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Markus: Heard something strange last night.
Bardin: That bottle of brandy probably didn't help.
Markus: No, I'm serious. I heard singing. Beautiful, it was. But wistful and... sad.
Bardin: Don't tell me the keep's haunted.
Markus: Maybe, but this wasn't no ghost. It was our elf.
Bardin: Kerillian? Never heard her sing. She saves her voice for insults.
Markus: It was definitely her.

Some characters can soothe raging men and beasts with nothing more than a lullaby. They can enchant the birds of the forest with but a chant, and spark a love interest's affections just by singing a verse or two. If any of these are the case, the character just may be in possession of a Beautiful Singing Voice.

As you might expect, the Beautiful Singing Voice trope describes any instance where a character is acknowledged in-universe as having a great singing voice, either directly or indirectly. The character may draw praise from fellow characters over their lovely voice, or they may succeed at some task that requires beautiful singing. In some cases, the Narrator may outright tell you the character has a talent for song, whether or not it's ever shown in the story itself.

This trope is commonly associated with The Ingenue and The Princess Classic, as many stories (especially those leaning towards the fantastic) use a Beautiful Singing Voice as an indicator that a character is kind, pure of heart, or a Friend to All Living Things. In those cases, there is likely overlap with Innocent Soprano. Yet this is just expanding Beauty Equals Goodness to include the character's voice rather than only their physical appearance. A melodious voice does not guarantee goodness by any stretch; many other stories have characters and/or creatures that have beautiful voices and yet are dangerous or downright evil — a perennial example being the Sirens of Greek and Roman myth.


Another common (though not essential) use of this trope is having it be a character's hidden talent, having it come from an unlikely source, or pairing it with severe Performance Anxiety so that it's rarely used. This is largely a matter of increasing the trope's impact; there's nothing particularly special or unexpected about a world-famous vocalist having an incredible singing voice, but it's quite a surprise when the local Shrinking Violet, Badass, or Homeless Pigeon Person can croon a tune with the finest.

Often a source of Love at First Note. Can be a source of Aroused by Their Voice in rare instances, but the focus here is on aesthetic quality rather than sex appeal. See also Non-Singing Voice and Singing Voice Dissonance for issues that come up while trying to use this trope in film. Contrast Hollywood Tone-Deaf, Cute, but Cacophonic, and Dreadful Musician. Not to be confused with the Gift of Song, when a song is literally given as a present.


In-Universe Examples Only — this is not the page to voice your personal opinions about singing voices, whether they belong to fictional characters or real people. There must be some in-universe indication that the character has a Beautiful Singing Voice, as casting directors tend to cast trained vocalists in singing roles even if the character's in-story vocals aren't intended to be anything special — an auditory version of the Hollywood Beauty Standards effect.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki surprises Yomi and the others when a karaoke session reveals she can sing (in addition to her other talents). Each of the girls remark on her singing voice, causing Sakaki to smile shyly and blush.
  • Suzu from Belle (2021) has a beautiful singing voice, but she's unable to sing at the start of the film since doing so reminds her of her mother's death. She realizes that she's able to sing in U as her online avatar Belle, and while she's initially criticized by the other users for her unusual rhythm and her freckles, her singing quickly becomes a hit in the online world.
  • In Black Clover, Kahono is noted to have one by Noelle and dreams of becoming an idol singer. Fittingly, she uses Song Magic and according to the Volume 14 Questions Brigade she has the best singing voice among the characters.
  • In A Bride's Story, Amir and Karluk enjoy singing together. Amir does praise his current singing voice, but whether or not that will still hold true after he goes through puberty is another matter.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo is a member of the school choir and it's repeatedly noted, mostly by Sakura, how lovely her singing is. So lovely in fact that two separate Clow Cards (Song and Voice) take an interest in it.
  • Teruhashi Kokomi in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., who has the ability to move her classmates to tears while singing karaoke, of all things. They then go on to tell her she should be a singer.
  • Kanon from Love Live! Superstar!! has an excellent singing voice, which is often noted by other characters. Keke even calls her "subarashii koe no hito", or "amazing voice person", before learning her name.
  • Mirajane from Fairy Tail, who gives performances at the guild and ususally mutiple encores.
  • In Macross Delta, every member of Walkure is known for this because of their work as a tactical sound unit essential for keeping the Var at bay. But its lead singer, Mikumo, particularly stands out for her especially powerful, deep, and lovely voice, to the point that everyone is surprised when Freyja is able to match Mikumo's intensity. Mikumo's singing prowess is later revealed to be derived from her true nature as a clone of the Star Singer, an immensely powerful being whose voice could resonate throughout the entire galaxy.
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun plays this for laughs. The choir club's mysterious "Lorelei", nicknamed for a mythical German siren, is a hauntingly good singer. However, people's romantic idealizations about who she is are instantly crushed when they find out that her real identity is the abrasive jerk Seo.
  • In My Hero Academia, Class 1-A is assigned to put on a show for the school's culture festival. When deciding who would be singing, the class is immediately blown away by Jiro's husky and powerful voice, planting her in the role of lead singer while everyone else would be doing stunts, instrumentals, and backup.
  • Karyoubinga is considered one of the most beautiful singers in the world in CLAMP's manga RG Veda. She's also a Too Good for This Sinful Earth Ill Girl who meets her end via Kill the Cutie early on in the plot.
  • Kato, one of Those Two Guys from Tanaka-kun is Always Listless is revealed to be really good at singing, enough that the typically lazy Tanaka deigned to give him a standing ovation. His voice apparently resounds in his listeners' hearts, even though he only sings Anime tunes.
  • Junko from Zombie Land Saga is noted in-universe for being an extremely skilled singer, which contributed to her status as a pioneer in the idol industry during the Showa Era. In episode 3 of Revenge, Ai and Sakura both find themselves enamored by her singing at different points.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In the original fairytale, Rapunzel is noted as having a beautiful singing voice that attracts the prince who would quickly become her rescuer. While Rapunzel can still sing during her portrayal in Tangled, the context is different. Her singing doesn't attract her rescuer, but it does cause her hair to glow, which enables her and Eugene to get out of a tight spot.
  • In some versions of the original fairy tale Sleeping Beauty — most notably the Charles Perrault version — the princess is given the gift of song by good fairies. This is one of the few details from the Perrault version that made it into the now-ubiquitous Disney version of the story.
  • Thumbelina, in both the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and its 1994 animated adaptation, is noted as having a gorgeous singing voice that attracts people to her before they even see her.

    Fan Works 
  • In the The Lord of the Rings fanfic The Games of the Gods, Rachel is a self-aware Parody Sue that doesn't actually want to be one. Among her ridiculous number of talents is, of course, a stunning singing voice.
  • In The Heart Trilogy, Kathryn is noted for having a stirringly lovely voice. The first thing that draws Smaug to her is her singing, and he captures her so she can sing for him. It's one of the few things that can calm and soothe him; he even believes her voice surpasses elven singers. She's also roped into singing for the royal court of Dorwinion.
  • In Bequeathed from Pale Estates, Lyarra Martell née Snow can reduce the most difficult audience to tears with her singing. It also lets Targaryen loyalist Monford Velaryon to identify her as Prince Rhaegar's surviving daughter, as she inherited her very distinctive vocal prowess from him.
  • In the Stardew Valley Game Mod, Ridgeside Village, the potential Love Interest, Alissa, is mentioned several times to have a beautiful singing voice, part of her character arc involves her getting enough confidence to perform. It is heavily hinted that she is actually half-mermaid which would explain it.
  • Spellbound: Fae love music and are supernaturally good singers. Marinette loves listening to Adrien sing, but he unfortunately has to be careful about doing it, because he's likely to accidentally charm people.

    Films — Animation 
  • Tanya Mousekewitz from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West launches into her theme song while doing chores. Her voice is so captivating that Cat R. Waul gets just one earful, and drops Fievel, who he was about to devour whole. Homing in on Tanya's voice, Waul cradles her in his hands, and immediately makes her part of his saloon's stage act, describing Tanya as "a diva." She has a similar effect on Waul's clientele.
  • This is the main skill of the eponymous Arlo the Alligator Boy. He loves singing, usually randomly breaking into a song number out of nowhere, or tends to lapse into song mid-sentence, to show how he feels about something. Bertie is captivated by it, while it often annoys Marcellus; it is even lampshaded a few times. What's helpful about it is Arlo is voiced by Michael J. Woodard, a former contestant on American Idol.
  • The Disney Princess franchise has its share of examples:
    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has the iconic scene where her singing attracts the birds and friendly woodland creatures and drives home the point that she's a Princess Classic who's a Friend to All Living Things, if that hadn't already been made abundantly clear earlier.
    • Cinderella is shown to have a lovely voice as all her bird and mouse friends will sit in silence just to hear her sing. One scene has Drizella's grating warbling during a music lesson transition to Cindy singing the same song much better at the same time while she's cleaning the foyer.
    • Sleeping Beauty has similar scenes where Princess Aurora sings to (and dances with) Woodland Creatures, and her voice is ultimately what draws Prince Phillip to her, but her Beautiful Singing Voice is Enforced as the "gift of song" was one of the three gifts given to her by her Fairy Godmothers at birth.
    • Ariel in The Little Mermaid has this as a central plot point. Her singing voice is the one thing Ursula takes away from her before turning her into a human. Later, her voice is the one thing that makes Prince Eric remember her as the girl who saved his life when he shipwrecked at sea.
  • While The Great Mouse Detective and Doctor Dawson visit the seedy seamen's pub, the rowdy patrons fall silent when the chanteuse Kitty Mouse takes the stage and begins "Let Me Be Good To You". They regain their raucous fervor after Kitty's tone-shift turns her act into a striptease.
  • Sing revolves around a struggling theater manager, who tries to drum up an audience via a talent competition. There are, of course, some duds, and some tolerably good prospects, but also some genuinely engaging comers: Ash the rocking porcupine, Mike the crooner mouse, Johnny the tenor gorilla, Rosita the sonorous pig, and Meena the glorious elephant. This talent pool is so good that the audience doesn't seem to mind that the theater is a shambles.
  • In a rather vicious parody of Disney Princess conventions, Princess Fiona from Shrek displays one in a duet with a random least until her ability to hold a note causes the bird to explode. She then takes its orphaned eggs and cooks them for breakfast.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, once the Ink And Paint Club has cleared the stage after the Daffy Duck versus Donald Duck piano duel, the place goes silent as Jessica Rabbit comes on, singing "Why Don't You Do Right". Except for a tiny exchange between Eddie Valiant and Betty Boop, nobody, neither human nor cartoon, makes a peep. Of course, the mostly male audience was Eating the Eye Candy, yet this wet bar club is library quiet during Jessica's number.
  • In Cats Don't Dance, Sawyer is known among her acting friends for her beautiful singing voice. However, due to the tough circumstances of her life, they note they haven't heard her sing in quite a while.
  • The Willoughbys: Jane Willoughby is acknowledged in-universe as being musically gifted, but her awful parents find her singing annoyingnote . At the climax of the movie, she sings to her brothers to comfort them after their parents leave them for dead on a snowy mountaintop. Her song is what ultimately leads to Nanny and Melanoff finding them, and Nanny calls her song "beautiful".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Chorus: Pierre Morhange. After Mathieu hears him singing by himself, he writes in his diary that his voice is a miracle and the rare promise of an exceptional gift. He appoints him to the choir, where he ends up becoming lead soloist.
  • In the animated/live-action hybrid film Enchanted, Giselle of the fairytale kingdom of Andalasia is an Affectionate Self-Parody of the old-school Disney Princesses, so she sings to her friendly Woodland Creatures and has Prince Edward fall in love with her just by hearing the sound of her voice. Even when she lands in New York her voice remains crystalline, as evidenced by the pests she is able to convince to work with her ("Happy Working Song") and the Crowd Song she is able to drum up ("How Does She Know").
  • In the film Camp Rock, the sound of Mitchie performing "This Is Me" attracts the interest of Teen Idol Shane Gray, and prompts him to conduct a camp-wide Cinderella-esque search to find out who the mysterious voice belongs to.
  • Making Waves: Joe is creepy and weird and says stuff like "We're going to the toilet" in an odd monotone when his mother tells him to use the restroom—Joe is in his forties. Yet he turns out to have a lovely singing voice, and he entertains everyone in the hotel bar at dinner.
  • Paris 36: Douce (Nora Arnezeder) becomes highly sought after once her beautiful singing gets noticed.
  • Played for drama in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane comments that a boy singing the national anthem before a football game has a lovely singing voice, but Bane is there to cause chaos and kill countless scores of people. It serves to undercut how Bane is a sociopath who doesn't care about how much damage he inflicts on ordinary people, nor about any sort of artistry, if he gets what he wants.

  • In the Earth's Children series of novels, The One Who Is First To Serve The Great Earth Mother (she has no other name) is considered the First in part because of her beautiful singing voice, which helps her to communicate with the spirit world.
  • Johnny Fontaine, with the blessing of The Godfather Vito Corleone, was chosen to sing at the wedding of Constanzia Corleone. Johnny is stated to have had a remarkable voice since childhood, which was furthered by Sister Immaculata.
  • Mavis from Malory Towers plans to be an opera singer when she grows up and is noted to have a lovely voice. She's quite a show-off in the beginning, but after temporarily losing her voice, she settles down and becomes much nicer.
  • In Mercy Thompson, Bran, the leader of the werewolves, is a literally legendary singer- he's over a thousand years old and immortal beings mention how much of an honor it is to hear a performance by him.
  • Erik, aka the The Phantom of the Opera, is stated that despite his hideous visage and disturbed mind, that alongside being a genius in pretty much every field of science and art, also possess the most beautiful voice of any person on the face of the Earth. Likewise, Christine, The Ingenue he takes under his wing, is chosen specifically by him for her serenely ethereal natural if untrained singing voice.
  • Irene Adler Norton is this, both in the Sherlock Holmes canon and in Carole Nelson Douglas' series of novels featuring her. She is an opera singer who had to retreat from public life for a time after her entanglement with the King of Bohemia, but she is actually depicted singing beautifully in both the Doyle story "A Scandal in Bohemia" and in Douglas' novels. Douglas' emphasis on Irene's atypical range seems to be a reflection of Irene's cheerful disregard for 1880s convention (working as a Pinkerton and as an inquiry agent for the Rothschilds, going without a corset in a Liberty dress, wearing men's clothing, smoking).
  • In Sirena Selena, what sets the titular character from all other drag queens around is her singing voice. When she is singing at wealthy Hugo Graubel’s party, the combination of her singing and her glamorous presentation transfixes all in attendance.
  • Star Crazy Me by Jean Ure has a couple of examples:
    • Carmen's voice is so good that a former opera singer notices her busking and becomes her singing teacher, despite Carmen being rather rude to her. The book ends with Carmen winning the rock music contest at her school.
    • Mrs. P, Carmen's self-proclaimed singing teacher. She recalls at one point when she was at school, two of the girls discussing who would get the part in a musical, but agreeing although she was the best singer, she was too ugly. However, she went ahead and got the role and became famous, even though she had no virtue but her voice.
  • There Is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns: Isanella is a bard so powerful, so connected to music, that merely introducing herself can send unprepared men to their knees. She makes sure to send people out of the room before she actually sings.
  • Played with in the novel Trilby, in which the titular character has a wonderful singing voice that launches her to stardom...but only when she's been hypnotized by the sinister Svengali. Free of Svengali's hypnotism, she's completely tone-deaf.
  • Played for laughs in the children's fantasy novel Which Witch?: Belladonna has a beautiful singing voice, it comes with being a white witch - she even causes birds to sing more beautifully than before, by just walking by.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A musician in Seven Swordsmen (a Chinese Wuxia television series), is noted as having a voice so beautiful "it would melt the snow on Mount Heaven." Even the people who hate him and want him to die for an ill-timed Good Samaritan moment want to hear him sing one last time before the execution.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles is shown to have a very good singing voice, much to the astonishment of the Scooby gang when they see him singing The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes."
  • In Emily in Paris, Mindy sings "La Vie en Rose" in a park for Emily. Unbeknownst to her, her powerhouse vocals attract a big crowd that applaud her by the end of the song.
  • Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul. At a karaoke night to celebrate Jimmy's McGill's admission to the Bar, Jimmy sees him looking depressed and decides to drag him on stage for a duet. Jimmy's terrible singing makes Chuck's beautiful voice stand out even more, before Chuck grabs the microphone, goes solo, and wows the crowd: Jimmy's plan to coax him out of his shell and cheer him up has worked.
  • In How I Met Your Mother, The Mother, aka. Tracy McConnel, is shown singing wistfully on the balcony of her hotel room, right next door to Ted's. As Ted informs his kids, the moment he heard her lovely voice, was when he began to fall in love with her, even though he had yet to meet her, let alone see her.
  • Rebecca from Ted Lasso is revealed in "Make Rebecca Great Again" to have a beautiful singing voice, and her best friend Sassy says she used to sing all the time before her abusive ex-husband put a stop to it. She later wows everyone when she sings "Let It Go" at karaoke.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Sirens of Greek and Roman myth were dangerous bird-human hybrid creatures whose voices and songs were so enticing, they would use them to lure sailors to shipwreck on the rocky beaches of their home islands.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Nomine: Israfel, the Angel of Music, has the most beautiful singing voice of any being alive, and her performances regularly move other angels to tears.

  • In the operetta The Firefly, the main character is spotted by a choral director who insists that this "angel voice" simply must be allowed to join his boys' choir. She's actually a girl soprano masquerading as a boy, but her singing only becomes more spectacular after that fact is exposed.
  • In Hadestown, the power of Orpheus' singing pleases Persephone and Hades, two literal gods, so much so that the couple is inspired to reconcile and the notoriously stingy Hades allows Orpheus one chance to rescue Eurydice. It also greatly increases Eurydice's attraction to Orpheus at the beginning of their courtship, making even her cynical heart believe that his song could heal the world.
  • In Into the Woods, Rapunzel's lovely yet haunting voice carries through the woods and is the only thing that can calm the Witch in the midst of her tantrums, and charms the Prince before he basks in her beauty.
  • The Phantom of the Opera: Christine Daae's voice is considered notably beautiful for an opera singer, a line of work in which this would be expected. Her voice is so lovely that the Phantom falls in love with her and kidnaps her.

    Video Games 
  • In Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, Sophie mentions how much she likes to hear Monika sing at church. Several of Monika's character events explore this talent.
  • Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After The Rain: Briella, as noted in multiple places:
    • One of the things Little Fairy can say when she's the character in the Start Screen and tapped, is:
      Briella's voice is beautiful! I want to hear her sing again!
    • When she's encountered singing in Balder, when all Senia just hears her voice, she thinks:
      What a beautiful voice...
  • In the iconic Opera House storyline in Final Fantasy VI, Celes successfully pulls off a plot to board Setzer's airship by pretending to be an opera star and allowing herself to be kidnapped. In the course of doing this, she actually performs "Aria de Mezzo Caraterre" — a song written for a world-famous opera singer — and does so without embarrassing herself.
  • Princess Garnett from Final Fantasy IX voice is also lovely, as Zidane is drawn all the way to the Castle of Lindblum, after hearing her ethereal singing her Lullaby.
  • Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2 is able to quell a near civil war in Spira all due to holding a concert. In the same vein Lenne, the spirit within the Songstress sphere, along with being a summoner during the war, was a very popular Pop Idol in Zanarkand.
  • Kate Alen of F-Zero X is a megastar pop diva known for her soulful vocals, as well as her powerful dance moves. She became an F-Zero racer, not as a publicity stunt but in spite of her success as a singer.
  • Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is noted as an excellent singer, with most of the series characters praising her voice at one point or another. It's so good, in fact, that the entire Animal Village drops what they're doing to listen to her sing, and this even becomes a plot point when Marin accompanies you there to wake up a particularly stubborn sleeping walrus.
  • Luna from Lunar: The Silver Star is known within her village for her extraordinary singing voice. In fact, a common trait across all of Althena's reincarnations is their incredible singing ability, which is why Ghaleon starts searching for Althena by kidnapping talented singers.
  • Yang from Lyrica is an aspiring musician whose talent lies in her powerful singing voice. She tries to learn other instruments, but due to her lack of skills in those area, she tends to mess up her beat, which hinders her singing from reaching its true potential.
  • Played with by Manuela Hidalgo in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. She really does have a lovely singing voice (which is even shown to soothe her mother Hilda—transformed into a B.O.W. by the effects of the T-Veronica virus—if she sings the lullaby her mother used to sing to her), but her singing causes Krauser to chastise her, as it'll bring attention to the group. The second time Krauser comments on her singing (this time during his perspective of the second and final battle with Hilda), he doesn't even note the quality of her voice, but the possibility that Hilda's strong reaction to the song was due to her previously being human.
  • In Phantasy Star Online 2, Quna is famous for her singing voice in her public identity as an idol, and hosts most of the concerts on the ARKS Ships as a result. Her concerts are always packed and met with thunderous applause. Even before becoming an idol, Haddred would always become docile listening to her sing. His first and last words are to ask her to sing for him again.
  • Sdorica has a couple of examples:
    • The mermaid Hestia, whose voice is reputed to make hardened criminals cry.
    • PAFF, a mysterious Idol Singer whose voice has made her a worldwide sensation, and for whom only singing brings any measure of happiness.

    Visual Novels 
  • The protagonist in Melody notes that the title character is an excellent singer upon hearing her sing for the first time. Justified in that Melody has loved music all her life.

    Web Animation 
  • Weiss Schnee from RWBY is known to have an amazing singing voice. She is introduced in the White Trailer singing before a huge audience, during which she has a flashback to how she obtained the scar on her face. While in Beacon, Jaune cites her amazing singing voice as one of the reasons why he's so attracted to her. During Volume 4, Weiss's father, Jacques, takes advantage of her talent to host a benefit in aid of Vale where she is the star performer, the purpose of which is to improve his company's PR in light of the global Dust embargo.


    Web Video 
  • Aquaman in Young Justice Abridged. Singing is an integral part of Atlantean culture, and their leaders are expected to be the best at it. Arthur sounds professional despite having no training, and his rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" is enough to prove to the Atlantean people that he's worthy of being their king.

    Western Animation 
  • Ritanote  from Animaniacs is a cat who sings in almost every episode she appears in, which is also lampshaded in the theme song. Runt tells her several times that she's a good singer.
  • Of all people, Batman is shown to have this in the Justice League Unlimited episode "This Little Piggy". The sorceress Circe curses Wonder Woman, turning her into a pig, but is not so petty as to not give Batman a chance to restore Wondy to normal. Her terms? Batman must sing "Am I Blue?" at the Amphitheater on Mykonos. His performance is so riveting and suave that it moves both Circe and Zatanna to tears. Thank you, Kevin Conroy.
  • Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is repeatedly noted for being a fine singer with a great voice, though she is absolutely terrified of singing in front of an audience. Ironically, she's more than willing to do things in front of an audience that she isn't even particularly good at — like stagecraft.
    • The episode "Filli Vanilli" has the Mane 6 discovering that Fluttershy has a beautiful singing voice, but while she enjoys singing in the company of her animals, she is terrified to sing in front of other ponies.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Sean doesn't get to sing much outside of rhythmically talking during song numbers, but when he does sing, everyone acknowledges that he's got talent. Sean apparently gets this from Singing in the Shower. Jet spends a good chunk of "Holidays in Boxwood Terrace" gushing over Sean's beautiful singing voice.
  • The Simpsons has several examples:
    • Ned Flanders in "Bart's Girlfriend". His singing is so beautiful that Bart thought it was the siren song of Jessica Lovejoy, the Manipulative Bitch he had a crush on.
    • The episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" shows that, of all the recruited members of Homer's band The Be Sharps, Barney has the most beautiful Irish tenor voice. Homer, Apu, and Skinner discover this by accident and immediately recruit him for the group, quickly propelling The Be Sharps into enormous success.
    • In "The Homer of Seville", Homer discovers that he has an amazing operatic singing voice — good enough to bring a flatlining patient back from the dead — but only when lying flat on his back.
    • In "Homer's Triple Bypass", Homer is shown singing "O Holy Night" as a soloist in a choir. Grandpa Simpson comments on how Homer's voice will make him rich... and then Homer suddenly hits puberty and his voice breaks mid-song, giving him the voice he has now.
    • In "My Fair Laddy", Groundskeeper Willie is shown to have a great singing voice after becoming a perfect gentleman. After his song "Longing for the Shack", Mr. Largo (who had become his replacement as groundskeeper) sings the final line, then tells him that if he had his voice, he'd talk-sing everything.
  • The Title Character of SpongeBob SquarePants has been shown to have a fantastic singing voice that other characters are amazed by, especially in episodes like "Ripped Pants" and "Band Geeks", which of course employs the use of Singing Voice Dissonance for comedic effect. But the episode "Choir Boys" shows that SpongeBob's normal singing voice is quite angelic as well, enough to enchant some jellyfish and make him qualify to join the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir, much to Squidward's dismay.
  • Being a parody of several Disney princesses, Ella from Total Drama is a Friend to All Living Things whose singing is liked by animals. On the other hand, some characters like Chris and Sugar find her tendency to break into a song annoying.
  • It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown features Mimi, a girl whom Linus meets while out rollerblading around the neighborhood. He is entranced when he overhears her singing, and after getting to know her, he's absolutely smitten. He can't get her voice out of his head.


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