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The current Quantic Dream logo, introduced in 2019.

Quantic Dream is a Paris-based Video Game developer studio founded in 1997 by David De Gruttola, better known under his pen name David Cage. The studio's games are famous for their cinematic and emotion- and thought-provoking storylines, but perhaps equally infamous for the amount of Quick-Time Events that dominate the gameplay. For an Eastern counterpart, see Kojima Productions, another studio spearheaded by a man with a similar penchant for story-driven games (though his games generally have more gameplay; relatively speaking.)

Games produced by the studio:

Films and tech demos produced by the studio:

  • Immortal (2004): QD produced most of the CGI cinematics in the movie.
  • The Casting (2006): The tech demo for what would eventually become Heavy Rain. Its heroine appears in the game as Lauren Winter.
  • KARA (2012): The tech demo for what would become Detroit, produced in 2011 but unreleased to the public for a year. Similarities between the eponymous character and Beyond's heroine Jodi have been noted.
  • The Dark Sorcerer (2013): Tech demo for the Playstation 4. Notable for being a comedy, especially surprising considering Quantic Dream's previous projects all took themselves seriously.