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Battleship Craft is an iOS naval battle and design simulation game developed by the Japanese developer Fenomeno (Phyzios). Imagine World of Warships landing on iOS, with simpler graphics and building mechanisms. All ships are built with cubes in units of five meters representing various utilities (armor, ballast, bridge, deck, etc.), freely editible by the player. Any vessel from a coal barge to a supercarrier can be built.

The last official release of the original Battleship Craft version before it was taken off the shelves was version 1.6.1., while the most advanced mod, BSC China (formerly Battleshipcraft-Hansa) from China is currently at version 2.7.0. A Facebook group is also dedicated to the game.

As of 2015, the game received an Updated Re-release as Naval Craft, featuring improved graphics and several new game mechanics.


This game provides examples of:

  • The Alleged Car: Your stock ship "My First Battleship" and its successor, "Initial Battleship" have embarrassing firepower. The Naval Craft 1.05 patch specifically lowers the difficulty of the first mission to deal with this.
  • BFG: Even the smallest cannon has 47mm caliber. The 46cm gun is alreadyly mostrously big (8x8x4 blocks or 40x40x20 meters), though Battleshipcraft-Hansa knocks it Up to Eleven with the 2040mm gun and the aptly named Devastator which uses the model of chimneys for barrels.
    • In Naval Craft, the player start with 127mm and 140mm guns.
  • Cool Ship: You are bound to own and build many.
  • Serial Escalation: From Pre-Dreadnoughts to Aegis ships.

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