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Greater Gods

    King Kong 
King Kong, God of Climactic Climbing (Kong, The Eighth Wonder of the World, The Beast, Demon King of the Jungle, Great Strong Monster, Giant Demon God, Demon of the South Seas, Ruler of the South Seas, King of the World, Guardian God of Skull Island, The-Mountain-Who-Thunders-Death, Guardian Deity)
  • Greater God (overall). Lesser God (in his smaller forms). Intermediate God (Clone Kong, Ape King Kong).
  • Symbol: Himself standing on top of the Empire State Building
  • Theme Song: King Kong's Fanfare, I'm Sitting on Top of the World, Main Title - Project Monarch, The Animated Series Theme.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good most of the time. Formerly between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Climatic Climbing, Kaiju, Bring It Back Alive, Dangerous Ape-Like Monster With Softer Qualities, Often Pitted Against Reptiles, Tragic Past, Often a Victim Of Humanity's Greed, More Formidable in Each Adaptation.
  • Domains: Apes, Kaiju, Climb
  • Heralds: Jia, Nathan Lind, Ilene Andrews.
  • Allies: Ann Darrow, Kiko, Andy Serkis, Tarzan, Donkey Kong, The Librarian, Son Goku, Winston, Caesar, Blizzard and Chaos, Brontosaurus, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Ash Ketchum, Gorgo and Ogra, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Gamera, Toto.
  • Rivals: Godzilla (Fire-Forged Friendly Rival), Rexie
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla I, City and IV, One-Eye, Gwangi, Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Frieza, King K. Rool, Hunter J, Koba, Liopleurodon.
  • Uneasy Relationship: Carl Denham
  • Somewhere on Earth, there exists a mysterious place known as Skull Island. It is home to a variety of dangerous creatures, though its most recognizable inhabitant is a giant ape named King Kong (or just Kong). He is an ape of incredible strength and while he's been described as someone who keeps to himself for the most part, he will attack if provoked. Usually his story started with him finding humans discovering the island by chance and attacking them to protect his turf, after being subdued he was brought to civilization as a living attraction, but broke out and caused destruction out of panic in its unfamiliar artificial environment before being shot down by biplanes and subsequently being lamented for its death with the immortalized words "Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast".
  • There were some arguments on what to do with Kong once he arrived in the Pantheon, with some wanting to keep him and others insisting that he should be put back to where he belongs. An agreement was reached where Kong would be a part of the Pantheon, but he would have to be placed in a more natural habitat. It became far easier when they obtained information from some sources about the Hollow Earth, where one incarnation of Kong resides in as its King. King has taken to being much more comfortable now that its in a familiar environment.
  • Kong climbing up the top of the Empire State Building with Ann Darrow as his captive is one of his more notable actions as it was the event that preceded his tragic death. Kong isn't one to recreate this, as the action was done back when he was in a panicked state and he's got too big to climb much buildings.
  • Kong has no kind words for Carl Denham, the man responsible for bringing him into the mainland in most versions of his story and subsequently the one at fault for getting him killed out of his habitat. Denham and Kong avoid each other for this reason, with both having way too much bad blood on Kong's side to get along.
  • Upon arriving at the Pantheon Kong found another member of his species, Kiko also known as Little Kong, who is referred to as his alleged son; while Kong hasn't said much about the matter of whether Kiko is truly his son or not, he has taken the smaller great ape under his care, viewing his protection as a priority for his time in the Pantheon. Kiko has some great admiration for his "dad" and often follows him around in the Pantheon. However, Kong found one thing he dislike about Kiko and that was his genuine friendship with Denham, who Kong doesn't likes one bit. While he's willing to tolerate Denham for Kiko's sake, he still isn't all too happy that he has to tolerate the human in some way directly.
  • Mojo Jojo, another primate, did something similar to Kong's signature scene (minus kidnapping a girl) when he grew in size and went on a rampage to try and destroy the Powerpuff Girls, only to beaten and fall off the top of the building though not to his death. Mojo Jojo has tried convincing Kong a number of times to try and work with him, but Kong has made it clear that he does not want to get involved with Mojo Jojo and his goals in any way, partly because he's not interested in world conquest and partly because he thinks Mojo gives all apes a bad name with his megalomaniac desires as most good/neutral apes think.
  • Dinosaurs are creatures that Kong has fought against quite often. With the wide variety of such in the Pantheon he eventually ran into some of them during his treks outside his temple or even within, though he is willing to not take action if they don't try to attack him first. The most notable battles between ape and dinosaur tend to be him against Rexie, an old and experienced T-Rex that's fought against many similarly sized foes and who Kong somewhat sees as a rival due to her status as the "Queen" of the now destroyed Isla Nublar (not unlike his now gone home, Skull Island), though Kong has gotten into battles against other, more aggressive dinosaurs such as One-Eye and Sharptooth.
    • Indominus Rex, with her unrelenting viciousness and cunning, is one of the only things that would make Kong and Rexie join forces in order to stop the creature's rampages. Kong has similar disdain for its "cousin" the Indoraptor, which could be called a miniature version of the Indominus and has reminded him of the nefarious Venatosaurus he's encountered in some versions of Skull Island, but having the cunning to match a human's. Similarly, Kong has taken to challenging the Spinosaurus, another persistant and malicious predator of Rexie's world that like the Indominus and Indoraptor is a bit more challenging than the average dinosaur would be for him.
  • Planes and other aerial vehicles such as helicopters are a bit of a trigger for him, due to the fact that he got shot down from the Empire State Building by biplanes. It's led to quite a bit of trouble for those who use aircraft and have a flight path that somehow has Kong on their route. That said, he's recently lost this fear due to one of his stronger incarnations easily plowing through a whole platoon of military helicopter after they'd been bombing his territory.
  • He was initially yet another target for capture by Hunter J due to believing that Kong was an overall weak kaiju by most stronger standards; she has been wary of him lately, however, as he has increased in size, strength and intelligence allowing him to more effectively fend off threats that he could previously not overcome on his own or overcome at all. Moreover after he gained a special battle axe from his rematch against Godzilla that gives him great control over laser energy sources which could lead to him weaponizing J's weapons against her, thus she's taking him off her list of possible bounties for now.
  • While Kong doesn't hang out with other heroic primates that often (though he does visit the aforementioned DK Krew at a slightly higher frequency), he at the very least doesn't mind them, as despite his territorial behavior they don't pose a threat to him or those he cares about. Among those he gets along with better are Joe Young, a large gorilla similar to him who is good friends with Kiko; as well as Caesar, an uplifted chimpanzee who led the uplifted apes of his world into a desired age of peace and prosperity away from the conflicts of humanity even in the face of severe adversity. As a result of his alliance with Caesar he's come to learn of Koba and Dr. Zaius, too uplifted apes who instead use their gifts to treat humans like dirt out of prejudice, though he's not too preoccupied with them as long as they don't do a thing to bother him much or threaten those he cares for.
  • A clone of Kong was once created in another world, though from what others understand, that particular clone was much more heroic than the original thing. That said, not a lot of people have talked about cloning Kong due to the dangers of such. It hasn't stopped a few devious people from trying to get DNA samples of him and sending those possible samples to evil scientists to try and create an evil Kong clone to wreak havoc but even if that were to happen, most are confident Kong would step up to destroy said evil.
  • Kong has something of an understanding with the kaiju mother and son duo of Gorgo and Ogra, as both creatures were stuck in a similar predictament to his own, with Gorgo made into a living attraction for the sake of human greed; though Gorgo was ultimately freed by his mother and returned to his home in the seas, something Kong was happy to hear about given that his story didn't have such a happy ending. Ogra has remained civil to Kong thanks to these understandings and Kong's recently gaining authority over kaiju as an Alpha Titan and even has sought out his help in defending herself and Gorgo from other threats.
  • Kong and Gamera are much more amicable than Kong and Godzilla, mainly because Gamera has no reason to go after Kong and even sees his existence as a useful help to keep the Gyaos and other threats under control. Kong himself sees Gamera as a useful help against his more powerful enemies himself and likes that the Guardian of the Universe is also good friends with Kiko, his "son", who Kong greatly cares for.
  • Kong has something of a rivalry with the ape monster Rajang, specifically the more powerful versions of it known as Furious Rajang and its own variants. The Rajangs are all dangerous and aggressive apes that take to challenging anything that exists in their field of vision. Kong doesn't goes out of his way to take on them, but won't stop until he's fully vanquished his rival apes once they do start fighting. On a similar note, the wandering apex Brute Wyvern, Deviljho, has similarly become somewhat rivals with Kong over its aggressive behavior and relentlessness at attacking anything in sight, though Kong usually struggles a bit with the bigger ones at first he does manages to beat them rather easily thanks to his experience.
  • Due to recent events Kong has grown to really hate Mechagodzilla, or at least the MonsterVerse world version, as he had to experience a near-death situation because of the mechanical Godzilla doppelganger when he and Godzilla himself teamed up to stop it. That Mechagodzilla is eager to get payback on Kong for being the one that gave it the finishing blow by beheading it at the climax of their fight. Kong also got wind of the more evil Mechagodzillas and is equally determined to bring them down.
  • Kong has had some conflicts with monsters and great creatures of the sea as well in his reign of Skull Island, as such he is quick to become enemies with creatures of the seas who are aggressive enough to attack him; among these enemies have been the Megalodon, Liopleurodon, Duke Fishron, Lagiacrus, Plesioth and Ceadeus; Kong has varying trouble with them, with Fishron and Ceadeus often being at the top of its harder fights to have, though occasionally the Abyssal Lagiacrus stirs up trouble on his wake, that said Kong has been able to fend them all off successfully everytime.
  • Kong has a distrust towards snakes and their relatives due to constant fights against serpentine creatures in many worlds, and their usual species-wide enmity with Kong's kind. Among the serpentine creatures in the Pantheon that Kong came to clash with was Apophis, the deity of snakes which is the foremost representative of evil reptiles and sees Kong's status as a "God" as a reason to oppose the kaiju ape, especially given his close relations with Godzilla, a being that Apophis also has an enmity with for its status as a "God" on his own and sees the possibility of the duo coming together to defeat him as rather probable if he tries to make his move.
  • Kong had previously met a wild child named Tarzan, known as another "King" of the Jungle; due to being raised by apes, Tarzan understands Kong well and has made some amicable contact with the simian kaiju, often sharing his tales and relating situations such as him saving his family from poachers and people looking to exploit them and sell them on the black market, not unlike Kong almost being used as a living attraction. Tarzan feels bad that Kong died in the end, instead of returning home; and was saddened to hear that Kong's home no longer exists in his own worlds either.
  • Kong made a connection with the Lost World's Brontosaurus, as the sauropod was also captured by humans to be made a living attraction, only to break out and wreak havoc on London; however the Brontosaurus ultimately managed to live and return to his home in the Lost World after he fell into the seas and swam away, which Kong was happy to hear. Kong has let the sauropod into his temple, to protect it from threats that it can't fight off itself.
  • His use of a thunder-wielding axe made him an unusual ally in Thor, God of Thunder, who wields the large axe Stormbreaker as one of his alternatives to Mjolnir. Thor admires that Kong is a fierce and dedicated protector of his land and even innocents in many occasions, citing his willingness to do the right thing when properly motivated to be heavily admirable; Kong on his part respects Thor's strength and purity, seeing a bit of his own protectiveness in the God of Thunder.

    Madara Uchiha 
Madara Uchiha, God of Exaggerated Story Expectations (Ghost of the Uchiha, Second Six Paths, Savior of this World, Ninja Romeo and/or Juliet, [Hashirama's] Mada-bro)
Click here to see him as the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as the Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki)
  • Symbol: His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan or his Gunbai
  • Theme Music: Prophet + Crimson Flames, Edge of the Fist (shared reluctantly with Sakazuki and Kens[[Tears hiro)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Predecessor Villain, The Most Feared Figure in the Ninja World, Neverending Thirst for Battle, Constantly shows off his Powers and Skills with Increasing Scale, Absolute Douchebag, Overblown Egotism, The One who Influenced Obito's turn to Darkness, Seeks to bring Peace via Assimilation Plot, Cynical Nihilist, Possesses the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and The Rinnegan, One-Man Army, Does not take Losing Well, Firm Opposser of Idealism, Possessing Wood-Style, Immensely Talented, Will Flaunt about his Powers and Insult his Opponents for being Weak, A Product of Warfare, Truly Loved his Brother whose Death left him more cynical, Was ultimately a tool for Black Zetsu as a means to Revive Kaguya Otsutsuki, Having a Pitiable End
  • Domains: War, Battle, Egotism, Exaggeration, Ambition, Hatred, Planning
  • Allies: Regime Superman, Ra's al Ghul, Doctor Doom, The Shreddernote , Ulquiorra Cifer, Uta, Schneizel el Britannia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gendo Ikari
  • Rivals: Takuto Maruki, Charles zi Britannia, Cell, Shao Kahn, Archaon
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemy: Hashirama Senju
  • Interested In: Sarada Uchiha, Jon Kent/Superboy III
  • Additional Relationships: Anago
  • Madara Uchiha was a legendary ninja defined by his infamy for being a leader and once the most powerful member of the Uchiha Clan. Born during the Warring Era, Madara was exposed to bloodshed, warfare, and tragedy since his childhood, and his clan was locked into a seemingly endless battle against their eternal rival, the Senjus. Madara once befriended their leader's son Hashirama, though their friendship would turn to enmity not long after learned about each other further. After fighting and losing so much, Hashirama and Madara would go on to succeed their fathers as their clans' leaders before finally settling on a truce and agreeing on a unified nation, which gave birth to the Hidden Village of Konoha and, in turn, the idea and politics of Hidden Villages. Despite the promise of rebuilding past friendships, Madara felt that he should have been the nation's leader, which came to a head when he discovered a secret tablet and became convinced that the world was beyond saving due to man's constant need for warfare. Failing to convince his fellow clan members to turn against the Senjus, Madara left Konoha, only to return shortly possessing Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, now intending to destroy Konoha and his rival. He and Hashirama had a titanic battle that culminated in Hashirama defeating and seemingly killing Madara. Surviving through illusion and planning, Madara would take samples of Hashirana's flesh to graft onto himself in an effort to gain more power. He succeeded, but by that time, his time and age were far past his limit, forcing Madara to be confined in isolation, his only company being an enigmatic figure called Zetsu, and hand out his powers to others in the hopes that events can be manipulated to benefit and potentially resurrect him in his prime. At the end of his life, Madara found a crippled Uchiha named Obito and would mentor and corrupt the young ninja to abandon his idealism and embrace Madara's nihilism and dark beliefs on the suffering of life. Content, Madara would pass away, entrusting Obito with his ultimate plan to bring peace to the world, which he called the Moon's Eye Plan.
    • Madara's plan would continue posthumously under Obito's actions and guidance as he covertly led the Akatsuki as Tobi with a supposed goal of world domination, but the protege would soon come to want to use the Moon's Eye Plan for his own agenda, actively going against Madara's direction, despite using Madara's name later on to inspire fear and dread towards the Shinobi World. Madara would be improperly brought back to the living by Kabuto Yakushi as an animated husk and weapon of mass destruction in the Fourth Shinobi World War, intending to oversee his apprentice's efforts and his plans come to fruition. After thrashing his adversaries and a few setbacks, Madara would finally be resurrected for real, usurping the now-redeemed Obito's plan of enacting the Moon's Eye Plan, capturing the Tailed Beasts, merging them back into the Ten-Tails, and having the massive beast sealed inside of him to become it's jinchuriki, gaining tremendous power and furthering the war's favor to him. Even with everything the opposing side had, including an improperly bought back Hashirama, and their efforts to defeat him, Madara would succeed in his plan, casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi onto the moon, casting the planet's populace into an eternal slumber living out their deepest desires and dreams. However, before he could bask in his victory, Madara was backstabbed and betrayed by Black Zetsu who claimed that the Moon's Eye Plan was never about peace, but to bring back the Ten Tails' true form, Kaguya Otsutsuki as well as convert its victims into White Zetsu to cement Kaguya's future rule before Madara was conflated and used as a vessel for Kaguya's return. Ultimately, Kaguya and Black Zetsu were defeated by Team 7, ending the Shinobi War and having the Ten-Tails extracted from Madara's body. On death's door, Madara would have one final conversation with Hashirama, finally admitting that his rival was right and he won and wishing they had better times together before succumbing to his wounds and exhaustion on Hashirama's side.
  • Death wouldn't completely finish off Madara's story. He would find himself in a strange world that he admitted piqued his curiosity and decided to travel around in search of answers and whatever was interesting for him to seek further questions. Admittedly, Madara felt that with him being fully alive yet again, he still desired peace but also needed to satiate an innate desire for a good battle, and things got further complicated when he had to come to grips that the Moon's Eye Plan was a complete fabrication done by Black Zetsu to enact his own plans. Fortunately for him, Madara rationalized to himself that the Pantheon may give him some ideas on how to bring peace in his own method and entertain himself as well. Learning more about the Pantheon, the Uchiha warlord realized there was a lot to experience and learn here, but soon realized that he would need allies if he was going to have to gain some success in his goals. Although somewhat humbled by his final moments, it seems Madara isn't going to stop in his unfettered quest and he's very much interested in learning more about the Pantheon in the hopes that he can both become stronger and pursue his goals in a more different way. He's aware that his reputation would make him a new batch of enemies, but at the same time, new alliances and a chance to display his power seem like good opportunities to take part in. As a result, Madara's second chance in the Pantheon has seemed to be quite an entertaining experience for him.
  • Madara is defined by two things; a love for battle and a habit of espousing his beliefs and ambitions, both of which play a role in him being a titanic showoff. A very confident, yet arrogant man, Madara is not without a reason for why, as he is a very powerful and feared shinobi, to the point where he could force a group of nations, who were not on good terms with each other, to make an alliance specifically to take him on. Customary to an Uchiha, he is a master of most Fire-based jutsus, possesses the Sharingan, a doujutsu allowing him to better perceive and identify the colors of chakra, and beyond that, the Eternal Mangeyou Sharingan, allowing him to augment and use incredibly powerful techniques without the drawback of risking blindness, most notably creating a spirit avatar, a Susanoo, to fight alongside him. And with Hashirama's cells, he's gained the fabled Wood Release, allowing him to create and manipulate plant life as well as augment and prolong his own life force, and even more impressively, the Rinnegan, the most legendary of doujutsus, said to have only been possessed by the Sage of Six Paths centuries ago, which allows him great control and use of all five of the main elemental Jutsus, channel the Six Paths of Pain to allow for various unorthodox techniques and gain access to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, said to have been a vessel of the Ten-Tails. Of course, Madara is a master in all sorts of combat and ninja arts, including ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, a seasoned and experienced fighter thanks to years of being in warfare, a surprisingly philosophical and intelligent man capable of making enlightened and educated speeches on belief and a shrewd and skilled manipulator. All of these are skills that Madara intends to carry and use in the Pantheon and whatever goals he may retain or gain, he will see through to them.
  • To say the least, none from his world were too pleased to hear about his ascension and presence in the Pantheon. It's bad enough that they have other threats to deal with, but to see Madara return was a massive headache that took a while for them to get adjusted to, with special mention going to Obito, who still feels angry and resentful towards Madara for playing responsibility for turning him to hatred and manipulating events to ensure his love Rin's death for that. And if he's not somehow responsible for someone's tragedy, then his stuck-up, condescending nature would surely make someone dislike him. That said, Madara was more interested to see how the Shinobi World developed since the Fourth World War... and it's a mixed bag. There's some betterment in societal norms and expectations and most nations seem to be far more unified than they were in their past days, but he still feels that there were very few, if barely anyone, who could still match his might. On the plus side, being in the Pantheon means he can find someone, including other ninjas who could surprise or even impress Madara, but he'll look after the Shinobi World in his own twisted ways as usual, even if others are going to oppose him for it.
    • While Madara is quiet about Hashirama Senju, he personally actually wants to see him ascend into the Pantheon, claiming that if none of his loved ones have much of a chance, then he would at least want his arch-rival in the divine realms as a way to relive his nostalgic moments. His desire came true one day when Hashirama ascended, prompting Madara to be among the very first to meet the First Hokage. Their encounter was... complicated. There's a better understanding between each other, Madara's hatred for Hashirama has significantly toned down, and the former is willing to acknowledge that the latter's philosophy of the Will of Fire was better than the Curse of Hatred, but it's still made clear that the Uchiha warlord would never back out from his old ways, claiming that he's come too far for redemption and with all his past attempts at peace being a farce, all he's really good at these days is fighting and planning something long-term. Despite their differing stance, Hashirama still chose to understand and even sympathize with Madara, the only man in the Shinobi World to openly do so, and regardless of everything they've been through Hashirama would rather still see Madara as a friend than an enemy. The two would fight against each other on several occasions, though Madara would only do so because he needs his entertainment and Hashirama offers the best opportunity to test himself while Hashirama would play along for the most part. For now, their rivalry continues, albeit with their animosity now diminished.
  • He is more than aware enough of ninjas that are unfamiliar to him, though he would admit to expressing surprise over the fact that there's a quartet of turtles and a rat who would be considered such, though as far as he's concerned, Madara found them rather underwhelming when it came to fighting them. Many, such as Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane, the Spinjitzu Masters, the Homura Crimson Squad, the students of Hanzo National Academy, Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, and Gessen Girls School, have come to take a stance against Madara partly because of his reputation and remaining an antagonist, but to the Uchiha, hardly any of them really impress him and while Hayabusa and the Spninjitzu Masters have pushed him to at least using the Rinnegan, Madara still proved an overwhelming force. Finally, there's the Shredder, the Ninja Turtles's and Master Splinter's Arch-Enemy and a force of fear driven by grand ambitions for world conquest. Seeing potential and capability in the Shredder thanks to his authority over the Foot Clan and his vast wealth of resources with centuries worth of collection and information, Madara formed an alliance with him and the two have made plans for domination. That said, Madara states that while he will help the Shredder in dominating his world, he draws the line in destruction as that is something he never wanted and feels would completely go against his desires. As a result, while his alliance with the Shredder is intact, this is only with certain versions as Madara would openly go against Ch'rell, who even he feels is too unhinged and psychotic to consider collaborating with.
  • Madara learned his lesson that his methods to bring peace were ineffective and wrong. However, this is about his attempts, and while those are eschewed, he's still thinking about ways to bring peace, even if it means going against others and potentially against free will. To his amusement, Kaguya is the one being that is more opposed than him in his world her being in the Pantheon means that Madara can do something unthinkable for once, allying with Hashirama if it means stopping her. Even so, he admits that this is because fighting Kaguya is a necessity and he's not seeing the Pantheon destroyed or distorted, even if they're more based on his self-serving desires. As far as Madara is concerned, peace is his primary goal and ambition and he will do whatever it takes to reach them, regardless of how many come to stand against him. At this point, he seems quite open to the fact that he's opposed by so many because of his attitude and simply being incompatible due to his general attitude of being a condescending jerk to whoever he meets.
    • While the Moon's Eye Plan has since become moot for him to consider, Madara hasn't let out the possibility of waging war if it means it would bring peace. If anything, he started to consider Nagato's initial intention of using the combined powers of the Tailed Beast to create a superweapon as an appropriate alternative, much to the latter's dismay and anger, though if there's an Assimilation Plot or a Lotus-Eater Machine that could prove just as effective as the Moon's Eye Plan, sans everyone turning into White Zetsus, that would work just fine. And if there's an object that could prove instrumental to his goals, Kronika's Hourglass might prove a very tempting one, with Madara noting the possibilities of what he could do if we went back in time; perhaps he could find a way to convince Hashirama to make him the Second Hokage, strengthen Konoha into an almighty superpower, finally become revered and bring the Ninja World into an era of peace, and even save his beloved brother, Izuna, from his death. Although it means having to fight against a time goddess, Madara finds excitement over this matter, he would rather fight Kronika and prove himself the superior being. Naturally, this bought him into the crosshairs of fellow beings like Liu Kang and Raiden as well, for while they may pity Madara for his past and understand how war could exhaust and trouble one mentally, they'll still try to stop him as they feel he may consume himself with a newfound sense of megalomania if he ever claims Kronika's Hourglass.
    • Despite his unpopularity, Madara found a good friend in Superman. Not exactly the beloved Man of Steel as everyone would know, but an alternate version of the Kryptonian who became a jaded and cynical tyrant who believed that oppression was the best way to ensure peace. Madara had encountered the original Superman before and that didn't end well for either, so he felt a bit threatened when Kal-El's Regime counterpart came to approach the Uchiha. The two were quick to bond with each other's personal loss, hatred, and desires, and from there, Madara realized that he may have found an equal, someone he could openly consider a friend, to which this villainous Superman would welcome without much worry. The idea of a villainous Man of Steel and a feared historical ninja warlord was a troubling one for many who knew about them, and they knew that with their combined might and fear factor, they are edging a lot closer when it came to their ambitions and their support, thanks to the two's friendship. Soon after, Madara would come to an alliance with fellow unscrupulous beings with twisted desires for peace, such as Ra's al Ghul, Doctor Doom, Uta, and Schneizel el Britannia, which furthered the Uchiha's resources and support. He does have some minor conflicts against his hew allies because of his arrogant and self-centered nature, but he is willing to give praise to Ra's' tenacity and planning, Doom's willpower, Uta's strange yet effective power set, and Schneizel's quick wits and long-term strategies and intends to make sure he doesn't alienate his newfound partners in his new desire to bring peace to the Pantheon, whether anyone likes it or not.
    • In the realm of rivalries, Madara found himself clashing against Takuto Maruki and Charles zi Britannia on a number of occasions without really fighting, and to further add to this complication, the Uchiha warlord faced opposition from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts who saw that Madara's past goals were a more widespread, corrupt version of how they tend to fix the hearts of their enemies. Interestingly, Maruki is unaware of his rivalry against Madara, who claims that his goal of granting the desired wishes of others using Yaldabaoth's powers was similar to that of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, though even Madara would concede that at least it's still a lot better than whatever Kaguya and Black Zetsu had in mind and while he would enjoy the idea of fighting Maruki, the fact that he's since lost his Persona powers and he spends his time in the Pantheon as a simple taxi driver proved to be rather underwhelming. Things are more intense with Charles as Madara believes that his attempt at a "world without lies" is just flawed mass brainwashing while Charles thinks Madara is a rabid dog who is a threat to his grand ambitions. Conversely, the Uchiha thinks his son, Lelouch is a Superior Successor and actually praises his attempt in actually creating a unified world, even if it meant dying universally hated, though this also came with a desire for the Geass powers. Lelouch and his comrades oppose Madara for fairly universal reasons but also know that his background for why he became the way he is isn't too different from how they've turned out themselves. The two agree that the world is flawed and Madara admits that he respects Lelouch's planning and leadership skills, but they're aware that their ambitions and goals are going to clash against one another anyway and the Uchiha cannot let his plans be impeded, even if it means making an enemy against someone he could like even for a little bit.
  • As a known victim of the Curse of Hatred, Madara's powers are heavily tied to hateful and raging desires bought about by personal loss and tragedy. It's how he awakened his Sharingan in the first place and while he boasts about how powerful he is, he makes no attempt to bring up his tragic past and experience as an excuse for his power. The House of Hatred and Rancor is, surprisingly, not a place of his interest as the general environment there felt too nauseous for Madara to be there for long, plus there wasn't much interesting to pay attention to either. There are similar figures there who are empowered by hatred like Velvet Crowe and while Madara would admit to het having potential, Velvet doesn't have much interest in the Uchiha and his self-righteousness is rather comparable to that of Artorius Collbrande, prompting Velvet to be very antagonistic of Madara if he ever comes near her or her friends. Beyond that, Atrocitus thinks that while Madara's rage and grief are potent enough for him to be a Red Lantern, his arrogance and his own series of crimes having done untold damage make him unqualifiable in his eyes and Madara personally thinks Atrocitus's brand of vengeance for the greater good is just as hypocritical if the Red Lantern leader is going to label the Uchiha warlord not worthy, pointing that Atrocitus's methods aren't as favored by heroes as Madara's own.
  • Despite his overwhelming power and vast list of abilities, Madara is open to getting more of them. Many underestimate the fact that the Uchiha warlord is a clever, resourceful, and intelligent warrior who is always thinking of a backup plan in the event he finds a roadblock in his goals or during battle. While the House of Power and Abilities is a place he visits very often as a way to showcase his fighting prowess, Madara also likes to observe and assess whatever combatant he either witnesses or fights against, hoping that they reveal something that he could do some research and homework on back in his personal domain. Most are not fond of it, others, who have at least come to respect Madara's powers and fear factor, are open to giving him a list of notes and resources to allow a working relationship between them and the Uchiha. To him, powers such as Kryptonian physiology, the Speed Force, the Mystical Arts, Soul Gems and Grief Seeds, Saiyan Physiology, Bankai, and many more have been fascinating topics for Madara to study on and while not all of them may be compatible, he does seek to learn about them regardless to better understand future foes and possible alliances.
  • The House of Family and Relatives proved to be a very complicated topic for Madara. On one hand, Madara dearly loved his brother and was clearly devastated by his loss, as told by the nature of the Mangekyou Sharingan, which he possesses and his desire to protect the Uchiha Clan being genuine even if he went about it the wrong way. On the other hand, his reputation for posthumously playing a role in the Uchiha being segregated and them not changing their ways still made them susceptible to falling into the Curse of Hatred which was one of the reasons for their extermination to stop an attempted coup on Konoha was immediately and very heavily frowned upon, something that Madara... actually conceded on solemnly. It's the one time he admitted to being at fault, which was surprising to come from someone like him. Perhaps his final moments with Hashirama have humbled him to a degree, as Madara has become a little more affable and complimentary since his ascension. He's aware that he's not winning points with the Heroic Protectors, but he also similarly finds the Child Abuse Supporters to personally disgust him and their priorities being a waste of time for him; there's nothing practical to gain from abusing one's offspring and this direction is a complete affront to his own goals anyway. Aside from that, there are some beings there who at least impress him for their combat and physical prowess like Piccolo, Whitebeard, Darth Vader, Byakyuya Kikuchi, and even Killbas and while he'll gladly fight them, he'll take those battles away from the House, even if most of them were not going to like Madara for obvious reasons.
  • Madara is ultimately a byproduct of warfare, he was once an ordinary child who was suddenly thrust into conflict, forced to watch the death of his comrades, relatives, and loved ones, and endure loss, injuries, and grievances too many times. This formed the impetus for his intentions regarding the Moon's Eye Plan, which is to stop any and all conflict, though hypocritically, his way of accelerating his plans was to kickstart a world war, albeit posthumously, and making sure everything went to plan as Obito masqueraded as him. He's visited the House of Military and Warfare, with his sole reasoning being if there is someone he could clash his might, and while there were some who had impressive intellect, Madara felt a bit underwhelmed by the lack of strong figures to fight against. Learning about the past conflicts in the Pantheon, Madara has made a point to disassociate himself from the Grand Alliances, citing that the aims of those like Melkor, Darkseid, Molag Bal, and Nekron go against his goals whereas others like Cosmos feel that even if Madara has become a bit softer, his megalomania can still become a detriment at the expense of others. Regardless, Madara is more comfortable leading his own side, claiming that he doesn't want his fun and interests impeded by the standards and objectives of others either way.
  • Outside of his goals and ambitions, Madara loves a good fight and is always eager to test out and improve his abilities. For this, he is one of the most frequent visitors to the House of Fighting and Combat and regardless of how long it takes or how bad his reputation is, he has a habit of waiting until he either catches a glimpse of a strong fighter or someone comes to him. One of his most memorable experiences was encountering Son Goku, a very renowned Spirited competitor who was very open to taking an invitation to a fight against the Uchiha warlord. The two had a gigantic battle against each other, with many of their attacks destroying much of the environment around them. While Goku was forced to minimize whatever damage he may cause, Madara enjoyed his fight against the Saiyan and even Goku admitted that the ninja was more formidable than he expected. Strangely, despite both of them having polar-opposite personalities, they actually liked and respected each other for their combat prowess and abilities, much to everyone's shock. So long as Madara doesn't act like a dick and boast about his ambitions too many times, Goku would tolerate and even take the time to fight him as he does understand the desire of having a satisfactory battle while Madara found Goku oddly funny, but a worthy challenger he could always keep an eye out for. On another note, the Uchiha warlord also tested his mettle against Godzilla as he wanted to demonstrate how formidable the King of the Monsters was in comparison to the Tailed Beasts. Needless to say, he wasn't disappointed as his Susanoo did endure a tough fight against the kaiju and Madara will gladly fight him again to see how powerful Godzilla could truly be, even if the monster himself isn't interested and finds Madara more of an annoyance to deal with.
    • Admittedly, he never really expressed much of a desire for fighting competitions back in his mortal life. The fact that he already lived in a time where he was surrounded by danger and warfare didn't help matters. However, the Pantheon opened up to a big slew of opportunities when Madara discovered how martial combat was a very popular sport for many and realized how he could easily get himself immersed in that sort of field. He once approached the omnicidal android, Cell, on tips regarding fighting tournaments and while the two couldn't be allies due to their differing goals, Cell did drop some good advice on how to get one up. That, and having a bit of a bout got Madara inspired and he decided that he may as well set up a tournament of his own. Part of his Attention Whore attitude might be playing a role here, but at least there's some practicality to it. Among other ideas, he had to look into other famous tourneys like the World Martial Arts Tournament, Franchise/Mortal Kombat, The All-Valley Tournament, and the Dead or Alive Tournament as references in preparing for one of his own. He doesn't mind casualties in his tournament but admits he would rather see them survive in the event they prove entertaining enough for himself to challenge. At one point, Madara approached Shao Kahn, claiming it would be good practice to see how his tournaments played out. The Outworld Emperor showed interest in the Uchiha and battled him in fair combat as a show of superiority, only to realize Madara was tougher than he expected. Regardless, both motivated each other in some respect, with Shao wondering how it would feel to have a part of Madara's power for himself as well as seeing what sort of tournament he would come up with, though given his history, Shao admits that he is a little bit reminded by Shang Tsung and for that, Shao intends to keep a close eye on Madara.
  • While the Curse of Hatred has washed away in Madara's psyche, a great deal of his cynicism remains intact and he'll often claim how barbaric and foolish humans tend to be, a statement that could just as easily apply to him. As a result, his cynicism makes him vastly underestimate and appreciate the values of optimism, which was highlighted when he learned and met Superman one day. The Kryptonian had heard about the Uchiha warlord's past and felt sorry for what he went through, only for Madara to snap at him as he felt he was being patronized and coddled by who many say is among the Pantheon's greatest heroes. This got Kal-El to get angry and call out Madara for how self-pitying and pessimistic he was getting, to which Madara retorted at why he's even bothering to be a hero despite everything he's lost. He was a bit disappointed at how despite all this, Superman refused to fight, printing the Uchiha to do it himself, though that turned out to be unwise as the Kryptonian defeated Madara before feeling disappointed at how he remained too isolated to properly change for the better. He's also expressed a similar expression for Madoka Kaname as she expresses a lot of sympathy for Madara as well as wanting to help him, but he finds Madoka to be much the same as Supes and would shut himself off than ever admitting any help or support from them, not helped by the fact that Madoka is the embodiment of Hope in her home universe. That said, he does pity Madoka's predicament and feels that while he finds her annoying, what's been done to her by the Incubators is much worse than he would have thought and the idea of Kriemhild Gretchen and Witches in general is much worse than someone being converted I to a Zetsu. As a result, while Madara generally dislikes Madoka, he doesn't want her to fall into despair as he feels her turning into a Witch would spell catastrophic consequences for him and everyone else, and while this is pragmatic on his end, it's the one ostensibly heroic act Madara has committed himself to, as much as he wouldn't admit such.
    • As an extension of his cynical nature, Madara has a bleak and nihilistic outlook on life, though as of now, this has mellowed out to a degree and his overall beliefs aren't as hopeless as they were in his mortal life. Due to this, he came to be on speaking terms with Ulquiorra Cifer as they had much to relate regarding their stance on nihilism and Madara generally found him a powerful figure whom he could work with. To his dismay, Madara finds most other nihilists to be difficult to approach; sure their outlooks might be similar, but the Uchiha warlord wasn't an advocate of annihilating all of existence or kill whatever you see as a way of vindicating his nihilism. Such was the case of Archaon, a man who once believed in a benevolent god until he felt that he was betrayed and turned to Chaos and soon embraced a newfound sense of misanthropy and thought it was better to destroy the world than salvage it. Needless to say, both men didn't like each other despite their shared nihilism; Madara saw Archaon as a madman who was too weak-willed to properly think for himself whereas Archaon thought Madara was a pathetic man with the mindset of a petulant child as attested by his self-pity and lofty ambitions. On the other hand, a strange relatability came from an eelfish, of all things, named Anago, who very much believed in the staunch nihilistic outlook Madara had and although the latter's beliefs have gotten a bit softer, the eelfish still muses on how the Uchiha warlord was an interesting figure to think about. Madara himself was a bit surprised by how an ordinary animal had very much the same outlook as him, but otherwise don't think of each other much.
  • As with Hashirama, Madara has a degree of interest in those who possess special innate powers especially those of a budding hero as he feels it would interesting to observe, study, and eventually claim and/or replicate their powers for himself. The most apparent case came from Sasuke's daughter, Sarada, who proved to be just as prodigious and talented as her father and he thinks she would make a potential good apprentice, that is if he can get past Sasuke first. He's also expressed the same feeling for Superboy, namely Kal-El's son, Jon Kent, as Madara was impressed by the boy's power potential and growth and knowing that he likely could prove his big man's superior in the future, the Uchiha warlord intends on fighting and either claiming Jon or his powers for himself at some point and the fact that the Regime version of Superman is up in arms for Madara's ambitions means his battles against the main Superman is going be a lot more personal. Finally, while Madara didn't think much of Ruby Rose at first, hearing about the unknown extent of her unique eye powers almost immediately caught his interest, but then he also realized Ruby was a bubbly, excitable optimist who always tries to reach the best outcomes, something that Madara finds difficult to stomach. He personally intends to break and convince Ruby into becoming a subordinate of him and, if not possible, desires to know more and eventually claim her innate powers for himself, hoping to use them to further his own ambitions. It may mean Madara would clash against Team RWBY and Team JNPR, but that's an outcome he enjoys as it means Madara can demonstrate his powers more openly. And while Ruby is a bit wary and nervous about having to fight against a feared legendary warlord, she'll still fight for the safety of her loved ones and for a better future and she wishes Madara could have left behind his past ambitions for a better future, as hard as it to convince him of such.
"I want to sever the fate of this world. A world of only victors. A world of only peace. A world of only Love. I will create such a world."

    The Main Cast (Durarara!!
Celty Sturluson, Mikado Ryuugamine, Masaomi Kida, Anri Sonohara, Izaya Orihara, Shizuo Heiwajima, and Shinra Kishitani, Divine Deities of Hyperlinking Stories (Celty: Headless Rider, Black Rider, Setton | Mikado: Taro Tanaka, Leader of the Dollars, Leader of the Blue Squares, Mootkado, Moekado, Bosskado | Masaomi: Bakyura, The Leader of Yellow Scarves | Anri: Saika, Parasite | Izaya: Kanra, Chrome, Trollzaya | Shizuo: Shizu-chan, The GARtender, Toughest Man in Ikebukuro)
From left to right and top to bottom: Celty, Masaomi, Mikado, Anri, Shizuo, Izaya, Celty's head, and Shinra
  • Rank:
    • Celty: Greater Goddess (possibly Overdeity when she had her head)
    • Anri and Izaya: Lesser Deities
    • Shizuo: Lesser God on paperwork, but Greater God when it comes to physical power
    • Mikado: Demigod (possibly Lesser God when using Saika)
    • Masaomi: Demigod
    • Shinra: Quasideity (Lesser God when using Saika)
  • Symbol:
    • Celty: Her yellow kitty helmet with a scythe made out of shadows.
    • Mikado: The Dollars logo. Alternatively, his cellphone
    • Masaomi: His yellow scarf
    • Anri: Her demonic sword, Saika which is her katana
    • Izaya: His switchblade. Alternatively, a chessboard with chess pieces or his coat
    • Shizuo: His trademark bartender suit. Alternately, a thrown vending machine
    • Shinra: His glasses. Alternatively, his Saika blade which is his scalpel
  • Theme Song: Uragiri no Yuuyake
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Celty: Darkness, Shadows, Fairies, Motorbikes
    • Mikado: Disbandment, Character Changes, Normality
    • Masaomi: Secrets, Regret, Business
    • Anri: Swords, Demonic Possession, Red Eyes, Shopkeeping
    • Izaya: Information, Lying, Smiling, Trickery, Confusion
    • Shizuo: Rage, Violence, Revenge, Self-Hatred
    • Shinra: Doctors, Love, Proverbs
  • Heralds
    • Celty: Shooter (her horse), Yahiro Mizuchi, Kuon Kotonami, and Himeka Tatsugami (her teammates in Snake Hands)
    • Mikado: Aoba Kuronuma
    • Masaomi: Saki Mikajima (his girlfriend)
    • Anri: Her Saika army
    • Shizuo: Tom Tanaka (his boss), Kasuka Heiwajima (his brother)
    • Shinra: Shingen and Emilia Kishitani (his father and step-mother)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Claire Stanfield (Shizuo)
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: Artoria Pendragon (Celty)
  • Avoids: Shizuo Heiwajima (even though she became friends with him) and other strong men (Anri)
  • Interests: Gentaro Kisaragi, Junko Enoshima (Izaya)
  • On good terms with: Batman, Ren Amamiya (Mikado)
  • On Neutral Terms with: The Headless Horseman (Celty)
  • Pitied by/Pities: The Hall of Regret and Shame (Masaomi)
  • Opposed by/Opposes: House of Mentalism and the subhouse of Trickery (Mikado); Kisuke Uzuki (Anri); good-aligned doctors, Nigel Burke (Shinra)
  • Good Counterpart to: Souther (Anri)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Yu Narukami
  • While searching around universes, the Court of Gods realized that one world stood out among the rest, how their stories were interconnected in the most unexpected ways possible. Because of this, they choose to nominate a dullahan who constantly searches for her head but later on chooses to settle down to be with her husband; a normal guy who is actually a manipulative bastard who wants to become an entity until he realized that everything he did was a mistake and embraces the normal life; a former gang leader who regrets forming it and hides his shame and guilt with a facade who leaves the city, but comes back because of his worriedness; a bespectacled teenage girl who considers herself a parasite and can't feel love because of her demonic sword, but later on embraces the sword she has and can feel love; a information broker who believes the head of the dullahan can get him to Valhalla; a man with superhuman strength hates how he constantly gets involved with violence and wants peace but later on accepts and finally loved the life that he has; and a doctor who is crazily in love with the dullahan who will literally do anything to get her to stay to represent Hyperlink Story.
    • Upon they were reascended with the new trope, Mikado and Anri rushed over to meet Masaomi and tackled him with a hug, while Celty and Shizuo rushed over to hug Shinra. The former two later on formally introduced their friend to the latter three, with Masaomi fangirling over the fact he finally met the Headless Rider. Although they (except for Shinra) grumbled that they shared the same trope with Izaya, they are glad that he has a seperate temple over them because the Court of Gods knew how much Izaya causes them to suffer with all of his plans. For now, the six started hanging out with each other like a real group while the info broker casually hangs around to manipulate the citizens of the Pantheon.
  • Celty:
    • She enjoys having tea with her fellow Goddesses Mami Tomoe and Ms. Fortune while they talk about their heads.
    • Her shadows gave her the ability to transform it into literally anything and her vehicle can turn into any land vehicle. Her powers possibly get stronger when she had her head. Fortunately, she doesn't want it anymore as she would rather spend the rest of life with her husband, Shinra.
    • She is a solo transporter, which means she will deliver anything to anyone or anywhere with the given amount of money. This is also her job in the Pantheon and she got a lot of clients since then.
    • Taking note of Izaya in the Pantheon, Celty takes extra careful steps to not approach him. The Slender Man also makes her uneasy.
    • Avoids houses of anyone affiliated with space aliens. The last time she did that she let out a loud girly scream and it embarrasses the hell out of her. Also doesn't like traffic cops either.
  • As much as she would like to share a drink or two in her House with Ragna, his fear of ghosts and the fact that the House of Otherness is associated with ghosts prevents that from happening. She does have a much better time being with Carl & Ada Clover, though.
    • Was the one that told the Goddess of Talking Down the Suicidal, Ashi, about Izaya's treatment of those with suicidal tendencies. He got a new enemy real quick.
    • Celty origially held the position of Goddess of Dullahans until the arrival of the Headless Horseman forced her to flee to a new temple and gain a new position in the process. She doesn't seem to mind it though.
    • Celty doesn't like the Horseless Headless Horseman as she thinks that he is a bit insane.
    • Currently a member of Snake Hands in Ikebukuro, an organization that claims to do any kind of freelance work whose members include Kuon Kotonami, Himeka Tatsugami, and Yahiro Mizuchi, who is also the group's namesake because of the unexpected arrival that he is an urban legend who uses Celty's shadows.
  • Mikado:
    • Because of his change of heart, he quit the Blue Squares as their leader and he disbanded the Dollars and the new branch he founded in the Pantheon. This completely frustrated the members in the Pantheon, who took great lengths to revive the colorless group. Mikado makes sure that no one would revive the group without any violence involved.
      • Many of his enemies, particularly L, Light Yagami, and Big Brother are glad when they heard the news of the Dollars' disbandment, although that doesn't stop them from wanting to know who is its true leader.
    • When Bahamut heard that "The Emperor of the Dragon Peak" had ascended, he went to meet him, and although he was put off that Mikado was an ordinary human, he respects Mikado's courage and wisdom relative to his age and species. Even after he learned that the Dollars has disbanded, he has sworn that he will aid him.
    • Mikado has no desire of visiting the House of Mentalism and the subhouse of Trickery anymore and avoids them as he doesn't want to be involved in any mind games as he no longer desires the supernatural and doesn't want to become like Izaya.
    • Mikado doesn't want anyone to remind him of that moment as he completely regretted it.
    • Isaac and Miria, one of the members of the Dollars before it's disbandment, are one of the few people that are okay with Mikado's decision to do it as they realized that they did something to repay for their crimes they commit (even if they did it in a wrong way). This got him to become closer with them as a result.
    • Batman is glad that Mikado has changed his ways and promised to him that he will fight anyone who dares oppose him about the Dollars' disbandment, although Mikado thinks it's a little bit extreme.
    • Mikado is in good terms with Ren, because he became interested on the story on how he had a change of heart and realized the horrible consequences with his actions, with Ren stating how similar he is to Futaba with that she changed herself without destroying her own Shadow Self. Although Mikado is not interested in the extraordinary life anymore, he does consider Ren and his teammates' methods to be interesting and stated that he will likely do that if he didn't undergo it.
    • Mikado became a Saika child due to being stabbed by one of his school's former teachers, Nasujima. However, he was able to break out of her control and she has little-to-no influence to him most likely due to the fact he is in love with Anri, who is currently his girlfriend.
    • Currently at third year in highschool, while his girlfriend Anri graduated and his best friend Masaomi dropped out in highschool because of his one year stay at the hospital. He is also the library committee president.
  • Masaomi:
    • When a lot of the deities asked why he doesn't flirt with girls anymore, Masaomi stated that it's all just an act because of the trauma he suffered during the gang wars and that he is happy to be with Saki.
    • Kazuma can relate a lot to Masaomi because he understood what it's like to keep coming back to danger even though it's something that they knew they don't have to but have to get involved anyway.
    • He really loathes the House of Mentalism because it reminds of how he was easily manipulated by Izaya and how his girlfriend is actually one of his worshippers before eventually staying by Masaomi's side with her free will.
    • He sympathizes with the Hall of Regret and Shame, because he knows what it feels like to have guilt and shame weighing on his shoulders and how he could never escape from these mistakes as they keep coming back to him.
    • Masaomi is currently working in business along with his girlfriend, Saki. Although it's not specified what kind of business he's working on.
  • Anri:
    • Saika is known for its twisted love for humanity and any human that gets slashed from her, will become her "daughters" out of their free will and the "daughters" will have their own Saika blades. This made a lot of human deities wary of her, even though they knew she's a very nice person and uses that for the greater good.
      • The people who hate humanity such as Lysandre, Shinobu Sensui, and Evolto became enemies with her because of Saika's twisted love for humans as well as the fact that she can turn mere humans into her "daughters" and gain their own blades. It doesn't help that unlike Saika, Evolto can control other beings.
    • Saika is known for being especially obsessed with strong men and this results with Anri being clouded with her thoughts. This is why Anri avoids Shizuo Heiwajima (even though she is now friends with him thanks to Mikado and Celty) and other strong men.
    • It's no secret that Anri despises the Child Abuse Supporters due to her and her mother being abused by her father. This also made Anri want to control them by Saika because of their behavior. Her suffering from abuse caused her to feel pity and became friends for those that are in the same fate as her such as Sakura Matou and this caused her to hate the abusers that appear in the Pantheon like Zouken Matou.
    • Kisuke Uzuki opposes her due to the fact she has a demonic blade. Even though if he knew that anyone who has the inability to feel love or they love someone more than anything else in the world causes them to break out of Saika's control, he still opposes her.
    • Anri doesn't like Tsukuyomi and Lilith Madlove at all as they remind her of the culprit of The Slasher Incidents, Haruna Niekawa.
    • Anri doesn't love Goetia because of the fact that his actions for his love for humanity includes destroying them to so that they wouldn't suffer and be miserable, causing her to become enemies with him.
    • Anri doesn't like Souther because he sees love as a weakness, something that Anri opposes as she started to feel love once she removes her inability to feel love.
    • Brynhild feels bad for Anri's situation, since Saika gaining more power by "loving" humanity is a lot like Brynhild being more stronger by loving any man who is just like her beloved Sigurd. While she can't see Anri as Sigurd, Brynhild at least told her that she's not alone in this.
    • Since her ascension, she establishes her family antique shop, Sonohara Hall in the Pantheon. She made sure to include all kinds of ancient stuff that she is allowed to sell from across the Pantheon for her customers to buy. This made her slightly but heads with Uncle Chan as he thought he was getting competition for his antique shop, although he couldn't help but feel sorry over how she's cursed with Saika. Even though he won't be able to find a spell that will allow her to live a normal life, Anri is happy to find an uncle figure who will keep an eye on her.
    • Anri has found a kinship with Aldo, as he also has to deal with a living sword that has taken control of him a few times. Anri was afraid for Aldo's safety else Saika will slash him, but Aldo promises that she won't have to worry about him. Plus he's not sure if Saika's "loving whispers" is capable of affecting cats (which he is, kinda).
  • Izaya:
    • Because of his love for collecting information, he took a lot of online identities using his cellphones and laptops. He occasionally uses the information to manipulate them.
    • With the recent Ascension of fellow trolls Handsome Jack and Basco, he, Bernkastel, and Terumi have become Trollkaiger, making even more problems for the pantheon.
    • One of the reasons why Izaya want to cause chaos other than to fulfill his amusement, is he has Celty's head and he believes that causing a war will make Celty raise him to Valhalla, the afterlife of Norse Mythology. This got him some enemies with the good-aligned Norse deities.
    • He seems interested in Gentaro Kisaragi with a passion due to him having the same love for humanity as he does, just in a different way. He's been trying his best to "study him", with rumors regarding another Gentaro Kisaragi who turned away from humanity and became consumed by hatred. So far, Gentaro's maintained his cheery disposition...but he's slowly starting to crack under the pressure.
    • Started a Brains and Brawn group with Ladd; Izaya's the one who plots the mayhem, while Ladd slaughters the ones trying to stop it. Everyone wins in their case.
    • Has earned the ire of Ashi after she learned he had tormented those with suicidal thoughts. She takes her Goddess role very seriously as she did one heck of a job to earn it. Izaya really didn't think of her as much of a threat until she formed an alliance with Shizuo. Turns out it was Celty that had told her about him after seeing this act first hand.
    • He hates Roodaka because even though she is a robot, she is monstrous enough for him to hate her and he hates those that he considers monsters.
    • He is interested in Junko because he sees some similarities between the latter and himself. He is currently in an "alliance", but he actually does this so he could mess with her.
    • It is unknown where Izaya currently is as he had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Only time will tell when he will come back.
  • Shizuo:
    • Due to Shizuo being a bodyguard to a debt collector, he was also this in the Pantheon. It really works because he can easily scare stubborn normal people and gets them to pay their debt.
    • Gets on rather well with deities who are straightforward with him. He'll still beat the crap out of anybody who comes looking for a fight, but if they're blunt and honest about it, he won't be angry.
      • For this reason, when dealing with him, Batman and Lelouch drop the crap and are frank with him, since they know that screwing with his head is a pretty big Berserk Button.
      • In the case of Lelouch, however, Shizuo has remarked that he pisses him off for some reason, but hasn't quite been able to figure it out. Lelouch, in turn, simply does what he can at every opportunity to not piss off Shizuo, and frequently provides information leading to the whereabouts of Izaya Orihara. As a result, the two have a something of a platonic love-hate relationship.
    • Many Gods are betting a match between him and Claire Stanfield. Behind the scenes, Izaya Orihara rigs the bets in Claire's favor to spite and provoke Shizuo.
    • Frequently heads over to the Food Pantheon for milk.
    • It should be noted that Shizuo is not known for starting fights. Finishing them, on the other hand....
    • All attempts to actually kill him thus far have failed, and the only lasting result has been becoming even more powerful than before. When various deities have asked about that, Shizuo simply replies, "Well, Shinra says - actually, who gives a damn what he says?! I COME BACK STRONGER EVERY TIME!!!!"
    • Due to the fact that both of their enemies are Trolls, he strikes up an alliance with Ragna the Bloodedge for this very reason.
    • Despite possessing a Hair-Trigger Temper, Shizuo ultimately strives to be a peaceful man, and that quality helped him get along with Kazuma Kiryu. In fact, Kiryu was impressed by the young man's brute strength, but noted his lack of finesse that often leaves him open, so he offered to formally train Shizuo in the art of combat. In return, he has to give Haruka soft drinks for free.
    • Shizuo doesn't fear anything... except for Albedo due to the fact that Albedo is more insane than he is and the fact that they sound so similar.
    • Was approached by Ashi asking to form an alliance with him against Izaya. He wasn't interested, not wanting anyone to get hurt in their personal battles. She then told him that Iyaza had been tormenting those with suicidal thoughts. Since he was speaking with the Goddess of Talking Down the Suicidal he really couldn't say no anymore. He has told her to just keep tabs on him, not to get near without calling him first. She also has laser eyes. Who wouldn't want someone like that on their side?
    • Other gods note his similarities to both Iori Yagami and K', who also have similar brooding personalities to him while the former also dislikes violence. Shizuo relates to their inner struggles, despite how nasty they are on the outside much more than Shizuo himself.
      • Others also wonder why Izaya even bothers to antagonize Shizuo, since they point out that it makes much more sense for Shizuo to hate him. Shizuo himself wonders what Izaya views him as from time to time.
    • Seems to find some kinship with Jet the Hawk, Sima Zhao, Edge Maverick, Rokurou Rangetsu, Taigong Wang and a few others; perhaps they seem to all sound the same as his brother, Kazuka.
  • Shinra:
    • The Pantheon were shocked to see that Shinra considers himself to be Izaya's only friend, even though he irritates him a lot. Shinra just stated that even though he knows that there's no goodness on him, he still remains friends with him and expresses desire to see him again after he disappeared from Ikebukuro.
    • He is a back alley doctor which is obvious from the trope he represents. He also allows himself to take on any patient, whether they are criminals, supernatural beings, normal people or any along of those lines. He is also alright with doing medical procedures on everywhere, LITERALLY EVERYWHERE no matter how dangerous he is and it helps that he is good at his job. This is why he is one of the ideal doctors to get contacted on the Pantheon.
      • He was looked down upon by other good-aligned doctors not because he was an illegal doctor but because he also operates on criminals.
    • He seems to get along with Black Jack due to them not having official medical licenses. It also helps that he is also really good at his job.
      • He also gets along with Ren not just because they have the same voice but also because one of Ren's allies is a back alley doctor.
    • Nigel Burke seems to be okay with him but even Shinra knew he wouldn't go that far on operating his patients.
    • It's pretty obvious that whoever hurts or threatens with Celty will be enemies with him.
    • He has become a Saika child thanks to Kasane Kujiragi, the original wielder of Saika. Fortunately, he was able to resist its control and use it to cut the link between Celty and her head so that she could stay in Ikebukuro.

    Ultraman Tiga 
Ultraman Tiga/Daigo Madoka, God of First Episode Resurrections (Power Type, Sky Type, Glitter Tiga, Tiga Dark)
Ultraman Tiga
Sky Type 
Power Type 
Glitter Tiga 
Tiga Dark
Daigo Madoka
  • Greater God. Lesser God (Daigo Madoka). Overdeity (as Glitter Tiga).
  • Symbol: The Sparklens.
  • Theme Song: Take Me Higher (Glitter Tiga Remix), Resurrection of Ancient Giant (when in battle).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good. Was Chaotic Evil as Tiga Dark.
  • Portfolio: First-Episode Resurrection, Henshin Hero, Employs the Sparklence to Transform
  • Domains: Resurrections, Light, Giants
  • Heralds: The members of GUTS, Rena Hanase (wife), Tsubasa and Hikari Madoka (his children), Yuzare (lover in past life), Ultraman Dyna and Shin Asuka (successors).
  • High Priest: Kengo Manaka/Ultraman Trigger
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ghathanothor, Yapool, Alien Empera, Ultraman Belial, King Ghidorah, The Dalek Empire, The Harvesters, The Khan Makyr, Black Doom, Damien Thorne, Grima, Smaug, Ganondorf.
  • Ultraman Tiga was once known as Tiga Dark leader of the Dark Giants who were evil Ultramen who terrorized the universe before he fell in love with the human priestess, Yuzare, who helped him turn his former comrades into stone before dedicating his life to being a guardian of Earth. Eventually Tiga left Earth when humanity lost their faith in the Ultras that protected them while leaving behind his power for his descendant to use. Said descendant turned out to be Daigo Madoka, a young man belonging to the monster-fighting group GUTS. After Daigo obtained the power to transform into Tiga, he fought many battles until he confronted the God of Darkness, Gathanothor, who he was able to vanquish with his power of light and the hopes of children around the world. Tiga's last great adventure was had when he fought his former teammates of the Dark Giants when they returned, he won and his power vanished for good until the world needed him again.
  • Tiga's ascension was marked by a holy light descending into the Pantheon and taking the form of the hero upon landing, Tiga was quick to resume his duties in the Pantheon, Daigo is the one who transforms into Tiga in the Pantheon and was quick to learn of the multiple other Ultras in the place, preparing himself to keep up the good fight while making a place for himself in it.
  • Tiga found himself reunited with the original Ultraman/Shin Hayata, who he met during one of his adventures when fighting the monster Yamanakagi before both departed after the deed was done. The original Ultraman then introduced Tiga to the new Ultras that had come after him and were present in the Pantheon, among the first to become his allies were Ultraman Zero, who heard of Tiga's great reputation and admired him for it and Orb who employed Tiga's power for some of his forms.
  • Tiga found himself facing the nefarious Ghathanothor in the Pantheon once again, and this time capable of changing into other forms to confront him. While none have given him too much trouble for now, he does worry the Eldritch Abomination might be able to defeat him with a stronger form in the future. As for Ghathanothor's allies, Tiga remains wary mostly of its "parent", Chtulhu, infamous for his deadly power and influence.
  • Tiga is no stranger to friendly kaiju, having had a particularly noteworthy one as an ally; thus he took little time to become allies with more benevolent monsters such as Gamera and Mothra, the former monster had some common grounds to speak with Tiga about, since like Tiga it could receive the power of hopes from people to empower itself, only that it had to be from the one wielding the orichalcum bead. Mothra on her own side found it interesting how Tiga reincarnated with his descendants and his capacity to be called on by the hopes of humanity.
  • Tiga also made a surprisingly friendly rapport with the Godzillas, given that several of said incarnations have acted as mankind's allies and some of them have close relationships with ancient civilizations not too dissimilar to the ancient humans that Tiga once protected. Godzilla has also seen lots of value in Tiga's ability to vanquish more otherwordly foes that he might struggle with as well as his connections to an ancient civilization that used to venerate him, not unlike several civilizations that worshipped Godzilla as a God in some universes.
  • Tiga isn't fond of those who have destroyed civilizations or planned to use humanity as cattle or pawns in their plans to ruin everything for their own sake as that is the way that Gathanothor, his nemesis, destroyed the previous ancient civilization.
    • Among these threats stood out the likes of King Ghidorah, who has ruined entire civilizations from all kind of worlds to sate his sadistic need for death and devastation, Ghidorah views Tiga as a somewhat serious threat thanks to his ability to use the hopes of humanity to become stronger and has set his sights on one day eliminating the Giant of Light. Tiga also is wary of Ghidorah's stronger forms, particularly his Planet Eater/Otaru form where it could be too powerful even for him to defeat and has taken measures to learn how to keep tabs on Ghidorah's possible progress in achieving that form. Similarly, Ghidorah's partners or allies such as Gigan have become enemies with Tiga thanks to their equal sadistic desire to assist the Golden Demise in his path of destruction.
    • The alien warlock, Black Doom, planned to turn humanity into his cattle for his forces because he viewed them as worth nothing more than that undignified status and viewing himself as the supreme being. His actions all over other instances and callous use of experiments for evil purposes of evolution only furthered the animosity between the aliens. Black Doom views Tiga himself a fearsome opponent for his capacities and powers, as well as his familiarity with fighting alien warlocks in the past.
    • Damien Thorn is the actual Anti-Christ who plans to lead humanity to an age of despair and death with him going on countless slaughtering sessions for years since his birth up until Jesus Christ himself descended to strike him down for good in his divine form. Damien has resurfaced in the Pantheon and back on the track to try and achieve his goals which Tiga has not taken lightly given how the humans of his origin civilization were tempted by the Antichrist-like Ghatanothor into abandoning the side of good and worshipping the evil entity. Damien himself is wary of what Tiga could do, given that he isn't sure if the power from the hopes of humanity could be enough to kill him if it were used.
  • Heroes who come from heroic lineages or are the reincarnations of a past hero themselves (or just the reincarnation of a being of good) are good allies with Daigo/Tiga given his own history regarding his reincarnations and successors from his bloodline.
    • Finn the Human began life as a Catalyst Comet of implicitly good emotions, the boy has then gone on resurrecting and reincarnating as different people across the years, often as a heroic protector of whatever land he ended up reincarnating in and even after his death will continue living on as a hero in his next life and always accompanied by his brother, Jake. Tiga likes that Finn has continued his heroic legacy and good deeds throughout his life and even outside of it.
    • Link and Zelda are descendants of ancestral heroes that fought the Evil God, Demise, and to this day continue reincarnating to fight evils such as Demise's reincarnation, Ganondorf. Tiga has a lot of respect for both given their dedication to keeping up the good fight despite their cycle being a borderline curse at times. Link and Zelda in turn greatly respect the Ultraman for his exploits and equally arduous fights against evil.
  • Ultraman Tiga was courted by a human woman known as Yuzare, who served as the catalyst for his defection to the side of good. This caused him to get an ally in Hordak, a former member of the Galactic Horde and leader of the Etherian Horde, whose love for Entrapta led to his gradual reformation before a full-on rebellion against his master, Horde Prime, and helping defeat the mad overlord. Tiga's own dark past meant that he didn't have much of a problem with Hordak's own, being glad that he's chosen the right path for himself in the end despite his upbringing.
  • Tiga is fond of benevolent aliens who've made allies with humanity or other species, among those stand out the Chozo and Heptapods; the former having been known for their mostly peaceful standings and practices save for a few select individuals; and the Heptapods for outright aiding humanity and helping them develop despite miscommunications not unlike how the Ultras themselves in many universes outright assisted humanity and helped them overcome problems in hopes of them developing into a better overall species.
  • While Tiga mostly disappeared for good after his final battle with the Dark Giants with Daigo retiring afterwards, he occasionally comes back thanks to the hopes of mankind and has been seen in a few universes thanks to this. While the one in the Pantheon is a fully reformed host and Ultra Tiga, it is possible to summon him in his own universe or others by the people who knew him in his time still, with Tiga himself aiding directly with his spirit's efforts.

Intermediate Gods

    The Evil Twins 
The Evil Twins, Twin Gods of Abandoned Plot Points (Victor and Moritz)
Victor at the left, Moritz at the Right

    The Sumaru City Persona-Users 
The Persona-users of Sumaru Citymembers , Godly Collective of Reset Storylines (Tatsuya: Tatsu, Red Hawk, Déjà Vu Boy, The Paradox, Little Suou | Maya: Mackey, Ma-ya, Big Sis, Big Maya, Blue Swan | Lisa: Ginko, Pink Argus | Eikichi: Michel, Undie Boss, Captain Underwear, Pants Leader, Captain Death, Death Boss, Yellow Owl | Jun: Jun Kashihara, Joker, Black Condor | Ulala: | Katsuya: Captain Sideburns, Big Suou | Baofu: Bao, Kaoru Saga)
Left to right, top to bottom, non-deities italicized: Eikichi, Lisa, Eriko, Ulala, Kei, Jun, Yukino, Tatsuya, Maya, Katsuya, Baofu
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Mt. Iwato and the Alaya Shrine
  • Theme Songs: Unbreakable Tie, Eternal Punishment (PSP) Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Tatsuya, Eikichi, Baofu), Neutral Good (Maya, Lisa, Jun, Ulala), Lawful Good (Katsuya)
  • Portfolio: Persona-Users, Badass Crew, Defeating Nyarlathotep, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Stories That Repeats Themselves
  • Domain(s): Personas, Rumors, Reset, Combos
  • Heralds: Mami Shibata and Miho Ogishima (Lisa's MUSES bandmates), Gas Chamber (Eikichi's "band"), Miyabi Hanakouji (Eikichi's girlfriend), Cpt. Togashi (Katsuya's superior)
  • Allies: Igor, The St. Hermelin High Students (mainly Elly, Nanjo, Yukino, Brown, Maki, and Reiji), S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives, The Investigation Team, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Ginko (for the Innocent Sin party), the Toku hero deities, particularly the Super Sentai
  • Odd Friendship: Pantheon (Katsuya)
  • Enemies: All unrepentant Nazi deities, Ameno-Sagiri, Izanami, Yaldabaoth, Junko Enoshima (especially for Maya and Jun), corrupt governments and conspiracy groups such as The Illuminati
  • Fears: Beerus (Maya)
  • Pitied by: Kabal, Joshua Graham (Maya)
  • Opposes: Badgirl.
  • If there's one sin Philemon is always taking punishment for (and which Tatsuya and many others will still hold over him), it's the events in Sumaru City, in particular the bet he made with Nyarlathotep over whether Humans Are Bastards or not. Because he didn't involve himself directly like his opposite, it ended with the world being destroyed, and requiring the erasure of the memories of Tatsuya's party as the price to pay for restoring it, essentially resetting the storyline for Eternal Punishment.
  • It was that realization that the present Persona 2 deities in the Pantheon—Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, and Eikichi Mishina—decided they could bring the rest of their friends up to the Pantheon with... at the "cost" of their current titles.
  • To make up for his mistake, just like with Eikichi (thanks to Cosmos), everyone's memories of both sides have been restored by Philemon. For some, it didn't change much (such as the other adults in the group). For others, there was a profound effect, especially for Lisa (is a celebrity on the EP side, but not on the IS side) Jun (differing and conflicting parental situations), and Maya (having been heavily involved on both sides).
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Unlike the Persona-users after them, who all (or mostly) have just one Persona (that can evolve) besides the Wild Card, all of them can take on multiple Personas, not just their team leader, and can swap and exchange them mid-battle. On the flip side, they have affinities to watch out for, which limits which Personas they can take on depending on their Arcanas. Also, SP cost is dependent solely on their Persona, no matter what skill is used.
      • Due to the fact that not all of them can stay together with one another all the time, Philemon made a caveat when it comes to their pseudo-"Wild Card"s; each of their Persona Stocks is limited to three (including their current one), but can exchange Personas when they're together.
    • Instead of All-Out Attacks, they instead can perform Fusion Spells, its effects depending on what skills are used. While they can be performed in conjunction with other Persona-users in the Pantheon, at least one Sumaru City Persona-user has to participate for it to be pulled off at all.
    • Are greatly respected by the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives/S.E.E.S., fellow Persona-users who continue protecting the world after them.
      • As for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, there were a few issues given their modus operandi, but the Eternal Punishment party in particular understand the idea of opposing corrupt governments, given Tatsuzou's city-encompassing conspiracy. Also, the mental shutdowns the Phantoms have witnessed are all too familiar to the Innocent Sin party (perhaps) if they failed to keep Yukino's Shadow from killing herself.
    • Another thing that was brought to their attention is the TV World and its potential to bestow Personas to "clients" who traverse its dungeons (with the Investigation Team, of course) and confront their Shadow. Unlike the Innocent Sin party, these aren't of Nyarlathotep's creation, but the TV World itself with "help" from those who travel in it. Additionally, upon defeating the Shadow, and accepting it, the "client" has a chance to inherit a Persona of their own.
      • That said, only those who came from the worlds under the watch of Philemon and Igor can summon Personas in the Pantheon proper rather than being limited to specific areas, not only to maintain the delicate balance of the Pantheon, but also to prevent the events of Innocent Sin from repeating themselves in the Pantheon, which the party there know all too well.
    • Are no strangers to fighting Mini Mechas on foot or even non-Persona-using humans, whereas the Persona-users after them only got used to it after ascension to the Pantheon (unless one counts Labrys and Sho Minazuki prior to them getting their own Personas).
    • Stay away from Mystery Food X as soon as they heard of it and its effects. This is double for Eikichi and Maya after they inadvertently got a taste of it on separate occasions. Their comments? It makes yogurt ramen (for Eikichi) and spaghetti di kusaya (for Maya) delectable in comparison.
  • Exclusive to Tatsuya:
    • Is one of the few people that has enough guts to punch frickin' Philemon in the face when he was in a 'jackass' state. That was so hard and meaningful that it inspired Philemon to clean up his act. But still, Tatsuya has decided to keep a careful eye on him.
    • Of the Persona-users who have come after him, he gets along best with Yu and Mitsuru, finding the former's leadership qualities excellent and empathizing with the latter's once-lonesome existence, sense of solitary responsibility and difficulties with trust. He opened up to Mitsuru about his situation involving both of his timelines, and she, having learned to trust others over time as well as being surrounded by similar people in S.E.E.S., has gotten him to recognize that he's surrounded all over the Pantheon by folks who've dealt with Nyarlathotep and similar antagonistic forces before and so he doesn't need to just deal with everything alone. Though he still maintains his usual cool demeanor, he's embraced his friendships more since then.
    • Has found a very good friend in the form of Edward Elric due to the similarities they share. It took awhile before they actually chatted, but they got along pretty well. That said, they do quite vocally disagree on whether Philemon or the Truth is a bigger jerk, fulfilling Ed's seemingly required pattern that every friendship he has be a vitriolic case.
    • The reason Tatsuya can pilot vehicles flawlessly without any prior training (like a submarine, a blimp, or even a Mini-Mecha) is because of the power of rumors in his Sumaru City. Specifically, a rumor spread that Tatsuya was "good with machines" because he was always seen driving and tinkering on his motorcycle, which he was already good at by default.
    • Has the special ability to fall asleep absolutely anywhere.
    • As someone who closed off his feelings to avoid pain, as well as the need to be self-reliant, Squall sort of gets the feeling (though in Tatsuya's case, it's his own fault, because he refused to forget as was required, this allowing Nyarlathotep to strike once more).
    • Once commiserated with Future Trunks following the destruction of the half-Saiyan's home timeline.
  • Exclusive to Maya:
    • Having lent her power to her twice over, not to mention having a grudge against Nyarlathotep, Artemis has offered to help Maya should she need it.
    • No, Maya doesn't smoke. The two times she did were to trip the smoke alarm for good reasons.
    • Not many know this, but canned crab is Maya's favorite food. Her fridge is stuffed with them.
    • Is a terrible cook. She's also so bad at cleaning her room that when Katsuya saw it, he assumed it was ransacked... just like Mitsuru would assume of Junpei's room a few years later.
    • You won't catch her in a swimsuit; she has severe burn scars on her body from Tatsuya Sudou's arson and is highly self-conscious about them.
      • Speaking of burn scars, Kabal and Joshua Graham can relate to that, even if hers aren't nearly as severe as theirs: Graham was bandaged from head to toe like a mummy, and Kabal's ensemble serves as the reason why he's still alive.
    • Is advised against going to any vehicle. Not even with her 'Universal Driving License'. The badness of her driving skills is nearly on par with Yukari Tanizaki. Unsurprisingly, the two ended up bonding over being the only two people willing to be passengers to each other's driving.
      • Once drove with Yukari and crashed into a sleeping Beerus. Her car was totaled as a result, though he slept through the entire thing, and had kicked the car into oblivion on reflex. Though Whis protected the two women from sharing in the vehicle's destruction, Maya's been afraid to drive anywhere Beerus could be ever since.
      • Well, trains are fine, so long as there's someone to tell when to stop.
    • Had been approached by the Investigation Team to dig into some odd information about Makoto Yuki and his oddly-nicknamed female counterpart, whose real name was recently found to be Kotone Shiomi. They think a timeline mess similar to what she experienced with the Other Side may be related to Kotone's existence and the confusing details therein.
    • As a reporter, she's gotten acquainted with her colleagues Frank West and Lois Lane. She thinks J. J. Jameson is at least a better chief than Mizuno despite his stigma against masked heroes except Spider-Man after discovering his secret. As for Aya Shameimaru, she doesn't really approve of the tengu' ethic.
    • Her ultimate goal is to help everyone achieve their dreams. However, this can't include those whose dreams are to prevent another's (or even those of many people) from being achieved, like mass murder, world domination, or causing despair for the sake of it.
  • Exclusive to Lisa:
    • Having been her Personas in a sense, Lisa has the favor of Eros and Aphrodite, and they're willing to lend her a favor if need be.
    • Thanks to Eikichi talking about her during his time in the Pantheon before her, she quickly bonded with Chie over kung fu movies and being self-proclaimed martial artists in their teams. She also got familiar with Rise over their experiences with showbiz (even if the support member has more experience with it), and Ann over their Caucasian heritage and the stereotyping that comes with it.
    • Is really ashamed of what she's done in the past, having dated older men for money and experimented with drugs.
    • Having had parents who had forced the Japanese culture onto her, while she has no issue with it herself, parents who force their ideals onto their children are parents she doesn't like.
  • Exclusive to Eikichi:
    • Given that his Ultimate Persona is Hades, he got along well with the one in the Pantheon, as that Hades was very pleased that Eikichi didn't treat him as some vilified god. Plus, how to turn down an opportunity to troll Demeter with stories of his married life?
      • That being said, they formed quite a bond that Eikichi refused to acknowledge the other Hades as the Hades that is his Persona. Well, he's got a bit of a point…
    • While he may be not so different with fellow narcissist Vega, Eikichi is repulsed at him, there's just some lines that those who tend to self-promote their sexiness should not cross and as far as Eikichi's concerned, Vega crossed it by ridiculing his fat past.
      • During his feud with Vega, Eikichi had an encounter (and eventually team-up) with Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty, due to her also opposing Vega. Eikichi was actually impressed with what Reika stood for, it reminded him with how he fell in love with his girlfriend back when he was a fat kid (and the tribulations that come with it, good and bad). Ever since, they became quite fast friends, though Eikichi still respects her by not hitting on her.
    • Has a band called 'Gas Chamber', but hasn't gotten a house in the house of Music. The reason is that despite his claims that his songs are just as dead sexy as he is, other gods think otherwise.
    • He's quite fond of one of Yu Narukami's friends, Chie Satonaka in particular because she reminded him of Lisa. Also once took a picture with Kanji Tatsumi along with two other mortals. One of said mortals, Shinjiro Aragaki from the S.E.E.S. team, has since been revealed to have ascended in a coma awhile back now. The other, Reiji "Chris" Kido, was the last to ascend, entering the Pantheon alongside his fellow St. Hermelin High alumni, who were the first to deal with Personas.
  • Exclusive to Jun:
    • Having lent his strength three times over, Mercury eventually found the time to meet Jun, Chronos showing up shortly after, and they talked about their feelings over what had happened in Sumaru City, including the pain of their failure to stop Nyarlathotep that time. After promising to lend their aid if they can should he ask, the two Greek/Roman deities parted ways.
    • Hobby-wise, Jun understands flower language (花言葉, hanakotoba), and gets along with most florists in the Pantheon like Aerith and Princess Elise. He also likes astrology.
    • As someone who was a "main villain" before, even if Jun was tricked into doing it by Nyarlathotep, he finds common ground with Starlight Glimmer. He's even had parent troubles (at least on one side) just like her.
      • He also gets along with the Digidestined Ken for similar former villain positions and eventual redemptions.
    • Jun has no attraction to women, and any female pursuers are better off staying friends.
    • Being someone who also utilizes flowers in battle, Jun gets along with Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask, who in turn has made attempts to offer... flower-throwing tips. No one quite knows how much progress is made in that department.
  • Exclusive to Ulala:
    • Quickly grew tired of the jokes that come with how her name sounds come the 30th time.
    • Used to be obsessed with fortune telling, but her experiences with Wang Long Chizuru has tarnished her opinions on them enough that she treats them with a bit more skepticism.
    • Despite being The Lad-ette, she's still a much better housekeeper and cook than Maya... which says more about Maya than it does Ulala.
    • Having had troubles with finding her purpose in life, through Maya talking about her before she arrived, she's found herself befriending the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who have had similar issues and even helped an adult (Trouble Shoes) with the same. What surprised her was that (at least in the TV World) they are also Persona-users.
  • Exclusive to Katsuya:
    • Having been told about by Maya and Tatsuya, Helios eventually approached him one day and vowed to offer assistance should he ever ask for it.
    • Even if they're on the other side of the law, Katsuya has no issues with working alongside the Phantom Thieves; he knows firsthand what it's like to be constrained by and going up against corrupt government officials. Also, he has worked together with a "wire tapper", so...
    • Some find it ridiculous that he wonders if the penal code applies to demons, and that he will even interrogate them as a contact option! Of course, given all the fantastical stuff in the Pantheon, that's not exactly strange anymore.
    • He had sacrificed his dream of becoming a pastry chef (sorry, patissier) in favor of a more "pragmatic" job as a police officer to support his brother. While he's got his share of sympathies from those who made similar decisions, the strangest came from the "Spartan" Pantheon.
    • Despite being the elder brother, Katsuya is actually shorter than Tatsuya (well, by one inch, admittedly).
    • Despite his allergies, thanks to his initial Persona being feline in appearance, he has a soft spot for cats in general.
  • Exclusive to Baofu:
    • In battle, he uses coins, special chakrams, or any other round object that he can flick with his thumbs, and they can hit just as hard as any bullet thanks to him practicing Qi Gong and being a skilled martial artist; he focuses combined physical and spiritual energy onto the projectiles he uses, resulting in the bullet-like force.
    • Had actually met Tatsuya and Jun when they were kids after he stumbled out of a bar. He had lectured them about their goals in life, and they were among those who heard his real name. Some thought he was drunk due to mourning Miki Asai's death, but this meeting took place five years before that. In actuality, he had gotten drunk in that time because he achieved success so easily due to his innate talent, but was lacking direction in the same time.
    • Back before he met Maya and company, he hated his power of Persona and thought of it only as a tool. That was because he had lost his lover during the time he first awakened it. Eventually, he came to terms with it thanks to Maya's intervention.
    • Has since moved on to a new job in finding missing people together with Ulala. However, he also sometimes gets back to wiretapping thanks to some in the GUAG actually being tolerant of this... so long as it's the bad guys he's tapping.
      • That said, he's aware that he's behind in the times in terms of infiltration methods, and hopes to learn what he can. And so while he took an afternoon snack at Café Leblanc (coffee on the house by Sojiro), he felt the presence of not just a Persona, but one similar to yet different from his. As it happens, Futaba was helping her dad for the time being and it was her Prometheus he was sensing. After a short chat with her, she redirected him to the White Hats Division.
    • As someone who's also abandoned the law in order to better dispense justice, Garrus finds a kindred spirit in Baofu.

Lesser Gods

    Garlic Jr. 
Garlic Jr., God of Copying Prior Stories
Click here to see Garlic Jr's Transformation 

    Max Steel 
Max Steel, God of the Extreme Sports Plot (Josh McGrath, Steel)
Max Steel
Josh McGrath 
  • Lesser God. Intermediate God (with the full power of his Turbo Action). Demigod (as Josh McGrath).
  • Symbol: The N-Tek Symbol
  • Theme Song: Max Steel, Endangered Species (Forces of Nature's version); alternatively Max Steel: Countdown.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral Good leanings.
  • Portfolio: Extreme Sports Plot, Augmented Physically Through Nanobots Due To an Accident Engineered by Psycho, Nanobot-Boosts with Limits, Implacable Man, "Going Turbo!", No Longer Goes by Josh.
  • Domains: Humans, Extreme Sports, Adrenaline
  • High Priest: Alex Mann/Action Man
  • Heralds: Jefferson Smith (his adoptive father), Berto (adoptive brother), Kat Ryan, CYTRO, Jet Ferrus, Reboot!Max Steel and his allies.
  • Allies: James Bond, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Barry Allen/The Flash, Terry McGinis/Batman Beyond, Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, The Powerpuff Girls, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider Nigo, Kotaro /Kamen Rider Black, Avatar Aang.
  • Enemies: The Joker, Derek Powers/Blight, HYDRA, The Brotherhood of Evil, The Shredder, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, David Banner, Shocker, Sephiroth, Mesogog.
  • Young adult extreme sports superstar, Josh McGrath, lived a normal life relatively speaking for someone with his career choice. However, everything changed when Psycho, an enemy of his father Jefferson Smith broke into a facility where experimental nanobots that could bond to a human to enhance them were held; and to keep Josh, who had come in to stop him, from interfering broke the container causing them to spill on Josh so he'd be killed slowly and painfully due to a lack of a power source for the nanobots to live; but his father and CEO of N-Tek a benevolent spy organization, used all his resources to implant Max with special energies to keep the nanobots bonded to his body alive. With a chance for a normal life gone, Josh now named Max Steel when in combat now lived a double life thwarting not only Psycho but the nefarious nebulous organization of DREAD and many other villains. He would eventually overcome both the organization and nemesis but even tougher foes came in Elementor (a clone of Bio-Constrictor, a reptilian mutant that worked for DREAD), Extroyer (Max's previously unbeatable sports rival Troy Winters, mutated by space crystals known as Morphosos), Toxzon (an ex-N-Tek agent who wanted revenge for mutations he suffered) and Makino (a mediocre reporter-turned wannabe hero who wished to publicly discredit Max and N-Tek); but no matter how dire things got, Max always came out on top against the increasingly dire threats.
  • Max was ascended into the Pantheon following his so-far last adventure against the Monstrous Alliance of Toxzon, Makino and Elementor, which culminated in him curing Toxzon and seemingly defeating the other two for good. He was quite intrigued at the new place he was in, mostly because he figured he could spend some time doing extreme sports for old time's sake now that his worries were less extreme in this new place.
  • Right off the bat Max befriended those who were involved with secret agent organizations such as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Nick Fury, an agent and the director respectively of the secret organization SHIELD, who have time and time again protected the world from several evil organizations and terrorist threats such as HYDRA who are their main foes, not unlike N-Tek's own enmity against DREAD. Close allies of SHIELD were similarly quick to become allies of Max as well, such as Captain America who had similarities to Max in regards to where his powers came from and admired the bravery and good-hearted nature of Max.
  • He made a rather quick enmity with the Joker, Batman's nemesis who holds similarities to Max's own personal nemesis: Psycho; like Psycho, Joker is a psychopathic terrorist with an aim to cause destruction and chaos on the biggest scale that he can possibly make, enjoys allying with villainous groups that can further his desire for aimless destruction and will break out of jail as much as possible to cause harm to millions. Batman and Max also formed an alliance and something of a friendship once they met each other, with Batman finding Max's work in his own world admirable and respects his work on fighting the evils of his world.
  • He has met secret agent James Bond while in the Pantheon and befriended him over their similar fields of work and fights against evil organizations throughout their adventures and fights against criminal organizations threatening the world. Bond has found himself intrigued by the kind of foes Max faced after his defeat of DREAD and even during his days fighting that evil organization given their more otherwordly and outlandish powersets compared to his more mundane enemies such as crime bosses and other evil agents.
  • Max's enhancements deprived him of a normal life and even threatened to kill him at several points before several different bouts of energy implants allowed his nanobots to become more stable and no longer life-threatening but still left him unable to return to his normal life he'd already renounced until much later, as such he got sympathy from Peter Parker/Spider-Man who has time and time again sacrificed his chances at a normal life for the sake of saving the day and helping out those who can't protect themselves and has suffered much for it, despite his knowledge of it being the right thing; he feels very glad that Max has mostly gotten his life back in order and balanced in regards to his duties as a hero and his passion.
  • He's found Avatar Aang to be quite an interesting person to know due to his control over the four elements and more, given that one of his most recurring foes was Elementor, who can also manipulate all elements of nature. Aang has gotten interested in Max's accounts, given how Elementor almost became a god-like being when he started coming close to assimilating his Elementium, the source of his powers, with the Earth itself; being equal times amused by a similar being to him as well as concerned due to that incident, though feels relieved Max has taken care of the elemental threat over and over. Aang's allies from his world all were equally curious to hear of Max's fights against Elementor.
  • Max doesn't like those who pervert science or augmentations for their own use, given his long rapport of dealing with villains who used science or their mutations formed through scientific methods for their own advantage. Off the top of this list were nasty beings such as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus and Derek Powers/Blight; who all are driven by a lust for power and an ambitious desire to rule over those they deem "weak", a mentality shared by Max's nemesis: Psycho. Blight in particular earned his scorn for his corrupt corporative ways and his murder of Terry McGinni's father and that's all without considering the many other lives he's taken as his superpowered self.
  • Max found similar modified humans in the Kamen Riders, particularly the Double Riders and Kamen Rider Black as all of them were modified against their will into cyborg monsters, but found enough will to remain human and fight back against the evils that tried to turn them into their servants. While his situation is different in many aspects, the Riders do find it similar on how Max partly lost his humanity to something that he wasn't expecting nor had any control over and had to do some sacrifices on his life to save the world before he managed to find balance and went back to a mostly normal life as the Riders themselves suffered greatly in their quest for justice and lost much things during their adventures themselves.
  • Due to resuming his extreme sport activities in the Pantheon as he did in his own world, Max has found some interesting contenders for them provided that they have the time. One of these particular rivals was the Monstars group made up of modified aliens with super strength who have found some interest in competing against Max in the extreme sports he partakes in, even if they feel a bit hesitant to do so out of fear of the dangers they could face in said sports as they usually are much more dangerous than just a game of basketball or other similar ball-based games. Another competitor with much more interest in said activities was Sonic the Hedgehog, who has a wide interest in extreme sports and has thought of seeing the best Max can do with his Turbo Action and if it can match his own expertise and speed in said competitions.
  • As he'd already thwarted a plot to mutate humanity into monsters under the control of his nemesis, Psycho, he greatly hates most incarnations of the Shredder, arch-enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who in many worlds has plotted to turn humanity into mutants or turned a select bunch of humans into his mutant servants. Shredder has taken notice of Max due to his abilities with his nanbots and Turbo Action, believing that he could find some use to such power if he had a way to get his hands on it. As for the Turtles, they find it cool to see that Max is a mutant of sorts himself not unlike them.
  • One of his enemies was an evil mutant known as Bio-Constrictor, a snake human that wanted to destroy all mammals (especially humans) to make way for a world fit for reptiles to rule over, as such he was not one to view Mesogog favorably, knowing of the monster's own plots to create a world where he mutates humans into dinosaurs or wipes them out in favor of a world filled with dinosaur life as he views the creatures as a "superior" species. He's also been wary of the contacts Mesogog has, since many of them have a resemblance to some of the foes he's faced over the years. The Dino Thunder Rangers made contact with Max over this enmity and were a bit amused to hear of the similar foe to their nemesis that he had faced.


    AK B0048's Trainees 
AKB0048's TraineesMembers , Goddesses of Reused Ideas with a Twist (No Name Nagisa: Atsuko Maeda the 14th Suzuko: Linda Makoto: Buddha Sonota: Sonati Mimori: Mariko Shinoda the 8th)
Clockwise from top-left: Sonata, Kanata, Mimori, Makoto, Yuuka, Orine, Suzuko Middle: Chieri and Nagisa

    The Greendale Study Group 
Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Troy Barnes and Pierce Hawthorne, Co-deities of Societies on Edge (The Study Group, The Greendale Seven)
left to right: Abed, Pierce, Annie, Jeff, Britta, Shirley, Troy
  • Demideities, Lesser Deities as a Group
  • Symbol: The banner of Greendale Community College
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Shirley) Neutral Good (Britta and Annie), Chaotic Good (Troy), True Neutral (Abed), Chaotic Neutral (Jeff, Pierce who was formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolios: Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits Who Are All Messed Up in their Own Ways, Intergenerational Friendship, Badass Crew, More or less only care about themselves, ultimately Vitriolic Best Buds who are Platonic Life-Partners and Do Care About the School
  • Domains: Friendship, College, Luck, Knowledge, Law, Good or Chaos depending on the person
  • Heralds: Frankie Dart and Elroy Patashnik
  • Allies: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, The Friends crew, The House of Friendship, especially J.D. and Turk, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Phoenix Wright and Mordecai and Rigby (Jeff) Lisa Simpson, Steve Smalls and Sam Manson (Britta), Varric and Zoey (Abed), House of Religion and Faith and Lisa and Ally (Shirley), Beat and Akihiko Sanada(Troy), Archie Bunker
  • Rivals: The Seinfeld group, The Gang
  • Enemies: General Taraquin
  • Opposes: The Glee Club, Perry Cox (Troy)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Sheldon Cooper
  • Annoys: Frank West
  • Pities: Toko Fukawa (Annie)
  • Uncomfortable With: Miles Morales (Troy)
  • Special Relationship: JimmyHopkins Jeff and Shirley
  • Abed Nadir was the first to create a temple in the Pantheon. Being the most popular character in his study group in Greendale Community College, he amassed a group of followers inspired by his near-unparalleled savviness. Abed may not show this much, but he has constantly stated that he had wished the rest of the group could join him more often. Things came to a head when he disappeared from his temple. During which, City College invaded the House of School with a flurry of paintballs, demanding to be granted godhood. Blocked off from the rest of the Pantheon, all hope seemed to be lost. That is until Abed reappeared along with the rest of his study group. It turns out that Abed had predicted that City College would pull such a stunt and sneaked in his group to amass enough firepower to overtake them. The rest of the group were awarded divinity for their efforts.
  • Their temple in a complete replica of Greendale Community College complete with classes and much of the cast from the show. Their inner temple has the same table, but is much larger to accommodate their allies. Yet more often than not, they hardly ever hang with anybody else.
    • The exceptions are their heralds, Frankie and Elroy. With their members dwindling, they earned the honor of joining their study group. The Dean is also welcome in their temple albeit not as a herald. And after a contentious argument, it was agreed not to add Chang to the group. While he has helped them on occasion, he has been antagonistic towards the group more often than not. That hasn't stopped him from sneaking into their study meets.
  • Often seen as one of the most entertaining groups of True Companions ever known. This has earned them great marks with the House of Friendship. J.D. and Turk were especially happy to see Abed reunited with Troy at long last. The two groups often go on hijinks all over the Pantheon... to the detriment of their other friends.
    • As a celebration of their reunion, the duo hosted the largest Pillow Fort ever constructed, inviting other like-minded people to choose sides. The resulting battle lasted several days with multiple injuries along the way. Thankfully, this pillow fight was on friendlier terms.
    • The Friends group highly respect the chemistry of the class and were glad to find an Ensemble Cast that wasn't Driven by Envy of their own cast. Predictably, Seinfeld's friends and The Gang regarded them as rivals overnight. This time around, The Greendale Seven had no problems confronting these groups. Most lesser gods try to avoid whatever sort of conflict these groups inflict on one another.
  • Sheldon Cooper quickly became of of their most contentious rivals in the Pantheon. This wasn't even a new occurance: the two groups competed for audiences for much of the shows' existences. The physicist had the most disdain for them for daring to slum it up in a community college. Abed on the other hand could not stand Sheldon for dismissing the very concept of Christmas as well as all Christmas related media. He would secretly put decorations on Sheldon's temple during the holiday spirit while the later placed derogatory comments on community college. However, Sheldon wouldn't dare confront the group directly as he knows he would get his ass kicked if he did.
  • While Jeff and Annie aren't a fan of Marvel movies, Abed is eager to point out that many of their actors have played roles in their movies... including Abed himself who helped Cap at the time. He theorizes this to be a version of him who managed to be in a world with superheroes.
  • Regardless, Batman remains the favorite superhero for the group, especially Troy and Abed. On occasion, the two would dress up as Batman and Robin and attempt to fight crime... with mixed results. Bruce has signaled his displeasure of this, mostly to protect them from any villain who may use this to their advantage. Annie would rather not comment on Batman... or how hot she things he is.
  • The group in general also hate Glee clubs. On of their earliest acts was to chase away a group trying to form a club in their school. Vengeance was taken when another group nearly turned the entire group into a glee club. Only Britta screwing things up in typical fashion saved them. So it's no surprise that they were not fans of Will Schuester and his crew ascending. The animosity also extends to their followers who are try to declare their show superior to the other.
  • Exclusive to Jeff:
    • With so few deified lawyers in the Pantheon, the House of Law and Justice allows him to practice his profession under the watchful eye of Phoenix Wright. It was there that Jeff admitted to be an admirer of Manfred von Karma whom he used many of the god's techniques before moving to Greendale. His methods are indeed sketchy, but have proven to be effective.
    • Despite his Deadpan Snarker attitude, he does NOT tolerate anyone trying to bully others. This is likely due to being a victim of bullying himself. Jimmy Hopkins offered help to discuss his issues as well as to keep watch of the perpetrator.
    • Jeff's ascension has been a top priority for Mordecai and Rigby. To them, Jeff's schemes to avoid work rivals even them in terms of creativity. Jeff has taken a liking to their admirations of the 80s and thinks they are pretty nice to hang out with. Though the three believe it would be best not for any of them to work for long as someone would have to take responsibility for any plans they make.
  • Exclusive to Britta:
    • Once considered to be one of the unabashly good-natured members of the group, her standing deteriotated over time to the point many consider her to be one of the most unreliable members of the study group. Sometimes, she couldn't even escape a day without being called "the worst". Eventually, she managed to become more competent with the help of Character Development.
    • To no one's surprise, she holds Lisa Simpson to high regard. The two have struggled to wipe out accusations of being Soapbox Sadies and wish to learn how to use the power of protest more efficiently, specifically against more authoritative figures in the House of Leadership.
    • Was initially suspicious of Sam when she found out that she's Secretly Wealthy. But when Sam sympathized her background with parents she never related with, those fears died quickly. Together, both women as well as Lisa can be seen latching on to environmental causes.
    • Frank West tried to give her lessons to improve her photography skills. The following weeks was described by him to be the most excrutiating time of his life, and this is a man who fights zombies for a living. He has subsequently blacklisted her from any photograph job in the Pantheon. That hasn't stopped her from continuing her work, to the despair of photographers everywhere.
    • Is a self-described hippie who doesn't mind smoking pot. In fact, Steve Smalls was one of the first people she sought out in the hopes of a hippie god. Turns out that Steve was more than happy to give her a few joints.
  • Exclusive to Abed:
    • After abdicating his role as God of Savviness, his long rival General Tarquin and the GUAE made a play to make it back to the House of Knowledge. Aded did not keep that many followers and as a result, the general easily took over the temple for himself. Thankfully, the Order of the Stick (and from savviness Elan and Abed) was enough to trick Tarquin out of his temple in order to rout out the rest of his followers. The temple remains unoccupied until a worthy successor is found. Tarquin remain upset of Abed for tricking him out of that spot for the second time.
    • While he was content with getting to do two episodes about Dungeons & Dragons, he laments at failing at the opportunity to play that out in real life. Thankfully, there are plenty of people in the Pantheon from that very genre. His closest friend in that regard is Varric, a amiable dwarf who has a knack of knowing what to do as Abed does. With his permission, Abed gets to live out his fantasy hanging out with both Hawke's and the Inquisitor's crew.
    • His skills came in handy when his school nearly surcomed to a zombie-like infestation. Impressed, Zoey talked to him about her own zombie stories. Abed sympathized with her when those skills worked against her Leading to the unnecessary death of ther father.
  • Exclusive to Shirley:
    • She can be frequently seen in the House of Faith in order to go to church... as well as take a break from her study group's glances whenever she mentions her religion.
    • With that said, she is not one to be trifled with. Just ask Jeff how ruthless she was as a child. She insists that church was able to mellow down her past sins, but she isn't afraid to bring that back in order to help her friends.
    • She refuses to tell anyone how she knew abou the items in Pierce's playroom. The most she would say that it was from a very different version of her. Further creating speculation are rumors that she has been seen chatting with Lisa and Ally, gods of BDSM.
  • Exclusive to Annie:
    • The Badass Bookworm of the group, she is constantly shown to be the one who cares the most about the school, even if it grates her gears at times. She hopes that they are able to make the school a more pleasant experience for all.
    • Yes, she's aware that many tend to sexualize her no matter what she wears. No, she will not give you an excuse to do so. Doing so will likely introduce you to her juijitsu skills.
    • Annie has been tight-lipped about her time in school before going to community college. It has been an Old Shame what she would rather forget. With that said, she's always willing to help others out of their funk. It's why she stuck with Pierce longer than anyone else in the group. Her current subject is Toko Fukawa, a student who suffers from Split Personality Disorder.
  • Exclusive to Troy:
    • Once regarded as the Dumb Jock of the group, Troy has proven to be the most innocent of the group in general. Whenever a plot goes too crazy, Troy expresses his displeasure of the situation. Very loudly.
    • As stated, he comes from a rare breed of Lovable Jocks who are much friendlier than their usual counterparts. As such he's good friends with Beat and Akihiko.
    • Found out from Abed that he both played Miles Morales and his uncle Aaron Davis. As such, things can be very awkward between the two. Granted, he's thrilled to have voiced one of his favorite characters, but also playing the villainous uncle of your heroic icon can make things awkward with anyone.
    • It comes to the shock of many people whenever he reveals he's a member of Jehovah's Witness, especially when he doesn't seem as cult-like as what most people think. Troy tries not to mention that aspect too much to avoid awkward conversations. However, he did not like the way Perry Cox treated a fellow member during a hospital visit.
  • Exclusive to Pierce:
    • Underestimate this grandpa at your own peril. He may seem senile much of the time and isn't exactly the most physically imposing person in the group, but give him some motivation and he can drive any member of the study group insane. And he can do the very same to anyone else who crosses with him.
    • It comes to little surprise that he would enjoy the company with Archie Bunker and would sympathize with his struggles to adapt to the changing demographic of the Pantheon. The rest of the study group fear that Archie's influence could bring Pierce back to his early Innocent Bigot days.

    The Magnificent Seven 
The Magnificent SevenMembers , The Divine Seven-Strong Team
L-R: Chris, Vin, Chico, Bernardo, Lee, Harry, Britt
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Seven red tally marks
  • Theme Song: "The Magnificent Seven Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Training the Peaceful Villagers, Twilight of the Old West, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits
  • Domains: Heroism, The Wild West, Teams
  • Heralds: The Magnificent Seven members from the sequels
  • High Priests: The seven of Battle Beyond the Stars
  • Allies: The Seven Samurai, Flik, Lucky Luke, Cole Cassidy, The Man with No Name, Kenshiro, Jill McBain, Karl Oskar and Kristina, Miguel Rivera, Héctor, Manolo, Maria and Joaquin
  • Enemies: Chakal, Fred C. Dobbs, Yosemite Sam
  • In Mexico towards the end of the Wild West era, the bandit chief Calvera was a recurring menace to a very poor village. After Calvera killed one of them, the villagers decided enough was enough and set out to buy weapons to fight the banditos. They met the Cajun gunslinger Chris Adams, who told them it would be wiser to hire skilled gunmen to defend them. He helped them do so by gathering six gunslingers down on their luck: Vin, a debt-ridden drifter who serves as Chris' right-hand man; Harry, a fortune-seeker; Bernardo, a former Bounty Hunter who's turned to chopping wood for a living; Britt, a terse cowboy skilled with both guns and knives; Lee, an ace shooter mentally worn down by the constant attempts on his life; and Chico, an overly eager Young Gun. Together with the villagers, whom they trained in the proper use of guns, they managed to kill Calvera and end his gang, though it cost Bernardo, Lee, Harry and Britt's lives. Chico put down his gun and stayed in the village, while Chris and Vin left in search of places where they could still be of use in a time when gunslingers were being displaced by civilization; Chris would lead other bands of seven three more times.
  • And the original iteration of the Magnificent Seven (as well as posterior iterations, in lesser roles) would see action again and forever when their time in the mortal world was past for all of them and they were reunited within the Pantheon. One can guess just how emotional it was for Chris to be reunited with his original comrades after all those years and with their deaths weighing on his mind, although as a hard man of the Wild West, he is not the type to express such feelings openly. Chico on the other hand couldn't hold back his tears, for which he was poked fun at. At any rate, in the Pantheon they shall try their best to defend the weaker inhabitants from those who would abuse them.
  • They did not take long to cross paths with the original band of seven hailing from the land of the rising sun, although they had a rough first meeting as the two groups were tasked with protecting rival villages that were accusing one another of villainy. After altercations between several of the individual members, the coolheaded leadership of Chris and Kambei prevailed as they sat down to talk things out and agreed they were all involved in a huge misunderstanding and technically desired the same results. After moderating between the two villages, the two groups agreed that an alliance would only make them all that much stronger and more competent in aiding downtrodden villagers. Some of the members do retain a little rivalry between them, but in healthy amounts; such is the case with Britt and Kyuzo, the deadliest members of their respective teams, who sometimes have kill competitions with each other. Chico and Kikuchiyo also butt heads a lot due to both being very Hot-Blooded, but at the same time are the most likely to bail each other out in a pinch; Chico is also rather close to Katsushiro due to their young age, though the calmer Katsushiro is sometimes aghast at Chico's impulsive nature.
  • They seek out similar alliances with any other groups that emulate their story; a related deity is the ant Flik, who once sought out a small yet talented group of insects to help his colony drive away a gang of grasshoppers that was draining their resources. Flik and the seven bugs quite frankly don't need their or the seven samurai's help to fight off enemies their own size and never seek them out for that purpose, but they're happy to use their particular skillset to annoy into distraction any bandits the seven happen to be fighting at the moment. In return, the seven (particularly Bernardo) have been known to scold any child deities who try to mess with Flik and his friends or other ant colonies.
  • A combination of impressive gunsmanship with a strong moral fiber has led to them becoming allies with the lonesome, drifting cowboy Lucky Luke. Given Luke always ends up helping out someone wherever he stops by and doesn't look for a reward, he easily came to like the Magnificent Seven for helping a poor village in exchange for extremely little pay, and persisted even after the villagers' fear of Calvera resulted in them getting run out. As Lucku Luke is always traveling around, it's not often that they see each other, but his help is very welcome when he chances to be close by, seeing as there's no faster gun than him (he even outspeeds Britt, who doesn't mind, but it sort of galls Chico). Other cowboys that might help out the seven once in a while include Cole Cassidy, and The Man with No Name. They've even gained the respect and alliance of the deadly martial artist Kenshiro, himself a sort of spiritual cowboy as he travels a lawless land to put things right where he can.
  • The people in the Pantheon who have hired the seven to protect them and/or their lands from bandits have included the widow Jill McBain, who's determined to make sure her late husband's dream isn't destroyed by anyone. Although Vin can be a bit of a flirt towards her, elliciting sharp-tongued responses from her, all seven are very respectful towards her, especially after hearing what a hard time she had protecting her home from a ruthless railroad tycoon and herself from his hired assassin.
    • Another interesting pair are Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson, who came from poor prospects in Sweden to find fortune in America, and have worked very hard to improve their lot and ensure their descendants would have a good life. The seven (except Chico, who actually got out before it was too late) have been known to lament that their life as gunslingers has denied them things such as stability or a family, so they tend to look at their protection of people such as the Nilssons, Jill and the poor Mexican village that gave them their fame as the most meaningful thing they can do.
  • Malicious bandits and outlaws are, of course, the seven's natural enemies, and they have locked horns quite frequently with the likes of Chakal and Yosemite Sam for the sake of defending the people they target. While Sam is just an angry little man who's easily dealt with by the seven's cool, tactical heads, Chakal is quite formidable, not only for his enormous physique, but his goal of attaining immortality and pillaging everywhere he can reach is on a scale of ambition that the seven have never seen before (Calvera was content with just taking advantage of the one village, after all). Still, that won't deter them from opposing him in any way they can; they may be only 7, but they will always fight like 700. Their bravery in standing up to Chakal has resulted in his old foes Manolo, Maria and Joaquin in extending them their friendship and aid, also as thanks for having defended a Mexican village.
  • Their friendship with that Mexican trio has in turn led to the seven becoming well-acquainted with Miguel Rivera and his deceased great-great-grandfather Hector, and their stories are rather reflective of the seven's beliefs regarding the value of having normal life vs seeking personal glory. The two Riveras' near-rejection of their family in favor of seeking a career in music is parallel to Chico's desire to leave his farmer origins behind in order to seek glory as a gunslinger. Hector was sadly murdered shortly after realizing his mistake, but Miguel learned in time that family was more important, similarly to how Chico's realization that the gunslinger's life was thankless and he should make something of himself as a farmer and start a family, a decision that his six colleagues wistfully agree was the correct one. The similar values shared by the seven and the Rivera family lead to the two groups getting along very well.
  • Harry is the most mercenary out of the seven, to the point where Chris lied to him as he died, letting him believe that they were fighting for a huge fortune hidden somewhere in the mountains. Hearing the truth upon ascending gave Harry pause that he died for nothing, but then again he was the one who returned to help them without prompting, and he decided none of it mattered anymore now that they were all in a place like the Pantheon, where they could all make their fortunes much more easily than in their mortal lives. But as money-driven as Harry is, he completely balks at the insane lengths some deities will go for it. In-between his jobs as part of the seven, he goes on independent fortune-seeking trips, and once partnered with Fred Dobbs, but became so disturbed by his murderous, paranoid behavior that he ran off on him in the night. Dobbs hasn't forgiven him since and swore to kill him in revenge. The rest of the seven are annoyed that Harry got them in a mess the rest of them have nothing to do with, although if push came to shove, they would shoot Dobbs to protect one of their own.

    The Seinfeld group 
Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer, Quadrumvirate Deities of Common Plot Points and Random Conversations
From left to right: Kramer, Costanza, Elaine and Seinfeld
  • Theme song: Seinfeld Theme
  • Demigod(desse)s
  • Symbol: The Seinfeld logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Kramer has good tendencies, Costanza has evil tendencies)
  • Portfolios: Four-Temperament Ensemble, Jerkass, Lack of Empathy, Nominal Hero, Really Gets Around, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Chaos, Comedy, Charm, Curse (Luck for Kramer followers), Trickery
  • Allies: The Houses of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Lucifer, Princess Daisy, Babe Ruth, Konata Izumi, Barry B. Benson
  • Rivals: Sitcom deities in general, especially Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, The Friends crew and The Gang
  • Enemies: The Janitor, Red Forman, Bugs Bunny
  • Opposes: Earl Hickey (except Kramer)
  • Fears: Sweeth Tooth, The Joker, Speedy Gonzales, Jerry (Kramer), The House of Health and Diseases (Costanza)
  • Feared by: The House of Commerce
  • Annoys: Pippi Longstocking
  • Pities: Norma Desmond (Kramer)
  • The Ricardos' efforts to add more of their followers into the Pantheon proper had gone without a hitch. But there was a time when their authority was seriously challenged. A group of four individuals challenged the couple for the thrown. They received a massive following, both due their immense popularity and the fact that many of the Ricardos' followers drew inspiration from them. The Court of the Gods had no choice but to decide on a winner, pitting the two groups against each other in a stand-up comedy competition. Seinfeld's group was poised to claim victory after a lukewarm response from their rivals... only for Costanza to make a joke that managed to offend every deity in attendance. They may have lost the battle, but won the hearts of enough followers to become deified themselves.
    • Despite their popularity among followers, they relent the fact that many people these days consider them unfunny. They are quick to point out that many imitators learn those tricks from them. That caused them to have strained relations with most comedic deities.
    • Things took a heated turn when their archrivals from Friends successfully ascended. The two groups battled over ratings throughout The '90s and their followers argue over which series is the best Sitcom of all time. The Seinfeld group are more aggressive in contesting that title.
    • The only sitcom protagonists they seem to truly respect are their hand-picked high priests. Still, the group are wary of them, as Dennis and his crew are eager to claim the titles for themselves. They begrudgingly congratulated the Gang upon their own ascension.
  • Seinfeld still performs stand-up comedy, now doing so in the House of Theater. Many flock to see him work his magic on the mic, albeit accompanied by a few hecklers.
  • The House of Lust was delighted to serve a group that frequents their grounds. Even George was able to get lucky with a couple women. They all like to date and discuss their escapades with the deities who reside there, depending on the sexual orientation. The exception would be fellow casanova Charlie Harper. Elaine successfully got him and his friend Barney to fight over her, challenging them to race around the House of Justice in their underwear for her. It was all a ploy by her group to humiliate them and have the men end up in jail. Charlie and Barney instigated a prank war on the group ever since.
  • Inspired by the classic Sitcom Arch-Nemesis Newman, the Janitor continued where Newman left off, tormenting the group with pranks and insults. Red joined the Janitor on the pranks, hoping to teach those younger folks a lesson in respecting their elders.
  • No matter what they do or how much they plan their schemes, their plans almost always end up in failure. Only this time they know karma has a patron. They stormed Earl's temple and demanded their fortunes to be changed. When Earl explained they needed to do good deeds to earn good karma... they gave up and left. Except Kramer, who gave Earl a quick hug before leaving. Kramer always had the best luck and suspected Earl was responsible for it.
  • Kramer entered the House of Commerce, hoping that someone would invest in Kramerica Industries to make it a budding company. Richie Rich thought it would be a good idea and gave him some money. It ended up a complete disaster, with Kramer arguing with his friends over the flimsiest of topics. Not even Liz Lemon could save Kramerica Industries from bankruptcy.
  • Bugs Bunny couldn't help but have fun toiling with the jerks. Their behavior made it all to easy for him to prank them. The four declared war and tried every tactic on the rabbit, but Bugs proved to be to great of an opponent to defeat. Bugs did eventually lay off on them once he felt bored.
  • To their surprise, they were greeted with none other than Lucifer himself. The Creator of Chaos happened to be a huge fan of the group, pleased how they spawned descendants that aligned to his philosophy. While he couldn't give them the title they wanted, he did offer his assistance if ever there was someone that needed a comeuppance.
  • Norma Desmond was recently visited by Kramer. The man felt a bit of remorse for her hard luck as of late, just as his group is struggling to make headway with younger people. The others scoffed at the peace offering, so Kramer went off on his own. Norma took the chance and let him in. After some days, it became apparent that she wanted to keep Kramer in her temple forever. He ended up climbing down the window at night and ran off on foot. He doesn't visit her anymore, but he still takes pity on her.
  • Has outright banned all mice deities from their temple due to Kramer's fear of the creatures. Clowns aren't allowed either, and he might well be justified with the current ones in the Pantheon.
    • Likewise, Constanza has sworn never to set foot in the House of Health & Diseases, even when all the doctors in the Pantheon insistent on his safety from disease. George wouldn't take the chance, calling doctors to come to his temple instead.
  • Elaine was surprised to find a number of tomboyish characters in the Pantheon, being all to familiar with girly girls in her own world. Many look up to her as one of the first woman to keep up with the men. She has been particularly fond of Princess Daisy, hoping to help the Tomboy Princess to surpass Princess Peach as the leading princess.
  • Costanza went over to the House of Sports, eager to show off his skills to the great Babe Ruth. The God of Baseball was skeptical with his skill, but it all leaked away when George proved to be a great hitter. Though he scoffed at Costanza calling it "not complicated,'' the two eventually became friends.
  • Pippi Longstocking would like to remind you that just because she's from Europe doesn't make her associated with Hitler. Neither does she think it's a funny joke.
  • The guys have tried their hardest not to let the Pantheon see Elaine dance. Unfortunately, Trollkaiger eagerly released a video of her. The results... weren't pretty. Her employers can't even take hers seriously anymore.
  • The group admits that Konata Izumi may be the only deity that can top the randomness of their conversations. One conversation with her lasted days and went through more topics than what could be found on a dictionary.
  • Barry B. Benson seems to get along with Jerry, as he's essentially his bee equivalent. The rest of the Seinfeld gang get a bit weirded out when they talk to each other.
  • Also reside in the Hall of Negative Reaction.


    Basil Fawlty 
Basil Fawlty, God of Increasingly Elaborate Lies
  • Quasideity.
  • Symbol: A sign with the words "Fawlty Towers"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Master Of Blatant Lies, The Comically Serious Deadpan Snarker, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, British Stuffiness, Bad Boss, Loves To Cut Corners, Motor Mouth, Never Accepts Blame, Henpecked Husband, ultimately Is Not Believed When He's Actually Telling The Truth
  • Domains: Language, Rage, Hubris, Deception
  • Followers: Daphne Moon, Rick Spleen
  • Allies: Mr. Bean, The Gang, Sheldon Cooper, Walter White
  • Rivals: Daria Morgendorffer, The ''Seinfeld'' group
  • Enemies: The Truth
  • Opposes: Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Eloise
  • Avoids: Hyacinth Bucket
  • Observed by: Fraiser Crane
  • It is well known that many deities based on comedy are known to be complete jerks. Yet there were rumors of one such individual with a legendary status in that regard. It was saidd that he could snark as well as anyone, make the cheapskate Mr. Krabs like a philantropist and make Michael Scott's office seem like an enjoyable job. Yet his biggest trait is the way he is able to contort lie after lie on top of each other to the point that it was nearly impossible to tell where it all began. One such an individual was arrived after claiming that he had already achieved godhood. When asked how, he pointed to Lucy Ricardo. When she denied such allegations, he said she was probably mind controlled. What followed was a rush to figure out just how it had happened. By the time it was revealed that he was lying through his teeth, legends of that tale was enough to inspire those to follow him enough to achieve deification on his own. That is the true story of how Basil Fawlty entered the Pantheon. Just expect him to exaggerate the story a lot.
  • One of the few people who actually liked him, Mr. Bean shook his hand in congratulations for the deception. He has even joined in on a bunch of his lies. At least until people figure out that Mr. Bean was also likely lying as well.
  • Seeing such a prominent figure in British Comedy seemed like just the ticket for Ms. Bucket to increase her social status. The only problem is that Basil regards her as too much of a hassle for him. He has so far successfully avoided her with lies about being busy. When Ms. Bucket began to observe him, he decided to act as if he was actually doing those tasks. It remains to be seen just how long he can keep up the facade.
  • Of all the people in the Pantheon, no one causes him to boil in rage as much as the Hotel Hellion Eloise. For her, the prospect of a hotel temple was a long-awaited dream. Her first appearance in his temple caused the building to close down for days due to the amount of destruction she caused. He doesn't care that half of those problems were due to his lax safety regulations. He has gotten her banned from his temple, but that hasn't stopped her or her followers from find ways into his hotel.
  • Find most of his American contemporaries to be boorish, but he does appreciate the lengths some of them would help him to make a quick buck. The Gang have this attribute in spades. Together, their schemes often go far... only to fall apart on the cusp of victory.
  • Seinfeld and his friends from New York scoff at the idea that Basil's show could possibly be funnier than their own. Seinfeld took pot shots at the show at his various stand-up comedy shows. Fawlty replied by stating there is little wonder why Americans can't seem to repeat the same plot points because of how unoriginal they are. Such comments have since fueled a cold war between the two factions.
  • As much as he loves to point out to others how much of a genius he is, Sheldon Cooper admits he can't keep up with the amount of lies that Fawlty keeps up with. Which is why he asked the man for tips in how to improve. Sheldon hopes to use that knowledge and expand it as a way to talk his way out of any occasion he would like to avoid.
  • Frasier is familiar to such tactics thanks to experiencing them on occasion from Daphne. He thought it would be ideal to talk to Basil to understand why he lies to much. When Basil shot him down on that offer, Frasier instead begun research on his childhood. He suspects that his parents built him into a character that should never admit incompetence to the point that he would rather lie through his teeth to cover the truth.
  • Constantly ranks among the worst bosses to work for in the Pantheon, and with the likes of Mr. Burns and Michael Scott on that list of deities that is quite a statement. Various employees have reported constant verbal abuse as well as a wide array of accidents caused by his insistence of Cutting Corners to save some quid.
  • While he was keeping his life as a drug creator a secret from his wife, Walter White had to go through extreme lengths of lies to keep her from figuring it out. White subsequently gave Fawlty a small sum of his profits as thanks for helping him keep things a secret as long as he did.
  • Daria was skeptical that Basil could ever hope to match her level of combat snark, or rather, until she unexpectedly received a harsh remark from Basil regarding her glasses. Thus began the Snark Wars between her and Basil, a string of insults, backhanded remarks and snark that would cause the weak-willed to faint that lasted for weeks. It came to an end when Beavis and Butt-Head annoyed the two enough for them to hurl their snark at them. After which Daria called it off and left... but not without giving him the side-eye on any attempt to take her title.
  • As the embroidiment of truth, Fawlty's lies are anemic to The Truth. The being became fond of using Fawlty as an example for those who depend on lies. As a being that can direct karma on people, it was only a simple task of applying misfortune to Fawlty when his lies collapse upon him. Diana herself is tired of having to force him to tell the truth all the time, but is willing to put up the work. This has caused Fawlty to despise the superhero. He goes through great lengths to avoid her in order to tell his lies unabated.

    The Demented Cartoon Movie Cast 
Feature presentation thing

Trope Pantheon presents

A Trope Pantheon Production

Of a Trope Pantheon Profile

The Demented Cartoon Movie Cast (abbridged version)

The end note 

Trope Pantheon actually presents

A Trope Pantheon production... really

Of A Trope Pan-blah blah blah blah

The Demented Cartoon Movie CastMost notable members , Divine Representatives of Stories Built Around Randomness
Two Blah Guys (Not pictured: Many other similar looking citizens)
Clockwise from top left: Bloing Gloing, Evil Blah, Super Blah, Generic Henchman, Crazy Scientist Blah, Gleeg snag zip guy
Fooby, the Kamikaze Watermelon
Zeeky Bomb
  • Quasideities for all the Blah Guys (sans Super Blah and Evil Blah, who are Demigods) and Fooby, Ambiguous Rank for Zeeky (Ranges from Quasideity to Intermediate God depending on who you ask)
  • Symbol: Themselves. Alternatively, their own dismembered heads for Blah Guys, a blue umbrella for Bloing Gloing, crudely drawn "B!" for Super Blah and a mushroom cloud for Zeeky
  • Theme Song: A very little of what this movie has as a music, but for specific examples: Evil Blah's Theme for Evil Blah (Despite being very annoyed by it), Zeeky Boogy Doog Song for Zeeky (Only because it "tributes" his catchphrase) and Opening/Ending Theme shared between all
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid for Zeeky, Lawful Stupid for Super Blah, Neutral Evil for Evil Blah, rest falls into either Stupid Neutral or True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cloudcuckooland, Disaster Dominoes, No death is permanent (applies to Earth itself as well), Surreal Humor
  • Domains: Randomness, Fragility, Words, Explosions
  • Followers: Stick Figures on Crack
  • Allies: Henry, Charles and Ellie, Mr. Game & Watch, SMG4 and Glitchy's Marionote , Hall of Wind and Air (Blah Guys), John Madden (Bloing Gloing), AAHW, Crow, Bowser (Evil Blah and his associates), House of Explosives, Marvin the Martian and Bob-ombs in particular, Pico, Nene and Darnell, Megumin, Crimm (Zeeky)
  • Friendly Rival with: Almost every Superhero with "Super" prefix in their (nick-)name (Super Blah, with "Rivary" being one-sided on his part)
  • Enemies: Each other (Super Blah and Evil Blah), Hank Wimbleton, Maestro Forte, every female deity that can make for a good damsel (Evil Blah)
  • Avoided by: Fancy Pants Man, The Chosen One and The Second Coming, Alduin
  • Source of interest to: Mrs. Puff (Blah Guys), Hall of Chefs and Establishments (Fooby)
  • Opposed by: Romeo and Juliet (Blah Guys), Howard and Kreese (Bloing Gloing), The Kid, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 (Fooby)
  • Complicated Relationship: Atom Ant, Hank Pym, Flik and Z (Zeeky)
  • Not every piece of media has a conherent plot that would follow the logic and have things occur for justified reasons. Several such works can be best summarised as "some random stuff happening". Enter The Demented Cartoon Movie, a comedic Stylistic Suck take on this type of storytelling. The "movie" does its best to be as nonsensical as possible, but this is what made it outstand in a good way. It features stick figures with exploding heads, shoes on a sticks, a trip to the Mars, Nucular (It's pronounced "nuclear"!) explosions and an Earth-Shattering Kaboom. Eleven of them. And additional four crashes into the sun. The movie became a surprising hit within the Pantheon, which awarded its cast with a spot to represent Stories Built Around Randomness.
  • Upon the ascension, they were given a large area, where their city of Qrrbrbirlbel stands. Given the huge presence of random dangerous props, such as an H-bombs, red buttons, pressing which usually ends badly for those who did it, and general stupidity of its citizens, it has a huge history of accidents, Disaster Dominoes, nuclear explosions and being completely destroyed. Among many dangers of Qrrbrbirlbel is a risk of getting shot by a nearby cannon, caught in a random explosion, have something crash into you out of blue, or being squashed by Mr. Big Shoe. Or Mr. Weight. Or both. It is unpredictable when any of this can happen, but Negative Continuity was always kind, and it doesn't take long for everything to come back the way it was. While anyone is welcome to the city, not many are willing to spend their time here. The most frequent visitors are the deities that come from equally insane worlds, such as Glitchy and his Mario.
  • Applies to Blah Guys:
    • The city is inhabited by a stick figures, collectively known as Blah Guys, best remembered for being extremely fragile. No, really, almost everything harmless to any One-Hit-Point Wonder is fatal to them. They can even kill themselves on their own by simply saying "Blah!" outloud. (Which, as you might have expected, is inconsistent. Usually their heads explode, sometimes they die due to other nearby items right after saying the words, and on rare occasions, nothing happens and they move on with their lives). The reason why they don't have many allies is because they don't last long before any accident takes upon them, though they see other stick figure deities as close allies. Henry Stickmin sympathizes with them, as he suffered through many quite similar silly deaths in the past and shares some of their clumsiness. Mr Game & Watch sees them just as reckless as the inhabitants of the Flat Zone, and steps in to help them survive longer. His attempts don't tend to last long. Most other ascended stick figures are more neutral about them, thanks to how much trouble is caused by their careless nature, such as Fancy Pants Man, The Chosen One and The Second Coming, who think TDCM world is too insane for their liking.
    • Most of them aren't really good at driving, as their cars are prone to being crashed into the wall. The worst example of this was a guy named "Stupid Driver", who decided not to steer away from a wall he was about to hit, because he wasn't good at doing so, despie his On-Board Computer System suggestions to. Mrs. Puff took it to herself to change it, and started providing lessons to them. While she has seen much success, it turned out that her students weren't using their new driving skills the way she'd want them too: those taught by Mrs. Puff were becoming winners of a "Crash Yourself Into a Brick Wall Race", where the goal is to crash your car into a brick wall the fastest in the most kamikaze way possible. Some racers who haven't seen Mrs. Puff yet aren't even compitent enough to do that, as there was at least one racer who missed the wall completely and crashed into a random H-bomb, wiping out the entire Qrrbrbirlbel Racetrack.
    • Some of them can be found hanging around in the Hall of Wind and Air. They usually arrive there on the two-seat rocket or a small airplane, even if it might take them few tries, and claim to never seing so many clouds before. Those who use Solid Clouds are admired by them as well. It is assumed to have something to do with the lack of clouds in their original planet, or specifically, having only seven of them across the whole world.
    • "Blah!" *head pop*
  • Applies to the dividual Blahs:
    • First distinctive Blah Guy you might recognise is the Bloing Gloing, a carefree and enthusiastic guy without legs and a blue umbrella. Unfortunately, he speaks in a language only other Blah Guys seem to actually understand and is often on the receiving end of things. He often changes jobs, even taking participation in one of Evil Blah's schemes once, but rarely do they end well for anyone involved. The jobs he has seen most success with are related to commentary, and he can often be found assisting John Madden. Also tried to join Howard and Kreese, but was immediately rejected and thrown into a Bottomless Pit, being seen by them as nothing but The Load.
    • Somewhere on the edge the Qrrbrbirlbel, there's a small house, known as "Evil Blah's Evil Lair Type House Thing!" This where Evil Blah, his assistant Crazy Scientist Blah and their Mooks, known as Generic Henchmen are trying to take over the world. They are notably smarter than the other Blahs and tend to last longer. Some theorize that Evil Blah could be genuely threatening villain, if he wasn't hailing from a world of Cloudcuckooland, where if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Of course, the first thing they decided to do after their ascension is seek alliance with other villainous organisations. The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton was both first and easiest to make a deal with. Evil Blah would have considered this extremely beneficial for both factions, if it didn't involve Hank Wimbleton, who would naturally aim to destroy this new alliance. The second such alliance was with Maestro Forte, but that didn't last long, since he desided to provide the Ominous Pipe Organ for Evil Blah. Too bad the latter is easily annoyed by his own leftmotif and tried to destroy Maestro with his Mr. Blaster-ray gun, putting an end to this alliance.
    • Part of Evil Blah's plan is to have a damsel, that he'd threaten to throw into a Pit of Despair-type stuff, shall a hero come after him. Unfortunately, the damsels he had prior have their heads fall off before he can do anything to them. Now that he is in Pantheon, this part of the plan was made both easier and harder. While his new targets can keep themselves alive when tied up, they'd rather fight back, and Evil Blah and his associates aren't any stronger than an average Blah Guy. Now he got to use more trickery and assistance from other kidnappers. Both Crow and Bowser are willing to help him with damsels, but neither of them condone throwing people he captured into a pit, even in extreme situations, to much dissapointment of Evil Blah.
    • Every good villain should have an Arch-Enemy opposing to them. Super Blah is very strong... in comparison to other Blah Guys at least. Sure, a shoe on a stick is not enough to kill this guy, but he still loses his head after saying "Blah" and can't take care of every accident thrown at the citizens of TDCM, best shown by being unable to protect the Earth from a giant meteorite ("HAPPY END!" note ). In the Pantheon, he would continue his heroic duties, except this time, most other, stronger superheroes, step in to take care of the problems he is involved into. Super Blah sees that as a friendly competition, while other heroes don't mind him and let him do whatever he wants. That said, he is still compitent enough to get Evil Blah into trouble, and came very close to defeating him, should Evil Blah not trick him into reading a sign that says "Blah".
    • Weird as their daily misadventures are, not every Blah Guy is happy with conditions they got to live in. After one of them accidentally pushed the Make-The-World-Blow-Up button, he gave a long rant on how their movie sucks and doesn't make any sense, before the Earth was destroyed once again. The other people aware of how insane the life of TDCM cast is are two guys in chairs watching this movie from their TV. They admit that it is crap, but watched all of it, mostly for this reason. After the whole cast was ascended into the Pantheon (including them), the two continued watching and commenting on all of the nonsense happening around Qrrbrbirlbel and its inhabitants, for same reasons (and because they have their hands stuck to their cheek and chair respectively, trying to detach them will results in their death).
    • One of the most well-known buildings in Qrrbrbirlbel is the theater, though many believe it was made significant only because it has the city's name proudly embalazoned on it. As a further proof, this place has yet to actually premiere any play without being screwed over in any way, much to the employed director's annoyance. Their attempt at remaking Romeo and Juliet is the most well-known thing about the theatre, which did not go well with actual Romeo and Juliet. Let's just say, TDCM's actress for Juliet being so Ax-Crazy, she can't stop murdering Romeo is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Applies to Fooby:
    • Not much is known about Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon outside of the fact, that it apperars whenever someone mentions his name. Unfortunately, he is prone to crashing himself into something before anyone can ask him anything, and even when this doesn't happen, he is too out of it to actually answer anything.
    • He became a favourite in the Hall of Chefs and Establishments, but for the wrong reason. Because he's a watermelon that doesn't seem to mind being called upon and used in whatever way they want, gods from this hall would often mention his name and use his remainings in whatever dish they are prepairing. He also managed to scare Glitchy's Mario when they first met. Long story short, the latter mistook Fooby for his friend Melony, once a simple watermelon turned into a human girl. Wanting to greet his friend, he got hit in the cojones by the Kamikaze Watermelon and fell on the ground, only to see the remainings of a destoyed watermelon around him after getting up, making him accidentally assume he just killed one of his friends. After a little more context was given, the two became good friends, with Glitchy's Mario sometimes being seen using Fooby for travel.
    • The chances that he will fly straight into you are as big as the chances that he will launch himself into the wall. This is the reason why The Kid dislikes him, as he has a distinct memory of being punished by Fooby for taking the wrong path. Whether or not Fooby actually intended to do that or not remains a mystery. Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 crew weren't pleased with him either, as they had an experience with Japanese Kamikazes during the Battle of Okinawa. Fortunately for them, Fooby is nowhere near as powerfull and doesn't has any evil intentions (if he even got any). That said, BCM 5-4 would prefer not to have his name being mentioned near them.
    • As one of his Hidden Depths (of sorts), he has a history with racing tournaments. Believe it or not, he won several Crash Yourself Into A Brick Wall Races before and got a good career from participation in tournaments held in Pantheon. People classified him as an extreme Fragile Speedster: Incredibly fast, but out of the game once he's hit by anything.
    • *fanfare* "WHEEE!" *splat*
  • Applies to Zeeky:
    • Zeeky H. Bomb was first discovered by a Mock Cousteau host, who was looking for The Dreaded Bubblefish underwater. In concept, his purpose is to cause nuclear explotions wherever he happens to be at the time, simply by saying "Zeeky Boogy Doog". However, a further research confirmed him to be rather friendly when is not given attention to, and he'll gladly stay in the background for as long as someone doesn't point out his presence. He rarely says anything other than his explosion-producing catchphrase, but might give a small speech if he needs to. The other phrase of his that was heard more than few times is him announcing his appearance with "Here I am!"
    • Nobody can say for sure what ranking he is. Given the power of the "Zeeky Words" and being highly associated with it, some claim him to be an Intermediate God. Others tend to put him lower, since it's technically not the power exclusive to him, as anyone can say the Zeeky Words and cause a nuclear explosion. That said, the words will harm not only those who they were used against, but those who used them as well, and Zeeky himself suffers very little consequence from it. Rumors have it that some Pantheon Deities use these words in extremely dire situations, though not everyone is willing to admit to it. It's saying something when Alduin doesn't want to do much with Zeeky and his words, as while they are an easy way to get rid of the opponents, they might cause harm to him in the process. For all we know, the Zeeky Words are prohibited from ever being used on the TV, as broadcating them all over the world might cause a complete destruction all over the Pantheon.
    • Why does saying the Zeeky Words causes an explosion you may ask? Two random Blah Guys were wondering the same and found the answer: there's an H-Bomb launcher on the Mars, aiming right where the words are said. While it seemed like they blew up the machine with a small robot, named Zeeky Causer, saying Zeeky Words still ended up killing them by an explosion, meaning that the ascended Pantheon deities had to take down the H-Bomb launcher themselves. Despite the best effort to destroy the machine, it was all to no avail, and Zeeky Words are just as dangerous as they always were. Oh well, on the brighter side, there are no words that make the world blow up... except there are! "Gleeg Snag Zip!" proved to be capable of destroying the entire Earth shall anyone say them. Not even Zeeky is crazy enough to use them. However, when someone tries to say them, they'll be dissapointed (but most likely relieved) to find out that only Qrrbrbirlbel is affected. These words, unlike Zeeky's, are thought to have an effect only on location from the movie itself. Don't ask why.
    • As a walking bomb, he's always welcome to the house of Explosives, where he is often seen hanging out with Bob-ombs and Marvin the Martian. The former were impressed by the range Zeeky covers with his nuclear explosions and strive to be just like him, while the latter thinks he came from Mars to destroy the Earth, just like Marvin himself, for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. While nobody knows if Zeeky H. Bomb actually comes from Mars, Marvin tries to use him in his plans, with varying results. Other deities with love for explosions, such as Megumin, Crimm and Darnell took a lot of liking to the talking bomb as well. The latter's friends, Pico and Nene, are more warry, but still allow him to stay, as The Demented Cartoon Movie was a part of early Newgrounds history.
    • Sometimes he turns himself into a small ant. Usually people would get him confused for one, followed by them realising that this isn't an actual ant and an explosion. Nobody knows (Or wants to know, given how nonsensical everything from Zeeky's universe is) how he does that, but an actual ants don't find him a very helpful creature, unless it involves stopping "Them!", a giant, destructive ants, from terrorising the Pantheon.
    • Surprisingly, he took interest in Joel's fighting tournaments and asked to participate. He was intitially rejected in fear that he'll be extremely "overpowered", but was given a chance after promising to play fair. He fights by summoning other characters and objects from the movie, which had quite a lot of positive feedback. His Zeeky Words are used as a Hyper move, which in turn also got everyone a step closer to figuring out Zeeky's possible ranking. The explosion KO's the opponent, but chops off only half of the lifebar from Zeeky, making him a Lesser God. It's unknown if it works this way outside of these tournaments, though.
    • "Zeeky boogy doog!" < MUSHROOM CLOUD >

    Nemo, Marlin, & Dory 
Nemo, Marlin, & Dory, Deities of Sequels with Similar Stories (Dory: Low Tech Fish in a High Tech Sub)
L-R: Nemo, Marlin, & Dory
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: An “O” with a fish in the center
  • Theme Music: Nemo Egg (Main Title)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fish, Adventure
  • Allies: ABZU Diver, Jabberjaw, Ecco, King Triton
  • Enemies: Anago, Joe (Help! I’m a Fish!)
  • Fears: The Cyclops, Bruce/Jaws
  • Uneasy Relations: Padak
  • Avoids: Lagiacrus & Ceadeus, The Orca
  • Observed by: David Attenborough, Steve Zissou
  • Following a barracuda attack that killed his wife and 400 unhatched eggs, Marlin becomes the sole father of Nemo, who has a deformed fin and the sole egg that survived said attack. Marlin is overprotective of Nemo because of what happened prior to the latter’s birth, but it didn’t stop an incident from happening that results in Nemo getting taken by divers and sent to a dentist’s aquarium. During the chaos of it all, Marlin encounters Dory, an excitable fish who becomes his companion while searching for Nemo amid encounters with various kinds of sea life and a bird that takes them to where Nemo is at. As for Nemo himself, he befriends a gang of fish living in the aquarium tank and with their help, Nemo is able to escape and after an event that results in them having to escape from humans trying to catch them, Nemo reunites with his father and Dory becomes an unofficial member of the family. A similar set of events would occur when Dory ends up in The Marine Life Institute, with the trio encountering sets of similar, but different characters while Nemo and Marlin search for Dory, who is trying to remember her past and despite her being prone to forgetfulness, she reunited with her long-lost family.
  • Nemo went to school again one day while Marlin and Dory decided to look at the ocean. The ocean was already big enough as is, but Dory wondered, considering that she, Marlin, and Nemo had already traveled far in the past, if something would end up lost in their ocean while its owner was traveling through many locations. While Marlin had a hard time believing such a thought, Nemo’s school trip brought him to a section of the sea where he saw the remains of what appeared to be a wooden ship whose origins were seemingly unknown. The remains of the ship had the words “Pantheon” inscribed on its hull and once the lesson was over, Nemo decided to tell Marlin and Dory about the “Pantheon” ship he and the others looked at. Dory was more than curious about the ship, but Marlin was worried about what the ship contained and sometime later, the trio explored it to see what was inside. As it turned out, it contained various documents and images of what appeared to be a world different from their own, including oceans containing different kinds of creatures. While whoever was transferring that cargo lost all of its contents, the three gained an idea of what the Pantheon was like and they all needed to “just keep swimming” in it, regardless of Marlin’s concerns about such a setting.
  • While searching for Nemo, Marlin and Dory encountered a shark named Bruce, who happened to be a friendly fellow despite his imposing appearance and only goes on rampages if he detects blood. There was another shark named Bruce (who was nicknamed Jaws by most of the Pantheon), but unlike the Bruce they encountered, this shark was far more vicious than anything Bruce could do during his bouts of violence, with Marlin wanting him, Nemo, and Dory to stay as far away as possible from Jaws. Another shark in the Pantheon the trio became aware of was Jabberjaw and even though they had far less concerns about this particular shark when it came to personality, Jabberjaw acting more like a human and hanging out with them to solve undersea mysteries came as a surprise to Marlin and co. From their experience, Marlin and his friends saw humans as these towering creatures that are unpredictable when it comes to getting ahold of sea life and while Jabberjaw understands their concern, he assured them that if they talk to certain humans after a while, there will be some who won’t be that bad and are even willing to relate to some of the trio’s own personal issues. While Marlin isn’t sure if that will come true given how big the Pantheon is and the kinds of danger it poses to sea life like himself, Nemo, and Dory, the trio still hang out with Jabberjaw to get some advice on how to make the most of their time in the Pantheonic oceans and to be better prepared for meeting humans that are friendly towards aquatic life.
  • Nemo, Marlin, and Dory found themselves in a separate part of the Pantheonic seas, albeit a section that was serene yet different from what they were used to. While Marlin tried to lay out a set of guidelines for exploring that part of the Pantheon, Nemo pointed out that Dory already swam off somewhere in that location, prompting the two clownfish to go after her. The two met a diver and despite Marlin panicking about what would happen and Nemo being worried considering that he was kidnapped by a separate diver, the two would quickly learn that The Diver they’re facing meant well and as the three set out to find Dory, Nemo and Marlin learned how much The Diver valued aquatic life to the point of befriending predators that would normally harm them. They would eventually find Dory, who was in awe of what was around her (helped by the fact that she was in an area where there wasn’t anything that could threaten her or the clownfish) and The Diver noted about having encountered a pair of fish that was a clownfish and a regal blue tang similar to Marlin and Dory back then.
  • Bikini Bottom was a very unusual underwater community that the trio visited, thanks to the fact that its residents all exhibit behaviors very similar to humans, up to and including walking on two legs. Jabberjaw was with them as he decided to take on a mission involving some stolen machinery that ended up in that area and since Nemo, Marlin, and Dory ended up in Bikini Bottom by chance, Jabberjaw wanted to put them at ease in a setting where human-like aquatic creatures were prevalent. During the trio’s time in Bikini Bottom, they encountered Spongebob himself, who Dory quickly took a liking towards and the same can be said of his friend Patrick Star, despite Marlin finding Patrick to be even more reckless than Dory. Squidward Tentacles ended up getting very annoyed by Dory’s energeticness and Marlin couldn’t help but notice that Squidward was an even more irritable version of himself. Eventually, Jabberjaw was able to find where the machines were at the Chum Bucket that Plankton (who the three opted to avoid despite not being competent most of the time) was using as part of another scheme to get the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. Plankton’s plans fell apart thanks to Jabberjaw, who later found Nemo, Marlin, and Dory navigating Jellyfish Fields and trying to avoid getting stung by the Jellyfish there. Whether they like it or not, Bikini Bottom ended up being a place the trio would end up visiting again on different occasions.
  • Nemo and Dory encountered separate sets of creatures while trapped in different aquariums who helped them escape. They, alongside Marlin, would learn of a few fish who were trapped in another aquarium, but had to go through much darker circumstances that sometimes didn’t end well. Padak was a mackerel who would find herself in a tank whose members included a flatfish known as The Master and an uncaring eel named Jooldom and while she is willing to try and get along with the trio, the fact that Padak ended up eating a group of clownfish while starving didn’t sit well with the three, especially Nemo and Marlin. Dory was open to trying to get along with Padak and while Nemo and Marlin are willing to be civil with her, Marlin is afraid of what could happen to Nemo (who is equally frightened of the possibility) if Padak was starving and he ended up in a situation comparable to Bruce’s hunger attack. Given how Padak helped The Master have a change of heart that would lead to the latter escaping to the sea, Dory was willing to meet with him and while Nemo had a bit of curiosity about it, he and Marlin are not actively willing to meet The Master compared to Dory. All three would prefer not to get involved with Anago due to his nihilist mindset and they would not want someone like him to be in an aquarium with them if they end up in such a setting.
  • There were various other aquatic creatures, both with supernatural attributes and those that don’t have any unusual traits to them, that the trio became aware of. As far as extraordinary sea life is concerned, there are plenty of powerful creatures roaming around such as Lagiacrus and Ceadeus that Marlin wants himself and his closest companions to stay away from, even with the knowledge that there are deities that are able to keep their more destructive habits in check. Aquatic creatures such as The Orca who don’t have such unusual abilities, but are known for their aggressive behavior if someone angers it, are other creatures the trio keep their distance from, despite Marlin acknowledging how painful it was for The Orca to lose his mate and unborn calf. Some sea life such as a fish named Joe have mindsets and actions that the trio don’t want to associate themselves with, such as Joe’s desire to overthrow humans through the use of uplifted fish. Others are noted for their heroics under the sea such as Ecco, who is willing to be of regular assistance to the trio whenever they’re in trouble and someone who the trio appreciates despite Ecco going on more unusual adventures than they have.
  • Mermaids being fish-human hybrids (or at least a human body with fish tails for legs) was one of the more fantastical aspects of the Pantheon that came as a shock for the trio, Marlin especially. Despite the unusual combination, the few merfolk that they did end up encountering were not only friendly, but also made sure things were alright in both the undersea world and the surface world. Arthur Curry was someone who could communicate with sea life and performed heroic feats to keep his undersea kingdom and the surface world he visits safe from various dangers and given that Nemo, Marlin, and Dory are merely regular fish compared to most other prominent sea life in the Pantheon, the trio give Aquaman plenty of gratitude for his role in making the ocean a safer place, even if there is a lot of danger to be found. Marlin found plenty of kinship with Triton, who not only rules over the oceans and regularly works with Aquaman in that regard, but was also a parent who had to deal with a child wanting to explore an outside world more. Triton noticed that Nemo had a bit in common with Ariel when it came to wanting to see what was beyond the sea and later growing from such an experience.
  • There are many humans present in the Pantheon and some share similar traits as the trio, such as Dory’s forgetfulness or Marlin’s nervousness and desire to keep Nemo safe. While the trio is at least welcome to meeting with them, they’d still want to keep their distance from the less caring humans, especially if they pose a danger to sea life. The Cyclops who operates a gift shop named Shell City is one such human the trio wants to stay away from as much as possible, with the idea of being turned into a cheap souvenir being even worse than getting trapped in an aquarium. That’s not getting to the various other individuals who travel across the seas causing havoc that would inevitably have negative consequences to the sea life below them.
  • Given that they are part of aquatic life, the trio are often the subject of interest from nature chroniclers David Attenborough and Steve Zissou, partially since these fish are prone to traveling far greater distances and doing actions different from other clownfish or regal blue tangs. Given how these particular fish see humans as much more imposing in comparison, there’s usually some form of hidden cameras set up to document their adventures without humans appearing and unknowingly scaring them. Considering that there are people like Attenborough and Zissou who have an interest in nature (and in the case of Attenborough, keeping nature thriving), it would in theory give Nemo, Marlin, and Dory some comfort knowing that there are people who don’t mean ill towards sea life, though the trio wouldn’t hang around nature-lovers for extensively long periods of time. That said, the kinds of life that the trio had encountered are just as intriguing to nature observers as they are due to performing similarly unusual actions compared to normal sea creatures.