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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 1 E 9 Living Hell

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The Control Voice: It is a common scientific belief that humans use but a small fraction of the brain. Researchers all over the world try to unlock the secrets hidden in these darkened parts of the mind. But do we really want to unlock some secrets? And how will we deal with the dark discoveries that lie within?

A man receives a brain implant after getting shot in the head, but it links his mind with that of a serial killer.


The Control Voice: If you were offered the chance to communicate with another person's mind, would you choose to do it, knowing that in return you would have to expose your own deepest and most intimate thoughts?

Living Tropes:

  • Afraid of Blood: Ben Kohler faints at the sight of blood. This is what convinces his doctor that he's unlikely to be the vicious killer whose visions he's been inadvertently receiving.
  • Bald of Awesome: Detective Wilson, once he starts taking Ben seriously and helps him go after Haas at the end.
  • Cassandra Truth: Subverted. Ben Kohler is caught after he warned the cops about the actions of a Serial Killer who he's been telepathically linked to for the last several weeks. The cops initially believe that he's the killer, but after he provides proof of the neural device implanted in his brain, they believe him.
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  • Electronic Telepathy: A doctor saves a Ben Kohler's life by implanting an experimental neutral transmitter in his brain. A side effect of this is that he can now see the thoughts of an elusive Serial Killer who was given the same implant and had faked his own death afterwards.
  • Hot Scientist: Dr. Martinez, the creator of the brain implant.
  • Mistaken for Murderer: Ben Kohler tries to warn the cops about a killer named Wayne Haas whose visions he has been receiving. As the detective in charge of the investigation points out, how is it that this particular person who called them up out of the blue knows so much detailed information about the crime scenes? It's no surprise that he quickly becomes suspect number one.
  • Murderer P.O.V.: Justified in-universe when an experimental neural implant allows Ben Kohler to see through the eyes of Wayne Haas, a Serial Killer with the same implant.
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  • Seeing Through Another's Eyes: After being shot in the head, Ben Kohler is implanted with an experimental cerebral chip as he has no other chance of survival. After emerging from his coma one month later, he is plagued by visions of women being brutally murdered. Ben and his doctor Jennifer Martinez eventually determine that he is seeing through the eyes of Wayne Haas, who received an earlier version of the cerebral chip and later faked his death in order to cover his tracks. Ben is only able to see through Haas' eyes when he either has a woman cornered or is killing her because adrenaline hyperstimulates the chip and causes the two men's minds to temporarily connect.
  • Serial Killer: Wayne Haas is a serial killer with a twist: he and Ben Kohler both received an experimental neural implant from an emergency procedure several years apart to save their lives after an accident. He quickly realizes that they can share each other's thoughts, and uses it to send Ben Kohler visions of the way that he graphically murders women.

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