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Greater Gods

Grenth, God of Cheap Revival (Defeater of Dhuum, Lord of Death, Lord of the Seven Reapers, Prince of Ice and Sorrow, Prince of Frost and Ice, Prince of Winter, The Dark One)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A hooded draconic skull
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deathly Chill, Non-Malicious Darkness, The Grim Reaper, Judges the Dead, From Half-God to God, Patron God of Necromancers and Assassins
  • Domains: Death, Ice, Darkness, Humanity
  • Heralds: The Seven Reapers and Necromancers blessed by Grenth
  • Allies: Ventari, Ezio Auditore, Jean Grey-Summers, Death, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Queen Elsa
  • Enemies: Dhuum, Mordremoth, Zhaitan, Nekron, The Lich, Black Hand, KI!Hades, Gul'dan.
  • Distrusts: Thrall and Grommash Hellscream
  • Opposes: Thanos
  • Once upon a time, there was a god of death known as Dhuum in Tyria, who absolutely despised resurrection and undeath and would make sure to punish those who tried to escape death. However, Grenth, mere a half-god (Divine on his mother's side) back then, gathered seven heroes to fight Dhuum. Once they defeated him, Grenth received the god's powers, and the heroes was transformed into reapers under Grenth's service. One of Grenth's acts as a divine being was to allow resurrection and undeath, meaning that heroes of Tyria could be resurrected with minor penalties and necromancers could freely create minions.
    • When the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse learned of his existence and became steadily aware that Grenth might very well be one of the reasons why they're able to repeatedly come back from the death with little problem, they both agreed that the god of death is more deserving of their temple and title. As a token of good will, Grenth made sure that they were granted ownership of the temple of Challenge Gamers. The two undeads and Grenth has since been on good terms.
    • When Jean Grey heard about Grenth, she had to ask him if he might be the one responsible for her coming back from the death countless times. Grenth himself shrugged, speculating that it's possible that one of his reapers might have fallen for her and secretly aided her while he wasn't looking.
  • As the Patron God of Assassins in Tyria, Grenth has met Ezio. Grenth was immensely impressed by the assassin, stating that assassins back in Tyria that can perform feats like Ezio are rare and few.
  • Is quite friendly with Death, as they're both benevolent grim reaper figures.
  • Is reportedly distrustful of Thrall and Grom. According to him, orcs reminds him far too much of the Charr in Tyria who are ancient adversaries of humanity. Even if the Charr has made peace with mankind, it doesn't mean that he don't distrust them. However, he's willing to give Thrall a chance when he saw the lengths that he has gone to to make orcs more civilized.
  • Nekron, The Lich and Black Hand feels nothing but disgust toward Grenth for overthrowing Dhuum and changing the policies of death on Tyria to allow resurrection. Grenth himself perceive them to be truly dangerous threats to all.
  • He wasn't sure if he should have been amused or not to hear that Mandy managed to turn a reaper into her servant. Either way, he hopes that she won't be too harsh on her "friend".
  • When Queen Elza heard that a God of Ice who's celebrated during winter festivals had recently ascended, she had to meet him. Needless to say, she was surprised to see what the real deal is like. However, when she learned that he's actually not a bad guy when it comes down to it, she easily accepted that he's okay for a god of death.
  • While Grenth accepts that other gods of death may operate differently, he still considers Hades to be an EXTREMELY bad example for a god of death, considering that his ultimate goal is to reap and harvest all human souls to use as weapons against his enemies. Needless to say, Grenth will not tolerate Hades.
  • As Lord English's job is to enforce the inevitability of death, Grenth is naturally opposed to him.
  • Wasn't happy to hear that Thanos has caused the destruction of planets... just to attract his universe's version of Death.

    The Mage of the Beginning 
The Mage of the Beginning, Goddess of Resurrection by Possessing their Killers (The Lifemaker, The Final Boss, Ialda Baoh)

    Phoenix (Kamen Rider Wizard
Phoenix, God of Becoming Stronger After Death (Yugo Fujita)
  • Unknown (Could be Greater God)
  • Symbol: His Sword
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Hellfire User, Psychopathic Man Child, The Heavy, Just Doing Evil Because, Crazy Blood Knight, Immortal but Growing Stronger After Being Destroyed, Used To Be an Innocent Flower Guy.
  • Domain: Death, Power, Wrath, Destruction
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work With: The Entire GUAE
  • Enemies/Rivals: Pretty much anybody, but especially Haruto Soma
  • Hates: Anybody associated with the sun.
  • Oppose: Sou Fueki
  • Like its name would suggest, Phoenix has the special ability to come back to life after being defeated. The bonus? Each defeat makes him stronger to the point he can regenerate instently after defeat. He got so strong that Haruto Soma's only option was to Rider Kick him to the sun.
  • Somehow Melkor was able to retrieve Phoenix out of the sun so that he would join in his GUAE. What was the first thing Phoenix did when he enter the pantheon? Went and attack a surprise Haruto Soma. Even though Haruto had his Inifinity Ring, it was still a very intense battle before he defeated him. Of course, like before, Phoenix came right back to life. But not before Cosmos did something that caused him to revert to his lowest possible power level. She has now issued a decree to any GUAG member to not destroy but subdue Phoenix if they ever made contact. Easier said then done.
  • Phoenix is often consider hard to work with by some members of the GUAE. It's because he has so much blood lust for battle, he'd rather beat his enemies to death than waste time with any other method. Though, there are some who do love his destructive nature.
  • True to his nature, Phoenix spends most of his time fighting many deities, mostly from the House of Combat. And unfortunately, despite Cosmos' warning, he has been destroyed only to be brought back to life, stronger then before.
  • It should be noted that Phoenix would do everything in his power to bring out the best out of his opponents, including harming any love ones they have. For example, he once jumped LOS!Alucard and Mithra while they were training and actually physically harmed them with third degree burns. The assuring battle between Phoenix, Asura and Gabriel was bloody to say the least. To this day, no one knows the aftermath of said conflict.
  • Many were shock or surprise when they found out about Phoenix's Gate's former life; Yugo Fujita, a young man who worked at a florist and was a Nice Guy. Tsubomi Hanasaki herself was sadden that a person who loves flowers would fall into despair and become Phoenix.
  • Hates the sun and everybody who is associated with it. This is because he was Rider Kicked into the sun by Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Became very furious when he found out that Sou Fueki was really Wiseman and that he was using him for his own means. He can't wait to end his treacherous life.

    Phoenix Ikki 
Phoenix Ikki, God of Rebirth (Phoenix, Leo Ikki)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A phoenix
  • Theme Song: "You're Phoenix"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Phoenix Genma Ken, Coming Back Alive From Dying Repeatedly, Out of the Inferno, The Phoenix, Flames Of Hell, Aloof Big Brother, Coming Late To Save The Day, Anti-Hero
  • Domains: Fire, Limbo, Renewal, Destruction
  • Herald: Orion Eden
  • Allies: ATHENA, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Andromeda Shun, Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyoga, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ho-Oh
  • Enemies: Hades (both), Poseidon
  • After Jean Grey went missing and the search action by the Council yielded no results, Phoenix Ikki has grudgingly taken the position.
    • Rumor has it that if Phoenix Ikki were to abdicate his position or vanish, Optimus Prime would be the next one appointed to it. Neither Ikki nor Optimus will confirm or deny this, however.
    • When Jean came back, Ikki decided to opt for the title of Back from the Dead, since his connection to the Phoenix Constellation means that he can resurrect from any attack and and grow stronger from each death. While this usually doesn't matter in a place where Death Is Cheap, it makes him a valuable ally to anyone facing a stronger opponent.
  • He is always usually missing in action whenever there's a conflict, hiding in his volcanic throne, but it doesn't mean any cowardice. He's just biding for the right time to swoop in and fight the threat. He may get killed in the process, but like a Phoenix, he always rises back stronger.
  • A surefire way to ensure that he will deliver a gigantic, brutal whoop ass is if he ever hears someone hurt his little brother Shun. In this way, he is respected by Byakuya Kuchiki a lot.
  • The only time Ikki would appear a little early is when he heard that Kratos was talking smack about Athena, calling her a manipulative, greedy Goddess. Ikki may be a bit of a lone wolf, but even he would not stand against such insults and would fight for Athena's sake. So far, he's the one Kratos considered the biggest challenge amongst the 'Bronze Saints'. He still continues to appear after Athena's ascension, knowing the dangers Kratos presents and his lack of 'discipline and self-restraints' will spell havoc when left unchecked.


Intermediate Gods

    Carter Hall/Hawkman 
Carter Hall, God of Reincarnation (Hawkman, Katar Hol, The Winged Avenger)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Hawk Emblem.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Reincarnation of Prince Khufu, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Wings.
  • Domains: Superheroics, Destiny, Love (Shared with Shiera).
  • Followers: Einhart Stratos, Harusumi, Blazer, Caspian.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Shu Shirakawa.
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot and other DC villains, Imhotep, Kuphulu
  • Opposes: Regime Superman.
  • Uneasy Relationship: Flash Gordon.
  • Figuring out how to ascend Hawkman turned out to be one of the most harrowing ascensions yet. His history is so convoluted, it took weeks of arguing which Hawkman to ascend: the archeologist or the alien. It was Shiera who decided to go with the former in order to keep things consistent. When it was all said and done, Carter Hall arrived for his constant reincarnating. Sure Hawkgirl could job in with him, but she's enjoying the House of Weapons just too much to switch over.
  • After his ascension, he needed help to secure his memories so as to not have them lost once more. To his surprise, there was a deity where forgotten memories were a specialty. And the deity just happened to be a man in a dog's body. Absurdity aside, Hawkman found Fluke to be a great help in retrieving his memories.
  • Is one of the few Blood Knights in the Pantheon. He isn't afraid to use lethal force on others, though he restrains himself most of the time. Those new to them are understandably queasy whenever he returns from a battle.
    • It made it all the more frustrating when he found out that one version of himself had more guts than most in the Justice League to call out Superman for dropping his no-killing rule. It was an act of defiance that cost him his life. Carter remains opposed to him, but knows better not to engage the Tyrannical Superhuman in a direct fight.
  • All versions of himself wield the Nth metal, a unique property that allows him to defy gravity. The wings themselves don't allow him to fly; they only allow him to steer. As a Gravity Master, Shu has made it a priority to collect this metal in order to counter it. Mass production of Nth metal can be detrimental to his powers.
  • Turns out he's not the only one who reincarnates. It has been a feature for the Sailor Scouts for centuries. They may not interact that much, but they are willing to talk to one another on their experiences.
  • It may seem like an unorthodox couple, but the Atom has been at his side for decades. When neither superhero could support their own book, they teamed up for their own adventures and stuck it out ever since. Both are thankful for helping the other out in dismal times.
  • As an archeologist, he has had to deal with many evil mummies as Hawkman. The leader of mummies turned out to be a decent fellow, much to his surprise. Anakaris has been trying to reform his kind thought some dissenters remain.
    • Afterwards, Anakaris introduced his partner Cofagrigus to Hawkman. It was an odd partner to be certain, but the Pokemon was merely content on teaching people to take better care of artifacts.
  • There has been a number of evil mummies to deal with as of late. The likes of Imhotep and Kuphulu are more than a match for him.
  • He would like to point out that the time when Deathstroke nearly took out the entire Justice League (him included) was a fluke. It remains a sore spot to this day. He relishes the opportunity for a rematch.
  • Was impressed with the bravery of a fellow archaeologist named Indiana Jones, especially for a man who merely wants to find more items for the museum. Indy has always been quick to his feet, a feature that has saved his life multiple times. Hawkman has always liked someone who is spontaneous and trusts him more than most on strategy.
  • Flash Gordon can't help but wonder if Hawkman is related to the Hawkmen he has had to deal with. While the species aren't evil, they always give him a hard time. It makes him just as uneasy as when he sees Hawkgirl.
  • He's often an odds with Green Arrow due to their contrasting political viewpoints, as he's the conservative to Oliver's liberal. That doesn't stop them from joining forces against the supervillains.
  • Found a version of his in the Arrowverse. While his appearance was highly anticipated, his avatar didn't leave much of an impression. He hopes someone else would be able to do a better job with a live action version of himself.

Lesser Gods

    Epsilon (Red vs. Blue
Epsilon, God of Rebirth by Memory (Leonard Church, Alpha 2.0)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Music: I am the Best, Now That We've Come So Far
  • Symbol: His Sniper Rifle laying on a hill
  • Allignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being The Incarnation of Church's Memory, taking levels in kindness, still being a rotten shot with a sniper rifle, being a Walking Late-Arrival Spoiler, Deconstructing himself to save his friends.
  • Domain: Memory, Trauma, Artificial Intelligence, Clone
  • Followers: Michael J. Caboose, who worshiped Church way before it was cool to worship him, Lavernius Tucker, Franklin D. Donut, Dick Simmons, Sarge
  • Allies: Agent Carolina, Agent Washington, Primus and his followers (Epsilon fully accepts his own identity as a robot), Kamina (who likes Epsilon's attitude compared to Alpha's), Yui Ikari, Master Chief and Cortana, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pyrrha Nikos and the rest of Teams RWBY and JNPR, plus Qrow Branwen
  • Wishes he wasn't friends with: Grif
  • Enemies: The Director of Project Freelancer, the AIs that tortured Alpha (and himself by extension), Gendo Ikari, Kyubey, Bernkastel, The Meta, Felix, Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus
  • Rivals: Alpha
  • Pities: The Meta
  • Complicated Relationship with: Tex
  • Epsilon first took the identity of Alpha sometime after Alpha's death. While his memories were originally screwed up (thanks to one Michael J. Caboose), Epsilon unlocked more and more of Alpha's memories until he became a complete reincarnation of Alpha.
  • While Epsilon was always the Living Memory of Alpha, he never really ascended until that point in time when he managed to unlock all of Alpha's memories (even the ones that Alpha doesn't currently remember).
  • Despite being a memory reincarnation of Alpha, Epsilon is quite different in many ways. He is much more polite than Alpha, and he is somewhat less resigned. Oh, and he has a taste for rap music that Alpha never had.
    • Though he is a Nice Guy, Epsilon does have a Berserk Button in the form of people with a penchant for emotional torture, as they bring back horrible memories. When he gets angry, he gets angry - he starts ranting and grows to a massive size. Since that pushed his friends away once, Epsilon is trying to control it.
  • Probably the only deity in the Pantheon to immediately leap to the defense of Shinji Ikari. Epsilon claims that Shinji's not a wuss; underneath his insecurities, he tries his hardest to appease his father, much like Agent Carolina.
    • Yui Ikari has started to develop a respect for him. She doesn't get why Epsilon keeps accidentally calling her "Allison", however.
  • Wants to form a friendship with Fate Testarossa, because he sees a lot of Tex in her - in particular, her maternal instinct and status as a Replacement Goldfish. That, and he kinda wants a chance to possess Bardiche.
  • When Aya Shameimaru asked why he hates Kyubey, Epsilon claimed that where others see young girls being driven to despair, he only sees AI being fragmented and harvested.
  • Not sure what to think of Homura Akemi. On the one hand, her dedication towards Madoka makes him think of the Director's obsession with Allison... on the other hand, that dedication also reminds him of his feelings for Tex and the pain he had to go through because of them. Ultimately, however, he sympathizes with her, since her Moemura persona seems a lot like Theta - Homura's discarding of that look hit too close to home.
  • May or may not be a Vocaloid.
  • Has a rival in Alpha, his original self. The two are scheduled to have a sniper duel in the House of Combat. Don't expect either of them to actually hit the other.
    • Unless one makes a very lucky shot.
  • Is not happy to find that the Meta is in the Pantheon. While Epsilon is understandably terrified, he also feels sorry for Meta, viewing him as merely another casualty of The Director's plans.
  • Has an odd friendship with the Master Chief. Whom he met after an incident involving Grif and a Speak-n-Spell. The Chief likes having the assistance of an AI while he waits for Cortana to ascend. And Epsilon simply likes not having to deal with dumbasses on a daily basis. Ever since Cortana ascended, Epsilon stuck around with Washington until Carolina's ascension. They're happy to reinstate their partnership, which Wiz and Boomstick even said to be good enough to give Carolina an edge over the Meta, and is symbolic to how Epsilon is based around Carolina's father.
  • Some people around the Pantheon have been giving him odd looks after a complete armor failure under his watch, but he seems to be staying silent on the matter.
    • The problem was later determined to be from the fact that Epsilon is a little "old" for a neural-map AI, and armor-enhancement tech has been advancing so rapidly that handling a suit of powered armor outfitted with multiple enhancement programs and running them all at once was a bit too much for him. Since then, the Pantheon's brightest minds in the fields of artificial intelligence and magitech have upgraded Epsilon's core matrices and structures considerably; now, he is able to handle the latest in Freelancer and Mjolnir armor systems without trouble.
  • Has recently gone into a period of mourning. The only thing he could say was, "A great man is with all the rest of the Freelancers now".
  • Epsilon deconstructed himself into fragments in order to power Tucker's suit and give a higher chance for the Blood Gulch Crew to fight their way out of Hargrove's ship. And before that happened, he gave a speech which included how so many heroes and heroines sacrifice themselves for the greater good and for others, but would never really be able to know the outcome of it all and that they just needed faith to do it. The other deities' reactions to that are mixed, but they can all agree that his point was quite valid.
    • It doesn't help that some of the Gods and Goddesses have noticed a connection between his speech and Pyrrha's death. Even she was unsure of the decision to hold off Cinder, knowing that it may very well go wrong. However, in the end she had faith in that since she could buy more time for Beacon to be evacuated. She really hasn't commented much on this, but on the very least Epsilon has tried to comfort her. Epsilon has also made clear Pyrrha is possibly the finest warrior he's met since Carolina.
  • Even if he's a self-admitted asshole, managed to get the sympathy out of the good RWBY deities, with Ruby and Yang in particular wanting to spend more time with him given Epsilon sounds like their father.

    Ostarion the Wraith King 
Ostarion, God of Instant Resurrection (Wraith King, formerly the Skeleton King, Manliest Hero Without Testicles)

    Patsy Walker/Hellcat 
Patricia "Patsy" Walker, Goddess Rescued from the Underworld (Hellcat, Patricia Walker Baxter Hellstrom, Trish Walker)

    Sweet P 
Sweet Pig-Trunks, God of Villains Reborn For A Second Chance At Life (Sweet P, The Vessel)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An apple with cute horns
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Cheerful Child, Is The Lich Reborn As A Child From Regenerative Blood, Nice Guy, Gentle Giant, Has The Lich In Him But Has Told Him To Shove It, Big Fun, Beware the Nice Ones, Future Badass
  • Domains: Rebirth, Sweetness, Giants, Children, Happiness
  • Heralds: Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig (his adoptive parents)
  • High Priest: Uub
  • Special relationship with: The Lich (his former self)
  • Interests: The Life Entity
  • Allies: Finn and Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Fat Majin Buu, Son Goku, Rachel Roth, Chiyo Mihama, Yotsuba Koiwai, Jin Kazama, Shouto Todoroki, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Orion, Zero(Mega Man), Samurai Jack, Ashi
  • Enemies: The Lich, Majin Buu, Babidi, Nekron, William Hand (really the Grand United Alliance of Destruction as a whole), The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Omega(Mega Man), Trigon, Aku
  • Opposes: Those who'd try to manipulate him, bullies, Mandy
  • The Lich's plan to see all life extinct saw him break a prison meant to house the multiverse's deadliest prisoners. He almost won without effort, but made one fatal mistake; not realizing he'd given Finn access to Guardian Blood, which was thrown at him and rejuvenated him into a living child. Adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr Pig, Sweet Pig-Trunks or simply Sweet P is a kind and happy boy, a reset to the Omnicidal Maniac that was the Lich. However a small part of his former self still persists in the boy.
  • Used to be the person-shaped can of the Lich, however they gained separate existence thanks to Farmworld Jake transforming into the Lich. While that Lich was beat, his hand fell into every universe and tried to get the Lich to turn to evil. Sweet P told him to shove it and removed the Lich from Ooo. Learning the Lich exists in the Trope Pantheon has motivated Sweet P to train to be a better hero and get rid of him once and for all.
  • For someone who was the Lich in his past life, Sweet P is a really cheerful and pleasant kid. He attributes a lot of this to his adoptive parents. He likes to play with other happy and cheerful kids like the Kusakabe siblings, Chiyo and Yotsuba. He doesn't like bullies, and wants to remind people that he might be a Nice Guy but he'll defend himself if he needs to. He's not fond of Mandy either, since she's a jerk who bosses around supernatural beings and might want to figure out how to control the evil inside of him.
    • Currently studying in the House of School like any other child. It's advised against giving him any arcane knowledge; he's not old enough to deal with it yet.
  • Lumpy Space Princess was a babysitter for him once. It didn't work out that well but she did try. Sweet P learned that her anti-elemental powers helped restore Ooo after the elementals went wild and un-candified his parents(which was upsetting him), also restoring the horn Billy broke off back when he was the Lich. Sweet P's really thankful for this.
  • The Lich is a sort of dad for Sweet P, though obviously not a good one. Due to his loving adoptive parents and how much of a jerk the Lich was to him, Sweet P has nothing but disdain for the Child Abuse Supporters and evil parents like Relius Clover. Though Endeavor isn't the embodiment of evil, he's still a massive prick and he sympathizes with Shouto Todoroki for having to put up with him. He also understands the struggle that Jin Kazama deals with when it comes to his paternal family and the Devil Gene, though is wary as he helped cause World War III in his universe.
  • The House of Heroes has welcomed Sweet P with open hands, telling him that there are several heroes who originate from ultimate evil and that he should feel no shame in where he came from. Orion and Zero have both struggled with their almost literal demons and come out on top, and want to train Sweet P to be a hero. Ashi has personally dealt with her evil father trying to possess and corrupt her. Samurai Jack also wants to help train him in being a hero. He was saddened that Ashi was erased from her universe with Aku, while Sweet P still lives with the Lich gone.
  • Hates Aku and Trigon. They may not be omnicidal maniacs, but they're just like the Lich-pure evil forces who seek to dominate the cosmos and make their children bend to their will. He's become friends with Ashi, and wants the Shogun of Sorrow to stop bothering her. Raven wants to help him use powers he may have inherited from the Lich for good. Sweet P appreciates it, though he thinks she's a bit spooky.
  • Finds he has a lot in common with Fat Buu, as they both use to be ultimate embodiments of death and destruction that were altered into a more harmless, chubby and happy form. Fat Buu took a bit longer to go from Obliviously Evil to good, but still. And Majin Buu was reincarnated into a good person. Babidi wants to use the Majin spell to control Sweet P, but it failed because Sweet P doesn't have any real meanness in him to control. And even if Babidi got the Lich part in him, it wouldn't end well. Of course since this is Babidi, he didn't even consider that.
  • It is unknown what would happen if Sweet P ever dies or is made undead. Only the Grand United Alliance of Destruction wants to try it. Nekron believes that a Black Lantern ring might work on him(though not without effort) and wants Black Hand to do it, since it would probably bring back the Lich. The Grand United Alliance of Good is doing what they can to make sure that never happens. The Life Entity is watching him, believing he could be a champion of the white light of life in the future and the ultimate foe of the Lich.
  • Due to Betty banishing all of Golb's creations from Ooo, the Lich's evil may have been purged from Sweet P. His future seems to be in good hands either way, as 1000 years in the future he's become a giant who protects Ooo. Much like Billy actually, which infuriates the Lich to no end.


    The Ashen One 
The Ashen One, God/Goddess of Being Revived For A Task (Unkindled Ash, Champion of Ash, Lord of Hollows, Stealer of Flame)
  • Theme Song: Hollow
  • Rank: Demigod, but with their resolve and skills, they can defeat the likes of Greater Gods and Overdeities. When becoming the Lord of Hollows, gains the power of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: An Ember. Alternatively, the emblem of whatever covenant they joined.
  • Alignment: True Neutral normally, Lawful Neutral as the Lord of Cinder, Chaotic Neutral as the Lord of Hollows, Chaotic Evil as the Stealer of Flame.
  • Portfolio: Undeath, Determinator, Multiple-Choice Past, Heroic Mime, 24-Hour Armor, Action Survivor, Weaker Than The Average Undead, Last of His Kind, Achieving Impossible Feats Despite Being Weaker Than an Undead, Deciding The Fate of The World, Killing The Lords of Cinders, Destroying The Ringed City, Screw Destiny, The First To Harness Both Light And Dark, Usurping The First Flame
  • Domains: Undeath, Combat, Greed, Duty, Fire, Usurpation
  • Allies: Maiden in Black, Tiki, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Solaire, The Good Hunter, Jeanne D'arc, Cosmos, Robin Hood, The Phantom Thieves
  • Enemies: Pontiff Sulyvahn, Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, The Nameless King, Yuuki Terumi, YHVH, Charles zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Conflicting Relations: Gwyn
  • Odd Friendships: Gilgamesh
  • High Priest: The Firekeeper
  • For the average mortal, slaying a being such as the Soul of Cinder would have immediately ascended them into the pantheon and yet, for the Ashen One, they remained unchanged. The reason for this peculiarity is unknown but in the time waiting, they have single-handily defeated Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, slain the dragon Midir, ruined the Ringed City, and came out victorious against the very avatar of the Dark Soul. Only then did they finally ascend. Those in the House of Knowledge are still figuring out why, though perhaps it has something to do with their nature of being unkindled.
  • Another thing that perplexes the Pantheon is the unkindled's origins. Not only does it seems to be inconsistent, but they also seem to lack a definitive link to their Lord of Cinder unlike others that were resurrected along side them. Anri for Aldritch, Siegward for Yhorm, and Hawkwood for The Abysswatchers, but the connection the Ashen One holds to the Lothric twins is a mystery, if there even is any. Though that hasn't stopped some from theorizing.
  • One can be forgiven for doubting the unkindled's achievements when their status is even lesser to that of an undead. However, all of said achievements have been proven and that they WERE earned. It has been a joke recently to ask any gods in the House of Prophecy if they have given the Ashen One some favor. When asking the person themselves, the only reply questioners received was "Getting Good".
  • They are getting increasingly frustrated with all the "Touch the darkness within me." jokes. Yes, they know it's an innuendo, no, it is not even remotely funny to them, not even the first time. Repeated use of this joke is a quick way of earning the unkindled's ire.
  • Doesn't hold a high regard for authority figures that shirk from their duties. It is that reason they were brought back from the dead and the reason their world was at the brink. Palapatine and Charles zi Britannia are two of such examples.
  • They were quite baffled in meeting Solaire of Astora, Never would they have thought the leader of the Warrior of Sunlight to be so jovial.
  • Surprisingly holds a cordial relationship with Gilgamesh of all people. Yes, THAT Gilgamesh. It probably has something to do with flipping his switch.
  • They are quite fond of Tiki, perhaps because how the dragon reminds them of Yorshka and a certain Painting Girl.
    • The same can be said with the Maiden in Black in comparison to the Firekeeper, though it does unnerve the Ashen One the slightest bit on how similar their traits and roles are.
  • Their relationship with Gwyn is strained to say it simply. On the one hand, they killed the Lord of Light's traitorous firstborn and did their duty in returning the Lords of Cinder to their throne, even Aldritch. On the other, they destroyed the Ringed City, the last bastion of the gods, and killed Filanore. Even if it were an accident, this has put the two in a rough position.
    • Though there is a small reprieve with the condolences they gave to Gwyn on the fate that fallen upon Gwyndolin.
  • They can be seen stocking weapons and items for ventures into the Painted World of Ariandel to both kill Sister Friede and Father Ariandel permanently and set fire to the painted world for good. Because when a world is rotten, you must burn it away.
  • Despite their amicable personality and the good intentions they hold. It is important to know that The Ashen One is inherently greedy. To leave no secret unearthed, every fleeing man caught, and every answer known. Something that has brought a lot of agony many times, for both themselves and others, throughout their journey. Look no further than what they have done to the Ringed City for proof of that. They may be kind at heart but it has to be kept in mind that the curse of life is the curse of want, and no one is more cursed by it than the Ashen One.
  • If one were to ask for their feelings on the task of returning the lords to their thrones well...
  • It's best not to talk about poise in their vicinity. They are still sour in how easy it is for them to stagger when hit in comparison to their predecessors. Especially with all the teasing at their expense.
  • Is banned from entering any tournament or sparring with an Estoc or any similar stabbing weapon. Others have gone on to complain how the Ashen One keeps repeating the exact same attack over and over with little to no thought or variety. The fact that the Unkindled won a good amount of said matches just adds salt to the wound.
    • To a lesser extent are the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords and the Dancer's Enchanted Blades for their Stun Lock and Spam Attack respectively.
  • The similarities between Yharnam and Irithyll has not been lost on the unkindled, and has even gotten in on the joke by helping the Good Hunter in their patrols and vice versa.
  • Holds a very high disdain for tricksters, the likes of Yuuki Terumi especially. Can be heard muttering under their breath something along the lines of "Patches with the First Flame".
    • Speaking of Patches, The Chosen Undead, The Hunter, The Slayer of Demons, and The Ashen One agreed that never should any of the Patches meet.
    • Many are also skeptical of the stories that such a hyena was once an honest and kind man before he became who he is now or that he is even capable of genuine help.
  • It touched the Bearer's heart when the Unkindled showed the mask and greatsword of Lucatiel, a knight from Mirrah. It gives the former peace that they were able to keep their promise.
    • The Bearer was also surprised to see Raime's Ultragreatsword remain in tact, before telling the Ashen One to put it away. The weapon holds bad memories it seems.
  • They devastated the Chosen Undead when they told that Quelanna's Sister died at some point during the countless millennia, and are barely comforted by the fact that she didn't die alone.
  • They almost mistaken Jeanne D'arc for a certain knightess whom they met in their journey. After that small blunder though, the two struck a good relationship and can be seen talking to each other from time to time, well mostly on Jeanne's part. It also helps that the saint holds a passing resemblance to their firekeeper.
  • Can sometimes be seen heading out with a large and broken executioner's sword in hand. When asked about it, they state that it is in memory of an old friend.
  • If they're seen grumpily stomping back to their temple it is best not to bother them. It's likely they've been recently summoned to help someone else only to walk an unspecified long distance just to be dragged into fighting Midir for the umpteenth time. Needless to say, they are growing tired of fighting the same foe.
    • Alternatively, they were tricked or ganked by a opposing party.
  • Wasn't too pleased to find the tyrant, Sulyvahn ascended into the Pantheon, even more so that he arrived before them and they have clashed with the Pontiff at any occasion they can find possible, and won't cease until the sorcerer is dead.
    • Said tyrant is also an enemy that the Ashen One and Gwyn have no grievances over in fighting together.
  • To the complete disbelief of the entire Dark Souls pantheon, The Ashen One enacted the greatest defiance against their worlds cosmology. Not only have they figured a way to control both Light and Dark in harmony, but also usurped the First Flame and ushered in the Age of Man as the Lord of Hollows. Something very few if any thought to be even possible. Reactions were mixed. On one side, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse are overjoyed to be free from the Dark Sign, but other gods however, minus Nito, were filled with varying forms of wariness and disapproval. For now humanity is free to learn and master their Dark Souls and whatever else that may entail.
    • This has further strained the relations between The Ashen One and Gwyn as this undoes the sacrifices of many Lords of Cinders that prolonged the Age of Fire that the Lord of Light wished to keep alive. Where it will lead from here, is murky at best.
    • This was muddled even further when conflicting reports arose on what the Unkindled One actually did. Some say they lit the flame, and became another Lord of Cinder, others state they let the flame die out naturally, and others darkly whisper they murdered the Firekeeper, then took the power of the First Flame for themselves to horde. And of course, there are the rumors they ascended to become the Lord of Hollows.
  • They were given much flak for what they did to Anri to usurp the flame, even if it can be justified and is also the only way Anri actually gets to live (kind of).
  • At occasions, they help in the heists of Good Aligned Crime Gods, those alike Robin Hood especially. Though strictly for the thief's own protection. A lingering guilt perhaps?
  • Also holds a place in Outlooks on Job.
  • Asheth seeketh embers...

    Eric Draven 
Eric Draven, God Rising Out From His Grave
  • Leitmotif: "Burn" by The Cure
  • Demigod ( Lesser God as of "Project: Alternate Gentaro")
  • Symbol: A Crow next to a Drama Mask of Tragedy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil as of "Project: Alternate Gentaro"
  • Portfolio: non-evil dark characters, Healing Factor (which is good against most circumstances), those with very maniacal laughs, crows, resurrection, powerful mental attacks
  • Domains: Death, Vengeance, Darkness
  • Allies: Asura, Bruce Lee (Father figure), Midna, all good Gods in the House of Life and Death, Spawn
  • Enemies: Evil Gods in the House of Crime, Hatred and House of Life and Death.
  • Used to be friends with: Jeff Hardy
  • Thought that he could rest after finally defeating those who killed him, the crow resurrected him as he was needed in the Pantheon. Eric, sensing there were dark souls that needed to be cleansed, agreed.
  • Has two different backstories: one of him involved him being a happy-go-lucky mechanic before death struck him down, or he was an aspiring rock guitarist who was killed (Along with his fianceé) on his wedding night by a couple of gangsters.
  • Has a very uneasy relationship with Bruce Lee, as he sees Bruce as a father figure of some sorts. Bruce, likewise, feels the if he's seeing into the eyes of a son he never got a chance to see grow up. Oh if Bruce only knew...
  • Guns are not a good idea to use against him. One, he's dead. Two, he'll laugh at your pitiful attempts to hurt him. Three, accidental gun use is the reason that things went sour, to put it lightly.
  • Whatever you do, don't confuse him for the Eric that goes by the moniker of "The Phantom of the Opera". It...just won't end well. Although, it has been said that Eric Draven got his name from said Phantom due to what both have to go through.
    • Finds it amusing if he's confused with Eric Cartman, though. Cartman finds Draven's sociopathy and rampages to be amazing while Draven gets "lessons" on how to enact the most pain.
    • On the other hand, Eric doesn't like Draven, finding him too self-centered and disliking how he tried to kill his crow and deface his shrine.
  • Is a God that Gentaro Kisaragi sympathizes with, not only for his tragic backstory but also because of that..."other Gentaro" trauma he's currently going through. He himself tried to get to his own conclusions about what happened to Gentaro, but was blindsided and brainwashed by Alternate!Gentaro who was then used to Mind Rape Takatora Kureshima—an unwitting instigator for the whole mess as a whole—and caused the man to be sent into the Friendship Asylum.
    • Post Asylum, he's now on parole and assisting Carmelita Fox during the events of "Tarot Crusaders". He was NOT HAPPY over Jeff Hardy's decision to become "Brother Nero" to put it lightly, as the two were said to have gotten to be close friends due to their outlooks on life. He feels like Jeff becoming "Brother Nero" was like going back to the same craziness that created the Friendship Asylum in the first place. If he should find these Broken Brothers in his path, he's going to give them no mercy.
  • Gets along well with Asura seeing as they both won't rest until they are able to enact vengeance on the people they care about. Asura is now training Erik in combat to better defend himself.
  • HATES a lot of Evil gods in the House of Crime, since it was scum like them that caused him and his fianceé to die in the first place. He does sympathize with Omar Little though.
  • "I am pilot error. I am fetal distress. I am the random chromosome. I am complete and total madness. I am fear."


    Gwen Stacy 
Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy, Goddess of Frequently Revived Dead People ([clones] Abby-L, Joyce Delaney)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The image of Spider-Man cradling her body in his arms
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dead People That Constantly Reappear Through Cloning, Deaths The Hero Takes Responsibility For, Dead Love Interest, Not Quite Saved Enough, Blaming Spider-Man For Her Father's Death, Impossible Hourglass Figure, Uptown Girl, First Love, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Revival, Forgery, Love, Guilt
  • Allies: Spider-Gwen, Flash Thompson, Jason Todd, Fuuka Akitsuki, Mayuri, Ashi, Weiss Schnee, Wichita
  • Enemies: The Green Goblin, Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, Libby, any Mad Scientist deities
  • Spider-Gwen's research about her alternate counterparts made her discover that the "original" Gwen from Earth-616 was repeatedly cloned after her death, mostly by the villain known as the Jackal. At times, multiple Gwens at once! Saddened to see such a exploitation of someone's memory, the Pantheon decided to just revive the original. And once she was caught up on the reasons for ascension, Gwen now hates clones as much as her ex, Spider-Man.
  • Gwen was tragically murdered after being thrown from a bridge. Spider-Man catching her with his web right before the crash might have contributed to make things worse, but let's not discuss it. All we know is that Gwen now avoids heights.
  • Given how much of their psyches were molded by Gwen's death, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson have not been warned of her ascension. Gwen understands it, feeling they went through a lot (specially with meeting all her clones), and state she sees no problem seeing her two best friends hooking up, feeling a relationship so deep that led to a marriage was simply meant to be.
  • The Pantheon was unable to prevent her killer, The Green Goblin, from learning it. Norman is now uncertain on whether he wants to just make Spidey discover about Gwen or attempt to murder her in front of his eyes again For the Evulz. This is a particularly sore point as Gwen supposedly had a one night stand with Norman Osborn and gave birth to twins, something she refuses to comment on.
  • Carnage is held in high contempt by Gwen given in another continuity she was killed by said Symbiote. She also dislikes Libby for reminding Gwen of her own Alpha Bitch phase.
  • Being both the deity that brought Gwen to Pantheon and basically herself with superpowers, Spider-Gwen has become closer to the "original" and has since started teaching self-defence.
    • Gwen was also impressed that her schoolmate Flash Thompson is a super agent, and the two have become friends again.
  • Has become closer to Jason Todd, who is roughly her equivalent in DC Comics, even if she opposes his morals and undeniably envies how instead being of being impersonated by clones, Jason eventually got back to life, no matter how weird the reason for that was.
  • All deities that upon death caused much pain to their lovers have gotten closer to Gwen, such as Fuuka, Mayuri and Ashi. After all, victims need to stick together. Gwen and Fuuka also have the similarity of being Spared by the Adaptation at least once.
  • Somehow got along with Weiss Schnee, as both are Defrosting Ice Queens who have abilities the other admires - Gwen's prowess with science and research, and Weiss' magic and fighting skills. The only difference is their love lives: Weiss' experience with infatuated nerds is not one that makes her consider a relationship.
  • Was downright startled when she ran into Wichita, who is a redhaired version of herself. After some mix-up clarity, they ended up befriending each other. Gwen also felt some sort of familiarity when walking near Rexie's temple.

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