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Greater Gods

Corypheus, God of Villainously Renouncing Deities (The First Darkspawn, The Elder One, Sethius Amladaris, The Tevinter Magister, The Conductor)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Orb of Destruction
  • Theme Song: Corypheus, The Elder One
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Archmage, Elemental Powers, Evil Sorcerer, Humanoid Abomination, Monster Progenitor, Likes to boast grandly, Can possess others who have the taint, Dragon Rider, Wants others to kneel to him, Having a menacing, and deep voice
  • Domains: Loss of Faith, Despair, Hatred, Killing, Abominations, Demons, Godhood
  • Allies: Satan, Fortinbras, Manus, Allant, Griffith, Kefka Palazzo, Arthas, Mundus, Zobek, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Dormammu, Jack of Blades, The Idea of Evil
  • Enemies: Hawke, Merrill, Varric Tethras, Gabriel Belmont, Dante Alighieri, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Gwyn, Artorias, Aang, Teyrn Loghain
  • On the orders of his personal God Dumat Corypheus and six other Magisters used a powerful ritual to enter the home of The Maker (Their Creator God) only to find that the Golden City was black and The Maker gone. This troubled him but when he returned and found that he and his allies became cursed as Darkspawn it started to break him. Then after awakening to find that what he knew as gone and Dumat no longer answering his prayers he decided to renounce The Maker, The Old Gods, and take vengeance on them by using ancient magic to try and become God when God has abandoned them all.
  • This has made him very angry at any Creator Gods that tries to tell him of what they have done as he is quick to yell at them:
    "If they love you so then why have you done nothing to ease their suffering, why would you call yourself good if people go on living with the thought that you never answer their prayers"
  • He decided to work with Shinnok and Satan to try and achieve his goal here in The Pantheon to try and merge it with The Fade so that he can claim The Throne of The Maker.
  • Agrees with Sosuke Aizen on how unbearable it is for The Throne of Heaven being empty and that someone should sit on it to rule all, though who should is something both will fight over.
  • Understands the woes of The False King Allant and decided to ally with him to try and end the suffering this world has created.
  • When he finds out that Hawke was in the pantheon he was enraged and has started to plot a way to stop the person that forced him to find another body.
  • He has a Red Lyrium Dragon at his side and uses it to protect his temple. It also allows him to have the ability to switch to other bodies.
  • Was visited by The Idea of Evil and such a Being has left quite an impression on him. He has decided to ally with such a Being until his plans are realized.
  • Can communicate with those that have The Taint of a Darkspawn, yet despite the lack of that in The Pantheon it still seems to affect those that have been exposed to the powers of Darkness, what connection between the two is unknown but it allows him to taunt his enemies and communicate with Manus.
    • Upon discovering that Teyrn Loghain had ascended and may of been made a Grey Warden, he was surprised that he couldn't force him to serve him. He plans on taking him out along with Hawke and Varric.
  • In his final moments on the mortal plane, Corypheus lost his nerve and begged Dumat and the Old Gods to save him. He was met with only silence and death. That was the last time Corypheus ever prayed to another.

Kratos, He Who Wages War On The Gods (Ghost of Sparta, The Mortal Bent On The Gods' Destruction, Dad of Boi, Fárbauti)
Kratos in the Greek Era
Click here  to see Kratos in the Norse Era
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity while invoking the Rage of Sparta)
  • Symbol: The Blades of Exile (formerly the Blades of Chaos, which he discarded after destroying Ares)
  • Theme Song: "The End Begins"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Currently, he's trying to settle for Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Physical Gods, One-Man Armies, Heroic Sociopaths, Sinister Hairlessness, Papa Wolves, Deicide, Vengeance.
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Suffering, War, Hope, Family (Recently).
  • Follower: "Thunder God" Cid Orlandeau.
  • Allies: Atreus (his son), Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Noire/Black Heart
  • Rival: Dante Sparda, Needles Kane, Al Simmons/Spawn
  • Worthy Opponent: Shovel Knight
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bloody Marie
  • Enemies: ZEUS! (and to a lesser extent, the other one), ARES!, Hercules, ATHENA!, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Cygnus Hyoga, Pegasus Seiya, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki, Virgo Shaka, Sophitia Alexandra, Master Xehanort, Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon, Liu Kang
  • Opposes: The cast of Mortal Kombat (except for Raiden)
  • Opposed by: Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Respects: Vulcan, Bryan Mills, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Demon King Piccolo, Kirito and Asuna, any good/devoted/loving parent (especially Papa Wolf and Mama Bear Deities)
  • Conflicting Opinions
  • Has inevitably clashed with that pretty boy Dante, both frequently destroying entire countries in a completely awesome way. They have both agreed to limit their conflicts to constant one-upmanship.
  • He won his title from Kratos Aurion. He enjoys the increase to HP and INT.
  • Has an extremely short temper and a really good memory for grudges. The Gods of Prophecy stay as far away from him as metaphysically possible, and for VERY good reason, he has a bad habit of screwing destiny.
  • One of the Duumvirate of War, alongside Mars. They take turns taking charge, with Kratos covering offensive war, and all forms of berserker and mindless rage-based combat. Don't assume this means they get along, though; Kratos hates Mars and everything she stands for, and would utterly destroy her given half a chance.
  • Despite his nature, Kratos is actually driven by the power of hope, which he ultimately spreads to the mortals.
  • Asura despises him him with a passion despite their similarities. Kratos pays no particular attention to him, but is still wary of Asura's rage, a line which he would apparently never cross. As mentioned below, he's also come to also respect his determination as a father.
  • Got on Sweet Tooth's bad side when he accidentally spilled the clown's ice cream.
    • Has once been defeated by the trio of Cole MacGrath, Nathan Drake and Sackboy at sometime in the tournament. He seemed to have respect and hatred for the three now.
    • His hatred for Sackboy further increased when him and Nathan were beaten later on.
  • Once, he faced the hellspawn known as Spawn in a Death Battle to see which was the greater God Slayer. It ended with Spawn impaling Kratos through the head. Kratos has yet to have forgotten that defeat, and trains rigorously in the event Spawn joins the Pantheon. He also refuses to speak at ALL about it. When Dante mentioned it after the battle, Kratos immediately challenged him to a fight.
    • Now that Spawn himself has ascended to the Pantheon, Kratos is itching for a rematch.
  • Due to the recent arrival of his father, Zeus, The House of Magic is constantly on the look-out for Kratos as The Council of Shadows does everything in their power to make sure that the God of War never finds out about his father's whereabouts. The last time he found out that Zeus had entered the grounds of Pantheon, the House of Magic was nearly destroyed by his Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Kratos has some respect for Raiden, as he's one of the few deities who treated him well instead of screwing him over, like those in the Greek Pantheon. This is why Kratos is adamant on defending Raiden for his mistakes.
    • Shao Kahn was not pleased by this opinion and brainwashed Kratos through a ritual. Kratos quickly recovered from it and viciously murdered Shao Kahn. Ever since then, the Outworld ruler has never gone easy on him.
    • He's happy to see Raiden finally free himself. He's even more pleased by Raiden's new proactive stance on Earthrealm's protection. Watching him present Shinnok's head to the Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm as a warning to all those who threaten Earthrealm made him nod in approval. He also sneers at Raiden's former allies for abandoning him in his time of need, as they should have had more faith in a God who doesn't try to screw them over for his own gain. The fact that many of those former allies are reconciling with Raiden does nothing to temper his scorn.
    • His scorn was pushed even further upon learning that Liu Kang embraced his new role as the Lord of Netherrealm with Katana at his side as his queen, even going as far as dropping all of his allies. Kratos has since declared that even if Liu Kang's former mentors may forgive him, he never will.
  • Sophitia Alexandra, Chibiusa and Usagi Tsukino, Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, and Percy Jackson are all royally pissed off at him for killing off the Olympians, especially Hephaestus, Sophitia's patron; Helios, Usagi's patron and Chibiusa's lover; Zeus, Makoto and Kotone's charge; and Poseidon, Percy's father. Percy plans to seek revenge once he regains the Curse of Achilles. On the other hand, all Saints of Athena are all royally pissed off at Kratos dissing their mistress and claiming her to be an usurping, greedy Manipulative Bitch, an insult they will not forgive, on top of his overall brutal nature. Athena's daughter, Annabeth Chase, was far from happy to hear him talking smack about her mother as well.
    • Kratos does not care about Zeus, Poseidon, or Helios, but when asked about Hephaestus, Kratos seemed saddened as he did not want to kill him. Hephaestus was simply a father protecting his daughter and Kratos would have done nothing to him if he did not try and kill him first. He has no regrets on dissing Athena, however, after seeing her manipulative nature, and KNOWING that the Saints are also capable of taking down Gods of higher ranks than themselves, just like him... they're welcome to try him.
    • When Athena actually ascended, the first thing Kratos did was to assault her home, wreck everything, but was driven back for a bit, if only due to the many, many Gods coming to Athena's defense. Kratos refused to believe that Athena was remorseful over her actions, or the evil infecting her from Pandora's Box was gone, and so their war continues.
    • Sophitia already fought him once, and whenever her "workmate" deities invite Kratos to fight, she always asks to be his first adversary.
  • He's surprised to see Aphrodite in the Pantheon, noting that he probably hadn't killed her back then. But seeing that she wasn't actively blocking his path, Kratos still tolerates her. But he has constantly insisted her that she should stop comparing him with Ares.
  • Kratos has vowed to kill Master Xehanort after the latter attacked Zeus. This isn't out of affection for Zeus mind you, but because only Kratos gets to kill Zeus.
  • Was once called out to from afar by the name Tomko. He turned around to meet Christian, who initially mistook him for an old enforcer from a distance. They chatted well and went on their way, though he found Captain Charisma a bit too much of a slick talker for his comfort.
  • After some time he resurfaced in the land of the Norse gods, now possessing a far more controlled temper and raising a son. He still possesses a hatred of the Gods, but is less outwardly destructive.
  • If there's one thing about Kratos that's unambiguously sympathetic, it's the fact that he's a very protective and surprisingly decent parent figure. He has been seen interacting with his son Atreus, and while the relationship isn't perfect by any means, it's a lot better than what most people in the Pantheon would have expected. Needless to say, nobody, and we mean NOBODY, is even thinking about trying to hurt his son in any way. This is the guy who brutally slaughtered the Greek gods themselves, and whatever he did to the Greek gods, he most certainly can do to any schmuck stupid enough to try.
    • Kratos has always had a sincere respect for loving and kind parents who are willing to lay down their lives for their beloved children, especially after he Took a Level in Kindness living in Scandinavia. Due to his stoicism, this sentiment is usually kept private, and more often than not one-sided on his part due to said parents being too horrified by the reputation of his war crimes and atrocities to respect him in return. Kratos for his part grumbles in acceptance, knowing that such fear and hatred is well deserved and of nobody's fault but his own.
      • For this reason, he visited the Ministry of Atonement, and while he's given suspicious glares, a few could tell from his face that he had indeed turned a new leaf after feeling guilty about the horrors he had committed in the past. While he's still indifferent to them, he does develop limited ties towards them.
  • Allows Atreus to be around Mithra with Asura's permission after the boy found his father and Asura to be alike. Asura, knowing that Atreus isn't the type to "seduce" Mithra, allowed him to be around her, on the condition he does not make her cry, knowing that he once lashed out at Sindri in anger. Atreus, flinching at the memory, nodded.

Set, God of Demonized Deities (Seth, Sutah, God of Deserts, Storms, Chaos and Foreigners, Evil Day)
His demon form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Set animal
  • Theme Music: Universe Seth Battle (for his demon form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonized Deities, God of Evil, Cartoon Creature, Married His Sister, Killed His Brother (Twice) and Raped His Nephew, Cain of Osiris' Abel, Still Opposed Apep
  • Domains: Deserts, Storms, Chaos, Murder, Leadership
  • Followers: The Followers of Set
  • Allies: Ra (sort of), Geb(?) (his father), Hades, Scar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zia Rashid
  • Enemies: OSIRIS, Apophis, Flynn, Simba, Mufasa, the Silent Striders
  • Opposes: Those who would want to destroy the universe
  • Originally considered the guardian deity of Upper Egypt, he was a god who was tasked to protect Ra in his daily travels from the serpent Apep. However, after Egypt was unified and was once invaded by people who found him similar to their chief god, the people of Egypt started to villainize him. And as those in the Pantheon soon found out, faith changes deities.
  • Even though he is an evil deity, he isn't a fan of destroying the world. He wants to rule the world, not destroy it. While the main reason why he specifically needs to protect Ra is because he is only god immune to Apep's hypnotism, he still does his duty. Of course he wishes that Apep could one day die so that he can progress with his plans without a problem. His will to oppose Apep extends to point where he is willing to work with mortals without any tricks (though it does help that they knew his true name).
  • Set does not like when mortals mistake him for Apep, or depict him as a serpent deity. Such people include Conan. He also does not tolerate others pretending to be him, such as Apocalypse.
  • One reason why he got into the Pantheon is because when he heard that Osiris was here, he was furious. He swore that he would tear the gates to the Pantheon down if he had to reach his brother. Eventually, his wish was fulfilled and he was brought in. And such, the brotherly hatred would continue once more.
    • However, when he found out that one reason why he ascended was because Apep was already here, he was... less than thrilled.
      Set: You let that snake to ascend before me? What is wrong with you!? Do you think that I have time dealing with that serpent every day!? You are all idiots! One day I will rule over this place and drive Apep away forever.
    • On note on his hatred forwards his brother, there seems to be few reasons why he wanted to kill Osiris. Aside of mere jealousy for his brother and wanting to usurp his throne, another reason for it seems to be that Osiris once slept with Set's wife (and their sister). So while it is hard to be on Set's side, gods have done worse things with less justification.
  • He gets along really well with Scar. Like him, Scar's an Evil Uncle and evil brother, murdering his rightful leader of said brother. Simba and Mufasa were on edge upon learning Scar had a god on his side.
  • He does realize the position he has, though he does roll with it. He is drinking buddies with Hades due to both of them being deities who mortals don't seem to get.
  • The House of Beasts is still confused what kind of animal the so-called "Set animal" is. Even Set has forgotten over the ages what the animal is when seen in modern times.
  • One of his plans for conquest involves obtaining the Scepter of Was. When he came to know that Ramses II was in the Pantheon, he figured that he would snatch the Scepter away from him. Unfortunately, he found out that the Scepter was seemingly buried alongside Tutankhamun, so his quest was for nothing.
  • He openly mocks both YHVH and Lucifer and some other SMT villains for as he is the second major villain in the whole franchise, only being beaten by Loki. Of course, YHVH doesn't like him claiming he is a villain and Lucifer advises him not to get cocky. And then Satan reminds him that he is part of him, though Set says that Satan was just disguised as him.
  • Believe it or not, his favorite food is lettuce. Though he's slow to trust salad dressings due to that one thing what happened between him and Horus.
  • He has a Might Makes Right mentality when it comes to who should rule and believes to be that powerful to rule over everyone else.
  • He doesn't seem to mind about the mortal who tried to emulate him and named Sutekh as well. Of course, he gets annoyed when JonTron purposely misspells him as "HUEGH".
  • He has an entire vampire clan, the Followers of Set, who worship him as a god, although there's much debate on whether the Set they worship is the genuine article, a mortal-turned-Antediluvian who claimed his identity, if Set took human form or if Set lost his divinity and was cursed into a mortal existence... or all of them at the same time. Set is quiet on the subject, but doesn't particularly seem to care what anyone thinks, since no matter who or what they worship he still reaps the gains.
    • On a related note, he also has a werewolf tribe as sworn enemies, the Silent Striders, who are allies of Osiris and were cursed by the Followers of Set to never be able to step on their ancestral land of Egypt. Set is not quiet on them. As far as Set is concerned, the only good werewolf is a dead and rotting one.

Intermediate Gods

Aleph, the Godslayer (Hawk, Jyoji Hijri)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Two Guns and a Katana
  • Alignment: Good. His original timeline has been wiped out, so there is no way to know where he stands in regards to Law and Chaos. (The incarnation of him that fought alongside Nanashi, however, is probably Lawful Good due by process of elimination.)
  • Portfolio: Artificial Messiah, Being an absolute badass despite being 100% human, Deicide, Dreadful Musician, One-Man Army, Big Freaking Sunglasses,
  • Domains: Combat, Faith, Gladiators, Dance, Freedom
  • Allies: Lucifer, Satan, Flynn, Nanashi, Naoki Kashima, Raidou Kuzunoha, Luka, Ajani Goldmane, Kazuya, Cerberus
  • Enemies: YHVH, Beerus
  • Fears: Whis
  • Once upon a time, in a future that could have been, the Great Will succeeded in annihilating all opposition and ruling alone above everything in nigh-omnipotence, ready to crumble everything back into Himself. However, it was made known that for a few, precious instants, he would be vulnerable, if still commanding unprecedented amounts of power. A hero rose, and in a battle unmatched before or since, shattered YHVH's power and returned the spark of free will to everything. Yet, the entity did not go down without a fight, and with its Dying Curse, he imprisoned Aleph with the Multiverse as his grave: he was doomed to forever wander across Time and Space, recording the endless war of Law and Chaos for eternity. However, Lucifer felt too indebted to Aleph to allow such a terrible fate. Seeking a way to destroy this curse, he found Raidou Kuzunoha, whose 'spark' allowed Lucifer to erase the timeline where such grim events came to pass, thus ensuring the events that led up to Aleph getting cursed never happened. He later returned from oblivion, just as Lucifer expected him to.
  • His name commands utmost reverence amongst any who have declared YHVH their enemy. Lucifer will obey Atlus, but he'll kneel to Aleph.
  • Satan is another figure who respects Aleph. While his usual self keeps trying to get Aleph to join him, there are other times where his Zayin side takes over and acts as a genuine friend.
  • Despite the fact his involvement in the Pantheonic Rebellion would guarantee victory for the Rebels, Aleph wants nothing to do with it: after spending untold centuries as Hijiri, forced to watch the destruction and rebirth of countless worlds, unable to interfere with any of them, he's declared himself officially retired. The GUAL gave a collective sigh of relief. Lucifer doesn't seem to mind: he has a good number of generals willing to fight YHVH, and given the proper motivation, Aleph may soon jump back into the fray...
  • Utterly unintimidated by Beerus. Aleph came extremely close to defeating him in a dance-off, an outcome that would have had terrifying consequences for the whole of the Pantheon: he failed when Vegeta blasted him from behind and knocked him unconscious. When Beerus gave him a couple of not-so-subtle threats after he woke up, Aleph asked him if he can deliver a worse fate than what YHVH had inflicted on him, in the remote chance that Beerus could defeat him. Before Beerus could even answer, Aleph responded:
    Aleph: No? You can't damn me to eternal torture? You can't thrust me into a cycle of endless rebirth, a fate of utter helpless torment? You can't top what the Great Will did to me? Then you have nothing to threaten me with.
    • Sources indicate he can probably back up his boasting: despite having no supernatural powers to speak of, he is in possession of both powerful demons and incredibly strong weapons: his guns, in particular, are considered his most dangerous possessions, able to strip away divine protection with Gideon Bullet in much the way Flynn's Godslayer Sword can. On top of that, he can weaken enemies with pure warrior's spirit.
    • Whis, however, was a different matter entirely. Whis pointed out that rather than manipulate timelines, he could manipulate time itself and thus could rewind time in such a way that it could undo Lucifer's efforts and have Aleph be re-cursed to his endless cycle. This was a bluff: Whis can only turn back time three minutes, meaning he wouldn't be able to go back far enough, but it did the trick when Aleph paled at the idea of being returned to his endless damnation and backed down. Whis privately admitted later to actually being relieved that Aleph stood down instead of choosing to attack him.
  • Aleph considers Cerberus a friend, since they teamed up after the death of Kazuya, his original master, to carry on his mission to save the world. Kazuya himself is immensely thankful his death was not in vain and that a true Savior managed to do what he could not.

    Ardyn Izunia 
Ardyn Izunia, God of Fallen Messiahs (High Chancellor Izunia, The Usurper, The Accursed, Ardyn Lucis Caelum, Adagium.)

Oyashiro-sama, Goddess of Corrupt Church (Hanyū, Hainiryūn Ieasomūru Jieda)
Click here  to see her true form.

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