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Video Game / Ecstatica II

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Ecstatica II is the sequel to Ecstatica, an action-adventure game for PC that was released by Psygnosis in 1994. The game was released on CD-ROM in 1997 for Windows 95.

The story starts right where the first game ended, when the Nameless Traveller, who turns out to be a Prince in an unnamed country, rescued Ecstatica from the doomed town of Tirich. The Prince returns to his kingdom with Ecstatica, planning to get married, only to find out that his castle had been savagely pillaged and plundered and his people have been brutally massacred by demons, goblins, and human barbarians. Just as they arrive at the drawbridge, a winged demon flies by and kidnaps Ecstatica while the Prince is knocked unconscious by another winged demon, only to wake up and realized he has been put into the castle's pillory. However, the Prince is revitalized and set free by a mysterious female voice that urges him to defeat the evil Archmage to restore the balance of the world by restoring the 7 Elder sign and at the same time to rescue his beloved Ecstatica from the Archmage before she is used as a sacrifice.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Actionized Sequel: The combat is much more robust, and there are certainly a lot more enemies to fight this time. Enemies respawn now, too, and at a pretty high rate. There's also much less interaction with non-hostile NPCs. Overall the first game was much closer to classic Survival Horror while the sequel is much more of an action game.
  • Amazon Brigade: There's a tribe of scantily-clad amazon warriors living in a village in the woods outside the castle. They're universally hostile, though it's unclear if they've somehow been corrupted by the demons or are just assholes.
  • Darker and Edgier: Subverted. The game has sacrificed it's sense of humor from the previous game for a more grim tone. Ironically, the grim presentation was already in the first game, while this one does not show as much of it.
  • Final Boss: The Archmage is your final opponent in the game; he's mostly a King Mook version of the regular wizard bosses, while the Final Boss of the first game was a more unique encounter.
  • Purely Aesthetic Gender: Averted. Unlike the first game, you are always a male here. Though you can play as the princess when you beat the game.