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One of the few locations to outdo the lands of Light and Darkness in sheer heat, the lands of Fire and Heat is one of the hottest places in the Pantheon. A volcanic wasteland of fire and brimstone with perpetually burning boulders, rivers of red fiery lava-like liquid and small lava pits decorating the ground. Water vaporizes instantly the moment it comes in contact with the air, and no spells or sorcery in the Pantheon can change the sheer heat of it. Unless visitors has their home here or they're heavily protected in some form, they will likely be set ablaze the moment they step foot.


Once part of the same house as the House of Electricity, before becoming too large for a single house. A volcano is connected to the lands of Fire and Heat, protecting the lands of Earth and Metal by diverting any lava from it to here.

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    Tulzscha and Aphoom-Zhah 
Tulzscha and Aphoom-Zhah, Co-Deities of Cold Flames (The Green Flame (Tulzscha), the Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole (Aphoom-Zhah))
Tulzscha summoned through Human Sacrifice
  • Outer God and Great Old One (equivalent to an Overdeity and Intermediate Deity respectively)
  • Symbol: Its own green and grey flame
  • Theme Song: Tulzscha (Full Demo) and Aphoom-Zhah (Novii Vavilon) respectively
  • Alignment: Deep And Light Blue
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Technicolor Fire That's Cold
  • Domains: Fire, Cold, Otherness, Cosmic Beings
  • Interests: Flame Princess, the House of Ice & Cold (both), The Lich, Pugna (Tulzscha)
  • Interested in: The House of Music (Tulzscha)
  • Varying relationship with: Cryogonal (Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Tulzscha, allies with Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Additional relationship with: Azathoth (Tulzscha's superior)
  • High Priest: Gerald Tarrant
  • Allies: Kaldr, The Night's King
  • The Friend Nobody Likes to: Their own house (both)
  • On speaking terms with: Regice (both), Olaf (Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Rivals: Brand, Surtr, SCP-457 (both)
  • Enemies: The Auditors of Reality, those who might try to extinguish it, Aerys II Targaryen, Ragnaros the Firelord, Kthanid, Melisandre of Asshai
  • Opposes: The SCP Foundation
  • Opposed by: Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth (Tulzscha), Arctic deities like both Santas (Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Fire is hot, isn't that? That's just common sense. Sometimes, however, it doesn't need much to be set alight. And with these obscure Lovecraftian beings, they makes the area cooler. Manifesting as a green and grey flame, the Outer God Tulzscha and Great Old One Aphoom-Zhah cause things to be the colder. The former radiates a clammy noxious coldness, the latter freezes instead of burns whatever it touches. If you think that's a violation of physics, you haven't seen the half of it.
  • Applies to both
    • These eerie beings are disliked by their own house, and the fact that Tulzscha's Outer God status makes it the strongest member of the house only adds to their frustration. Ragnaros takes personal offense at them and finds the idea of Cold Flames to be blasphemous. Aerys, being the Pyromaniac he was, is enraged by a cold-spreading fire existing. Especially Tulzscha, who he initially mistook for embodying wildfire due to being green.
    • This baleful flame makes them competition with those who wish to spread and burn the whole world down, something they likely regard as reckless. However not everyone in their house has disdain for them or finds them to be rivals. Flame Princess, being the Elemental Embodiment of fire, is fascinated by these flames who emit cold and wishes to both study them and have the Fire Kingdom be on good terms with them.
    • Due to how heat, light and fire is so important to heir faith, Melisandre considers these cold-bringing flames to be the highest form of blasphemy and a mockery of the Lord of Light, some sort of twisted joke on the Great Other's end. And its for this very reason the Night's King has allied with them. As someone who seeks nothing more than to turn the world into a frozen wasteland and end the very memory of the humanity he lost, he has everything to gain by aiding their spread.
    • The world of Dark Souls regards fire as sacred, and as the First Flame going out will lead to the Age of Dark they are eager to keep it alight. Though they do not regard the two flames as abominations like Melisandre does, they don't care for their cold-spreading ways and consider them a paradox in nature. Mutterings in eldritch tongues show they think little of this as they aware they are just stalling for time and the Age of Dark is inevitable. Of course they shoot back at how the musically inclined Outer Gods continue to try and keep Azathoth asleep when it's thought it waking up may very well be inevitable.
    • Both are more welcome in the House of Ice and Cold. Kaldr considers the two particularly useful in spreading cold, and the fact they are living flame is gloriously ironic for him. Regice isn't interested in being an ally, but does find their coldness promising. After all, the Golem is so cold that air starts to condense around its body.
    • The SCP Foundation is interested in them, what with their inexplicable and anomalous nature. They'd rather they just bug off, though they seem interested themselves in anomalies like SCP-009, an ice which has inverted temperature qualities to water. The Auditors of Reality take a more serious stance in wanting to blot these flames out, as they make their job harder in classifying things when there's a flame that behaves in the opposite way they're supposed to.
  • Applies to Tulzscha
    • An Outer God, the Green Flame isn't too proactive, mainly acting as one of the courtiers and musicians in Azathoth's court. Though it consorts with the House of Music for the purposes of keeping the Blind Idiot asleep, the music is unlikely to be pleasant to human ears. He considers Dream to be very important in making sure that Azathoth still slumbers.
    • Has a literal Sickly Green Glow, radiating a clammy flame of lower temperature that poisons. While both Stannis and Davos don't have a reason to outright oppose the Green Flame(and it'd be suicide to go after an Outer God), they dislike Tulzscha because he reminds them of the wildfire that devastated them during their siege on King's Landing. Especially Davos, who lost family to it. Pugna had an interest in this, but Tulzscha couldn't care what he thinks.
    • Tulzcha may be more of a poison or radiation elemental that happens to take the form of a flame, rather than a simple fire elemental. With adjectives like "noxious" and "venomous" often attached to descriptions of the being, its manifestations in the House of Toxicity aren't too surprising. Hexxus certainly seems to like him as a sort of pollutant, but he likely doesn't fully comprehend what the Green Flame is. The Lich seems to, but takes more of a scholarly interest in him and has been muttering about the Almighty Idiot he sings to. The interest is derived from his own Sickly Green Glow and connection to radiation.
  • Applies to Aphoom-Zhah
    • The eerie Aphoom-Zhah is the scion of Cthuga, a Great Old One manifesting as a giant fireball. Unlike Aphoom-Zhah, Cthuga is a more typical form of flame. This makes him technically the son of Cuuko, who was surprised she even had a kid but has taken in Aphoom-Zhah with warmth. The Pale Flame has searched for the House of Vampires as his parent's servitors are known as Fire Vampires, but they consider them way too bizarre to count.
    • Freezing on touch, he is more at home in the House of Ice and Cold than anywhere else, even more so than Tulzscha as it doesn't seem poisonous. While Cryogonal found Tulzscha a bit noxious, the Pale Flame strengthens it. Olaf is naturally wary of the Eldritch Abomination, but otherwise appreciates being in his presence.
    • Briefly visited the planet Yaksh. Some time in the 29th century or beyond he chose to visit the planet again, now under the name of Neptune, only to be shot at by Robot Santa Claus for violating his air space. Usually Aphoom-Zhah dwells in the Arctic Circle, which has got a number of deities who live there on edge. Though its intentions aren't malevolent and it runs on Blue-and-Orange Morality, both Santas have warned it not to start something.

Greater Gods

Alexstrasza, Goddess of Purifying Flame (The Life-Binder, The Dragon Queen, Queen of the Red Dragonflight, The red leviathan, Life-Giver, Aspect of Life, Queen Of Life (formerly), She Who Is Life, Life of the Flame, Alex)
Her Humanoid form 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Crown and Jewel
  • Theme Song: Alexstrasza's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cleansing Flames, Big Good, Mama Bear, Heartbroken Badass, Hope Bringer, Protectorate, Good Is Not Soft, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Good, Fire, Protection, Family, Life, Destruction, Renewal
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Directly Opposes: Kel'thuzad
  • Complicated Relationship: Malygos (her other brother)
  • The Dragon aspect of life and leader of the Red Dragonflight. Alexstrasza has been both an important figure for the world of Azeroth as well as for the pantheon as a whole, being one of the biggest benevolent deities who abdicate for peace. Her breath is said to be able to heal, purify and give new life to the ones it touches, and her job is to ensure that life is preserved.
  • After a brief misunderstanding involving mistaken identity for a branch of Chaotic Evil dragons he's normally used to fighting, she and Bahamut have become quick friends, bringing to the table 6 dragon flights as the protectors of mortal kind.
  • Stays away from the House of Love. Even though she is a loving soul, she herself is very lonely and lovelorn as those she loves end up dying tragically. Her last mate died in the midst of a Zero-Approval Gambit, with no one knowing that he was actually trying to eliminate corruption. Everyone thought he was a traitor.
  • Finds much in common with Flynn in their mutual desire for balance between law and chaos. She finds Chaos philosophy anathema to life and the prosperity of the mortal races she has sworn to protect. Finds law philosophy to be offensive through its lack of respect for life's need to grow.
  • Is grateful for the House of Food. Due in part to a "predator's guilt" complex she has over hunting for prey.
  • She may be a Gentle Giant, but making her mad is a terrible, terrible idea. Known victims of her wrath include The Dragonmaw Clan (for stuff they did to her children) and the Black Dragon Flight (threatening all life).
    • Case in Point: Became absolutely livid about the events of the "Great Upheaval". Her first course of action was to grab the Chaos Lord by the throat and declare her intentions to "make his kind share the Black Flight's fate", burning eyes and all. She fully intends on delivering on that threat. All the while insulting chaos philosophy as a corruption to the true potential of mortals.
    • She had to delay those plans for the moment when she found out about what the Great Will was planning to do to Madoka, something that managed to even further piss her off, thus provoking her to alongside Bahamut bring in 6 full dragon flights (red, brass, copper, bronze, silver, and gold) to defend Madoka in The Pantheonic Rebellion. She and Bahamut plan to be involved in the "Deep Strike" front.
    • Another case in point: Attempted to burn Grima to ashes after learning he is a Black Dragon with presumed Earthwarder heritage and about what he did to his homeworld. Grima only got out of it alive by utilizing his own draconic powers. The resulting battle nearly tore the Houses of Nature and Otherness apart, as well as cementing a deep hatred for each other. Alexstraza is convinced Grima is part of Deathwing's brood.
    Alexstrasza: I will never forgive you for what you've done, and I will not rest until you have fallen, just as so many Black Dragons before you have, Doppelganger of Deathwing.
    • To this end, she is attempting to form an alliance with both Lucina and especially Robin to help combat him.
  • Alexstrasza is very protective of Spyro, since he is a young dragon. Sometimes, she can be a little too overprotective for Spyro's tastes. He feels he can look after himself since he's defeated multiple villains on his adventures. However, he is careful not to say this aloud, as he knows Alexstrasza is just looking out for him, and that she also has a fiery temper, which he does not want to provoke.
  • Like most good-aligned dragon-based deities in the Pantheon, Alexstrasza has taken a liking towards Issei and the members of the Occult Research Club, seeing them as valuable allies and also as good apprentices. Alexstrasza is - unsurprisingly enough - quite the Mama Bear towards Issei, and is also - much to the latter's surprise - greatly supportive of his desire to amass a harem, saying that it reminds her of the time when she had multiple husbands at once.
  • Lol Ranger tried to "troll" her once. Being an eons-old dragon Physical God, she saw it coming and decided to have a little fun with them. They looked for a giant red dragon, not expecting an elf to appear behind them. With a puff of flame, she left the entire team comedically and cartoonishly singed. The Dragon Queen had a good long laugh at the total party wipe caused by her counter practical joke.
  • Has nothing but utter hatred and disgust for Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, who much like Grima reminds her far too much of Neltharion/Deathwing. He has no respect for his old race, willingly slaughtered his own teachers to become what he is today, and kept killing what was now his own kind because he liked it. Doesn't help that he is utterly unconcerned with provoking her temper.
    • The two of them finally clashed after he made a remark about how pathetic it was that she still felt pain over the loss of her last mate. A bad idea that nearly destroyed the Houses of Nature and Hatred and ended with them both on the ground about to blast each other's face off with their respective Breath Weapons. It took most every other dragon deity to pull them away from each other, but it's clear that they're on each other's shit list.
  • Alexstrasza and her sister Ysera were not happy to hear that their insane brother, Deathwing has ascended. They have begun planning possible countermeasures to prevent Deathwing's destructive tendencies from wreaking total havoc on the Pantheon. However, seeing as what he did to Azeroth just by flying, they have their work cut out for them.
  • Alexstrasza is none too happy about Kel'thuzad's necromantic practices and works to reduce every single one of him and his followers' reanimated monstrosities to ashes so they can't reanimate them all over again. She's tried the same procedure on the Archlich himself, but without knowing where Kel'thuzad's phylactery is hidden, she's come to regard it as wasted effort - despite being outclassed, battling Kel'thuzad is no easy task. Especially when at one point he completely blocked off her life-modifying breath to one of his minions.
  • Was ABSOLUTELY LIVID when she heard of Nefarian in the Pantheon and immediately confronted him, demanding justice for the son he brainwashed and tortured many years ago. Blackwing merely laughed in her face, taunting her about the fact she was a poor careless mother that let her own son die. The ensuing battle destroyed half of the houses of Narrative and nature until Ysera stopped the conflict. Needless to say, the Lifebinder is currently planning to strike down the Black Dragon herself.
  • She personally welcomed her brother Nozdormu into the pantheon alongside her sister Ysera. Unfortunately for them, Nozdormu just went to his temple, barely greeting them, and secluded himself inside.
  • Alexstrasza eventually came to visit and made friends with Recca Hanabishi, though mainly at first because she's friends with Madoka and learned of the same-named Dragon amongst him. She's actually impressed with what he has done to battle against the affront to all nature that is the Tendou Jigoku, and while she is glad that things went well for his 'Princess', she's quite honored that said Princess could heal living beings' wounds. She offers a team up in case there needs to be a mass restoration with flames. On both sides.
  • There have been rumors that Alexstrasza has fallen into a deep Heroic BSoD due to the killing of Deathwing in the mortal world rendering the dragons on Azeroth sterile, and that's why she and the Red Dragonflight hasn't directly involved themselves with the Legion's return despite it being part of her responsibilities as an Aspect. Of course, it's still a bad idea to taunt her about the fact unless you want to experience a dragon's digestive system.
  • Eventually, after hearing some tales from Chronormu/Chromie about having fun in the Nexus, Alexstrasza decided to join in the fray. Before that, she decided to have a spar with Hanzo Shimada first and was at least impressed with his performance. When asked why she would bother with a brother-killer like him, Alexstrasza only responded with "You judge yourself too lowly."
  • "I bring life and hope"

Hestia, Goddess of Comforting Fire (Vesta, The Last Olympian)
Her appearance in Percy Jackson 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The hearth
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Physical Goddess of the hearth, Actual Pacifist, Almighty Janitor (in both senses of the phrase), the most benevolent Olympian, mostly underestimated domains, Living Emotional Crutch, Maiden Aunt, sole moral center and Reasonable Authority Figure of the Greek Pantheon, Only Sane Woman, The Reliable One, Virgin Power, Proper Lady, never gives in to anger
  • Domain(s): Sacrifice Hearth, Architecture, Family, Home, Political Buildings
  • Followers: Kantri, the Sword Worlders, Antimony Carver
  • Allies: the Greek/Roman Pantheon (even Ares and Hades, who behave themselves in her presence, and including the other Zeus), Percy Jackson, Wonder Woman, the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse
  • Pities: Victims of her family's punishments (like Arachne and Medusa)
  • Opposes: Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, the Divine Powers, Walder Frey, the evil deities in her sub-house, Pyro Maniacs
  • Hestia was the eldest child of Cronus and Rhea and goddess of the hearth, meaning that she was the goddess of home, house, and family. She was an important goddess, but one whose domains didn't lend to participation in many stories, making her quite forgettable (though one series drew attention to her). This, in addition to her modest and discreet nature, keeps her out of trouble.
  • After hearing of the Trope Pantheons and that much of her siblings and their children are already there, Hestia decided to follow them in hopes of keeping them in line. However, she was surprised to see several more deities in there, including the gods her family has made actual friends with, the gods they've been fighting against, a "sanitized" incarnation of Zeus, and everything in between. There was also the Court of the Gods that proved to be an obstacle to her immediate entry as a goddess, but after reviewing her profile, they let her through and she was able to settle in the house of Nature.
    • As a bonus, because of her location, she's in the same place as Zeus, so she can keep an eye on him and mediate between him and whoever he's talking with, especially if it's with one of their siblings or their children.
    • Speaking of enemies, seeing the leading factions in the Pantheonic Wars (as well as the various neutral parties that are threats enough on their own), she's come to not like YHVH for his intolerance for other deities, Lucifer because his ideal world will leave no place for hearths, Nekron for his desires to destroy everything, Melkor for being is a bigger asshole than any of her family members, and the Divine Powers, because they don't at all have humanity's best interests at heart. As such, Hestia has allied with Cosmos on the GUAG as a result.
  • Another title she has is as the Goddess of Sacrifice since she always gets the first offer in ancient times.
  • Just because she's a mostly peaceful goddess doesn't mean she's an "easy" target. She is beloved by her family so much that whenever her hearth is put out, the other Greek gods will consider it a personal offense to them and will smite the household of the culprit all at once. So don't hurt her, unless you want an entire Pantheon of pissed off Gods on your ass.
  • As the sub-house of Fire and Heat can be a dangerous place, Hestia's temple often serves as a sanctuary for those who visit without (sufficient) fire resistances (at least those who can make it here, anyway).
  • Since she didn't make an appearance throughout Kratos's rampage, it can be insinuated there that Hestia (and Demeter) were the last of the original six Olympians who have survived if Pandora's box didn't get them killed by their fellow deities. While it didn't sit well with her that the Ghost of Sparta slaughtered her entire family, their escalated douchebaggery there (not helped by Kratos opening Pandora's Box) left her at odds to how she should regard him. Now having a family of his own and having lost his at the beginning of his path to vengeance, Kratos knows what it feels like and avoids her.
  • Was visited by Bell Cranel, who was a little disappointed that it wasn't his familia member. He also noted that she's dressed up much more conservatively. Still, she allows him in whenever he's around.
  • As bonfires are vital in their journey, the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse are grateful to Hestia for representing the much-needed comforts of fire.
  • Gives her blessing to the many adventurers who take breaks in their adventuring at the Ancestor's Darkst Estate; they need every bit of luck in there.
  • In one universe, Hestia was the Last Olympian, and usually takes the form of a young girl in a brown dress, has warm flames in place of her eyes. When she was using that masquerade in Camp Half-Blood, she was there stoking the campfire, and very few ever stopped to speak with her. She was the primary force behind Percy Jackson fulfilling the prophecy about him by showing him the importance of knowing when is the right time to concede. Though she didn't partake in the final battle in that take, it is she that destroyed the scythe of her father, Kronos, who is thankfully not in the Pantheon. Yet.
    • Speaking of Kronos, this (and seeing the Moirai born as old woman is perhaps the real reason who she elects to remain a virgin; she wants to avoid the trauma of any husband reacting like her father or having children with disturbing appearances. Not that Hestia will confirm this, though.
    • Thanks to that universe, Hestia has a few more abilities revealed: pyrokinesis, conjuration of food (with home-cooked quality, no less, which she can also do manually), transporting people back to their hearths (in the Pantheon's case, a deity's own temple), enforcing a Truce Zone effect whenever she's in the area (especially to her fellow Greek gods), shapeshifting (though it's not often utilized), and immunity to amokinesis and other Charm-like effects (as Aphrodite can attest to).
    • Another thing of note is that pertaining to her domain, her temple is a Place of Protection even against Overdeities, though hospitality is not to be abused; any pursuers are allowed in as well, though they have to not fight one another while inside. In addition, she can now evict people from her temple if she so wishes by way of sending them back to their hearths/temples.
  • Being a Greek goddess, Wonder Woman worships Hestia as well and is glad to hear yet another of them arriving here. It also helps that, Hestia is not a Jerkass Goddess like Hera (most of the time) or Athena (even if only at her worst).
  • As someone who violated Sacred Hospitality by instigating a slaughter in his own home, she shares her despisal for Walder Frey with Zeus.

    Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider 
Johnathon "Johnny" Blaze, Keeper of the Flames of Hell and God of the Death Glare (Ghost Rider, The Most Supernatural Hero of All, Spirit of Vengeance, Clifford Smith)


Ragnaros the Firelord, God of PURGING BY FIRE! (The Firelord, Rag, Elemental Lord of Fire, The Living Flame, King of the Fire Elementals, Lord of Fire, Lil' Raggy, Yolorag, RNGaros, The Lightlord)
As the Lightlord 
  • Greater God (Intermediate God when awakened TOO SOON!)
  • Symbol: His Fiery Hammer, Sulfuras.
  • Theme Song: Molten Core
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Many view him as Chaotic Evil). Lawful Good as the Lightlord.
  • Domains: Fire, Magma, Destruction, CAPS
  • Heralds: Garr and Baron Geddon, his personal lieutenants. As well as all fire elementals of Azeroth.
  • Allies: The Old Gods, Deathwing, The Fortress Dwarves, The Pyro, Garfiel Lynns, Azula, The Firebird, The RNG, Shadow Fiend, Flame Princess
  • Rivals: Nefarian, Al'Akir the Windlord, Kel'thuzad, Lord Jaraxxus
  • Enemies: Alexstrasza, Ysera , Thrall, Malfurion Stormrage, Varian Wrynn, Queen Elsa, Percy Jackson, Katara, Amaterasu, Aang, Sokka, Toph Bei Fong, Korra, Scizor, Flynn, Dell Conhager/The Engineer.
  • Interested in: Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Kyo Kusanagi, Yang Xiao Long, Zuko, Sol Badguy, Natsu Dragneel. Basically anyone that can manipulate fire.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Acnologia (One-sided on his part)
  • Opposes: Any other elemental user (Water, Ice, Wind and Earth)
  • Opposed by: Various Gods from Norse Mythology, the House of Insects (especially Durant), The House of Plants.
  • Feared by: Anyone who uses Nature or Ice powers.
  • Ambiguous Connection: Uther the Lightbringer
  • One day, the Fortress Dwarves were doing their usual things (digging holes, setting themselves on fire, etc) when one of them accidentally stumbled upon an old book of spells in the House of Knowledge. After they were trying new tricks to slay elves, they accidentally summoned Ragnaros the Firelord into the Pantheon. It took the combined efforts of the houses of Justice, War and Combat to stop the elemental lord's rampage but ultimately it was too late, the Firelord has already ascended into the Pantheon.
  • After his rampage, Ragnaros raised Blackrock Mountain in the Fire and Electricity and settled himself in the Molten Core. He currently is employing the same dwarves that summoned him and is looking for new recruits who are willing to follow his cause (Namely turn the Pantheon into a scorched field).
    • He is amazed on how stupid the Fortress Dwarves he employs are and impressed at how they worship him as the Fun master (In the dwarven culture "being on fire" is considered a supremely dorfy (good) thing). Ragnaros actually believes this dwarves are much more competent than the previous dwarves he enslaved.
  • Believe or not, he actually is not evil. His goal of burning everything in his path is actually following fire's natural sense of consuming everything on its path. However, his methods and most of his shady allies, particularly the Black Dragon Deathwing, put him at odds with most gods and consider him a really dangerous threat. He still doesn't care about what others think about him and he will still burn everyone in the pantheon like it or not.
    • This made him set eyes on the Yamato Perpetual Reactor and currently assigned Baron Geddon to strike it when the times calls. This didn't fare well with Flynn and is plotting to take down the Firelord for good
  • Is currently looking for a new majordomo, because one got Fired after awakening him TOO SOON and the other one was killed after the Firelands were raided. For your well being, try to not remind him of the former or things will end very badly for you.
    • Many mortals of the Pantheon have managed to catch the attention of the elemental lord for their usage of fire and he offered them a position in his vast armies. Most got turned off by the offer and doesn't want to get involved with him in any way.
    • The Pyro, Firefly and Azula all managed to become lieutenants in the forces of Blackrock Mountain. Currently, they are the only mortals who managed to get on the Firelord's good side (Aside from the dwarves).
  • Some gods have managed to earn his respect and in return he gave them the ability to summon him whenever they want. The problem is... Rag will rarely strike the target you want, instead shooting whoever he wants. Many blame the Random Number God for this behavior.
  • Hates when gods spell his name as Ragnarok and claims he doesn't have anything to do with it. The Norse mythology gods are wary of him and preparing in case he tries something funny.
  • Has the tendency to call everything inferior to him INSECT. Naturally the house of insects are not very fond of the Firelord and his antics, and it doesn't help that various members are weak to fire. The only exception to the rule seems to be Volcarona but even the sun pokemon can't stand him at times. Ragnaros response?
    "DIE, INSECTS!" *Starts throwing fireballs everywhere*
  • Another House that firmly opposes him is the House of Plants. Besides the fact that this house if very weak to fire, Ragnaros once tried burning down The Tree of Life back in Azeroth. This mostly makes all of his inhabitants (and by extension all Plant Creatures) fear him a lot.
  • Has his own brand of cereal where he is the mascot. The House of Food has deemed the meal to dangerous to consume but certain gods, mainly Kirby and Pacman, don't have a problem eating it though they claim it taste too toasty at times.
  • When they heard that the Firelord has ascended, the Avatar cast didn't take it lightly and immediately decided to take action. When they saw who he actually is they felt relieved and terrified at the same time that Ragnaros was a much bigger threat and decided to leave him alone for the time being.
    • On the other hand, Zuko managed to impress him with his firebending skill and offered him a chance to serve him as one of his lieutenants. Zuko declined claiming he is done serving others and he is not the same as he used to be.
  • Had an encounter once with the Necromancer Kel'thuzad that ended with the lich getting PURGED! (by fire). Surprisingly, Kel'thuzad resurrected seconds after being incinerated, impressing the Firelord.
    • Many gods wonder what will happen with them now that they have ascended in the pantheon.
  • Deathwing has taken interest in working again with the fire elemental and proposed him to join the GUAD to further their mission in burning everything. Ragnaros in turn has no problem with the black dragon's offer but tends to be wary of their comrades, especially Acnologia who reminds him a little too much of Nefarian.
  • Was not too happy to hear that Blackwing has managed to get himself in the Pantheon and even tried to form a team to strike him down. The Firelord currently enlisted his dwarf army and all his lieutenants for the impending battle in Blackrock.
    • The court of gods having predicted the conflict between the Firelord and the black dragon was imminent, decided they should settle in a card battle until one of them is declared the winner. Many gods watched as both gods whacked each other with their custom decks. This is an example of how it went...
    • The bout lasted about 5 DAYS with either side not having signs of giving up. The court of gods decided to cut the battle out with no clear winner (Though most witnesses say Nefarian won the majority of the fights). Both gods didn't look very good after the fight.
  • Was once in a nursery run by Jaina alongside other WOW raid bosses. He blames her for the way he turned out to be.
  • When the invitation has come to him to enter the Nexus battlefield, Ragnaros brandished Sulfuras, and prepared himself to enter the Nexus, intending to purge it with his flames, and battling against Varian Wrynn.
  • In an Alternate Universe, Ragnaros forsake his destructive ways and decided to fight against the ancient horrors that were the Old Gods. While the Firelord has no memory of these events, he does respect the Paladin Uther Lightbringer. A fact that he finds absurd given how he doesn't know where does this come from.
    Ragnaros, Lightlord: THE LIGHT PURGES!
  • Many complain that he is too loud, which he personally stated that he sees nothing wrong with the tone of his voice.
  • He once decided to organize the Midsummer Fire Festival, officially the hottest festival the pantheon has ever seen. The ones that attended were mostly Pyromaniacs and opportunist looking to make money.


Shana, Goddess of Flaming Swords (The Flame-Haired, Hot-Eyed Hunter; Yukari Hirai)

Surtr, God of Setting The World Ablaze (Surtur, Surt, King of the Fire Giants)
Surtur as depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His flaming sword, Laveteinn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Our Giants Are Bigger, Evil Is Burning Hot, Ending The World, Having A Kickass Sword, Flaming Sword, Light Is Not Good, Possibly Surviving Ragnarok, Arbiter Of Grim Fate, Kill the God, Hero Killer, Exists To Destroy And Little Else, Large and in Charge, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Fire, The Apocalypse, Giants, Destruction, Swords
  • Allies: Ragnaros the Firelord, Brand, Fenrir, Apophis, the Lich, Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Aerys II Targaryen, The Grox, Deathwing the Destroyer, the Firebird
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lucifer
  • Enemies: Every deity from Norse Mythology, especially Thor, Ra, all Marvel Comics deities(and pretty much everyone else) who aren't omnicidal maniacs, the House of Water & Moisture, YHVH, Nurgle, Yveltal, Heatran, Alexstrasza, Leeloo, Finn the Human, Xerneas, Swamp Thing, The Life Entity, Scathach (as Scathach-Skadi)
  • Respects: Beerus, Destruction and Destiny of the Endless
  • Interested in: Kratos, Aleph
  • One of the Nine Realms is Muspelheim, a realm of fire where the fire giants dwell and the first realm to emerge from the primordial void. Ruling them is Surtr(also pronounced Surtur), a Destroyer Deity with a flaming sword. When Ragnarok comes along, he is one of the major players on the side of destruction and the end of all. He will do battle with Freya, and bring forth the flames that will engulf the Earth. And he possesses more than enough strength to make that more than a prophecy.
  • Defined more by the threat he poses than an actual character, Surtr usually waits until Ragnarok is near before taking action. If his Marvel incarnation is any indication, he's rather cordial. And he may have been content to wait where it not for learning of the countless battles in the pantheon between good, evil, law, chaos and machinery. He interprets that as Ragnarok, and that it's time for the clean slate Ragnarok and his flames would bring.
  • Naturally fatalistic, he takes a keen interest in the House of Prophecy. He has a deep respect for Destiny of the Endless due to perceiving himself as an arbiter of fate. Leeloo hates him for representing such an apocalyptic prophecy, having faced off against "Mr. Shadow"/the Evil. The fact that he was destined to destroy Asgard was exploited by Thor for having him take out Hela and Asgard once everyone was evacuated. Thus he destroyed Asgard with only the BigBad as a fatality, defeating the point of his mission.
  • Siding with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction was natural for a being who exists to end the world. Surtr found immediate kinship with Apophis as they have the same function in their faiths-seek the extinction of all life. That similarity is also why Ra considers eliminating him very important. Scarily enough, he feels a kinship with the Lich. The Lich embodies mass extinction and nuclear holocaust, as he does the fiery apocalypse that the Norse foresaw.
  • Given what he is, the majority of deities oppose him. It's also hard for him to muster much hatred for others, but an exception to that would be YHVH. Not because of His morality, but because He represents stagnation in the Fire Giant's eyes-a world in lockstep to Law, not having the freedom to change is completely antithetical to an agent of change like himself. He feels the same about Nurgle's desire to preserve life to the microbial level, as horrible as that can become. His opposition to Law is helped by being one of the three Chaos lieutenants, though he would like to remind Lucifer it's a part-time gig. He does respect the Fallen Angel enough to get along as he's a fellow agent of change.
  • Has a heated alliance with Zamasu, due to the rogue Kaioshin's hypocrisy and narcissism. Like him, Zamasu(specifically Goku Black and Future Zamasu) ushered in the death of the other gods and hope to terminate all other intelligent life. However, Zamasu still holds on to the belief that he is bringing a better world, and thinks the flames Surtr brings would sully the world's beauty. However, like the GUAD, the King of the Fire Giants is far too useful for him to take out gods and mortals that challenge his vision. They've made no bones about trying to kill each other the nanosecond one no longer needs the other.
    • For the time he also works with Mem Aleph as she seeks to effectively destroy the world to spring life anew. Given their different methods, this is a temporary arrangement and like Zamasu will eventually turn on the Fire Giant.
  • A Destroyer Deity, he has a cordial relationship with Destruction of the Endless. Sure, Destruction isn't evil and has retired, but he's Affably Evil enough to respect his old position and seniority. And while not villainous, Beerus is destructive and amoral enough that Surtr can respect him as well. Yveltal, however, doesn't like his evil nature when it comes to destruction.
  • Finn the Human believes he has some sort of relationship with the Fire Kingdom and his ex-girlfriend Fire Princess. Surtr thinks so, believing Fire Elementals and Fire Giants both emerged from the same primal fire at the dawn of time. Finn's experience with the Fire Kingdom and history of opposing evil makes him a Worthy Opponent in Surtr's eyes as well. Though seeking to destroy the world, he's seen to show kindness towards other "life of the flame".
  • Considers himself the Nine Realms counterpart to Ragnaros the Firelord and Brand. As they seek to burn the whole world and are fire elementals, it's natural they'd get along. He gets along with Deathwing the Destroyer and the Firebird for being fiery heralds of the apocalypse as well. Alexstrasza was horrified at another fiery destroyer ascending. Heatran is avoiding Surtr out of disgust for being an evil bringer of fiery death, and the fact Surtr is interested in the Pokemon's destructive potential.
  • Pyromaniacs were very happy to see Surtr ascend. King Aerys wants to test wildfire compared to what Surtr can do, in hopes of finally burning down King's Landing and even Westeros if he feels like it. The Grox wanted Surtr to burn down the world, as it would make it more habitable for them.
  • Interested in Kratos for his ability to destroy the gods, and Aleph for the same reason along with how he managed to slay YHVH. Knowing how they react to being used, this can only end badly for Surtr.
  • In an alternate timeline, rather than bringing about the end of the Age of Gods Surtr instead chose to end the world in it's entirety after deciding that since he'll be dead either way it won't matter. The events of this resulted in a particularly botched variation of Ragnarok in which the world was barely held together by a version of Skadi that had fused with Scathach. This version ended up becoming a Servant for the Crypter Ophelia Phamrsolone, whom he developed an obsession for.

    Teostra and Lunastra 
Teostra and Lunastra, Dragon Gods of Fiery Lions (Teostra: Teo Teskator, Flame King Dragon, Toaster | Lunastra: Nana Tesukatori, Empress of Flame, Flame Princess Dragon)
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: Their Hunter's Guild Icons
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruisers, Red Oni, Blue Oni (Inverted during mating season), Cat-like Dragons, Battle Aura, Playing with Fire, Expelling Explosive Powder, Supernovas, Combination Attack, Ice Element Weakness, Rarely seen together in the wild but can and will fight together
  • Domains: Fire, Explosions, Lions, Dragons
  • High Priest: Pyroar
  • On good terms with: Bastet, The House of Dragons (esp. Spyro)
  • Rivals: Akantor, Odibatorasu
  • Enemies: Nergigante, Ozai, Azula, Lysandre
  • Respected by: The Clan cats
  • Avoids: The Houses of Water & Moisture and Ice & Cold
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Elder Dragons as a whole are dangerous. It's partly for the point of their classification: They're creatures with powers akin to natural disasters but the damage to the world around them (usually) isn't out of ill intent. For example, the Gore Magala spreads a frenzy-inducing virus on its scales, sure, but in this stage, they can't even see the world around them otherwise and they need to shed so much of it to get a good read on everything. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean the Elder Dragons are your typical gentle giants either. Far from it, and this can be exemplified by the chimera-like/manticore-like Elder Dragons, Teostra and Lunastra. A fearsome pair in battle, their temperament is harsh and brutal as the volcanic wastelands they rule over and the elements they use against potential foes.
  • Their arrival was heralded by a heatwave hitting the House of Felines. Noticing the sudden spike in temperature, denizens from within the Sub-Houses of Fire and Heat and Weather were called into question while House authorities were brought into the mix to further look into the problem. While helping the House cope with the increase in temperatures, Olaf (Nintendo Wars) and Jack Frost took note of a black, spiky dragon flying overhead seemingly scouting for something. Or rather someone. They wasted no time in notifying everyone along with contacting the Hunter's Guild for assistance. Almost immediately recognizing what was going on four Monsters enlisted the help of Olaf and Bastet to aid them.
    • Sure enough, there was indeed a Teostra roaming the remote parts of the House — with whatever life nearby is currently wasting away from the flames. When they tried to approach further, the dragon from before known as Nergigante, burst through them to fight the Teostra. While explosions burst readily like fireworks in a festival, the Extinction Dragon had its prey cornered, or so it would seem. Flying just as fast in an azure blur Teostra's mate, Lunastra, had entered the scene in order to defend him. Bastet and team this time wasted no moments in assisting the Elder Dragons and they all managed to drive away the black dragon. While everyone prepared for another fight as the two Elder Dragons turned Bastet managed to diffuse the situation and actually managed to peacefully convince them to leave. As a consequence of their trouble, they both became deities by request of the Monster Hunters to help keep track of them.
  • As one may expect from their titles, both by the Hunter's Guild and the Trope Pantheons, their bread and butter is fire, which they release from the flame sacs in their mouths which they use in conjunction with their natural speed and strength. But the real star of the show here is their old scales in which they spread around to act as explosive powder of which they ignite by gnashing their teeth akin to flint. It sounds simple, but the way they go about spreading it keeps opponents on their toes. Their deadliest attack with their explosive powder is a Sphere of Destruction - the fittingly named Supernova. Their Bond Attack, preformed via Mating Dance, is not only bigger but a hell of a lot more potent.
    • Before, Lunastra wasn't all that different from Teostra in terms of abilities. In fact, you may even just call her the weaker version until reports in the New World surfaced. For one, the area close around her is hot enough to burn people if ill-prepared. And Lunastra spreads around patches of blue fire that burn on which on its own simply burns those touching it, but its true purpose is to enhance both her's and Teostra's attacks. Trying to blind her with Flashpods or those similar to it at best do nothing and at worst piss her off to activate a Supernova, and her's heat lingers on after the initial explosion. Seems that retirement after the 2nd Generation paid off big time.
  • Ozai and Azula are looking into using the Elder Dragon for their own ends and Teostra and Lunastra are aware of such ill intent behind both father and daughter. While the two regularly fight against them are wary of stepping into whatever plots they have there is some consolation in that the two aren't out to work together due to their poor relationship with one another.
  • Teostra and Lunastra already made their home in the House of Fire and Heat as their title extends there, but the two have also been known to roam the House of Earth & Rock's desert as well and aren't incapable of living in locations not as hot as either of them and are no strangers to fighting Akantor and Odibatorasu. They do, however, avoid being in the House of Water & Moisture and Ice & Cold for reasons that should not need explaining.
    • Reports start surfacing of a creature sharing the same build of both Teostra and Lunastra. But its color was that of a snowy blue and it boasted a command over ice and frostbite, manifesting icebergs and blizzards to deep six its opponents. The Monster Hunters identify it as the two's Origin Species, Toa Tesukatora. Not only is it pretty old, but it inherits much more traits from both it and the Elder Dragon couple's ancestor. It begs the question of what happened down the line for Teostra and Lunastra to prefer the scorching flames.
  • If you ask around the House of Music you'll find that their themes, mainly on Teostra's side, is associated with the KFC Guy. Deviljho can vouch for this. Observe.
  • While the two aren't exactly creatures would find pleasant to greet and meet and go on one's merry way, you're generally better off meeting the Lunastra first. Territorial, yes, but she's courteous enough to give you enough warnings to back off or face brimstone. Teostra shows no such kindness. The moment he sees you is the moment your fight for your life begins. This behavior seems to be shaken up a bit during the Elder Crossing to the New World. Teostra is much nicer in comparison to how they normally act, which likely has something to do with their purpose of the Elder Crossing. That being to pass on as their residual bioenergy helps sustain the New World, though this attitude change is speculation. Lunastra, meanwhile, was observed to be much more aggressive and prone to conflict. For her, it was mating season.
  • They're welcome in the House of Dragons for their classification while possessing actual draconic traits since some Elder Dragons seem to defy the name. Though they don't have much of an opinion on their fellow kin since they mainly roam around their own territory, though Spyro is one of the few exceptions. As a dragon with some cat-like traits, he ended up crossing paths with Teostra if by coincidence. Teostra, being the aggressor, attacked on sight and expected an easy victory due to his puny size compared to him. The exact opposite happened, the smaller Spyro holding his own against him. Being proven wrong, likely helped by Spyro's use of ice breath, Teostra called the fight off and decided he was of worth. Later meetings between the purple dragon are more along the lines of Teostra's attitude in the New World.
  • Though the House of Felines thought getting another Greater Gods to stack up against the House of Canines sounded nice, they don't like Teostra and Lunastra for the heat waves they pulled off there which likely would have perpetuated had not the situation between them and Nergigante fizzled out quickly. The two, in turn, don't care for their fellow cats all that much. As far as other felines are concerned...
    • For their many legends and mythologies about lions and other large felines the Clan cats pay great respect to them for Teostra and Lunastra are no different in that regard. To them, they are seen as the mightiest of the felines, fitting titles indeed.
    • Mufasa and Simba display a similar level of respect for the two, though they aren't ignorant of the two's brutal nature. Oddly, the two Elder Dragons reciprocate respect for the rulers of Pride Lands. Perhaps it's due to the former's form as a sky spirit over the territory he once rules while the latter's Fiery Lion form when summoned by Sora.
    • Though they are somewhat confused by the Incineroar's bipedal nature (in that his previous evolutions are quadrupedal, we mean) the two admit they find the Heel Pokémon's fighting style interesting. Even if he isn't quite as strong as them, they do give credit where credit's due if he's one of many invitees to Super Smash Bros..
  • Through Incineroar and their High Priest Pyroar they came to build this seething level of animosity towards Lysandre for his attempts at powering the Ultimate Weapon and his continued plans to do so within the Pantheon. Though he has a Pyroar of his own, this does little to cool the anger towards the Team Flare leader.
  • Teostra's name can be rearranged to form the word toaster. All things considered, it's a pretty fitting anagram. Cause, you know, cause toasters toast stuff. We don't recommend bringing it up to the Flame King Dragon's face, however, unless one wishes to be incinerated by a giant dragon cat.

Intermediate Gods

    Blaze the Cat 
Blaze the Cat, Goddess of Introverted Pyromancers (Cat Girl, Cat Woman, Princess Blaze, Your Highness, Burning Blaze)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess as Burning Blaze)
  • Symbol: The Sol Emeralds
  • Theme Song: Vela-Nova
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fiery Stoic, Opposites With Sonic Help Their Friendship, Active Princesses, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Super Speed and Super Strength, Comes From The Sol Dimension, Purple Is Powerful, Broken Super Mode, Not Quite Flight, Loner-Turned-Friend
  • Domains: Fire, Royalty, Heroism, Introverted Personalities, Friendship
  • Herald: Marine the Raccoon.
  • Followers: Signum, Felix Ferne, Lupa
  • Interested in: Teostra and Lunastra
  • Allies: Sonic, Cream the Rabbit, Silver the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Prince Zuko, Shouto Todoroki, Daenerys Targaryennote , Flame Princess, Hestia, Finn the Human, Rachel Roth/Raven, Koriand'r/Starfire, Makoto Kenzaki, Steve Rogers, Karna
  • Odd Friendship with: Jake the Dog, Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Enemies: Eggman Nega, Dr Eggman, Solaris, omnicidal maniacs, Ozai, Garfield Lynns, Bowser, Sigma, Surtr, SCP-457, Aerys II Targaryen, Friede and Ariandel
  • Wary of: The Flying Dutchman, Ragnaros the Firelord, hydromancers
  • There is a world parallel to Sonic's, where there are Sol Emeralds instead of Chaos Emeralds and other powerful artifacts. The royal family guards the Jeweled Scepter. Blaze is the main hero of her world like Sonic is of his, a princess who has the power of fire. Despite this, she is cool and introverted, a loner until she spent time with Cream the Rabbit and ended up becoming friends with her. Her nemesis is a Palette Swap of Eggman known as Eggman Nega.
  • Officially part of the Sol Dimension, but in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) she was inexplicably part of the Bad Future and Silver's friend. While the game's events retconned themselves out of existence, they were referenced in Sonic Generations. Their friendship in the pantheon has led the House of Time and Space to try and figure things out. The house has been helpful in letting Blaze interact with Sonic's world more.
  • Blaze is a Fiery Stoic, but not the only one. Shouto and Hestia both have a cool and level-headed personality, though Shouto also has ice powers. She gets along with the two for being generally benevolent people. Interestingly despite having the opposite powers, she is on good terms with Mitsuru Kirijo due to being defrosting ice queens.
  • Conversed with Raven about how they try to be introverted, though in Raven's case her emotion-tied powers mean she has a good reason for why she has to be stoic. Starfire liked how they were opening up to each other, and wanted to test her own powers with Blaze. The feline pyrokinetic can sort of fly with bursts of flame, but couldn't catch up with Starfire's flight.
  • Being an anthropomorphic cat, she sometimes appears in the House of Felines. Blaze was particularly interested in Teostra and Lunastra as they're fiery lions who are also dragons. They seem like the kind of beast who'd be worthy protectors of her kingdom, but for now they merely want her for the company.
  • She was not pleased to learn Mephiles tricked her and Silver into unwittingly targeting Sonic so that his death would be the Iblis Trigger, so he may re-merge with Iblis and destroy all of time as Solaris. Blaze takes particular offense to omnicidal maniacs as her Arch-Enemy Eggman Nega is one, at least whenever he's not trying to bring about tyranny.
  • Blaze wasn't happy to learn about how many crazies are associated with fire, essentially the polar opposite of her in personality and morality. Surtr and SCP-457 proved particularly troublesome, especially the latter since her pyrokinesis only makes it more powerful. She's less worried about Ragnaros the Firelord as he can't really be judged as evil and likes how Blaze's soul is lit with flame, but still, Blaze doesn't want to be near her.
  • Would rather avoid working with hydromancers as they're antithetical to her powers. Also, she's a cat. Kind of unfortunate for her that her world has a lot of water. She would also rather avoid the Flying Dutchman due to her bad history with Captain Whisker, but finds the Ghost Pirate more of an annoyance than a threat.
  • Was interested to learn that she is not the only royal deity associated with fire. In her own house was Flame Princess, however, she's a lot more passionate than Blaze is. Blaze was cautious around the fire elemental at first due to hearing some bad things about the Fire Kingdom, but soon found them to be an exaggeration at worst and FP a great ruler. She ended up being introduced to Finn and Jake, and appreciated their heroism. Blaze actually likes Jake despite being a comical dog, because his laid-back and carefree attitude is what she likes about Sonic.
  • Found Ozai and Aerys highly repellent monarchs, and their association with fire all the worse. She takes pride in the fact that Ozai's son Zuko is a noble soul that became a good Firelord, and that Aerys himself cannot control fire. Blaze still doesn't want to get close to wildfire as she feels it would out-compete her own flames (at least when not in Burning Blaze mode). She likes how Daenerys is trying to break the wheel and wants to support her. Well, her literature incarnation. She's broken ties with her TV incarnation due to her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Friede and Ariandel oppose Blaze the Cat because of her power over fire, since they hate fire and anyone associated with it as it posses a threat to the painted world by wiping away the current civilization in it, which includes them. It's more one-sided on their part since Blaze has no intention of threatening their world, but they're not listening and take a "better safe than sorry" approach to any pyromancer.
  • Finds herself getting along with Karna. Despite the fact he has genuine friends like Duryodhana and Ashwatthama, he has No Social Skills due to suffering from poverty and living in a low-caste position during his childhood and acts like a loner around others. Also the son of the Hindu sun god, Surya, and is thus blessed with his power. Sure, he can seem like a Jerkass but he's really an All-Loving Hero impossible to hate, and they ultimately get along. Blaze gets along with Captain America as well, since he's a hero dedicated to protecting her country, much like she feels she should do to her own nation as princess.

    Flame Princess 
Flame Princess, Goddess of Flaming Hair (FP, real name: Phoebe)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her royal gem
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Flaming Hair, Mood-Swinger, Volatile Flame Elemental, Daddy Issues, Cute and Psycho, Cute Flame Girl, Element-Based Morality, Burning with Anger, Character Development, Hurt By Water, Potentially Apocalyptic Power Incontinence, Amicable Exes, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Fire, Royalty, Power, Volatility, Romance
  • Herald: Cinnamon Bun
  • Followers: The non-evil members of her family.
  • Allies: Finn the Human (her ex-boyfriend), Jake the Dog, Rachel Roth, Natsu Drageel, Asuka Langely Soryu, Groudon, Nia Teppelin, Princess Fiona, Alexstrasza, Hestia, Ragnaros the Firelord, Magcargo, Zuko, Daenerys Targaryen, Heatran, Julis Reissfeld
  • On speaking terms with: Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King
  • Enemies: The Lich and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Child Abuse Supporters (particularly Scar), Kyogre, Brand, Aerys Targaryen
  • Avoids: The House of Water & Moisture, Chaac
  • Flame Princess(actual name Phoebe) is the current ruler of the Fire Kingdom and the current Flame Elemental of Ooo. Locked up due to her unstable power, she has a short and volatile temper. Until he screwed it up she was the girlfriend of Finn, and slowly learned how to use her powers for good while also gaining self-confidence in herself. Now she serves as a responsible though still intense and passionate monarch of the Fire Kingdom.
  • Her father the Flame King describes her as evil, and states that's the case with the Fire Kingdom as a whole. Given he snuffed out his brother's flame for the throne and tried to off her as a baby because she was a threat to his power, this isn't exactly true. It's more that she sees morality through elemental perspectives. She's come to consider honesty and trust to be highly important.
  • Sees a lot of herself in Zuko; they're part of flame royalty, the children of an abusive fire lord and ultimately become better people who lead their fiery kingdoms for the better. She sympathizes with Nia for how she was abandoned and left to die like her, though her father ultimately proved much better than her own in the end. Good friends with Julis Riessfeld as well since she's a fire-wielding princess who wants to save her kingdom, though is a bit jealous that her relationship with Ayato Amagiri went a lot smoother than her own relationship with Finn.
  • She's also a good friend to Daenerys Targaryen for being queens associated with royalty, and having a volatile side because of it. She was disgusted to learn about what her father, Aerys the Mad King was like. Worse, in his derangement and pyromania Aerys is trying to make her queen and "upgrade" her with wildfire. She was beyond horrified by this, though the idea of a fire that water doesn't diminish does intrigue her.
  • Though not evil, her morality means she tends to get along with rather destructive deities. While she may not like his friends, she gets along swimmingly with Ragnaros the Firelord. Just like her he is the Fire Elemental of his world, just a lot more passionate about it. Finn isn't happy and assumes that he's trying to be The Corrupter, plus he's more inclined to see Ragnaros as evil instead of having Blue-and-Orange Morality. Ragnaros prefers to take on his form of The Lightlord as a gesture of good faith when it comes to FP.
  • She's generally on good terms with the fire-based deities in the pantheon, like Alexstrasza and Hestia-she's interested in the nurturing powers of their flames. Given she's on good terms with Ragnaros, it's somewhat awkward for her to be friends with the former. However even she considers Brand to be completely insane and unreasonable, not to mention what's implied to have happened to his host.
  • Naturally vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and water. For this reason, she stays the hell away from Chaac and the House of Water & Moisture. She really doesn't like Kyogre due to representing the oceans and bringing forth rain in its very presence. By contrast, she really likes Groudon as the Fire Kingdom's power is only strengthened in the sunny days it brings.
  • Given her background, she opposes the Child Abuse Supporters on principle, especially Scar due to how he usurped his brother's position and murdered him. And given what she is, she's naturally opposed to Lissandra and her goals of freezing the world. She's rather not get carried away fighting against her given the events of "Frost and Fire".
  • While they haven't met yet in Ooo itself, she's just as opposed to the Lich as everyone else there. The instability in her elemental matrix means that extreme feelings of love and passion could result in her falling through the planet over and over until it burns the world down. The GUAD wants to exploit this and turn her into a bomb to destroy the world, which has only led her to be further contemptuous towards the order than she and practically everyone else already is. Heatran can understand, given the GUAD wants to exploit its volcanic abilities.
  • Don't even bring up what she'd do if she went up to Tier 15. It's probably not even possible anyway, despite being the most human-looking member of the Fire Kingdom. Also, if you want to enter her temple, it's advised you get a flame shield if you don't have extreme heat resistance or are some sort of fire elemental already. Flambo is providing the shield.
  • Gets along with Asuka as her fiery Tsundere personality and anger/parent issues is something she can relate to. Because of how her powers relate to her emotions and the potential for Power Incontinence, she has been seeking Raven for advice on her powers and can relate to her issues.

    Natsu Dragneel 
Natsu Dragneel, God of Anger-Fueled Flames (Salamander, The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel, The Third God of Fire, E.N.D., Caster)

    Recca Hanabishi 
Recca Hanabishi, God of Fire (Rekka, Recca-kun, Ninth Hokage, Third God of Fire)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Eight Headed Flame Dragons, with a Female Flame Angel at the center (his 'Hime' Yanagi Sakoshita)
  • Theme Song: Final Burning, Recca, Like a Flame, or his theme from Sunday X Magazine.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Multi-Purpose Fire, Ninja Fanboy Turning Out To Be The Real Deal, Protection And Servitude Because Of Being Nursed Back, Declaration of Protection, Hot-Blooded, Spiky Hair, Delinquency, BOTH Cursed With Awesome and Blessed with Suck
  • Domains: Fire, Combat, Protection
  • Followers: Rubicante, Homura Kagari, Cierra, Cerya Phoraena, Chandra Nalaar, Kazuki Kazama
  • Allies: Tokiya Mikagami, Kurei, Madoka Kaname, Naruto Uzumaki and the Ninja Shi-Tennou, Black Star, Kyo Kusanagi, Human Torch, Huang Yang Long, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Lea, Alexstrasza
  • Enemies: Yhwach, Starjun, various Complete Monsters
  • After the gruelling battle in SODOM, it was thought that the flames of Hokage would perish as Recca destroyed the curse haunting them with the success of destroying Tendou Jigoku. But it turned out that it just ascended to the Pantheon, calling forth Recca to once again wield his flames in a combat against the dark fire God Starjun. With the help of the current acting God, Human Torch, Recca managed to oust Starjun as he retreated, and was entrusted with Human Torch his old house as he was pretty damaged and had to move house as a result. Fame might not be on his side, but Recca swore to keep the house well, and Cosmos even approved.
  • One of his followers, Axel, ascended as God of Deadly Rings, and revealed his real name to be Lea.
  • The first thing he did after being officially inducted was to visit his old buddy Mikagami and thanking him for ascending first before him. Re-greeting his bro Kurei only got him 'cold shoulders', but Recca never minded, that's just the way he is.
    • He'll always claim that while he is protecting his princess Yanagi, she 'lived' in him as his flame, the angel that is in his symbol. So by just being 'there' means protecting her.
  • Despite him being an official ninja, his Ninja fanboyism never ended. He's a big fan of the Ninja Shi-Tennou, but in particular, he got into a bit of a friendly argument with Naruto, who declared that he wanted to be Hokage... Recca is (from) Hokage.
  • In spite of being the Fire God, his flame was said to be 'cursed' 'formless' and some say 'useless'. Recca never minded it, after learning from the likes of Igor, that 'formless' flames means infinite possibilities. When you could use your flames in various forms to even fire barriers, fire illusion, fire lasers or healing flames, you know he damn deserved his position.
  • When he introduced his Flame Dragons, he got funny looks from various Gods. Why it's just because two of them happened to be named Madoka and Homura, and Recca was known to exist before the two made the names popular. This caused Recca to look for the two. While he made great friends quickly with Madoka Kaname, he was appalled with how Homura Akemi turning into a Satan-like figure. But... he understood why she'd do it. He's already seen someone descend into devil-ness with petty reasons and thinks that Homura is nothing like them.
  • Had a meeting with Alexstrasza once, and Recca was very much in complete awe, as her life-giving flames were pretty on par with Yanagi's flames, except it heals the surrounding, not man. Plus she's a flame dragon. Though he wouldn't want her into his Flame Dragon spirits, because even he knows she already went through enough shits, and the requirement of becoming one of his dragons is 'Having a great failure too big you carry it to death'.

    Rin Okumura 
Rin Okumura, God of the Blue Flame and One of the Anti-Antichrists (Blue Exorcist, Son of Satan)
  • Theme Song: Core Pride
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword Kurikara covered in flames
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Kurikara
  • Portfolio: Playing With Blue Fire, Being covered in flames, Flaming Sword, Turning Against His Father Satan, Half-Human Hybrid, Being A Good Cook, Demon Slaying
  • Domains: Demons, Exorcism, Fire
  • Heralds: Yukio Okumura (his brother), Shiemi Moriyama, Arthur Auguste Angel
  • Teachers: Sparda
  • Allies: Kotaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black (RX), Kamina, Eren Yeager, Dante Sparda, Issei Hyodo as well as the rest of the members of the Occult Research Club, Jurai Andou, Kirby, Rosemary Woodhouse, Anung Un Rama/Hellboy
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, the Satans, Azula
  • Amused by: Hercule
  • Ambiguous Relationship with: Accelerator
  • The young son of Satan the Demon King and the older twin of his brother Yukio, who were both raised by a former Paladin and member of the True Cross Order until their father came and killed him. While Rin seemed to be the main target of Satan's ambitions between the two brothers, this was only because he was the only one who manifested powers from the beginning. This complicated the relationship between the two brothers seemingly to no end, but more importantly for Rin, all of this made him determined to defy his father the Devil and seek to destroy him in order to stop his evil.
  • Rin was ascended into the pantheon after a mysterious female secretary named Louis Cypher appeared before him, asking him to take on the numerous Satans that have ascended with the power that he obtained from his world's Satan. Wanting to stop the insidious schemes of these alternate versions of his dad, he ascended.
  • He can be seen at the house of Food making meals for others. He occasionally gets angry at Kirby, wanting the little pink fellow to savor his food and not just swallow it instantly into his black hole of a stomach. Nevertheless he continues to make food for Kirby and Kirby tries to savor Rin's food in return.
  • After he met Accelerator for the first time, he merely shrugged at him having the same voice. Though he was able to get it off with Jurai Andou.
  • He found it confusing that Eren sounds like him in english and other times like Konekomaru when speaking Japanese.
  • He constantly confuses Lelouch for his brother considering they sound similar.
  • He was happy to see more benevolent demons amongst the Pantheon, even befriending the Occult Research Club. He hopes to get stronger by facing Issei, but is put off by his perviness during fights.
  • Has had an intense contempt for fellow blue flame wielder Azula ever since she called him weak and pathetic for not following his father's will.
  • Was unsure what to think about a weak but well-meaning good guy fighting with Satan's name. When he finally met the guy, he found him to be Actually Pretty Funny. Although he insists on using the Hercule name over calling him Mr. Satan, not wanting to associate him with the Demon King counterparts.
  • Is sympathetic towards Rosemary Woodhouse, whose child was fathered by Satan through supernatural trickery just like him. He wants to help her with making sure the kid is brought up to become an Anti-Antichrist.
  • Sparda, a legendary demon general of Inferno who once served as the second to Mundus before defecting from and singlehandedly halting the advance of the Devil Kingdom, made his way to the Pantheon as the God of Ascended Demon and, as part of his travels through the realm, sought to encounter more demons who defied the call of evil like himself, as well as human-demon hybrids like his own twin sons. Rin was one of the latter who would meet with Sparda, and the Dark Knight took a special liking to Rin, offering to take him on as an apprentice and help him grow further in mastering his powers and swordsmanship. Rin was excited to accept the idea of learning from such a legend.

Lesser Gods

    Cinder (Killer Instinct
Ben Ferris, the God Wreathed in Flames (Cinder)
  • Theme Song: Inferno
  • Lesser God, becomes Intermediate when Fired Up.
  • Symbol: His mask on fire
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, occasionally veering to Chaotic Evil whenever he's motivated
  • Portfolio: Cursed With Awesome, Blood Knight, Con Man, Kill It with Fire, Immature Villain, Evil Feels Good, Huge Ego, "Sick Burn!", Transhuman, Smartass, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Fire, Con Men, Technology
  • Followers: The Fallen, Meramon, Sigma
  • Allies: Sadira, Riptor, Spinal, Firefly, The Pyro
  • Enemies: B. Orchid, Jago, Hisako, TJ Combo, K'
  • Rivals: All ice using deities, Cinder Fall
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Human Torch
  • Ben Ferris made a rather colorful introduction upon Killer Instinct's return to prominence, creating his own personal commentary all while kicking T.J. Combo's ass. While finding a home for himself was difficult, ARIA found a loophole to exploit courtesy of a vacancy made by the Human Torch. With the paperwork set, Cinder became the latest member of Ultratech to enter the Pantheon.
    • His backstory it a bit muddy. It was originally thought that he was a petty criminal who was subjected to an experiment that gave him the power to cover himself in flames. But newer documents revealed that he was a part of Special Forces who was given a suit that emitted flames. Cinder doesn't care either way as long as he feels awesome beating people up.
    • Even before messing up TJ Combo, the heroes were not fond of his ascension to good use. Knowing this, Cinder has made every opportunity to mock them for failing to stop his ascension. He also made note on how his rival Glacius has been unable to make it into the Pantheon.
    • It was inevitable that he would push his luck to the limit. He made the mistake of delivering an open challenge. Still miffed at the choice of successor, Johnny Storm took up the challenge to face him. As he has much more experience in combat against the superhero, he thought the fight would be a piece of cake. Instead, Torch only said two words to end things. "Flame off." With that, Cinder's suit cooled off. Johnny proceeded to melt the ground below him to send his opponent crashing to lower ground. The superhero then proceeded to state that the only reason he hasn't decided to take his title back was because he values his family above all else, and any future challenge would be met with extreme prejudice. That was enough to shut Ben up about the Human Torch for a long time.
  • Thankfully, he has no shortage of fire-emitting allies in the Pantheon. The Pyro shares his interest in flames, and Cinder has no problems hanging around with him. It helps that he is immune to fire. Pyro accepted the company if only because he can't really burn the man.
    • He shares an even closer bond with Firefly. Both came from similar backgrounds who use flames to get what they want. Firefly has been more than happy to help the supervillain handle the Caped Crusader from time to time.
  • Has made it is duty to take on any and all ice deities in the Pantheon. With Glacius absent, he hopes to find a true rival among their ranks.
    • Naturally, Sub-Zero is his closest equivalent of a rival in the Pantheon. The ice ninja is happy to oblige his requests of a fight. It is not a serious endeavor to Sub-Zero though; he has publicly stated that Scorpion's flames burn much brighter. That comment ended up infuriating Cinder.
    • His ultimate goal is to handedly defeat Cygnus Hyoga, God of Ice. While he has notched some wins, Cygnus always has the Aquarius Cloth to give him the victory.
    • Kula Diamond has been a constant target of his. The introvert has been flustered every time Cinder has taunted the girl. K' got involved when he attacked her and two two have been battling each other ever since.
    • Is not impressed with Gray's shirtless body, claiming his own pecs puts that of the ice mage to shame. In combat, the two are relatively evenly matched.
    • Was excited to take on a literal God of Ice in the form of Shiva. While she doesn't hold the the title in the Pantheon, she proved to be powerful enough to prove why she was a deity in her own world. Cinder would have to be creative if he is to defeat her.
    • His rivalry with Rain is a friendlier sorts. Both have been involved in experiments, with the later dabbling on them herself. Cinder even sent some advances towards her, but ARIA has warned against such a pairing. She deducted that Rain is merely out for herself and would betray them the moment their goals no longer coincide with each other.
    • With that said, don't mention Kaldr & Lissandra. And especially don't say that he hasn't challenged the two because he's afraid of them. That's just asking to get singed.
  • While he talks a big game, Cinder is unimpressed. Not just because he only has his abilities due to the suit, but also stating that he's a "talentless hack" who would never attest to greatness. She played a factor in his initial rejections of godhood. Yet by the time of his ascension, Cinder is in a much worst state. Not only did she lose badly to a teenage girl, she may as well be left for dead in her world by a mortal. Never one for modesty, Cinder rubbed all of her shortcomings in her face.
    • Does not want to end up getting sick, and he avoids all virus infected beings in the Pantheon to protect himself.
  • "Hahah! That was too much fun!"

SCP-457, Deity of Malevolent Fire (The Burning Man)
SCP-457 during testing
  • Euclid. Lesser Deity by default and can get stronger the more it consumes
  • Symbol: Himself, wreathed in flames.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Can split up once fully grown, Elemental Embodiment, Wants To Burn And Only To Burn, Evil Living Flames
  • Domains: Fire, Burning, Hunger, Fuel, Elementals
  • Allies: Ragnaros the Firelord, Brand, Surtr, Magcargo, Cinder, The Pyro, Dingodile, Firefly, Aerys II Targaryen, The Firebird, Deathwing, Volgin (as the Man of Fire)
  • On good terms with: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Bob, The Lich
  • Enemies: The House of Water & Moisture and any water user, the House of Plants, all Ground and Rock type Pokemon especially Kabutops, Omastar and Swampert, Jaime Lannister, George, The Spring Sprite, Finn and Jake, Ice King, Flame Princess, Alexstrasza, Hestia, Firestorm, pretty much everything and everyone else flammable
  • SCP-457, also known as the Burning Man, can be described as a being who exists only to burn. It has a vague human shape and even possesses some sapience, but conversations are meaningless to him. The Foundation has kept the creature contained but, after an accident in one of their facilities, the Burning Man escaped containment and hid in the Pantheon in a house where it felt right at home. Notable for burning almost anything and constantly perpetuating fire whenever he can.
  • SCP-457 can grow after assimilating and burning flammable objects and, once fully grown, can split into two different beings; if not properly controlled, both can cause a lot of havoc and split again and again. Thankfully, the house they are located in is a brimstone place, so there aren't a lot of things that can keep them growing, but, strangely enough, they seem to be content being there.
  • Good-aligned deities, mainly those who represent the benevolent aspects of fire like Alexstrasza and Hestia, do not like SCP-457. Not that it cares much due to a one-track mind on burning. Firestorm is a major exception to this, since his ability to transform elements like oxygen into nitrogen makes him an apparent threat to 457.
  • Aerys II Targaryen was in love with its fiery destruction, and to the absolute horror of the SCP Foundation introduced it to wildfyre. The Burning Man became far deadlier than before, as the nature of wildfire let it ignore water. At least temporarily, before it burned through it, as it doesn't seem to be able to retain wildfire the way it does normal fire.
  • As SCP-457's only desire is to burn and spread itself, it is opposed by most gods for such single-minded destruction. This character trait makes it very appealing not just for pyromaniacs, but the Grand United Alliance of Destruction as well. The Burning Man serves as little more than hired muscle for them, but as long as his setting things on fire isn't impeded he's happy.
  • The Lich understands SCP-457 on some level. While 457 has simple desires and wants, much like the Lich it knows what it is, and what it is is inimical to all life. However, he still feels that the Burning Man needs to learn more cunning so as to better achieve its goal of spreading everywhere. He's happy to teach him, to the dread of many Adventure Time deities.
  • In a turn of good fortune for the SCP Foundation, the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors of Pokémon was discovered to apply to SCP-457. While the Burning Man threatens to turn the House of Plants into tinder, Rock and Ground-type moves are effective deterrents along with its known weakness to Water. This makes Kabutops and Omastar especially dangerous to it.
  • Very close to Ragnaros the Firelord, Brand and Surtr. As fire elementals, this is completely unsurprising. Together, they have caused even more outbreaks of fire and SCP-457 hopes their combined power can overcome the House of Water and Ice. And while Magcargo is part Rock, he is 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit and a comfortable source of heat for the Burning Man.
  • Appeals heavily to the Firebird and Deathwing for being an avatar of fire and destruction. Naturally, this makes it a foe of the Spring Sprite. Or pretty much anything flammable, to be honest. It doesn't care, it just wants fuel, wants air, wants burn. Want to burn, want to burn, want to burn.
  • A muse to all pyromaniacs. SCP personnel suspect Firefly was behind his breakout in the first place, rather than it being an accident. Beavis was amused at SCP-457's existence due to pyromania, chanting "FIRE! FIRE!" at his arrival. He wouldn't be able to stand the destruction 457 would bring, however. Volgin was much more pleased, though mainly in his zombified state as the Man of Fire.


    Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch/Firestorm 
Ronald Roy "Ronnie" Raymond and Jason Thomas Rusch, Gods of Flying Firepowers (Firestorm, The Nuclear Men)
  • Demigods (individually), Intermediate God (as Firestorm)
  • Symbol: The Nuclear Points
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Superheroes, Fire, Nuclear Power
  • Heralds: Martin Stein, Mikhail Arkaden, Gehenna Hewitt
  • Followers: Frankie Rye, El Diablo, Taranee
  • Allies: Shun Daimonji, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ghost Rider, Jin Kazama, Hayate Ayasaki, Human Torch, Guy Shishioh, Shotaro Hidari and Phillip, Edward Elric, Captain Planet, The Life Entity, Ma-Ti
  • Enemies: Deathstorm (Black Lantern counterpart), Lex Luthor, Dark Link, Hexxus, the Lich, the Child Abuse Supporters
  • Firestorm, also known as "The Nuclear Man", is a rather unique superhero in DC Comics; he is a combination of two different characters, but as of now it comes in the form of odd friends Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch. Utilizing the nuclear-powered Matrix, he's capable of re-arranging the atomic structure of substances so long as he knows their chemical structure, and able to fire nuclear blasts and phase through matter. And as with many DC superheroes, he has become part of the Trope Pantheon.
  • He was initially a god of nuclear power, however Utsuho Reiuji was sick of sharing the spot with him. At first she wanted to battle against him about it, but this never went anywhere. Instead, she argued that he doesn't really fit it well, since Firestorm's powers are more about transmuting matter like alchemy. He conceded her point, choosing instead to take Flying Firepower.
    • Even while arguing with one another, they agreed on one thing; the Lich is an abomination of nuclear power.
  • In its current composition, Ronnie Raymond is the main body of Firestorm, while Jason Rusch acts as the holographic head. Normally, they clash with each other, but when the duty calls…they become Firestorm. Originally the combination was with Ronnie and physicist Martin Stein, who's also partnered with Jason during his time as Firestorm. Firestorm has also had Mikhail Arkaden (with Ronnie) and Gehenna Hewitt (with Jason) involved, among others. As a result, they can all be seen in Ronnie and Rusch's temple as heralds.
    • Do note that as of Doomsday Clock, Ronnie and Dr. Stein are once again the current Firestorm combination. As such, the Court has considered promoting Stein to full membership in the Pantheon. However, with the constantly shifting identities in the Firestorm matrix, this seems unlikely. He DOES serve in the GUAG in an as of yet undisclosed scientific capacity.
      • Due to this new development, Stein is usually respected as a full deity anyway by other DC heroes. This has unfortunately begun to waver after it was uncovered that he intentionally caused the accident merging him and Ronnie in order to study metahumans from the inside.
  • During Ronnie Raymond's stay of death, Nekron reanimated him as a Black Lantern, where he ended up killing Jason's girlfriend and forcefully fused with him. Said Black Lantern later re-emerged as Deathstorm. Learning his living counterpart moved to a new sub-house, Deathstorm has decided it's high time he got ascended too.
  • A Continuity Reboot had temporally given the ability of merging into a super beast called Fury. Said ability was removed later in favor of returning to a more traditional style.
  • Missed out an event taking place in alternate universe where Superman has become a tyrant and rules with an iron fist. However, his female enemy did appear in said universe. Naturally, he opposes Lissandra due to being an evil ice woman like Killer Frost.
  • He spent some time as an environmentalist and fire elemental, which leads him to get along with Captain Planet. The good captain reminds him of the time he was made a fire elemental to an air, wind and water elemental as part of the Life Entity's gambit.
  • Jason Rusch recently joined Jin Kazama's Anti-Parental abuse club, due to his bad childhood and the fact of living with an abusive father.

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