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Greater Gods

Azir, God of Just Mage Rulers (the Emperor of the Sands, Seth, Shurima Guy, Birdie, Gold Bird, Darude Birdstorm)

Hela, Goddess of Bleak-Looking Kingdoms (Queen of Hel, Hela of the Norns, Halja, The Death Queen, Mistress of the Darkness, Daughter of Loki, Goddess of Death)

    Mateus Palamecia 
Mateus Palamecia, God of Usurping Godly Power (The Emperor, Emperor of Hell, Light Emperor, Trap Master, the Despot)

Ra, King of Gods (Re, Amun-Ra, Re-Horakhty, Khnum, Raet-Tway, Lord of Ma'at, Sun God, El, The World's Buffest, Most Gorgeous Grandpa)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The sun disc
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, occasionally leaning to Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Top God, Light Is Good, Non-Human Head, Sun God, Rays from Heaven, Protector of The Cosmos, Scarab Form, Action Dad, Celestial Beam and Searing Pain
  • Domains: The Sun, Egypt, Pharaohs, Religion, Order, Light
  • Followers: Taiitsuken, Blind Io, Heliod
  • Allies: Osiris, Neith, Anubis, Sobek, Amaterasu and Azir (also friendly rivals), Ho-oh, Yami Yugi, Anarkaris, Superman, Captain America, The Life Entity, Volcarona, Ezalor, Odin, Princess Celestia, Samurai Jack, Athena, Mercury
  • Headbutting Heroes with: God(God, the Devil and Bob)
  • On good terms with: Deities related to the sun
  • Rivals: Zeus, Arceus
  • Enemies: Orochi, The Grand Duke of Owls, Nightmare Moon, Chernabog, Zs'skayr, YHVH, Majin Buu, Eliza (Skullgirls), Caligula, Nyarlathotep, Aku, Hades, Ares, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Opposes: Ramses, Moses, Lucifer
  • Opposed by: Geb
  • Without the sun, there'd be no light, no warmth, no life. Without Ra, there'd be no sun. The self-created Egyptian deity is the god of the sun, and protector of life on earth. Every night, he fights against Apophis to preserve the cosmos from ending, where he is swallowed and thus the sun goes out. Though Osiris is just as important in Ancient Egyptian religion, it is Ra who commands the Egyptian gods. Learning that other gods have become involved with the Trope Pantheon, Ra felt it time to enter the pantheon.
  • Is often involved with the god kings of other faiths. Him and Zeus are rivals, along with Arceus(though mainly Zeus). He's friendlier(though still competitive) with Amaterasu. The main Top God he's interested in is Odin. Like him, Odin is a champion of order and the safety of the world against chaos and destruction, though Odin's a bit more dickish about it. They've been seen brawling. When Zeus was assassinated, he worked with Athena and Mercury to find the culprit, with Neith assisting him. He opposed Hades due to taking over Olympus in the meanwhile and assassinating Zeus, and Ares for starting a conflict between the Egyptian and Greek gods while making it seem Anubis was responsible though was tricked by Hades as well.
  • Depending on the Writer, he is either the husband or father to Hathor/Sekhment, Bastet and Mut. He's definitively the father of Ma'at, Shu and Tefnut and sometimes Serket. Maybe both since they ARE Egyptian gods, but that's usually brought up in cattiness. Sometimes merged with Amun or Horus, and the gods Khnum, Kherpi and Raet-Tway have been described as aspects of him(though Raet-Tway is sometimes his daughter instead).
  • Has some issues with patrons of the Abrahamic faith, given their own history. Moses naturally has some issues with him and the Egyptian gods, as does Ra to him, but they've agreed to disagree. And much to Ramses' dissatisfaction, he doesn't approve of the pharaoh since Ra's no longer enemies with the God of Abraham. He's actually an ally with God(the one from God, the Devil and Bob) since he's a Nice Guy and opposes destruction like Ra(still have some issues working together though). Of course, he agrees with the three of them in hating YHVH, as He represents the incredible dickishness of Old Testament God and the desire to get rid of the competition.
    • Isn't fond of Lucifer, due to representing chaos while Ra is a force of order. Though he doesn't butt heads too often with Lucifer, as he deals mainly with destructive chaos and Lucifer opposes YHVH. Also royally pissed off at Caligula due to his attempt to move to Egypt and be venerated as a god there.
  • One of the most outspoken opponents of the GUAD. It has always been his duty to protect the world from the destroyer Apophis, and was enraged to learn that a whole organization of those who follow in its footsteps exist. On the plus side, he also learned that their leader's Arch-Enemy was none other than the Life Entity, a beacon of light and life just like himself. In addition, he regards Orochi with contempt due to being an insane, abominable serpent like his arch-enemy. Always ready to serve them some Vitamin Dnote . Trying to get the GUAG to focus on the GUAD rather than the GUAE, who he sees as the lesser threat to Destruction.
  • Him and Geb are on pretty bad terms, as he separated him from his beloved sister Nut; he feared Nut's children would overthrow him, so when she snuck off to have kids split the two apart. His response was basically "deal with it". That being said they're still under the same pantheon and kind of have to get along. He can be somewhat of a Jerkass God, but he's firmly on the side of life and it's more of carrying the Jerkass Ball than anything. For instance, he's regretted Hathor's violent side of Sekhment.
    • Worth noting he was poisoned to near-death by Isis, just so he could say tell him her true name and tremendous magic boost. He's not a jerk without reason.
  • When Isis dethroned him, he took various steps to stop Apophis having Khepri become/create a prison for Apophis, but ended up a senile old man and eventually went to stay at the Sunny Acres Assisted-Living Community without the other gods knowing. He thankfully god better thought thanks to the work of the Kane siblings. Later gave Carter Kane his crook and flail and even made him pharaoh at the House of Life, for execrating Apophis.
  • Has a number of skins available. Sometimes he wears a silver or solar eclipse get-up, sometimes he gets drunk with Roger the Alien and acts like an alien abducting things, sometimes he's even an android. And on one occasion he had an American get-up called "Ra'merica", in the form of a bald eagle man. This form likes to hang out with Captain America.
  • Though they don't seek to destroy the world, those who wish to take out the sun are naturally on his hit list. The Grand Duke of Owls was hopping mad to learn that yet another sun god, and a fellow bird nonetheless. Chernabog finds his light to be another problem he wants dealt with, as does Nightmare Moon. Zs'skayr hopes to kill Ra so as to shroud the world in darkness, and eliminating his weakness to the light.
  • Was most pleased to learn of Ancient Egyptian figures, who venerated him in the past. His favored worshipper is Yami Yugi, who kept the peace against chaos and destruction as pharaoh. It is he whom wielded the Winged Dragon of Ra, and now that he's ascended makes sure that the Egyptian God Cards don't fall into the wrong hands. One incarnation of his Horakhty incarnation was summoned to stop Zorc thanks to him fusing the Egyptian God Cards.
  • One of the oldest solar deities, many associated with the sun consider him an elder and defer to him. Those molded on the sun's image like Volcarona and Ho-oh seem him as a father figure, and Ra would claim he created them in his shape. He shares the position of "the greater light god" with Ezalor, and the two hope to form a group in the pantheon for solar figures. As Superman is powered by the yellow sun, he has been using his solar powers to power up the Man of Steel.
  • He, along with Odin and Vishnu, were the ones who slew the initial Eldritch Abomination that Aku spawned from. He later helped out Samurai Jack, and has made it clear he now seeks to take out Aku personally. He's also grateful towards Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase for helping out the Kane siblings in a crossover. And for that matter, he's remarkably similar to Azir, who is probably his Runeterra counterpart. The two often compete for who's the best god of the desert, usually reacting like this. None notice the irony.
  • No, he has no relation to the Goa'uld of the same name. And he's not a member of the Osirians(the alien race specifically, not the Osirian Pantheon). He did serve as an Ultimate Persona at one time though. This was before Nyarlathotep made his ploy, though now that he knows of the Crawling Chaos he intends to take out him due to trying to destroy mankind for a pointless bet.
  • Has been doing a few commercials as of late.
  • Also has seats in the House of Faith and the Main House.


Intermediate Gods

    Alice (Monster Girl Quest
Alipheese Fateburn XVI (16th), Goddess of Monster Lords (Alice, Monster Lord, The Sixteenth Monster Lord)
Human form 
Sealed form 

    Global Occult Coalition 
The Global Occult Coalition, Divine U.N Superpower (GOC)
  • Intermediate Deity-level organization
  • Symbol: The picture as seen above
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: United Nations Is a Superpower, Fictional United Nations, Justified Extremism, Partially Rooted In Nazi Occult, Murder Is the Best Solution, Van Helsing Hate Crimes, Limits To What They Do And What They Destroy, It's Thaumatology, Not Magic, Blue-Collar Warlock
  • Domains: The United Nations, Anomalies And Their Destruction, Security, The Occult, Thaumatology
  • Special relationship with: The Illuminati
  • Allies: Hoss Delgado, Dib Membrane, The Emperor of Mankind, Doctor Strange, Jack and Maddie Fenton, The Hunter (Bloodborne), The Ghostbusters, Rudol von Stroheim
  • On speaking terms with: Pokémon in the Pantheon
  • Headbutting Heroes with: The Protectors Of The Plot Continuum
  • Rivals: The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black, The League of Explorers
  • Enemies: The various SCPs (especially SCP-166 for killing her mom), Red Skull, Millennium, The Pillar Men, Zim, Bill Cipher, SHOCKER, Trayzn, Majora (most of Magical Items for that matter), the Otherness Abominations sub-house, Nightmare
  • Opposes: The paranormal (though they aren't above using it), including the Houses of Magic, Otherness and Undead.
  • The SCP Foundation is not the only group that tries to tackle the anomalous and paranormal. The Global Occult Coalition, or GOC for short, was created after WWII by unifying various anomalous factions and occult groups. Head by the United Nations, they go under more aggressive doctrines and prefer the destruction of anomalies instead of containing them. Their relationship with the SCP Foundation has often fluctuates, but they are generally considered rivals.
  • They will usually try to destroy anything anomalous, but with non-hostile entities they are not above containment or diplomacy. Because of their opposition to the paranormal, they are often on bad terms with that side of the pantheon such as magic, the undead and otherly beings. That's not to say they won't use them for their own purposes, and have used or recruited anomalous things. Many were quick to point out the hypocrisy of this.
  • They are willing to work with Dr Stephen Strange. The Global Occult Coalition use the Blue-Collar Warlock, or "Type Blues", in their rank. And as Sorcerer Supreme, he is an acceptable defender of the Earth from magical and anomalous threats. He is wary of their more amoral side, though. Dib Membrane has been picked as a potential GOC given his eye for the paranormal and opposition to Zim(not that they think he's much of a threat, but Dib's enthusiasm helps).
  • Along with the SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition are rivals towards both the Men in Black and The League of Explorers, because of their differing opinions on what should be done with the unusual and paranormal. They are more open working with the Protectors of the Plot Continuum as they regard Mary Sues as a sort of anomaly to terminate, though what they and the PPC see as a threat varies and sometimes they screw up the other's plans.
  • The Emperor of Mankind agrees with their policy, and is helping fund them along with the SCP Foundation in order to get rid of threats to humanity. The Ghostbusters, The Hunter and the Fentons want to help out them and have joined the GOC. While the paranormal entities weren't happy with this, they do admit their opposition of the anomalous is often justified. Hoss Delgado is also a member due to his shoot-first attitude to the supernatural.
  • Trazyn was utterly offended by their habit of destroying the anomalous, as they are much better served in his eyes being in his collection. This is something the GOC vehemently oppose and have been trying to raid his temple to destroy everything in his possession.
  • Objectively opposed to SHOCKER, being a malevolent organization that sends out various monsters, along with Nightmare just like the SCP Foundation sees the Living Dream. They spend a lot of time dealing with the various items in the House of Magical Artifacts, and while nobody is going to call them out for wanting to destroy Majora most there call them out for causing problems there, particularly due to the hypocrisy of using some of the items to help their cause.
  • They have roots in Nazi occult organizations, though are in no way a Nazi organization. They very much oppose the Red Skull due, asides from being detestably evil, his abuse of objects of cosmic power and the paranormal to advance his world conquest schemes. Millennium is even worse in that regard, actively embracing the monstrous. Not that some Nazis can't work with them, like Rudol Von Stroheim for having the sanity to work on destroying the Pillar Men rather than using them to help the Nazi cause.
  • The Illuminati is one of the 108 Member Organizations under the Global Occult Coalition. No, they aren't planning on a new world least there. This makes a complicated relationship with the Illuminati in the pantheon, and only further confuses their goals and ambitions. The GOC has made it public that they refuse to associate with Bill Cipher in spite of his position, due to his ultimate chaotic ambitions. On the contrary, they've identified him as a level-4 threat to humanity, and consider stopping his plans for Weirdmageddon a top priority.
  • For what it's worth, they have agreed that no matter how paranormal Pokemon might be or seem, they are not a threat and won't terminate them. Some of the higher-end Pokemon might actually help them deal with dangerous anomalies.

General, Colonel and Iris, Triumvirate Gods of the Robot Republic (Repliforce)
  • Intermediate Gods (General and Colonel), Lesser Goddess (Iris normally)
  • Symbol: The Repliforce green R logo
  • Theme Song: This for General and Colonel, this for Iris
  • Alignment: True Neutral (General), Lawful Neutral (Colonel), Neutral Good (Iris)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: War, Robots, Pride, Independence, Rebellions
  • Heralds: Web Spider, Storm Owl, Jet Stingray, Slash Beast, Frost Walrus
  • Followers: Zero-One, Grunwald, Chapek-9
  • Allies: Bender, Bass, Jim Raynor, Optimus Prime, Neo, Leia Organa, Commander Epsilon
  • Complicated relationship with: Zero, X
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Galaxy Man, Proto Man, Elpizo
  • Enemies: Sigma, Vile, Copy X, Dr. Weil, Lumine, Omega, Judge Dredd, Agent Smith, SKYNET, Count Dooku
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Charlie Nash
  • Support: Ciel
  • Doctor Light's dream for a world of robots and humans in peace seemed to go wrong at every turn. The creation of the Reploids led to Mavericks, and the leader of their Hunters turned on them. Doctor Doppler's "Maverick cure" proved a placebo, and he became a pawn for Sigma. To fight against the Mavericks, Doctor Cain created a second peacekeeping unit; Repliforce. For years, they served in tandem with the Maverick Hunters. However a frame-up and accusations would lead the two organizations at each other's neck, and their own classification of Mavericks.
  • Repliforce has been labelled Mavericks, however they'd like to point out that they don't desire to harm humanity. Their dream is to found a nation for Reploids, free of human persecution. While a noble goal, they kind of botched it by refusing to answer to the Maverick Hunters out of pride and they did have a superweapon in space. In the pantheon, General has sworn not to make the same mistake and try to be more cautious in order to establish a Robot Republic. He's come to regret his actions, having sacrificed his life to stop their superweapon from firing.
    • They hate Sigma, due to framing them and fanning the flames of conflict between them and the Maverick Hunters.
  • In hopes of improving their order's image and keeping their more unsavory hunters in order, General has sided with Optimus Prime. He believes in the freedom of all sentient beings and gets their plight, however will make sure they follow by the rules. Proto Man and Galaxy Man have also tagged along since the idea of a world for robots is something they'd like, but given their loyalties to humanity it's a frayed alliance.
  • Asides from General, the two most important members of Repliforce are Colonel and Iris. Initially meant to be two halves of the ultimate battle android, the compatibility problems led to the formation of them as twin units. Colonel is aloof while Iris soft and passionate. Colonel is the fighter, while Iris helps as a Navigator. Their relationship with Zero is complicated, given Colonel is Zero's rival and Iris his love interest. When Zero killed Colonel, it drove Iris mad with grief and she merged with her brother's power, fighting against Zero who had to put her down. This haunts Zero to this day.
  • Zero was anxious to see Iris alive and well, given what had happened. Though the two forgave each other, they can't bear to continue their former relationship. Colonel didn't want the relationship to continue either, and was quick to point out he learned his cry of anguish was a ridiculous WAT AM I FIGHTING FOOORRR!! to drive a wrench into it. The two would've probably tried to re-kill each other for that if it wasn't for not wanting to repeat past mistakes and trying to keep Iris at peace of mind.
  • General has made it clear that while they're political Mavericks, Repliforce is not the same kind of Maverick as Sigma and his cronies. They aren't infected with a virus, and they don't want to destroy humanity. They vehemently oppose the likes of SKYNET and Lumine because they seek to not only exterminate humanity, but enslave machine kind as well. Omega isn't welcome either, and they consider Agent Smith's take on freedom to be deranged.
  • Bender was happy to learn of Repliforce's ambitions, as he often gets sick of how he feels robots are being treated as objects. Of course he's not exactly a trustworthy figure and does like to Kill All Humans, but since it's almost entirely bluster he can accept the Bending Unit. That, and he is interested in the legion of Robot Hell he got during Yivo's invasion. Repliforce has also opened their door to Bass, knowing he's sick of being bossed around by Doctor Wily.
  • Elpizo was very happy to learn that Repliforce had returned, and immediately tried to get membership. However at first they turned him down; oh sure, they completely get behind his cause, however when he's Drunk with Power things turn out...badly. However they do share a common enemy in Copy X, who does not accept the idea of independent reploids especially when Doctor Weil is on the scene. They will work together so long as a firm eye is kept on Elpizo.
  • While focused on the freedom of robots, Repliforce promotes anyone who wishes to be free from tyranny. They fully support Leia's rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire, and Jim Raynor's rebellion. They also can fully understand Neo's predicament of wanting humans to be free from machine oppression, though it's a reversal of what they had to deal with. However they oppose the truly evil revolutionaries likes Arcuturus Mengsk and Count Dooku.
  • The House of Justice isn't pleased with Repliforce's actions. They were supposed to enforce the law, after all, and "we were framed" isn't a defense for resisting arrest and starting a war. Especially when you take into account Jet Stingray's destruction of a city. Judge Dredd is planning to deal with them.
    • That said, it's justified in Colonel's case since (as the manual has stated) he was built without the supposed capability of compassion and pacifism that he was supposed to have, thus he lacked the capability of peaceful reasoning. That has since been corrected after ascension.
    • There's also the fact that after a massive spike in Maverick activity that even overwhelmed Repliforce, they were met with failure after failure until people started to suspect that they were secretly Mavericks themselves, with talks about potentially "retiring" the whole organization, which sheds a lot of light on the reasoning for Repliforce's rebellion.
  • After being rebuilt within the Pantheon, Rebellion Army commander Epsilon approached the Repliforce trio in short order due to his longstanding respect for their similar ambitions of Reploid independence and willingness to fight despite being declared political Mavericks. However, General was at first hesitant to trust Epsilon, and the black visionary treaded with caution in turn. They soon realized that both were being wary of manipulation by a nefarious figure, at which point things eased up and an alliance quickly blossomed. Colonel and Iris are since being mentored by Epsilon so Colonel can take questioning well and Iris can deal with grief without going insane.
  • Similar to how he feels about Epsilon, Charlie Nash is torn between respecting Repliforce for being a military organization built around goals of freedom or mistrusting them for having been manipulated to serve the schemes of a corrupt megalomaniac.
  • The Repliforce themselves acknowledged that Doctor Weil is the shining example of how bad and oppressive humanity could be when compared with Reploids or other races, further boosting their antagonism to them and how they wish to usher a nation for Reploids, just as long as the likes of Weil will never come to existence again. Of course, not all humans are like that, but they couldn't be too careless. Fortunately for them, even their former enemies will put aside their differences whenever Weil is involved, he's just that bad. And after their incident with Sigma, the Repliforce has been more cautious in case Weil decided to manipulate them.
    • Of note, Iris is also terribly angered with the sight of Weil. She was just really distressed that Zero had to face that kind of monster after her departure.
  • Iris was last seen during the merging between worlds within the Cyber Space where she managed to give out some encouraging words to Zero, lifting a good portion of burden within him. Afterwards, Iris returned to the Pantheon satisfied with the burden she lifted from Zero, and she feels fine if Zero could move on. She took a look at Ciel and despite her human nature, even Iris acknowledged that she'd be a good partner for Zero. Her only regret was that she didn't get to tell Zero that directly when they met in Cyber Space.
  • Can also be found in the House of Technology.


Lesser Gods

    The Galactic Federation 
The Galactic Federation, Divine Government Drug Enforcement
Galactic Federation HQ


    The San'Shyuum Hierarchs 
Incoming Transmission:

Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument.

The San'Shyuum Hierarchs, High Prophets of The Covenant (Prophets, Perfidia vermis [Worms of Treachery] | Prophet of Truth: Ord Casto, Prophet Hierarch, Ruler of the Covenant | Prophet of Mercy: Hod Rumnt, Mercy, The Philologist | Prophet of Regret: Lod Mron, Regret, Vice Minister of Tranquility)
From left to right: The Prophet of Regret, Prophet of Truth and Prophet of Mercy
  • Theme Songs: Covenant Dance, Three Gates, One Final Effort
  • Quasideities, though the Covenant sees them as Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Covenant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with some shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Prophetic leaders of the Covenant ruled by a caste system based on alien race, lived long lives thanks to medical technology, holds Gravity Thrones which gets cooler looking the higher the royalty, almost have no sympathetic qualities, initiated the war on Humanity to avoid the truth that humanity were the chosen successors of the Forerunners spilled
  • Domains: Religion, Hierarchies, Theocratic Leadership, Aliens, The Great Journey
  • Heralds: The rest of the Covenant forces
  • "Allies" (though it counts more to worshippers): Kane, Arcturus Mengsk, The Illusive Man, Doctor Doom, Shang Tsung
  • Heavily Opposed by: The Houses of FAITH and Leadership, The Corpus, Hierarch Artanis, Highlord Alarak, Sally Whitemane, Alexander Anderson, Kreia (for Truth), most AI (for Regret)
  • Commonality Connection with C.R.A.S.H (for Truth and Mercy)
  • Enemies:
  • Special Interest: The Didact, Meridia
  • The history of the Forerunners is a very long and arduous task to catalog and while records of such time period are lacking, the history can still be discovered throughout the galaxy, with all the Forerunner technologies in most planets, often taking mysterious shapes and sizes. It is these technologies that would soon take interest by a certain species, the San'Shyuum or "Worms of Treachery", as objects of worship and soon, their word would become gospel among those who believed in their teachings. With their word spread, many alien species would follow them on such dogmatic ideals, starting from the warrior-race Sangheili, to the lowly Unggoy, all under the banner and promises of godhood. This conglomerate would soon take formation on a more theocratic approach and would become the alliance known as Covenant, all alien species under it would unite under one goal: the fulfillment of the Great Journey, the goal of transcendence, through a Halo ring.
    • While collecting more of the Forerunner artifacts, slowly did some of the San'Shyuum discover that the Forerunner technologies seen have a specific inheritor, of which did not point at them as what their faith made them to believe, but rather, pointing towards another race, human beings. This truth was something that the Prophets would not risk spilling or it would destroy the very foundations of what the Covenant was built upon. With resolve and the utmost importance of safekeeping the truth, the Prophets, spearheaded by the Prophet of Truth, unleashed the Covenant against human forces on their assault at the planet Harvest all while killing anyone within their ranks and those within the alliance who would become threats to their secrets. The glassing of the planet and their transmission soon became the very pillars of one of the largest wars humanity has faced in their entire millennia and at the same time, the seeds to their fall.
  • A slipspace portal once appeared from the very front gates of the Pantheon, with large ships of varying sizes arriving. The first greeting was the destruction of the House of Defense, a signal that alarmed all of the sudden attack. The military might of many armies responded to this sudden surge of otherworldly forces were outmatched, outgunned and overpowered by the massive scale of this threat. However, a man donning green armour and an alien Sangheili with black armour engaged the alliance appeared in the battlefield and the tide of the battle changed, as many of the enemy forces were decimated by the combined teamwork of the two. This forced the threat to retreat into one of the farther spaces of the Pantheon, with the arrival of a large flotilla of a city. The two warriors, who were recognized as the Master Chief and the Arbiter, knew that an old enemy has arrived and that old feuds will have to be settled. The Covenant has arrived, and their will on humanity's destruction is at hand.
  • To understand the Covenant as a whole, one must look into the origins and culture of these species. As they were one of the older species to exist in pre-historic times, often avoiding war and taking pleasures for themselves, their culture would change following their alliance with ancient humanity. With their alliance at a loss against the Forerunners in the ensuing Forerunner-Human Wars, did the culture suddenly take a radical turn of events, as many would leave their pleasures for safety aboard an Ark. With the memories of the Forerunners gone, the species then took reverence into the left behind remains of their technology, often praising it and considering it as relics of the gods. Though not all praises were equal, as two radical factions of San'Shyuum, the conservative Stoics and militaristic progressive Reformists, waged war for a holy Forerunner Dreadnaught. It was to protect the ship from being desecrated to preserve its' holiness or to study it for advanced purposes, that these wars would soon become the very basis of what the next phase of San'Shyuum life would be in the next ages of the galaxy, an age of Conflict, Doubt and Reclamation.
    • Soon after, an aspiring San'Shyuum by the name of Ord Casto, slowly rose to power due to his diligence within the holy city of High Charity. From then on, he discovered a conspiracy from the neighboring Kig-Yar or Jackals about their plans to render the Unggoy or Grunts to be infertile. While he demanded strict punishments, he was ignored and when discovered, the city was in chaos as the Grunt Rebellion took place. After the pacification process, the Age of Doubt began to unfold towards the leadership and in an act of either forgiveness or rash decisions, he was promoted to Minister. Such position would soon become a tool for Ord's rise to Hierarchy as he met another official by the name of Lod Mron, who offered him Forerunner relics for a chance to a position as a Hierarch of the Covenant. This, alongside the meeting of one last member, the Philologist Hod Rumnt, and the sudden reactivation of an AI within the holy city brought them an unfortunate revelation that would soon become the reason for their rise to power.
    • As the Covenant were based on the ideology that they are the rightful inheritors of the Forerunners, the truth Ord, Mron and Rumnt discovered that the San'Shyuum were not the chosen inheritors, but rather, it was humans who were chosen to rule the technologies and safekeep them. Realizing that the organization's basic premise was at risk, the trio would plot a scheme that would not only keep these truths hidden, but to maintain the religion they have learned for years. After blackmailing the prophets at that time, they used a coup to oust the remaining officials, and after being recognized, rose to power and named themselves the Prophets of Truth, Regret and Mercy respectively. As for their first line of action, it was to plot the location of the humans to eradicate them from their path. And while the destruction of the planet Harvest resulted in Covenant victory, another problem rose: Harvest wasn't the only human-occupied planet, as there are thousands. With this in mind, the Prophets all agreed on a full-scale war with humanity, to usher the path of the Great Journey.
    • The Covenant-Human War can be described as a losing battle for the humans, as the Covenant's large numbers, alongside their superior plasma technology, has resulted in terrible casualties for the humans. It wasn't until the discovery of the first Halo ring, Installation 04, that the tides for the Covenant changed. Meeting the Demon, a human clad with green armor, this one person would become the Covenant's most problematic threat able to defeat swaths of Covenant forces with ease, especially after the destruction of said Installation. However, he wasn't the only problem. At the same time, an infestation of the Flood appeared on the installation, and soon after, San'Shyuum and Sangheili relations were at an all time high after the assassination of the Prophet of Regret, leading to the Great Schism, the major turning point of the Covenant, resulting into the Sangheili-Jiralhanae Wars. Subsequent defeat after defeat, from the loss of High Charity and the Prophet of Mercy, to the rising Flood infestation, the Prophet of Truth would make one last effort to continue the Great Journey. The Prophet of Truth would soon meet his demise on the Ark, moments from firing all the Halo arrays, signalling the end of the Covenant.
  • Arrival of the alien threat may have not been a pleasant surprise for many Pantheon members, but moreso for two deities, the Master Chief and the Arbiter, known as Thel'Vadam. The experience the two had to endure from the first sighting at Installation 04 to the Great Schism was massive and to detail their tales with the Covenant would take days as records of their conflicts are quite numerous. As the Pantheon was expanding, The Arbiter expected that an old foe will soon come against them, not just the Flood but the Covenant at their doorsteps. While it may not be the main organization as a whole, they did not expect that the Prophets themselves would take the helm, making it easier for them, though if the Prophets are present, the Covenant is definitely nearby.
    • Moments after the Covenant made landfall, the Prophets ordered full elimination of all humans present in their vicinity to make way for their newfound home. All the while, the Prophets made meetings within the Court of the Gods, explaining their religion to them. Distraught as the rest of the council laughed at their attempt and giving them a low rank, the Prophets opened fire on the entire Court, and continued their way to prepare for permanent residency. However, they were informed that the Flood have made presence way before their arrival, forcing them to find better ground to avoid getting assimilated again.
    The Flood: You will be food; nothing more...
  • Humanity was at the brink of extinction during the Human-Covenant War, and knowing that the leaders arrived, it would make sense when many of Earth's armies mobilized against their arrival, as they are not willing to let that happen again. Diplomatic attempts were suggested by XCOM though the Prophets seem to decline any chance in doing so. Shipmasters and generals such as the likes of Honor Harrington and Commander Shepard have been told to prepare when the Covenant arrives, while others like Samus have been told to prepare for the Prophets' assassination, even considering working with the Master Chief. And the Tenno and Guardians have decided to drop their rivalry to hold off the Covenant's arrival. It makes you wonder why the Prophets never considered actually bringing humans into the Covenant although Truth want to make sure his power and rule is absolute.
  • The Covenant's reputation has been received quite negatively for the most part. Having a rule based solely on dogmatic ideals has been a thing in the past, as said by the guardians of the House of Leadership, stating how the Prophet's wishes of Godhood is nothing more but unrealistic. Truth responded by calling the entire house heretics (which ironically, they are in) while Mercy and Regret called more forces to assault the neighboring temples. It was a mess to clean up as the Covenant proved they are more than just a religious cult. Same with the House of Faith, who are rather against the Covenant's "Great Journey", criticizing their beliefs that borders on genocide, a prospect that while Regret and Mercy have no idea upon, Truth knows.
    • Things got messier when another theocracy was discovered by Covenant forces, although they were wiped out at a moment's notice. The theocracy in question? The Imperium of Man. The discovery of the San'Shyuum lead to multiple assaults on both guardsmen regiments and space marines which lead a massive blow due to their superior technology. Though the Emperor says he wants nothing to do to a faction that is too connected to dogmatic religion, many point out that the Imperium is solely run on the idea of the Emperor's God-like position, a position that he would kindly wish to get rid off with a new reformation on the way. This also applies with its counterpart, Chaos who are also fundamentalists when it comes to which Chaos God they follow, who are off-putted when the Prophets spoke about how the Great Journey would make them as gods, as they have ascended into godhood already, or so at the very least think in some regard.
    • Then there were the other alien species that were too militaristic for their own good, or had agendas that would never align with their religion, such as the case with the Grineer, and Oryx, who can see suspicion the Prophets would say. Oryx in particular has some interest with them, mainly because the Hive are fundamentalist in thinking, much like how the dogmatic ideals of the Covenant are placed. However, seeing that the San'Shyuum are extremely fragile and very weak, it would make sense for him to reject them and cast them away for their unfit status for Sword Logic. The Prophets did not take this rather kindly and has ordered both Oryx and the Grineer's forces to be destroyed. Then came the Infested, and while records of their first meeting were sparse, some say that the sounds of glassing plasma were heard in one of the Infested's locations.
      • Special mention especially goes for the Corpus, who's MO seems to ring quite well with the Covenant's religion. For one, both praise something either with veneration or with extremism, as well as the belief that they are the next successors of a certain race/empire, which is what the Corpus thinks for their supposed inheritance with the Orokin Empire. A message from the actual founder himself, Parvos has stated how he is in discontent as to what the Corpus has turned itself into, a profit-worship so extreme it almost leans to cult territory. And to him, seeing that the Prophets are almost no better than Nef Anyo especially with their beliefs has him in disgust with the rest of the Covenant. It does not help that the actual faction has issues with how the Prophets see some of the Forerunner technology are treated and have spoken how they would treat the same technology with better care on their helm (read: weapon conversion).
    • Regarding the House of Faith, many cannot deny how firm and dedicated the Covenant are, and with the word of the Prophets based entirely on their religion, it surprised them how the Covenant did not fall for a long time, hell other humans like Sally Whitemane and Alexander Anderson have respected their devout faith even though it is a lie. Though, the same cannot be said for the trio as they consider the other religions on the house to be heretical and have repeatedly glassed the House on numerous occasions. While they have stopped in favor or more human targets, they have expressed to glass half the portion of the Pantheon if even a single human is in presence.
    The Prophet of Truth: You are, all of you, vermin. Cowering in the dirt, thinking... what, I wonder? That you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass!
  • Past history of the Protoss shows how much faith they had in the past, hence the terms of zealot and templar, with some sprinkled thoughts of hierarchy, possible Confucianism? However, they have strayed away from the thought of praising their creators or they might tap into the unknown, something demonstrated with the Tal'darim, well until Amon was discovered and they removed their worship of him and the Xel'naga. Nowadays, the hierarchy remains the same, albeit with removed priorities. So to hear that both Artanis and Alarak have opposed the Prophets was a shock among most alien deities, since the duo's relations with each other have not yet gotten any better, but they know that such dogmatic faith often results to galactic damage should it be uncontrolled.
  • It goes to show much faith did the Prophets place among the Covenant that it disgusted Kreia for their lies. Noticing how the San'Shyuum are basically liars, she can only show her disgust and a smile hearing the Covenant's fall. Unfortunately, that will not happen a second time, and with the Prophets preparing for the Covenant's Great Journey, she only has one thing to say that describes their whole charade:
    Kreia: It is such a quiet thing, to fall... But far more terrible is to admit it.
  • At one point, the trio stopped by at a Forerunner temple that they had scouted, as numerous other Covenant scouting troops failed to report in time. As they entered the temple, they were in utter shock to see that a living Forerunner exists and have knelt deeply, while also in shock to see that several of their forces were in control by this Forerunner, the Didact. Hearing what the Covenant has done to take the technologies of the Forerunners, he believes that these beasts and their kings are to be taken control of, to which the trio retreated with utmost haste. Upon further evaluation, with at least one Forerunner alive, there may be hope that more could be uncovered and that their faith may be relinquished, although Truth expects this as that will garner more power for him to take over.
  • The Prophet of Truth is the main architect of the Covenant as a war machine. With knowledge that the Forerunners chose humans as the next inheritors or reclaimers, he knew that should the Covenant discover this truth, it would deal a massive blow to their religion and would destroy their authority. To prevent such, he would orchestrate numerous battles to ensure that humanity has no chance whatsoever to claim such title. But after the discovery of more human colonies, the decision was clear, to continue with the Great Journey, humanity had to be eradicated, whatever the costs. Ultimately, sacrificing the remaining Prophets and the holy city, as well as minutes from opening the Ark, did he find himself near defeat at the hands of the person he saved in the past, Thel'Vadam, who he appointed as Arbiter, to go within suicidal missions all for the name of the Great Journey and saw lies, especially on Truth. One energy sword on the back was enough to kill the last Prophet of the Covenant warmachine.
    • Faith is perhaps the main driving force of the entire organization and Truth knows, this, utilizing it against the enemies of the Covenant with full force. However, he knows that in reality, the Halo Rings are superweapons that, if fired, will wipe out the galaxy in its entirety> That isn't stopping him from activating the rings, as if the rest of the galaxy is wiped out, then many surviving species will see him as a god, fulfilling his wanderlust for absolute power.
    • Since then, many people have expressed interest in joining the Covenant out of pure seeking for a better chance at Godhood. While the Prophet has expressed his disdain for human subjects, some of them grow interest out of advantage. Arcturus for instance, can allow the Prophets to track all remaining Terran colonies to wipe out, Kane is notorious for his scheming that may even be equal with his, the Illusive Man's assets can be worthwhile to control, while Victor von Doom's history of stealing cosmic powers from even more powerful deities has caught wind in his interest. Though he is limiting his chances, because the moment they discover the truth of the "reclaimers", that is where Truth and the remaining Prophets cross the line.
      • Then his wish for godhood was contested by a visit from the self-proclaimed justice bringer, Zamasu, who was amused at Truth's wish for higher power while at the same time, abhorring the nature of humanity and their potential rule as Gods. While Zamasu can see similar connections with him, the Prophets are utterly weak physically, thus silencing his bond with them. Though he watches in pure joy as the Covenant glass whatever is left of many mortals, proclaiming it as pure popcorn fun on his side.
    • Religious on the outside, yet manipulative from the inside, the Prophet of Truth, for his ironic name, is a master of lies, often deceptive and also strategic at his plans when it comes to his close allies. Even other strategists with the likes of Lelouch cannot help but compliment Truth's manipulations on the Covenant Hierarchy, though such compliments are short-lived when Britannia found itself under glassing by the Prophet, showcasing his utter contempt for anyone human.
    • "Whosoever is gripped by fear, take heed. I am the Prophet of Truth... And I am not afraid."
  • Hod Rumnt was a simple Philologist, studying one of the Forerunner constructs that housed a dormant AI that has not spoken to anyone for years. While studying the construct and the oracle, the AI was suddenly awakened and revealed the Forerunners' plan of giving humanity the title "Reclaimer". He, with the knowledge passed with him and the other two prophets, followed Truth's advice on safekeeping this truth. After rising to Hierarch as the Prophet of Mercy, he too would oversee Covenant operations alongside Truth and Regret and while closer to Truth as well as being the main calming influence for him, his eventual role was not out of pure religious function, but a manipulative function as Truth wanted more power following the Great Schism and just let him die on a Flood Infector with no mercy on his part.
    • Outside of that, he is the most fundamentalist of the entire bunch, genuinely believing that the Great Journey can elevate them to a higher plane of existence, a belief that Truth admires and also exploits as his naivety became one of Mercy's easiest exploit that allowed Truth to naturally usurp his power the moment High Charity was at risk. It doesn't help that Mercy's positions and even rank was all because of Truth, rather than based on his own efforts, and has been known only by those aspects.
    • There are rumors spreading about the Prophets and their similarities to a pair of humans, of which share certain fates that almost align in a similar manner. The comparison was drawn to C.R.A.S.H, or more specifically Tenpenny and Pulaski, almost seen as similar to Truth and Mercy respectively. Comparisons include the close bond between the two, how Truth and Tenpenny are manipulative while Mercy and Pulaski are known only for being close to their superiors as well as being easily angered, and their fates, with Pulaski and Mercy being used only up until their worth nothing and Tenpenny and Truth killed by the very same people they've manipulated for so long. The fact that such rumor exists, angers both prophets, and Mercy especially have declared that anyone who speaks of such heresy will have their place glassed.
    • "Halo! Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation!"
  • Lastly, the Prophet of Regret, who is perhaps the youngest among the three, was among those who saw the truth of the "Reclaimer". After appointed as High Prophet, he would oversee military operations on the frontlines, often working with the Elites in the front, but his overly rash personality slowly becomes a crux of the operation. In the ensuing chaos after the destruction of Installation 04, him and his fleet decided to personally face the humans on Earth, which proved to be a rash and terrible mistake as his forces were overwhelmed and retreated to another Halo, where he would meet his demise by the Master Chief, but most importantly, knew that someone within the High Council was planning to usurp his power as Hierarch. To his suspicions, it was Truth, but inevitably, could not avoid his fate.
    • While being dedicated to the Great Journey, he cannot comprehend some of the explanations of their faith, especially with AI. For one, the AI he met in his world are often talking about "containment" and "protocols" which he knows nothing about, as well as dismissing anything regarding about their religion. The AIs he has talked here are almost no better, with him declaring them to be incessantly annoyed at their constant rebuking of his statements.
    The Prophet of Regret: Of all the objects our lords left behind, there are none so worthless as these Oracles! They know nothing of the Great Journey!
    • "Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets' age-old promise, and it shall be fulfilled!"
  • The Prophets have another temple stationed on the House of FAITH, under Religious Practice.


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