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Greater Gods

    Dr. Caligari
Dr. Caligari, Divine Representative of German Expressionism and Madness Montage
  • Greater God in Francis's hallucination, he is actually a Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Cabinet
  • Theme Song: "Introducing Cesare" (shared with his minion/patient Cesare)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil according to Francis, he's actually Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Circus, Brainwashed and Crazy Evil Minions, Madness Montage, Room Full of Crazy (Trope Maker) is apart of Francis's hallucination, Twist Ending (Trope Maker), making film a valid art form
  • Domains: Trickery, Darkness, Mentalism, Manipulation, Tyranny
  • Followers: Tim Burton, Werner Herzog
  • Allies: Cesare (his minion), Harley Quinn,
  • Enemies: The ascended cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Light Yagami
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sofia Lamb
  • Made his ascension with multiple posters stapled across the walls of the Pantheon saying, "You must become Caligari!"
  • Despite his job as a psychiatrist, he claims that the House of Ambiguity is weird, even for his tastes. That said, he thinks that Lambdadelta is an interesting friend for tea.
  • With the reveal that all of his and Cesare's evil actions is in Francis's hallucination, the Pantheon is having a headache of trying to figure out whether or not to ascend the Caligari in Francis's hallucination or the "real" Caligari. In the end, the Pantheon decided to let the two share the temples, with one alternate the other.
  • He and Harley Quinn forge an unconventional relationship because of the fact that they are... less than normal psychiatrist. She surprisingly bonds with the "real" Caligari during her saner moments.
    • Caligari has less of a smooth relationship with Sofia Lamb, however, given that she is so evil that Caligari's "real" counterpart can't get along with her.
  • Rick Blaine freaked out when visiting his temple because Caligari and Caesar are fictional characters in his universe. Blaine has been trying to avoid the both of them ever since.
  • Being the temple that holds the mad moments of quite a few of notable figures in the Pantheon, he has earned the ire quite a few figures in the Pantheon.
    • The most prolific figures are the ascended cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion because his temple holds the mad montage from them. While Caligari promised to not use them for any evil purpose, they still uncomfortable with the montage's very existence.
    • Yagami despite Caligari with a passion due to his house holds the one montage of his breakdown when he is about to be arrested and killed by Ryuk, couples with the fact that Caligari's patient Cesare has similar looks to Light's enemy L and Ryuk.
  • Because his movie is the one that makes films grow into a valid art form, his temple received a lot of visit from many cinematic deities. The "real" Caligari is annoyed with this while the insane Caligari is welcoming visitors to satisfy his ego.
  • Can also be found in Insane Behavior.

Intermediate Gods

    Arthur Pendragon 
King Arthur Pendragon, Patron God of Chivalric Romance and Benevolent Kings (King Arthur, Wart, Artie, The Once and Future King, Prototype Saber, Prototype Saber Alter, Holy Knight Artorius, Holy Knight King Artorius, Divine Holy Knight King Artorius, Noble Knight Artorigus, Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights, Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, The Black Knight, SCP-4918-1, Green Knight)
Arthur in all of his royal glory
Arthur as a boy 
Arthur as a prince 
Arthur as a young king 
Arthur as an old man 
The original Arthur as a Servant 
The original Arthur as a Alter Servant 
"Comedic" Arthur 
Arthur in the Battleground of Gods 
Arthur's "Evil" Form 
  • Intermediate God normally, (Greater God as Saber, Saber Alter and the Green Knight, Overdeity as the King of Chaos)
  • Symbol: The Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone, sometimes as one sword. His corrupted shattered sword (as the Green Knight)
  • Theme Song: "Woad to Ruin"
  • Alignment: Ranges from Lawful Good to Neutral Good. Lawful Evil as the Green Knight.
  • Portfolio: Benevolent King, Knight in Shining Armor, father to Mordred, Big Good, departs to Avalon until he is needed in Britain or France, very popular character, owner of the Excalibur, pulls out the Sword in the Stone, really varied past, leads the Knights of the Round Table, Much Viler in Tales of Arcadia.
  • Domains: Royalty, Narrative, Destiny, Weapons
  • Heralds: The Knights of the Round Table
  • Allies: Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad, any and all good-aligned royalty deities, Goliath, Perseus, the good-aligned DC deities, especially Aquaman, Clark Kent / Superman, Batman, Justice League, the good-aligned Marvel deities, especially the Avengers, Shrek, the Monty Python, the good-aligned Disney deities, Uther Lightbringer, Ned Stark, Indiana Jones, Timmy Turner, Gallantmon.
  • Enemies: The Weird Sisters, Gilgamesh, Arthas Menethil, the Disney Villains, Mordred/Saber of Red, Mordred, Tywin Lannister, The Killer Rabbit, Macbeth
  • Worthy Opponent with: Dracula
  • Opposes: Aphrodite, Cu Chulainn
  • Spear Counterpart of: Arturia Pendragon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Excalibur, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Avatar: Sean Connery
  • Pities: Artorias
  • The King of Britain (or France), ruler of Camelot, wielder of the Excalibur, leader of the Round Table, King Arthur Pendragon's legend and reputation is widely known in the Pantheon. The mystical king ascended after the fall of Camelot and promise to go back to Britain if he is ever needed again. In the mean time, he took up his Excalibur and promise to continue to fight for justice and goodness in the Pantheon by managing two temples that he represents best.
  • When heard that he ascended, Merlin and Lancelot immediately dropped every plans they have and dash straight through his temple. However, while Merlin and Arthur shared a hug in their memory, Lancelot was much more hesitant because he cheated on him with Guinevere and, unlike Arturia, this Arthur is much less approving about this event as well as the fact that he, indirectly, responsible for the fall of Camelot. While Arthur can't seem to find it in himself to completely forgive Lancelot, he praises what a brilliant and loyal soldier he is and agreed to let him rejoin the newly reform Knights of the Round Table.
  • Because of his long history and popularity, Arthur's backstory, personality and appearance vary from world to world. Beside the traditional Arthur, he can be seen as a boy named Wart practicing magic with an elderly Merlin, a young prince ruling a kingdom with Merlin as the same age secretly a magical user, a newly crowned young king mentored by a female Merlin and another, with the help of one of his avatars, Sir Sean Connery, as an old man fighting to bring justice to Britain without any magical power at all.
  • When heard about a female version of himself is in the Pantheon, Arthur paid her temple a visit. To his surprise, she also exists in the Nasuverse. The two of them share stories about their time as a servant and Arthur offers her words of encouragement to congratulate her as a leader who overcame sexism. The two usually ends their evening with a friendly non-magical sword fight to see which King Arthur is better.
    • Thanks to Artoria, Arthur learned of other servants in the Pantheon that are alternate counterparts to servants in his world. His reaction to them was rather... unpleasant to say the least. He buttheads with Cu Chulainn over his bloodthirsty personality, Mordred quickly declared him an imposter and seeks to attack him while him and Gilgamesh also immediately engaged in battle at first glance of each other. Overall, the other servants and masters are all very wary around him due to the fact that he is willing to kill off his own former master Manaka - to prevent her unleash evil to the world, but still.
    • He was very worried when heard a guy named Perseus ascended and went to investigate. He was very relieved to see that this isn't Servant Perseus and the two got along well due to the fact that both are destined to save their country by higher power. Perseus was very sorry for him when learned about Guinevere's affair with Lancelot.
  • Immediately after his ascension, Arthur seeks to recover his lost magical weapon - the legendary Excalibur. His quest led him to uncover not one, but two swords of its type: A peaceful one and a loony one... Arthur just sighs and tolerate the loony one.
    • Right after learning about each other's identity, him and Artoria have a friendly competition of which one can pawn off the annoying Excalibur to the other with Lancelot and Merlin keeping score. Arthur usually loses because he is too noble to actually turn Artoria away or plays dirty even when he could have.
    • This Excalibur is also more respectful to him than he is to most, as he is THE King Arthur, who was the only Meister he respected. He's willing to not interrupt Arthur when he talks, and is actually willing to let Arthur use him in combat.
  • Because of his past experience fighting Morgan le Fay, he was very welcoming to anyone who has faced her like the Justice League and the Avengers, considering them continue his legacy. Some people he especially forms close friendship include:
    • Aquaman, A.K.A. King Arthur Curry, for both being King with supernatural heritage. The two share a laugh whenever they were mistaken for each other due to both being blonde king named Arthur.
    • He and Superman got along really well due to both being the Big Good of their universe and helps inspire an entire genre (Clark for superheroes, Arthur for medieval romance).
    • He is glad to see Batman again after discovering that he is a Knight of the Round Table. Bruce is just confused and annoyed because it is an Elseworlds version of him rather than Bruce himself.
  • Was asked to enlist to the Grand United Alliance of Good right after he ascended. Arthur was honored and promise to do his best to protect the weak and help to spread goodness.
  • His adventures into the fairytale adaptations have brought Arthur many allies. He made quick friends with deities from the Disney due to entry in their universe and promise to help them push out evil as many way he can. However, he is very afraid of being turned into a squirrel because of what happened the last time he messed with magic.
  • Has a very strong distaste for Aphrodite because she is the guardian of those who cheated on their spouses and tells her she should be ashamed of herself.
  • Goliath is very pleased when seeing one of close allies to the Gargoyle New York clan ascend into the Pantheon because he helped them fight invasion in Avalon.
    • Arthur was at first very excited when he heard that his old Vitriolic Best Buds / Friendly Enemy ascend and plan to have a rematch. However, he found out that this Macbeth isn't as noble as the man he met in New York and was VERY angry about Macbeth's plan to murder his own king and kill everyone to protect his position, as well as being a lousy king. He also hates that the Weird Sisters - the ones manipulated Macbeth into fighting him for the Excalibur, have also ascended.
    • Arthur also starting to meet Goliath lately to study how he adapts to the modern world in order to prepare for his eventual return to modern England. He also absorbs the knowledge of several of his versions who did return and started a new kingdom or a new Knights of the Round Table.
  • The Pantheon generally keep Dracula and Arthur out each other's path due to the fact that both of their previous encounter did NOT end pretty for everyone involved.
  • Was at first confused when heard the name Uther in the Pantheon. After an investigation, he was somewhat disappointed that it was Uther Lightbringer, not Pendragon, ascended. However, Uther and him quickly develop a father-son bond due to the fact that both of them are warriors who seek to bring justice to their land as well as the fact that both of them have dabbled in card games before.
    • Because of Uther, he learned and was disgusted by the deed Arthas Menethil has done and declare the Lich King to be his sworn enemy. Outsider have observed that this is because they walked a similar but the inverse path of each other: They both pulled a powerful sword from the stone that marked them for the throne, was both advised from a wizard with odd life cycle and both founded an order of knight. The main difference is that Arthur's path was surrounded by people who have the best intention while Arthas was insane and manipulated by the powers around him.
  • He got along very well with Ned Stark and Daenerys Targaryen due to the fact that he is a good ruler that want the best for his people. When heard about their story, Arthur wished that Ned's life have turned out better and that both of them don't have to life in Westeros. However, he was NOT impressed by the stunts Tywin pulled.
  • Indiana Jones mistook him for his father when Arthur was in his "Old man" form and said hi. After clearing the confusion, the two develop a friendship, especially after Indy helped him to track down the Excalibur.
  • When needing to unwind, Arthur slips into his "comedic" persona in the Monty Python universe and spends time with people like Sir Robin and the Monty Python versions of his Knights while discussing about swallows and airspeed velocity of an unladen one while running and clicking two half of a coconut against each other. Lancelot isn't particularly like visiting his temple because when Arthur is in this mode, Lancelot would become a violent, homicidal maniac who kills people without a second thought.
    • In this mode, Arthur once visit his old enemy the Killer Rabbit and throws a Holy Hand Grenade into the beast to get back at the creature for killing his men. However, he needs people to help him count because he keeps skipping the number five — THREE, SIR — three.
  • Was at first terrified when meeting a black knight who attack him. After Arthur fends off the knight and learned of his story, he has nothing but sympathy for the knight whose name he learned to be Artorias for being possessed by the Abyss, also because the knight just got really unlucky with his own version of a magical and hopes that one day he can get better.
  • When heard that he has ascended, Timmy Turner paid his temple a visit because he helped Arthur fought a dragon with his godparent's magic. Arthur was honored by his visit and gave him a special visit privilege to his temple whenever he wants.
  • When heard that Arthur has ascended, Sonic assumed that his old nemesis is back and proceed to his temple to attack him. When the two fought to a stand still and heard each other out, Sonic realized his mistake and apologize. The two team up to seek and slay any versions of the Black Knight in the Pantheon but still wary around one another because Sonic thinks this Arthur may snap back into his world's Black Knight version while Arthur is wary because Sonic slew his version of King Arthur and the fact that Sonic is the true King Arthur in his world.
  • Wondered if Stannis Baratheon's sword Lightbringer was connected to Excalibur.
  • In one universe, Arthur had prejudices against magical creatures due to the death of Guinevere in that world at the hands of a magical creature; though it initially seemed that he turned out better when he seemingly killed Morgana and felt remorse, he was later killed and resurrected by the shadowy Arcane Order as their Champion, the Green Knight who was an Anti-Magic being designed to assist their goals of reshaping the world after destroying it with Arthur willingly joining this goal; forcing the heroes of Arcadia and Morgana to stop him. While Arthur's back to normal in the Pantheon, there is dread that one day he might become the Green Knight again and as such many of his allies, Merlin included, are seeking ways to stop him should the misfortune of the Knight's return happen.

BEN, Unholy God of Internet Short Horror Stories
  • Intermediate God... maybe.
  • Symbol: A disturbing Link Statue.
  • Theme: The Song of Healing. Played backwards.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Started the 'Creepypasta' Trend, Haunted Game Cartridges, Nightmare Fuel, Contagious A.I. (?), Eldritch Abomination (?), Sealed Evil in a Game Cartridge, Bleeding Into Reality, Nothing Is Scarier, Worsening the Emotional Torture, Big Bad
  • Domains: Fear, Technology, Otherness, Nostalgia, Water(?)
  • High Priests: The Crew of the Laughingstock and Zalgo
  • Allies: Majora (surprisingly enough), Slender Man, Giygas, Phazon, Spooky, SCP-993, White Face
  • Rivals: The Outsider, Richard, AM, .GIFfany, Pony Island
  • Enemies: All other The Legend of Zelda deities, good and evil and those from other media with an accompanying Creepypasta, (Insert Name Here), Lain Iwakura, Mr. Rogers, Noah Kaiba, The Lyoko Warriors, Sombra, King Kong, Ben Tennyson, AM's five victims, The SCP Foundation, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Unknown Relationship with: Polybius, Alex Mercer, most Outer Gods, The Sleeper
  • BEN is an enigmatic figure. His nature, actions, ultimate goal and origin; all complete mysteries. Many gods and goddesses offer widely differing explanations for the creature, but there is one thing they all agree on; at some point in time, a boy named Ben drowned. (for a sinister purpose of a moon-worshipping cult...)
  • BEN appeared in the Pantheons soon after an odd event in the House of Gaming: a mortal follower playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask noted that the game had started to glitch up, referring to him as "BEN". When he resets the game, he was greeted with the words, "You have met a terrible fate, haven't you?" He mentioned hearing the Song of Healing played backwards before passing out. Since then, that copy of Majora's Mask has been confiscated and quarantined in a temple under Hermaeus Mora's supervision. That hasn't stopped the entity inside that copy from getting out into the corporeal world...
  • While BEN’s domain is Creepypasta in general, his specialty is the corruption of innocence; that is to say, creepy and unsettling takes on old, nostalgic pieces of entertainment. Suicidemouse.avi, Squidward's Suicide, Dead Bart and all manner of ‘lost episodes’ and ‘game hacks’ spring from BEN.
    • This ended up gaining the eternal enmity from the The Legend of Zelda deities, good and evil due to BEN tainting a copy of one of their titles to terrorize anyone hapless enough to play it. Other deities, like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and Bart Simpson are also horrified that BEN's influence has reached their shows as well. The GUAG is trying to find more effective methods to keep BEN's said influence at bay. (Insert Name Here), being every Creepypasta protagonist ever as well as the reader has every reason to fully oppose BEN.
    • To spite the Zelda deities even further, BEN often appears himself as Link with a creepy face or the Link Statue. Part of it because his followers always see him like that and part of it is just for screwing with them.
  • There is one Zelda deity that BEN can find a footing with; the God of Evil Masks, Majora. Like BEN, Majora also likes to torture others for amusement and they have sinister plans for their victims, though BEN is a lot more secretive about his. Majora is disappointed that he can't truly control BEN like a puppet, but he became ecstatic once again since his alliance with Yuki Terumi since he found another dark entity to relate to and the feeling is mutual for BEN. Who knows what kind of horrible fates they would bring to the entire Pantheons...
    • Being a fellow entity with fame from the creepypasta circle, Slender Man is seen with BEN a lot. Let's not think about their meetings. BEN also joins Spooky as her new scarer and attraction in her Haunted House because she gave him more opportunities to terrorize more people. And Giygas also has an Odd Friendship with BEN, probably because their true forms are incomprehensible. Not everybody wants to know what BEN's true form is...
    • Other malevolent entities BEN finds kinship in is White Face (for assaulting the player directly by haunting his game) and Phazon (a fellow creature capable of corruption) after Majora introduced him to them. BEN on his own met SCP-993 who also corrupts childhood innocence to the point of evil. Everybody started fearing what would happen if BEN teams up with or uses his newfound brethren...
  • Being an enigmatic entity, BEN gained rivals in The Outsider and Richard. All three have their own unknown agendas (though BEN's is easy to guess) and who knows, maybe they'll use each other for such...
    • Both he and AM have a penchant of torturing others, though BEN wants the suffering out of amusement while AM does so out of sheer malice. Due to the difference in expectations, they became rivals instead. That hasn't gain BEN brownie points from AM's own victims who see him as no better; they try to stay away from BEN just so that he'll never get any ideas of haunting them.
    • Very rare, but BEN does get compared to the Outer Gods due to his unfathomability and also capable of driving his victims mad. The Outer Gods hasn't said anything about him yet. Considering that The Sleeper also corrupt its surroundings, a select few began fearing of a combination between the two...
    • The SCP Foundation has been working with Hermaeus Mora (albeit the alliance is uneasy) on containing BEN completely, causing him to hate them for stopping his hauntings. The Protectors of the Plot Continuum also hate BEN for not only his usual threat but spawning endless terrible OCs that serve to fulfill every horror fangirl's wet dream which some are trying to intrude into the Pantheons. Surprisingly, even BEN agrees he doesn't like Fangirls too much.
  • Being a creature born from The Internet, he has gained the ire of Lain Iwakura and the Lyoko Warriors who sees him as no better than XANA. Noah Kaiba is horrified that a threat more worse than him actually exists, and Sombra not only sees him as an obstacle to her plans but a horror as well.
    • .GIFfany sees him as competition since they both get out of their game to reach their victims and the Lucifer of Pony Island is also jealous of BEN for that reason. Nobody wants to think about BEN and .GIFfany assimilating into something worse...
  • Mr. Rogers finds him everything he stood against since he wants happiness from remembering childhoods, not ruining them. Ben Tennyson is FURIOUS that he shares a name with an irredeemable evil to the point of unintentional mix-ups; not to mention having creepypastas of his series from BEN's influence.
    • Has a very confusing beef with King Kong. Probably has to do with April Fools' Day...
  • He is rumored to have some sort of connection with Polybius. Alex Mercer also has something to do with whatever is happening in BEN's universe. Mercer himself has not been reached for comment on this matter.
  • While BEN is biding his time for an opportunity, the other gods try to diminish his threat by bringing up the horrible Narmy memes coming out of terrible creepypasta like 'hyper-realistic blood' and 'WHO WAS PHONE?!'. Even BEN finds them amusing, but later on annoying as the jokes escalate.
  • Can also be found in Fearsome Archetypes.
  • “You shouldn’t have done that...”

Beowulf, God of Heroic Fantasies (The Bear of Geatland, Berserker)
Beowulf defeating Grendel (Hero-Myths & Legends of the British Race - 1910)
Beowulf in the 2007 film adaptation 
Beowulf as a Berserker 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A sword pointed downwards
  • Theme Song: The Main Theme from the 2007 Film Adaptation
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Good as a Berserker)
  • Portfolio: The Definitive Example of the English Language and the Heroic Fantasy Genre, World's Strongest Man, Unexpected Successor, Feels that his Past Self was Immature, Rated M for Manly, Is an Adequate King, Deadpan Snarker, Never got Married, Authority Equals Asskicking, Ultimately Dies in Combat against a Dragon and is given a Viking Funeral, Predates Several Heroic And Royal Archetypes
  • Domains: Epics, Fantasy, Knights, Heroes, Legends, Sacrifice
  • Herald: Wiglaf
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Artoria Pendragon, Jeanne D' Arc, King Arthur Pendragon, Aragon, Princess Zelda, Link, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Tyrion, Teclis, Siegfried, Lucina, Koji Minamoto, The Dovahkiin, The Warrior of Light, The Grey Warden, The Inquisitor, Hawke, Hercules, Beowulf (Skullgirls), Bahamut, Zagreus, Hiccup Horrendous III, Eddie Brock/Venom, Xena
  • Enemies: Evil Dragons (Fatalis, Smaug, Fafnir, Grima, Malefor), Malekith, Morathi, Queen Potema Septim, Joffrey Baratheon, Luca Blight, Bloody Marie, Jason Voorhees
  • Conflicting opinions on: Neil Gaiman and Robert Zemeckis
  • There have been many great stories of heroes and kings who would do anything to serve and protect their lands and their people. Such has been the case for thousands of years and all of them, in some capacity or another, pay their homage to the tale of the legendary king and hero of the Geats, Beowulf. An epic poem showcasing human determination and courage, Beowulf inspired others with his ability to take on monsters and threats such as Grendel, his mother and a dragon and the ability to inspire others even after death. And though he died in battle and his story recorded in a poem, it was more than enough to inspire numerous legendary figures and role models in their own right for millennia to come.
  • Beowulf ascended into the Pantheon after his cremation and funeral service, which was greatly mourned by many. As a result, he actually predates many of the deities and was one of the first beings to be recruited by Cosmos in her Grand United Alliance of Good in the Pantheonic Forever War. That said, while Beowulf remained loyal and committed to Cosmos's wishes, he also wanted to ensure that his people were safely looked after. He was happy to see that Wiglaf had to chastise his fellow soldiers for abandoning Beowulf in his time of need, which is how he was chosen to be Beowulf's personal herald. Regardless, he was happy to see himself become an example of the bravery and potential feats that humanity is able to accomplish and seeks to further inspire others in the Pantheon in an effort to keep the morale of ordinary citizens moved and determined like he is.
  • Unsurprisingly, Beowulf is considered to be a very celebratory figure in pop-culture and said reputation persists in the Pantheon. His legend and influence was enough to inspire all sorts of whimsical and fantastical stories beyond the ages and he was able to be incarnated as a Berserker servant in the Grand Order. In the case of the latter, he earned the respect from other servants like Artoria and Jeanne as despite his Chaotic Good alignment (which he shares with Gilgamesh of all people), he came out as a benevolent and excellent ruler for the people of the Geats. This also extended to great admiration from The Master of Chaldea and vice-versa, with Beowulf being one of the most Servants for the Master due to understanding the stress and importance of leadership, albeit under different circumstances.
  • He is greatly revered by the Houses of Royalty and Narrative for obvious reasons. In regards to the former, the Protectors of Royalty, Aragon, Arthur and Zelda, in particular have nominated him as an honorary member in their ranks and Beowulf is more than happy to repay the favor. They respected him for putting his people's needs over himself and expressed a degree of surprise upon learning that he was not descended from royalty, rather he was handpicked and he initially had no desire to be king. In a turn of Irony, this was why Beowulf ended up being a great king and hero. In terms of the latter, The Storyteller is very eager to learn and discover more of Beowulf's story and that his presence in the Pantheon would mean a lot more to explore regarding his experience in a whole new realm.
    • Of course, Beowulf would realize that not every deity in the House of Royalty respects him nor do they embody anything about about standing up for others whilst proving your leadership. Some deities do qualify, but Joffrey Baratheon and Luca Blight embody this negative aspect the most, being psychotic, petty and murderous heirs who did more damage to their kingdoms than aid and only cared about their own ends. Beowulf is personally repulsed by them, albeit his approach to them differentiates; he thinks Joffrey is absolutely pathetic in proving himself capable and states that it's Joffrey's own fault that he died,although he doesn't take any satisfaction out of it. He is more way about Luca, however, as he is willing to step in and raze and terrorise settlements just for kicks. There have been some clashes between Beowulf and Luca, which has cemented a great deal of enmity between the two overtime.
    • Despite his story being one of the most influential in all of literature, there is an extra sense of Irony in that only fragments of his tale, mostly the beginning and end are what's left and deciphered. This has been a point of contention for a lot of deities and mortals who want to learn the entirety of Beowulf's story, especially after he ascended into the Pantheon. Though based on the preserved works, it can be presumed that Beowulf went through a good deal of adventures and what he went through in governing a city as king, which would add up to Character Development. Beowulf states that he will find time to write a memoir detailing his life, travels and reign as king of the Geats, though it will take time.
  • As it turns out, he would realize that there was a Digimon based on him and fittingly being known as Beowulfmon. Given the legend about him, Beowulfmon happened to be a good-natured being which kept up to Beowulf's reputation. Hearing that Koji Minamoto of the Legendary Warriors was able to transform into one via Fusion Spirit Evolution and playing a notable role in saving the Digital World, Beowulf personally approached Koji to congratulate and praise him, which the Digidestined reciprocated back with a thanks. And given Beowulf's tendencies of fighting monsters, he's even decided to fight against Beowulfmon to further prove their worths, which Koji accepted as friendly sparring matches every now and then.
  • He became friends with Sigmar Heldenhammer after the two met with one another when the former decided to attend a coronation of Sigmar's induction into the GUAG Command. The two really connected with one another over being paragons for their land and people and taking it upon themselves to battle a great threat. Sigmar found Beowulf's story inspiring whereas the latter felt he could take notes from the former in regards to leadership. While Beowulf was disheartened to hear of Sigmar's circumstances of being unable to save his world from Archaon and the Chaos Gods, it didn't deter Beowulf from being willing to take on enemies stronger than he is and thanks Sigmar for giving him further motivation.
  • Despite his death from one of them, Beowulf doesn't really hate dragons, if mainly because the main reason he died was because he wasn't given enough help in his time of need. That said, while he did expect malicious dragons, he was surprised to learn of some that were actually ambivalent or even benevolent in nature. He took this as a learning experience where he decided to make bilateral relations with Bahamut, who was eager to accept him as an ally. Though he did tell Beowulf to be careful and distinct between the metallic dragons and the chromatic dragons, particularly Tiamat.
    • That said, Beowulf has committed himself in preparing and being wary of any evil dragons he may come across. Some like the Fatalis and Grima are two in which he takes extra caution towards as both of them are hellbent on destroying everything in their way, Fatalis out of rage and misanthropy and Grima out of sadistic pleasure and ruling the world in hellish conditions. On the bright side, it's how Beowulf became friends with Lucina, especially after hearing her ordeal with the Fell Dragon. He was quick in deciding to me for and train the future child in becoming a stronger warrior in the hopes of standing a better chance against Grima at some point.
  • Beowulf's ascension was seen as pleasant news by Hercules, who quickly came to visit and hang out with him. It turns out that in a particular universe, Beowulf and Hercules were good friends, a fact that the original Beowulf took as a good surprise. Soon enough, he and Hercules decided to familiarise with themselves again. Regardless if he is different, Hercules still regarded him as a good friend whereas Beowulf was encouraging of Hercules to carry on being a hero and honouring his family.
  • He also turned out to be friends with Xena. In her world, the two worked together to defeat the dreaded Grendel. As it is often typical of her adventures, she was the one who created the monster and sought to end things once and for all.
  • He has some ties to Zagreus, namely in the sense that his shield, Aegis is actually descended from the legendary Great hero himself. Predictably, Beowulf would meet up with the son of Hades and Persephone, during which Zagreus was honoured to meet him and took to paying his regards. Beowulf personally got to like Zagreus's upbeat demeanour and understood that while his goals of wanting to be reunited with his family is not grand, it was personal and understood his desire. Their meeting scored a good deal of respect points for each other, with Beowulf and Zagreus sometimes coming to one-another's aid in battles and are staunch in fighting for the greater good.
  • During his ventures in the Pantheon, Beowulf came blow-to-blow against the dark elf, Morathi, who, at the time, was working with the Child Abuse Supporters as a covert member for her own agenda. Beowulf once stated what was she intending to accomplish whereupon Morathi stated that she wants to make her son Malekith succeed in his goals. This reminded Beowulf of Grendel and his mother, considering that he was confronted by a malicious witch who also had a son who was just as dangerous and seemed world domination. Unlike Morathi's usual condescending and generously lustful nature, Malekith was somewhat complimentary towards Beowulf for his accomplishments, though his praises didn't exactly please Beowulf in the slightest, especially when Malekith and Morathi led a vicious race that thrived on betrayal, backstabbing, murder and invasion. From there, it was clear that Beowulf had to see Malekith and Morathi as staunch enemies that he would have to contend with in the future.
    • By extension, another Evil Matriarch was Queen Potema Septim, who engineered a ploy to get her niece and empress executed and instill her son as a ruler, an act which ended up destabilising and laying ruin to the Empire via manipulating her country into a vicious war. Even when her son died, Potema decided to enact on petty vengeance and use necromancy to justify herself on seeing her followers as tools. Being one of the worst monarchs in her world and, by extension, the Pantheon, Beowulf sees her as a disgusting woman with no virtue or respect to present her. That, and she's a demented necromancer who is not above torturing and killing others to get what she wants. She once attacked Beowulf for being an obstacle in her goals, forcing the king to seek an alliance with the Dragonborn in combating against her. That, and Beowulf will be needing a good deal of allies, those in Potema's universe included as she is also taking notes to prepare herself.
  • There was another being with the same name as Beowulf, which caught the hero's attention, though it turned out that the other Beowulf was actually a wrestler. A major difference is how this other Beowulf was a celebrity who had to deal with a dangerous Undead Child whereas he himself was more of a necessary, but beloved king who fought a dragon, even if age began to catch up to him. Both decided to have a friendly fight with one another to see who was the stronger Beowulf. The original one, though the other Beowulf was impressed by how his original namesake was stronger and lived up to his reputation. In return, Beowulf decided to learn a few wrestling skills as a sign of friendship whereas the other Beowulf is keen on hanging out on a good day and working together to stop Bloody Marie when the call is needed.
  • Some find it bizarre how only Wiglaf was chosen to be Beowulf's herald in the Pantheon. To him, he states that his kingdom does not need to be further burdened by them becoming a part of a new world and that Wiglaf proved himself to be courageous and loyal enough to be accompanied by and be reunited with him. His companion will often think about bringing along the kingdom, to which Beowulf stated that he will at some point, but must bide time before the right moment comes. After all, his people's needs come before his and Beowulf wants to make sure the Pantheon is safe enough before his Kingdom of Geats is bought along.

    Fahrenheit Protagonists 
Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, Gods and Goddess of Out-of-Genre Occurences
From left to right: Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles
  • Intermediate God, possibly Overdeity after learning the secret of the universe (Lucas), Demideities (Carla and Tyler)
  • Symbol: The Fahrenheit logo
  • Theme Song: Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy Main Title
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Out-of-Genre Occurences, Action Commands, Dueling Player Characters, Halfway Plot Switch, Private Eye Monologue, Sanity Meter
  • Domains: Genre, Mystery, Murder, Detectives
  • Allies: Norman Jayden, Jodie Holmes and Aiden, The Virtua Cops, Lucia Morgan, Caitlyn, Vi, The Mystery Gang, Most of the House of Justice
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, Hannibal Lecter, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, The Illuminati, AM, Skynet, Master Control Program, HAL 9000, SHODAN
  • On a cold night in New York City in January 2009, a man was stabbed to death in the restroom of an East Side diner, with the killer, Lucas Kane, fleeing the scene shortly after. Detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles were put in charge of solving the murder. However, what began as a murder mystery eventually escalated into a fantastical story involving Mayan cults, evil A.I. and supernatural powers.
  • Lucas Kane suddenly appeared within the Pantheon one day, with no idea of how he had gotten there. Initially suspecting the Oracle and the Orange Clan had tried to kidnap him in order to acquire the secret of the universe, Lucas was brought to the Main House and informed that the Orange Clan weren't present in the Pantheon. Simultaneously confused and relieved, Lucas proceeded to tell his story to the gods. When he concluded his story, the gods were quite impressed with how it got gradually stranger as it went along and offered to ascend him. He accepted, but requested that his wife Carla Valenti and her partner Tyler Miles ascend alongside him, which was granted.
  • They quickly managed to befriend Norman Jayden, Jodie Holmes and Aiden, whom they suspect might originate from the same world. While Norman occasionally teams up with Carla and Tyler, Jodie tends to hang out more with Lucas, whom she bonded with due to him also having powers and his ability to perceive Aiden.
  • They're also on good terms with law enforcers such as the Virtua Cops, Lucia Morgan, Caitlyn and Vi. While not a police officer himself, Lucas' powers allow him to work more efficiently and keep up better with Caitlyn and Vi.
  • They managed to strike up a friendship with the Mystery Gang, who have, on occasion, encountered actual monsters in their adventures.
  • They strongly oppose serial killers like Scott Shelby and Hannibal Lecter. Lucas dislikes Shelby due to the ordeal that he had put Ethan through, which reminds Lucas of how he himself had been possessed by the Oracle in order to kill someone. On the other hand, Carla is greatly unnerved by Hannibal Lecter due to how much he reminds her of what she experienced with Anton Janos at Bellevue Asylum.
  • Due to their experiences with the Orange Clan, they strongly dislike any conspiracy groups who seek to control other people. As a result, they oppose YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law as well as the Illuminati. Lucas suspects that members of those groups might have been responsible for his presence in the Pantheon in order to acquire the secret of the universe, which makes him especially wary of them.
  • Similarly, their encounters with the Purple Clan have resulted in them strongly opposing evil A.I. As such, they quickly became enemies with AM, Skynet, Master Control Program, HAL 9000 and SHODAN.
  • Lucas only:
    • Born and raised on a remote Wishita military base by his scientist parents, Lucas had periodic clairvoyant visions since his early childhood for reasons he did not understand. The disturbing nature of those visions had a severe emotional impact on him as a child, driving him to isolate himself from others. As an adult, Lucas worked as an IT manager and head of computer maintenance for the Naser & Jones Bank in Manhattan. However, his simple life was turned upside down when he was suddenly possessed by an unearthly force that drove him to murder a random man in the bathroom of a local diner. His visions, which had long been dormant, suddenly resurfaced with an increased frequency and potency following the events at the diner. He also discovered that since that night, he possessed enhanced speed, strength and reflexes, as well as the emergence of telekinetic abilities and temporary flight.
    • Lucas became good friends with Neo after noticing how much he their powers resembled each other. He's also on good terms with Gandalf and Phoenix Ikki, as he's also returned from death stronger than he was before.
    • Things are never quite what they seem. We think we understand the world around us but we really only see the outside. What it seems to be. I used to be just like you. I believed in humanity, the newspapers, soap commercials, politics and history books. One day the world kicks you in the teeth and you don't have any choice but to see things the way they really are. My name is Lucas Kane. My story is the one where an ordinary guy has something extraordinary happen to him. Maybe it was supposed to happen. Maybe it was my destiny or my karma or whatever. I know one thing for sure... nothing's ever going to be the same again.
  • Carla only:
    • Carla was born in Brooklyn, New York to Giuseppe Valenti and Anne Irpino as an only child, she is of Italian-American descent. Carla was known among the other members of the NYPD for her intense work ethic and commitment to the job, to the point that it appeared excessive. However, in reality, her devotion to her work was, in part, her own way of compensating for her lack of any personal life and few friends. Carla is naturally inquisitive and completionist, tending to brood over cases which appear to go nowhere, and is prepared to spend long hours poring over evidence in the hopes of finding one vital clue which may have been missed.
    • Her experience with interrogating serial killers resulted in her befriending Will Graham and Clarice Starling, whom she regularly teams up with in pursuit of apprehending Hannibal Lecter. Her claustrophobia also caused her to bond with Captain Hawkeye Pierce and Storm of the X-Men, both of whom share her phobia.
    • In five years on the force, I've seen some murders. But, you never really get used to death. You just learn to live with it, that's all. I still don't know if it was fatigue, the cold or something else, but I clearly remember the bad feeling I got when I walked into that restaurant, as if some part of me already knew that this time, something was different.
  • Tyler only:
    • Tyler Miles grew up in the Bronx and has three brothers and two sisters. He lead a rough life and this gave him passion for his police work in the hopes of making a difference, to the dismay of his fiance Samantha Malone due to her terror of him being hurt in the line of duty. Tyler, contrary to Carla's serious bearing, has a much more lackadaisical and upbeat attitude towards life, but his devotion to the job and to his fiance is unquestionable.
    • He's on very good terms with Luke Cage, who respects him for his similar desire to make New York a safer place. He also managed to bond with Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, whose break up and subsequent getting back together again reminds him of his own ordeals with his fiance Sam. He also managed to befriend the Autobot Jazz due to their shared taste in music.
    • Back then, we didn't know anything yet. We just thought it was cold, you know. If I had known, I probably would have stayed in bed that night and not gotten out until it was all over. That's the problem. If we knew ahead of time what was going to happen, we'd never leave the house.

Lesser Gods

Candyman, God of Urban Legends (Daniel Robitaille, The Writing on the Wall, The Whisper in the Classroom)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The mural of Candyman
  • Theme Song: Candyman Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Man turned Urban Legend, Born of Human Belief, Appear by a mirror when his name is spoken five times, Murdered for loving a white woman, Wears a longcoat to conceal his exposed chests covered with bees, Murder with his hook hand and bees, Vengeful Ghost, Scary Black Man (was white in the original book)
  • Domains: Urban Legend, Mirror, Murder, Bees
  • Herald: Helen Lyle
  • Allies: Bloody Mary
  • Enemies: Sumaru City Persona-Users, Rosemary Woodhouse, Ghostbusters, Nicholas Cage
  • Pitied by: Luke and Jessica Cage, Jacqui Briggs and Takeda Takahashi, Alana and Marko, Nabi and Doki
  • Candyman was once a man named Daniel Robitaille, a "freedman" and painter who fell in love with a plantation owner's daughter and was murdered by her father and a lynch mob. His death involved the men sawing off his right hand, replacing it with a hook and leaving him to be stung to death by bees when they smeared him with honey. Since then, he became a legend in modern society, with his legend spoken from Cabrini-Green to New Orleans and to Los Angeles.
  • During the dead start of Halloween, the urban legend of Candyman began spreading through the temples with many gods gossiping of his existence and the possibility of his ascension under the relevant trope. One decided to test the legend for themselves by calling out his name to a mirror five times. Sure enough, Candyman appeared and gutted him and alerted the Pantheon to his existence.
  • Though it is required for his name to be called to a mirror five times for him to kill people, it appears that he despises people that try to deny his existence. Because he is a ghost born of urban legend, he requires people's belief of his existence to remain in the mortal world. Those that try to deny his existence are often the victims of his wrath or merely collateral damage just to prove his existence, as he did to Helen Lyle.
  • He is symbolized by bees, as he was murdered by being stung by bees when his body was covered with honey. As a ghost, his entire torso is a nest of bees and has murdered some people by attacking them with bees. Nicholas Cage is not amused.
  • Candyman respects Bloody Mary, another creature born of an urban legend. In fact, Candyman's MO is practically identical to Mary's since they need someone chanting their name in a mirror a number of times in order to make them attack.
  • He was drawn to Rosemary Woodhouse as a poor victim like Helen, though he is amused with rumors of the founder of the Church of Satan involved with the movie and alleged with playing the Devil himself.
  • Because of his love for Caroline Sullivan, he often stalks those that easily remind him of her. It was very convenient that his targets included Helen Lyle, who resembled his lover, and Annie Tarrant and Caroline McKeever, who are actually his descendants.
    • Some people pity him because his only "crime" was falling in love with a white woman at a time when racism was prevalent. Even Candyman sheds a tear whenever he is reminded of his death, particularly through other deities who have suffered because of racism.
    • Luke Cage, whose marriage with Jessica is met with disdain, even pities him. "And I thought I had it bad. Sweet Christmas."
  • The Sumaru City Persona-user dread his existence as he is a killer born of an urban legend, with the widespread belief of him keeping his existence in the Pantheon. Nyarlathotep would be proud.
  • Final Destination's Death seems rather interested in Candyman, as an entity that brings certain death to those that call his name five times. Death knows a mortal known as "William Bludworth", a mortician who looks and acts remarkably similar to Candyman.
  • No, he does not come from Bountyland.

    Fionna and Cake 
Fionna and Cake, Goddesses of Fanfiction Characters (Fionna: Linn, Fiona)
Left: Fionna, Right: Cake
  • Lesser Goddess (Cake) and Demigoddess (Fionna)
  • Symbol: Fionna's crystal sword
  • Theme Song: their theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Distaff Counterparts and Canon Rule 63 versions of Finn and Jake, Tomboy and Girly Girl, Attractive Bent-Gender
  • Domain(s): Alternate Universe, Fanfiction, Gender Swap, Adventures
  • Heralds: The residents of their world (which is not named Aaa, despite what most believe)
  • Followers: Way too many to count, and way too many of them of poor quality
  • Allies: Finn and Jake (their counterparts) and most of Ooo's ascended deities
  • Special Relationships: Ice King (their author(sort of, it's complicated))
  • Enemies: The Lich, Orgalorg, GOLB
  • For years since his ascension, Ice King had made several attempts to get Fionna and Cake in the Pantheon. First, he asked Maxwell to draw them up, only to get an ogre princess and a slice of cake (said princess and her husband Shrek still hold that against him to this day). Finally, he tried to hijack Supergirl's position for them to take, but it went rather badly.
    • Not yet about to give up, even if he's since become Simon in mind now, he petitioned them for Rule 63, but someone already nominated and ascended Bowsette for the position, after which he decided that she was a way of finally making his Fionna and Cake fanfiction real and has tried to capture "Queen Koopa", much to her annoyance.
    • As it turns out, though, someone in the Court did hear his request, but it got lost in all the bureaucracy. Eventually, the request was heeded as soon as a trope was found: Fanfiction. Even though a beam from the sky is what's sending him images of Fionna and Cake's adventures into his dreams, thus implying they actually do exist somewhere in the Adventure Time multiverse, it's through Ice King's writings that they're known in canon. And there are at least four fanfic characters in the Pantheon already (Lt. Mary Sue, Old Man Henderson, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, and Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres).
  • Applies to both:
    • Are under constant surveillance by the The Protectors of the Plot Continuum. Well, more their temple anyway, to make sure their followers don't wreak havoc in the Pantheon through their subpar characterization. Fionna and Cake are okay enough in their book, but their influence nonetheless set a precedent for the worse to come…
    • Were initially repulsed by Ice King, after hearing that he dreams of marrying Fionna. Thankfully, Simon doesn't harbor such feelings (and is admittedly ashamed of that, as well as the fact that he couldn't stop himself from going after Bowsette), so no real animosity remains.
      • Also pertaining to him, his counterpart the Ice Queen is, notably, not originally a human like him, but a water nymph, and it's just a crystal rather than a crown (with crystals) that gave her powers and drove her crazy. Of course, that story bit was written by Gunter, and it's not certain if he's also gotten the same "space messages" as Ice King, so the validity of that is dubious.
    • Of course, the duo eventually met with the other ascended Adventure Time deities.
      • BMO seems to be the same as always. Then again, it doesn't really have a gender to flip.
      • It's a bit surprising that Prince Gumball's counterpart Princess Bubblegum is much more focused on science and not that much of a baker. They are aware of her...amoral actions, though, which is one thing (besides bodily composition) the two share.
      • While vastly different from Cake's boyfriend, Lady Rainicorn was a nice—if difficult to understand—fellow to hang out with.
      • There was barely any difference between LSP or LSP, be it a Prince or Princess.
      • Fionna feels uneasy around Flame Princess, given that things are still awkward between her and Flame Prince while Finn has successfully returned to being Just Friends with his former Second Love. That said, Phoebe's had it worse than Flame Prince, who was raised by fire lions instead of being a prisoner in a Decadent Court, which probably explains her…issues.
      • Despite Fionna's brief flirting with Marshall Lee, even as he was toying with her emotions, neither have issues with Marceline who wrote him in the first place, though it's not known if she also got the "messages" Ice King did or if she just inserted herself into the story after reading his fanfics. They were also intrigued in the fact that she and Bubblegum are dating again. Neither are saying if the same applies for the ones in their world.
      • Even if it's just a single Earl rather than two Ladies, neither Fionna nor Cake trust Lemongrab.
      • On one hand, Ice King's Gunter isn't a fifty-foot tall laser-shooter. On the other hand, what he actually is is much, much worse. At least he's more ambivalent as the Ice Thing now.
      • There's nothing to be said about Peppermint Butler or of any differences/similarities with his counterpart Butterscotch Butler.
      • It's not certain whether she's fought her world's version of him, the one that scattered itself from Farmworld, or both, but the Lich has marked Fionna as his archnemesis just as equally as he does Finn.
      • As for Sweet P, who the result of a Turn Undead on the Lich, they can see that he's clearly not who he once was and wishes to be a hero. With Finn and Jake's help, the two have been convinced to be friends with him and help him achieve that goal.
    • They eventually encountered Bowsette, who had been mildly curious on who these two were ever since Ice King's attempts to accost her. Most of the time, they're at odds given their respective alignments, but often that's only when Fionna or Cake start.
  • Exclusive to Fionna:
    • Prior to the truth, there have been those who thought that Fionna was actually Finn's long-lost twin (as it has been said that long-lost twins tend to lead eerily-similar lives). Finn can attest against that, having already met both his father and mother, the latter of whom would certainly know. Unless she was hiding it for some reason.
      • Due to the disastrous love life he's had, even with Huntress Wizard as a potential third flame, there are shippers who try to convince him to give Fionna a try that way and that they're perfect for each other. Unfortunately for the shippers, any adventures they have together (with Cake and Jake and whoever else) have had no romantic undertones whatsoever.
    • As a swordswoman, she's gotten acquainted with others like her such as Altria and Mordred Pendragon, Ryuko Matoi, Sayaka Miki, Xenovia and Irina Shidou, and so on.
      • She also made friends with Star Butterfly, another kicka$$ female, even if her magic when she still had it goes a bit wonky sometimes.
    • While she has a number of swords from her adventures (and stored in her and Cake's temple), Fionna's default one is the wish star sword, "baked" for her by Prince Gumball, and is a retractable blade. It can also grant small/really minor wishes.
    • Curiously, despite being just a hat, the bunny ears in Fionna's reflect her expression. Apparently, this also applies to Finn, though at a lesser extent given how small his hat's bear ears are.
  • Exclusive to Cake:
    • Knows morse code thanks to having Lord Monochromicorn as a boyfriend, who mainly speaks in that "language".
    • Cake plays a hammered dulcimer, as opposed to Jake with his viola.
    • Cake's shapeshifting powers appear to be more defined than Jake's, as she can transform almost instantaneously, and can also change into weapons (on Fionna's command, including a "morning star mode"), something that Jake has been shown to be nearly incapable of doing.
    • Doesn't tolerate any who ship her and Jake; both of them already have their own romantic companions (Lord Monochromicorn and Lady Rainicorn).

Gorillazmembers , Divine Band of Genre Roulette (2D: Stuart Pot, Murdoc: Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, Russel: Russel Hobbs)
From left to right: Russel, 2D, Noodle, and Murdoc

    Jason Voorhees 

There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees' curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can. People forget he's down there, waiting...

Jason Voorhees, Great Herald of the Slasher Genre and The Hockey Mask and Chainsaw Combination (The Crystal Lake Killer, Hockey Puck, PO'ed Goalie, Maggot Head, Jason X, Über-Jason)
Jason X 
Uber Jason 
  • Theme song: Friday the 13th, He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask), Relentless, XIII
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Über-Jason)
  • Symbol: A hockey mask with a bloody machete behind it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A kid who seeks revenge on him and his mother and turned into a slasher killer, a dedicated survivalist while he was human, rumored to appear every Friday the 13th, mentioned as a legend, then turned to life horror figure, absolutely does not die especially when he becomes a revenant, grows more sinister by age, from a poor child with a skull deformity to a killer of about 200+ in kills, uses the camp to his advantage, mentally retarded but can improvise, loves his mom throughout his life, not malicious but has a childlike mindset, has a general fear of water all around, has three variations (Slasher, Relentless, Unstoppable)
  • Domains: Fear, Legends, Killing, Masks, Slasher Villains
  • Herald: Pamela Voorhees (his mother)
  • Rivals: The Entity (alongside her own brand of killers: Herman Carter, Evan McMillan and Charlotte and Victor Deshayes), Leatherface, Michael Myers, Amanda Young, Pyramid Head, Nemesis, Pinhead, the Ghostface Killers
  • Respects: Norman Bates (may lean in Rival territory at times), Michael Bay
  • Respected by: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Source of Interest: Sinestro
  • Opposed by: Anyone who lives in New York City, Roger Ebert
  • Enemies: Anybody who steps foot at Camp Crystal Lake, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Ash Williams, the Kombatants (especially Liu Kang)
  • Camp Crystal Lake. The lake was once occupied by many people back in the day and a playground for children, has been abandoned and left empty due to a few incidents. Legends say that a relentless man who was thought to be dead emerges in the camp every Friday the 13th, that those who encounter him in the camp disappear, never to be seen again and those that do escape, which is few and far between, live to tell the tale. A death curse, as some would say. This was known as Jason Voorhees' curse, the man that would terrorize anyone who visited the lake and then some. His legend would come true following an incident in the reopening of the camp in 1979 and it would all turn to hell after that, as the curse of the killer ravaged the teenager visitors to leave the camp alone. Despite the first incident leaving one person alive, the sequence of events after the first incident would become the precedent for the level of horror and killing the masked killer would pursue against his victims, thus the legend born.
    • The first event was not done by the real Jason, believe it or not. That was done by his mother, Pamela Voorhees, who harbored a great grudge against the counselors who were supposed to watch over her son, mind you Jason had a lot of mental issues when he was a kid. That same time was when Jason drowned in the lake, likely due to the supervisors' incompetence. This very act drove his mother on edge and murdered the people who were supposed to watch over her child as well as having a desire to close Camp Crystal Lake by any means necessary and rid of visitors while also fueling her paranoia, grief, and desire for revenge. The opening of the camp by 1979 made her return, this time with murderous intentions as the people have not learned from the camp's history. While the event marked another tragedy for those keeping up with the place, Pamela's death would all be in vain, as it turns out that Jason is living on the other side of the forest, safe and sound, well until his mother was confirmed dead. The death of the only person that cared for him would be the catalyst for the next series of killings, all of which would cement the killer himself: Jason Voorhees.
  • Jason's life was never a pleasant one, even when he was a child, due to his disabilities that made him different from the rest of the children. He was described back then having a skull deformity known as Hydrocephalus, thus having a larger shape on his head. This was also on top of the problem of him mentally retarded, hence his childlike behaviour even past his age. His mom brought him to Camp Crystal Lake due to her being hired as a cook and unable to find anyone to take care of a young Jason at home. That brought with it a host of other problems as the kids constantly bullied him for being dumb (more of him staying with his mom than with others), combined with the people supposed to watch over him instead leaving for casual sex, had the bullies leave him to drown in the lake. He did survive, but Pamela's mental state got worse and resulted to the first string of murders. It was only after her mother's death that Jason took the moniker of a masked killer and kill all to please her mother and protect Camp Crystal Lake.
    • A series of mass murders began on the summer of 1984; some would consider this to be Jason's debut as the eponymous killer after the death of his mother. It all started with the killing his mother's killer, the supposed Final Girl. Then 1984 rolls around and a new group of teenagers are hanging around the Camp, with him stalking them and determined to kill the trespassers. He kills a cop and a drunkard, as his second and third victim respectively, then murders the six-would be counselors as planned. Encountered by another teenager who discovered the shrine of Pamela Voorhees, she would discover Jason's first weakness: his dedication to his mother and was confused when said teenager wore his mother's clothes. After killing one of her friends, he disappeared and was nowhere to be found, until months later where he would be sighted once more on Higgins Haven, near Crystal Lake where another set of murders occurred. After the same killing spree, he was found supposedly "dead" in a morgue alongside his 10 victims where he arose for one last streak of bloody murders, meeting his end at the hands of Tommy Jarvis. 26 bloody murders were added to Jason's 10-body killing spree, totaling to 36 kills in the span of one year. That would however not be the last of his appearance.
    • With Tommy Jarvis under massive hallucinations of the already killed Jason as well as becoming a near copycat, he decided to face his fear and make peace with the already dead corpse of the killer but was suddenly resurrected when a lightning strike revived him, creating another series of murders within Camp Crystal Lake. With Tommy forced to find a way to kill him once more, he lured him into the lake and decided to drown him and succeed in doing so, making the lake a water prison for Jason while he brought with him 18 people to his body count and creating a string of resurrections. Years later, he would be brought back to life once again by a telepath by the name of Tina Williams who accidentally brought him back to life, triggering another series of murders until their eventual confrontation, leading to Jason bringing 15 more victims while brought back in the lake to drown once more, and was brought to life again by electricity, taking his killing spree to Manhattan of all places and adding 17 victims to his total kills. Even his death by chemical drowning did not stop him as he is later brought back to life, and his mask merged with his face, eventually gaining the power of possession and killed some more victims on the way to getting a new body. However, this time around, after his death he would be placed in hell and would stay in a perfect recreation of Camp Crystal Lake where he would kill his would be targets, had he not been interrupted by the claws of Freddy Krueger who used him for his new plan.
    • The rest of Jason's history can be described as "What if Jason Voorhees encountered Freddy Krueger and Ash Williams?" This is the best summary for the next events after being dragged to hell as Jason and Freddy would fight as the Springwood Slasher had plans to use Jason as a catalyst for his return. Despite his best efforts and his exploitation of Jason's weaknesses, he won and decapitated Freddy's head but not before the latter stayed in Jason's conscience, where he manipulated him to using the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and attracted Ash Williams, the hunter of the Deadites. With the combined efforts of the survivors of Jason's murders, the FBI and Ash, they stopped the now merged Freddy/Jason, empowered by the Necronomicon and the Deadites and freed all the souls accumulated by the two, including the depowered Freddy. As Jason is defeated, the voice of his mother confirms that Jason will never die and by 2008, the words bore fruit as his body was recovered and heavily experimented on for about 450 years, where he would make a resurgence on The Grendel. To put it simply, he was revived in the future, got more kills, and was thwarted, this time for good. And for those counting the kill count of Jason's history? The count could be about 200 victims, perhaps more by the time he was discovered years later in the future.
  • The ascension of such horror legend was inevitable. With all the various deities that represent all kinds of horror from ghosts, zombies and eldritch beings, slasher villains were among the missing bunch, though this may attribute to the lack of popularity for such an old genre. The Gates of the Pantheon was not even where Jason arrived, instead he came from hell, where the hellish lords proposed on bringing a menace to terrify the Pantheons. When the lords arrived at a throne made up of dead bodies, most of which could be the killer's victims, they found their perfect match, the old legend known as Jason Voorhees was the person the demonic entities sought, and a sight did they behold as the Pantheon was shook in fear of the curse coming back to life. In addition, his temple, Camp Crystal Lake, has been established in the Pantheon, making it a restricted area under the fear that several visitors and even some Pantheonic deities may enter the Camp, unaware that anyone who enters the place will become the next victims of Jason's long list of murders.
  • In the world of horror (or more specifically the film type), Jason stands among the brightest and well-known. His combination of a simplistic design and popular kills as well as a simple motivation made him instantly recognizable to many deities both in awe and in terror. Even past the film type, many can recognize the sight of a regular man with a machete and a hockey mask to see the legend take shape. The more Darwinist deities often sees Jason's kills as reasonable kills and sees him as a hero who weeds out the week and dumb. Most of the respect towards Jason can be seen with the House of Theatre and Spectacle and even has a special seat in the House, as he, Norman Bates and Michael Myers are noted to being the main figureheads of slasher horror films, with Bates being the cited origin and Voorhees and Myers being the ones that lead the genre to the mainstream. Roger Ebert says otherwise however, being the harshest critic to Jason in the entire Pantheon and giving most, if not all his films horrendous scores, even coining slasher films as "Dead Teenagers Films".
  • The popularity of the renowned killer also shares with its people's fear. After all, since the Pantheon brought who is essentially one of the most persistent killers, that would mean anyone could be fair game in his list. True to such, there are many reasons for people avoiding his wrath past his notability, for instance, being able to kill the first Final Girl, or at least the person responsible for killing his mother, his status of persistence against his victims, how newfound powers and resurrections cementing the former, and history from a man who wanted to keep the camp to himself, to becoming a slasher in a cyborg, oh yeah and do not forget his foray in New York, which frightened everyone how a well-known serial killer blazed through one of the most populated cities in the world. In short, there are many reasons for others to avoid Jason and it is mostly because they value their lives rather than watch as a machete beheads them in fear.
  • His temple is a recreation of Camp Crystal Lake, all the way down to how the grass is laid. Said temple is one of the least visited, both by visitors and Pantheon deities alike due to his tendencies of killing anyone who even tries to set foot in the camp, which is how most of his victims occur his presence anyway. Most mortals do not make it out alive and the ones that do usually have help from someone in the Pantheon with the possibility that both the poor mortal and the deity Samaritan might end up having their carcasses placed under a shrine. Oh yeah, since this is his perfect rendition of the camp, it includes the shrine of his mother, Pamela Voorhees, of which he constantly praises and visits every day. Not surprising since his past and his entire life was thanks to his mama, including his killings.
    • If anything, all those killings and his motivation boils down to two reasons: territory and revenge. Territory comes to anyone who enters Camp Crystal Lake, as well as being a Home Field Advantage due to being a local of the camp. Revenge comes to the death of his mom as her killings and her death would trigger the hatred Jason needed to pursue those who wronged his mama. That's right, despite all the killings and fear, Jason still loves his mom first and foremost, more so than anything and anyone who is stupid enough to either diss on her shrine or using her against him (demonstrated by Freddy of all people) will get a first-hand look at decapitation.
  • Impossibility to kill aside, it is said that Jason's persistence came at a price: sure, he knows the ins and outs of the camp and can track his prey easily, his mindset is still his childlike self, meaning he still has irrational fear over something, in his case water in all its forms. This also explains why it hinders him from killing anyone younger than 17 and tends to lash out at times. Being revived as a revenant did make him sturdier than a regular human, but it removes many of the intelligence he once had as a human and can just simply face tank anything in front of him. That said, he is technically not immortal, he just has strong regeneration and strength to back him up, and as one has shown in his last appearance in space, atmospheric heat is enough to burn the son of a bitch for good.
  • When it was revealed that he survived well into the future, he managed to get a hold of upgrades. Originally frozen multiple times, he was removed from his frozen shackles and attacked, proving to be still deadly in the already far future, though his old durability became no use after a cyborg rendered him near dead, until he entered a medical bed and received a new upgrade in the form of Über-Jason. Bulletproof, capable of teleportation and boasting an impressive weaponry, many survivors were utterly at dismay of his newfound form, though this would be his last appearance due to burning in the Earth's atmosphere. As compensation, Jason only unleashes this form under extreme circumstance.
  • The history of him killing the final survivor of his mother's rampage Alice Hardy was proof that Final Girls is not immune to Jason's presence, special mention to her since she killed his mother and became the killer he is known for. This reason is why Laurie and Sidney are most wary of Jason other than their own respective pursuers. The duo has been hard at work training their clergy on how to survive an encounter with him, but most attempts have come short unhelped by Jason's multitude of powers that renders death meaningless to him. Oh, and the Pantheon's status quo only makes things worse as he can just kill them again, again and again. The only thing they can do is warn other survivors about his presence, which was eventually heralded by Ash William's arrival, the only person who faced Jason and survived. Ash's shock to hear of Jason's return has him dedicated not just in taking down the Deadites and Freddy Krueger but him as well, killing him, however, will take a monumental effort.
  • One can deduce that he may have some animosity towards other serial killers of similar kind but that may not be the case. Other than his desire for revenge and territorial behaviour, he bears no evil towards others, which is different compared to the scale of other serial killers who directly feed on fear and relish in their victim's deaths. The exception to this rule is Norman Bates, due to his status as the one that gave birth to the genre, he is in. He has no reason to kill him and respects him to some degree. The other killers however treat him as a threat, mainly because Jason might end up killing their planned victims and most importantly, themselves. Freddy Krueger and Leatherface being the proof that such animosity does not exist.
    • Freddy Krueger is perhaps the closest to Jason in terms of an archnemesis. Being dragged in hell was bad enough but being a pawn to the Springwood Slasher ticked his boxes. Even the teenagers that saw Jason's fight with Freddy agree that he is the least malicious compared to Freddy. That said, Freddy has not forgiven him for failing his greater scheme for more souls, and most importantly, has not forgiven him for beheading his head, determining the winner of the two, as well as failing in their fight against Ash Williams. In return however, Freddy has laughed at the fact that some unknown Entity has brought him in a new playground for new potential victims, while Jason is left with nothing. He does not mind, at least he can put Freddy's decapitated head in front of the sign at Camp Crystal Lake for good measure.
    • Completing his lack of animosity towards the other slasher killers, Leatherface was on the fence when he saw him once again. They had a rivalry in the past when they thought that they would be likely allies until it was clear that Leatherface was more loyal to family than "friends" and fair enough since even he has more loyalty to his mom than to anyone. The normally emotionless Jason attacked Leatherface for his betrayal and has been in bad blood against him, all the worse when the two must share tropes related to them as slasher villains and eventually reached to its tipping point upon a visit to another realm.
    • Other serial killers have also harbored a grudge against Jason, as he has the fame, respect, and the largest number of kills by any other serial killer of his kind, with Michael Myers competing with him over who gets to kill certain people, likely due to Myers having the second highest kill count of around 120 and Jason eclipsing him by a large margin of 200+ kills (and then some by 2445). That said, he was very, very displeased when the Entity invited many horror figureheads in a new place where they can live out their killer fantasies, including his archnemesis Freddy, Leatherface, Myers and others including Amanda Young (taking the moniker of The Pig), Pyramid Head, Nemesis and Pinhead. In addition, the Entity also had a few killers of its own roam free in the Pantheon. Jason lashed very hard about the fact that he was not invited to a place that seemed right for the type he is and decided to install his own asymmetrical experience with positive to mixed results.
  • Jason is no stranger when it comes crossovers, as his experience with Freddy, Ash and Leatherface has shown. What most did not expect that he would be a visitor to Earthrealm and came across many interesting targets. They are a lot stronger than his usual marks, but he has shown to the gods of the universe that he is very capable of handling his own and even has replica heads of all the Kombatants he has personally faced, this also shows that Jason has the capability to fight against gods and win, making his fear even more present. In an alternate timeline, he caught the attention of Earthrealm's new emperor, Liu Kang, who wanted him to fight in his planned invasion of Earthrealm. Anyone who has seen his fight with Freddy can see where this will end at as he choked him to death with his own intestines, though it was not permanent due to being undead. The real Liu Kang is now far more wary of succumbing to his own hubris. He would thank Jason, but there is no way he will be getting anywhere near him without good reason. This realm however became the tipping point in his rivalry between him and Leatherface, making the two strong rivals for facing the Kombatants in different timelines.
  • Unlike Freddy and Leatherface, he has no problem with Michael Bay producing a reboot of his series. The film harkens back to Jason's human life but without all the zombie powers and regeneration, instead going to his old roots of being a territorial type but with a far more cunning strategy and resilience, even having a network of tunnels underneath Camp Crystal Lake. He is one of the few people he spares but is disgruntled when he realized that a planned sequel would never come out, meaning he still must wait for a 13th Friday the 13th. Bay had no comment and found the coincidence all too matching.
  • Fear is a powerful emotion, both in fear against your opponents and fears that the person has. Few people inspire fear among others and Jason's legend still brings a chill to anyone, bonus points if they have personally met him and lived to tell the tale. When he arrived in the Pantheon, a yellow ring came across camp and accepted him into a new corps, one that stuck fear among their opponents. Sinestro was notified of Jason's addition to the Yellow Lantern Corps and was heavily reminded when Scarecrow was added to the Corps. While Scarecrow may not be present, Jason can heavily fit as a worthy substitute but must deal with the fact that Jason is dormant unless someone steps in the Camp. The potentials of Jason being empowered by a Yellow Lantern Ring could be devastating but seeing that the Pantheon is filled with many forms of possibilities, such idea is not far-fetched and could be in the making.
  • His temple has been expanded to the House of Villainy, under Villainous Appearances.


    John Freeman and Henry Freeman 
John Freeman and Henry Freeman, Co-Gods of Deliberately Poorly-Made Fanfiction (John Freeman: Saver of Humens | Henry Freeman: President Henry Freeman)
John Freeman, firing his signature "wepon", as seen in machinima adaptation by ICTON
Henry Freeman, as seen in machinima adaptation by ICTON
  • Demigods (though John Freeman can get to the Intermediate God levels when he uses his Animated Adaptation powers by "making fists with hands")
  • Symbol: Their "wepons" (twin-barreled automatic machine guns)
  • Theme Song: Furries In A Blender - John Freeman
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for both
  • Portfolio: Starring in deliberately poorly-written fanfics, Parody Sues, Typos, Badass Family, Full-Name Basis, Determinators
  • Domains: Fanfiction, Poor Writing, Wepons
    • John Freeman: Motorcycles, Backflips
    • Henry Freeman: Rebellion, Leadership
  • High Priest: John Stalvern
  • Heralds: Moint Pan, Joe Chief
  • Followers: Cow-orker Jimm, Digimon, Joe Chief, Dark Yagami, Moint Pan, and pretty much any other star of intentionally bad fanfictions
  • Allies: The Science Team
  • Commonality Connection with: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gordon Freeman and the other good-aligned Half-Life deities
  • Enemy Mine with: The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Black Ops
  • Enemies: The Combine, the Headcrabs, The Harvesters, Ur-Quan Kzer-Za
  • Opposed by: Protectors of Plot Continuum
  • Source of Interest to: I. M. Meen
  • These two...odd gods come from the world of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, a deliberately badly-written fanfic series containing nearly every cliche one can imagine. Including the main character being related to the canon important character. Enter John Freeman, who was Gordon Freeman's brother, known to ride motorcycles, do backflips, fire from "wepons", kill "zombie goasts" and "evil bosses", and many other weird stuff you can imagine, and his son, Henry Freeman, who was born in "the dark and scarry future of the world" where "Combines" were terrorizing people until Henry Freeman picked up "wepon" and killed two Combines once they killed his mother. Together, the father and the son managed to stop the threat of Combines "forrest of time", with John Freeman sacrificing himself to save the "humens", and Henry Freeman becoming the president of the new, peaceful world.
  • One day, the Combine were preparing themselves for an all-out attack on the Pantheon, until some members of their army noticed a man on the horizon, standing near the fallen train. Managing to somehow lift the entire train, the man hurled it across the place, devastating most of Combine's unprepared and unfinished army before proceeding to slaughter them en-masse with his "wepon" and "bear hands". One Combine soldier managed to reach the man and was about to stab him, only for another previously unseen man to throw "granaid" at him, knocking him off his feet before the other man finished him off by "shooting his head below". With the Combine's army thrashed, the two men earned the attention of all other deities, and when they learned of their origins, it was decided to ascend the two, recognized as John Freeman and Henry Freeman, as Co-Gods of Deliberately Poorly-Made Fanfiction, with both ready to wreck "Combines" and face "full-life consequences" once more in the Pantheon.
  • The Protectors of Plot Continuum were extremely unhappy with their ascension, given that both of them fall under every single jurisdication of "Gary Stu" and their fanfic of origin violating every rule of English language and adherance to canon. In fact, PPC actually murdered an iteration of John Freeman once. The fact that their fic's author revealed himself to be a troll also complicated the issue, as the lesson PPC learned from their fic now gives them struggle with finding a difference between a genuinely terrible fanfic writer and a very clever troll. Given that Sues that come from trollfics generally serve as a distraction for the true root of problem, PPC, while still opposing the two, now tend to focus on targetting the true enemy, squirrelking's true identity, a troll called Mattimer.
  • Though they were informed beforehand that Gordon Freeman in the Pantheon is not John Freeman's brother, that didn't prevent them from seeking out an alliance with him and his allies. Given what Gordon and his allies have heard about John Freeman and Henry Freeman from the PPC, they were initially very reluctant to form an alliance, but, given that the two are actually capable, if eccentric, fighters who can truly give the Combine a bad time, and quite good-hearted as far as some fanfic Sues go, they managed to form a bit unstable working relationship, though Gordon specifically has to remind them that he isn't related to them.
    • The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and the Black Ops normally would've seen both of them as enemies due to their relationship with Gordon Freeman, even if it's not with the Pantheon's Gordon Freeman. However, given all those aliens and monsters that inhabit the Pantheon, some of whom come from their native universe, they agreed to a cease-fire until the threats will be eliminated.
    • The Combine (whom they both refer to as "Combines", much to everyone's displeasure and annoyance) hates the two, given that both of them managed to cause a devastating destruction to their forces' fanfic counterparts, and are perfectly capable of causing as much destruction to them as well. All Combine troops were specifically ordered to treat John Freeman as the highest-priority threat whenever he drops his "wepon" and says the line "I have to kill fast and bullets too slow", as then he starts killing their troops even faster with his "bear hands" alone. And God forbid if he ever "makes fists with hands", as in that case, the amount of destruction he may cause is incalculatable, as he had already demonstrated during his ascension.
    • Both John Freeman and Henry Freeman can't stand the Headcrabs, given all sorts of trouble they went through because of them (as they turn people into zombies and "zombie goasts", including their version of Gordon Freeman and a policeman who tried to give John Freeman a ticket for speeding), and Henry Freeman dislikes them as well, as he was also threatened to be made into a headcrab zombie.
  • As both come from poorly written fanfiction (though it's confirmed to be intentional on John Freeman & Henry Freeman's parts), it would be only fitting that they would encounter Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the star of one of the (fascinatingly) worst fanfics ever conceived. As such, they formed a commonality with each other, though Ebony would rather prefer John Freeman and Henry Freeman be a bit more "goffic". The fact that they come from the work with atrocious grammar had also caught the interest of I. M. Meen, who's acting uncharacteristically nice to them, much to their confusion. Though some are concerned that he's actually trying to gain power from the misspellings and grammar violations of their fanfic of origin.
  • As they come from the more humorous take on the Half-Life universe, they ended up meeting the stars of another Half-Life parody: The Science Team of Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware series, complete with their own version of Gordon Freeman, who was much more talkative and sort of loopier than regular Gordon. Unfortunately, this version of Gordon still refused to accept John Freeman as his brother and reacted with a massive confusion with a man referring to him as a "bro", much to John Freeman's disappointment. Despite this, John Freeman and Henry Freeman are still on very good terms with the group, and John Freeman got along swimmingly with Dr. Coomer, another fellow chaotic person. Though efforts were made to separate the two, given that together they tend to cause tons of unintentional destruction, as recited by an incident where Dr. Coomer had convinced John Freeman to join him in wrecking the Combine's base, and when Dr. Coomer activated his SuperPlayer feature and John Freeman "made fists with hands"...let's just say the amount of damage done was off the scale.
  • Given their own experience with the Combines, they hate other alien races that want to, in their own words, "make humens slave and sad", thus immediately putting Ur-Quan Kzer-Za on their shitlist. They're also very unfond of the Harvesters, as, while they're not seeking to enslave humanity, they still want to destroy it and plunder Earth for resources, which is not okay in their book.
  • John Freeman-only:
    • Many deities recall an incident involving John Freeman barging into Wallace Breen's temple to shoot him in the eyes, but accidentally destroying his whole head. When asked for reason behind his unprovoked attack, John Freeman explained that he thought it was the "final boss" who managed to arrive into the Pantheon. Given it was Breen who suffered the onslaught, they allowed him to get away with it, but warned him to not repeat such unprovoked attacks on other targets, or at the very least give a warning before he does. Another unfortunate incident involved John Freeman getting at odds with Dr. Hax, given that Hax's head size makes him even more similar to the "final boss", prompting the man to attack him. Hax, in turn, hates him back due to being extremely overpowered, which he finds to be very similar to using HAAAAAAAAX!
    • For similar reasons with Breen and Hax, he's not too fond of the G-Man, given that the G-Man reminds him too much of the "next boss" that stepped on his brother and killed him. He was also really disappointed to find out that rockets are not G-Man's weakness. The G-Man on his part avoids confronting John Freeman, seeing him as unnecessary for his plans and a complete waste of time in general.
    • GLaDOS doesn't like John Freeman much, given that one time when John Freeman landed into Aperture Science, didn't try to leave when she showed him exit, and then proceeded to murder him with a "rocket gun". Many have pointed out that her solution of trying to split Aperture Science into two halves on which each of them would live separately without talking before her imminent death had failed due to her starting to speak despite claiming that they won't speak to each other. GLaDOS herself had reasoned that this was a bizarre experience, and that she still won't tolerate John Freeman within her presence, and claimed that the next time he lands in her laboratory, she'll simply let her turrets kill him.
    • John Freeman is noted to be a very skilled biker, capable of achieving seemingly impossible stunts such as doing multiple backflips in the sky and landing on back wheels. He also has two motorcycles, one of which is faster than the first and has gas in it whenever the gas in the first one runs out. His motorcycle-driving skills allowed him to get along well with Kamen Riders, who themselves are known to be exceptional bikers, though they are a little confused by how his first motorcycle resembles a bathtub loosely attached to two wheels, and the second motorcycle is a car frame with the house chair on it and the few control devices.
    • Back in his fanfic of origin, he faced multiple "zombie goasts", which he frequently killed, first time for feeling sorry for them and trying to let them "be at piece", and the second time because they tried to kill him. This led him to have several conflicts with entities that registered as "zombie goasts" in his book, namely: Hisako, Kayako Saeki, and Sadako Yamamura, all of whom are ghosts with zombie-like appearance. With Hisako, the conflicts tend to present themselves as usual battles between the two, with John Freeman's misguided pity and belief that she'd "were at piece" should he destroy her grave. But with the latter two, he ended up facing little success, as both of the so-called "zombie goasts" he faced ended up giving him Cruel and Unusual Death, and him trying to blow up Kayako's house to kill her so she'd "were at piece" failed due to explosives failing to set off due to her interference. Many have reprimanded John Freeman for unceremoniously attacking two extremely dangerous ghosts and one peaceful, and demanded him to stop, as he only continues making fool of himself (or violent madman in Hisako's case), and in case he won't, he'll be simply banned from entering the Hall of Ghosts. John Freeman relented, but he still secretly hopes to allow them to "be at piece" someday.
    • Many have compared John Freeman to be the spitting image of Gabriel Reyes "before he went edgelord". John Freeman personally doesn't care, but the Reaper can't stand such comparisons and personally declared John Freeman to be his enemy, swearing to kill him to regain his own lost pride, much to John Freeman's exasperation.
    • "its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences"
  • Henry Freeman-only:
    • Being the Rebel Leader who managed to free the humanity from the slavery under Combines' abusive leadership, he managed to earn respect of the likes of Jim Raynor and Lelouch vi Britannia, another fellow Rebel Leaders. That being said, they were a bit critical of his battle tactics, which basically boil down to "attack the enemy until it dies", though they do understand that he was inexperienced and didn't have much to work with. They decided to teach him more advanced tactics and strategies to prevent the avoidable loss of life.
    • "Combines it is time to do what has to be done and live up to my family name"

    Jon Stewart 
Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, God of News Parodies (Jon Stewart)
  • Theme Song: Dog On Fire
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Daily Show logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Satire, Straight Man, Motor Mouth, Unfazed Everyman, Jewish Complaining, Butt-Monkey, Nice Guy with an occasional Brooklyn Rage
  • Domains: Knowledge, Good, Charm, Trickery
  • Followers: Samantha Bee, David Frost, Chris Morris, Larry Wilmore
  • Herald: Trevor Noah
  • Allies: John Oliver (former correspondent), Kyle Brofloski, The LOL Rangers, Seth Rollins
  • Enemies: Cartman, Trollkaiger, John Cena
  • Opposed by: Hank Hill, Bandit Keith
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: with Stephen Colbert
  • It has long been Stephen Colbert's mission to try and ascend Jon Stewart in the Pantheon. The two have been at odds with each other for years during the heydays of when they owned their own shows. With Jon retiring, Colbert had no rival anymore. So he worked tirelessly to find a way to ascend him. That day finally arrived as the interest for News Parodies has never been higher. Boosted by this new craving, Colbert brought Stewart into the Pantheon. The first thing he did was gloat bout beating him to the Pantheon by several years. The next moment was spent with the two hugging each other. Differences aside, the two have become best of friends. Nowadays, Jon runs his own show entirely within the Pantheon to tell the news on what has happened in the land.
    • There are many anchors who use the News Parody as their platform but it was Jon Stewart who paved the way to making it popular. In fact, many of his followers ended up creating their own shows, including the ascended Stephen Colbert. The head of his old show is now Trevor Noah, his high priest. His final show was an emotional affair, with many hoping that he would continue on well past 2015. But he had made up his mind by then, leaving things to his high priest as he ventures off on his own.
  • With his new show in the Pantheon, Jon spent little time taking shots at the idiocy of many in the Pantheon. With plenty of factions around, there was no shortage of topics to bring up. It was then that he realized that people here tend to strike back much harder. A day after making fun of Handsome Jack's Villainous Breakdown, his show was completely taken over remotely by Trollkaiger who responded by spending an entire episode dissing Jon Stewart. The day was saved when the LOL Rangers managed to regain control of the broadcast. Afterwards, they invited him to become a partner ranger. Stewart is contemplating as we speak.
  • A New Yorker through and through, he has the city's back. That goes double for anyone who tries to talk trash about the Big Apple. That and anyone who tries to say deep dish pizza is better than New York style.
  • The were two different reactions to his ascension for the boys of South Park. Kyle welcomed the news, as he got to see a Nice Jewish Boy grow up to become the man known as Jon Stewart. Cartman on the other hand despises the man, accusing the man of showing liberal bias. Jon tends to prefer the former, but he also allowed Cartman to speak his mind in his show from time to time.
  • He may be on the left side of the political spectrum and does enjoy dissing conservatives on Fox News, but do not convince him to carry that sort of news over to actual news channels. CNN learned a painful lesson when they tried to get Jon Stewart to endorse their new show Crossfire it was cancelled shortly after his appearance after he bashed the very concept of the show.
  • Jon Stewart's career rose to its height by making fun of George W. Bush and his vice president Dick Cheney. This did not sit well with many followers of Hank Hill who revered the former president. Hank chimed in, stating he thought that Dubya was treated unfairly during that time. With that said, he does admit that some of his jokes are funny.
  • Bandit Keith had a more hostile reaction. He demanded to be put on the show to give the comedian a piece of his mind. Keith only served to embarass himself even more, with the resulting video scoring millions on viewers.
  • The fact that there is even a tiny chance for Commie Nazis to ascend drives him up the wall. Jon can't comprehend how such a being can ever make it to the Pantheon, not because they are Obviously Evil but because such a thing should not exist given how diametrically opposed the two groups are. One can be sure he will shoot down any candidate to ascend on that regard.
  • One wouldn't think as such, but Jon Stewart is familiar with the workings of the WWE. Seth Rollins came by the give the man a hug. It was Jon's interference that helped Seth win the US Championship at Summerslam 2015. Shortly afterwards, John Cena came by regarding the same match... and performed an Attitude Adjustment on Jon Stewart through his own table. That was for costing him said title. It helps that Jon Stewart was a New Yorker, a common enemy of those from Boston.
  • "And with my profile done, here it is: My Moment in Zen."

    The Man with No Name 
The Man With No Name, High Prophet of Spaghetti Westerns (Joe, Manco, Blondie, The Stranger, The Hunter, The Bounty Killer, Americano, Mister Sudden Death, Señor Ninguno, Nameless, No Name, The Spirit of the West)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A black hat, a poncho, and a Smith & Wesson revolver
  • Theme Music: A Fistful of Dollars; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spaghetti Western, Badass Poncho, Bounty Hunter, The Drifter, The Stoic, The Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Improbable Aiming Skills, No Name Given, Good is Not Nice, Anti-Hero
  • Domains: Westerns, Drifters, Stoicism
  • Followers: Sartana, Django, Juan Miranda
  • Allies: John Wayne, John Marston, Jesse McCree, The Lone Ranger, Marty McFly, Roland Deschain of Gilead, Sanjuro, Puss in Boots, Zorro
  • Rivals: Yosemite Sam, Erron Black, Hol Horse, Boba Fett, Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Opposed by: Gwangi
  • Odd Friendship with: Dirty Harry, Jotaro Kujo, Rango
  • Mysterious Protector towards: Jill McBain
  • A drifter of few words, this man has traveled across the wild west visiting a number of towns. He is easily identifiable through his hat, his poncho, and the fact that he is quick on the draw with his revolver. While he may be just looking for a bounty that can provide good money, he has a sense of honor and many of the people he has gone up against are morally reprehensible in different ways.
  • In his travels, he somehow managed to find a place that is unlike any other place he had been to. He decided to stay at what is known as the Pantheon as it provided plenty of opportunities to take on jobs for money and possibly clean out whatever corruption there is at that place. That said, his temple is merely a place for him to rest since he still travels frequently to other places.
  • Despite what his moniker would suggest, he has been given a few nicknames from some of the people that he has encountered in his travels. That said, none of those nicknames are considered to be his official name. The various other aliases he has don't count as well. And neither do the nicknames that some of the deities came up for him as well.
  • Before becoming a bounty hunter, he was originally a ranch hand that had to put up with another, crueler hand known as Carvell. Conflict later lead to a shootout with the latter hand getting killed. The Man with No Name then became a bounty hunter after it was discovered that Carvell was a wanted man, alongside the fact that the bounty reward for Monk Carver (who Carvell actually was) was higher than the pay at the ranch.
  • Gwangi, a dinosaur, is rather antagonistic towards him given that it had come into conflict against cowboys in the past. While he feels a bit more indifferent than anything at the fact that a creature that he largely didn't know about until told about it hates him, he is willing to take down the dinosaur if given a job to do so, even if such a thing is potentially more difficult than his normal targets.
  • One of his more notable encounters throughout his travels was with Dirty Harry, a man who looked a lot like the cowboy. Both are anti-heroic figures who rely on a revolver as their main weapon, but while the cowboy goes into action whenever he is offered to take on something, the cop is much more active in trying to deliver justice. In any case, the two hold brief conversations with each other whenever they meet.
  • He didn't really expect to have much in common with Jotaro Kujo, but his meeting with him proved otherwise. Putting aside the fact that The Man with No Name is a wandering bounty hunter and Jotaro is a Japanese man with a supernatural fighting style that has encountered a lot of weird things, the two are very capable men that are able to keep a cool head even when things become serious. Jotaro even quoted (or at least paraphrased) one of the cowboy's lines at one point.
    • Jotaro also told him during one of their talks that there was a bounty hunter who had a bit of a cowboy-like attitude and a revolver that tried targeting Jotaro and his group in the past (Jean-Pierre Polnareff had a talk with Jotaro after the latter's initial meeting with The Man with No Name and brought up one of such pursuers to Jotaro). Not long after, The Man with No Name went around looking for that person and it brought him to Hol Horse. An improptu duel ensued and it ended with Hol Horse getting shot. The Man with No Name told Hol Horse that had it not been for the latter's cockiness, he would have been a formidable adversary (especially consider what Hol Horse is capable theory, at least).
  • It was obvious that he wasn't the only bounty hunter around and heard about some others in his field, regardless of the time period that they came from (and in Lockdown's case, size). Oddly enough, some see Boba Fett as something of a futuristic counterpart for the cowboy due to their stoicism and how, of all things, the cowboy's poncho and Boba Fett's armor have a similar color scheme.
  • Being a cowboy, he encountered others like him during his travels and is fairly good acquaintances with much of them even if their meetings only happen infrequently to begin with. In particular, he sees Jesse McCree as having a lot in common with him.
    • He also heard that there was an outlaw or two running around, though he considers Yosemite Sam to be more of a nuisance compared to the much more serious threats The Man with No Name had originally gone up against.
  • Roland is familiar with the concept of alternate worlds, so it didn't surprise him he had many similar traits with the Man With No Name though he chalks it up to being a coincidence. His Improbable Aiming Skills has the other man beat, but he still gives a bit of respect for the cowboy. Just don't try and claim that he is an Expy.
  • While the two generally don't meet up with each other under normal circumstances, he has served as a bit of a protector towards Jill McBain. It's understandable, considering that Jill has gone through a lot of hell originally (and that her options to defend herself are limited) and that The Man with No Name will help someone whenever necessary (like what happened when he met a family that was caught between a war between rival gangs).
  • Has grown fond of Rango, who reveres him and calls him "The Spirit of the West". The chameleon even inspires the mostly quiet Man with no Name to deliver words of wisdom such as "You don't know that you gotta choice, son. No man can walk out on his own story."
  • One day, he came face to face with a wandering man with a katana. When the man replied he was a ronin, the cowboy merely grinned. He knew that it was Sanjuro, the man that he was modeled after. Both are skilled at Playing Both Sides and may have edges but are willing to do good in the end. The two sat down with beer and sake before heading off on their own once more. The two don't team up that often, but when they do there are few villains who stand a chance against their cunning natures.


    Akari, Aika and Alice 
Akari Mizunashi, Aika S. Granzchesta and Alice Carroll, Goddesses of Soothing Anime and Manga (Akari: Aquamarine, Sideburns; Aika: Rosen Queen, Gachapen; Alice: Orange Princess, Junior)
L-R: Aika, Akari and Alice. Also with them are their respective Presidents Hime, Aria and Maa.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A gondola
  • Theme Song: "Undine", "Euphoria", "Spirale"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Iyashikei, gondoliers in a Venice expy, admiration for the beautiful world around them, Rousseau Was Right, names starting with an A
  • Domains: Mars, Venice, Relaxation, Travel, Water
  • Heralds: Their mentors (Alicia, Akira and Athena), apprentices (Ai, Azusa and Anya) and presidents (Aria, Hime and Maa)
  • Allies: Latios and Latias, The Diver, The Robed Figure, Kino, Catbus, Totoro, Polar Bear Café, Kiki, G36, SAT8, Hidamari Apartment Tenants
  • Many years into the future, Mars will have gone through a terraforming process that rendered it inhabitable, although its ice caps melted more than expected and flooded most of the planet, causing it to be renamed Aqua. On Earth, renamed Manhome, Venice will have been completely flooded many centuries ago, prompting its recreation on Aqua as Neo-Venezia. What is something that's necessary in any serious attempt at replicating Venice? Gondoliers. That is what the bright-eyed Akari Mizunashi immigrated from Manhome into Aqua to become. Employed by the small Aria Company, she trained hard under her mentor Alicia to become a full-fledged gondolier, or Undine, and made friends with Aika and Alice from the larger rival companies Himeya and Orange Planet. Despite their hard work, Akari and her friends always make time to sit back and just enjoy the beauty that Aqua has to offer.
  • At the end of another day of guiding tourists around Neo-Venezia, Akari noticed some translucent shapes flying around the waterways. President Aria was with her and was so freaked out, he fell in the water, but one of the shapes caught him and put him back on the boat. Filled with wonder at the creatures, Akari offered to show them around Neo-Venezia the next day. She did so, bringing along Aika and Alice, who kept a healthy amount of skepticism, even though they know Akari has a knack for running into strange things. At some point one creature grabbed Akari's hand and dragged her along, and Aika and Alice followed to prevent their friend's possible kidnapping. The entourage went through a tunnel in a relatively deserted part of the city, at the end of which they found themselves in the Pantheon, whose beauty rivals that of Neo-Venezia. The creatures undid their invisibility and revealed themselves to be Latios and Latias (but you probably already knew that), who wanted to visit Neo-Venezia as it reminded them of Alto Mare, and since Akari was kind enough to show them the city which she obviously loved, they wanted to show her the Pantheon in return.
  • All three Undines wound up instated as the goddesses of Iyashikei for the soothing optimism of their tale. The Hidamari Tenants held that trope originally, but they decided it was a good idea to take Puni Plush instead as it was closer to the arts and crafts they work in, and they thought Neo-Venezia sounded like a great place to relax and find inspiration. Besides that, the Main House rather liked the idea of hiring gondoliers in the Pantheon to serve as tour guides. The House of Travel in particular rejoiced at the new ascension and promised their safety would be ensured. Akari was rather excited at the new horizons that had just opened up and Jumped at the Call, while Aika and Alice were somewhat more reserved (actually Alice was pretty stoked at being a goddess, but thinks admitting it would be immature), though they still accepted the position to make sure Akari doesn't get herself in trouble and also to represent their respective companies. The Undines remain close friends with Latios and Latias, who often accompany them and watch over them, whether they're on the job or on an adventure.
  • Naturally they have their temple in an area of the House of Narrative that's near the water. The temple itself resembles the cozy Aria Company building Akari made her home in. Throughout the year the temple and the area surrounding it get hit with occasional shallow floods. The three Undines don't have a problem with this, as they were already used to the Acqua Alta from their world which affected all of Neo-Venezia. Akari enjoys it in her own way as she likes to take the occasion to go barefoot. Now she has more reason to enjoy it as the temple often gets visits from small aquatic creatures residing in the Pantheon during these floods.
  • Due to their job they can easily be found at the aquatic-themed Houses and other watery areas during the day, either showing people around the area or transporting them. They've been warned that there are a lot more things to watch out for in the Pantheon than in their world of origin, including underwater, warnings which, being professional gondoliers, they take to heart, so fortunately there haven't been any bad incidents involving them as of yet.
  • They have quite a few Heralds, but the ones who are consistently with them are their presidents. By presidents, we mean the cats who serve as their companies' mascots: Aria, Hime and Maa. It's a tradition on Aqua for gondolier companies to have cats with blue eyes because it's believed they bring good luck to the workers, so they are affectionately titled presidents.
  • Akari has a knack for attracting the supernatural; most notably, she was favored by the Cat King, who's something like the guardian spirit of Neo-Venezia. Although this faded as she got older, that knack seems to be as strong as before in the Pantheon, with Catbus developing an interest in her much like the Cat King. Due to her open mind, Akari is able to perceive him as easily as a child can. This is also true of Totoro, who Akari eventually met from hanging out with Catbus.
  • The Diver became an occasional companion to the Undines as they steer their gondolas through the Pantheon's waters. The Diver and the Undines enjoy showing each other new interesting places they have found. In the Undines' land-borne adventures, they've also come across the Robed Figure, who likewise enjoys a good trip in search of undiscovered vistas and phenomena. That both the Diver's and the Robed Figure's worlds are at least partially ruined is also something they unexpectedly have in common with the Undines, as their Earth is not exactly a vibrant planet anymore.
  • The traveler Kino was immediately interested in Neo-Venezia upon hearing of it. The Undines were glad to guide her in her visit there. Seeing what a peaceful place it was and how incredibly kind all the people were made Kino want to break her three-day rule, but alas, she thought it was probably for the best that someone like her, who isn't supposed to exist in that universe in the first place, moved on to the next stop. The Undines hope that she'll come again some time in the future since three days is not nearly enough to experience all Neo-Venezia has to offer. Kino hopes so as well, even if she doesn't dare say it out loud. Besides that, she's very happy there are deities like Akari, Aika and Alice.
  • One of the Undines' favorite places to take a break is the Polar Bear Café, with Akari finding it wonderful that there's a café run by animals and the three girls in general loving the pleasant company of Polar Bear, Panda and Penguin. Comparisons between President Maa and Panda's similar appearances (down to the practically invisible eyes) have arised, especially with Maa seeming as interested in biting Panda's belly (much to his distress) as she does Aria's. Meanwhile, Aika has bonded with Penguin in particular, given how they serve as the minders to their peculiar friends and their penchant for reacting to weird events with snark.
  • When they spotted Kiki riding a broom for the first time, Akari as usual talked about how wonderful it was that the Pantheon even has witches flying around on brooms and really wanted to meet her. They did so and found out that Kiki, though a witch, is really more of a delivery person, which reminded the Undines of the Sylphs back home; they're the airborne delivery people in their world, and ride hoverbikes for their job. Kiki was very interested in this information and in hearing more about Neo-Venezia, which seems to be as scenic a place as the city she lives in.
  • The idea of riding gondolas proved to be an interesting one to G36 and SAT8, with the latter being particularly excited (likely due to her Italian origins; it must feel nice to her to see a staple of her country). Since their universe is a war-torn one, just kicking back and enjoying slowly drifting over the water in the company of three very pleasant gondoliers is a nice change of pace for them. The Undines are glad to be able to soothe the souls of the two warriors.

    Alma & Elisabet Vogler 
Alma and Elisabet Vogler, Dual Goddesses of Arthouse Cinema (Alma: The Nurse; Elisabet: The Patient)
  • Quasideities (questionable in Elisabet's case)
  • Symbol: Their juxtaposed faces
  • Theme Song: Bach's Violin Concerto in E Major
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Alma); Chaotic Neutral (Elisabet)
  • Portfolio: Movies that are difficult to figure out, being (maybe) the same person, chiaroscuro, lots of conversation, dark turtleneck sweaters and headbands, True Art Is Angsty
  • Domains: Jungian Psychology, Madness, Cinema, Art
  • Followers: The Cinema Snob, Oancitizen
  • High Priestesses: Betty and Rita
  • Allies: Fellow Ingmar Bergman deities, Carl Jung, Igor, Philemon, Persona users in general, Shinji Ikari, Utena Tenjou, Lain Iwakura, Roxas (and Sora by extension), Omnimon, Kyurem, Kamen Rider Double, Calvin and Hobbes, Lucifer, the Jedi, Spock, the Care Bears, Roger Ebert
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, YHVH, Nurse Ratched, Arael, Johan Liebert, Palpatine, Hannibal Lecter, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Avoid: The House of Family (for Elisabet)
  • Alma is a nurse charged with taking care of Elisabet, an actress who made a conscious decision of never speaking out of disillusionment with society. The two lived together in isolation for a while, and as their friendship grew and then soured, at some point things started getting really strange for Alma as the similarities between her and her charge caused her personal identity to become conflated with Elisabet's. Their story offers no easy answers as to what exactly is going on with them, especially since there's a lot of strange, seemingly random imagery accompanying it. The strangeness and the undeniable artistic flair of their film caused them to be deified as arthouse film goddesses.
  • Because Elisabet is mute and has a strong dislike of being around people in general, it's mostly Alma who deals with the affairs of their temple.
  • Elisabet does speak up on rare occasions, but only when it's profoundly meaningful to do so. And even then it might be Alma hallucinating and externalizing the hallucinations.
  • Deities such as Shinji Ikari, Utena Tenjou and Lain Iwakura imediately latched on to them since the tales they hail from are of a similarly confusing and highly symbolic nature.
  • Carl Jung immediately took an interest in them when he saw that their situation had much in common with his branch of psychology. He was also compelled to introduce them to some other deities that he's been observing for the same reason (you know which ones). Their issues don't make a lick of sense to Freud though. This has aggravated his rivalry with Jung.
  • Igor and Philemon strongly suspect that Elisabet is Alma's shadow. In case it's true, they are eager to offer them guidance so they can merge back together and a new Persona user can be born, which would be a great asset to Philemon.
  • It does annoy Alma and Elisabet slightly that when people talk about "the Persona deities", 9 times out of 10 people mean the SMT ones.
  • Due to the prominence of the SMT deities, most of the Pantheon has come to believe that Alma and Elisabet must indeed be the same person, much to Alma's despair. But not all deities subscribe to this opinion. One such deity is Roxas, who identifies with Alma's desire to remain her own person, since he didn't want to be just Sora's Nobody.
  • They very unexpectedly managed to make friends with some Merchandise-Driven deities. Most of the Pantheon were expecting them to be allergic to such deities or something. Kyurem thinks they are incomplete without each other much like it is incomplete without Reshiram and Zekrom, so it sympathizes with them. Omnimon and Kamen Rider Double, as composite beings born from The Power of Friendship, hope to serve as examples to inspire Alma and Elisabet.
  • Cartman holds art movies in contempt. He likes to say that Alma and Elisabet are the Goddesses of Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding. Alma is completely offended, but Elisabet finds it Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Sometimes take walks with Calvin and Hobbes, wherein Alma and Calvin ponder various existential questions. They've also all been seen playing Calvinball together. Yes, really. Alma claims it's therapeutic for Elisabet, who seems to understand the "rules" better than her. Calvin, for his part, is impressed that the first 6 minutes of their film include a hand getting nailed down, a sheep getting its throat slit, a tarantula, and a boy waking up in a morgue.
  • While the deities of the House of Health and Diseases are displeased with what they perceive as a lack of professionalism in Alma's part in regards to Elisabet, they do call upon her to help out on days when the House gets particularly crowded with patients.
  • Nurse Ratched insists that if she was given charge of Elisabet, she'd be talking in no time. Having learned about Ratched's particular brand of care, Elisabet is terrified of her. Luckily for her, Alma keeps refusing because whatever else happened between them, Elisabet is still her patient and she doesn't want her to suffer like that. Nurse Ratched says that she'll bring Alma around to her way of being a nurse yet.
  • Elisabet will admit (as well as a mute person can) that she isn't at all a good mother, but she can't stand the Child Abuse Supporters and being compared to them. After all, she did send her unwanted son to be raised by relatives who actually could care for him when she couldn't bring herself to. Her relationship with the House of Family as a whole still isn't great.
  • Respected by Lucifer because the kind of cinema they have domain over defies conventions and the status quo. YHVH hates them for the same reason, finding a good deal of films artistiques to be horribly blasphemous (like so), and also because their boss won't stop questioning His existence and His reasons.
  • The Jedi and Spock took pity on them and sometimes help them calm their turbulent psyches with the help of the Force or the Vulcan mind meld. The Care Bears also "treat" them occasionally.
  • Because Alma and Elisabet are psychological messes to begin with, their strongest allies do their best to shield them from the likes of Arael, Liebert and the twisted psychologists Hannibal Lecter and Angus Bumby. No one wants to know what Alma and Elisabet would look like if they were Mind Raped or pushed off the deep end.
  • As a patron of the arts, Palpatine actually likes them. But after the Jedi warned them of the corrupting powers of the Dark Side that Palpatine wields, Alma and Elisabet decline his patronage. Or having anything to do with him in general.

    The Azumanga Daioh Girls 
Chiyo Mihama, Sakaki, Tomo Takino, Koyomi Mizuhara, Ayumu Kasuga, and Kagura, Goddesses of Normal Day-to-Day Stories (Chiyo: Chiyo-chan | Koyomi: Yomi | Ayumu: Osaka)
left to right: Yomi, Osaka, Chiyo, Sakaki, Kagura, Tomo
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A circle with "あずまんが大王" (Azumanga Daioh) written on it; Alternatively, their school uniforms
  • Theme Song: Soramimi Cake
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mundane Everyday Life, High School Girls,
  • Domains: School, Everyday Life
  • Herald: Yukari Tanizaki (their teacher)
  • Followers: The main cast of Daily Lives of High School Boys, the main cast of Wasteful Days of High School Girls
  • Allies: Yotsuba Koiwai, Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata, Nanako Usami and Yukari Kohinata, The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments, the Teekyuu Club, Houkago Tea Time, the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team, Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, μ's, The School Life Club, The Anglerfish Team, Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet, Taiga Fujimura, Yoshinoya-sensei
  • Odd Friendship with: John Wick (Chiyo), Beerus, Asuka Langley Soryu (Sakaki)
  • On good terms with: The House of Happiness (Chiyo), The House of Beast Handlers (Sakaki)
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Undyne, Sylvia, Komaru Naegi (Tomo)
  • Enemies:
  • Fears: The Cicadas, Baldi (Yomi)
  • Opposed by: Johan Liebert, the Sphinx, the Riddler (Osaka)
  • Avoids: Tsubame Kamoi (Chiyo)
  • Compicated Relationship: The House of Outlooks on Life (Osaka)
  • In an unnamed Japanese high school, there resided six students; Chiyo, a bright, cheerful Child Prodigy, Sakaki, a reserved, shy cat lover, Tomo, a mischievous troublemaker, Yomi, a studious girl, Osaka, a spacy girl with a bizarre track of mind, and Kagura, a tomboyish athlete. Together, the girls would go through their daily lives doing all sorts of things, like doing schoolwork, hanging out with each other, play pranks, joke around, and generally do normal teen girl things.
  • Applies to the group:
    • For a long time, only Chiyo, Sakaki, and Osaka were goddesses in the Pantheon. One day, they decided it would be better to bring the other three friends into the Pantheon and unite under one title. After some negotiations, the Court of the Gods ascended Tomo, Yomi, and Kagura into the Pantheon and united the six students into one house. All six girls hugged each other after the other three ascended into the Pantheon, glad to be reunited after such a long time.
    • All six of the girls became friends to Yotsuba Koiwai, and they often act as her playmates and babysitters when Mr. Koiwai's away. Of the six, Yotsuba is closest with Chiyo, as they are the closest to each other's age, and Yotsuba is amazed at Chiyo's intelligence and wishes to be as smart as her one day. She thinks of Yomi as a cool, smart big sister, and likes to ask her questions. Yotsuba initially thought that Sakaki was rather scary because of her height, but warmed up her her after seeing her kind, cat-loving nature. She loves playing with Tomo, Osaka, and Kagura, with Tomo's prankster nature, Osaka's colorful imagination, and Kagura's sportiness providing hours of fun and enjoyment for Yotsuba.
    • Every summer, the girls gear up and go traveling to some place as tourists. It could be a deserted island, it could be a bustling city, It could be a place in the mortal planes, it could even be a House they don't often go often, but you can expect them to go traveling and make memories during those hot summer months.
    • Of course, they have met many of the schoolgirl groups in the Pantheon. As they enrolled in the Elysium Academy, they befriended Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara, Yukari Hinata, Nanako Usami and Yukari Kohinata, who reside in the very academy as Goddesses. They also met Taiga Fujimura and Yoshinoya-sensei there, who reminded them of their own teacher, Yukari Tanizaki. Yoshinoya-sensei introduced them to her students, the Tenants of the Hidamari Apartments, who they also befriended and sometimes like to look at their drawings. They sometimes play tennis with the Teekyuu club, although they (except Osaka) get really confused by the antics they get into. They became regular visitors to Houkago Tea Time and μ's' concerts ever since they heard their music. They also met up with Konata Izumi and her friends Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, with them noting they're rather eccentric, although still pleasant to be around. They were intrigued by the Anglerfish Team's sensha-do sport, and want to try it out sometime. the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team succeeded in going to Antarctica, but a bit saddended when they heard of Shirase's real reason for going there. They felt a bit bad for the School Life Club's unfortunate circumstance, noting that living through an actual Zombie Apocalypse wouln't be very fun. They enjoy sharing cool cultural trivia with Alice Cartelet and Shinobu Oomiya, even if Osaka brings up strange jokes from time to time.
  • Exclusive to Chiyo:
    • Some of Chiyo's first friends in the Pantheon happen to be Hello Kitty, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Rena Ryuuguu, Molly Hayes, and Dizzy. When Rena first saw Chiyo, she immediately went into her "I'm Taking Her Home with Me!" mode, which resulted in her ending up in a tug of war between her and Chiyo's friends for custody of Chiyo. After calming down, Rena and Chiyo became friends. She enjoys Hello Kitty and Yutaka's company, though she was flummoxed whether or not Kitty really was a talking cat. The interactions between the three is said to be too sweet to handle for some Deities. Dizzy was initially hesitant to meet Chiyo, nervous that her wings might scare Chiyo off, but Chiyo reassured her that she wasn't scary.
      • Although, if there's any deity she avoids, it's Tsubame Kamoi. She finds the woman's obsessive behaviour around her to be rather overbearing, though Tsubame is too enamored by her cuteness to notice Chiyo's mild discomfort around her. That's not to say Chiyo dislikes her, it's just she gets overwhelmed whenever Tsubame gushes over her.
    • Formerly the Goddess of Kawaisa, she still keeps in touch with the House of Happiness, especially because Yotsuba has a position there. She gets along with most of the deities there, such as finding Uni-Kitty to be adorable and enjoying music with Wander and Darunia. Nerose Satanael, aloof as he is, keeps to himself, and Chiyo finds him intimidating, so they don't talk much.
    • Chiyo is incredibly smart for age, so smart she was transferred to high school immediately after graduating elementary school! It was inevitable that she would meet up and befriend the other child geniuses of the Pantheon life Yue Ayase, Jimmy Neutron, Lisa Simpson, and Matilda Wormwood. Chiyo is amazed by Yue's magic prowess and Matilda's psychic powers, with her imagining what she would be like if she had cool powers to go with her smarts. Chiyo's impressed that Jimmy Neutron can create many inventions with his scientific knowledge, with her wanting to try them out herself. She likes talking to Lisa Simpson about anything that comes up to mind. On the other hand, she has a hard time getting along with Kira Daidouji and Stewie Griffin, who use their impressive smarts for more devious and malicious ends, so both sides don't see eye to eye often.
    • Chiyo heavily reminds Bryan Mills of his own daughter, so he sometimes tags along with her to provide company and security to her. Chiyo likes him, seeing him as a substitute father-figure as her own parents aren't around in the Pantheon. Needless to say, trying to harm Chiyo will end up in a very pissed off Mills hunting down the foolish straggler.
    • Chiyo has a pet Great Pyrenees dog named Tadakichi-san, who she has brought with her when she ascended. She often takes him outside for nice strolls around the Pantheon's more peaceful areas. The three gods who became enamoured with Tadakichi-san include Xion, Dorothy Gale, Jonathan Joestar, and John Wick. All three of them find Tadakichi-san to be a good boy, and Chiyo lets them play with her dog whenever they can. She was incredibly saddened to hear the tragic fates of Jonathan's and John's own dogs. Chiyo lets Tadakichi-san play with Dorothy's dog Toto, and find each other's dogs to be cute. She also gained the affection of Clifford, and likes riding on his back because of his gargantuan size.
    • Chiyo, being the prodigy she is, is able to make her own meals, and the food she cooks are very delectable and tasty. Because of this, she sometimes goes to the house of Food to cook meals there. She befriended other young cooks like Soma Yukihara, Megumi Tadakoro, Ryou Machiko, Kirin Morino, and Shiina and sometimes eat each other's meals, which often ends up with them tearing up and complementing each other.
    • No one in the Pantheon is certain on who exactly are Chiyo's parents. Some dream dwellers, like Madotsuki, Haruto Tsukishiro, the Inception Crew, NiGHTS, Bedman, and Princess Luna claim that they met a strange talking cat-like creature with the voice of Norio Wakamoto who claims to be Chiyo's dad, but people are still skeptical of those claims. Chiyo also doesn't talk much about her parents, so obtaining info about them is rather difficult.
    • Chiyo became afraid of her teacher's crazy driving after having to experience it first hand during a certain summer vacation. Because of this, she will never accept any rides coming from Spongebob Squarepants, Irisviel von Einzbern, and the West Coast Cabbies because of their similarly chaotic driving. She's polite to them when it doesn't come to driving, so she doesn't hold much of a grudge against them.
  • Exclusive to Sakaki:
    • Naturally, Sakaki often spends her time in the House of Felines to pet the many cats there. She adores Meowth, Firestar, and Catbus,in which she's amazed by Firestar's anecdotes of ThunderClan and his nine lives, and Catbus' ability to be a living bus. She was initially confused to see Len there in her human form, but started petting her when she turned into a cat, much to her embarrassment. She finds Tiger to be quite puzzling, with his vegetarian diet despite being a carnivore, and finds Garfield a bit hard to interact with because of his grumpy attitude. She was awed by Simba and Eugene's bravery and majesty, and was a bit hesitant on meeting them first because of her shyness, but both of them told her not to be afraid of them. She was also amazed by Bastet's role as the goddess of cats, and Bastet finds her to be an interesting human. On the other hand, she's afraid of the Hyena's and Katz because of their malicious nature, and would rather avoid than pet them. She's also cautious with Teostra and Lunastra because of their power and fears she could get harmed.
    • Has an understandably tense relationship with Jerry. The two have an uneasy truce due to the fact that because of his Karmic Trickster nature, Jerry usually only inflicts his wrath on a cat after being provoked first. But, like many cat lovers, Sakaki's sympathies are usually with Tom when the two of them clash.
    • Even Eric Cartman respects her kindness towards cats, as he himself went so far as to hide all the cats of South Park inside his own home after they became outlawed for their urine proving to be an influential drug.
    • Sasaki has a pet Iriomote cat named Maya, who she first met when she and the girls went to Iriomote. When Maya's mother was killed by getting run over, Maya traveled far to seek Sakaki. Like Tadakichi-san, Sakaki has brought Maya with her to the Pantheon. A few cat lovers, like Alphonse Elric, Jyushimatsu Matsuno, and surprisingly, Asuka Langley Soryu, like to pet Maya, which Sakaki allows. Sakaki also met Ichigo Momomiya, who can transform into a cat-themed magical girl because she has the genes of an Iriomote cat in her DNA. Sasaki was amazed that Ichigo could do such things, and Ichigo finds Maya cute too.
    • One day, Lord Shen had caught Sakaki's Iriomote mountain cat kitten Maya spying on his scheming. He decided to make an example and captured the tiny feline. It was Bagheera the panther who came to the rescue, managing to fight off the Peacock long enough to escape with the kitten in tow. Sakaki was so grateful for the Panther's help, becoming close friends afterward. In fact, Sakaki often turns to Bagheera to watch over Maya when she's away at school.
    • As the former Goddess of Cat Lovers, Sakaki still makes visits to the House of Beast Handlers. She feels a kinship with Hazel Levesque and Eliza Thornberry, being young female animal lovers. She's interested in knowing more about bugs thanks to Sig, Agitha, and Shino Aburame, even if bugs creep her out sometimes. She and May-Chang took their time gushing over their own cute pets. She appreciates Steve Irwin and Iwashiro Tesshou's kindness towards animals, and they thought her Iriomote cat was adorable. She's appalled by Rusty's incompetence with handling his Pokemon to the point of killing them, and is unnerved by Caim because of his violent nature.
    • She has even managed to gain the respect of Beerus, believe it or not. Despite being a god of destruction, Beerus was flattered by Sakaki's amazement at such a powerful feline being, and as a result she is one of the few humans in the Pantheon he bears no ill will towards.
    • Hearing about the "witches have magic cats" stereotype, Sakaki met up with two magic-using girls with magic cats; Sabrina Spellman with Salem Saberhagen, a powerful warlock sealed in the form of a cat, and Megumin's Chomusuke, a flying, fire-breathing cat. She was quite enamoured with both cats and petted them both, despite Salem's protests. She now sometimes visits them to see their cats.
    • Sakaki is sometimes seen as an intimidating figure by her classmates because of her tall stature and quiet nature. Because of this, she gets along with Makoto Kino and Mai Kawasumi as they were also ostracized by their peers in similar ways, as Makoto's height, strength, and Bully Hunter tendencies made people see her as a violent delinquent, and Mai's demon hunting responsibilities made her lurk around at night, making people think she's also an irresponsible delinquent.
  • Exclusive to Tomo:
    • Tomo is known for her incredibly large competitive streak; she can and will turn anything into a competition, from breast sizes, terrible test scores, and cooking. It was inevitable that she would take her competitive spirit into the Pantheonic daily life. She has become strong rivals with Undyne and Sylvia, who are also competition freaks, and frequently compete against each other in many fields like cooking and racing. While Komaru Naegi isn't very competitive most of the time, she does get very fired-up when it comes to puzzles, which makes Tomo engage her in puzzling competitions.
    • Tomo often likes to spend her time pulling off pranks and practical jokes on other deities just for the fun of it. She sometimes teams up with other pranksters like the Sonozaki siblings, Bart Simpson, and the Weasley brothers to pull of some super tricky pranks on other deities, though she is not above pulling pranks on them too.
    • When not playing pranks or trying to compete with others, Tomo likes to slack around not doing anything. Sometimes she hangs around with Yoh Asakura, Robbie Rotten and Belphegor as she likes that they also appreciate slacking off. Yoh is considering showing off his shaman powers to her, Belphegor likes playing video games and eating snacks with Tomo, and Robbie likes seeing another person who values being lazy.
    • It might come off as a surprise, but Tomo dreams of becoming a police officer someday. Because of this, she gets along with Chie Satonaka and Makoto Nijima, who also want to become police officers in the future. She also likes to go to the House of Justice, more specifically the House of Officers to meet up with the police officers of the Pantheon. She was quite impressed with the more heroic officers like Captain Holt, while shocked at the more dastardly officers like Manny Pardo.
    • Tomo is a big fan of Lupin III, so when she arrived in the Pantheon, she was excited to meet the characters from that series. To her disappointment, no one from that series were present in the Pantheon, although Lupin's grandfather, Arsene Lupin, was present in the Pantheon, much to her delight. Arsene was rather baffled to see a teenage girl gush over him, but decided to roll with it. Tomo is still waiting for Lupin and his crew to ascend so she can meet her idols.
  • Exclusive to Yomi:
    • Yomi is the academic of the group, as she is serious when it comes to studying and is one of the smartest members of the group. As such, she gets along with Twilight Sparkle, who also took her studies seriously, though she was a bit bewildered to see a purple talking alicorn in real life. She also befriended Hinagiku Katsura, who she compared to Sasaki in that they're both very skilled in both academia and athletics, though Hinagiku is more outgoing and extraverted than Sakaki. With Suzune Horikita, it was a tad bit more complicated as her aloof nature rubbed Yomi the wrong way, but eventually they warmed up to each other as Yomi took her time with Suzune.
    • Yomi is... a bit sensitive regarding her weight, so she tries to go on diests as to lose weight, although she keeps relapsing into her Big Eater habits often. She managed to befriend other deities with weight-related issues; Darkness, who insists her weight comes from her armour and not her body, and Chun-Li, who refuses to tell others her true weight. Yomi does enjoy hanging out with them, although she is a bit shocked by Darkness' masochism and believes Chun-Li's weight comes from her muscular strength and not fat.
    • While she is skilled in many aspects, singing is not one of them; ever since a certain karaoke night gone wrong, Yomi has been forbidden to sing at the House of Music again, much to her embarrassment.
    • Being the studious member of the group, she takes her studies seriously, to the point where she fears losing her exams would be detrimental to her future. Because of this, she is absolutely afraid of Baldi, who quickly gets violent whenevr someone gets even one math question wrong. She refuses to meet up with him, not wanting to be on the receiving end of his ruler.
      • On a side note, she is also afraid of Cicadas, and was mortified when she found out that a particular population were in the Pantheon. This made her swear to avoid the house of Insects at all costs.
  • Exclusive to Osaka:
    • Osaka is particularly infamous for her bizarre track of mind; she tends to say strange things and make bizarre assumptions of things. She managed to find some like-minded people in the Pantheon, like Mako Mankanshoku, Luna Lovegood, Taokaka, Homestar Runner, Rin Tezuka, Kilian Experience, and Lulu. She and her new friends like to talk and indulge in their odd mindsets; trying to follow their conversations is said to be an exersize in failure. That said, even she thinks Luna and Kilian's logic is bizarre even for her, but that makes it more fun for her. While Nana is not as eccentric as the others, Osaka gets along with her and thinks her psychic powers are pretty cool, which she erroneously thinks it comes from being a "lucky seven". Nana believes it's best she doesn't know the truth of Diclonii powers.
    • Osaka is prone to taking naps, even during class and in the most unexpected of places. Her dream self in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares notably doesn't diverge from her real self, making it confusing when she really enters the House. This lead to her befriending other sleepyheads like Francesca Luccini and Mako Reizei, and sometimes they nap together.
    • Osaka also managed to befriend other deities who hail from the Osaka region like Ochaco Uraraka and Asuka Kazama, they also happen to be one of the few deities to call her by her proper name, Ayumu Kasuga. Ayumu likes Ochaco's Zero Gravity Quirk because she can float off the ground, and Asuka is training her to be better in PE class.
    • Despite giving up her title of the Goddess of Spaciness, Osaka still tends to wander into the House of Outlooks on Life, sometimes forgetting her temple isn't located there anymore. She gets along with Sam Gamgee, finding him nice to hang out with, and also enjoys Will's, Brenner's, Isabella's, Charlie Barkin's, and Megamind's company. The other gods of the house don't really care about her, not that she notices.
    • Osaka, being a lover of riddles, often visits the subhouse of Mind Games to ask and solve riddles. The Sphinx and the Riddler initially assumed that she'd be an easy victim, but quickly regretted that mistake when Osaka was able to flawlessly answer all their riddles correctly. Nowadays, they dread when Osaka comes up to them and asks them for a riddle.
    • One day, Johan Liebert approached her and asked her to chat with him. Osaka, not knowing who he is, accepted the offer. When the conversation ended, Johan was left extremely confused and frustrated, as he was unable to follow her strange train of logic and failed to break her. When Kenzo Tenma heard the news, he pulled Osaka over and told her to stay away from Johan, as he can and will try to learn ways to successfully break her. Osaka doesn't exactly get why, but she avoids Johan just in case, as he always coldly glares at her everytime he sees her.
  • Exclusive to Kagura:
    • As expected of a sports-minded individual, Kagura is usually seen at the House of Sports doing all kinds of activities like running, swimming, aerobics, and much more. Over there, she managed to get along with Makie Sasaki, another sports-loving (more specifically, gymnastics-loving) girl who isn't the best when it comes to academics. Both girls sometimes compete against each other in gymnastics, with Makie usually winning.
    • Some deities have noticed that she shares some similarities with Homura of the Crimson Squad, as they are both hot-blooded, toboyish girls with tanned skin. Kagura decided to meet her, and they ended up becoming good friends as their personalities match up well, although Homura doesn't want Kagura to get involved in the dangerous life of the shinobi.
    • Being a sports-minded tomboy, it was inevitable that she would befriend other sports-minded/tomboyish deities like Rainbow Dash, Chie Satonaka, and Aoi Asahina. With Rainbow Dash, she was surprised to see a pegasus fly so fast, and aims to one day be as fast as her. With Chie, she feels a bit bad that Chie had her doubts on being a tomboy, but thankfully she resolved her angst, so they tend to play sports with each other. She was very impressed with Aoi's swimming skills, and also likes to snack on donuts with her in their spare time.

    The Darths and Droids Gaming Group 
The Darths & Droids Gaming Groupmembers , Divine Party of D&D Campaign Webcomics
Fanart by Red Gillespie with (non-canon) ages. Not included: Corey

     Guillermo del Toro 
Guillermo del Toro, God of Speculative Fiction (born Guillermo del Toro Gómez, The Latino Peter Jackson)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Pen And A Camera
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Mexican Filmmakers and Authors, Dark Fantasy
  • Heralds: Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Ron Perlman and all unascended characters from his works.
  • High Priest: Peter Jackson
  • Underlings: Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori, The Faun, Elisa Esposito and the Asset
  • Honorary Membership In: The House of Otherness, and House of Beast.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Fascination with: The Xenomorphs, Dracula, Count Orlok, The Thing, Gill-Man, Jack the Ripper, Reptilicus
  • Ignores: HP Lovecraft
  • Guillermo is quite an odd man. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico; Guillermo was inspired by the many TV shows and movies of monsters and giants such as Godzilla, Ultraman and many others. When he grew up, he exiled himself from Mexico and moved to the United States to work in after his family was endangered by criminals, permanently. Ever since he's provided many great movies and media pieces, earning himself a high reputation among both filmmakers and the public even when his schedules can get messy.
  • He was ascended after many of his works were watched by the Pantheon handlers, who enjoyed them and were very impressed by his blend of mysticism, science, fantasy, technology, etc. Guillermo was fascinated by the Pantheon and was too excited about it to have trouble fitting in, once he was assigned characters from his works as underlings, he gladly took them under his wing and has looked forward to help the fight against evil and destruction while continuing to gain inspiration from the many denizens of the Pantheon. Given their story together, Ron Perlman became one of his heralds, his fellow mexican directors, Iñarritu and Cuarón were also elected for the position; as for his family, Guillermo has decided that the Pantheon is too dangerous and uncertain for them to be in and has made them remain in the mortal world while he's ascended, but goes back to them when not active.
  • Was instantly pleased to view his childhood icons such as Godzilla, Ultraman, and even Alien Baltan, whom he had a lot of admiration for, the original Alien Baltan even came to befriend Guillermo with the latter becoming his only human friend so far, though Guillermo hopes he can talk some sense into Baltan to make him less averse to getting along with humans; he was also happy to meet up with the friendlier Baltans such as Tiny Baltan, but was not as pleased to meet some like the Powered Baltans who were outright conquerors. On Toku Villains he wasn't pleased to meet King Ghidorah, Gigan and the other evil Kaiju in the Pantheon, and even less so with villains like Shocker, Ultraman Belial, Yapool and Venjix who are among the vilest of the Pantheon's many Toku villains and while he's aware that the direct effect he can have on them is minimum Guillermo has declared that he'll make sure to support the GUAG Toku Division in anything they need to take down the villains.
    • Similarly he was pleased to meet the suit actor of Godzilla and many other Kaiju, Haruo Nakajima, praising the man for his talent in bringing the monsters to life and inspiring his childhood dreams and future projects. Nakajima himself has been impressed by the homages to the movies of Kaiju that Guillermo has given and as such respects Guillermo back.
  • Got along well with other Mexican deities, particularly Miguel and Hector Rivera, who have a strong sense of family and home, the two musicians' skill also impressed Guillermo, and he likes that they are a reminder to people that death isn't all that bad of a thing and that not all otherwordly-looking beings are evil or are to be hated. On a similar note, La Muerte and Xibalba are good friends of his, especially as they appreciate Guillermo's vision and niceness to the otherwordly and strange. On the flip-side of this, he absolutely hates Ernesto de la Cruz with a passion, not only for stealing Hector's songs and deserved fame, but also for separating him from his daughter and family for decades, since Guillermo loves his family a lot and even had them leave Mexico when his fame attracted unwanted attention to them.
  • Was very happy to meet Osamu Tezuka, as the father of Manga has directly and indirectly been responsible for several of his favorite works existing, he praises him for allowing manga to exist in the first place and become as well-known as it is now, Tezuka in return was touched by Guillermo's enthusiasm towards his works and the two remain friends and allies to this day. On a similar note, he also became friends with Ray Harryhausen, as he also enjoys monster movies and very much admires Harryhausen's technique and skill with Stop-Motion, Harryhausen returns the sentiment and is more than sure to call Guillermo his friend.
  • Is friend with all Studio Gihbli deities, as he's a big fan of the works of Hayao Miyazaki, he was particularly delighted about meeting Totoro, as comparisons have been made with him to the adorable big friend. He also told them about how bad he felt for both Seita and Setsuko for how badly they suffered during wartimes and how tragic their deaths were, particularly for Seita losing his sister shortly before despair and hunger made him die as well.
  • As a big fan of Victorian Age London Novels, he has an odd fascination with Jack the Ripper, while he will never condone his actions, Guillermo's fascination with the aforementioned novels made Jack a favorite of his, he hopes to learn more about him without risking himself too much. On a similar odd fascination, he wants to learn about the Xenomorph, as the alien creature is one of his favorite monsters and has a lot that he could write home about. Since he loves vampire movies he was also awed by meeting many historical vampires such as Dracula himself and Count Orlok. Similarly, he is fascinated with The Thing, Gill-Man and Reptilicus, hoping to learn about such mysterious creatures while having a way to do so from a safe distance. On the other hand, Frankenstein's Monster became one of his allies, as he could see the monster as the merely misunderstood but benevolent person it was, for similar reasons, he gained allies in the Freaks who Guillermo felt really bad in regards to how the world treated them for something outside their control.
  • As a big fan of anime, he became good allies with the good-aligned Gundam Deities, though he's mainly interested in learning about their mechas given how the many Gundam installments were among his main inspirations for the creation of Pacific Rim. For similar reasons, he also made allies with Kouji Kabuto and his fellow Mazinger Z pilots, also citing them as a big influence in his works, as were the EVA Children, though given their nature and more morally unstable alignment, he keeps his distance from them. Astro Boy, being the posterchild of Tezuka, was among his main allies, he found the young robot funny and friendly and has kept a strong friendship with him.
  • Hates fascists of all kinds, especially if they're Nazis or have ties to them. Among these enemies chief were Red Skull, Hydra and Shocker all having worked for/with Nazis or having been Nazis once. Particularly, the inhuman experiments they've performed and their support of criminal activity has made them have a rather high priority over other enemies, especially since their connections means they could endanger his loved ones or family with the resources at hand. Other nazi-like Deities also gained his disdain, such as Gihren Zabi who for all purposes deliberately styled himself and his rule after Nazi Germany, which infuriates Del Toro; likewise that he killed his rather remorseful father, Degwin, who was abandoning his rule after a long time only further cemented the hatred. Guillermo will also oppose any deity that has been involved with Francisco Franco's rule, though has yet to find any.
    • Another enemy he made for similar reasons that was neither a Nazi or Franquist was Frollo, as the Judge had used the powers that the Church had granted him to support his genocidal crusade against the gypsies. Frollo was essentially the very representation of the aspects of the Catholic Church and the very core of Fascism, which meant that Guillermo felt nothing but disdain for him
  • Due to his issues with criminals threatening his loved ones, any organized crime deities are his enemy, particularly among them was Al Capone who belongs to a Mafia, not too different from the criminal group that he's dealt with in the mortal world. Likewise, he loathes others such as Scott Shelby, who murdered many children just to find a father who would give it all for his child, which infuriated Guillermo as he knows there are better ways to look for the good of mankind and as such has refused to let his sympathetic past bring him any further sympathy or forgiving any of his present actions. On a different note he also loathes the Slavers for being horrible people who go against any human decency for money.
  • He appreciates nicer thieves, particularly the Phantom Thieves of Heart for changing the hearts and minds of those who are evil, which Guillermo welcomes due to their more morally grounded methods, he also has sympathy for Robin Hood as he only steals from those who are already rich enough and leaves those who have less alone.
  • Any good couple are his friends, particularly the Addams who loved seeing Guillermo's fascination with the creepy and macabre; Belle and Beast who also enjoyed seeing him portray their relationship dynamic on The Shape of Water homeaging it in a beautiful way. Guillermo also likes to see that both couples are happy with their married life, unlike what some others in the Pantheon and outside are.
  • Given that Coraline Jones had to endure being trapped in a creepy alternate world in which she nearly fell victim to a demon seeking to eat her soul, she was quite pleased to hear that the Underworld Fairy Kingdom was unlike the Other World (excluding the nicer inhabitants of the latter such as the deceased Other Wybie) and was quick to become friends with Guillermo himself once she shared her experiences with him and how she came to appreciate her parents more after her adventure.
  • Appreciates Dr. Caligari for being one of the makers of German Expressionism, as the genre of films is among his favorite of all time, and inspired his later works, as such he was pleased to meet a representative of one of the most iconic films of German cinema and the genre, especially since Caligari isn't evil so unlike others such as Jack the Ripper, Guillermo freely allied with him without any worries.
  • Due to HP Lovecraft's prejudice, he isn't too fond of the writer, preferring to admire his work but ignoring the man himself, as he views bigotry of any kind to be unforgivable. In terms of horror writers, he gets along much better with Stephen King, as the well-known master of horror has been very impressed by the many things that Guillermo manages to accomplish and praised Guillermo for his horror direction especially the Pale-Man.
  • As he's enamored with science fiction and the sheer array of creatures found throughout the multiple Universes he was quick to gain honorary memberships in the Houses of Otherness and Beast him being all too eager to view what the Pantheon had in store for him. Other allies he gained thanks to his views on not all monsters being evil were the Undertale Deities, he particularly found himself befriending Asgore for being legitimately unwilling to commit genocide after realizing the error of his reckless decision; and Frisk who befriended the monsters and helped them escape to the surface, he also befriended Flowey in secret, feeling really bad that the flower has had to hide his true alegiance and identity for the sake of everyone else and hopes that one day he can be reunited with his parents and live in peace away from the violence of his old life.
  • His underlings include Raleigh and Mako, who he enjoyed seeing ascended for their efforts in protecting their world from the threat of Kaiju. Similarly he found the Faun in here as well as Elisa Esposito and the Asset. All of them were good with working with Guillermo. A half-herald was Hellboy, who at times takes an appearance similar to that of Ron Perlman and gets along well with Guillermo as a result, often you'll see the two
"My life is a suitcase. I am the traveling Mexican."

    H.P. Lovecraft 
Howard Phillips Lovecraft, God of the Cosmic Horror Story (Abdul Alhazred, Randolph Carter, Master of Nightmares, Lord of Madness, Defiler of Euclid, Scribe of the Necronomicon, Horrible Phobias Lovecraft, Hates Progress Lovecraft, Hippopotamus Lovecraft, Divider of Zero, Black Patriarch of the Internet, and Harbinger of a Thousand Tropes)!.jpg