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Greater Gods

Xerath, God of Mages Who Have Shed Their Physical Form (the Magus Ascendant, Artillery Mage, Ray Allen)
Fully Ascended 
  • Greater God. He may become a full-blown Overdeity if he’s released from the sarcophagus
  • Symbol: An Orb of Mana with electricity crackling around it.
  • Theme Song: Shurima's theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral. note  Given his latest lore update, he could legitimately be considered Neutral Evil now.
  • Portfolio: Ambition Is Evil, Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, Fate Worse than Death, Becoming Unhinged due to Prolonged Isolation, Kill Sat, Manipulative Bastard, Mind Rape (of Renekton), Realization Of What Their Actions Wrought, Lack of Communication Leads to an Empire's Decimation
  • Domains: Magic, Destruction, Energy
  • High Priest: The Augur of Dunlain
  • Allies: Tharja, Lucifer, Viktor
  • Rivals: Jaina Proudmoore, Zeus, The Defenders of the Ancient, the Incubators
  • Enemies: Azir, Nasus, Harry Potter, Kalecgos, Marona, Melkor (due to refusing a place in the GUAE)
  • Opposed by: Pantheon (League of Legends)
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Eliphas, Sir Glossaryck of Terms
  • Odd Friendship with: Reinforce Zwei
  • Fears: Mordremoth, Lord Tirek, Zhaitan
  • He views the Incubators, due to their amassing of energy by, as something at best used to further his goals, and at worst a possible hindrance.
  • There might be a chance he and Azir can patch things up between them, due to their hatred of each other spawning from a series of events that could have been prevented if they actually talked to each other.
    Xerath: "Too late, friend. Too late, brother. Far too late for us all."
    • Though given his latest lore update, his remorse and any chance of reconciliation is somewhat questionable, given that he was consumed by his own ambition even after Azir declared him free and willingly blasted him from the Ascension despite this. Secretly, Xerath knows that for all of his power, he is still shackled...possibly from the weight of his sins.
  • Some of the gods noticed Xerath sounds to a lot of the other deities in the pantheon. Alexstrasza and Jaina aren't too keen on the fact that he sounds like Deathwing and Arthas Menethil. Alexstrasza is even less keen on Xerath, due to him also reminding her of Malygos.
  • Despite his immense power already, he is searching for a way to break the bonds that keep his power weaker than it should be, and has been making little headway. He has stated he will not give up, however.
    • In fact, Lucifer offered him a place in the GUAC in exchange for the potential knowledge to do so, located in the vast wealth of information they had collected across the multiverse. Xerath, to many's surprise, declined, stating he would find his freedom himself, not under the yolk of another master. The Lightbringer was impressed by his dedication and left, stating the offer was always opened.
    • After the GUAE learned that he had experimented with dark sorcery and committed atrocities such as murdering Azir's mother and baby and fooling Azir into inciting a brutal campaign against a rival kingdom that he pinned the blame on (though he would claim he did it to protect Azir), Melkor also offered him a place in the GUAE Malum Magia. For the same reasons that he declined Lucifer's offer, he refused to join Melkor's alliance, for he knows that he will have no freedom under the Overdeity of Evil's control.
  • Eliphas disliked how Xerath, in Eliphas' words, "became an Astral being through an incredibly chaotic manner". Xerath however, simply doesn't care.
  • Upon Xerath's ascension, it was decided to keep Lord Tirek as far away from him as possible. Due to Xerath being, essentially, a limitless source of Mana and Tirek gaining power after draining Mana, it could potentially lead to a very bad situation. Or Tirek would explode. Either way, it'd be messy.
  • Surprising many (though some saw it coming) Xerath is surprisingly friendly with Reinforce Zwei. Some chalk it up to their shared traits, though others assume it's because she reminds Xerath of someone he might have lost.
  • At one point Xerath was caught shouting "Lightning bolt" while casting Arcanopulse. Someone decided to call him on it. Xerath responded with the obvious: "LIGHTNING BOLT!"
  • Creatures Made of Magic were worried when they heard that a new blue dragon who specializes on magic control entered, feeling they would be absorbed. Thankfully, Kalecgos is not the type that eats magic, so they felt safe in the end. However, Xerath was the only one that was exempt from that rule, since his reckless use of magic has made himself a target of Kalecgos.
  • It is said that Viktor founded a faction known as The Evolution and he had successfully converted several champions into machine-augmented monstrosities that would do his bidding, one included Xerath.
  • With his omniscient knowledge of the Multiverse, Glossaryck has encountered various deities interested in his overall wisdom and power. One of these was Xerath, who has shed his form in favor of becoming pure magic, though he isn't exactly a good guy. Xerath was interested in how Glossaryck's own universe worked in regards to their magic and the possibility of acquiring power in it, though Glossaryck refused to share things.
  • "I will be free."

Intermediate Gods

    Albus Dumbledore 
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, God of Wizard Beards (Dumbly-dorr, Your Headship, Professorhead)

    Kael'thas Sunstrider 
Kael'thas Sunstrider, God of Magic Addiction (Kael, Prince of the Blood Elves, Sun King, Invoker)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Phoenix Al'ar, surrounded with rain of Fel fire.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magic-Addicted Elves, Going to the Extremes For the Safety of His People, Aristocrats/Princes With Questionable Morality, Pretty Boy-ish Elves, Tragic Hero Driven to Villainy, Those Who Came Back Wrong as an Omnicidal Maniac, Fire Magic, The Losing End on a Love Triangle, The Dragon, Dangers of Those Drunk with Power.
  • Domain: Magic, Elves, Insanity, Fire.
  • Allies: Illidan Stormrage, Jaina Proudmoore, Lor'themar Theron, Artanis, Valeera Sanguinar, Silencer
  • Rivals: Sylvanas Windrunner, Carl the Invoker, Kurei, Raiden
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil
  • For a very long time, Kael'thas was known as a disgrace of Elves, thanks to becoming a Sycophantic Servant of Kil'jaeden at the end of his life at Azeroth and trying to blow that world up by summoning his master so lovingly. It was to the point that they'd accept Lor'themar to rule over his people, even if he prefers to not stay in the spotlight too much. And even his 'look' was majorly revamped into that of the Invoker Carl. It would seem that the name Kael'thas would be lost in the history as purely a villainous scum. However...
    • His death was merely a setback and all of the sudden, Kael'thas resurfaced in the Nexus battlefield. And to the surprise of many, the sight of the tragic prince pushed to the extremes is more seen in him. The court of the Gods decided to review his case once more, and pointed out the probability that he might have just Came Back Wrong back then, or how his Omnicidal Maniac persona was just a personification of Fel Magic that took his memories and personality. Agreeing to give him a second chance, Lor'themar then agreed to hand over a portion of his portfolio to his old Prince, but still kept the rule of his people, agreeing that right now he's getting better at controlling his magic addiction, and Kael represents all sides of the power of Addictive Magic and the dangers that come with it. Surprisingly, Kael accepted... then did not set his foot to the home of Blood Elves again. Sources say he's ashamed of his last moments in Magister's Terrace.
  • Above all, Kael has made it clear that everything he did, he did it for his people. If mentioned about that last appearance of his in Magister's Terrace... it's a good way to get burned. He insists that it's not him, he didn't ask that Burning Legion Priestess to shove Fel Magic into his dead body and made him act like that. He may have served Kil'Jaeden, but not to the level of... loving.
    • He's lately more glad when the Pantheon has seemed to agree with him thanks to a statement about 'having one's memories and personalities does not equate the same person' made by Artanis. For that Kael is grateful at him.
    • Kael was surprised to see a fellow Blood Elf, Valeera, ascend. While he's friends with her due to her being one of his people that he swore to protect, he's always denied her invitation to play a card game, saying that she has represented the Blood Elves well enough there. Only fellow Blood Elves like Lor'themar and Valeera are allowed to speak about his Old Shame and even they know where to draw the line.
  • The only person he'd still accept as a 'mutual friend' is Illidan, in which Kael was surprised because back then in his descent to villainy, he ended up being more with Kil'Jaeden because Illidan went crazy. That said, Illidan also shares the shame of getting reduced into Chronic Villainy, so they have something to bond over with.
  • Overall, a good point is that he still held his love to Jaina Proudmoore, even if he's always rejected. Regardless, people say it's still a better treatment than how she treated Arthas these days, something that Kael agreed on for a different, personal reasons.
  • Tends to jab on each other against Sylvanas Windrunner, with Sylvanas mentioning how much his old self ruined the Sunstrider name to ground, in which Kael counters with how her actions with Val'kyr makes her no better.
  • Has a chance meeting to his 'successor' in the Fields of the Ancients, Carl. There was rains of magic here and there, no doubt because of a massive magic duel with no clear victor.
    • He also has a chance encounter with Raiden, who demands that he answers for his crimes. Kael's response is to let Raiden do as he pleases, but he'll not go down fighting. The fight was unfortunately abrupted because a CODEC Call of a more important mission demanded Raiden to be elsewhere.
  • Thanks to his Phoenix, he somehow made bonds with a certain Kurei, not only on the latter's final flame form taking after his pet Al'ar, but also on the really harsh life he endured. Surprisingly, Kurei was quite sympathetic with Kael's plight and considers his situation more unlucky.
  • He occasionally volunteers for a commercial message for the Pantheon of warning people the dangers of magic addiction, especially because it's the ground that he rules. The commercial goes like showing a miniature brain and showering it with Fel Magic, it blew up messily, ending with this message "Control your magic well, if you get addicted, you end up like that."
  • Selama ashal'anore!note 

    Mavis Vermillion 
Mavis Vermillion, Goddess of Breaking Curses (Fairy Tactician, Fairy Heart)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Symbol of Fairy Tail
  • Theme Music: Fairy's Glitter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Cursed with immortality and remained stuck at the physical age of 13, the same age she founded Fairy Tail, Friend to All Living Things, Star-Crossed Lovers, "Killed" by Zeref's love for her, leaving her in a state between life and death as an astral projection, Finally breaks the Curse of Ankhselam by reaffirming her love for Zeref, allowing them to die peacefully together
  • Domains: Magic, Love, Curses, Immortality
  • Herald: Zera (her Childhood Friend)
  • Allies: The guild members of Fairy Tail, Jellal Fernandes, the benevolent Harry Potter deities, especially Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore, Asta, Yuno, Noelle Silva, Robin, The School Life Club (especially Yuki Takeya), Dr. Henry Morgan, The Twintail Warriors, Count Bleck and Tippi
  • Enemies: Acnologia, Mard Geer Tartaros, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grima, Lord Voldemort, The Beast (Over the Garden Wall), Dimentio
  • Special Relationship: Zeref
  • Interested in: The House of Fairies and every fairy deitity
  • Sympathetic to: Yomiel, Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Mavis was the co-founder and first guild master of Fairy Tail. Having developed the habit of going barefoot due to a harsh master taking away her shoes, Mavis would come to found Fairy Tail alongside a group of treasure hunters. During one journey alongside them, Mavis would come to befriend Zeref, who taught her and her friends magic out of gratitude for easing his loneliness. Using a forbidden spell taught to her by Zeref to save her friend's lives, Mavis would be inflicted with the Curse of Ankhselam, leading her to fall in love with Zeref. Unfortunately, this would put Mavis into a death-like state, causing Zeref's Start of Darkness while her body is preserved in a lacrima crystal and used as a source of limitless magic. Her astral body would interact with the members of Fairy Tail until the time came to fight Zeref and the Alvarez Empire, and Mavis would finally break the curse by admitting she still loves Zeref despite hating him for what he's done, allowing the two to pass on peacefully.
  • Mavis would find herself in the Pantheon not long after she crossed over to the other side with Zeref (at least from her perspective). Coming before the Court of the Gods, she would learn about the Pantheon and how both Zeref and some of the guild members of Fairy Tail have managed to ascend, and she's been summoned to take on the title of Goddess of Breaking Curses after her mutual love with Zeref finally managed to break their curse and allow them to pass on peacefully. She accepted the title and reunited with both her beloved as well as her guild mates, all of whom are happy to see the first guild master again, and even more so when she is finally able to find happiness with Zeref.
  • Obito and Nagato have earned Mavis' sympathy after she heard of what the two have gone through, even if their personal tragedies weren't as severe as Zeref's. She nevertheless does like the fact that they've at least redeem themselves and are willing to make amends in the Pantheon. She and Zeref tend to meet with them and help them with their personal issues, both their losses and their attempt to make things right.
  • Zeref and Mavis note they have a lot in common with Count Bleck and Tippi, considering how Zeref and Bleck losing the woman they love send them off the deep end. They both fought each other on opposite sides before their love for one another allowed them to earn their happy ending, though at the cost of leaving their friends. Both couples became good friends with one another, hanging out with each other on group dates, talking about their pasts, and their hobbies. Learning about Dimentio and the evil he's committed horrified Mavis and Zeref, and the two promised Bleck and Tippi they would help them stop Dimentio if he ever tries to enact his Evil Plan again.
  • She became quick friends with Asta, Yuno, and Noelle, who remind her of mages back in her world. Asta and Yuno's rivalry reminds her of Natsu and Gray's, and she also shows interest in Asta's Anti-Magic and his desire to become Wizard King, wishing him the best of luck in his dream. Noelle was sympathetic when she heard of Mavis's curse, remembering the curse Megicula killed her mother with, even more so when the curse robbed her of a normal life and harmed people around her. She became quick friends with Mavis, while also secretly envying her for being able to admit her feelings for the man she loved.
  • Robin became quick friends with Mavis due to the two of them being keen tacticians for side. Mavis was horrified to learn how Robin was raised for purpose of being Grima's vessel, while Robin saw Mavis and Zeref's curse to be utterly cruel and excessive. Both found comfort in how the other was at least able to earn their happy ending, with Robin hoping that Mavis and Zeref will find happiness in the next life together.
  • Albus Dumbledore and Mavis had formed a mutual respect for the other's skills in magic, and they also shared their concern over the people they watch over (Dumbledore and his students at Hogwarts, Mavis and her guild mates). Dumbledore expressed sympathy for Mavis after hearing all that she went through, but is happy that she was able to break her curse through her love of Zeref. While Mavis did frown on some of the risks Dumbledore took, she acknowledges that he still helped Harry and was there for him when he needed it.
    • Speaking of Harry Potter, Mavis was quite interested in meeting the boy who survived the odds stacked against him, especially because of The Power of Love. Harry was sympathetic to Mavis after hearing of her cursed immortality, but is at least happy that she finally found peace and love upon death. Mavis notes that they both had cursed fate, but whereas she got to Die with the love of her life, Harry got to live and be free from being Voldemort's Horcrux.
    • Lord Voldemort sees the Curse of Ankhselam as a blessing, which is unsurprising considering his desire for immortality and inability to love, and sees Mavis's breaking it and accepting as foolish and wasteful, abhorring the fact she chose love over eternal life. He outright sees Mavis's Only Mostly Dead condition as well-deserved for not embracing it, and desires the curse for himself so he can truly and finally become immortal. Both Mavis and Zeref are making sure that Voldemort can never acquire the means to get himself cursed.
    • The Beast, like Voldemort, also desires the Curse of Ankhselam, finding it to be a more efficient form of immortality than his Soul Jar. Mavis and Zeref know just how dangerous the curse will make him even without the "Instant Death" Radius that comes from caring for others, considering that his fighting capabilities were never shown and he mainly relied on manipulating others. Currently the couple are doing their best to keep the Beast from gaining the knowledge and materials needed to invoke the curse, but the Beast is confident he can find a way to get it.
  • Mavis shows sympathy for Yomiel after seeing how his circumstances are similar to hersnote  and how lonely he is after his beloved committed suicide. Mavis even admits that if she didn't have her friends to help her, she might have ended up just like Yomiel, and is at least glad his fate was averted without affecting everyone too much. Yomiel in turn notes how Zeref tried to change the past (something that he was unable to do as a ghost), but Mavis worked to stop him because it would mean erasing their meeting and falling in love, something he would never have done. He is at least glad Mavis' friends were able to stop Zeref from making that mistake.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn, despite viewing her as an enemy, still respects Mavis's tactical expertise. Mavis in turn, despite disliking Trawn's willingness to side with an evil empire, still respects his intellect and Evil Virtues. After hearing about his backstory, Mavis hopes he'll be able to turn over a new leaf, though even she admits that is far too unlikely.
  • Mavis saw a lot of herself in Yuki Takeya, noting how they both imagined someone was still alive after their death (Mavis by unknowingly recreating Zera as an illusion, and Yuki by falsely perceiving the word as her everyday life during a zombie apocalypse). The girls got along splendidly with each other, with both sympathizing with the other for struggles in life. Mavis tends to hang out with Yuki and her friends during their spare time, coming to be seen as a Cool Big Sis to the club just like their teacher Megumi Sakura.
  • Ever since she heard about them in a fairy tale, Mavis had always believed fairies may exist, and it's one of the reasons she named her guild Fairy Tail. Because of this, she's absolutely ecstatic when she sees fairy deities in the Pantheon, as her childhood dream of seeing one finally come true. She's met and befriended the likes of Toothania, Tinker Bell, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Cosmo, Wanda, and even Fairy-type Pokémon. That said, she has also crossed paths with malicious fairies such as Maleficent, Airy, and the Fairy Godmother, so she is willing to fight against them if necessary.
  • Though she finds their world rather bizarre, Mavis does get along with the Twintailed Warriors, mainly because their pigtails remind her of Zera and Mavis' reason for naming her guildnote . She especially finds Souji as Tail Red adorable, much to his embarassment. She is all too eager to introduce them to Zera when Souji asks her (if only so he can see her pigtails) and wonders if fairies could have tails as long as the warriors twintails.
  • Dr. Henry Morgan felt sympathy for Mavis after hearing of her dilemma back in her world, knowing just what it's like to hate being immortal, and he was horrified when he heard what happened after Mavis had her first kiss with Zeref. He considers her curse of immortality to be far worse than his own, but he's glad that at the very least Mavis was finally able to end her immortality along with Zeref. Mavis is thankful for this, and promises to find a way to make Dr. Morgan mortal again.
  • After Mavis and Zeref passed away, what happened to them afterwards has become a source of debate. A year after her sacrifice, a girl named Mio appears at Lucy's award ceremony meeting a man named Ailos, both of them resembling Mavis and Zeref respectively, but having none of their memories. It remains unclear if they were resurrected without their memories, Identical Strangers, or simply a part of Lucy's dream. The fact they appear in Natsu's Personalized Afterlife further muddies the situation. Even Mavis and Zeref don't have the answer to that.
  • "Everything begins in the deep abyss of Magic. A Magic that unites it all, love. Love can cause miracles. And the love between the two that have been living with the curse have brought the highest level of contradiction. The more one loves, the more one will take away from another. This curse has taken my life from me, even if I was supposed to be immortal."

Lesser Gods

    Poppy and Branch 
Princess Poppy and Branch, Co-Gods of Magic Hair
Poppy (right) and Branch (left)
Click here to see Branch at the beginning of the film 
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their hair
  • Theme Song: Their cover of True Colors
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Branch used to have shades of True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Magic Hair (changing and prehensile), All Trolls Are Different, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl, Losing Color When Depressed, Pink Girl, Blue Boy
  • Domain(s): Trolls, Hair, Magic
  • Heralds: the rest of the Trolls
  • High Priestess: Lady Lovely Locks
  • Followers: Christopher Spectrum, Samantha Thing, Susan Sto Helit, the royal family of Idris, Corrina, Demiguises, Truska
  • Allies: Filia, Shantae, Rapunzel, Vol'jin
  • Enemies: Sellouts (like Peter Pettigrew and Wallace Breen), those who find happiness in doing evil, Archibald Snatcher
  • Dislike: Zul'jin
  • It was difficult finding candidates for Magic Hair, mainly because most of the ones who would've qualified already had other titles. But someone in the Court did manage to find someone; Princess Poppy of the Trolls (though much different from the traditional ones). She accepted the offer to ascend, but only if her companion Branch ascends alongside her, as she couldn't have gone through what she did without him.
    • What kind of magic can their hair pull off? They can control its shape as easily as an arm or a leg, can extend or retract almost instantaneously, and even change colors (for camouflage and more).
  • Applies to both:
    • To ensure that the disaster of the Bergen Chef abducting numerous Trolls 20 years after their kind's flight from Bergentown before forging peace with the Bergens doesn't happen again, the two immediately got to work on making friendships and alliances, Branch for access to defenses and warning systems and setting them up, and Poppy for diplomatic reasons and other political matters.
    • As fellow deities with Magic Hair, Filia (though Samson just scoffs at them), Shantae, and Rapunzel became fast friends with them, and the last of them happens to be a princess (in a sense) just like Poppy (though the little Troll has since become queen after making peace with the Bergen).
      • They (and some others) are also curious as to what the relationship status is between her and Branch, but neither wish to say.
    • Some vile members in the GUAE have taken an interest in the Bergens' desire to eat Trolls for happiness and plan on going from there since the Bergens have abandoned that ideal. Branch's devising of defense plans have been well-justified. A few have noticed this scheme and think the bad guys are treating the Trolls as pot or something like that, just like how some quacks think Jurassic Park-made dinosaurs think of humans despite the impracticaility of chasing one down.
    • Some people are confused upon being told that the two are trolls, given that most would assume them to be…bigger, even if not gigantic. Still, the representative god of it, Vol'jin, finds their actions commendable, though was critical about Poppy's lack of concern for security before the Bergen Chef abducted a number of her kind. At least that's what some of his followers who know him would think he'd say to them, since he's absent on his throne after his mortal shell was destroyed.
      • As for Zul'jin, he once insulted their kind by remarking that he hates having his hair touched and that it doesn't grant stinky wishes. As such, he's not well-liked by them.
      • And like every other troll, they don't like Archibald Snatcher for his desire to spread misery as he climbs the social ladder.
    • Sellouts of any kind are not tolerated, especially for Poppy, given how one of their own, Creek, did just that (betraying his entire race) to save his own skin. Special contempt goes to Pettigrew (for obvious reasons), though it's a mite complicated for Breen as his actions did give humanity a chance against the Combine, even though that's probably not what he intended.
  • Exclusive to Poppy:
    • As someone who wishes to grant happiness for everyone, she became very fast friends with others who have the same aspirations such as Pinkie Pie, Amélie, and Gentaro.
    • Had to eventually come to terms with the fact that there are those who really find happiness in doing terrible (and often unspeakable) things, especially those who love taking happiness away; she wants people to be happy, but never at the expense of another's.
      • She also fell sick for a while after reading a few pages of Brave New World, she didn't think happiness was capable of enslavement to it until now.
    • Broke into Tears of Joy from hearing about Madoka's tale and her ultimate sacrifice, and again but with more sorrow upon hearing of how Homura stipped her of her powers for Madoka's happiness (and safety). Poppy finds that sort of happiness as purely selfish and not the kind of happiness she wishes.
    • Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers note that she sounds like the former's sister Stacey Pilgrim.
  • Exclusive to Branch:
    • Those who have noted his ability in singing (especially during the Darkest Hour for the Trolls, where his song brought them all, especially Poppy, from the brink of despair) have nudged Branch to meeting Justin Timberlake. Given that he's finding allies to secure his and Poppy's temple at the moment, that's on hold.
    • As former cynics who have managed to find happiness again after first losing it as a result of lost family, Branch gets along with Manfred and Marlin, and can understand the latter's initial paranoia of needing protection becoming justified when disaster did strike.
    • Having lost his grandmother to Chef Bergen, Branch has a sore opinion on killers of parental figures (and parents) and sympathizes with those who lost theirs.

    Reinforce Zwei
Reinforce Zwei, Goddess of Pure Magic Beings (Unison Device, Rein, The Blessed Wind, The Tome of the Night Sky)

    Tear Grants 
Tear Grants, Goddess of Magic Through Understanding Lyrics (Mysterica Aura Fende)

    Triss Merigold 
Triss Merigold, Divine Protector of Magical Societies (Triss Merigold of Maribor, Fourteenth of the Hill, Merigold the Fearless, Triss Ranuncul)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Book On Fire
  • Theme Song: Now or Never
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Big Sis To Ciri, Head-Turning Beauty, Allergic To Magic Despite Being A Sorceress, Ms. Fanservice, Promoted to Love Interest, Older Than They Look, In A Love Triangle With Geralt and Yen, Hot Sorceress
  • Domains: Magic, Alchemy, Law, Fire, Healing, Leadership
  • Heralds: The Lodge of Sorceresses
  • Special Relationships: with Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Yennefer
  • Allies: Doctor Strange, Aerith Gainsborough, the Dovahkiin, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rose, The Ascended Members Of Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long), Kenshiro, Frank West, Yuna, Rydia, Alistair, Leliana
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, The Malum Magia, Doctor Doom, Garfield Lynns/Firefly
  • Opposes: Zeus, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland
  • It's a known fact that the Pantheon is home to many powerful deities who practice sorcery. With the ascension of Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg, the Pantheon can add two more to their number.
  • The Pantheon was sorely lacking a Lodge of Sorceresses. This is where Triss and Yennefer come in, as they were allowed to establish a Pantheon branch of the famed lodge with the blessings of the Main House.
  • Triss is part of an on-and-off again feud with Yennefer for Geralt of Rivalt. She has gained a lot of traction in the Love Triangle thanks to her expanded role in the games. This revelation has not helped eased tensions with the rival sorceress. It's a miracle in itself that both Triss and Yen don't try and kill one another.
    • Rather than to force Geralt to choose between the both of them, they both decide to share him. Geralt is all for the arrangement, so long as he stays out of the House of Love and remain loyal to the both of them. Geralt agrees to this arrangement.
    • Being the manwhore that he is, Zeus wanted to see if "the curtains match the drapes" regarding Triss. He is now banned from stepping foot inside her temple.
    • The same can be said for Gregor Cleagne. Unlike Zeus, he's not subtle when it comes to women, if what he had done to Elia Martell could attest to that. The two women also don't think so highly of Gregor's sworn lord, Tywin Lannister, more so for Yennefer, due to his being an abusive dad to his children. His mortal death by crossbow-bolt to the bowels was much well deserved in her opinion.
  • Frank West was delighted to find out Triss isn't shy about baring it all for the camera, as she posed for Polish Playboy in the past. She is one of his candidates for his "PERFECT EROTICA" shoot. As it turns out, Jiraiya has that issue. Triss was even nice enough to autograph it when he asked. Now there is a debate going on over who is the hotter redhead between Triss, Crimson Viper and Jean Grey.
  • Most would guess correctly that she uses fire magic based on her look. Few know that she is also a healer Triss tends to keep away from black magic, both due to fearing the implications of the technique and her allergies to magic in general.
    • Triss, on the other hand, has shown remarkable leadership skills within her lodge, as seen during the search for Ciri. Most agree that the lodge will be in good hands even with Yennefer's departure.
  • The lodge is the closest thing to a magical front for good sorcerers against the newly minted Malum Magia. Triss constantly looks for new recruits to combat against them.
  • Doctor Doom is also a major threat to her lodge. The ruler of Latveria would want nothing more to cripple the group poised to stop his schemes. Tris constantly consults the Fantastic Four in ways with dealing with him.
  • Triss is known as "Fourteenth of the Hill." This stems from her believing that she had been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill.
  • Triss has made a reputation for herself as a skilled healer, and she carries many magical potions on her person. Which is kinda ironic because she is allergic to magic elixirs and potions, and therefore can't use them on herself.
  • The ascended Hokuto and Nanto warriors had mistaken Triss for Mamiya, the warrior woman from their post-apocalyptic world, due to the red hair.
  • As Triss is a healer, she sees the potential in Yuna and Rydia in using their magic to heal. Both girls are considering not only membership within the Pantheon's Lodge, but also the thought of being apprentices to Triss herself.
  • Triss is well aware of Morrigan and Lilith's involvement with succubi in her world. She isn't pleased with the prospect of Geralt sleeping with them every now and then.
  • She may specialize in fire magic, but she will not tolerate those who fling fireballs just for fun. Those sorry lot get tossed away, likely into the arms of Firefly.
  • Alistair constantly brings up comparisons with his former teammate Leliana. They can at least share their disdain of her snide remarks about them. When Leliana eventually made it to the Pantheon herself, they were quick to make friends, though Triss was quick to establish boundaries as the bard sometimes have issues with that. Of course that also meant that she had a counterbalance against Yennefer with the arrival of Morrigan.
  • "I am the "Fourteenth of the Hill"! I am not a little frightened girl from a dark Maribor Tower anymore..."


    Max Dennison 
Max Dennison, God of Virgin Power (Mr. Dennison, Hollywood, Jerkface, The Great and Powerful Max, Airhead, Brave Little Virgin, Boris Karloff Jr., Wretch(es)note , Dude, Little Pest, Big Brother, Fool, Boy, Virgin)
Max and the Black Flame Candle.