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Video Game / Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

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Build a thriving society! note 
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city building game in which you build up an Eastern European country with its planned economy. You need to manage resource extraction and manufacturing supply chains, maintain some import-export balance, and also ensure that your citizens' needs are fulfilled.

It is currently in Steam Early Access, having entered it on March 15th, 2019.

This game provides examples of:

  • 0% Approval Rating: All citizens have various stats meassuring their happiness and loyalty to either you or the church (and their addiction to acohol) and allowing any of them to drop to low (or too high in case of Religious Loyalty) may cause them to escape your country.
  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality:
    • The difficulty level determines whether or not buildings require power and if vehicles need to refuel at gas stations.
    • Additionally, all crops grown at farms can be used interchangeably for food manufacturing, cloth making, or to produce the equally universal “chemicals”.
    • All vehicles that use fossil fuels (road vehicles, trains, airplanes, ships) use the same fuel.
  • Bland-Name Product: Numerous cars have a name like this, such as small German personal cars called The Beat.
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  • Command & Conquer Economy: A more justified example since you are literally in charge of a planned economy. Even so, you are still able to automate many of its day-to-day aspects.
  • Commie Land: A positive, even idealistic portrayal. Though keeping the somewhat depressing-looking aesthetics, you can raise the standard of living of your citizens quite high. There is (so far) no government oppression, with non-loyal citizens merely missing out on certain luxuries or specific government jobs and otherwise enjoying the exact same (potentially very high) standard of living as the loyal ones.
  • Disk One Nuke: The refinery is available from the start, requires only one resource (Oil) to make Fuel and Bitumen, both of which are produced in large quantities and sell for quite a bit to both factions.
  • Expy: Many of the cars used are based on real cars used by various Eastern Nations at the time like the U-377 being based on the Ural-375D.
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  • Game Mod: Loads, available through the Steam Workshop.
  • Non-Entity General: Played straight.
  • Not In My Back Yard: Pollution. Polluting buildings near residential districts cause the district's population to become ill faster and reduce their life expectancy.
  • Permanently Missable Content: The vehicles have a "production date", and when it expires, the vehicle can no longer be bought. In late game, that can happen with entire classes of vehicles. Subverted because you can produce them yourself. Patents can be bought even for vehicles discontinued decades ago. The manufacturing plant and patents are a large upfront investment, though.
  • Real-Time with Pause
  • Secret Police: You can create a force of secret police, though contrary to the usual depictions they do very little oppression and instead seem to exist solely to snoop on citizens and track their loyalty, with higher loyalty being potentially rewarded by you (but no real punishment for low loyalty).
  • Snow Means Death: Winter is one of the hardest parts of the game: citizens die very quickly without heating, therefore the heating plant must be supplied with workers and coal, and pipes and heating substations must be built near residential districts, civil infrastructure and educational buildings, hospitals must be always ready and supplied with doctors with university education and personnel with school education, transportation is hampered by snow, so a technical services building with plows must be ready to clear snow, and some buildings, like sports grounds, cannot work because of low temperature.
  • Truth in Television: The citizens' needs currently consist of 9 stats, which all have historical background behind them. For instance, "clothes quality" stat may seem esoteric to some, but the lack of "cool" Western-style clothing was one of the pressing reasons for the gradual rise in popular dissatisfaction during the 80s, to the point that a common (and often rueful) refrain in the ensuing years was "USSR fell because it couldn't produce jeans".
    • If you decide to sell your resources or products on the global market, then their price will be in part determined by how costly it was to create them: in particular, having an inefficient supply chain with long delivery times and the like will immediately make them less competitive. However, the global resource price swings are also a real thing, and they can be severe enough to potentially boost or cripple your finances overnight, especially if your economy is not diversified enough.
  • Vodka Drunkenski: All workers imported from the USSR have around 30% of the alcohol addiction stat.
  • You Require More Vespene Gas: There are over 30 different resources. While you can (and will have to, on the start) buy them for money, you can also produce them to save money, and in the late game you can aim to become fully self-sufficient.