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Recap / The Outer Limits (1995)

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    Season 1 
  1. The Sandkings, Part One: A scientist illegally raises a colony of ant-like aliens.
  2. The Sandkings, Part Two: The scientist loses touch with reality and sees himself as a god to his colony, but there is a price to pay for his arrogance.
  3. Valerie 23: A human-like android woman is made the caretaker for a disabled man.
  4. Blood Brothers: A man develops a drug that can seemingly cure any disease and heal any injury. His brother attempts to keep the discovery for himself, unprepared for the side effects.
  5. The Second Soul: A race of aliens comes to Earth and asks for permission to use human corpses as host bodies.
  6. White Light Fever: An elderly billionaire is terrified of dying and devotes all his resources to keeping himself alive. While his doctor debates helping him over a young girl, a mysterious ball of energy attempts to kill the billionaire.
  7. The Choice: A young girl with mysterious powers is befriended by a woman with similar powers. When government agents attempt to capture them, the girl's parents wonder what to do.
  8. Virtual Future: A man develops a virtual reality device that can see into the future, but the CEO funding his research attempts to exploit it.
  9. Living Hell: After getting shot in the head, a man's life is saved by a brain implant, but it links his mind with that of a serial killer.
  10. Corner of the Eye: Aliens who resemble demons grant a priest the ability to heal others and ask him to be their representative.
  11. Under the Bed: A boy disappears and his sister claims the boogeyman took him.
  12. Dark Matters: A spaceship is trapped in a starless void with the ghosts of similarly trapped crews.
  13. The Conversion: After shooting up an office building, a man goes on the run, but is stopped by a stranger who attempts to teach him the error of his ways.
  14. Quality of Mercy: In a war with an alien race, a soldier is captured and thrown into a cell with a woman who is slowly being turned into one of them.
  15. The New Breed: A scientist develops nanobots meant to correct diseases and imperfections in the human body. His friend injects them into himself even though they haven't been tested, and there are consequences.
  16. The Voyage Home: As a three man crew flies home from Mars, one of them suspects the others have been replaced by aliens.
  17. Caught in the Act: A woman is possessed by an alien and goes around seducing men and eating them.
  18. The Message: A deaf woman is given an implant to allow her to hear, but she begins to hear a strange alien message.
  19. I, Robot: A robot is put on trial for the murder of his creator.
  20. If These Walls Could Talk: A woman whose son has disappeared asks a supernatural debunker to investigate the seemingly haunted house where her son was last seen.
  21. Birthright: After a car crash, a senator and his doctor discover he is really an alien, and his race is infiltrating Earth.
  22. The Voice of Reason: A clip show. A man appears before a committee at the Pentagon and tries to convince them of the danger of multiple alien invasions.

    Season 2 
  1. A Stitch in Time: An FBI agent investigates a series of murders committed over the course of 40 years with the same gun.
  2. Resurrection: After humanity was wiped out by biological war, androids take over. Two androids clone a human, but their rulers find out and are determined to prevent their former masters from returning.
  3. Unnatural Selection: A couple decides to give their unborn child genetic enhancements, though there is a risk that the child will turn into a monster.
  4. I Hear You Calling: A reporter goes on the trail of a mysterious man who is zapping random people with a ray and seemingly reducing them to ash.
  5. Mind Over Matter: A scientist invents a device that lets him connect his mind with others. When a woman he has secretly loved goes into a coma, he attempts to reach her mind, with unexpected consequences.
  6. Beyond the Veil: A man who claims to have been abducted by aliens is sent to a mental institution and suspects aliens have infiltrated it.
  7. First Anniversary: After their first anniversary, two men suspect something is off with their wives.
  8. Straight and Narrow: A teen attempts to escape military school when he finds out the students are being brainwashed.
  9. Trial by Fire: A newly inaugurated president is taken to an underground bunker when objects are spotted heading for Earth, and must decide how to respond.
  10. Worlds Apart: An astronaut crash lands on an alien planet. He radios Earth asking for rescue, but on Earth, 20 years have passed and his former lover is now married and the director of his agency.
  11. The Refuge: A man is given shelter from a blizzard by a group of people in a mansion, but things are not as they seem.
  12. Inconstant Moon: When the moon becomes brighter, a professor suspects the sun has gone nova. Believing the day side of Earth has been incinerated and that they only have a few hours before they share the same fate, he attempts to woo a woman he had always loved.
  13. From Within: Parasitic worms take over the bodies of the inhabitants of a small town. A mentally handicapped boy is immune to infestation and attempts to save the town.
  14. The Heist: A group attempts to hijack a shipment of missiles. Instead, they find a lone guard who begs them not to open a container.
  15. Afterlife: A man on death row is instead volunteered for an experiment to be spliced with alien DNA.
  16. The Deprogrammers: Aliens have taken over Earth and brainwashed humans into slaves. Rebels capture a slave and attempt to deprogram him.
  17. Paradise: A doctor and a sheriff investigate when women from a retirement home go missing and young women grow old and die.
  18. The Light Brigade: A sequel to "Quality of Mercy". A spaceship crew attempts to drop a bomb on the alien race's home planet as a last ditch effort to win the war.
  19. Falling Star: A time traveler prevents a singer from committing suicide because she was a fan of her work. More time travelers come and attempt to correct history by murdering the singer.
  20. Out of Body: An experiment causes a woman to be trapped outside her body.
  21. Vanishing Act: A man in 1949 finds that every time he falls asleep, he wakes up 10 years farther into the future.
  22. The Sentence: A scientist develops a virtual reality device that can compress years of time into a few minutes or hours, proposing it be used instead of prisons on criminals to save time, money, and resources.

    Season 3 
  1. Bits of Love: After a nuclear holocaust, a man survives in an underground bunker with holograms for companionship.
  2. Second Thoughts: A dying scientist uses a device to transfer his memories into a mentally handicapped man, turning him into a genius. The man attempts to woo a woman, and starts absorbing more minds in the hopes this will help him win her over.
  3. Re-generation: A woman reluctantly allows her dead son to be cloned and herself to be impregnated with the embryo, but starts seeing his memories.
  4. Last Supper: A teen brings his girlfriend home to meet his family, but she looks exactly like a woman his father had once loved over 20 years ago.
  5. Stream of Consciousness: Unlike the rest of his peers, a man cannot tap into The Stream, a computerized repository of knowledge, and is mocked as he struggles to keep up by reading books. He ends up the only one who can save the day when The Stream turns malevolent.
  6. Dark Rain: After a chemical war leaves most of humanity sterile, the government attempts to capture a couple who manage to conceive.
  7. The Camp: For twelve generations, an alien race has enslaved humanity in concentration camps. One woman with an unquenchable desire to be free discovers a secret about their guards.
  8. Heart's Desire: In the Wild West, an alien grants four outlaws superpowers.
  9. Tempests: While trying to deliver medicine to a space colony, a ship crashes on a planet. While repairing the ship, a crew member is bitten by a spider-like creature and starts hallucinating.
  10. Awakening: A woman with alexithymia (unable to feel emotions) is given a brain implant to correct this, but begins to hear voices and have hallucinations.
  11. New Lease: Two scientists develop a means of reviving the dead, but each subject eventually dies again. When one of them is killed in a mugging and revived, he has to decide how to spend his borrowed time.
  12. Double Helix: A professor develops a serum he believes will accelerate evolution and injects himself with it. Instead, he is driven to take some students, his son, and his son's girlfriend on a journey.
  13. Dead Man's Switch: When aliens are spotted heading for Earth, five people are hidden in bunkers around the world and told to man dead man switches for a doomsday device, just in case the aliens are hostile.
  14. Music of the Spheres: Earth receives a strange signal that children perceive as beautiful music, but listening to it causes people to mutate.
  15. The Revelations of Becka Paulson: A housewife accidentally shoots herself in the head. She survives, and starts hallucinating that a photo of a man is talking to her.
  16. Bodies of Evidence: A man is put on trial for murdering the rest of the crew of a space station.
  17. Feasibility Study: A neighborhood is abducted by aliens who inform them that if they can survive the alien's environment, the rest of humanity will be abducted and enslaved.
  18. A Special Edition: A clip show. A man appears on a talk show and tries to warn the people that the government is illegally cloning people.

    Season 4 
  1. Criminal Nature: A sequel to "Unnatural Selection". A detective's family is harassed by his son, who had turned into a monster due to his genetic enhancements.
  2. The Hunt: A group of hunters decide to hunt androids like animals, but the androids fight back.
  3. Hearts and Minds: Soldiers battle invading bug-like aliens, but things are not as they seem.
  4. In Another Life: A man is pulled into an alternate universe by a version of him who is a successful CEO. The CEO asks him to help stop another version of him who is a murderer.
  5. In the Zone: An aging athlete attempts to regain his edge by having an experiment endow him with super speed, but there are side effects.
  6. Relativity Theory: A spaceship crew finds a planet rich in resources and inhabited by seemingly primitive aliens. A scientist wants to make peaceful contact with them, but the military members are in favor of wiping them out and taking over.
  7. Josh: A man with strange powers who may be an alien or an angel is pursued by the government and helped by a reporter.
  8. Rite of Passage: An alien called "Mother" raises a group of humans in a commune in the woods. A couple rebels when "Mother" confiscates their baby.
  9. Glyphic: Twelve years after a tragedy wiped out most of a town's children, a surviving girl begins to display strange abilities.
  10. Identity Crisis: A soldier volunteers to have his mind implanted into a robot, but things go wrong.
  11. The Vaccine: A group of people take shelter in a hospital from a plague. A vaccine is provided, but there is only enough for three people.
  12. Fear Itself: A man haunted by the memories of a fire that killed his sister is given a treatment to alleviate his fears, but finds he can pass his fears to others.
  13. The Joining: The survivor of a colony on Venus finds that the steps he took to survive have consequences.
  14. To Tell the Truth: A scientist attempts to warn his colony that they are in danger from a solar flare that will happen soon, but no one believes him.
  15. Mary 25: A sequel to "Valerie 23". A female android is assigned to be a nanny for a family.
  16. Final Exam: A disgruntled student builds a cold fusion bomb and threatens to destroy the city unless the government brings him five people on his list and executes them.
  17. Lithia: A soldier awakens from cryogenic stasis to find that Earth is populated exclusively by women.
  18. Monster: Four people with telekinesis are recruited as assassins.
  19. Sarcophagus: An archeological team discovers an alien preserved in an amber-like cocoon.
  20. Nightmare: Earth is in a war with a race called the Ebonites. During a mission to deliver a bomb to planet Ebon, the crew is captured and interrogated by the Ebonites.
  21. Promised Land: A sequel to "The Camp". After escaping the camp, the humans encounter an alien family and go to war with them.
  22. Balance of Nature: A man experiments with a device to restore youth and befriends an old woman.
  23. The Origin of Species: A sequel to "Double Helix". On board a spaceship, the students suspect they have been tricked when they start disappearing.
  24. Phobos Rising: Two colonies on Mars grow paranoid and ready to go to war when it seems that war is brewing on Earth.
  25. Black Box: Everyone tries to get their hands on a mysterious package. Meanwhile, a war veteran is haunted by flashbacks and tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter.
  26. In Our Own Image: A clip show. An android escapes his laboratory and kidnaps a woman to help repair him.

    Season 5 
  1. Alien Radio: An abrasive talk show host who mocks those who believe in aliens discovers they are very real indeed.
  2. Donor: A cancer patient receives a full body transplant, but begins to see his donor's memories.
  3. Small Friends: In prison, a scientist finds his only friends are nanobots he created.
  4. The Grell: Aliens called Grell were enslaved by humans. When a government official and his family's plane is shot down and they are on the run from Grell rebels, the only one they can turn to is their Grell slave.
  5. The Other Side: A scientist connects several comatose patients' minds together with a device, then becomes obsessed with seeing the new world they have created.
  6. Joyride: An old, former astronaut hijacks a space flight in an attempt to return to a site that had ruined his life in the past.
  7. The Human Operators: Sentient spaceships keep humans as slaves.
  8. Blank Slate: An amnesiac man is pursued for a box that holds his memories.
  9. What Will the Neighbors Think?: A woman gains the ability to read minds and tries to blackmail her neighbors.
  10. The Shroud: A woman is impregnated with a clone of Jesus Christ using DNA from the Shroud of Turin.
  11. Ripper: In London, 1888, a doctor goes on the trail of Jack the Ripper.
  12. Tribunal: A lawyer attempts to bring an old Nazi who had tormented the lawyer's father during The Holocaust to justice, and is assisted by a time traveler.
  13. Summit: Earth has a diplomatic meeting with an alien race, but things go wrong.
  14. Descent: A scientist's experiment starts turning him into a caveman.
  15. The Haven: An apartment building's AI attempts to eliminate the humans, forcing the previously apathetic people to cooperate and survive.
  16. Deja Vu: After a wormhole experiment goes wrong, a scientist finds himself trapped in a shrinking time loop.
  17. The Inheritors: People who had been struck by meteors rise from the dead and start working on devices.
  18. Essence of Life: In a future where open displays of emotion are outlawed, an illegal drug is sold that lets the subject hallucinate their loved ones.
  19. Stranded: A boy who is neglected by his father sees a stranded alien as a father figure.
  20. Fathers and Sons: A retirement home is stealing its residents' memories.
  21. Star Crossed: In essentially a remake of Casablanca, a woman enters a neutral zone and asks her bitter ex-lover to assist her in humanity's war with an alien race called the Hing.
  22. Better Luck Next Time: A clip show and a sequel to "Ripper". Two aliens each attempt to convince two detectives that the other alien is evil.

    Season 6 
  1. Judgment Day: A man accused of murder is forced to join a reality TV show where he will be hunted down by the victim's family.
  2. The Gun: A mysterious man sells guns that fuse to their wielder's hands and fill them with blood lust.
  3. Skin Deep: A man steals a handsome coworker's identity with a holographic device.
  4. Manifest Destiny: A spaceship's crew attempts to salvage an abandoned ship and start to go insane.
  5. Breaking Point: A man uses a time machine to go two days into the future and finds his wife is dead. Returning to the present, he tries to stop it from happening.
  6. The Beholder: A blind professor is given a treatment to restore his sight and begins to see a beautiful, ghost-like woman.
  7. Seeds of Destruction: A company introduces a new breed of corn that seems to cause tumors.
  8. Simon Says: A man builds a robot boy with his deceased son's memories.
  9. Stasis: In the future, humanity is divided into Alphas, Betas, and Elites. The Elites rule and the Alphas and Betas work in shifts, alternating going into stasis pods to conserve resources. An Alpha and Beta fall in love even though the only time they see each other is when they change shifts, and try to fight the system.
  10. Down to Earth: At a UFO convention, a man introduces what seems to be a legitimate alien spacecraft fragment.
  11. Inner Child: A woman learns that she had a Siamese twin that she absorbed at birth, and now her sister is taking over her body.
  12. Glitch: A man learns that he is really an android.
  13. Decompression: A presidential candidate is warned by a time traveler that he must jump out of his plane before it crashes.
  14. Abaddon: A spaceship finds a pod containing a ruthless warlord from the past.
  15. The Grid: A man goes to his hometown and finds antennas everywhere that emit a mind control signal.
  16. Revival: An alien joins a phony faith healer's act, but the healer suspects the alien is up to no good.
  17. Gettysburg: A time traveler sends two Civil War enthusiasts back to the real Battle of Gettysburg.
  18. Something About Harry: A teen becomes suspicious of his new neighbor when people start disappearing.
  19. Zig Zag: In a futuristic society, a terrorist threatens to destroy a set of supercomputers with a bomb.
  20. Nest: Scientists in the Arctic discover a species of Polar Mites that infest humans and cause them to become psychotic.
  21. Final Appeal, Part One: A clip show. A woman time travels to the future and is promptly arrested and put on trial because advanced technology is banned.
  22. Final Appeal, Part Two: A clip show. As the trial continues, a second time traveler arrives and holds everyone hostage with a bomb.

    Season 7 
  1. Family Values: A negligent father buys a robot to take care of his family, but finds the robot taking over his household.
  2. Patient Zero: A man attempts to stop a plague by traveling back in time and killing the plague's patient zero.
  3. A New Life: A preacher invites weary families to join his rural village, but some question his motives.
  4. The Surrogate: A woman agrees to be a surrogate mother, but something isn't right.
  5. The Vessel: A cynical man survives a spaceship crash and begins to display powers and flashes of insight.
  6. Mona Lisa: A female android assassin decides to escape her facility and be free, and befriends a cynical woman who has been separated from her daughter.
  7. Replica: A man clones his comatose wife, but when his wife wakes up, this poses a problem.
  8. Think Like a Dinosaur: A race of dinosaur-like aliens called the Hanen allies with humanity and provides teleportation technology. When this process creates a duplicate of a woman, the Hanen order the human technician to "balance the equation" by killing her.
  9. Alien Shop: An alien owns a shop and sells items with unique properties.
  10. Worlds Within: A scientist tries to save a mutant child with the ability to reach between dimensions from the government.
  11. In the Blood: A spaceship enters an alternate universe that behaves like a living entity.
  12. Flower Child: A plant-like alien takes the form of a woman to seduce men.
  13. Free Spirit: A body-hopping ghost seeks revenge on the people in charge of the experiment that killed him.
  14. Mindreacher: A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.
  15. Time to Time: A woman is recruited by a time travel organization, but she defies orders and attempts to prevent her father's death.
  16. Abduction: Five high school students (a jock, a popular girl, a geek, a religious girl, and a loner) are abducted by an alien who orders them to vote on which member of the group will be killed.
  17. Rule of Law: A judge travels to another planet to preside over the case of an alien accused of attacking and killing humans.
  18. Lion's Den: A high school wrestling coach gives his team performance enhancing drugs, but there are side effects.
  19. The Tipping Point: A hacker tries to stop a computer from taking over the world.
  20. Dark Child: A woman who claims to have been abducted and raped by an alien struggles to raise her daughter, then the daughter's teacher becomes close to both of them.
  21. The Human Factor: A clip show. An android decides humans are inherently evil and activates a space colony's self destruct sequence. Over a game of chess, a man tries to convince the android of humanity's worth while his friends try to abort the self destruct.
  22. Human Trials: A clip show. Soldiers endure grueling physical and psychological tests to see who is most worthy of a top-secret mission.