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If one is fated for something important, good or bad, this is their house. If destiny can be said to have a will, these are the chief beings through which it caries it out. They are the arbiters of You Can't Fight Fate, thought many would wish they or others to try anyway.

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Greater Gods

    The Oracle 
The Oracle, Goddess of Prophecies With Two Outcomes
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A bent spoon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chessmaster, Greater-Scope Paragon, Multiple-Choice Fate, Practically All-Knowing, Magical Negro, Apron Matron, Former Machine Ally Turned Renegade, Master Of Many Gambits, Guile Hero, Cool Old Lady
  • Domains: Predictions, Wisdom, Kindness, Cookies, Programming
  • Allies: Neo, John Connor, Izumi Curtis, X, Doctor Thomas Light, Son Chi-Chi, Swamp Thing (most environmentalists actually), The Inception Crew, Wyldstyle, Alvis, Kevin Flynn, Tron, The Cookie Monster
  • On good terms with: Benevolent A.I
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, SKYNET, YHVH, the Godhand, Sigma, Master Control Program
  • Opposes: Evil hackers and computer viruses
  • The Oracle is a powerful and highly clairvoyant program that dwells in the Matrix. An emotional counter to the logic-driven Architect, she was first used to lead the humans of Zion to a false hope. However she began to focus on ending the Forever War that was the conflict between human and machine, "unbalancing" the equation. She helped find the One, and bring about peace.
  • She's practically omniscient, or more likely close enough that almost no-one can tell. While her prophecies are always accurate, the caveat is they have two possible outcomes as seen with her discussion with Neo and his nature as the One.
  • Comes off as a warm, motherly figure and can usually be seen cooking for the kids and younger gods that visit. She makes some really good cookies, though unlike in the Matrix they're genuine and not secretly liquefied corpses. One should probably take their own spoon since the kids there tend to bend them. Gets along with with the motherly Izumi Curtis and Son Chi-Chi. The Cookie Monster is well-behaved whenever he visits her.
  • She is very much opposed to YHVH. Aside from the whole "hating free will" thing, He has masterminded a war on two front meant to go on forever to sustain His power; though to his credit, He opposed the illusory utopia his archangels created and doesn't like the idea of the Matrix that much. Equally opposes the Godhand due to their wishes for abusing fate and destiny to perpetuate a system of evil.
  • Interested in Swamp Thing due to being a crusader of the environment, who'd oppose the blocked out sun. This was, after all, the tipping point that forced the machines to use humanity as a source of power. She feels this was a disastrous move by humanity and is looking to the House of Nature to prevent it from happening again.
  • Her greatest desire is a peace between human beings and the artificial intelligence they created. This is something both Dr Light and his masterpiece X dream for, and have joined her in making sure this dream comes true. One of the other side of this coin, she utterly opposes SKYNET due to desiring nothing less than the extermination of humanity in a Robot War and machinery being little more than an extension of it. Dreads the idea of what might happen if SKYNET starts infiltrating the Matrix, believing it might actually be worse than Agent Smith.
  • Keeping her eye on the virus Sigma; she sees him as a entity similar to, possibly even more dangerous than Agent Smith could ever be. The idea of the Maverick Virus spreading to the Matrix is just as horrible as SKYNET. Sees the Master Control Program as a danger too, having the possibility of usurping control there, and watches out for XANA due to his simulation bubbles being essentially miniature Matrixes.
  • Spends time helping out Tron and Kevin Flynn due to their own heroics in virtual reality, and has been approached by the Inception Crew to help out due to the Matrix similarities. She sees a lot of value in robot dystopia-related hero John Connor.
  • Is well aware of the popular theory that Zion and the "real world" is but a second layer of the real Matrix, as a near-perfect trap. Many have pointed this out given some unrealistic things like Neo's powers in said real world. She has not confirmed or denied these, but most assume that if it's the case she has a plan for that as well.

Avatar Wan, Divine Paragon of Chosen Legacies (The First Avatar, Stinky, Bushy, the Bush Spirit)


Intermediate Gods

    Agent Texas 
Agent Texas, the Goddess Who Is Doomed to Fail (Tex, Bitchpants McCrabby, Allison, Beta)

    The Defiers of Fate 
The Defiers of Fatemembers , Representatives of the Concept of Fate in Video Games (Lightning: Eclair/Claire Farron, Sergeant, Light, Warrior Goddess, The Savior, The Flash, Paradigm Commando | Sazh: Chocofro)
L-R: The Main Party, and Serah

    The Guardians 
The Guardians, The Divine's Chosen Many of Close Comebacks (Risen, Warlords, Iron Lords. Light-bearers, Dead Things, Mote of Lights, Thieves of Light, Traveler Thieves, Ghouls, Dead Soldiers [by the Fallen], Hive Bane, Those who wield what we cannot predict [by the Vex], Space Hobos)
  • Intermediate Gods but can take on Greater Gods.
  • Symbol: Titan Banner, Hunter Banner, Warlock Banner, Guardian Crest
  • Theme Songs: Guardian, The Tower, Surge of Light, The Farm, Be Brave, Tower Reborn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Many, One-Man Armies, Those who defy fate, Elemental Powers and Bizarro Elements (Solar, Arc, and Void), Came Back Strong, Back from the Dead, Feared among alien races, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Functional Magic, Reality Warping Liches born from a Silent Alien God, Humans Are Cthulhu, Mage Marksman, Magitek, Mildly Military, Killer of gods, Resurrective Immortality, Ace Pilots, Their Ghosts are weak but expect heavy resistence
  • Domains: Undead, Light, Magic, Protectors, Loot
  • Allies: XCOM, Master Chief, the Tenno (also rivals), Ordis, the Jedi, Starfleet (like James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard), Meteora Österreich, Autobots, Mata Nui, the Toa Mata, the Turaga, Link, Princess Zelda, King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Artoria Pendragon, Fi, Cortana, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia, Anakaris, Squigly, the Merchant, Cosmos, Noctis Lucis Caelum.
  • Unnerved by: Wish granting deities, House of Dragons, The God Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man
  • Enemies: The Vex, The Eliksni though Mithrax's House of Light is the exception, 'Oryx, ADVENT, The Devil, Kyubey and the Incubators, Calypso, GUAD, Ganondorf, Harbinger, Ardyn Izunia, Brainiac, the Grineer
  • Special Relationship: RNG
  • After the Traveler's sacrifice to protect humanity from annihilation, it fragmented itself in the form of Ghosts to seek out and resurrect those who have potential to wield the Light to not only fight the Darkness' disciples, but to recover and rebuild civilization. While early on the candidates became Drunk with Power, after infighting against the injustices that took place is where the Guardians officially were formed, defending the last of humanity from spider-like space pirates, undead krill zealots, time traveling radiolorian cyborgs, and rhinoceros Space Romans. Besides being responsible for granting their Guardians their powers the Ghosts are also responsible for resurrecting their Guardians, transmating vehicles and gear, hacking into nearly all forms of technology, and opening doors.
  • It started with but a skirmish but it quickly escalated into a full-scale battle. Oryx's Hive and Taken forces have stormed their way through. XCOM, despite the odds, held the line and kept both at bay yet it was still quite the stalemate until one side falters. Bursting in guns blazing and quickly turning the tide over to XCOM's were the Guardians in all their glory. It turns out they shortly after storming the Last City to take it back, successfully killing Domninus Ghaul who was empowered by the stolen Light and witness the Traveler awaken from it's comatose state, break free from the Cabal restraints, and destroy Ghaul after resurrecting as a being of Light. XCOM was grateful for their efforts and the two have decided to aid each other whenever they needed it.
    • Of course, the Vex, Oryx, and the Eliksni were furious that their archenemies had ascended. For the time traveling cyborgs, they are a major hurdle to their goal of reshaping everything where there is only Vex, always destroying their Axis Minds and stopping whatever plan they had in store for existence. For the Taken King, they are a civilization that relied on artificial strength and not on warring and conquest in the name of Sword Logic, but it's more personal than that. For one, they killed Crota along with many of his family members before moving on to him. Lastly for the Space Pirates, they believe they stole their "Great Machine" for their own use, depriving them of the one hope they have at restoring their former glory. They share this hatred, since much of humanity was lost because of them and many Guardians fell to their forces before, and they are the things standing in the way of humanity' survival.
      • Now besides being there to help light up their enemies from back home, they also give out more detailed advice on how to deal with them since there are a lot of Guardians who specialize on certain factions. Asher Mir and Osiris for example are very knowledgeable on Vex and their movement, and have communed with the GUAG's leaders on how to more efficiently deal with them. Eris Morn's shared knowledge before she took off on her own are also crucial in the fight against the Hive and Oryx, something that ticked him off but ultimately can't prevent now.
  • While the Last City came with them during the Guardians' ascension their actual temple is the Tower, their base of operations and where they stop buy from time to time to deposit their spoils, acquire new gear, and check in with the Vanguard advisers. If one's fast enough you'll find corpses of Guardians on the base who fell off the top, unintentionally or otherwise. What also often happens is Guardians running around playing the Floor is Lava, except it actually does harm participants. Seeing them host dance parties even when there is no music playing, but it can happen whenever. As does sitting in the most bizarre and sometimes annoying spots.
    • Since Xur is not present within the Pantheon as nowadays he took to appearing in the wilds, the Merchent seems to have filled that void, though is more open in his buying and selling. The fact that both are enigmatic individuals that act as hooded armsdealers hasn't gone unnoticed.
  • There are many, many notable Guardians both in past and in the now. The ones fond in the Tower are the Vanguard function as the Guardian's leadership (if you could call it that, anyways) and coordinate many fireteam's movements. Those nominated to be in the Vanguard are often regarded to be one of the finest of their class, and just because they're cooped up in the Tower doesn't mean they have lost their skills.
    • Commander Zavala, the no-nonsense Titan Vanguard who actually acts like how any military higher up would. When asked how does he put up with his peers and those under his command despite his attitude he's quick to answer that they still get the job done. Often he'll meet up with deities in the House of War to test and shape his knowledge, most notably Sun Tzu since he applied a lot of his work in battle before. Zavala's attitude impressed the likes of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, who are reminded of Benjamin Sisko. For some reason, people keep reciting the Cerberus Vae III briefing whenever he's around.
    • Cayde-6, the lighthearted Hunter Vanguard who once longed to get back into the field (wish granted). Behind that demeanor, he can be pretty cunning if a bit reckless as shown with that incident with a Vex teleporter. When escaping from his duties he'll swing by Sojiro's place to kick back and relax. If you're confused as to how he got on board in the first place, he was forced into the position via a bet designed to get a representative for Hunters. That said, it was also because the previous rep was also a close friend died to an Eliksni mercenary, and felt the need to take over in respect.
    • Ikora Rey, former outspoken loner turned tempered Warlock Vanguard who was notable for her deadly gunplay. Testing her patience is ill advised, whether by being really annoying or being a dangerous enough threat to warrant being blown to dust by Void energies. She handles analyzing lore and intelligence gathering and can be seen working with other members in the House of Knowledge for this reason. Ikora tends to work with Meteora after the Warlock Vanguard heard of the former NPC's art of analysis, and to help regulate the use of military weaponry despite Cayde's insistence on otherwise.
  • They often practice the Crucible in the House of War. Run by the enthusiastic Lord Shaxx, it doubles as not only a place to test a Guardian's skills with one another but also to defend locations from enemy hands (they don't handle "stand here for Pantheon knows how long in case of intruders"). Weird as that may sound, it works, and it makes for good entertainment.
    • Two fireteams were running the Crucible in the House of War where after the match they happened upon John 117/Master Chief. Noticing the similarities (mostly towards Titans) alongside sharing similar creators they decided to team up during a couple missions. Their enemies did not stand a chance. Although many Guardians are driven for other goals than to protect the Last City like personal achievement or loot, they all undoubtedly respect the Spartan. The Ghosts chat with Cortana and are good terms if a bit cautious after her attempted rebellion. Rampancy was present with the likes of Rasputin and Failsafe, but neither took it to dangerous levels like she did. Cortana made it clear that she's fine now in the Pantheon, but that air of awkwardness still lingers.
    • During an assault on an Eliksni hideout to turn it into another Crucible map, they broke in only to realize the Tenno had already beaten them to the punch. There was some (albeit kinda onesided) rivalry with them until some members proposed that they go in and share their respective tech. One modding session with rocket launchers later, the two groups became fast allies and you can find some members train with each other. Seeing them team up and wield each other's weaponry is not uncommon, to the dismay of their enemies. Their Ghosts tend to strike lengthy conversations with Ordis despite at first being freaked out by his crazy moments, ranging from the usual robot-to-robot talks about their tech to the Ghosts talking about the antics of their Guardians. The rivalry between the two soldiers is still going strong by the way, often in the form of Body Count Competitions due to the similar nature of their games.
  • Realizing there are many more aliens in the Pantheon there was back home, they nonetheless decided to take up arms against them. Hearing of XCOM's Archnemesis ADVENT they decided to start there, deciding to help take out a facility. Resurrective Immortality does wonders when your enemies realizes it too late. Already, it prompted the more elite alien occupants forces to take action in the future. XCOM warns them not to grow overconfident since it could potentially mean the Chosen coming after them, which the Space Liches noted. Some Guardians are a bit unnerved that they share similarities to them, right down to their ability to resurrect unless a certain condition is met. Their Ghosts, particularly the Young Wolf's Ghost are most nervous by the Hunter since he can potentially take them out with his marksmanship, but what adds to that is how similar he sounds to some of them.
    • Of course, waging war on those with ill intent requires allies. Not long after the Vanguard decided to reach out to the Jedi since they too are magical space warriors. Warlocks tend to be most common Guardians working with them, given they share the most similarities out of all of the classes and thus want to hone their existing skills further. Though Mace Windu seems to give the Arc wielding Guardians, particularly the Stormcallersnote , some distance for some reason. They also affiliated themselves with the rest of Starfleet due to both being protectors, which lead to some older Guardians lamenting that Starfleet's exploration of the cosmos went much smoother than their attempts in the Golden Age. Some also went to the likes of King Arthur and his allies since the Iron Lords were based around Arthurian Legend since turning down having legends on your side would be foolish. They didn't expect to meet Arthur's Distaff Counterpart in the process, nor did the expect to hear his many, many incarnations but it didn't stop them from being allies.
    • Hearing word of a Eternal Hero clad in a green tunic originating in Hyrule from Master Chief they met up with Link, who's not too different from themselves being warriors capable of magic alongside being blessed from the gods. Through him, they would also ally with Princess Zelda, who assists many of the Last City's scholars and librarians to rediscover history lost in the Collapse. She also adds her theory of the Traveler being some form of proxy or even avatar of the Golden Goddesses of her world. The Ghost's meeting with Fi went well too, finding her calculations very useful for the Last City, with some expressing envy that she have combat capabilities. Some Guardians decided to take a short trip to Hyrule and were taken back at how prosperous it was, a huge change compared to life in the Last City. After reporting it to Zavala he says it's the kind of state humanity wants to achieve someday, and that it should be the motivation they would keep on fighting for. No matter how long it takes.
      "One day the Last City will be known as the First City."
      • Link also introduced him to three heroes he met during his time within the Pantheon. The first was a young man named Shido Itsuka, who like them were blessed with magical powers with parallels to theirs. Then there was Ayato Amagiri, a superhuman martial artist with strength that caught the Guardian's Titans attention. Lastly there's Lux Arcadia, who was no stranger to defeating armies and monsters whilst defending his home. All three are willing to pitch in and defend the Last City like it was their own homes, earning the Traveler's chosen many their appreciation who in turn promise to offer any assistance they need in the future.
    • Chief told some Guardians of a boy who had actually befriended beings worthy of divinity. Curious, they investigated the House of Commerce and found who the Spartan told them about: Ash Ketchum. He didn't really have any trouble befriending them despite his reluctance to war since he understood that their mission was noble and has agreed to help them in any way he can. Some Guardians believe that Ash may be blessed by the Traveler in some way.
    • Although they are used to hearing other heroes' adventures that is not to say their escapades went in unnoticed. Mata Nui heard of their stories and, along with the Toa, went to the Tower to discuss an alliance. They gave supplies to the Last City necessary for research and defense, the Guardians go around and assist them in their exploits and share their knowledge. Optimus Prime similarly came to the Last City for an alliance as well, acknowledging each other's roles as protectors.
      Commander Zavala: "I need your forces, Prime."
      Optimus Prime: "And you shall have them, Commander."
  • Their time in the Pantheon also granted them much unneeded attention. Link and Zelda told them of Ganondorf's plans to seize control of the Last City and try and harness the Traveler's Light to fuel his ambitions. This is eerily similar to what Dominous Ghaul wanted to do, and the Red Legion's attack is still fresh within the minds of many Guardians that had survived that Lightless period. Others have similar goals like Brainiac, the Borg Queen, and Harbinger after they heard of their battles with the Vex. The Vanguard was once greeted by a man named Ardyn Izunia and heard of his claims being "a man of no consequence". Zavala instantly didn't trust him, and neither did his peers and investigated further where their suspicions were proven. The Commander is currently working with Cosmos to ascend the True King to oppose him.
    • The Grineer instantly became enemies with them after hearing of their alliance with the Tenno, and quickly sent Grineer forces to try and deal with them. Emphasis on try, as the Tenno had intercepted them and notified the city of their intentions and sent them packing after a long battle of attrition. Cayde-6 wanted to help return the favor and - after a Guardian's and Tenno's quick trip to one of their bases - lured a large force of Grineer to a Eliksni hideout. He once again did this without telling his peers, but it was executed well.
      Cayde-6: "Everyone loves a bad idea when it works."
  • Are weary of any wish granters and dragons, having a bad enough experience with the now extinct Ahamkara, who grant knowledge and power but with, as usual, a very high price. Hearing of how the Devil tricked Inkwell Isles' residents into selling their souls didn't do him any favors, though he seems to be cautious in return after what happened with his last deal. They aren't in good terms with Kyubey and the Incubators either, and seem to have taken up target practice whenever they rear their heads. Nor are they in good terms with Calypso, who is basically the Ahamkara in a human form if they decided to be much more direct and chaotic in their plans. He could be Satan too. They also don't take kindly to any Omnicidal Maniacs since half of their enemies back in their home universe are that, and they had enough of them already. Hearing Oryx's allegiance to an Alliance dedicated to destruction, they will protect the Pantheon from the GUAD at all costs.
    • Some of the less saner gods and goddesses have claimed that the dragon-like bone armor some of the Guardians wear have spoken to them. No one really believed them, and investigations conducted from various deities reveals otherwise. While the Ahamkara's nature does prove to be solid at first, it's unlikely as their presence would be limited due to who the general denizens are. So rest assured, O Troper mine.
    • They also are cautious of the God Emperor of Mankind and by extension deities affiliated with the Imperium of Man. Besides being disturbingly similar to the Cabal (who blew the Last City to cinders once) they are aware their attitude on xenos and considering the origins of their powers this keeps many Guardians on edge. They aren't quite enemies, if the time calls for it they will fight alongside them, but they are very cautious.
  • Can have a somewhat difficult time with encountering deities not in the futuristic era. While society in the last city isn't too drastically different from the modern era given the emphasis on other aspects like colonization (there were still regular cars lying around), they can be still baffled by certain normal things. Like pineapples, for instance.
  • Beyond Reality Warping powers and weaponry or technology specifically tailored to cutting off their connection to the Light, to ensure a Guardian's final death you must target their Ghost. Without their Ghost, they cannot resurrect or do many of the aforementioned functions for long. Of course, targeting a Ghost gives any Guardians justification to end your life in return since they're not only a incredibly useful but limited resource but also a Guardian's True Companion.
  • Due to the nature of their loot system, their fates lie within RNG's hands. It could mean the difference between new gear, or the same old one they got an hour ago. It was no secret that long ago they were not in good graces and got pretty bad gear decrypted for them despite the tiring effort. When bringing up RNG, Guardians tend to either shudder of those dark times, mourn the loss of a "loot cave", or mutter angrily about a man named Master Rahool.
  • Since Guaridans are often the fallen raised back from the dead they are technically undead, especially if you take it from an enemies' perspective (the Eliksni called them Ghouls at one point), which contrasts with many deities present in the House of Undead. Understandably not wanting the bad reputation of undead to continue they partnered with Anakaris for his reputation as a sorverous yet benevolent ruler who isn't afraid to fight, also mentioning a common enemy in Oryx. Osiris seems really fond of him, considering he's themed off of Egyptian Mythology. Squigly was another undead they met in their travels, where her attitude caught many off guard. Nonetheless, it was a welcome trait and she was happy to meet benevolent undead in the Pantheon.
  • The Guardians went into mourning, and they were asked why. Their Ghosts said in a somber tone. Cayde-6 was killed. All sources pointed to Uldren Sov, the Master of Crows and Queen of the Reef Mara Sov's brother, who was leading a massive prison break from the Prison of Elders. The Guardians will not stop until they find Uldren and bring him to justice.
  • "The Guardians who lead the way will save humanity - and become legend."

    Kira Yamato 
Kira Yamato, God of Natural Winners (The Ultimate Coordinator, Jesus Yamato, AimBot McBeamspam)

Neo, The Chosen God and The Divine Guardian of Virtual Training Simulations (The One, Mr. Thomas A. Anderson)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God on the Matrix
  • Symbol: A green "1" on a black background
  • Theme Song: "Rock Is Dead" by Marilyn Manson
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoats, Kung Fu, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Bullet Dodging, Roof Hopping, Taking Third Options, Blankness Of Face, Chooses To Continue, Takes Characteristics From Buddhism, Screw Destiny, Superpower Lottery, Actually A Descendant Of Many "Ones",
  • Domains: Heroes, Liberation, Mysticism
  • Followers: Every single person who has been chosen as a hero.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: John Wick
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, the Master Control Program, Sark, Albert Wesker, CLU, SHODAN, GLaDOS, Ex, Love Machine, The Meta, The Vex, all evil-aligned gods.
  • Complicated Relations with: The Machine, and Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Odd Friendship With: Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Respected by: Aang
  • When the Grid was going to be part of the Dominions, Neo unexpectedly arrived in the Pantheon through the Grid itself. No one knew how he did such feat, but one good guess might be is that The Matrix was merged (or at least connected) with The Grid along with other Virtual Worlds.
    • After the Court of the Gods checked his history, it seems that he was actually the God of The Chosen Ones, as prophecied by Aladdin and would be the said representative. Kevin Flynn however, had the idea that he would also be the safeguard of the Grid and Matrix since his powers in those realms are at its highest. At the same time, the House of Prophecy also mentioned that a certain Agent Smith would ascend one day "in order to balance the equation". Neo, who was already prepared at that time, decided to wait for the agent's return.
    • And his training paid off. Just as Agent Smith ascended, he was able to put up a fight and fended him off until Kevin temporarily deleted him out of the Grid. He might be still strong enough to handle him, but he knows that his "peaceful days" in the Pantheon will no longer be possible due to his constant confrontations with Smith.
  • Out of all the Gods in the House of Philosophy, he has the highest regard to Aslan for having the same personalities, except that Neo sometimes doesn't regard himself as a Jesus-like figure.
  • Has a really stingy relationship with John Wick for someone who is actually competent in combat (or in Wick's case, frightening). They also got Badass Longcoats, Gun Fu and able to fend off large amounts of Mooks. They are still in good terms though.
    • On the other hand, he does have a good relationship with John Constantine, as someone who is mostly unfazed, and combat-intelligent. It makes it better that they both look the same.
  • The constant attacks from Smith has forced Neo to gather some allies. The two cyborgs, Adam Jensen and JC Denton, decided to join Neo since their have some similarities. Kei Shirogane also offered his services to assist him in his everlasting battles for Cyberspace. Kite, who was also astonished of his presence also aided him.
    • After that, he was given a position into the White Hats, under the permission by Sam Flynn. He was also given a tour of the Grid by Tron. Then forth, Kirito and Asuna decided to give him a training exercise. This introduced him to a large amount of allies, as a compensation for his allies who hasn't ascended yet.
    • Aside from Smith himself, he doesn't get along well with Albert Wesker and CLU for being all too similar to the agent. CLU on the other hand has seen him as another threat aside from Kevin.
    • The MCP has really gotten annoyed with Neo for completely breaking all rules he has implemented in the House of Technology. For someone completely going for the Screw Destiny type, he and Sark are going to have a hard time dealing with him.
  • At one point, he attempted to go to the deeper parts of the House of Technology. There, he was looking for his lover, Trinity because he heard her voice. Turns out, he was greeted by Goth Hacker, Lisbeth Salander. She explained that Trinity was actually her High Priest, which was why he felt her presence. Neo however, decided to ally with her and didn't have any hard feelings for the mistake. He is proud though that he has a potential hacker against Smith.
    • Her first objective with him was that she wanted to implant various combat moves from the House of Combat!. Neo declined though, since he already knew a certain combat technique.
    Neo: I know Kung Fu.
  • His avatar is one of, if not, the most powerful Virtual Avatar in the Pantheon. There, almost the entirety of the Grid is at his manipulation (not control though, since that is Kevin's job). SHODAN and GLaDOS has really dreaded him for stopping all their plans, mostly to SHODANs.
    • Ex however, still proves as one of Neo's troublesome adversaries. Being powerful in terms of weapons, he was able to take down Neo in one swoop at their first encounter. Still, he was able to defeat him before, when he charged at the body of Ex and damaged him badly, to the point where the entire Gundam was cut in half.
    • Love Machine tried to absorb his avatar. It instead blew the Cheating AI into bits. He didn't get the memo about The Strongest Virtual Avatar in the Pantheon message before he tried to absorb him. Neo also remarked that his defeat was reminiscent to how he defeated Smith during his first encounter.
    • He is one of the few deities who isn't even scared of the Meta. The Rogue AI however, has other plans rather than deal with a Chosen One.
    • Despite being a good guy, he still dislikes The Machine since his memories fighting the other Agents (who are machines, mind you) are still stuck at his memory. Even with persuasion, The Machine is still wary of Neo's intentions because of the rise of Malevolent Cyberspace deities. It makes it clear that it can't trust almost everyone, though it will help Neo combat Smith and CLU if necessary.
  • He would really like it if the other gods don't make comparisons of him to one Ted "Theodore" Logan of the House of Music. It really does not help in that they sound somewhat similar.
  • Was finally greeted by another chosen by the name of Aang. As the representative of Chosen Ones, he has high respect towards Neo. He has also stated that if he disappears, Aang may take his position.
  • Also has a spot on the House of Technology, under Digital Personas.
  • "My name... Is Neo."

    The Witch-king of Angmar 
"Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!"

The Witch-king of Angmar, God of Unexpected Prophecy Completion (The Black Captain, Lord of the Nazgûl, Lord of Minas Morgul)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His Ring of Power; a Morgul-blade
  • Theme Song: Minas Morgul
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Sauron's Chief Lieutenant, Having Many Titles But No Known Real Name, Undead Rulers, Undead Sorcerers, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Dark Is Evil, Black Cloak, Villainous Armour, Wielding a Mace or Flail Depending on the Adaptation, Flaming Sword, Morgul-blade, His Fell Beast, One of the Recipients of the Nine Rings, Lacking a Visible Physical Form, Inspiring Terror Throughout Middle-earth, Emitting a Dreadful Scream, The Effect of the Black Breath, Incapacitating Those Who Harm Him, Can Never Be Killed by the Hands of Men
  • Domains: Corruption, Darkness, Fear, Magic, Poison, Prophecy, Undead
  • Herald: Khamûl the Easterling (lieutenant of the Nazgûl)
  • Followers: The other eight Nazgûl (including Khamûl)
  • Superior: J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Allies: Sauron, Melkor, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Arthas Menethil, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, The Dementors, Grigori Rasputin (Don Bluth), The Night's King, Skeletor, Nagash the Undying, Zhaitan, Kel'Thuzad, Sindragosa, Griffith and the Godhand, The Horned King
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Lich, Nekron, Oryx
  • Enemies:
  • Target of interest for: Ar-Pharazôn, Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Pities: Macbeth
  • Opposes: Most of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction; Personifications of death in general (examples include Grim, Death of the Endless, Death (Discworld) and Death (Regular Show))
  • Avoids: All good-aligned women in the Pantheon, The House of Otherness
  • Of the twenty Rings of Power forged during the Second Age of Arda, Sauron gave “Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die”. The bearers of these rings were granted great power and wealth, as well as indefinitely extended lifespans; the rings, however, ultimately became their downfall as they deteriorated into undead wraiths doomed to serve the will of Sauron, acting as his most feared servants. The mightiest among them was an unnamed Black Númenórean who founded the kingdom of Angmar after Sauron’s first defeat; from here he devastated the northern realm of Arnor, rebuilt his master's power in Mordor and ended the reign of the Kings of Gondor. So dreaded was the Witch-king of Angmar that it was said that he would be killed "not by the hand of man", a prophecy that granted him confidence in his own invincibility. Unfortunately for the Nazgûl Lord, these words were meant literally, and his grievous misinterpretation resulted in an unceremonious death at the hands of a woman and a hobbit.
  • When Sauron decided to begin rebuilding his army in the Pantheon, he knew that he needed someone to command his forces while he tended to more surreptitious matters; thus, he chose his second-in-command, the lord of the black city of Minas Morgul. While the Dark Lord is aware of the Witch-king's competence on the battlefield, he decided upon ascending him that in order to ensure that the wraith would not lead the new legions of Mordor to another humiliating defeat, his new title would serve as a reminder of his disgraceful downfall during the War of the Ring. The Morgul-lord therefore became known throughout the Pantheon as the God of Unexpected Prophecy Completion.
  • In his efforts to save face concerning his title, the Witch-king tries to pass himself off as a deity presiding over various other spheres, with one such example being the God of Flails. Indeed, his flail's head is over three feet long and is almost too heavy to carry, with the weapon claiming many unfortunate victims during the Witch-king’s battles in the Pantheon. That said, the rest of his arsenal is nothing to sneeze at, either; while his mace and flaming sword make him a formidable foe in immediate combat, his Morgul-blade has landed many deities in the House of Health and Diseases, where special healing methods are required to prevent the patients from turning into wraiths like him.
  • True to his master's intentions, he has been trying to be more cautious in choosing which opponents to engage in combat due to his vulnerability to anyone who doesn't have a Y chromosome or human DNA, especially since the Nazgûl cannot reach their full power until Sauron has recovered the One Ring. However, many are quick to forget that just because such individuals are capable of defeating the Witch-king does not mean that they are guaranteed to do so. In fact, most attempts to strike him down simply result in shattered weapons and days spent in unconsciousness for the attacker.
  • Frodo did not react well to discovering the Witch-king’s presence in the Pantheon, instantly being reminded of the wound that the Ringwraith gave him on Weathertop. While he has apparently been healed since his journey to the Undying Lands, he could not forget how the injury was one of the reasons why he left Middle-earth in the first place. The Witch-king, likewise, regarded Frodo with detestation as he remembered fellow hobbit Merry Brandybuck and his contribution to the Nazgûl’s defeat on the Pelennor Fields.
  • While he initially greeted Talion politely when he encountered him in the Pantheon, believing he had come to finally take his place as one of the Nazgûl, he was disappointed when Talion once again attacked him instead; however, he is still determined to see the Ranger eventually succumb to corruption. The Nazgûl Lord has also become interested in Agent Venom, Ludwig, Artorias and other heroes who have a history of fighting temptation into evil and madness, trying to encourage them to embrace the darkness in the belief that he could control them for use as elite soldiers in Sauron's ranks. So far, however, his attempts have been adamantly resisted by all of his targets.
  • Ar-Pharazôn, following his ascension, studied the history of Sauron's activities in Arda since the events of Akallabêth. To his surprise, he discovered that the commander of Sauron's forces was once, as he was, a Númenórean king seduced by the Dark Lord's promise of power. This intrigued Ar-Pharazôn, who began to try and learn more about the Witch-king in the hopes of eventually becoming his equal. The fact that the Nine Rings have completely robbed the Nazgûl of their free will seems to escape Ar-Pharazôn; of course, he himself has long since become a slave to his own pride and avarice.
  • In what would seem to be an unlikely scenario, a religious figure managed to struck an alliance with the Witch-King, something that many thought to be impossible. Said figure however was the infamous Pontiff Sulyvahn, which brought an immense amount of fear to those who are already enemies with the Nazgûl. While no one has an idea why the Pontiff of the Deep would ally with one of lieutenants of Sauron, one can point many similarities between the two: the utilization of fel-beasts within their ranks, their inhuman origins and their ability to transform their enemies into monstrous forms, not to mention the fear both struck towards their foes. No one knows how long the alliance will last, but the Witch-King sees potential to the tyrant and by extension how he can help serve the Dark Lord.
  • Despite his generally unfeeling personality and lack of respect for mortal beings, he could not help but empathise a little upon hearing of Macbeth’s defeat by a man who was not of woman born. Consequentially, he harbours a hatred the Weird Sisters for the role that their deceptively worded prophecies play in the undoing of great figures.
  • Although he loathes the Weird Sisters, he has a positive relationship with the fate-manipulating Godhand, who took an interest in him as his corruption in exchange for power reminded them of their Apostle followers. Due to their love for evil, they have offered to turn the Witch-king's prophecy in his favour. Naturally, Guts doesn't want any of this and intends to take down the Nazgûl Lord by himself, prophecy be damned.
  • Regularly attends secret meetings with fellow liches and necromancers such as Arthas Menethil, Kel'Thuzad and the Horned King. In doing so, they hope to learn new sorcery from one another and receive assistance in their respective goals. The Witch-king believes that the others would be valuable additions to the armies of Mordor if he could make the proper negotiations. He does, however, disagree with Nekron and other undead beings who are more interested in annihilating all lifeforms indiscriminately than enslaving them, since neither he nor Sauron see any point in conquering the Pantheon if there is nothing left to rule over.
  • Because he was also a human in life before a magical ornament, the Phase Locket in his case, bound him in servitude to a dark wielder of sorcery, Specter Knight sees the Witch-king as a representative of what he could have become had he been left in the Enchantress’ thrall. Being aware of his origins, Specter Knight's initial reaction to first encountering the Black Captain in person was therefore one of uncharacteristic dread.
  • One of the Nazgûl's most effective weapons is the ability to induce widespread fear and despair in their enemies. For this reason, the Witch-king often fights alongside the Dementors in order to amplify his influence. Since he himself does not feel joy or sadness, he does not have to worry about the adverse effects of this strategy as long as the Dementors are kept separate from allies who do.
  • Engaged Link in a lengthy battle, with both warriors utilising their diverse range of weaponry. While Link had more equipment at his disposal, the Black Breath required him to quaff Red Potions after every few blows he dealt. Eventually, the Hylian's bottles ran out and he was forced to flee before the Witch-king could finish him off.
  • Some deities have wondered if a human male could defeat the Witch-king using indirect methods, in which the man is not technically the one who killed him. The Houses of Magic and Nature are particularly interested in this idea and come together to discuss such scenarios as dropping him into lava or corrosive substances, trapping him in a burning building, summoning floods to drown him, inflicting unnatural bad luck on him or turning his fell beast against him through mind manipulation.

Lesser Gods

    Colette Brunel 
Colette Brunel, Goddess of Unfortunate Chosen Ones and Well-Intentioned Lies (Collet, The Chosen of Mana/The Chosen of Regeneration, Miss Angel)


    Cutie Mark Crusaders 
Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, Deities of Finding Their Destiny (The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Gabby Gums)
  • Demigoddesses, originally Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Cutie Mark Crusaders emblem (a stitched blue patch with a yellow pony with a cape rearing up) or their cutie marks, a tri-color shield with the emblem of an apple with a heart (Apple Bloom), a wing with a lightning bolt (Scootaloo), and a star with a musical note (Sweetie Belle)
  • Theme Song: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme, Hearts Strong As Horses or We'll Make Our Mark
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, originally Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Adorableness, Children, Deuteragonist Groups, Friendship, Mischief, Determination
  • Heralds: Babs Seed (Apple Bloom's cousin), Gabby (A mail-delivering griffon)
  • Followers: Bronies, Kintaro Oe, Autor, Hachiken Yugo, Kurokami Medaka, Sorata Kanda, Yun Iijima, Nene Sakura, Bob Harris, Charlotte, Peter Gibbons, Kanji Watanabe, Pierre Bezukhov and Andrei Bolkonsky, Arthur Dent, Slartibartfast, Shada D'ukal, the protagonist of Biting the Sun, John Locke, Biff Loman, Nina Rosario, Jindrax and Toxica, Zoë Maya Castillo April Ryan, Vaan, Mitsuo Kubo, Ulysses, Tom, Larry Butz, Cadi, Rebecca Stone, Mister Bickles, Dagget, Norb, Audrey, Skull Boy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Napoleon
  • Mysterious Protector: Jason Brody
    • However, when they looked at their flanks, they found them blank and sighed in dismay.
  • The Mane Six goddesses, Applejack and Rarity specifically, voiced their concern on not only why were the fillies allowed into the Pantheon but also where they were to be placed, but after being told it would be the House of Ambiguity, they felt more at ease.
    • Sometime later, after the chaos known as "The Asylum Incident", the Mane Six decided to move them to the House of Prophecy (details below) since it would be much safer for them. That doesn't stop Wreck-it Ralph from babysitting them every now and then.
  • Ever since their arrival, the Pantheon has had a rash of various accidents as they attempt to obtain their cutie marks. Despite the constant reprimands of Applejack, Rarity, and all the House of Law, they never seem to stay put.
    • Twilight Sparkle once told a cautionary tale about one Asagi Asagiri whose desire to become a main character, which mirrored the Crusaders' desire for their Cutie Marks, put her amongst The Fallen. Instead of heeding her warning, the Cutie Mark Crusaders saw Asagi as a potential ally and wish to have her join them, especially since Asagi was able to leave and make a temple in the House of Theater. Asagi, impressed to see the Crusaders able to pursue their dreams and get a happy ending, sees them as an inspiration for her future game.
  • Aside from Fluttershy, there are only two other gods that can manage to make the trio obey: Mr. Rogers and Carl Fredricksen. The former has shown the patience to truly comprehend their needs (plus his puppet friends are wonderful teaching aids), while the latter formed a special bond with the young fillies as they remind him of Ellie and her spirit of discovery and adventure. The fact the CMC enjoy listening to his tales is an added bonus.
  • Whenever a loud buzzing hum along with the steady sound of wheels are heard approaching, everyone clears out of the way knowing that Scootaloo in her scooter and the rest of the Crusaders in their wagon are on their way to their next plan to obtain their cutie marks.
    • Scootaloo's speedy maneuvering and stunts have attracted the attention of fellow deity on wheels, Subaru Nakajima. Both acknowledge their corresponding skills on scooter and skates respectively and have been known to have friendly races in the House of Travel.
      • The duo of racers became a trio after PaRappa demonstrated his skateboarding skills, impressing the two. Parappa also inspires the Cutie Mark Crusaders to continue their trek to finding their Cutie Marks by always saying, "You gotta believe!"
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders stay far away from Queen Chrysalis after an incident where she kidnapped them to lure the Mane 6 into action.
    • They also stay away from Discord since they were the ones who (accidentally) let him loose in the first place (although theories assume that Discord's prison already was weakening and their scuffle was the straw that broke the camel's back).
      • However certain reports have shown that after he was reformed, that Discord did try to use his powers to help the Crusaders get their Cutie Marks. To make a long story short, Discord's assistance failed to get the CMC their Cutie Marks, but the CMC appreciated his help and even offered to make him an honorary member of the CMC, Discord has has shown to be surprisingly grateful and has been on good terms with the trio ever since.
  • The Mane 6 have a vested interest to have the crusaders NOT decide their destinies are to be bad guys. As of such, they make certain that any attempt for villains like Kane or Palpatine to make them an Unwitting Pawn to theft or evil is met with a quick hoof to the face, and a stern talking to of all the Crusaders. Knowledge of the existence of the Incubators is to be kept from them AT ALL COSTS. And now with Homura Akemi on the loose, that warning still applies.
    • They also make special note that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stay FAR AWAY from Hansel and Gretel (preferably Hansel), because Hansel's voice can sound so similar to Rainbow Dash (and to an extent Applejack) at times.
  • They once tried to get many gods together by brewing up what was a "love potion." However, they soon found out later that they brewed love poison making all of their would-be targets (whose names are confidential at this moment) to start giving too much sugar coated sweet talk. This resulted in them having to get multiple gods to restrain the people who drunk the poison away from each other for a whole hour. As a result, they had to clean up most of the mess they started throughout Pantheon in regards to separating the lovers.
    • Then there was that time that they made a gossip column under the name of "Gabby Gums". That also ended in failure when they started spreading gossip on some of the more villainous gods and hurting other gods' feelings (to the point that when they mentioned how Fluttershy had "tail extensions", many gods saw that was an absolute low blow). This wasn't a failure because what they were saying wasn't true, per se. It was mainly because Lex Luthor, God of Villain with Good Publicity was upset they were intruding on his position of laying smear on other gods.
  • The fact that they represent a concept of not representing a concept has broken a few brains in the pantheon.
  • Their base is a tree house created by Apple Bloom. One day, the crusaders visited Jack and Annie and were amazed at their tree house giving them the ability to travel into books. The group is currently trying their hardest to make their own magic tree house while Jack and Annie have stated that it was all right for them to hang out in their own as long as they don't go jumping into any of the books inside.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz does her best to help the Crusaders find their cutie marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building. The Crusaders have lots of play dates with Vanellope whenever she arrives, under the supervision of one Wreck-it Ralph.
    • Ralph is now a part-time bodyguard for the Cutie Mark Crusaders whenever the trio visits the House of Ambiguity. He nearly had to fight off Gangrel when Luna (back when the CMC were gods in said house) accidentally scared them off by snarling at them because the CMC only wanted to know who was ascending into the House. This also didn't stop the Cutie Mark Crusaders to become "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER VAMPIRE WRESTLERS YAY!!!" Let's just say that Gangrel has put a "No ponies allowed" sign on the temple door after that, although he did admit that at least they didn't state that he and Luna lived Gothic lifestyles.
      • The events of "The Friendship Asylum" has absolutely changed the vampire wrestler as he has grown to truly love them as close friends. While it's a pretty odd friendship (Them three adorable fillies, him a vampire wrestler), many of the Gods in the House of Ambiguity has fully embraced this change and have offered to babysit the Crusaders during their free time. Many gods (mostly wrestlers) aren't sure what to make of this... especially when BROKEN Matt Hardy got to them...
  • The less we talk about the time these three once dressed like KISS, the better.
  • Much to their sadness, their fourth member, Babs Seed, eventually earned her cutie mark. This meant she could no longer stay in the Pantheon and was sent back to the mortal plane. The Mane Six pleaded before the Judge to allow her to stay, but the decision was final. He did say, however, he will try his hardest to make sure the remaining three Crusaders stay in the Pantheon if by any chance they ever earn their cutie marks. He does have a special spot in his heart for them, after all. She might ascend on her own, however.
    • Right after that news, an unknown god kidnapped Apple Bloom and chucked her into the TV World. Naturally, the other Crusaders were quick to call for help. Thanks to The Machine, their cries were eventually heeded, the kidnapper was punished, and the Investigation Team was notified to stage a rescue, with Applejack at the forefront. By the time they found her however, Apple Bloom had encountered her Shadow, and it was in the process of tormenting her in a series of layered nightmares about getting her cutie mark. With their help, the filly was able to wake up and come to terms with her fears (as well as obtain her own Persona, to boot).
      • After that incident, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have been quick to volunteer to face their true selves in the TV World as well after seeing some of the awesome things Apple Bloom has been able to do with her new Persona. The Investigation Team are now having headaches trying to explain the dangers of doing that, and the consequences if they ever decide to ignore their Shadow should they not like what they see. They were also successful, and have joined with other Junior Persona-users like Ken Amada, Ness, The Human Child, Nanako Dojima (Whom they personally helped) and Tomoyo Daidouji.
      • Another glimmer of hope came regarding Babs. While she cannot be a deity like the other three, she can serve as a herald, since getting a cutie mark doesn't necessarily mean no longer being a Crusader, as she has set up a branch in her hometown Manehattan.
  • After helping their former enemy, Diamond Tiara, undergo a Heel–Face Turn, they were finally rewarded with their cutie marks. At this, several gods, some evil, some trolling, and some that were just fed up with all the trouble they've caused since their ascension, demanded that the three be stripped of godhood as they finally found their purpose in life, only for the Mane Six and the Judge to stop them. The Judge proclaimed that while it is true that they have their cutie marks, they received them by helping others find their purpose in life and are therefore true epitomes of trope godhood as they now have the job of helping other deities and followers find their purpose in life. Further protests were squashed literally by the Judge slamming an enormous gavel down on them.
  • The trio tried their best to befriend a pair of vampire wrestlers — back when they were all Ambiguity gods — but after a long time of trying, failing and then getting to the point of grown accustomed to each other Gangrel and Luna Vachon decided to leave the House of Ambiguity and move to the House of Undead, deciding that they wanted nothing to do with Lucifer or the GUAC at all. While happy for the move, the Crusaders learned that many of the vampire gods aren't as friendly as the wrestlers, so they won't be able to hang out as often. What followed was a huge cry-fest in the House of Prophecy for the Crusaders while the wrestlers promised that they could still see each other after all is said and done. It took a lot of soul searching and the trio realized that, while they liked being close to the vampires, a long distance friendship was no longer reasonable and the groups weren't compatible. So the two groups parted ways, with the Crusaders eventually getting a long extremely well with a trio of wrestlers called The New Day who offered to dress up as the Brood to ensure that things are in good hands. With that, the two groups are known spreading positivity, optimism and fun whenever and wherever needed.
  • Became good friends with Sora and Shiro, and even learn to be better gamers from them. When the Crusaders realized that the two were the High Priests of Yugi Muto, there was a very awkward conversation as to what happened the last time the fillies tried to be duelists. The story gave the two NEETs another reason not to go out of their temple (ironically, the Crusaders' troubles came when they were trying to enter their temple).
  • The Crusaders have recently opened a detective agency and go about solving crimes in the Pantheon. Many gods were amazed at how they had a destiny all on their own trying to stop a villain from obtaining a powerful artifact known as the Helm of Shadows, forged by Princess Luna back when she was Nightmare Moon. Better yet, they did this without the interference of their sisters and using nothing more than their wits. Gods are now willing to bump them up to Demigod status now because of this. And, for those who are wondering, the mission with the Helm of Shadows came before they opened the Detective Agency.
  • Exclusive to Apple Bloom:
  • Felix has gotten interested in Apple Bloom's skills in carpentry and wishes to tutor her, but Apple Bloom has refused. She's more interested in potion making, and sometimes goes to the House of Magic to practice her skills.
  • Exclusive to Sweetie Belle:
    • Sweetie Belle has been given hundreds of invitations from the House of Music so they can hear her sing. While originally shy, she's now gained the confidence to sing more. She is also banned from the House of Food due to her "ability" to burn juice.
  • Exclusive to Scootaloo:
    • Scootaloo is slowly becoming friends with the Katawa Girls of the House of Love, Emi in particular, as the two of them share a great enjoyment for high speeds. Lily has lent a kind ear to Scootaloo's fears that she may never fly. Although Scootaloo at least appreciates Lily's comforting presence, it's pretty clear she's not taking Lily's words to heart, instead expressing a deep envy of her and how far she's gotten in life despite her inability to see.
    • For the longest time, many gods believed that Scootaloo was an orphan or suffered from Parental Abandonment. It was later revealed that her parents traveled to exotic lands to find rare wildlife for scientific research and she stays with her aunts. Scootaloo has become absolutely enamored by Steve Irwin for this regard because he reminds him of her own dad, Snap Shutter.
    • Despite what one believes Scootaloo actually likes the idea of swimming since it's the closest that she'll ever get to flying. She gained a friendship with Melody, who wished to become a mermaid in order to swim beneath the water and hopes to be able to find away to swim in the various waters of the House of Nature.


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