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"You are too late, his return is nigh!"

Galakrond, Draconic God of Major Villain Resurrections (Father of Dragons, Progenitor of Dragonkind, The Dragonlord, The Ur-Dragon, The Nightmare, The Unspeakable, The Wretched, The Unbreakable, The Tempest, The Apocalypse, Azeroth's End)
Galakrond before his death
Galakrond, the Nightmare 
Galakrond, the Unspeakable 
Galakrond, the Wretched 
Galakrond, the Unbreakable 
Galakrond, the Tempest 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His claws
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Abusive Precursors, Evil Is Bigger, Absurdly Sharp Claws, Back from the Dead, Giant Flyer, Rush Boss, Dracolich, Monstrous Cannibalism, Necromancer
  • Domains: Dragons, Hunger, Death, Resurrection, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On good terms with: Harth Stonebrew
  • Millennia ago, Azeroth was a world were life has just started to flourish after the Pantheon had defeated the Old Gods. Proto-dragons, the distant ascenstors of dragonkind, were one of several creatures living in the planet but one would rise above all others and terrorize his kind to no end. Galakrond the Dragonlord and Progenitor of Dragon-kind was infamous among Proto-dragons for his ferocious apetite and massive size, he would devour anything in his path and no one could oppose him. Until five proto-dragons banded together and fought him with all their might, Galakrond would meet his demise and the 5 brave souls would become the Dragon Aspects. But fate would have more plans for Galakrond, after all there was a new group seeking to resurrect the massive draconid and they succeeded in bringing him into the pantheon after recovering the essential material from Uldum.
  • Galakrond was summoned into the pantheon by the League of E.V.I.L. and the dragonlord was as hungry as he was in the past, feasting on anything that came across his path. Eventually, the combined might of several GUAG members and other involved parties managed to subdue the dragon enough to be able to drive him away and stop his rampage, but considering what transpired, Galakrond was here to stay. The reason? The League of E.V.I.L. cleverly stole one of the several unused titles (Thanks to Rafaam's habit to break the fourth wall) and used it to summon the Dragonlord to the pantheon as an official deity.
  • Galakrond is easily one of the largest dragons in the pantheon, only second to Io himself and he is also one of the few that can challenge him to a fight and prove his worth. Io has grown a begrudging respect for Galakrond considering he is a pretty ancient dragon and also like him a progenitor but his brutish tendency to devour everything tends to get on his nerves, especially because the Dragonlord has actively tried to eat him, possibly in order to raise him as a Dracolich.
    • The Dragon Aspects were horrified to see him return considering how hard it was to take down but now that other powerful dragons reside in the pantheon that also oppose him, he is not as likely to go unnopposed as he was in the past. He even has many evil dragons who consider him far too dangerous to work with.
  • Not all dragons have avoided Galakrond as he did in fact find a few allies willing to aid him in his mission to cull the world of the weak and feed endlessly. Grima and King Ghidorah find the Ur-Dragon to be the perfect ally to rally behind and cause endless mayhem and oddly enough, Deathwing of all people is willing to put aside all differences if it means bringing forth the Cataclysm once more, even if in the past he did aid defeating Galakrond.
    • The alliance with Grima quickly made Galakrond a prime target for the deities that come from his universe and so many who have fought dragons and actually defeated them tried their luck in slaying Galakrond. Even divine dragons such as Tiki got involved but they were not prepared for Galakrond's followers as well as the brood of Proto-dragons he commands, forcing several of the lord to retreat. Even then, not all was lost because the League of Explorers as well as other factions from Azeroth were willing to help them stop Galakrond after hearing of their brave attempt at taking him down.
  • When asked about his awakening, accounts of the events tend to differ. In one version, Rafaam succesfully raised him from the death, defeated the League of Explorers and went on too lay waste to all of Azeroth, destroying the Alliance and Horde in the process before betraying Rafaam and ultimately losing to him. On another account, him and Rafaam were ultimately defeated by the Explorers spearheaded by Reno Jackson whose exposure to Dalaran and Galakrond's presence ultimately revealed his true nature as a blue dragon. While nobody sure what version is true, Galakrond is a bit annoyed but willing to work with the League of E.V.I.L. once more. He does however want to eat Rafaam for being loud and annoying.
  • It is said that the Dragonlord's hunger is unmatched, and he will consume everything, even his own kin, to satiate his hunger. Many have compared Galakrond to Deviljho if it actually was an Elder Dragon and even bigger, but the ur-dragon scoffs at the comparison, considering the mindless beast to be below his notice.
    • The one monster Galakrond does respect is the Fatalis, an Elder Dragon that is considered one of the most dangerous of its realm and the infamy of the Fatalis is comparable to the Dragonlord's. The alliance between the two was formed out of convenience, since the two share common enemies but once everything is taken care of, they wouldn't hesitate to strike the other one. The Monster Hunters have tried their best to strike down Galakrond following the news of Galakrond's arrival but he proved way beyond their league and his sheer destructive power make other Elder Dragons look like chumps in comparison.
    • And given the similarities to the Elder Dragon type monsters, it was a matter of time before Nergigante decided to challenge the Ur-Dragon to a duel but even if Nergigante is a fearsome creature in and of itself, Galakrond's sheer might quickly overwhelmed it and it had to retreat before being struck down by him. Some are glad that the Nergigante decided to bail out as one wonders how dangerous a reanimated Nergigante with Galakrond's necromantic abilities could be.
  • Several adventurers and heroes have tried to test their mettle against the Dragonlord but Galakrond was a tough foe to put down and easily considered one of the toughest dragons to slay. In fact, the threat Galakrond poses has made unlikely alliances happen just to keep him at bay, making several wonder how Rafaam could even defeat him by himself that one time. Ornstein and Smough, notorious for their hatred of dragons and trying to appease their master Gwyn, made a truce with the Dovahkiin in order to potentially end Galakrond considering he was far more imposing that the dragons from either universe and even if they put up a good fight, the flock of proto-dragons surrounding Galakrond as well as his powers made it easy for the proto-dragon to overwhelm the dragonslayers. Gwyn has been for a while planning to form a team in order to end the menace that is the Ur-Dragon.
    • Miraak, seeing the opportunity to upstage the Dovahkiin and claim the achievement of defeating the Progenitor of Dragons by himself, tried to use "Bend Will" on Galakrond but it failed spectacularly as he was not affected in the slightest. Being a dragon so ancient that he wasn't even considered an actual dragon gave him the advantage to ignore the shout and complete crush Miraak like he was nothing.
  • Another figure nobody expected would try to challenge Galakrond was the Taken King, Oryx. He was one of the first to give the Dragonlord some trouble, as he had experience taking out even greater foes and one of them being Akka, the one that gave him the power to create the Hive. Oryx and Galakrond duked it out with the Taken King being able to withstand the onslaught the proto-dragons were dishing out and ultimately traded blows with the Progenitor himself but was unsuccesful in actually slaying him or even swaying to his side. The bestial nature of Galakrond makes it hard to mind control and other factors such as him being a constantly hungry creature with necromantic capabilities has made Oryx despise him, even if both share the Social Darwinist mindset.
  • Galakrond can assume 5 different forms depending on who invokes his name, giving him a wide array of abilities as well as being one of the main reasons he's been a constant problem for GUAG and even other alliances. Ranging from Fel manipulation, void powers or even harnessing the elements, Galakrond is a force to be reckoned with. And to make matters worse, he can get even more powerful and the League of E.V.I.L. has been trying to find a way to have Galakrond assume all five forms at once. Only the Grand United Alliance of Destruction has entertained the wish of Rafaam and the others to go through that plan.
    • The aforementioned forms can be assumed by Priests, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors in the Tavern, dubbed the Unspeakable, the Nightmare, the Tempest, the Wretched and the Unbreakable respectively. Galakrond prides itself as one of the most powerful entities in the Tavern and oddly enough, he behaves well for the most part since he is content with causing mindless destruction in the field.
    • Speaking of which, the forms of the Unspeakable is said to be one designed by Madame Lazul, a servant of the Old Gods. Considering the sheer mental strain Galakrond can induce in that form, the Old Gods have tried to manipulate the Ur-Dragon into working for them but it has shown no interest in freeing them. They however, do share common interests and is willing to bring destruction in their name as long as they help him get stronger and get rid of his enemies.
  • Gets along with Amon the Dark Voice, hailing from universe with passing familiarity as well as the two being Abusive Precursors to their respective kinds. Amon tried to convince Galakrond to continue his plan of fusing the Zerg and the Protoss into a single race but Galakrond was uninterested in the Xel'naga's plans, only bothering to act as an enforcer instead.
  • For all of his imposing presence, some people have mocked his incredibly tiny arms, which is a common trait in proto-dragons. Anyone who mentions this to his face (And isn't Rafaam) will be obliterated in seconds.
  • "My rebirth begins the cycle of the world anew."
  • Can also be found at Evil Actions.

Yune, Goddess of Resurrection Sickness (Goddess of Chaos, Chaos Goddess, "Dark God")

Greater Gods

Grenth, God of Cheap Revival (Defeater of Dhuum, Lord of Death, Lord of the Seven Reapers, Prince of Ice and Sorrow, Prince of Frost and Ice, Prince of Winter, The Dark One)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A hooded draconic skull
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deathly Chill, Non-Malicious Darkness, The Grim Reaper, Judges the Dead, From Half-God to God, Patron God of Necromancers and Assassins
  • Domains: Death, Ice, Darkness, Humanity
  • Heralds: The Seven Reapers and Necromancers blessed by Grenth
  • Allies: Ventari, Ezio Auditore, Jean Grey-Summers, Death, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Queen Elsa
  • Enemies: Dhuum, Mordremoth, Zhaitan, Nekron, The Lich, Black Hand, KI!Hades, Gul'dan.
  • Distrusts: Thrall and Grommash Hellscream
  • Opposes: Thanos
  • Once upon a time, there was a god of death known as Dhuum in Tyria, who absolutely despised resurrection and undeath and would make sure to punish those who tried to escape death. However, Grenth, mere a half-god (Divine on his mother's side) back then, gathered seven heroes to fight Dhuum. Once they defeated him, Grenth received the god's powers, and the heroes was transformed into reapers under Grenth's service. One of Grenth's acts as a divine being was to allow resurrection and undeath, meaning that heroes of Tyria could be resurrected with minor penalties and necromancers could freely create minions.
    • When the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse learned of his existence and became steadily aware that Grenth might very well be one of the reasons why they're able to repeatedly come back from the death with little problem, they both agreed that the god of death is more deserving of their temple and title. As a token of good will, Grenth made sure that they were granted ownership of the temple of Challenge Gamers. The two undeads and Grenth has since been on good terms.
    • When Jean Grey heard about Grenth, she had to ask him if he might be the one responsible for her coming back from the death countless times. Grenth himself shrugged, speculating that it's possible that one of his reapers might have fallen for her and secretly aided her while he wasn't looking.
  • As the Patron God of Assassins in Tyria, Grenth has met Ezio. Grenth was immensely impressed by the assassin, stating that assassins back in Tyria that can perform feats like Ezio are rare and few.
  • Is quite friendly with Death, as they're both benevolent grim reaper figures.
  • Is reportedly distrustful of Thrall and Grom. According to him, orcs reminds him far too much of the Charr in Tyria who are ancient adversaries of humanity. Even if the Charr has made peace with mankind, it doesn't mean that he don't distrust them. However, he's willing to give Thrall a chance when he saw the lengths that he has gone to to make orcs more civilized.
  • Nekron, The Lich and Black Hand feels nothing but disgust toward Grenth for overthrowing Dhuum and changing the policies of death on Tyria to allow resurrection. Grenth himself perceive them to be truly dangerous threats to all.
  • He wasn't sure if he should have been amused or not to hear that Mandy managed to turn a reaper into her servant. Either way, he hopes that she won't be too harsh on her "friend".
  • When Queen Elsa heard that there was God of Ice who's celebrated during winter festivals, she had to meet him. Needless to say, she was surprised to see what the real deal is like. However, when she learned that he's actually not a bad guy when it comes down to it, she easily accepted that he's okay for a god of death.
  • While Grenth accepts that other gods of death may operate differently, he still considers Hades to be an EXTREMELY bad example for a god of death, considering that his ultimate goal is to reap and harvest all human souls to use as weapons against his enemies. Needless to say, Grenth will not tolerate Hades.
  • As Lord English's job is to enforce the inevitability of death, Grenth is naturally opposed to him.
  • Wasn't happy to hear that Thanos has caused the destruction of planets... just to attract his universe's version of Death.

    The Mage of the Beginning 
The Mage of the Beginning, Goddess of Resurrection by Possessing their Killers (The Lifemaker, The Final Boss, Ialda Baoth)

    Rimuru Tempest 
Rimuru Tempest, God of Gaining Perks In The Next World (Satoru Mikami, Rimiru, Chancellor of the Great Jura Alliance, King Slime & Ruler of Monsters, King of Jura Tempest, Chaos Creator, Great Demon Lord, 5th True Dragon)
Left: his humanoid avatar, Right: his true form (not to scale)
Click here for his previous life as Satoru Mikami 
  • Greater God but in future will reach Overdeity levels
  • Symbol: His slime form, or Shizue's mask
  • Theme Song: Nameless Story
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but don't take it as a weakness)
  • Portfolio: Stock Light-Novel Hero, Benevolent Mage Ruler, Revered By All His Subjects, Badass Adorable, Predator Skill Grants Him Skills Of The Consumed, Gaining Abilities And Forms Of Whatever He Consumes, Comically Invincible Hero, Killer Rabbit, Complete Immortality, Fetish for Elf Girls, Good Is Not Soft, Matter Replicator, Martial Pacifist, Pop-Cultured Badass, Becomes A (Great) Demon Lord
  • Domain(s): Slimes, Reincarnation, Assimilation, Replication, Rulership, Demons, Void
  • Heralds: "Star Lord" Ranga (his Tempest Star Wolf), Great Sage/Wisdom King Raphael (his magical A.I.), the loyal citizens of Tempest, Storm Dragon Veldora.
  • High Priest: Takuma Sakamoto/Diablo
  • Followers: Toujou Karuna, Makoto Mizuhara, Dungeon Keeper Ami, Suzuki "Satou" Ichiro, Azusa Aizawa, Ryouta "Routa" Okami, Souma Nagi
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hoss Delgado (one-sided on the Hunter's end)
  • Enemies: Ainz Ooal Gown, Alex Mercer, Skarsnik, Warboss Ghazghkull, Baby Bonnie Hood, Metallix, indiscriminate monster hunters who can't/won't behave themselves around him
  • Pities: Ainz Ooal Gown, Gertrude
  • When it comes to isekai stories, it's common for the protagonist to gain a "cheat" skill that grants them unique or broken abilities before they start doing anything else in that other world, so long as it allows them to be superior to the world's regular mortals. It's also usually granted during reincarnation, and bestowed or acquired by the resident deity during the process. The Court of the Gods eventually found the tale of a man named Satoru Mikami, who was stabbed to death in the middle of the street, and was then reincarnated in another world as a slime. But there's more to it than that.
    • As he was dying, he had gained the following perks for his next life: besides Predator and Great Sage, he acquired Resistances to heat, physical attacks, cold, thermal fluctuation, electric current, paralysis, and pain (the last being outright nullified), and a body that doesn't require blood (hence, a slime body).
    • He gained several more along the way like water pressure propulsion, regeneration, the ability to sense magic (and therefore acquired colored vision), movement in water, water manipulation, poison and paralysis breath, Instant Armor, thread both for Webbing and Razor Wire purposes, Shadow Step, fire manipulation, create clone bodies (which retain a tenth of their original's vigor and magic, though movement and attack remain unchanged), lightning manipulation, and so much more.
    • Thanks to these perks, the Court of the Gods sent an envoy to the world he's now from. They found the Jura Tempest Federation, requested a private audience with Rimuru, and applied the standard amnestics to plug premature leaks of everything about the Pantheon, even rendered inscrutable and/or non-suspicious to Rimuru's Great Sage skill.
    • However, due to unknown temporal issues that prevent the Pantheon's envoy (in this case, Cosmos of the GUAG) from contacting Rimuru, they're forced to contact him from after his becoming a True Demon Lord at the conclusion of the Falmas Kingdom's attack on the Jura Tempest Federation.
    • It is known that he's since done much more and can even access any point in space-time, but for now, immediate post-True Demon Lord status will be the furthest he'll be at upon ascending to the Pantheon.
    • Upon being briefed on the specifics, Rimuru accepted the offer, and shortly joined the GUAG since her interests and his are compatible.
  • Rimuru is often seen in one of two guises; his default slime form, and his humanoid form he acquired after assimilating Shizue's body at her request. The Court also granted him the form of his previous life as Satoru Mikami, but he doesn't use that often as he's long since moved on from that life.
  • One should note that even if he might be a slime, that does not mean he's a low-level Mook that can be easily handled. If one can sense his aura (it was a surprise to him that not everyone in the Pantheon can do so), one would find it surprisingly imposing. Even then, he can suppress it, or even mask it completely. It had been a surprise for him the first time he had to fight someone who clearly had no idea who they were up against until he proved them wrong. That's why when he's in dangerous or unknown territory, he's in his humanoid form more.
  • When it comes to healing, at first, he used to consume the patient, use the healing potion substance in him on the patient, and then eject them good as new. Nowadays, with water manipulation, he instead forms globules of the stuff he can easily toss to those in need. These potions are so potent they can even restore lost limbs, and diluting them to a tenth still lets them work as well as a standard X-Potion.
  • While he can copy techniques from any book he "consumes" and "spits out", he still has to practice them to make them useful.
    • Speaking of books, give him paper, something he knows, and he can "print" it out in mint condition. He's done this once with certain manga, even when Great Sage considers this a waste of his talents, but he's not doing this for just anybody.
  • He can even replicate enchanted items, but he needs to have consumed the materials normally required to create it (as well as the item in question, of course). He cannot improve on it with this skill however, thus not invalidating the need for weaponsmiths.
  • His Magic Sense allows him to translate messages of personal will (a.k.a. speech) into forms he can understand, so he can understand any language. With the Ultrasonic Wave ability he acquired from a Giant Bat he consumed, he can convey his thoughts into words, and in any language as well. While being an Omniglot is a common perk for all sapient deities in the Pantheon who can speak, his skill allows him to, with enough analysis from Great Sage, understand any other forms of verbal communication like Nuju's Bird rahi speech, Ti'zo's chittering, et cetera. As for non-verbal communication such as the Heptapods' writing, he has his other skills to replicate their process (again, after enough analysis with Great Sage).
  • The dimensional space within Rimuru's Predator is pretty much like a Luxury Prison Suite, with its prisoners permitted to conjure anything while incarcerated within him for their comfort. One dimension holds the Great Storm Dragon Veldora (as he and Rimuru try to figure out his Unlimited Imprisonment and how to break it) and a Fire Spirit Ifrit (after the former pulled the latter in to his own space for sparring and conversation), another holds Shizue, or rather her body, at her dying request, and another held the Orc King Geld, whose soul has since moved on.
    • As for how it works in the Pantheon, any adversary he consumes, if they're a deity, he's not allowed to assimilate their souls, which are automatically magically extracted for revival in the House of Life and Death. Otherwise, it can end up as a case-by-case basis if what he consumes might cause problems for him in the long term.
    • As for powers he absorbs from Pantheon residents, they're his to keep until all of his physical body gets destroyed, after which he'll have to take them again if he wants them. While annihilating the nucleus of his soul is the only real way to kill him for good, in the Pantheon, only the House of Life and Death can bring his body back. That said, given he has the ability to create clone bodies (which he can control manually), this already puts him at an advantage over other assimilators like him.
  • He's aware that there are others who end up in other worlds, and that there are other examples besides reincarnation (in fact, his case is rare even in his world, much less reincarnating as a slime), such as being summoned (by the local deity or by denizens), getting trapped inside a video game, activating an artifact, etc. Some even come with a way to get back home. Some don't even have any desire to go back at all even if there was a way. And there're those who came from other worlds and ended up on Earth.
    • As fellow Light Novel protagonists who become influential leaders in the worlds they now reside in, Rimuru gets along with Touya (even if he's more of a Reluctant Ruler; Rimuru was the same) and Shiroe (as the only one of equal ranking) and gets into discussions with the latter in regards to leadership skills.
  • As a monster with friendly relations with humans (though it helps that he once was one), he became quick friends with Yomi and Ceri, and has on occasion visited their temple for... diplomatic reasons.
  • In regards to Ainz Ooal Gown, who also started out as a human (and named Satoru as well, no less), he isn't sure what to think. Both of them are leaders of nations (which they've been thrust into taking) with very loyal subordinates and both have an ultimate vision of having a world of peace between all races.
    • That said, Ainz is all too willing to slaughter anyone who isn't an ally, and willing to commit all kinds of atrocities for the sake of his empire, whereas Rimuru will only retaliate hard as a last resort or when a friend is in danger (or if it's a mindless Random Encounter) and would rather settle things with his neighbors diplomatically and peacefully.
    • That said, Rimuru expresses pity since Ainz had essentially been forced and pressured into his role, his emotions were also forcibly suppressed, and he was starting his new life from a very lofty position while Rimuru (and his eventual federation) had more humble beginnings as they worked from the ground up.
    • What's also concerning is that folks want to see who would win between the two if they ever came to blows. Right now, Rimuru is not confident that he would prevail in his state. As for what he becomes in the future, however... let's just say that will be a completely different story.
  • In meetings with other GUAG commanders, he met some of Azeroth's heroes and forged alliances where possible. One notable encounter was with Thrall, whom he initially labeled as a hobgoblin due to his green skin and muscular physique before the former Horde Warchief corrected him that he was an orc. Rimuru was caught a bit off guard, given orcs in his world were more like Pig Men.
    • He was then also warned of the God of Goblins as well as the other God of Orcs, and Rimuru promised not to associate with them. He also got to meet Zac, another Blob Monster who was also very friendly (despite his looks).
  • Having suffered some terrible cooking a few times before, he dreads the infamous Mystery Food X; if it could paralyze a divine being and make a ghost pass out, what horrors would his slime body be subject to if he absorbs any of it?
    • Unfortunately, he would eventually experience the results for himself when someone chickened out of taking the food as a test of courage and blindly shoved the spoon into his mouth as he passed by (the irony that Rimuru himself had done this to Gobta before with Shion's cooking wasn't lost on him). It resulted in him reverting to his slime form and going on that same standby state he had been a few times before when he Named the goblins. That state thankfully lasted only a few hours. Oh, and he Acquired Poison Immunity after that.
  • If there's something he shows utter contempt for, it's those with staunch/blind anti-monster sentiments who have the power and unwavering dedication to... carry out their mission. The attack on Tempest by the Western Saints Church and the Falmas Kingdom resulted in a hundred casualties on his end, a few of them close friends of his and even children, even though he was able to resurrect them and grant them immortality afterward.
    • As for what he did to the invading soldiers, namely consuming them to become a True Demon Lord, some folks are divided on this matter. One side thinks he's finally crossed the line with the slaughter and soul assimilation of >10000 people, while the other can see that there really was no other option; the Falmas Kingdom and the Western Saints Church made the first move, instigated a fight that killed a hundred of Tempest's population, children included, and would've otherwise wiped the entire Federation off the map had nothing been done. He also asked Benimaru to slay him should he lose his empathy after becoming a Demon Lord, which thankfully did not come to pass.
    • In regards to such hunters...
      • For those like B. B. Hood, he will not hesitate to fight and kill her if need be, especially when another's life is in danger from her.
      • But for those like Hoss Delgado, he will give a chance despite the hunter's attitude; Rimuru can understand that befriending a monster species can take a while to get used to.
  • Due to his skillset, as well as their opposing views on humans, Alex Mercer is interested in what he can acquire should he consume Rimuru, namely the Gluttony skill. That said, given the slime's achievements, this plan is at an impasse because he's aware that it's also likely that Rimuru might be able to consume him first instead, potentially granting him the Blacklight Virus and all that entails. He already lost to James Heller, and that was his own doing. He will not let this slime be the next.
    • While the former sergeant is still getting used to having allies of comparable strength, Heller and Rimuru were able to forge an alliance in stopping Mercer's plots.
    • Metallix also wants to obtain Rimuru's powers for similar reasons, but is also wary that one wrong move and all of his powers (innate and copied), not to mention the materials that compose his body, can end up being absorbed by the slime. And so far, he's not given Rimuru—who isn't confrontational by nature—good reason to hunt him down, but it might only be a matter of time.
  • Given it's also a monster-populated place like the Federation he's the leader of, Rimuru decided to visit the Anur System, though was advised to not assume a human form due to their xenophobia against humans. He hopes to change their sentiments one day.
  • Can also be found in Power Gains and Losses.
  • "I'm not a bad slime!"

Intermediate Gods

    Carter Hall/Hawkman and Shiera Sanders/Hawkgirl 
Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders, Divine Couple of Reincarnation (Carter: Hawkman, Katar Hol, Prince Khufu Kha-Tarr, Katarthul, Nighthawk, Silent Knight, Koenraad von Grimm, Captain John Smith, James Wright, The Birdman, Gold Hawk, Avion, Dragon of Barbatos, Sky Tyrant, The Winged Wonder, "The Flying Fascist", "The Man Who Fights the Evils of the Present with the Weapons of the Past" | Shiera: Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman, Chay-Ara, Shayera Thal, Shayera Hol, Shhra, Kendra Saunders, Pretty Bird)
Carter Hall/Hawkman (above) and Shiera Saunders/Hawkgirl (below)
Shayera Hol/Thal 
Kendra Saunders 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their Helmets and their Maces with their wings in the Backdrop. Alternatively, the Hawk Emblem.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Are Destined to be Bought Back as New Beings in the Future once they Die and are Destined to be United to Each Other by Love, Animal-Themed Superbeing, Winged Humanoid, Primarily Wielding a Spiked Mace, Battle Couple, Wielding and Possessing Nth Metal, Had an Alternating and Complicated Romantic Thoughts for One Another, Extremely Convoluted and Constantly Altering Background Origins per Continuity
  • Domains: History, Hawks, Love, Romance, Heroism, War, Immortality, Reincarnation
  • Heralds: Big Red, Hector Hall/Silver Scarab/Doctor Fate (their son)
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Viridi
  • Enemies: Vandal Savage, Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, Barbatos, The Batman Who Laughs, Owlman, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Kang the Conqueror, Ganondorf Dragmire, Demise, Strahd von Zarovich, Cthulhu, The Nemesis Squadron, The Lich, GOLB, Chaos, Sigma, Nagash, King Rameses
  • On Speaking Terms With: Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Settra, Akhenaten
  • Pities: Tutankhanum, The King of Sorrow, Caius Ballad, Cleopatra
  • Respected By: House of Love and Affection, Hall of Birds, The Battlehawks
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl are a divine couple who have committed themselves to heroism and have used their powers for them. In truth, the two of them are reincarnations of a couple from Ancient Egyptian Times known as Khufu and Chay-Ara, who were murdered by Hath-Set. As the weapon used for the kill was a knife with magical properties, Khufu and Chay-Ara were destined to be reincarnated and unite together each time they die. Khufu's most recent descendant, Carter Hall, became Hawkman upon stumbling across the dagger that killed him in an excavation site in Egypt, causing him to regain lost memories of his past selves as well as tracking down Hath-Set's descendant in a Mad Scientist known as Anton Hastor. Recalling his memories, Carter uncovered a mysterious extraterrestrial element known as Nth Metal, which was known for containing anti-gravity properties, and crafted an anti-gravity belt, wings, and costume to establish himself as Hawkman before defeating Hastor, re-encountering Chay-Ara as Shiera Sanders, and starting a romance, with Shiera later becoming inspired by her lover's heroic deeds to take up the mantle of Hawkgirl. Eventually, the two would become prominent members of the Justice Society of America and Carter would even fight in World War II, carving a notable reputation among superheroes. Shiera would also see herself having the Hawkgirl mantle being passed down via a Thanagarian known as Shayera Hol and a descendant named Kendra Saunders from her first cousin's side.
  • The two were early ascendants to the Pantheon, albeit they came in rather separately, with Carter representing reincarnation and Shiera having the theme of Savage Spiked Weapons going for her. However, the two quickly figured that with couples and groups have been able to mutually have a singular theme as their main recognition, they opted to go with that direction, with Carter and Shiera being the main mascot for Reincarnation. This appeal was responded to by the Court of the Gods, who recognized the symbolism and nature of the couple's love and destiny for each other and allowed them to represent the theme of reincarnation together. This was an important moment for the duo as it meant that Carter and Shiera would be able to spend more time with each other as well as provide additional support, be it in combat, or with their emotional and romantic matters. They did figure that they do need their independent moments at times as well, to which Shiera responds by being a member of the Justice League, much like how Carter sticks with the Justice Society. The Pantheon, being far larger than they anticipated, forced Hawkman and Hawkgirl to make a plan on what they should do, be it together or on their own, knowing that their time here is going to be a very eventful one.
  • The Hawks are a notable superhero couple, which is emphasized by the fact that destiny has set its course for Carter and Shiera to eternally unite with one another in each and every lifetime. Of course, they make a formidable duo just as much as they are incredibly protective and emotional for one another, so many have expressed dismay about the idea of hurting any one of the Hawks without potentially angering the other. The Hawks, in addition to their enhanced physique, including strength, endurance, reflexes, and wings for flight, possess Nth Metal materials and craft, including armor, belt, and boots that not only help to store their items but also provide anti-gravitational functions and further enhance defense. As demonstrated by the Justice League's battle against the Dark Knights, Nth Metal is also one of the only materials capable of harming denizens of the Dark Multiverse, making Hawkman and Hawkgirl two of the most reliable allies against the likes of Barbatos and The Batman Who Laughs. They also possess the ability to telepathically empathize and communicate with birds and, upon further training, other animals like bears, wolves, and deer.
  • The Hawkman and Hawkgirl that is the most well-known as well as the ones that are presumed to be in the Pantheon are their Post-Crisis iterations. The two of them have knowledge of their past selves as well as their future incarnations, particularly the ones from Post-Flashpoint, but it's best not to think about it too much and even the pair would give a brief statement on it. As it turns out, Hawkman's origins are second only to Donna Troy when it comes to one's severe confusion, misunderstanding, and multiple changes regarding their origins and backstories. In Pre-Crisis, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were part of a humanoid extraterrestrial race known as the Thanagarians. There, they were police officers who found interest in Earth and chose to move there to continue their crime-fighting life as superheroes. In Post-Flashpoint, Hawkman is still Carter Hall, but his original self was Ktar Deathbringer of Qgga, a part of an alien race who laid destruction across the universe, though he resented himself and his race, after which he fell for a fellow member named Shrra and both died for daring to defy their race. Ktar's reincarnation was him wanting to atone for his acts and being promised to be ascended to the afterlife once he had saved as many lives as he had taken.
    • While Shiera is what most people would assume to be Hawkgirl, there are actually three individuals with that moniker in the Pantheon. The first is Shayera Thal, a police officer from Thanagar who came to Earth to operate under her own alias of Hawkwoman. The second was Kendra Saunders, a descendant of Shiera who once contemplated suicide, but was saved by the soul of Shiera who decided to inhabit Kendra as her way of not only bringing her back to life but giving her a purpose, namely that of being a defender. In Post-Flashpoint, Kendra became the leader of the Blackhawks, an ensemble of superpowered beings and vigilantes who banded up to observe and stop apocalyptic events from occurring and they were the Justice League's main contact when dealing with the Dark Knights and the Dark Multiverse, though she would later take on the Hawkgirl mantle after proving her bravery and dedication to stopping a great evil and impressing the League and Carter.
  • The pair are patron figures in the House of Love and Affection and despite their deaths, hardly anyone looks at them with pity. Its probably for the best as Hawkman and Hawkgirl have tried to grow past their troublesome past and define themselves as heroes, not to mention both, especially Hawkgirl, do not like to be pitied for their deaths, though in Hawkgirl's case, this can be attributed to the time when Kendra wanted to avert her usual fate as being Carter's lover. Still, they enjoy the place and hanging out with their inhabitants just as much as they see them as great heroes, with Hawkman and Hawkgirl choosing to spend most of their intimate time in the Pantheon there. In the case of Kendra, she's an incredible woman to be bedded with, as Roy Harper can attest. Surprisingly, one of their favorite places to visit there is the Hall of Romantic Loss due to the peaceful ambiance of the place as well as a way for the pair to talk to each other and to others freely. Despite their strong love for each other, they've not been so good at offering romantic advice, much to the humor of a lot of people.
    • While Love is usually a positive topic, this is not the case for Strahd von Zarovich of Barovia, whose romantic desire for a woman named Tatyana is the main drive for his villainy and his transformation into a vampire when she instead fell for his younger brother, Sergei. Sure Strahd manages to kill Sergei on his wedding day, but Tatyana commits suicide in reaction to the event. Things didn't stop here when the inhabitants of Barovia are destined to be reincarnated, as was the case of Tatyana. Strahd has done anything he can to earn the affection of Tatyana's descendants, but she's always taking her own life before it can be fulfilled. The Hawks were dismayed and disappointed by Strahd's actions, claiming that his obsession would only cause further revulsion for her and misery for himself. Strahd was not amused and attacked the Hawks in response, not wanting to let go of his one-sided love for Tatyana and telling the Hawks to "mind their own business". Ultimately, the Hawks concluded that despite his affability, Strahd was simply too far gone to be reasoned with regarding love and affection and the only time they'll be meeting with each other is in a fight.
  • With the pair being the Pantheonic representatives of reincarnation, they expected that they would meet up with similar figures sometime down the line. They were pleased when they encountered Link one day after hearing of his exploits as Hyrule's greatest hero and someone destined to be reincarnated in time passage to stop a great evil from taking over. The same also applied to Zelda, princess of Hyrule, who was delighted to see Hawkman and Hawkgirl as good friends and company, with the Hawks willing to give Link some training and wisdom as well as offering any aid and protection for the two of them any time they need help, though Zelda is also willing to do the same to them. That said, the Hawks learned that while Link and Zelda have a romantic connection, this doesn't apply to every version of them, though they didn't think that was an issue, believing that Link and Zelda are free to do and choose as they please, respecting their autonomy and their choices.
    • With their alliance with Link and Zelda, the Hawks also caught the attention of Ganondorf, who was amused by the idea of the couple also being reincarnations of an ancient pairing. That said, Ganondorf does express some interest in them, mainly because he sees the Thanagarian equipment they possess as a useful tool to seize for his opposition against Link, Zelda, and the rest of Hyrule. Unsurprisingly, the Hawks treated him as an enemy and extended that towards Demise as well for naturally being the stem of Ganon being destined to reincarnate and his dark destiny to be intertwined with Link and Zelda. In contrast, Ganondorf expresses some respect for the Hawks' combat prowess and abilities, claiming them to be steps above most of the enemies he has to deal with, though he is not above trickery and deceit to defeat the Hawks, feeling that fighting against them together and especially with Link and Zelda would not bode so well for him in the long term.
    • They also came to be acquainted with Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba upon learning of them being reincarnations of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, who died together when Endymion tried to protect Serenity, though now in addition to being reincarnated with a second chance for each other, Usagi and Mamoru fight together as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask respectively, with the latter being a shadowy benefactor to the Sailor Guardians. It helps that Usagi herself is a close friend of Wonder Woman and the Sailor Guardians' efforts in protecting the cosmos are not too far off from the efforts of Pre-Crisis Thanagarians. The Avatars, particularly Aang and Korra were also figures of interest and while Aang has his childish moments of being a prankster and messing around with the Hawks, he nevertheless does express a good deal of respect to them and the Hawks found his wisdom to be surprisingly profound. As for Korra, while more inexperienced compared to Aang, she and Hawkgirl have a good deal of respect for their martial skills and they would fight against each as a way to hone their skills, with Korra usually being the instigator. In return, Hawkgirl is open to giving her younger companion some words of advice and wisdom. On the other hand, they are rather pitiful of Caius Ballad who underwent a similar tragedy, yet wanted to accomplish his task of reuniting with his lost love through more destructive means, something that the Hawks had to oppose as they obviously wouldn't allow time to be disrupted, let alone destroyed. The King of Sorrow is more sympathetic and was reborn into a better person after his original death. Upon learning of his original fate and the circumstances that led to his villainy, the Hawks have been doing their part to loom after Sorrow in the hopes that he could be given a more socially and emotionally healthy life in the Pantheon.
  • As denizens of Ancient Egypt due to their past lives, the Hawks have varied thoughts about the many inhabitants of that time. They personally pity Tutankhanum for his harsh life as well as having had a tough time being a ruler due to his young age and inexperience, not to mention his likely being used by other politicians for their own ends, and to say nothing about his failed love life and having two stillborn daughters. Despite his arrogance and insistency on having his followers believe in Aten, Akhenaten surprisingly managed to remain cordial with the pair and he does his best not to alienate them too much, though his arrogance has been noted to be annoying according to Hawkgirl. Rameses, however, wasn't keen on the pair and came to oppose them for being a challenge to his authority, though he usually tends to rely more on his followers regarding that front. The Hawks are not a fan of him being an irrational man who tried to kill baby boys simply to avert a prophecy and have called out his impulsiveness on a number of occasions despite Rameses doing his best to maintain civility and cautiousness.
    • One of the first enemies they made in the Pantheon was Apocalypse, one of the first mutants who also came from Ancient Egypt and, compared to Khufu and Chay-Ara, led a harsh life that came to define his belief of the strong surviving and the necessity of war. While the Hawks quickly determined En Sabah Nur to be a great threat as told by the exploits of the X-Men, his devastation of Khandaq and him brutalizing Black Adam was what made the pair very concerned about just what he is capable of. Apocalypse personally thinks that the Hawks may be useful if they become part of his Four Horsemen and only expresses disappointment that they wouldn't. Still, he has some issues with their Thanagarian tech, with Apocalypse believing that those materials may be able to cause significant harm to him. Regardless, Apocalypse has remained a threat that the Hawks are on a constant lookout for in the event he stirs up a war or conflict of some kind as he did with Khandaq.
    • There was also Kang the Conqueror, who once served as a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. Given his millennia-long streak of conquest and villainy as well as possibly being Rama-Tut, the Hawks are willing to fight against him, though Kang personally pities the fact that they are destined to love each other and die upon meeting one another, seeing it as a cursed fate. On a fantastical note, the Hawks were interested in learning about Nehekhara after hearing of it as a fantastical counterpart to Ancient Egypt. It's here where the divine couple came to learn of Settra and Nagash, great Tomb Kings who held great power and authority. While Settra was hard to come across, the Hawks barely managed to be on speaking terms with him, proving that they only visited Nehekhara out of interest and not wanting to rob and invade, claiming themselves as peacekeepers. Still, Settra did note the two's bravery and acknowledged that, in addition to their innocence, they are legitimately keeping their word. Despite their differences, they do agree that Nagash is a grave threat to everyone he comes across and has to be stopped, with Nagash being the main reason why Settra would even consider the possibility of fighting alongside the Hawks. Nagash personally doesn't care much for the Hawks, though he does muse on the idea of finding and taking Thanagarian materials to either further his equipment and further power up his Black Pyramid, something that the pair found terrifying to think about and furthering their efforts to oppose and stop the Great Necromancer.
  • Being an archaeologist in his spare time, Carter has a job in the House of Legacy and Influence, being a researcher and explorer of ancient times and while Ancient Egypt is his personal favorite, he's also excited about the idea of going around the Pantheon and uncovering places that house evidence linking to historical events and monuments related to the divine realms. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have met Carter in his civilian guise on a number of occasions and they've managed to get along with the three of them expressing a strong sense of adventure. Jones and Croft are aware of Carter's superhero identity, but he wishes that they're better off hanging with his civilian guise, wanting to enjoy archaeology as a work rather than having to be a magnet for evil villains to come swarming onto them. Nathan Drake was another adventurer and archaeologist but has since retired from the former and decided to be the latter in a more professional and legal way. He's bummed out about not exploring the Egyptian ruins and uncovering something similar to what Carter found, but the latter thinks that Nate should be concerned for his safety. Regardless, Nate found the idea of a "Hawkman" to be pretty cool and despite some witty remarks, he gets along with Carter fine enough.
  • In one iteration, Shayera was sent to Earth and join the Justice League under the pretense of being a cop, but actually being a soldier whose purpose is to spy on the League to better prepare the Thanagarians for inciting war against Earth, intending to take over the planet for themselves. Despite being on board at first, Shayera ended up bonding with the League, prompting her to betray her race and help the League repel the Thanagarians away from Earth, despite having become controversial after her revelation. Feeling ashamed, Hawkgirl left the league without hearing a consensus from the League about whether she should stay. This experience led Shayera to encounter Nolan Grayson in the Pantheon, who was also part of an alien race, the Viltrumites, who was sent to Earth to masquerade as a hero, taking on the title of Omni-Man while discreetly helping Viltrum prepare for a future takeover on Earth, though his growing feeling and attachment for the planet and especially his family, Debbie and Mark, his wife and son respectively, ended with him becoming too reluctant to carry out his mission and leaving Earth prematurely before rebelling against Viltrum and becoming an actual hero in the process. As a result, Hawkgirl is able to get along and communicate with Omni-Man a lot better than other heroes who are still either conflicted or distrustful of him, considering their similar circumstances. Nolan has expressed some concern about whether Thanagarians are in the Pantheon, but Hawkgirl affirms that not all of them are bad and that she is prepared to face any threat if need be. Either way, she recommended Nolan that they find time to cherish what means a lot to them in the Pantheon as well, to which he conceded.
  • Much like with Love and Affection, the Hawks are also seen as patron figures in the Hall of Birds with the denizens and visitors of that place seeing them as sterling examples of traditional heroes. The Hawks occasionally visit the Hall, believing that they have an obligation to communicate with the animals that they are themed after and they're known for giving them a sense of encouragement, safety, and hope to the Hall whenever they arrive, as shown with Hawkman's speeches about standing up for one's self. On a more personal note, the Hawks were awed by the sight and presence of Lugia and Ho-Oh and both pairs took a liking for each other. Though the legendary bird duo isn't exactly representatives of reincarnation, Hawkman and Hawkgirl still respected their power and authority and they've seen each other as good allies since. They've also become friends with Harvey Birdman, a busy and hardworking attorney who involves himself with zany cases. It turned out that Harvey was also a former superhero who retired after the job got too stressful for him and chose to be an attorney as an alternative to bringing justice. Hawkman once suggested Harvey return to being a superhero every once in a while and while Harvey considered, he politely declined, stating that he's got his hands full with the number of court cases he's looking out for.
  • Among other allies the Hawks have encountered were the Ninja Turtles, who upon encountering the pair, were reminded of a fellow ally they had at their homeworld named Raptaar, and Professor X of the X-Men, who noted that the Hawks were physically very similar to that of fellow X-Men member Angel. Of course, The Turtles and Charles Xavier have both dealt with their fair share of aliens and ancestral beings, so their first encounters with the Hawks were a little rocky at first before the pair clarified their circumstances, allowing them to get along. It helped that Raptarr was a member of the Justice Force, something that the Hawks found amusing upon learning of it, and the Turtles themselves were visitors to the DC Universe on a few occasions. Charles personally found it nice that the Hawks were generally respected by the populace and helped the duo become acquainted with Jean Grey, whose been through a similar phase regarding coming back, albeit through rebirth and being a representative of a bird, namely the phoenix. Hawkman likes the turtles, though he does get into silly arguments with Michaelangelo from time to time whereas Hawkgirl likes to discuss formal matters with Charles as well as understand more about telepathy from Jean, hoping that she could practice more on being capable of mentally defending herself as well as be a good leader someday.
  • They're sometimes seen or mistaken for angels by some people to the point where some in the House of Religion and Faith sometimes chant about them being heralds of divine intervention. Oliver Queen likes to roll with it and make some quips, much to Hawkman's annoyance and it doesn't help that his own conservative views on law frequently clash with Oliver's more rebellious and liberal thinking. Aside from that, there is some credibility in their angelic comparisons as Hawkgirl is sometimes revered as something similar to one, especially for her Post-Flashpoint version. Palutena is eager to have some conversations with the pair and she's happy that they're positive figures in her residing House. Pit followed suit, wanting to go on some adventures with them as well as get better at flying. Hawkman and Hawkgirl appreciated Pit's enthusiasm and are willing to tag him along on their side, though they do express concern when Pit's youthful nature is taken into account. They had some wariness regarding Dark Pit given his origins, but after learning that his individuality is more leaning toward heroism, they've agreed to try a hand at mentoring Dark Pit, even if his rebelliousness is something they're going to have to contend with. Viridi has been a constant snarker for the Hawks, given that they are human, and finds the idea of them being angels in all but name to be hilarious. Petty squabbles between her and Hawkman have been frequent, though Viridi does have some respect for Hawkgirl if mainly for her fierce attitude and being willing to help others in spite of it.
"Even though a man is weak, if he fights to overcome his weaknesses — and wins — he deserves the best!"
Hawkman (Carter Hall)

"Death is close by, Kendra, ready to reach out and touch you both! Be careful. Remember the past lives of the Hawks!"
Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders)

    Elizabeth Liones 
Elizabeth Liones, Goddess of Death and Resurrection Loops (107th Elizabeth, Liz, The Rust Knight, Princess Elizabeth, Ellie, Apostle of the Goddesses, Cursed Goddess, Big Sis Sis, Bloodstained Ellie, Lady Elizabeth)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Quasideity prior to awakening her powers and memories
  • Symbol: The triskele symbol in her eyes
  • Theme Music: Eri0ne$
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Adorkable, Amnesiac Goddess, The Cutie, Curseed to repeatedly reincarnate as a human and die within three days after falling in love with Meliodas, Battle Couple with Meliodas after awakening her powers, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Holiness, Princesses, Love, Death, Reincarnation, Memory
  • Herald: Her son, Tristan
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Some of the eviler demons in the House of Demons, such as The Beast, Grima, and the Godhand, as well as some of the most evil angels such as the The Angels of Paradisio and Jubileus, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Complicated Relationships: The Ten Commandments
  • Sympathetic towards: Odio, Hokma
  • Elizabeth Liones is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, adopted by King Baltra Liones. When the Holy Knights staged a coup against her father, Elizabeth set out to recruit the Seven Deadly Sins to help her put a stop to the Holy Knights. Finding Meliodas, she begins working as a waitress at the Boar Hat bar as the two journey to find the rest of the Sins and save Liones. During the fight against the Holy Knights and the Demon Clan, it's revealed that Elizabeth is the 107th reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, daughter of the Supreme Goddess who fell in love with Meliodas. The Supreme Goddess and the Demon King cooperated to curse the two for falling in love and going against them, with Elizabeth cursed to reincarnate as human without her memories and powers, only to recover them once she falls in love with Meliodas again and then inevitably die within 3 days after awakening them and reincarnating to start the cycle over again. After helping the love of her life overcome the Demon King and save his brother Zeldris, Elizabeth is finally free of her curse, allowing her to marry Meliodas without any trouble getting in the way.
  • Elizabeth was ascended into the Pantheon after her husband and brother-in-law stopped the Supreme Goddess from destroying them and starting another Holy War. The Cour of the Gods saw Elizabeth's case and decided to offer her position within the Pantheon to represent Resurrection/Death Loop. Elizabeth accepted the proposal after hearing that her husband and the other Sins are there, including the deceased Escanor. A happy reunion ensued all around... though Meliodas still takes the time to grope her, which earned him mixed reception among the pantheon, people cringing at best and being confrontational at worst.
  • Hawk was outright happy to see Elizabeth ascend into the Pantheon, the latter adoring talking pigs while the former cares for her like a protective father figure. Usually, Hawk would keep Meliodas' lecherous tendencies towards her in check, to the point he immediately tied him up when he got into the same bed as Elizabeth. Elizabeth was happy to see Hawk in the Pantheon, being willing to partner with him on several missions and ride on his back when they need to to get out of a jam.
  • Subaru, Tree, and William Cage are also stuck in a loop of dying over again, though in this case they simply just go back a few moments in time rather than being reincarnated. All the same however, they do understand Elizabeth's pain, and they're all happy that her curse is finally broken, and she can finally have a happy life without any more trouble. The former two understand how horrible it is to die over and over again, Subaru more so as he had to struggle to save his loved ones as well. Elizabeth sympathizes with them over there struggles, and she hopes that Subaru can finally find his happy ending in the future.
  • Many have questioned Elizabeth's relationship with Meliodas due to all the times he acted perverted towards her, and why she (the most recent incarnation) doesn't really seem to hold this behavior against him. Elizabeth makes it a point to list all of his good traits, which doesn't exactly reassure many, but most tend to drop it for her sake. Of course, then again, some people believe it may be because of their respective curses that Meliodas acts this towards Elizabeth's incarnations, since he never acted like this with the Goddess Elizabeth and it's likely he has seen her die so many times that he either tries to make the most of their time together or is trying to avoid the hurt that will come from losing her again.
  • Elizabeth would soon cross paths with King Arthur in the Pantheon, though she quickly found out this Arthur is an amalgamation of different incarnations of the King of Camelot. Regardless, the Arthur from her world recognized her and was quite happy to see her in the Pantheon, especially now that she is finally free of her curse. Elizabeth is grateful for this and eager to see Arthur again but is saddened that there are some incarnations that suffered plenty of tragedy and in some timelines, ended up becoming evil.
    • The reincarnated Goddess was in for a large surprise when she not only met a male version of Merlin, but also a female version of Arthur in the form of Arturia Pendragon. The latter became quick friends with Elizabeth due to how much they had to struggle to be with the love of their lives. While Arturia is happy that Elizabeth finally managed to earn her happy ending, Elizabeth is saddened after hearing about some of the different possible timelines where Arturia was either killed or had to be separated from Shirou, with one timeline allowing the two to get together.
    • She also crossed paths with some of the Knights of the Round Table, of which her son, Tristian, is a member. Lancelot welcomed her into the Pantheon, telling her it is an honor meet an ally of his parents, Ban and Elaine as well as his maternal uncle, King. Lancelot's son Galahad on the other hand got mixed reactions because of his one incarnation's actions towards the Master of Chaldea and Shielder, but he still remains an ally of her even if he doesn't get along with his father. Gawain is highly respectful of her and Meliodas since they fought alongside Arthur against the Demon Clan and Cath Palug.
    • Shielder got along with Elizabeth very well, since they're both devoted to the person they love most (The Master of Chaldea and Meliodas respectively). Although she is perplexed and mortified by Meliodas' pervy behavior towards his wife, she is at least happy the two are able to break their curses and find their happy ending together with the help of their allies. She tends to hang out with Elizabeth during their off time to discuss their hobbies and have fun together.
  • Being an angel in all but name, Elizabeth got along with some of the nicest angels in the Pantheon, including Aru Akise, Sweet Mayhem, Claudia Jerusalem, Flonne, Sicily, and Artina. She also found companionship in friendly demons such as Anos Voldigoad, Sparda, the Seven Mortal Sins, Adell, Killia, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, since her compassion extended to demons as well. Many of them were horrified after hearing of how Elizabeth's mother and Demon King cursed her and Meliodas just for going against them, to the point that both sides considered the Supreme Goddess monstrous, especially after hearing of how she treats the Holy War like a game.
    • The Disgea deities were some of the most notable examples, most likely because she crossed paths with them once. Elizabeth got along very well with Flonne, Sicily, Artina, and Liezerota. The former 3 were angels who believed in the power of love (especially Flonne) and the latter was an All-Loving Hero who had who gone through death and strife to be with the man she loved. They were all happy that Elizabeth was finally able to be free of her curse and be with Meliodas, though they do show some shock when Meliodas gropes his wife.
    • Usalia was the probably the most sympathetic to Elizabeth, since she had been cursed by a cruel person, with the only difference being her parents were loving people who were murdered in front of her, while Elizabeth was cursed by a cruel and abusive mother. Elizabeth was surprised and impressed that Usalia turned her curse into her greatest strength, while Usalia was happy Elizabeth managed to break her curse. Elizabeth has become a Cool Big Sis to the young girl, with Usalia liking her so much that she likes her company over Majorita.
    • Claudia and Colette became instant friends with Elizabeth since they also suffered horrible fates thrust upon them, in this case by becoming angels that suffered from horrible effects (Claudia being killed by her own light, Colette from losing her emotions). Because of this, Claudia was happy about Elizabeth and Colette finding their happy ending, and the three tend to hang out in their spare time.
    • Anos Voldigoad, unlike Meliodas' father, is a benevolent Demon King who had become good friends with humans and also supported co-existence between races to the point of abhoring war. When he finds out Elizabeth and her lover were cursed by the other's parent to suffer for going against them, Anos was furious with this act of cruelty, and admits that if Meliodas hadn't gotten to them, he certainly would have. He was at least glad that the two were finally able to break their curses, and he welcomed them into circle of friends since they both sought co-existence.
    • Sparda got along with the Goddess after hearing of her tale from Meliodas, showing great respect to her for helping Meliodas become a better person. Elizabeth in turn was honored to meet a demon who helped to protect others especially after meeting the love of his life. While Sparda was disgusted by Meliodas acting perverted towards his wife, he is still glad the two were able to break their curses and find their happy ending.
    • The Seven Mortal Sins became good friends with Elizabeth after hearing about her from Meliodas. Satan and Beezlebub especially liked her, the former due to Elizabeth being Meliodas' lover as well as her strong sense of justice causing her to resent both the Demon King and the Supreme Deity from Elizabeth's world, and the latter being a nice girl who wanted to share her sweets with her.
  • Elizabeth would meet and befriend the members of the Occult Research Club, especially the likes of Issei, Asia, Rias, Akeno, and Irina Shidou. Many of them were appalled by the Demon King and the Supreme Goddesses' curse on Elzabeth and her lover, especially after hearing of how the former two treat their progeny in general and treat the conflict like a game. Because of this they're relieved that the curses were finally broken and thus Elizabeth would finally get to marry Meliodas and live a happy life without any curse to ruin it.
  • Her relationship with the Ten Commandments is a complicated one. Some of them are now on good terms with Elizabeth, while some are neutral at best, still hateful at worst. Zeldris is no longer hostile towards her after reconciling with Meliodas and reuniting with his beloved Gelda. He doesn't even hesitate to visit her and Meliodas, nor does he hesitate to cooperate with the two against the Supreme Deity. Estarossa, or rather Mael, is now on good terms with Elizabeth, especially now that he has regained his memories and identity and has changed for the better. He's also shown to be more respectful of Elizabeth's relationship with Meliodas, and he also helped the Sins put a stop to the Supreme Deity when she tries to restart the Holy War. Monspeet and Derieri are on good terms with Elizabeth, with the latter even starting to accept Elizabeth after she had shown her kindness due to remembering how she went out of her way to save her and Monspeet when they went out of control. Gloxnia and Drole had turned on the Demon Clan and helped the Sins, and seemed to be amiable to Elizabeth, especially after they helped King and Diane get stronger. Galand, Melascula, and Grayroad seem to be the only demons that remain hostile to Elizabeth, since they were still loyal to Demon Clan as a whole at the time they were defeated. Fraudrin seems to be a complicated case, since he was killed by Meliodas after he Came Back Wrong, but after seeing that the Holy War has been stopped and Zeldris is on good terms with everyone, he doesn't seem to be causing any more trouble.
  • Hokma was stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop where he would start out as his original human self Benjamin, be converted into an A.I. by Angela operating under a "playbook" by Ayin, his superior and closest confidant. Every time the loop ends, he comes back as Benjamin. Elizabeth saw the scenario as something similar to her curse, though she did question his loyatly to Ayin. Hokma in turn questioned her love for Meliodas after seeing him act perverted towards her, noting their feelings towards the people their devoted are hardly different, something that Elizabeth can't argue against.
  • While Elizabeth may have encountered benevolent angels and demons, there were some that were truly malevolent and nasty pieces of work, some of which earned her ire. The Godhand were truly some of the most vile among demons, mainly because they work their world as miserable as possible, but Elizabeth was outright repusled by Femto after hearing of how he sacrificed his companions for the sake of his ambition and even raped Casca in front of her lover Gutsnote . Grima had possessed Robin in another timeline and had attempted to force their past self to be their vessel and destroy their loved ones. Elizabeth became an enemy to the Angels of Paradisio because she refused to swear fealty to Jubileus, something that reminds her of how her mother punished her for going against her wishes. The Beast reminded her of how the Demon King possessed Meliodas and Zeldris, so she intends to make sure the Beast didn't possess anyone else.
    • Elizabeth felt sympathy for Odio after hearing of his origins, namely how he was betrayed by someone he called a friend and was rejected by the woman he loved. Seeing how Odio was warped by his despair and hatred, Elizabeth hoped it's possible to save him one day and give him a happier ending than in his mortal life. Odio on the other hand is quite cynical of this but does admit that he admires that Elizabeth and Meliodas were able to change their fate and does hope maybe the same might be possible for him one day.
  • Galeem and Dharkon's conflict reminded Elizabeth of the Supreme Deity and the Demon King's conflict. They fight each other without regard for anyone who gets caught in the crossfire, though unlike the latter two, they are incapable of truly cooperating with each other. Seeing how they treat other people's lives as tools disgusts her to the point she promises to end them both and ensure their goals can never come to fruition.

    Galo Thymos and Lio Fotia 
Galo Thymos and Lio Fotia , Gods of the Kiss of Life
Galo (back) and Lio (front)

    SCP-076- 2 
SCP-076-2, God of Respawn Points (Able, Habil, Ab-Leshal, Hevel Ben Adam, The Great Betrayer, The Soldier, Breaker of the Bronze God, First Sword of Daevon, Butcher of the West)
Fan depiction of SCP-076-2 by artist ScarletDesires.

    Tanya von Degurechaff 
Tanya von Degurechaff, Representative of Reincarnations in Alternate Worlds (Argent, Devil of the Rhine, Loli Hitler, Vampire Loli, Killer Loli)
  • Intermediate Rank
  • Symbol: The Imperial Army emblem
  • Leitmotif: Young Girl's War
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Neutral Evil and a dark shade of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist/Nominal Hero, The Dreaded, Military Mage, Narcissist, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Mask of Sanity, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Idiot Hair, Flat-Earth Atheist, Moral Sociopathy, Super-Skilled Soldier
  • Domains: Reincarnation, Ruthlessness
  • Heralds: Viktoriya Serebryakov, 203rd Mage Battalion
  • Allies: Gertrude, Spawn
  • Enemies: Any Jerkass God, Malebolgia
  • Foil to: Rimuru Tempest, Yuri Nakamura, Setsuna F. Seiei, the ascended Strike Witches
  • Observed by: Millennium, HYDRA, Wilhelm Strasse, Senator Armstrong
  • Odd Relations: Rudol von Stroheim, Don Draper
  • Once there was a cold, ruthless Japanese HR manager who valued efficiency above all else. His life ended when a disgruntled employee he fired pushed him onto an oncoming train. Moments before his death, he heard the voice of a divine being, who he personally referred to as "Being X". Since he had no religious inclination whatsoever, Being X punished him by reincarnating him as a little girl in a magical war-torn reality. Now known as Tanya von Degurechaff, the little girl soldier with the mind of a ruthless modern-day office worker now leads a platoon of troops by applying much of her skillset from her previous life onto her new hellish one. As a result of a high latent magic ability, she has the Elenium Type-95, a device that enhances her current skills, but requires a prayer, much to her anger. More than anything, Tanya is determined to survive her new life at war and spite Being X whenever possible.
  • Tanya woke up in an unfamiliar place one day, unsure of what had happened beforehand. At first, she thought she and her squadron botched a mission and that they had to be put under medical care. As it turned out, Degurechaff and her teammates ended up wherever they were as a result of higher-up powers. It became clear that Tanya's sanity was taking a hit (though since she was talking to others and not in battle, she wasn't exactly showing her loss of sanity during that time) as she asked what that place was. The people she was talking to explained that the place was called a "Pantheon", where anyone can be designated as a "god" based on whatever aspect they have. Tanya was also told that the place can just be considered a world where life goes on with additional changes for others that find themselves there. Although Tanya didn't snap in front of whoever was talking to her, it became apparent that she didn't like what was happening to her.
    • After getting her "composure" back together, Tanya went to an empty church somewhere in the Pantheon and screamed in anger near the statue of a religious figure. She believed that it was Being X who sent her to the Pantheon as a means to get her to worship him. She continued to curse Being X out, declaring that no matter what happens, even in a place where everyone is a "god" in some weird way, she would never worship it in any way whatsoever. To that end, she's among the handful of Pantheonic denizens who don't want to be worshipped as a deity (let alone be acknowledged as such), but rather be simply seen as a regular person.
  • One of the main reasons why Tanya is furious about ending up in a world where “gods” are commonplace is the large number of actual deities who were considered “gods” back in their respective worlds. Of these specific deities, plenty of them are notable for being gratuitously cruel to the world they’re overseeing and want nothing more than to see the people below them suffer. This hatred also extends to those who fancy themselves as a “god” or worse yet, actively trying to seek godhood for their own selfish means. Even if those malevolent figures aren’t tied to Being X in any way, she still believes that it is involved with making those characters the way they are and has continued to do whatever she can to avoid being fully devoted to Being X or some other divine entity that is in the Pantheon.
    • Although Tanya isn’t one to believe in gods and that if they did exist, they have no good intentions, learning about the existence of deities who are genuinely benevolent was still something that didn’t sit well with her. She was barely able to restrain her contempt after coming across Palutena following another difficult battle, not helped by the fact that prior to the direct meeting, Tanya had a few minor supernatural mishaps that led her to believe that “Being X” was mocking her again. Palutena’s tendency to playfully mock others didn’t endear her to Tanya at all, but the former added that in seriousness, there are a lot of deities that are much worse than her out there, regardless of if Tanya doesn’t want to believe in “god”. Tanya has largely considered benevolent deities like Palutena to be major annoyances since that meeting, though her stronger hatred is reserved towards consistently mean-spirited deities.
      • As for the actual beings named “God”, Tanya ended up meeting a bearded man while on break. She didn’t realize that this man was called God until later much to her frustration, but she did have a conversation about him, doing her best to suppress her anger while in front of him. God did have a feeling that someone would not be happy with him, but he ultimately didn’t hold any serious grudge against Tanya. That said, it became clear that Tanya isn’t all that willing to meet up with him again even if he had no ill-will towards her compared to other evil divine entities.
  • While her main goal regarding Being X is to spite it as much as she can for her own survival, she learned about a few denizens in the Pantheon who went beyond mocking gods and outright killed them for varying reasons. Tanya has a mix of both approval and resentment for those particular characters for being able to slay a god that made the worlds they live in miserable, though she has some annoyance in how even though she is trying to be like Shulk in terms of defying whatever destiny is being forced onto her, something keeps happening that makes it worse for her and not better as is the case for Shulk.
    • Even if she is still focused on making sure she isn’t condemned to Hell, the idea of demons wasn’t something she had some awareness of until she ended up learning about Spawn. Like Tanya, Spawn had a previous life as a normal human, was resurrected as something else by a malevolent entity (though Al Simmons did this willingly unlike what happened with Tanya), and eventually made a point to defy their tormentors. She would learn about Malebolgia, the demon who made Spawn who he is, and came to see him as a demon equivalent of Being X in terms of making someone suffer. Speaking of killing high-level demons, Tanya would also learn of The Saint of Killers, a man who killed both the God and Satan of his world (with those higher powers happening to not be friendly in any sense). Tanya is willing to have a sort of friendship with Spawn given how similar their ordeal is in terms of dealing with a higher entity and while she does like what The Saint of Killers did, the latter believes that she still has a ways to go before she can properly deal with this so-called Being X.
  • Tanya wasn’t the only deity to be a reincarnated salaryman having a new life. Rimuru Tempest was also someone whose previous life was that of a salaryman before ending up in a fantasy world, but while Tanya is a highly respected military figure with some potent powers that is struggling to find an easy way out of her predicament, Rimuru has some different, but still very powerful abilities and is the highly respected ruler of a kingdom he founded. Tanya harbors some resentment towards Rimuru for having it much easier than she does in terms of nearly everything while he is rather concerned about her overall personality, given how much of a monster she is in battle and her being coldly cynical outside of it.
    • On the subject of those that had to deal with reincarnation, there isn’t a whole lot in the way of amicability between Tanya and Otonashi, as well as his friends. Whereas Tanya simply died in her previous life and reincarnated into a much more difficult one, Otonashi and his friends ended up in some kind of Limbo and had to come to terms with their past trauma in order to move on. While they are mostly understanding of the fact that Tanya has to deal with a violent war and a malicious deity opposing her along the way, the fact that Tanya never learned anything substantial to improving her character in her previous life (and if anything, applying her logic to her war-torn reality contributed to making things worse for her and everyone else involved) led to Otonashi and his friends keeping their distance from her as much as they can. Yuri Nakamura in particular saw Tanya as a much darker version of herself, especially regarding the possibility that Tanya is what could happen if Yuri never came to terms with her former life.
  • If there is one thing that can be said about her, it’s that Tanya only cares about herself and what might happen to her. While she is perfectly capable of acting like a decent person in front of others, it’s apparent that she’s only putting on that front to ensure her own survival. It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that she wouldn’t be that friendly towards other narcissists in the Pantheon (even if she is one herself), though things are much more complicated regarding Don Draper. Being someone with a job similar to what Tanya had in her past life, Draper had a lot of corporate power and cared mainly for himself, but unlike the salaryman that reincarnated into Tanya, Draper did try to be a better person even if those efforts didn’t fully work out. Tanya couldn’t help but be reminded of her past life after learning about Draper and as for him, he has some wariness about her, even if Draper isn’t one to talk about religious beliefs and reincarnation.
  • Despite doing her best impression of someone that’s willing to talk to others, Tanya has very few genuine friends thanks to her narcissism and only caring about what’s going to happen to her. Gertrude was one of a handful of Pantheonic deities that Tanya was able to get along with, thanks to them being mentally unstable girls who ended up in a fantasy world that they don’t enjoy being in (though in Tanya’s case, she was reincarnated into said world rather than end up there like Gertrude did). Gertrude did make plenty of efforts to try and improve herself even if she has a lot of problems of her own (and she is someone who has made some effort to try and get Tanya to improve her behavior even if said attempts aren’t fully effective) and Tanya did find it darkly amusing how Gertrude’s journey ended with her as an office worker while Tanya was a salaryman before her reincarnation.
  • Having fought against another girl with military-based magitek weapons named Mary Sue before, Tanya suspected that there would be a few deities like her in the Pantheon and she ended up getting her answer in the forum of a unit known as Strike Witches. The group is a far cry from what Tanya assumed seeing as they’re a multinational team (with a couple of their members hailing from Germany) who take to the skies to fight off a technological alien threat. While Tanya is slightly relieved that none of the members are like Mary Sue in terms of character, she doesn’t think much of them given that they’re fighting a war that would ultimately put a strain on themselves. The German members of the team (Gertrud Barkhorn and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke) were initially curious about another girl coming from a region similar to Germany using military magitek in a war, but Tanya being a heartless soldier and only caring about making sure things work out for her put a damper on a potential meeting between her and the Strike Witches.
  • Despite being a skilled soldier that fights for her country and has been shown to be a bit bloodthirsty in the battlefield at times, Tanya doesn’t think that highly of war, mainly because of how much strain it puts on various resources. While Senator Armstrong is very much an American patriot and nationalist, he took notice of some similarities between her mindset of war and his own. Knowing that the world Tanya ended up in is very much beset by war, Armstrong saw it as evidence of continuing to pursue his goal of a world driven by people seeking what they want. Tanya was also someone who never really believed in her nation’s cause, instead fightly for her own survival, something that Armstrong can understand to some level. He seems to believe that Tanya would make an effective ally for his cause, but thus far she hasn’t taken any interest in whatever it is that he wants. That said, Armstrong is someone who is willing to adapt to whatever may happen and if it involves fighting against Tanya (a battle where there’s a very good chance that she’ll lose if she gets involved against him), then he’s willing to do so if it means having to get her to fully agree with what his ideal world would be like.
  • All told, Tanya is very much a child soldier, albeit one with a mindset not that different from an adult given her previous life. Having confronted a child soldier herself at one point, she rightfully assumed that the Pantheon would have a handful of other child soldiers, though she, for the most part, didn’t really have to worry much about those soldier’s religious devotion. Setsuna F. Seiei, someone who was a child soldier in the past and has devoted himself to trying to eliminate wars, was someone who Tanya had some curiosity in given how the latter was manipulated by Ali Al-Saachez as a kid and later renounced his own belief in God. While Setsuna can understand why Tanya hates her current situation, he is rather disturbed about how she is more focused on herself when it comes to surviving a war. In turn, Tanya does believe that the plans carried out by Setsuna (and by extension the rest of the Gundam Meisters) to try and end wars will lead to more problems than it does towards a solution.
  • Even if the time period Tanya ended up in wasn’t very futuristic, the technology that was used during the wars at that time was more advanced than normal, with Tanya herself having access to a dangerous yet powerful weapon designed specifically for her to use. After ending up in the Pantheon, she rightfully assumed that whatever technology the place had would be even more advanced than what she had. Despite not being officially affiliated with Nazis, she ended up being observed by those types of deities, with the likes of HYDRA, Millennium, and Wilhelm Strasse taking an interest in what she uses and looking to come up with a significantly improved version of such to use for their army. Tanya also ended up meeting Rudol von Stroheim, who took notice of her ties to an empire similar to that of Germany and offered to make some weapons for her to use. While Tanya at least acknowledges him as more tolerable compared to Adelheid von Schugel (and has indeed come up with rather useful items in general), she has begrudgingly preferred to stick with what she has at the moment.
  • Also has a spot on Locations and Settings, under Destinations.

Lesser Gods

    Epsilon (Red vs. Blue
Epsilon, God of Rebirth by Memory (Leonard Church, Alpha 2.0)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Music: I am the Best, Now That We've Come So Far
  • Symbol: His Sniper Rifle laying on a hill
  • Allignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being The Incarnation of Church's Memory, taking levels in kindness, still being a rotten shot with a sniper rifle, being a Walking Late-Arrival Spoiler, Deconstructing himself to save his friends.
  • Domain: Memory, Trauma, Artificial Intelligence, Clone
  • Allies: Agent Carolina, Agent Washington, Caboose, Tucker, Lopez, Sarge, Simmons, Donut, Grif, Primus and his followers (Epsilon fully accepts his own identity as a robot), Kamina (who likes Epsilon's attitude compared to Alpha's), Yui Ikari, Master Chief and Cortana, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pyrrha Nikos and the rest of Teams RWBY and JNPR, plus Qrow Branwen
  • Enemies: The Director of Project Freelancer, the A.I.s that tortured Alpha (and himself by extension), Gendo Ikari, Kyubey, Bernkastel, The Meta, Felix, Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus
  • Rivals: Alpha
  • Pities: The Meta
  • Complicated Relationship with: Tex, Doc
  • Epsilon first took the identity of Alpha sometime after Alpha's death. While his memories were originally screwed up (thanks to one Michael J. Caboose), Epsilon unlocked more and more of Alpha's memories until he became a complete reincarnation of Alpha.
  • While Epsilon was always the Living Memory of Alpha, he never really ascended until that point in time when he managed to unlock all of Alpha's memories (even the ones that Alpha doesn't remember).
  • Despite being a memory reincarnation of Alpha, Epsilon is quite different in many ways. He is much more polite than Alpha, and he is somewhat less resigned. Oh, and he has a taste for rap music that Alpha never had.
    • Though he is a Nice Guy, Epsilon does have a Berserk Button in the form of people with a penchant for emotional torture, as they bring back horrible memories. When he gets angry, he gets angry - he starts ranting and grows to a massive size. Since that pushed his friends away once, Epsilon is trying to control it.
  • Probably the only deity in the Pantheon to immediately leap to the defense of Shinji Ikari. Epsilon claims that Shinji's not a wuss; underneath his insecurities, he tries his hardest to appease his father, much like Agent Carolina.
    • Yui Ikari has started to develop a respect for him. She doesn't get why Epsilon keeps accidentally calling her "Allison", however.
  • Wants to form a friendship with Fate Testarossa, because he sees a lot of Tex in her - in particular, her maternal instinct and status as a Replacement Goldfish. That, and he kinda wants a chance to possess Bardiche.
  • When Aya Shameimaru asked why he hates Kyubey, Epsilon claimed that where others see young girls being driven to despair, he only sees AI being fragmented and harvested.
  • Not sure what to think of Homura Akemi. On the one hand, her dedication towards Madoka makes him think of the Director's obsession with Allison... on the other hand, that dedication also reminds him of his feelings for Tex and the pain he had to go through because of them. Ultimately, however, he sympathizes with her, since her Moemura persona seems a lot like Theta - Homura's discarding of that look hit too close to home.
  • May or may not be a Vocaloid.
  • Has a rival in Alpha, his original self. The two are scheduled to have a sniper duel in the House of Combat. Don't expect either of them to actually hit the other.
    • Unless one makes a very lucky shot.
  • Is not happy to find that the Meta is in the Pantheon. While Epsilon is understandably terrified, he also feels sorry for Meta, viewing him as merely another casualty of The Director's plans.
  • Has an odd friendship with the Master Chief. Whom he met after an incident involving Grif and a Speak-n-Spell. The Chief likes having the assistance of an AI while he waits for Cortana to ascend. And Epsilon simply likes not having to deal with dumbasses on a daily basis. Ever since Cortana ascended, Epsilon stuck around with Washington until Carolina's ascension. They're happy to reinstate their partnership, which Wiz and Boomstick even said to be good enough to give Carolina an edge over the Meta, and is symbolic to how Epsilon is based around Carolina's father.
  • Some people around the Pantheon have been giving him odd looks after a complete armor failure under his watch, but he seems to be staying silent on the matter.
    • The problem was later determined to be from the fact that Epsilon is a little "old" for a neural-map AI, and armor-enhancement tech has been advancing so rapidly that handling a suit of powered armor outfitted with multiple enhancement programs and running them all at once was a bit too much for him. Since then, the Pantheon's brightest minds in the fields of artificial intelligence and magitech have upgraded Epsilon's core matrices and structures considerably; now, he is able to handle the latest in Freelancer and Mjolnir armor systems without trouble.
  • Dislikes that the Pantheon decided to resurrect Omega when Doc was ascended, and thus bolts whenever the evil personality manifests.
  • Epsilon deconstructed himself into fragments in order to power Tucker's suit and give a higher chance for the Blood Gulch Crew to fight their way out of Hargrove's ship. And before that happened, he gave a speech which included how so many heroes and heroines sacrifice themselves for the greater good and for others, but would never really be able to know the outcome of it all and that they just needed faith to do it. The other deities' reactions to that are mixed, but they can all agree that his point was quite valid.
    • It doesn't help that some of the Gods and Goddesses have noticed a connection between his speech and Pyrrha's death. Even she was unsure of the decision to hold off Cinder, knowing that it may very well go wrong. However, in the end she had faith in that since she could buy more time for Beacon to be evacuated. She really hasn't commented much on this, but on the very least Epsilon has tried to comfort her. Epsilon has also made clear Pyrrha is possibly the finest warrior he's met since Carolina.
  • Even if he's a self-admitted asshole, managed to get the sympathy out of the good RWBY deities, with Ruby and Yang in particular wanting to spend more time with him given Epsilon sounds like their father.

    Sweet P 
Sweet Pig-Trunks, God of Villains Reborn For A Second Chance At Life (Sweet P, The Vessel)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An apple with cute horns
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Cheerful Child, Is The Lich Reborn As A Child From Regenerative Blood, Nice Guy, Gentle Giant, Has The Lich In Him But Has Told Him To Shove It, Big Fun, Beware the Nice Ones, Future Badass
  • Domains: Rebirth, Sweetness, Giants, Children, Happiness
  • Heralds: Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig (his adoptive parents)
  • High Priest: Uub
  • Special relationship with: The Lich (his former self)
  • Interests: The Life Entity
  • Allies: Finn and Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Fat Majin Buu, Son Goku, Rachel Roth, Chiyo Mihama, Yotsuba Koiwai, Jin Kazama, Shouto Todoroki, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Orion, Zero(Mega Man), Samurai Jack, Ashi
  • Enemies: The Lich, Majin Buu, Babidi, Nekron, William Hand (really the Grand United Alliance of Destruction as a whole), The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Omega(Mega Man), Trigon, Aku
  • Opposes: Those who'd try to manipulate him, bullies, Mandy
  • The Lich's plan to see all life extinct saw him break a prison meant to house the multiverse's deadliest prisoners. He almost won without effort, but made one fatal mistake; not realizing he'd given Finn access to Guardian Blood, which was thrown at him and rejuvenated him into a living child. Adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr Pig, Sweet Pig-Trunks or simply Sweet P is a kind and happy boy, a reset to the Omnicidal Maniac that was the Lich. However a small part of his former self still persists in the boy.
  • Used to be the person-shaped can of the Lich, however they gained separate existence thanks to Farmworld Jake transforming into the Lich. While that Lich was beat, his hand fell into every universe and tried to get the Lich to turn to evil. Sweet P told him to shove it and removed the Lich from Ooo. Learning the Lich exists in the Trope Pantheon has motivated Sweet P to train to be a better hero and get rid of him once and for all.
  • For someone who was the Lich in his past life, Sweet P is a really cheerful and pleasant kid. He attributes a lot of this to his adoptive parents. He likes to play with other happy and cheerful kids like the Kusakabe siblings, Chiyo and Yotsuba. He doesn't like bullies, and wants to remind people that he might be a Nice Guy but he'll defend himself if he needs to. He's not fond of Mandy either, since she's a jerk who bosses around supernatural beings and might want to figure out how to control the evil inside of him.
    • Studying in the House of School like any other child. It's advised against giving him any arcane knowledge; he's not old enough to deal with it yet.
  • Lumpy Space Princess was a babysitter for him once. It didn't work out that well but she did try. Sweet P learned that her anti-elemental powers helped restore Ooo after the elementals went wild and un-candified his parents(which was upsetting him), also restoring the horn Billy broke off back when he was the Lich. Sweet P's really thankful for this.
  • The Lich is a sort of dad for Sweet P, though obviously not a good one. Due to his loving adoptive parents and how much of a jerk the Lich was to him, Sweet P has nothing but disdain for the Child Abuse Supporters and evil parents like Relius Clover. Though Endeavor isn't the embodiment of evil, he's still a massive prick and he sympathizes with Shouto Todoroki for having to put up with him. He also understands the struggle that Jin Kazama deals with when it comes to his paternal family and the Devil Gene, though is wary as he helped cause World War III in his universe.
  • The House of Heroism has welcomed Sweet P with open hands, telling him that there are several heroes who originate from ultimate evil and that he should feel no shame in where he came from. Orion and Zero have both struggled with their almost literal demons and come out on top, and want to train Sweet P to be a hero. Ashi has personally dealt with her evil father trying to possess and corrupt her. Samurai Jack also wants to help train him in being a hero. He was saddened that Ashi was erased from her universe with Aku, while Sweet P still lives with the Lich gone.
  • Hates Aku and Trigon. They may not be omnicidal maniacs, but they're just like the Lich-pure evil forces who seek to dominate the cosmos and make their children bend to their will. He's become friends with Ashi, and wants the Shogun of Sorrow to stop bothering her. Raven wants to help him use powers he may have inherited from the Lich for good. Sweet P appreciates it, though he thinks she's a bit spooky.
  • Finds he has a lot in common with Fat Buu, as they both use to be ultimate embodiments of death and destruction that were altered into a more harmless, chubby and happy form. Fat Buu took a bit longer to go from Obliviously Evil to good, but still. And Majin Buu was reincarnated into a good person. Babidi wants to use the Majin spell to control Sweet P, but it failed because Sweet P doesn't have any real meanness in him to control. And even if Babidi got the Lich part in him, it wouldn't end well. Of course since this is Babidi, he didn't even consider that.
  • It is unknown what would happen if Sweet P ever dies or is made undead. Only the Grand United Alliance of Destruction wants to try it. Nekron believes that a Black Lantern ring might work on him(though not without effort) and wants Black Hand to do it, since it would probably bring back the Lich. The Grand United Alliance of Good is doing what they can to make sure that never happens. The Life Entity is watching him, believing he could be a champion of the white light of life in the future and the ultimate foe of the Lich.
  • Due to Betty banishing all of Golb's creations from Ooo, the Lich's evil may have been purged from Sweet P. His future seems to be in good hands either way, as 1000 years in the future he's become a giant who protects Ooo. Much like Billy actually, which infuriates the Lich to no end.


    The Ashen One 
The Ashen One, God/Goddess of Being Revived For A Task (Unkindled Ash, Champion of Ash, Lord of Hollows, Stealer of Flame)
  • Theme Song: Hollow
  • Rank: Demigod, but with their resolve and skills, they can defeat the likes of Greater Gods and Overdeities. When becoming the Lord of Hollows, gains the power of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: An Ember. Alternatively, the emblem of whatever covenant they joined.
  • Alignment: True Neutral normally, Lawful Neutral as the Lord of Cinder, Chaotic Neutral as the Lord of Hollows, Chaotic Evil as the Stealer of Flame.
  • Portfolio: Undeath, Determinator, Multiple-Choice Past, Heroic Mime, 24-Hour Armor, Action Survivor, Weaker Than The Average Undead, Last of His Kind, Achieving Impossible Feats Despite Being Weaker Than an Undead, Deciding The Fate of The World, Killing The Lords of Cinders, Destroying The Ringed City, Screw Destiny, The First To Harness Both Light And Dark, Usurping The First Flame
  • Domains: Undeath, Combat, Greed, Duty, Fire, Usurpation
  • Herald: The Firekeeper
  • Allies: Maiden in Black, Tiki, The Good Hunter, Jeanne D'arc, Cosmos, The Phantom Thieves
  • Enemies: Pontiff Sulyvahn, Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, The Nameless King, Yuuki Terumi, YHVH, Charles zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Conflicting Relations: Gwyn
  • Odd Friendships: Gilgamesh
  • For the average mortal, slaying a being such as the Soul of Cinder would have immediately ascended them into the pantheon and yet, for the Ashen One, they remained unchanged. The reason for this peculiarity is unknown but in the time waiting, they have single-handily defeated Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, slain the dragon Midir, ruined the Ringed City, and came out victorious against the very avatar of the Dark Soul. Only then did they finally ascend. Those in the House of Knowledge are still figuring out why, though perhaps it has something to do with their nature of being unkindled.
  • Another thing that perplexes the Pantheon is the unkindled's origins. Not only does it seems to be inconsistent, but they also seem to lack a definitive link to their Lord of Cinder unlike others that were resurrected along side them. Anri for Aldritch, Siegward for Yhorm, and Hawkwood for The Abysswatchers, but the connection the Ashen One holds to the Lothric twins is a mystery, if there even is any. Though that hasn't stopped some from theorizing.
  • One can be forgiven for doubting the unkindled's achievements when their status is even lesser to that of an undead. However, all of said achievements have been proven and that they WERE earned. It has been a joke to ask any gods in the House of Prophecy if they have given the Ashen One some favor. When asking the person themselves, the only reply questioners received was "Getting Good".
  • They are getting increasingly frustrated with all the "Touch the darkness within me." jokes. Yes, they know it's an innuendo, no, it is not even remotely funny to them, not even the first time. Repeated use of this joke is a quick way of earning the unkindled's ire.
  • Doesn't hold a high regard for authority figures that shirk from their duties. It is that reason they were brought back from the dead and the reason their world was at the brink. Palapatine and Charles zi Britannia are two of such examples.
  • They were quite baffled in meeting Solaire of Astora, Never would they have thought the leader of the Warrior of Sunlight to be so jovial.
  • Surprisingly holds a cordial relationship with Gilgamesh of all people. Yes, THAT Gilgamesh. It probably has something to do with flipping his switch.
  • They are quite fond of Tiki, perhaps because how the dragon reminds them of Yorshka and a certain Painting Girl.
    • The same can be said with the Maiden in Black in comparison to the Firekeeper, though it does unnerve the Ashen One the slightest bit on how similar their traits and roles are.
  • Their relationship with Gwyn is strained to say it simply. On the one hand, they killed the Lord of Light's traitorous firstborn and did their duty in returning the Lords of Cinder to their throne, even Aldritch. On the other, they destroyed the Ringed City, the last bastion of the gods, and killed Filanore. Even if it were an accident, this has put the two in a rough position.
    • Though there is a small reprieve with the condolences they gave to Gwyn on the fate that fallen upon Gwyndolin.
  • They can be seen stocking weapons and items for ventures into the Painted World of Ariandel to both kill Sister Friede and Father Ariandel permanently and set fire to the painted world for good. Because when a world is rotten, you must burn it away.
  • Despite their amicable personality and the good intentions they hold. It is important to know that The Ashen One is inherently greedy. To leave no secret unearthed, every fleeing man caught, and every answer known. Something that has brought a lot of agony many times, for both themselves and others, throughout their journey. Look no further than what they have done to the Ringed City for proof of that. They may be kind at heart but it has to be kept in mind that the curse of life is the curse of want, and no one is more cursed by it than the Ashen One.
  • If one were to ask for their feelings on the task of returning the lords to their thrones well...
  • It's best not to talk about poise in their vicinity. They are still sour in how easy it is for them to stagger when hit in comparison to their predecessors. Especially with all the teasing at their expense.
  • Is banned from entering any tournament or sparring with an Estoc or any similar stabbing weapon. Others have gone on to complain how the Ashen One keeps repeating the exact same attack over and over with little to no thought or variety. The fact that the Unkindled won a good amount of said matches just adds salt to the wound.
    • To a lesser extent are the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords and the Dancer's Enchanted Blades for their Stun Lock and Spam Attack respectively.
  • The similarities between Yharnam and Irithyll has not been lost on the unkindled, and has even gotten in on the joke by helping the Good Hunter in their patrols and vice versa.
  • Holds a very high disdain for tricksters, the likes of Yuuki Terumi especially. Can be heard muttering under their breath something along the lines of "Patches with the First Flame".
    • Speaking of Patches, The Chosen Undead, The Hunter, The Slayer of Demons, and The Ashen One agreed that never should any of the Patches meet.
    • Many are also skeptical of the stories that such a hyena was once an honest and kind man before he became who he is now or that he is even capable of genuine help.
  • It touched the Bearer's heart when the Unkindled showed the mask and greatsword of Lucatiel, a knight from Mirrah. It gives the former peace that they were able to keep their promise.
    • The Bearer was also surprised to see Raime's Ultragreatsword remain in tact, before telling the Ashen One to put it away. The weapon holds bad memories it seems.
  • They devastated the Chosen Undead when they told that Quelanna's Sister died at some point during the countless millennia, and are barely comforted by the fact that she didn't die alone.
  • They almost mistaken Jeanne D'arc for a certain knightess whom they met in their journey. After that small blunder though, the two struck a good relationship and can be seen talking to each other from time to time, well mostly on Jeanne's part. It also helps that the saint holds a passing resemblance to their firekeeper.
  • Can sometimes be seen heading out with a large and broken executioner's sword in hand. When asked about it, they state that it is in memory of an old friend.
  • If they're seen grumpily stomping back to their temple it is best not to bother them. It's likely they've been summoned to help someone else only to walk an unspecified long distance just to be dragged into fighting Midir for the umpteenth time. Needless to say, they are growing tired of fighting the same foe.
    • Alternatively, they were tricked or ganked by a opposing party.
  • Wasn't too pleased to find the tyrant, Sulyvahn ascended into the Pantheon, even more so that he arrived before them and they have clashed with the Pontiff at any occasion they can find possible, and won't cease until the sorcerer is dead.
    • Said tyrant is also an enemy that the Ashen One and Gwyn have no grievances over in fighting together.
  • To the complete disbelief of the entire Dark Souls pantheon, The Ashen One enacted the greatest defiance against their worlds cosmology. Not only have they figured a way to control both Light and Dark in harmony, but also usurped the First Flame and ushered in the Age of Man as the Lord of Hollows. Something very few if any thought to be even possible. Reactions were mixed. On one side, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse are overjoyed to be free from the Dark Sign, but other gods however, minus Nito, were filled with varying forms of wariness and disapproval. For now humanity is free to learn and master their Dark Souls and whatever else that may entail.
    • This has further strained the relations between The Ashen One and Gwyn as this undoes the sacrifices of many Lords of Cinders that prolonged the Age of Fire that the Lord of Light wished to keep alive. Where it will lead from here, is murky at best.
    • This was muddled even further when conflicting reports arose on what the Unkindled One actually did. Some say they lit the flame, and became another Lord of Cinder, others state they let the flame die out naturally, and others darkly whisper they murdered the Firekeeper, then took the power of the First Flame for themselves to horde. And of course, there are the rumors they ascended to become the Lord of Hollows.
  • They were given much flak for what they did to Anri to usurp the flame, even if it can be justified and is also the only way Anri actually gets to live (kind of).
  • At occasions, they help in the heists of Good Aligned Crime Gods, those alike Robin Hood especially. Though strictly for the thief's own protection. A lingering guilt perhaps?
  • Also holds a place in Outlooks on Job.
  • Asheth seeketh embers...


    Gwen Stacy 
Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy, Goddess of Frequently Revived Dead People ([clones] Abby-L, Joyce Delaney)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The image of Spider-Man cradling her body in his arms
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dead People That Constantly Reappear, Deaths The Hero Takes Responsibility For, Dead Love Interest, Not Quite Saved Enough, Blaming Spider-Man For Her Father's Death, Impossible Hourglass Figure, Uptown Girl, First Love, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Revival, Forgery, Love, Guilt
  • Allies: Spider-Gwen, Flash Thompson, Jason Todd, Fuuka Akitsuki, Mayuri, Ashi, Weiss Schnee, Wichita
  • Enemies: The Green Goblin, Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, Libby, any Mad Scientist deities
  • Special Relationship with: Quintin Beck/Mysterio.
  • Spider-Gwen's research about her alternate counterparts made her discover that the "original" Gwen from Earth-616 was repeatedly cloned after her death, mostly by the villain known as the Jackal. At times, multiple Gwens at once! Saddened to see such a exploitation of someone's memory, the Pantheon decided to just revive the original. And once she was caught up on the reasons for ascension, Gwen now hates clones as much as her ex, Spider-Man.
  • Gwen was tragically murdered after being thrown from a bridge. Spider-Man catching her with his web right before the crash might have contributed to make things worse, but let's not discuss it. All we know is that Gwen now avoids heights.
  • Given how much of their psyches were molded by Gwen's death, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson have not been warned of her ascension. Gwen understands it, feeling they went through a lot (specially with meeting all her clones), and state she sees no problem seeing her two best friends hooking up, feeling a relationship so deep that led to a marriage was simply meant to be.
  • The Pantheon was unable to prevent her killer, The Green Goblin, from learning it. Norman is now uncertain on whether he wants to just make Spidey discover about Gwen or attempt to murder her in front of his eyes again For the Evulz. This is a particularly sore point as Gwen supposedly had a one night stand with Norman Osborn and gave birth to twins, something she refuses to comment on.
    • Mysterio felt like admitting to Gwen in private Norman never really slept with her because of his actions by influencing Mary Jane into believing in this lie.
  • Carnage is held in high contempt by Gwen given in another continuity she was killed by said Symbiote. She also dislikes Libby for reminding Gwen of her own Alpha Bitch phase.
  • Being both the deity that brought Gwen to Pantheon and basically herself with superpowers, Spider-Gwen has become closer to the "original" and has since started teaching Gwen self-defence.
    • Gwen was also impressed that her schoolmate Flash Thompson is a super agent, and the two have become friends again.
  • Has become closer to Jason Todd, who is roughly her equivalent in DC Comics, even if she opposes his morals and undeniably envies how instead being of being impersonated by clones, Jason eventually got back to life, no matter how weird the reason for that was.
  • All deities that upon death caused much pain to their lovers have gotten closer to Gwen, such as Fuuka, Mayuri and Ashi. After all, victims need to stick together. Gwen and Fuuka also have the similarity of being Spared by the Adaptation at least once.
  • Somehow got along with Weiss Schnee, as both are Defrosting Ice Queens who have abilities the other admires - Gwen's prowess with science and research, and Weiss' magic and fighting skills. The only difference is their love lives: Weiss' experience with infatuated nerds is not one that makes her consider a relationship.
  • Was downright startled when she ran into Wichita, who is a redhaired version of herself. After some mix-up clarity, they ended up befriending each other (and like Wichita, Gwen doesn't like the possibility someone might mistake her for Cruella de Vil). Gwen also felt some sort of familiarity when walking near Rexie's temple.