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Construction and Management Games

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A genre (mainly) of Video Games. This type of game focuses on elements like gathering and management of resources, construction, expansion, research and exploration. Combat may exist, but isn't the point of pure Construction and Management games. If there is a goal, it usually is to reach a certain settlement size, to gather a certain quantity of a resource, or to construct/research certain objects. Wide-Open Sandbox play with no overarching goal is common.

Most Space Management Games and many Real-Time Strategy games overlap with this, as do many cases of An Entrepreneur Is You and Renovating the Player Headquarters. Depending on how detailed the interactions are, many can also be considered Simulation Games. Most of these take the form of (isometric or 3D) Real-Time Strategy with a Non-Entity General, but many take the perspective of individuals in a third-, first-person or side view as well. Factory Building Games are a Sub-Genre.

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