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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 1 E 8 Virtual Future

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This tech's about as futuristic as the 90s could imagine it.

The Control Voice: Man has always been fascinated with the concept of going back in time. The question is often asked, "If you could go back, would you do anything differently?" But what if it goes the other way? We never hear the question, "Would you do anything differently, if you could go forward?"

A scientist (Josh Brolin) creates a virtual reality device that can see into the future, but the CEO (David Warner) funding the research seeks to exploit it.

The Control Voice: Time is a river winding steadily through the landscape of tomorrow. There are those who would steal a glimpse around the next bend and those who would fight the current. But the wisest are those who turn their eyes from the waters and seek out a fellow traveler to share in the journey.


Virtual Tropes:

  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: David Warner plays Bill Trenton, a Research, Inc.'s evil CEO. He hires a research scientist who developed a device that could predict the future, but decides to use the device to win an election by murdering his rival.
  • Seers: Jack Pierce discovers that his virtual reality suit allows him to see into the future provided that the analogue simulation rate is at a high enough level. Altering the power levels determines the timing of the future jumps. Jack's patron Bill Trenton, the unscrupulous CEO of CTY Industries, plans to use this technology for his own ends.

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