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Encompassing the deepest levels of the Vault, the Maximum Security area holds the most dangerous of fictional artifacts which can have devastating effects on the Pantheon if in the wrong hands. Due to the importance and risk if the objects in here are interacted with, access to these Treasures is restricted to everyone, even members of the Main House, the Court of the Gods, and the handlers of the Treasures. Yes, even the Foundation's leadership, the O5 Council has to receive permission to do research on these Treasures. Access to these Treasures is permitted by a constantly-changing board of deities, among which its members are House guardians, a Turaga and some other influential but unbiased individuals.


Entry to this area is so restricted that the elevators don't even come down this far, and to reach this vault from the next-highest one (the Mechas vault), one can ride a selection of transports, including a modified minecart, secured teleportation portals and other classified methods. The vault itself is protected by several layers of armored doors and walls, laced with among others, Adamantium and Vibranium, and reinforced by several magic-based and technology-based locksnote  to prevent extensive damage if say, the Yamato Perpetual Reactor underwent molecular breakdown. Even the staff securing this area must submit to at least five security checks before entering. To say that security is tight would be an understatement, even compared to places like Gringotts.


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Class 0

    The Anti-Life Equation 
The Anti-Life Equation
  • Class Level: 0
  • Appearance: Is not a physical object, but an equation. It's kept written down on a piece of paper in the vault.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Brown Note, The Virus, Mind Control, Assimilation Plot, The Evils of Free Will
  • This equation is the mathematical method of taking over the wills of sentient beings. It is said to be the mathematical proof of the futility of life. Its purest embodiment is currently in the possession of the Anti-Monitor. Just like energy, this embodiment cannot be destroyed; only transferred from being to being.
  • The equation can be spread through all forms of electronic media.
  • The equation can not be used for good, as it is against its very nature to use it for that purpose.
  • The equation can be modified and has been on a couple of occasions.
  • CAUTION: DO NOT READ loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side
  • Interestingly enough, there is an alternate version of the equation written on the back: Mister Mxyzptlk + Bat-Mite = Anti-life. The only one who has seen it for sure is Darkseid and it provoked an uncontrollable laughing fit from the New God.

    Big Rigs Trucks 
Thunder, Megaone, Thunderbull, Sunrise W12

    The Chaos Heart 
The Chaos Heart
  • Class Level: 0
  • Alignment: Omnicidal
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, The Power of the Void
  • The deadliest artifact in all universes, the Chaos Heart is activated by a forced marriage between a powerful king and a pure princess. Once activated, it unleashes the Void, which proceeds to consume all universes and leave absolutely nothing.
  • No relation to the Chaos Emeralds.

    The Throne 
The Throne
The Throne through the eras. note 
  • Class Level: 0
  • Appearance: Varies depending on the current holder, but in general takes the shape on some sort of ornate seat. Unknown whether it even has a true form.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Reality Warping on a Multiversal Scale, Technology indistinguishable from magic, Artifact from lost times, Only usable by those chosen by it, Only one may be seated on it
  • The Throne is a powerful metaphysical device that exists above all of creation and was created by an ancient advanced civilization allowing an individual absolute domain over all of creation, becoming a god in the process and able to manipulate reality on a conceptual level. It also serves a secondary purpose of acting as a scaffolding for the God currently seated on it, as a god of the Throne is, in essence, a walking universe with things such as a single drop of their blood being more massive than even a neutron star. Their spiritual mass is simply so immense that all of creation would simply implode if not for the Throne supporting their existence.
  • Although its true form is unknown, it generally can be compared to a canvas, where every new "author" paints over the past world with their own image. The first user was a woman from the same civilization that created the Throne that believed herself the be the only true justice in the world and would become known as the 1st Heaven.
  • Since then, the Throne has changed hands several times, with new laws being created by each of its users each time with effects ranging from selfish to altruistic, and would rule for eons before being dethroned by the next one. One god's rule can never be permanent, however, due to a being called the Observer, a being the "should not be", that was accidentally created alongside the Throne. The Observer's arrival heralds the end of the current rule and the beginning of a new one. Additionally, there can never be more than one god and there can never be more than one main law. The lone exception to this was during the rule of the 5th Heaven due to the nature of her law.
  • Another part of the Throne is its archive. This contains the memories and laws of the past gods. And through the archive, the current god is able to invoke those laws, albeit only temporary and only within their own realm.
  • The means of ascending the Throne though are not as straightforward as might seem. A being needs to achieve Emanation and that is a right that is only bestowed upon an individual from birth. Emanation itself requires someone the reject the current laws of the world on a fundamental level and overwrite with those of one's own design. But on top of that, a great amount of power is also required, usually in the form of a vast amount of souls. Only then will the Emanation occur and will put immense stress on the world until the stress is sufficient to break open a hole in the fabric of reality itself, opening the path to the Throne. Once Emanation has started it cannot be stopped until it is complete, and once complete cannot be undone save for emanating a new law once again.
  • Needless to say, due to the Thrones immense power and capabilities, storing it within the deepest depths of the high-security vault was a no-brainer. In addition to the usual security measures, it also has a trap made of the laws of the Eight Heavens. While these laws are weaker than their true counterparts since they are taken from the Thrones archive, they still have the trait of being universal laws even if it is within a limited space.
    • However, due to the Thrones metaphysical nature, what is actually stored in the vault is not the Throne itself but rather a piece of its archive. This is however considered dangerous enough as is due to the presence of numerous deities in the Pantheon that could possibly ascend to it and create their own law should the knowledge of its existence and the means to do so come to light.
  • Since the Throne overwrites and creates new laws of the entire multiverse, any God of the Throne tend to automatically find themselves in ill favor with The Living Tribunal, regardless of reason or method in using it, as it overrules any of his decisions and imposes the new laws without due process.
  • Despite the efforts to keep the Thrones existence hidden, it was perhaps inevitable that some whispers of it would start circling eventually. Shay Cormac would be one of the early ones that caught wind of it. Believing it to be tech of the First Civilization, he set out to try and pry some information from those in the know in search of it.
    • Similarly, word would reach the ears of both Aerys the Mad and Cersei. With the rumors of its power, they both seek it to give them the power to conquer Westeros and Essos completely unaware of its requirements and the true extent of its power. While the rumors speak of its might, most assume it is just exaggerations, not realizing that they might actually be understatements.
    • While Mercurius simply scoff at the information leak due to it being unlikely someone would be able to claim the Throne, Ren has expressed quite a bit of concern. Not so much over the chance that someone could emanate, but rather over the possibility of conflicts or even wars erupting from factions and individuals trying to lay claim to it on what would most likely be a fruitless endeavor.
  • Due to the way the Throne works as well as similarities in events, some among those who are aware of its existence have started to suspect that Madoka Kaname have either used or even been a God of the Throne. Madoka has however denied this while both Mithra and Mercurius have confirmed that she is found nowhere in its records. This has however shifted the gaze onto the Incubators instead and them having a possible link to the civilization that created the Throne.
    • In much the same vein, a possible link to the Three Reasons has also been put forth.

Class 1

    The Black Vortex 
The Black Vortex
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A massive, ornate mirror with the ability to transform anyone into a cosmic being.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ancient Artifacts, Drunk on the Dark Side, Magic Mirror, Power Makeover, Super Empowering But Temporary In Most Cases
  • Notable Users: Gamora, Groot, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Hank McCoy/Beast
  • Current Guardian: Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Quite possibly one of the most dangerous relics that has ever come to the Pantheon, The Black Vortex has the ability to transform a person into a cosmic being on par with the Phoenix and the Silver Surfer. Simply put, even a Quasideity could become an Overdeity due to the power of the Black Vortex.
  • Kitty Pryde has her hands full with being the de facto protector of the Black Vortex. Especially since the more evil gods (i.e., Shinnok, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shao Kahn, Kano, Regime Superman, Lord Arktivus Brevon, M. Bison, Onaga, to name a few) want to possess the Black Vortex for themselves. It's fortunate for Kitty that they're preoccupied with fighting each other than her. And just in case if the bad guys do team up, Kitty has her own band of misfits to back her up.
  • Arsene Lupin III, Carmen Sandiego and Kasumi Goto have been retained to try and steal the Black Vortex. So far, despite working together, their efforts thankfully ended in failure.
  • Liu Kang and Johnny Cage both have an interest in the Black Vortex; the former to get his revenge on Quan Chi and Shinnok for orchestrating the deaths of Kitana and the revenants and to beat Raiden to a pulp, while Johnny wants the power to protect Earthrealm...and as an insurance policy should Raiden go insane following his purifying the Jinsei of Shinnok's corruption.

    The Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones 
The Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones (The A Million Glove, Thanos Gun, Power Paw, Soul Gems, Infinity Gems, the Aether (Reality Stone only))
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: Six different colored gems and a golden glove-like object designed to hold them in
  • Alignment: Depends on the user (Neutral or Lawful Evil under its most well-known user, Thanos)
  • Portfolio: Dismantled MacGuffin, Amulet of Concentrated Awesome, Amplifier Artifact
  • Domains: Power, Gems
  • The power of the Infinity Gauntlet cannot be used to its fullest without the six Infinity Gems:
    • The Time Gem, which grants the user unlimited control of time.
    • The Soul Gem, allowing manipulation of any and all souls, be it dead or alive.
    • The Power Gem, which allows complete control over all power in the universe.
    • The Reality Gem, which alters the laws of the universe to the user's will.
    • The Space Gem, allowing for the manipulation of space.
    • The Mind Gem, which taps into the user's mind for complete control of psychic powers including telekinesis.
      • To put it mildly, the Gauntlet and its Stones are among the most powerful artifacts anyone could hope for.
  • The only major setback it has is that it can only work in the Universe it comes from. As such, this Infinity Gauntlet, and by extension the Infinity Gems, are exclusively part of the universe this Pantheon is in .
    • It is for this exact reason that Melkor has his eye on the Stones (he prefers that term). He wants to use the ones in the vault to create his own set capable of working across all universes.
    • Other minor drawbacks include incapability of destroying the space-time continuum and not being used to destroy the Gauntlet itself. The Gems can be destroyed though, or at least, be reduced to atoms.
  • The Gauntlet is already powerful enough as it is, but whether or not it can become more powerful than what its current state is capable of is anyone's guess.
  • In Earth-199999, there are actually two gauntlets. There is a right-handed one that's currently locked in Odin's treasury and also contains replicas of the Infinity Gems, and a left-handed one that the Thanos from that universe currently has... or so we thought. Turns out Odin's is merely a fake.
  • While they are sometimes called Soul Gems, they are not the same thing as what the Puella Magi had been used to.
    • Speaking of which, they have nothing in common with the Tamriel soul gems.The Dovahkiin had to be told about this before any potential disaster could happen.
  • The Infinity Gems played a role in a battle between Marvel characters. Thanos was in possession of the Mind Gem during that particular instance. There is uncertainty as to what happened to that Thanos during that time.
  • The usability of the Infinity Gems by themselves depends on one's power level. Greater Gods and Overdeities have no problem with it. Intermediate Gods could use one Gem but are likely to be exhausted after that. Lesser God and below, there's practically no point in using a Gem. This was best demonstrated when they were used by, in a particular merging of worlds, Mega Man X, God of Unlimited Potential, to eliminate Ultron Sigma. Despite being a Greater God, he struggled using the Infinity Buster (created by Iron Man and powered by the Infinity Gems) requiring the assistance of everyone present (including other Greater Gods, such as Thor, Doctor Strange and Zero) to stabilize the energy, even after donning the Ultimate Armor.
  • Unlike the other items in the Treasures, there is a unique case for these two items. While the Gauntlet itself is here, the Gems within the Treasures are replicas so as to discourage deities from stealing it. The real Gems are scattered throughout the Pantheon, far from Thanos' reach. Don't bother asking where they are, we're not telling.
  • Many have noted that despite its powers, very few of its alternate universe counterparts have been seen. One universe had it to where it took the form of a Wishing Cube, crafted with six panes of "forever glass".
  • A version of the Gauntlet has recently been stolen from Maximum Security to be used as the main prize of an interdimensional Contest of Champions, Linkara has entered the contest intending to return it to its rightful place when he wins.

    The Kanohi Vahi 
The Kanohi Vahi (The Legendary Mask of Time)

The Katamaris
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A number of colorful balls covered in knobs
  • Alignment: True Neutral (can be used for great good or great evil, depending on the user)
  • Portfolio: Stars, Connections, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Stickiness, Accumulation, Creation and Destruction, Making Reality Easily Confused with a Drug Trip
  • Domains: Creation, Destruction, Madness, Sun
  • Utterly indestructible. Items attached can be knocked off, but a Katamari itself cannot be burned by the fires of the sun, crushed by a black hole, or blown away by the Big Bang itself.
  • Have amazing powers of attachment - anything of sufficiently lower mass that it touches one will adhere to its surface, and the surface of that object then takes on the Katamari's adhesive properties.
  • At the core of every star and every planet lies a Katamari, covered with debris and transformed by the magic of the King of All Cosmos.
  • Between their stickiness and indestructibility, they must be kept in the highest of high-security areas, as they have the potential to reduce a planet to an empty ball with nothing but perfectly smooth rock covered with empty water- and potentially even begin assimilating worlds into their bulk. The damage they could do in the wrong hands is literally inconceivable in scope, and potentially world or even universe ending. As such, the King of All Cosmos has moved his supply of Katamaris here to prevent one of them from falling into the wrong hands.

    Kronika's Hourglass and Crown 
Kronika's Hourglass and Crown (The Hourglass, Death Clock, Tick-Tock You Don't Stop - by Johnny Cage)
The Hourglass
Kronika's Crown
  • Class Level: 1
  • Descriptions:
    • The Hourglass: A massive hourglass, containing the Sands of Time
    • The Crown: A powerful relic and amplifier, used to reset time alongside the Hourglass
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Relics, Time Manipulation
  • Abilities: 
  • Creators: Kronika (Hourglass), Shang Tsung (Crown)
  • Owner/Sacred To: Kronika (former), Liu Kang (current, as the Fire God)
  • Notable User: Shang Tsung
  • Coveted by: Every single villain and villainous faction in the Pantheon, including SKYNET, HYDRA, Shocker, The Enclave, Sheev Palpatine, Shay Cormac, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Yuki Terumi, Dracula Vlad Tepes, Gabriel Belmont, Apocalypse, William Stryker, Thanos, General Zod, Darkseid, and Malebolgia
  • Point Of Interest To: Illyana 'Magik' Rasputin, Doctor Strange, Zatanna Zatara, John Constatine, The Dahaka, The Vex
  • Considered to be the two most powerful of relics in the Mortal Kombat universe, The Hourglass allows the Keeper of Time to manipulate time as they see fit. However, to reset time completely, one also needs Kronika's Crown. Without the Crown, any attempt to reset time will result in the destruction of all the realms.
    • Shang Tsung discovered this little detail whilst imprisoned and hatched a scheme that would make him Keeper of Time. However, Liu Kang (as the new Fire God) was familiar of Shang Tsung's lies and hatched a plan of his own; to allow Shang to do all of the footwork and secure the Crown at the cost of his friends' lives before intervening personally to take the Crown for himself. Shang's response as to discovering his most hated rival's scheme?
  • The Crown was not created by Kronika, but rather by Shang Tsung, and imbued with countless souls Shang has collected over the years to power it. As Shang himself demonstrated, the Crown increases the powers of its wielder immensely, which allowed him to defeat Nightwolf, Raiden, Fujin, Shao Kahn, Sindel and Kronika in rapid succession.
  • Currently, the Hourglass is in dispute as to who owns it. Kronika claims that as the creator of the Hourglass, both said relic and the Crown belongs to her, while Shang Tsung declares that by defeating Kronika, the Hourglass and Crown are his. However, Liu Kang has the evidence proving that he usurped the both of them by defeating both Kronika, but also Shang in kombat. As a result the Main House rules in Liu's favor. Unfortunately, neither Shang nor Kronika will take this ruling lying down. As it turns out, the Hourglass and Crown has drawn unwanted attention for Liu Kang. Fortunately for Liu, the warring factions seeking the Hourglass and Crown are fighting amongst themselves for the prize, allowing Liu to just sit back and watch the ruckus. Johnny, being Johnny, watches the free-for-all at Liu's temple with a bag of popcorn.
    • The main threat comes from Superman's villainous counterpart. Not only does he want the Hourglass to revive the Regime, but to also bring back his deceased wife.
    • Shay Cormac is probably the easiest of the villains who want the Hourglass and Crown, the Assassin Hunter believing it to be Isu relics. Eventhough the idea has been disproven, Cormac desires the Hourglass and Crown to further the Templar's goals.
    • Out of the villains who covet the Hourglass' power, Dracula Vlad Tepes and Gabriel Belmont are by far, the least selfish. They simply want to use the Hourglass to bring their respective wives back.
    • Twice, has Shocker used time-altering equipment to change events in their favor. Using the Hourglass and Crown for a third time may be problematic, as now it has to contend with HYDRA and The Enclave.
    • Due to being the Terminator being linked to SKYNET's mainframe, the genocidal supercomputer is privy in regards to the knowledge regarding the Hourglass. Too bad that the Terminator that was sent to the MK Universe had tossed itself into the Sea of Blood, meaning that whatever knowledge SKYNET has on the relics in question is limited.
    • Spawn has sent word to Liu Kang that Malebolgia has taken an interest in the Hourglass, with the ultimate goal of using the relic to burn down the Gates of Heaven. Liu thanked Spawn for the warning and is now on his guard against Spawn's former master.
  • However, the good-aligned deities specializing in magic have taken an interest in the Hourglass. Only a select few are allowed to study the Hourglass and Crown, and that list is endorsed by Kitana, Sonya and Jax.
  • The Time Police was very concerned with the emergence of the Hourglass in the Pantheon, believing that Kronika might try and rewind the Pantheon's timeline. Fortunately, they all calmed down upon seeing that Liu Kang was in control of the Hourglass. Despite Liu's promise of letting mortals choose their own destiny, the Time Police continue to monitor the Hourglass closely, albeit from a distance.
  • The power of the Hourglass is far too tempting to pass up. It all depends on who possesses the Hourglass. For example, Cassie Cage refused the power of the Hourglass, settling for the life of a soldier, but did use its power to bring her mother back from the dead. And there's Erron Black, who dumped the Hourglass into the Sea of Blood, where it would sink for all eternity.
  • The Dahaka is keeping a close eye on both the Hourglass and Crown, as well as its new caretaker. The Dahaka was not too keen on Kronika's repeated meddling with the timeline. However, Liu Kang is the exception, as his meddling with the timeline is for the betterment of all parties involved.
  • Though displaying enough power to achieve the desired effect similar to that of Time Masters, the Vex keep watch over the Hourglass and Crown regardless. It appears that they do not want anyone else taking control of such power for themselves as it would only complicate their goals of ensuring their supremacy. It is for that very reason Vex structures has been sighted not too far outside the Treasures with their architects simply watching with their cold red eyes, ready to execute those who desire the two artifacts with extreme prejudice. Whether or not they want the two artifacts for themselves to simplify their endgame is another story, however.
  • The Hourglass has an unfortunate consequence of putting Kitty Pryde on Kronika and Shang's radar. The Black Vortex has the ability to create a cosmic being. Imagine the mayhem if Kronika and/or Shang could unleash by combining the powers of the Black Vortex with the Hourglass...

    Li'l Cal 
Li'l Cal (That Fucking Puppet, Ohdeargodswhywouldyoueven, NONONONONONO, The Juju)
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A ventriloquist's puppet of decidedly uncanny appearance, dressed in either a blue-and-white "gangsta" outfit, purple pyjamas, or a green tuxedo.
  • Alignment: Terrifying Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonic Dummies, Creepy Dolls, Perverse Puppets, Nightmare Fuel, Very Bad End, Soul Jars
  • Domains: Corruption, Death, Fear, Madness
  • Similar Artifacts: More than we really want to think about...
  • It has been said that Li'l Cal exists only to turn the lives of every being occupying the same universe as him into a living nightmare. While this has not been proven, he has played an integral role in enough multiverse-wrecking shit to lend a certain amount of credence to the theory.
    • That's not the reason he's in Maximum Security, though. The real reason he's here as a Class 1 Treasure is that he scares the shit out of every single member of the Pantheon.

Numidium (Anumidium, Brass Tower, The Brass God, Walk-Brass, Big Walker)
Anumidium schematics from Divine Metaphysics
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A reality altering Dwemer Animunculi a thousand feet in size
  • Alignment: Dependent on who is possessing it. Defaults to the Dwemer's True Neutral.
  • Domains: Dwarves, Golems, Towers, Time, Space
  • Portfolio: The Tower to the Dwemer/Deep Elves, Reality Warping Humongous Mecha, theorized as the weaponized Anthropomorphic Personification of Dwemer Arbitrary Skepticism, Breaking Time and Reality even through mere activation, Lost Superweapon, Mechanical Abomination, Powered by the Heart of Lorkhan and later the Mantella, Unseen in Daggerfall due to hardware limitations
  • Coveted by: Fortress Dwarves, Obstructors of time
  • Under watch by: Uriel Septim VII, The Pantheonic Time Police, The Dahaka
  • The Dwemer were a enigmatic people who did not acknowledge the gods and deities for who they are and instead believed only in their logic and reasoning. Perhaps it was only natural that one day someone from a race who refused to grovel and pray to something as foolish as the gods would try their hand at transcending. Lord Kagrenac, Chief Tonal Architect, was one such mer with a plan and the key to it lied within the Heart of Lorkhan fueling Anumidium, a colossal animunculi which doubled as the Dwemer's own Tower. It wouldn't come to fruition, however, as after the Battle of Red Mountain in the First Era the Dwemer would ultimately cease to be (debated to be a variety of reasons) while a select few Chimer would use the Heart of Lorkhan to become the Tribunal, the living gods.
    • Later on in the Second Era, when Tiber Septim set about conquering all of Tamriel he set his sights on Morrowind. By this point the Tribunal were cut off from the Heart due to the reemergence of an old enemy, Dagoth Ur, and instead negotiated peace through being apart of the Empire while retaining autonomy and offered up Numidium. Tiber Septim then instructed his battlemage Zurin Arctus to repair and reactivate it once more. To control it, he devised the Totem of Tiber Septim and to power it he substituted the heart with the Mantella, a soul gem that housed his life essence (according to one story, however). With Numidium at the ready, Tiber Septim used it to crush the previously unconquerable second Aldmeri Dominion in just an hour. Officially, it was decreed that Tiber Septim soon started to misuse Numidium and a disgusted Zurin Arctus attempted to reclaim his "heart" but the battle resulted in Numidium's destruction, Zurin Arctus' transformation into the Underking, and the Mantella into Aetherius.
    • Come the Third Era and most of Numidium's pieces were found and collected by the Blades save for two special components: The Totem of Tiber Septim and the Mantella though their locations would be deduced in the Iiac Bay region and the plane of Mantellan Crux, respectively. In the ensued power struggle as to who would claim the totem one agent of the Blades would eventually settle on giving it to the Underking. After recovering the Mantella the undead entity activates the great automaton to finally rejoin with his life essence in a fiery blaze, briefly turning mortal and finally ending his suffering. In the process this, paradoxically, also caused a Dragon Break in which other parties got a hold of the Totem and Numidium as well. This period of time would formally be known as the Warp of the West (aka the Miracle of Peace or fittingly the Second Numidium Effect, to some) where the political landscape of the region would be forever changed and a lich would ascend to godhood.
    • Technically speaking, this would not truly be the last of this golem. Akulakhan, the Second Numidium, was well under construction by the Dagoth Ur. Actually powered by the Heart of Lorkhan the living god planned to drive out to not only cast down the Tribunal for good but also drive out all outlanders from Morrowind, spread his Corprus disease, and eventually conquer all of Tamriel through taking over the consciousness of every living being. Despite his victories over the Tribunal he would eventually stopped by the Neravarine, the supposed reincarnation of Lord Indoril Nerevar (Dagoth Ur superior way back when), however. Though Dagoth Ur prepared for their coming, thinking they came with Kagrenac's tools to become a god-like being as well, being blindsided by their decision to cut everyone off from the Heart's power. After being made mortal once more Dagoth Ur's ancient evil would finally meet its end by the hero.
  • Rumor has it that some of the Pantheon's powers attempted to bring forth Numidium in its entirety, Heart of Lorkhan and all, but in the process ended up accidentally activating it and causing a Dragon Break and stomped about — the so-called "blackout" that occurred sometime back in some deity's ascensions. This also had the effect of summoning back the Underking who, not wanting anyone to misuse it for personal gain again, ordered it to be segmented and would threaten a more direct course of action if they dared to ignore his warnings. Only a quarter of the pieces are stored directly within Maximum Security itself. The rest are either stored by the SCP Foundation, Turaga Whenua, and possibly even the Underking himself. While the fact that it is in pieces is known to all the Underking specifically requested that the shared possession of said pieces be kept secret to prevent further interference. Even if all the pieces are properly assembled there's still the issue of getting Numidium to activate with a power source similar to the Heart of Lorkhan or the Mantella and good luck getting that to work with hardly any schematics to go off of, wherever they may be. If anything, stealing Numidium is more akin to a badge of honor one can brag about to the common god.
  • Uriel Septim VII still retains a keen interest in this golem. But since access to Numidium has been denied to everyone, including the Empire, he has resorted to sending out his Blades to skulk around the Treasures to patrol the Treasury. He has met some criticism over this considering the protection and management of Numidium mainly falls under the SCP Foundation and Turaga Whenua though he has skillfully addressed and maneuvered around such accusations through presenting his concern with Numidium's use in wrecking havoc on any of the Alliances' behalf. Still, more often than not, the agents apart of the Blades have butted heads with the Pantheonic Time Police, who are also concerned with Numidium and its time-breaking capabilities especially should it fall into the wrong hands regardless if they could actually get it to work or not. Countless villains and conquerors have already set their sites on the Dwemer automaton already.
    • But the Time Police's concern pales in comparisons to the Dahaka's utter hatred of it. As it easily obstructs the flow of time with Dragon Breaks the Dahaka wants it (or rather it's pieces and schematics) destroyed and erased. Once, when it heard of its existence the Dahaka attempted to eliminate its traces before being shooed out by security. Nowadays, the Guardian of the Timeline has stuck with hunting down anyone who manages to get their filthy mitts on the pieces and/or blueprints. And it will not be pretty if he manages to catch up with them.
  • As a product of the Dwemer it is talked about at length by the various Dwarves within the Pantheon. General consensus is that they agree it was quite the dangerous machine they had planned and not much beyond that. The Fortress Dwarves have taken things a step further, however. Not only did they immediately state that they, as Dwarves, have the right to not only possess Numidium but also managed to somehow smuggle a blueprint for it out of the Treasures. They then immediately used it to create another golem like it and naturally people tried to stop them. Long story short the blueprints were confiscated after an event that rendered part of the House of Mentalism hazardous to the general public and gods tend to try and not talk about that. Not because the information is classified (it's quite hard to cover up a portion of the land being rendered completely uninhabitable to sapient life and death, you know) but because they would rather not recall it. If, at all.
  • According to some looser sources, Numidium's story didn't end with the Warp in the West. It was not destroyed but rather thrust into a time warp in which it reappears in the flesh late within the Fifth Era. Upon arriving, Numidium picks up where it left off with the Aldmeri Dominion. The resulting battle, where it easily reigns victorious, has the Animunculi turn its attention to the rest of Tamriel and instigates an apocalyptic event known as "Landfall" where all of Nirn is rendered uninhabitable while the surviving stragglers eek out a continued existence in the moon Secunda. It's... an interesting tale to say the least, something that should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt. Those who have gone through it usually come to the conclusion that the authorities had the right idea of segmenting Numidium after reading about the Brass God's role of being an antagonist force of nature in the text, one that is nigh-unstoppable in its purpose to see things done.

    Omega Molecule 
An Omega Molecule
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A geodesic molecule, generally radiating large amounts of energy.
  • Alignment: Non-aligned.
  • Portfolio: Apocalypse How (Interstellar to Galactic scale), Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, Oh, Crap!
  • Domain: Nature.
  • An artificial molecule that, if allowed to destabilize and explode, can rupture space-time to a radius of multiple light-years and render an entire sector of space impassable to Faster-Than-Light Travel, creating a No Warping Zone. Multiple Omega Molecules exploding in concert can amplify this effect to span an entire quadrant or galaxy.
    • It is possible, though quite rare, for one or more Omega molecules to spontaneously stabilize. This would allow them to act as a source of nigh-unlimited energy. However, this does not prevent them from destabilizing once again at any moment and promptly exploding.
  • Starfleet's "Omega Directive" general order mandates that any Starfleet captain and crew detecting an Omega Molecule must immediately cross the Godzilla Threshold and explicitly disregard the Prime Directive to try to get rid of all molecules present by any means necessary.
  • Conversely, the Borg consider the Omega Molecule (designated "Particle 010") to be the epitome of perfection and will devote any and all efforts to assimilating it, should the opportunity arise.

    The Super Polymerization card 
The Super Polymerization card (Super Fusion, Super Poly)
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignment: Pure Chaos. Whether it's Good, Neutral or Evil depends on the user, but the Chaotic part is a constant. (Though the fact that its owner himself is Chaotic Good helps.)
  • Portfolio: The Not-So-Harmless Card, Artifact of Doom, Fusion Summoning of Anything Including Dimensions and Souls, Uncounterable, Game Breakers
  • Domains: Fusions, Card Games, Sacrifices.
  • Similar Artifacts: The vanilla Polymerization card, The Unite Vent, The Demon Fusion Program, The COMP, The Nicaea App and The DNA Splicer.
  • The Super Polymerization is stored here after everyone noticed that having it around at all times was a very bad idea. A very, very, very bad since someone could try to steal or force Judai to merge the all of the dimensions with it. Ooooor, if either Terumi or Nu-13 manage to steal it to fuse with Noel Vermillion/Ragna the Bloodegde without opposition. It's in the Maximum Security section of the Vault of Treasures for this reason, and it cannot leave barring the exceptions mentioned below.
  • Its current owner is Judai Yuki and he is the only who can retrieve it via his other power. Otherwise, it must stay here at all times.
    • However, Yuri happens to own a copy. He used it for evil purposes, but it was most likely passed down to the more responsible Yuya Sakaki after he, Yuya, Yuto and Yugo became one
  • Curiously, Judai's superiors themselves have decided that this card was too broken to use and have banned everyone from ever using it in card game duels of the normal kind. Of course Judai is exasperated at this since Artifact of Doom or not, it was still one of his ace cards.
  • It should be mentioned that the Fusions realized with this card are permanent unless Judai is around to use De-Fusion so even when using it for its original purpose is risky.
  • It has gained comparisons to The One Ring due to how it was created. The owner is... Less than amused with this since Super Polymerization can be used for good. It's the intentions of the people using it, not the power itself, that matters after all.
    • Though nobody knows where the card actually came from, being unlocked with an unknown ritual back in the Dark World. For this reason, Mido has been trying to study it to understand how something like this chaotic raw fusion magic sealed in a card ven exists at all.
  • While the usual materials used for the fusions are Dueling Monsters, it has been confirmed to be compatible for use with Demons and Personas due to similarities (Not with Pokémon except Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem, oddly enough).
    • Because of this, Judai has given permission to Akemi Nakajima, Mido, Philemon and Igor to use it or give it to any of their associates/underlings in case of an emergency.
  • Surprisingly, Kouta Kazuraba, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji have also been given a similar privilege. The reason is that they will judge and tell Judai if his Summoning of Contrast HERO Chaos, the Fusion of two Masked HEROes or two Kamen Riders, is necessary at any given moment.
  • It's worth noting that while it hasn't been tried, Super Polymerization might even work with Lucifer of all beings, because of him being compatible as fusion fodder at times. Not that it matters much, due his "As Long As There is Chaos" status.
  • "Look! Born from the darkness of our hearts! It's the definite power that leads to complete victory! When in front of this power, anything else is useless!"

The Transporter
The Input Pods
The Export Pods
The Nucleus
The Material Tank
  • Class 1
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Appearance: A nucleus resembling a tree root, input and output pods, and a materials tank.
  • Portfolio: A mix between a Time Machine, a 3D printer, and fax machine, 10 month recharge period
  • Domains: Time and Space, Copying
  • The transporter is a device that may or may not be alien in origin. According to Zero II (assuming he is telling the truth), the transporter was discovered in 1888 at the South Pole by a German expedition. Carefully transported back to their homeland and studied in secret, the expedition discovered the transporter can copy matter and "transport" it through time and space. After Germany lost World War II, American soldiers confiscated the device and had it studied in an American Research facility until 2008, where Zero managed to obtain it next year.
  • Just as it is described above, the transporter is like a fax machine and 3D printer, able to copy matter and send it to either the past, future, or an alternate timeline, while keeping the original intact. It can even copy people, though only one person can be copied in each input pod. The copies are reconstructed perfectly in the timeline selected using the elements stored individually in the Material Tank. This is how Delta and Phi came to be in the past, as their parents used the transporter to send copies to the past, allowing some versions of the twins to survive. It also explains how Junpei and Akane came to exist in the Virtue's Last Reward Timeline. However, the transporter takes 10 months to recharge after a single use and cannot be used during that time period due to using a lot of power.
  • One day, the transporter was delivered to the Pantheon under heavy supervision. Nobody knows who send it, but it's likely that person was Delta, since the transporter was used in the Decision Game. Currently, deities are keeping it under heavy supervision to prevent misuse, though some have also expressed the interest in reverse engineering it so they can create their own version of the transporter. Some deities hope that one day, gods from other timelines can use it to so a version of themselves can live in the timeline they want.
  • The Think Tank show a great interest in the Transporter, and are debating on what findings they would send to their past selves. Mobius, on the other hand, is uneasy about the prospect, due to how terrible they were back then even as humans. He's also a fatalist to the point he considers words like "luck" and "coincidence" to be profanity. 0 is more interested in sending his findings to the past just to spite his rival, Mr. House.
  • The Transporter interests the likes of Future Trunks. Future Trunks considers using the Transporter to send a copy of himself to Goku's time so he can stay and fight alongside the version of his family in that time.
  • The Transporter reminds Philip J. Fry of how Lars Fillmore, the latter being a time clone of Philip, came to be. Though the Transporter directly copies the person, while Philip's own actions while in the past led him to become a duplicate of himself.
  • Currently, the House of Time and Space are keeping an eye on the transporter in the Maximum Security vault so as to make sure it is not abused. Evil deities have expressed interest in using the transporter to send a copy of themselves to the past in the hopes of using the knowledge they gained to succeed in their evil plans. Even the deities with the best of intentions could end up causing too much damage if the device is used carelessly, as the SHIFTers demonstrated. This, along with the Transporters 10-month recharge period, has caused the House of Time and Space to set rules for using the Transporter.
    1. The Transporter may only be used in dire circumstances if one needs to transport items needed to save the Timeline of Choice. One such example includes transporting the Infinity Stones into the future if their destruction is foreseen and they are needed to undo the mess they made.
    2. The Transporter may be used to "send" an alternate timeline version of someone to a timeline of their choice, provided they have permission. For example, a family member born in one timeline but doesn't exist in another timeline where everyone else does may use it.
    3. The Transporter may be used to send someone to the future if they are about to be erased from existence (erased, not killed).
    4. The Guardian's votes must be unanimous. If there is anyone who disagrees, no one may use the transporter.

    The Yamato Perpetual Reactor 
The Yamato Perpetual Reactor
  • Class Level: 1
  • Appearance: A large spiked ring on a pedestal.
  • Alignment: True Neutral by itsel, Neutral Evil purpose.
  • Portfolio: Magical Particle Accelerator, Black Holes
  • Domains: Destruction, Energy, The Void, the Multiverse
  • The Yamato Reactor was created by The White as part of a plan to create a reality-swallowing black hole. Fortunately, their plans were destroyed by Flynn, and the Yamato Reactor now supplies safe, clean power to the entire Pantheon. Still, the potential for abuse was too great, and the Reactor was moved to the Vault.
  • Unlike the other treasures in the Vault, the Reactor is not under the protection of the SCP Foundation. Instead, it is under the watchful eyes of Flynn and, if the situation is truly dire, his rival the Demi-Fiend. These two are the only ones allowed anywhere near the reactor; the God of Samurai Ponytails is fanatically protective of it and will not allow any others to approach it. He is fully willing to aim his blade at ANYONE in the Pantheon if he considers them a threat to the Reactor, up to and including Dream Himself. It is speculated that this attitude stems from a horrible mistake his alternate selves made regarding it.
  • Curiously, the infinite energy generation is a side-effect of Yamato's true nature - a gate to the Expanse. The reactor generates energy from nothing even when turned off. Actually activating it will open the gate, immediately sucking anybody nearby into any universe the holder of the remote wishes, and allow a massive demon infestation to spill upon the Pantheon. For this reason, Flynn keeps the reactor's remote control in his Gauntlet's inventory at all times, with orders to Burroughs to auto-summon Masakado's Shadow at full power against anyone who tries to take it by force. He has received offers from many to have the Reactor studied and analyzed, but invariably declines, citing too high a security risk.
  • The Reactor is, bar none, the single best-protected treasure in the Vault; its defenses are nothing short of obscene, as they represent the full combined might of the Houses of Technology, Gaming and Magic (the promise of free, endless energy was considered too tempting to pass up). Waves of sentry guns, Almighty magical traps, poisons, curses, homicidal Olympus Mons and labyrinthine interdimensional Domains are some of the gauntlet, among other sundry horrors. Triggering ANY ONE of these defenses sends alerts immediately to Flynn's gauntlet and Naoki's pager, bringing THEM running. Yamato itself, as a Magical Particle Accelerator, has a dimensionally-locking effect on its surroundings; after what happened to the last groups of time travellers and teleporters who tried to sneak into the Reactor Chamber, no one else is willing to try. Flynn himself is still "fundraising" to further jack up the security.

Class 2

    Artifact of Absolute Death 
The Artifact of Absolute Death
  • Class Level: 2
  • Appearance: A turquoise jewel emitting violet light
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mana Drain, Energy Absorption, Artifact of Doom
  • Domains: Magic, Energy
  • Out of fear of Tirek regaining his power, the Pantheon obtained the Artifact of Absolute Death, hoping its own ability to drain magic might be used against him. However, because the artifact cannot be turned off once activated, it has been locked away and will only be used as a last resort.
  • Because of the damaging effect it had on Laharl's Netherworld and especially its role in the loss of Etna's brother, very few are allowed know of its existence out of fear that Laharl or Etna will destroy it once they find out about it.

    The Egyptian God Cards 
The Egyptian God Cardsmembers  (Obelisk: Obelisk the Tormentor; Osiris: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Slifer The Executive Producer; Ra: The Winged Dragon of Ra, The Sun of God Dragon, Mega Ultra Chicken)
  • Class Level: 2
  • Appearance: Three Duel Monster Cards that are blue, red and gold respectively, each bearing the image of the Egyptian Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Donated by Yugi Muto for safekeeping should the GUAE, GUAC or GUAD, try to untap their powers. Fortunately, only the chosen ones can wield them—anyone else invokes the Gods' wrath.
  • Ra is a special case: only those who can read its hieroglyphs are capable of summoning it. If not, it's just a giant glowing golden ball.
  • Out of them all, Seto Kaiba usually goes for Obelisk while Yugi is more keen for Slifer, and Yami Marik abuses the power of Ra for his sadistic quirks.
  • Alternate!Gentaro has gotten his eye on these cards and, knowing he was unable to use them himself, brainwashed Yugi to bring the Gods forth, and caused untold destruction in the "Asylum Incident". Fortunately for everyone, the gods were put back in Maximum Security to prevent another event like that.
    • And then came "Tarot Crusaders" where the three were pulled out of Maximum Security to stop the threat known as the darkness within Limbo, causing even more collateral damage. (Although this time, it's justified)

    The Four Elemental Crystals 
The Four Crystals
  • Class Level: 2
  • Alignment: Varies based on user and crystal, but usually some variant of Good
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Unimaginable Power That Doesn't Help You Nearly As Much As It Should, Cosmic Keystones
  • Domains: Balance, Magic, Heroism, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind
  • Similar Artifact: The Elemental Stars
  • There are actually several more crystals out there belonging to other worlds, but, like the Chaos Emeralds, the Gods fear what might happen if all were placed together. The rest are all back on their homeworlds in isolated chambers guarded by hordes of monsters and various semi-magical kingdoms. It should also be noted that the Good-inclined gods would rather not take what may as well be the core of the world, and cause planets to topple like a house of cards.
  • This particular set was donated by Rydia, whose world (if you count the moon) had three extra sets, and so could afford missing a Cosmic Keystone or four.
  • Depositing a set of four of these babies onto a planet more or less instantly terraforms it, giving it fertile soil, ample water, breathable atmosphere, and temperature in the range of comfort for earthlike creatures. This has the dual side effect of creating an ecosystem with a really obvious weak point, and of providing an endless source of magical power that is easily abused.
  • Kept in high security because their presence is all that's keeping the body of Primus livable for the organics that comprise most of the Pantheon; anywhere else and the risk of a machine uprising by removal would be nigh-inevitable.
  • A being called Culex was shown to wield these crystals, or perhaps something very similar. Luckily, he has not ascended yet. However, it is feared that if he does ascend, he will try to take the crystals for himself.

    The Gurren Lagann 
The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Lagann, Gurren, Arc Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Tengen Toppa Lagann, Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kamina)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 
Tengen Toppa Lagann 
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 

    Shinnok's Amulet 
Shinnok's Amulet
  • Class Level: 2
  • Appearance: A bronze (or golden) medallion with a green jewel in the center. The four sections of the amulet are etched with the elemental forces of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ancient Artifacts, Cast From Hit Points (unless you're Shinnok), Made of Indestructium
  • Notable Users: Shinnok (former owner), Quan Chi, Kano, Havik, Onaga, Mileena, Raiden (temporary), Predator
  • The Amulet of Shinnok has been a key item when it comes to Earthrealm-Outworld-Netherrealm intrigue. In the Original Timeline, Bi-Han, Raiden and Quan Chi had been fighting over it. Then Takeda, the Cage and Briggs families were drawn into the whole mess thanks to Havik and the Blood Code fiasco. And Mileena and Kotal Kahn find themselves fighting over it during the Outworld Civil War. And much to the good guys' dismay, the amulet is in the Pantheon.
  • While Shinnok schemes to steal Issei's Boosted Gear for a power boost, he still wants his amulet. So much that he demanded that the House of Treasures hands over his amulet. He backed down when the guards threatened to reduce him to a living head once again. While Kano was successful with stealing the amulet from Sonya and S-F, not even he could steal the amulet for a second time.
  • The amulet has been researched by Doctor Strange and Magik. While it can't be destroyed, they have reinforced the amulet with a series of wardings and spells to keep it safely locked away.

    The Staves of Life 
The Staves of Life (Genesis Device)
  • Class Level: 2
  • Appearance: A brilliant flash of light
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Terraforming Device, Hostile Terraforming Against the Grox, Genesis Effect, Bragging Rights Reward
  • Domains: Life, Rarity, 42, Terraforming, Galactic Secrets
  • Similar artifacts: The Titan, The Genesis Device
  • At the center of the galaxy of Spore is Steve, a mysterious space-craft who brings enlightenment. For managing to find him, he will give 42 Staves of Life. Extremely potent terraforming devices, a single use will turn even the most barren planet into a T3 world full of life and ready to colonize with relative ease.
  • Able to summon a full set of randomized animals and plants to keep the new terraformed world stable. As such, it makes a good source for picking up varied creatures and plants to terraform other species. Use in the pantheon results in random members of species from the House of Beast and sub-house of Plants being summoned, which has caused some minor commotion in those members. It doesn't seem to change the terrain of altered planets, however.
  • Has 42 uses only, and Steve isn't letting the pantheon have anymore. As such the devices mainly serve a decorative purpose and will only be used when absolutely necessary. It is unclear what relation they may have to the Answer To Life, The Universe, and Everything. Some say they're the Question (how many Staffs of Life are available), though since the universe hasn't been destroyed and replaced with something stranger yet who knows.
  • The Grox were utterly enraged to learn that the Staffs of Life were in the pantheon. They guard the galactic core ruthlessly in hopes no-one can have such a powerful terraforming device, and immediately tried to invade the Treasury to get rid of them. They did end up agreeing to an armistice however when it was pointed out that the Grox don't pose a severe enough threat for the pantheon to justify using on them, so long as they don't pull that stunt again.
  • Directly monitored by the House of Life and Death, due to their potent Genesis Effect. The Life Entity currently has a monopoly on them, and the Spring Sprite is interested in them. Because of what they are and what they represent, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction considers getting them out of the pantheon to be essential.
  • The Unbidden find the fruit that the Staffs of Life bring very useful for restoring planets they scourged of life so they can do so again. Sure it has only 42 uses, but they hope to figure out the secrets for an endless supply. The treasury is doing its best to prevent them from getting even one Staff of Life.

Class 3

    The Ark of the Covenant 
The Ark of the Covenant
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A golden, intricately decorated chest, filled with sand and certain angelic energy...
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Things Not to Be Touched, Facemelting, Good Is Not Nice, Good Is Not Soft, Light 'em Up
  • Domains: Light, Death, Fire, Lightning
  • Locked in the deepest vault, put in multiple boxes and covered in chains to prevent anyone from opening it. Only YHVH might be able to open it and survive, but considering his motifs, nobody lets him in.
  • The Ark contains God's wrath, so it's only natural for it to be kept in Maximum Security.
    • Whatever being is inside appears to be at least semi-intelligent and able to fool and charm offenders with images of spectral women which later turn into hideous wraiths to immobilize the victim in terror, allowing The Ark to work its face melting magic.
  • A few tried to open The Ark and even fewer survived with no glaring injury. Opening it from a distance doesn't work either, because it can just fry the offender with a lightning instead of melting their faces off.

    Biometal Model W Core 
Biometal Model W Core (Model V, Ouroboros)
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A white and gold, twisted hunk of metal with a single glowing red eye
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, Emotion Eater, Greater-Scope Villain, Hate Plague, Light Is Not Good, Ouroboros, Soul Jar, Was Once a Man, Your Soul Is Mine
  • Domains: Souls, Hatred, Machines
  • Similar Artifacts: The Sacred Chalice, The One Ring
  • Notable Users: Prometheus and Pandora, Serpent, Dr. Weil
  • This fragment of Model W is the only known piece still in existence, which mysteriously appeared not long after Grey arrived. When it was discovered, every single Mega Man deity with the exception of Omega and Dr. Weil, its original self, moved for it to be placed here.
  • It will grant power to any who can successfully Megamerge with it, giving them the ability to change the very shape of the Pantheon itself. The only downside is that one essentially sells their soul to the Biometal in return, sacrificing their free will to become but a pawn to the consciousness within.
  • Kept in a sealed room as far away from every single machine-related deity in the Pantheon as possible, due to its ability to corrupt any sort of machine that stays around it too long.
    • It's kept far away from the Yamato Perpetual Reactor for this very same reason, out of fear of what would happen if it managed to somehow worm its influence into the Reactor and take control of its power.
  • Is sought after by several of the more evil members of the Pantheon, particularly those of the House of Hatred, for its power and Emotion Eater ways.
    • If it should ever absorb enough emotions and power into itself, it will eventually be able to return to its ultimate form, The Ouroboros. Several gods, such as Terumi and Ragyo, seek to aid it to reach this form in order to take its power for themselves, though they themselves may simply be pawns to its corruption.
  • Dr. Weil is not allowed anywhere near it, out of fear of what would happen if he managed to fuse with his 'future' self.

    The Book of Shadows 
The Book of Shadows
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  • Class Level: 3
  • Description: A dark, magical tome filled with instructions on how to perform various spells
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Magic, Evil Laugh, The Dark Arts, Tome of Eldritch Lore
  • Domains: Black Magic, Corpses, Darkness, Death, Satanism, Spells
  • Similar artifacts: The Death Note, the original Necronomicon, Book of Eibon, Mr. Babadook, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis
  • The Book of Shadows is a book of dark spells that's been in the possession of the Shinozaki family since its creation, and is the sole object responsible for the terrible events that took place in the series. Yoshie Shinozaki, Sachiko's mother is known to have created the original Nirvana with the Land of Corpses spell to make up for the death of her husband. It would be a big mistake.
  • The known spells in it include:
    • Land of Corpses: A spell to open the door of the dead, highly likely to be the spell used by Yoshie to create the alternate dimension version of Heavenly Host Elementary School.
    • Raising of Corpses: A spell to resurrect the dead, a forbidden spell capable of reviving the dead, but may also curse the casters. The spell requires two casters.
    • Fact Loop: A spell only the former master of Heavenly Host, Sachiko can use allowing her to revert time. Even if the same fate cannot be avoided, the road taken to get there may differ.
  • The Book was brought to the Pantheon for safekeeping after Heavenly Host Elementary School became a Dominion as a way to contain the curse. Ayumi Shinozaki willingly gave up the book with the caveat that she quickly be found a position in the Pantheon to monitor the curse. This is because she has nothing more to live for in her home universe, what with everyone but Yoshiki Kishinuma losing their memories of her when she gave it all up for the memories of her lost friends to be returned. The Court, particularly a sympathetic Eiki Shiki, agreed. For now, she serves as a staff member of the Vault, the custodian of the Book.
  • As usual for such dark artifacts, several villains have their eyes on this book. Molag Bal, who is already deeply invested in studying Heavenly Host Elementary School, wants to steal the book that it originated from to unleash havoc on the Pantheon. He boasts that he may as well surpass the school's hauntings in atrocities. Given who he is and the way many cultures view him, he may not be hyperbolizing. Hermaeus Mora would like to add the book and its contents to his realm of Apocrypha to horde and potentially use it as a bargaining chip for others aspiring to use its secrets.
  • In a more limited scope, Voldemort is very interested in the prospect that the spells in this book could create a Superior Species of Inferi for himself. The Dark Lord seeks to use said Inferi to completely overpower Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and collect their assets for himself. Unknown what else he plans to do after that, but it is highly likely that he will try and usurp Melkor like everyone else in his Alliance. The Night's King may be gunning for this Book as well for similar reasons.
  • The contents of this book are so vile that only the three spells that have contributed to the story of the universe it originated from have been divulged.
  • Zeref and Premium Sachiko were among the chief proponents that this book be moved to the Maximum Security vault instead of the standard Books vault. Zeref because he feels guilt about the many demons he has created that still roam after his Heel–Face Turn and shudders at how only three samples of Black Magic could spark a few decades of students going missing and dying gorily, especially in Blood Drive. Premium Sachiko has slightly pettier reasons to dislike the book, since she shares the same name as the evil ghost spawned from its spells.

    Dark Bring 
The Dark Bring (Shadow Stones)
The Mother Dark Bring, Sinclair
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A purple-colored stone imbued with the power of darkness.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Dark Counterpart of the Holy Bring, Artifact of Doom, Dark Is Evil, Comes Great Insanity, Being used for Evil Purpose.
  • Domains: Artifacts, Darkness, Destruction.
  • Similar Artifact: Amadam
  • These dark magical stones were once used by the Raregrove Kingdom during their war against the Symphonia Kingdom, who used the Holy Bring as a counter against the users of the Dark Bring. Fifty years after the initial destruction of the Mother Dark Bring Sinclair at the hands of the first Rave Master Shiba Roses, these stones were fell into the hands of the terrorist organization Demon Card led by Gale Raregrove, who used these powers to rule and plunge the whole world into darkness.
  • Users of the Dark Bring would infuse these stones into their weapons, granting them power depending on the type of weapon they used.
  • These stones have a known side-effect. When a user uses these stones too much, it would corrupt them into evil, even if they're good at heart or use it for good. Due to this, the good-aligned deities of the House of Magic have warned that they should never dare to grasp these dark stones, or it would end badly.
  • The terrorist organization Shocker has managed to retrieve these artifacts. They were intrigued with its dark powers, and started to conduct research on these stones, looking for a way to infuse the artifact into their kaijin army to increase their fighting performance.

    The Farsight XR-20 
The Farsight XR-20
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: An aqua-colored sniper rifle with a cross-shaped muzzle
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Technology, Energy Weapons, Sniper Rifles, Extreme Game Breakers
  • Domains: War, Death, Luck, Strength
  • Similar Artifacts: The AWP
  • One of the deadliest weapons ever created by man, beast, or alien. A single shot from a Farsight has been known to penetrate any and all forms of protection, killing its target almost instantly. With a motion tracker and X-ray scope auxiliary function, any soldier wielding one becomes a walking death machine.
  • Its human-crafted counterpart, the AWP, doesn't quite possess the same capabilities as the Farsight (ballistic projectiles can't pierce through walls, after all), but is similarly feared for being ludicrously overpowered for a sniper rifle.

    The Golden Turd 
The Golden Turd
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A stool made of gold, embedded with jewels
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Literal Solid Gold Poop, Gold Fever, Corrupts Whoever Finds It With Greed, Object of Desire, Gem-Encrusted
  • Domains: Greed, Gold and Gems, Obsession, Corruption, Crime
  • Creator: Roger Smith
  • Due to indigestion from a bad burrito combined with an alien anatomy, Roger ended up defecating a golden turd studded with gems. Highly sought after and valuable, it corrupts whoever holds it and has caused a string of tragedies. Whoever holds it will destroy themselves and it will pass hands, repeating the cycle over and over.
  • There's a reason this thing is in Maximum Security-it's as corruptive as the One Ring, though without the direction and apparent sentience. It has ruined the lives and integrity of almost everyone who handles it, with the others were murdered by those who were corrupted it. This hasn't stopped the Grand United Alliance of Evil trying to break it out to throw a monkey wrench in other people's plans.
  • The evil of the turd may come from its source-Roger's species have to spew metaphorical bile so it doesn't become actual bile and poison him. The waste he expels might be Made of Evil. It is unclear what might happen if he were in control of it, but the Grand United Alliance of Good would rather keep him ignorant of the Artifact of Doom.
  • Was mistakenly believed to have come from Tywin Lannister, as it's said he shits gold. Tyrion Lannister busted that myth with a crossbow.
  • Started causing trouble for the pantheon when it somehow ended up in the House of Commerce. While a bit grossed out by it being a literal Solid Gold Poop this didn't stop battles waging out for the thing. Fafnir held on to it for the longest time before they managed to take it from him.
  • The Vatican is currently discussing what to do with it-send it back to the source. Though until that story is done, it'll stay in the treasury. Sauron seemed somewhat amused by it due the similarities to his one ring.

    Holy Lance 
Holy Lance (Spear of Longinus, Spear of Destiny, True Longinus, The Holy Spear of the Setting Sun)
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spear, Legendary Weapon, Public Domain Artifact
  • Domain: Weapon, Holy, Religious
  • The spear that pierced the Son of God, the Holy Lance radiates immense holy powers thanks to being soaked in Divine blood.
  • What powers the Lance possess tends to vary. Some say it can cause unhealing wounds. Other think it can actually heal others. It can also be used to open other worlds. But maybe it's most destructive power is its ability to end the world.
  • Has no connection to the other Spear of Longinus. Though, some do wonder what would happen if the two items were combined.
  • A constant target of any Nazi soldier who covets its immense power to rule over others. Rumor has it that Hitler once possess it and was the reason why the Golden Age of DC superheroes never enter World War Two.
  • While pretty obviously the Lance can harm demons and other dark fiends, it can also kill those of divine traits like Gods. Many True Gods have taken a wide birth around the Lance.
  • Seems like Kratos once held the Lance, or more precisely, the Spear of Destiny. There's a good chance it wasn't the True Longinus as it was before Christ was born.
  • Copies of Holy Lance are known to appear around the Pantheon. While they aren't as powerful as the true deal, they are still dangerous weapons.
  • Was use by Nyarlathotep as a gambit to trigger the end of the world by spreading rumors of its unhealing wounds property and to use it on Maya Amano. This version was also able to seal Personas. Many have wonder if it can affect other Guardian Entity users.
  • Currently the blade's head is being used as part of Jeanne d'Arc's banner. Archangel Michael bequeathed the holy relic to the Maiden since he believes she was the most responsible person to handle its power.

    The Matrix 
The Matrix (The Matrix of Leadership, The Autobot Matrix of Power, The Matrix of Light, The Creation Matrix)
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: An Orange container with a shiny blue crystal inside and two handles, and absolutely not the machine that controls us all. Or a Toyota station wagon, for that matter.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Good, Creation, Destruction, Knowledge
  • Similar Artifacts: the Allspark, Sari's Key (listed above), which taps into its limitless power
  • This device is kept on hand in case Unicron turns his attention to the pantheons.
  • Has the ability to summon Stan Bush to sing "You Got The Touch" whenever opened.
  • Primus had this shipped secretly out of its usual spot in the depths of his body. It's just safer here — still in his body (as with the rest of the Pantheon), but with much better safeguards. True, fewer beings would have had any access to it if he'd kept it in the Main House, but he doesn't trust some of the deities there.

    Pieces of Eden 
The Pieces of Eden (Apples of Eden, Shrouds of Eden, Staves of Eden, Swords of Eden)
From top to bottom: The Apple of Eden, The Shroud of Eden, The Sword of Eden, and the Stave of Eden
  • Class Level: 3
  • Description: Ancient Isu/First Civilization Relics of various objects.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Relics, Isu Artifacts
  • Abilities Include:
  • Notable Users Include:
    • Apples of Eden: Ezio Auditore, George Washington
    • Staves of Eden: Moses, Alexander the Great
    • Swords of Eden: Arthur Pendragon, Perseus, Joan of Arc
  • In General:
    • Thanks in part to Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the remaining Pieces of Eden had been found and locked away for safekeeping inside the Pantheon's Maximum Security wing. However, it's anything but simple, as Ezio hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst.
    • Of course, word of the Pieces of Eden being in the Pantheon reaches Shay Cormac. The Assassin-turned-Templar now schemes to steal the relics from the House of Treasures. His first attempt to steal the relics was during Momiji was assigned to guard the House of Maximum Security
    • The Pieces of Eden are relics of a lost civilization. Known as the Isu, or the First Civilization, or Those Who Have Come Before, the Isu had not only built an advanced civilization on Earth, but were the creator of mankind, who served as their slaves, using the Pieces of Eden to keep them compliant. After the Tobar Catastrophe which nearly enough both mankind and the Isu to extinction, only these relics remain of their once-great civilization.
    • Of course, with the Pieces out of the reach of the Templars (save for Cormac), there is now an even bigger problem with the more villainous deities looking to exploit the Pieces for their own gain.
    • Kasumi Goto was asked to swipe the Pieces of Eden by the GUAE. She declined, as she was still banned from the House of Treasures (save for the Normandy), and she doesn't want to displease Commander Shepherd.
  • Apple Of Eden:
    • Bruce Wayne, Miranda Lawson and Tony Stark are interested in the Apples of Eden. Not for the mind control powers, mind you, but rather for research and documentation purposes, as they find the Isu culture fascinating.
  • Shroud of Eden:
    • Its believed that Jesus Christ used the Shroud of Eden to perform acts of healing until he was killed by the Templars. Alexander Anderson was ordered by the Iscariot Agency to retrieve the Shroud. Too bad that he was denied access to the Shroud. But the mad priest will not be denied, and is currently biding his time.
    • The Frye Twins, Jacob and Evie, gave their account regarding the Shroud, having found it in the possession of Templar Grandmaster Crawford Starrick. It took removing the Shroud from Starrick to finally kill him.
  • Stave of Eden:
    • Cersei Lannister has heard about the powers of the Stave of Eden. Well, both her and Aerys Targaryen. The Mad King and his female counterpart both covet the Stave of Eden in order to further their goals.
  • Swords of Eden:
    • Its said that Excalibur was in truth, a Sword of Eden. The Question grilled Arthur Pendragon of that claim. Arthur went as far as to present the Question with Excalibur as proof.
    • Word has it that Brightroar - the lost Lannister family sword - is in fact a Sword of Eden. This has yet to be proven, but Tywin Lannister wouldn't mind having one for himself. Too bad they're not for sale.

    Shendu's Statue 
Shendu's Statue
Shendu imprisoned
Click here  for Shendu free
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A round shield-like statue of a dragon with 12 holes around the lower circumference.
  • Demigod (when freed and with all 12 Talismans within him, he jumps up to Overdeity)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Sealed Evil in a Can, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
  • Domains: Sorcery, Dragons, Demons, Imprisonment
  • Allies: Ha Ha Ha No. He has betrayed everyone he has ever allied with.
  • Enemies: Everyone, with special emphasis on JACKIE CHAN, Uncle Chan, Jade and Tohru
  • Even though Shendu was banished to the Netherworld along with his son, Quan Chi contacted the demon sorcerer within Netherworld for a chance to be free in exchange for servitude under him. Shendu swore to bow before him and Quan Chi immediately broke him free. When he did, Shendu indeed knelt in front of the necromancer, only to launch a powerful uppercut that took Quan Chi by surprise. Shendu said he that while he swore he would bow before him, he never swore loyalty or allegiance. Quan Chi immediately attacked him only to fail due to the demon sorcerer's powers and magic being much greater. After defeating him, Shendu went straight to the portal that led from the Netherworld to the Pantheon.
  • Shendu's rampage through the Pantheon was short but strong. While most of the Combat Dojo and Power Dome deities led by Jackie Chan stalled him, a team of magic casters from the House of Magic led by Uncle Chan arrived with the necessary spell to once again imprison Shendu in his statue form with his magic once again transferred to the familiar twelve Talismans. It was then decided to store his Statue in Maximum Security within a special chamber covered in ofudas and magic wards, to prevent anyone with evil intent to ever enter and free him.
  • Shendu can still communicate telepathically, but the chamber he was stored in is completely shielded by magic which prevents his words from leaving the area. Still, it is warned that nobody should ever make a promise with him. He will break it no matter what happens.
  • Above all, no one should ever insert one of the Talismans into the slots of his statue, especially the Sheep or Rat Talismans. The former can allow him to possess any stray vessel while the latter will return him to his humanoid shape, albeit without any of his magic (though he still retains his raw physical power and stamina).

    A Standard Template Construct 
A Standard Template Construct
A Rogue Trader examining a newly found STC fragment
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A surprisingly small personal computer
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: MacGuffin, Lost Technology, Applied Phlebotinum, Magical Computer
  • Domains: Law, Machine, Creation
  • One of the most sacred relics in the Imperium of Man, the Standard Template Construct is a device of extraordinary power and danger, even by the Pantheon's standards. Housing the sum total of mankind's technological knowledge, one need simply ask the computer how to do or how to build something to do any conceivable function, and the STC will in moments print out exact instructions using locally available materials and techniques.
  • The God-Emperor alone may authorize a deity to access the Standard Template Construct, and to date, he has never exercised this privilege. Unfortunately, no-one ever told him it was here.

    The ∀ Gundam 
The System ∀-99/WD-M01 ∀ Gundam
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A building-sized, predominantly-white mecha, designed with ancient technology, and complete with a white upturned mustache.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good under the command of Loran Cehack
  • Portfolio: Humongous Mecha, Nanotechnology, Forgotten Ancient Technology, The End and What Happens Afterward, Vindicated by History, Mundane Utility.
  • Domains: Mechanus, Space, War
  • Current Pilot: Loran Cehack
  • Related (or more appropriately, rivalling) units: GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]
  • This Gundam was once in the ranks of The Fallen. But with its series getting Vindicated by History, it got officially declared as one of the Pantheon's treasures.
  • Placed under Maximum Security section due to its powerful ability, The Moonlight Butterfly, which has been reported to decrease godly powers within a very large damage radius. The Council of Shadows are very wary of it.
    • Also, due to its unit code designation and the aforementioned Game-Breaker ability, Abbadon the Despoiler has expressed interest in claiming the unit for himself, to be used alongside the Planet Killer.

Class 4

    Akujiki (Shinobi
Akujiki (Youtou Akujiki, Evil Eater the Demon Blade)
Akujiki, the Demon Blade of the Oboro Clan
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: An ancient demonic parasite of unknown origin in the form of a katana.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Evil Weapon That Eats ''Yin'' energy, Feeds On Blood, And Drinks Souls, And Will Drain The User's Life If Not Sated
  • Domains: Cursed Weapons
  • Current Owner: Joe Musashi (High Priest to Ryu Hayabusa)
  • Bane Of: Shang Tsung, Skarlet, Ermac, Cervantes de León Naruto Uzumaki and Kurama
  • Joe Musashi, the High Priest to Ryu Hayabusa, has voluntarily relinquished Akujiki, the cursed sword of the Oboro clan, to the Pantheon's Armory, where it can be better protected.
    • To keep Akujiki's bloodless in check, the good-aligned magicians, sorcerers and the like (Stephen Strange, Chizuru Kagura, Illyana Rasputin, Sypha Belnades, Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg, etc) has placed heavy-duty seals and wards on the sword itself. And to make sure that no one tries to steal it, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark had retrofitted the display case with an advanced security system.
    • Link has also volunteered the use of the Master Sword, should Akujiki gets out of control. The Holy power that is emitted from the Sword of Evil's Bane is a match for the demonic powers of Akujiki.
  • Akujiki's origins are unknown. What is known is that it's a demonic parasite with a voracious appetite once it's blade is stained with blood. And if Akujiki's hunger isn't sated, then it drains the life force of the wielder. several deities in the Pantheon are on Akujiki's list.
    • Akujiki has a penchant for consuming blood, of course. Bad news for Skarlet, seeing as she is a construct made entirely of blood. As powerful as she is, Skarlet is smart enough to steer clear of that cursed sword.
    • Aside from blood, Akujiki has a taste for souls. Both Cervantes de León and Shang Tsung are known for stealing souls and Ermac is a construct of over 100,000 souls. Imagine the power Akujiki can wield if it slays one of the three. If it's able to kill all three...
    • Naruto Uzumaki and it's tenant, Kurama, is the biggest target, due to the immense reserves of Yin chakra. The only way to stave off Akujiki is by Yang energy. Naruto has an abundance of both.

    The Crimson Stone 
The Crimson Stone
  • Class Level: 4
  • Description: A gem/talisman created by Mathias Cronqvist
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Domains: Relics, Alchemy, Vampirism
  • Portfolio: A Powerful Relic That Contains The Soul Of A Vampire, With Its Owner Becoming A Vampire In The Process
  • Created by/Current Owner: Dracula Vlad Ţepeş (formerly Mathias Cronqvist)
  • Sacred to: All Vampire Deities (current and former)
  • The prized possession of Dracula Vlad Ţepeş, the Crimson Stone is considered to be the most sacred relic of the vampires. Rather than have it placed within the Pantheon's Maximum Security wing, Count Dracula has decided to retain the Crimson Stone.
  • Before he became Dracula, he was once Mathias Cronqvist, master strategist and close friend to Leon Belmont. When his beloved wife, Elizabetha, died, Mathias hatched a scheme, one that would allow him to live forever just so he could give the Almighty the middle finger, as Cronqvist blamed God for his wife's death. To accomplish this, he manipulated vampire lord Walter Bernhard into kidnapping Leon's betrothed, Sara Trantoul. When Mathias completed the Crimson Stone, he had Death - who swore his allegiance to Mathias - to seal Walter's soul into the Crimson Stone, completing it.
  • The Crimson Stone provides its wielder immense power... at the cost of their humanity. The Stone turns whoever possesses it into a vampire, unlike the more traditional methods on record. As such, it is one of the vampires' most holy of relics.
  • Even though she is no longer a vampire on a permanent basis, Jubilee knows of the Crimson Stone's power from Xarus, the vampire who turned her. While her version of Dracula is different from the one who had been Xarus' father, she sought out Dracula in regards to the Stone's power. Jubilee is the only person (outside of Alucard) who can confirm that all what the Stone claims to be is true.
  • The Pantheon's deified thieves each considered stealing the Crimson Stone. One by one, they decided against trying to do so, lest they want every single Vampire chasing them down to get the relic back. That and while the immense power is indeed tempting, the idea of becoming a vampire does put some of them off.

    Cursed Videotapes 
Cursed Videotapes
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A collection of unmarked, ordinary-looking video cassettes.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, Haunted Technology, Schmuck Bait, Your Days Are Numbered, Brown Note, Ominous Visual Glitch.
  • Created by Sadako Yamamura and her parallel counterparts Samara Morgan and Park Eun-Suh to spread their wrath against the world.
  • Each tape is a little bit different, but would kill whoever watched it seven days later unless they copied it. The original tape created by Sadako contained a virus that would kill someone via a heart attack/tumour, but would also cause a Mystical Pregnancy that would lead to Sadako's resurrection as an Enfant Terrible and then age rapidly to an adult. And this happens every time two people who watch the tape make love.
  • Banned from the House of Technology for obvious reasons.
  • All copies of Sadako's tapes were recorded over with episodes of The Clangers.
  • Also banned from being posted or shared onto YouTube.

    Escafil Device 
Escafil Device ("blue box", Morphing Cube)
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A glowing light blue cube
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animorphism, Touched By Andalites, Super Empowering
  • Domains: Morphing, Technology
  • The Escafil device is an artifact that gives an individual the power to morph... which is not that impressive in the Pantheon given the existence of magic and other shapeshifters.
  • It is operated by touch contact, and one individual, the "giver," who should already have the morphing ability, has to touch one side of it, while those receiving the morphing ability have to touch the other sides. When touched, it gives the user the permanent ability to "acquire DNA" from live animals and change ("morph") into the animal. There is no known limit as to how many morphs one can possess, though one would assume by means of its storage that the number would be quite high (highest so far is 53). And one can also heal using the morphing process. And while the process looks painful, it actually isn't.
  • In regards to the "morph" ability, the recipient, henceforth called "the Morpher", needs to make physical contact with the subject the Morpher wishes to "acquire" the DNA of, and concentrate hard to "acquire" them. Once that is done, the Morpher needs to think of that animal to transform into it. They will still retain their own consciousness but will also have to deal with the instincts of the animal they've turned into, and they also get the ability to thought-speak, even if the morph is capable of speech.
    • As Tobias can attest to, if the Morpher doesn't turn back to their original form before two hours have passed (time to morph and time to de-morph, usually two minutes, counts in that time limit), they run the risk of suffering Shapeshifter Mode Lock, though that's relatively easy to fix in the Pantheon.
    • "Acquiring" a morph cannot be done in the following conditions: 1) making contact with someone with the same morphing power (though morphs done by other shapeshifters hasn't been tested), and 2) while the Morpher is currently assuming a morph.
    • The Morpher must return to their natural form first before morphing into another form; transitioning between morphs is impossible.
    • Using the Frolis Maneuver, the Morpher can "combine the DNA" of several samples from the same species to create a new being for a morph, as perfomed once in the book series by one Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. But one cannot use a specific example used in that combination unless the Morpher "acquires" that sample again.
    • There are rare cases where a Morpher is "allergic" to DNA they have acquired, becoming nauseous, and prone to involuntary bouts of morphing when under stress. After a certain amount of time, between a few days and a week, they commit the hereth Illint (which basically means "burping DNA"), forcing out the creature in its entirety. Through the cascading cellular regeneration, an entirely new animal is created, and expelled from the Morpher's "roster", with predictable results should this animal prove to be dangerous.
    • Z-space is involved when morphing into something of a different size than their regular body, extruding that mass into Z-space when assuming a smaller morph, and extracting from that space when assuming a larger morph.
    • The Morpher can morph any living multi-celluar animal whose DNA they have acquired. However, one cannot morph a plant, a dead animal, inanimate objects (like chairs), or bacterium. Energy Beings, Mechanical Lifeforms, and other beings without DNA (e.g. the Crystal Gems) are among these exceptions. And one wonders what would happen if a Planimal was acquired.
      • However, given that there's a lot more to a living being than just DNA, some wonder if the ones among the exceptions really are exceptions.
  • There is also the issue of clothing: unless it's skintight like a leotard or a wetsuit, it's not gonna transform with the Morpher, either bunching over them or being torn apart. This also includes shoes.
  • One can actually "acquire" from sentient beings like other humans, aliens, etc., but this is ill-advised not only for moral reasons, but because there are more than enough impostors in the Pantheon as it is, and there are better methods of doing that than the Escafil Device.
  • In regards to "acquiring", the subject falls into a trance and becomes docile, similar to being tranquilized, though this effect lasts for mere seconds, so actually utilizing this is difficult. Also, the acquiring process may very rarely has no effect whatsoever, so it's not really worth "weaponizing" this.
  • The Escafil Device's creator species, the Andalites, merely use one or two morphs and master them for the purposes of subterfuge. The Animorphs however utilized this ability to the fullest, amassing a vast arsenal of Earth animals (mostly) for various purposes, specifically battle. The potential this cube has makes it deserving of its position in the Maximum Security sector, despite all the other powers and artifacts in the Pantheon that surpass this in terms of power.

Do you hear that?

The Outside of the Board Game
The Inside of the Board Game
The Video Game Incarnation
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: It is a very worn and old-looking board game with the name "Jumanji" on the front. The inside contains the board, the rules of the game, four game tokens (an elephant, a crocodile, a rhino, and a monkey), a pair of six-sided dice, and an ominous orb in the center.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Evil have all been suggested for the board game. But the video game version seems to be Chaotic Neutral with dashes of Good.
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, The Game Come to Life, The Game Plays You, Jungle Drums, It Can Think, Reality Warper, Sentient Phlebotinum
  • Domains: Artifacts of Doom, Board Cames, Reality Warping, Sentient Phlebotinum
  • Similar Artifact: Zathura
  • The rules of the game are as follows- "A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token. Doubles gets another turn. The first player to reach the end wins. ADVENTURERS BEWARE: Do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name."
  • The game itself appears to possess some form of sentience and contains its own pocket dimension. As the game progresses, various hazards from said pocket dimension are summoned and will not go away until one of the players wins the game.
  • Its name apparently means "many effects" in the Zulu language, likely a reference to its reality warping nature.
  • The game leaves little frame for one to change their mind about playing. The tokens immediately stick to the board the second they are taken out of the box.
  • It should also be noted that this game does NOT like cheaters. Attempting to cheat causes the culprit to begin to gradually transform into the animal represented by their assigned game token.
  • It would seem that the game has a preferred victim as well. Its luring drums are inaudible to adults, only able to be heard by children.
  • Due to the game's reality warping nature and its tendencies to lure over the most vulnerable to play, it has been deemed to be extremely dangerous by the higher-ups of the Pantheon and is kept under heavy lock and key in Maximum Security. Actually managing to start a game of Jumanji is a very severely punishable offense. Not only are the perpetrators obligated to finish the game, but they must also face the consequences after the fact (assuming what the players have been through isn't deemed enough of a punishment). Some leeway—of course—would be given to children who manage to get their hands on it, especially if they were not previously aware of the game's existence. The same however cannot be said for adults, who should know better.
  • Further to the back of the chamber is another game called Zathura, which involves flying to the location Zathura while dealing with Science Fiction hi-jinks rather than jungle ones. This game has proven less dangerous in general as it creates a Pocket Dimension for the gamers to play in, house and all, and thus the danger is exclusive only to those playing or those in the immediate area once the game starts. That being said, it's also on heavy lockdown too, as the Pantheon has no interest in having more killer robots, sudden flash freezes, lizard animals, or mini-black holes floating around the Pantheon than are necessary.
  • When reports came of a video game version of Jumanji, the Houses of Defense and Gaming immediately scrambled to find it and contain it alongside its board game counterpart. Other gods (some in the House of Gaming) either want to try the game out for themselves or lure kids into playing it.
    • After it was found, and after a long deliberate analysis of it by the SCP Foundation, seeing that it's somewhat less sadistic than its board game version and even seemed a little more helpful sometimes. While still dangerous, its security level isn't as high, given it merely takes its players into its own dimension, and while there is still the risk of death, that's not much of an issue in the Pantheon. Still, it's advised to play at your own risk.
  • Attempts at getting The Rock to play the video game incarnation have failed, even when he chose to play as Dr. Smolder Bravestone. It is unclear whether Jumanji cannot handle this exploitation of one of the game avatars or downright refuses such a joke.
    • On the other hand, Amy Pond appeared as Ruby Roundhouse even if she chose Dr. Bravestone, showing Jumanji handles some loopholes better than others.

    The Smash Ball 
The Smash Ball
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A circle with a pair of perpendicular lines on the side, glowing in many colors.
  • Alignment: Varies, depending on the god
  • Portfolio: Finishing Moves, Limit Break, Iconic Logo
  • Domains: Power, Upgrades
  • Similar Artifacts: All-Star Power
  • Notable Users: The Fighters of the Smash Tournaments
  • In addition to being used to hone their fighting skills, the various Smash battles have also made use of items to bring unpredictability for the participants. One of them is an item bearing the Smash logo, fittingingly named the Smash Ball. Whoever is able to break that ball will be able to use a powerful move known as a Final Smash that can only be used when the user is glowing. They range from wide-reaching projectile attacks, deadly melee moves, or even sending their opponents elsewhere for a beatdown.
  • The Smash Ball wasn't introduced until the third official Smash Tournament, with the fifth iteration introducing a variant designed to fake out battlers. The position of the lines on this Fake Smash Ball are reversed from the normal version and if this fake gets destroyed, it'll unleash a potent explosion that'll blow away anyone within its vicinity. Long-range fighters can use the explosion to their advantage by destroying the Fake Smash Ball from a distance.
    • Speaking of the fifth iteration, it's entirely possible that fighters can simply gain access to their Final Smash after a little bit via a meter of some sorts. This "metered" Final Smash isn't as potent as the ones obtained from a Smash Ball from what's been gathered.
  • Various Nintendo characters who have directly participated in the tournament are among those that can use the Smash Ball's powers, though there are a few characters not within that group that have been known to use it as well. There has been some discussion as to what kind of move characters that have had no involvement in the tournament would use if they could break it.
  • No one's certain as to what substances are used for the Smash Ball that enables fighters to gain access to powerful moves. There has been a bit of discussion on trying to extract whatever's there of that item, but the idea hasn't gone anywhere due to concerns on what could happen if an unhinged scientist somehow unleashes a deadly move as a result of "breaking" the Smash Ball.
  • The Fake Smash Ball has been used as a sort of security measure to prevent potential theft of the real Smash Ball. The Fake Smash Ball would be placed on a pedestal and any greedy thief trying to steal the Smash Ball for themselves will end up for a surprise when it blows up in their face after damaging it and not get a power-up afterwards.

    The Spiral Sucker 
The Spiral Sucker (The Juju)
Jane Crocker holding the sucker
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A red and green lollipop.
  • Alignment: Chaotic... something. Those under its influence are various levels of Chaotic, usually Chaotic Stupid.
  • Portfolio: Fantastic Drug, G-Rated Drug formed from two separate suckers that combined together, Mushroom Samba incarnate, activates trickster mode, which causes great power and great insanity with effects that can spread from person to person via contact, of which include Reality Warping Abilities, gives the appearance of creepy makeup, seemingly harmless object that causes great fear and uncertainty to the unaffected, victims are insanely happy all the time with little rhyme or reason
  • Owner: Calliope
  • Bane of: Jane Crocker, Jake English, Roxy Lalonde, Dirk Strider, pretty much any deity that isn't insane, a Cloud Cuckoolander, or a Cherub
  • This piece of candy is a Cherub artifact known as a Juju, formed from two separate suckers belonging to Calliope and Caliborn. When combined, the sucker gains a powerful attraction magnet and the ability to activate a person's Trickster Mode, turning them into a pastel-clothed, peach-skinned maniac hopped up on ten types of sugar, as the Alpha Kids unfortunately found out. Following a short time with Jane Crocker, it eventually worked its way back to Calliope, and following an incident at Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam's wedding, Dirk Strider persuaded her to bring it to the Pantheon for safe keeping.
  • Andrew Hussie once compared using the sucker to using a Super Star; Mario disagrees, saying that while they have a similar use in concept, a Super Star still requires skill and maneuverability to use; being able to run through enemies means nothing if you can't jump over lava or bottomless pits. Super Stars don't make you crazy either, which is always a plus.
  • It's been speculated whether or not the the sucker has any connection to the Invincibility Candy from Kirby's universe, due to them looking incredibly similar, just with different colors and the latter having a star attached to it.
  • As all of the known infectees are human, it's unknown if the sucker actually effects any other species. There have been multiple attempts by a few scientists to temporarily pull the sucker out to test it For Science!, all of which were turned down.
  • In addition to being in Maximum Security, there is also a list of deities who are never, ever, ever allowed near the sucker. Such deities include Kirby (on the off chance he mistakes it for an Invincibility Candy or if his inhale spreads it to the people he copies) and Pinkie Pie (for obvious reasons).

Class 5

    Holy Grail 
Holy Grail (Holy Chalice, Sangreal)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, MacGuffin
  • Domain: Religious, Adventure, Power
  • A mystical artifact, the Holy Grail was sought after by King Arthur and his Round Table and obtained by Sir Galahad. The Grail was centered at the Round Table and gave out a spicy fragrance.
  • Like any legendary object, the Grail is said to possess mystical powers. Their exact nature varies on the legend; it can either bring happiness to people, provide a unlimited bounty, or most prominently, give those who drink out of it either their restored youth or just straightforward immortality.
  • Was said to be associated with the Son of God and was used during the Last Supper. However, these claims are constantly questioned, as is the identity of any cup or vessel claimed to be the Holy Grail.
  • Despite what others may think, the Grail doesn't grant any wishes (at least as far as is generally known). At least one "wish-granting" Grail was in fact a false Holy Grail, constructed artificially and used for a war amongst heroes. It may also be confused for the Dundry, which does grant wishes — a mistake that YHVH and his Angels made. Even still, others who have made attempts on the Grail, like Sora Takigawa, simply want to be Human again, and others such as Fafnir want it just for their own personal reasons or gain.
    • The true Holy Grail should not be confused with a different Grail that powered Sailor Moon into her Super Mode. Also, it is not a God-like being who was stopped by Phantom Thieves.
  • At least one rumor was spread that the Cup was hidden away in the Castle of Aughhhh, but that only those who are valiant and pure of spirit would be able to find it. This rumour caused quite a stir as nobody could find the Castle of Aughhhh. Some even tried to find the Castle of Ughhh or Oghhh, in the false belief that the legend included a misspelling.
  • The precise appearance of the Holy Grail is currently unknown. The true Holy Grail may take the appearance of an ordinary carpenter's cup to hide from those seeking it. In such a situation, there is also a high likelihood that there are also multiple similar-looking cups littered around it as decoys to deter or eliminate any potential thieves (these may be more jewelled and ornate to serve as Schmuck Bait). Drinking from the wrong cup generally brings on a nasty fate.
  • The Holy Grail, or an object claiming its lineage, was used against Ascended beings.
  • It is generally ill advice to put anything other than water in the Grail, like alcohol or even ice cream, as the results may vary from strange to unpredictable and possibly swiftly fatal.

    The Golden Throne 
The Golden Throne
The Throne, as it appears in the 41st Millennium
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A massive golden throne
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gold Makes Everything Shiny, Life Support System For The God-Emperor, Portal Network, Guide For Warp Travel, Cool Throne, Throne Made of X, Powered by a Forsaken Child
  • Domains: Power, Psykers, Life Support, Ancient Technology
  • Inhabitant: The Emperor Of Mankind, since 014.M31(30,014 C.E)
  • Deep within the Imperial Palace that sprawls across the former Himalayas, under what was once Mt Everest is the Golden Throne. Dating back to the Dark Age of Technology, the Golden Throne was intended to open up the Eldar Webway for mankind. However, Horus betrayed his father, the Emperor of Mankind in the 31st millennium, rendering it a massive life support for the Emperor. For over a hundred centuries it maintains his broken form, and the Astronomican which allows safe Warp travel.
  • It has been placed in Maximum Security for a very good reason-without it the Emperor would die and the Imperium would be lost. The Emperor exists in an excruciating half-life as the beacon to human Warp travel, and it's suggested that by 999.M41 the life support is beginning to fail and won't sustain him forever. On the plus side, they managed to install a text-to-speech device.
  • Requires ten thousand psykers a day to keep the Emperor a micrometer away from true death. As such, every single psychic god in the Pantheon stays the hell away from it. J'onn J'onnz is utterly disgusted that this has to happen to keep humanity in the Age of the Imperium safe, and is trying to find an alternative. He is pleased to learn it can amplify psychic powers, though.
  • Though the Emperor is capable of existing as a physical being independent of the throne in the pantheon, he is still bound to it in the mortal realm (though he does have a major presence in the Warp). He is searching through the House of Technology for those who are willing to find a means of upgrading it, providing they are not xenos, to either try and regenerate him or become more mobile. The Emperor insists that gold must remain the predominant color if upgraded.
  • Those in charge of maintaining the Golden Throne were intrigued by the various means of interstellar travel in the pantheon. They are studying the House of Time and Space to as to make the Astronomican more precise and lessen the dangers of Warp travel. The Unbidden are among the forces who want to destroy it so as to make mankind easy pickings.
  • For the fact that the Golden Throne serves as the Emperor's life support, Oryx would be more than happy to destroy it not only for his beef with humanity but its proof that the Imperium of Man as a whole is apart of a bygone age feebly trying to cling to existence. The irony of someone like Oryx saying this wasn't lost to the Emperor. Come to think of it, anyone with a grudge against humanity wants to destroy the throne.

    The King in Yellow 
The King in Yellow
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A book with all yellow pages in it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Books, The Motif of Harmful Sensation, Fictional Plays, Nightmare Fuel, Mind Screwy Nonsense
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Mentalism, Tyranny
  • Similar Artifacts: The Necronomicon, Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved"
  • Not a single mortal who has read this play has been able to understand what the hell is going on. Yomiko and Miyuki are working overtime attempting to decipher it, with Yuuno on standby with healing magic, just in case.
  • The House of Theatre and Spectacle once attempted a performance of this. Long story short, the lead actor is now known as The Joker. According to him, at least.
  • Luckily for all lesser gods, Shakespeare put a lock on the book, and only those sufficiently able to withstand its incredible aura of nonsense can open it. Not known if anyone from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland would cause a world-nuking aura from the combined nonsensical power if placed in the immediate vicinity. Excluding Alice and sometimes Mary Ann in a few adaptations, of course.
  • Hasta was once given permission to read the book. Being a Hasturian, he was able to understand what was written in the book, but had to put the book down due of how bleak the writing actually was.
  • There does exist an abridged version of the book what more or less removes all of the mind-breaking parts from the book, or at least makes it much less likely to destroy your brain. It was written by Hastur himself for no apparent reason aside that he just can.

    The Omnitrix 
The Omnimatrix (Omnitrix, Megawhat, Megadeoxyribonucleictransdimensionaltransforminalnumerator)
The prototype version in its original form
The prototype version after Recalibration
The completed version
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A watch with the Plumbers' symbol on the face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Clingy MacGuffin, Transformation Trinket, Swiss-Army Superpower
  • Domains: Chaos, Nature, Transformation
  • Creator: Azmuth
  • Current Owner: Ben Tennyson
  • Coveted By: Vilgax, Dr. Gero, Dr. Albert Wily, Gate, Wat Tambor
  • Related Artifacts: The Escafil Device
  • The Omnitrix (full name Omnimatrix) was developed by Azmuth to promote interstellar peace as an apology to his lover Zenith after his previous creation Ascalon brought about violence. It can preserve over a million DNA samples in which the user can transform into that being for a limited time. It can also act as a back drive for the universe it came from in case any species go extinct.
  • The Omnitrix was meant for Max Tennyson, but being Max's grandson, the close genetic match allowed Ben (and, in an alternate timeline, Gwen) to use it. The Omnitrix donated to the Treasures is actually just the 'prototype' Azmuth created. The real 'completed' one is with Ben himself, having been given to him after defeating Dagon.
  • In regards to its use in the Pantheon, given that there are plenty of different species that Ben can potentially copy, he was given a decree by the Court of the Gods not to scan any overly powerful species, trusting that he would keep to this warning until they can fully work out the kinks of what to restrict. Ben being well, Ben decided to scan the low-level Saiyan Cabba on the quiet and it worked out OK - until the moon came out and he transformed into a Great Ape that promptly wrecked the area before emergency Court restrictions finally kicked it and de-transformed him. Cabba's Saiyan data was wiped in the process. Since then Ben has been very careful about scanning species which he isn't supposed to, even turning down the chance Son Goku despite his pleas. Some time after Azmuth's ascension, he and a Court committee (composed of Technology residents and GUAG White Hats) worked arduously to catalogue the multitudes of species in the Pantheon that are too dangerous for Ben to scan. He managed to convince Ben to surrender the Omnitrix for a while and input the necessary restrictions into it. This is only unlockable by Azmuth and selected GUAG members such as mid to high-ranking White Hats. The new program that prevents Ben from harnessing prohibited species updates itself periodically for every new ascension to the Pantheon.
    • The DNA samples used by the Omnitrix come from the artificially grown planet Primus (not to be confused with the Transformers god of the same name), which essentially serves as an archive for those samples. Contrary to popular belief, the Omnitrix doesn't need to be constantly synchronized to Primus (the connection of which can transcend dimensions and thus has no problem reaching the Pantheon) in order to function, any more than an iPod needs constant access to one's computer to play music that was added in. Azmuth took great care to segregate any DNA samples foreign to his and Ben's universe from the usual samples.
    • As for how these samples can go, they can go beyond just organic and can copy synthetic (Echo Echo, Upgrade), cosmic (Way Big), and even multi-dimensional (Alien X). However, it's limited to samples from species with a certain level of intellectual sapience (in Earth, available species include human, dolphin, and mouse) to avoid corruption of the user's intellectual mind. The most feral transformation from Ben's universe available thus far without repercussion is the Vulpimancer species (Wildmutt).
    • There are plenty of rules regarding what Ben can and cannot scan, but above all, he cannot scan a species that can manipulate all aspects of reality beyond universe-level. What does that mean? Alien X, Ben's most powerful alien can destroy and recreate universes at will provided his two personas are in agreement. Any being that surpasses this level of power, such as being able to recreate universes without any significant drawback or weakness will be unscannable, instead getting the message 'SCAN PROHIBITED'. Hence, Ben cannot scan beings with the purpose of maintaining large swaths of the cosmos (like The Living Tribunal or the Monitors), species with the natural ability to surpass god or god-like beings (like Saiyans, even if Goku was the only known one to achieve this) and species specifically stated to be gods (like the Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais or mythical gods with universe-busting potential). Ben is pretty bummed out by all this, but is pretty confident that he will never need to go that far in a fight. Azmuth has assured Ben in his typical dry way that the restrictions can be lifted in absolute emergencies when help cannot be summoned.
  • The Omnitrix has quite an expansive amount of features the user has access to.
    • The first and most known one is Transformation, which turns the user (instantly) into the prime (a.k.a fittest and healthiest) version of the selected species (but never their own species) relative to their own age, and (when working properly) downloads the instincts native to that species to avoid cases of How Do I Shot Web?. These transformations come equipped by the Omnitrix with special handicaps needed to sustain the transformation, such as NRG's radiation suit, Goop's anti-gravity projector, and Brainstorm's breathing brace. It may also provide the user with uniforms, some even retaining elements associated with the alien's homeworld attire.
      • Despite being able to use synthetic beings' "DNA samples", the Omnitrix can only make incomplete transformations in such cases, like with Galvan Mechamorphs (Upgrade).
      • Transformations can be automatic if the user's life is in danger and the Omnitrix will turn its user into the needed alien to survive.
      • The time limit for transformation is usually up to 10 Earth minutes (for the prototype Omnitrix), but tends to be inconsistent due to Ben slapping on the Omnitrix too hard whenever he activates it.
      • In addition, the user can only transform into one alien at a time and would need to wait out the time limit and recharge mode before continuing. However, with the Life Form Lock function or Master Control, a user can remain in one transformed state for an indefinite amount of time. That said, for the completed Omnitrix, Ben can choose to turn back earlier, skipping the Recharge mode and letting him transform again far quicker.
    • The second is Recharge, which it reverts to after the time limit has been reached to prevent the user from being overwhelmed by the DNA samples as it fuses with the user's biology itself. This state lasts until its internal core is refreshed enough to do another Transformation.
    • Third is the Capture setting, where the Omnitrix can store new DNA samples into its database, which works either by touch or by extended projection, regardless of whether or not the user is currently transformed.
    • Fourth is the Recalibration mode, only seen in the Prototype Omnitrix. This only occurred when it has been dormant for a long period of time without use, in which some time is required before it's available for use once more.
    • Fifth is the Self-Destruct mode, which is the only thing that can destroy the Omnitrix (it can otherwise survive even multiversal-level destruction). The default time is set to 30 seconds, but if the charge were to build up long enough (as many as a few days), it can destroy the entire universe.
  • Other features of the Omnitrix include a Universal Translator (almost pointless in the Pantheon), protection from mind control and possession, protection from toxic influences, universal-range GPS, voice command, randomizer function, homing device, and audio-visual two-way communication. It can also manipulate DNA of other beings in range, mostly for restorative purposes.
  • Most significant of these functions however is the Master Control, unlockable only by Azmuth. In this mode, the user can remain transformed indefinitely, and change between forms without reverting to their default form first.
  • As for failsafes, on top of Self-Destruct Mode, a green energy eruption occurs when someone tries to remove the Omnitrix from Ben by force. It's also genetically locked to Ben ''in its present-day perspective (meaning even a younger version of Ben can't use it). It also preserved the user's self-consciousness for example by not going into Recharge mode while the user is still split as a Splixson (Ditto).
  • That said, the Omnitrix still has hundreds of other features Ben does not know about. For example, he does not know how to access the setting that changes the user's gender to adapt to another species.
  • There are theories as to why on occasion the Omnitrix doesn't transform Ben into the alien he desires. Most of these theories tend to assume the Omnitrix is sentient in a sense and chooses what he needs to be rather than what he wants to be. Given it's sentient enough to manipulate Ben's hand when it and he were dimensionally displaced, this is highly likely.
  • Despite the wide variety of available DNA samples, the Omnitrix has exception in what it can scan. Besides the prohibited species stated above, these include:
  • Within limits set by the Court of the Gods (and later Azmuth), Ben has tried collecting DNA samples from the following Pantheon denizens.
    • Twilight Sparkle: She wanted to see what if it would turn him into the ideal pony or the ideal unicorn, and see how far it can go. Did not work, as the Omnitrix cannot scan magical creatures.
      • Because they were in the area, Spike and Pinkie Pie were also scanned (at the latter's insistence). Neither worked either as even earth ponies had latent magic in them. Twilight skipped on Ben scanning the pegasi after that, and the power limit means no scanning the Princesses or Discord.
    • The TARDIS: Done by accident after Ben met with the Doctor, who refused to be scanned by the Omnitrix because he does not want to see a young kid running around with his 13 lives and two hearts like an idiot. Due to her nature as a living spaceship in the form of a commonplace object (for the 1960s anyway), the Omnitrix cannot scan her.
    • Scarface: Scan successful, but out of respect for Scarface and his kind's code, Ben doesn't use the transformation.
    • Groot: Scan successful.
    • Treebeard: Scan successful, surprsingly. Presumably, Ben can scan elves, dwarves, hobbits, orcs, or even Uruk-Hai, but not Maiar such as Gandalf.
    • Goliath of the Manhattan Clan: Scan successful, though because he tested it out on the day, he instantly turned into stone. The timeout function still worked to turn him back, though.
    • Lion-O (currently under He-Man's tutelage): Scan was successful, though the resulting transformation would depend on the animal form of the genetic donor and would either resemble some type of cat that has not been seen on-screen or a dog.
  • He hasn't scanned these yet, but there are theories as to the results:
    • The Crystal Gems: Would probably work, depending on the scanned Gem (Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, or even Diamond). Due to his hybrid nature, it's advised not to scan Steven.
  • Most absolute xenophobes consider the Omnitrix tantamount to blasphemy for encouraging "species-mixing".


    The Reiji Maigo 
The Reiji Maigo (Midnight Lost Child)

    The Sacred Chalice 
The Sacred Chalice
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A shining white chalice. (Not its true form. Its true form, revealed to only a few, is far more demonic in appearance)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, Public Domain Artifact, Unholy Holy Artifact, Jerkass Genie, Monkey's Paw, Deal with the Devil, Body Horror
  • Appeared one day in the House of Treasures. No one is quite sure where it came from, or how it came to be. What is known about it is that it is alive: it appears to people in a state of total despair, requesting a sacrifice in exchange for a wish. Upon the offering of the sacrifice, the wishmaker is transformed into a violent, mindless archfiend representing a horrifically bastardized interpretation of the wish.
  • Placed under Maximum Security after its capabilities became known. Even so, archfiends are continuing to appear.
  • The appearance of the Chalice, and the similarities drawn between its functions and that of the Incubators has put Madoka Kaname and her allies under high alert. Before her ascension to demonhood, Homura once travelled to the House of Treasures, intent on destroying the Sacred Chalice. Soon after she entered Maximum Security, there was a horrible, distorted screaming sound, the ground shook and the House of Treasures was filled with a terrible aura of dread. Madoka rushed in to find the Chalice's vault demolished, the Chalice itself undamaged, and Homura unconscious and barely alive. Upon reawakening, she was questioned about what had happened. The last thing she remembered was space itself tearing open as soon as she had attacked the Chalice, and something appearing in front of her... something she had no words to describe.
  • Arturia had a mild Heroic BSoD upon learning of the Chalice. She knew that the Chalice from her world was a Monkey's Paw in and of itself, but this was on a whole different level!

    Saint's Corpse 
The Saint's Corpse (Saint Corpse, The Holy Corpse, Corpse Parts)

    The Vampire Killer (Combat Cross) 
The Vampire Killer
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A metallic cross with a leather-bound handle.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Variable-Length Chain, Whips, Stakes, the power to kill gods, Deadly to use for non-Belmonts.
  • Wielder: Gabriel Belmont (Even if he doesn't want to).
  • Domains: Whips, weapons, faith.
  • The combat cross is a weapon used by the Brotherhood of Light which appears as a normal cross, but has an insanely lengthy bladed metal chain with a spike at the tip. This particular Cross belonged to Gabriel Belmont before his transformation into an alternate universe's Dracula, after which he destroyed it, though it was later recovered and restored by Zobek as a bargaining chip for Gabriel's aid in the fight against Satan.
  • The most important feature and this weapon's namesake is the metal stake at the bottom of the handle, which carries a blessing from capital G-God himself and possesses the power to permanently kill any being, up to and including Overdeities, as Satan learned when his death by it damaged his essence so much he's unable to manifest in the living world ever again. Because of the fact it makes him remember his human life, the cross was relinquished by Gabriel and put into Maximum Security, however, when it's in danger of being stolen, Gabriel retrieves it and keeps it on his person (which should tell you something when penetrating max-sec is the easier solution).
  • Not to be confused with enchanted leather Vampire Killer wielded by the descendants of Leon Belmont. While that Vampire Killer is equal in raw might and ability to kill immortal and undead beings, said immortal beings can't be permanently slain by it. Whereas, again, if the fully blessed Combat Cross finds a god's heart, it's game over.
  • A shard of the Vampire Killer stake was forged into the sword Crissaegrim which is wielded by the alternate Alucard. Though not lethal, being impaled by the sword's enchantment can force a god into a centuries-long coma.

    V-Buckle and Advent Decks 
The V-Buckle and Advent Decks (Advent Belt)
The V-Buckle equipped with the Ryuki Advent Deck along with the original thirteen Advent Decks (including the Survive versions of Ryuki & Knight's decks), a black Advent Deck, and Kamen Rider Abyss's Advent Deck
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A belt buckle-like transformation device with a deck slot on it (V-Buckle); A rectangular-shaped deck case with a representative rider's emblems engraved on it (Advent Deck).
  • Alignment: Varies between each user.
  • Portfolio: Transformation Belts and Trinkets, Magitek, The Beastmaster, Card Battle Game
  • Domains: Belts, Transformation Device, Cards, Mirrors, Beasts
  • Creator: Shiro Kanzaki
  • Notable Users: Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors, Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger
  • Potential Users: Varies
  • These devices were created by Shiro Kanzaki which it allows the user to harness the power of the contracted Mirror Monsters and it was first used in a battle between Kamen Riders in the Mirror World called the Rider Fight, where they must fight to the death and the sole victor will granted a single wish of their own desires.
    • Although there are only thirteen decks exists in the main universe, the fourteenth deck also existed in the World of Ryuki which sports a shark motif on the deck's design.
  • Each Advent Decks contains the "Advent Cards" and each set would first appear in its blank state which only contains two basic cards in the deck. The first is the "Seal" card which is use to seal away Mirror Monsters, and the "Contract" card which allows them to form a contract with a Mirror Monster as their partner in battle referred to as "Contract Monsters" which allows the Rider gain more cards, such as "Sword Vent", "Shoot Vent", "Advent", etc., to access various weapons and powers based on their respective Contract Monsters.
  • To transform, the user must face the Advent Deck in any form of a reflective surface as the V- Buckle materializes on the user's waists, then sliding the deck into the belt's empty slot to complete the transformation.
    • There are some cases that the transformation can also be triggered by showing the deck first before sliding it to the belt to complete it. This type of transformation was first demonstrated by Kamata/Kamen Rider Abyss during Kamen Rider Decade's adventure in the World of Ryuki.
  • The dangers of the deck's destruction would give the user's dangerous risk. When it's destroyed, their contracts with their Mirror Monster is broken to the point that their monster would betray and devour their masters.
  • After Shiro finally realized the pointlessness of reaching his wish to save his sister from death many times, he decided to donate the remaining unused decks in the Maximum Security, knowing that these devices might fall into the wrong hands.
    • Before he could store them away for good, the terrorist organization Shocker has successfully ambushed Kanzaki and steal the Advent Decks from him with their intent to spark their own version of the Rider War. However, the 3 Kamen Riders Ryuki, Knight, and Zolda, helps the former master of the Rider War to fend off Shocker's forces and managed to retrieve the Raia and Femme decks from them. Upon knowing Shocker's plans, Ryuki and his allies would resolve to stop Shocker and end their terrorism any further.


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