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    Celestial Toymaker 
The Celestial Toymaker, God of Wicked Toymakers (The Guardian of Dreams, the Crystal Guardian, The Mandarin, The Cosmic Puppeteer)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A bunch of large toys
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abomination, Wicked Toymaker, Bends Reality, Stays In His "Toyroom", Motivated By Boredom, Psychopathic Manchild, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, Ever Polite, Bored By Immortality, Physical God
  • Domains: Games, Toys, Reality Warping, Power, Childishness
  • High Priest: Dr. Wondertainment
  • Followers: Sugar, Winslow Schott, Andre Toulon, Urfin Jus
  • Banned from: The House of Gaming
  • Interests: Slappy the Dummy
  • Respects: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
  • Allies: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Akihiko Kayaba, Daniel D'arby
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Clark Kent/Superman, The toys from Toy Story, most toy deities, Nobuyuki Sugou, Bob and George
  • The Celestial Toymaker is an enigmatic and extraordinarily powerful, yet childish being who resides in his own dimension known as the Celestial Toyroom. He abducts people to play his games, usually with big toys and large scale games. If he wins, the losers become his toys. If he loses, he destroys the toy room. The Toymaker can survive this and recreate his realm, but good luck surviving it.
  • Was supposed to meet the Doctor again, but the sequel to "The Celestial Toymaker" never got made. He has shown up in the expanded universe, though. Various origins have been given to him-a member of the Guardians of Time, originating from another universe, what can be agreed on is that he's not in any way human. And he entered the pantheon because, like his games, it's a way to entertain him from the boredom of eternal life.
  • Though amused greatly by the Trope Pantheon, the Celestial Toymaker isn't interested in taking sides with the various alliance leaders. Cosmos and Melkor are relieved and frustrated respectively that he doesn't use his powers for more evil. However, the Toymaker does respect the creators of Dungeons & Dragons, as it is a game he has enjoyed playing and it forms the basis of the pantheon he finds amusing.
  • As the true nature of the Toymaker is up for debate, and he's a Humanoid Abomination who turns people into his toys if they lose, the SCP Foundation regards him as an anomalous threat to normalcy. While his patterns are predictable and there are more active threats, they as still working to contain him, especially after his comment that some of the SCPs could be interesting to play with. The Toymaker is most interested in Dr. Wondertainment's propensity for dangerous toys, and has made them his high priest.
  • Wishes to play with the Doctor again, however his grabbing of the TARDIS was intercepted by Rick's portal gun. Finding him just as intelligent, he forced Rick to play a game of Trilogic. As he rare has to fight reality warpers, he instead focused on manipulating the Toymaker's ego and desire for a Worthy Opponent to distract him long enough to escape once he finished the game(the portal gun wasn't working as well in the Toymaker's presence). All while pretending he's not as good at it than he seems to keep the charade up. Though he acted crassly, the Toymaker enjoyed his moxie and considered him a Worthy Opponent.
  • Bob and George had the misfortune of their dimensional jump leading them to the Toyroom. Bob made a bargain that they get to choose the game, that being the original 6 Mega Man video games. In addition, it must happen within the narrative of Bob and George. The Toymaker only accepted if the stakes were raised higher; if they lose, he's going to bring in all their friends and he will make the rules then. They won because of their experience, and the Celestial Toymaker destroyed the realm. However as it took within the actual webcomic, they miraculous escaped with space-time shenanigans since the title characters can't be killed off.
  • The next on the Toymaker's list of those to kidnap was the Man of Steel himself. This immediately got Mr. Mxyzptlk's attention because Superman is his to play with and troll. The imp's fifth-dimensional powers proved completely overpowering to the Celestial Toymaker, and he had to concede. However, on observing his antics, Mxy became fond of him because they're like two peas in a pod; phenomenally powerful, mostly amoral beings who love to play around with people. The two departed on good terms, with hopes for a friendly game between the two and learning new ways to have fun; no risks involved.
  • Most of the toys in the pantheon are creeped out by the Celestial Toymaker due to his turning people into his toys and playthings when they lose, undoubtedly a Fate Worse than Death. The toys of Toy Story think his "playtime" is every kind of messed up. Slappy the Dummy, however, likes the way he plays with people's lives and wants to play a role. The Toymaker just sees Slappy as uncouth. Unlike the dummy, he is nothing but polite.
  • The Celestial Toymaker has been unanimously banned from the House of Gaming, in fear he will try to turn the house into his new toy room. People from the house are still allowed to visit him, but so far the only one who even dared was Akihiko Kayaba. Mainly because the Toymaker had no intention of putting him in a game, as he respects his handiwork with SAO and his Game Master roles. Akihiko is wary around the Toymaker, though it's difficult to say he has a moral high ground and the Toymaker will play ball around him because of the aforementioned respect.
  • Though a Sore Loser, the Celestial Toymaker abides by a certain set of rules. He has little patience for cheaters either. Despite his otherwise amoral personality, he considers Nobuyuki Sugou to be trash. To convince him to behave himself with the ban, they handed Sugou to him to torment. Sugou lost and became the Toymaker's toy, a truly horrible fate, but nobody cared. The Toymaker eventually got bored and threw him away.
  • While he doesn't like cheaters, the Celestial Toymaker does tolerate it from Daniel D'arby as he proves classy and clever about it. Just as long as he gets to be classy and clever cheating too; it's only fair. Daniel accepted, and though he lost, the Toymaker had such fun he decided not to make him his toy and instead let him go so they can have normal gambling sessions. The elder D'arby brother can count himself lucky the Toymaker was in a good mood, and Telence suspects he wouldn't be able to pull the same stunt on the Toymaker.

    Destruction of the Endless 
Destruction of The Endless, God of Creative Sterility (Olethros)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A pool of water and a sword, against a red background.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with Chaotic Good leanings.
  • Portfolio: Giftedly Bad, Walking the Earth, Nice Anthropomorphic Personifications, Inverted Middle Child Syndrome, Extremely Tall, Red Is Heroic, former Destroyer Deity
  • Domains: Destruction, Creation, Change, Art, Travel
  • Allies: The other Endless, everyone who has Walked The Earth to find themselves, Wreck-It Ralph, Satan Jacob, Nero Germanicus, BRIAN BLESSED
  • Enemies: Almost none; few would survive truly angering him. That being said, he's on bad terms with the Lich, Fenrir and Melkor
  • Respects: Anyone who has sworn off a "noninterference" clause to help or meet those below them, such as Tyrael
  • Disrespects: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Father Homunculus, abusive siblings.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Beerus
  • In the universe's infancy, the basic aspects and patterns of the universe would manifest into sentient beings. They would be known as the Endless, and the fourth of their number would be Destruction. For billions of years he would serve as an agent of change, but eventually wished to retire from his role, seeking to explore the flip side of the Endless; for him, the subject of creation. Easily the most beloved of the Endless; even Desire respected him. Most gods are generally on good terms with him, and it's considered really poor to piss him off.
  • The pantheon was fascinated by the fact an Endless could leave their role, leading some thoughts as to whether other Endless could have their power taken away. All Grand Alliances are considering this covertly, even the GUAG in case they have no other options. It hasn't gotten anywhere though.
  • Is on good terms with Wreck-It Ralph, due to their mutual poor skills at creating things. Friends with Satan Jacob, due to having adopted a simple life from a formerly godly title.
  • Conflicted on Beerus. While he represents destruction and understands he has to do his duty, he is disturbed by the God of Destruction's tendency to destroy planets. Beerus respects him, however, regarding Destruction as a mentor of sorts like Whis.
  • It's believed that when Destruction of the Endless left his role, Fenrir would try to fill the hole. Destruction isn't pleased by Fenrir's desire to destroy everything forever and has warned the wolf not to try and break creation again. Fenrir has listened to him for the moment. Also does not like the GUAD. Destruction is ultimately a force of change, and it as much about creation as destruction. They're a perversion of the act in his eyes, and he doesn't want anything to do with them.
  • One of the main reasons why Destruction left his role was due to the coming of the Age of Reason, eventually leading to the invention of the atomic bomb. Destruction didn't want any part in it. Naturally, he's pretty disturbed about the Lich, being the worst nuclear weapons have to offer.
  • Due to representing both Destruction and Creation, the Alliances have all made it a top priority to either get him on their side or at least keep him away from the other sides, since he has abandoned the usual duties of the Endless, which prevent them from directly involving themselves, most of the time.
  • Not usually found in the Pantheon, due to the other members of the Endless often being present, instead, going on the road to view the world(s). He has so far not expressed any interest in joining any of the Grand Alliances or a specific group but is often willing to aid anyone who stops by his residence.
  • Has decided to explore the other side of his abilities in the form of creation, leading him to Walking the Earth. Problem is, he's really bad at it. Part of his nature makes him bad at creativity. He still tries, of course. He and Nero became friends as they're both Giftedly Bad. It's rather ironic that despite being bad at crafts, he's by far the strongest god in the House of Crafts. As he has a role with creation along with destruction, Nekron has placed him as one of the possible suspects for where the Life Entity. He finds it more likely that his sister Death is the source, but is in enough trouble as it is with her and has less to worry about if he bothers Destruction.
  • Melkor could be considered somewhat of a Foil to Destruction of the Endless. Both suffer from Creative Sterility, but they have completely different personalities about it. While Destruction is a Nice Guy, Melkor let his contempt for lacking Eru's creative spark poison his soul, becoming the Greater-Scope Villain for all Arda. The Dark Lord once challenged him in order to invade and destroy his house, which resulted in Melkor being thrown around the Pantheon like a rag doll. Destruction has warned him never to enter the House of Craft again
  • Resembles BRIAN BLESSED a lot. It's currently unknown whether Destruction based his appearance on him or BRIAN BLESSED on Destruction. Hell, it could be both. Also had a talking dog called Barnabus. He's since given him to Delirium to look after her.

Dyntos, The Ultimate Blacksmith (Lord Dyntos, God of the Forge)

Greater Gods

    Fix-It Felix Jr. 
Felix, God of Fixing (Fix-It Felix Jr.)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His golden hammer
  • Theme Song: Fix-It Felix
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Catchphrase: "I can fix it!"
  • Portfolio: Ability to fix anything with his hammer, being loved by everyone, Wall Jump, able to heal anything with his hammer, heroes to look up to, Percussive Maintenance.
  • Domains: Technology, Video Games, Fixing.
  • High Priest: Bob the Builder
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Sergeant Calhoun (his wife), Vanellope Von Schweetz, Tails, Mario, Luigi, Emmett Brickowski, Wander
  • Enemies: Turbo, Lord Hater, The Tyranids
  • When Ralph came into the Pantheon, Felix asked to come along for the ride. His reasons: 1) it's his job to fix up any messes Ralph makes and 2) so he can be with his good friend.
  • His hammer has become a blessing to the Pantheon. With one strike, he's able to fix anything whether it be walls, fortresses, injuries, broken hearts, etc.
    • That hammer is a double-edged sword, however. One time when he was stuck in jail, Felix accidentally used it to make the weak bars become twice as thick than usual. Moreover, it cannot be used as a weapon so he's only good for support and not for combat.
  • A couple of gods have asked if he's Mario's long lost third twin since he arrived, but with good charm he points out, "No mustache".
  • Has been seen "fighting" Ralph whenever the two are working, and then going to the House of Food with him once they get time off.
  • Often asks why Sergeant Calhoun never ascended, since she's now his wife. The gods at this time haven't found a proper place for her. So for now, they made her one of the acolytes of the Action Girl house, so that he can visit her.
    • Finally, she was able to ascend into her own house; the house of Soldiers & Warriors fittingly enough. She was more than happy to announce her ascension to her husband by lifting him up to kiss him before threatening to smite any of his enemies, which he just laughed her and assure her he was okay for now.
  • Gets along famously with Emmett due to their shared background in construction. Also enjoys the company of Wander due to the both of them having similar upbeat attitudes, among other similarities.
    • These similarities to Wander didn't go unnoticed by Lord Hater and has sworn to destroy the two of them. Despite Wander insisting that Hater really isn't a bad guy once you get to know him, Felix is nevertheless weary around him.
  • Also present in the House of Technology, which still retains his membership.

Rodin, The Demonsmith (The Infinite One, Father Rodin, Mephisto)
Click here to see Father Rodin, The Infinite One 
Click here for his demon form 

Vulcan, God of the Forge (Smith of the Gods, Hephaestus, Vulcanus)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A smith's hammer and pliers atop an anvil
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Smithing, manipulating fire, lameness undone through cybernetics, facial hair, creating godly items, ugliness by Greek standards, wed to Aphrodite, combat turrets, a large battle-ready hammer, baldness, glowing eyes
  • Domains: Forging, Volcanoes, Invention
  • Followers: Ashul Edwaru, Godo, Aries Mu, Felix Quintero, Io, Solus Prime, The Man with the Iron Fists, Jason Ogg, Rothion, Bengali
  • High Priest: Ulthane
  • Wife: Aphrodite
  • Allies: Zeus, Sophitia Alexandra, the Engineer, Link, Franky, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Hercules, Tatsuya Suou, Hera
  • Enemies: Both Hades, Nightmare/Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, Nyarlathotep, Sauron
  • Annoyed by: Gilgamesh
  • Avoids: Kratos (not out of fear, but because of their painful past)
  • In order to ascend beyond his original Pantheon after its destruction, Hephaestus' godly spirit was joined by all other aspects of himself through the multiverse. This fusion freed the god from the evils of Pandora's Box and restored a portion of his original beauty. Considering all that transpired, Hephaestus decided to start fresh within the Pantheon, and so took his Roman name to distance himself from his past life.
  • Temperatures suddenly spiked within the House of Craft to the point that gods began to fear the walls would soon melt. When the source of this intense heat was discovered, the ringing of a hammer against metal greeted gatherers who found Vulcan diligently working on one of his many marvels. When he finished his work and heard his new neighbors' complains, the Smith rebuilt his new temple to insulate his heat and render it soundproof to everyone's relief.
  • Within mere hours of his presence being made public knowledge to the entire Pantheon, a great line formed outside of his Forge as gods after gods came with requests and commissions for the Smith's unrivalled works. Naturally, as was always the case, Zeus is given front-of-the-line privilege to restock on thunderbolts.
  • The meeting however between Zeus and Vulcan was strained. When Zeus came to collect on his thunderbolts, Vulcan gave him a clear warning about letting history repeat, seeing the shadows of Zeus' darker nature still linger.
  • He was not happy to meet Hera at first, because she was similar to his mother Juno, who threw him out of the mountains because she was repulsed by his grotesque appearance. They had since made amends.
  • Recently Vulcan was able to meet his Greek herald Sophitia as an equal, and the two spoke for a length of time. Hearing firsthand accounts of the malicious Soul Edge, Vulcan has started drawing plans for a proper weapon to fell the cursed blade. Not to worry, he's also heard about the mistake about the creation of its "counter" Soul Calibur and how it became another threatening weapon to all creation with its excessive obsession on "Orde", so he's making sure his new weapon doesn't commit the same mistake. Another topic brought up was Rothion, Hephaestus' avatar who forged Sophitia's equipment. Knowing that only a mortal he truly respected could have such an honor, it was an unpleasant surprise to see how unnecessarily hated the man was to mortals.
  • By a chance meeting with the reincarnated hero, Vulcan asked Link if he might inspect the Master Sword. Link reluctantly let the Smith hold his sword, which Vulcan held close to his ear. With a smile, he returned the Blade of Evil's Bane and complimented that it was the most loyal sword he'd ever held. "She knows her master better than any other". He left the god a little confused as they parted ways.
  • He's grown more than a little annoyed and has taken to building fortifications to keep Gilgamesh and his demands for the Excalibur away.
  • Although Vulcan normally doesn't act out over Aphrodite's adulterous actions (after the first time he caught her), there is one God who changes that rule. There's just something about the flaming God of the Underworld that Vulcan can't stand the thought of him making moves on her. And since she has shown rejection to Hades' advances, these moments mark the few times Vulcan will stand up to his wife's "virtue".
  • He's shown interest in the Engineer's ever-growing Sentry designs and speaks with the mercenary when he has the time. The two have even trade notes, with Vulcan working on his own level two and three turrets while the Engineer's taken a shot at the old pile bunker model.
  • Dave Strider has had his legendary piece of shit of a sword, Caledfwich, reviewed by Vulcan. This was mainly due to his Denizen, Hephaestus, being a depiction of Vulcan, and also one of the few that were supposedly not merged. They hit it off for a while, with Vulcan the god of Fire being surprisingly "chill", until Vulcan mentioned that Dave's sword was an excellent sword he could find himself crafting. Dave Strider left immediately after that.
  • Vulcan gave something of an annoyed sigh when Sun Wukong decided to drop in on him. They've fought together before, but the last thing he needed was a mischievous god mucking up his works.
  • When questioned about his robotic hand and leg, Vulcan first spoke with pride that he had replaced his once deformed limbs so that he would finally stand tall with his fellow Pantheon. That pride turned to spite when he mentioned his home gods still found him ugly, this time for "tainting" his godhood with mechanics.
  • Despite wanting to start over, some things just can't be forgotten. Forging one of his greatest weapons in all reality, Vulcan was prepared to strike down Kratos for sins past. However, upon confronting the God of War, Hephaestus saw genuine sadness and guilt in Kratos' eyes over their history. With the fight taken out of him, Vulcan destroyed his tool of vengeance. Even through soundproof walls of the forge, gods could swear they heard Vulcan sobbing over his lost daughter.
    • Unlike Kratos' relationship with almost all of the other Greek gods (read: hateful and violent), Kratos and Vulcan avoid encountering each other whenever possible. Just looking at Kratos deeply saddens Vulcan every time at the memory of Pandora, and Kratos completely respects Vulcan's desire to be as far away from him as possible. After being the one to cause Vulcan to lose his daughter, it's the absolute least he could do.
    • There was one notable exception to this, however. Vulcan had been under the impression that Kratos had callously murdered his daughter by tossing her into the Flame of Olympus, but was stunned to learn from Zeus (in one of his rarer sympathetic moments) that Pandora had chosen to sacrifice herself into the Flame, and that Kratos had actually tried to STOP her from doing so. Vulcan, wanting to know the whole truth about Pandora's death, confronted Kratos and demanded to know the full details, despite the pain that he knew it would cause him. Kratos reluctantly revealed how he had come to care for Pandora while seeing her almost like a daughter, and how he had sworn to find another way to destroy the Flame of Olympus when he realized that, indeed, he couldn't sacrifice Pandora. Pandora had made the choice for herself, and in the end, he had failed to save her due to his hatred for Zeus getting the better of him. Not wanting to leave Vulcan on a tragic note, Kratos ended by telling him that, in the darkness of his fear and despair, her spirit had guided him to unlock the light of Hope and use it to defeat Zeus once and for all. With this revelation, Vulcan's opinion towards Kratos marginally improved, although not nearly enough to overcome the pain between them. But at the very least, they can both share the same sadness over losing the one they had both come to love.
  • He has once lent his aid as a Persona for Tatsuya Suou under the name 'Vulcanus', but eventually left the position for Apollo. Now Vulcan has since reforged their bonds and stood ready should Tatsuya face Nyarlathotep again.

Intermediate Gods

    Andrew Hussie 
Andrew Hussie, God of Trolling Creators (The Huss, The Big Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The :o emoticon; alternately, a horse
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mind Screw, Kudzu Plot, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, One-Man Army, Doing It for the Art, Mood Whiplash, Hero Killer, Dada Comics, Fridge Brilliance
  • Domain: Art, Creation
  • High Priest: Toby Fox, in the form of the Annoying Dog
  • Underlings: The Trolls, John Egbert, Dirk Strider
  • Allies: George R.R. Martin, Joss Whedon
  • Enemies: Lord English, The Comic Book Guy
  • Observed by: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Question, Luna Lovegood
  • No one in the Pantheon goes out of his way to troll his fanbase as much as Andrew Hussie. Some creators crush hearts by killing off fan favorites. Hussie is insane enough to change the height of his characters just to prove everyone one. It was determined that no one else could compete with the man for the title.
  • A capricious god who delights in using his followers as a living laboratory in the burgeoning field of Audience Reactions. Despite appearing to make dubious choices at times, both in his work and out, it always becomes clear that Hussie knows exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it.
  • His followers are put through countless hoops by his hand, yet at the end of the day, he is truly appreciative of them and makes that perfectly clear at times.
  • He WAS killed by Lord English, but Death Is Cheap in his homeworld, even for an Author Avatar.
  • There are actually two Andrew Hussies in the Pantheon. One is a relatively quiet guy with an odd sense of humor: One is a bombastic ditz. People tend to find the second one self-indulgent and sometimes annoying: The first one is relatively fine.
    • It turns out, the ditzy Hussie is actually the quiet one's avatar, the one that was killed by Lord English. Vriska (who can be found in the House of Love along with the rest of the Alternian Trolls) does her best to avoid the orange-skinned, milky-white-eyed humanoid.
  • Has quite a few fans in the Pantheon. Joss Whedon is better known for refuting fan theories, but he knows a master of crushing fans hearts when he sees one. It is rumored that he seeks advice from Hussie when it comes to writing stories.
  • GRRM was intrigued with the man's webcomic and how much it can change on a whim. The author also learned from the Trolling Creator that there are more ways to break a man's heart than just killing off someone.
  • Created by a Trolling Creator themselves, Dipper and Mabel have made it their mission to decipher which messages are real and which ones are just trolling.
  • He especially enjoys sending conspiracy theorists on a swerve. Whenever The Question thinks he has Hussie's strategy down, the creator makes up a completely different idea. It has frustrated him and his followers to no end. Luna, on the other hand, is often ahead of the curve. Her crazy theories turn out to be truer than not thanks to Hussie's desire to pick the least thoughtof idea.
  • No one is more incensed with Hussie's meddling of his world than the Comic Book Guy. Every time the fan thinks he has a theory going on, Hussie tears it down with his own interpretation. He has threatened to quit the webcomic several times... only to admit that he has finished the story in earnest. The man thinks it's a good comic; he just thinks that the Trolling Creator is playing him.

    Nero Claudius/Red Saber 
Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The Badly Gifted Goddess (Nero Bride, Red Saber, The Pinnicle of the Arts, Flower of Olympia, The Whore of Babylon, The Emperor of Roses, Saber of Deep Crimson, Saber Venus, Caster, Umu)
Click here  for Nero in her gown
Click here  for Nero in her swimsuit
  • Intermediate Goddess (Believes she's an Overdeity) Greater Goddess upon becoming Saber Venus
  • Symbol: Herself or her Aestus Estus with rose petals scattered around.
  • Theme Songs: Grand and Saber, Everything is in Your Hands; alternatively, Bright Burning Shout
  • Alignment: Seen as Lawful Evil, but is actually Chaotic Good; Chaotic Summer as a Caster
  • Portfolio: Attention Whore, Finding Love Regardless of Gender, Boobs of Steel, Thinking She Can Do Everything And Achieving It, Driven to Suicide, Hot-Blooded Even in Love, Large Ham, Not Liking Being Call Petite, An Ego to Match Gilgamesh, Letting People See More Of Her Glorious Body, Having The Best Qualities of Both Arturia and Gilgamesh, Lady in Red
  • Domain: Arts, Music, Theater, Swordsmanship
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Sakura Kinomoto, Zelda, Robin, Deus ex Machina, Johan "Jesse" Anderson
  • Rival: Arturia Pendragon, Mordred (one-sided on their part), Artoria Pendragon Alter (in being Santas)
  • Friendly Rivalry: Hercules, Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer)
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Lady Tremaine, Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Not Serious Enemy: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Seeing herself as the pinnacle of the arts and who can even rival the greatest of Gods, Nero's endeavors in many of them... are sub-par at best. Her worst subject, though, would have to be singing itself. She was offended at the title she was given and also for a low deity rank. She controlled her anger long enough to decide to convince the Court of the Gods to give her a title that truly reflected her superior art and a much higher rank.
  • When Nero first arrive in the Pantheon, this is what she had to say to the other deities;
    Rejoice, for I, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, have gracefully ascended to the pinnacle of Godhood. Come and bask in the glory that is me. There is no shame in staring, for it is reasonable to be awestruck by such perfection.
  • Despite her poor artistic capabilities, she has a knack of easily learning new stuff. This includes piloting a mobile suit like an ace and even battling Yugi Muto in a duel. Unfortunately, because she is plagued by chronic headaches in her life, these skills are forgotten soon after.
  • Two of her most prize creation are Aestus Estus, a sword she herself forged and proclaim can rival anything Vulcan can create, and her personal theater, Domus Aurea. The latter she rebuilt in the pantheon and has invited many deities to enter and enjoy the grand performance of Nero herself. Many have regretted ever going to one of her plays.
    • One notable incident came when the Nostalgia Critic made jokes about one of her plays. Not being able to handle criticism very well, Nero chased after him in a fury. Luckily she was stopped before she could do any harm to Critic.
  • Has earned the ire of both Artoria and Mordred, more of the former than the latter, accusing her of being an imposter to their image. Of course, Nero always tells them that there's one big, well, two BIG differences that don't make them the same. This didn't help her standing with the other Sabers.
    • Recently, there's been evidence to suggest that Nero might be the ancestor of Artoria, which would explain why they look the same. While Artoria isn't exactly happy with the possibility, Nero couldn't be happier to be related to a beauty such as Artoria.
  • Was ecstatic that the actual Hercules was in the {antheon. She would challenge the demigod nearly every day in combat. Hercules applauded the fiery passion of the emperor and welcomed the challenge.
  • Has no problem in showing some skin. In fact, Nero has been known to battle in nothing but a barely-there bikini.
  • Because of her own manipulative, backstabbing mother, Nero has made every evil mother in the pantheon her enemy. In particular Ragyo Kiryuin for her molestation of her daughters and Tremarie for trying to deprive Cinderella of her happy ending. She questioned Cinderella why she never had her step-mother executed for all the pain she caused her.
  • Even though she was known to be a tyrant, Nero actually loves the people of Rome and showered them with gifts. This is why she is so passionate about the arts so that she can share it with her people. Unfortunately for her, her form of love was selfish and she actually expected her people to love her in kind but didn't when there was a coup against her. It's for this reason that she ended her own life in despair.
  • Nero values beauty above all else. This not only includes the arts but in matters of romance as well. She has expressed her attraction to many Gods and Goddesses like Hercules, Korra, Dante Sparda, Arturia, Chun-Li, Ryu, Alexander the Great, Dick Grayson, the male and female Robins, and Bayonetta. When it comes to beauty, gender is irrelevant.
  • Notice that she sounds just like an older Sakura Kinomoto. Nero bonded with the young Magical Girl and they have been seen skating together.
  • Called the 'Whore of Babylon' during her reign of Rome, others have wonder if she was Mother Harlot's human form. Nero was offended that others would even link her to the fiend. Not only that, but she doesn't like being called the Whore of Babylon.
    • Interesting fact, because of Nero's skill, she could be able to summon the 'Beast of Revelation' as her own personal mount.
  • Has been known to defy the laws of physics due to The Power of Love. This love has mostly been directed to the person known as Hakuno Kishinami.
  • Feeling absolutely merry in the holiday season, Nero decided to to dress up as Santa Claus. And yes, her Santa is of the sexy variety. Not just satisfied with just having the outfit, Nero also commissioned her own sleigh. Though she forgot that reindeer are supposed to pull the sleigh as instead, she used eight regular colored Chocobos with the ninth one being red. She even gave away gifts to all the good people around the pantheon. Though the gifts she gave out were pretty much everyday objects, it was the thought that counts. Unfortunately, she also started to sing Christmas carols. Though, others think it's cute, no matter how bad she sings.
  • Some people still argue if she really did play the lyre while Rome burned.
  • Every year, Nero holds Nero Fest, where teams of servants are put in teams and fight Chaldea's Master. Each servant is given a witty name.
  • She has tried her hand at livestreaming and has played Kancolle.
  • If anyone makes a comment about how revealing her attire is, her response is...
    "Fool, they are not see-through. I'm letting them see!"



    K.K. Slider 
K.K. Slider, Patron Saint of Doing Art for Art’s Sake (Totakeke)
  • Demigod (in actuality a Lesser God, but he's too humble to be ranked as such)
  • Symbol: His folk guitar
  • Theme Songs: All of his compositions, but particularly “K.K. Song”, be it the (live or aircheck version)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Speaking Simlish, Musical Genre Roulette, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Breakout Character, Music for Music's Sake, Only Known by Their Nickname, Erudite Stoner,
  • Domains: Music, Guitars, Creative Independence
  • Allies: Villager, Tom Nook, Isabelle, all good gods in the House of Music, Jimi Hendrix, Hatsune Miku, Weird Al Yankovic, Jerrica Benton, Recette Lemongrass, Moe Syzlak, Squigly, DJ Pon-3, the Duck Hunt Dog, Scooby-Doo, Courage, Snoopy, Jake the Dog
  • Enemies: C. Montgomery Burns, Looten Plunder, all evil gods in the House of Music, Napoleon
  • Many gods were mesmerized by soft guitar playing that somehow put even the most belligerent at ease. The source of the music was found to be K.K. Slider who was sitting on a small crate under a lonely streetlight just outside the Main Gates. The Villager was quick to recognize the canine minstrel and pushed for his arrival as his music was considered to one of the best. The gods who were part of Master Hand’s tournaments (Sonic, Snake, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Ryu included) all vouched for K.K.’s unique blending of various genres played only by his guitar and similish voice. The Court agreed and K.K. was allowed in.
  • K.K. is unique among musicians in the pantheon for two main reasons: First, he is able to compose and play music from a plethora of styles and cultures with just his acoustic guitar and his simlish voice and sound very good when playing live. Second, he composes music just for its own sake. He doesn’t want money or fame like other music deities do. He simply enjoys playing and composing what he loves: music.
    • Naturally, he doesn’t think too highly of “corporate fat cats who stifle the creative process” or those who exploit music for profit (like Plunder and Mr. Burns). However, he is good friends with both Jerrica and Recette as they represent the good side of business, with K.K. playing a few gigs in Jerrica’s foundation. Recette, on the other hand, is the only one allowed to sell his “airchecks” as he knows the profits with her are placed to good use, much to the consternation of Quark and Bubs.
  • The House of Music is his favorite spot as he tends to collaborate with many gods either providing back-up or lead vocals for some very interesting compositions.
  • One of the few deities that enjoy visiting him in his "pad" is Squigly. Despite an initial shock at her appearance and meeting Leviathan, he quickly warmed up to her. The fact she enjoys singing along and making lyrics as he plays warms his heart to see someone so dedicated to music.
  • Both he and Weird Al are good friends as both are masters at using various genres of music in their works. They are currently working on creating a polka medley version of K.K.'s compositions. Al only needs to figure out a way to use Simlish or compose lyrics of his own.
  • The nightly dance crowd at Moe’s Tavern waits in anticipation whenever K.K. shows up to take the DJ booth and plays arranged medleys of all his compositions, either in house or classic NES 8-bit mixes. Saturday nights from 8 PM to midnight, however, K.K. instead takes the stage with only his guitar and plays live requests. Some deities only show up these times to hear his unique songs.
    • Sometimes shares the DJ booth with Vinyl Scratch who respects him as one of the best DJ's she has collaborated with. K.K. is thinking of going on a tour of Equestria soon after meeting her.
  • Despite coming from a town where both human villagers and animal villagers co-exist, K.K. dislikes Napoleon due to his taking the worst traits of humanity while simultaneously decrying their tyranny. While he never attempted in the past to create a protest song as he cares for everyone equally, the greedy porcine appears to be his sole exception.
  • As he is a dog deity, he gets along with other multiverse canines in the Pantheon. True to form, the group tends to have a Poker Night in one of the private rooms at Moe's Tavern amongst them once every few weeks. Naturally, Scrappy and Sparky are not allowed within ten feet of their table (if they ever get past the Techies' minefield, that is).
  • K.K.'s entire philosophy can be summed up here.

    Monty Oum 
Monty Oum, God of Doing Art For the Awesome
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His signature
  • Alignment: Awesome Good
  • Portfolio: Humble Hero (surprisingly), Awesome Art For The Sake Of It, giving his characters levels in badass, staging awesome fight scenes, adding recoil boost to guns he animates, fanservice, Badass Armfold, Motion Capture
  • Domain(s): Creation, Combat, Coolness
  • Underlings: All RWBY deities
  • Allies: Tifa Lockhart, Ayane, Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Samus Aran, Yuna, Cloud Strife, Kairi, Epsilon, Agent Carolina, Agent Texas, Grif, Simmons, The Meta, note , Master Chief (sort-of), Yui Ogura, Kamina, Simon The Digger, Don Bluth, Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami, Hyde Kido
  • Neutral Terms With: Felix, Locus
  • Enemies: Archibald Penelope Snatcher
  • Opposes: Judge Doom
  • Pitied by: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Monty Oum's first well-known foray into animation was the work named Haloid, which featured the Alien Covenant, Master Chief, and Samus Aran. Or at least a SPARTAN with the same armor color as John-117…
  • He supposedly ascended to the Pantheon after shedding his mortal coil in February 1, 2015, but remained discreet upon seeing his 'creations' and some other characters he's worked with mourn his passing. That and he's trying to figure out how exactly to make his entrance awesome for them.
    • When he finally revealed himself, they all, led by the cast of RWBY in the Pantheon (and w/ a temporary truce arranged for Roman Torchwick as well as a much stricter one arranged for Adam Taurus, Cinder Fall, and the Meta), rejoiced.
      • There was a bit of awkwardness when he met Lie Ren though, not sure about how Ren would be able to speak. (Not that he spoke much to begin with) When he heard that Ren had a different voice, he relaxed a bit. It did, however, bring a tear to his eye since Ren now sounded a lot like his brother Neath.
  • And yet it appeared that he would disappear from the Pantheon completely, with his presence un-felt for many weeks. In response, many deites from both RWBY and Red vs Blue focused their might to bring him back. Eventually, they were successful in returning the man into the Pantheon.
  • His friendship with Yui Ogura is because she has done Motion Capture just like him in the past.
  • Finds friendship with Bruce Lee, since their mortal selves died during their 30's and are known to be awesome. Ironically enough, Monty once compared himself to Lee much earlier... you can see where this is going.
    • He then met up with the Life and Death God, Eric Draven who also had similarities with Bruce, considering Bruce the father he never had. It took a while for Monty to realize that Eric's mortal vessel was Bruce's son, Brandon Lee, and had the two reunite. Needless to say, the tears that were shed were very bittersweet.
  • He's also good friends with Kamina, whose universe and the messages it held, he has stated, was a part of making RWBY. Likewise, Kamina enjoys the amount of awesome he brings to his projects.
  • Gained the respect of Don Bluth. While the God of Western Animation enjoys Monty's works, there is an argument over whether it counts as that or anime.
  • It is hard to say whether CGI counts as cartoons or not. Either way, Monty has been vocal about his opposition to Judge Doom's plan to wipe out all cartoons.
  • Many in the House of Health and Diseases found it unfortunate for the man to have died of a medical complication. It happens all too often in various worlds. They have all promised to reduce the amount of deaths caused by these mistakes.
    • The sole exception was Archibald Penelope Snatcher. As the God of Allergies, many in the Pantheon blame him for Monty's death. The troll catcher couldn't be any less bothered by the situation, as many others have suffered the same fate in his name.
  • When he found out that the world of RWBY was going to joining the worlds of BlazBlue, Persona and Under Night In-Birth in an upcoming battle, he was overjoyed. He became allies with Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido thanks to this. In fact, some say that Monty was the one that made Ragna come back from non-existence for this event, though Monty and Ragna refuse to elaborate on it.

    Mr. Plinkett 
This profile is the most disappointing thing since my son.

Harry S. Plinkett, God of Creator's Apathy (Mr. Plinkett)
  • Demigod (possibly a Lesser God)
  • Theme Song: "I Squeeze Gats"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, True Neutral when talking about films
  • Symbol: A destroyed VCR copy of The Phantom Menace
  • Portfolio: Completely off his rocker, dirty and Evil Old Folks, killed his son, his wives, and countless others, hard-to-pin down past told by him, loves his pizza rolls, incredibly sexist, racist, and ableist, apathetic but effective critics
  • Domains: Movies, Murder, Depravity
  • Herald: Nadine (his former captive)
  • Allies: Emperor Palpatine (possibly)
  • Fan Boy towards: All deities from the original Star Wars trilogy and the original Star Trek series
  • Respects: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron
  • Enemies: George Lucas (with a hint of Foe Yay), every other Star Wars character, Jack and Rose, Jake Sully, Neytiri
  • Harry S. Plinkett is a murderous old man who made a name for himself by blasting the Star Wars prequels online. While his reviews were sloppy and often dove into his dark past, they proved successful enough to make him famous, allowing entrance into the Pantheon. When he arrived, Plinkett was taken aback by everything going on and had this to say:
    It's so dense, every single image has so many things going on.
  • Upon ascending, Plinkett hobbled over to Palpatine (or Man-in-a-Black-Cloak-who-is-not-a-trademarked-character-of-Lucas-Limited, as Plinkett calls him) and was given a greeting by him. Palpatine eagerly awaits his next review (preferably for a Christopher Nolan film).
    • He also tried to meet some OT Star Wars characters, whom he admires deeply. They were all grossed out by his presence.
  • Is pretty much George Lucas' Arch-Enemy in the Pantheon, being one of his most outspoken critics. Lucas tried to kill him in his sleep once, but Plinkett made a quick recovery and hasn't forgot about it since.
  • Plinkett's temple is made to look like a shabby, run-down house, with a dirty basement full of movies. He rarely leaves his domain, mostly staying in the basement watching movies. Screaming and moaning can often be heard from outside.
  • One of the few times Plinkett comes outside is to go to the House of Food and get pizza rolls. He frequently attempts to give passersby some of his food, but they're usually too disgusted to take up his offer.
  • Unlike his case with Lucas, Plinkett respects Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, the former for staying true to his ideals and the latter for his attention to detail. Despite this, he doesn't like Cameron's characters, Jack & Rose and Sully & Neytiri, thinking the Titanic couple to be too unlikable and outright hating the "retarded elves" because a Na'vi (actually some teenager in a Halloween costume he abducted) broke his Titanic scale model.
  • Sometimes releases his reviews in front of a live audience in the House of Theater in an event known as the "Plinkett Ego Celebration Festival".
  • Was banned from the House of Family after word got out that he "broke his TV" while watching child films.
  • Plinkett wants everyone to "remember" Tony Montana. He won't shut up about it. On an unrelated note, he hates dancing, and the time Montana tried to get into rapping and advertising.
  • Aside from Star Wars, Plinkett's passion is Star Trek. When in a conversation, he tries to slip in a reference to it at least once. And unlike later Star Wars exploits, he will begrudgingly admit to liking Captain Kirk's new adventures, something the good captain actually appreciates.
  • Is completely unrelated to another Mr. Plinkett whose VCR player is being repaired. This Plinkett thinks he's "a hack fraud" anyways.
    Fuck movies!

This profile was so subtle, you probably didn't notice it. But your brain did.

    Tim Taylor 
Tim Taylor, God of Adding MORE POWER (The Tool Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Binford Tools logo
  • Theme Song: arararar this is his theme song (every version of it) arrrr
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Klutz, being Book Dumb, bumbling, having an Alliterative Name, lack of sophistication, surviving all of his mishaps
  • Domains: Hardware, Power Tools, Functionality, Snafus
  • Allies: Wilson, Villager, Emmet, Fix-It Felix Jr.
  • Sitcom Arch Nemeses: Bob Vila (non-ascended), the Nostalgia Critic
  • Tim has tried to get a seat in the House of Technology, but unfortunately he's The Klutz and has a knack for causing things to explode or otherwise fall apart. In order to keep him from accidentally nuking the entire Pantheon, Tim was instead placed in the House of Craft.
    • That said, supplies from the House of Technology are sometimes given to him.
  • Tim primarily spends his time adding MORE POWER to different appliances around the Pantheon. Half the time, they blow up or malfunction. But other times, he manages to create some pretty cool things.
    • He once helped Villager decorate the inside of his temple. Villager liked all of Tim's ideas, even some of the odder design choices. The two have since worked together on numerous projects (with varied success).
  • Has tried to help MacGyver add MORE POWER to his devices, though the latter declined.
  • Tim was not amused when he came across the Nostalgia Critic's rendition of his theme song. The two have become each others' Sitcom Arch-Nemesis.
  • Gets along well with Emmet and Fix-It Felix, Jr., however, they admit that he has a tendency to get carried away whenever they have joint construction projects.
  • Was amused to see Buzz Lightyear sounds just like him, and has since considered building a life-sized and functional version of his armor, to the horror of many deities.
  • Can be heard from a distance by the sound of his distinctive grunting. He encourages other manly men in the Pantheon to grunt when they feel powerful (or confused).

    The Vogons 
The Vogons, Divine Race of Painfully Bad Works
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: One of their Vogon Constructor Fleets
  • Theme Song: A snippet of their poetry (listen at your own risk)
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: Obstructive Bureaucrat (The Whole Lot Of Them), Lawful Stupid, Evolutionary Levels, Evolved By Sheer Stubborness, Bad Boss, Suckiness Is Painful
  • Domains: Bureaucracy, Uncreativity, Thick-Headedness, Obstruction
  • Followers: Cacofonix, Gonnagles, Frog Morton
  • Allies: Head Pixie, YHVH, Dolores Umbridge, the Grox
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Auditors of Reality, Hermes Conrad, Cornelius Oswald Fudge, the Pointy-Haired Boss, and oddly enough the Imperium of Mankind (more on their end)
  • Enemies: Every Caustic Critic and reviewer ever, the GUAC, the House of Music, The Chaos Gods, Sirius Black, Steven Armstrong
  • Aggravates: Too many gods to count, including Pinkie Pie and the rest of the House of Celebration
  • Gods that can stand their poetry: The aforementioned Auditors, Cybermen, the Incubators
  • Billions of years ago, when the primal Vogons emerge out of the sea, evolution took one look at them...and disgusted, gave up. However, even in this state, they were far too thick-headed to go extinct, doing without until they could fix it with surgery. Their own brain is a disfigured liver. Unsurprising, they as a race as some of the most droll, banal and generally aggravating species in creation. And they're fine with it so long as they get to throw their mean, callous, heartless exterior into sharp relief.
  • The Vogons are one of the worst poets in all the multiverse, to the point that their poetry is used as torture. Specifically, it's the third worst poetry in the universe. The second worst poetry was by the Azgoths of Kira, who's poet master Grunthos the Flatulent's recitals caused internal hemorrhages and eventually his own intestine to throttle his brain. The worst of all time was by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings, which was thankfully lost forever along with the Earth.
  • Their own house dislikes them due to how awful their poetry was. Ever single reviewer in our out of the Trope Pantheon has declared them an enemy as well, along with the House of Music when they tried a poetry recital there. That being said, there are gods who don't find it painful. The Cybermen and Incubators, due to lacking emotion, are able to stand their poetry. Admittedly for the former, it taxes the emotional inhibitor, at least they don't go mad.
  • Despite their attitude, they aren't evil. Just bad tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous. They wouldn't even lift a finger to save their grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without an order, signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. Do the following if you want to annoy them. Best not to let them visit parties, and they're one of the few gods Pinkie Pie has no interest in showing a good time; they're that unpleasant.
  • Every last one of them is a massive Obstructive Bureaucrat, which grinds the gears of most gods in the Trope Pantheon. Steven Armstrong especially as he considers them everything wrong with a government and Sirius Black hates them due to his own issues with bureaucracy. The Head Pixie, however, loves their bureaucracy. He let them be his followers, and now that they've ascended is happy to hang out with them. He can't stand their poetry though, but at least it isn't considered torture for him. They(more specifically Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz) used to represent the Obstructive Bureaucrat trope until Ron Swanson tarnished their name and threw them out. Still sour about it.
  • Side firmly with law in the argument of Law vs Chaos. If the Grand United Alliance of Chaos succeeds it would make paperwork impossible, plus they're the kind of people who wouldn't exist in Lucifer's world order. The values YHVH preaches, The Evils of Free Will...that's all very attractive to the Vogons. Most of the GUAL don't want them to join because of their banality, and even YHVH admits they're kind of killjoys. Initially, their representative Jeltz was part of the GUAE mainly due to the paperwork, but only because the GUAL didn't exist back then and they can't be called good.
  • Human gods look at them badly for destroying the Earth for a hyperspace bypass. There was no malice, however, and they've said Earth had 50 years to Alpha Centauri. It was only 4.3 light years away. Human bureaucrats have issue with him, however, more obsessive or obstructive examples like Cornelius Fudge, the Pointy-Haired Boss and Hermes Conrad are willing to compromise and work with them. Dolores Umbridge doesn't have any values, so she was already fine working for or with them.
  • Their relationship with the Imperium of Mankind is a tricky one. Given their attitudes to xenos and destroying their Earth it was initially hostile, but given their love of tedious legislation, they had to admit the Vogons had their use. Besides, the Vogons are used to the galaxy disliking them. They also want to get rid of the forces of Chaos as well, which like the GUAC will make their job a nightmare. They seem to get more along with the Grox, given how they're seen by the rest of the galaxy.
  • If you want to get a drink from a Vogon, stick your finger down their throat. If you want to get a lift, forget about it...though you may be lucky enough to have one of the co-pilots let you in, given their dislike of Vogons. They catch and sit on beautiful gazelle-like creatures which breaks their spine(they still sit on them anyway), and every year drunkenly smash scuttled crabs with iron mallets. They have as much sex appeal as a road accident.
  • One god in the Trope Pantheon actually enjoys their poetry, by virtue of being even less imaginative than them; the Auditors of Reality. As massive bureaucrats, they seem to get along with the Vogons. However, their desire to exterminate life to make their job easier, while understandable by the Vogons, seems extreme even for them. Still, they tolerate each other enough and the Auditors see them as one of the least chaotic life-forms.


    Scott Cawthon 
Scott Cawthon, God of Teasing Creators (Animdude, The Puppetmaster)
Scott IRL
  • Quasideity (Overdeity as a character in Five Nights at Freddy's World)
  • Symbol: A running blockman (his avatar, as seen here)
  • Theme Song: Stone Cold, I Will Not Be Moved
  • Alignment: True Neutral (puts up a Chaotic Neutral persona for the fans)
  • Portfolio: Nightmare Fetishist, Secret Messages, Doing It for the Art, Black Comedy, Mind Screw, From Nobody to Nightmare, Doesn't Spare Children, Manipulator of the Fourth Wall
  • Domains: Creation, Storytelling, Horror
  • Underlings: See here
  • Curious about: The SCP Foundation, the House of Fear, .GIFfany
  • Allies: H.P. Lovecraft, The nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish, Andrew Hussie, George R.R. Martin
  • Opposed by: Gods traumatized by his works and protective of children, especially Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil
  • Observed by: Freddy Krueger, Spooky, Jonathan Crane Dipper and Mabel Pines, Mystery Inc., Mordecai and Rigby, Luna Lovegood, Question, the Comic Book Guy, Beerus, Whis, Spooky
  • Scott Cawthon was once an obscure computer game designer that no one relatively knew about in particular. At least that was the case until one day he created a construction and management game called Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.. However, the game was harshly criticized, as the characters' stiff movements were likened to unnerving animatronic creatures. Distraught, he fell into a depression until he decided to make one last game before calling it quits for good. This is that game that introduced everyone to their new nightmares and made people never look at Chuck E. Cheese the same way again. The rest, as they say, was history.
  • Considered to be one of the most enigmatic characters of the Pantheon. He constantly throws out hints and clues to his fanbase as they to figure out the complete lore of his world. Even after his initial tale was complete, people are still trying to look into the pieces he left behind. It was decided that no one was better at making his fans tick than Scott.
  • Didn't invent the idea of Hostile Animatronics, but popularized them as the Fazbear gang are the most well-known examples. He liked the idea of .GIFfany, however insists she has nothing to do with the Yandere Chica anime scenes in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Mordecai and Rigby have also dealt with Hostile Animatronics before
  • It should be noted that Scott is Christian and is very religious (the man did Christian games once upon a time). He insists that he is not a real god, and is simply happy with being acknowledged for his work. He regularly visits the St. Katherine's Parish to see the nun's performances. Thanks to his humble beginnings Scott became an inspiration to other amateur game developers hoping to create the next big sensation. He even has a few fans in the Pantheon who were in awe of his work.
  • Given how terrifying his works are, there are a few people who don't really like him. Several gods reportedly had nightmares of his minions chasing after them. One game review named Jirard even stated that he had to visit a psychiatrist regularly after reviewing five of his games due to his stress anxiety and absolutely refused to look at his sixth one.
  • Respected by members of the House of Fear, particularly Spooky. Freddy Krueger approves of how he brings out nightmares and the way he kills kids in his games, and Jonathan Crane finds the terror of his games intriguing. Scott would rather keep his distance from them in person.
  • Because of his teasing nature, he gets along well with Andrew Hussie and George R.R. Martin. Though he disagrees with George's habit of killing fan favorites just to shock and break fans. It's because of his strange nature that he's looked on by the likes of the Question, Luna, the Pine Twins, and Mystery Inc. with interest. Scott himself looks up to H.P Lovecraft as a source of writing horror, though fortunately, this hasn't resulted in some major Eldritch Abomination of an animatronic entering the games(well, maybe Golden Freddy).
  • Just wants to make it clear to the SCP Foundation he wasn't behind SCP-429. However, he really likes the horror angle many of the SCPs have and wonders if they could inspire him for more ideas in his games. Depending on who you ask this is terrifying, nice to know, or both.
  • The Comic Book Guy is one of those trying to learn the secrets of his lore. The with every theory fans throughout, they never seem to be getting closer to the truth. The comic guy doesn't seem intimidated by it at all. He welcomes the challenge.
  • Wondered if Mat Pat was in the pantheon, but couldn't find one of his biggest fan theorizer and over-analyzer. Some more cynical deities were pleased because they are want to snark at Cawthon's plots for being all over the place and accuse him of making it up as they go along. Though with Scott, you never know what he planned in advance and what he came up with for the next games.
  • Believe it or not, Scott is the only god in the Pantheon that can transform into an Overdeity by himself through his boss avatar in Five Nights at Freddy's World. At will. With no catch, beyond his own reluctance because the game is an Old Shame of his. This development has confused many of the upper-tier gods, as there has not been such a being to be able to do this before. Beerus and Whis seem to be the ones who are most interested in Scott for this reason, though Beerus seems more interested in seeing how powerful Scott can be when he goes all out.
  • "It was fun being the Puppetmaster, but now I grow weary. It's time to put you in your place. Now let me show you how this game ends."

    The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments 
Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, Sae, Nori and Nazuna, Goddesses of Plush-like Character Designs (Yuno: Yunocchi, Miyako: Miya, Nori: Norippe, Norisuke)
From left to right: Sae, Hiro, Miyako, Yuno, Nazuna and Nori


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