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Encompassing the deepest levels of the Vault, the Maximum Security area holds the most dangerous of fictional artifacts which can have devastating effects on the Pantheon if placed in the wrong hands. Due to the importance and risk if the objects in here are interacted with, access to these Treasures is restricted to everyone, even the Court of the Gods, and the handlers of the The Great Treasury. Yes, even the Foundation's leadership, the O5 Council has to receive permission to do research on these Treasures. Access to these Treasures is permitted by the three A.Is: General Fletcher, GLaDOS and The Machine, with perhaps the aforementioned decision being made the latter. The levels have also been expanded from one level to two, meaning Levels 4 and 5 are dedicated to Maximum Security.

Entry to this area is extremely restricted that past the warning sign of "Under Construction" from the former Hall, the elevators do not even come down this far, and to reach this vault from the next-highest one would go through a series of vehicular transports, secured teleportation portals and other classified methods. The vault itself is protected by several layers of armored doors and walls, sentry turrets of various kinds placed in even unsuspecting corners, and reinforced by several magic-based and technology-based locks to prevent extensive damage if say, a massive army-wide breach occurs. Even the staff securing this area must submit to at least five security checks before entering. Yes, that is how tightly secured this place is, not even brute force will guarantee success.

NOTE: A certain few Class 3 entities were originally part of the Hazardous Materials vault. It was originally meant to be labeled Biohazards, but the fact that certain nanomachines can be just as "infectious" meant that would not fit, even if one would loosely interpret "Biohazards" as "hazardous to biological life".

Naturally, Museum Checks are denied by default.

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Class 0

    The Anti-Life Equation 
The Anti-Life Equation
The Anti-Life Equation in Zack Snyder's Justice League
  • Appearance: The actual formula, which is [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Class Level: 0
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil personified
  • Portfolio: The Antithesis of Free Will which Induces the Notion that Life is Meaningless, Inherently Harmful and Detrimental to the Very Concept of Sentience, When Used Incorrectly can Turn into a Zombie Plague, Mind Control, Artifact of Doom, Grants a Special Form of Enlightenment Superpower, Bends the Wills of those Affected to That of the Controller
  • Domains: Anti-Life, Tyranny, Non-Sentience, Subversion of Will, Emptiness, Negative Emotion
  • Current owner: Uxas/Darkseid
  • Former wielders: The Anti-Monitor, Orion
  • Source of interest to: The GUAE Dystopia Harbingers, the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • There is a mathematical formula feared above all others. A concept that was long since deduced by the Lord of Apokolips and is his ultimate goal to obtain, allowing him to finally eliminate The Evils of Free Will. Martian scholars posed the idea that there is an equation of sorts that proves life has Darkseid wondered if there was an antithesis. The Anti-Life Equation implants the mathematical uncertainty that life is meaningless and the concepts of freedom and hope are futile into its victims, dooming them to despair and thus bending them to the will of the User. In return for corrupting the user into committing terrible atrocities (the very act of possessing or using the Equation is inherently evil), the Equation grants the User reality-warping abilities that distort freedom over life and death. And if Darkseid has its way with it, ALL WILL BE ONE IN DARKSEID.
  • As of the Final Crisis, Darkseid has the Anti-Life Equation. Well, his true, core self has it. Fortunately this knowledge hasn't transferred to all his emanations and avatars yet. His son Orion once had it, but gave it up out of dread and disgust. One version of Darkseid was imprisoned on the Source Wall for witnessing it. Another corrupted the formula with the Black Racer, creating the Anti-Living zombie Mind Virus. Another emanation of Darkseid learned what everyone else in that setting knew (they're comic book characters) and concluded the Anti-Life Equation is the fact characters are completely susceptible to reboots, retcons and Executive Meddling. After learning he was just a toy in a Youtube series, Darkseid doesn't want to talk about this theory anymore.
  • The Equation has no single shape or form. It most often appears as a mass of alien glyphs and symbols, but as an equation, it can also be written down on a piece of paper, transmitted as computer code, and even be carved into the surface of Planet Earth. As a result, the Equation possess incredible virality and if used, can infect an entire planet within hours through every means of communication imaginable. To the primitive eye, the formula appears deceptively simple, which adds to its danger. Simply saying the string of words making up the Equation out loud will activate it and immediately affect every sentient being in close proximity, distorting the surrounding environment in seconds. As for the Equation itself...
    • Origin-wise, it is believed to come from the Antimatter Universe and cursed Mobius into becoming the least, that's the most well-known origin. Another theory is that it is utilized by Fifth Dimensional Imps as how they actually warp reality. More specifically it was theorized by Darkseid when the Joker stole Mr Mxyzptlk's powers. Supposedly the imp gave Darkseid a copy: Mister Mxyzptlk + Bat-Mite = Anti-life. The only one who has seen it for sure is Darkseid and it provoked an uncontrollable laughing fit from the New God.
    • WARNING: DO NOT READ: loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side. Simply saying this string of words will activate the Equation, regardless of whether you even know of the Equation or what it does, or have the intention to use it.
  • The SCP Foundation takes preventing anyone and anything from ever learning the Anti-Life Equation very seriously as they consider it a major infohazard. They've dealt with hundreds of SCPs which work on a similar principle and they believe the Anti-Life Equation is closest in nature to SCP-3125. For those wondering, "The Escapee" is an Eldritch Abomination who if perceived enough will replace someone's mind with only wanting to be dedicated to and spread the anomaly's influence and concept. One can only hope that Darkseid never gains access to other info/cognito/memetic hazards the SCP Foundation has secured, lest he try to enhance the Equation.
  • Among the pantheon's high brass Cosmos and Lucifer have called the Anti-Life Equation absolutely immoral, finding for once they agree one something strongly; the inherent value of freedom and personal autonomy. Gaea regards it as abhorrent, and Khorne detests the Equation as it would rob someone of all true emotion and thus starve him, and the rest of the Chaos Gods. On the opposite end Melkor, YHVH, and Zamasu want it to be theirs over Darkseid. Melkor himself wants mortals to retain free will as he feels that way they will suffer more, but finds the Equation undeniably useful for his evil. YHVH want the Equation the most and is intensely jealous of Darkseid for finding it. Zamasu meanwhile believes the only way mortals can be worthy of life is by using the Anti-Life Equation to be an extension of his own will.
  • The Equation can be spread through all forms of electronic media. It's for this reason that Darkseid has decided to try and influence the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Though many of them boast that not being organic makes them immune, there's no evidence for this. Due to its Control Freak tendencies, SKYNET wants to incorporate the Anti-Life Equation under its control as this would prevent anyone from threatening its existence. Surprising the Lord of Apokolips, SKYNET and some other members of the GUAM thought of the idea of spreading Anti-Life through music; given his hatred of music, Darkseid half-suspects they're mocking him with their unorthodox strategy.
  • Many within Darkseid's own GUAE Dystopia Harbingers seek the Anti-Life Equation. The Lord of Apokolips is well-aware that Sauron is eying up the Equation as an extreme version of his whole rings of power plan, for instance. Different members of the group have their different ideas for how they would utilize the Equation should they take it from the Treasury or somehow outwit Darkseid. The god of tyranny keeps an eye on all of them as he's more than experienced dealing with Starscreams, but he is still amused by their talking.
    • The Anti-Spiral believes that the Anti-Life Equation is the antithesis to Spiral Power. While Darkseid knows the grim consequences of the Anti-Life Equation and doesn't care, the Anti-Spiral seems to genuinely believe it's better than a universe that could potentially destroy itself. Moebius plans to put it into his whole hypnotism, while Alduin hopes to learn the Equation in the Dragon Language
    • Shao Khan is tempted by the Anti-Life Equation, but deep down part of him wonders if ruling an existence with only his will would be what he truly wants. He has had visions of worlds where he won, only to grow mad from boredom with nothing left to conquer. Of course being a self-absorbed Myopic Conqueror, it's exceedingly rare for him to think about this for more than five minutes. Other deities like Cooler are more open about how while they find the Anti-Life Equation useful, wouldn't rely on it to rule as they'd find it boring. Admittedly this might just be to keep Darkseid from being too concerned over them.
    • Big Brother is more willing to keep to himselfnote  as he is satisfied with only dominating Oceania without end. His own use of Thought Crime and other tactics of oppression and breaking people's spirits initially made Darkseid wonder if INGSOC had found a piece of the Anti-Life Equation and was unconsciously using it; the fact they didn't need anything supernatural to come close to emulating the Equation is why the New God respects their institution.
  • Outside of Darkseid's organization, the Anti-Life Equation is considered important to those living in the Hall of Mind Control. Yuri absolutely wants to take the Anti-Life Equation for himself and transmit it in his mind control devices; Darkseid doesn't remotely see him as a threat, but does think he could be useful for developing the next generation of Justifiers. For Yuri this is probably for the best as he has tried to find people with parts of the Anti-Life Equation in them and experiment on them. One deity that almost found itself dissected in his research was the Hypnotoad, only to conclude to not be connected to the Equation as if its hypnosis can't get past Fry's mind, there's no way it can be connected to something as potent as the Equation.
  • It shouldn't be understated that the Anti-Life Equation cannot be used for good due to how inherently repressive it is. Though Darkseid regards Nerose Satanel as a walking, talking Anti-Life Equation he finds that statement offensive; despite burning out free will, it resulted in a utopian society; a society built on the Anti-Life Equation could in no way be seen as utopian. Darkseid admits this, but he also pointed out just like himself his actions mean he disregards the actual desires of people over how he thinks the universe SHOULD be run.
  • Some villains tried justifying a potential usage of the Anti-Life Equation as not truly evil, mainly Light Yagami who thinks it should be used on people to not cause crime, or the Dark Judges who believe the only conceivable way life could not be a crime is if it's so lock-in-check to the Equation it'd lack the potential for crime. Darkseid rightfully pointed out Light really wants the Anti-Life Equation to be God of the New World. He finds Captain Beatty wanting to use it to eliminate anything that upsets people as "a delusion to justify Anti-Life", and Darkseid IS able to get away with saying that.
  • Given the inherently evil nature of the Anti-Life Equation, it's safe to say anyone who wants to get it for themselves either doesn't understand how bad it is, or does and are just as terrible as Darkseid. Jyggalag fits the former since as a truly inflexible God of Order, the idea the Anti-Life Equation is evil is incomprehensible to him. The other Daedric Princes (besides Molag Bal of course) regard the Anti-Life Equation as horrifying and/or antithetical and hope that Jyggalag never gets even the smallest piece of the Anti-Life Equation.
  • There are a bunch of deities in the House of Leadership like Horde Prime and IT, who'd have no moral standards against using the Anti-Life Equation should they ever gain it. The only time multiple people had the complete Anti-Life Equation may have been the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid fighting, the former using it in an offensive form, so naturally the Lord of the Apokolips keeps a close watch on them. After talking with SKYNET Sigma wants to modify the Anti-Life Equation into his viral essence, in effect embodying the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid considers such an idea laughable as he believes all his attempted assimilation with the Equation would do is cause a horrible Fate Worse than Death for his computer code.
  • The only way to counteract the Equation are the concepts of freedom and hope, which in the Pantheon, can come in a variety of forms. It's for this reason that Darkseid wants to destroy the optimism half of the Hall of Optimism and Pessimism...well wants to destroy it moreso. Figures like Auriel find the Anti-Life Equation as completely antithetical to everything they believe. Due to its intrinsically repressive nature, the Anti-Life Equation is something the Chaos side of the Hall of Order and Chaos thoroughly, as does the Hall of Rebellion and Revolution. Some joke that besides freedom and hope, Leeroy Jenkins is able to counteract the Equation through sheer stubborn stupidity. The joke lasted until someone was dumb enough to say that to Darkseid's face.
    Darkseid: "That. Wasn't. Funny".
  • The Life Equation appears to be the one certain counter for the Anti-Life Equation, as in its true form the Life Equation proves life is worth living. It may be derivable from the White Light of creation the Entity created. A possibly related formula is the Anti-Death Equation; used by the Gentry, it appears to turn people into warped and gruesome forms unable to die. Nothing else is known right now, and time will tell if a Death Equation also exists. Someone tried to ask Death of the Endless on the different Equations, but she hasn't said a word about it.
  • Rick Sanchez boasts that he can solve the Life, Anti-Life and Anti-Death Equations, and knows what the Death Equation is. And that if he can beat Worldender shit-faced he can beat Darkseid at his own game...before immediately retracting that to flee from Darkseid's Omega Beams. Due to being a proud chaotic neutral, Rick would never seriously use the Anti-Life Equation, though he has mused it's a less conscious and more malicious version of his old flame, Unity. His granddaughter Summer has a positive experience from Unity subverting the will of population, but only because the civilization she assimilated were hopelessly self-destructive. Her problem is that Darkseid sees ANY other will from his own as fair game. The biggest takeaway Darkseid himself took from all this was that he should find a way to ascend Unity to join him, which'd also serve the purpose of rubbing salt in Rick's emotional wounds.
  • Though a member of the Harbingers of Repression, AM feels he may like the Anti-Death Equation more than the Anti-Life Equation. After all, as much as he agrees with Darkseid on crushing the spirit he speculates that the Anti-Death Equation might just give the humans he hates more suffering than the Anti-Life Equation. AM also muses that had he gained the Anti-Life Equation before Darkseid, he would be perfectly willing to trade it should Darkseid give the Omega Sanction to him. While this might be AM's way of brown-nosing to Darkseid, there's a good chance he's being honest.
  • Horrifyingly, there are rumors that Darkseid wants to use other items in the same Hall of Maximum Security to amplify the Anti-Life Equation into something truly unstoppable that will lead the omniverse itself under his boot. These include taking the Throne for himself, leaving nothing left behind of the old cosmos with the Chaos Heart, and spread Anti-Life across time with Kronika's Hourglass. Any one of these prospects fills any sane deity with dread and the only reason they remain rumors is that Darkseid is unsure if doing so would backfire, so he has to be safe first. That and as powerful as he is, there are even stronger forces who won't let him get close. What he does know is that like the Life Equation, the Pure Hearts are a threat to the Anti-Life Equation and he plans to destroy them.

    The Chaos Heart 
The Chaos Heart
  • Class Level: 0
  • Appearance: A gray and black heart.
  • Theme Songs: Birth of the Chaos Heart, World of Nothing, Destruction of All Worlds, End of the World
  • Alignment: Omnicidal
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, The Power of the Void
  • Domains: Void, Destruction, Ruin, Nothingness, Chaos
  • Sacred to: Dimentio
  • Unholy to: Tippi and Count Bleck, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, all of existence
  • Desired by: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Daleks
  • Watched over by: The Living Tribunal
  • The deadliest artifact in all universes, the Chaos Heart is activated by a forced marriage between a powerful king and a pure princess. Once activated, it unleashes the Void, which proceeds to destroy all universes and leave absolutely nothing. Count Bleck tried to use it to destroy all of existence out of grief due to the fact that he believed he lost Timpani, but became a Death Seeker when he learned that she was still alive as Tippi. Unfortunately, Dimentio took control of the Chaos Heart after Bleck’s defeat and tried to destroy all worlds and remake them in his own image. Fortunately, Dimentio was stopped, but he left a shadow of his power behind to control the Chaos Heart and destroy all of existence as a final act of spite. This forced Tippi and Bleck to perform a Heroic Sacrifice, using the Pure Hearts to banish the Chaos Heart away.
  • Frighteningly enough, the Dark Prognosticus was created before the Light one...meaning that the prophecy of the Chaos Heart was the true one. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser have the eternal respect of the Hall of Opposing Fate because of this.
  • Not even the afterlife is safe from it, as seen with the Underwhere and the Overthere. Unfortunately, the Chaos Heart cannot be destroyed, only banished. Benevolent Death Entities and pretty much any that aren’t Omnicidal Maniacs dislike the Chaos Heart, but they are content to leave it in the treasury to keep it away from people like Dimentio. As for what the worlds become once the Void destroys them? It isn’t pretty.
  • The Living Tribunal, understandably, sees the threat the Chaos Heart poses to be very grave. That being said, he’s been working to ensure nobody of ill intent can get near it. He’s also been trying to keep people from creating forced marriages between fair, lovely princesses and furious monster kings as that will activate the Chaos Heart and unleash the Void as seen with Princess Peach and Bowser. He even admonished Count Bleck for using it but didn’t harm him due to his Heel–Face Turn as well as being part of a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the Chaos Heart from destroying all of existence with his love, Tippi. Dimentio wasn’t so lucky.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Destruction have taken a massive interest in it, though none moreso than Nekron himself, The Lich, Lord English, Death Phantom and Davros. Nekron sees it as an instrument of doom to put an end to existence itself while The Lich desires to use it to destroy everything, including the afterlife. Lord English wants to use it to obliterate all worlds for no reason other than to be a dick, Death Phantom wants it to empower his Malefic Black Crystal to increase its already great power as well as destroy everything and Davros wants to use it in a scheme to make a new Reality Bomb, a goal he shares with the Daleks.
  • Much like Dimentio, Bill Cipher wants to use it to destroy and reshape everything to his liking. Unlike Dimentio, he wants Weirdmageddon which would eventually cause the end of existence. Yapool and Alien Empera are also interested as they see it to be a potential way to bring about darkness everywhere.
  • To the horror of pretty much everyone, Mobius the Anti-Monitor has become interested in using the Chaos Heart. This is something that everyone can agree on should never happen as him getting his hands on the Chaos Heart would likely doom us all.
  • Lucifer has assured his allies that this definitely isn’t the type of Chaos he represents, if its chaotic at all and not just Omnicidal. It is most likely the latter. YHVH was furious of the existence of such a thing. He was even more pissed upon learning that it can’t be destroyed, only banished.
  • Despite safety measures being taken by the Living Tribunal and some others and the Chaos Heart being placed in Maximum Security, the House of Prophecy is rather uneasy due to some late predictions of the Heart being successfully stolen and used, though even they have no idea who would manage that with all of the traps and people aiming to prevent access to it.

    The Dream Stone 
The Dream Stone
  • Class 0
  • Theme Song: Adventure’s End
  • Portfolio: Make a Wish, Artifact of Power
  • Domains: Wishing, Power, Artifacts, Super Forms, Reality Warping
  • Sacred to: Bowser, Antasma
  • Of great interest to: The Grand United Alliance Leaders, GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, Dimentio, Zamasu, Thanos, The Inducers of Nightmares, Dream of the Endless, Freddy Krueger, The Lich, Present and Future Zeno, Hades (Kid Icarus), Marx, Metallix, Cackletta, Nightmare Moon, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Incubators, Jafar
  • The Dream Stone. A powerful artifact that rested on P’illo Island before and after its Evil Counterpart, The Dark Stone, was destroyed. It attracted the attention of the Bat King Antasma upon his return, and Bowser as well upon joining forces with him. They eventually acquired it and displayed its power, creating a heavily fortified flying castle and blowing up several islands using it. Bowser soon betrayed Antasma and tried to erase the Mario Bros from existence using the Dream Stone, but it was shattered into shards before he could finish his wish. He inhaled the shards and became Dreamy Bowser, but was defeated by the Mario Bros in the end and he reverted back to his original form, no longer able to access the power granted to him by the Dream Stone.
  • Its appearance in the Pantheon happened to be when some lucky god happened across it. Not knowing what it did, news of the artifact soon spread to the Mario Bros and Princess Peach, as well as Antasma and Bowser. Realizing what it was, they each raced towards the artifact, Bowser managing to get his hands on it before it was snatched by Antasma, but then the Mario Bros and Peach arrived and it transformed into a massive battle royale for the Stone. Mario, Luigi and Peach ended up defeating the two, with the fact that Bowser and Antasma were also going up against each other helping them defeat the villains more easily. Mario, Luigi and Peach soon brought it to the Court of the Gods and emphasized just how catastrophic it could be if the Dream Stone fell into the wrong hands. It was soon placed in the Treasury due to its capabilities.
  • Bowser himself was delighted to find the artifact now exists in the Pantheon and wants to use it to wish to be able to become Dreamy Bowser at will, something his enemies are trying their best to put a stop to. Antasma wants it to accomplish his goals, getting Revenge on Bowser, Mario and Luigi and then going on to Take Over the World afterwards.
  • Hades LOVES the Dream Stone, him seeing it as what the Wish Seed would’ve been had it not been a lie and seeks to steal it and replace it with a fake before finding a way to have some Pantheonic deities kill each other over the Stone so he can fuel up on souls. Rumors are beginning to suggest that he may have been the one behind its appearance in the Pantheon.
  • Quite literally has limitless capabilities, having the power to grant those who possess it their wildest dreams through wishing. Due to this, it has been compared to the Super Dragon Balls, and Beerus, Whis and Toppo have been watching it to make sure nobody with ill intent gets their hands on it. The Zenos themselves wonder just how much its powers stack compared to the Super Dragon Balls. Zamasu, seeing it as a major threat to his "Zero Mortal Plan", has tried to destroy it multiple times but has always been fended off.
  • Given its massive relationship with dreams, the Inducers of Nightmares and Dream of the Endless have taken an interest. Freddy Krueger seems very interested in it and he is to be kept away at all costs considering who he is. Nightmare Moon is also interested, but because she wants to cause The Night That Never Ends.
  • Nobody knows how it returned to being the Dream Stone after the remains of it were turned into plenty of coins previously. Many have pointed fingers at the Trollkaiger, and nobody is saying anything.
  • The Lich desires to use it to wish for the extinction of all life before destroying it so that nobody can reverse his wish. Nekron himself also likes the potential of the item and is supporting the Lich in his desires to use it.
  • The Incubators believe it is capable of freeing them from Homura’s grasp and desire to use it to not only deal with her but also fuel the Law of Cycles. Jafar is also interested, mainly because he seeks to use it to become more powerful than even his genie form.
  • It’s spirit lives in the Dream World. When anybody asks the spirit about the Dream Stone’s location, it responds by saying “I’d be happy to...NOT TELL YOU!”

     Li'l Cal 
Li'l Cal (The Juju, Caliborn, Gamzee, Arquiusprite, Calsprite)
  • Class Level: 0
  • Appearance: A ventriloquist's puppet of decidedly uncanny appearance, dressed in either a blue-and-white "gangsta" outfit, purple pajamas, or a green tuxedo.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, just like Lord English, as it contains his soul.
  • Portfolio: Demonic Dummies, Making everyone who owns it worse, Creepy Dolls, Perverse Puppets, Nightmare Fuel, Very Bad End, Soul Jars, Stable Time Loops, Only one in existence, Ending every universe it has appeared in.
  • Domains: Corruption, Death, Fear, Madness, Evil Puppets, Souls
  • Similar Artifacts: More than we really want to think about, with The One Ring, The Horcrux, and Zanza's Monado being at the top of the list.
  • It has been said that Li'l Cal exists only to turn the lives of every being occupying the same universe as him into a living nightmare. While this has not been proven, he has played an integral role in enough multiverse-wrecking shit to lend a certain amount of credence to the theory.
  • The truth about Li'l Cal is that it is the Soul Jar of Lord English. It has appeared in the nightmares of Sburb players from universe to universe, being dragged out of dreams and into reality to complete his Time Loops that he uses to destroy universe after universe. Li'l Cal is used to create Doc Scratch. Doc Scratch destroys the universe and summons Lord English. Lord English goes back in time to summon Li'l Cal and wreak havoc across the doomed universe. Then he does this all over again in the next Universe. Therefore, its very existence in a universe is a death sentence to reality.
  • Li'l Cal was summoned in the Pantheon by putting a nightmare in Strong Bad's subconscious, asking him to draw it and then letting his tendency to cause Reality Bleed do the rest. He is still upset about being used like this
  • The souls inside Li'l Cal consist of Caliborn, Gamzee, and Arquiusprite (who is a fusion of Equius, Lil Hal, and a Kernelsprite. However, regardless of who is inside of the doll, it is clearly Caliborn's malice that is in charge.
    • Doc Scratch, who is the first to come out of Li'l Cal, has his personality composed of the nastier aspects of Dirk and Equius. Lord English, who comes from Doc Scratch, is composed of Caliborn and Gamzee, with Caliborn being in charge of everything.
  • Li'l Cal is in Maximum Security for several reasons. First, it's mere existence in a universe mean that universe is destined to be destroyed. Plus, Doc Scratch put it in there since it contains his and Lord English's soul. Other people are fine with it being there, since people who hold onto it for extended periods of time tend to become... bad people. Bro Strider became an Abusive Parent and Gamzee became a Monster Clown. Only Dirk was was unaffected and at that point, the puppet was soulless. That being said though, since they already had a version of their soul in the puppet already, it's possible they were more susceptible to its gaze. Most importantly though, the doll just flat-out terrifies everyone.
  • It should be noted that the Doll is a Juju. Juju's are objects that only one of can exist in reality. If another exists, or is created, it is either destined for either be destroyed, is the exact same item in two different places due to time shenanigans, or destined to be sent back in time to become the original. Li'l Cal had/will have (Time travel is complicated) the last two happen to it.
  • Due to the doll's incredible capacity for destruction and mayhem, Bill Cipher and Dimentio want to use it for their goals. Doc Scratch and Bill Cipher get along and Lord English likes to use clowns, so the idea isn't completely off the table, but due to the Doll's use of Stable Time Loops, the fact that Lord English isn't already there where they want him to be makes the odds of it working... unlikely.
  • Erma does not like this thing and is quite glad it is in Maximum Security. Not only does it remind her of Wittle Wallace, a Demonic Dummy, unlike him Lil Cal is destined to show up somewhere else in the future, so the same trick of having him be Dragged Off to Hell won't work permanently. If that wasn't bad enough, the doll is responsible for birthing Doc Scratch, a puppet too powerful for even her to deal with, and Lord English, the ultimate slayer of creatures like her and an utter monster.
  • There are several evil puppet Dieties that are interested in Li'l Cal. Slappy is someone who enjoys company with the doll, due to them both being evil dummies, though since Lil Cal is stuck in Maximum Security, He'll settle with hanging with Doc Scratch, which is the next best thing. Chucky is also interested in the puppet due to also being a soul in a doll. He and Slappy are hoping to use Li'l Cal to figure out how to get the First Guardian powers Doc Scratch has. (Lord English's powers come from something else entirely and are simply not an option.)
    • Speaking of puppets, John Kramer, The Jigsaw Killer, avoids the puppet and Lord English and Doc Scratch like a plague. Not only are they evil to the core, horrifying The Jigsaw Killer, but more disturbingly, Caliborn has made Saw references several times in his life despite never encountering the man, as did Bro Strider when he had the thing.
    • The Muppets are also opposed to this wretched thing. The obvious aside, when Bro had had it, he made a disturbing comic about them. He also made some perverted puppets called Smuppets, but so did Dirk who wasn't effected.
      • Eventually, the more 4th wall aware dieties figured out the source of the Muppets and Jigsaw nonsense. Turns out Andrew Hussie (the real life one) and a member of his Forum basically had a troll role-play involving Saw and Muppets. It holds the basis for some of his jokes and was referenced several times.

    The Pure Hearts 
The Pure Hearts
Tippi and Count Bleck next to the Purity Heart
  • Class Level: 0 (Would be lower, but they are the only things capable of countering the Chaos Heart)
  • Appearance: Eight heart-shaped objects in all colors of the rainbow plus white
  • Theme Songs: Soft Light, Pure Heart Get, Open the Next Door, Four Heroes Unite (The latter only when Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser are using them to get rid of the invincibility that the Chaos Heart grants its user.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Power of Love, Made of Love, Love Redeems, Existing as long as there is love
  • Domains: Love, Creations, Good, Saving
  • These eight hearts were created to counteract the Chaos Heart so that no universe would be completely consumed by the Void. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser had to travel throughout multiple worlds to collect them and are the only ones who can use them to cancel out the invincibility granted to the Chaos Heart’s user. It was also used by Tippi and Count Bleck to banish away the Chaos Heart when it came dangerously close to destroying all of existence when Dimentio performed a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum. To do this, he left behind a shadow of his power to control it even when he perished after his final defeat, but saving all of existence came with a cost.
  • Are a very important key to countering the Chaos Heart. Without them, there would be nothing to stop it from bringing about the destruction of all worlds. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser are the only ones who can use them to nullify the invincibility the Chaos Heart grants to its user and even then they need to be together to do it. Note
  • The Pure Hearts are fueled by love and are to be kept away from those who want to get rid of them all at all times so that they can be used in case that the GUAD or someone else of ill will gets their hands on their opposite. The Love That Moves The Stars enjoys them due to their nature as does The One Above All. The Living Tribunal has been taking measures to ensure that the GUAD, other Omnicidal Maniacs and anyone else with evil intent cannot break in and try to remove them from the equation.
  • Much like how the Chaos Heart garnered interest from the GUAD, the Pure Hearts obtained interest in the form of the GUAG. They are well aware of the high stakes the Chaos Heart caused and have obtained the Tribunal’s permission to take them from the Treasury should the GUAD or anyone else successfully take the Chaos Heart from Maximum Security. The GUAD is planning to remove the obstacle in the way of the destruction of all life that are the Pure Hearts.
  • Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, was ecstatic that they were powered by Love and that even resulted in them overriding Dimentio’s Xanatos Gambit and saving all of existence. Flonne loves talking about this and is more than willing to lend a hand to Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser should someone successfully get their hands on the Chaos Heart and is convinced that Bleck’s Heel–Face Turn is more than enough proof that Love Redeems.
  • A hot topic of the House of Love and Affection, though they wont respond to tainted forms of Love. However, despite this, it is all kinds of love that happen to fuel the Pure Hearts and while they exist as long as there is love, this means if there is tainted love but not true, pure love, the Hearts won’t stop working. Most of the House of Love and Affection respects Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Tippi and Count Bleck for putting an end to Dimentio’s twisted scheme.
  • YHVH dislikes them as they are necessary to counter the Chaos Heart and he refuses to believe he can’t do anything to it on his own, especially since they require emotion to exist, something the Chaos Heart doesn’t need as Nastasia proved. The Shadow Queen is deathly afraid of them as since they are Made of Love, they can cancel out her invulnerability. She wants to find a way to get rid of them, no matter who pays the price.

    The Throne 
The Throne
The Throne through the eras. note 
  • Appearance: Varies depending on the current holder, but in general takes the shape on some sort of ornate seat. Unknown whether it even has a true form.
  • Class Level: 0
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Reality Warping on a Multiversal Scale, Technology indistinguishable from magic, Artifact from lost times, Only usable by those chosen by it, Only one may be seated on it
  • The Throne is a powerful metaphysical device that exists above all of creation and was created by an ancient advanced civilization allowing an individual absolute domain over all of creation, becoming a god in the process and able to manipulate reality on a conceptual level. It also serves a secondary purpose of acting as a scaffolding for the God currently seated on it, as a god of the Throne is, in essence, a walking universe with things such as a single drop of their blood being more massive than even a neutron star. Their spiritual mass is simply so immense that all of creation would simply implode if not for the Throne supporting their existence.
  • Although its true form is unknown, it generally can be compared to a canvas, where every new "author" paints over the past world with their own image. The first user was a woman from the same civilization that created the Throne that believed herself the be the only true justice in the world and would become known as the 1st Heaven.
  • Since then, the Throne has changed hands several times, with new laws being created by each of its users each time with effects ranging from selfish to altruistic, and would rule for eons before being dethroned by the next one. One god's rule can never be permanent, however, due to a being called the Observer, a being the "should not be", that was accidentally created alongside the Throne. The Observer's arrival heralds the end of the current rule and the beginning of a new one. Additionally, there can never be more than one god and there can never be more than one main law. The lone exception to this was during the rule of the 5th Heaven due to the nature of her law.
  • Another part of the Throne is its archive. This contains the memories and laws of the past gods. And through the archive, the current god is able to invoke those laws, albeit only temporary and only within their own realm. And hidden deep within those archives lies a horrifying truth. The Throne's whole existence and the system it supports was meant to supress a mysterious and extremely dangerous being located in the Origin Coordinate known as Naraka.
  • The means of ascending the Throne though are not as straightforward as might seem. A being needs to achieve Emanation and that is a right that is only bestowed upon an individual from birth. Emanation itself requires someone the reject the current laws of the world on a fundamental level and overwrite with those of one's own design. But on top of that, a great amount of power is also required, usually in the form of a vast amount of souls. Only then will the Emanation occur and will put immense stress on the world until the stress is sufficient to break open a hole in the fabric of reality itself, opening the path to the Throne. Once Emanation has started it cannot be stopped until it is complete, and once complete cannot be undone save for emanating a new law once again.
  • Needless to say, due to the Thrones immense power and capabilities, storing it within the deepest depths of the high-security vault was a no-brainer. In addition to the usual security measures, it also has a trap made of the laws of the Eight Heavens. While these laws are weaker than their true counterparts since they are taken from the Thrones archive, they still have the trait of being universal laws even if it is within a limited space.
    • However, due to the Thrones metaphysical nature, what is actually stored in the vault is not the Throne itself but rather a piece of its archive. This is however considered dangerous enough as is due to the presence of numerous deities in the Pantheon that could possibly ascend to it and create their own law should the knowledge of its existence and the means to do so come to light.
  • Since the Throne overwrites and creates new laws of the entire multiverse, any God of the Throne tend to automatically find themselves in ill favor with The Living Tribunal, regardless of reason or method in using it, as it overrules any of his decisions and imposes the new laws without due process.
  • Despite the efforts to keep the Thrones existence hidden, it was perhaps inevitable that some whispers of it would start circling eventually. Shay Cormac would be one of the early ones that caught wind of it. Believing it to be tech of the First Civilization, he set out to try and pry some information from those in the know in search of it.
    • Similarly, word would reach the ears of both Aerys the Mad and Cersei. With the rumors of its power, they both seek it to give them the power to conquer Westeros and Essos completely unaware of its requirements and the true extent of its power. While the rumors speak of its might, most assume it is just exaggerations, not realizing that they might actually be understatements.
    • While Mercurius simply scoff at the information leak due to it being unlikely someone would be able to claim the Throne, Ren has expressed quite a bit of concern. Not so much over the chance that someone could emanate, but rather over the possibility of conflicts or even wars erupting from factions and individuals trying to lay claim to it on what would most likely be a fruitless endeavor.
  • Due to the way the Throne works as well as similarities in events, some among those who are aware of its existence have started to suspect that Madoka Kaname have either used or even been a God of the Throne. Madoka has however denied this while both Mithra and Mercurius have confirmed that she is found nowhere in its records. This has however shifted the gaze onto the Incubators instead and them having a possible link to the civilization that created the Throne.
    • In much the same vein, a possible link to the Three Reasons has also been put forth.

Class 1

     The Ark of the Covenant 

Marcus Brody: "The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste to entire regions. An army which carries the Ark before it is invincible."

The Ark of the Covenant (Ark of the Testimony, Ark of God, God's Box, The Lost Ark, Army Intel No. 9906753)
The Ark of the Covenant, as seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Description: The most sacred - and powerful - relic of the ancient Israelites; a chest made from acacia wood, overlayed in pure gold, with an elaborately designed lid, designed to carry the Ten Commandments
  • Leitmotif: Theme of the Ark of the Covenant
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignmemt: Lawful Good
  • Created By: Moses (on God's orders)
  • Date And Location Of Creation: 1400 B.C., Mount Sinai
  • Date and Location Of Discovery: Disputed.
    • According to Indiana Jones: August, 1936 at the Well of Souls - Tanis Ruins, Egypt
    • According to Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad: 1191 at the Jerusalem Vault, underneath Solomon's Temple - Jerusalem, Israel
  • Measurements: 2.5 cubits long, 1.5 cubits high and wide
  • Museum Check: Denied
  • Portfolio: The Most Sacred Relic Of The Israelites That Can Bring Down The Wrath Of God On Israel's Enemies
  • Sacred To: God (both versions), Moses, King David, King Solomon, Indiana Jones, Bruce Nolan (sort of), Hebrew/Jewish deities (among them Adam and Eve, Magneto, Kitty Pryde, Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Tom Berenson, Jake and Rachel, Kyle Brovfloski, Krusty the Clown The Basterds, BJ Blazkowicz), Christian deities (President Jed Bartlett Alexander Anderson, Joshua Graham, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Saint Martha and Saint George, Arthur Pendragon)
  • Bane Of: all evil Nazi deities and their collaborators (especially Major Toht and René Belloq), Millennium, HYDRA
  • Banned From Entry: Eric Cartman The High Sparrow
  • Point of Interest To: Bishop Mozgus, The Illuminati, the deified members of the Assassins Order, Shay Cormac, Doctor Strange, John Constatine
  • Built at the foot of Mount Sinai one year after the Israelites' flight from Egypt, the Ark of the Covenant is said to be the most sacred of relics revered by God's chosen people. The Ark not only contains the original stone slates which detailed the Ten Commandments, but according to some biblical accounts, also contains Aaron's rod and a jar of manna. It is also said to be one of the most powerful of relics, that whoever carries the Ark before its armies is invincible. After changing hands between Israel and its regional rivals/occasional overlords, the Philistines, King David took posession of the Ark and following the Unification of Israel, had the Ark moved from Kiharth-Jearim to Zion so that a temple can be constructed around it. As the Ark is sacred, it is also deadly, as one of its movers fell to the ground dead after touching it. Understandably, David was concerned and had the Ark stored in a house for safekeeping. Three months later, David heard that God had blessed the household for keeping the Ark safe, and had the relic brought to Zion.
  • Indiana Jones knows of the Ark all too well. After all, he was the one who discovered it in 1936. According to Indy, Pharoah Shishak raided the Jewish Temple, stole the Ark, and took it back to Tanis, where it was hidden in the Well of Souls. One year later, God wiped Tanis off the map via dust storm, and the Ark would remain hidden for over 1,500. After fighting with Belloq and the Nazis over the Ark, Indy came out as the victor with an assist from God, of whom Belloq and the Nazis had invoked His Wrath by opening the Ark and looking inside. Indy and Marion survived by closing their eyes, both in reverence and in fear of God's Wrath. The American government would soon take posession of the Ark, and hid it inside Area 51, where it was inadvertantly discovered by Indy yet again during a tussle with Russian spies about 22 years later. This led Indy to petition the Pantheon to allow the Ark to find a more proper place in the Pantheon... albeit within the Maximum Security wing of Treasures. Even with the support of Kings David and Solomon, the petition almost went nowhere, until God Himself interverened, and asked nicely that the Ark be relocated to the Pantheon. The request was granted immediately.
    • However, Indy's claim about his discovery of the Ark is challenged by the deified Assassin Grandmaster Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Even more shocking is that this claim is backed by the deified Templar, Shay Cormac. Rather than the Well of Souls within the Tanis Ruins, Altaïr and Cormac both claim that the Ark of the Covenant was discovered in the Jerusalem Vault underneath Solomon's Temple. Altaïr and Cormac are investigating on whether or not The Ark - of which an Apple of Eden was found - is an Isu relic... or whether or not it can be used to gain an upper hand in the Assassin-Templar War. And one can only guess as to what The Illuminati is thinking about doing to The Ark if they get their hand on it. If The Illuminati know anything, they are tight-lipped about any plans regarding the Ark. Given that the Illuminati is the bigger threat between the Assassins and the Templars, it's believed that the Illuminati will try and snatch the Ark after both sides bloody themselves to the point where they can't put up any form of resistance once the Illuminati makes their move.
  • The Ark's resting place in Maximum Security is rather simple. The Ark sits on raised platform in the middle of a room the size of a college classroom, as its location also serves as a shrine for pilgrims. The Ark is partially concealed by a sacred tent, and tended by Jewish priests, similar as to how the ancient Israelites had done during their 40 years in the desert. As per Jewish tradition, the priests are from the Tribe of Levi, as the Levite priests were able to touch the Ark without suffering its terminal side effects. This was done at Solomon's suggestion, as he and David wanted something a bit more simple, in the event that the Ark's location would become a holy site. The tent is open, showing those who visit that the Ark is indeed the genuine article. Upon hearing of the Ark's presence in the Pantheon, the more pious Christian deities have come to offer their services in guarding the Ark on rotation. King Arthur Pendragon volunteered the services of the devout Sir Galahad and Sir Perceval - famous for discovering the Holy Grail - for this noblest of tasks, along with two other knights. In a show of genuine humility and reverence, Alexander Anderson volunteered himself and three of his Iscariot Paladins to help guard the Ark. Even President Bartlett has assigned four of his Secret Service agents to protect the Ark, making sure that the agents themselves were religious as he was.
    • As the Ark is also sacred to Jewish-born deities, the Basterds also part-time as protectors of the Ark when not actively hunting and killing Nazis (with approval from Lt. Raine). The Basterds also pray at the site, yes, even the Bear Jew. Krusty the Clown also visited the Ark, but not for his usual antics, but - to honor his late rabbi father - also offer up prayers, alongside South Park's finest shlokas, Kyle Brovfloski. As both a Jew and a Holocaust survivor, Magneto also volunteers for guard duty, and is accompanied by Kitty Pryde and Ben Grimm, Magneto being quite knowledgeable about the Ark and its power.
  • Eric Cartman is banned from the site, after goading Kenny McCormick to touch the Ark for 5 bucks, with the most obvious of results. God responded by zapping the little fatass with a bolt of lightning yet again, and reviving Kenny. Even BJ Blazkowicz (who is half-Jewish himself), lays flowers down at the site, and silently prays, accompanied by his daughters, Jess and Sophie, and his descendant, the Doom Slayer. Both men claimed that they felt a sense of peace wash over them, as if God had told them in His own way, that they have found His favor (killing Nazis for BJ, killing Demons for the Doom Slayer). BJ can also be seen smirking as he recall Indy's tale about the last time Nazis had the bright idea of messing with The Ark. Father Mozgus also offered his Inquisitors to act as guards to the Ark, but thankfully, the offer was politely declined. Given that Mozgus was a fundamentalist psychopath and his Inquisitors were not any better, it was a wise decision.
    • Speaking of Hitler's goose-stepping morons, news of The Ark's addition into the Pantheon has reached them. Ernst Toht and René Belloq was reported to have vacated their bowels upon hearing that the instrument behind their demise was now in the Pantheon. Despite Hitler's obsession with the occult, even Wilhelm Strasse and the most hard-core Nazis realize that after what had happened with Toht and Dietrich when they opened God's Box and brought down His Wrath upon them, aside the fact that several of Strasse's past colleagues ended up either killed or zombified when messing with ancient relics, that maybe messing with The Ark isn't in their best interest. But even Strasse is miffed at King David's ability to weaponize the Ark with the power to kill in a single attack should the occasion calls for it. But not even the risk of face melting couldn't defer Red Skull's interest in the Ark. The chance to harness God's power against their enemies is something that is too tempting to pass up. Right now, HYDRA and Millenium are working together as to bring the power of God to heel.
  • Other parties are intrigued by the Ark's presence in the Pantheon. Reed Richards and Tony Stark have voiced their interest in researching the Ark for scientific purposes. Shockingly enough, Doctor Doom refuses to even consider the idea. "A man must know his limits, and Doom knows his. Doom is not foolish enough to invoke God's wrath," he said. Ben Grimm also shot down Reed's suggestion of further research. "Stretch, there are some things that science can't answer. It's all about havin' a little faith," the Thing said. John Constatine and Zatanna Zatara also would like to study the Ark, but King David and King Solomon are a bit apprehensive in letting 'heathens' study the Ark. The Enclave has taken a great interest in The Ark, believing it to be the key in reforming a shattered America.
  • For all of the crap he's pulled, even Samael (or Lucifer, if you prefer) knows not to mess with the Ark of the Covenant. "Messing with mankind? Of course. Tempting Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge? Most definitely. Trolling His Son? I can do that. Messing with that thing? No thanks. Even I know not to mess with Daddy's precious box," Lucifer remarked. Most of the Demons steer clear of the Ark, given its destructive power. Guts is wondering if he can get King David to use the power of the Ark to wipe out The Idea of Evil, Griffith, and the Godhand (and maybe purge the Brands of Sacrifice from him and Casca). As Spawn once had the powers of Heaven, he is not repelled by the Ark's power, but decides to maintain his distance out of respect. Those in the House of Crime have varying opinions on the Ark. Carmen Sandiego and Cassim refuses to even consider trying to swipe the Ark. Despite being a thief himself, Robin Hood is a religious man and also spends time on guard duty, protecting the Ark alongside King Arthur. Even Omar Little refuses to try and jack the Ark, as he does not want to disappoint his churchgoing grandmother.
  • Lara Croft claimed to have found the Ark, and had it stashed away inside her Manor. Turns out that it was a false copy. Still, she and Nathan Drake congratulated Indy for not only finding the Ark - and sticking it to the Nazis - but also bringing it into the Pantheon. Kratos doesn't see what the fuss was about. Still, he respectfully keeps his distance from The Ark. Selina Kyle and Felicia Hardy both refused offers to try and steal the Ark, while Kano is seriously considering swiping it, for shits and giggles. That, and he hoped to use the power of the Ark against the Cage family and Raiden's champions. Kratos has an inkling as to what the Ark is, and it's connection to what he saw inside the Sisters' Temple detailing the prophecy of Christ's birth. Wisely, he decides to give the Ark a wide berth. The High Sparrow sees the Ark as an abomination towards the Seven-Who-Are-One. Every once in a while, the High Sparrow sends the Faith Militant to try and destroy the Ark, only to miserably fail each time, due in part to the Ark's guards. One of the Faith Militant did touch the Ark, only to drop dead. Now, the High Sparrow is among those who are banned from entry to the Ark's site.

    The Dark Soul 
The Dark Soul of Man
The Dark Soul on the hands of the Furtive Pygmy
  • Appearance: A tiny light flame, held by the hands of a Pygmy.
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignment: True Neutral but can go to Chaotic Evil if too much of humanity is gained and/or it burns out.
  • Museum Check: Denied
  • Portfolio: The soul of the Furtive Pygmy, so easily forgotten, seen as a tiny flame, seen as something incomprehensible yet are seen as integral to humans despite being the source of many monsters, the source of Humanity in general, being the piece of the Furtive Pygmy shared to all of Humanity
  • Domains: Souls, Humanity, Flame, Light and Darkness, Death
  • Current "wielder": Slave Knight Gael
  • Sacred to: Most humans who reside from Lordran and beyond, including The Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Ashen One and Solaire of Astora, Lord Aldia
  • Unholy to:
  • Heavily Opposed by: the God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Source of Interest for: The House of Knowledge
  • In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons. But then there was Fire and with fire came disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark. Then from the dark, They came, and found the Souls of Lords within the flame. Nito, the First of the Dead, The Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, and his faithful knights. And the Furtive Pygmy, so easily forgotten
    • With the strength of Lords, they challenged the Dragons. Gwyn's mighty bolts peeled apart their stone scales. The Witches weaved great firestorms. Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease. And Seath the Scaleless betrayed his own, and the Dragons were no more.
    • Thus began the Age of Fire. But soon the flames will fade and only Dark will remain. Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights. And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign.
    • Yes, indeed. The Darksign brands the Undead. And in this land, the Undead are corralled and led to the north, where they are locked away, to await the end of the world... This is your fate.
  • Cycles, Gods and Humanity. In the old age where the world was ancient and had yet to be uncovered, there was only fog and dragons of old, but came fire and with it, an opposite part, disparity. This created an opposite effect on many things, most importantly, light and dark. 4 Lord Souls, each given to mighty deities that would rule the land with great power. Hollows would go out of the dark and into the First Flame, claiming these souls, 3 of which were large and given to three subjects. However, a lowly soul was given to a simple Pygmy, his soul was the Dark Soul and with it, created sprites of darkness called humanity who would become his descendants. Those who bore the markings of the Dark Soul fought against the Everlasting Dragons, but the gods who saw and conscripted these humans knew the dangers of their origin and decided to place in them a seal known as the Darksign. This sign alone would become the mark that every human would suffer with for generations to come, and as for the Dark Soul, it bore with it a monstrous side, one that occurs when having too much humanity is gained: the Abyss.
  • The addition of the Dark Soul was a contentious debacle. On one hand, the addition of it by various archeologists would answer many questions to humanity's (possible) origins from where the Chosen Undead and company resides, but on the other hand, Gwyn's contempt of such lead to arguments to whether or not the Dark Soul had the right of being brought for inspection. After various events and the slow dwindling reputation of the once Lord of Sunlight, the votes to bring the Dark Soul outweighed the denials for it, thus forcing Gwyn no choice but to surrender, resulting to the Dark Soul being added to the Treasury for studies sake. Since then, the king has not spoken back to any question regarding the true nature of it, alongside the other plethora of questions about the past.
  • Out of all the mysteries that surround the nature of Lordran and those beyond, the Dark Soul remains one of, if not, the penultimate enigma for all beings that originate from it. Whether it be those undead such as the Chosen Undead or those who even bore its curse such as the Bearer of the Curse, almost everyone has some sort of link to it, origin or hatred of such. But to make it concise, the Dark Soul was originally the catalyst of the first humans, in other words, it was part of many humans although was should be emphasized. It was a Lord Soul, a soul of great power, that was given to the forgotten being known as the Furtive Pygmy, who created sprites that would ultimately be the first humans. These humans that came out of the darkness would help with Gwyn in the war against the Everlasting Dragons, but whereas the other wielders of the Lord Souls were given great gifts, those who bore the Dark Soul were ultimately screwed by Gwyn, who was terrified of the prospect of the humans' powers. This lead to the creation of the Darksign, a mark that was placed on every human being to remove the Dark Soul from them and link them to the Age of Fire. The Dark Soul that was removed would soon turn into the nightmarish entity known as the Abyss, which would be the source of all the monsters that would terrorize the lands to come.
    • In addition, the first humans, known as pygmies, were imprisoned in the city known as the Ringed City, all built by Gwyn not as a home, but a prison of sorts, giving them idols to distract them from the outside world. The gods would soon reign, but as for every Age of Fire, there is an Age of Dark, and soon the humans marked with the Darksign slowly went hollow, creating the 'Undead Curse'. Even the Gods were not immune to the Dark Soul's removal. Artorias was corrupted by the Abyss, the Nameless King went hollow, even Gwyn himself, who dedicated his life to protecting the First Flame, went hollow as well. Thus, the nature of the universe was all changed because of the removal of one entity.
  • Various scholars and other greater beings have wanted to study the origins of the Dark Soul as they wonder how one such entity was responsible for the utterly depressing setting to come. Many have tried uncovering its origins, but few have actually succeeded, though security for it has been at an all time high. While the nature of it is mostly speculatory, there are a few things that have been at the very least confirmed. It was the origin of many humans, hence it being a birthmark, the removal of it created the effect of hollowing for the unfortunate beings later on, and that gaining too much humanity was enough for one to go mad, that being the case with Manus, Father of the Abyss.
    • Speaking of which, the other curious deities have wondered what happened to the Dark Soul following it being removed by Gwyn and manifesting as the Abyss. Well for starters, the first direction pointed to was Manus, but he represents the Abyss, the uncontrolled form of humanity so he does not directly possess the Dark Soul. On the other hand, one can point to Nashandra and the Children of Dark but that was dismissed as they were born from Manus' fragmented soul, so they do not directly possess the Dark Soul. All was lost until the Ashen One's foray to the Ringed City where they discovered the last sighting and wielder of the Dark Soul in its raw form: eaten by Slave Knight Gael.
  • Everyone in the setting have become affected by the Dark Soul and its removal from humanity, the Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse are forced to use Humanities (and Human Effigies for the Bearer) from time to time regain their power through souls, while the Ashen One has his dependent on Embers thanks to Lord Gwyn's Darksign. Other beings like Solaire can also go Hollow while Sister Friede's predicament of being unkindled leads to the guess that world has relied too much on the First Flame obviously linking it with the removal of the Dark Soul and forcing people to live off through the Flame alone. The Gods of the universe are also affected by it (and by speculation alone, it may be that the 'Gods' of the universe were just very empowered hollows), as evidenced by one rumored member of the Dragonslayers from Ornstein becoming corrupted as a result while the Nameless King became hollow when the Ashen One came to Archdragon Peak, even Gwyn himself became hollow upon inspection in the Kiln of the First Flame. The only outlier on this is Lord Aldia, who saw that humanity were the original bearers of the Dark Soul and that Gwyn robbed them their original birthmark.
    • That does not mean that the Dark Soul is inherently bad, quite the contrary, a few such as the herald of Gael, known as the Painter, sees the Dark Soul as a gentle entity despite its nature. Considering she has been using said entity as pigment for her painting, she wishes to make it a new place of comfort for Gael, which is exactly why the latter sacrificed himself to give the Dark Soul a form for her to use. The Ashen One's last meeting with her unfortunately points a terrible picture as while she may create a new home for people to live in, she is unaware of Gael's death and the former has kept it that way.
  • To say that the other greater deities have become disillusioned at the Dark Soul's concept is putting it lightly. Many were outright confused and even mad at Gwyn for hiding something towards the other big gods while others, such as the God Emperor of Mankind rejected the idea that humans originated from the Dark Soul, seeing that he guided the first humans in the times of Ancient Anatolia, making the entire origin of the Dark Soul conflicting in his eyes. However, that does mean that people get to see the truth of Gwyn's goodness that being him gutting out the Dark Soul and prolonging an Age of Fire that only made things worse for him and the others as well.
  • The House of Knowledge has been doing a large project to study the Dark Soul and its influences. Many events and concepts of the universe were molded by its existence such as humanities and effigies, the Darksign, Dark Sigil and countless others. However, they have gathered little due to the high security of the Treasury as well as the unfortunate fact that the Dark Soul, or rather the events past the Furtive Pygmy's discovery of it, remains speculatory. For them, they will have to rely on the Chosen Undead and similar beings to understand the nature of it, especially Lord Gwyn, who seems to have seen it in the past thanks to him cursing anyone linked with it.

    Kronika's Hourglass and Crown 
Kronika's Hourglass and Crown (The Hourglass, Death Clock, Tick-Tock You Don't Stop - by Johnny Cage)
The Hourglass
Kronika's Crown
  • Descriptions:
    • The Hourglass: A massive hourglass, containing the Sands of Time
    • The Crown: A powerful relic and amplifier, used to reset time alongside the Hourglass
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Relics, Time Manipulation
  • Abilities: 
  • Creators: Kronika (Hourglass), Shang Tsung (Crown)
  • Owner/Sacred To: Kronika (former), Liu Kang (current, as the Fire God)
  • Notable Users: Shang Tsung, Kano
  • Coveted by: Every single villain and villainous faction in the Pantheon, including SKYNET, HYDRA, Shocker, The Enclave, Sheev Palpatine, Shay Cormac, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula Vlad Tepes, Gabriel Belmont, Apocalypse, William Stryker, Thanos, General Zod, Darkseid, and Malebolgia
  • Point Of Interest To: Illyana 'Magik' Rasputin, Doctor Strange, Zatanna Zatara, John Constatine, The Dahaka, The Vex
  • Considered to be the two most powerful of relics in the Mortal Kombat universe, The Hourglass allows the Keeper of Time to manipulate time as they see fit. However, to reset time completely, one also needs Kronika's Crown. Without the Crown, any attempt to reset time will result in the destruction of all the realms.
    • Shang Tsung discovered this little detail whilst imprisoned and hatched a scheme that would make him Keeper of Time. However, Liu Kang (as the new Fire God) was familiar of Shang Tsung's lies and hatched a plan of his own; to allow Shang to do all of the footwork and secure the Crown at the cost of his friends' lives before intervening personally to take the Crown for himself. Shang's response as to discovering his most hated rival's scheme?
    Shang Tsung: You let me win. And to ensure victory, you sacrificed the lives of your friends. (chuckles at the irony) How deliciously cold-blooded.
  • The Crown was not created by Kronika, but rather by Shang Tsung, and imbued with countless souls Shang has collected over the years to power it. As Shang himself demonstrated, the Crown increases the powers of its wielder immensely, which allowed him to defeat Nightwolf, Raiden, Fujin, Shao Kahn, Sindel and Kronika in rapid succession.
  • Currently, the Hourglass is in dispute as to who owns it. Kronika claims that as the creator of the Hourglass, both said relic and the Crown belongs to her, while Shang Tsung declares that by defeating Kronika, the Hourglass and Crown are his. However, Liu Kang has the evidence proving that he usurped the both of them by defeating both Kronika, but also Shang in kombat. As a result the Main House rules in Liu's favor. Unfortunately, neither Shang nor Kronika will take this ruling lying down. As it turns out, the Hourglass and Crown has drawn unwanted attention for Liu Kang. Fortunately for Liu, the warring factions seeking the Hourglass and Crown are fighting amongst themselves for the prize, allowing Liu to just sit back and watch the ruckus. Johnny, being Johnny, watches the free-for-all at Liu's temple with a bag of popcorn.
    • The main threat comes from Superman's villainous counterpart. Not only does he want the Hourglass to revive the Regime, but to also bring back his deceased wife.
    • Shay Cormac is probably the easiest of the villains who want the Hourglass and Crown, the Assassin Hunter believing it to be Isu relics. Eventhough the idea has been disproven, Cormac desires the Hourglass and Crown to further the Templar's goals.
    • Out of the villains who covet the Hourglass' power, Dracula Vlad Tepes and Gabriel Belmont are by far, the least selfish. They simply want to use the Hourglass to bring their respective wives back.
    • Twice, has Shocker used time-altering equipment to change events in their favor. Using the Hourglass and Crown for a third time may be problematic, as now it has to contend with HYDRA and The Enclave.
    • Due to being the Terminator being linked to SKYNET's mainframe, the genocidal supercomputer is privy in regards to the knowledge regarding the Hourglass. Too bad that the Terminator that was sent to the MK Universe had tossed itself into the Sea of Blood, meaning that whatever knowledge SKYNET has on the relics in question is limited.
    • Spawn has sent word to Liu Kang that Malebolgia has taken an interest in the Hourglass, with the ultimate goal of using the relic to burn down the Gates of Heaven. Liu thanked Spawn for the warning and is now on his guard against Spawn's former master.
  • However, the good-aligned deities specializing in magic have taken an interest in the Hourglass. Only a select few are allowed to study the Hourglass and Crown, and that list is endorsed by Kitana, Sonya and Jax.
  • The Time Police was very concerned with the emergence of the Hourglass in the Pantheon, believing that Kronika might try and rewind the Pantheon's timeline. Fortunately, they all calmed down upon seeing that Liu Kang was in control of the Hourglass. Despite Liu's promise of letting mortals choose their own destiny, the Time Police continue to monitor the Hourglass closely, albeit from a distance.
  • The power of the Hourglass is far too tempting to pass up. It all depends on who possesses the Hourglass. For example, Cassie Cage refused the power of the Hourglass, settling for the life of a soldier, but did use its power to bring her mother back from the dead. And there's Erron Black, who dumped the Hourglass into the Sea of Blood, where it would sink for all eternity.
  • The Dahaka is keeping a close eye on both the Hourglass and Crown, as well as its new caretaker. The Dahaka was not too keen on Kronika's repeated meddling with the timeline. However, Liu Kang is the exception, as his meddling with the timeline is for the betterment of all parties involved.
  • Though displaying enough power to achieve the desired effect similar to that of Time Masters, the Vex keep watch over the Hourglass and Crown regardless. It appears that they do not want anyone else taking control of such power for themselves as it would only complicate their goals of ensuring their supremacy. It is for that very reason Vex structures has been sighted not too far outside the Treasures with their architects simply watching with their cold red eyes, ready to execute those who desire the two artifacts with extreme prejudice. Whether or not they want the two artifacts for themselves to simplify their endgame is another story, however.
  • One horrible example of these artifacts being used by a villain is an alternate timeline where Kano got his hands on them and twisted reality To Create a Playground for Evil, installing himself as the supreme ruler and throwing the worlds into complete anarchy for his own amusement. Thankfully, he was stripped of these items and Fire God Liu Kang restored everything back to its original state.
  • The Hourglass has an unfortunate consequence of putting Kitty Pryde on Kronika and Shang's radar. The Black Vortex has the ability to create a cosmic being. Imagine the mayhem if Kronika and/or Shang could unleash by combining the powers of the Black Vortex with the Hourglass...

Numidium (Anumidium, Brass Tower, The Brass God, Walk-Brass, Big Walker)
Anumidium schematics from Divine Metaphysics
  • Appearance: A reality altering Dwemer Animunculi a thousand feet in size
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignment: Dependent on who is possessing it. Defaults to the Dwemer's True Neutral.
  • Domains: Dwarves, Golems, Towers, Time, Space
  • Portfolio: The Tower to the Dwemer/Deep Elves, Reality Warping Humongous Mecha, theorized as the weaponized Anthropomorphic Personification of Dwemer Arbitrary Skepticism, Breaking Time and Reality even through mere activation, Lost Superweapon, Mechanical Abomination, Powered by the Heart of Lorkhan and later the Mantella, Unseen in Daggerfall due to hardware limitations
  • Coveted by: Fortress Dwarves, Obstructors of time
  • Under watch by: Uriel Septim VII, The Pantheon Time Police, The Dahaka
  • The Dwemer were a enigmatic people who did not acknowledge the gods and deities for who they are and instead believed only in their logic and reasoning. Perhaps it was only natural that one day someone from a race who refused to grovel and pray to something as foolish as the gods would try their hand at transcending. Lord Kagrenac, Chief Tonal Architect, was one such mer with a plan and the key to it lied within the Heart of Lorkhan fueling Anumidium, a colossal animunculi which doubled as the Dwemer's own Tower. It wouldn't come to fruition, however, as after the Battle of Red Mountain in the First Era the Dwemer would ultimately cease to be (debated to be a variety of reasons) while a select few Chimer would use the Heart of Lorkhan to become the Tribunal, the living gods.
    • Later on in the Second Era, when Tiber Septim set about conquering all of Tamriel he set his sights on Morrowind. By this point the Tribunal were cut off from the Heart due to the reemergence of an old enemy, Dagoth Ur, and instead negotiated peace through being apart of the Empire while retaining autonomy and offered up Numidium. Tiber Septim then instructed his battlemage Zurin Arctus to repair and reactivate it once more. To control it, he devised the Totem of Tiber Septim and to power it he substituted the heart with the Mantella, a soul gem that housed his life essence (according to one story, however). With Numidium at the ready, Tiber Septim used it to crush the previously unconquerable second Aldmeri Dominion in just an hour. Officially, it was decreed that Arctus then betrayed Septim, shattering Numidium to pieces while causing the Mantella and Totem to be lost. Unofficially, it is said that Tiber Septim soon after started to misuse Numidium and a disgusted Zurin Arctus attempted to reclaim his "heart" but the battle resulted in Numidium's destruction, Zurin Arctus' transformation into the Underking, and the Mantella into Aetherius.
    • Come the Third Era and most of Numidium's pieces were found and collected by the Blades save for two special components: The Totem of Tiber Septim and the Mantella though their locations would be deduced in the Iiac Bay region and the plane of Mantellan Crux, respectively. In the ensued power struggle as to who would claim the totem one agent of the Blades would eventually settle on giving it to the Underking. After recovering the Mantella the undead entity activates the great automaton to finally rejoin with his life essence in a fiery blaze, briefly turning mortal and finally ending his suffering. In the process this, paradoxically, also caused a Dragon Break in which other parties got a hold of the Totem and Numidium as well. This period of time would formally be known as the Warp of the West (aka the Miracle of Peace or fittingly the Second Numidium Effect, to some) where the political landscape of the region would be forever changed and a lich would ascend to godhood.
    • Technically speaking, this would not truly be the last of this golem. Akulakhan, the Second Numidium, was well under construction by the Dagoth Ur. Actually powered by the Heart of Lorkhan the living god planned to drive out to not only cast down the Tribunal for good but also drive out all outlanders from Morrowind, spread his Corprus disease, and eventually conquer all of Tamriel through taking over the consciousness of every living being. Despite his victories over the Tribunal he would eventually stopped by the Neravarine, the supposed reincarnation of Lord Indoril Nerevar (Dagoth Ur superior way back when), however. Though Dagoth Ur prepared for their coming, thinking they came with Kagrenac's tools to become a god-like being as well, being blindsided by their decision to cut everyone off from the Heart's power. After being made mortal once more Dagoth Ur's ancient evil would finally meet its end by the hero.
  • Rumor has it that some of the Pantheon's powers attempted to bring forth Numidium in its entirety, Heart of Lorkhan and all, but in the process ended up accidentally activating it and causing a Dragon Break and stomped about — the so-called "blackout" that occurred sometime back in some deity's ascensions. This also had the effect of summoning back the Underking who, not wanting anyone to misuse it for personal gain again, ordered it to be segmented and would threaten a more direct course of action if they dared to ignore his warnings. Only a quarter of the pieces are stored directly within Maximum Security itself. The rest are either stored by the SCP Foundation, Turaga Whenua, and possibly even the Underking himself. While the fact that it is in pieces is known to all the Underking specifically requested that the shared possession of said pieces be kept secret to prevent further interference. Even if all the pieces are properly assembled there's still the issue of getting Numidium to activate with a power source similar to the Heart of Lorkhan or the Mantella and good luck getting that to work with hardly any schematics to go off of, wherever they may be. If anything, stealing Numidium is more akin to a badge of honor one can brag about to the common god.
  • Uriel Septim VII still retains a keen interest in this golem. But since access to Numidium has been denied to everyone, including the Empire, he has resorted to sending out his Blades to skulk around the Treasures to patrol the Treasury. He has met some criticism over this considering the protection and management of Numidium mainly falls under the SCP Foundation and Turaga Whenua though he has skillfully addressed and maneuvered around such accusations through presenting his concern with Numidium's use in wrecking havoc on any of the Alliances' behalf. Still, more often than not, the agents apart of the Blades have butted heads with the Pantheonic Time Police, who are also concerned with Numidium and its time-breaking capabilities especially should it fall into the wrong hands regardless if they could actually get it to work or not. Countless villains and conquerors have already set their sites on the Dwemer automaton already.
    • But the Time Police's concern pales in comparisons to the Dahaka's utter hatred of it. As it easily obstructs the flow of time with Dragon Breaks the Dahaka wants it (or rather it's pieces and schematics) destroyed and erased. Once, when it heard of its existence the Dahaka attempted to eliminate its traces before being shooed out by security. Nowadays, the Guardian of the Timeline has stuck with hunting down anyone who manages to get their filthy mitts on the pieces and/or blueprints. And it will not be pretty if he manages to catch up with them.
  • As a product of the Dwemer it is talked about at length by the various Dwarves within the Pantheon. General consensus is that they agree it was quite the dangerous machine they had planned and not much beyond that. The Fortress Dwarves have taken things a step further, however. Not only did they immediately state that they, as Dwarves, have the right to not only possess Numidium but also managed to somehow smuggle a blueprint for it out of the Treasures. They then immediately used it to create another golem like it and naturally people tried to stop them. Long story short the blueprints were confiscated after an event that rendered part of the House of Mentalism hazardous to the general public and gods tend to try and not talk about that. Not because the information is classified (it's quite hard to cover up a portion of the land being rendered completely uninhabitable to sapient life and death, you know) but because they would rather not recall it. If, at all.
  • According to some looser sources, Numidium's story didn't end with the Warp in the West. It was not destroyed but rather thrust into a time warp in which it reappears in the flesh late within the Fifth Era. Upon arriving, Numidium picks up where it left off with the Aldmeri Dominion. The resulting battle, where it easily reigns victorious, has the Animunculi turn its attention to the rest of Tamriel and instigates an apocalyptic event known as "Landfall" where all of Nirn is rendered uninhabitable while the surviving stragglers eek out a continued existence in the moon Secunda. It's... an interesting tale to say the least, something that should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt. Those who have gone through it usually come to the conclusion that the authorities had the right idea of segmenting Numidium after reading about the Brass God's role of being an antagonist force of nature in the text, one that is nigh-unstoppable in its purpose to see things done.

The Transporter
The Input Pods
The Export Pods
The Nucleus
The Material Tank
  • Appearance: A nucleus resembling a tree root, input and output pods, and a materials tank.
  • Class Level: 1
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A mix between a Time Machine, a 3D printer, and fax machine, 10 month recharge period
  • Domains: Time and Space, Copying
  • The transporter is a device that may or may not be alien in origin. According to Zero II (assuming he is telling the truth), the transporter was discovered in 1888 at the South Pole by a German expedition. Carefully transported back to their homeland and studied in secret, the expedition discovered the transporter can copy matter and "transport" it through time and space. After Germany lost World War II, American soldiers confiscated the device and had it studied in an American Research facility until 2008, where Zero managed to obtain it next year.
  • Just as it is described above, the transporter is like a fax machine and 3D printer, able to copy matter and send it to either the past, future, or an alternate timeline, while keeping the original intact. It can even copy people, though only one person can be copied in each input pod. The copies are reconstructed perfectly in the timeline selected using the elements stored individually in the Material Tank. This is how Delta and Phi came to be in the past, as their parents used the transporter to send copies to the past, allowing some versions of the twins to survive. It also explains how Junpei and Akane came to exist in the Virtue's Last Reward Timeline. However, the transporter takes 10 months to recharge after a single use and cannot be used during that time period due to using a lot of power.
  • One day, the transporter was delivered to the Pantheon under heavy supervision. Nobody knows who send it, but it's likely that person was Delta, since the transporter was used in the Decision Game. Currently, deities are keeping it under heavy supervision to prevent misuse, though some have also expressed the interest in reverse engineering it so they can create their own version of the transporter. Some deities hope that one day, gods from other timelines can use it to so a version of themselves can live in the timeline they want.
  • The Think Tank show a great interest in the Transporter, and are debating on what findings they would send to their past selves. Mobius, on the other hand, is uneasy about the prospect, due to how terrible they were back then even as humans. He's also a fatalist to the point he considers words like "luck" and "coincidence" to be profanity. 0 is more interested in sending his findings to the past just to spite his rival, Mr. House.
  • The Transporter interests the likes of Future Trunks. Future Trunks considers using the Transporter to send a copy of himself to Goku's time so he can stay and fight alongside the version of his family in that time.
  • The Transporter reminds Philip J. Fry of how Lars Fillmore, the latter being a time clone of Philip, came to be. Though the Transporter directly copies the person, while Philip's own actions while in the past led him to become a duplicate of himself.
  • Currently, the House of Time and Temporality are keeping an eye on the transporter in the Maximum Security vault so as to make sure it is not abused. Evil deities have expressed interest in using the transporter to send a copy of themselves to the past in the hopes of using the knowledge they gained to succeed in their evil plans. Even the deities with the best of intentions could end up causing too much damage if the device is used carelessly, as the SHIFTers demonstrated. This, along with the Transporters 10-month recharge period, has caused the House of Time and Temporality to set rules for using the Transporter.
    1. The Transporter may only be used in dire circumstances if one needs to transport items needed to save the Timeline of Choice. One such example includes transporting the Infinity Stones into the future if their destruction is foreseen and they are needed to undo the mess they made.
    2. The Transporter may be used to "send" an alternate timeline version of someone to a timeline of their choice, provided they have permission. For example, a family member born in one timeline but doesn't exist in another timeline where everyone else does may use it.
    3. The Transporter may be used to send someone to the future if they are about to be erased from existence (erased, not killed).
    4. The Guardian's votes must be unanimous. If there is anyone who disagrees, no one may use the transporter.

Class 3

Hexenium (Exenium)
Stored Hexenium
Hexenium-powered nuclear warheads
Hexenium-powered Flying Bombs
Hexenium-powered Missile
  • Appearance: Crystallized magical energy created by the White Witch Sophie, originally used to power various Germanian wonderweapons
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Used to power all of the Germanian Empire's most advanced wonderweapons designs, Has the potential to destroy entire cities when harnessed and used correctly, The weapons powered by it being used for terror bombing campaigns of Allied cities
  • Domains: Weapons of Mass Destruction, World War II, Science, Witchcraft
  • Creators and Utilizers: Sophie, Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman
  • With the successful revival of the original White Witch through the coordination of Major Berkman's Special Unit and Elisabeth's Design Division, the Germanian Empire began studying her use and application of magical energy. What they found was that the magical energy she crystallized and used for her attacks could be harnessed. Not just as a power source for their various advanced weapons designs, but even as the main component of their warheads.
  • After witnessing Izetta use magic to manipulate British torpedoes mid-air for use against the Germanian Aircraft Carrier Drachenfels, Major Berkman and the Design Division got the idea of creating similar, but more advanced weapons based on this principle. The result? Cruise missiles similar to the real word V-1 Flying Bomb, albeit with swept wings, crystallized magical energy powering and serving as its warhead, and launched and guided by Sophie herself as a form of Homing Projectile against ground targets. These weapons would debut in late 1940 under Sophie's personal control, used to target the Eylstadt capital of Landsbruck as well as several imporant Eylstadt Army garrisons near Cronenburg, to devastating effect. All of Eylstadt's major defenses were crippled, with the capital falling to the Germanian Army in under two hours following Izetta's defeat and the bombing. Their next major use would be against the Britannian capital, where a similar, but more devastating terror bombing campaign was launched, again, with little to no opposition.
  • As it turned out, the Germanians went even further with their study of Hexenium, realizing that it could be used for more than just conventional bombing. Successful experiments and tests resulted in them creating city-busting bombs with the equivalent yield of an early nuclear warhead in our timeline. It was the existence of these warheads, the missile prototype developed to carry them, and the fact that the Germanians would abuse the hell out of magical energy, that ultimately prompted Izetta to take drastic action. Said drastic action would be draining the entirety of Europe, and possibly, the world, of magical energy, at the potential cost of her own life. After a battle over Germanian and later Thermydorian airspace, Izetta achieved the seemingly impossible, causing Sophie to be Brought Down to Normal and die a Disney Villain Death, the Germanian missile prototype aimed at Landsbruck to peter out and fall harmlessly back to Earth, and all of the Germanian Army's reserves of Hexenium to be depleted, rendering all of their new weapons designs and development useless and All for Nothing.
  • Following Berkman's ascension into the Pantheon, and Sophie's subsequent revival and turning into a Super-Soldier, the Nazis and HYDRA, using both the documents and intelligence recovered from the ruins of Neu-Berlin as well as Berkman's own research notes, made arrangements into developing their own Hexenium-powered weapons designs. Sophie herself as well as her Soulless Shell clones would end up producing the crystallized magical energy for them en masse. This would be part of a deal arranged between her and Johann Schmidt to arrange for the Duchy of Eylstadt to be ascended into the Pantheon as a Dominion. This is so that she can finally exact her revenge against the country and it's rulers for betraying her. Soon enough, several Nazi and HYDRA scientists, including Dr. Arnim Zola and Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, strike a "Eureka!" Moment when they find out that Hexenium could, indeed, power their newest wonderweapons designs. And so, they promptly begin development of improved wonderweapons similar to the Germanian Empire's designs, but with improved range, payload, with independent launch control and guidance systems that have no need to be under the White Witch's control.
  • Having realized the scope and scale of the threat the White Witch and the wonderweapons designs derived from Hexenium pose, the Allies immediately got to targeting and destroying the Germans' existing stores of the substance, hoping to delay the deployment of additional weapons against other locations in the Pantheon. This was no thanks to their first, failed attempt at a counteroffensive against Sophie, which resulted in all Allied-aligned deities sent against her to be either badly injured or repelled altogether in a series of Curb Stomp Battles. Even worse, many in the Pantheon got to have a taste of just what these weapons designs could do, when several HYDRA-developed Flying Bombs derived from the Germanian design bombed Eindhoven and Omaha Beach in quick succession, and completely independent of Sophie's control, which resulted in massive civilian casualties and dozens of sunk Allied transports.
  • Part of the Stored Hexenium found here in The Great Treasury's Maximum Security Hall was some of the first to be harnessed by HYDRA and Nazi scientists from a Sophie clone, having been captured by Allied operatives in a daring operation just outside War-Torn Berlin. Additional stores found had been successfully recovered in a daring operation on Fort Schmerzen, where several Flying Bombs and Missiles were already being fueled and fitted with the crystallized magical energy. Unfortunately for this team of US Rangers involved in this raid, which included Dog and Charlie Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, they were unable to destroy the facility thanks to the arrival of Sophie and German reinforcements under her personal command, which only resulted in the Americans delaying bomb and missile production by a few months at most. In addition to the Stored Hexenium, the US Rangers had managed to capture the original Germanian blueprints for both the original flying bomb and missile. Using this captured piece on intel, and with the help of certain deities, they were able to create exact working replicas of these weapons for display and study.
  • Thanks to the various Propaganda Pieces starring "HYDRA's new Champion", as Sophie is now being called in different parts of the Pantheon, as well as the recent Axis victories at Eindhoven and Omaha Beach, interest in the Hexenium she helped produce for her Nazi allies increased tremendously, with many feeling that this new discovery should be harnessed for good, several wanting it destroyed knowing that it has been and will be abused further, and others wanting to grab samples of Hexenium for their own nefarious purposes, and hopefully find ways to produce it themselves without the need to buy or steal it from HYDRA.
    • Among those who want to harness it for good include inventors such as Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym, who think that the substance can be used to as an alternate source of power for civilian use. To this end, they end up asking Wanda Maximoff if she could replicate the work done by Sophie in harnessing such crystallized magical energy. She reluctantly agrees on the grounds that it should be studied, but gives them the stern warning that what they're tapping into is very, very dangerous, and could potentially bring doom to the Pantheon should it be abused even more than it already is. Steve Rogers, having witnessed firsthand the destructive capabilties of HYDRA's Hexenium-powered flying bombs, voices out his concern against doing so, and tries, unsuccessfully to stop Stark and Co. from experimenting on Hexenium.
    • Captain America himself is of the opinion that Hexenium, much like the Tesseract before it, should not be touched at all, for the reasons stated above. Several of the servicemen serving alongside him, such as Lt. Karl Fairburne, agree, with Fairburne himself having seen the destructive potential similar weapons could unleash. In fact, the aforementioned attacks by the Rangers on various HYDRA facilities containing Hexenium and the weapons powered by it was partially motivated by the fact that anyone with the Hexenium, even the Allies, could very well abuse the substance and risk destroying the world with it. Interestingly, the Allied deities here are joined by a group not of their timeline nor time period: The Tenno. This is no thanks to two of their enemies wishing to harness the substance for their own causes.
    • Interestingly, the final camp, specifically those wanting the Hexenium for their own agendas, is actually the largest group of the three. Of the interested groups in Hexenium, the most unique are those from the Warframe universe, with two different groups out to obtain and potentially create their own stores of the substance. The Grineer, the same group that Lt. Col. Berkman had studied in order to create an improved clone of Sophie, now desire the secret to harnessing Hexenium for their own campaigns of conquest after seeing a propaganda news reel of HYDRA's new weapons in action. The Corpus, on the other hand, see a potential business profit in trying to create their own stores of the substance. Others interested would include General Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Khaled Al-Asad, and Imran Zakhaev, who hope to finally obtain nuclear warheads that could supplement their stores of Nova 6. Lt. Col. Berkman, seeing a potential business opportunity and his curiosity getting the better of him, ends up secretly storing documents and microfilm photographs relating to Hexenium, including the procedure on how to properly crystallize magical energy. Only time will tell if he actually sells these secrets to them...

    Horror's Hand 
The Left-Hand of Horror (Horror's Hand)
  • Appearance:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Evil Tendencies
  • Class Level: 3
  • Portfolio: I Know What You Fear, Artifact of Doom
  • Domains: Fear, Power
  • Users: Mandy in one timeline
  • Similar Artifacts: Shadow of Fear
  • Horror's Hand is a object of unimaginable power, capable of bringing to life the worst nightmares of anyone. Originally starting off as the left hand of Horror the Ancient, Horror planned to rid himself of fear by magically transferring it into a single body part and cutting off, literally cutting away his fear. However, this backfires when the act of channeling so much power in form of 'fear' transformed the dismembered hand into an Underworld Object of Power capable of making people's fears reality. Horror was also left-handed and could not reattach the arm, so he stayed to guard the hand ever since.
  • In one of Grim, Billy, and Mandy's greatest adventures yet, the trio and Irwin raced against the Boogey Man to claim Horror's Hand to the stop him from using it and becoming the scariest being in the world. When they finally reached the hand, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin were faced with their greatest fears made real and unable to claim the hand, while Grim was able to do so easily due to facing his worst fear of being mistreated by Billy and Mandy every day. When Boogey claims the hand for himself however, he's faced with his worst fear of not being scary at all, suffering a Humiliation Conga that permanently traumatizes him and leaves him afraid of everything for the rest of his life (this fear was not manifested by the Hand however; Grim turned it off before Boogey claimed it and counted on nobody taking Boogey seriously). It has since been stored in Grim's Trunk.
  • One day in the Pantheon, Horror's Hand was stolen from Grim's Trunk by the Scarecrow, who wanted it's power to become the scariest thing in the Pantheon. While he was able to claim it due to it being turned off, once he turned it back, he was subjected to it's power immediately because he never actually faced his fear to claim it. Grim, with the help of Batman and the most courageous deities in the House of Dread and Valor, was able to reclaim the hand (again, he was unaffected due to facing his fear everyday). The SCP Foundation took the Hand into their custody once Grim turned it off once again, but decided it would be best kept under Maximum Security after it was stolen so easily from Grim's trunk.
  • After conducting several tests with the Hand, the SCP Foundation (after having someone face their fear place it on) saw that a user can get the better of whoever faced their worst nightmare conjured by the Hand with a little imagination. Grim may face his fear of living under Billy and Mandy's thumb every day, but what if he were to face countless copies of the two? Grim had an even worse time than usual facing countless copies of Mandy once in a nightmare, and was overwhelmed once when countless versions of Billy appeared.
  • Anyone who wishes to claim the Hand (while it is still on) must face their worst fear made real by the hand. That person cannot receive outside help, since they have to fight their own demons. When Mandy tried to save Billy from his fear (an amalgam of a spider, a clown, and the mailman), a barrier blocked her attacks. Illusions conjured by the hand keep outsiders from interfering. It's only when the Hand is claimed by someone that the fears disappear, freeing those people from it's curse.
  • Besides those who faced their fears, the Hand also seems unable to affect anyone who doesn't have any fear at all. Naturally some villains have tried to cheat by getting rid of their fear entirely, all the while vowing to get past the security measures protecting the Hand. This has led the SCP Foundation to double the security.
  • Both the Yellow Lanterns and Pennywise were greatly intrigued with Horror's Hand, who both gain their power from fear. Pennywise in particular wants to use the Hand in case his normal tactics no longer work on his targets. Currently, both parties are trying to manipulate potential pawns to help them breach security in order to acquire the Hand for their own purposes.
  • Touma Kamijou seems to be so far the only one who can touch Horror's Hand without facing his fear, since his right hand can negate the supernatural power it holds. Since he is a trustworthy man, he is one of the few who is allowed to touch the Hand. Some of the villainous deities have considered letting Kamijou take the hand for them, but they realize it won't work that way because Kamijou's power negates the hand so long as he has his right hand on it, and even if they did take the hand from him, they would still have to face their worst nightmares.
  • Sauron has shown interest in Horror's Hand, intent on combining it's power with the One Ring increase his influence and spread fear more effieciently. Since the One Ring has been shown to enhance the natural abilities of it's holders, people have feared what would happen if the ring enhanced the fear-spreading powers of Horror's Hand, possibly by increasing the range, power, and the strength of its conjurations. Measures have been taken to keep the objects apart from each other, even if one of them is stolen.

    Nova 6 
Nova 6
Original batch of Nova 6 produced by the Nazis at the end of World War II
Nova 6 bomb
Weaponized Nova 6
Coalescence-developed Nova 6
  • Appearance: A canister containing a logo with a Swastika on top, and "N6" on the bottom (Original Nazi version); Either a barrel containing the gas with C4 strapped onto it (Weaponized Nova 6) or a briefcase containing the Nova 6 components and explosives (Nova 6 bomb).
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A very deadly nerve agent that can kill any person or animal exposed to it in less than 20 seconds, Anyone without a gas mask and hazmat suit can and will die even under minimal exposure, Originally a Nazi wonder-weapons project that the Soviets salvaged and continued work on
  • Domains: Weapons of Mass Destruction, Soviets, Nazis, CIA
  • Deities Interested: Nikita Dragovich, Viktor Reznov, Alex Mason, Soldier #25954
  • Developed towards the end of World War II, Nova 6, part of Project Nova, was a Nazi wonder-weapon intended to be used against the civilian populations of both the Western Allies and the Soviets. It was developed by Dr. Friedrich Steiner, who later took all his research with him upon his defection to the USSR under General Nikita Dragovich's command.
  • During the Cold War, Dr. Steiner had created a new, more lethal batch of the chemical, with help from Dr. Daniel Clarke, a British scientist and a diehard communist. This strain allowed for use in tropical environments, and was capable of killing any person exposed to it before they even hit the ground. This particular strain was tested in Vietnam and Laos by Colonel Kravchenko through a False Flag Operation where the Americans were made The Scapegoat. In addition, it was also used in combat for the first and only time during a battle between CIA operatives and Soviet Spetsnaz troops at Rebirth Island.
    • As it turned out, Dragovich had intended to unleash Weaponized Nova 6 and Nova 6 bombs all throughout major cities in the United States as part of the new Project Nova, in order to clear way for an intended Soviet invasion force. Unlike nuclear weapons of the time, which left massive fallout and environmental damage, Nova 6 would have left no trace minutes after deployment, thus having allowed for an occupation force to settle in unopposed.
  • In the 2060s, around a century after the botched use of Nova 6, the CIA, through the private contractor Coalescence Corporation, had created a new batch of Nova 6 based on Steiner's and Clarke's recipe, which unfortunately was unleashed on innocent Singaporean civilians by the rogue AI Corvus. The resulting Coalescence Disaster would be the last known use of the chemical weapon in this timeline. It had similar effects to the Soviet version, but was now colored light green.
  • In one alternate timeline, Nova 6 was mixed with Element 115 in order to create a Mind Control serum. Instead, however, it unleashed the deity known as Deimos, who subsequently used Virus 61-15 to infect huge swathes of the Earth's population into his own undead army.
  • In another alternate time, Nova 6 became a component in the creation of the Nova 6 Crawler, a failed experiment that unleashed the gas when killed. Unlike the Nova 6 of the main universe, this one was less lethal, mainly causing only temporary concussions and blindness to anyone exposed.
  • Upon its placement into the Pantheon, it is immediately decided to seal off all existing canisters of the substance into the Maximum Security area. This is no thanks to its lethality being on par with that of a nuclear weapon or even manmade pathogens already in the Pantheon. Not to mention that any evil-aligned deity (such as Ali-al Saachez or even The Joker) who gets their hands on even a single canister can and will use the chemical weapon to suit their own agendas, not to mention the very high possibility of them producing their own new batches of the weapon.
    • While known to be lethal against normal humans and various types of animals, it is unknown if the gas can also kill those of divine origin. Undoubtedly, however, a huge chunk of the Pantheon would perish if exposed.
    • Should it be unleashed on the Pantheon in high enough amounts, it would be able to cause around a Class 0 to a Class 2 Apocalypse How, depending on how much of the gas is used, and how the gas itself is deployed.
  • General Dragovich, upon finding out about the existing Nova 6 shipment in the Pantheon, immediately decided to get his hands back on it, and thus began briefing his close associates about Project Nova. He then enlisted the help of fellow Russians Col. Volgin and Vladimir Makarov into helping him reclaim his lost superweapon. Makarov was especially interested, especially when he was told that Nova 6 was far more lethal than the chemical weapons he had unleashed throughout Europe.
  • Unsurprisingly, Mason, Reznov, and Soldier #25954, upon finding out about it themselves, fully expect Dragovich to try and steal the gas for his own twisted means, and promptly plan an operation so that he and his allies cannot get their hands on it. This includes, among other things, destroying the gas for good if possible, so as to avoid the tragedies that had taken place in their universe from repeating.
    • Because it was a weapon of Nazi origin, this immediately alerted the likes of Lt. Karl Fairburne, who saw to it that it must be destroyed. Unlike Mason or Reznov, however, he is willing to collect the dossiers containing how the chemical weapon is manufactured in order to deliver it to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    • President JFK, by contrast, knowing of Dragovich and his twisted Evil Plan, wants it destroyed completely, with all documents relating to it to be burnt. This causes a dispute between the two US Presidents, who both eventually settle on destroying any traces of the weapon while recovering any documents related to it in order to come up with an effective countermeasure.
  • When the various Nazi deities found out about its existence, they began a plot to take some for themselves in order to mass produce it and use against their own enemies. Without the nasty side effect of nuclear fallout, this suited Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse's and Johann Schmidt's intended Evil Plan: turn the Pantheon into a Nazi haven.

    The Plague Inc. Kit 
The Plague Inc. Kit
Packaging/logo for the kit
  • Plagues Included: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites, Prion, Simian Flu, Nano-Viruses, The Black Death, Smallpox, Swine Flu, Nipah Virus, Frozen Virus, Bio-Weapon, Neurax Worms, Necroa Viruses, Shadow Plague, Fake News, Board Games
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Can Unleash Many Different Deadly Diseases Around the World, Can Kill Anyone
  • Domains: Plagues, Eradication
  • Compatible With: Simian Flu
  • Deities Interested: Albert Wesker, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, The Enclave
  • Cause of Concern for: Osmosis Jones
  • The world is functioning normally until someone dubbed "Patient Zero" gets infected by some sort of plague. That particular plague can come in many forms, be it something as ordinary as bacteria or viruses, or something much more fantastical, including Neurax Worms and Necroa Viruses. Whatever the specific name and form of that plague, "Patient Zero" will pass it on to someone else and the plague will continue to spread, changing its abilities along the way. It will get to a point where the entire world will fight back against that plague and try to get a cure made before that plague can bring about total planetary extinction or some other dire event that will irrevocably bring about society's collapse. As for who created this plague, it could be anyone, especially if they're smart enough to have the plague's attributes changed on a whim to combat the world's efforts for a cure.
    • Neurax Worms, Necroa Viruses, and the Shadow Plague are the three unusual viruses featured in the kit. The Neurax Worm can be implanted inside someone's brain to impose mind control onto its victims, the Necroa Virus can cause a zombie apocalypse under the right conditions, and the Shadow Plague is a disease that can turn its victims into vampires.
  • It didn't take long for word of the kit to reach the various doctors and medics throughout the Pantheon. Not only have they spent plenty of time studying the individual viruses, they have also studied the kit's capabilities overall to get a better idea of what it's capable of and how to bypass its adaptive abilities of it in order to create more effective cures for the viruses it causes. On the other hand, this meant that deities wanting to spread plagues such as Nurgle have also taken note of the kit and have studied it extensively to see how useful it is in their schemes.
  • Besides the aforementioned regular and fantastical viruses included in this kit, Simian Flu is also compatible with this kit. With the correct set-up, that virus could give rise to a society full of intelligent apes whilst human society crumbles. Most of the deified primates don't want anything to do with this, though Koba is more than curious about a modified Simian Flu that can cause humanity's collapse and is willing to steal it to try and spread it. Some of the other viruses have also got Koba's attention, though the Simian Flu strain is something that's mainly on his mind when it comes to the kit.
  • Osmosis Jones was frightened after learning about this kit and what it's capable of. It's one thing to fight threats such as Thrax, but the fact that the kit is capable of viruses that can change its capabilities on a whim has concerned Ozzy and many other healers since it meant that even if a cure is developed to combat the viruses from that kit, then it can adapt to render that cure useless. Ozzy is also worried about fighting what can be borne from that kit, imagining the threat to be something even worse than Thrax.
    • Thrax himself has taken interest in the kit and the adaptability of these viruses. While he can kill anything with a single touch of his left index finger, he's taking notes about how the virus can adapt to render it immune to potential cures and is hoping that he can get some of these adaptive abilities if it means getting closer to fame. He's also wondering if sentient versions of these viruses appear inside the body so that he can potentially talk to them.
  • Various villains specializing in mind control have taken notes on the properties of the Neurax Worms. They've even expressed interest in having some samples to better understand them and how to improve mind control functions, both for the worms and for their own plans. Unsurprisingly, this didn't sit well with mind control victims and they are willing to work with others and offer advice in eradicating this particular virus.
  • Albert Wesker immediately wanted to get his hands on his kit so that he can get closer to his goals. Given that it's locked away tightly in the Pantheonic vaults, he's more than content to make plans that will end with him getting the kit for the time being. He's more than wondering if he can use the kit's adaptive capabilities and apply to other viruses such as the T-Virus. He is highly intrigued about the Necroa virus and has wondered if he can use it to create more undead monstrosities.
  • The Enclave heard about the kit from others and consider it as a potential asset in fighting for their America, especially if it means exterminating anything they deem inhuman. While The FEV already has a couple of lethal variant that can kill its victims, there's already some discussion amongst scientists on how more dangerous the FEV will be should it gain the abilities that the kit's viruses have.
  • Arguably the only instance of the kit being used for something that doesn't involve causing the collapse of society was using some Neurax Worms (specifically dubbed "Santa's Little Helper" during that time) during a tyrannical regime that outlawed happiness and anything that's constitued as "fun". Many deified tyrants have taken umbrage with how those worms could disrupt their rule and inspire a potential rebellion against their regime. In fairness, given the Neurax Worm's mind control properties, it's possible to use the Neurax Worms to force someone to accept a tyrant's reign.
  • Setting aside the fact that it's possible to give a deadly world-ending virus a stupid name, it's more than possible to recreate several infamous events such as The Black Death as a result of the kit's versatility. With enough custom tinkering, it's even possible to create something similar to The Sleeper's effects or even replicate The Thing's capabilities. The Thing somehow gaining access to the kit and obtaining it's adaptive capabilities is a nightmare-inducing scenario for many.

SIVA (Ironsbane)
SIVA overtaking terminals
  • Appearance: Red and black nanites
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil in the hands of the Devil Splicers, True Neutral by default.
  • Domains: Colonization, Red, Black, Nanotechnology
  • Portfolio: Grey Goo, Transhumanism, Applied Phlebotinum, Red and black but not really evil, Flesh-like corruption
  • In the time of the Golden Age of mankind lived a man named Clovis Bray I. Clovis was ambitious, for he wanted mankind to expand into the stars and barring the unethical experiments with a disconcertingly high mortality rate, his intentions were genuine. The creation of SIVA was, in fact, directed towards the colonization effort with its myriad of applications but none of it was intended for military purposes. Whether or not it could have done its job well in colonizing is unclear as the Collapse destroyed much of mankind, leaving SIVA to be buried in their shadow.
    • It would be rediscovered by the Iron Lords thinking they could try and rebuild civilization but SIVA turned on them thanks to the intervention of the AI Warmind Rasputin after which is was buried yet again, but at the cost of all but one of the Iron Lords present. Following the events after the Taken Wars, the reformed House of Devils found SIVA and thus began their crusade to transcend everyone with SIVA's "gift". The Devil Splicers were stopped, their voice finally silenced and SIVA soon quarantined once more, but the techno-plague wasn't quite gone. A raid on one site sometime after Ghaul's attack would of posed a threat of resurfacing evil, but thankfully they were stopped before another crisis began.
    ~consume enhance replicate~
  • SIVA wasn't exactly brought to the Treasury. It was actually unleashed unto the House of Machinery and Technology by the Devil Splicers, whose numbers had mysteriously spiked to dangerous proportions. The amount of SIVA turned out to have been hidden for quite some time, replicating underneath many deities noses and by the time people have noticed it had gained some serious traction. Robots and cyborgs that are sufficiently exposed to SIVA were corrupted into the machine zealots' service, as well as organics if enough of it overtakes them. Thankfully, the Splicers were driven out of the House before it could corrupt any of the other Houses and was placed under quarantine for quite some time, no deity coming in or out until it was made clear SIVA was gone.
    • Any and all SIVA recovered from the House was then immediately brought into Maximum Security and placed under lock and key within a room that's sealed off of any exits. The stuff lays dormant and on the off chance it did reactivate, it's armored enough that it would take some time to seem through not mentioning any of the other security provided from the SCP Foundation and GLaDOS. That said, all SIVA recovered only came from what was left over in the attack. It's not accounting for the ones the Splicers took as they left.
      • Orders were put out to hunt down the remaining Splicers, the Guardians and the Tenno spearheading such operations. Arthur Maxson also joined in given the Brotherhood of Steel's views on the dangers of technology should they be unchecked and fall into the wrong hands. Though this did tip people off in regards to the Brotherhood's nosiness ultimately the potential misuse of SIVA outweighed the uneasiness. For now, anyways.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Machines got to benefit from SIVA's arrival to the Pantheon the most seeing as how most of the Eliksni are already with their cause. One of their counselors, Brainiac, has his own plans for the technology in the meanwhile. This inevitably lead to people pointing fingers at them for possibly instigating such an attack given how those affiliated with them managed to evacuate safely and efficiently. Besides them, other deities seem to want to use the nanotechnology for their own benefits such as the Corpus, who want it to further enhance their technology and by extension further their armsdealing. Meanwhile the Enclave see SIVA as a great tool for rebuilding their new America in the Pantheon seeing how it was made for that purpose in mind.
    • Admittedly, individual members in alliances have shown intersest in utilizing SIVA for similar reasons above. Given how much of a glorified arms race the Pantheonic conflict is, especially if it's with the GUAL and GUAC, it should come off as no surprise.
  • In spite of the damage it had done in the eponymous SIVA Crisis on Earth and in the Pantheon, there are those in the Pantheon who still believe //SIVA can be used for good. ~consume enhance replicate~. The Guardians, despite working to stop the Splicers, were once seen adorning themselves in ~SIVA armor and weaponry for a time before Ghaul came. Regardless, much of it remains safely ~replicating~ inside the Vault. So there is no need to view (SIVA) as a major threat to the gods' well being. ~consume~ repeat~

    The T-Virus 
The Tyrant Virus (t-Virus or T-Virus for short)
The T-Virus (top) and the Antivirus (bottom), as depicted in the first film.
  • Description: A series of mutant strains created from the Progenitor Virus, the most infamous being that of a mutated strain found in the body of a leech.
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Domains: Viruses, Mutagens, Bio Organic Weapons
  • Portfolio: The Virus That Turns Humans and Various Animals Into Zombies And Can Mutate Insects And Plants
  • Sacred To: James Marcus, William Birkin, Albert Wesker
  • Bane Of: Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, The Wolfpack, HUNK
  • Notable Infected: Jill Valentine (cured)
  • Notable Monsters/Mutations Include: Crimson Heads (Zombies after the V-ACT mutation), Lickers (Crimson Heads post-V-ACT mutation), MA-39 Cerberus (Zombified Doberman pinscher), MA-121 Hunter, Fi-3 Neptune (Zombified Great White Sharks), Plant 42, Plant 43/Ivy, Yawn, The Tyrant Series (Nemesis included) Bandersnatch, Stalkers (Zombie Lions), Titan (Zombie Elephant)
  • The Umbrella Corporation - an international conglomerate specializing mostly in pharmaceuticals, but also dabbled in various consumer products such as cosmetics, industrial machine and chemical production, various health foods, as well as being active in the transport and tourism industries. But it was all a front. It's true purpose was bioweapons and viral research.
  • The origins of the various viruses comes from the Progenitor Virus, of which can only be found inside a rare plant known in German as the Sonnentreppe, or Stairway To the Sun. It can only be found inside the Sun Garden, located inside the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. The water tribe known as the Ndipaya worshipped the plants and would consume it's petals to see who was worthy of leading the tribe, once they survived the process.
  • The T-Virus was created by Umbrella researcher James Marcus by combining the Progenitor Virus with mutated DNA from a leech. Then, in a dick move, Marcus was assassinated and William Birkin took the credit for creating the now-christened Tyrant Virus.
  • Standard symptoms of a T-Virus infection on a human being includes swollen and later, itchy skin that will rot and sometimes, will fall off while the victim is alive. Their higher brain functions will also deteriorate. Upon death, the virus reanimates the corpse. Failure to destroy the head or burn the corpse will result in the V-ACT, in which the T-Virus mutates the dormant zombie into a Crimson Head, named after the reddish hue on their skin. The Crimson Head also has enhanced agility and it's fingernails have grown into razor-sharp claws. Failure to kill the Crimson Head will result in a second V-ACT event, resulting in the Licker.
  • The Think Tank somehow got their hands on a T-Virus sample and used it on an Alpha Deathclaw. In their infinite wisdom, the Think Tank tried to restrain the zombified Deathclaw inside Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab. You know, where the Night Stalkers were created. That led to an even bigger problem when the undead Deathclaw infected Shadis and the other Night Stalkers. It took a squad of Brotherhood troops with guidance from the deified members of the B.S.A.A. to put down the outbreak before it could spiral out of control.
  • If the Think Tank is bad, then the Enclave is far worse. What happens when you take a T-virus sample and introduce it to a Super Mutant Behemoth? Two words: Zombie Behemoth.
  • Jill Valentine's connection to the T-Virus is a personal one. She was infected with the T-Virus during her escape from Raccoon City, but was later cured. After throwing both herself and Wesker out a window it was discovered that the T-Virus had gone dormant, but was eradicated by potent T-Virus antibodies in her bloodstream. Wesker used Jill's antibodies for his Uroboros Virus research, which is a sore spot for Jill. Now, with the T-Virus in the Pantheon, Jill volunteers her time in synthesizing the cure from her antibodies.
  • Poison Ivy's hatred of mankind is well-known. But seeing the T-Virus mutate the local fauna really puts her in a rage. Turns out that several of the mutated Ivy plants (or Plant 43, as they are officially known) had ventured into her temple and attacked her, forcing her to kill them.
  • Given that the T-virus can mutate various animals or render them undead like their human counterparts (i.e., Yawn, the Cerebi, and Neptune), it's highly suggested that keeping the T-virus away from any and all animals is a very good idea. Jill Valentine had a sit-down with Raccoon survivor Alyssa Ashcroft, who told her that she and a gang of survivors had to go through the Raccoon Zoo in order to get to a train. The T-virus had wreaked havoc on the place. The zombified hyenas and birds were among those that were manageable. The zombie lions were bad enough, but the zombie elephant was pushing it too far.

Class 4

    Escafil Device 
Escafil Device ("blue box", Morphing Cube)
  • Appearance: A glowing light blue cube
  • Class Level: 4
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animorphism, Touched By Andalites, Super-Empowering, Imported Alien Phlebotinum, Can Be Disassembled (except that's perhaps a lie to trick David)
  • Domains: Morphing, Technology
  • Known Recipients: The Animorphs, Alloran-Semitur-Corass, Esplin 9466 (via his Andalite host body), (Insert Name Here) (by way of Alternamorphs continuity), Tom Berenson
  • The Escafil device, so named after its creator Escafil, is an artifact invented around the same time as the 1960s on Earth that gives an individual the power to morph any living being they've acquired. It was first seen on Earth when the Andalite War-Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul landed in an abandoned construction site where five human thirteen-year-olds were passing by. Against the laws of his people, he bestowed upon them the device's power, then told them to run before his enemy finds him. It was thought lost when Elfangor's ship was blasted apart by Visser Three's ships, but it somehow eventually landed in the hands of a human boy named David (it's suspected that Crayak was involved somehow) several months later. After they managed to re-acquire the cube (and induct David into the team, though it doesn't work out in the end), they managed to hide it again. It would get itself involved a few more times like when the tiny hyper-egotistical Helmacrons seized it and attempted to make off with it before they were stopped, when it was used to help the Yeerk Defector from Decadence Aftran 942 escape (by getting her stuck as a humpback whale), when a Cape buffalo and an ant ended up with the morphing power by accident on separate occasions, and when Tobias (with Rachel's help) gave it to his lost mother Loren to use to escape and to heal her blindness (though her memory could not be mended).
    • Unfortunately, it eventually ends up in the hands of Visser Three's (by then promoted to Visser One) forces by way of Tom stealing it while the Animorphs were recruiting disabled kids, and Cassie letting it happen by stopping Jake from killing Tom to stop him escaping. Against all odds, it was the right move, and it would result in dissent and political agendas that hampered the by-then-open invasion, as well as Yeerks who would find it as a means to escape their Kandrona-dependent existence, living as parasites, living under the rule of Vissers, and just be anything other than what they are now, and all Taxxons who want to escape their eternal hunger, led by former-Andalite-now-Taxxon-nothlit Arbron, and Tom's Yeerk would attempt an uprising and a plot to start a new empire with the morphing cube in hand, which would eventually lead to Visser One's defeat and surrender. Presumably, this cube was eventually re-appropriated by the Andalites, and four more were lent to the Animorphs to settle the issue with the Yeerk and Taxxon prisoners of war*; to allow them to assume morphs and be stuck in them, freeing them of their races' inherent burdens. Another one would be provided for antiterrorism, and the tech is actually being considered by the Andalites to be traded in order for Krispy Kreme to expand their franchise to their homeworld.
    • As for how an Escafil device made it to the Pantheon? Well, just like every other Treasure; it's usually not known. And it's not even that impressive in the Pantheon given the existence of magic and other shapeshifters. Still, its existence in the Pantheon was made known to the Animorphs, and they wish for it to stay locked up in Maximum Security. Tom Berenson shares the same sentiments, as does Alloran.
  • The Escafil device is operated by touch contact, and one individual, the "giver," who should already have the morphing ability, has to touch one side of it, while those receiving the morphing ability have to touch the other sides. When touched, it gives the user the permanent ability to "acquire DNA" from live animals and change ("morph") into the animal. There is no known limit as to how many morphs one can possess, though one would assume by means of its storage that the number would be quite high (highest so far is 53). And one can also heal using the morphing process. And while the process looks painful, it actually isn't.
  • In regards to the "morph" ability, the recipient, henceforth called "the Morpher", needs to make physical contact with the subject the Morpher wishes to "acquire" the DNA of, and concentrate hard to "acquire" them. Once that is done, the Morpher needs to think of that subject to transform into it. They will still retain their own consciousness but will also have to deal with the instincts of whatever they've turned into, and they also get the ability to thought-speak (which still has a maximum range akin to radio signals), even if the morph is capable of speech (given the cube is made by Andalites, it makes sense so they can continue communicating even if the morph cannot [thought-]speak).
    • As Tobias can attest to, if the Morpher doesn't turn back to their original form before two hours have passednote  (time to morph and time to de-morph—usually two minutes—counts in that time limit), they run the risk of suffering Shapeshifter Mode Lock, though that's relatively easy to fix in the Pantheon. Those stuck this way are referred to by Andalites as nothlits, and cannot re-acquire the morphing ability via the Escafil device. An Overdeity-level interference by the Ellimist was needed to restore the morphing ability to Tobias.
      • However, there is one loophole that doesn't require an Overdeity to step in. Natural metamorphosis resets the morphing clock, as proven when Cassie got stuck as a caterpillar, then became a butterfly. It is not known if other transformation processes will do the same, such as Pokémon evolutions, metamorphosis spells, or werewolf curses. Speaking of butterflies, it's not known if metamorphosis will make both forms accessible for the Morpher, given Cassie had no reason to use either morph ever again. But it's speculated that morphs age while in use, so it's likely that only the later stage would be accessible.
    • "Acquiring" a morph cannot be done in the following conditions: 1) making contact with someone with the same morphing power (though morphs done by other shapeshifters hasn't been tested), and 2) while the Morpher is currently assuming a morph. The Morpher must return to their natural form first before morphing into another form; transitioning between morphs is impossible, unless when suffering from being "allergic" to a morph. There are rare cases where a Morpher is "allergic" to DNA they have acquired, becoming nauseous, and prone to involuntary bouts of morphing when under stress, as was the case with Rachel when she once acquired a crocodile. After a certain amount of time, between a few days and a week, they commit the hereth illint (which basically means "burping DNA"), forcing out the creature in its entirety. Through the cascading cellular regeneration, an entirely new animal is created, and expelled from the Morpher's "roster", with predictable results should this animal prove to be dangerous.
    • Using the Frolis Maneuver, the Morpher can "combine the DNA" of several samples from the same species to create a new being for a morph, as perfomed once by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. But one cannot use a specific example used in that combination unless the Morpher "acquires" that sample again. Without the pressures of war, and because they've become much closer over the course of their adventures, even with the rifts made at the end of the war, Ax decided it was alright to teach the other Animorphs this technique. And it would prove helpful with the various new morphs they acquire in the Pantheon.
    • Z-space is involved when morphing into something of a different size than their regular body, extruding that mass into Z-space when assuming a smaller morph, and extracting from that space when assuming a larger morph. The process in which the Morpher assumes an acquired morph is random, and doesn't always adhere to logic or corresponding body parts except for the head if both forms have one. As for what else Z-Space is in there, time and space do not exist in it, and it's not conducive to life as the Animorphs discovered when they attempted to extractr blood from a man as mosquitoes. More about Z-space can be found here.
    • If the Morpher's default size is altered, either shrunken or enlarged, then their acquired morphs will be size-altered accordingly in relation to when they acquired it. For example: If the Morpher becomes mouse-sized and morphs a mouse they've acquired back when they were normal size, their mouse morph will still be smaller than their base form, and by extension much smaller than a regular mouse. However, if the Morpher acquires an(other) mouse while shrunken, their mouse morph will be sized the same as the acquired mouse, and by extension this mouse morph will be larger once the Morpher's returned to normal size. And due to Z-Space being involved, the Square-Cube Law doesn't apply.
    • The Morpher can morph any living multi-celluar animal whose DNA they have acquired. However, one cannot morph a plant, a dead animal, inanimate objects (like chairs), or bacterium. Energy Beings, Mechanical Lifeforms, and other beings without DNA (e.g. the Crystal Gems) are among these exceptions. And one wonders what would happen if a Planimal was acquired (it would likely work, given Visser Three has a plant-like alien as one of his morphs). However, given that there's a lot more to a living being than just DNA, some wonder if the ones among the exceptions really are exceptions.
    • When it comes to disabilities that might or might not be healed, as demonstrated with Loren and the Auxiliary Animorphs, paralysis from a car collision and blindness can be mended, but lost memories, being paraplegic, cystic fibrosis, and cerebral palsy cannot. As a psychological side effect, disabled people seem to have better control over their morph's instincts due to having to compensate for their less-than-ideally-healthy bodies with willpower born from enduring prejudices and condescension.
  • There is also the issue of clothing: unless it's skintight like a leotard or a wetsuit (jeans straddle the limit), it's not gonna transform with the Morpher, either bunching over them or being torn apart. This also includes shoes. However, there are at least two who manage to skirt around this issue; two instances of (Insert Name Here) in the Alternamorphs universes. The speed at which one can morph is dependent on a lot of factors, such as the Morpher, experience with morphing, and the morph being used, but always between 20 seconds (or even 10) and 5 minutes. One can actually "acquire" from sentient beings like other humans, aliens, etc., but this is ill-advised not only for moral reasons, but because there are more than enough impostors in the Pantheon as it is, and there are better methods of doing that than the Escafil Device.
  • Another word of warning: morphing eusocial animals like ants, bees, or termites is ill-advised lest the Morpher lose themselves in the Hive Mind (though it's easier to break out from the bee's instincts than the ant's). Morphing animals that can survive being split up is also ill-advised, since each "piece" can morph back into the Morpher... and their personalities will be split as a result. That was what happened when Rachel got cut in half while morphed as a starfish. It took help from the highly-advanced Chee to merge her two selves again.
  • When asked if the Morpher can morph oneself via acquiring oneself as a form of "armor", Tobias doesn't know for sure, and Ax doubts it would even work. Likely, this would require time traveling, which is admittedly more available in the Pantheon, but still not freely. As for whether clipped hair, fingernails, or even a severed limb would work, they're not sure either. In regards to "acquiring", the subject falls into a trance and becomes docile, similar to being tranquilized, though this effect lasts for mere seconds, so actually utilizing this is difficult, though it has been done. Also, the acquiring process may very rarely have no effect whatsoever, so it's not really worth "weaponizing" this.
  • The Escafil Device's creator species, the Andalites, merely use one or two morphs and master them for the purposes of subterfuge. The Animorphs however utilized this ability to the fullest, amassing a vast arsenal of Earth animals (mostly) for various purposes, specifically battle. The potential this cube has makes it deserving of its position in the Maximum Security sector, despite all the other powers and artifacts in the Pantheon that surpass this in terms of power. As a creator of another device that allows for its user to transform into another being for a limited time, Azmuth had a few things to say about the morphing cube; while it certainly allows for a much wider (yet at the same time also limited) range of potential species to be able to turn into with little risk of "DNA corruption", not to mention being able to grant its power to multiple people compared to the Omnitrix's one, it's more easily stolen, the granting of its power is not easily controlled now that the "prerequisite" seems to not exist anymore, and he thinks the whole "nothlit" risk could've been easily remedied with a "forced reversion" protocol like on the Omnitrix.

Do you hear that?

The Outside of the Board Game
The Inside of the Board Game
The Video Game Incarnation
  • Appearance: It is a very worn and old-looking board game with the name "Jumanji" on the front. The inside contains the board, the rules of the game, four game tokens (an elephant, a crocodile, a rhino, and a monkey), a pair of six-sided dice, and an ominous orb in the center.
  • Class Level: 4
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Evil have all been suggested for the board game. But the video game version seems to be Chaotic Neutral with dashes of Good.
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, The Game Come to Life, The Game Plays You, Jungle Drums, It Can Think, Reality Warper, Sentient Phlebotinum
  • Domains: Artifacts of Doom, Board Cames, Reality Warping, Sentient Phlebotinum
  • Similar Artifact: Zathura
  • The rules of the game are as follows- "A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token. Doubles gets another turn. The first player to reach the end wins. ADVENTURERS BEWARE: Do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name."
  • The game itself appears to possess some form of sentience and contains its own pocket dimension. As the game progresses, various hazards from said pocket dimension are summoned and will not go away until one of the players wins the game.
  • Its name apparently means "many effects" in the Zulu language, likely a reference to its reality warping nature.
  • The game leaves little frame for one to change their mind about playing. The tokens immediately stick to the board the second they are taken out of the box.
  • It should also be noted that this game does NOT like cheaters. Attempting to cheat causes the culprit to begin to gradually transform into the animal represented by their assigned game token.
  • It would seem that the game has a preferred victim as well. Its luring drums are inaudible to adults, only able to be heard by children.
  • Due to the game's reality warping nature and its tendencies to lure over the most vulnerable to play, it has been deemed to be extremely dangerous by the higher-ups of the Pantheon and is kept under heavy lock and key in Maximum Security. Actually managing to start a game of Jumanji is a very severely punishable offense. Not only are the perpetrators obligated to finish the game, but they must also face the consequences after the fact (assuming what the players have been through isn't deemed enough of a punishment). Some leeway—of course—would be given to children who manage to get their hands on it, especially if they were not previously aware of the game's existence. The same however cannot be said for adults, who should know better.
  • Further to the back of the chamber is another game called Zathura, which involves flying to the location Zathura while dealing with Science Fiction hi-jinks rather than jungle ones. This game has proven less dangerous in general as it creates a Pocket Dimension for the gamers to play in, house and all, and thus the danger is exclusive only to those playing or those in the immediate area once the game starts. That being said, it's also on heavy lockdown too, as the Pantheon has no interest in having more killer robots, sudden flash freezes, lizard animals, or mini-black holes floating around the Pantheon than are necessary.
  • When reports came of a video game version of Jumanji, the Houses of Defense and Gaming immediately scrambled to find it and contain it alongside its board game counterpart. Other gods (some in the House of Gaming) either want to try the game out for themselves or lure kids into playing it.
    • After it was found, and after a long deliberate analysis of it by the SCP Foundation, seeing that it's somewhat less sadistic than its board game version and even seemed a little more helpful sometimes. While still dangerous, its security level isn't as high, given it merely takes its players into its own dimension, and while there is still the risk of death, that's not much of an issue in the Pantheon. Still, it's advised to play at your own risk.
  • Attempts at getting The Rock to play the video game incarnation have failed, even when he chose to play as Dr. Smolder Bravestone. It is unclear whether Jumanji cannot handle this exploitation of one of the game avatars or downright refuses such a joke.
    • On the other hand, Amy Pond appeared as Ruby Roundhouse even if she chose Dr. Bravestone, showing Jumanji handles some loopholes better than others.

    Lament Configuration 
The Lament Configuration (The LeMarchand Box)
The Box's Default Appearance
The Completed Lazarus and Liminal Configurations
The Completed Lament, Lauderant, Lore, and Leviathan Configurations
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A black-and-gold cubic box with intricate designs and an unusual moving and locking mechanic underneath, alongside a hidden blade. Depending on how it's solved and the desire of the puzzle solver, it can also take the form of a Dodecagon (Lore Configuration; Knowledge), A Long and Thin Star (Liminal Configuration; Sensation), Two Conjoining Pyramids (Laudarant Configuration; Love), A, Hourglass-Like Extension (Lazarus Configuration; Ressurection), and Elongated Diamond (Leviathan Configuration; Power)
  • Alignment: Evil; Arguments can be Made for Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Depending on Who Uses It
  • Portfolio: A Sinister, Ominous Box with a Hellish Background, Desiring It Leads to Terrible Consequences, Usage Summons the Cenobites, Only Seeks Those who Desire the Box
  • Domains: Puzzles, Hell, Torture, Bragain, Temptation, Power, Pleasure
  • Sacred To: Elliot Spencer/Pinhead
  • Unholy To: Pretty much Anyone who Solves the Puzzle as well as Anyone who Happens to be with Them.
  • Desired By: Slaanesh, The Godhand, Desaad, The Libertines, Junko Enoshima, Darkness, Patrick Bateman, Jack, Morathi
  • Lock puzzles, especially in the form of cubes can be a fun thing to play and solve for lots of people. Now what if one of those boxes is so intricate, cool, and given enough mechanical flexibility to make it stand out, now imagine that as an eldritch item with ties to Hell and the human flaw of obsessive desire as said box allows you to make true whatever wish you desire with the potential cost of damning yourself and others who come in contact with it. This is the Lament Configuration, whose origins tie back to the times of Philip LeMarchand a renounced French architect and designer from the 18th Century who designed several intricate and complex music boxes but also gained recognition as an undiscovered and highly prolific mass murderer whose infamy ties to his boxes. LeMarchand's obsession with the occult and supernatural led to him experimenting with his boxes enough to make them tied to the domain of Hell. And as it turns out, LeMarchand was aided by a hellish extradimensional being known as a Cenobite in the box's creation, though little is known about either of the two. What is known is the mechanism and nature of the box; once solved, the user and anyone with them are transported to a dark dimension with loud bells ringing and a myriad of monsters emerging to scare their guests before they are approached by a collective of Cenobites, who ask them that, with the puzzle solved, they are to either sacrifice others or sell themselves to receive the "ultimate pleasure", which comes in the form of sick, perverse torture methods that are designed to inflict as much psychological and physical pain as possible. Sacrifices are demanded by the Cenobites to appease their superior and "god" they call Leviathan, which are as cruel and drawn-out as possible, though the Cenobites are also open to the idea of subjecting their victims to an Ironic Hell or converting them into a new Cenobite for their ranks. The Cenobites are sadomasochistic in nature, desiring pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, but their demonic look and nature is rather complex. They are open to reason and negotiation and do not take kindly to those who defy them, especially if there's a contractual agreement. That, and with enough sacrifices, they can grant wishes, including limitless knowledge, power, and pleasure, and bring someone Back from the Dead but do not expect great things out of it.
  • The first signs of the Lament Configuration being in the Pantheon occurred around the same time as Pinhead ascended into the divine realms, but unfortunately, the box was being sold out by a merchant who was unaware of what he was offering. Learning about its contents, a number of deities raced to collect the box for various reasons, either to stop it from being used or to solve its puzzle and hope to gain a blessing from it. Thankfully, the box was bought by the Warrior of Light, who was informed and guided by Cosmos about the box's nature and took the note about not tinkering with it in the slightest. He did admit that its glamorous appearance does incite an alluring desire, something the Warrior staved off for the sake of fulfilling his duty. When bought by his high patron, Cosmos immediately sensed a dark and twisted presence within the artifact and urged the Warrior to have it stored in the Treasury's Maximum Security, which was promptly done. However, the tale of the Lament Configuration in the Pantheon wasn't done yet, as reports of other identical boxes were noted, to Cosmos and the Warrior's dismay and as such, a manhunt was conducted by heroes to find the boxes as quickly as they can while various villains and figures motivated by greed, lust, and power sought the boxes for their own pleasure and gratification. In time, the hunt for the boxes became one of the most intense and grueling searches the Pantheon had seen in a long time.
  • The box is well-known for its alluring appearance, but after word got out about how damning it truly is should someone solve the puzzle, even the most daring of Adventurer Archaeologists don't want to touch the Lament Configuration. Nathan Drake muses about how, for once, learning about a treasure and its mysterious history has deterred him from thinking about retrieving one, not to mention his retirement from the gung-ho sort of treasure hunting. There are some treasure hunters who want to acquire the cube, though their reasons differ; some want to keep it for themselves, some want to sell it off to get some big bucks, and then there are those who want it under the promise of getting absolute power, pleasure, knowledge, or even the chance to bring someone back to life. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have also gotten involved in searching for any Lament Configuration boxes, which caused some controversy among their friends and peers, but their reasons turned out to be justified; they want to send it off to someone they could trust to keep it guarded and locked away to ensure nobody gets to use it. Finally, as a testament to its infamy, it's one of the few relics that Carmen Sandiego would not want to hunt for, though it's more because she fears that her inquisitive nature may mean she would want to solve its puzzle and doesn't want to risk encountering the Cenobites.
  • Sadists like Junko Enoshima and Desaad seek to acquire a box to satisfy their depraved urges and have devised a tactic to get their victims to develop an interest and solve the boxes for them. As it turns out, while the Cenobites are brutal in how they treat those who enter their domain most of the time, they would make an exception for those who didn't want to solve the puzzle and were in the wrong place or be forced to solve the puzzle whereupon they would direct their rage and viciousness towards the perpetrator. The Lament Configuration is one of the few topics that resulted in Junko seeking an alliance with someone, with Desaad being the right individual to act as a collaborator, though this is mainly because of his own deranged fantasies being in line with Junko's as well as the latter being infatuated by the idea of of a God of Sadism. Of course, they intend on using the Lament Configuration in a creative way, so as to not get themselves penalized by the Cenobites with horrifying consequences.
  • Some beings like Slaanesh and Morathi seek to acquire a cube to satiate their hedonistic desires and considering this is going to involve copious numbers of sacrifices, not many are happy about this occasion. That said, Slaanesh is in good graces with the Cenobite Priest and its own eldritch nature and appearance means it's above any of the torture and mutilation methods the Cenobites are capable of, not to mention Slaanesh simply wants followers and victims to experience what they see is the "ultimate pleasure". Some of the Chaos God's followers are seeking a Lament Configuration box to see how this "ultimate pleasure" feels and Slaanesh provides the motivation that they will be blessed by the Chaos God should they go along with their desires. Morathi is a more malicious case; she wants to see how her victims are terrified and then subjected to a drawn-out, painful death for her own sick pleasure. She's met Pinhead before and barely got out in one piece thanks to her black sorcery, but she notes how much of a fun game it is to lull victims in with the pretense of an award. Of course, Morathi isn't up for wishes; she doesn't want to have a torture mechanism strapped onto her chest to give her "limitless pleasure" nor "ultimate power" as she's not willing to become a Cenobite whose bound to the orders of Leviathan. Malekith personally scoffs at the idea of possessing a Lament Configuration, thinking that it detracts others from realizing their true goals and would and is too much of a distraction to truly be kept.
  • While heroes tend to avoid the Lament Configuration like it's a plague unless they're searching for it for the sake of safeguarding them, there is an exception in a magician known as Darkness, a member of a party of adventurers led by Kazuma Satou. Darkness, in spite of her polite nature, has a fetish for being abused and tortured and this has resulted in a lot of wacky hijinks with her fellow party members. Although Kazuma, Aqua, and Megumin tolerate it to varying extents, they've made an effort to never let Darkness get close to a Lament Configuration as much as they can. It's one thing to be kinky about getting beaten, but getting mutilated and ripped apart for the sake of pain fetish is a line they're not willing to look at. Unfortunately for them, Darkness has an interest in the puzzle box and desires to find and solve it someday. So far, no encounters have been made, but Darkness's party is still worried about the possibility of stumbling across one.
  • Unfortunately for most residents and deities, one of the cubes is in possession of the Four Libertines, though the circumstances of how they came to possess a Lament Configuration is a mystery ranging from having either found it by luck or one of the members having bought it from a bazaar to being gifted by one of their collaborators. The Libertines were giddy about using the box on many of their captors in the Pantheon with the intent of subjecting them to the most painful torture imaginable and getting off on watching their torn-up corpses, though some have noted that they always slip outside their victim's presence anytime they are tinkering with the box, suggesting they're afraid of making contact with the Cenobites. On one unfortunate occasion, The President remained in one of his victim's presence long enough that when she solved the puzzle, the President was confronted by the Hell Priest. Recognizing that the victim was manipulated into solving the cube, he took pity on her and let her go, instead directing his deliverance on the President, who was shackled, flayed, and ripped apart with howling agony and his corpse displayed to the other Libertines, who were shocked and horrified. Although the President would resurface, he hasn't gazed at his puzzle box since and the other Libertines have since been more careful about duping their victims and keeping their distance from the box since this incident. That said, they do intend on getting enough sacrifices for "ultimate power" unaware of the fact that this would turn them into Cenobites with their identities functionally erased.
  • Depending on the desires and wishes of a user and the number of sacrifices that have been made, a box can alter its shape to resemble a number of polygonal forms, such as a pyramid, star, diamond, or hourglass. The shapes are important as they are a signal of a user's desire. In some cases, the box comes equipped with a mechanism that, when solved, juts out a hidden blade. Anyone that is so much as even slightly prickled will be taken to the Cenobites and subjected to an agonizingly cruel death. Furthering that, enough sacrifices would allow someone to directly encounter the Cenobites, where the latter would offer the former an award based on what they desire and ask whether they'll be willing to take it. Their unorthodox, twisted psyche also suggests that not going along with their desires is a form of punishment and suffering, but would leave their attendant to that. Some want the box for sympathetic reasons like bringing back a loved one, consequences be damned, and this is one of the reasons that made the box's manhunt in the Pantheon so intense.

Class 5

    The Golden Throne 
The Golden Throne
The Throne, as it appears in the 41st Millennium
  • Appearance: A massive golden throne
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gold Makes Everything Shiny, Life Support System For The God-Emperor, Portal Network, Guide For Warp Travel, Cool Throne, Throne Made of X, Powered by a Forsaken Child
  • Domains: Power, Psykers, Life Support, Ancient Technology
  • Inhabitant: The Emperor Of Mankind, since 014.M31(30,014 C.E)
  • Deep within the Imperial Palace that sprawls across the former Himalayas, under what was once Mt Everest is the Golden Throne. Dating back to the Dark Age of Technology, the Golden Throne was intended to open up the Eldar Webway for mankind. However, Horus betrayed his father, the Emperor of Mankind in the 31st millennium, rendering it a massive life support for the Emperor. For over a hundred centuries it maintains his broken form, and the Astronomican which allows safe Warp travel.
  • It has been placed in Maximum Security for a very good reason-without it the Emperor would die and the Imperium would be lost. The Emperor exists in an excruciating half-life as the beacon to human Warp travel, and it's suggested that by 999.M41 the life support is beginning to fail and won't sustain him forever. On the plus side, they managed to install a text-to-speech device.
  • Requires ten thousand psykers a day to keep the Emperor a micrometer away from true death. As such, every single psychic god in the Pantheon stays the hell away from it. J'onn J'onnz is utterly disgusted that this has to happen to keep humanity in the Age of the Imperium safe, and is trying to find an alternative. He is pleased to learn it can amplify psychic powers, though.
  • Though the Emperor is capable of existing as a physical being independent of the throne in the pantheon, he is still bound to it in the mortal realm (though he does have a major presence in the Warp). He is searching through the House of Machinery and Technology for those who are willing to find a means of upgrading it, providing they are not xenos, to either try and regenerate him or become more mobile. The Emperor insists that gold must remain the predominant color if upgraded.
  • Those in charge of maintaining the Golden Throne were intrigued by the various means of interstellar travel in the pantheon. They are studying the House of Space and Cosmos to as to make the Astronomican more precise and lessen the dangers of Warp travel. The Unbidden are among the forces who want to destroy it so as to make mankind easy pickings.
  • For the fact that the Golden Throne serves as the Emperor's life support, Oryx would be more than happy to destroy it not only for his beef with humanity but its proof that the Imperium of Man as a whole is apart of a bygone age feebly trying to cling to existence. The irony of someone like Oryx saying this wasn't lost to the Emperor. Come to think of it, anyone with a grudge against humanity wants to destroy the throne.

    The Omnitrix 
The Omnimatrix (Omnitrix, Megawhat, Megadeoxyribonucleictransdimensionaltransforminalnumerator)
The prototype version in its original form
The prototype version after Recalibration
The completed version
  • Appearance: A watch with the Plumbers' symbol on the face.
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Clingy MacGuffin, Transformation Trinket, Swiss-Army Superpower
  • Domains: Chaos, Nature, Transformation
  • Creator: Azmuth
  • Current Owner: Ben Tennyson
  • Coveted by: Vilgax, Dr. Gero, Dr. Wily, Gate, Wat Tambor
  • Related Artifacts: The Escafil Device
  • The Omnitrix (full name Omnimatrix) was developed by Azmuth to promote interstellar peace as an apology to his lover Zenith after his previous creation Ascalon brought about violence. It can preserve over a million DNA samples in which the user can transform into that being for a limited time. It can also act as a back drive for the universe it came from in case any species go extinct.
  • The Omnitrix was meant for Max Tennyson, but being Max's grandson, the close genetic match allowed Ben (and, in an alternate timeline, Gwen) to use it. The Omnitrix donated to the The Great Treasury is actually just the 'prototype' Azmuth created. The real 'completed' one is with Ben himself, having been given to him after defeating Dagon.
  • In regards to its use in the Pantheon, given that there are plenty of different species that Ben can potentially copy, he was given a decree by the Court of the Gods not to scan any overly powerful species, trusting that he would keep to this warning until they can fully work out the kinks of what to restrict. Ben being well, Ben decided to scan the low-level Saiyan Cabba on the quiet and it worked out OK - until the moon came out and he transformed into a Great Ape that promptly wrecked the area before emergency Court restrictions finally kicked in and de-transformed him. Cabba's Saiyan data was wiped in the process.
    • Since then, Ben has been very careful about scanning species which he isn't supposed to, even turning down the chance despite Son Goku’s insistent pleas. Some time after Azmuth's ascension, he and a Court committee (composed of Machinery and Technology residents and GUAG White Hats) worked arduously to catalogue the multitudes of species in the Pantheon that are too dangerous for Ben to scan. He managed to convince Ben to surrender the Omnitrix for a while and input the necessary restrictions into it. This is only unlockable by Azmuth and selected GUAG members such as mid to high-ranking White Hats. The new program that prevents Ben from harnessing prohibited species updates itself periodically for every new ascension to the Pantheon.
    • The DNA samples used by the Omnitrix come from the artificially grown planet Primus (not to be confused with the Transformers god of the same name), which essentially serves as an archive for those samples. Contrary to popular belief, the Omnitrix doesn't need to be constantly synchronized to Primus (the connection of which can transcend dimensions and thus has no problem reaching the Pantheon) in order to function, any more than an iPod needs constant access to one's computer to play music that was added in. Azmuth took great care to segregate any DNA samples foreign to his and Ben's universe from the usual samples.
    • As for how these samples can go, they can go beyond just organic and can copy synthetic (Echo Echo, Upgrade), cosmic (Way Big), and even multi-dimensional (Alien X). However, it's limited to samples from species with a certain level of intellectual sapience (in Earth, available species include human, dolphin, and mouse) to avoid corruption of the user's intellectual mind, which also explains the timeout function. The most feral transformation from Ben's universe available thus far without repercussion is the Vulpimancer species (Wildmutt).
    • There are plenty of rules regarding what Ben can and cannot scan, but above all, he cannot scan a species that can manipulate all aspects of reality beyond universe-level. What does that mean? Alien X, Ben's known most powerful alien (there are actually stronger ones, but Ben doesn’t know them), can destroy and recreate universes at will provided his two personas are in agreement. Any being that surpasses this level of power, such as being able to recreate universes without any significant drawback or weakness will be unscannable, instead getting the message "SCAN PROHIBITED".
      • Hence, Ben cannot scan beings with the purpose of maintaining large swaths of the cosmos (like The Living Tribunal or the Monitors), species with the natural ability to surpass god or god-like beings (like Saiyans, even if Goku was the only known one to achieve this) and species specifically stated to be gods (like the Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais, or mythical gods with universe-busting potential). Ben is pretty bummed out by all this, but is pretty confident that he will never need to go that far in a fight. Azmuth has assured Ben in his typical dry way that the restrictions can be lifted in absolute emergencies when help cannot be summoned.
  • The Omnitrix has quite an expansive amount of features the user has access to.
    • The first and most known one is Transformation, which turns the user (instantly) into the apex (a.k.a fittest and healthiest) version of the selected species (but never their own species) relative to their own age, and (when working properly) downloads the instincts native to that species to avoid cases of How Do I Shot Web?. These transformations come equipped by the Omnitrix with special handicaps needed to sustain the transformation, such as NRG's containment suit, Goop's anti-gravity projector, and Brainstorm's breathing brace. It may also provide the user with uniforms, some even retaining elements associated with the alien's homeworld attire. It will always turn Ben into the male version of said species, unless it's asexual as with Necrofriggians (Big Chill).
      • Despite being able to use synthetic beings' "DNA samples", the Omnitrix can only make incomplete transformations in such cases, like with Galvan Mechamorphs (Upgrade).
      • The DNA scanned has to be different enough from the host's to be registered. The best example for "different" enough would be the Gourmands (Upchuck), which have two subspecies: Perk and Murk, both of which are accessible to a Ben as separate Upchuck forms. Therefore, he can theoretically turn into a meta-human if their DNA is different enough.
      • Transformations can be automatic if the user's life is in danger and the Omnitrix will turn its user into the needed alien to survive.
      • The time limit for transformation is usually up to 10 Earth minutes (for the prototype Omnitrix), but tends to be inconsistent due to Ben slapping on the Omnitrix too hard whenever he activates it.
      • In addition, the user can only transform into one alien at a time and would need to wait out the time limit and recharge mode before continuing. However, with the Life Form Lock function or Master Control, a user can remain in one transformed state for an indefinite amount of time. That said, for the completed Omnitrix, Ben can choose to turn back earlier, skipping the Recharge mode and letting him transform again far quicker.
    • The second is Recharge, which it reverts to after the time limit has been reached to prevent the user from being overwhelmed by the DNA samples as it fuses with the user's biology itself. This state lasts until its internal core is refreshed enough to do another Transformation.
    • Third is the Capture setting, where the Omnitrix can store new DNA samples into its database, which works either by touch or by extended projection, regardless of whether or not the user is currently transformed.
    • Fourth is the Recalibration mode, only seen in the Prototype Omnitrix. This only occurred when it has been dormant for a long period of time without use, in which some time is required before it's available for use once more.
    • Fifth is the Self-Destruct Mode, which is the only thing that can destroy the Omnitrix (it can otherwise survive even multiversal-level destruction). The default time is set to 30 seconds, but if the charge were to build up long enough (as many as a few days), it can destroy the entire universe.
  • Other features of the Omnitrix include a Universal Translator (almost pointless in the Pantheon), protection from mind control and possession, protection from toxic influences, universal-range GPS, voice command, randomizer function, homing device, and audio-visual two-way communication. It can also manipulate DNA of other beings in range, mostly for restorative purposes.
  • Most significant of these functions however is the Master Control, unlockable only by Azmuth. In this mode, the user can remain transformed indefinitely, and change between forms without reverting to their default form first.
  • As for failsafes, on top of Self-Destruct Mode, a green energy eruption occurs when someone tries to remove the Omnitrix from Ben by force. It's also genetically locked to Ben in its present-day perspective (meaning even a younger version of Ben can't use it). It also preserved the user's self-consciousness for example by not going into Recharge mode while the user is still split as a Splixson (Ditto).
  • That said, the Omnitrix still has hundreds of other features Ben does not know about. For example, he does not know how to access the setting that changes the user's gender to adapt to another species.
  • There are theories as to why on occasion the Omnitrix doesn't transform Ben into the alien he desires. Most of these theories tend to assume the Omnitrix is sentient in a sense and chooses what he needs to be rather than what he wants to be. Given it's sentient enough to manipulate Ben's hand when it and he were dimensionally displaced, this is highly likely.
  • Despite the wide variety of available DNA samples, the Omnitrix has exceptions to what it can scan. Besides the prohibited species stated above, these include:
    • The Ultimate Forms in the Ultimatrix.
    • Cybernetically-enhanced beings such as the Cybermen (though Daleks are fine).
    • Non-sapient races that do not have as much sentience, such as Muroids, unless the scanned subject is taught significantly enough.
    • Species without genetic material equivalent enough to traditional DNA, such as Slimebiotes and Contumelia.
    • Magical creatures, because magic is not compatible with the science of the Omnitrix, such as Stone Creatures and other inhabitants of Ledgerdomain, the native creatures of the Wizarding World (scanning a wizard/witch only detected a human), and White Walkers (not that Ben would dare scan the Night's King anyway).
      • However, this claim seems to be contested by canon as Mana (the source of magic) is Life Energy and is thus able to breathe sentience into objects, and the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix have given life to Ben’s transformations on separate occasions. Theoretically, he can scan Dagon despite it being a pure Energy Being. Despite "lacking DNA", Ben is technically part-Anodite in him, so he can theoretically scan an Anodite as well, though this likely doesn’t happen for out-of-universe reasons so that Gwen’s abilities stay relevant.
    • Mutants and other hybrids, though only as a security measure to keep that DNA from corrupting him due to its potential instability.
  • Within limits set by the Court of the Gods (and later Azmuth), Ben has tried collecting DNA samples from the following Pantheon denizens.
    • Twilight Sparkle: She wanted to see what if it would turn him into the ideal pony or the ideal alicorn, and see how far it can go. Did not work, as the Omnitrix cannot scan magical creatures. But it later turns out that was because of Twilight's overflowing potential (likely from having absorbed three other alicorns' energy once to safeguard it from Tirek), as well as the fact that she was an alicorn, that just managed to count her in the upper limit.
      • She later called for Spike, Applejack, Starlight Glimmer, and Rainbow Dash for testing the Omnitrix scanning, and it turns out that they work. His transformations' abilities were also tested, but the copied's experiences (e.g. Rainbow's Wonderbolt training, Starlight's learned spells) gave them an edge over Ben. Of course, the upper limit means no scanning the Princesses or Discord.
    • The TARDIS: Done by accident after Ben met with the Doctor, who refused to be scanned by the Omnitrix because he does not want to see a young kid running around with his 13 lives and two hearts like an idiot. Due to her nature as a living spaceship in the form of a commonplace object (for the 1960s anyway), the Omnitrix cannot scan her. However, even if Ben did scan the Doctor, he would not be able to regenerate since that was thanks to the Elixir of Life.
    • Scarface: Scan successful, but out of respect for Scarface and his kind's code, Ben doesn't use the transformation.
    • Groot: Scan successful.
    • Treebeard: Scan successful, surprisingly. Presumably, Ben can scan elves, dwarves, hobbits, orcs, or even Uruk-Hai, but not Maiar such as Gandalf.
    • Goliath of the Manhattan Clan: Scan successful, though because he tested it out on the day, he instantly turned into stone. The timeout function still worked to turn him back, though.
    • Lion-O (currently under He-Man's tutelage): Scan was successful, though the resulting transformation would depend on the animal form of the genetic donor and would either resemble some type of cat that has not been seen on-screen or a dog.
    • Legion: Unsuccessful since they're runtimes on a platform and not nanites.
    • Optimus Prime: Scan successful. However, Ben has to keep scanning Alt forms each time he turns into a Cybertronian. Optimus notes that Ben's transformation is akin to Create-a-Bot.
    • Yoda: Scan successful, though Yoda has asked to keep this private.
    • Yoshi: Scan successful.
    • Xenomorph: While sentient enough and adaptable, they're not actually sapient, so the impromptu scan Ben did on it while he and his friends were fighting it was unsuccessful.
    • Minions (with permission from Gru): Scan successful, though won't use it at Gru's conditions.
    • Weeping Angels: He got a “DO NOT SCAN” warning because of them being made of “Flesh and Stone”, and where so much as a picture of one can become real. Now imagine if it was a full-blown person?
  • He hasn't scanned these yet, but there are theories as to the results:
    • WALL-E and EVE: Debatable depending on how sapient they truly are.
    • The Crystal Gems: Would probably work, depending on the scanned Gem (Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, or even Diamond). Due to his hybrid nature, it's advised not to scan Steven.
    • Digimon: Probably wouldn't work, as they're comprised of data, though it's sort of debatable even then.
    • Pokémon: Likely a case-by-case basis depending on each species' sapience, though it's likely that most of them are available for transformations. Cases like Team Rocket's Meowth and those from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are almost definitely scannable, though.
    • The Flash: Could work, but the upper limit prohibits Ben from scanning Barry or Wally.
    • SpongeBob SquarePants: Possible.
    • Living Planets such as Mogo: Theoretically possible, but as Mogo is over the upper limit...
    • New Gods such as Darkseid or Orion: Theoretically possible, but both are well over the upper limit.
    • Asgardians like Thor: Possible, but he's over the upper limit.
    • Scooby-Doo: Depends on the iteration. Mostly no, but the one with alien ancestry definitely counts.
    • Cell: Probable, more definite if the mutant limitation is lifted.
    • Quirk-activated humans: Possible, though has been prohibited from scanning Deku or All Might for their One For All Quirk. However, since One for All works through stockpiling power and so is basically useless when copied by itself, this might actually be an acceptable scan.
    • Snoopy: Probable.
    • Spider-Man: Possible, though Ben still has to make the web shooters himself as those are gadgets, unless he ends up scanning the Sam Raimi films version, where those are biological.
    • The Living Tribunal: Theoretically possible, but he's well over the upper limit.
    • Matoran: Possible, and the Omnitrix would generate a Kanohi mask for survival. It's not known if Ben transforming into this species would result in him becoming a Toa.
    • Jumba's genetic experiments: Despite technically being mutants and thus shouldn't really work with any of them, they are theoretically possible, mainly because all experiments are (for lack of a better word) "natively-born" sapient creatures (even the more simple-minded experiments like X-001/Shrink have enough sapience to function like people). Also, thanks to the sheer genius of Dr. Jumba Jookiba, each experiment's DNA are unique and complete enough that each one can be considered their own distinct species. However, Ben is prohibited from scanning them because the experiments are still technically in violation of the United Galactic Federation's laws against genetic experimentation, and the Omnitrix itself is also in violation of those laws because the device's functions are technically a form of genetic experimentation as well. (The experiments have been pardoned—after initially being "exiled"—thanks to Lilo proving that they can be contributing members of society, but this does not mean that others can use Jumba's existing experiments for any genetic experimentation of their own.)
    • Stand Users: Probable, since Stands are the result of an alien virus. As for what Stand Ben might get, it may or may not depend on who he scanned. If it's scanned-dependent, probably not since the likes of Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo put them over the upper limit.
    • Rimuru Tempest: Debatable, but he's over the upper limit anyway.
    • The Sarlaac: Possible, but why would he, given it's usally immobile?
    • The Grinch: Possible.
    • Hello Kitty: Possible.
    • Titan Shifter: As a metahuman technically speaking, Possible, though Ben may still have to Shift manually if the Omnitrix doesn't transform him into the Titan form already.
    • Osmosian: Possible, but Ben won't scan Kevin for that.
    • Rigby: Possible.
    • Pickle Rick: Probably. Definitely not for normal Rick.
    • The Magic School Bus: Given how inexplicable it is, debatable. Ms. Frizzle requested Ben not to try.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: Possible, but he's over the upper limit. Other Mobians may be fair game, though.
    • Godzilla: Possible, but he's over the upper limit.
    • Kwami: Probably not.
    • Mt. Ebott Monsters: Debatable, not that Asgore or Toriel will be willing to subject themselves to a scanning. Undyne however might ask for a scan just to see if Ben's transformation into her sub-species can take her on.

  • Most absolute xenophobes consider the Omnitrix tantamount to blasphemy for encouraging "species-mixing".