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Intermediate Gods

    The Other Mother 
The Other Mother, Goddess of Living Doll Collectors (The Beldam)
Her true form 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A spider holding a black coat-button.
  • Theme Songs: "Dreaming", "You Know I Love You", "Cold Black Key"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: One Bad Mother, Be Careful What You Wish For, Humanoid Abomination, Marionette Master, Perverse Puppet, Creepy Doll, Living Doll Collector, Manipulative Bitch, Sewing buttons into children's eyes to steal their souls, Giant Spider, Lean and Mean Wicked Witch/Fairy, Evil Matriarch, Evil Counterpart, Self-Made Orphan, Pretends to be a perfect loving mother but is anything but, Yanderes
  • Domains: Puppets, Magic, Soul Stealing, Fairies, Buttons
  • "Allies"note : Queen Chrysalis, Hatsune Hirasaka, Ungoliant
  • Rivals: Yugi Muto and Atem
  • Enemies: Coraline Jones, Hibari, Haruka, Banette, Yuno Gasai, Chihiro Ogino, Lilo, Batman, Jack Skellington, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor
  • Followers: The Dollmaker, Sasori
  • Opposes: Cats (Especially Salem, the Cheshire Cat and Garfield)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Every single (good-to-neutral) ascended mother on the Pantheon and every mother to any god. Ever.
  • Object of Interest for: Spooky
  • Doesn't live inside the House itself, but the House contains a passage into her Pocket Dimension, now reduced to it's primal form: a simple web, due to the absense of potential preys. The only one remaining... for now.
  • The Other Mother has been starving ever since the portal to her realm has been closed to mortals. She hopes to use her deification to open up a new portal to hunt down more children.
  • She has no ambition to take over the Pantheon, however. Only hunger for love, and souls.
  • She rarely leaves her world in person, however her dolls lurk all around the Pantheon, unseen, empty button eyes watching... Watching something...
    • Under no circumstances are those dolls to be let anywhere near the chamber of Treasures, for grave fear of The Other Mother's knowledge or use of Li'l Cal.
  • It should be noted that she can only copy and transform what already exists. It's not quite as debilitating as it should be since she is in the Pantheon now, but her world is still full-chock of the Uncanny Valley.
  • For now, Melkor doesn't really know if to approach her. While he can understand very well being unable to create, the Other Mother is still a spider. Yet another reason why she isn't involved with any alliance.
  • Is absolutely hated by Banette, who thinks she is too horrible to children. Even in comparison to himself.
    • Hibari also doesn't like her because she thinks that she behaves like Haruka did, but worse. And speaking of Haruka, she simply hates her because "using daughter as a doll" is an expression that hits too close to home.
  • Due to living literally holed up, she has no real allies. Queen Chrysalis seems to be interested in her, and Hatsune Hirasaka really doesn't mind her (since she is practically her japanese counterpart, or so to say), so they would be about as close to "allies" as she can get but it is still very one-sided.
    • As a result of this, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor are extra wary of any doll or any portal that could be of her realm. They especially don't want her to target their daughter Flurry Heart.
  • It has been discovered that orphans are her Achilles' Heel, especially those who aren't that desperate to have their parents back or simply didn't meet them, after an incident in which Bruce Wayne was turned into a child (again) and found himself being lured into the Beldam's web.
  • In spite of (or maybe because of) her being a yandere, Yuno Gasai hates her guts, especially after she pretended to be Saika. It seemed to be too good to be true and it was, but unfortunately for the Other Mother, nobody told her that this was the third world Yuno, whose parents did eventually love her. For that reason, Yuno hacked her way away from the Other World with an axe before Yukiteru had a chance to worry about her absence.
  • Hates cats above all else. Cats chase after spiders and their webs, after all, and her biggest nemesis was a cat. From all the cats in the Pantheon, she definitely hates Garfield (who kills spiders on a regular basis), the Cheshire Cat (who sounds like that cat) and Salem (who is a black magical snarky cat, just like that cat).
    • Because of this, Kyubey wasn't able to approach her even by trying, despite having an interest in seeing if love could be used in a more safely matter through her methods to avoid incidents like with the Great Upheaval. He tried to convince her that he was a weasel, but to no avail.
    • She also prevents Springtrap from entering her realm and makes sure none of her dolls are ever around the animatronic, even if it's a rabbit. Hypocrite or not, she still pays lip-service to loving children and associating with a known Serial Killer would tarnish her image. That, and she sees his senseless acts as a waste of resources.
  • It's currently unknown what was her actual reaction to Coraline ascending. It's speculated that she took it badly, if the fact that she keeps messing up her and her new friend's attempts to prove her existence are anything to go by.
    • The Other Mother tried to lure Coraline's friend Chihiro. Partially as revenge, partially because she really is starving. It didn't go well since Chihiro was always savvy enough to realize that she and her world was all too good to be true.
  • If there is a single not-negative trait about her that is worth mentioning is that she loves games. A lot. She constantly lures Yugi to her world in spite of him being past childhood and mostly regards him and Atem as Worthy Opponents, but even this doesn't stop her from being a Sore Loser when she does lose. Both Yugis always have to forcibly leave her realm either way as a result.
  • While Henry Selick worked on their respective movies, Jack Skellington has a very antagonistic relationship towards her, as her brand of fear factor goes too far and is unnatural by his standards and she fully intends to harm others.
    • In the other hand, Spooky seems to be interested on having her portal in her haunted house and her as a new specimen. It's uncurrently unknown what is the Other Mother's reaction since her hole is not on the same House.
  • Once made the mistake of luring Erma into her dimension, with Coraline in tow. Let's just say she knows not to repeat that, and she's not saying what exactly happened.

Skaði, Patron Goddess of Deities with Weird Jobs (Goddess of Winter, Goddess of Skiing, Skiing Huntress)
Skaði as she appears in SMITE
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A pair of skiis
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Is the Goddess of Skiing, Also associated with archery, winter, and mountains, Avenging the Villain, Awful Wedded Life, Wants to marry Baldr, Didn't get the man she wanted to marry, Love Triangle
  • Domains: Odd Jobs, Mountains, Winter, Archery
  • Allies: Her fellow deities in Norse Mythology, the House of Ice and Cold (except for Kaldr), Scathach, Ritsuka Fujimaru, Chiron, Nanashi, Makoto Yuki, Aigis, Yu Narukami, Ren Amamiya, Naoki Kashima/The Demi-Fiend
  • Rivals: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen
  • Friendly Rivalry: Artemis
  • Enemies: Loki's children, Surtr, Kaldr, the evil deities of the House of Justice
  • Opposes: Mem Aleph
  • Special Relations: Freya (her step-daughter)
  • Annoyed by: The House of Love and Affection
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Ithaqua
  • Pities: Hanzo Shimada
  • A jotunn who is the goddess of winter, bowhunting, mountains, and skiing. Enranged by the death of her father, Thiazi, she planned to take down all of the Aesirs as they are all responsible of his father. She and the Aesirs instead reach a compromise and to reconcile. The first one is to make her laugh, which Loki managed to succeed in doing so, which lets Odin's take Thiazi's eyes to the sky to turn into stars, which pleases. The second is letting her choose a husband among them, but only by looking at her feet. Wanting to marry Baldr, she failed as she accidentally choose Njord, which also makes her the step-mother of Freya and Freyr. Their living conditions eventually led them to lie an awful wedded life, which causes them to seperate and return to their lives.
  • The reason why she ascended is because of this. Her domains like winter, bowhunting, and mountains are very understandable, but skiing? It is one of the weirdest things thst you think would inhabit by a deity since not a lot of deities inhabit that and there isn't anything important to skiing in a mythological setting if you really think about it, which is why she ascended.
  • She's very happy to see her fellow gods again the Pantheon and celebrated. She's shocked to see that the Thor is different from the one she knew, being that he is much more noble, less of an asshole and more kindhearted, and has different requirements of using Mjolnir, because of this, they get along pretty quickly. She's very happy to hear of Loki's redemption, and because of that, they become friends again, although it did take a while for it to happen, but Loki still doesn't forgive her for placing a venomous snake around his face. She's not exactly happy seeing Loki's children and Surtr as they pretty much one of the reasons why Ragnarok happened, killing most of the gods with only a handful of them and two humans survived to rebuild civilization.
    • From her fellow gods, she heard a different counterpart of Hel existed and she's not pleased upon hearing the details. Considering she's the Goddess of Death and using that position to caused greater death than what is imagined, destroyed Thor's hammer, and slaughtered the Asgardians in that universe, she is not exactly pleased.
  • Due to being the goddess of winter, she met the House of Ice And Cold. She befriended all of the deities due to her association with it and although they're weirded out with one of associations is skiing, they didn't spat her out of it since it's a winter sport. It also helps that she knows how to fight, which managed her to get some bonus points with Olaf and Ymir. The only god in that House she didn't get along with is Kaldr. This is because he is the personification of heat death in his universe, uses his powers for evil, and the fact he doesn't mind it really sets her off.
  • She got to meet a living snowman in the Pantheon, who is Olaf. Olaf feels bad hearing the story of her father's death, and attempted to console her for it. The fact she managed to reconcile with the people that are responsible for her father's death pretty much astounded him. She is warmed by his loyalty to his friends and is happy to see that he could live in summer without melting. It also helps that he is created by one of her new friends in the Pantheon, Elsa.
  • Hearing about a Lostbelt where a Celtic figure became an avatar of her instead of being a warrior queen and goldslayer, she decided to go off to meet that person, who is Scathach. The goddess of winter is not impressed with what happened in that world and wanted to knock some sense into her....that is until she was stopped by the Master of Chaldea. Hearing about the story from them, she apologized to Scathach from confronting her mercilessly. She admires the Master from saving humanity as a whole even if the current situation requires to destroy other Lostbelts to survives and that Scathach is one of the Servants he summoned. She became good friends with them after that and hearing about her other self, she wonders if she could be summoned as a Servant someday.
  • Seeing that one of her domains as a goddess is archery and is an actual goddess, she was approached by Artemis and became rivals because of this. Artemis feels bad for her awful marriage, ststing that she didn't deserve any of this and wanted to kill the Aesirs for this, but Skaði calmed her down, as she already reconciled with them. Hearing about her association with the mountains, Artemis is happy to hear that there is someone share the same positions with her, even though Skaði is much more associated with winter. Because of this, the two established more of a Friendly Rivalry.
    • Through Artemis, she met other archers as a result, including her student, Chiron. She admires the centaur for his good wisdom and his good nature compared to the other centaurs and his family members, with Chiron admiring her sense of justice and judgement (though he does feel uneasy with some of her punishments), which is why they got along and passed more as friends rather than rivals. She also met other human archers, such as Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss. She is impressed with how keen sense of eyesight and their mastery of archery, and most of all, they're able to do it without having any superpowers to contribute it and are just mortals. With that, they're more like rivalry because she doesn't see them as the type she could hang out with and they're much more likely to have other archers as their own rivals, though she does admire the first two for their jobs as superheroes and the latter for volunteering as tribute in the Hunger Games, seeing it as a selfless act.
    • Hearing about an another archer named Hanzo Shimada, she feels bad for him. She thinks it sucks that he is in a redemption quest that is entirely pointless and thinks that he is irredeemable. He is also a bit of Death Seeker, but it also infuriates her that he couldn't find a way to forgive himself and also accepting Genji's forgiveness, which really sets her off. But she seems that he suffered too much that she calmed down a bit, but she hopes that he'll find a way to forgive himself and also accepting Genji's forgiveness and to become true brothers again. As someone who pursues justice and judgement, she forgives him for his actions, knowing that he has so much regret in his heart that she could feel sympathy for him, and seeing that she forgive the Aesirs for killing her father, it would be hypocritical of her to spite him if it wasn't for his desire of atonement.
  • Passionate in the pursuit of justice and judgement with some sources saying she is also the goddess of justice and judgement, she got along with the good side of the House of Justice. She is horrified to learn that there are evil deities of the House of Justice, wondering why they have a position there in the first place. She wanted to say that they should be disband from that House, but she knew she couldn't do anything and decided to leave them be.
  • She can be summoned as a SMT demon and as a Persona. She was contracted by Nanashi, Makoto Yuki, Aigis, Yu Narukami, and Ren Amamiya. Hearing that they are already in the Pantheon, she's very happy to see them again, congratulated them in their efforts to save humanity (though Nanashi's situation is different), and is willing to be contracted with them again if they ever need her help.
    • The Demi-Fiend is a special case. In his universe, she was one of the guardians of the flow of Magatsuhi and she represents the red temple. The Demi-Fiend was requested to liberate the three temples and in order to safeguard the place, they have to battle. After their battle, she joined him as one of his demons coincidentally by evolving Scathach. Seeing that he is not as different as the one she knew, she's willing to join him again.
  • She used to be one of Mem Aleph's enthralled Mothers until being defeated by the Space Marine. Seeing that Skaði is different from the one Mem Aleph knew and that she truly doesn't care about humanity and wants to eradicate them, the goddess doesn't want to serve under her anytime soon, even though she understands her reasons of doing so.
  • Some sources say thst after she and Njord have a divorce, she remarried Ullr, others said it's Odin. When a lot of deities ask her about it, she gives no comment about it. She doesn't want it to spill around the Pantheon any longer, especially in the House of Love, which really annoys her, as that House is known for it's Ship-to-Ship Combat, so she doesn't say anything about the issue, which disappointed some of the deities.

    Trazyn the Infinite 
Trazyn the Infinite, God of Collectors, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (Archeovist of the Solemnace Galleries, Preserver of Histories, Artifacts, and Events, Trollzyn the Tarpit Breaker)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Empathic Obliterator, alternatively, Solemnace, his museum and the Nihilakh Dynastsy Emblem.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Affable Evil, Body Doubles, Evil Overlord Adventurer Archaeologists, Eccentric Behavior, Strange Collections, Collecting Even Horrifying Things, Concerned With Only Increasing His Collection While Also Trolling People, Those With Incredible Power And Influence With Rather Unassuming Titles, Full Of Himself
  • Domains: Space, History, Artifacts, Events, War
  • High Priest: The Collector
  • Interested in: the Experiments, Pokémon species, Digimon species
  • Allies: Nefarian, Rafaam, Pokémon Hunter J, Admiral ZEX, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Kollector
  • Rivals: Kan-Ra, Emperor Zinyak, The Doom Hunters, Larfleeze
  • Enemies: The Imperium of Man, Malcador the Sigillite, League of Explorers, Carmen Sandiego, Gilgamesh, Global Occult Coalition, Commander Epsilon
  • Friendly Enemies: The Doctor, Indiana Jones, Nico Robin, Lara Croft
  • Opposed by: The SCP Foundation
  • To celebrate his ascension he went to the House of Loyalty and Servitude and managed to captured several squads of the 501st to add to his collections. He is now seeking permission to go to the Star Wars universe so that he may get some rebel forces to add so that he may recreate some of the 501st's battles.
  • Has expressed interesting in adding at least half the Pantheon to his collection at one point or another. Though he has claimed that there are a few gods he doesn't find interesting enough to place in his collection but hasn't specified who.
  • Is disliked intensely by the Gods from the Imperium of Man from his home universe. The reason being he has a large number of Imperium soldiers, Space Marines, and various artifacts that should rightfully belong to the Imperium. He supposedly even has a Space Marine Primarch, with some sources claiming it is the avatar of Vulcan, God of Scary Black Men.
  • Once politely asked the SCP Foundation to donate some of their SCPs to his collection. Even offering to take the ones they have the most difficulty containing off their hands. The SCP Foundation refused worried what might happen if the SCPs escaped Trazyn's collection. Trazyn, not one to take no for an answer, was outraged and accused the SCP Foundation of selfishly hoarding the SCPs rather then letting them be placed in his galleries to be preserved for all time. Trazyn would go on to attack several SCP Foundation facilities in order to "liberate" the SCPs, each time being fought off. Although he hasn't managed to acquire an SCP he has managed to capture several of the Foundation's agents which he added to his collection.
    • Has been getting Pokémon Hunter J to collect rare and valuable cryptids, but for a relatively good cause; preserving them in his collection. Sure she's scum, but she knows she should keep her bounty in good condition and it's not like she cares what her customer's intentions are.
    • Admiral ZEX also hosts a collection of various species of aliens that he deems ugly enough to collect for himself. After sending one of his own crew toward Trazyn's temple to be "collected", ZEX went over to meet Trazyn himself, and settled to have an alliance with him due to their shared enthusiasm in collecting lifeforms, and well as the knowledge he collects as well. They do get along well and have allowed each other to see their respective collections, though Trazyn does plan to take ZEX's collection for himself, though not yet for the time being.
  • Has made an enemy out of Gilgamesh when he tried to get the contents of the Gate of Babylon to add to his collection. Gilgamesh responded by impaling him with swords from the Gate for trying to lay hands on his treasure. Of course what Gilgamesh actually destroyed was a Lychgaurd body double (who he didn't tell was going to be used as a body double) which greatly angered Gilgamesh.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with The Doctor, Indiana Jones, Nico Robin, and Lara Croft. He respects them as fellow scholars of history and archaeology and often gets into debates about history with The Doctor and Nico Robin and enjoys discussing archaeology with Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. He's even taken them for tours of his galleries of few times. Of course the only thing that prevents them developing a true Odd Friendship is that, at the end of the day, Trazyn is still a killer space robot who wants to add them to his collection one day, when all leads are exhausted, all the relics dug up and all the mysteries solved. He takes a special interest in The Doctor for his role in the Time War.
    • To add tot his list of gods is Rinnosuke Morichika. Trazyn makes regular visits to him so that he knows what to label some of stuff he finds. Where Trazyn has given his word that Kourin, and his own collection of items, will not end up in Trazyn's collection, both sides know this is temporary.
  • Hates Carmen Sandiego with a passion. She is one of the few (if only) people who've managed to steal from his galleries.
  • He has become weary of the Blood Ravens ever since the accension of Gabriel Angelos, knowing fully well why people call them "the Bloody Magpies". Especially when considering certain rumors running around that the Emperor of Mankind has ordered them to loot his collection.
  • Recently his Temple was stormed by the newly ascended Malcador the Sigillite, several Imperial Assassins and the aforementioned Blood Ravens. The group destroyed a number of Trazyn's Necron guards and stole copies of the Mona Lisa and Sunflowers from his collection. Trazyn has since sworn vengeance.
  • Oddly enough, Trazyn decided aid the Imperium in their defense of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. During the Black Crusade Trazyn's collection on Solemnace was thrown into upheaval. When he went to investigate the cause, he discovered that Pylons were holding back the tide of the Warp on Cadia. Not wishing to see Chaos spread throughout the Galaxy, and searching for new items of his collection, Trazyn ventured to Cadia and aided the Imperial defenders there. He assisted in activating Cadia's Pylons but ultimately could not prevent the destruction of the planet. As Cadia died, Trazyn took part in the final battle against Abaddon and unleashed parts of his collection against the Black Legion. Seeing that Cadia was doomed he choose to flee. However, some say that before he fled he made off with one more trophy.
  • Was utterly offended by Global Occult Coalition's habit of destroying the anomalous, as they are much better served in his eyes being in his collection. This is something the GOC vehemently oppose and have been trying to raid his temple to destroy everything in his possession.
  • Kollector became interested in Trazyn's collection, praising his taste and his rather eccentric nature. Likewise, Trazyn is amused by the Kollector and if given the chance, he would have him around as his right-hand. Of course, he knows that Kollector is prone to backstabbing for his own greed and that's why he hasn't actually bothered to go through with it.
  • "I welcome all... to a place in my carefully curated collection!"

    Uatu the Watcher 
Uatu, The God Who Watches The World

Lesser Gods

    Edward Chris von Muir 
Edward Chris von Muir, God of Gimmicky Performer Classes (Prince/King Edward of Damcyan, Gilb(e/a)rt Chris von Muir)
Edward in The After Years 
  • Lesser God (originally Demigod until the events of The After Years)
  • Symbol: The Twin Harp with some Whisperweed wrapped around it
  • Theme Song: The Melody of Lute (remake version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Bards, Lovable Cowards, Joke Characters that eventually become powerful, Magic Music, traveling musician, Harp Players, Salve Ability, Morning the Loss of Anna, Getting Nerves of Steel, The Good King, Remaining Pretty Even At 41
  • Domains: Charm, Dream, Nobility, Royalty, Music
  • Herald: Harley (his secretary)
  • Followers: Guard A, Guard B, Guard C, Vijeeter Ecor, The Minstrel, Lute, Torneko, Julie
  • Allies: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rydia, Rosa Farrell, Edge Geraldine, Cosmos, Sora, Orihime Inoue, Lucia Nanami and the Mermaid Princesses, all other good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, Elan, Leliana, The Bard
  • Enemies: All evil Final Fantasy deities, those who use songs for evil, Zonda and the Seven
  • Neutral with: Golbez
  • Lost his spirit in the mortal realm after losing his only girlfriend and being beaten up by an old man. Since being selected for demi-godhood (someone wanted to bring up the spoony bard to represent…Spoony Bard), Orihime keeps asking him to show her his "magic spoon". Edward asserts that she has no idea what she's talking about, and consults with Lucia to help him write his next ballad.
    • Since the ascension of the rest of the Mermaid Princesses, he congratulated her for accomplishing this and with his own growth has offered to join in their songs, pointers in how to run a kingdom, or lend a note in the battle against other evil song-users such as Courtney Gears, I-No, Ember McLain, and The Dazzlings. That said, he doesn't really get too involved in the musical battles that take place between them.
  • Has now elevated to a Lesser God when it was shown that Edward has lost much of his spooniness and replaced it with balls of steel. How much? It is said that he stood up to resident Memetic Badass Kain Highwind (or rather an Evil Counterpart of Kain), eavesdropped on a brainwashed Cecil with nothing more than his gut instinct and a bouquet of Whisperweed, and braved the Antlion Cave all by himself. He also gained powerful songs and his Salve ability increased tenfold.
    • For the record, "spoony" is a real word, which means "foolish and/or lovesick", which was apt for Edward that time.
  • Was among the bard who congratulated Elan of the Order of the Stick upon his ascension. As it was, Elan could've claimed Edward's title, but lucked out on the chance. Still, Elan admits Edward was probably the better choice, especially with how more useful he has become.
    • Both bards agreed that the God of bards should be someone more serious with the role. After seeing a number of candidates, they settled on a woman named Leliana. She is a bit put off with the quirkiness of the other two, but she couldn't help but be reminded of her old self.
  • With his Salve ability, he can heal all of his allies at once with healing items. While this can make him as effective a healer as any preacticioner of White Magic, it does pose a bit of a money issue as he needs to have a lot of healing potions stocked.
  • Without as much angst over his lost love as before, Edward has proven to be a really capable leader, and is there to lend an ear for those who wish for advice in leadership or music.
  • One can often take notice of a vase with Whisperweed in his temple, which can serve as an impromptu means of communication between bouquets (the other set being at Cecil and company's temple), though its effects if there's more than one in use are not known. What is known though is that its range exceeds a planet's atmosphere, though probably not by much.
  • One day, a bard went over to his temple for a visit after hearing about him and his accomplishments. That said, while the Bard still refuses to do any actual physical harm, he is still interested in learning how to do some of Edward's moves, namely his Bardsong, which helps deal status effects to either the enemies or even help heal the party.
  • Opposes Zonda and the Seven given that the latter used the fragmented power of the Muse to wreck havoc on mankind ranging from destroying an entire highway to turning an entire city into a frozen wasteland. Meanwhile Zonda used its power for a plot to gift herself the power to warp reality and to empower Adepts to wipe out anyone that isn't an Adept. While she has lost such power, Zonda has set her sights on people like Edward in some future attempt at kickstarting a similar plan.

    League of Explorers 
The League of Explorers Members , The Divine Agency of Artifact Collection (Explorer's League, LoE, Saviors of Uldum | Elise: The Cartographer, The Trailblazer, The Druid, The Enlightened | Brann: Dinotamer Brann | Reno: The Relicologist, The Amazing, Renogos | Finley: Sir Finley of the Sands)
From Left to Right: Brann, Elise, Reno and Finley
Elise as the Trailblazer 
The Saviors of Uldum 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Explorer's League Insignia
  • Theme Song: The League of explorers theme and The Saviors of Uldum
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Though Reno is Chaotic Good most of the time)
  • Portfolio: Original to Hearthstone (With the exception of Brann), Adventurer Archaeologists, Artifact Collection Agency
  • Domains: Exploring, Collecting, Archaeology, Adventuring
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew and the Heroes who frequent the tavern, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Captain Toad, Nathan Drake, Kosuke Nitoh, Scrooge McDuck
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Garrosh Hellscream, Gul'dan
  • Source of Interest for: The House of Health and Diseases (Reno)
  • The league of Explorers is a group dedicated to the exploration of ancient ruins or temples found in the world of Azeroth and recollecting any valuable artifact they may come accross. The four heads of the organization are Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker, Reno Jackson and Sir Finley Mrrgglton, who heard of the mysterious Pantheon from word of mouth while staying one night in the inn. The Inkeeper was kind enough to lend them a hand and suggest them as deities and so the quartet was allowed access to the fabled Pantheon, looking for a way to protect and preserve the treasures that it may hold.
  • The team has taken interest in meeting new potential recruits in order to learn the secrets that the pantheon hides. Other explorers such as Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Captain Toad and Indiana Jones gladly joined them without a second thought. Although the group initially confused indy with a fellow explorer named Harrison Jones
  • Leeroy Jenkins is a big fan of the group, having watched all the movies and documentaries about their adventures, and when he learned that they ascended to the pantheon he was ecstatic with joy. He applied for a membership in the league but no one is really sure to allow him a spot. The only one who seems to agree with him is Reno, as they aren't too different
  • During one of their expeditions in the more inner and more uncharted parts of the pantheon, the crew was ambushed by the Reaper after Reno decided to open a chest. Needless to say, they have been trying to avoid any encounter with him in the future.
  • Given that their temple is one giant Museum all in itself, the League had to take extra measures to avoid any potential thief sneaking up on them, as the last time someone got in they made a mess that took weeks to fix. Black Cat and Catwoman have been trying to break in numerous times, but they were unsuccesful in stealing anything valuable.
  • Given their experience with Arch-Thief Rafaam, the league has a huge disdain towards those that collect artifacts for their evil purposes. They are especially wary of Trazyn given that he has shown interest in trying to get all the treasure that the explorers hold in their temple.
    • Though they are fine with good-aligned collectors, as they often ask the explorers help from expeditions. The League has been frequently collaborating with Kosuke Nitoh and Scrooge McDuck.
  • Brann was the one responsible for finding out of the awakening of Yogg-Saron back in Azeroth and as a result the alliance and horde were prepared to deal with such threat. The old god didn't take lightly what he did and ever since has been trying to drive the League mad.
  • They were once invited by a younger Medivh to come to his home for a party. They said that they had a good time and apparently, both Reno and Finley really got comfy in the hot tub. Given the presence of a cow, some theories and rumours emerged that Reno was secretly a dragon (It's hard to explain but it has to do with the Curator and it's abilities tied to Beasts, Murlocs and Dragons) which the explorer has no idea where they come from but refrains from giving any clear answer about him being an actual dragon.
  • For a time their stay in the Pantheon was relatively peaceful, even if a few nasty people from their world found a place here. That all when their Arch-Nemesis Rafaam made his grand appearance, forming the League of E.V.I.L. and stealing the floating citadel of Dalaran. Having caught up to the villainous league schemes, the four set out to Uldum to protect the innocent from evils of Rafaam and his cronies.
  • Exclusive to Reno:
    • Reno is the only one in the group whose membership is still on probation, as he has some...glaring issues that he has to work out. But nonetheless his peers consider him a wonderful partner.
    • Reno seems to be the only one who isn't shy to befriend some of the more good-natured thiefs, as rumor states that he used to be one before the League found him (Or possibly he still is, who knows). He especially likes to go out for a drink with Lupin or try to flirt with Carmen Sandiego (who often turns him down but is friendly towards him).
    • Reno is a four-time winner of the 'Best Accessorized Explorer' award. Though other people haven't heard of such competition ever even existing in the first place.
    • He has noticed that a couple of deities sounds suspiciosly like him. This of course meant that he could make money out of this people for stealing his likeness, but the court of gods quickly shot down his scheme.
    • The House of Health and Diseases as well as a couple of doctors have been trying to find out about Reno's ability to heal someone back to full health. The explorer said that if certain conditions are met (and the price is right) he will gladly show them how. Although skeptics believe that he just uses a relic that the League holds in their temple.
    • "We're gonna be rich!"
  • Exclusive to Brann:
    • Brann is the youngest of the 3 bronzebeard siblings, with his Older Magni being the King of Ironforge and his other brother Muradin being a famous warrior. Brann was immediately welcomed by his brother and decided to spent time drinking.
    • Initially he was curious to know if his brother Magni was somewhere in the pantheon and after asking Muradin about his whereabouts, he learned that Magni served as the High Priest of Gillius Thunderhead. This in turn made Brann quickly befriend the dwarf that his brother followed.
    • He was dumbfounded when he learned about how the Fortress Dwarves live in their society. In his words: "It's like a race of Renos tried to live by selling Magnataur's skin.
    • Often can be found in the House of Narrative, often telling stories about the numerous adventures he had. Like that one time he through dragon dung for months in Blackrock Mountain in order to retrieve Anduin Lothar's armor.
    • "Who knows what secrets we'll uncover?"
  • Exclusive to Finley:
    • Finley was once found as an egg by Elise and was raised as a gentleman by the League of Explorers. Ever since then Finley became an important member of the organization, often leading expeditions than no normal explorer has done in their life.
    • He was surprised to find his friend Morgl already ascended. Finley was the one that convinced Morgl of joining him and try to make contact with other races of Azeroth. Occasionally, the murlocs can be seen drinking some tea in the House of Food, an habit that Morgl acquired after hanging out a lot with Finley.
    • Finley ask as the surrogate older brother of Murky after hearing his story. The baby murloc has felt a lot more contained after ascension of both Morgl and Finley, and is considering abandoning his revenge.
    • Finley is notable among Murlocs for being able to speak fluent English instead of the more common Nerglish. This way he acts as the unnoficial interpreter of both Morgl and Murky, given that other people have a hard time figuring out what are they both trying to say. In addition to that, he also speaks fourteen dialects of 'mrgl'.
    • Finley has been trying to get to know every single type of Merfolk that inhabit the pantheon. So far he has befriended a huge deal of them, but he is a little distrusting of the mermaids. Although he definitely tries to stay away from Lady Vashj
    • "Who's up for an adventure?"
  • Exclusive to Elise:
    • Elise is the one in charge of every expedition that the League partakes on. While her peers are likely to be venturing the world in search of a treasure, Elise is always the one supervising them. That's why she is usually very busy.
    • Being a night Elf, Elise has befriended a lot of elves around the pantheon. She is especially in good terms with Malfurion and Tyrande, given that the former lend her a hand in finding the Staff of Origination.
    • Sometimes her job can be a little confusing for her. A large part of her job entails not mixing up the Map to the Golden Monkey with the Map to Monkey Island or else thing will get messy.
    • In addition to being a member of the League of Explorers, she also has a side job as an advertiser for the Inkeeper's instagram page. Surprisingly enough she does enjoy this little job from time to time.
    • She also sometimes takes her junior explorers on field trips, most recently to Un'Goro Crater.
    • She's learned a thing or two from Reno, and recently started blazing her own trails instead of following maps. Elise always finds a pack of Hearthstone cards somewhere down the path when she does this.
    • "Do you have the artifact?"

Leliana, Goddess of Bards (Sister Nightingale)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Chantry emblem
  • Theme Song: Leliana's Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good or True Neutral, depending on her path
  • Portfolio: Femme Fatale Spy Action Girl Archer who underwent a Heel–Faith Turn, Wandering Minstrel who became a Spymaster, Token Religious Teammate, Aggressive Submissive, Nun Too Holy. Magic Music, Church Militant, Loves shoes, former Wide-Eyed Idealist now Cynical Mentor, Friend to All Living Things
  • Domains: Magic, Animal, Charm, Espionage, Protection
  • Allies: The Warden, The Inquisitor, Hawke, Alistair, Morrigan (to an extent), Isabela, Varric, Edward Chris von Muir, Elan, Nick Fury, Lisa Williams, Triss Merigold, Geralt, Yennifer, General Shepard
  • Enemies: Corypheus
  • Opposes: Henry, Tywin Lannister
  • Pities: Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir
  • To Leliana, her journey to the Pantheon has been quite the journey. Once a minstrel assassin for nobles in Orlais, she moved on to become a nun in hiding and ended up helping the Warden defeat the Darkspawn. From there she became the Left hand of the Divine as a well regarded Spymaster. Regardless of her past, the Warden saw to it that she would ascend. The Bard has both the Warden and the Maker for granting her a spot in the Pantheon.
    • She has a couple of fellow bards to thank for that. Both Edward and Elan have been vying for the spot for years, but many deities have opposed the decision. Both Quirky Bards would render the title itself redundant as they were too similar to each other. At a loss to find a replacement, they just happened to bump into the Warden, who was more than happy to put up a candidate. Leliana is now in charge with maintaining order to much of the bard populous.
  • Those from Thedas mostly applauded the decision in their own separate ways with the obvious exception of Corypheus, who now plots for the bard's demise:
    • Alistair had found her to be a bit odd yet reliable teammate when he worked with the Warden. It was the perfect time to ask her of her seduction tactics, to which Leliana politely declined.
    • Just like a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, Morrigan stared her down for a few seconds... than complimented her handling as spymaster. To her, Leliana's venture as part of the Inquisition is a huge improvement from the Wide-Eyed Idealist she had to put up with back in the day. And yet she finds her unwavering faith in the Maker to be odd, even when she became a deity herself.
    • When Isabela walked by, she cooed at the Bard's return and asked if she was willing to reminder the pirate how she got the term "Sister Nightingale". Leliana has been tight-lipped over whether she continues to have flings with the Pirate Girl, though Alistair and Morrigan are convinced that it's only a matter of time.
    • Her meeting with Cassandra was met with a warm hug followed by a discussion on what to do with the Inquisition. They are eager to work with the Inquisitor on how to deal with Solas.
  • May well be the only one in her party who sympathizes with Loghain's plight. The feeling is not mutual as the former Teyrn of Gwaren seeks her death all the same.
  • Her ascension was smiled upon by Commander Nick Fury. The agent of SHIELD was proud of her work and is glad to have another spymaster at hand, Leliana agreed to become deputy spymaster for the various spies in the Pantheon.
  • Regards to Lisa Williams as a spitting image to the point that she wonders if Lisa's creator modeled the submissive after her. They even share tendencies as Aggressive Submissives to their spouses. Leliana feel that Lisa could have been a great bard with her storytelling skills.
  • The same can be said with Triss. They both spend lots of time with their rivalries with Yennifer and Morrigan, especially for the affections of Geralt and The Warden respectively. Ciri has mixed feelings. For one, she like's the bard's company and even considered courting with her. But she finds her too similar to Triss to become more than just friends.
  • Is familiar with fellow BioWare character Shepard as well as their motley crew. Shepard is more comfortable working with the bard due to her proven track record. Of the crew, she is most intrigued with Liara, she was also interested in studying high beings.
  • Lelina may have many trysts in her life, but she has made it her mission to do better with her relationships. Above all, she hopes to have at least some bit of a connection with her future lovers. As such she is not a fan of those with Serial Spouses like Henry VIII who throw away their wives as if it was nothing. It reminded her too much of when she was betrayed by Marjolaine. She at least admits that he's pretty good at making music.
  • Tywin had hoped that Leliana would be the bard that would recite The Rains of Castamerein defiance of all the competing houses of Westeros. Leliana sent a strongly worded letter rejecting his offer, all while calling him an "abhorrent man". Forgetting the fact that doing so would anger all the other factions, she is not a fan of the Lannister family in general.


Elan, God of Wandering Minstrels
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His lute
  • Alignment: Foolish Good, though is improving as of late
  • Portfolio: Achievements in Ignorance, Quirky Bard, All-Cheering All the Time, Brainless Beauty, Cargo Cult, Cheerful Child, The Ditz, Chick Magnet, Contractual Genre Blindness, Genre Savvy, Distressed Dude, Dumbass Has a Point, The Face, The Fool, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, The Heart, Hurricane of Puns, Master of Illusion, Nice Guy, Meta Guy, Royal Rapier, Took a Level in Badass, You Fight Like a Cow
  • Domains: Music, Chaos, Good, Charm, Healing (all clergy can spontaneously cast Remove Poison, for tragic reasons)
  • Followers: Minstrel, Despina, Jon-Tom, The Bard,
  • Herald: Banjo the Clown (technical God of Puppets).
  • High Priest: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • Allies: The Order of the Stick, Garbielle, Edward Chris von Muir, William Shakespeare, Abed Nadir, Dr. Evil, Slowking, Zorro, Guybrush Threepwood
  • Enemies: Redcloak
  • Opposes: Xykon, Tarquin, Hel
  • Annoys: Ezio, The Arbiter, The Heroes of the World of Balance (except for Locke).
  • Respected by: Odin
  • Aberrant Admirers: Morrigan and Lilith Aensland
  • Once the God of Genre Savvy Morons... until he found out that it's not even a real title. Thus, he had never ascended in the first place. One quick visit in the Main House corrected that mistake; he now represents those bards who travel the worlds with their instruments, using their music to influence their champions to fight more competently.
  • The Order of the Stick's tolerance of Elan varies depending on the member. To Haley, he was a crush that eventually developed into a blossoming romance. To Roy and V, he serves as the spanner in all of his plans, though the two always manage to forgive him. Belkar just sees him as a kid that's too nice for even him to kill
  • As stated, he is bound to help Roy vanquish the Evil Overlord known as Xykon. The lich didn't really care if Elan's a god or not: only how entertaining his eventual fight will be. Redcloak is savvy enough not to take him lightly, even if he's the weakest member of the group.
    • To say his relationship with his dad was a rollercoaster ride would be a massive understatement. There was a time when he even thought Tarquin wasn't so bad. Until he found out he burned hundreds of prisoners to spell out his name. Nowadays, he concocted a plan to overthrow his father's empire. Despite this, there is little doubt he hopes that his dad will have a change of heart.
  • His fellow bards were more than obliged to congratulating him on officially becoming a god. Gabrielle offered up some poems for him to read while Shakespeare promised to make a play on his adventures. His closest bond, however, is with Edward, God of Quirky Bards. Some thought Elan would have taken the title, but he lucked out on the chance. Still, Elan admits Edward was probably the better choice, especially with how more useful he has become.
  • He hoped that the Pantheon would be the perfect opportunity to ascend Banjo the Clown (actually a sock puppet). It didn't take as he was laughed out of the Court of the Gods. With that said, rumors persist that Odin is secretly trying to make that happen, given his love of puppets. For now, Elan will have to settle with making him his herald.
  • One day, Elan found a knife driven into the wall of his temple. It turned out to be from the God of Assassins. Ezio made a formal warning, telling Elan to stop his followers from asking money from him all the time. It has ruined many assassination attempts.
  • As the most Genre Savvy person in his world (and that's saying something), he is in good terms with Abed Nadir, seeking advice in how to handle situations. The two agree with each other in the most part... until Elan insists on feigning stupidity on certain situations. In those cases he turns to Dr. Evil, who he was glad with his decision to give up evil.
  • Despite his lack of intelligence, he is quite attractive. Those who gave a peek will have to dealt with the Green-Eyed Monster that is Haley. Elan has since laid off his seduction skills. Still, that hasn't stopped succubi Morrigan and Lilith to go after him, especially after he managed to seduce Sabine, one of their followers.
  • He is certainly not the smartest person the ground (he even admits to dumping Intelligence in his stats), but he has made an effort to wisen up. To that he thanks Slowking, especially when the Pokemon pointed out he had never ascended in the first place.
  • The incident involving the death and turning of Durkon into a vampire before something hijacked him to become the High Priest of Hel has made the death goddess an enemy of the Order of the Stick, including Elan. Elan also wonders if he could've done something had he not had Banjo reject Odin's offer though as Roy pointed out, even if Banjo became a legitimate God, he would still need a Priest of a high enough level.
  • The Arbiter would sternly point out that stripping oneself of all of their clothes does not make them invisible. One would have to get an invisibility cloak for that.
  • Has recently taken up levels of Dashing Swordsman with the help of Zorro. He has also offered lessons to improve his skills with a rapier. Elan did ask for Weiss for help in that regard, but she lasted 30 minutes before she threw him out of her temple in annoyance.
  • He also learned how to throw out quips with the man who popularized the fighting style. Guybrush was glad to find at least one person who appreciates his abilities, sending a pirate crew to help the Order of the Stick in their latest mission.
  • After an incident where he and Thog disguised themselves as Locke Cole and Mog respectfully, he is not on good terms with the Heroes of the World of Balance. It involved him sneaking aboard the Blackjack, and he almost was home free until he said: "resurrect" instead of "Fenix Down". It got him thrown off the Blackjack by Terra and Edgar. Locke was initially annoyed that he dressed up like him, but when he learned WHY Elan did it (to save Haley), he changed his tune about him. He complemented Elan's new look, saying that it looked good on him.

    The Lost Vikings 
The Lost Vikings Members , Gods of Vikings (The Lost Vikings, Triple Trouble)
From top to bottom: Olaf, Baleog and Erik
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Erik's helmet, Olaf's shield, and Baleog's sword, all together
  • Theme Music: Smuggler's Cove (Heroes of the Storm remix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Vikings, Gaming, Exploration, Combat
  • Heralds: Fang the werewolf and Scorch the Dragon.
  • Allies: Thor, Queen Elsa, Thrall, Samuro, Jim Raynor, Deadpool, Rook and Alette, Freya, Brynhild, Torbjörn Lindholm, Asterix, Obelix, Vitalstatix, Good aligned Werewolves and Dragons
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, The Butcher, Evil aliens.
  • Annoys: Greymane, Krul
  • Distrusts: Orcs (The green ones)
  • These unlikely trio are well known for getting lost. Well, they were first captured by an alien lord named Tomator and had to go between different timelines in order to get back home. Then after moving on with their lives they got abducted by Tomator again and had to travel through time again. After defeating Tomator once more, the Vikings received a long deserved break with their families
  • The Vikings seem to have a lot of respect for Thor given his status as a norse deity. But they have actually had the misfortune of making him be mad at him. Why? Because they failed a level 15 times.
    • Even then, they doubt the stories that Thor have told them are true about being able to beat harder levels of the first try. But they made sure to not tell him that in person.
  • Unlike most other Vikings, no one amongst them uses axes. Baleog, being the combatant, responded with this: "Hey! Nothing says in the vikings law that you must use axes!".
  • They seem to have a certain agree of Medium Awareness and they know that they aren't really ascended as real gods but they don't really care.
    Baleog: So what is this pantheon place anyway?
    Erik : Maybe it's the place that Blizzard banished us after we disrepected their MOBA.
    Olaf: Hero brawler.
    Erik: Whatever.
  • After ascending, the Trio sent out to search if there were other Vikings in the pantheon. The results were interesting to say the least.
    • First they stumbled upon Krul, which looked like Baleog Great Granfather but much more grumpy. Of course Krul just fend the Vikings off, as he found them very annoying.
    • Then after a while they found Rook and Alette, who warmly welcomed them to their community, especially Alette who found them rather charming and goofy. The trio were quickly reminded of their families back home and starting to miss them, but thankfully the pantheon has allowed them to come whenever they want and so Rook and Alette are often invited to the family meeting of the Vikings.
  • The Vikings are not very fond of The Butcher ever since Olaf confused the demon for a real Butcher from his village, which prompted the beast to attack him and both Erik and Baleog trying to keep the beast from harming their friend. Now that he is also present in the pantheon, they are having double thoughts about visiting the House where his temple is located.
  • Olaf... got some very 'interesting' reactions when he got into the Pantheon.
    • Firstly, thanks to his sudden interest on donuts, he made a good rap with the donut goddess Aoi Asahina. To the point that Olaf started wondering if his daughter would grow like her. Though he got an accidental slap in the face when he accidentally mentioned about her... body size.
    • Then, he got the attention of those from Arendelle, thanks to sharing a name with the official snowlem. Does he like warm hugs? Probably, but with his fat, it's kinda hard to hug him.
    • And then the champions of Runeterra look at him funny because they think he could secretly be the Lokfar Berserker in disguise, though that got shot down because that Olaf wasn't the type to just lie, and this Olaf is a bit too scatterbrained.
  • Believe it or not, in spite of their viking attitude, they can make up some small music concert. Apparently they learned it after getting lost everywhere during the fight against Tomator.
  • Ever since they were captured by Tomator, the Vikings are hesitant when they spot an orc, since they heavily resemble Tomator (Not to mention that Azeroth's orcs come from another planet). But there are a few that they have actually befriended, like Thrall or Samuro.
  • Once upon a time after getting lost again, The Vikings run into Brynhild and instantly thought she was the same Valkyrie that helped them out in their second adventure. While she clarified that indeed she wasn't the one they meant, she nonetheless befriended them and often helps them out when they need it.
  • The trio has a good relationship with the good dragons and werewolves thanks to their friends Scorch and Fang who helped them in their second adventure.
    • Although most werewolves can't understand why they keep calling them anything from Weasels to Rabbits instead of Werewolves. As a matter of fact, they got into Greymane's nerves after they keep confusing him for a Weasel back in the nexus.
    Baleog: Hey! It's that weasel Fang!
    Greymane: I'm a Worgen! W-O-R-G-E-N, WORGEN!
  • While they initially thought he was a dwarf, the Vikings became friends with Torbjörn given their similar accents. They also find it funny that Erik found a friend of his size, something neither him nor Torbjörn find funny.
  • Even if Asterix and Obelix had some less-than-favorable experiences with Vikings and Normans in the past, they managed to get along with this trio, introduced them to their chief - Olaf was even puzzled at how his shield in the sequel looks like Vitalstatix's one - and have shared some wild boar, while planning to go on adventures together.
  • "Where will we end up this time?"
    Olaf: I hope somewhere where we can eat lots of food!
    Baleog: Preferably some place that wouldn't kill us.
    Olaf: If that happens then remember i got dibs on Erik's helmet.
    Baleog: And i will have his boots.


Eario, God of Dungeon Maintenance (Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His broom
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cleaning up after events, Hero-Worshipper, Background characters, Fan characters, Canon Foreigner, Amusing Injuries, Obsessive cleaning
  • Domains: Cleaning, Maintenance, Obsession
  • Followers: Scruffy the Janitor
  • Allies: Mario, Waluigi, King Harkinian
  • Opposed by: Luigi
  • Frequent Employer: The Keeper
  • The Mario Bros once held a family reunion in the Pantheon, and many distant relatives came to visit. One of the visitors was Eario, who had not been invited. Upon his discovery, Luigi threw Eario out. However, Mario took pity on Eario and secretly arranged for him to get a position in the Pantheon.
  • Luigi dislikes Eario because he considers him a loony fan who stalks Mario. Trollkaiger tried to spread the rumor Luigi was just jealous he didn’t have his own loony fans.
  • The King is drawn to Eario because the other Mario gods ignore or are hostile to him, the way the Zelda gods treat the King. What the King doesn’t know is that Eario is at least secretly acknowledged by Mario.
  • Eario also works as the caretaker of the Pantheon Academy, having held this post in Cocoon Academy in his world.
  • The Runaway Guys formed the No Coin Left Behind movement because they felt bad for the coins Mario didn’t collect. Mario sometimes chooses to leave coins behind for Eario to pick up as it makes him happy.
  • Eario’s ascension has been embraced by fellow outcast Waluigi, who is very happy that his father is in the Pantheon.
  • When he isn’t busy working, Eario can be found lurking near the Main House, hoping to get a glimpse of his idol Mario.