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This is a list of tropes dealing with the ability (or inability) to see.

  • Blindfolded Vision: A sighted character who has blindfolded vision can see just as well, if not better than if that character wasn’t blindfolded.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Someone loses their glasses and can't see anything.
  • By the Eyes of the Blind: A character or creature who can only be seen by certain individuals.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: Characters' eyes glow in the dark just so viewers can see their eyes.
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  • Can't See a Damn Thing: Someone who's effectively blind because of environmental conditions, lost glasses, or being physically blinded by light or dirt.
  • Color Blind Confusion: Color blindness gets brought up in an important situation.
  • Dropped Glasses: Dropped glasses get stepped on.
  • Glasses Curiosity: Needing or wanting to try on the glasses of others.
  • Temporary Blindness: Losing the ability to see for a short time period.
  • Universal Eyeglasses: Any pair of glasses can correct any vision problem.


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