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House of Prophecy and Fate Index
Destinies | Harbingers | Prophets | Opposing Fate

If one is fated for something important, good or bad, this is their house. If destiny can be said to have a will, these are the chief beings through which it carries it out. They are the arbiters of You Can't Fight Fate, thought many would wish they or others try anyway.

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Greater Gods

    The Defiers of Fate 
The Defiers of Fatemembers , Representatives of the Concept of Fate in Video Games (Lightning: Eclair/Claire Farron, Sergeant, Light, Warrior Goddess, The Savior, The Flash, Paradigm Commando | Sazh: Chocofro)
L-R: The Main Party, and Serah

    The Maidens of Destiny 
The Maidens of Destiny, Quintumvirate Goddesses Of Always Accurate Prophecies (Mercury: Maiden of Journeys, Venus: Maiden of Serenity, Mars: Maiden of Battles, Jupiter: Maiden of Secrets and Saturn: Maiden of Endings)
From top to bottom and left to right: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, art by blaqueandstuff

    The Oracle 
The Oracle, Goddess of Prophecies With Two Outcomes
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A bent spoon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chessmaster, Greater-Scope Paragon, Multiple-Choice Fate, Practically All-Knowing, Magical Negro, Apron Matron, Former Machine Ally Turned Renegade, Master Of Many Gambits, Guile Hero, Cool Old Lady
  • Domains: Predictions, Wisdom, Kindness, Cookies, Programming
  • Allies: Neo, John Connor, Izumi Curtis, X, Doctor Thomas Light, Son Chi-Chi, Swamp Thing (most environmentalists actually), The Inception Crew, Wyldstyle, Alvis, Kevin Flynn, Tron, The Cookie Monster
  • On good terms with: Benevolent A.I
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, SKYNET, YHVH, the Godhand, Sigma, Master Control Program
  • Opposes: Evil hackers and computer viruses
  • The Oracle is a powerful and highly clairvoyant program that dwells in the Matrix. An emotional counter to the logic-driven Architect, she was first used to lead the humans of Zion to a false hope. However she began to focus on ending the Forever War that was the conflict between human and machine, "unbalancing" the equation. She helped find the One, and bring about peace.
  • She's practically omniscient, or more likely close enough that almost no-one can tell. While her prophecies are always accurate, the caveat is they have two possible outcomes as seen with her discussion with Neo and his nature as the One.
  • Comes off as a warm, motherly figure and can usually be seen cooking for the kids and younger gods that visit. She makes some really good cookies, though unlike in the Matrix they're genuine and not secretly liquefied corpses. One should probably take their own spoon since the kids there tend to bend them. Gets along with with the motherly Izumi Curtis and Son Chi-Chi. The Cookie Monster is well-behaved whenever he visits her.
  • She is very much opposed to YHVH. Aside from the whole "hating free will" thing, He has masterminded a war on two front meant to go on forever to sustain His power; though to his credit, He opposed the illusory utopia his archangels created and doesn't like the idea of the Matrix that much. Equally opposes the Godhand due to their wishes for abusing fate and destiny to perpetuate a system of evil.
  • Interested in Swamp Thing due to being a crusader of the environment, who'd oppose the blocked out sun. This was, after all, the tipping point that forced the machines to use humanity as a source of power. She feels this was a disastrous move by humanity and is looking to the House of Nature to prevent it from happening again.
  • Her greatest desire is a peace between human beings and the artificial intelligence they created. This is something both Dr Light and his masterpiece X dream for, and have joined her in making sure this dream comes true. One of the other side of this coin, she utterly opposes SKYNET due to desiring nothing less than the extermination of humanity in a Robot War and machinery being little more than an extension of it. Dreads the idea of what might happen if SKYNET starts infiltrating the Matrix, believing it might actually be worse than Agent Smith.
  • Keeping her eye on the virus Sigma; she sees him as a entity similar to, possibly even more dangerous than Agent Smith could ever be. The idea of the Maverick Virus spreading to the Matrix is just as horrible as SKYNET. Sees the Master Control Program as a danger too, having the possibility of usurping control there, and watches out for XANA due to his simulation bubbles being essentially miniature Matrixes.
  • Spends time helping out Tron and Kevin Flynn due to their own heroics in virtual reality, and has been approached by the Inception Crew to help out due to the Matrix similarities. She sees a lot of value in robot dystopia-related hero John Connor.
  • Is well aware of the popular theory that Zion and the "real world" is but a second layer of the real Matrix, as a near-perfect trap. Many have pointed this out given some unrealistic things like Neo's powers in said real world. She has not confirmed or denied these, but most assume that if it's the case she has a plan for that as well.

Avatar Wan, Divine Paragon of Chosen Legacies (The First Avatar, Stinky, Bushy, the Bush Spirit)

Intermediate Gods

    Agent Texas 
Agent Texas, the Goddess Who Is Doomed to Fail (Tex, Bitchpants McCrabby, Allison, Beta)

    Ben Solo/Kylo Ren 
Ben Solo, God of Repeating History (Kylo Ren, Benjamin Chewbacca Solo, Supreme Lord, Son of Darkness, Creature in a Mask, Monster, Jedi Killer, Leader of the Knights of Ren, Little Starfighter, Ben Swolo, Edge Lord of the Sith, Better Anakin, Ky So Serious, Gentle Ben)
Kylo Unmasked 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A shattered/decrepit First Order Symbol; alternatively, his full-face helmet and crossguard Lightsaber
  • Theme Song: The Abduction
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, formerly Chaotic Good and returns to latter alignment
  • Portfolio: Wishes to Surpass his Father's Legacy, But ends up Repeating Tragedies similar to Vader, Emotionally Unstable to the Point of Violent Outbursts, Malevolent Masked Man Hiding a rather Young Man, The Stoic Except Not at All, Killing his Own Father Which Further Conflicts his Mind, Killing Snoke, Knight Templar, Does Love his Family, Determinator, His Villainy only brings him more Suffering, Broken Ace, Antagonistic Offspring, Eventually Becomes Good, The Last of the Skywalker and Solo Family Tree, Sacrifices himself to save Rey
  • Domains: Leadership, Control, Emotion, Instability, Conflict
  • Allies: The 501st Legion (has joint-leadership authorities with Vader), Nagato, Golbez, Vlad von Carstein, Captain Cold, Illyasveil von Einzbern, Sasuke Uchiha, Mordred (Saber of Red), Goro Akechi, Eddie Brock/Venom, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Maul, Darth Nihilus, Sauron, Darkseid, Thanos, Frieza, The Tyranids, Ezekyle Abbadon, Madara Uchiha
  • On Good Terms With: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Cal Kestis, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Raiden
  • Commonality Connection: Malekith, Mordred
  • Unknown Rival to: Stannis Baratheon (Don't ask, it's an odd story)
  • Special Relationship: Rey (his love interest/former enemy), Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (his grandfather and a former herald of his), Leia Organa (his mother), Han Solo (his father), Luke Skywalker (his uncle and former master)
  • Additional Relationship: Henry Cooldown
  • Allegiance: Difficult to Pinpoint as Kylo works with more morally ambiguous deities. That said, his actions do tend to favor more towards the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Kylo Ren is the mysterious mascot and frontline general of the First Order, a remnant of the Galactic Empire dedicated to rebuilding itself to match it's predecessor's might and oppression. Kylo was the Order's most notable and feared member, being a former Jedi with a very strong affinity to the Force. In truth, he is Ben Solo, the son of Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo, heroes of the Rebel Alliance who put an end to the Galactic Empire. This also made him grandson to Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader. He has convinced himself into fulfilling Vader's wishes into restoring order to the galaxy, never really considering that Vader turned back from the Dark Side shortly before his death.
    • He was an apprentice to his uncle, Luke Skywalker, who established a new Jedi Order after the defeat of the Galactic Empire. However, tragic circumstances prompted Kylo to turn on his master and fellow students, slaughtering most of them and joining Snoke to become his personal apprentice. Despite his affinity to the Dark Side of the Force, Kylo's psyche felt incredibly conflicted. He tried to sever this by personally killing his father, but that only worsened his situation. Eventually, he would execute Snoke to take his place as Supreme Leader of the First Order. Along the way, he formed a surprisingly positive relationship with Resistance Fighter Rey and tried to convince her to join alongside him as a means of leaving the past away and starting anew. Likewise, his considerations were not reciprocated.
      • Kylo would eventually realize that he was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine throughout his entire life. He was commissioned to kill Rey, but soon after, he finally let go of the Dark Side after talking to a vision of his father Han. He would join alongside Rey in defeating Palpatine, though he gave his life to revive a dead Rey, but not before having a first and last kiss of affection.
  • Kylo was initially a herald to his grandfather in his first days in the Pantheon. That said, he was relegated to events regarding his mortal life, never really getting a chance to have an opportunity to act in a multiversial world. It was only after he shed his mortal coil that Kylo managed to ascend into the Pantheon, though his representing trope was an allusion to his sins and faults.
    • It turns out that even as his herald, Kylo never met his grandfather. Upon meeting for the first time in a military base for the 501st Legion, Vader shared his heartfelt experience about his life as Anakin Skywalker and as Darth Vader. Now understanding how it truly felt to be like his grandfather, Kylo tearfully embraced his predecessor, cursing himself for being far too reckless and angry to fully realize the path he was going down on. Vader simply reciprocated by telling him that much of his grief wasn't fully his fault either and that he could try to do something about his newfound redemption in the Pantheon.
  • In a very short amount of timespan, Kylo found himself to be a very polarizing figure; heroes aren't too trusting of him given his actions as First Order Commander, yet villains are wary of Kylo being willing to go against their orders and wishes due to his conflicted feelings towards the Light and Dark Sides. Vader, in addition to giving him joint-leadership position in the 501st Legion, nominated him to join a band of morally complex deities headed by Nagato. Kylo has since taken up the offer, feeling like this may be the crowd that he would integrate into without much issues.
    • While Kylo gets along with Nagato , given that the latter understands suffering and is willing to aid the former out in emotional aspects, Kylo's feelings towards his new companions are mixed. Captain Cold seems easy to work with given his code of ethics, but Golbez and Vlad von Carstein seem to be more difficult. Golbez seems incredibly aloof and spends more time monitoring his brother Cecil. Vlad's ruthless demeanor towards his enemies and his vampire forces renders him a very hard man to come across. Illyasveil von Einzbern seems sweet and polite, but Kylo is wary enough to not push her buttons too much lest she unleashes Berserker to wreak havok. In spite of these issues, they acknowledge Kylo's presence, power and past and genuinely see him as a valuable ally to work with. Kylo himself doesn't have any hard feelings towards them and would often send them Stormtrooper factions to provide them with additional artillery.
  • Despite his reputation however, he has managed to back in good graces with the ascended members of the Jedi Order. It helps that he was redeemed before his death and that he was comforted by his grandfather during his ascension. Still, they're wary of what the former Jedi and First Order Commander is capable of and considering for his future actions. Kylo has assured that he'll try to do better in the future.
  • Because of his conflicted thoughts, emotional nature and his redemption, Kylo is often sympathized by Raiden. He understands the burden of carrying too much expectations and drama thanks to his experiences in defending Earthrealm. That said, he acknowledges that his circumstances and Kylo's are vastly different. Still, Raiden will try to see if he can work to socialize and help Kylo open up more about his insecurities.
  • Despite his eventual turn to Good, he's still seen wielding his trademark red lightsaber with a customized crossguard. It seems to be because it is his most notable weapon and Kylo would be most recognizable ad favored with his First Order garb by the Pantheon, much to his dismay. Fortunately, he doesn't have to replicate Vader to the point of wearing a life-support armor which his grandfather is pleased to know about.
  • Despite his obvious affection, Kylo refuses to meet with his parents. Maybe it's to do with the guilt of killing his father, putting further grief towards his mother and playing a role in his uncle's death. So far, no one has asked Kylo about why he keeps distance, even if there's an obvious answer. For now, the only family he regularly meets up with is Vader, which thankfully, is on a more healthier and productive approach.
  • To his surprise, Kylo seems to find himself relatable to Malekith. The Witch King acknowledges this and poses no enmity on Kylo, despite his Friendly Enemy stance on Vader. Kylo highlights the fact that Malekith's desire to live up to the reputation of his father Aenarion is pretty similar to his past actions of trying to surpass Vader. That, and both were lulled into darkness through a series of tragedies and manipulations. They have a ceasefre for now, though Malekith has pondered about working with Kylo when it comes to fighting the Grand United Alliance of Evil, seeing as the two of them have a common enemy in mind.
    • There is also Mordred, a man with antagonistic feelings towards his father/uncle, King Arthur. While Kylo finds the situation around his conceiving to be pretty controversial, he does sympathize with him to an extent and wishes to find a way to help him out. On the other hand, the other Mordred, Saber of Red, is a straight ally as the two of them get along with their similarities of having difficult familial relationships and trying to better themselves as a person in the very end. Saber of Red has since been encouraging of trying to get Kylo to be a leader in his own unique way.
  • Kylo opposes space tyrants like Darkseid, Thanos and Frieza. It's mainly to do with the fact that Kylo himself was raised by a Galactic Conquerer and the experiences around it were not nice to say the least. Still, it's a relief that Kylo managed to stop a potential threat despite that being but a ploy devised by Palpatine himself. That, and he also saved Rey from being killed. The other space tyrants however think of Kylo as inconsequential and annoying compared to their grand scheme of things.
    • Some might see Sauron as an Evil Counterpart of his to an extent. While their settings can't be any more different, the fact remains that both Sauron and Kylo were apprentices and the top commander of their master, Melkor and Snoke respectively. The differences end there however; despite both of them proving themselves treacherous towards their masters, Sauron continued to commit evil having completely forgone whatever good intentions he may have had whereas Kylo clung onto to the fact that he may be the galaxy's best chance of maintaining order and control. The Dark Lord found this comparison amusing, but still sees Kylo as just another pest to deal with.
  • While he may be better known as Kylo Ren, it's rare to see someone actually call him by his real name, Ben Solo. Initially, his family members were the only ones to refer him by the latter, though overtime, a few of his allies have begun to do it too, either as a means of being playful or showing a sign of respect. Kylo doesn't mind it.
  • Was amused to see that the lightsaber crossguard concept was done by Henry Cooldown 8 years prior to his formal introduction. As a result, Kylo pays some degree of respect to him and is eager to one day fight against Henry to see how well he could hold up against him.
  • To a lot of people's surprise, Kylo was able to defeat and even kill the legendary Zillo Beast. Even Darth Vader wasn't able to do the deed. This has been able to strengthen the 501st Legion's morale up by some notches, given he was able to accomplish a feat that very little have managed to do. The Monster Hunters have admitted to giving Kylo some sort of respect about this in some regard and even considered inviting them for creature hunting. He declined, stating that monster hunting isn't exactly his job, but respects the Monster Hunters' wishes regardless.
  • Is linked to Rey via the Force, hence them being a Dyad. This is one of the reasons that Kylo wanted Rey to join with him in the First Order rather than killing her. Additionally, it's what redeemed him as well. While some Force users are impressed by Kylo's feat in this and him no longer being an evil threat means the Jedi don't have to worry about him too much, Maul has expressed interest in such a concept. This led to scuffles between the two every now and them. That said, Maul has expressed interest in being a Dyad with Savage Oppress, should he be ascended, an idea that Kylo couldn't care less for.
  • Has once been reported of infiltrating Starkiller Base as Matt the Radar Technician. He hasn't said anything about the event, though many speculate that Kylo must have been goofing around.
  • Kylo is apparently very muscular and fit. Not exactly news-worthy, but some took his physique and promoted it like wildfire, alongside proclaiming him as Ben Swolo. He finds this pretty amusing.
  • While he's mellowed out considerably thanks to his experience of being humbled and understanding his flaws, many simply remember Kylo for losing his shit to the point of exasperation. Didn't take long before he was declared an Edgelord, complete with a compilation of songs emphasizing this nature. Again, Kylo doesn't know what to make of it. And no, he doesn't have built-in headphones in his mask either.
  • Also in the Character Actions Sub-House.
I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?

Eihort, Great Old One Of Equally Unpleasant Options (The Pale Beast, God of the Labryinth)
  • Great Old One (equivalent to Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: A clutch of bloodied eggs
  • Alignment: Light Blue, considered Chaotic Evil by human standards
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Name Is German For "Egg Hoard", Morton's Fork (Be Killed By It, Or Die "Birthing" Its Brood, The Maze, Extra Eyes, Lets You Experience Lives In Other Places
  • Domains: Eggs, Aliens, Horror, Infestation
  • Associates: The other Great Old Ones and Outer Gods
  • Interests: Lionel Starkweather
  • Allies: Prince Asterion, Pennywise, Flumpty Bumpty
  • On speaking terms with: Black Arachnia
  • Rivals: The Facehugger and The Xenomorph, The Pod People
  • Enemies: The Imperium of Mankind, victims of rape/forced impregnation, Archaon the Everchosen, Ellen Ripley, the SCP Foundation, Billy Hatcher
  • Eihort is one of many Great Old Ones, and one of a handful with some interest in humanity. Resembling a cross between a spider and an oval gelatinous mass, it dwells in a maze and will offer a bargain; either die at its hands, or bear its eggs. As the eggs inevitably burst and destroy the body, it is more a question of "which death would you prefer?"
  • Similar to Ithaqua, Eihort seeks to carve a niche of power through its spawn. Because of this, the SCP Foundation has taken to ensuring that the Pale Beast is contained within its maze, putting gates and warning signs so only total morons could be victimized. Eihort wasn't pleased by the Foundation, or their general opposition to eldritch beings like itself.
  • Seems to have an understanding of Prince Asterion, as he is another beast locked within a maze. The Minotaur prefers to eat the victims of the maze, but the Pale Beast will let it take those who reject the offer of bearing its eggs for the Minotaur's food. Saves Eihort the trouble of squishing them, at least.
  • Comparable to the Xenomorph, a being who forcibly impregnates and kills hosts like a parasitoid wasp. Naturally, Eihort considers them competition for spreading its offspring, and the feeling is mutual for the Xenomorph. Mercifully the Facehugger's attempt to infest the Pale Beast failed, due to a mix of incompatible biology and being too alien for them. The Pod People's infiltration and propagation also makes them competition for Eihort's desire to spread and propagate itself and its offspring and take the planet for itself.
  • Creeps Billy the Hatcher the hell out, and is considered an utter perversion of the very concept of eggs. The eldritch egg Flumpty Bumpty was more accepting and felt Eihort was a kindred spirit, though he's a bit friendlier and if impressed will let you go without any deadly caveats
  • What Eihort does is effectively raping and killing whoever makes the "good" choice, so anyone who was a victim of rape or forced impregnation wishes to smash the abominable egg-maker. Gruesomely Lionel Starkweather thinks its Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong and Chest Burster attributes might be useful in certain snuff fetishes, though he's smart enough to not meddle with Eihort right now.
  • Archaon, being a product of rape, has beef with Eihort. Of course, some of it has to do with Eihort being an Eldritch Abomination, similar to the Chaos Gods, and attacking it is an excuse to vent on his issues towards the Ruinous Powers. The Imperium of Mankind wants to purge Eihort and its spawn for being a major Xenos infestation, as does Ellen Ripley who is reminded strongly of the Xenomorphs.
  • Pennywise is another monstrous being that has eggs of its own, so It seems to understand Eihort's "biological needs" and desire to spread its spawn. It approached the Pale Beast with a deal; let "rejects" go and give them false hope so he may savor their fear all the more before eating him. Eihort agreed, providing he use his disarming forms like the funny clown to manipulate people into entering his maze.
  • Seems to be fond of Black Arachnia in whatever way it can, due to her closeness towards her large brood and the fact she has one. Along with its spider-like traits, Eihort might just be interested in a being like it. She finds Eihort rather creepy but its' more advantageous to stay on good terms with the God of the Labyrinth.
  • As horrible as it is, there is an upside to Eihort's bargain; you are able to experience other lives in other places, but this can be turned on its head as Eihort's servants can be put in the bargainer's body. Eihort can also choose people as its "Chosen", delaying their death so long as they deliver victims. Lionel Starkweather is tempted to take this offer, but again he's not willing to get close to the Pale Beast yet.

    The Guardians 
The Guardians, The Divine's Chosen Many of Close Comebacks (Risen, Warlords, Iron Lords. Light-bearers, Dead Things, Mote of Lights, Thieves of Light, Traveler Thieves, Ghouls, Dead Soldiers [by the Fallen], Hive Bane, Those who wield what we cannot predict [by the Vex], Space Hobos)
  • Intermediate Gods but can take on Greater Gods.
  • Symbol: Titan Banner, Hunter Banner, Warlock Banner, Guardian Crest
  • Theme Songs: Guardian, The Tower, Surge of Light, The Farm, Be Brave, Tower Reborn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Many, One-Man Armies, Those who defy fate, Elemental Powers and Bizarro Elements (Solar, Arc, and Void), Came Back Strong, Back from the Dead, Feared among alien races, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Functional Magic, Reality Warping Liches born from a Silent Alien God, Humans Are Cthulhu, Mage Marksman, Magitek, Mildly Military, Killer of gods, Resurrective Immortality, Ace Pilots, Their Ghosts are weak but expect heavy resistence
  • Domains: Undead, Light, Magic, Protectors, Loot
  • Allies: XCOM, Master Chief, the Tenno (also rivals), Ordis, the Jedi, Starfleet (like James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard), Meteora Österreich, Autobots, Mata Nui, the Toa Mata, the Turaga, Link, Princess Zelda, King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Artoria Pendragon, Fi, Cortana, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia, Anakaris, Squigly, the Merchant, Cosmos, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Sora, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Ventus.
  • Unnerved by: Wish granting deities, House of Dragons, The God Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man
  • Enemies: The Vex, The Eliksni though Mithrax's House of Light is the exception, Oryx, The Taken, ADVENT, The Devil, Kyubey and the Incubators, Calypso, GUAD, Ganondorf, Harbinger, Ardyn Izunia, Brainiac, the Grineer, Xehanort's Incarnations
  • After the Traveler's sacrifice to protect humanity from annihilation, it fragmented itself in the form of Ghosts to seek out and resurrect those who have potential to wield the Light to not only fight the Darkness' disciples, but to recover and rebuild civilization. While early on the candidates became Drunk with Power, after infighting against the injustices that took place is where the Guardians officially were formed, defending the last of humanity from spider-like space pirates, undead krill zealots, time traveling radiolorian cyborgs, and rhinoceros Space Romans. Besides being responsible for granting their Guardians their powers the Ghosts are also responsible for resurrecting their Guardians, transmating vehicles and gear, hacking into nearly all forms of technology, and opening doors.
  • It started with but a skirmish but it quickly escalated into a full-scale battle. Oryx's Hive and Taken forces have stormed their way through. XCOM, despite the odds, held the line and kept both at bay yet it was still quite the stalemate until one side falters. Bursting in guns blazing and quickly turning the tide over to XCOM's were the Guardians in all their glory. It turns out they shortly after storming the Last City to take it back, successfully killing Domninus Ghaul who was empowered by the stolen Light and witness the Traveler awaken from it's comatose state, break free from the Cabal restraints, and destroy Ghaul after resurrecting as a being of Light. XCOM was grateful for their efforts and the two have decided to aid each other whenever they needed it.
    • Of course, the Vex, Oryx, and the Eliksni were furious that their archenemies had ascended. For the time traveling cyborgs, they are a major hurdle to their goal of reshaping everything where there is only Vex, always destroying their Axis Minds and stopping whatever plan they had in store for existence. For the Taken King, they are a civilization that relied on artificial strength and not on warring and conquest in the name of Sword Logic, but it's more personal than that. For one, they killed Crota along with many of his family members before moving on to him. Lastly for the Space Pirates, they believe they stole their "Great Machine" for their own use, depriving them of the one hope they have at restoring their former glory. They share this hatred, since much of humanity was lost because of them and many Guardians fell to their forces before, and they are the things standing in the way of humanity' survival.
      • Now besides being there to help light up their enemies from back home, they also give out more detailed advice on how to deal with them since there are a lot of Guardians who specialize on certain factions. Asher Mir and Osiris for example are very knowledgeable on Vex and their movement and have communed with the GUAG's leaders on how to more efficiently deal with them. Eris Morn's shared knowledge before she took off on her own are also crucial in the fight against the Hive and Oryx, something that ticked him off but ultimately can't prevent now.
  • While the Last City came with them during the Guardians' ascension their actual temple is the Tower, their base of operations and where they stop buy from time to time to deposit their spoils, acquire new gear, and check in with the Vanguard advisers. If one's fast enough you'll find corpses of Guardians on the base who fell off the top, unintentionally or otherwise. What also often happens is Guardians running around playing the Floor is Lava, except it actually does harm participants. Seeing them host dance parties even when there is no music playing, but it can happen whenever. As does sitting in the most bizarre and sometimes annoying spots.
    • Since Xur is not present within the Pantheon as nowadays he took to appearing in the wilds, the Merchant seems to have filled that void, though is more open in his buying and selling. The fact that both are enigmatic individuals that act as hooded arms dealers hasn't gone unnoticed.
  • There are many, many notable Guardians both in past and in the now. The ones fond in the Tower are the Vanguard function as the Guardian's leadership (if you could call it that, anyways) and coordinate many fireteam's movements. Those nominated to be in the Vanguard are often regarded to be one of the finest of their class, and just because they're cooped up in the Tower doesn't mean they have lost their skills.
    • Commander Zavala, the no-nonsense Titan Vanguard who actually acts like how any military higher up would. When asked how does he put up with his peers and those under his command despite his attitude he's quick to answer that they still get the job done. Often he'll meet up with deities in the House of War to test and shape his knowledge, most notably Sun Tzu since he applied a lot of his work in battle before. Zavala's attitude impressed the likes of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, who are reminded of Benjamin Sisko. For some reason, people keep reciting the Cerberus Vae III briefing whenever he's around.
    • Cayde-6, the lighthearted Hunter Vanguard who once longed to get back into the field (wish granted). Behind that demeanor, he can be pretty cunning if a bit reckless as shown with that incident with a Vex teleporter. When escaping from his duties he'll swing by Sojiro's place to kick back and relax. If you're confused as to how he got on board in the first place, he was forced into the position via a bet designed to get a representative for Hunters. That said, it was also because the previous rep was also a close friend died to an Eliksni mercenary, and felt the need to take over in respect.
    • Ikora Rey, former outspoken loner turned tempered Warlock Vanguard who was notable for her deadly gunplay. Testing her patience is ill advised, whether by being really annoying or being a dangerous enough threat to warrant being blown to dust by Void energies. She handles analyzing lore and intelligence gathering and can be seen working with other members in the House of Knowledge for this reason. Ikora tends to work with Meteora after the Warlock Vanguard heard of the former NPC's art of analysis, and to help regulate the use of military weaponry despite Cayde's insistence on otherwise.
  • They often practice the Crucible in the House of War. Run by the enthusiastic Lord Shaxx, it doubles as not only a place to test a Guardian's skills with one another but also to defend locations from enemy hands (they don't handle "stand here for Pantheon knows how long in case of intruders"). Weird as that may sound, it works, and it makes for good entertainment.
    • Two fireteams were running the Crucible in the House of War where after the match they happened upon John 117/Master Chief. Noticing the similarities (mostly towards Titans) alongside sharing similar creators they decided to team up during a couple missions. Their enemies did not stand a chance. Although many Guardians are driven for other goals than to protect the Last City like personal achievement or loot, they all undoubtedly respect the Spartan. The Ghosts chat with Cortana and are good terms if a bit cautious after her attempted rebellion. Rampancy was present with the likes of Rasputin and Failsafe, but neither took it to dangerous levels like she did. Cortana made it clear that she's fine now in the Pantheon, but that air of awkwardness still lingers.
    • During an assault on an Eliksni hideout to turn it into another Crucible map, they broke in only to realize the Tenno had already beaten them to the punch. There was some (albeit kinda onesided) rivalry with them until some members proposed that they go in and share their respective tech. One modding session with rocket launchers later, the two groups became fast allies and you can find some members train with each other. Seeing them team up and wield each other's weaponry is not uncommon, to the dismay of their enemies. Their Ghosts tend to strike lengthy conversations with Ordis despite at first being freaked out by his crazy moments, ranging from the usual robot-to-robot talks about their tech to the Ghosts talking about the antics of their Guardians. The rivalry between the two soldiers is still going strong by the way, often in the form of Body Count Competitions due to the similar nature of their games.
  • Realizing there are many more aliens in the Pantheon there was back home, they nonetheless decided to take up arms against them. Hearing of XCOM's Archnemesis ADVENT they decided to start there, deciding to help take out a facility. Resurrective Immortality does wonders when your enemies realizes it too late. Already, it prompted the more elite alien occupants forces to take action in the future. XCOM warns them not to grow overconfident since it could potentially mean the Chosen coming after them, which the Space Liches noted. Some Guardians are a bit unnerved that they share similarities to them, right down to their ability to resurrect unless a certain condition is met. Their Ghosts, particularly the Young Wolf's Ghost are most nervous by the Hunter since he can potentially take them out with his marksmanship, but what adds to that is how similar he sounds to some of them.
    • Of course, waging war on those with ill intent requires allies. Not long after the Vanguard decided to reach out to the Jedi since they too are magical space warriors. Warlocks tend to be most common Guardians working with them, given they share the most similarities out of all of the classes and thus want to hone their existing skills further. Though Mace Windu seems to give the Arc wielding Guardians, particularly the Stormcallersnote , some distance for some reason. They also affiliated themselves with the rest of Starfleet due to both being protectors, which lead to some older Guardians lamenting that Starfleet's exploration of the cosmos went much smoother than their attempts in the Golden Age. Some also went to the likes of King Arthur and his allies since the Iron Lords were based around Arthurian Legend since turning down having legends on your side would be foolish. They didn't expect to meet Arthur's Distaff Counterpart in the process, nor did the expect to hear his many, many incarnations but it didn't stop them from being allies.
    • Hearing word of a Eternal Hero clad in a green tunic originating in Hyrule from Master Chief they met up with Link, who's not too different from themselves being warriors capable of magic alongside being blessed from the gods. Through him, they would also ally with Princess Zelda, who assists many of the Last City's scholars and librarians to rediscover history lost in the Collapse. She also adds her theory of the Traveler being some form of proxy or even avatar of the Golden Goddesses of her world. The Ghost's meeting with Fi went well too, finding her calculations very useful for the Last City, with some expressing envy that she have combat capabilities. Some Guardians decided to take a short trip to Hyrule and were taken back at how prosperous it was, a huge change compared to life in the Last City. After reporting it to Zavala he says it's the kind of state humanity wants to achieve someday, and that it should be the motivation they would keep on fighting for. No matter how long it takes.
      "One day the Last City will be known as the First City."
      • Link also introduced him to three heroes he met during his time within the Pantheon. The first was a young man named Shido Itsuka, who like them were blessed with magical powers with parallels to theirs. Then there was Ayato Amagiri, a superhuman martial artist with strength that caught the Guardian's Titans attention. Lastly there's Lux Arcadia, who was no stranger to defeating armies and monsters whilst defending his home. All three are willing to pitch in and defend the Last City like it was their own homes, earning the Traveler's chosen many their appreciation who in turn promise to offer any assistance they need in the future.
    • Chief told some Guardians of a boy who had actually befriended beings worthy of divinity. Curious, they investigated the House of Commerce and found who the Spartan told them about: Ash Ketchum. He didn't really have any trouble befriending them despite his reluctance to war since he understood that their mission was noble and has agreed to help them in any way he can. Some Guardians believe that Ash may be blessed by the Traveler in some way.
    • Although they are used to hearing other heroes' adventures that is not to say their escapades went in unnoticed. Mata Nui heard of their stories and, along with the Toa, went to the Tower to discuss an alliance. They gave supplies to the Last City necessary for research and defense, the Guardians go around and assist them in their exploits and share their knowledge. Optimus Prime similarly came to the Last City for an alliance as well, acknowledging each other's roles as protectors.
      Commander Zavala: "I need your forces, Prime."
      Optimus Prime: "And you shall have them, Commander."
    • The Guardians seem to have a special kinship with the Keyblade Masters of the Pantheon, especially Sora, Riku, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, as they are also Light wielders. Some say the latter trio even look like Guardians themselves when wearing their Keyblade Armor, and Terra has sometimes been seen racing in the SRL using his Keyblade Glider as a makeshift Sparrow. A handful of Warlocks have attempted to explore the Kingdom Hearts universe to see if Light and Darkness behave the same there as in their own universe, and so far results have been promising as Guardian weapons have proven effective against Heartless.
  • Their time in the Pantheon also granted them much unneeded attention. Link and Zelda told them of Ganondorf's plans to seize control of the Last City and try and harness the Traveler's Light to fuel his ambitions. This is eerily similar to what Dominous Ghaul wanted to do, and the Red Legion's attack is still fresh within the minds of many Guardians that had survived that Lightless period. Others have similar goals like Brainiac, the Borg Queen, and Harbinger after they heard of their battles with the Vex. The Vanguard was once greeted by a man named Ardyn Izunia and heard of his claims being "a man of no consequence". Zavala instantly didn't trust him, and neither did his peers and investigated further where their suspicions were proven. The Commander is currently working with Cosmos to ascend the True King to oppose him.
    • The Grineer instantly became enemies with them after hearing of their alliance with the Tenno, and quickly sent Grineer forces to try and deal with them. Emphasis on try, as the Tenno had intercepted them and notified the city of their intentions and sent them packing after a long battle of attrition. Cayde-6 wanted to help return the favor and - after a Guardian's and Tenno's quick trip to one of their bases - lured a large force of Grineer to a Eliksni hideout. He once again did this without telling his peers, but it was executed well.
      Cayde-6: "Everyone loves a bad idea when it works."
    • Their alliance with the Keyblade Masters also gave them a much needed heads-up on Master Xehanort, whose affinity for Darkness and plotting abilities are rumored to be on par with the Witch-Queen Savathûn herself. Though he hasn't made a move on the Last City yet, the Vanguard is keeping a close eye on him.
  • Are weary of any wish granters and dragons, having a bad enough experience with the now extinct Ahamkara, who grant knowledge and power but with, as usual, a very high price. Hearing of how the Devil tricked Inkwell Isles' residents into selling their souls didn't do him any favors, though he seems to be cautious in return after what happened with his last deal. They aren't in good terms with Kyubey and the Incubators either, and seem to have taken up target practice whenever they rear their heads. Nor are they in good terms with Calypso, who is basically the Ahamkara in a human form if they decided to be much more direct and chaotic in their plans. He could be Satan too. They also don't take kindly to any Omnicidal Maniacs since half of their enemies back in their home universe are that, and they had enough of them already. Hearing Oryx's allegiance to an Alliance dedicated to destruction, they will protect the Pantheon from the GUAD at all costs.
    • Some of the less saner gods and goddesses have claimed that the dragon-like bone armor some of the Guardians wear have spoken to them. No one really believed them, and investigations conducted from various deities reveals otherwise. While the Ahamkara's nature does prove to be solid at first, it's unlikely as their presence would be limited due to who the general denizens are. So rest assured, O Troper mine.
    • They also are cautious of the God Emperor of Mankind and by extension deities affiliated with the Imperium of Man. Besides being disturbingly similar to the Cabal (who blew the Last City to cinders once) they are aware their attitude on xenos and considering the origins of their powers this keeps many Guardians on edge. They aren't quite enemies, and if the situation calls for it they will fight alongside them, but they are very cautious.
  • Can have a somewhat difficult time with encountering deities not in the futuristic era. While society in the last city isn't too drastically different from the modern era given the emphasis on other aspects like colonization (there were still regular cars lying around), they can be still baffled by certain normal things. Like pineapples, for instance.
  • Beyond Reality Warping powers and weaponry or technology specifically tailored to cutting off their connection to the Light, to ensure a Guardian's final death you must target their Ghost. Without their Ghost, they cannot resurrect or do many of the aforementioned functions for long. Of course, targeting a Ghost gives any Guardians justification to end your life in return since they're not only a incredibly useful but limited resource but also a Guardian's True Companion.
  • Due to the nature of their loot system, their fates lie within RNG's hands. It could mean the difference between new gear, or the same old one they got an hour ago. It was no secret that long ago they were not in good graces and got pretty bad gear decrypted for them despite the tiring effort. When bringing up RNG, Guardians tend to either shudder of those dark times, mourn the loss of a "loot cave", or mutter angrily about a man named Master Rahool.
  • Since Guaridans are often the fallen raised back from the dead they are technically undead, especially if you take it from an enemies' perspective (the Eliksni called them Ghouls at one point), which contrasts with many deities present in the House of Undead. Understandably not wanting the bad reputation of undead to continue they partnered with Anakaris for his reputation as a sorverous yet benevolent ruler who isn't afraid to fight, also mentioning a common enemy in Oryx. Osiris seems really fond of him, considering he's themed off of Egyptian Mythology. Squigly was another undead they met in their travels, where her attitude caught many off guard. Nonetheless, it was a welcome trait and she was happy to meet benevolent undead in the Pantheon.
  • The Guardians went into mourning, and they were asked why. Their Ghosts said in a somber tone. Cayde-6 was killed. All sources pointed to Uldren Sov, the Master of Crows and Queen of the Reef Mara Sov's brother, who was leading a massive prison break from the Prison of Elders. The Guardians will not stop until they find Uldren and bring him to justice.
  • "The Guardians who lead the way will save humanity - and become legend."

    Kira Yamato 
Kira Yamato, God of Natural Winners (The Ultimate Coordinator, Kira Hibiki, Jesus Yamato, AimBot McBeamspam)

Neo, The Chosen God and The Divine Guardian of Virtual Training Simulations (The One, Mr. Thomas A. Anderson, King-Fu Jesus)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God on the Matrix
  • Symbol: A green "1" on a black background
  • Theme Song: "Rock Is Dead" by Marilyn Manson
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoats, Kung Fu, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Bullet Dodging, Roof Hopping, Taking Third Options, Blankness Of Face, Chooses To Continue, Takes Characteristics From Buddhism, Screw Destiny, Superpower Lottery, Actually A Descendant Of Many "Ones", Resurrected after his death by the machines to serve as their new energy source, Becomes stronger when he is with Trinity.
  • Domains: Heroes, Liberation, Mysticism
  • Followers: Every single person who has been chosen as a hero.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: John Wick
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, the Master Control Program, Sark, Albert Wesker, CLU, SHODAN, GLaDOS, Ex, Love Machine, The Meta, The Vex, all evil-aligned gods.
  • Complicated Relations with: The Machine, and Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Odd Friendship With: Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Respected by: Aang
  • When the Grid was going to be part of the Dominions, Neo unexpectedly arrived in the Pantheon through the Grid itself. No one knew how he did such feat, but one good guess might be is that The Matrix was merged (or at least connected) with The Grid along with other Virtual Worlds.
    • After the Court of the Gods checked his history, it seems that he was actually the God of The Chosen Ones, as prophecied by Aladdin and would be the said representative. Kevin Flynn however, had the idea that he would also be the safeguard of the Grid and Matrix since his powers in those realms are at its highest. At the same time, the House of Prophecy also mentioned that a certain Agent Smith would ascend one day "in order to balance the equation". Neo, who was already prepared at that time, decided to wait for the agent's return.
    • And his training paid off. Just as Agent Smith ascended, he was able to put up a fight and fended him off until Kevin temporarily deleted him out of the Grid. He might be still strong enough to handle him, but he knows that his "peaceful days" in the Pantheon will no longer be possible due to his constant confrontations with Smith.
  • Out of all the Gods in the House of Philosophy, he has the highest regard to Aslan for having the same personalities, except that Neo sometimes doesn't regard himself as a Jesus-like figure.
  • Has a really stingy relationship with John Wick for someone who is actually competent in combat (or in Wick's case, frightening). They also got Badass Longcoats, Gun Fu and able to fend off large amounts of Mooks. They are still in good terms though.
    • On the other hand, he does have a good relationship with John Constantine, as someone who is mostly unfazed, and combat-intelligent. It makes it better that they both look the same.
  • The constant attacks from Smith has forced Neo to gather some allies. The two cyborgs, Adam Jensen and JC Denton, decided to join Neo since their have some similarities. Kei Shirogane also offered his services to assist him in his everlasting battles for Cyberspace. Kite, who was also astonished of his presence also aided him.
    • After that, he was given a position into the White Hats, under the permission by Sam Flynn. He was also given a tour of the Grid by Tron. Then forth, Kirito and Asuna decided to give him a training exercise. This introduced him to a large amount of allies, as a compensation for his allies who hasn't ascended yet.
    • Aside from Smith himself, he doesn't get along well with Albert Wesker and CLU for being all too similar to the agent. CLU on the other hand has seen him as another threat aside from Kevin.
    • The MCP has really gotten annoyed with Neo for completely breaking all rules he has implemented in the House of Technology. For someone completely going for the Screw Destiny type, he and Sark are going to have a hard time dealing with him.
  • At one point, he attempted to go to the deeper parts of the House of Technology. There, he was looking for his lover, Trinity because he heard her voice. Turns out, he was greeted by Goth Hacker, Lisbeth Salander. She explained that Trinity was actually her High Priest, which was why he felt her presence. Neo however, decided to ally with her and didn't have any hard feelings for the mistake. He is proud though that he has a potential hacker against Smith.
    • Her first objective with him was that she wanted to implant various combat moves from the House of Combat. Neo declined though, since he already knew a certain combat technique.
    Neo: I know Kung Fu.
  • His avatar is one of, if not, the most powerful Virtual Avatar in the Pantheon. There, almost the entirety of the Grid is at his manipulation (not control though, since that is Kevin's job). SHODAN and GLaDOS has really dreaded him for stopping all their plans, mostly to SHODANs.
    • Ex however, still proves as one of Neo's troublesome adversaries. Being powerful in terms of weapons, he was able to take down Neo in one swoop at their first encounter. Still, he was able to defeat him before, when he charged at the body of Ex and damaged him badly, to the point where the entire Gundam was cut in half.
    • Love Machine tried to absorb his avatar. It instead blew the Cheating AI into bits. He didn't get the memo about The Strongest Virtual Avatar in the Pantheon message before he tried to absorb him. Neo also remarked that his defeat was reminiscent to how he defeated Smith during his first encounter.
    • He is one of the few deities who isn't even scared of the Meta. The Rogue AI however, has other plans rather than deal with a Chosen One.
    • Despite being a good guy, he still dislikes The Machine since his memories fighting the other Agents (who are machines, mind you) are still stuck at his memory. Even with persuasion, The Machine is still wary of Neo's intentions because of the rise of Malevolent Cyberspace deities. It makes it clear that it can't trust almost everyone, though it will help Neo combat Smith and CLU if necessary.
  • He would really like it if the other gods don't make comparisons of him to one Ted "Theodore" Logan of the House of Music. It really does not help in that they sound somewhat similar.
  • Was finally greeted by another chosen by the name of Aang. As the representative of Chosen Ones, he has high respect towards Neo. He has also stated that if he disappears, Aang may take his position.
  • Also has a spot on the House of Technology, under Digital Personas.
  • "My name... Is Neo."

    Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird 
Once upon a time, in a warm and lush forest lived three happy birds.

Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, Avian Gods of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Punishing Bird: Small Bird, O-02-56; Judgement Bird: Long Bird, O-02-62; Big Bird: O-02-40, Apocalypse Bird: O-02-63, The Beast, Birdxodia)
Punishing Bird
Judgement Bird
Big Bird
Apocalypse Bird 
  • Punishing Bird is a Lesser God, becomes Intermediate when attacked (TETH-class). Judgement Bird and Big Bird are Intermediate Gods (WAW-class). Apocalypse Bird is a Greater God (ALEPH-class).
  • Symbol: Individually it’s Punishing Bird’s jaws, Judgement Bird’s unbalanced scales, and Big Bird’s eyes and lantern. Collectively, as Apocalypse Bird it's the Entrance to the Black Forest.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Birds, Forests, Prophecies
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: The GUAD, The Global Occult Coalition, The House of Sinners, The House of Crime and Transgressions, (Insert Name Here), The Grand Duke of Owls, Lord Shen, The Murkrow Flock, The Batter, Napoleon
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The rest of the House of Birds
  • Avoided by:
  • Respects:
  • Pitied by: Oedipus
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Confused by:
  • Under observation by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: Chaos Insurgency
  • Don't suppose you've heard of the tale of the Black Forest? The one void of all life under its lightless skies save for a rumored horrible beast as its sole tenant. It wasn't like that at first, though. Long ago it was warm, lush, and happy and full of life. Among the residents were three birds who loved that forest: Small Bird, Long Bird, and Big Bird. One day a stranger came and deciding that he looked suspicious barred the man entry. Enraged, the man told them of a prophecy: The forest they loved so much would fall into chaos until terrible beast would destroy everything. Initially dismissed as hogwash they soon grew worried and took it upon themselves to protect the forest for they loved it so, more than anyone else.
    • Big Bird wanted to keep watch with its many eyes for both intruders and the beast itself. When confronted with the possibility that the beast would come at the he plucked all his feathers to use as fuel for his everlasting lantern. Big Bird then began biting off the heads of others to save them from the fate of dying to the beast. Long Bird kept the peace with a scale that could weigh any sin no matter how small and was always fair. When confronted with the possibility it would tilt in neither direction Long Bird made it so that it would always lean towards one side: guilty. Now dubbed Judgement Bird he soon blinded himself through donating his eyes to Big Bird. Small Bird sought to enact justice and punish wrongdoings with his beak so that no-one would sin ever again. When confronted that his beak wouldn't amount to anything Small Bird tore his mouth wide enough to swallow any sinner whole and became Punishing Bird.
      • Their tyranny created misery and soon it reached beyond the forest to warn others to never come in and unrest was at an all time high. When they realized the difficulty of their work the three birds came to the conclusion that they alone would not be able to protect the forest. And so, in agreement, the three birds combined into one singular bird. The sight was horrible the forest's inhabitants far and wide fled in terror and the bird looked around for the beast. But it was only them, only a bird in a dark forest.
  • The three birds of the Black Forest were first seen deep within a secluded forest in the House of Nature by the Grand United Alliance of Law. Seeking new allies in their conflict against the other alliances the GUAL tried to appeal to the three birds' sense of order and when they agreed they helped in brining them up as proper gods. It worked... for a couple of days. Shit quickly grinded itself against the fan when Big Bird looked into the other alliances and found out about one dedicated to the utter annihilation of all life. Remembering about the rumors of monsters within the Black Forest the Big Bird took it upon himself to mercifully pluck the heads of the GUAL members like weeds to spare them from an even worse fate by such an alliance. Judgement Bird then grew suspicious of these strange alliance members and weighed their sins and, realizing their sinfulness by being apart of the GUAL, used his scale to have them hanged. And when the remaining members tried to retaliate Punishing Bird stood in their way and when they tried to swat the tiny bird off its chest burst into disgusting flesh tore apart the remaining offenders. By the time the news hit their allies the birds they tried to indoctrinate into the GUAL had already ascended. The incident alarmed the SCP Foundation and soon took action before the Global Occult Coalition and Chaos Insurgency could.
  • That horrible form of theirs that turned out to be the beast of prophecy they became at the end of their story? Apocalypse Bird, as it's called, is not a form to be taken lightly. Setting aside from the fact it really doesn't look anything like a bird it really is the culmination of all the three bird's abilities and rightfully deserves its classification of ALEPH. To top it all off this bird is invincible to all sources of damage and trying to fight it head on is a waste of time. To actually defeat it one must locate three different eggs within the vicinity and destroy them with the necessary methods to cut off its strength and split them apart. In addition, the transformation can also be interrupted should the Entrance to the Black Forest be destroyed in time. However, this method to prevent catastrophe was not taken when the three decided to attack the Hall of Sinners upon hearing of its existence. Before the eggs were destroyed, it had actually battled many of its members (including Corypheus, Set, Kratos, and Aleph) to a standstill. A similar incident would've occurred in the House of Crime and Transgressions as well but being well-informed of what was to come caused them to prevail.
    • One of Apocalypse Bird's most notable abilities include outright disabling user-end features such as accelerating time, pausing the game, and accessing the pause menu. (Insert Name Here), being able to manifest as the Manager/X (actually Ayin), holds something personal against the three birds for that very reason. Anyone who can manipulate time has similarly opposed them for the same reasons.
    • Another thing of note is that after Apocalypse Bird was subdued, all who were present in the area during its rampages inherited a black right wing with yellow eye patterns that proved inherently beneficial. It doesn't "carry on" after death and revival, however. A particular sword and suit also dropped each time Apocalypse Bird was felled. In the attack on the Sinners Hall, Kratos acquired both (while he's worn the suit on occasion, he keeps the sword in his temple as a trophy, not really needing the weapon). As for the attack on the Crime House, the Weapon and Suit ended up somewhere in the black market, and no one knows who has it now.
  • In terms of their "temples", they take the form of three separate containment cells spread across the Hall, as well as warning systems whenever the "Entrance to the Black Forest" appears, prompting nearly every deity in the House of Prophecy to either work on destroying the gate (after which the Birds will voluntarily return to their cells) or warning everyone that Apocalypse Bird will be on the loose once again. At the very least, it can never unleash itself more than once per day.
    • With the ascension of Lobotomy Corporation, new cells have been made for the birds in separate areas of the Hall.
      • For Punishing Bird, there're always a few Agents on standby both to maintain its cell, and to serve as "pecking fodder". Unlike others, the Agents are used to this treatment.
      • For Big Bird, there's a 'death counter" to let everyone know when he's about to breach since he does so when 5 people die over the course of a day in the House of Prophecy while it's in its cell.
      • In addition, there is now a way to acquire their E.G.O. Weapons and Suits as well. Punishing Bird confers a fast-firing handgun, a white Suit with red platings, and 5% of the time he may Gift a necklace with a knife that mildly boosts one's speed. Judgement Bird confers a flat bandaged sword that deals PALE damage, a black-and-white Suit that halves all damage (though both require a very strong sense of Justice to properly wear without losing your mind), and 2% of the time he may Gift a set of bandages over one's eyes that confers greater boosts than Punishing Bird's Gift plus improves the odds of success with "Repression" work. And Big Bird confers a lamp that can be swung to deal considerable BLACK damage (though one needs considerable Fortitude and Prudence first), a black Suit with golden eyes (same as before, but with Temperance and Justice instead), and 3% of the time he may Gift a few of his eyes over the benefactor's head that confers mental fortitude, speed in performing work and success in doing them. Naturally, these are all lost on death, but Weapons and Suits can be stored away safely.
  • Considering their tyranny, the House of Birds have barred them entry to their House despite being fellow avian deities and even the more antagonistic members don't want to deal with them and their madness. Despite this, the three birds continue to look towards the House if only to get at the likes of Lord Shen, The Grand Duke of Owls, and the Murkrow Flock for their insistence at being unruly.
  • The Batter wishes to exterminate the three birds. Not only have they lost their ways as supposed guardians of the Black Forest but their actions only ended up turning into a desolate place, in other words impure like the rest. Situations like this isn't new to the Batter. The Zone Guardians were much of the same, and they share the most in common with the Guardian of Zone 2, Japhet. Once small like Punishing Bird he used to be benevolent until his subjects became "ungrateful" for his sacrifices to the point of not even knowing who he even is. As such, the Batter seeks to defeat them and "purify" the Black Forest. The three birds consider him mad for such methods and see him for the monster he really is.
    • And speaking of seeing others as monsters they view the same when it came to the likes of Napoleon, whom they view as a reprehensible hypocrite and have began to crack down on his actions. You won't find anyone who'd object to their hatred. Thinking of them as nothing but a nuisance Napoleon sent some attack dogs after them but Judgement Bird weighed their sins as the pig's associates and lynched them for their troubles. Even if they could get past that supernatural scales there was still the two other birds to deal with on top of their inability to be destroyed and so they continued to hound the pig in turn.
  • While Oedipus won't exactly look past their morally dubious actions and would rather not have the fortune of meeting them at all, he does still pity the three birds. Fulfilling all the events in a prophecy by trying to avert it all in the first place? He understands that all too well when it came to him murdering his father and marrying his mother and only finding out way too late that the parents fled from to protect where his foster parents, and that's a sin he would bear with him forever.
  • Punishing Bird:
    • Perhaps the most irritable of the three birds as he actively scours the Pantheon to punish with his beak if he isn't content with being on some perch (his favorite is still the one from back at the L. Corp facility, but the Foundation eggheads did a good job with the one at his temple too). Punishing Bird's beak... doesn't do a whole lot, actually unless if he actively put in the effort to kill someone but that is not the intentions of Punishing Bird. Once he deems he has punished someone well enough he goes and leaves them alone. It's more likely someone would be done in by way of Cherry Tapping but even then that's quite rare. It all changes once someone does the stupid thing and attacks this small little avian as he literally Turns Red and unveils the jaws on his body. The bites he dishes out are no joke, instantly turning many into red dust, and some of the more tougher gods and goddesses who ticked off this little birdie and managed to live and tell the tale admit it still hurt like hell, effectively putting them out of commission for a while. Remember, he makes up the mouth of Apocalypse Bird for a reason.
    • While they're annoying more often than not the pecks it dishes it can actually prove beneficial to people instead. To better explain this, its pecks can actually snap people back into reality should they ever lose their grip on it. It first demonstrated this ability when Alexandra Roivas was being hounded by some Gatherers after just narrowly escaping from the Kaernk and the Unspeakable Deep. Punishing Bird flew to where she was hiding and pecked at her a bunch of times to keep it together before flying off. While she won't argue that the small bird and the rest of his comrades are many shades of screwed up it also helped bail her out at that moment.
    • Even with the gaping maw and its rather annoying pecking punishments, Punishing Bird remains to be the cutest among the three birds. Observe as it is able to use elevators. He shares this quality with the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog who may as well be one of the faces for it. They tend to butt-heads with one another though its rumored the Killer Rabbit envies the bird's survivability as an Abnormality.
    • Subuaru Natsuki avoids Punishing Bird as though it were the plague itself for one of his deaths (and a very gruesome one at that) came at the hands of such seemingly cute and innocuous creatures. It doesn't help that Punishing Bird insists on following him even after doling out the usual pecks. Perhaps this can be attributed to his poor mental health even as he gets way too used to nearly dying and other such painful events. Courage and Muriel Bagge are reminded of the duckling they met before who, as it turned out, wasn't at all precious, wonderful, adorable, and lovable when it came to stealing Eustace away from him. And speaking of which, he doesn't like the bird because of the time in the House of Food he ended up walking in on it pecking the chefs to complain about his lack of a meal. The bird stopped, looked back at forth between Eustace and the chefs, then flew towards him and chomped off his entire arm and head. He got better eventually, but it was still a bother.
    • Punishing Bird never cheeps or chirps. However, its stomach occasionally twitches.
  • Judgement Bird:
    • Those bandages aren't just for show, Judgement Bird really is eyeless underneath them, and being around him when the wind is strong enough to blow off the tatters will prove that. Even so, Judgement Bird is ruthless in hunting down sinners just as the folktales say. He's never in a hurry, but once he reaches his destination the lanky bird is, if you could pardon the grim pun, swift in execution. Through his scales no one can escape the weight of sin as the hangman's knot forms around their necks before killing them. To it, all sins are equal, and the bird of judgement will ensure no wrongdoing is left unturned.
    • Perhaps that cloth around his makes him oblivious as to how rigged the scales actually are as its solution to a statement. Or perhaps it willing overlooks the unjust judgements it doles out in the name of peace and the cold murders that follow. Either way, there's nothing just about him and the Judge simply doesn't approve of him or his harsh verdicts. It's thankful then that he has a place in the Courts and not the avian and isn't going anywhere.
    • Judgement Bird began work as a guardian to keep the peace in the forest and continues to work further beyond his home. Tireless as he is there is still sin to judge in the end and so he can respect those who manage to overcome all of it. Nerose Satanael is one such figure deserving of Judgement Bird's respect for he eradicated all of sin at the cost of free will itself. It wasn't to last as he was eventually succeeded but the conviction remains. Had not the GUAL utterly botched relations with the three birds they could of easily been allies as well, but alas. Though, hearing of Nerose's actions did get Judgement Bird thinking about the greater picture. He'll talk about it with his fellow bird friends soon...
    • His penchant for hanging those deemed guilty has earned the enmity of Sayori and Kaede Akamatsu who both died this way though. Thankfully, he hasn't gone after them yet being more preoccupied with the likes of Monika and Tsumugi Shirogane considering they both played a part in theirs deaths in spite of the former realizing the weight of her actions. As far as Judgement Bird is concerned she needs to make more of an effort to realize her own sins. In the case of White Face despite being involved with nooses he still finds the entity's very existence contemptible and doesn't find his "games" to be a light matter to joke about.
    • Of the three, only Judgement Bird seems to be somewhat aware of who exactly the monster in the forest really was. It has not decided to tell the others of this, however, for some reason.
    • We who live in a world lacking forgiveness offer up our souls as a tribute for redemption.
  • Big Bird:
    • It's said that whenever something very bad happens relative to where Big Bird is at he will join in on the rampage, but for his own reasons. The logic of killing before they die to even worse causes has been applied in the Black Forest, during his containment in L. Corp with the other Abnormalities, and in the Pantheon too with the many dangers. He's unable to fly with his lack of feathers, but he doesn't need that to remain efficient as a guardian. The general area around Big Bird will darken, even cutting off the power if applicable, and anyone caught in this darkness will be marked by Big Bird. While they are shielded from damage failure to exit the blackout will result in the subject being hypnotized into walking towards the giant, bug-eyed avian and its light allowing him to instantly kill them. This is signified by the yellow lights of his eyes turning a deadly crimson and by that point it's too late to doing anything to both victim and killer. Really, it's a good thing he can't fly: The L. Corp staff stated their employees would've been headless otherwise.
    • Though their names are the exact same you dare not mistake this Big Bird for yellow from Sesame Street lest you get a discount hair-cut. Cookie Monster would've, had he not been quickly corrected and formed that the Big Bird he knows is far, far different from this one. He avoids this him, and the rest of the birds from that matter, but mainly him.
    • Big Bird's eyes see long and far, and sees things that cannot be normally seen to survey the forest. If some sources are to be believed, he gained another pair for each creature he "saved". Bill Cipher has a similar ability through using symbols shaped like him as peepholes from the Dreamscape itself. Seeing the threat of such a being Big Bird doesn't take kindly to him and his influence. Hearing of his trickery Big Bird figured he'd also behead people to spare them from being duped by the demon and to prevent another Weirdmageddon from occurring. Bill just thinks he's wasting his breath.
    • Fueled by all the feathers that once made Big Bird the dazzling flame of his lamp will burn forever. Compare that to the Beast's lamp which serves as the being's Soul Jar but is fleeting and must be sustained by edelwood. When Big Bird began beheading people to stop them from falling into the Beast's clutches the latter tried manipulating Big Bird, appealing to his fanaticism of helping. The many eyed Big Bird saw through his lies, however, and with his many eyes he saw the Beast for what he really was and continued to oppose him. Since then the Beast has been far more meticulous in his planning as further invoking the bird's wrath would one day down the lead to the summoning of Apocalypse Bird.
    • Being ignorant about the common perception of death and instead seeing it as salvation instead he respects Charles-Henri Senson for mercifully "saving" Marie Antoinette and Kaworu Nagisa for choosing the way he wanted to go out (somewhat of an inverse to beheading, but it's the principal behind that matters). Charles doesn't exactly reciprocate the sentiment while Kaworu doesn't mind it he still unsure what to make of Big Bird while Marie herself outright opposes the watchman of the Black Forest and contests the bird's definition of salvation. Chelsea and Mami Tomoe hold similar opinions as they also went out way with the latter actually being decapitated by a bite.
      • In keeping the topic of heads in mind Big Bird finds the nature of the Headless Horseman, Celty, and Lala. Due to both being dead and able to persist without a head he is unable to "save" them from worse fates and may in fact see their existence as undead as one such predicament itself.
    • The eyes and lamp of Big Bird light up the dark chamber like stars.

The three birds, now as one, prowled the forest looking for the beast but couldn't find it. There were no creatures, no sun and moon, and no beast. All that was left was just a bird and the Black Forest.

    Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O 
"The ruler of time, traveling beyond time and space to reign over past and future..."

Sougo Tokiwa, God of Destiny Obligation (Sogo Tokiwa, Kamen Rider Zi-O, Kamen Rider Zi-O II, Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity, Oma Zi-O, Ohma Zi-O, Time King, King of Time, The Ruler of Time, Master Of Time & Space, the Demon King, Demon King of Time, Demon King Calamity Zi-O, Maoh Oma Zi-O, Demon King King Demon Time King, The Clock Rider Who Fights With Ridewatches, The Most Powerful Kamen Rider In History, Waga Maō, the Overlord, the Supreme Overlord, Heir To The Heisei Era Of Kamen Rider, The Heir To The Power of All Riders, Destroyer of Catchphrases & Finishers, Demon King Standing At The Top)
Kamen Rider Zi-O 
Grand Zi-O 
Zi-O Oma Form 
Oma Zi-O 

    The Witch-king of Angmar 
"Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!"

The Witch-king of Angmar, God of Unexpected Prophecy Completion (The Black Captain, Lord of the Nazgûl, Lord of Minas Morgul)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His Ring of Power; a Morgul-blade
  • Theme Song: A Knife in the Dark; Minas Morgul
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Sauron's Chief Lieutenant, Having Many Titles But No Known Real Name, Undead Rulers, Undead Sorcerers, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Dark Is Evil, Black Cloak, Villainous Armour, Wielding a Mace or Flail Depending on the Adaptation, Flaming Sword, Morgul-blade, His Fell Beast, One of the Recipients of the Nine Rings, Lacking a Visible Physical Form, Inspiring Terror Throughout Middle-earth, Emitting a Dreadful Scream, The Effect of the Black Breath, Incapacitating Those Who Harm Him, Can Never Be Killed by the Hands of Men
  • Domains: Corruption, Darkness, Fear, Magic, Poison, Prophecy, Undead
  • Heralds: The other eight Nazgûl
  • Superior: J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Allies: Sauron, Melkor, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Arthas Menethil, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, The Dementors, Grigori Rasputin (Don Bluth), The Night's King, Skeletor, Nagash the Undying, Zhaitan, Kel'Thuzad, Sindragosa, Griffith and the Godhand, The Horned King
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Lich, Nekron, Oryx
  • Enemies:
  • Target of interest for: Ar-Pharazôn, Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Pities: Macbeth
  • Opposes: Most of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction; Personifications of death in general (examples include Grim, Death of the Endless, Death (Discworld) and Death (Regular Show))
  • Avoids: All good-aligned women in the Pantheon, The House of Otherness
  • Of the twenty Rings of Power forged during the Second Age of Arda, Sauron gave “Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die”. The bearers of these rings were granted great power and wealth, as well as indefinitely extended lifespans; the rings, however, ultimately became their downfall as they deteriorated into undead wraiths doomed to serve the will of Sauron, acting as his most feared servants. The mightiest among them was an unnamed Black Númenórean who founded the kingdom of Angmar after Sauron’s first defeat; from here he devastated the northern realm of Arnor, rebuilt his master's power in Mordor and ended the reign of the Kings of Gondor. So dreaded was the Witch-king of Angmar that it was said that he would be killed "not by the hand of man", a prophecy that granted him confidence in his own invincibility. Unfortunately for the Nazgûl Lord, these words were meant literally, and his grievous misinterpretation resulted in an unceremonious death at the hands of a woman and a hobbit.
  • When Sauron decided to begin rebuilding his army in the Pantheon, he knew that he needed someone to command his forces while he tended to more surreptitious matters; thus, he chose his second-in-command, the lord of the black city of Minas Morgul. While the Dark Lord is aware of the Witch-king's competence on the battlefield, he decided upon ascending him that in order to ensure that the wraith would not lead the new legions of Mordor to another humiliating defeat, his new title would serve as a reminder of his disgraceful downfall during the War of the Ring. The Morgul-lord therefore became known throughout the Pantheon as the God of Unexpected Prophecy Completion.
  • In his efforts to save face concerning his title, the Witch-king tries to pass himself off as a deity presiding over various other spheres, with one such example being the God of Flails. Indeed, his flail's head is over three feet long and is almost too heavy to carry, with the weapon claiming many unfortunate victims during the Witch-king’s battles in the Pantheon. That said, the rest of his arsenal is nothing to sneeze at, either; while his mace and flaming sword make him a formidable foe in immediate combat, his Morgul-blade has landed many deities in the House of Health and Diseases, where special healing methods are required to prevent the patients from turning into wraiths like him.
  • True to his master's intentions, he has been trying to be more cautious in choosing which opponents to engage in combat due to his vulnerability to anyone who doesn't have a Y chromosome or human DNA, especially since the Nazgûl cannot reach their full power until Sauron has recovered the One Ring. However, many are quick to forget that just because such individuals are capable of defeating the Witch-king does not mean that they are guaranteed to do so. In fact, most attempts to strike him down simply result in shattered weapons and days spent in unconsciousness for the attacker.
  • Frodo did not react well to discovering the Witch-king’s presence in the Pantheon, instantly being reminded of the wound that the Ringwraith gave him on Weathertop. While he has apparently been healed since his journey to the Undying Lands, he could not forget how the injury was one of the reasons why he left Middle-earth in the first place. The Witch-king, likewise, regarded Frodo with detestation as he remembered fellow hobbit Merry Brandybuck and his contribution to the Nazgûl’s defeat on the Pelennor Fields.
  • While he initially greeted Talion politely when he encountered him in the Pantheon, believing he had come to finally take his place as one of the Nazgûl, he was disappointed when Talion once again attacked him instead; however, he is still determined to see the Ranger eventually succumb to corruption. The Nazgûl Lord has also become interested in Agent Venom, Ludwig, Artorias and other heroes who have a history of fighting temptation into evil and madness, trying to encourage them to embrace the darkness in the belief that he could control them for use as elite soldiers in Sauron's ranks. So far, however, his attempts have been adamantly resisted by all of his targets.
  • Ar-Pharazôn, following his ascension, studied the history of Sauron's activities in Arda since the events of Akallabêth. To his surprise, he discovered that the commander of Sauron's forces was once, as he was, a Númenórean king seduced by the Dark Lord's promise of power. This intrigued Ar-Pharazôn, who began to try and learn more about the Witch-king in the hopes of eventually becoming his equal. The fact that the Nine Rings have completely robbed the Nazgûl of their free will seems to escape Ar-Pharazôn; of course, he himself has long since become a slave to his own pride and avarice.
  • In what would seem to be an unlikely scenario, a religious figure managed to struck an alliance with the Witch-King, something that many thought to be impossible. Said figure however was the infamous Pontiff Sulyvahn, which brought an immense amount of fear to those who are already enemies with the Nazgûl. While no one has an idea why the Pontiff of the Deep would ally with one of lieutenants of Sauron, one can point many similarities between the two: the utilization of fel-beasts within their ranks, their inhuman origins and their ability to transform their enemies into monstrous forms, not to mention the fear both struck towards their foes. No one knows how long the alliance will last, but the Witch-King sees potential to the tyrant and by extension how he can help serve the Dark Lord.
  • Despite his generally unfeeling personality and lack of respect for mortal beings, he could not help but empathise a little upon hearing of Macbeth’s defeat by a man who was not of woman born. Consequentially, he harbours a hatred the Weird Sisters for the role that their deceptively worded prophecies play in the undoing of great figures.
  • Although he loathes the Weird Sisters, he has a positive relationship with the fate-manipulating Godhand, who took an interest in him as his corruption in exchange for power reminded them of their Apostle followers. Due to their love for evil, they have offered to turn the Witch-king's prophecy in his favour. Naturally, Guts doesn't want any of this and intends to take down the Nazgûl Lord by himself, prophecy be damned.
  • Regularly attends secret meetings with fellow liches and necromancers such as Arthas Menethil, Kel'Thuzad and the Horned King. In doing so, they hope to learn new sorcery from one another and receive assistance in their respective goals. The Witch-king believes that the others would be valuable additions to the armies of Mordor if he could make the proper negotiations. He does, however, disagree with Nekron and other undead beings who are more interested in annihilating all lifeforms indiscriminately than enslaving them, since neither he nor Sauron see any point in conquering the Pantheon if there is nothing left to rule over.
  • Because he was also a human in life before a magical ornament, the Phase Locket in his case, bound him in servitude to a dark wielder of sorcery, Specter Knight sees the Witch-king as a representative of what he could have become had he been left in the Enchantress’ thrall. Being aware of his origins, Specter Knight's initial reaction to first encountering the Black Captain in person was therefore one of uncharacteristic dread.
  • One of the Nazgûl's most effective weapons is the ability to induce widespread fear and despair in their enemies. For this reason, the Witch-king often fights alongside the Dementors in order to amplify his influence. Since he himself does not feel joy or sadness, he does not have to worry about the adverse effects of this strategy as long as the Dementors are kept separate from allies who do.
  • Engaged Link in a lengthy battle, with both warriors utilizing their diverse range of weaponry. While Link had more equipment at his disposal, the Black Breath required him to quaff Red Potions after every few blows he dealt. Eventually, the Hylian's bottles ran out and he was forced to flee before the Witch-king could finish him off.
  • Some deities have wondered if a human male could defeat the Witch-king using indirect methods, in which the man is not technically the one who killed him. The Houses of Magic and Nature are particularly interested in this idea and come together to discuss such scenarios as dropping him into lava or corrosive substances, trapping him in a burning building, summoning floods to drown him, inflicting unnatural bad luck on him or turning his fell beast against him through mind manipulation.

Lesser Gods

    Colette Brunel 
Colette Brunel, Goddess of Unfortunate Chosen Ones and Well-Intentioned Lies (Collet, The Chosen of Mana/The Chosen of Regeneration, Miss Angel)

    The Three Heroes 
The Three HeroesMembers , Gods of Poorly Chosen Ones (Ren: The Hero of the Sword, Bandit Chief, Poorman's Kirito || Motoyasu: Hero of the Spear, "Spear Guy", Motty, Moomoo, Mr. Motoyasu, Moto, Motopy || Itsuki: Hero of the Bow, Perfect Hidden Justice)
Left to right: Ren Amaki, Motoyasu Kitamura, and Itsuki Kawasumi
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective Legendary Weapons
  • Theme Song: GAMESTART
  • Alignment: Collectively think they're Good, but are really just Chaotic Neutral at worst
  • Portfolio: Attack! Attack! Attack!, Crippling Overspecialization, Deconstructed Character Archetype, Destructive Savior, Fallen Hero, Heroic Wannabe, Hero with an F in Good, Idiot Hero, The Millstone, Never My Fault, Super Zeroes, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Unskilled, but Strong, Wrong Genre Savvy, Never Learned to Read, Took a Level in Kindness after their Break the Haughty moments and being saved by Naofumi and his allies The backup choices for the Cardinal Heroes.
  • Domains: Chosen Ones, Incompetence, Fallen Heroes
  • Heralds:
    • Ren: Eclair Seaetto, Wyndia, Gaelion, Welt, Bakta, Tersia, and Farrie
    • Motoyasu: Crimmy, Marine, and Green
    • Itsuki: Rishia Ivyred
  • Allies: Naofumi and his Party, Mirelia Melromarc, Kirito and Asuna, Issei Hyodo, Flonne, μ's, Greg Huffley, Mei Hatsume, Spider-Man, Medli, Minato Namikaze, Kazuma's Party, Shiny Chariot, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Mila and Duma, Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise, Tiki, Tyrion Lannister, Podrick Payne, Ser Jaime Lannister
  • Enemies: Malty Melromarc, Malekith, Smaug, Griffth, Wyald, Mannfred von Carstein, Gharef, Joffrey Baratheon, Aegon Targaryen, Ar-Pharazon, Grima, Sindragosa, Zhaitan
  • Ignores: All other female deities in the Pantheon (Motoyasu)
  • Sympathetic to: Nagato, Bizarro, Berkut, Anankos
  • Uneasy Relationship: Arvis, Sandor Clegane
  • Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu were 3 of the 4 Legendary Heroes summoned to Melromarc to save the world, each coming from an alternate world and each chosen to wield one of the legendary weapons alongside Naofumi. While they are given preferential treatment from the people of Melromarc, Naofumi is looked down upon for having the Shield, especially after he is framed by Myne. However, despite claiming to be experts on the world, it soon becomes clear the 3 aren't truly living up to their titles as heroes. Naofumi not only become the greater fighter than them due to gaining experience and actual companions, but also earns the people's support because he actually does help them. Whereas the heroes treat everything like a game and end up causing more damage than the Waves of Catastrophenote . It eventually escalates to them unleashing the Spirit Tortoise in an attempt to prove themselves as heroes, but this backfires all too quickly, not only causing countless deaths, but also causing the people to lose faith in them. After recovering the incident, getting corrupted by Malty and the Cursed series, and getting rescued by Naofumi and his companions has the led the heroes to finally see the error of their ways and strive to be better.
  • The Three Heroes would be summoned into the Pantheon to be the representatives of The Poorly Chosen One trope, much to their embarrassment and shame. That said, they were willing to accept once they heard Naofumi was in the Pantheon. By that point, they already outgrown their disdain for Naofumi and changed for the better. Motoyasu, meanwhile is immensely happy to see Filo in the Pantheon, much to the latter's chagrin, all the while ignoring women in the Pantheon due to seeing them as pigs.
  • Mirelia Melromarc, while frustrated with the Heroes incompetence back in her world, has seen them in the Pantheon working to better themselves so she agrees to give them the chance to need to prove themselves. The Heroes have already seen her authority, so they know not to take her lightly, giving them all the more reason to improve themselves.
  • Shiny Chariot, Nagato, and Minato were believed to have been destined to save the world, but outside circumstances ended up showing otherwise. The latter three and the three heroes all sympathized with each other, since they all made mistakes that brought suffering onto others, and they agree to work together if it means making things right.
  • Kazuma's Party and Bizarro were quite similar to the Three Heroes in that they tried to do good, but ended up making things worse either because they didn't know any better or because they don't think things through. Kazuma's Party immediately became allies with the heroes, who hope to prevent them from following in their footsteps in Ren and Itsuki's case, while Darkness took great pleasure in being called a pig by Motoyasu, something that even Motoyasu found creepy. The heroes don't know what to do with Bizarro, considering his unusual mentality, but do want to help him regardless.
  • The Heroes saw Malekith as what they could have become if they were permeantly warped by their curse for the worst. Malekith could have been the Phoenix King, but his failure to stay within the Flame of Asuryan caused his fall from grace, whereas the heroes' initial inability to take things seriously ended up destroying their credibility as heroes and forced them to start again from the ground up. They decided to train more than ever to oppose him when the time comes.
  • None of the heroes like Gharef for being a corrupting influence similar to Malty, considering how he corrupted a monarch just like Malty did with her father. They know better than to listen to the likes of him. Gharef on the other hand shows interest in the Heroes' Cursed Series weapons and hopes to exploit it.
  • Berkut reminds the heroes a lot about themselves, having fallen from grace to due and Inferiority Superiority Complex. They note that they would have ended up like Berkut if Naofumi and his allies didn't help and reach out to them and wonder if it's possible to reach out to him. Berkut outright rejects their help.
  • The heroes have an uneasy relationship with Arvis, Itsuki and Motoyasu more so, since he was a party member who betrayed his allies. Despite his intentions and accomplishments, his act of treason brings back bad memories of being betrayed themselves.
  • Both Mila and Duma have heard of the Three Heroes struggles in their world and both argued about what would have worked. While Mila believes they should be shown sympathy, Duma notes that only inflated their ego and is instead satisfied when they went through Misery Builds Character instead.
  • The Nohrian Siblings and the Three Heroes both had a flaw of misplaced loyalty, though in different spades. Xander is loyal to his father until he sees his insanity personally, and all the siblings were enraged and horrified to learn that Anakos had killed and replaced him with a familiar. The Three Heroes on the other hand all listened to Malty, even when she doesn't bother to hide her true self until she betrays them all personally.
  • Mannfred is disliked by all the heroes personally due to his treachery. Becoming allies with Malty certainly didn't help, though the Three Heroes do wonder how long their alliance will even since they both embody treachery all too well.
  • Tyrion Lannister earned the trust of the heroes, since unlike Malty, he's an honest and capable advisor. They hope that Tyrion can help with their problems. Tyrion is willing to plan training regimens and give advice to the heroes about how to improve themselves, though he definitely still frowns upon their earlier methods, not to mention show disgust for Motoyasu's interests.
  • The Three Heroes are uncomfortable around Sandor Clegane, though they reach an understanding with since they at least admit to their crimes. They are willing to work together against a common enemy, especially the enemies that ruined their lives (Malty for the Heroes, Gregor for Sandor).
  • Aegon reminded the three of both themselves and Malty, due to his poorly thought-out actions a lot of harm to everyone. He is basically exactly what Malty would have become had she become Queen, so the heroes oppose him and hope to make sure he never becomes king again.
  • Ren and Itsuki are sympathetic towards Casca, a genuine victim of rape (Motoyasu just ignores her due to his madness), and have nothing but contempt for Griffith, a Fallen Hero who betrayed his comrades and raped Casca just to spite Guts for leaving the Band of the Hawk. While Casca has recovered her sanity, she is still traumatized by the rape, so Ren and Itsuki keep their distance to avoid triggering it, all the while promising to help Guts however they can in aiding her recovery.
    • As bad as Malty is, Wyald is probably worse because he absolutely had no restraint in his villainy from the beginning. The Three Heroes have nothing but revulsion for him (especially Motoyasu, if only because he potentially harm Filo). They're willing to help Naofumi and Guts fight Wyald in uncontrollable desire to Rape, Pillage, and Burn.
  • Ar-Pharazon is disliked heavily by the heroes for being just like them, someone who became arrogant due to popularity. Ar-Pharazon dislikes the heroes in turn for their past incompetence, believing that unlike him, they can't measure up to their words. The Heroes promised they would get stronger so they can finally take him down.
  • Exclusive to Ren:
    • Kirito sees a lot of himself in Ren, even admitting that he would have turn out like Ren if he never found any friends to help him. Kirito decides to help train Ren in sword fighting, wanting to help overcome his weakness and grow as a better person, which Ren appreciates very much.
    • Ren's relationship with some dragons in general is complicated, considering how he unknowingly killed an innocent dragon, causing an orphaned girl to be taken into slavery. He also carelessly left the body to rot, causing an epidemic, and leaving Naofumi's party to fight a zombie dragon. Among some of these dragons:
      • Tiki is one of the friendliest dragons to Ren, though not without recognizing his shortcomings. She is willing to fight alongside him and help overcome his inner demons, something that Ren is grateful for, even if he still feels guilt over his mistakes.
      • Ren and Smaug became instant enemies, with Ren being willing to kill him to stop his tyranny, and this time actually help the people that lived in constant fear of him. Smaug in turn finds Ren beneath his notice, but is willing to humor his attempts to kill him just to show how inferior Ren is to him.
      • Grima is one of the few dragons Ren fears the most due to his evil and destructive power, being willing to help Robin put him down. Though at the same time, he wants to do it without Robin sacrificing himself, at least not permanently.
      • Ren does feel sorry for Anakos after hearing how he succumb to madness, though he only shows kindness towards the kinder, human half of Anakos, seeing how the draconic Anakos snuffed him out and tried to kill Corrin. He's willing to help Corrin stop the now insane half of Anakos when the time comes.
      • Zhaitan and Sindragosa, being undead dragons, remind Ren of one of his biggest mistakes. This time, he intends to destroy them before they can cause anymore harm, promising this time to properly dispose of the dragons' remains after destroying them.
  • Exclusive to Motoyasu:
    • Motoyasu has once said that Filo reminds him of Flonne, who he found very attractive before he was summoned to Melromarc, and because of this, she is one of the few girls who doesn't look like a pig to him. While Flonne is nice and tolerant of him, at the same time, she is very creeped out by Motoyasu's obsession and would prefer to stay away from him, understanding why Filo doesn't like him.
    • Crossed paths with Peppa Pig one day in his stroll through the Pantheon, and is actually surprised by how cute she is despite being a bipedal pig. Some deities showed surprise when he actually treats her kindly as a young girl instead of as an attractive one, which Motoyasu finds insulting when he reminds everyone how he treats his Filolials.
    • Mordred was surprised see how much Motoyasu resembled her, yet she actually finds being called a pig more insulting than being called a woman. Motoyasu grew to fear Mordred, seeing her as the demented "red swine", and vowed to avoid her at costs.
  • Exclusive to Itsuki:
    • Fellow attention seekers Nico Yazawa of μ's, Greg Heffley and Mei Hatsume all formed a kinship with Itsuki since they all wanted attention for various reasons and through different methods. Mei likes to show off her inventions to Itsuki so he can use them to improve his status as a hero and show off her "babies". Nico also shared a similar belief to Itsuki's once, namely to act more in line with their position to become more memorable. It's Greg however that reminded Itsuki of his past self, showing embarrassment and shame at Greg's behavior as he hopes to help Greg become a better person.
    • Itsuki once said Spider-Man's most well known line "With great Power, comes great responsibility", though he actually got it from a story in his world. Nevertheless, Spidey is not amused to hear Itsuki say those words as a means to stroke his ego and not actually using his power responsibly. Itsuki in turn was surprised to meet a hero from a different world with that line, allowing him to put two and two together when he remembered Naofumi's line about "being bitten by a spider".
    • Podtrick Payne reminds Itsuki of Rishia, someone he looked down on as a loser yet still remained loyal to him and actually helped him when he needed it most. Feeling guilty for the way he treated Rishia, Itsuki treats Podtrick with a lot more kindness and is impressed by his loyalty and how he can actually pull his own weight. This in turn allows Podtrick to become friends with Itsuki and one of his most loyal supporters.
    • Ser Jaime Lannister is seen as a foil to Itsuki, having killed a King to stop him from killing his people, but ended up being seen as a traitor to the king he was suppose to protect. Itsuki killed a king overtaxing his citizens for the glory of being a hero, but ended up causing more harm because he did so without actually establishing an alternative, so the rebels ended up overtaxing their citizens just as much. Itsuki actually sympathizes with him, since unlike him, Jaime had good intentions and ended up being reviled for his actions instead.

    The SHIFTers 
Junpei Tenmyouji, Akane Kurashiki, Carlos, Sigma Klim, Diana, Phi, and Sean, Divine Group of Multiple-Choice Future (Junpei: Jumpy, Tenmyoldie, Participant 5 || Akane: June, Zero, Kanny, 6, Old Woman, K, Participant 6 || Carlos: "The Hero of Justice", Participant 1 || Sigma: Siggy, Zero Sr., Doctor, Participant 9 || Phi: Phido, Participant 3 || Diana: Participant 7 || Sean: Qnote , Participant 4)
From left to right: Junpei, Carlos, and Akane
From left to right: Sigma, Diana, and Phi
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective bracelets in the Deadly Games they participated in. Alternatively, the dolls used to represent them in the Decision Gamenote 
  • Theme Music: Morphogenetic Sorrow, Recollection (Junepi and Akane), Blue Bird Lamentation (Sigma, Phi, and Diana), Nostalgic Scenery, Reminiscence, Quantum Computer Dome (Sean), Ustulate Pathos (Carlos)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Possess the power to SHIFT, the ability to switch bodies with a version of themselves in another time during moments of extreme danger, usually life threatening, and use it to explore multiple futures and use the information they learned to reach the ideal timeline.
  • Domains: Espers, Mental Time Travel, Puzzles, Numbers, Probability, Alternative Outcomes, Science, Technology, Knowledge
  • Herald: Quark (Junpei), Aoi Kurashiki (Akane), Luna, Kyle, and Lagomorph (Sigma), Maria (Carlos), Eric and Mira (Sean)
  • Allies: Snake, Shinji Ikari, Sora, Beat, every good guy in the Mentalism House, Ever good Blazblue deity, Professor Layton, Frisk, Rintaro Okabe, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, every evil god in the House of Mentalism, Every evil Blazblue deity, Mephiles the Dark, Yoshikage Kira, Shou Tucker
  • Complicated Relationships: Flowey, all Law Enforcement deities in the Pantheon, (Insert Name Here).
  • Fears: The Dahaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rick Sanchez
  • Originally, Junpei Tenmyouji was part of the Pantheon as the God of the Morphogenetic Field, but eventually 6 more from his universe were offered a place in the Pantheon to join him as Gods of Multiple-Choice Future for their ability to experience multiple futures and SHIFT to other timelines to make use of the information they learned. Junpei is all too happy to accept the change, especially since his fiancee, Akane, gets to join.
  • Some of the SHIFTers have good relationship with the heroic Danganronpa entities, though Sigma and Akane's relationship with them is a complicated matter. While the latter did start their own Nonary Game, they did it out of good intentions or understandable motives. Of course, the one thing they can agree on is that none of them can stand Junko Enoshima, who started the Killing Game and brought about an apocalypse all to satisfy her lust for despair. Even Delta had good intentions in the end, tainted as they were by his atrocities and pointless acts of cruelty.
  • The SHIFTers are also enemies with Yoshikage Kira, whose Stand, Bites the Dust, essentially kills whoever finds out his real identity while rewinding the clock. And whatever happened in that loop will repeat in every future loop, including the deaths of the people who dug too deep into finding out who he really was. This makes him a threat since if they get caught by his Stand, they won't be able to SHIFT to an ideal history to avert it.
  • The SHIFTers would cross paths with other gods with similar powers over time and space. These include all the good deities from the Blazblue universenote , Frisk, Floweynote , and Sansnote , and Rintaro Okabenote .
    • The group's opinion on Flowey is complicated. On one hand, he did abuse his power to satisfy his boredom, but on the other hand, his lack of a SOUL keeps him from feeling any empathy at all. The SHIFTers do feel pity for him, and wonder if they can create create a timeline where Flowey can finally be restored as Asriel, or at least create a timeline where he never died in the first place.
  • Some of the good Blazblue deities are accepting of the SHIFTers, since they can experience multiple timelines as well. However, there are some who are not as accepting, including Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen, Carl Clover, Azrael, and Arakune. Either because they don't approve of their actions in some of the timelines, or because they are villains.
    • Out of the Blazblue deities, the SHIFTers all dislike Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover. The former due to how he uses his experience with multiple timelines to ruin other people's lives, the latter for his immoral experiments reminding Junpei and Akane of Gentaro Hongou, who had 18 children kidnapped and forced to participate in a Deadly Game as part of an experiment. They all agree with the good Blazblue deities that these two need to be stopped the most.
  • Speaking of immoral experiments, the SHIFTers are downright revolted with Shou Tucker after hearing what he did to his wife, daughter, and dog. The don't accept Tucker's excuse at all for this, claiming that he's hardly any better than Hongou.
  • Sans does get along well with them, though he still doesn't approve of some of the ways they use their powers, since it reminds him of how the power to SAVE can be misused.
  • Frisk, being an All-Loving Hero, befriends the SHIFTers quite easily. He especially gets along well with Carlos, Diana, and Sean, all of whom are the most kind of the SHIFTers.
  • Rinataro Okabe notes the differences between their methods of time travel, since SHIFTing mostly allows the user travel to alternate timelines, while he can affect his timeline. While he doesn't approve of Sigma and Akane's plans nor does he like how SHIFTing worksnote , he does agree to help them if they need it, especially when it comes to finding the religious fanatic.
  • The SHIFTers fear one being above all else, the Dahaka. The Dahaka works to end anyone who tries to change their fate, regardless of their methods or reasons. It will be a Fate Worse than Death for the SHIFTers if they're caught, since they can't SHIFT to get out. Akane and Sigma are the biggest targets of the Dahaka, since they were the masterminds behind their Nonary Games.
  • Some of the SHIFTers relationship with the law-enforcing deities are complicated, especially in Akane and Sigma's case. While they do have the best of intentions and their plans do eventually lead to a successful outcome, some law-abiding deities note their Deadly Games still could have potentially endangered and traumatized the participants. Akane even kidnapped the participants of the Second Nonary Game and indirectly, but intentionally killed 3 of them. While those particular three were far from sympatheticSpoiler , the majority of law enforcement would still see Akane as a murderer. They are some who are even willing to arrest Junpei for covering up her crimes. Phoenix Wright acknowledges these crimes, yet he isn't sure what to say. That said, there are some detectives who are willing to help Junpei, Akane, and Carlos with tracking down the religious fanatic Zero II told them about, even if they don't approve of some of their methods.
  • Rick Sanchez is probably the deity they dislike working with the most, due to how obnoxious he is and how he tends to commit crimes throughout his travels. They may not be perfect, but they at least don't intentionally cause trouble and view their actions as a Necessarily Evil.
  • The most complicated relationship the SHIFTers all have with is (Insert Name Here). It's heavily implied that the latter has indirectly helped some of them during the Deadly Games they participated in. It's also heavily implied that in one timeline, they possessed Kyle's body to talk with the older Akane. Whether or not they had any influence over them is unknown, but they don't seem to want cause any trouble.
  • Exclusive to Junpei:
    • Ascended after surviving not only one, but three Nonary Games with only two casualties that weren't even his fault, and surviving dozens of nuclear blasts and a nuclear winter down on Earth, even adopting a son and surviving until becoming old. An extremely impressive feat for a mere mortal that the Trope Gods recognized.
    • Tries his best to talk to all the Heroes, but often finds himself talking to Makoto Naegi, as the two of them can relate on many things (getting trapped in a life or death scenario, being tricked into thinking someone (Snake, Enoshima) who was alive but hidden to be dead...).
    • Once found himself in the middle of a small battle between the GUAE and GUAG, but somehow made it out unscathed. Some say there may have been a morphogenetic field user within the battle besides him, but he refuses to comment.
      • Said morphogentic field user may or may not have been Snake, who recently ascended into the Pantheon. Junpei is glad to see him again.
    • Since the events of the Decision Game, Junpei finally manages to propose to Akane. Some are happy for him now that he finally did get the girl, some are opposed to this because of Akane's actions. Nevertheless, the ones that support this relationship also found it goofy when he placed the ring on the wrong hand.
    • Junpei seems to form a kinship with Ragna, who just like him is caught up in the multiple timelines of his universe. Junpei also became a cynic, albeit for to different reasons. Junpei is saddened by Ragna's plight, even to the point when he erased himself from everyone's memories, but still hopes maybe one day, he may finally have the life he always wanted.
    • Junpei gets along well with fellow detectives Kyoko Kirigiri and Batman, both of whom aren't known for being optimistic. While they don't completely support his methods, they are willing to help in the search for the unknown religious fanatic.
  • Exclusive to Akane:
    • For a while, deities were not sure of what to make Akane and her motives. It turns out she is the first to bear the name of Zero, having kidnapped 9 people (including her Childhood Friend, Junpei) and forcing them to participate in a Deadly Game so Junpei can tap into the morphogentic field and save Akane's younger self from burning to death, as well as get to revenge on 4 of the participants she kidnapped, who happened to be those who masterminded the previous Nonary Game 9 years prior and forced 18 children to participate. Akane did exploit the multiple timelines to help her younger self (who was watching the Nonary Game through Junpei's eyes) learn the means to contact Junpei fully and set a Stable Time Loop, but she also made sure that innocent people were not harmed needlessly and those she did kill indirectly would be those not missed. She gives Junpei and everyone else some transport back to civilization once the purpose of the Nonary Game has been fulfilled. Regardless of her actions, Junpei still continued to search for her, though it seems to be all for naught when he encounters her in their old age in the distant future, where she had become The Unfettered in her pursuit to stop Free the Soul.
      • But the during the Decision Game, we finally see Akane's true nature in full circle. Akane, despite her methods, showed that her personality was not entirely faked. She still loved Junpei, and her optimism is real, even if she belived in using some pragmatic means to save everyone. She wasn't even the mastermind of the Decision Game, and was in fact trying to stop Zero II from unleashing Radical-6. Junpei's faith is rewarded when he finally proposes to her and they get engaged in the Omega Ending, though they agreed to put their wedding on hold until they can find and stop the religious fanatic from triggering a nuclear war.
    • Akane gets along with Rika, someone who had gone through countless timeloops to put a stop to the crisis threatening her town. Akane admires Rika's determination and promises to help her put a stop to her Evil Counterpart, Berkanstel. Rika in turn admires Akane's intelligence and determination, though she does disapprove of some of the methods she used in her plans, necessary or not.
    • Akane can experience multiple timelines, Igor is capable of giving his clients another chance if they screw up. The two are on amicable terms, since they both want to help their allies reach the best possible outcome.
    • Akane tends to visit Rachel Alucard from time to time, even after she lost her position as a Bystander. The two talk over tea about their struggles throughout their respective world's timelines, as well as how the idea of an Observer is based on Quantum Physics such as the Schrödinger’s cat experiment and Many-worlds interpretation.
  • Exclusive to Carlos:
    • Carlos was a firefighter who saved his younger sister in a fire and originally volunteered at the Dcom to earn money for her operation. Unfortunately, he didn't realize until it was too late that he just became a participant of the Decision Game, and he's even forced make most of the decisions for the team consisting of himself, Akane, and Junpei. He still manages to pull through and help everyone reach the ideal timelinenote , and his sister manages to pull through and become a SHIFTer as well. Currently, he has agreed to help Junpei and Akane find the religious fanatic.
    • It's shown that Carlos gets along with Optimus Prime very well, since they are both seen as heroes of justice, not to mention how some incarnations of Optimus have a firetruck as an alternate mode. Optimus praises Carlos' leadership skills in the Decision Game.
    • Carlos and Yu Narukami bond over being the big brother to their little sisters (little sister figure in Yu's case, but the meaning is the same). Both have also promised to help the other if their siblings are targeted in any way.
    • Carlos forms a kinship with both Superman and Luke Skywalker, both of whom are seen as heroes. Carlos was called a "Hero of Justice" and the doll representing him is an action figure. Both heroes praise his leadership skills and desire to help out the group. Carlos has always enjoyed trips to the House of Heroes so he can learn to put his powers to good use.
  • Exclusive to Sigma:
    • Sigma was originally a college student before he got kidnapped and forced to participate in the AB Project. However, it turns out he was actually the younger self of Zero Sr., the game's mastermind, and his 22 year old mind was inhabiting his elderly self. The project was to train him and Phi to master their SHIFTing abilities so they can go back in time to prevent the Radical-6 outbreak that ruined the world. Upon being send to the point where Radical-6 was unleashed, Sigma would spend the next few years becoming Zero Sr., learning genetic engineering and AI programming, creating Kyle, Lagomorph, and Luna, before SHIFTing to the point where he and Phi would investigate the site where Radical-6 was unleashed. There, Sigma would fall in love with a woman named Diana, and in one timeline, would conceive with her the twin children who would grow up to become Phi (the very same girl who would help him in both the AB Project and the Decision Game) and Delta (the Decision Game's mastermind), using the transporter to send perfect copies of them back in time so at least some versions of them would survive.
    • Out of all the Danganronpa deities, Sigma finds Hajime Hinata to be the most similar to him. They both participated in Deadly Games, which unbeknownst to them, they mastermindednote . They both also lost someone very dear to them, and that provided them the motivation for their goals (Sigma lost Diana and became motivated to stop the Radical-6 outbreak in another time for her sake. Izuru saw Chiaki die in front of him, and it awoke some of Hajime's feelings, causing him to seek revenge on Enoshima). Both would meet another who is based on their special someone (Luna for Sigma, AI Chiaki for Hajime). The biggest difference is that while Sigma would finally reunite with Diana in one timeline, Hajime only has Chiaki's spirit supporting him. Sigma genuinely sympathizes with Hajime, and admits that he would have wanted to make Hajime a SHIFTer so he can finally find a timeline where he could prevent his mistakes and save Chiaki.
    • Sigma also sees a lot of himself in Tomoya, who also lost the love of his life and daughter in one timeline, but got a another chance just like himself. Sigma even notes how they even received help from their daughters without knowing it.
    • Keiichi and Sigma form a kinship with one another, having become one of the biggest supporters for their time-travelling allies once they become aware of the alternate timelines. Both of them understand the other's pain of having made horrific mistakes in some of the timelines they experienced.
  • Exclusive to Phi:
    • A young woman who would help Sigma throughout the AB Project, which was meant to train her and Sigma to master their SHIFTing powers. Once they make it back to the site of the Radical-6 outbreak, Phi and Sigma would work alongside a woman named Diana to survive the Decision Game. When Phi dies in one timeline, her infant self would be born as Sigma and Diana's daughter, and the infant would be copied and send to the past alongside her twin brother Delta. There through a series of events, the older Phi would use the transporter to send her copy to the future, setting the stage for the events of both the Decision Game and the AB Project.
    • Phi gets along especially well with other deities who suffer from A-Cup Angst, such as Noel, Koneko, Mikoto, and Aika. Phi finds herself amongst the League of Flat Chests, even if she denies having this.
    • Phi is shown to get along with Chie, Touka, and Rosette, all of whom are Action Girls with or had a vitriolic relationship with someone they're close to (Chie and Yosuke, Touka and Kaneki, Rosette and Chrono). She and Rosette have the most in common though, being foul-mouthed ladies with a love for alcohol (well, implied in Phi's case).
    • Phi is shown to get along well with the Sonozaki twins. In Shion's case, she also had experience with timelines when she was infected with a virus and was made responsible for several deaths, something that Phi can sympathize with all too well.
  • Exclusive to Diana:
    • Diana was a young nurse who was kind to a fault, unable to resist her abusive husband whenever he begs, causing her to take part in Dcom to try and get away from him for good. When she is forced to take part in the Decision Game as leader D-Team (consisting of herself, Sigma, and Phi), Diana would fall in love with Sigma, and in one timeline, give birth to the twins who would grow up to become Phi and Delta. In another time though, she ended up causing Radical-6 because of her refusal to Mercy Kill Phi when she is infected by the virus and burn her remains. Diana would end up being the basis for Sigma's creation, Luna, a similarly kind-hearted GAULEM.
    • Diana would meet with the human Chiaki Nanami, finding her very similar to her. They both served as the Lost Lenore to their special someone, and their attempts to do the right thing ending up causing an apocalypse. They also ended up as the basis for an artificially-made copy of them (Diana for Luna, Chiaki for her AI copy). Diana and Chiaki get along splendidly and hope they can help the other.
    • Diana gets along well with Mikan, since they both suffered from mistreatment, though whereas Diana had tried to get away from her abusive husband, Mikan deliberlately lets herself be mistreated since negative attention is better than no attention at all. Diana hopes Mikan's friends can help her overcome this flaw just like how she managed to find other people to help her.
    • Diana, James Trotter, and Cinderella all admire each other for managing to find a family and loved ones after having to escape an abusive life (Diana with her former husband, James with his aunts, Cinderella with her stepmother and stepsisters).
    • Diana sees a lot of herself in Asia, a kind-hearted girl who wants to help other people and also found someone to love (Diana with Sigma, Asia with Issei). The two get along extremely well, with Asia hoping to help Diana with becoming more bold.
    • Marv heard about Diana's conundrum with her ex-husband and promised to help her if said man ever tries to emotionally manipulate her to coming back. Diana is grateful for this, even if she would rather avoid violence if possible.
  • Exclusive to Sean:
    • Sean was a young boy who participated in the Decision Game, placed on Q-Team alongside Mira and Eric. Sean had no memories of his past and why he was wearing a helmet. (Insert Name Here) was led to believe their name was Q, unaware that the real Q was actually Delta (aka Zero II) while he was pretending to be a disabled and wheelchair-bound old man. Sean would learn he is actually a robot based on an ill boy he was named after, and he was created and given a personality apparently so Delta can at least fulfill the deceased boy's wish to have a happy life. The "helmet" is actually Sean's head that he can detach with the right passcode, the Quantum Computer Zero II used for the Decision Game also serves as Sean's "brain" in a sense, and it is even programmed with information of the other histories Delta learned of through his Mind Hacking, in a way making Sean a SHIFTer.
    • As a fellow robot, Sean quickly befriends the other good robot deities in the Pantheon, such as Aigis and ICEY, all three of whom act as Cool Big Sisters to him. Sean would also become best friends with Astro Boy, who was build as a replacement for Dr. Temna's lost son, and Gamma, who like him also opposed his creator.
    • Surrogate parents like Toriel as well as Kirito and Asuna are worried about Sean living with Mira and Eric due to how volatile they were (with the former even being a Serial Killer). Sean is grateful for their concern, but tells them it will be okay, though many deities are not convinced. Even Satoko seems concerned with his situation, since it reminds her of her abusive uncle.
      • Speaking of Kirito and Asuna, Sean is shown to be good friends with their daughter Yui. Both of them are intelligent due to being A.I.s, yet also kind to their peers at the same time.


    Cutie Mark Crusaders 
Okay, who's ne—


Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, Deities of Finding Their Destiny (The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Gabby Gums | Apple Bloom: Apple Blossom, Appleseed, Applebloom | Scootaloo: Scootachicken | Sweetie Belle: Sweety Bell)
The CMC in the Distant Finale 
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: The Cutie Mark Crusaders emblem (a stitched blue patch with a yellow pony with a cape rearing up), or their cutie marks: a tri-color shield with the emblem of an apple with a heart (Apple Bloom), a wing with a lightning bolt (Scootaloo), and a star with a musical note (Sweetie Belle)
  • Theme Song: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme, Hearts Strong As Horses or We'll Make Our Mark
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, originally Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Adorableness, Children, Deuteragonist Groups, Friendship, Mischief, Determination
  • Heralds: Babs Seed (Apple Bloom's cousin), Gabby (A mail-delivering griffon), Imp (a Mimicker)
  • Followers: Bronies, Autor, Slartibartfast, John Locke, Jindrax and Toxica, Mitsuo Kubo, Tom, Skull Boy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Napoleon
  • Mysterious Protector: Jason Brody
  • Commonality Connection: The Powerpuff Girls
  • Oppose: Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Tirek, The Dazzlings, Malekith
  • Some people receive the Call to Adventure, but others are left waiting by the phone. Some will be lucky enough to quickly find a thing they can do. There are others who have to search a little bit more. The person who is Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life is searching for what they could be good at or what would spiritually satisfy them and will try every possibility, even the most outlandish and odd. Obviously, with little or no success. This pretty much defines the Cutie Mark Crusaders, a trio of blank-flank fillies who undertake all sorts of hijinks just to get their cutie marks, which in their setting is something that defines what their purpose in life isnote . As for why they feel the need to hurry, it's because there are bullies who treat "blank flanks" in a derogatory manner, and that drives them despite the fact that such marks only come naturally when it's time.
  • The Mane Six goddesses, Applejack and Rarity specifically, voiced their concern on not only why were the fillies allowed into the Pantheon but also where they were to be placed, but after being told it would be the House of Ambiguity, they felt more at ease.
    • Sometime later, after… certain chaotic incidents, the Mane Six decided to move them to the House of Prophecy (details below) since it would be much safer for them. That doesn't stop Wreck-it Ralph from babysitting them every now and then.
  • Their temple takes the form of their tree house base, at least on the surface. On the inside, it's considerably larger, containing several amenities for self-sustained living and all other needs for any child deity who has no business living independently already from their parents (if they're in the Pantheon already under different positions if they aren't Heralds). Naturally, there are teleportation systems installed so that Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash can reach their temple in a jiffy from their own temples.
  • Ever since their arrival, the Pantheon has had a rash of various accidents as they attempt to obtain their cutie marks. Despite the constant reprimands of Applejack, Rarity, and all the House of Justice, they never seem to stay put. Twilight Sparkle once told a cautionary tale about one Asagi Asagiri whose desire to become a main character, which mirrored the Crusaders' desire for their Cutie Marks, put her at risk of removal from the Pantheon. Instead of heeding her warning, the CMC saw Asagi as a potential ally and wish to have her join them, especially since Asagi was able to find a place in the House of Theater. Asagi, impressed to see the Crusaders able to pursue their dreams and get a happy ending, sees them as an inspiration for her future game.
  • Aside from Fluttershy, there are only two other gods that can manage to make the trio obey: Fred Rogers and Carl Fredricksen. The former has shown the patience to truly comprehend their needs (plus his puppet friends are wonderful teaching aids), while the latter formed a special bond with the young fillies as they remind him of Ellie and her spirit of discovery and adventure. The fact the CMC enjoy listening to his tales is an added bonus. And when it finally came to Carl Fredricksen telling of his life with Ellie…let's just say Sweetie Belle cried and cried and cried…
  • Whenever a loud buzzing hum along with the steady sound of wheels are heard approaching, everyone clears out of the way knowing that Scootaloo in her scooter and the rest of the Crusaders in their wagon are on their way to their next plan to obtain their cutie marks. Her speedy maneuvering and stunts have attracted the attention of fellow deity on wheels, Subaru Nakajima. Both acknowledge their corresponding skills on scooter and skates respectively and have been known to have friendly races in the House of Travel.
    • The duo of racers became a trio after PaRappa demonstrated his skateboarding skills, impressing the two. Parappa also inspires the Cutie Mark Crusaders to continue their trek to finding their Cutie Marks by always saying, "You gotta believe!"
  • Due to their shenanigans, some gods in the House of War who have a penchant for sarcasm have taken to calling them a Cuban Missile Crisis (since it shares the same first letters as CMC). Other derisive/humorous CMC acronyms have circulated across the Pantheon.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders stay far away from Queen Chrysalis after an incident where she kidnapped them to lure the Mane 6 into action. They also stay away from Discord since they were the ones who (accidentally) let him loose in the first place (although theories assume that Discord's prison already was weakening and their scuffle was the straw that broke the camel's back).
    • However, certain reports have shown that after he was reformed, that Discord did try to use his powers to help the Crusaders get their Cutie Marks. To make a long story short, Discord's assistance failed to get the CMC their Cutie Marks, but the CMC appreciated his help and even offered to make him an honorary member of the CMC, Discord has has shown to be surprisingly grateful and has been on good terms with the trio ever since.
  • The Mane 6 have a vested interest to have the crusaders NOT decide their destinies are to be bad guys. As of such, they make certain that any attempt for villains like Kane or Palpatine to make them an Unwitting Pawn to theft or evil is met with a quick hoof to the face, and a stern talking to of all the Crusaders. Knowledge of the existence of the Incubators is to be kept from them AT ALL COSTS. And now with Homura Akemi on the loose, that warning still applies.
    • They also make special note that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stay FAR AWAY from Hansel and Gretel (preferably Hansel), because Hansel's voice can sound so similar to Rainbow Dash (and to an extent Applejack) at times and that they are known to butcher people who get close to them.
  • They once tried to get many gods together by brewing up what was a "love potion." However, they soon found out later that they brewed love poison making all of their would-be targets (whose names are confidential at this moment) to start giving too much sugar coated sweet talk. This resulted in them having to get multiple gods to restrain the people who drunk the poison away from each other for a whole hour. As a result, they had to clean up most of the mess they started throughout Pantheon in regards to separating the lovers.
    • Then there was that time that they made a gossip column under the name of "Gabby Gums". That also ended in failure when they started spreading gossip on some of the more villainous gods and hurting other gods' feelings (to the point that when they mentioned how Fluttershy had "tail extensions", many gods saw that was an absolute low blow). This wasn't a failure because what they were saying wasn't true, per se. It was mainly because Lex Luthor, God of Villain with Good Publicity was upset they were intruding on his position of laying smear on other gods.
  • The fact that they represent a concept of not representing a concept has broken a few brains in the Pantheon.
  • Gordon Ramsay's legendary temper (and restraint around kids) got put to the test the day he met up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders coming into his Temple screaming, "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MASTER CHEFS! YAY!!!" What happened next is between him, the CMC and the other Equestrian gods.
    The CMC: We're sorry, Mr. Ramsay.
    Gordon: …That's okay, kids. Uh… let's forget about this, alright?
  • One day, the CMC visited Jack and Annie and were amazed at their tree house giving them the ability to travel into books. The group is currently trying their hardest to make their own magic tree house while Jack and Annie have stated that it was all right for them to hang out in their own as long as they don't go jumping into any of the books inside. The groups find it kind of hilarious that Jack and Annie's world is normal yet their treehouse is magic, yet the Crusaders live in a magical land but time travel is known to be a pretty difficult spell to master (then again Jack and Annie's treehouse was enchanted by Morgan le Fey).
  • Vanellope von Schweetz does her best to help the Crusaders find their cutie marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building. The Crusaders have lots of play dates with Vanellope whenever she arrives, under the supervision of one Wreck-it Ralph. Ralph is now a part-time bodyguard for the Cutie Mark Crusaders whenever the trio visits the House of Ambiguity.
  • Much to their sadness, their fourth member, Babs Seed, eventually earned her cutie mark. This meant she could no longer stay in the Pantheon and was sent back to the mortal plane. The Mane Six pleaded before the Judge to allow her to stay, but the decision was final. He did say, however, he will try his hardest to make sure the remaining three Crusaders stay in the Pantheon if by any chance they ever earn their cutie marks. He does have a special spot in his heart for them, after all. She might ascend on her own, however.
  • After helping their former Sitcom Archnemesis Diamond Tiara undergo a Heel–Face Turn, they were finally rewarded with their cutie marks. At this, several gods, some evil, some trolling, and some that were just fed up with all the trouble they've caused since their ascension, demanded that the three be stripped of godhood as they finally found their purpose in life, only for the Mane Six and the Judge to stop them. The Judge proclaimed that while it is true that they have their cutie marks, they received them by helping others find their purpose in life and are therefore true epitomes of trope godhood as they now have the job of helping other deities and followers find their purpose in life. Further protests were squashed literally by the Judge slamming an enormous gavel down on them. And with that maturity, they have since renounced all notions of evil, as well as know to refuse Kyubey immediately, and their shenanigans gave toned down considerably to everyone's relief.
  • The Crusaders have recently opened a detective agency and go about solving crimes in the Pantheon. Many gods were amazed at how they had a destiny all on their own trying to stop a villain from obtaining a powerful artifact known as the Helm of Shadows, forged by Princess Luna back when she was Nightmare Moon because the door to obtain the artifact could only be unlocked by three ponies with identical cutie marks. Better yet, they did this without the interference of their sisters and using nothing more than their wits (and a special device that could rewind time from Twilight Sparkle). Gods are now willing to bump them up to Demigoddess status now because of this. And, for those who are wondering, the mission with the Helm of Shadows came before they opened the Detective Agency.
  • Now that the finale of their series has finally occurred, there were a few last gifts bestowed to the trio.
    • One was a special trinket shaped like a certain wishing flower. This worried them, given the last time they used that flower, but they were assured that the shape was the only thing similar to what the trinket is meant to do. Namely, it grants them access to their older forms seen in the Distant Finale for three times a day and with a time limit of 60 minutes each before being forcibly reverted to normal.
    • Another was a special scooter that has a connection to the flower trinket. When the CMC turn into their older forms, this scooter sizes up accordingly so that Scootaloo can still drive it without worrying about being too heavy for it.
    • The third was a wheelbarrow with similar connections to the flower trinket as the scooter in that it becomes bigger. This is not only in the event that Scootaloo still needs to carry the other two CMC, but for carrying cargo or other passengers (besides carrying kids on their backs now that they're big enough and strong enough to do so).
  • Exclusive to Apple Bloom:
    • Felix has gotten interested in Apple Bloom's skills in carpentry and wishes to tutor her, but Apple Bloom has refused. She's more interested in potion making, and sometimes goes to the House of Magic to practice her skills.
    • Speaking of potions, she still remembers her time in Potions class at Elysium Academy under Severus Snape. While it's true that he knows his art very well, his mean attitude has left her with a bad impression of him.
  • Exclusive to Scootaloo:
    • Scootaloo is slowly becoming friends with the Katawa Girls of the House of Love, Emi in particular, as the two of them share a great enjoyment for high speeds. Lily has lent a kind ear to Scootaloo's fears that she may never fly. Although Scootaloo at least appreciates Lily's comforting presence, it's pretty clear she's not taking Lily's words to heart, instead expressing a deep envy of her and how far she's gotten in life despite her inability to see.
    • For the longest time, many gods believed that Scootaloo was an orphan or suffered from Parental Abandonment. It was later revealed that her parents traveled to exotic lands to find rare wildlife for scientific research and she stays with her aunts. Scootaloo has become absolutely enamored by Steve Irwin for this regard because he reminds him of her own dad, Snap Shutter.
    • Despite what one believes, Scootaloo actually likes the idea of swimming since it's the closest that she'll ever get to flying. She gained a friendship with Melody, who wished to become a mermaid in order to swim beneath the water and hopes to be able to find away to swim in the various waters of the House of Nature.
    • For reasons pertaining to her disability (in a diminutive body part) and refusal to let it let her down (most of the time), Marlin is reminded of his son Nemo whenever he catches sight of her.
  • Exclusive to Sweetie Belle:
    • Sweetie Belle has been given hundreds of invitations from the House of Musicality so they can hear her sing. While originally shy, she's now gained the confidence to sing more, but she prefers show tunes.
    • She was once banned from the House of Food after her attempt at "cooking" breakfast made people question her abilities. Particularly how she was able to burn juice.
    • Despite being a unicorn filly, she surprisingly physically strong. She once dragged a cart that's positively crammed with Rarity's suitcases and other junk uphill, albeit with visible effort. Fortunately for everyone else, she's much less likely to resort to hooficuffs than her friends, so that's usually not a worry.

    Noir Trio 
Noir Triomembers , Goddesses of the Multiple-Choice Chosen
L-R: Chloe, Kirika, Mireille
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A pocket watch with two sword-wielding women facing each other engraved on the front
  • Theme Music: Salva Nos
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Grey-and-Gray Morality, Dark Action Girl, Broken Bird
  • Domains: Assassins, Conspiracies, Upbringing
  • On Good Terms with: Maki Harukawa, Cassandra Cain & Damian Wayne, X-23
  • Mixed Relations: Batman
  • Foil to:
  • Source of Interest for: Lady Shiva, Talia al Ghul
  • Noir is a name that has struck fear in the criminal underworld for many years. At the moment, it’s a title that’s being held by two girls: the Japanese amnesiac Kirika Yuumura and the just-as-troubled Corsican Mireille Bouquet. As they take on various assassination jobs, they find themselves in the crosshairs of Les Soldats, a conspiracy that has existed for many years that is connected to the Noir name, and Chloe, an assassin with a strong interest in Kirika since they were children and raised by Les Soldats priestess Altena. Les Soldats has played a role in the past of all three girls, who are regarded as candidates for the title of Noir. With Mireille out of the running for the Noir title from Altena’s point of view, her parents (who ran a criminal empire and were part of Les Soldats, but didn’t want Mireille to be part of it) were killed by a young Kirika (who was partially raised by Altena), but not before Mireille’s mother promised Kirika to take care of Mireille. A deadly climax ensued, with Mireille breaking Kirika out of the cold-blooded influence of Altena, Chloe being killed by Kirika, and Altena’s plans to use Noir to wipe out what she saw as the world’s evils being thwarted by Mireille and Kirika.
  • After a difficult and life-threatening job, Kirika and Mireille were resting when they received a letter in the mail asking them to visit a secret area to discuss something important. The duo arrived at the spot to meet the sender, who claimed to represent a group from a place known as the Pantheon (and that the group who sent the letter referred to themselves as such). The sender said that as skilled as Kirika and Mireille currently, there would be a lot more dangerous assignments to accept, rivals to encounter, and foes that are after them, including the possibility of cheating death to add to the challenges of being associated with the Pantheon. When asked about Chloe, the sender replied that she is active within the Pantheon and that even though Les Soldats a thing of the past and Chloe is curious about how better the duo has gotten since taking down the group, she still has some unresolved matters to settle if she’s not willing to aid them on a particular job. No matter the challenges, Kirika and Mireille have taken up on the offer to accept assassination jobs for the Pantheon having grown from their past adventures and that if there’s darkness within the Pantheon, they’ll seek a light that’s shining somewhere there.
  • Within the Pantheon, Kirika and Mireille operate as a duo as they did in the past with Chloe working independently, though there have been instances where she has crossed paths with the duo depending on the job that’s been handed out. Not only is there some tension between the two and Chloe in these meetings, but there were several other assassins in the Pantheon whose skills are comparable to or even exceed that of the girls that they needed to watch out for. Being an assassin has been dirty business even if the assassin in question has taken on assignments that can be seen as heroic and some of them such as Agent 47 and Golgo 13 aren’t the types to make permanent friends with anyone given their line of work. Kirika and Mireille have been able to have conversations with some people when not taking on assignments and someone that they’ve been able to talk to regularly was Maki Harukawa. As an assassin who had experience taking care of children (despite her flimsy claims of hating kids), Maki learned about the Noir program that Kirika, Mireille, and Chloe were involved with and was unsettled at how young the three were when they were trained to be assassins even if their circumstances varied and that this could have been a darker path for Maki to end up in given her own troubled past. Maki is arguably someone who is the closest thing Kirika and Mireille have to a lasting friend in the Pantheon given the empathy she has to what they went through and Maki has also expressed sympathy to Chloe’s own troubled life even if Chloe is going to end up as a potential adversary for Maki at some point.
  • Les Soldats is a shadowy organization that has existed for many years and is dedicated to wiping out the evils they saw plaguing the world, with Altena planning to resurrect the Noir name to fulfill said goal. Even if their intentions aren’t as bad as other conspiracies, it didn’t change the fact that they’re still ruthless in how they planned to accomplish their plans and Kirika and Mireille were unsettled at the fact that there were other shadowy groups similar to Les Soldats in the Pantheon. As its name suggests, the League of Assassins is a secret organization dedicated to assassinating others to fulfill the ambitions of its leader Ra’s al Ghul. The League and Ra’s could be seen as darker versions of Les Soldats and Altena in what they’re trying to accomplish and the organization’s interest in the girls given their assassin backgrounds has been a cause of concern for many involved in the criminal underworld.
  • With the exception of Mireille who was trained to be an assassin by her uncle, the Noir girls were raised by Les Soldats to become killers to fulfill the organization's goals, though Kirika wasn’t fully trained by the group compared to Chloe. While some in the Pantheon had a similar circumstance as Kirika and was able to recover from fully becoming a weapon with the help of someone, others ended up like Chloe who remained committed to carrying out their superior’s goals, with some of them ending up dead like her. Laura Kinney was created to be a weapon, accidentally killed her biological mother, and later went on the run from her creators. It was through hanging out with James Logan that Laura was able to recover from some of her past trauma even as new ones arose and there were many things about her that Kirika could see in herself minus the mutant powers and moral ambiguity. Whether it was being trained as a weapon in the past, being forced to kill someone kind against her will and hearing a dying wish afterwards, or hanging out with a skilled partner who helped her deal with deep-seated issues, Kirika and Laura were alike in what they went through and saw each other as a kindred spirit.
  • Batman has had experience in confronting assassins and conspiracies that may or may not be tied to said assassins and the story of the Noir program wouldn’t be out of place when it comes to obstacles that he would encounter. Much like some of the morally gray members of Batman’s rogues gallery, the Noir candidates would likely get into conflict with the Caped Crusader if he were to encounter them, but at the same time, Batman can tell that they’ve had a troubled life. Of the three, Mireille stood out to Batman the most given that they’ve had to witness their parents getting killed at a young age and the fact that Mireille realized the actions of Kirika, who was responsible for said murders, at that time were influenced by Les Soldats and subsequently made it a point to prevent Kirika from falling further into darkness surprised him. Regardless of the trio’s troubled nature bringing out Batman’s more empathic side and the fact that most of the girls’ targets are worse than they are, the Caped Crusader’s refusal to kill anyone ended up being a primary source of conflict against the Noir trio (though mostly Chloe given her more unstable character and Batman unable to convince her that her beliefs are going to cause more harm to others).
    • After learning about the Noir trio from Batman, two members of the Batfamily, Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne, decided to seek out those members to see just how much they see themselves in the girls based on what Bruce described to them. Both were trained to become fighters at a young age, with Damian being raised by the League of Assassins and the son of Talia al Ghul and Cass the daughter of Lady Shiva and it was meeting Batman and his allies that they were able to find the path to being a superhero. Seeing Kirika and Mireille was like witnessing parts of their past again, with Damian seeing their friendship and how Mireille was able to help Kirika overcome her troubled past as being similar to his friendship with Dick Grayson and Kirika’s awareness of the dangers of killing bringing to mind how horrified Cass was when she first carried out an assassination mission. As for Chloe, Damian saw her story and actions as comparable to what could have happened if he decided to remain with the League of Assassins instead of meeting Batman. Cass and Damian have expressed their sympathies to the trio even if they know that a conflict will happen at some point as Batman mentioned, especially since Cass and Damian know that Shiva and Talia will be interested in the Noir trio for their skills and that Chloe has been involved with Shiva a few times. Given that the League of Assassins and Ra’s is just as interested in the trio, this gave Bruce, Damian, and Cass more of a reason to make sure that the girls don’t end up on a darker path than they already are.
  • Kirika is a quiet girl by default and being partially raised by Altena has made her a deadly assassin, but it was through hanging out with Mireille that Kirika’s friendlier side began to emerge. While the friendship between Kirika and Mireille is comparable to that of another assassin duo in Leon Montana and Mathilda Lando (complete with having a houseplant in their hangout), there’s a lot of differences in how things played out. Kirika was already skilled at killing by the time she befriended Mireille while Mathilda had no experience in using a gun and even after getting training from the already-humane Leon, she still has a lot to learn. Given how Leon took in Mathilda after her parents were killed, he found it unusual that Mireille would align herself with the one who pulled the trigger on her parents, but came to understand the admittedly complex circumstances behind it.
  • Being an amnesiac meant that Kirika had to contend with a lot of shocking discoveries about herself and the other Noir candidates as she took on many dangerous enemies. The Pantheon had its share of amnesiacs and one that intrigued her was Dust since it wasn’t just because of his more superficially supernatural circumstances. Kirika had a dormant second personality known as “True Noir” that was far more ruthless than her normal one while Dust had the souls of two entities with their own personalities; the kindhearted Jin and the skilled fighter Cassius. Even if both Kirika and Dust were designed to be living weapons to fulfill a certain goal, the former was raised as one by Les Soldats, who she eventually took down with Mireille’s help while Dust was made specifically to take down Cassius’ friend, General Gaius. Dust has assured Kirika that even if they aren’t going to meet each other much, he’ll understand the pains of going through amnesia and the fallout of discovering startling revelations about themselves.
  • Mireille was once the daughter of the Bouquet crime family that was destroyed at the hands of Les Soldats, resulting in her training to become an assassin with her uncle’s help (and unfortunately for her, she later had to kill him during their reunion since he was targeting Noir). It’s unclear what kind of dealings the Bouquets did prior to their demise even if Mireille looked back fondly on them, but the Pantheon had a multitude of crime syndicates where despite some members having a genuinely friendly disposition, the syndicates largely ranged from “morally questionable, but has shown redeeming characteristics” to “undeniably evil”. Her assassination job with Kirika meant that they would end up targeting some crime syndicates (more often than not the ones that are corrupt), but one of her assignments led Kirika to encounter another woman named Helena Bertinelli, whose crime family was slaughtered much like Mireille’s. The key difference here was that Helena became a superhero to take down the mob instead of being an assassin like Mireille, with the former noting that Mireille becoming an assassin after her family was eliminated is a somewhat darker reflection of her own backstory and Helena can see why Batman has had conflict with the Noir trio even if she’s sympathetic to Mireille’s past.
  • Of the trio, Chloe is the one who is closest to Les Soldats due to being raised by Altena and acting on her behalf. Even if she does help Kirika and Mireille in their missions on occasion, her darker nature has prevented her from sharing the same kinds of relationships the duo have towards other Pantheonic denizens. Chloe did find Azula to be an interesting mirror of herself when it came to trying to fulfill the goals of whoever they were raised to work for, even if the possibility of befriending her was unlikely given Chloe’s preexisting obsession with Kirika and Azula being a potential target for any of the Noir candidates to eliminate if given such a job. Where Altena had plenty of faith in Chloe in order to fulfill Les Soldats’ goals to wipe out the evils that they saw in the world and Chloe had an unreciprocated obsession with Noir candidate Kirika, Azula tried her damndest to win over her uncaring father Ozai during the Fire Nation’s conquest and hated Zuko, who left behind Ozai’s violent methods.