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Stick Figure Animation

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Animated works featuring a Stick-Figure Comic aesthetic, most of which are done strictly for comedic purposes.

They have a cult following, especially within the Flash community. It's worth noting that during the early 2000s, this style of animation became quite common. Due to the general lack of detail on stick figures, this makes this style incredibly easy to animate for even those with the most rudimentary animation skill.

Compare Stick-Figure Comic which is the non-animated variant.


In-Universe Examples

  • In the Looney Tunes short "Porky's Preview", this is result of Porky Pig trying his hand in animation.
  • In A King Of Infinite Space, people who were frozen and remade into a new body had a computer embedded in head that showed stick animations to show how things are done while re-learning how to do things while their brains reconnect to memories.
  • Popeye made one in "Cartoons Ain't Human", starring himself and Olive Oyl.


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