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Greater Gods

Gowasu, God of Never Understanding Evil (Gowas, Supreme Kai of Universe 10)

Intermediate Gods

    Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim 
This is my Stage Now!

Kouta Kazuraba, God of Idealistic Heroes (Kamen Rider Gaim, Armored Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Gaim Yami, Man of the Beginning, Overlord Kouta, "Space God", Fruit Jesus)
Kamen Rider Gaim 
Kiwami Arms 
Click here  to see him as the Man of the Beginning
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Kiwami Arms, Overdeity after he became an Overlord)
  • Symbol: The Gaim Rider crest, the Team Gaim logo, and the Orange Lockseed
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Gaim Yami, Lawful Good as Overlord Kouta)
  • Portfolio: Idealistic Heroes, Character Development, Adorkables With Monster Sides, Nice Guys Who Don't Want to Mess With, Using Powers With Responsibility, Outraged Optimism, Deconstructing Happiness Searches, Good Is Not Soft, All Loving Heroes, Hope Bringers, Messianic Archetypes, Accidental Murdering, Physical Gods, Dyeing The Hair Blond Due to the Forbidden Fruit, Inves Masters and Leading Said Monsters in War, Leaving Earth With Every Trace of Helheim
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Fate, Growth, Tragedy, Godhood
  • High Priestess: Chisato Nishikigi
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Heralds: The rest of Team Gaim (shared with Mai), Akira Kazuraba (his older sister), Kiyojiro Bando, Lapis/Kamen Rider Kamuro
  • Allies: Mai Takatsukasa (his girlfriend), the GUAG Toku Division, the GUAG Robot War Division, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, and Good-aligned Gods in the Pantheon
  • Worthy Opponent: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika, Rio and Mele, Kyoko Sakura.
  • Enemies: All Evil-aligned Gods in the Pantheon, especially Redyue and SHOCKER
  • Oppose: Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Monaca Towa
  • Kouta Kazuraba is an earnest, yet naive, young adult and a former member of Team Gaim, a street dancing group, who has somehow gained the means to become the samurai-themed Armored Rider, Kamen Rider Gaim, after he picked up the Sengoku Driver and a Lockseed during his search on the original leader of Team Gaim, who went missing after receiving that said driver. From there on, he uses his powers to protect the innocent from the rampaging Inves, as well as dealing with other rival Armored Riders, who had clashed with his ideals. As time goes on, he managed to ascend into the pantheon after winning his battle against Kaito Kumon, who become an Overlord named Lord Baron in the prophesied battle.
  • His predecessor, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard (fellow Hope Bringer) taught him the importance of Hope back when they teamed up in their battle against Bujin Gaim.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he's not dumb, but rather naïve. Said naivety is the reason why he's involved in many troubles including killing Yuya Sumii by accident.
    • Also Kouta was once fell into Kogane's trap of being corrupted by the Evil Seeds, as a result, he temporarily becomes Gaim Yami, an exact opposite of himself. However thanks to Lapis's powers and his own sheer will of determination, Kouta breaks out of his own corruption and returns to his normal self.
  • Tried to reason with Mitsuzane Kureshima too many times since the latter's Face–Heel Turn. He finally did it, but at the same time, caused a temporary death which fortunately gets better.
  • Kouta became close friends with Kira Yamato due to their similar ideals, as well as both of them, use their own strength by defeating their enemies without killing them unless if the enemy is a Sadistic Omnicidal Maniac.
    • Due to his association with Kira, he also gets along well with the majority of the GUAG Robot War Division, especially the Gundam pilots, after he notices of their act of heroism in their respective battles.
  • Was glad that his rival and worthy opponent Kaito Kumon had managed to ascend into the pantheon as Kaito made a remark on Kouta that he will fight him again to test his might against his Overlord powers someday.
  • He gets along well with both Naruto Uzumaki and Kyo Kusanagi as both experienced to have a heated rivalry with their respective rivals like Sasuke Uchiha and Iori Yagami respectively, much like how Kouta had a rivalry with Kaito.
  • As he fought, Kouta has come to realize that his enemy is the concept called 'Cynicism'. It's the thing that will cause despair and people giving up. Thus, while he befriended a lot of Hope Bringers, he brings a new concept: He doesn't just bring hope, he crushes those who promote cynicism and despair, which is ironic, seeing who his superior is. He made enemies with several despair lovers like Sid, Makishima, Monokuma, Enoshima, Enter, and Terumi of the Trollkaigers, and Liebert, while discussing with his senpai and fellow Urobuchi Deity, Madoka Kaname, about a group specifically made to crush despair and cynicism to curb while spreading hope.
    • Along the way he had met several Hope Bringers in this pantheon, such as Makoto Naegi, Komaru Naegi, Flynn, Yu Narukami, Kenshiro, and Akane Tsunemori, after he noticed their actions of bringing hope and being an inspirational figure among their respective allies.
  • Other than Madoka, he also gets along well with the Magical Girl Sisterhood due to his close ties with Madoka as well as its members, particularly Sayaka Miki as her powers reminding him of his own while he had a sympathy for her after learning of predicament of being heartbroken due to her love triangle situation with Kyosuke Kamijo and Hitomi Shizuki, same thing with Mami Tomoe after he noticed her terrible pasts that turned her as an empty shell while she's doing her best in her duty as a hero, and Megumi Aino after Kouta was proud of her accomplishments of saving her world by removing every traces of hatred within her final opponent Red. The sisterhood also pointed out that Kouta might be Madoka's "Kamen Rider counterpart", which he didn't deny it at all.
    • However, he has mixed feelings towards Kyoko Sakura as the Puella Magi's traits reminding him of Kaito in many ways.
  • He also gets along well with Kenzo Tenma as he also noticed that he had been through a lot of suffering in his lifetime, while he wants to stop Johan Liebert for causing a lot of chaos back in his universe.
  • He is also being close allies with both Shirou Emiya and Altria Pendragon, as the former both were heroes who shared the same ideals who wanted to protect the people who they care about and the latter were both blue-colored heroes who holds similar ideals to each other while he is also impressed with her swordsmanship at the same time.
  • He is also very close friends with Ryuko Matoi as both of them were trying to stop an alien invasion in their respective worlds while he also noticed that her origins as a Life Fiber Hybrid are kinda similar to his brethren Rider's origins. Also whenever he heard Senketsu's voice, he reminded him a bit of Momotaros for many reasons.
  • Kouta had a fondness to go to the mortal world to inspire many to never lose hope in spite of anything. He has stopped doing it after a while and because of that he was surprised when he learn that most of the people he was helping, such as Kazuto Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki, Satellizer el Bridget, Judai Yuki, Yuma Tsukumo, Haru Glory, Elie, Gracia, Aichi Sendou, Iona Hikawa, Garrod Ran, Tiffa Adill, Team TRY Fighters, Lacus Clyne, Jack Atlas, and Alisa Illinichina Amiella finally ascended into the Pantheon. They have become friends ever since.
    • He was also very amused to find out that Judai admires the Kamen Riders and tries to emulate them with the Masked Heroes cards, all of which look like many of Kouta's comrades in the Toku Base. He wonders with curiosity if there's gonna be one that looks like any of his forms too...
    • Kouta also rekindled his friendship with Yusei Fudo after the latter's ascension due to their similar ideals as he assures to Yusei that he hopes for the rest of the Signers will ascend into the pantheon someday, which Yusei is glad to hear such good remarks from Kouta.
    • He also rekindled his friendship with Aki Izayoi after her immediate ascension as Kouta was impressed with her psychic abilities which it can be used to materialize her Duel Monster Card into a real monster while at the same time he also had a sympathy for her after learning her terrible past that made her into a villain at first before she was redeemed by Yusei for defeating her in their second duel.
  • He has some mixed feelings towards Yoko Minato after he had been through with the sole female New Generation Rider as either his ally or an enemy.
    • Also gained an uneasy alliance with both Rio and Mele since both of them reminding him of both Kaito and Minato due to their similar traits.
  • When it comes to Kyubey, he recalls a similar experience with DJ Sagara, the avatar of the Helheim Forest. However, he honestly seemed better by comparison. Coming off as genuinely polite, friendly, well-meaning, and also seemed to take his defeat rather well. The way he sees it, the Incubators seem similar enough in some places that they could at least learn a few lessons from him.
  • Was not happy at all after he heard the ascensions of both Ryoma Sengoku and Kogane, as the former was the one who caused a lot of troubles that leads to the Helheim Invasion while the latter tries to bring chaos back in his experience in the Soccer World. He will stop them if they try to reenact the same evil deeds as they did before.
    • The same could go for Sid finding a way out of the Demonic Legion. However, he's become even stronger himself by this point, so dealing with him wouldn't really be much of a problem anymore.
    • Also gaining an ire towards Katsumi Daido as his transition from being a hero to villain made him a disgraced for being what a "Kamen Rider" is about and his actions were far worse than Micchy, and Sou Fueki for committing a mass human sacrifice for his ritual to fully revive his daughter Koyomi, which Kouta is against this kind of method. Because of this, he will fight to stop them.
  • His status as an Overlord made him a greater threat towards Yuu and his Da'ath organization as his Godlike powers was the cause of interfering their own plot to recreate the whole world in their image.
  • Kouta has a Conflicting Opinion with Homura Akemi due to her actions of turning into a Demon by usurping and sealing Madoka Kaname's God-like powers. While he tries to reason with her, Homura insists that she did what she had to do, making the conflict between them escalate at its worst since he cannot accept her cynical view of life, and her treachery to her brethren Puella Magi, especially after what she had done to her former friend Madoka Kaname.
  • The Doctor is very proud of the way Kouta handled Helheim and the Inves at the end, by sending it to a lifeless planet to not only give that planet life, but also to restore Earth.
  • He gains the admiration of Superman due to his heroic deeds back in his battles as a Kamen Rider and the man of steel sees Kouta as one of the aspiring heroes of the next generation. He was also admired by Ling Xiaoyu for his idealism despite he faced hopeless moments, that said admiration is the reason why Xiaoyu became motivated to save Jin Kazama from his grisly fate.
  • He also gained an ire towards Regime Superman after he learned that his actions were twisted due to him being the opposite of the real universe Superman.
  • Upon learning the ascension of Onaga, he is not very happy at all by knowing his plan to take over the Pantheon and his powers to "resurrect the dead as one of his slaves" made him a greater threat as he is now trying to rally every heroic Kamen Riders and other heroes to stand against Onaga.
  • Kouta was glad that his Love Interest Mai ascends into the pantheon, as the two of them reunited, they finally continue their duties as both the Man and Woman of the Beginning respectively.

    Yuri Lowell 
Yuri Lowell, God of Doing the Right Thing in Spite of Rules (Yuri Freakin' Lowell, Troy-chan, Senpai, The Dude, MAVERICK, Yang, Sloth, Max, Paul, Dale, Ivan, Eliot, Martin, Malco, John, Dunbar, Graham, Mannie, Kamiyama, Simon, Henry, kill me, Yu)

    Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga 
I don't want to see people crying anymore. I want everyone to smile! So have a good look... at my... transformation!

Yusuke Godai, God of Heroes Who Love Everyone (Kuuga, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Unidentified Lifeform #4, Cool Guy)
Kamen Rider Kuuga 
Kuuga Growing Form 
Kuuga Ultimate 
Kuuga Rising Ultimate 
Kuuga Super Rising Ultimate 
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God in his Rising forms, full-blown Greater God in Ultimate Form and Rising Ultimate. Lesser God in Growing Form. Overdeity as Super Rising Ultimate.)
  • Symbol: The Kuuga Symbol
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All Loving Heroes, Adorkables, Badass Bikers, Rides the TryChaser 2000 and later, the BeatChaser 2000, Beware the Nice Ones, Destructive Saviors, Elemental Power-based Multiform Balance, Succeeds the original Kuuga for over 2000 years, He fights to protect people's smiles
  • Domains: Combat, Talent, Heroism, Mysticism, Adventures
  • Heralds:
    • Main: Kaoru Ichijo, Sakurako Sawatari, Minori Godai (his younger sister), Armor Machine Gouram
    • Kamen Rider Agito: Shoichi Tsugami/Kamen Rider Agito, Makoto Hikawa/Kamen Rider G3, Ryo Ashihara/Kamen Rider Gills, Kaoru Kino/Kamen Rider Another Agito
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku, Griffith, Johan Liebert (and his GUAE Liebertarian Movement), the Incubators, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi)
  • Respected By: Asura
  • He was originally a Patron Saint and a High Priest of the Double Riders in the Toku Base, Yusuke Godai ascended into the proper Pantheon due to his reason of fighting the Gurongi Tribe in order to protect the smiles of all people as well as his existence help to gather a new generation of Kamen Riders up to this day.
    • His title was once shared with Megumi Aino and Steven Universe due to their similar personalities. They are still close allies despite not sharing the same title any longer.
  • His All Loving nature is the main reason why he manage to control his powers as Kuuga, especially when he successfully access the Ultimate Form without warping his mind. Due to this, he also managed to impress Madoka Kaname since she also possess a similar traits as he does.
  • At one point, Yusuke talked to a younger Miyuki Hoshizora who was crying after she lost her parents, while Godai also tells her about his similar experience in his younger age and using his juggling skills to make Miyuki stop crying before her parents found her and thanking him before Yusuke leaves with a thumbs up on Miyuki. A few years later, Miyuki, now Cure Happy, fights alongside Yusuke/Kuuga after she recognize him and also thank him for being her biggest reason of being a Hero who protect the smiles of people, which Yusuke is glad for hearing such remarks from her.
  • He gets along with Miku Kohinata due to being a Nice person just like him. On top of that, he managed to impress her by performing every skill that he possessed and she loved to hear every stories of his adventures as Kuuga. She even noted how similar he was to her best friend, Hibiki Tachibana, and the two also became fast friends.
  • Whenever Yusuke cross paths with Tsukasa Kadoya, the passing-through Kamen Rider often mistakes him for being "Yusuke Onodera" (his alternate universe self), due to having the same Rider Form.
  • He had made good allies with Aang and Korra since their abilities to control various elemental powers is quite similar to his elemental power-based form changing abilities.
  • Forms a friendship with many Shonen Jump deities, especially with Son Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and Naruto Uzumaki, due to them being the protagonistic All Loving Heroes of their respective stories.
  • He became friends with Kenzo Tenma as they quite get along due to their similar personalities, also Godai often visits his hospital for checking the status of his conditions as Kuuga.
  • Has gained a ire towards Ryoma Sengoku due to his actions during the Helheim Invasion, also the mad scientist's sadistic nature had made Yusuke angry at him since his previous encounter with Go-Jaraji-Da.
  • Has earned the respect of Asura, who was impressed with that he was able to control his rage in order to use the powers of his Ultimate Form, and that his reason for fighting the Gurongi was for making humanity in general cry.
  • As he fought, he made several evil-aligned deities in the pantheon, such as Johan Liebert and his Liebertarian Movement, Monokuma, Kyubey, Griffith, and the Trollkaiger, due to their immorality and they spread despair-induced chaos that causes many good-aligned deities in the pantheon breaks into the very depressive state. Because of this, he resolves to fight them in order to prevent this happening in the pantheon.
    • This reason has also made him supportive towards Makoto Naegi, Akane Tsunemori, and Haru Glory due to their shared compassionate attitudes as they also wanted to prevent this tragedy as well.

Lesser Gods

    John Connor 
John Connor, God of Small Steps Heroism (The T-3000)
John Connor, circa 2029 (Original Timeline)
Young John Connor 
The T- 3000 

    Yuma Tsukumo 
Yuma Tsukumo, God of Naïvety (Chowder Head, Miracle Boy, Dark Horse, ZEXAL, Yumad)
Zexal I Mode 
Zexal II Mode 
Zexal III Mode 

    Zack/Kamen Rider Knuckle 
Zack, God of Using his Powers for Great Responsibility (Kamen Rider Knuckle, Mr. Knuckle Man)
Kamen Rider Knuckle 


    Makoto Naegi 
Makoto Naegi, Bringer of Hope (Super High-School Level Good Luck, Ultimate Lucky Student, Super High-School Level Hope, Ultimate Hope, Super High-School Level Screams-Like-A-Bitch, Ultimate Generic Anime Protagonist, Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy)
Danganronpa 3 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Truth Bullet engraved with the word "Hope"
  • Theme Song: "Never Say Never", "Kibō no Dangan", "Saisei -rebuild-" (sung by his voice actress), "Progressive -Zan Shin-" (also shared with Komaru)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Optimism (and bringing it), NEVER giving in to despair, having 'good' luck, Wide-Eyed Idealist, supposed averageness, Amateur Sleuths, pointing out that 'it's wrong', being extraordinarily nice and forgiving.
  • Domains: Hope, Good, Kindness, Sincerity, Deduction.
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nagito Komaeda
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Monaca Towa, Tsumugi Shirogane, Shocker, Johan Liebert, Light Yagami, The White
  • He ascended after he destroyed the event of High School of Mutual Killing engineered by Monokuma and bringing about several survivors, keeping them from falling to despair. Nobody expected him to be the one to pull it off, since they think Naegi is average. But... his constant optimism made it happen. Right now, he's working to rehabilitate victims of Monokuma.
  • Cosmos saw it fit that he be put in this House, as he's always ready to yell "YOU MUST NOT GIVE UP HOPE!" whenever things go south for the force of Good, which contributes as big as any strong or intelligent force of good anyway. Philemon is also impressed, he saw Naegi's undying spirit as one shining example of how Nyarlathotep will be proven wrong.
  • Even if he survived or ascended, Naegi is known to have never gotten over the other victims of the High School of Mutual Killing. As long as he's in his seat, he would keep the memories of his deceased friends no matter if they're amoral, Maizono Sayaka, Kuwata Leon, Fujisaki Chihiro, Oowada Mondo, Ishimaru Kiyotaka, Yamada Hifumi, Celestia Ludenberg/Yasuhiro Taeko, Oogami Sakura... Which strengthens his drive to spread the hope.
    • That being said, Naegi was actually surprised to see his 'friend' Maizono Sayaka hanging around the 765 Pro group. A slightly tearjerking and heartwarming reunion occurs as Maizono repeatedly apologized for trying to frame him during the High School of Mutual Killing, in tears. Naegi responded by saying that whatever her reason is, he never blamed her. Since he got his duties, he kindly asked Maizono's recruiter, Haruka Amami, to take good care of her.
    • He's actually surprised that Celes also made it to the Pantheon, despite witnessing her execution. Instead of being paranoid that she would restart her amoral scheme to fulfill her dream, Naegi instead takes it that dying as victim or executed in High School of Mutual Killing doesn't mean they won't meet again in the Pantheon. He now resolves to reunite with the other Hope Peak Academy's students. After seeing Oogami inducted, Naegi rejoiced.
  • To many deities and mortals, Naegi is no hero... but heroine, the actual hero being Kirigiri.
  • He gets along really good with Makoto Nanaya, as they find a lot in common, not just the name, but how they treat friends and how they 'thwarted' their despair-loving enemies (Monokuma and Terumi). Naegi also bonds with Shinji Ikari, and promises that if he would fall down in depression for whatever reason, he'll think up something and say "That's wrong!"
  • They say that secretly before even going to Hope Peak's Academy, he trained in finding contradictions and spewing objections from none other than Phoenix Wright. He's 'training' a successor, Hajime Hinata. But... about that Komaeda guy? Naegi felt a little... off.
    • He, fortunately, has more success in rehabilitation former Ultimate Despair members in form of Mikan Tsumiki, that is, he had to ask Litchi Faye-Ling, Mikan's former superior, to take extra care for her. But then, in the wake of Morality Civil War, where Litchi was arrested and Mikan being unstable again, several cynical Gods said that it was inevitable because she was put under someone who'd 'selfishly kill everyone else for the sake of a blob boyfriend' and Naegi made a fatal mistake of entrusting her to Litchi in the first place. Naegi vehemently denied that, saying that regardless of the ongoing slander, he still trusts Litchi's good side and Mikan's full recovery, if there's something he's proud of, it's probably that he's a lot more optimistic and gung-ho about things.
      • Chiaki Nanami has joined him in helping to rehabilitate the rest of Ultimate Despair, due to her role in the Neo World Program After the calmer ascensions of Sonia and Pekoyama, she seems to be helping. Also, after her ascension, Sayaka Maizono has joined the two of them in this, as she wants to help them in the same manner 765 Pro helped her.
      • Alongside the Future Foundation, he was quite pleased to see Usami ascend into the pantheon proper, and she ensured him that Monokuma and Junko will have a MUCH harder time performing their killing games.
  • As a fellow Hope Bringer, he is great friends with Madoka Kaname. This is only one reason why he shouted "That's wrong!" during the Great Upheaval. In the following Pantheonic Rebellion, he assisted the Magical Sisterhood by pointing out contradictions in the rhetoric of the Homucifier splinter faction and thereby reduced the converts and causalities.
    • It was also by Naegi's influence that Madoka eventually has had enough of the Sisterhood blaming the Investigation Team for their association with Lucifer. It started with Kirigiri learning about the splinter thanks to sharing a house with Naoto Shirogane and invited Naegi to a debate session about it. When a member of the Sisterhood said something about 'Yu Narukami summons Lucifer, thus he's in cahoots'... that's where Naegi shouted out "No, that's wrong!" and makes a thorough explanation that while Yu can summon Lucifer, it's a very rare occasion and before the whole Great Upheaval happened, afterwards he hasn't been summoning Lucifer out of his disgust of the Upheaval, leading Madoka to finally realize that the Sisterhood blew things out of proportion and gave them a reprimand.
  • Naegi found himself drawn into the Monochrome Forest on one occasion, where he met The White. The White attempted to break his spirit, accusing him of 'abominable cruelty' in convincing the students of Hope's Peak to take a chance in the outside world, where he had no way of knowing if they would survive. Naegi, in turn, proclaimed their attempts to destroy the universe doesn't even take what other people want into account, and they thus had no place to talk to him about cruelty. Enraged, The White stranded him in the Monochrome Forest; he spent two days wandering the pocket dimension and dodging demons before Flynn managed to slay The White and track him down. Naegi was initially mistrustful of the Samurai: he had heard Flynn had killed the apostles of his friend Madoka after the Great Upheaval. Flynn explained that they had forced his hand: they had been driven to despair to the point they had attacked the Yamato Reactor, which would have destroyed the universe, While he would do it again if it came down to it, he wasn't proud of what he had done. After speaking for a while and realizing they had more in common then they had previously thought, the two of them have started to become friends.
  • Thanks to Touko Fukawa, Makoto reunited with his sister Komaru Naegi. The two were able to support each other, in order to get through the news that Komaru brought regarding their parents' fate. Makoto is talking with his sister about if she wants to ascend, and if she wants to share his position, or if she wants to make a seat for herself.
    • Eventually, Komaru managed to get a spot in the Pantheon and resides in the same house as Touko.
  • He became friends Judai Yuki. It was almost Friendship at First Sight when they first met each other, due to having similar views on idealism and both being Born Lucky (Though Makoto went Blue with Shock when he learnt of how quickly Judai became a Friendly Rival of Celes).

    Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori 
Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, God and Goddess of Warrior Humanity and Neural Bridges
  • Demigods (Greater Gods when using their mecha)
  • Symbol: Gipsy Danger
  • Theme Music: "Pacific Rim Main Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Mecha, Mental Links, Awesome, Determination, Warrior Humanity.
  • Superior: Guillermo Del Toro
  • Allies: Mako Reizei, Optimus Prime, Master Chief, Martin Walker, Setsuna F. Seiei, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu/Shikinami, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah and any other evil Kaiju
  • Ascended upon defeating the Kaiju menacing Earth, and a little Headbutt of Love at their both living through their hellish war experiences.
  • They pilot Gipsy Danger, a Humongous Mecha so humongous that piloting it alone would cause massive neural damage.
  • Despite not passing The Bechdel Test, Mako is much loved by feminist gods/goddesses, for her strength and portrayal as a character. She, being a bit of a perfectionist, doesn't think that that's enough.
  • While Raleigh often prefers to be left alone, whenever there's ass-kicking to be done for the side of good, you'd better bet that he's going to be with Mako in their Jaeger Gipsy Danger doing it.
  • Share a Psychic Link called a Neural Bridge. Can do it very well for people who aren't related, although they do suffer hardships with both of the pilots' horrific pasts.
    • Raleigh lost his brother, while mentally connected to him. Mako is the sole survivor of a version of Tokyo. They've both now decided not to let this get in the way of their future.
  • What sets them apart is not their martial arts skill or anything like that. It's their drift-compatibility.
  • After hearing what YHVH planned to do to Madoka, both of them have joined the Pantheonic Rebellion, because "Humanity always needs hope".
  • Raleigh is heavily compared to Ragna the Bloodedge and Kyon, mainly due to the fact that they share the same Japanese voice. Likewise, Mako also is heavily compared to Ranma, Yui Ikari, Rei Ayanami and Lina Inverse due to having the same Japanese voice.
  • Both Mako and Raleigh feel a strong sense of kinship toward the young Evangelion pilots due to the similar circumstances of having to fight to protect their worlds from giant alien monsters, as well as sympathy for the various traumas the children have endured. Although they recognize Shinji, Asuka, and Rei as capable warriors in their own right, they are nonetheless very protective of the children and have pledged to help them whenever they can.
    • After hearing about Shinji and Asuka's synchronized takedown of the Seventh Angel, Raleigh and Mako tried to talk the children into attempting a Neural Bridge to see if they were drift-compatible, believing it might be helpful to them both in combat and for their emotional well-being. However, upon being told that the Neural Bridge involves a literal linking of minds and sharing of thoughts and memories, Shinji and Asuka both vehemently declined the offer, saying they "just weren't ready to let someone else in like that."
  • Are still trying to wrap their brains around the concept of "Good" Kaiju, such as Godzilla and Gamera, given all giant monsters they met were mindless beasts bent on destruction. Not that they're out of a "job", as the fact King Ghidorah and other 'traditional' kaiju are present makes them highly requested to bring in Gipsy Danger for containment.
  • Would rather prefer if Pacific Rim: Uprising isn't mentioned in their presence, as they consider that movie made by people who just wanted to kill them. (Raleigh doesn't even get the dignity of having that on screen!)

    Roy Greenhilt 
Roy Greenhilt, God of the Struggle Between Good and Order
  • Demigod (Lesser God with the Belt of Giant's Strength)
  • Symbol: His Ancestral Weapon, the Greenhilt family sword.
  • Alignment: Beleaguered Good
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, Bald of Authority, Deadpan Snarker, Empowered Badass Normal, A Father to His Men, Genius Bruiser, Heroes Prefer Swords, I Am Not My Father, Interspecies Romance (with a sylph), Jack of All Stats, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Morality Chain (to Belkar), Secular Hero, Straight Man, Super-Strength, Vetinari Job Security.
  • Domains: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.
  • High Priest: Captain Adelbert Steiner
  • Allies: The rest of The Order of the Stick, Cecil Harvey, Ikki Kurogane.
  • Enemies: Xykon, Tarquin, HEL
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jin Kazama.
  • Roy was initially conflicted about his ascension. On one hand, it's cool and all, but he really didn't feel he was the most deserving of godhood or even the position he was given. It was pointed out to Roy that he was going to ascend "relatively" soon, because of the rules of his universe, and also that most of the "better" candidates were already ascended. Besides, Roy's struggle was a significant part of the early narrative of his comic and outlined what made him different from the standard Lawful Good Fighter. Understanding this, Roy accepted his position afterwards.
  • Roy found out fairly soon that Miko Miyazaki was in the Pantheon, more specifically as a member of the Millstone Club. Roy laughed at this at first, but when it was found that the group was made specifically TO screw up plans, he decided to explain to them that Miko would probably mess up things a little too much. Miko was soon kicked out again. Thankfully, Miko isn't actually aware he was the one who petitioned this would happen.
  • Roy gets along fairly well with Cecil, most likely because of their similarities. After all, they're both Lawful Good Fighters who have struggled between being Lawful or Good as well as being really good leaders.
    • On the other hand, his relationship with Jin Kazama is a mixed bag. He gets that his father is abusive, and yes, he DID inherit a pact made with a demon that cursed him and his life, but ultimately Roy viewed his father as a bit greyer than Jin Kazama makes him out to be. Besides, Jin Kazama is an absolute asshole.
  • Has become friends with Ikki Kurogane, given their similar issues in trying to prove the validity of physical strength in universes where Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards is in full effect. However, Roy was also shocked to discover how horribly Ikki was abused by his father under the excuse of family honor. Since his own father was an insufferable jackass at worst, Roy was not happy when he found out the extent of Ikki’s suffering. At the very least, Ikki has his great-grandfather to look up to, much like Roy’s admiration of his grandfather. For his part, Ikki is grateful for finding someone who has so much in common with him and has offered to give Roy a hand in defeating Xykon.
  • Roy is now leading the Order of the Stick against a new and grander enemy: Hel. Her plans to usurp control of the world by exploiting the fear of the Snarl was heinous enough and warranted stopping, but then it became personal when she did by making Durkon Thundershield into her puppet. Roy detests the Not-Durkon and her for having manipulated him and his allies while also bastardizing his friend. Their plan is to stop Hel and her allies from manipulating the meeting of the Gods and ending the world to keep her from getting the souls of all dwarvenkind.