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Greater Gods

    Epsilon (Mega Man
Commander Epsilon, God of Climax Bosses (Unknown Energy Manipulator: Test Model, Eject Epsilon, Ipsilon)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Rebellion Army's wings and blade insignia
  • Theme Songs: Epsilon, 1st Movement and Epsilon, 2nd Movement in action; Ancient Capital in command
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral in methods, Neutral Good in goals
  • Portfolio: Major Revelations Start Coming Before His Battle, Use of Force and Power For the Sake of An Ideal, Red-Eyed Imposing Black Reploid, Asskicking High Commander, Disc-One Final Boss, Unwitting Pawn of the Copy Generation, Posthumously Cleared of All Charges, Named After the Margin of Error, Eject Epsilon, Sole Survivor of Supra-Force Metal Testing, Visionary Leader of a Morally Ambiguous Rebellion
  • Domains: Leadership, Rebellion, Bosses, Power
  • Heralds: Ferham and Scarface (his Rebellion Cadre)
  • Followers: Aldrich the Saint of the Deep, Yhorm the Giant
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Sigma, Ultron, Vril Dox/Brainiac, The Master Computer Program, HAL-9000, SKYNET, Trazyn the Infinite, Roboking), Lumine, Dr. Weil, M. Bison, Senator Armstrong, The Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, The Infested
  • Respects: Dr. Thomas Light, Mega Man, Proto Man
  • Former Enemies: X, Zero, Axl
  • Opposes: Dr. Albert Wily, Dr. Gero, Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad
  • Opposed by: Mace Windu
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Charlie Nash
  • A group of experimental Reploids were once built at the Lagrano Laboratory on the island of Gigantis, also known as Giga City. Most if not all of them seemed to have gone off without a hitch, except for the most ambitious project of all. Epsilon, the test model for a Reploid that could manipulate a certain type of unidentified energy, gave some sort of error message. Whatever happened from there, he and his fellow experimental Reploids wound up gaining their freedom at the cost of the laboratory itself being in ruins, and Epsilon began to take on an ambitious project of his own: to replicate whatever happened with his creation in hopes of increasing the power of all Reploids to their maximum potential, as well as create an independent Reploid nation without human governance similar to Repliforce.
    • Unfortunately, the ensuing "Rebellion Army" that he and his Cadre would create found itself with a major problem. Their dangerous plans regarding the material known as Force Metal, and especially its amplified variant in Supra-Force Metal, made it very easy for them to fall into villainous tropes which betrayed their sympathetic intentions. Not only did they attract various unsavory dregs to their cause such as tyrannical prison wardens, mad scientists, and outright traitors, forcing them to tolerate despicable acts of war from their operatives towards Giga City, their best idea was to spread the metal out through a nuclear warhead, which risked causing most Reploids to go berserk by maxing them out beyond what they could handle.
    • Because of these things, the Rebellion were declared Mavericks and the legendary Maverick Hunters X and Zero were deployed to defeat Epsilon and his army. Through a long struggle, the Hunters faced down both the lowest of the organization's thugs and the most noble of its Cadre. While the latter finally caused X to question whether the Rebellion's true agenda was standard-fare conquest and dominion, it all still culminated with X shooting down Epsilon himself. And then the third reason for the Rebellion's Maverick status came into play. More on that below.
  • Epsilon turned up one day reconstructed in the Pantheon using his old parts, and discovered that his Hall of Glory now had another entrance, as the temple for the God of Climax Bosses. After learning how the Pantheon works, he figured out that someone used the way X only began to piece together the truth while directly engaging the Rebellion Cadre to get his reconstruction and deification authorized, then obviously had him rebuilt him fully intact. Though he's not at all certain who could've managed the latter.
  • Has long respected the Repliforce trio for being very similar to him in possessing a code of honor as well as lofty goals of forging an independent Reploid nation. Upon first meeting, both he and the giant General were a bit hesitant to fully trust each other, but once both realized the other was worried about manipulation by a nefarious figure, they opened up and got along famously. Epsilon has since also taken it upon himself to help mentor Colonel to deal with being questioned and Iris to handle tragedy so they don't flip out when said things happen.
  • Upon learning of his return in the Pantheon, the Maverick Hunters headed straight in his direction to confront him; however, as they were aware that he'd been manipulated in Giga City, they didn't immediately engage to fight. Once it became clear he wasn't looking for a fight either, they confirmed and explained in full the machinations of Colonel Redips: the commanding officer who deployed X and Zero turned out to be a copy chip "new generation" Reploid who'd manipulated the Cadre into desperate measures by labeling them Maverick early on, using the Hunters to eliminate them so he could steal the Supra Metal for himself. While Redips' plan succeeded, the Hunters still defeated him, and Epsilon's Maverick status was posthumously deferred to Redips. Grateful for the truth, Epsilon affirmed his respect to X, Zero, and Axl, but maintained he would still pursue his goals — and would like their help in keeping him honest. X agreed to this earnestly.
  • Though Epsilon sympathizes with Charlie Nash knowing what it's like to be betrayed by human government/military agents, Nash hesitates to trust Epsilon. The ex-Air Force captain looks at Epsilon and the Repliforce with respect for their military orders and goals of independence and maximizing potential, but is wary of trusting them for the same reason they were initially hesitant with each other. Along with this, though, Epsilon came to learn of M. Bison and immediately thought ill of the man. With his commissar appearance and purity of evil, it's possible the Shadaloo Dictator might have directly inspired the Hunters' treacherous colonel.
  • Was never a big fan of the copy-generation Reploids, especially since their plan involved crushing "old model" Reploids including himself, but after learning how he's been played by Redips into becoming a political Maverick, he has a special dislike for Lumine — the last copy-gen 'roid who tried a takeover plot and was foiled by the Hunters before Redips — and Sigma — whose DNA is responsible for the sociopathy of the copy-generation.
  • He is eternally grateful to Dr. Light for creating the first advanced androids in his universe, which eventually gave birth to Reploids and, eventually, Epsilon himself. He also respects Mega Man and Proto Man for being the start of it all. Dr. Wily, on the other hand, who often tried to corrupt the Robot Masters because he wanted to take over the world just to show up Dr. Light, is someone the High Commander finds contemptibly small-minded.
  • Similar to his objection with Wily, he considers Dr. Gero an abuser of power technology for wasting it all on his desire to destroy a single man as well as actually being an abuser of two human children converted into cyborgs against their will. Because of this he also has a special sympathy for 17 and 18, whereas the average human is more or less a complete stranger to him.
  • Epsilon is the first prominent Reploid designed with black humanoid features. Because of this, and his experience as a military commander, Vulkan took notice and approached him. While Epsilon would not join Vulkan's army due to his own goals for empowering Reploids, the two have come to an agreement to support each other when needed. Mace Windu, another black leader, is outright distrusting of Epsilon and in particular finds his ambitions and the methods he resorted to in Gigantis dangerous.
    • Conversely, it is Epsilon who thinks Amanda Waller's tactics are dangerous. Not the part about leading a team of operatives who are less than morally upright, but the part where he has no clue whether she's vetted for who among her subordinates could be considered trustworthy and made sure to position them closer to her side. He sees this as a major tactical gap on Waller's part that could lead to her army being taken over by one of its more sociopathic members, and so can't bring himself to support the Suicide Squad.
  • Was met by Harpuia after his reconstruction and found the Sage similar to his own personal Cadres, Ferham (in both skills and design inspiration) and Scarface (in attitude). He asked Harpuia to aid him in his quest to unlock the potential of Reploids. Harpuia gave him two conditions: no initiation of violent force against innocents of any kind, and no recruiting Mavericks. Epsilon agreed to these terms. Shortly after this Harpuia told him of Dr. Weil, the man whose hatred of Reploids almost distorted Harpuia's morality into helping destroy the future. The moment Weil tries to threaten their goals, Epsilon vows to destroy him.
  • The blade handle-like rods on his shoulders are actually restraints on his Supra-Force Metal powers. Once removed, they go into overdrive as he enters a second phase called Eject Epsilon. It works so well he effectively has to be beaten twice to stay down. The ones on his head, however, don't seem to serve any such function.
  • Has recruited Green Biker Dude to the cause, lauding GBD's Ride Chaser skills as an example of how ingenious Reploid engineering can be. Harpuia's loyalty to X was a big part in convincing GBD to come on board. Later, when they learned that the heroic scientist of Harpuia's time had ascended, Harpuia took Epsilon to meet with Ciel. He offered to research Force Metal as a possible solution to Neo Arcadia's energy crisis in exchange for her help with his resistance, making sure to explain what happened in Giga City so as to alleviate her concerns. She accepted his offer, establishing a new Cadre of sorts.
  • While it was always the plan for the movement to transition from a mere advocacy and research group into a true resistance against tyranny, as well as expand its focus from Reploids and their progenitors to all androids in the Pantheon, Epsilon, Ciel, Harpuia, and GBD all knew that they had to move faster on that plan thanks to a sudden surge of crimes involving machine villains. So while Sigma and Ultron commandeered a merging-of-worlds plot involving the Marvel Universe and Capcom Multiverse as well as started a mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon, with heroes including the Hunters stepping in to stop them on both fronts, the four gathered and reorganized their group's operations to fit the group's new goals.
    • During this time they also brought in Harpuia's brothers Phantom and Fefnir, who came with blessings from certain allies, including X himself, as well as their first non-Reploid member Lambda-11, who was recommended by Aigis after she had to turn down the invitation of Harpuia due to her duties with the Shadow Operatives, mainly in return for receiving proper failsafes against the Sigma Virus. Thus, following the defeat of Ultron-Sigma, the gang of eight announced the creation of Liberion Arcadia in the House of Justice, complete with a futuristic military base connected to the members' temples via teleport terminals.
    • While the likes of Repliforce, Proto Man, Grimlock, and Bass ultimately declined or didn't respond to invitations they'd received, a white-haired android girl approached them one day, claiming she had been considering the idea of forming a group just like theirs when she discovered the existence of Liberion Arcadia in the Pantheon and now she wanted in. After demonstrating her skills and explaining that she had been built to combat machine invaders, Epsilon and crew accepted 2B.
    • Per the deal with Labrys and Lambda-11, the antivirus failsafes became standard procedure for all non-Reploids who joined the team, including later newcomers Quote and Curly (who accepted invitations from Epsilon himself), ICEY, and presumably 9S.
  • Companies such as Corpus and Desperado began going after certain Liberion Arcadia robots in order to take them apart, study them, and use them to advance their own technological interests, namely Corpus Proxy units and war weapons respectively. These corporations' approaches to freedom and dedication to moving forward come across as twisted even to him, so while he respects them to a degree, he stands against them alongside the rest of his team. He's even fought with Steven Armstrong on a number of occasions, usually being overwhelmed after a long while by the Senator's nanomachine-powered physical assault before putting up a greater fight after getting back up in Eject mode.
    • 9S's hacking and teamwork with 2B is a key part of the Commander's strategy to take these forces down as they continue to come after LA. Sombra, who tried to hack into the team's systems but was stopped by 9S and was forced to retreat following a rescue from her fellow Talon associates, can attest to this. It's also a large part of the reason Fairy Leviathan was finally able to ascend, giving Liberion Arcadia the full force of all Four Guardians.
  • Epsilon may or may not be plotting to, when he gets the chance to, bring in Ferham, Scarface or both of them to aid him again. He's a bit more lukewarm on Botos, however.
  • Has taken note of the Technocyte Infestation which seeks to consume absolutely everything into its hive mind and are very much capable of hacking androids. Along with Ciel, he is working closely with the Medical Division of the Grand United Alliance of Good to help develop a reproducible cure for this horrible virus.
  • "I will not run from this fight. For I know that this bridge must be crossed to achieve our ideal. They will tremble before the power…of Epsilon!"

    Jeanne (Bayonetta
Jeanne, Goddess of Mirror Bosses (Cutie J, The Platinum Knight, The Silver-Haired Knight, The Last Heiress of the Umbra Witches)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her four guns, All 4 One, crossed together
  • Theme Song: Red and Black, Blood and Darkness when the gloves are off
  • Alignment: Originally Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil when she was brainwashed by Father Balder (actually Loptr), now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fighting Similarly to the Main Character, Being Fought Multiple Times, Providing a Great Challenge Early On in the Game, Fighting with Absolute Perfection, Being Extremely Difficult to Defeat, Dark Action Girl, Drives Like Crazy, Badass Biker, Wielding the Angel Slayer, Brainwashed by the Main Villain, Jeanne d'Archétype, Having a Day Job as a High School History Teacher, Cussing Like a Sailor
  • Domains: Boss Fights, Challenges, Darkness, Magic, Demons
  • Followers: Kojack, Ninetails, Prince Vorkken, Captain Blue, the non-ascended members of Star Wolf
  • Allies: Bayonetta, Queen Sheba, Loki, Rodin, Father Balder, Gene, Jack Cayman, Valerie Frizzle, Dante Sparda, Aikuro Mikisugi, Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Boa Hancock, Sparda
  • Rivals: Vergil, Azel, Trish
  • Friendly Rivalry: Jotaro Kujo
  • Enemies: Jubileus the Creator, Loptr, Dio Brando, Enrico Pucci, Mundus, Dark Link
  • Hero-Worshipper to: Jeanne d'Arc
  • One particular evening at the House of Gaming, someone noticed that the position of being the God of Mirror Bosses had not been taken. Bayonetta, of all people, appeared and suggested that her good friend Jeanne, the last heiress to the throne of the Umbra coven, could ascend to the Pantheon and take the position. After making her case to the Court of the Gods (possibly in more ways than one), the Court decided to invite Jeanne to the Pantheon so she could prove her worth. Jeanne made her entrance in a rather spectacular fashion; she appeared out of a demonic portal in front of the entrance to the Pantheon, riding her motorcycle at high speed. She caused a great amount of property damage before Bayonetta stopped her bike.
    • After a heartfelt reunion, Bayonetta and Jeanne were quickly sent to the House of Fighting and Combat so the Court of the Gods could judge Jeanne's worthiness of the title, via a battle between her and Bayonetta. Though Bayonetta won in the end, Jeanne put up a great fight, providing a spectacle to everyone that was watching. The judges noted how similar Jeanne's fighting style was to Bayonetta's, and because her strength was on par with hers, they deemed Jeanne worthy of the title, properly ascending her to the Pantheon.
  • She has formed a rivalry with fellow PlatinumGames god Azel, due to their statuses as the resident Mirror Boss and The Rival to the heroes of the games in which they appear in. She also formed a similar rivalry with Vergil, which in this case was also bolstered by the fact that their worlds share the same creator and, while separated by company, are effectively considered to be part of an unconfirmed Shared Universe. Her battles against him get rather heated, since they both wield katanas.
  • She has formed a much more friendly rivalry with Jotaro Kujo. Both of them often spar with each other in the House of Combat. These sparing matches always result in a massive Pummel Duel between Jeanne's Wicked Weaves and Jotaro's Star Platinum.
  • Her temple within the House of Gaming is custom made to resemble her home in Vigrid, complete with a hallowed out arena, where the moon always shines, regardless of the time of day. She occasionally invites her friends to her temple to have a sparring match with them in the arena, where she usually has the advantage, thanks to her Witch Walk ability that is granted by the moon's light.
  • Jeanne became rather fast friends with Aikuro Mikisugi and Ms. Frizzle, since they all work as school teachers. Ms. Frizzle is rather interested in the history of Jeanne's homeworld, and hopes to plan a field trip to Vigrid one day. Aikuro admires Jeanne's strength, as well as her willingness to provide Fanservice.
  • One day, Dark Link randomly started attacking Jeanne while she was passing by the House of Otherness. The two got into a heated battle, fighting each other while trying to be as perfect as possible. Jeanne ended up winning the fight, but Dark Link hasn't given up on beating her in combat one day. His supposed reason for fighting her is because of their similar roles in the games in which they first appeared in.
  • Jeanne holds the other Jeanne, AKA Joan of Arc, in high regard. Jeanne admires d'Arc's devotion to her country, and Jeanne claims that she based her own devotion to the Umbra Witches on d'Arc's actions. d'Arc feels very flattered by this, and the two became good friends.
  • Jeanne was quite shocked to see Father Balder in the Pantheon, while still being possessed by Loptr, no less. She, along with Bayonetta, spent a long time working on finding a way to free Balder from Loptr's corruption. With help from Loki, some friends of Bayonetta's, and even a couple of Devil May Cry operatives, they were able to finally lure Loptr/Balder into a climactic battle, force Loptr out of Balder, and fuse Loki and Loptr back together to reform Aesir. That said, in order to preserve humanity's freedom, Aesir still has to periodically separate into his two halves. Whenever this happens, Jeanne looks forward to speaking with Loki, and having Loptr fed to Gomorrah as its divine dinner.
  • Barged in on Dante and Bayonetta's DEATH BATTLE! to assist the latter, rescuing her from Trish's motorcycle charge. The four clashed for a while before the non-official combatants took off to fight each other on their own. Trish was bisected by Jeanne before being blown to pieces. Unfortunately, the next time Jeanne saw Cereza the latter was physically beat and not in a good mood, having lost to Dante in their Death Battle and then immediately set out to take her frustrations out on a small army of angels.
  • Some think that she first encountered Vergil in an ancient city called Fortuna and is in fact the mother of Vergil's apparent son Nero. When questioned about this, she initially pointed out that Vergil being the boy's father wasn't a proven fact yet, and during the time she supposedly visited Fortuna she was under Balder's control, so anyone declaring her the mom is just jumping the gun. When it was later confirmed by Dante that Nero was in fact Vergil's son, she lost that defense, and the rumors started anew, once more to her annoyance. To make matters worse, based on one particular incident Dante either really believes she's the "lady in red" that birthed Nero or he simply enjoys trolling Vergil with the idea. Jeanne and Vergil still for the most part view each other as sword-fighting rivals, but their acquaintanceship is now at least more cordial thanks to Nero's influence and Vergil's acceptance of his human side as V, with the Dark Slayer coming to relate to the Platinum Knight's pride in her heritage.
    • As for Nero himself, Jeanne has taken quite the liking to the young man after several encounters with him as their differing "crews" met. While Nero's job is to hunt demons in contrast to the Umbra Witches primarily targeting angels, both appreciate that their duties help protect humanity from being oppressed or overwhelmed by either opposing element from the Trinity of Realities. More importantly, their steadfast attitude towards befriending outcasts, defending those they care about no matter the cost, and flouting any rigid customs they find unreasonable, has created a fast kinship between the young devil hunter and the Umbran heiress as they've joined together in poking fun at things they both consider stupid.
    • According to the many who believe that Jeanne and Cereza are actually more than just friends, this all raises the potential for a personal battle between Vergil and Bayonetta. The two witches haven't commented on the matter of whether their relationship comes with benefits or not, but Jeanne and Nero have agreed that a fight like that would be a waste of time if nobody's getting paid for it.
  • Further continuing things with the family of Sparda, the original Dark Knight himself finally found his way to the Pantheon after decades of having gone missing and being presumed dead, complete with his wife, the Umbra Witch Eva, in tow as his Herald. She and Bayonetta were both shocked to see him, but Sparda too was surprised and pleased to know that there were any surviving and active Umbra Witches in the modern era, as he believed they'd all been wiped out. After explaining the circumstances, both Bayonetta and Jeanne requested a contract with him, but he politely declined, stating that his wife was the only one for him.

Intermediate Gods

    Angela and Roland 
Angela and Roland, Dual Deities of Boss Rushes (Angela: AI, Library Director, The Pale Librarian | Roland: The Black Silence, Intruder, Servant, Lapdog, Friend, Roleg, Orlando, Hedgehog)
Angela and Roland
Angela in Lobotomy Corporation 
The Black Silence 
  • Intermediate Deities.
  • Symbol: The Library itself.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Formerly Neutral Evil. More along the lines of True Neutral nowadays.
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonists with Aesop Amnesia until the climax, Dueling Player Characters, Dark And Troubled Pasts, Mirror Characters, Cycle of Revenge, Denizens of a Crapsack World
  • Domains: Cycles of Revenge (formerly), Books, Libraries, Forgiveness, Redemption
    • Angela only: Artificial Intelligences, Time Loops
    • Roland only: Mercenaries, Widowers, Weaponry
  • Special Relationship: The Abnormalities, Lobotomy Corporation (especially Angela)
  • Heralds: The Assistant Librarians (shared with the Patron Librarians)
  • Allies: The Sephirot/Patron Librarians, Sasuke Uchiha, Chimata Tenkyuu
  • On Speaking Terms with:
  • Enemies: The Reverberation Ensemble, Sweepers, Wan Shi Tong, Chaos Insurgency, Alice (Bibliomania), Big Brother, O'Brien, The Four Libertines, Captain Beatty, the Dazzlings, the Music Meister, Courtney Gears, the Necrodancer and the Golden Lute
  • Pities: Homura Akemi, Subaru Natsuki (Angela)
  • Avoids: The House of Musicality
  • Avoided by: Pinocchio, Nano Shinonome (Angela)
  • Observed by: SCP Foundation
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Global Occult Coalition, Marisa Kirisame, The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • Subject of Conflicting Opinion by: Guy Montag
  • The Wings of the World are a group of 26 mega-corporations that govern the City. One of them, Lobotomy Corporation, was a company whose specialty was providing energy extracted from mysterious monsters and entities dubbed Abnormalities. Dubious to be sure, as with any Wing, but the story doesn’t end there. You see, the company’s origins began with one woman's dream: To cure the disease of the mind that exists within all of humanity that lived in the City. This dream belonged to Carmen and it was a noble one, but such a thing didn’t come with its share of death and tragedy. Despite this, the dream wasn’t dead. One person, Ayin, was still hellbent on fulfilling this goal to end. From instigating the Smoke War and founding Lobotomy Corp to illegally creating an AI that was based on Carmen named Angela and trapping himself and his colleagues in a hellish time loop, Ayin was determined to see through this goal even he himself had lost sight of it. By the end, it seemed that the fruits of their labor would be repaid, but Angela chose to hijack the Seed of Light for her own ends. Many tried to stop her but ultimately the light shone halfway while she used the rest to create the Library.
    • Enter Roland, a low-ranked Fixer who somehow found himself in the Library’s corridors. After nearly getting himself killed by Angela, she decided to repurpose him as a Patron Library to “receive” Guests who enter with the Red Invitation. The terms are simple: They are to fight for their lives to get the things they want. Win, and get the books they needed most and leave the place alive. Lose, and become a book yourself that gets offered to the next set of Guests. The Library started out receiving lowlifes and nobodies, but as their threat level increases so too does the reputation of the Guests they receive, and the resulting conflicts would contribute to shaking the City to its very core. Eventually, Roland would reveal his intentions of betraying Angela just as she was about to reach her goals, though after a brutal fight the two would decide to bury the hatchet with Angela deciding to complete the Seed of Light for real, though Roland pulled her out before Angela could fade away without a trace. Eventually, the Heads of the World sends their Agents after the Library and while they are fended off the Library is ultimately evicted into the Outskirts.
  • The two were nominated by Pantheon under the trope of Boss Rush due to being the center of the Floor Realizations. In place of the Abnormalities, however, Angela and Roland with the respective E.G.O.s are fought instead due to the Library forcing them into a violent meltdown. Fully realizing the potential of the floor is important enough, but the Abnormalities serve as Allegorical Characters to their respective traumas that vary depending on the floor, and their suppression is integral to finally moving past them. Angela and Roland soon took their place after stumbling on a mysterious door that led to the Pantheon. The two of them were surprised that awaited them was not the barren Outskirts, but a more lively-looking landscape. It was there that a group of strange people who looked completely out of place from one another appeared and explained the Pantheon’s deal and how they’re both gods now. The two were naturally skeptical, Roland had half a mind to ask if this was some cult rubbish, but the group left with them the knowledge that in the case of the Pantheon neither of them are bound to the Library. As they would find out for themselves, they certainly weren’t lying about that.
  • The Library was formed from the remains of Lobotomy Corporation’s main branch and is actually Angela’s E.G.O. While the invitations give the impression that the mysterious building hidden behind fog was a bastion of knowledge, city folk knew it as a death sentence to anyone who went inside. As it turns out, the Guests aren’t dead but merely suspended while their memories and knowledge become books when their simulated bodies, and it is by Angela’s deliberate will that this occurs rather than simply killing them. As a part of her decision to spread the Seed of Light, the Guests are to reawaken from their slumber. Since the Library’s expulsion, the place has since closed, but Angela has plans on reopening one day. When it does, it will be under a new system following her goals of redirecting her wrath against the Head while deciphering why they perpetuate such suffering in the first place. For now, the beckoning corridors remain closed off to anyone else.
  • Despite that, there are deities in the Pantheon who would decide to try to raid it anyway. The first few attempts have Angela simply kicking them back out at the snap of her fingers. However, those who prove to be persistent enough are thrust into the old system of being put in stasis while replicas of them are forced into Receptions with the Library's Assistant Librarians and undergo an actual Boss Rush. If they're unlucky, they would also have to face any number of the Sephirah, and even Roland and/or Angela themselves. While they're put to sleep, the defending Librarians get all the tries in the world to defeat the simulated copies and are ensured a victory. When the replicas expire, they turn into books for the Library, and the originals are reconstituted shortly after outside of the House entirely and have nothing to show after what happened. As more and more people try their hand at stealing from them, the Librarians only have an easier and easier time defending against them with a wider arsenal of new Pages at their disposal. Angela has contemplated posting a list outside depicting all who have fallen as a deterrent to future raiders. There's also speculation that a few nutjobs are sympathetic to keeping the Library safe and are deliberately offering it their Pages for this purpose.
    • Of course, The Library was something of a hot topic among the gods in the House of Knowledge. Wan Shi Tong, an ancient spirit who closed off his library due to his disdain surrounding his knowledge being used for war, was skeptical about the building. It deliberately offers its knowledge even to those with ill intent, though given the Library’s track record it is effectively a place to “die” (or in some cases, a place to dispose of others). The battles it holds were stepping stones for Angela to become human, and the building’s existence caused its fair share of strife outside its walls. Overall, Wan Shi Tong looks at the two with disdain.
    • Owing to the place’s connection to the Abnormalities, and the fact it was established on the remains of Lobotomy Corporation’s main branch and its Nest, the SCP Foundation has placed the building under observation, though the Librarians are otherwise free to go where they please due to the Court’s insistence. The protection part is due to other factions such as the Global Occult Coalition, who wish to the building demolished for the mess it caused the City, and the Chaos Insurgency, who desire the knowledge it potentially still has for their own exploitation. Neither Angela and Roland are not fond of the two of them because of this.
    • Aside from the Chaos Insurgency, others also seek to acquire the books for their own uses. Marisa Kirisame wants some books under the belief they might be useful one day, while Alice seeks to assimilate more knowledge in her pages and found the Library’s original methods similar to her own. Whether that succeeds or fails, the Book of Truth seeks to transcribe the Librarians, and potentially the rest of their world if she finds a way. The two see Marisa as a kleptomaniac (and her failed attempts to raid it have given them very useful Pages for their Librarians, including the Master Spark) while Alice is a genuine threat.
    • The existence of the Library caught the attention of Guy Montag and Captain Beatty, who hail from a world where, among other things, books were deemed dangerous and had to be put to the torch by firemen. In the Library’s case, the books were literally dangerous as they not only tempted others to go inside and meet their ends, they also served to empower the Librarians that await inside as they draw power from both Guests and Abnormalities alike. Montag was horrified that books could be used in such unbelievable ways, though he was informed that the Head Librarian there seeks to move away from the practice and concentrate their efforts towards oppressive, dystopian figures. While he can put support a motive like that, he still remains a bit mixed. Beatty, meanwhile, was furious and sought to use the past actions of the Library against them.
  • The two having free reign to go pretty much anywhere wasn’t the only surprise the Pantheon had in store. In addition to being able to draw from an Abnormality’s power anytime they pleased despite the status of the Library, they would also find out those some entities have already made themselves at home in the Pantheon a long time ago. They were concerned by their presence, but the Court of Gods clarified that while Abnormalities are liable to ascend as gods like them, the entities are to be contained and watched over by several deities. Even if they were to cause a ruckus, the Pantheon has some tough people in their ranks as well. For the most part, the two decided to leave the matter alone though Angela had requested that they shouldn’t get exploited like back in Lobotomy Corporation. She says this as someone partly sympathetic to the fact they were trapped in the main branch’s time loops as well, and the fact that their origins can be traced back to humanity whether they were spawned from their collective trauma or as former humans themselves.
    • Several Abnormalities seem to bear a resemblance between existing deities in the Pantheon. Given the state of the City and its people it should probably come as no surprise they’re far darker compared to their traditional counterparts. Of course, all of them are creeped by this knowledge though thankfully their Abnormality counterparts aren’t running around in the Pantheon.
  • However different their lives are, they’re more alike than not in the end. They’re both bitter individuals who sought revenge against the suffering they faced, and while the injustices against them are horrible they ultimately don’t have a good reason to carry out their respective acts of vengeance seeing as how the direct causes of their suffering are long gone (and in the case of Roland, already slain by his hands). Their journey to take revenge also actively caused more pain towards other people than actually alleviating their own. It also took a lot for the lessons to actually sink in. They share this connection with Sasuke Uchiha, who is very much infamous for the destructive path of revenge he went on that took many, many, many tries until he finally had that epiphany. Sasuke meanwhile can relate to the anger Roland felt when his wife and child perished from the Pianist and understands anger stemming from that cannot be easily let go, especially since Roland had no other living family member in his life by that point. He was also quite surprised by the literal millennium of pain Angela endured only to receive zero compensation from it.
  • Given the two’s current relationship with the Head, neither of them care for the other dystopian tyrants and their underlings. Angela has no problem expanding her wrath against the likes of Big Brother, O’Brien, and The Libertines. In the case of the latter, Angela finds that their depravity is the reason they do what they do “disappointing” as she expected something more than people no different to some shameless scum from the City’s Backstreets.
  • One of the most infamous Distortions the City has ever faced was a being known as The Pianist. Once a down-on-his-luck musician, his despair and subsequent Distortion in the Backstreets of District 9 killed around 80% of its population before being slain by Roland. Even after its music was silenced, it still cast an ugly shadow that affects the present as it not only has a following in the Musicians of Bremen recreating the song for personal gratification but also motivated helped motivate Argalia to perform his own dirge to enlighten the entire City and its people. Its music is also awfully reminiscent of an Abnormality, The Silent Orchestra, an ALEPH-class whose performance is nothing short of apocalyptic if left to its own devices. The two, mainly Roland, are naturally suspicious of any deity who utilizes music in a less than artful matter. While their use of music isn’t as destructive as the Pianist or Silent Orchestra, they’re still not too fond of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the Dazzlings, the Music Meister, Courtney Gears, the Necrodancer, and the Golden Lute. While the Piper is scorned for being refused compensation, the rest are outright villains.
  • Angela only:
    • The former AI secretary of L Corp’s main branch and current director of the Library. She was intended to be like Carmen, a fully desperate move done by Ayin despite her very existence blatantly spitting in the face of the City’s laws and values, but she wasn’t like her. Consumed by his grief, Ayin couldn’t bear to look at Angela and simply handed the AI her “script”. Under the vain hope of being acknowledged if she did well, Angela readily accepted her tasks but soon comes to realize the grim reality of her occupation. In compliance with the “script”, Angela was forced to not only refuse to look out for the employees but also actively be callous and cruel to the Sephirah to invoke emotional meltdowns. And if she were to make any meaningful progress, she would have to follow it by the letter.
      • 10,127 years, 5 months, 17 hours, 28 minutes, and 48.521 seconds passed in the facility’s time-enclosed space while 10 years, 3 months, 4 hours, 45 minutes, and 12.852 seconds passed outside. And in that time while Ayin and the Sephirah were able to face some manner of closure by the end of it, Angela was left with no such catharsis as their end approaches. Her desire to live soon overtook her as she chose to hijack the Light for herself to live on and spite her creator. The conflict led to the creation of the Library and while initially at a loss on what to do Angela began to follow the Invitations suggested by the voice of Carmen, her original, to lure people to the Library so she may find the “one, complete book” that will let her become human and finally leave. As she continued on she began to have second thoughts about following through with her revenge and freedom which finally hit her after a vengeful Roland made an attempt on her life. Seeking to atone, she allowed the Tree of Light to properly flourish at the cost of her desires and it would be repaid by Roland not only forgiving and defending her but also saving her from fading away into the Light as well.
    • Angela’s decision to sacrifice her chance at freedom to properly make amends for what she has done when she came so far wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one that she alone made herself. Not Ayin and his script or Carmen’s suggestions and whim, it was her own choice. Thus, she was genuinely surprised to have this wish of hers granted upon ascending anyways. And in a place that wasn’t as terrible as the City, her freedom actually means something in the Pantheon. While it’s not her focus anymore, and she still cannot accomplish half the things she wanted to do as a human being, she still finds enjoyment in the Pantheon anyways. When she’s not managing the Library, she’s up for learning about the many other stories in the Pantheon.
    • Several comparisons can be drawn between herself and GLaDOS, most notably the both of them being cruel and callous administrative AIs who originated from former humans (though, the latter was a case of Brain Uploading). For the most part, Angela doesn’t mind GLaDOS, though she had to admit her continued tests involving Atlas and P-Body have her concerned. With that being said the two test robots don’t seem to mind their situation and better them going through GLaDOS’s trials than flesh-and-blood humans.
    • As an AI, she has many sophisticated functions that separate her from normal human beings. The most notable is her slowed perception of time and ability to remember anything but due to being put in L Corps’ time loop, this became more of a curse. While around 10,000 years passed inside, it felt more like a million years from her perspective. Part of the benefits of becoming human was to escape from this which she did, if only for a little while before giving it up. She’s also Made of Iron which also slowly faded away as the Library progressed, though this was exploited near the end. Lastly, she can decipher any speech so long as it takes the form of a language. This ability is redundant due to nearly everything being translated between gods, though its use has come up every now and then. She’s pretty proud of this one feature of hers.
    • Manipulation of the flow of time isn’t limited to a corporation’s technology in the Pantheon and that includes the looping of a specific point of time. Homura Akemi has willingly undergone such a "Groundhog Day" Loop to save Madoka Kaname while Subaru Natsuki has it as an ability that activates every time he dies. While they both retained their agency, unlike Angela, they still suffered through them, including the powerlessness of the people around them dying repeatedly. For that, they both have her sympathy, even accounting for all the things Homura did for Madoka’s sake. To quote a friend of hers:
    Angela: “Desire knows no end and has no limitation. Once you had a taste of it, it comes in like an unstoppable wave.”
    • For a long time, Angela desired to become human. Pinocchio and Nano Shinonome, a puppet and Robot Girl respectively, also dreamed of becoming human themselves with Pinocchio eventually achieving it while Nano soon became content regarding her nature thanks to her friends. The two are rather uncomfortable at the lengths Angela went to achieve it though they admit it’s not without reason given the pain she endured, though she eventually dropped it to atone for everything.
      • Mary, a person who originated from a painting, was desperate to escape even if it meant ditching people in the Fabricated World or resorting to murder. Unlike Pinocchio and Nano, she doesn’t see anything wrong with what Angela did. In fact, Mary was actually saddened she was forced to give it all up though was glad that at the very least she’s free to roam the Pantheon. While not spending time in the Library and Roland isn’t with her Mary can be seen showing Angela around the Pantheon. While it may look like the Library Director is annoyed by her insistence at dragging her around Angela hasn’t outright refused the thoughtful gestures from Mary either. If anything, she genuinely appreciates it.
    • Ayin intended for Angela was intended to be a copy of Carmen, to be part of his life once again while he continued striving for her goal, but he was unable to accept her. Ironically, she ended up resembling him by the end of it. In a place as far and wide as the Pantheon, it has its fair share of copies themselves AI or otherwise (neither of which is acceptable by the City’s laws). Of them, she managed to acquaint herself with Lea who had trouble with being a copy (which she wasn’t even aware of originally) before settling in as her own person. Conversations between them tend to be one-sided, though oddly Angela doesn’t mind it.
      • The same cannot be said for Sophie, a clone of the original White Witch who was betrayed by the very people she protected. Certainly, what the witch when through was horrific and unfair, but Angela cannot look past her current allegiance to the Germanian Empire. Thus, she bluntly refused when Sophie tried to appeal to the AI with the witch leaving and planning to seize the Library for their own use. Of course, if Sophie and her allies were to do that they would have to compete against the SCP Foundation, the GOC, and Chaos Insurgency, who already have an interest in the place. Thus, doing so now would be poking at a hornet’s nest. And even if they did manage to infiltrate the Library the fact is that if they lose, which is very likely, the Librarians reap the abilities and equipment of Sophie and her allies.
    • Having endured a brutal time loop within Lobotomy Corporation, Angela has 10,000 years worth of perfect memories that Szilard Quates wishes to assimilate. He claims to do so in the name of science, but Angela is quick to call out his horseshit like everyone else. Setting aside the fact she is a machine, there is also the problem of getting close to the Head Librarian to assimilate her as she’s fully capable of defending herself. Even with his immortality, Angela has ways to off him that don’t involve physical means.
    • "To be responsible for my own decisions and deeds… That’s what being human is about, isn’t it? Even if the burden is heavy, I will bear it and move forward. It may be sorrowful now… yet I’ll find myself happier next time.”
  • Roland only:
    • On the surface, Roland looks to be your run-of-the-mill everyman, at least in the context of the City. Easygoing and pretty casual, even as a Fixer who’s used to dirty business and that entails such an occupation and as someone who lost his wife and unborn child to a collapsing house. As with everyone, however, there’s far more to people than that. He isn’t a washed-up nobody as he claimed, being a veteran of the Smoke War and a former Grade 1 Fixer of Charles’ Office. Left cold and cynical from his experiences in the Smoke War and what he saw, he one day met the love of his life: A Fixer named Angelica. While working together they eventually grew close and Roland opened up to her and later down the line they decided to tie the knot. They began to settle down to raise their kid for a while, but Roland was called away for another job by a friend. While he wasn’t there, however, tragedy struck in the manifestation of a Distortion known as The Pianist back home. Roland came back and slew it, but it had already killed Angelica and their unborn child. Enraged, Roland went on a bloody rampage across to City against anyone whom he suspected was behind the phenomenon that took everything from him. His antics got him demoted, but an opportunity presented itself when a Fixer known as the Purple Tear offered him a lead: The Library.
      • When the clues pointed to Angela being responsible he bided his time just so he can crush her dreams and kill her himself, even if it meant eventually facing old faces. He did, however, genuinely become friends with Angela during this time and was also left with hesitation at pursuing the road ahead of him. Faced with the lessons he learned during his meltdowns as well as Angela’s decision to forgive him and change of heart he reciprocated the gesture and finally put his anger behind him. He’d not only genuinely become her friend from that point forward, he’d also support her in atoning for actions and going against the Head.
    • One important clarification has to be made about Roland: Though he bears the signature gloves and once wore a black mask, he is not the Black Silence. His late wife, Angelica, was the Black Silence. Color Fixer or not, however, Roland was still a skilled Grade 1 who, while not the Operator of his Fixer Office, was considered the leader of the other Fixers there anyways. It can also be said he unofficially inherited the title after his wife’s death, though didn’t matter to Angela or anyone else by that point.
      • And speaking of, the mask he used to wear 24/7 wasn’t just any ordinary mask: It has perception-blocking properties that masked the user’s presence, and in a crowd the wearer would essentially disappear, blending in as a random passerby. In short, it makes the user anti-memetic. The use of the mask is actually where the misconception of him being the Black Silence came from. As Angelica was the actual Black Silence she was also the original user of the sound-muffling, Hyperspace Arsenal gloves before being inherited by Roland later. Before that, he only wielded his personal longsword called Durandal.
    • While he doesn’t work as a Fixer anymore, that didn’t stop him from meeting with other notable mercenaries living in the Pantheon. For example:
      • Several people have drawn comparisons between him and the Magus Killer, Kiritsugu Emiya. While an argument can be made, one has to stress the difference between their worldviews: A cynic who is ultimately an idealist versus a bitter nihilist. Both through hell and did some awful things and have a lot of blood on their hands as a result, though Kiritsugu did so for under The Needs of the Many while Roland did so because that’s how the City functioned and later in the name of blind vengeance for his wife and unborn child’s death. If the men met in the past somehow, they likely would have ended up in conflict. Not so much in Pantheon, though, thanks to Kiritsugu deciding to quit and becoming The Atoner on his final days and Roland chilling out and moving past his vengeance to help Angela atone and support her thereafter. As such, they’re not hostile to one another and are able to converse sometimes.
      • Roland also talks with Byleth Eisner, a renowned mercenary-turned-teacher at Gareg Mach Academy before being dragged in a war spanning a continent and its three nations. Like him, they’re for the most part stoic and this demeanor gradually crumbles (though this characteristic is mainly attributed to external means). Byleth also faced loss and even had to face their former students and colleagues no matter what choice they picked, though unlike Roland this was unavoidable. Byleth was shocked Roland put up with facing former colleagues and even his best friend, Olivier, in the name of personally taking revenge on Angela. His insistence on going down such a path reminded them of Dimitri, one of their students who was slowly consumed by his hate against Edelgard. Thankfully, Roland was able to back out before he completed it and let it consume him, and allowing Angela to atone meant the Guests would slowly come back.
    • Sometime during his time in the Library, he let Angela in on a surprise that he planned to reveal in the end. Following the Library’s expulsion into the Outskirts and Angela’s insistence at bringing it up, he sheepishly admitted he always wanted to write a book about the City and its people. The reason why he never completed it was that he didn’t have any confidence in his own skills and was embarrassed about someone like him sitting down and writing in the first place. Thanks to Angela and the other Patron Librarians’ assistance he managed to get it done (and as it turns out, it’s the art book for the game).
    • Some deities remark the similarities between him and Van. Both are orphans turned famed swordsmen dressed in black who are on a single-minded crusade to avenge their loved ones. However, with that being said Van has conflicted opinions surrounding Roland. This can be mainly attributed to the massacre he went on after slaying the direct perpetrator of his misery. To say nothing of him willingly participating in the Library’s killings just so and he alone could take revenge on Angela just as she was about to fulfill her goal. Having said that, since Roland lives in the City, not all of Roland’s victims were the shining definition of innocent either, even if they had nothing to do with his wife’s death. The same can be said of some of the Library’s booked Guests. And in the end, Roland’s time in the Library wasn’t without guilt and regret as he ultimately didn’t go through it in favor of allowing Angela to atone while fending off Argalia, and the Blue Reverb’s demeanor and goals of ending the City’s “loneliness” reminded Van of the person who killed his wife, the Claw. For now, Van’s content with keeping an eye on Roland’s future actions.
      • On his end, the former Fixer admits Van’s analysis is spot on and doesn’t find distrust unfair seeing as how he explicitly promised Angelica he wouldn’t blame and go on a rampage if anything happened. Roland was genuinely surprised that Van didn’t completely lose it since tragedy struck on the day of his wedding. On that Roland admits he’d rather not meet the Claw Van is familiar with since, sharing the name of the Head’s class of agents aside if he’s anything like the “Blue Sicko” he’d be better off not breathing the same air as him. Roland has had enough of that for one lifetime.
    • Though one wouldn’t know it, Roland is a pretty good cook and he, in his words, can cook quite a “kickass pajeon”. He can be found in the House of Food to hone his skills. He’s also quite glad the House has a Hall dedicated to Alcohol and every so often he goes there to get absolutely sloshed. Whether at Moe’s Tavern or Valhalla, it doesn’t matter to him. He tends to be around the likes of Barney Grumble, Captain Haddock, and Drinky Crow during his drunken stupors.
    • Thanks to his experience with the Pianist Distortion, Roland doesn’t have fond memories involving the instrument. Ironic considering that all of his themes incorporate pianos with his Floor Battle and Realization themes while in Gone Angels it takes center stage. That being said, he has nothing against musicians in general and he is in no position to tell pianists like Kousei Arima and Kaede Akamatsu to stop. For their part, they find Roland’s situation horrifically tragic and are shocked that music can become something so destructive in his world.
      • He also tends to avoid the House of Musicality whether he can considering his family’s lives were lost in the Backstreets of District 9, the so-called streets of music. Again, he has nothing personal against many of its denizens (provided they don’t start something first or use music for ill purposes) it just brings up some bitter memories. Given his growth after letting go of his revenge against Angela, it's not as serious as it sounds. One trip to the House involved Roland having to bail someone out form the Mad Piano since that person mistook it for an ordinary one. One swift bop to the cover with a Wheels Industry Greatsword and the piano’s would-be victim was able to escape. The piano doesn’t like him because of that.
    • Once Roland heard about a deity named Astolfo who had long ascended before Angela and himself and had thought about confronting an old friend again. Likewise, Astolfo heard a god named Roland and was looking forward to doing the same. Upon meeting face to face the two immediately realized their confusion and after some conversing for a bit the two decided to part ways.
    • "I'm thinking of following my good pal along the path taken as she pleases. Making sure to take a good and long look at the things around me this time."

      Angela: ...Alright. Shall we write a book together this time Roland?
      Roland: It would be my honor, Miss Director.
      Angela: Wrong, try again. You should by now that's not the way to address me, don't you?
      Roland: Sounds good to me, Angela.

Cackletta, Goddess of Shielded-Core Bosses (Geragemōna, The Great Cackletta, Mistress Cackletta, Bowletta, Cackletta's Soul)
Cackletta's Soul 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess or even Overdeity if possessing someone powerful like Bowser
  • Symbol: Cackletta's eyes
  • Theme Songs: Cackletta, the Fiercest Foe, Fawful & Cackletta, Time to Settle This!, Showdown with Cackletta!
  • Alignment: Alternates between Chaotic Evil and Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Wicked Witch, Ambiguous Gender as Bowletta, Bat Out of Hell, Big Bad, Cognizant Limbs, Dark Action Girl, Shielded Core Boss, Death from Above, Deader than Dead, Killed Off for Real, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, Demonic Possession, Disc-One Final Boss, Final Boss, Forgotten Fallen Friend, Greater-Scope Villain as Fawful's boss in Minion Quest, HP to One, Master of Disguise, One-Winged Angel, Our Ghosts Are Different, Playing with Fire, Portable Hole, Sequential Boss, Shock and Awe, Sore Loser, Summon Magic, Take Over the World, Turns Red, The Unfought in Minion Quest, Xanatos Speed Chess, Ominous Pipe Organ, Evil Laugh, Scary Teeth, Regal Ruff
  • Domains: Evil, Witchcraft, Disguises, Magic, Laughter, Possession, Planning
  • Followers: Emperor Ing
  • Allies: Antasma, Melkor, The Wicked Witch Of The West, Frieza, King Cold, Maleficent, Marx, The Incubators
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship: Fawful (Her former toady)
  • Fears: The Lich, Lord Tirek
  • Pities: N, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Banned From: The Great Treasury
  • Not much is known about Cackletta’s past. What is known, though, is that she became the bean witch she is today after somehow losing her mind.
  • Cackletta’s ascension was relatively quick once Melkor took notice of her and how persistent and cunning she was. Cackletta escaping death and obtaining a much more powerful soul form kind of sealed it for him though and he organized her ascension.
  • Has Woohoo Hooniversity as her temple, at one point having completely converted it into her lair along with Fawful by invading it themselves and turning others into monsters.
    • Speaking of Fawful, the first thing Cackletta did upon ascension was search for him. Once she found him, she learned that Fawful had become a major threat in his own right by stealing the Dark Star, conquering both Peach’s and Bowser’s Castles, brainwashing his minions, absorbing some of the Dark Star’s power and even hiring a toady of his own in the form of Midbus. To say she was impressed by this was an understatement. She respects that Fawful is independent now and doesn’t seek to have him under her thumb again. They still meet from time to time, at one point even realizing that they both met their demise inside Bowser’s body.
    • Little does Cackletta know, Fawful secretly resents her and is only going along with these meetings because of his current amount of allies being fairly small. He plans on cutting any ties with her once he has more allies.
  • Has appeared in the Pantheon as a bean person. Cackletta is currently trying to find a way to change into her soul form at will in order to possess others without having her body destroyed or getting help from others.
  • Likes laughing. A lot. Cackletta usually does this while riding in her flying chair and even uses her cackling to taunt others.
    Cackletta: “Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!”
  • Banned from the Great Treasury as she kept trying to steal the Dragon Balls and Quillgin’s Box time and time again. She sees them as artifacts similar to The Beanstar and wants them to further her goals of taking over the Pantheon.
  • Mario, Luigi and Bowser were absolutely livid to hear she ascended. Bowser for taking over his body and Mario and Luigi for obvious reasons. Bowser’s hatred for Cackletta intensified when he learned that Fawful once worked for her.
  • Dhuum hates her for cheating death and technically doing it again by ascending. Cackletta always leaves clones to fight in her place when Dhuum goes after her just to mess with him.
  • Like most Nintendo Deities, Cackletta has a very bad relationship with Galeem and Dharkon for what they did. The witch hates Galeem much more than Dharkon for turning Fawful into a spirit.
  • Made fast friends with the Wicked Witch Of The West. This is due to them both being evil, green witches that love taunting their foes. This doesn’t sit well with Dorothy and her friends.
  • Is a master of disguise, as evidenced by her impersonation of Lady Lima, even appearing to be the same size as the latter when in reality Cackletta is much taller.
  • Cackletta is not afraid to get her hands dirty. When Mario & Luigi stormed Woohoo Hooniversity and Fawful was temporarily incapacitated, she took matters into her own hands and fought them herself. This is something that has carried over to the Pantheon. She is also known to be one of Mario’s most cunning and intelligent foes. Usually learning from her mistakes and adjusting her plans to the current situation at hand.
  • Makes speeches before going into battle. Some examples are:
    Cackletta: "I'm going to knock you all the way back to the Mushroom Kingdom!"
    Bowletta: "My new country has no need for old superstars! It will do just fine with only one: The Great Bowletta!'
    Cackletta's Soul: "Are you still conscious? Ugh. You're a persistent pair! I shall dispose of you quickly, and then eat you for lunch!"
  • Pisses off the SCP Foundation as she can turn living beings into monsters, though it is unknown how she did this. Likely through magic.
  • Reminds Banjo & Kazooie of Gruntilda and has found herself being opposed by them.
  • Frieza likes her for her sadism and cleverness and Cackletta feels the same way about him. She fears his power though and treads carefully when working with him.
  • Is actually a good ally of Marx and is likely one of the only beings in the Pantheon the jester wouldn’t betray. This is because they both share the same goal: to make a wish and become powerful enough to rule the Pantheon. Cackletta has been taking countermeasures just in case.
    • Gets along well with Antasma for the same reasons. Their alliance is strengthened by their mutual hatred of the Mario Bros, Peach, and Bowser.
  • Frighteningly enough, a number of deities have mentioned how Bowletta may very well be one of the most dangerous foes Mario has ever encountered. Reasons being that Cackletta had her magic and cunning, Bowser’s minions, strength and techniques and her own unique abilities gained after the possession. Cackletta isn’t confirming their suspicions, nor is she denying them.
  • Gets along well with Maleficent. Both are evil witches who sought to use people pure of heart in order to accomplish their goal. There’s also the fact that both Cackletta and Maleficent are powerful, cunning and skilled in magic. Both of them realized this and became allies.
  • Once encountered The Lich and was killed, though her soul survived and she tried to possess him. Unfortunately for her, this resulted in a Mind Rape that had Cackletta fearing for her life. She now tries to avoid the Lich at all costs. She also stays far away from Tirek’s temple as she does not want her magic stolen. Not that Cerberus would grant her entry anyway.
  • Many theorize what would happen if she turned a Puella Magi into a monster. The Incubators are quite interested in this and Madoka Kaname, The Magical Girl Sisterhood and Homura Akemi are all taking precautions so that the worst doesn’t happen.
  • Despite her clever planning, Prince Peasley was able to figure out her plans and warn Princess Peach. It is unknown exactly how he did this, but it is possible that Cackletta had been terrorizing the Beanbean Kingdom longer than originally thought. Though, due to how well executed her plans were, this might possibly be the sole reason her plans failed.
  • Despite being a Master of Disguise, Cackletta can’t see through them.
  • Is strangely protective of Fawful. Anyone who attacks him has earned her wrath. She loathes the Child Abuse Supporters for what they have done, but learning of the actions of Ragyo Kiryuin and Ghetsis Harmonia caused her to fly into a rage. Stopping the depravities of the Child Abuse Supporters is the one thing that she will actually team up with Bowser for, which says a lot considering that the two of them thoroughly despise each other.
  • Many wonder what would happen if Cappy tried to possess her. Cackletta has stated that even she doesn’t know. Mario and Cappy aren’t taking the chance in case it backfires. Also, Wario and Waluigi hold a very petty grudge against her for attacking the Beanbean Kingdom, a land that was making a movie about them. Cackletta could only apply her hand to her face.
  • It is unknown how Cackletta was able to command Bowser’s army as Bowletta, as when possessing him, his body looks entirely different, even sporting a pair of breasts. It is possible that Fawful brainwashed them. This is supported by him brainwashing some of Bowser’s troops in Minion Quest. Among the brainwashed would include the Koopalings. Bowser Jr, the Koopalings, Kamek and Bowser’s Minions all have a hatred for Cackletta.
  • "The moment when all the world will bow down to me has come at last..."

    The Doom Hunters 
Deag Ranak: "I thought you'd appreciate the sentry I chose. The great Agaddon Hunters from the Telos Realm, though long thought to be extinct, created to hunt only the Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusade. Some improvements on the design have been made; enjoy what is undoubtedly my finest work."

The Doom Hunters, Demonic Weakened Bosses (Agaddon Hunters)
  • Demonic Being (Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: The cybernetic head of one Doom Hunter
  • Theme Songs: The Doom Hunter, Doom HUNTED
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Agaddon Hunters brought back from the dead through cybernetic means, gained upgrades similar to a hover tank, uses a plasma shield around its body, rebuilt into mindless cyborgs and later modified by Deag Renak to become much stronger, large amounts of weaponry including two machine guns, lock-on rockets, a fireball launcher and a chainsaw, not so much as hunters even after the Slayer wiped their entire species, hits fast even after losing armor, actually originated from Earth
  • Domains: Demons, Cybernetics, Bosses, Hunters, Terrestrials
  • Allies:
  • Deity of Interest to: Trazyn the Infinite
  • Similar Deities with: Kracko, The Twins, Umbrella Tyrants especially Nemesis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Khan Makyr (as with the entire Forces of Hell)
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer (primary target), Commander Shepard, Ash Williams, Tony Stark, Kronika and her creations, Samus Aran, Serious Sam, Lo Wang, Duke Nukem, the rest of the Imperium, the Taken
  • Opposed by: Braniac, Dr. Wily and majority of the House of Machinery and Technology
  • Hell knows no bounds when it comes to the huge amount of forces it is composed of, and add technology into the mix, more variations of Hell's forces start popping up. Of course, this was one of the main ideas of Hell Priest Deag Renak when he got a relic of old fossils belonging to an extinct species known as the Agaddon Hunters, hunters who have been tasked to hunt down the Slayer and the rest of the Night Sentinels during the unholy crusades. Years later, and he managed to recreate the species, and some help with technology, created a new demonic being, one reborn of flesh, modified with cybernetic enhancements, and a renewed purpose to hunt the Slayer once more: the Doom Hunter.
    • Unfortunately, such being was not enough to protect the Hell Priest the moment the Slayer entered his realm, and even with three simultaneous Doom Hunters, did it not impede the Slayer's progress. Since then, the Doom Hunters plop in various areas with the Slayer's presence, often acting as a barrier with other demons, but as they say, the hunter becomes the hunted and the Doom Hunter is one amongst the prey for the Doom Slayer.
  • When the Slayer was on his usual day murdering demons, he noticed that the Archvile was summoning something big and was guarded by a Marauder and a few Tyrants. Knowing something bad would come out, he ripped and teared his way to the Archvile, but the summoning was complete and the Slayer found himself in a four-way fight between the Archvile, Marauder, a single Tyrant and the summoned demon, revealed to be the Doom Hunter. The rage the Slayer got from this boosted his anger and further blasted the demons away. Unfortunately, whether by luck from the outer gods or Hell's way to piss him off, the Doom Hunter ended up becoming a part of the Pantheon, all because of an Archvile summon. As for his demand to put the Doom Hunter off the Pantheon, the Court of the Gods couldn't abide his request and so came another month of pure rage by the Slayer killing demons over and over until he took a rest. This is not the end of his rampage, and so does Hell's forces.
    • The demonic forces of Hell roared once more when more forces arrived, and the other demons are willing to cooperate together, when it comes to not hitting each other by accident. In the case of the Doom Hunter, it cares not for the other demons it is in, it is in the battlefield for one purpose only, killing the Doom Slayer as the title suggests. If anyone get in its way of its target, chances are it will be killed by the ongoing shootout. The response the Hunter got after its ascension was an unholy screech that finalized its arrival. Now he is one of the few demons the Doom Slayer will have to take care off for the rest of his Pantheonic days.
  • Devil lords and all have took sights into the magnificent creation of the Doom Hunter; a marvelous merge between flesh and technology with some hellish powers to boot. To many demon lords, this is a wonderful creation to keep but others have noticed its combat capabilities are left much to be desired. That hasn't stopped other deities from capturing one and modifying it to their standards. As a result, numerous Doom Hunters with various changes to weapons exist, some making it better, while others have made it worse.
    • Azmodan took a large interest into this super-heavy demon, possibly integrating it into his army to increase his strength. While the Doom Hunter has not much authority outside of killing, the other minions of the Lord of Sin are in awe of this creation, as the numerous array of weaponry outclasses any of Azmodan's soldiers. He is thinking of mass-producing more but without any knowledge on how technology works, he can only hold a handful of them, and hopefully doesn't end up being broken down by the Nephalems, or worse, The Doom Slayer.
    • It has a natural ally with Dis, as the literal Devil himself, which it cares not for the technology it wields, so as long as it is a demon while the entire Demon's subhouse is welcoming to this thing to arrive within its premises, and other demons have taken a liking for all the mechanical enhancements it has. The Inkwell Isles Devil even managed to hire a few Doom Hunters as his personal bodyguards especially if rascals like Cuphead and Mugman persist on his domain, to which he'll gladly shout open fire to the fools.
    • There was a special visitor that attended the machination's presence, when this creature, Ridley, heard that his species' hunt for the Doom Slayer can be an effective tool for his own gain. That was when it thought of an idea: to use the Doom Hunter's weaponry against Samus Aran. This alongside the Hunter's rise of its species, means that this would make it harder for her to fight it, until it realized Samus' weapons were plasma, a weakness to the shields it possesses. With that realization, it made itself an easy target to not just the Slayer but to Samus, and potentially anyone who possess plasma weaponry.
  • With the ascension of it in place, the forces of Hell have enough demons to recuperate and launch an assault towards not just the Doom Slayer but on everything it sees. For a demon with a huge amount of firepower, many saw it to be disappointing and not even worthy of the title as it often goes down with ease. Then again, this is the Doom Slayer we are talking about, so of course the Doom Hunter would get ripped once again, there is a reason why he made their species extinct in the first place.
    • In regards to fellow demonic beings, it is basically a tie between it and the Cyberdemon on the title of Most Cybernetically Enhanced Demon. Whereas the Baalgar demon has technological armor and weaponry such as an Arm Cannon, the Doom Hunter is 20%-30% flesh and 70%-80% modified weaponry, with numerous weapons to boot and a shield, plus hover upgrades. The one difference is that a.) the Cyberdemon is more powerful than the Hunter and b.) it is much bigger in size. The one thing both unfortunately face is that their kind, Baalgar-class and Agaddon Hunters are on the brink of extinction again because of the Slayer and they are next on his list.
  • It seems that the Doom Hunter is not alone in the list of bosses turned regular enemies and in the case of the former, it has suffered tremendously as it lost the Ice Bomb immunity, making it much weaker than the initial three Doom Hunters that were first encountered. It seems that Deag Renak must have forgotten to add that to the rest of the Doom Hunters and inadvertently made them weak, must have been a missed foresight on the Hell Priest. And to make it worse, the creator of it seems to have lost faith on his creations, especially when it starts getting damaged badly.
    Doom Hunter: CRITICAL DAMAGE!
    Deag Renak: Useless machine! ATTACK!
    • First on the list of similar bosses was a cloud being that has faced Kirby multiple times. Much like the Doom Hunter's origins, the two have been in existence for quite a long time, though the Hunter ended up getting extinct thanks to the Slayer and was reconstructed upon his return. In terms of power, the Doom Hunter cannot kill it, as it is a cloud, while Kracko's attempts to kill it were very few and far between, until it started to unleash stronger cyclones against it. The result was a temporary loss of the Hunter's sled capabilities and more disappointment amongst its demonic peers.
    • The second was on a twin of eyeballs that managed to to catch the attention of it. While Spazmatism's fire did barely anything towards the Hunter, Retinazer did the trick as its laser beams disabled it's shields, prompting a retreat. The only reason why the Twins did not go for the kill was some sort of robotic connection between the two forces.
    • While the third did not directly attack it nor was there a battle, but rather there was a comparison of sorts between it and the Umbrella Tyrants, which can be pointed on their massive enhancements and their role as hunters for certain targets. The most interesting one was pointed to Nemesis, a Tyrant who was programmed to kill and take down any members from S.T.A.R.S, a similar connection between the species and the Doom Slayer, even after being revived from extinction and that there are very few left of their species, though there has never been more than one Nemesis. Then there is also the fact that their last forms result to both being faster to chase their targets before being killed. Some have pondered how a fight between one Doom Hunter and Nemesis would result but no one is willing to risk the humongous damage the two will create upon fighting.
  • Having similarities to a Necron Destroyer wasn't enough for Trazyn the Infinite to convince him that the Doom Hunter was worth a spot on his collection at Solemnace, rather it was the fact that it is a once extinct species and that scores points for the Archaeovist to capture one, which he did. As he was watching the being in his new collection, a sudden surge of Hell's forces stormed Trazyn's security and freed the Doom Hunter away with the Phaeron fleeing the scene until they all left. Since then, he has been eyeing on capturing one but is planning several countermeasures for a guaranteed success without being stormed again, like the last time he captured a Tyranid Warrior and got Solemnace overrun by Tyranids.
  • While many admit that it facing the Slayer, the same person who made the very species extinct in the first place, is a death sentence to itself, against other people will it easily triumph. Do not underestimate it, as anyone who probably isn't on the same level as the Slayer will have a harder time fighting it, unless they bring high caliber weapons. That hasn't stopped certain deities reaching into its sights, out of killing others just to study, adapt and use new strategies against the Slayer, by testing to other deities to see if it fits.
    • It all started with an certain N7 Commander who started getting traced by the Doom Hunter. First encounters with it, were huge, as it towered most of the crew and was hard to take down, even with shots from different sides. Suddenly, the commander, Shepard shot the sleds of the Doom Hunter and it malfunctioned, forcing it to flee and return with two more Doom Hunters. Seeing this threat as not related to the Reapers, it will take time for the N7 Crew to adapt to the new hellish menace.
    • Further expanding its targets, it started aiming against one-man armies similar to the Slayer as a form of target practice. Duke Nukem, Serious Sam and Lo Wang just had experiences with monsters like the Doom Hunter and that was the key to them being able to defeat it with some difficulty. Since non of them were able to acquire plasma weapons, the three had to focus on spreading lead and explosions against it until it died. More presence of its species intensified and forced the trio into constant retreat, being pursued by numerous Doom Hunters while nearly running out of ammo. Realizing they had attracted the large waves of hunters, they decided to call help and with the help of both Shepard and Samus, stopped the horde. That was when they realized the Doom Hunters have not only spread out from hunting the Slayer, they're slowly adapting and are using other targets.
    • These targets expanded further, as it sought more strategies and targets in order to capture its targets for biotic study to enhance Hell's Forces. Ash Williams was caught by one of it as his chainsaw clashed with its own bigger chainsaw, giving it the win against him and Kronika's own children have started becoming hunted by the Doom Hunters as a form of finding new biotic targets. While interference from Kronika was inevitable, she realized that if the Doom Hunters and Marauders are spread out around the Pantheon, the Khan Maykr is not far behind, and possibly the Icon of Sin, making the fight against Hell an inevitable possibility.
    • There are times however when it took a hunt beyond its capabilities and bit off more than it can chew. At one point, 3 Doom Hunters were found within Imperium grounds and as it assaulted the Guardsmen, Space Marines came in and mowed all three with ease, worse with those equipped with Plasma Pistols. After such assault, the Adeptus Mechanicus were abhorred by its creation, believing it to be the work of Chaos, that being an unholy mesh between demonic flesh and machine. A shoot-on-sight order has been sent throughout the Imperial Forces as a precaution to any presence of Doom Hunters. And it was not just exclusive to the Imperium. It once encountered the Taken out of surprise, and got itself taken alongside a few demons. Guess technology has not made it immune to much more powerful forms of attack.
  • Being a mesh of both demon and machination is something that the House of Technology have been against at. It is bad for many technophiles to see it due to their reverence for machines, but when it is a demon, that is when all the entire house agrees to destroy it at all costs as it is a show of horror to the capabilities of technology even on the demonic side. Dr. Wily and Braniac has lead the charge to abolish this thing's own existence to make sure it stays dead, though there were sightings of Braniac getting portions of the technology Deag Renak implanted on it, possibly empowering himself with the same technology that powered the Doom Hunter. Whatever the case is, majority of the House has allowed the full eradication of the being.
    • Tony Stark was among those who took a really big interest in it, as the technology it has possibly surpasses his knowledge on such, even with numerous Iron Man armours. Many have warned him not to use anything that has been under the hands of hell, as there can be unforeseen implications of trying to use the same technology utilized by hell, as shown with not just the Doom Hunter but the Cyberdemon and such. When reports were shown Tony experimenting with it, a horde of Doom Hunters greeted him at the entrance and nearly had him only to be stopped by the combined forces of his House Party Protocol and the rest of the House of Technology. Since then, he has refrained any experiments with Doom Hunter technology.
  • The Hunter becomes the Hunted; a common phrase among hunters when it comes to their pray, becoming their own antithesis during their hunt. That was what other demon hunters thought about it, when they heard it ascended. Naming yourself the Doom Hunter whilst being a demon itself is bound to attracting attention for demon hunters all over the place, which happened when Illidan, Spawn and Dante heard its presence. Not even plasma shields is enough to halt the incoming damage it is forced to endure against the wrath of such demon hunters, as if dying from the Doom Slayer wasn't bad enough.

    Friede and Ariandel 

I see flame, flame, flickering, once again. Not enough blood yet shed. My flail... Bring me my flail. Ahh, Friede. What stops thine ears? Please, my flail, right away...

Sister Friede and Father Ariandel, Dual Deities of Bait-and-Switch Bosses (Sister Friede: Founder of the Sable Church, Elfriede, Blackflame Friede, Father Ariandel: the Painter of the World of Ariandel, For both: Ornstein and Smough 2.0)
Left back: Father Ariandel, Right front: Sister Friede
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Painted World of Ariandel
  • Leitmotif: Sister Friede and Father Ariandel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for both with strong Neutral Evil leanings for Friede
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Ice, Fire, Paintings, Preservation, Rot
  • Herald: Sir Vilhelm and the Corvian Knights
  • Allies: None, Friede wants little to do with anyone outside the Painting
  • Evil Counterpart to: Crossbreed Priscilla
  • Additional Relationship: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Commonality Connection: Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, the Zone Guardians
  • Opposes: The Soul of Cinder, Mario, Ib, Garry and Mary
  • Pitied by: The Pale King
  • Enemies:
  • In the apocalyptic setting that is Lothric, there lies a place where people without any purpose or homes, forlorn souls as they call themselves, may reside and embrace as their newfound home. Many find comfort of such place as a means of escape towards the inevitable end of the Age of Fire, but as the prophecies would say, for a Painted World to continue, one must accept that it must be remade into another image. Thus, a figure would go against that and cut all ties to the outside world to avoid the prophecy to be fulfilled. This is the case with the Painted World of Ariandel, a fading Painted World on the cusp of rot and decay, with its herald Elfriede and the progenitor of the world itself Father Ariandel, dedicated to protect the Painted World. The rot has set the Painting to the point that only a piece of the picture is preserved and the connection would have disappeared had a Slave Knight not met an Unkindled and helped propagate the flames needed for rebirth.
    • When this Slave Knight gave an Ashen One a piece of the Painted World, said Unkindled traveled to the Chapel where he was greeted by Sister Friede, kind in her tone, however lies a sinister atmosphere that would be consistent with the rest of the Painted World. After discoveries of several Corvians and a meeting with a Painter, it revealed how Friede doomed the Painted to a long rot, in a desperate attempt to preserve the Painted World's comfort away from the outside. Soon, the truth was revealed: Father Ariandel, was unknowingly increasing the rot of the Painting by Friede's words and the state of it was all done by her. That truth however came with a cost, as the two would fight against the Ashen One for the fate of the Painted World. In the end, no matter what she did, her efforts were undone by him and soon, the Painted World would be bequeathed by flame, the prophecy fulfilled to give rise to a new Painting.
  • Painted Worlds are rather uncommon as the purpose of such worlds are usually deemed as unnecessary, or sometimes used for specific purposes. The first Painted World, known as the Painted World of Ariamis, had little information but what was known was that the original purpose of these worlds were to provide a safe haven for lost souls, people who have lost their way in their journey. As time went by however, the painting would undergo many different painters, all who have been withered, then replaced, akin to a cycle. It was not until the last known Painted World, the Painted World of Ariandel, was discovered, though not fully displayed such as the first Painted World, but rotten and reduced to a mere piece.
    • The entrance and eventual ascension of both Friede and Ariandel also came upon by the same way it was introduced to the Ashen One as the House of Craft was reporting several missing people within the House, visitor and deity alike. It was not until a certain Slave Knight assisted the Ashen One that they too discovered the source of the disappearances; a small piece of a lost painting was found in the middle of the entire House where the two would find similar faces: a large Corvian who was the creator of the Painted World Ariandel, of which they thought they would fight, and a human who resides as the ruler of the world, Friede. Unexpected that she would be the main fighter, and the former joining only when the latter died, careful deliberation following the report made by the Ashen One considered the two for a position due to their presentation.
  • It was said that the main reason the Painted World of Ariandel was reduced to a mere piece was architected by Friede herself, following her failure to uphold her mission in her former religion. When her attempts to atone for her failure lead to more of the same, she would abandon her cause, leading her to the Painted World of Ariandel as her new home. The Corvians were the major population at the time and so Ariandel offered her a place of comfort, but knowing that such peaceful feeling would need to be maintained in order to last, she slowly coerced him and the Corvians to her view. This would lead to Ariandel sacrificing the painting to rot while the Corvians fought against each other, especially those who would serve as her knights. Even after defeat from the Ashen One, both of their ascension meant the preservation of the Painted World. As a result, their world is kept safe, but is now open for visitation, of which many warn to not attempt on doing so, else they face Friede's wrath.
  • After the process was done, Friede and company were allowed entrance to the newfound plane though she refused and continued to watch her world with merciless intent. What she viewed outside the Painted World was danger and familiar faces, seeing that she has to continuously contend with the same Ashen One that slain her before. She also views that knight which introduced him to her world, Slave Knight Gael, to be a threat to their peace seeing as he held the last piece of the painting which culminated to her unfortunate fate. These two faces has made her reluctant to go out, and would continuously guard the premises. She was also unaware of what would be Gael's final form, the result of him eating the Dark Soul of Man, all for the needed pigment for a new Painted World. She would be stunned at this revelation but kept her stance firm.
    • The reality was that she was very well aware of the world she was living in, a world that is on the brink of destruction due to an endless cycle of fire. Her religion, the Sable Church, was founded to continue the legacy of a Primordial Serpent, that being to usurp the First Flame and bring a new age, an Age of Hollows. She did attempt this but lost to the guardian of the Kiln, turning her into an Unkindled Ash and breaking her world view, until she stepped into the Painted World for a new home. When she peered into the view that is the Pantheon, she knew all too well about a few other deities residing there. For one, there was Lord Gwyn and the Kiln's Guardian, the Soul of Cinder, the very two figures that she intended to defeat as her founded religion was built upon. She detests the Lord over the curse she and the others have felt and were forced to endure as well as his "creation" for being the last ditch effort to maintain a dying flame. It also turns out that the Painted World also became one of the origins for one Pontiff, as his origins connect to the Painted World, evidenced by his Corvian appearance and his branch-like wings, with one Birch Woman that gave birth to him. Ariandel surmises that him leaving the Painted World may come from him experiencing no connection to his birthplace as he felt no loss or despair that most inhabitants felt when they entered it.
    • An interesting observation came between Friede and the former lord of the Painted World, back when it was the Great Painting of Ariamis. While the two are clad in white and wield scythes, their intentions are very obvious. Priscilla, for all her reputation for being a "bastard child" of the gods, is actually a nice person despite wielding powers that are able to kill any god. She harbors no ill will towards any visitor and has touted many times how the inhabitants of the world are kind (well not really). Friede on the other hand has shown politeness but has a sinister mood around her, made more obvious with the Corvian Knights she has recruited as well as her knight Sir Vilhelm. The two are compared as equals, both in their roles as guardians of their Painted Worlds and their intentions.
  • The Pantheon's decision to allow their world to be visited was not permitted by Friede, as such she has been on the watch, especially if her fears regarding flame are right. As she expected, the Pantheon houses many fire-based users but non more obvious than an entire subhouse dedicated to flame. This is based on the prophecy that for a Painted World to be reborn, two Unkindled would exist within it, resulting in one spark enough to create fire to burn the old world in way for a new world, or canvas, to be painted on. Considering she treasures the House with her life, as well as all her efforts to ensure that the rot would continue to settle, there may be reasons as to why she has vehemently banned any flame user from entering the Painted World.
    • One ironic twist is that while she has stated her disdain for anything related to fire, one element of hers has caught the attention of any fire-wielding user: Blackflame. While it may look like regular fire but with black colors, the origin of Blackflame itself is interesting, given that the first sighting of it was by a wanderer in Oolacile, the same town that Manus ravaged. This, combined with the fact that the Abyss may be connected to the soul of humans, has made Blackflame Friede both a venerable and terrifying foe, seeing that the person they are fighting is not using regular fire, but soul-empowering flame.
    Black flames born from the Abyss bear no shadow. They are said to be the impenetrable fires of humanity.
  • She and Ariandel would soon discover that their world is not the only worlds within paintings as she would soon discover two interesting deities, two of which feature similar worlds but with various outcomes. Ib, Garry and Mary represent a story where all the three cannot leave unscathed while Ramo, Lola and Quill would save their world by finishing incomplete parts of their painting. That part of their interest died when both groups saw their painting and would do various ways to tamper with it. The latter group attempted to finish the painting, only for Friede to intervene at the last minute and nearly slicing Quill before he was rescued back, not to mention how her control is similar to the Great Candlestick and his terrible rule with Alldunn superiority akin to her permission to kill the Corvians who wanted no support of her cause, while the former group had Mary's origins from the Fabricated World, which made her convinced to coerce fellow Corvians and even Ariandel to leave, only for her journey to be stopped by her once again. It would seem that no matter the origin, she will do whatever it takes to maintain her world's peace.
  • Truth be told, her story is quite tragic as despite her sinister stature, there is a reason for it. Seeing how much despair she felt when she could not fulfill her religion, it would make sense for her to return to her home, or at the very least a place where it felt like home, which Ariandel's painting was meant for. However, being an Unkindled essentially meant that the prophecy of the Painted World's rebirth would be half-finished, meaning her entrance already doomed the painting. Such feeling is felt between her and a few others, namely victims of unfortunate predictions. The guardians of the Black Forest, three birds would lament how their fates are similar, brought forth by their entrance to the world they dearly meant to protect and a stranger damning their existence. Ariandel believes they could be a new form of Corvian within past lands but the three refuse to divulge any further other than lament. They were not the only guardians that felt that same pity though as a group of Zone Guardians have also felt the feeling of their worlds destroyed by an unknown stranger that happened to come by at the wrong time and even a Pale King that saw Friede's situation to be eerily similar to his actions during his tenure at Hallownest especially with her imprisoning the Painter to avoid the spilling of the destined fate of the Painted World, so much so that if ever she steps out of the Painting, he was more than willing to accommodate her. She has no comments on either of them.
    • The mentioning of the Zone Guardians led to a realization that if the Ashen One can enter her painting and change it, so too could others who can muster the stomach to find the truth. Dedan pointed to the culprit that led waste to their utopias, the Batter and she saw him as a potential threat to her world, though she would be warned that no matter her efforts and her use of Blackflame, would not be enough to stop him if he wanted to fix their world, of which he saw no interest. Then came Mario when it was shown how he was able to hop into pictures with ease. She fought and even brought Ariandel to fight with her but she was humiliated when she realized her Blackflame, powerful as it is, was not enough against the plumber's plethora of abilities. This only led to her continuously stay in her temple.
  • While Elfriede is usually the main focus, Ariandel on the other has almost little attention on him. The only information one can get from him is his origins are a Corvian, the person responsible for the creation of the Painted World and that he was convinced by her to stall the attempts of rebirth. This is further exacerbated by the former chaining him down the chapel, though despite this, he recognizes the important elements needed to reset the painting as he recognizes her as the first Ash and requires a second Ash, which the Ashen One fits. When he was also brought into the Pantheon, out of multiple influences, she was told to at the very least let him go and allow him to explore. She would let go of the shackles, giving him freedom to see what lies beyond the Painted World. One should not attempt killing her in front of Ariandel however, as that is one easy way to enrage him to the point of reviving her.
    • What surprised the Father was that there were multiple types of birds but few, if none, are of relation to him and his kind. The only closest he could ever find was a House dedicated to Avian creatures and Bird People unrelated to his species. Repeated visits and he would soon be confronted by Lord Shen, who has admitted to taking notes of his visits. Said talk would not last long however as Friede showed up and Shen was outraged, seeing that a human has command over him and the Corvians he represented. He would fight his people but was surprised at how Corvian Knights are not only resilient, but are agile and ruthless to a terrifying extent. While he has respect to the Corvian Knights, he does not share that thought to their Father.
  • Fret not father, we have no need of thy flail. Tis only the flame, quivering at misguided Ash. Please, avert thine eyes. I will snuff out these ashes for good.

    Geese Howard & Rugal Bernstein 
Geese Howard & Rugal Bernstein, Gods of Cheap and Powerful Bosses (Geese: The Immortal Geese, Nightmare Geese, Sultan of South Town, Epitome of Evil, The Geesester, Emperor of South Town, Martial Arts Nightmare | Rugal: "R", Omega Rugal, God/Ultimate Rugal, Unending Calamity, Manifestation of SNK Boss Syndrome, CPU From Hell, The Nightmare, Dark Arms Merchant of Death)
Geese Howard
Omega Rugal
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Geese Tower, with the Black Noah flying nearby. Alternatively, Team South Town's logo with a panther encircling it.
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Geese); Chaotic Evil (Rugal)
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Evil Laugh
  • Domains: War, Battle, Evil
  • Heralds:
  • Allies: Shao Khan, Thouzer, The Shredder, The Penguin, Kingpin
  • Rivals: Heihachi Mishima (mainly for Geese)
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relations: Rock Howard (Geese only)
  • The world of SNK features a lot of strong fighters and these two in particular have given combatants quite a challenge. Geese Howard is the head of the Howard Connection and a notorious crime lord responsible for murdering Terry Bogard’s adoptive father Jeff while Rugal Bernstein is a formidable crime lord of his own that turns fighters he defeated into statues bathed in liquid metal and has harnessed the power of Orochi to become Omega Rugal, a power that took a deadly toll on Rugal. While both have down their own dangerous actions in the criminal underworld, Geese and Rugal are both challenging fighters who have given opponents a very hard time whenever such combatants encounter one or the other.
  • Fights of any kind are nothing out of the ordinary for a place as vast as the Pantheon and times when a series of fighting tournaments were set up there was just another event, even if it had some twists and turns of its own. Those particular tournaments that were going on at the time were known as The King of Fighters and it gave fighters of varying skill levels a chance to prove themselves and potentially fight against a formidable opponent if they were skilled enough to do so. At around the same time the fights were going on, a series of criminal activity involving illegal firearms and drugs were taking place and some of the people who managed to make it to the end of the tournament ended up going missing after failing to defeat the final opponent. Some of the criminal activity was traced to an organization known as the Howard Connection, headed by Geese Howard, one of the tournament organizers and responsible for sending some of the fighters that lost to him plummeting to their deaths and it was later discovered that some of the other fighters were turned to statues by Rugal Bernstein, the other organizer of those fighting tournaments and was responsible for some of the other crimes that weren’t connected to Geese. Despite efforts to expose the actions of both Geese and Rugal at the time, it became clear that the two were challenging fighters in their own right and would not go down that easily. As a result, both have continued to make their presence known through similar and differing means in the Pantheon, both in the criminal world and through the various fights that they partake in.
  • While both Geese and Rugal are dangerous fighters and have a piece of power in the criminal underworld, both have quite a bit different about each other, especially regarding the extent to which they are evil. Geese is ruthless as a combatant and a crime lord, willing to use manipulation to get what he wants, but he will show respect to those that deserve it in his own eyes and has treated his subordinates rather well. Rugal on the other hand cares about no one except himself and is much more open about his villainy. Within the Pantheon, both of their respective crime syndicates have crossed paths with each other on occasion, but Geese and Rugal have their own goals and neither seem inclined to fully work with the other to achieve them.
  • One other brutal fighter that has organized fighting tournaments that took an interest in Geese and Rugal was Shao Khan. He took a liking to the two for how ruthless they are in combat to the point that those who fight against them barely have a chance to win and how they kill combatants who lost against them. Of the two, Shao Khan enjoys Rugal’s unrepentant villainy and eagerness for battle and the latter quickly became interested in the Mortal Kombat tournaments that Shao Khan sets up. Thanks to a combination of brutal fighting styles and bloody finishers that fighters can inflict on their opponents, Rugal found a lot to like about the Mortal Kombat tournaments and even told Shao Khan about having a superpowered form to make themselves a harder challenge for those who are able to fight them. Although Shao Khan is content with the power he already has, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of gaining a superpowered side as a means to further assert his dominance over those that dare battle him.
  • While Geese and Rugal have previously fought against M. Bison a few times, the Pantheon gave the two SNK fighters a better opportunity to see what the Shadaloo leader is really capable of, especially since he’s done a lot since those battles. Shadaloo is a criminal enterprise with a wider reach than either of the organizations Geese and Rugal head, Bison uses Psycho Power (a negative energy fueled by evil desires) for his attacks, and has performed a lot of heinous actions off the battlefield to fulfill his ambitions. Like Geese and Rugal, Bison is a formidable fighter and another similarity he shares with Rugal is being able to harness a stronger form (though unlike Rugal’s Orochi power, it won’t kill him), sees himself as a god, and is proud of the evil deeds he has committed. Bison and the Shadaloo organization have had some ties to the criminal empires Geese and Rugal lead in the Pantheon and although Bison sees Rugal as having a lot of potential as a fighter and found plenty to like about his character, Rugal has expressed interest in harnessing some of that Psycho Power for himself and become even more dangerous than before.
  • Another crime lord that was also a deadly fighter that Geese and Rugal crossed paths with was The Shredder, leader of the Foot Clan. The two don’t deny the fact that The Shredder is a capable fighter, but were a bit surprised to learn that not only were there different versions of The Shredder, but that some of those versions were much more powerful than Geese or Rugal could have imagined. All things considered, Geese and Rugal have struck up a partnership with The Shredder to expand their criminal empires in the Pantheon and The Shredder has been taking notes on the two’s fighting styles, especially where Rugal is concerned given the latter’s interest in fighting and gaining more power and how some of the Shredders gained their power intriguing Rugal.
  • Generally speaking, there were plenty of leaders of criminal enterprises for both Geese and Rugal to learn about and many of them had their own individual quirks despite sharing the same profession. While some such as Corleones are very straightforward about their occupation and thus Geese and Rugal strictly have a business-like relation with those characters, there are others who have dealt with unusual adversaries with strange powers and in many of these cases, have the ability to confront such. These crime bosses, such as Kingpin and The Penguin, fall into that category of villains using what they have at their disposal to stop a combat-capable hero from thwarting their plans and while these villains can hold their own (Kingpin especially), Geese and Rugal figured that those crime lords needed a stronger fighter to hold off their enemies and thus The Penguin and Kingpin have accepted the help of Geese and Rugal if it meant making it harder for their respective arch-enemies to stop their plans.
  • While Thouzer was a deadly martial arts fighter that both Geese and Howard have taken a liking to given the former’s ruthlessness, it was Geese that understood Thouzer’s background better as a result of having a dark past and losing someone they cared about back then making them who they were in the present. For Thouzer, it was killing his mentor/father figure to inherit a fighting style before gaining ambitions to become an emperor of a wasteland from him and for Geese, it was losing his mother to a disease and being unable to overcome the failure of trying to kill his neglectful father that played a role in Geese’s rise in the criminal world. Rugal also shares a bit of the god complex that Thouzer has and has even expressed some interest in being a dominating force in a ruined world like Thouzer had and using his criminal empire and fighting ability to ensure he stays in power. In any case, Thouzer considers the two to be worthwhile fighters and is quite friendly with them.
  • Prior to being the head of the Howard Connection, Geese served as cop for Southtown and his corruption during that time was apparent and only grew after becoming a crime lord. Many heroic law enforcers have contempt for Geese given his past and present criminal actions, but a handful of corrupt cops had a bit of curiosity about someone that used to be like them before heading to larger endeavors. Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski ended up coming across Geese during one of their assignments and Geese was reminded of his time as an officer after seeing the two in action. After learning of what the Howard Connection is capable of, Frank asked Geese for help in ensuring C.R.A.S.H. can thrive further and Geese obliged. While Frank and Eddie are aware of a separate criminal empire by Rugal thanks to their conversations with Geese, the duo are more focused on their alliance with Geese for the time being.
  • Lord Recluse learned about two criminal enterprises and how both of them are headed by deadly fighters, prompting him to take a closer look at what they had to offer. While he had no issue with Geese and the Howard Connection, it was Rugal that really got Recluse’s interest for a number of reasons. Not only was Rugal capable of utilizing different martial arts styles just from looking at opponents, he had access to stronger forms, was very open about his villainy much to Recluse’s approval, and had a general interest in fighting others, particularly if they’re strong. Recluse surmised that his mindset of the strong ruling over others would complement well with Rugal’s fighting mentality and the two engaged in a brief battle. While Rugal was a formidable foe, Recluse was much stronger and was able to defeat both Rugal and his powered up foes in the fight. That said, Rugal didn’t take his defeat well, though Recluse did say that there are plenty of powerful adversaries and that Rugal’s power as it stands is already dangerous. Recluse has offered Rugal help in expanding the latter’s criminal empire and to make him more of a threat than before. While Rugal has taken a liking to Recluse, he still believes that a day will arrive when he will become stronger than that supervillain.
  • Geese and Rugal were responsible for killing a family member of their respective enemies, with Rugal murdering Heidern’s family in front of him because Heidern was investigating what Rugal was trying to do. Those actions made them hated by heroes and anti-heroes whose family members were murdered through various circumstances, with Rugal’s particular incident hitting rather close to home for Frank Castle, who vowed to take down criminals after his family was murdered by such. Seeing as how Geese and Rugal operated separate criminal empires, Frank knew that getting to them would be a challenge and that the two have made plenty of efforts to cover their tracks in the Pantheon, but it hasn’t stopped him from looking to figure out what they’re planning next and to bring a violent end to their actions.
  • The King of Iron Fist tournament was something that got Geese’s attention and it was there that he fought against Heihachi Mishima, the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and in some ways, not that different to Geese in terms of character. Both serve as the corrupt leader of a powerful organization, will do anything in their power to achieve their ambitions, have shown respect to those that deserved it in their own eyes, and even have sons that oppose them (though Rock Howard is nowhere near as malicious as Kazuya Mishima). Geese saw Heihachi (and the rest of his messed-up family tree by extension) as obstacles in his path to gain more power and the same can be said (though the Howard family issues that are present isn’t to the level as that of the Mishimas) about Heihachi willing to fight Geese. In one timeline looked into by Wiz and Boomstick, they did fight. And Heihachi threw Geese into the heart of a volcano, where he landed on a stalagmite and the lava washed over him.
  • While Rugal hasn’t gotten around to directly fighting Heihachi or anyone from The King of Iron Fist tournament yet, he’s interested in seeing how they would hold up against him, especially when it comes to those that harness the power of the Devil Gene. On a darker note about the Devil Gene, if Rugal was able to use the power of Akuma’s Satsui no Hado (and in turn, Akuma had access to Rugal’s Orochi powers) and make things that much harder, fighting against Rugal who can use the Devil Gene will be even worse than Rugal’s previous superpowered forms if it comes to pass.
    • On the subject of different fighting tournaments, Geese also found out about a Smash tournament thanks to word of a stray envelope that other SNK characters were unable to catch. Apparently not knowing who that envelope was addressed to at the time, Geese made an attempt to get the letter, only to fall off from his tower again. Some time after that undignified mishap, Geese learned that the letter was addressed to his arch-enemy Terry and after a bit of anger, Geese went to a special stadium where some other SNK characters (including Geese’s friends and foes) were at watching the Smash battles Terry and others participated in. Not only was Terry there and that Ryu and Ken (who Geese and Rugal have fought before) were also present, but a plethora of characters with very unorthodox fighting styles were among the Smash participants that Terry was sparring with. Rugal wasn’t among the witnesses to those Smash battles in that stadium despite his interest in battling others (not to mention the possibility of seeing how such unorthodox combatants fare against him), though Geese has made some visits to that stadium, looking to bear witness against such unusual fighters and possibly be prepared for having to fight against others that fall in that category in the future.

    King Dice 
King Dice, Harbinger of the Boss Bonanza (The Gamest in the Land, The Devil's Right Hand Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Cards, Chips, and of course, Dice
  • Theme Songs: Die House, All Bets Are Off, Roll the Dice, Inkwell Hell (shared with his boss) and The King's Court
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Card-Carrying Villain, Dastardly Whiplash, Death Dealer, The Devil's Second-in-command, Evil Laugh, Evil Sounds Deep, Faux Affably Evil, The Gambler, Lean and Mean, Man of Wealth and Taste, Non-Human Head, Purple Is Powerful, Sharp-Dressed Man, Slasher Smile
  • Domains: Casinos, Gambling, Villains, Chance, Bets, Minions
  • Heralds: The King's CourtMembers 
  • Superior: The Devil
  • Allies: The Coachman, The D'arby Brothers, Ultra Greed, Oogie Boogie, Dick Dastardly and Snidely Whiplash
  • Rivals: Death (Regular Show), Luxord
  • Enemies: Cuphead and Mugman, Those with gambling problems, Gambit, Ren Amamiya
  • Owner of the Devil's Casino and his right-hand man, King Dice is a very arrogant and spiteful man who enjoys doing what he does. He ascended by the petition of the Devil to have him run the new casino he established in the House of Luck and Fortune but he was assigned a house in a different place entirely, mostly so the Court of Gods is aware that both the Devil and Dice are up to no good.
  • Still wants revenge against Cuphead and Mugman for making him lose a bet and later beating him and his lackeys up. Unfortunately for Dice, the little mugs have befriended a high number of people who would happily lend them a hand in taking down Dice if he tried something funny, so he is just biding his time.
  • His temple serves as a training course for everyone who seeks to become adept at defeating several bosses. He will let you roll the dice and depending on the number you land, you will face one of his minions until you get to him. His challenge is rather popular with Blood Knights and several adventurers but Dice has been forced to give out a prize for those who manage to reach and beat him since he initially didn't have any rewards for the lucky ones that managed to defeat his minions. Just be warned: If you proceed but don't succeed, well... the Devil will take your head.
  • Rather friendly with the D'arby Brothers given their shared professions, with people even saying that Dice and Daniel look very similar. They are usually seen collaborating in the casino that the devil has set up in the House of Luck and Fortune, but their schemes are rather limited thanks to the court of gods giving them regulations.
  • One thing he hates is when he loses a bet, being the primary reason he attacked Cuphead and Mugman in the first place. That costed him a loss and possibly his job as the devil considered replacing him for the little cup boys, but the devil later got defeated too.
  • Has a very friendly relation with the Coachman, mostly because he thinks that those cup boys should be punished for being naughty boys and he can provide his "solution" in pleasure island, something that King Dice is perfectly fine with. It's also worth pointing out that their smiles are eerily similar.
  • Those who had trouble with gambling debts in the past completely despise King Dice, not only for running a rather shady casino, but because of how evil and condencensing he can get, nevermind his arrogance.
  • He and his minions embody all kind of different vices like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. The Court of Gods have been considered to use Dice as an example of how you should avoid said addictions.
  • People like to joke that Dice has fucked the wife of someone given his perpetual smug smile. The scale of this joke often gets out of hand, it could be your wife, it could be everyone's wife, even if you don't have one.
  • One of the few deities that plays cards with death regularly. Apparently he has done it before and having the devil as a boss makes playing against death seem like a child's game. Both Dice and Death have developed a heated rivalry since they are evenly matched in wins and losses, so they constantly play again to see who wins.
  • King Dice is able to summon sentient cards that attack his enemies for him, and he was pointed out that he uses them in a similar fashion like Gambit. He also formed a rivalry with Luxord, given that their motivations, while not good, are at odds with each other.
  • It's worth mentioning that "Die House" is often playing in Dice's temple, which other deities who pass by can't help but to sing and dance along.
  • "So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho!"

    Lagiacrus and Ceadeus 
Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, Co-Deities of Underwater Boss Battles (Lagiacrus: Ragiakurus, The Lord of the Seas, Sea Wyvern; Ivory Lagiacrus: Ragiakurusu Ashu, White Sea Wyvern, The Ruler of Two Realms, Ivory Lagi, I. Lagi; Abyssal Lagiacrus: Ragiakurusu kishō-shu, Dark Sea Wyvern, Abyssal Lagia; Landconquest Lagiacrus | Ceadeus: Nabarudeusu, Ocean Dragon; Goldbeard Ceadeus: Emperor Ocean Dragon)
Ivory Lagiacrus 
Abyssal Lagiacrus
Goldbeard Ceadeus 
  • Intermediate Deities (Lagiacrus and Ivory Lagiacrus), Greater Deities (Abyssal Lagiacrus and Ceadeus/Goldbeard Ceadeus)
  • Symbol: Their respective Hunter's Guild's icons
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lagiacrus), True Neutral unless provoked (Ceadeus)
  • Portfolio: Underwater Boss Battle
  • Domains: Sea, Bosses
    • Lagiacrus: Giants, Lightning, Leviathans
    • Ceadeus: Beards, Horns, Dragons
  • Heralds: Royal Ludroth and Gobul
  • Followers: Emerald WEAPON, Maws, The Lurker Below
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by:
  • Fear: The Fatalis
  • Source of interest for: The Octonauts
  • Oppose: The Hall of Hunters and Slayers (especially the Monster Hunters)
  • Moga Village was a peaceful fishing community that had long had a peaceful coexistence with the seas in the Deserted Islands/Moga Woods, however the peace ended with sudden tremors arriving on the land that threatened to sink the whole islands into the sea. Desperate to find and stop the source of these tremors, the Village Chief of Moga requested help from the Hunter's Guild, who sent a newbie Hunter to help investigate the cause, after the Hunter grew in his many battles into a hardened fighter, the apparent culprit was found to be a specimen of the giant leviathans, Lagiacrus, which had installed itself into Moga and seemingly drove off all other creatures from the land to keep the area to itself. The Hunter then vanquished Lagiacrus and seemingly ended the threat in Moga...
    • However, the Lagiacrus merely turned out to be an unintentional scapegoat as the tremors continued even after its defeat, the true culprit was then found, a massive Elder Dragon known as Ceadeus, whose centuries-old age had made one of its horns grow over its eye, causing it great pain and making it cause the tremors when it tried to ease its pain by using its horn to scrape the ocean floor; seeing the threat of an Elder Dragon as too dangerous for the Hunter, the Guild ordered a full evacuation of Moga. However, the Guild's representative, Aisha, decided to put her job on the line to prevent the villagers from losing their home as all of them secretly supported the Hunter's decision to take on Ceadeus despite the risk. With the help of a Shakalaka companion named Cha-Cha, who had accompanied the Hunter in their adventures, Ceadeus was relieved of its pain by having its left horn broken and beard cut off which made it retreat peacefully and peace was restored to Moga, with the Guild pardoning both cases of insubordination and Moga becoming prosperous once again.
  • In earlier times, the seas of the Pantheon suddenly grew dark and stormy the day the Lagiacrus was first sighted in the Pantheon. Many of the gods not suited to such a thing chose to stay on land until the threat could be evaluated... except for the King of the Oceans himself, Aquaman, who rose to the challenge of taming the beast to placate its threat. After Aquaman tamed the first Lagiacrus, rumors of variants of the species - one ivory-hued and the other black as the bottom of the sea - started to arise. Aquaman lead the charge in investigating these rumors and succeeded at finding these mysterious behemoths. He was surprised however, when the Ivory Lagiacrus showed that it is mainly a land-dweller and that the Abyssal Lagiacrus lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, specialized habitats were built for the creatures, with a massive shoreline styled after the Deserted Island/Moga Woods' coast for both regular and Ivory Lagiacrus to walk in, while the depths of the Temple's sea part were made to be kilometers deep to make way for the Abyssal Subspecies.
    • Later on, Aquaman noticed the Lagiacrus fleeing in panic from their Temple into other houses, they were afraid of something that had invaded their temple, an underwater creature that dwarfed all others, a God of the Seas - Ceadeus. The massive Elder Dragon scared off the Leviathans and began to relieve its pain of its horns by scratching its horn everywhere it could, causing massive tremors all over the Pantheon, and it wasn't alone as the Goldbeard variant ascended too. Aquaman was ultimately able to placate them as well and made sure to build special sections for the Elder Dragons to live in undisturbed and away from nuisances or threats. Ceadeus rarely venture outside of their temple, but on the off-chance they're a sight to behold and many Pantheon deities will try to get as close as possible to these magnificent beasts, helped by their generally docile behavior, though the Goldbeard variant is crankier and is quick to attack anything it detects making it rather unsafe to view upclose.
  • Both species of creatures are wonders of the Pantheon's waters and have become sources of interest for those who explore the marine wildlife, though always with precaution. The Octonauts, well-known ocean explorers, were some of the many interested in these creatures and from time to time have organized expeditions to their temple or any waters where they're spotted to study them, a few times they had to abandon these operations when the monsters caught wind of them and chased them out of their territory, prompting the Octonauts to leave them be.
  • Because of their history, they oppose the Monster Hunters, who will hunt them when given the chance to harvest their parts for armor and weapons; this has led to the creatures ocasionally lashing out at their surroundings due to the presence of Hunters. Other beings from their world who fear/oppose them are the Carapceons such as Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanataur towards Lagiacrus who has encounters with them from time to time that tend to end badly for the Carapceons and Shen Gaoren with Ceadeus who can fall prey to the Elder Dragon when it visits the seas. Other deities in the Hall of Hunters and Slayers gained this same scorn, the most notable being the ever-ammoral Hunter J, who sees value in capturing either or both creatures for clients to harvest their parts or to harvest them herself for her machines and weapons.
    • However there's one creature neither of them will ever fight: The Fatalis. Should the Black Dragon move into a territory occupied by either the Lagiacrus or Ceadeus species, all of them will flee the area and seek to get away as far as possible, with the Ceadeus species hiding in the deepest and darkest parts of the abyssal zones and the Lagiacrus species moving to places where Fatalis won't reach it. Fatalis' other subspecies also follow suit in this enmity.
  • King Kong has had some less than positive encounters with both creatures; one time he went to the House of Water and Moisture to get a drink in a lake on it and was ambushed by a regular Lagiacrus who tried to drown him, Kong ultimately won and killed said Lagiacrus before dragging its body back to his temple to eat. Later on, it almost died when it went swimming near the House of Aquatic Life and encountered Ceadeus in it, almost getting drowned by the massive Elder Dragon before fighting and fending it off with some grave injuries. Kong will not doubt about killing either creature on sight should he be aggravated by them.
  • Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi both have began making efforts to help both creatures find a permanent sanctuary in the utopic planet of Juran, where they'll be able to live in peace from threats and quiet tranquility away from conflict, the blue Ultra has also made efforts to calm them down whenever both creatures go on the rampage and send them back to their Temples in peace.
  • Exclusive to Lagiacrus and its subspecies:
    • Competes with other aquatic creatures in the Pantheon and tends to be highest on the food chain. To the Lagiacrus, the ability to produce Thunder attacks using its special organs makes the Leviathan almost unmatched in its home turf that is the seas. Its technique of creating a whirlpool to ensnare and electrocute prey and/or would-be attackers, which are powerful enough to even sink ships, also helps cement its rule. Those who are especially weak to electricity and are ill-suited to match their agility and raw power, such as the Plesioths, steer clear of it. Other sea creatures (especially those without powers) don't fare any better and it has been reported that any time that Lagiacrus swims into the House of Aquatic Life, most living beings leave the place immediately to seek shelter from the Leviathan, with only a few members of that House daring to fight Lagiacrus or its subspecies, Duke Fishron being the most consistent in warding off the Leviathan and even its Abyssal subspecies.
    • The Lagi has competition with the equally aggressive Rajang, Zinogre and Astalos for territory and prey, alongside their respective variations such as the Thunderlord Zinogre. Other rivals include the larger predatory monsters of its world that Lagiacrus has crossed paths with, among these stands out Rathalos, the flying wyvern being very prone to crossing paths with the leviathan, though their fights generally end in ties with both apex predators leaving after their brawl. Other clashes with land predators have included the Glavenus and Zamtrios, though Lagiacrus is warier of the Brute Wyvern than most others due to its sheer strength and mastery of the fire element which is its weakness; as for Zamtrios, that Lagiacrus wields its elemental weakness and is generally tougher means that the amphibian avoids the leviathan when possible and prefers to keep out of its turf, though will stand its ground should they run into the other.
    • The Brute Wyvern, Deviljho and its variants have also been encountered in its homeworld but Lagiacrus prefers to avoid them like the plague due to their power being matched only by Elder Dragons and monsters on that category, as well as their ability to displace Apex predators from their territories and even eat them after killing them. While his size and thunder element control make the Leviathan more capable of fighting the gluttonous brute wyvern more efficently, they still won't take chances except for the Abyssal Subspecies which Deviljho can't really fight.
    • It also has made a severely aggressive rival enmity with Rei's Eleking, who shows as much willingness to kill his opponents as most Lagiacrus do; though at times the Kaiju's overpowered and nearly killed the Leviathan without mercy, forcing Rei to placate it or recall it to avoid a tragedy. Similarly, the Red Gyarados has been sizing up to challenge the Leviathan to fights, aiming to combat a similarly powerful foe, even disregarding the usual weakness to electric attacks and fighting on to defeat it.
    • Much like how the Flying Wyvern known as the Rathalos is called the King of the Skies, the Lagiacrus is meanwhile called the Lord of the Seas. You will never find a Lagiacrus far from a large body of water, the Abyssal Lagiacrus in particular seemingly never leaving the seas period, much less the abyss level itself. Besides the House of Water and Moisture, the Lagi also makes its home at the House of Aquatic Life and the springs within the House of Plants. Though they spend more time underwater, the Lagi also come up to the surface to sunbathe. When visiting some of hot-springs of the Pantheon, you can sometimes find the Lagiacrus dwelling there much like it had when in the Misty Peaks.
    • The Lagis have a very antagonistic relationship with any cephalopods they encounter in the Pantheon. This is because while they tend to be at the top of the food chain of their world, they are one of the many prey of the Nakarkos, a monstrous Elder Dragon who is a giant squid that makes regular prey items out of them. This has made them attack and try to kill any giant cephalopod that dares to cross their path, as they won't take chances; among these were the Kraken who while strong is utterly unprepared to deal with the electric attacks of these titans, forcing the usually fierce sea monster to turn tail and make a run for it whenever any of the Lagiacrus set their sights on it.
    • There have been some early documented appearances of one appearing in the New World where it attacked and killed an Anjanath. There have been no further appearances after these sightings have surfaced, however. Some members from the House of Investigative Work have joined those from the Hall of Hunters and Slayers to look further into this, though nothing has yet been seen, most now believe that said Lagiacrus was only one and unlike the Deviljho, wasn't migrating but rather ended up in the New World by accident and likely returned to the Old World shortly after.
      • It's killing of said Anjanath also netted the monster infamy among two theropods who died to underwater predators: One-Eye the T-Rex and Indominus Rex, that Lagicrus is far bigger and more powerful than their killers in the mortal world only made this fear worse, and as such both creatures avoid large bodies of water more than ever. Rexy and Speckles did not fall victim to this fate, but aren't taking chances either due to witnessing first hand how scary sea predators are.
    • In Monster Hunter: Stories, it is one of the many Monsties that Lute can tame and fight alongside with, even riding it in battle. Though Aquaman has somewhat done it prior the the Lagi's ascension, that hasn't stopped other people from trying to take control of it for their own selfish purposes, though actually controlling the Lagiacrus in the Pantheon is a difficult task because of its sheer aggressiveness due to not being domesticated and its territorial behavior.
    • Lagiacrus' Abyssal Subspecies has occasionally had encounters with the shipgirls Fletcher and Johnson during the latter's deep sea explorations, usually even the formidable shipgirls prefer to keep away from the mighty sea wyvern as its come close to sinking them into the depths. As of later, the shipgirls have begun equipping themselves with stronger weaponry so as to fend off its attacks and also look out for any signs that may give away the presence of the abyssal monster in the waters. The girls at times also ran into the Ceadeus, with similar results as well.
    • Steve Irwin was surprisingly capable of taming the giant leviathans due to their similarities to the crocodiles it tames on a daily basis, Irwin was at first unable to even get close to any Lagiacrus due to their aggressiveness but eventually managed to gain their trust with some help from Fluttershy and Eliza Thornberry who helped convey to the monsters that Irwin was no threat to them. Irwin's been making efforts to keep the monsters safe from harm and even has gained a bit of respect in their turf, with the Lagiacrus letting him and his fellow animal lovers such as the aforementioned Fluttershy and Eliza stay there for some time.
  • Exclusive to Ceadeus and Goldbeard Ceadeus:
    • As some of the largest Elder Dragons they faces little competition from just about anything else in the waters, even Lagiacrus (though the Abyssal Subspecies can give it a fight). Due to this, the Ceadeuses will try to feed on anything that moves in the waters and they can catch, from small schools of fishes to large water monsters such as the Kraken, who has become a favored prey of the Dragons due to being similar to their favorite prey, Nakarkos, though given that the Elder Dragon squid can hunt their pups, the giant bearded Dragons make sure to not bring along their babies in the hunt; the Kraken itself avoids the giants like the plague, as it has found itself outmatched by them whenever they cross paths.
    • Due to their sheer size and power in the waters, they're among the few Elder Dragons or creatures that Nergigante prefers not to attack, partially because due to his body type he is unable to swim in the waters and fight the giant monsters with the same skill as it would fight other Elder Dragons with (though Nergigante has thought of looking for prey scattered by the giants' presence to pick off), the Ceadeuses themselves don't really pay much attention to their fellow Elder Dragon, as no encounters prior have been made in their world and they don't register it as a threat, and with the Nergigante's inability to truly fight them effectively, it is unlikely to ever change in that regard.
    • Ceadeus' passiveness has made him an ally in the ABZU Diver, a sea life observer who is friends with many sea creatures and loves to observe the wildlife of the seas in the Pantheon, as the diver enjoys taking a look at its habits and usual behavior whenever the giant remains undisturbed by attackers or threats; the Ceadeus has at times noticed the Diver but never turns aggressive on his presence, being aware that the diver's no threat to it nor means to be. At times the Diver has even offered help in cutting off the horns of the giant to help alleviate the pain of their growth. Princess Ariel has at times joined the diver, being awed at the magnificence of the Elder Dragon's appearance and size.
    • Captain Ahab was one of Ceadeus' first enemies to be made in the Pantheon, the old enemy of Moby Dick being disturbed to see such a large world-threatening beast arrive in the Pantheon, Ahab tried taking it on one time by getting a large fleet which to help him spear and kill the Elder Dragon, however the disturbed Ceadeus soon taught the captain a lesson that he won't forget by decimating his attack fleet and sending him packing back into his temple; Ahab still plans to be rid of the massive whale-like monster but is ensuring that his next assault has the required tools to defeat Ceadeus.
    • Duke Fishron did not take kindly to a competitor for the position of the sea's ruler, the flying abomination went on to fight the regular Ceadeus, resulting in a fierce battle that lasted days before both combatants left the scene, injured but alive and with a temporary truce reached so as long as each kept out of the other's territory, though hostilities are at risk of resuming any time soon. Some deities have even thought of using this rivalry to their advantage just in case either of the monsters goes rogue or began to threaten houses in the Pantheon. Fishron also had another showdown with the Goldbeard Subspecies though the results were the same.
    • Similarly the Legendary Pokémon of the Seas, Kyogre, was another rival that Ceadeus made. The two have clashed on the occasion that they encounter each other, in vicious fights that tear apart the land and cause mass flooding everywhere. Ultimately, the few times these clashes have ocurred it was up to a group of Hunters and Rayquaza himself to break their fight up and prevent further disasters.
    • The Ceadeuses greatly respects Godzilla and has been known to submit to the King of the Monsters' authority, though Godzilla did have to defeat it when it threatened to create massive Earthquakes throughout the Pantheon. After Godzilla managed to subdue the Elder Dragon (and then its subspecies in future encounters), he's made sure to keep it under control and even help remove its horns whenever they begin growing over its eyes, sometimes cooperating with the ABZU Diver to do so.
  • They can also be found in Water and Moisture.

    Monoblos, Diablos and Varsablos 
Monoblos, Diablos and Varsablos, Co-Divine Monsters of Bullfight Bosses (Monoblos: One Horned Wyvern, White Monoblos; Diablos: Desert Tyrant, Demon of the Desert, Black Diablos, Demon King Diablos, Bloodbath Diablos, Diablows to Fight; Varsablos: Varusaburosu, Flame Horn Wyvern)
White Monoblos 
Shattered horn Monoblos
Black Diablos 
Bloodbath Diablos 
Apex Rampage Diablos
  • Intermediate Deities (Monoblos and Diablos), Greater Deities (Apex Frenzy Diablos, Bloodbath Diablos, Tempered Diablos, Apex Rampage Diablos)
  • Symbol: Their Hunter's Guild Icons
  • Theme Songs: Crimson Horn / Monoblos (Monoblos), Raging Tyrant of the Desert / Diablos (Diablos).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Flying Wyverns with a Ceratopsian Aesthetic, Incredibly Territorial and Prickly about Other Creatures, Bosses that can act Similar to Matador Fights, Combat-Specialized Tails, Lightning Bruiser, Often Eats Cacti
  • Domains: Monsters, Aggression, Deserts, Wyverns, Bosses
  • Allies: None. They all are incredibly temperamental and territorial of their environment. Though they will tolerate the presence of at least Lesser Gods, provided themselves remain unprovoked.
    • A Bloodbath Diablos would want nothing in its field of vision, not even a harmless creature. The same applies to Apex Frenzy and Apex Rampage Diablos.
  • Rivals: Rathalos, Rathian, Rajang, Brachydios, Glavenus, The Carnotaurs, King Kong, Tyranitar, Bald Bull, Big Bull, Matador, Dystnine
  • Enemies: Fatalis, Deviljho, Akantor, Ukanlos and Odibatorasu, Nergigante, The Dovahkiin, Pokémon Hunter J, Sharptooth
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Tolerates: Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Ash Ketchum, The Gang of Seven
  • Admired By: Howard and Kreese
  • Feared By: Cacti
  • Intrigues: Gilgamesh (regarding Diablos), Porky Minch, Alan Grant, John Hammond
  • Of the many monsters that dwell on the numerous landscapes, few are as challenging and demanding as the scrub and desert wastelands where food and water sources are more scare to come by and native animals take to evolving and adapting new features to combat against the harsh climate and each other. However, two such beasts that have not only become the dominant animals but have quite the terrifying reputation to rival other dangerous beasts are the Monoblos and the Diablos. These two Flying Wyverns are, in fact, herbivores and thus don't prey on other animals, as other creatures of their kind do. This, however, does not take away the fact that the two of them are some of the most hostile and aggressive animals one can dare to cross paths with. Not to mention they are extremely territorial about their surrounding environment and are far more than willing to fight back with devastating results if pushed too far.
    • At least one relative of theirs called Varsablos has been known to have adapted to live in volcanic areas to feed on a special type of cactus. Not to be outdone by its relatives, the Varsablos is a very aggressive monster that wants little if anything alive near its territory, even more if they threaten its food source. Unlike their desert-dwelling relatives, Vasrsablos has control over elements, in this case fire, which it uses to create devastating attacks that can generate powerful heatwaves. It is rarely sighted but when it is seen, high alert is put so hunters can deal with its threat.
  • The Pantheon's beast and environmental workers and specialists from the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature do their absolute best to make sure the animals are tended to in their natural residence. It's a difficult task, but they've remained persistent enough to carry on, even when the Monoblos and Diablos are involved. While short-tempered, they are willing to let other creatures enter their territory, provided they don't pose an immediate threat. Those who desire to see the beasts keep their distance, for both of them don't like getting interrupted either.
  • They're not apex predators as the Monoblos and Diablos are actually herbivores, so the more appropriate terminology would be apex monster. The two of them are more than capable of showcasing why they are feared: they are armoured and have both the speed and strength to ward off and dominate their opponents should they be foolish enough to challenge them. More often than not, it's not rare to see disputes between a Diablos and a Rathalos, given that the Rathian would make nesting grounds in small scrub forests. A Monoblos would be confused for a Styracosaurus had it not been for its draconic looks and wings.
    • Similar Varsablos isn't an Apex Predator either, instead being a specialized cactus eater. However it will still tolerate little within its field of view besides non-competing herbivores and even those can fall victim to its wrath should they try to get close to its favored cactus food.
  • There is a specific female Diablos with a pitch-black colour tone that is normally on its own. This is not just a female Diablos; it's one during the mating season and in search of a mate. Due to tough competition from the species, a Black Diablos is said to be more aggressive than its normal subspecies. Not to mention she would also be tougher and less prone to making combat mistakes than one would expect.
  • The Gang of Seven would have considered allowing them into the Great Valley, had it not been for the fact that they're so irate that it'd be pointless for them to start having out with other dinosaurs. Still, the Monoblos and Diablos are tolerant of the child dinosaurs coming over to their lands. Cera is in awe of how cool they look, particularly the Diablos, whereas Petrie worries how their ability to fly would probably spell doom for the flyers. Turns out, while both can take flight, it's put of migratory reasons and are more prone to digging. Littlefoot does ponder about how it would feel to stumble across a baby Monoblos or Diablos upon its birth, similar to the situation regarding Chomper. The sheer destructive power of Varsablos' power made it even less of a candidate to bring over, as it could possibly burn down the whole place even accidentally.
    • The seven child dinosaurs had a bright idea at some point to lure Sharptooth to a Monoblos's domain after one too many rampages from the predatory dinosaur caused too much damage. Upon notice, the Monoblos proceeded to teach Sharptooth why it was feared and drove it off with a scathing wound to its jaw. The T. rex hopes to have a payback at some point.
  • While a common source for hunting and a worthy challenge, the Monster Hunters do keep their distance, unless they are well prepared. Some hunters are more eager to study and research the Flying Wyverns instead so that they could get a better understanding of the Monoblos and the Diablos.
    • Pokémon Hunter J is far less benevolent, but while she does intend on hunting down a Monoblos and a Diablos at some point for a profit, even she recognized that to deal with one of them ill-prepared would be a very poor choice. She did attempt to capture a Monoblos, only for the beast to wreck her Pokémon team and send her scurrying away.
    • Porky Minch has expressed a desire to mechanize the two flying wyverns into his control. Unfortunately, the Monoblos and Diablos proved to be far harder to capture than what was originally expected. Porky himself has struggled to battle against both, prompting him to retreat and think of a strategy for the time being.
  • Ash Ketchum was fascinated with the beasts, though he did have a rather close encounter with a Black Diablos. It took Ash about four of his own Pokémon, namely his Charizard, Sceptile, Krookodile and Lycanroc to stall the flying wyvern enough for the trainer to escape. That said, Ash has been able to enter a Diablos's territory within the beast's attention. He's been taking caution of their temper, but he's glad to see that they wouldn't mind so long as you keep your distance. Still, Ash has been rather interested to know if beasts like the Monoblos and Diablos could be captured, tamed and used for battle, travel and caring.
  • Their aggressive reputation caused to have a fan in Howard and Kreese, who would sometime mention their fighting style and how they take a lot of cues from similar creatures like bulls and ceratopsians. They'd like to see a Monoblos and Diablos captured and presented in a potential Death Watch competition if they can be sedated and taken by hunters for research.
  • While very resilient, one way of defeating them is to trick it into hitting something else and putting them into a daze. Bald Bull and Big Bull are noted to be those who also go down under a similar fashion, and after hearing about the Monoblos and Diablos, quickly took to seeing it's attack patterns. They've expressed an interest in challenging the two flying Wyverns at some point, but they decided that it would be best to prepare themselves for the moment.
    • Matador is interested in the notion of killing the two beasts as a means to prove himself a superb and aesthetically appealing killer. Of course, his name brings to mind the particular sort of player who would goad bulls into charging at them and Matador is eager to put up to the challenge. He was surprised to learn of the different subspecies's of the two flying Wyverns, further prompting Matador to explore the scrubs and dunes in search of a Monoblos and Diablos in the hopes of killing then in a visually fantastic manner.
    • As another combatant who’s style reflects the art of bullfighting, Dystnine has also taken note of the two Flying Wyvern’s pattern of attack. With his Septima, Vectored Cloth, he can easily nullify and redirect the two beasts attacks elsewhere. Unlike other gods, however, Dystnine has no interest in seeking out the Monoblos and Diablos unless they stand in the way of his dear lady. And if they do, he sure isn't going to back down against them.
  • Utterly feared by the Cacti sentient plants, considering that the Monoblos and Diablos's favourite diet is that exact plant. It's a rather odd meal choice, given that normally, herbivores would eat soft leaves and conifers while the cactus is not just sturdy, but also embedded with spikes top-to-bottom to fend off potential devourers. Luckily, the Cacti are in service and protection by other sorts of plants and in an environment that the two flying wyverns normally wouldn't go to.
  • The Bloodbath Diablos is sometimes considered mythical, according to many people and some hunters. But woe betides to anybody who comes across this subspecies as this may be one of the most aggressive and dangerous beasts in the Pantheon, which says a lot for the numerous flying wyverns that have set a lot of reputation standards.
    • The first reported sightings of a Bloodbath Diablos was by a few hunters who decided to investigate the scrubby fields of the House of Nature to check out how the Monoblos and Diablos are doing. Then this subspecies shows up and utterly starts attacking anything it catches its eye on. Even the Deviljho, who would normally trounce any other Diablos with ease would find itself in a tough situation against this. The best anyone can do is to either kill or drive the Bloodbath Diablos away by any means so it doesn't cause further harm and damage to other residents.
    • It did fight against the Fatalis at one point, proving that the Bloodbath Diablos is one of the few beasts that aren't afraid to go up against the hateful and misanthropic Legend of Schrade. While is still lost, the Bloodbath Diablos wasn't going down without a fight regardless. Nevertheless, this confirmed that the Bloodbath Diablos is one of the most persistent and formidable monsters to come across. That said, many have noted down a similarity that both share a misanthropic hatred towards hunters as a whole, though the Fatalis hates everything while the Bloodbath Diablos is only confirmed to despise hunters (as far as current knowledge goes), though it still remains to be unnaturally temperamental and hateful towards anything that comes across its territory.
  • There is a special subspecies of the Diablos with a golden tint and broken horn that bears some sort of homage to Gilgamesh. The King of Heroes doesn't personally have much to say about it, though he's pleased to see such a famously vicious monster be a tribute-of-sorts to him.

Lesser Gods

    Agent 9 
Agent 9 the Lab Monkey, God of Boss Arena Recovery

    The Conductor and DJ Grooves 
The Conductor and DJ Grooves, Dueling Gods of Boss Fights That Use Ceiling Debris (DJ Grooves: DJ Peckneck, the Boss)
The Conductor (Left) and DJ Grooves (Right)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: The Conductor's hat and DJ Grooves' afro, respectively; alternatively, the Dead Bird Studios logo
  • Theme Songs: The Battle for Award 42
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Collapsing Ceiling Bosses, Damage Sponge Bosses, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Static Role, Exchangeable Character, Technician vs. Performer, Time-Limit Boss, Older Than They Look, Cheerful Children, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Movies, Birds, Rivalry
    • The Conductor: Trains, Westerns, Anger
    • DJ Grooves: Music, Dance, Publicity, Lunar
  • Allies: Hat Kid, Jon Jafari, Heat Miser and Snow Miser, The Snatcher
  • Enemies: The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Rivals: Each other
  • Intrigued by: Erron Black, Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin (The Conductor), The Outlaw Star Crew (both)
  • Suspicious of: Mustache Girl (both), Spongebob Squarepants (DJ Grooves)
  • Scared of: Seth Briars (The Conductor), Orgalorg (DJ Grooves)
  • DJ Grooves and The Conductor, two birds who dreamed of making movies since they were chicks. In childhood, they were friends, but when they found out they were given keys to the same studio, they formed a bitter rivalry in movie-directing that continues to this day.
    • The reason for their ascension was due to their boss battles. At one point, the Hat Kid was to star in both birds' films in exchange for her Time Pieces, which had fallen to their planet and were being used as props. No one is certain who won the movie award; what IS certain is that Hat Kid got a tip-off that she was deceived, and that the winner still had one of her Time Pieces. When she confronted the winner, a battle ensued, and some of the most used attacks involved objects attached to the ceiling.
  • Each was given an invitation into the Pantheon. They were both delighted, until they found out they both were selected to SHARE this title. It seems the Pantheon couldn't decide on one or the other, and that's why both were ascended. Reluctantly, the two of them agreed to share the seat on the condition that their temple would be split.
    • And it was. In fact, their temple very much resembles Dead Bird Studios, but split down the middle with a wall. Each god's half of the temple even has its own lobby. It may as well be a duplex.
  • One thing they were quite happy about was seeing the Hat Kid in the Pantheon. Despite the confrontation in the basement of Dead Bird Studios, neither one seems to hold a grudge against her, especially since she saved time and space, and by extension, the both of them.
  • The Conductor loves the Old West and trains, so it surprised no one that he gets along with deities connected to either — or better yet, both. In fact, when he learned there was a House of Travel, he hurried over to see any possible trains that could be over there. Sure enough, there were plenty of trains among the vehicles there — specifically, in the Land and Sea Travel subhouse — and got on well with the God of Cool Trains, Ryotaro Nogami. Of course, as impressive as he found Nogami's locomotive, his eye(?) was caught by his high priest, a sentient tank engine named Thomas!
    The Conductor: Transformin' trains, trains that can talk like people... Ach, what'll they think of next!?
    • The Conductor is also fascinated by deities from the Wild West. Examples include John Marston. Lucky Luke, and the Man with No Name. He managed to form alliances with most of the non-villainous ones.
      • He found a fellow western fan in Rango, though the Conductor envies the tiny chameleon because Rango got to live the genre, now being the sheriff of a town of strange-looking animals.
      • Erron Black certainly looks and acts like a bandit who came out of the old west. In fact, he very well might be. The Conductor hasn't had the pleasure of making this man's acquaintance yet, but he'd very much like to.
      • One wild west-born deity the Conductor is afraid to meet is Seth Briars. This ghoulish grave-robber understandably puts the Conductor on edge.
    Conductor: (shuddering) Urgh, 'e's a real peckin' creep, i'n' he?
    • There aren't very many owls in the Pantheon. In fact, there seems to be only one true owl: the Grand Duke of Owls. The Conductor was told of this owl's attempts at snuffing out the Sun and facepalmed. What was worse, the duke had tried to kill a child over such a ridiculous goal. That tore it; the Conductor now hated this owl.
    Conductor: It's pea-brained, petty peck-necks like you that give owls a bad name!
    • He developed a kinship with fellow ill-tempered Scots-bird Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge has even offered to fund some of the Conductor's movies, should he ask for it (though, knowing Scrooge, he expects a rather small budget).
    • No one remembers how, but at some point after their ascension, the Conductor ran afoul of King Dedede. A few hurled insults at each other later, and the two considered each other enemies. DJ Grooves wasn't surprised; between both deities' short tempers and the fact that Dedede looked like a penguin (jury's still out on whether he actually is), he thought it was inevitable.
  • DJ Grooves gets along just fine with most fellow penguins, such as Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico. They've agreed to take bodyguard duty for him, should he ask for it. However, there is one penguin Grooves has become scared of after learning the truth about him: Orgalorg, an Eldritch Abomination in penguin's clothing.
    • He got along swimmingly with Miror B. Now, under B.'s tutelage, DJ Grooves is learning how to train Pokémon. He hasn't decided on a Pokémon of his own, but he's leaning toward one from the Piplup line...
    • He similarly hit it off with fellow "fabulous" personality Mettaton, and has agreed to let the robot star in one of his movies sometime. Perhaps a full collaboration is in the future?
    • One deity that Grooves is suspicious of is Spongebob Squarepants. The fact that the sponge toon won all but one Kids' Choice Award during his run reminds him too much of how the Conductor won all but one Annual Bird Movie Award before the Hat Kid came along. The moon penguin was once caught rifling through Spongebob's Kid's Choice Awards; he was apparently checking to see if they were legitimate. Results were inconclusive, anyway.
    • DJ Grooves was ecstatic to learn that his idol Elvis Presley was in the Pantheon. He also bonded with the rooster Chanticleer over their shared admiration of the King.
      • Through Chanticleer, DJ Grooves learned of a sinister owl; the Duke of Owls, in fact. Like the Conductor, he was appalled that this owl murdered a child for standing in the way of his goal to blot out the sun. The fact that he's despicable may be one of the few things that the Conductor and DJ Grooves can agree on.
    DJ Grooves: Darlin'. I'll admit I...MAY have tried to kill a little girl for not letting me have more awards — Maybe. I don't remember how that whole thing went down. — but that doesn't make what you did any less horrible!
  • Interestingly, another thing the dueling gods agree on is their intrigue with the Outlaw Star crew. Neither of them had been exposed to the idea of a space western before. Now that the seed of the idea has been planted, some deities say, perhaps it will blossom into something that can end the two bird directors' bitter rivalry... Tsunade even has a betting pool open where people can gamble on whether or not this will happen.
  • They've made two more mutual friends in the Heat Miser and Snow Miser. The Heat Miser prefers the Conductor's movies, while the Snow Miser prefers DJ Grooves' films. However, the Heat Miser sympathizes with DJ Grooves; he knows how it feels to be less loved by the public. In his case, it's because Snow Miser gets more attention and love due to being associated with Christmas — and by extension, Santa Claus — more.
  • They're mutually suspicious of the Mustache Girl. The last time they met her, she had the entire universe under a totalitarian rule. She doesn't seem...quite as nasty as she was then, but they're still rather distrustful of her. There are rumors floating around that she had tipped whoever won the 42nd Award off about the power of the Time Pieces, and that's part of what motivated said winner to keep one from Hat Kid. None of them are saying anything, probably because they want to put that event behind them.
  • They were surprisingly happy to see the Snatcher ascend, befriending him when they helped Hat Kid fight Mustache Girl. Also helps that they both had ideas with how to portray him in their movies. For his part, the Snatcher is interested into see who can offer him the juicier script.

    Dr. Ivo/Julian “Eggman" Robotnik 
Hahaha! Citizens of the Pantheon! Lend me your ears and listen to me very carefully!

Ivo/Julian Robotnik, God of Bosses With Different Tactics Every Fight (Dr. Eggman, Dr. Robotnik, Supreme High Robotnik, Julian Kintobor, Julian Robotnik, Uncle Julian, Robuttnik, Egghead, Dr. Ovi Kintobor, God Robotnik, Baldy Nosehair, Baldy McNosehair, Ronik, Mr. Tinker, The Glitch, Egg-Gru, Todd Howard)
From left to right and top to bottom: Classic Eggman, Sonic The Comic Robotnik, AOSTH Robotnik. Middle: Film Eggman, Modern Eggman, SatAM Robotnik. Bottom: Mr. Tinker, Boom Eggman, Game Eggman’s Sonic 2006 Design
Super Eggman 
Sonic the Comic Robotnik when he absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds 
Supreme High Robotnik 
Doctor Ovi Kintobor 
  • Lesser God (Overdeity as Super Eggman, Supreme High Robotnik or with the power of the Chaos Emeralds absorbed), but has the ability to build Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A red grinning depiction of his head
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: All versions of him are Neutral Evil, though he was Neutral Good as Mr. Tinker and Dr. Ovi Kintobor.
  • Portfolio: Mad Scientist, THE Varying Tactics Boss, Can sometimes be absolutely brilliant or utterly depraved Depending on the Writer, Always Returns
  • Domains: Armies, Craft, Creation, Domination, Knowledge, Metal
  • Heralds: In General, Orbot and Cubot, The various incarnations of the Eggman Empire and Robotnik Empire and The Chaos Council. As for those exclusive to certain incarnations of him, however...
    • Game: The Hard-Boiled Heavies, Mecha Knuckles, Shadow Androids, and much to his annoyance, Dr. Eggman Nega
    • AOSTH: Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts
    • Archie: The Tails Doll, Team Metal, The Egg Bosses
    • SatAM: Snively Robotnik, Cluck
    • Sonic The Comic: Grimer Wormtongue, Vermin the Cybernik, Dr. Zachary
    • Underground: Sleet, Dingo
    • Sonic X: Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun
    • Boom: Morpho
    • Film: Agent Stone
      • Former Heralds: Commander Brutus (Sonic The Comic), Belle The Tinkerer (When IDW Eggman was Mr. Tinker)
  • High Priest: Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby III
  • Allies: Metal Sonic (by default, but this can change depending on the situation), Sage (for the game version due to being his daughter-of-sorts, in particular), E-101 Beta, Bowser, Dr. Albert W. Wily, Ganondorf, Crow, Dr. Octopus
  • Friendly Rival: Albert W. Wily (Overall), Doctor Doom (IDW)
  • Rivals: Master Xehanort, Xemnas (In General), King Harkinian, I.M Meen (AOSTH), Dr. Nefarious (SatAM)
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship with: Gerald Robotnik (his grandfather), Maria Robotnik (his cousin) (Applies only to Game, X and possibly IDW Eggman)
  • Varying Relationship: Lord Brevon (Allies with his Archie Incarnations and SatAM Robotnik, enemies with the rest)
  • Former Ally: Infinite
  • Scares: Funny Valentine (ALL of them)
  • Dr. Eggman (whose real name may or may not be Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Julian Kintobor, Ivo Kintobor, Julian Robotnik or Dr. Ovi Kintobor) is the leader of the Eggman Empire and sworn enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Little is known about his early history, which varies upon the incarnation. Although he may often seem immature and silly or be sometimes cruel and depraved, he is extremely dangerous, and one should underestimate him at their own peril. Eggman is a genius inventor and cunning strategist, with an IQ of 300.
  • Eggman had been in the Pantheon for a long, long time. However, nobody knows the true details of his ascension. What IS known is that soon after he ascended, he DID concoct a plan to get his other incarnations to share his trope with him. To this end, he managed to gather the Robotniks and Eggman from various universes, and even managed to create a Reality Warping machine to restore the Pre-Genesis Wave Robotnik’s atoms back to the way they were before being struck by the Ultimate Annihilator, and he retrieved his SatAM incarnation from The Void, which is confirmed by Word of God to be where he was sent after his final defeat. To do this, he had to get past the Evil Sorcerer Ixis Naugus. He managed to do this by having Metal Sonic copy the data of Chaos Control so that the robotic hedgehog could teleport in and out of the Void fast enough that Naugus wouldn’t be able to catch him. Soon after, Eggman managed to bring AOSTH Robotnik on board with the promise of getting revenge on Sonic, and gave STC Robotnik, who accepted his proposition, the same deal. He then went to get the X Eggman and OVA Eggman to join them. While he was doing this, the Archie Pre-Genesis Wave Robotnik managed to get the Pre-Genesis Wave Eggman and Post-Genesis Wave Eggman to enter the Pantheon, with SatAM Robotnik doing the same for Underground Robotnik. When Eggman returned with his X and OVA Incarnations, he put his plan into action, and it worked perfectly, with the Boom, IDW, Film and Prime Eggmen joining them in the Pantheon at a later date. There was even an incident that caused the Classic Eggman and Modern Eggman to begin existing as seperate people in the Pantheon as well.
  • The Various Versions of Eggman and Robotnik are an Alliance of Alternates in the Pantheon. Game!Eggman is the founder, and he and his other incarnations dubbed their alliance The Egg Council, though Satam, Underground and Pre-Genesis Wave Robotniks weren’t happy with the name, while the others either agreed with it or didn’t care. That being said, when working together it is very hard to stop them all at once, with the influence of the other incarnations sometimes making even AOSTH Robotnik somewhat more difficult to take down than usual…though Scratch and Grounder aren’t any different than usual, and neither is Coconuts. The Archie Eggmen are planning on proposing an idea to them that they call the Hyper Genesis Wave, which would include using stuff like the Chaos Emeralds, The Master Emerald, The Silver Crystal and The Dream Stone as power sources to rewrite the entire Pantheon in their images. As if they’d never been.
  • Games:
    • The very first incarnation of Dr. Eggman. Nothing about his early life or past is known except for the fact that he looked up to Professor Gerald Robotnik and saw him as his hero, and was very jealous of Maria for getting the attention of everyone around him both before and after her death, while he got little to none. That being said, Maria is still family, and he is well aware that she and Gerald are in the Pantheon. He’ll sometimes send Metal Sonic to watch over her from time to time. While still disgusted by Gerald’s deal with Black Doom and his attempt to destroy the Earth, Eggman has also learned that he’s toned himself down ever since Maria ascended, and has steadily been going off of the path of being an Omnicidal Maniac for her sake, having realized that she wouldn’t be proud of him. This pleased Eggman. After all, how could he possibly rule the world if there is nothing there for him to conquer? Despite Eggman’s villainy, the three of them, as well as Shadow The Hedgehog, absolutely despise Black Doom and are more than willing to put their differences aside to oppose him and his Black Arms.
    • A certain event involving the Time Eater has caused two versions of Game!Eggman to exist in the Pantheon simultaneously. After the events where his conquest of Planet Wisp and multiple other worlds ended in failure thanks to Sonic and Tails, he stumbled across something strange in Outer Space alongside Orbot and Cubot. What happened to be a creature known as the Time Eater. Not only did Eggman manage to pull a Hijacking Cthulhu on it, he travelled back in time and got his past self to join forces with him, and the two converted it into a pilotable Mecha before being stopped by their respective Sonics. It never escalated into an Evil Is Not a Toy situation, and their defeat ended with the two Doctors stranded in a White Void Room where the two bickered for a bit. Nobody knows how the two got out of the white void, and neither Eggman is talking. However, given a certain event which also included how one of the Archie Eggmen got out of the White Void, many can’t help but wonder if Dr. Wily had something to do with it…
    • As of late, he’s slowly started to understand what it means to care for a child. This is thanks to his newest creation, Sage, who he has begun to see as family to the point where he wants to ascend her to the Pantheon. Bowser actually congratulated him on how he feels about her, being a father himself. Suffice to say, Sage is among one of his favorite creations for exceeding his expectations and evolving beyond her programming for his sake, and being what is essentially an artificial daughter to him. Even learning of her affability towards Sonic didn’t faze him, and people who see her as Just a Machine have been sternly shot down and have become foes of his as well, not to mention Ghetsis Harmonia and Ragyo Kiryuin, the latter of which Eggman sees as despicable even by his standards.
    Dr. Eggman: “Who says I can’t create life, huh? Just a bunch of proteins bumping together. Anyone can do that! A true genius does it with code and electrons! And if I did create life, she would be brilliant and loyal and perfectly effective! And you know why? Because her dad is a genius, that’s why!”
    • Doctor Eggman has all of his forces in the Pantheon. Aside from the ascended Metal Sonic, Sage and E-101 Beta, he also has Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, All of his bases he’s ever had, obviously relocated to different places in most cases, Every one of his Death Eggs, Dead Line, The Death Egg Sentinels, The Final Egg Blaster, which is a star cluster-destroying weapon, his Phantom Ruby prototypes, and every last combat Mecha battle-suit he’s ever used. This includes the Death Egg Robot/Egg Destroyer Battlesuit, The Big Arms, Egg Dragoon, Egg Viper, Egg Wyvern, The orb-shaped one he used inside of the Titanic Monarch, The Mega Death Egg Robot, and most horrifyingly? The Egg Salamander, the only one of Eggman’s mechs that can hurt Super Sonic, and The Egg Wizard, which has the power of a multiverse behind it should he get his hands on the Jeweled Scepter. Thankfully, Eggman doesn’t have the Jeweled Scepter, but he plans to change that.
  • AOSTH:
    • Very little is known about this version’s past, only that AOSTH Robotnik has an abusive mother called Mama Robotnik and a cousin called Dr. Warpnik. He’s been concocting multiple schemes to catch Sonic and Tails, and enjoys being evil, happening to also be very bombastic in more ways than one. Despite this, he isn’t that much of a threat most of the time, though sometimes this is also due to the fault of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. That being said, when he got hold of his world’s versions of the Chaos Emeralds, he became an Overdeity Reality Warper, dubbed himself the Supreme High Robotnik, flung Sonic and Tails back to the Big Bang’s occurrence, and nearly won and took over the world. Despite his silliness, he is still a threat.
    • Despite his hamminess and silly villainy, he is quite nasty. After all, this is the same man who claims to have already conquered most of Mobius, shrunk multiple cities and enslaved them for resource mining, threatened to take over the rest of the world by bombing the planet, and tried to drown an entire city. Robotnik is still continuing his plans to conquer everything in the Pantheon, and he’s surprisingly durable for a seemingly regular man, though his robots, especially Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, while as evil as him, aren’t really competent at all. Unfortunately, this version of Robotnik has a lot of handheld weapons, like a roboticization gun for example, chewing gum that gives you Super-Speed and a machine that manifests a nightmare entity into reality by sleeping while connected to it, among others.
    • Apparently gets into chaotic hijinks throughout the Pantheon. Apparently, he wants some Hedgehog Stew and to Win The Race, and is often working with SMG4 and Glitchy’s Mario regarding his “PINGAS” meme. Due to being a massive Phenomenon regarding Memes, he’s a rival of I.M Meen and King Harkinian, though with the former he’s also somewhat of an ally. With the latter he’s more of a foe. Seeing as how he never gets anywhere with his plans, he’s come to hang out with the Amoeba Boys, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Dr. Drakken, Doktor Frogg of the League of Super Evil and The Professor. However, he’s terrible at working with them due to how much of a dick he can be, as Shego once pointed out to Drakken.
  • SatAM:
    • This version of Dr. Robotnik was once a Warlord named Julian Kintobor, who was appointed to his position by King Max Acorn to better stave off an invasion from an unknown land. He did a fantastic job, leading the Royal Army to Victory, King Acorn’s plan having worked. After their victory, the King announced to Julian that he would hold a reception banquet for him so that he would be appointed as a minister of science and have the peacekeeping SWATbots dismantled. However, the King was oblivious to Julian’s true, much darker intentions. Reprogramming them before they could be scrapped, Julian ordered his nephew Snively Kintobor and the SWATbots to invade Mobotropolis, starting with Castle Acorn. Upon personally arriving there and seeing the subdued citizens and King, he declared his new name to them: Dr. Julian Robotnik. Thus, he forever became known as Dr. Robotnik. He then proceeded to use his humongous airship called the Destroyer to transform Mobotropolis into Robotropolis. It would have continued to the Great Forest and ended all organic life there, Flora and fauna alike, had a Time-Travelling Sonic and Sally not taken out the airship. Thanks to their interference, Snively lost his hair and one of Robotnik’s arms was roboticized. However, Robotnik and his forces successfully captured and roboticized 95% of the citizens, and the man himself had personally banished Naugus to the Void before these events. Before his arm was roboticized, he utilized the Void once more, banishing King Max Acorn there, and successfully took over the world, with only Sonic, Sally and their band of Freedom Fighters left to stand in his way.
    • This version of Robotnik takes pride in what he does to Nature far more than the other incarnations: Even the Archie ones. Dr. Fetus running through nature and wildlife with a massive buzzsaw like it was paper appealed to him, and he likes the cut of Darkseid’s, Ozai’s, Lord Brevon’s and YHVH’s jib. As such, others have been strongly advised to not allow him anywhere near the House of Nature due to what he most definitely would do to it. Another thing to note is that he’s one of the few people Captain Planet legitimately hates. Many rejoiced when Robotnik’s Doomsday Project ended with his defeat, though after he was retrieved from the Void by Game!Eggman, he has begun continuing his plans of conquest. While unaware of Snively’s treachery at first, when he got wind of it from someone after bringing him in as a herald, Snively earned a nasty verbal lashing from Robotnik. He honestly expected worse.
    Dr. Robotnik: “Listen here, you pathetic little mutant! The only reason I don’t end your life right now is because Allies are a hard thing to come by in this realm. But know that if you even THINK of double-crossing me again, I could easily replace you: And there will be nowhere in the Pantheon you’ll be safe from me. IS! THAT! CLEAR?!”
    Snively:Y-Yes, Sir!
    Dr. Robotnik: “Good.”
    • His pure cruelty, being a ruler who only cares for himself and his willingness to usurp others for power earned him respect from Scar and Prime Minister Honest. In the case of Scar, he killed his brother, was more than willing to kill Simba for his own ends, lied to the Hyenas and became ruler of the Pride Lands, turning it into a hellhole before finally meeting his end. Robotnik can respect that, and Scar feels the same way about him. However, Scar is watching to make sure he won’t get caught off guard if Robotnik tries anything, as the cruel lion would rather not end up becoming one of his robots. Prime Minister Honest’s manipulations of the child emperor remind him of his time under King Max, and the two sympathize with each other over Freedom Fighters working against and eventually overthrowing them. That being said, Night Raid hates him, but finds that killing him is easier said than done given the hordes of SWATBots at his disposal, and his response to their opposition is to declare that if he manages to capture any of them, they’re going into the Roboticizer.
  • Sonic the Comic:
    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik was once Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a kindly scientist who accidentally found his way to Mobius, and proceeded to aid others around him. He found an abandoned bunker in the Emerald Hill Zone with six Chaos Emeralds in, he used the Emeralds in the Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor (or ROCC) machine he designed to absorb the world's evils .One day an accident with a machine designed to measure Sonic's speed turned his friend Sonic from a brown hedgehog, into a blue hedgehog. Everything looked good. This all came to an end on the day after when a freak accident involving a rotten egg, a cable and the ROCC machine turned him into Robotnik. From that day on, the original Dr. Ovi Kintobor was dead, and only Ivo Robotnik and a copy of Kintobor's brainwaves on one of the rings that had been part of the R.O.C.C. remained. Eventually flinging Sonic six months into the future by forcing one of Sonic's friends in the Special Zone called the Omni-Viewer to transport the hedgehog into the future, he would take over the world during the absence of the Blue Blur. Sonic would arrive in the future, see the state the world was in, and gather as many people that were willing to fight back against Doctor Robotnik as he could possibly manage in order to take the fight to him.
    • While the other Eggmen and Robotniks have seemingly managed to get him in a somewhat stable state again, the second a plan of his to Take Over the World fails, he degrades back into an Omnicidal Maniac, causing them to do what they did before. He was once approached by The Lich during one of these Villainous Breakdowns where nobody happened to be around and extended the idea for Robotnik to create a partnership with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, which he happily accepted. Nekron approved of The Lich doing this, as he knows that when he’s in that state, Robotnik doesn’t even care about his own life so long as Sonic and the World dies with him. His partially stable mental state unless he has a Villainous Breakdown has also caused Grimer Wormtongue to return to his side, serving as The Dragon to Robotnik once more. On an unrelated note, he has been described by the Egg Council as the most Egg-like version of Robotnik despite this version never using the Eggman name. This is due to the time he turned himself into an Egg to change his look and hatched looking like AOSTH Robotnik.
    • He has been eyeing the Chaos Emeralds for their powers. This stems back to when he was at the complete and absolute height of his power where he absorbed those of the gems for himself, becoming God Robotnik. An extremely powerful Reality Warper who was capable of doing anything he wanted with but a thought, and was only stopped when Sonic and Knuckles took advantage of his ego and tricked him into a trap that caused him to lose their power, shrink to a size small enough to live on a planet that was smaller than an atom and he turned back into Kintobor. One of the Archie Eggmen compared his power in that state to that of Enerjak and Master Mogul, and rightfully so. He could Time Travel, Warp Reality, Mess With Memories, Rewrite History…pretty much anything he can imagine. His power as God Robotnik is only limited by his imagination. As he’s unlikely to fall for the same trap again, the Chaos Emeralds are to be kept away from him at ALL TIMES. Not that this will stop him from trying to take them. What unnerved many was that the House of Prophecy and Fate has grown restless regarding this topic, and when asked why, someone there revealed something horrifying. For all of their effort, it won’t matter. He will regain that power, and once this occurs, only a group of eight Brave Heroes led by Sonic the Hedgehog will be able to stop him together. While most were utterly mortified upon learning this, Robotnik grinned.
  • Archie:
    • Doctor Ivo Robotnik, formerly Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo, was a brilliant yet power-hungry mad scientist within the Overlander community until his twisted experiments landed him in prison. However, he would escape and decide to flee for his life and seek sanctuary among his people's sworn enemies: the Mobians, who had no idea who he was. In exchange for his safety, Robotnik offered his services to Mobian King Maximillian Acorn. He provided the King tactical information and decisive military leadership. Eventually, the King became so confident in Robotnik that he promoted him to the Royal Army’s Warlord. Now tasked with the mission of ending the Great War, Robotnik would succeed. Shortly afterward, Robotnik made his move. Constructing multiple armies of robots, he’d lead a successful coup and conquer the world, becoming the cruel and tyrannical dictator of Mobius for the next ten years in what became known as the First Robotnik War. The First Robotnik War came to an end when Snively killed Robotnik by turning the Ultimate Annihilator against him. However, this was not the end. An Alternate Timeline version of Robotnik, who he shared much of the same history with, arrived to Mobius some time after. This version’s name was Dr. Eggman. Things differed at a certain point, however. While Robotnik was destroyed by his own Ultimate Annihilator, Eggman subjected himself to Roboticization in a last-ditch effort to defeat the Freedom Fighters of his world. It failed, and thanks to encouragement from Robotnik, Eggman struck back…and won. Having successfully conquered the world and left with extreme boredom, he traveled to Robotnik’s Mobius after his demise, taking on a new appearance and filling the void he left. Eventually, he would join forces with Dr. Wily, and their actions regarding the Super-Genesis Wave would rewrite Sonic’s multiverse.
      • And yet, despite the altered history, including that of his own, it was still not over. He was no longer an alternate timeline version of Robotnik, but was now instead the main timeline’s version of Dr. Eggman. While born as the Grandson to Gerald Robotnik, he would eventually work for GUN and become hungry for power. Snively would eventually discover Robotnik’s plan and find himself forced into his services as Chief Mechanic once they left GUN. With help from the Royal Wizard Walter Naugus, Drs. Robotnik and Snively became the royal advisers of King Nigel Acorn, the ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. They falsely claimed that the United Federation was launching an invasion against the kingdom. Thanks to his and Snively's "contributions", Robotnik was granted full access to the kingdom's resources. Learning of Sir Charles’ Roboticizer, Robotnik would modify it to enslave Mobians and use it to build his armies. Robotnik would send his armies to begin strip mining for the Chaos Emeralds on South Island and build Chemical Plant Zone and the Death Egg on Westside Island. He also established MeteorTech so that he could send his robots all over Mobius without raising suspicion, eventually having them rampage so that he could conquer the world and build Robotnik Land. He also constructed an interstellar amusement park to harness the Wisps' energy. Robotnik eventually become too dangerous for King Nigel Acorn and Walter Naugus to stop when they found out what he was doing behind their backs and the two were banished to the Special Zone. He would conquer Mobotropolis and start his Eggman Empire there, roboticizing most of the inhabitants. However, at some point, the roboticizer was rendered ineffective, forcing Robotnik to replace it with the Badnik Horde. After conquering Mobotropolis, Robotnik began to go by the name of Dr. Eggman, with a few groups of Freedom Fighters standing in the way of his goal to conquer Mobius.
    • These three incarnations are often regarded as the worst of the bunch. Not only due to their sheer depravity, but being incredibly dangerous. Like how the First Robotnik built the Ultimate Annihilator and planned on committing Omnicide across the world to get rid of everything but himself, and the weapon was capable of doing the job. Or Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman, who constructed the Egg Beater and decisively defeated and broke Sonic, albeit temporarily, roboticized Sally Acorn and caused the Super Genesis Wave. Or how Post-Super Genesis Wave Eggman planned and was working on getting his roboticizer functional again. They have been focusing on refurbishing and bringing back their most dangerous weapons to utilize. Namely, the Egg Beater, the Ultimate Annihilator, The Egg Grapes, The Genesis Wave and The Super-Genesis Wave. As of late, the three, with the help of their SatAM incarnation, Dr. Gero and the Frieza Force, have gotten the Roboticizer working again. However, the three have recently picked up chaotic readings from a random village in the Pantheon that is filled with sentient animals, and what Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman found startled him. Enerjak is coming.
  • Underground:
    • Robotnik took the city of Mobotropolis from Queen Aleena in a violent coup, placing a bounty on the heads of her and her children Sonia, Manic and none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. He roboticized the citizens into his slaves except for the wealthy who he keeps around to fund his polluted factories. Dr. Robotnik would have each of the children's foster parents (Chuck, Lady Windermere and Farrell) captured and roboticized. However, Sonic, Manic and Sonia would resist Robotnik’s rule and, now part of a musical band, would grow to be the biggest enemy in Dr. Robotnik's rule since he came into power thanks to the powers the medallions they have granting them weapons in the forms of instruments whenever they are used.
    • The fact that his greatest enemies fought and routinely foiled him with music and music-themed weapons alongside Sonic’s Speed and Sonia’s strength is a major reason as to why he wants to annihilate the Suite Pretty Cures. They remind him of Sonic, Sonia and Manic repeatedly fooling his plans and opposing him with their musical medallions. As he wants to destroy it for the same reasons, he is outright banned from the House of Musicality. Unfortunately, Robotnik is more than willing to destroy absolutely everything, including himself so long as they, Sonic, Manic and Sonia all cease to exist. Because of this, out of all of his other selves, he gets along with Sonic the Comic Robotnik the most.
  • OVA:
    • Nothing is truly known about this version of Robotnik. However, the fact that there are multiple versions of Metal Sonics has led him to believe that an upgraded model is no longer out of the realm of possibility even after his backups on Hyper Metal Sonic were destroyed. He plans on mass producing many Hyper Metal Sonics to conquer the Pantheon using data from the ones around him, and is beginning work on a Mecha Robotnik Mark II. Once he’s done with that, he’ll get to work on rebuilding and upgrading Hyper Metal Sonic. To do this, he wants to use data gathered from the other versions of Metal Sonic to turn him into Neo Hyper Metal Sonic. However, he isn’t going near the Brotherhood of Metallix with a ten-foot pole. Nor is he going near the one that tussled with Sonic, Shadow, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Bowser either. Just because he’s evil doesn’t mean he’s suicidal.
  • Sonic X:
    • Dr. Eggman has much of the same history as his Game!Counterpart. After a complete and total freak accident sent him, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun and their enemies to Earth, he made it his mission to conquer that planet, where he’d encounter new foes as well. Ultimately he would fail in doing this, and eventually, he’d end up back on Mobius, and would play both sides in the Heroes’ conflict against the Metarex with the ultimate goal of bringing them down. This is so that he could get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds and conquer Mobius for himself, rather than let the Metarex destroy it and the rest of the universe.
    • Dr. Eggman once mechanized the Moon and made it block out the Sun, lying about it being a malfunction. He then created Sunshine Balls, seemingly ordinary light sources, for others to buy so that they could have sunlight. In reality, there were subtle brainwashing messages coming from the Sunshine Balls in order to convince people to like him, and this all ended when Sonic found out what was really going on and stopped him. Mr. Burns approved of this scheme, and so did Nightmare Moon. He’s set out to meet with his Grandfather and Cousin Gerald and Maria with hopes of the same relationship his Game Counterpart has. As some of the Pantheon has discovered, just because he’s silly doesn’t mean he’s dumb. Far from it. He’s actually a genuinely cunning mastermind who can run circles around others, even those who don’t underestimate him.
  • Boom:
    • A far more friendly, but still evil, version of Eggman. Silly, but not nearly as much as the AOSTH Robotnik. However, much like him, Boom!Eggman is often not that dangerous…but he has his moments of Not So Harmless villainy. Feared around the globe and with unlimited resources at his disposal, he seeks to conquer the world and enslave the population. Currently aided by his Dragon Morpho, as well as Orbot and Cubot, this incarnation of the mad doctor concocts many evil plans from his island fortress, but it never seems to go anywhere. But he refuses to give up.
  • IDW:
    • Having the same backstory as his Game!Counterpart, things started to vary. After the events of Sonic Forces, he lost his memory and got amnesia, becoming the kindly mechanic Mr. Tinker. During this time, he built Belle the Tinkerer, but while she was elsewhere, disaster struck. He wasn’t meant to stay as Mr. Tinker, and Dr. Starline had Rough and Tumble abduct the man. With the aid of Metal Sonic, the three restored his memory, and Starline became one of Eggman’s Co-Dragons until he caused The Metal Virus to go From Bad to Worse by bringing the Deadly Six aboard the Faceship, believing he could control them. Starline would eventually be mentally broken and killed by Eggman, who as of late has taken an interest in Surge The Tenrec after she stole his Dynamo Cage to increase her own power.
    • Dr. Eggman, a completely firm believer that you should Never Recycle Your Schemes, has no intentions of recreating the Metal Virus both because of how much of a disaster that became, and that it had already failed. That being said, he knows some of the other incarnations are more than willing to make it again, so he’s been creating a vaccine for himself…just in case that they do. His recent interest in Surge The Tenrec has led him to want to ascend her to the Pantheon and do whatever he plans on doing to her, and his Metal Sonic is more than happy to comply. Metal Sonic, in particular, is IDW Eggman’s favorite creation. He views Metal Sonic as his child.
    • When Dr. Eggman was faced with Doctor Starline attempting to usurp him, he surprised many when he manhandled the vile platypus with his own bare hands before leaving him to die wallowing in his own despair. Some villains have praised Eggman for putting the vile platypus in his place. Eggman wants to beat Sonic personally, and it’s why, regarding his other variations, that he made it a point that he will have a final confrontation with Sonic if or when the aforementioned “Hyper Genesis Wave” plan truly begins. He absolutely refused to settle for anything less, as he sees not defeating Sonic personally beforehand as cowardly, and wants to ensure the Blue Blur knows that he has been truly defeated by the Mad Genius and left aware of that fact before the “Hyper Genesis Wave” goes off.
  • Film:
    • This version of Robotnik was once a United States Operative with an army of robots at his disposal. He and his assistant Agent Stone were sent to investigate a Power Blackout in the Green Hills of Montana. Here, he would find Sonic, an extraterrestrial with amazing power. When Sonic escaped from him with the help of Tom Wachowski, Robotnik dedicated himself to capturing and dissecting the Blue Hedgehog to uncover the secrets of his power. However, when Robotnik ended up learning the magnitude of Sonic's power, he went insane, setting his sights on using Sonic's power to conquer the world. Eventually defeated and banished to the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik would plot his return. Manipulating Knuckles into allying with him and seeking out the Master Emerald’s power, he would return to Earth and try to take over the world once more. However, Knuckles, Tails and Sonic all banded together and he was defeated in his Death Egg Robot by the latter, who was in his Super Mode. These events seemed to have ended in his death, but he isn’t telling anybody in the Pantheon what happened to him. However, his goal remains the same. To harness as much power as possible to further his goal of total world conquest.
  • Prime:
    • This version of Eggman has much of the same backstory as his Game, X and IDW Incarnations. However, things have gone awry on his end when Sonic destroyed the Paradox Prism, causing a shatter in realities. He seems to have vanished from the Pantheon completely since then, but the rest of the Egg Council believe they know why. Around the time he disappeared was the same time they took in the Chaos Council as heralds to further their goals of destroying that blue hedgehog and his meddling friends. Time will tell what happens regarding Prime Eggman and the Chaos Council in the future, however.

    Henry Cooldown 
Henry Cooldown, God of Duel Bosses (Henry, Mister Sir Henry Motherfucker, Cosplaying Dickhead)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cross Sword, later the Cursed Crucifix Blade
  • Theme Music: We Are Finally Cowboys
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, seemingly Neutral Evil as of No More Heroes III
  • Portfolio: Improbably designed but awesome beam katana, Separated-at-birth twin, Entering with a bang, Not bothering with the fourth wall, Impeccably dressed assassins, Boss fought one-on-one, sophisticated as fuck, Screwing with his brother, somehow losing his mind and turning evil
  • Herald: The Cult of the Emerald Night (consisting of clones of himself, somehow)
  • Domains: Duels, Bosses, Assassination, Twins
  • Allies: Raiden, Luke Skywalker, Lea, Switzerland, Dante, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Solid Snake, Squall Leonhart
  • Rivals: Travis Touchdown (his twin brother), Margaret Moonlight, Cloud Strife, Vergil Sparda
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert, Airy, Solidus Snake, Handsome Jack, Albert Wesker, Vanitas
  • Henry ascended not long after he had a long and epic duel with his brother Travis in the middle of the Pantheon. Several deities had attempted to stop the clash but both Travis and Henry rebuffed every interloper so that they could attempt to settle who was better once and for all. There was no clear winner, as they were both evenly matched, and Henry was granted his title.
  • Even though they are evenly matched and fought to a standstill he pretends to be much classier than Travis even despite being arguably worse than him. He just can't admit that his younger twin brother is his equal. Every time they cross paths a duel is sure to occur, and he even likes to go out of his way to pick fights with the Crownless King...
    • One of the few people he IS sophisticated with, however, was one of his brother's foes, Margaret Moonlight. She has since became another favorite for him to duel when he tires of Travis. There are rumors of something else between the two that may not be entirely true, but Henry isn't gonna stop them any time soon. Margaret once found it amusing, but his descent from sanity made her change her mind.
  • He has met and dueled Raiden and Lea, whom strangely enough sound just like him. He is very amused by this face and has gotten to know them, even befriending them to a degree. Even though they get along, they do still get into altercations from time to time.
  • He's extremely cautious of and wary of Airy, who reminds him of Mimmy. He does everything in his power to stay as far away from her as possible. Upon hearing about this, Travis began mocking him for it.
  • He has an odd relationship with the Sons of Sparda. While he can appreciate Dante's devotion to his trade and killing of things that deserve to die, he has more in common with Vergil as they are both the more cool and composed older twin brothers to their irrational and even irresponsible siblings. Vergil, of course, never allows himself to be compared to a lowly human. A shockingly long duel between the two ensued, which was interrupted when both Travis and Dante came across them, thus diverting their attention away from each other.
  • Handsome Jack grates on his nerves more than almost any other god in the Pantheon. This is because of just how petty and boastful the guy is, especially despite the fact that there are clearly superior people like himself. Henry is not only stronger than him but a much better fighter overall.
  • He once had a duel with the legendary Cloud Strife. Nobody knows why or when, but it ended in a sound defeat for Henry. When asked about it, all he will say is this.
    "It was a good fight, but some things are better left in the dark."
  • He holds Ezio in the highest possible regard, though he can't help but wonder how he can be such an effective assassin despite wearing a bright white cloak that would draw so much attention to him.
    "How does he blend in so well? He gets the job done, though."
  • He dislikes villains of the caliber of Johan Liebert, who tend to over-complicate things. Also, extremely silly looking killers like The Joker and Kefka are on his radar.
    "Look, it ain't happening. I've got fucking standards!"
  • Disappeared from his seat for a while, having gotten an ephiphany upon passing by Thor, God of Thunder which somehow gave him a change in wardrobe, morality and a change of voice and dropping his Irisn accent as he returned proclaiming he had been taken in by a cult (which consist of clones of himself) while proclaiming he wants nothing more than to see his brother dead. Travis has now gotten extra security every time he sees or hears his brother proclaming, "Don't cry Travis!!!"
    • If he is to be believed, he, Travis and their sister Jeanne were about to be killed by their father and the trauma of what happened caused him to create fake memories of being taken by the Cooldown family and giving him an Irish accent. Other than that, the gods can only speculate as to how he became deranged.

    Juli and Juni 
Juli and Juni, Co-Deities of Mini Bosses (The Twin Dolls | Juli: The Cold-Hearted Assassin | Juni: The Quiet Killer)
  • Lesser Goddesses, Intermediate if they are fighting together
  • Symbol: The Shadaloo Winged Skull (formerly)
  • Theme Song: High-Tech
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil originally. Both are being rehabilitated under Rose and Cammy
  • Portfolio: Brainwashed and Crazy, Former Members Of The Dolls, Their Combination Attacks Are The Psycho Roll And The Death Cross Dance, Both Were 16 When They Were Kidnapped, Fragile Speedsters, Sexy Backless Outfits, Named After The Months In Their Respective Languages
  • Domains: Brainwashing, Assassination
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Billy Kane, Crimson Viper, Black Orchid
  • Enemies:
  • The last we have seen of Juli and Juni following the BLECE incident is that Juli was reduced to a catatonic state while Juni had lost her memory. They are a special case, as Cammy and Rose believe they can be rehabilitated. In doing so, both Juli and Juni are allowed to ascend to the Pantheon so that Cammy and Rose can keep a close eye on the pair.
  • As a boon (and consequence) of their ascension, their free will has been restored...but the memories of what they had done under Bison's control are still with them. The Twin Dolls understand the risk that Cammy is taking, and promise not to disappoint her. But the road to recovery for both is going to be a long and painful one.
  • Upon hearing of Juli and Juni's ascension, Bison considered placing them back into the Doll Program, but scrapped that idea, as they both failed in their respective tasks (eliminate Cammy for Juli, defeat Ryu for Juni), which is why he has decided to cut his losses.
  • The Pantheon has many support groups designed to help the various deities with their past issues. One of them is operated by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs for those who had suffered under some form of mind control and psychological trauma in the past. Juli and Juni both joined the support group, where they relate their own misdeeds under Bison's control. It is there they make some friends who share their own trauma.
  • Speaking of Cassie, Juli and Juni have also gotten the attention of her mother, Sonya Blade. Sonya can sympathize with the Twin Dolls, as she too had been corrupted alongside her daughter, ex-husband, and honorary niece. In Sonya and Johnny's case, they suffered the brainwashing twice, with Onaga being the first. She works alongside Rose and Cammy in their rehabilitation efforts.
  • Both girls have their demons to face, but none more so than Juni. As part of her initiation as a Doll, she was ordered to murder her own mother, a mission she completed without remorse. She finds a friend - as well as moral support - from Leona Heidern, who also slaughtered her own parents by means beyond her control.
  • If there was one thing that pisses both girls off more than Bison, it's Juri Han, as she single-handedly defeated the Dolls in the past and shipped off their unconscious bodies to S.I.N. to be used for research. They haven't forgotten that incident. Juri is more than willing to give them their rematch.
  • Due to his own past with the Twin Dolls, Ryu has been summoned to help in their rehabilitation. He has been tasked in teaching Juli and Juni meditation techniques at his temple when they are not in their support group or training with Cammy and Chun-Li.


    Blue Oak 
Blue Oak, Divine Representative of The Rival as the Final Boss (Green Okido, Gary Oak/Shigeru Okido, Viridian City Gym Leader, Douche, literally every bad name one could think of)
Viridian Gym Leader Blue 
Adult Blue 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Earth Badge
  • Theme Songs: Blue's Theme, Final Battle! (Rival)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Rival, Rival Final Boss, Pick Pokémon with advantage to Red's, Jerkass, until his mature years, Raised by his Grandfather, Accomplished Trainer, Current Viridian City Gym LeaderUsually, Part-time Researcher
  • Domains: Rivals, Pokémon, Champions
  • Herald: Hau
  • Party Pokémon: (Kanto Starter Pokémon strong to Red's pick), Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon Gyarados, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Heracross, Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Machamp, Aerodactyl, Zapdos
  • Followers: Akira Nishikiyama, Ryuji Goda, Reiji Akaba
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Red (of course), Ash Ketchum (both are friendly to a certain degree)
  • Odd Friendship: Wario, Gray Fullbuster, Seto Kaiba, Sasuke Uchiha, Bass, Jiren
  • Enemies: Giovanni, Jessie, James and Meowth, Pokémon Hunter J, to a lesser extent Team Rainbow Rocket, Rusty, Experiment 627
  • Blue grew up in Pallet Town with his sister Daisy and grandfather, Professor Oak. In his childhood, he lived with his neighbor Red and became bitter rivals. From humble beginnings at Pallet Town to their final showdown in the Indigo Plateau for the title of Pokémon Champion, their rivalry was legendary. He was the first ever champion seen in the Pokémon games after defeating the Elite Four, and 3 years later was the toughest Gym Leader in Kanto.
    • Known as a douche, though Ethan's rival Silver was a straight up Hate Sink until much needed Character Development. The two like to hang out and discuss their experiences, or test each other in battle.
  • His grandfather notoriously forgets his name and is often in need of remembering it. This gives a lot of people the opportunity to give him a bad name, which annoys him a lot. As such, he tends to be sympathetic towards people with Unfortunate Names.
  • Because of his interchangeable choice of color between blue and green, he once considered godhood in Green Is Blue. However, his well-known rivalry to Red had earned him the godhood in Rivals. It come into conflict with the previous holder of the trope: Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. But ultimately, because they work together despite their bitter rivalry, they moved to House of Friendship and Camaraderie (ironically) to become the Gods of Unwanted Teamwork.
  • Formerly the god of Rivals, he went throughout the Pantheon to find the archrival who clashes with other protagonists, despite many of these rivals are not known for their temperament. In spite of this, Blue keep in touch with them because of their competitiveness with their rivals. However he was later chosen to represent a more specific trope; that of the Rival Final Boss. After all, after defeating the Elite Four in the Gen I games, he is the champion Red must overcome. And appropriately enough,
  • When it comes to other rivals characters, he usually gets along with them unless they're too dickish. Him and Jun Manjoume related to each other because they started as snobbish and privileged but matured over time. He seems to respect both Viral, Shadow and Vegeta for their personal growth, though unlike them Blue was never evil, just a Jerkass. He noticed that Shadow has more than a few similarities to Mewtwo, who kicked his ass, and has requested a chance to prove himself by having his Pokémon beat him in a battle.
  • Gets along somewhat with other rivals, though interaction with the likes of Sasuke and Wario can come off as rather awkward. Blue is interested in Bass; he understands his plight to be the strongest and defeat Mega Man, but is worried he may be too stuck up in the rivalry to really enjoy his life. Of course he understands that a lot of that is to prove himself to Dr Wily.
  • He respects the local Blastoise in the Pantheon due to his starter Pokémon being a Squirtle. Similarly, he has a liking for Rhydon as he was a staple in his team. It was also said that Eevee was associated with him though his incarnation Gary. In turn he is respected by the 90's Dude, due to being a major fan of his cool attitude and the 90s as a whole. He relates to him being given mean names because his first name is Evelyn.
  • While an archetypal rival, Blue doesn't care for Cecil Turtle because he's kind of a dick. Though he does relate to the desire to be better than your rival. He'd rather not deal with Experiment 627, also someone who embraces the rival title, because he's a bully and by default evil. However 627 does seem to appreciate his desire to best Red.
  • Disagrees with Vergil and Jiren (anime incarnation) on the idea that Might Makes Right. Though both incarnations of Jiren have come to the consensus that power is what's most important, with the anime incarnation recognizing a less cynical growth away from that and a desire to prove oneself. Sometimes he talks about it with Blue, but otherwise doesn't consider him much interest given how powerful he is. Blue is more in line with Undyne is that he is in love with the challenge itself.
  • Taking root from his grandfather, Professor Oak, Blue is a researcher of his own accord. While studying Pokémon, he met other researchers like Indiana Jones and Cynthia. In fact, he compares himself to Indie as they would ditch their duties as a Gym Leader and university professor, respectively.
  • He is the Viridian City Gym Leader, taking over when Giovanni left as news of him being the leader of Team Rocket became public. Despite that, he would leave the gym to travel a lot from Unova to Kalos to Alola. He butts heads less with Team Rocket than Red or Ash do, however he is a much more serious enemy to Rusty. Despite his initial flaws of not caring about his Pokémon enough, he considers Rusty a horrible trainer and utterly undeserving of Red's praise or attention. Rusty merely thinks he's jealous of a potential rival to his own status as rival and former Pokémon Champion.
  • Do not bring up the Raticate he once had. He has no idea why folks think it died and is buried in Pokémon Tower; he has access to the Pokémon Storage System just like Red, and that's where he put it. Some have also wondered where his parents are in the picture, but nobody can tell. Given that Professor Oak was 50 in Gen II and Blue was 13, he or one of his parents may be the product of Teen Pregnancy.
  • "Smell ya later."