having their view change unexpectedly. Particularly if the observer is in control, the host may experience an Eye Colour Change.

This skill can be useful in a variety of situations but is particularly suited to spying. It means that only one character needs to be in the (presumably dangerous) situation, while the other character — who may have more knowledge but fit in less well — can watch from safety. It is also necessary (among other senses) for remotely operated People Puppets.

This skill can sometimes be used as replacement vision by a character who suffers from Temporary (or not so temporary) Blindness. Even they are not blind, a character may use it for a similar reason if the host has a different type of vision and can see other things the viewer normally can't, although this is normally more temporary.

In a more humorous application, when used short-range this can even serve double-duty as a mirror.

This can also occur during Dream Spying if the POV is that of a character at the location. One of the more common host/viewer pairings is with Mindlink Mates; in cases where the host is an animal (particularly non-sapient), this is Animal Eye Spy. It is often closely associated with Telepathy, particularly in cases where the observer asks permission first.

Contrast Eye Spy, wherein the viewer uses his/her own detached eye.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In The Familiar of Zero, Saito is able to hear and see through his mistress Louise's senses. It comes off a very useful when he needs to crash through an expensive-looking glass window and slash downward at Viscount Wardes just in time to interrupt a wedding.
  • Throughout the whole Ghost in the Shell franchise, Motoko makes common practice out of hacking into the cyberbrains of bystanders so she can see what the situation is through their point of view (If not also taking control of their bodies in the process). Among some of the people she hacked into were terrorists, androids, and even other policewomen.
  • Antagonists from multiple Gundam continuities have had this as one of their psychic powers. Ribbons Almark could see through the eyes of his fellow artificial humans, Buddhist priest Levan Fuu could be "channelled" by his most devout followers to experience what they saw, and the Frost Brothers had this in the more limited form of Twin Telepathy.
  • Tsugumi Shibata from Hell Girl is able to occasionally "synchronize" with Ai Enma, the titular Hell Girl. Whenever Ai meets with a prospective client of the Hell Correspondence or sends a target of the same to Hell, Tsugumi sees it all. While Ai can't see through Tsugumi's eyes, she is aware of the link.
  • Naruto:
    • Pain has 6 bodies, each having a pair of Rinnegan; one of its functions being a "shared link of vision" between them, allowing him to look at many directions at once.
    • Variation: One of Shadow Clone Jutsu's ability is to transfer any experience the clone had to the original's. Kakashi demonstrated it by making a clone, then have it look at the right and himself at the left, then deactivates the clone. The result: he'll know what's to the left and right of him.
  • Poison Berry in My Brain: Inside her brain, the council members can see what Ichiko sees.
  • In Pokémon Heroes, Latias and Latios are shown to possess the power of "sight-sharing".
  • Rebuild World: As the protagonist Akira is a Differently Powered Individual with Telepathy via wireless Brain/Computer Interface, he’s able to set up a Psychic Link with his Playful Hacker teammate Shirou, allowing Shirou to see through his eyes. This is apparently a standard thing with government employed Old World Domain Connectors.

    Comic Books 
  • Some versions of Aquaman give him the ability to see through the eyes of marine life.
  • A short Batman arc called "Blink" featured a man who, while having no eyes of his own, could do this to people by touching them. He mostly used it to find out people's bank details and scam them, but got drawn into Batman's world when he witnessed a murder.
  • Empowered: Mind████ is a telepath who is blind and mute, and thus must use the eyes of those around her in order to see. This wasn't her choice, nor was it an accident of birth or ill chance in life afterwards. Her brother puppeteered her into cutting out her eyes and tongue with a rusty pair of scissors in an effort to force her to use her powers more and grow stronger. He was stopped before he could make her deafen herself. She's especially annoyed that it worked. She's one of the strongest telepaths who ever lived simply because she had no option to be anything else.
  • Among the many powers that revenants resurrected by The Crow have is the ability to see through the eyes of the bird.
  • Judge Dredd: A graphic example in Fall of Deadworld when a recently turned-evil psionic Judge uses a foot soldier's ripped-out eyeball to see what's happening elsewhere.
  • The villain Sac from Red Robin has the ability to look through the eyes of anyone unfortunate enough to currently be serving as a host for his spiders.

    Fan Works 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: A Dungeon Keeper can do it with any of their minions. Ami discovers that she can at least do it to imps, in Intra-Party Conflict, having an imp looking at a lock:
    She could almost see the lock before her, badly damaged, hanging between her hands and against the tree bark. She needed a moment to realise that she did see it, from the perspective of the imp.
  • In A.A. Pessimal's Discworld fic Gap Year Adventures, young Assassin Horst Lensen blunders from one catastrophe to another. He is subjected to corrective and instructive torture by a tribe not unlike Sioux Indiansnote . Near to death in the Sun Dance, he realises the thing about seeing your life pass before your eyes is at least half-right. He gets to see his own life, in all its hideous embarrassing detail to date, played out through the eyes of other people who witnessed him screwing up and making an idiot of himself. He sees himself as others saw him. And gets their unvarnished scathing opinions about him. But this is accompanied by a reassuring voice telling him it doesn't have to carry on this way. He survives, and takes the message to heart.
    • There is also the work Nothing like A New Pair of Eyes, Is There, inspired by the Adverts single about Gary Gilmour, quoted in Music below. In this tale, a student Assassin blinded in the course of Education receives new eyes via the Igors. She is not told they were cloned from corneal cells donated by one of her teachers. She then becomes psychically linked with Madame Deux-Epées, and both get to see through each other's eyes... Catherine discovers many aspects of her teacher filter back into her unformed fifteen-year-old psyche over several months.
  • Intrepid: Taylor is capable of doing this, much like in her source materials, only her powerset has been made to include any living thing.
  • Little Miss Visual is pretty much based on this. Her hat acts like a camera when she closes her eyes, and she is able to see what it "sees". This only works if she is not wearing her hat.
  • The Meaning of One: As Mindlink Mates, Harry and Ginny share all their senses. Unfortunately, they can't turn the link all the way off, which causes a whole host of complications. It takes a while for them to relearn how to both so much as walk at the same time (since they each feel as if they're moving in two different ways at once), they have to be very careful how they eat to avoid weird flavor combinations from trying to eat two things at once, and each of them can see the other naked (they initially tried to get around this by having one of them change while the other distracted him- or herself, but they gave up when they discovered that they would just see the memories of each other naked anyway).
  • A Certain Droll Hivemind: Any Sister can see through the eyes of any other Sister. However, as 11111 notes, this is part of the reason for their growing divergences. They can only process a couple sensory inputs at once (including their own), making it impossible to be completely up to date on the entire Network. 11111 sometimes borrows other's eyes when they're watching a movie or something, but other than that everyone largely has their own stuff to deal with.

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • This forms the central premise of the film Eyes of Laura Mars, where the title character mysteriously develops the ability to witness the murders of her friends and colleagues through the eyes of their killer.
  • Eragon does this with his dragon Saphira, using magic to be able see through her vision. He doesn't do this in the book.
  • Being John Malkovich is about a door that allows you to go inside John Malkovich's head.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor: In The Stinger, Loki is able to perceive everything that Dr. Erik Selvig does through a Psychic Link.
    • Thor: Ragnarok:
      • When Loki applies Touch Telepathy on Valkyrie, he experiences her recollection of the Valkyries' confrontation with Hela as if he were there.
      • Thor telepathically connects with Heimdall across an entire galaxy away, allowing Thor to see and learn what's going on back in Asgard (during which, Thor even gains Heimdall's Supernatural Gold Eyes).
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X-Men: Professor X uses his psychic ability to experience Senator Kelly's memory of being exposed to Magneto's machine.
    • X-Men: First Class: Charles can "eavesdrop" on a conversation that Emma Frost has with a Soviet general by telepathically inhabiting a nearby soldier.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: Past Xavier is able to figure out where Raven is heading because when he had temporarily "possessed" a stewardess who had bumped into his foster sister, the stewardess had picked up Raven's plane ticket from the floor, and he can read its contents from the stewardess' field of vision. In The Rogue Cut, Future Professor X can view the mansion through Magneto's and Iceman's minds, and he gives them instructions as they walk in hidden passageways towards the Cerebro room.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: Charles sees Jean's visions of planet-wide destruction as if they were his own.
  • Army of Frankensteins: Because his eye was transplanted into the Frankenstein Monster, Alan experiences uncontrolled instances of seeing what the monster is seeing.

  • Artemis Fowl has a technological version in the Iris Cam, a micro-camera in a contact lens. At different times, we see it used by both Holly and Artemis.
  • In the Bounders novel The Tundra Trials, Regis and Randall knock Mira off a bridge over a vast chasm. Jasper dives in to rescue her with the blast pack, but can't pull out of the dive. Mira tells him to close his eyes, then guides him out of the dive as he sees the chasm through her eyes. In The Forgotten Shrine, Jasper stays up at night so he can watch through Mira's eyes to see what the Alkalinians are doing to her while she's drugged unconscious, which turns out to be horribly painful medical procedures that Jasper can feel as if they were happening to him.
  • Ray Bradbury's short story The Homecoming. One member of a family of magical creatures (vampires, werewolves, etc.) is Cecy, who has the ability to (among other things) look through the eyes of other people.
  • A variant is used in The Darkness On Diamondia by A.E. van Vogt. The planet has a psychic influence on everyone who lives there for more than a short time, allowing them to effectively share another person's body although normally only to the extent of experiencing what the host is experiencing and to communicating with the host. They cannot control the host's body or mind, and the host is always aware of the presence of the other person so it's useless for covert spying. This ability is so common that the concept of holding a person incommunicado never occurs to the planet's natives.
  • Daystar and Shadow: Using all his power of telepathy, Robin can get a smoky view of what Shadow is looking at.
  • Discworld:
    • When Granny Weatherwax needs a mirror, she instead uses one of her Borrowing techniques to access the eyes of either Nanny Ogg or a handy animal, and then just having them look at her.
    • This also happens to Maurice in The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents when the Ratking tries to locate him, only to fail since Maurice keeps his eyes shut during the chase under the city.
    • The elderly witch Eumenides Treason compensates for being blind and deaf by keeping animals around the house and Borrowing their senses when she needs them. Late in life, she comes to keep a pair of ravens on her shoulders, all the better to complement the Witch Classic aesthetic that she cultivates — they go well with her Prophet Eyes.
  • Abra and Dan use this in Doctor Sleep, particularly when hunting for the baseball glove.
  • Dune Messiah. Emperor Paul Atreides' eyes are destroyed by a stone burner, leaving him blind. When the Face Dancer Scytale threatens to murder Paul's two children, Paul is able to see through the eyes of his son Leto (who also has the power of prescience) and throw his crysknife at Scytale, killing him.
  • In the short story The Four-Hour Fugue, the protagonist is blind and "sees" by telepathically accessing the eyes of those around her. She doesn't believe it at first (would you?) but a man she talks to proves it by demonstrating that she's using his own vision, which is colorblind.
  • Harry Potter: Harry has the ability to see through Voldemort's eyes, which is part of the Psychic Link they share due to Harry being the Horcrux Voldemort never intended to create. It also lets Harry see whatever Voldemort is thinking about, and allows him to keep tabs on Voldy's current location. Harry loses the power after the piece of Voldemort's soul inside him is destroyed, by Voldemort himself.
  • This is used several times in the Heralds of Valdemar series, mostly between Heralds and their Companions (horse-shaped, but not actually animals).
    • Collegium Chronicles: In a humourous example, Mags and Dallen briefly use this method as a mirror, and also while Dallen is borrowing Mag's body to weave braids as Midwinter gifts. In another instance, Mags is undercover disguised as a blind beggar and navigates and watches for his quarry by skimming the surface thoughts of people passing by.
    • Brightly Burning: After he is blinded in an attack, Pol is able to use his Companion's eyes to read maps and help direct the battle.
    • Mage Winds: Not a Companion situation, but Need, as a sword, has little to no ability to perceive the world on her own and relies on the senses of the people around her. She's quite irritable about being shielded against.
    • Mage Storms: This is reversed at one point with Karal and Florian; Florian looking through Karal's eyes during a function and prompting him to help keep track of who's who among the dignitaries. Also unusual in that Karal is not actually a Herald or Florian's Chosen. Later, after Karal's sight is burned out during the Final Storm, Altra the Firecat lets him see through his eyes.
    • Arrows of the Queen: Talia appears to do this at one point when testing the strength of her bond with Rolan. Noticeable in that their bond is one of the few where communicating with words is difficult.
    • Arrows of the Queen: In a non-Companion example, Farseers often use their Talent to act as host and guide to other Heralds, allowing those with Talents such as Fetching and Firestarting to work at a greater distance. Kris and Dirk are particularly good at working together in this way.
  • Heroes Save the World: This is how it works when Simon Martin sees how somebody is going to die. It can be quite distressing.
  • In Hoshi and the Red City Circuit, Hoshi reluctantly grants Luzzie full access to her perceptual flow so he can guide her through a riled-up crowd that would normally be too overwhelming for her even with her auditory filters. Luzzie creates a program that allows her to process data and focus her attention just like a normal, then seizes control of her attention and leads her where she needs to go.
  • In the short story "Ieia", the title character is a goddess who has been cursed to inhabit a statue. In a mild twist on this trope, she sees through the eyes of anyone who is looking at the statue. When more than one person (or animal) is looking at her, the views overlap, and when no one is looking at her she has no senses at all.
  • Dinah, in The Langoliers, is blind, but is sometimes able to "sight-share", as a former teacher of hers calls it. The teacher did consider it a fantasy, but it's made clear to the reader that Dinah really can see through someone else's eyes at times. Unfortunately for her, she has to deal with how their resident psychotic sees the world.
  • Several times in the second book of Isobelle Carmody's The Legendsong Saga, Glynn has dreams where she is inside Solen's mind, seeing and hearing what he sees and hears. This is due to the feinna bond making them Mindlink Mates.
  • Merkabah Rider: In "The Nightjar Women", Lilith states that she can see through the eyes of any of her children, whose numbers are legion. The Rider has no reason to doubt her claim.
  • Moon (1985): Jonathan Childes, from the perspective of a similarly psychic Serial Killer, sees murders as they're committed.
  • In The Obernewtyn Chronicles Elspeth is able to link with Mathew and see through his eyes, particularly useful while he is playing bait for the slavers. Once he is taken, she is unable to find anyone else with a suitably compatible mind, relying instead on relayed images.
    • In The Sending Elspeth has several dreams where she views scenes through Rushton's eyes, thanks to their golden Mindlink Mates bond.
  • October Daye: Blind Michael sees through the eyes of his Riders and the children he's abducted to force into The Wild Hunt. When they ride on Halloween night, the Riders also see through all of each other's eyes at once.
  • In the early run of Perry Rhodan this is the sole power of Mutant Corps member Ralf Marten. It's considered its own distinct ability and depicted as more a form of targeted astral projection than straightforward telepathy.
  • In the short story "Pat Moore" by Tim Powers, a man meets the ghost of his wife, who, having no eyes of her own, can see only what he can see.
  • At one point in Relativity, Ravenswood becomes unwillingly linked mentally with a serial killer. This gives him the ability to see when he's committing murder, but unfortunately, he's incapable of not seeing it.
  • The title character in Seraphina can experience visions of seventeen other people through holding their hands in the mental 'garden' she creates when she meditates. In fact, she has to 'visit' her garden regularly or risk passing out from unwanted visions, but otherwise she prefers not to use the power. One of the people in her garden somehow figured out how to look into Seraphina's mind through the mind garden, but was promptly locked up in an imaginary cottage.
  • Skinchangers and wargs in A Song of Ice and Fire can brainjack animals. One in particular frequently uses his ability on birds to scout out territory ahead of his party. When the ability is first used on another human, one states he had thought the feat impossible.
    • The entire Stark family seems to have warging in their blood: when their latest generation sleeps, they start seeing through/becoming their pet direwolves.
  • In the novel Three Days to Never by Tim Powers, Charlotte is blind, but psychic, and can see through the eyes of people near her. The ramifications and limitations are explored in some depth.
  • In Threshold by David Palmer, the protagonists also use this method as a mirror, while Shapeshifting.
  • What Rose can do through Lissa as a result of their Psychic Link in Vampire Academy. She can see and experience everything Lissa experiences.
  • In Warrior Cats, Jayfeather's powers normally include dream walking, viewing the memories of others, and feeling their emotions. There's one instance, however, where he unintentionally sees through his brother Lionpaw's eyes while he and Breezepaw are having a hunting contest, and the ground collapses under him, burying Lionpaw and Breezepaw alive. Thanks to Jayfeather (then Jaypaw) seeing this, he is able to get help and save their lives.
  • Pilgrennon's Children:
    • Prendick, one of the villains of The Emerald Forge, lost both his eyes in an industrial accident. He can see through the eyes of one of Gamma's mind-controlled eagles, since both of them have a Brain/Computer Interface. Gamma, who can take away his sight at a moment's notice, uses this to ensure his loyalty.
    • When Dana rides a horse that also has the interface, she can feel its heartbeat and the dirt under its hooves, hear the flies buzzing in its ears, and see its panoramic view.
  • In Island's End, every oko-jumu, or spiritual leader, has a spirit animal. Uido's turns out to be a squid, through whose eyes she can see as it travels underwater. Her mentor, Lah-ame, tells his own spirit animal, a serpent eagle, to let Uido into its mind so she can see what it's like to fly.
  • In The White Bone, the mind talker Date Bed can do this. She often borrows the vision of Mud, who has very good eyesight for an elephant. When she's lost and thirsty, she asks a swarm of flies where she can find water, enters the mind of one of the flies, and watches from his perspective as he flies to where the water is.
  • Mermaid's Song: When Kagor and his sharks attack Dria, Elan, who is some distance away, views the situation through Dria's eyes in order to give her better cross-spoken instructions.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Eye Spy" features this in a rather horrifying way. An abducted S.H.I.E.L.D. agent has an eye surgically implanted with a camera and x-ray vision. The camera allows for her abductors to constantly monitor her at all times, no matter where she goes. She's given instructions by her handler via a HUD within the eye, but if she ever steps out of line, a miniature explosive will instantly kill her. The team, after figuring out what's going on and capturing her, uses a specialized pair of glasses to intercept the monitoring transmission and not let the handler realize what has happened. Ward has to use the glasses to continue her current mission and keep up the charade until the explosive is defused.
  • Dar of Beast Master would often do this whenever he uses his power to communicate with his eagle.
  • A more literal variation in CSI: NY. A killer places a small camera into a victim's eye socket to remotely view the detectives' progress in tracking them down.
  • The hero of Fortune Hunter uses camera contact lenses and a two-way earpiece to transmit what he sees and hears to his Mission Control. In the French dub, it's mentioned in the Opening Narration and alluded to in the French title, Dans l'œil de l'Espion (In the Spy's Eye).
  • In From the Cold: Jenny wears contacts which let Chauncey and Chris remotely see what she does. She later shorts these out to stop being surveilled by them using this.
  • In one of the audience-chosen stunts in the Just Roll With It episode "Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars", Blair and Owen had to participate in the "Eyeball Swap Obstacle Course" which involved them putting on helmets with cameras on them that show what the other person is seeing.
  • Legion (2017): In "Chapter 26", David Haller tells Charles Xavier to use his telepathy in order to determine his identity. While probing a memory in the stranger's mind, Charles then sees himself and his wife Gabrielle standing over David's crib from David's perspective, who was a baby at the time. Charles immediately realizes that the man before him is his son.
  • In Made For Love, romantic partners Hazel and Byron share brain microchips that allow Byron to see everything that Hazel sees as if her eyes were his. Of course, since Hazel is actively trying to run from the manipulative, controlling Byron, this does not make her life easy.
  • Masters of Horror: The premise of "Chocolate" is that a man suddenly starts seeing what an unfamiliar woman living in another part of the country is seeing. He becomes alienated from his family and tracks the woman down, thinking that they must be Mindlink Mates, but it turns out that she's just a criminal and immediately tries to kill him for knowing enough about her to put her away.
  • Alisha has this power in the third season of Misfits.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Living Hell", after being shot in the head, Ben Kohler is implanted with an experimental cerebral chip as he has no other chance of survival. After emerging from his coma one month later, he is plagued by visions of women being brutally murdered. Ben and his doctor Jennifer Martinez eventually determine that he is seeing through the eyes of Wayne Haas, who received an earlier version of the cerebral chip and later faked his death in order to cover his tracks. Ben is only able to see through Haas' eyes when he either has a woman cornered or is killing her because adrenaline hyperstimulates the chip and causes the two men's minds to temporarily connect.
  • Sense8: Members of a cluster can psychically temporarily "take over" each other's body and see what they are seeing.
  • Stargate Atlantis. After Teyla discovers that she has Wraith DNA and can telepathically link with them the expedition attempts to use her to spy on the Wraith. She is able to briefly see through their eyes on the incoming invasion fleet before they notice and take control of her
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: A far less invasive example than most; on more than one occasion, a transmitter is attached to Geordi's VISOR, allowing those back on the ship to see what he sees when he's on an away mission.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "A Message from Charity", Charity Payne, a Puritan girl living in the colonial Massachusetts village of Annes Town in 1700, and Peter Wood, a teenage boy living in the Massachusetts town of Anniston in 1985, gain the ability to communicate with each other across time and see through each other's eyes after they both contract cholera. Charity and Peter can also experience sensations from the other's perspective. For instance, Peter introduces Charity to the unimaginable luxuries of his time such as orange juice and chocolate ice cream and she quickly becomes drunk when Peter has a glass of wine.

  • A hit single from The Adverts was denounced at the time for its sheer bad taste and subject matter. This dealt with American serial murderer Gary Gilmour, who asked for any useful parts of his body which were serviceable after execution to be harvested and used to help others so that his death had some useful purpose. In the event, only parts of his eyes were taken for transplant into somebody else. The Adverts asked exactly how the recipient of Gilmour's corneas might feel, knowing who they'd come from and in what circumstances. And would anything of the donor carry over to the recipient...


    Tabletop Games 
  • Arduin
    • Arduin Grimoire Volume 4: The Lost Grimoire. Illyander's Spell of the Infinite Eyes allows the caster to see through the eyes of the target of the spell for 13 minutes. The spell works no matter how far apart the caster and target are.
    • The Compleat Arduin Book 2: Resources
      • The spell Marlyn's Conjuration of the Mighty, Mystikal Mouse creates a magical mouse. While concentrating, the caster of the spell can see, hear and smell anything the mouse can.
      • Perrinites are a crossbreed between Elves and Dryads that can see and hear using the senses of forest birds, allowing the birds to be used as scouts and spies.
  • This is an option for the Clairsentience power in Champions. If it's the only way you can use the power, you save some points on it.
  • DC Heroes. The Eye of the Cat power allows the user to see through the eyes of an animal within range. If there is more than one animal within range, the user decides which animal is affected. The user gains the benefit of any special visual powers the animal has.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • There are a number of spells in early editions that allow the caster to see through the eyes of another creature:
      • Animal Eyes, Animal Sight, Animal Spy, Animal Vision, Animal's View and Nature's Eyes: see though the eyes of any animal.
      • Living Link and See Through Other Eyes: see through the eyes of any living creature.
      • Corpse Link: See through the eyes of a corpse or zombie.
      • Spectral Senses: See through the eyes of an undead monster.
      • Spidereyes: See through a spider's eyes.
    • Each skeleton warrior had its soul trapped in a golden circlet. Anyone who put the circlet on top of their head can see through that skeleton warrior's eyes as long as it's within 240 feet.
    • A homonculous is a magical creature created by a magic-user. The creator can see and hear through the homonculous' eyes and ears.
    • Nothics are creatures created when a wizard stumbles across a hidden curse laid by the Lich-god Vecna, turning them into a cyclopean monster. They retain a strong psychic connection to Vecna that allows him to see through their eyes, and the god often uses them to keep tabs on his cults in this manner.
    • Similarly, vitreous drinkers are long-tongued, eye-studded undead who serve Vecna, and have the ability to "drink" other creatures' eyesight. This gives the victim supernatural cataracts, and allows the vitreous drinker to see through the other creature's eyes, at any time, as if their vision wasn't limited. This allows the undead to serve as spymasters and handlers for Vecna's mortal cultists, spying through a network of victims ranging from beggars to politicians. As for the victim whose vision has been "drank," either the destruction of the vitreous drinker or powerful magic like wish can restore their sight.
    • Dungeon magazine:
      • Issue #34, adventure "On Wings of Darkness": Two dog handlers each have a magical Whistle of Command +1 which, when hung around the neck, allows them to see through the eyes of their dog while it is up to one mile away.
      • Issue #40, adventure "Khamsa's Folly": The Southern priest spell "Animal Vision" allows the caster to see through the eyes of any animal (insect, reptile or mammal) up to hundreds of yards away.
      • Issue #50, adventure "Felkovic's Cat"" The dark lord of Valachan, Baron von Kharkov, can see through the eyes of any feline in his domain at will.
      • Issue #61, adventure "Jigsaw": Because Victoria von Lendstein created the flesh golem Udo, there is an emotional connection between them that allows him to see through her eyes.
      • Issue #70, adventure "Kingdom of the Ghouls". Doresain, the King of the Ghouls, has small enchanted bats called the Eyes of the King. He sends them out to accompany his True Ghoul patrols. He can see through the bats' eyes, giving him first hand information on conditions in the kingdom's tunnels.
    • White Dwarf magazine
      • Issue #40, article "Inhuman Gods Part II": Ssrrpt'ck is the deity of insects and similar creatures. It can see through the eyes of any insect at any time it chooses.
      • Issue #44 "Fiend Factory". A were-yelg is able to look through the eyes of any regular yelg within 100 miles.
      • Issue #64 article "Treasure Chest: Spells for Friends". The spell Sense Tap allows the caster to use all of the senses of (including seeing through the eyes of) anyone holding an enchanted item.
    • Imagine magazine #16: The Egyptian deity Sobek can see through the eyes and hear through the ears of any crocodile anywhere on Earth.
    • Polyhedron magazine #27, article "Dominion: An Unofficial New Spell Category for Magic-Users": The spell Empathic Link allows the caster to use the sensory abilities of the target.
    • The 2nd Edition AD&D supplement The Complete Psionics Handbook has Sight Link psionic ability, which allows the user to see through another creature's eyes without impairing its own vision.
  • Mythus/Dangerous Journeys RPG:
    • The Sorcery skill gives its user two abilities which allow seeing through an animal's eyes up to 6 leagues (18 miles) away. They are Kiteseyes (carrion birds such as crows, ravens, vultures and buzzards) and Ratseyes (rodents like mice and rats).
    • In Mythic Masters magazine #2 Gary Gygax presented the Familiar, a minor spirit sent to aid a Witch or Warlock. The Witch/Warlock master can spend Heka (magic) and experience the sensory input of the Familiar as long as it is within 1 league (3 miles) of the master.
  • In 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy, any Slann in a Lizardmen army could cast spells within range and line-of-sight of any Skink Shamans on the battlefield, with this as the explanation. This compensates for their different varieties of Squishy Wizardness, as Shamans are fast and stealthy but cheap, weak casters, and Slann are ponderous, valuable and need protecting.
  • Judges Guild generic RPG supplement Masters of Mind. The psionic ability ESP allows the user to experience another creature's sense perceptions. This includes being able to see through the creature's eyes.

    Video Games 
  • In Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, during the last bossfight, the player character has to control summoned Deep Ones to flip four switches so Mother Hydra's shield is deactivated.
    • Also, at various point of the game, the view switches from the player character's to that of different creatures stalking him, although it's not made clear if he actually sees what they see or if he just feels their presence.
  • Among the many other atomic bombshells dropped in Chapter 19 of Dragalia Lost, Finlorda informs the party that, in addition to rewriting Notte's memories so she believed she grew up in South Grastaea, he also rewired her senses so they could feed back to him, all the way in the Faerie Kingdom, as a means of monitoring Euden. The "drone" all but breaks on the spot upon discovering this, while almost everyone else is outraged; the only reason Finlorda isn't shouted down or worse is because Chelle commands everyone to shut up and let him explain.
  • Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy has Jov Leonov, the Quirky Miniboss Squad's resident master of mind control. The same accident that gave him his powers also left him blind, and as a result he always has a Meat Puppet by his side to serve as his eyes.
  • In Psychonauts the Clairvoyance ability allows Raz to see through the eyes of another being and see how they perceive him. For example, Sasha Nein sees Razputin as a younger version of himself, while Raz's possibly-crush Lili Zanotto sees him as a Prince Charming type.
  • The Siren series runs on this trope as its core stealth-horror gameplay mechanic, which allows all playable characters to see through the eyes of the Shibito (Yamibito in Siren 2) and find their blindspots to hide in as they patrol the area. It also allows the player to experience what it would be like to be a shambling and cackling reanimated corpse, which to say, is not a pleasant experience.
  • The Turing Test: At the end of chapter 4, it is revealed you aren't actually viewing Ava's point of view, but rather TOM's, who's mind-controlling Ava.
  • Ashley in Vagrant Story develops this form of clairvoyance as a result of being exposed to The Dark during his time in Lea Monde, and can occasionally use it to spy on the Mullenkamp cultists through their hostage Merlose, and on the Crimson Blades through one of their commanders, Samantha. On one occasion, Samantha's partner Guildenstern realises Ashley is doing this and gives Ashley a Poke in the Third Eye.
  • The Mind Vision spell usable by priests in World of Warcraft switches your point of view to that of your target. You're also allowed to jump from one target to another, allowing you to potentially see things that are several zones away with enough patience and properly placed targets.
  • In XCOM, the Ethereals use their Psychic Powers to see through the eyes of their Battle Thralls.

  • In the Erfworld prose prequel "Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)", Jack uses his Foolamancy powers to allow a temporarily blinded Jillian to see through his eyes.
  • In Freefall, robots' vision feeds are publicly accessible by default. This comes in handy if a group of robots all need a type of extra vision that only one of them has (like backscatter X-ray), but it also means that, among other things, most robots must have built-in Censor Box software just in case.
  • In Think Before You Think, part of Brian's telepathy is that he can see images in other people's minds, often what they happen to be looking at or have seen in the past.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Susan gets feedback from her fairy summon that enables it to serve as a second set of eyes for her.

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation
    • SCP-041 ("Thought Broadcasting Patient"). When another person is within ten meters of him, SCP-041 can read their mind using telepathy and see whatever they're seeing. For example, if someone were watching television then SCP-041 could "watch" it along with him.
    • SCP-2610 ("Procreation"). SCP-2610-A (Simeon Avakian) can use his telepathy ability to enter the mind of a lobotomized patient and use their senses, including seeing through their eyes and hearing through their ears.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Defenders of the Earth episode "The Evil of Doctor Dark", Psychic Warrior Mara has the ability to see whatever her sister, Lillith, sees "no matter where she may be". After joining forces with the Defenders, she uses this power to enable them to track down Dark and his party.
  • In an episode of Teen Titans (2003), Raven enters Robin's mind and sees through his eyes to confirm whether or not he's just hallucinating fighting against Slade, and it affects her in the short moment she did. Though he really is hallucinating, Your Mind Makes It Real so it really affects him and whoever is linked to him, just to hammer the point.

    Real Life 
  • The mechanical variation on this is the idea behind the real-life concepts of security cameras, spy drones and similar devices.


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