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Video Game / The Eldritch Zookeeper

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The Eldritch Zookeeper is a 2018 management game developed by indie studio Cranktrain. The link to the official website of the game is and the link to the Steam page of the game is . The youtube page, where devlogs of the game can be watched is


The game is about a cursed zookeeper who is deceived by a Skeleton and is forced to manage a zoo that features otherworldly creatures as its attractions. The zookeeper must satisfy the needs of the creatures within the park and satisfy the zoo visitors as well.

Tropes Used:

  • Action Bomb:The Gastroquin, if not satisfied, will become agitated and explode, destroying the enclosure it is within and killing itself and any visitors within the radius of its blast.

  • Animalistic Abomination:The creatures that are featured within the zoo all resemble grotesque creatures, with one prominent example being the Hellion, a creature that resembles a crocodilian with a gaping maw, 6 legs and no pupils.

  • Escaped Animal Rampage:Creatures will escape if players do not satisfy their needs or if the player deletes one of the fences.

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  • Our Monsters Are Weird:Most of the monsters in the game can be described as this,with the Grondomut being a creature made of cosmic ooze, which is what it eats while the Stalking Torch is a tentacled creature with a head on fire.

  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Players can delete the fences of enclosures and let out creatures like the Behemoth and Hellion, which will target and kill visitors.

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