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A prison smack in the middle of the House of Crime. It's guarded by voluntary deities working in rotation, like Jorgen Von Strangle, who has a perfect record in not letting anyone escape on his turn. Unfortunately, not all guards are competent like that, thus strong and/or influential inmates can easily break out or take advantage of the system. Some can even casually walk through the facility without any sort of restraining tool.


Deities from other Houses that are caught commiting crimes are temporarily held here until the day of their trial at the Court of the Gods.

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    Al Capone 
Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone, The God Who Was Busted on Lesser Crimes (Scarface, Big Al, Big Boy, Big Fellow, Sporky, Public Enemy Number One)
A mugshot of the man
Click here  for his portrayal in The Untouchables

    Eddie Low 
Edward "Eddie" Low, God of Attacking Someone More Dangerous (Ed, Filth Slayer, No-Name Killer, Keep-Fit Killer, Head Hunter)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Knife as well as his blog avatar.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Serial Killer, A Love to Dismember, Creepy Blue Eyes, Depraved Bisexual, Horrible Sense of Humor, Enfant Terrible, Psychopathic Manchild, Self-Made Orphan, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Murder, Insanity, dismemberment, Criminals, Twisted Love, Sexual Abuse
  • Allies: Jack The Ripper, Brave Companions, Wild Hunt, Richard Trager, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Ethan Roark Junior
  • Enemies: Niko Bellic, Jacket, Dollface (Black), Manny Pardo, Oedipus
  • Opposed by: House of Beast, Family, some humanoid monsters and even people who find him highly disturbing.
  • It was a day like any other, many deities doing their things as usual, until someone discovered a mutilated body of a deity who happened to be strolling around. When the person in question was revived, they felt shocked and couldn't describe who or what killed them. This series of events kept going for weeks, until the House of Justice commenced a special operation to find the culprit. After a long investigation and finding paralels to an infamous killer belonging to Liberty City, whose modus Operandi was killing random joggers in different places, it was found that the culprit was Eddie Low, a deranged human being whose hobbies consist of masturbating in public and tearing off the limbs of his victims. He was quickly apprehended after he tried to murder another deity but killing was not an option. In the end, Eddie Low stuck around after managing to evade the authorities and escape his trial by getting a house in the Crime and Transgressions House, although he is not very proud of why.
  • While Eddie was already infamous in Liberty City as the "Keep-Fit Killer", he met a rather unfortunate end when he attacked the wrong person. That being Niko Bellic that while they started on somewhat decent terms and Eddie believing he made a new friend, he eventually got angry at Niko because Eddie was creeping him out and decided to try to kill him. Big mistake as unbeknown to Eddie, Niko has killed dozens of mobsters and policemen and was a trained hitman at that, so he easily dispatched Eddie by gunning him down. Thus, the deranged Eddie Low met a gruesome end and a well deserved at that.
  • He wants to take revenge on Niko for, in his own words, betraying his friendship. Of course, given how deranged Eddie is, it's pretty likely that he forgot what happened the last time he threatened Niko. Then there are other, like Jacket and Dollface, who have heard of Eddie and wouldn't mind reminding him what happens when you go attacking any random person because he felt like it and like Niko, they won't hesitate to kill him.
  • His temple is filled with nasty things all over it, ranging from feces, vomit and even some "leftovers" from previous guests. Anyone who has entered his place hasn't done it by choice and often leave those deities heavily traumatized (Unless they are already too far gone themselves). He also keeps his mother's severed breast in a shoe box, which he often masturbates to because he was in love with her even if she was strict and she might be the only victim of his that he never intended to murder (Apparently, she died suffocated by sand after Eddie kept pushing her head deeper)
  • Depraved as he is, Eddie has actually to make some friends. And no, we aren't talking about "friends" but actual deities who at least tolerate him. One taking a stroll down his house he came accross the Brave Companions, a group who made him feel really at home. He also is buddies with Wild Hunt, although he is kind of awkward around Cosmina and Dorothea given his lack of relations with women they nonetheless all are ok with "working" with him in their own perversive acts.
  • He is bisexual and has no problem assaulting anyone be it male or female, although he usually he gets a lot of retaliation from nearby deities who spot him on the act. He often likes to hang around with Buck because of that since, while homosexual, they are more or less similar in how they approach others. There are some theories that maybe both Eddie and Buck have done really nasty stuff to each other that they are not talking about.
  • He has every depraved fetish covered for better or worse, like crossdressing, torture and mutilation, bestiality, necrophilia and public masturbation. There is not a single deranged thing that Eddie hasn't done yet and that has creeped out a lot of people, has received a huge backlash from the House of Beast and even some humanoid monsters fear running into him. Some even wonder if Niko is supposed to be more dangerous than him (He is, but he is not a deranged psychopath about it).
  • Eddie didn't have the best upbringing either. His father forced him to wear women clothes and abused him (probably kickstarting his crossdressing habit) and he later killed him out of spite, he was in love with his mother as stated before even if she was very strict and he even killed his younger brother by throwing him into the oven. His grandparents also were constantly innapropriate touched numerous times, forcing Eddie to spend a lot of years under mental institutions, which none actually helped him get better. As such, the House of Family heavily opposses him.
  • Believe it or not, Eddie has a personal blog where he recounts many of his "activities" under the name of No one ever visits this blog and he barely has any followers but those who have read his blog are amazed of how he has no qualms in writing down many of his crimes down.
  • A common visitor of the House of Slaughter, which might be the only place where he doesn't look out of place. He has a knack for torturing people and that's why he frequents the darkest chambers of the house. Of all the deities there, he is buddies with Dr. Trager because he find him pretty funny. Trager is ok with having him around but he finds annoying that if he makes jokes about Eddie, he gets upset and often sent into a murderous rage.

    John Anderton 
Chief John Anderton, God of Arresting For Future Crimes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: John's Cybergloves and a Red Ball
  • Theme Song: Minority Report, Sean's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Formerly had a Job on Looking Into and Preventing Criminal Activities before they Occurred until he was Speculated to be Committing one in the Future, Spends the Majority of his Story Trying to Evade his Pre-Crime Division, Is More Attractive in the Film than in the Book, Adaptation Expansion, Initially wants to Clear his Name, Often takes Neuroin to Cope with his Depression and Stress, though he Maintains his Composure and Control, Was Framed Because of his Investigations Regarding Anne Lively, Is Haunted by the Disappearance of his Son, Sean, for Years, Papa Wolf, The Fettered
  • Domains: Police, Crime, Suspicion, Conspiracies, Angst, Loss
  • Allies: Alex Murphy/RoboCop, Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, Angela, Roland, Ethan Hunt, Norman Jayden, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Commissioner James Gordon
  • Odd Friendship: Ethan Mars, Bryan Mills
  • Enemies: Big Brother, The Sibyl System, O'Brien, Scott Shelby, Officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, Brian Irons
  • Pitied By: House of Family and Relatives
  • Respected By: House of Law and Justice
  • Complicated Opinion: Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • John Anderton was a police officer in 2054 Washington D.C. where he was Chief of the Department of PreCrime, an operational division whose main task were to identify and prevent future crimes before they happened via precognition from designated "Precogs", a trio of individuals who are used to predict and see visions of the future. One day, however, Anderton received a notification that he was to be considered guilty in the future for murdering an individual known as Leo Crow. This turned him into an individual who tried to evade the workforce he once served under whilst trying to look for clues and evidence regarding why was he intending to kill Leo Crow, whom he had no idea of. His journey bought him to Agatha, one of the Precogs used for the PreCrime Division in an effort to learn more about the situation he was put into. Only when Anderton reached Leo Crow did he realize the circumstances; that Crow possessed pictures of many missing children, one of whom was Anderton's son, Sean, after which Crow chooses to kill himself when Anderton refuses as Crow wanted his family to be paid a large sum. Anderton later realized the true circumstances about his incrimination; that he was investigating the murder of Anne Lively, who was the murder of Agatha, who herself was kidnapped to forcefully be a Precog. PreCrime's Director, Lamar Burgess was the one behind the murder and played a part in deducing Anderton's future actions so that he could be killed to tie up loose ends. Armed with the information he received, Anderton outgambitted Burgess and his abuse of PreCrime and hiding his criminal activities, who then chooses to kill himself as a means to avoid ruining his own reputation and facing jail time. PreCrime was eliminated, though some of the released prisoners are under heavy surveillance. Around this time, John manages to reconcile with his former wife, Lara, and are expecting a second child.
  • Anderton's experience with being a fugitive for PreCrime as well as unveiling the evidence that pointed to its shady acts and coverups were enough to warrant noticeable attention to the former police officer. He was invited to what appeared to be a court trial where he was to present a statement regarding his experiences. It turned out that he was led to a portal that was connected to the said trial, located in the Pantheon. When Anderton explained everything, he was praised for his actions, though he personally felt that he should have done more, especially considering his son, Sean was missing still. As an act of respect and to give Anderton something to look forward to and a platform to help others, he was given the invitation of ascension, which he ended up taking. The Court of the Gods has also promised to help Anderton out in finding Sean, a gesture that he really appreciated.
  • Anderton is an exceptional police officer in his line of duty and, prior to his frame-up, was seen as among the best that PreCrime had to offer. On top of that, he is adept in analytics and looking into evidence and future events, which tends to operate really well when they're combined with fieldwork, which Anderton more than excels in. The Pantheon's denizens who advocate law and justice above all are quite keen on having Anderton re-employed for duty and would like to have him take part in a select series of new cases to help along with the Pantheon's ever-growing state. He's agreed to that notice and is even granted a work office and an assortment of equipment based on his endeavors via the House of Science, which Anderton is hoping to use the moment he is to be deployed into work. He hopes that things don't get too complicated for him at the moment.
  • Anderton's experience in the House of Law and Justice is a mix of familiarity and him trying to adjust to a wholly new environment. Compared to where he used to work, the technology provided is archaic most of the time, though still quite diligent and focused on its many cases and investigations that it's kept tabs on. One individual he was oddly able to get along with there was Alex Murphy, a cop from Detroit who was viciously killed in a terrorist ambush, yet came back as a cybernetic being known as RoboCop and has since been doing his best to uphold the law and to combat against whoever intends to soil it. Anderton sympathizes with what Alex went through and is awed by the technology that is used to recreate him, though Alex isn't too complimentary about his current state. Anderton feels inspired by Alex's conviction towards the law, though he also states that there are times where the right thing trumps the law, a sentiment that Alex sometimes does agree on.
  • Thanks to his experiences, Anderton is very wary of whatever corruption is happening, either in his police precinct or anywhere in the House of Law and Justice. Considering the fact that he was framed and sent to either be captured or killed for simply investigating too much in an unsolved case, his worries were justified by many. That's not to say Anderton is against conventional breakers of the law, such as officers Tenpenny and Pulaski, who perverted the law's rules to mainly satiate their control over San Andreas, and Anderton won't stop in severing their connections and bringing them to justice in some way or another. That said, he has a lot more scorn towards Brian Irons, who has proven to be so vile, he was willing to sell out his own police precinct to being attacked and devoured by zombies solely to keep his depraved pleasures up and going. And considering Anderton's technology allowing him to look into the future briefly to identify upcoming crimes, Irons has been quite on edge about the possibility of Anderton tracking and capturing him, so he's intending to keep himself safe and barricaded for that occasion. Anderton is not deterred by this and the fact that he was willing to imprison and keep orphans for the sake of experimenting on them means he's pretty high on Anderton's "to arrest" list.
  • Ironically for someone who worked in a police precinct, he's placed in the House of Crime and Transgressions, a fact that he not only acknowledges but also finds his placement quite annoying, given that he has a need to commute from there to the House of Law and Justice quite a lot as well. Even so, the fact that he was a fugitive once did make him a criminal at that one time, though Anderton would want to not get reminded by such a fact. His police-based allies do respect him enough to lend him a hand in providing him some company, one of which was Commissioner Gordon, who's been keeping track of many of the cops in the Pantheon, Anderton included. Even Batman has shown up to aid Anderton on occasion, though Anderton feels quite reluctant in giving his PreCrime tech to The Dark Knight, although Batman persists, thinking that it's best that it should not be falling into the wrong hands. Beyond that, they've managed a working relationship with Anderton bettering his skills in avoiding and checking up on neighboring criminal actions and criminals during his spare time.
  • Being a former fugitive for an organization due to him investigating a case that would have had a level of incrimination towards PreCrime, Anderton was once met by Ethan Hunt, who also had his fair share of experiences of being betrayed and fighting against allies who were supposed to help him out on his missions regarding espionage and stopping political conflicts from escalating tensions, future wars, criminal conspiracies, and large-scale terrorist attacks. The fact that they look like one another did not go unlost on them and sometimes reference it, though the main reason why they became well-acquainted was that they could relate to similar circumstances that they went through. Ethan thought that the technology Anderton used during his PreCrime Precinct days would have been sought by the IMFnote , though Anderton believes that it's best that the tech remains only for use to him unless there are dire circumstances, which Ethan accepted. Ethan has since become Anderton's main person to communicate with when it comes to solving whatever large criminal conspiracies and political unrests are going on in the Pantheon.
  • Anderton was shocked and terrified to discover the existence of Big Brother, given its leading nature as a tyrannical state police that aims to sedate and subdue people from pursuing free will, all in an attempt to assert its own control and dominance. Given how PreCrime worked as a way to capture someone before they ever acted on their actions, even if it's made clear there was no ill intent, Anderton feels unnerved about the fact that Big Brother would go to such lengths to psychologically, mentally, and physically torture anyone who so much dares to act outside of what Big Brother desires and usually prefers to avoid it, be it as a being or as a topic as much as he could. However, given that the Pantheon's police force has been quite supportive of him, Anderton has since grown confident and courageous enough to consider taking on Big Brother and its leadership, particularly O'Brien and stop their tyranny from spreading further. On the other hand, O'Brien hardly cares about Anderton and prefers to oversee a larger goal, though he's starting to become aware that Anderton is starting to challenge him more and more to the extent where O'Brien couldn't ignore his presence.
  • Sean's disappearance and his still missing presence continue to haunt Anderton to this day, even if he and Lara are now expecting a second child. As a way to make up for this, Anderton struck a relationship with related Houses of Childhood and Adolescence and Family and Relatives and took up a job to look after any needed children as well as keep a close eye on any threats. Anderton also uses this as a way to reach out and communicate with any like-minded figures that he may come across. One of these happened to be Bryan Mills, a retired special forces commander who went on a rampage against Albanian terrorists when they kidnapped his daughter, Kim, and was successful in not just rescuing her, but also mending their estranged relationship. Both men were impressed by their conviction towards their jobs and their children, though Bryan feels upset that Anderton is yet to find Sean and believes that he may as well be dead. The two maintain a cordial relationship and are open to helping one another, in addition to Bryan promising to help Anderton in finding his son someday.
    • Anderton also wound up becoming good friends with Ethan Mars, who also had the sheer misfortune of not only failing to save his older son, Jason, from an automobile accident but also, two years later, having to experience his younger son, Shaun, being kidnapped by the Origami Killer and having to go through a series of physically and mentally scarring trials to find and save his son before he drowned under a sealed hole during heavy rain. And yes, the fact that both of their sons had a similar sounding name was acknowledged by the two, but they've since made a point to not really bring up these events all too much, especially given that Ethan does feel sad that Anderton hasn't got any closure with Sean, whereas Anderton is happy to learn that at least Shaun is safe and is living a happier life after being saved. In fact, during free times, Anderton has made a point in visiting Ethan and even spending some time with Shaun, and while it does remind him of Sean and makes him despondent to a degree, Anderton admits that it's enough to make him feel some sort of hope and satisfaction, while Ethan believes that Sean is alive and that Anderton shouldn't give up.
    • He even found himself being associated with Angela and Roland, though, in the former's case, it started off a bit rocky due to Angela's nature of being a cyborg created by the Eye/B Corp, and her existence was assured when the Head/A Corp wanted to destroy the former, which drove Angela to become a threat. As a side-effect, this led to Roland's wife and unborn child dying to a being called The Pianist, whom Roland killed later on. However, his desire for revenge extended towards anyone that was tangentially related to his family's death, Angela included, though it took some time before he would abandon his rage and forgive Angela. Anderton felt bad for the two and reached out to them, knowing how it felt to be betrayed and getting mentally broken as well as losing a family member. Roland is at least happy to learn that Anderton is recovering from his own angst and Angela is open to inviting Anderton to work with her in The Library, though he declined the offer, stating that his work as a police chief was more important, something that Angela accepted. He still maintains contact with both of them and has even told them that he's available for help in case they're in need of help in any urgent cases.,
  • Due to his stress and despondency regarding Sean, Anderton took to using a futuristic drug known as Neuroin as a way to alleviate and ease himself, though it's quite clear that the angst persists, not to mention that his divorce with Lara didn't help any matters. After his experience as a fugitive towards PreCrime and managing to reconcile with Lara, Anderton's depression has significantly lessened, and so is his dependency on Neuroin. Even so, he found a common camaraderie with an FBI Agent named Norman Jayden, who had to use a drug named Triptocaine via tube packages as a way to dampen whatever side-effects he has whenever Norman uses his ARI Glasses. Considering Norman's case involving trying to find a father's kidnapped son, the aforementioned Shaun via a themed Serial Killer, the two got along pretty well, with both of them respecting each other's work. That said, the two have been making an effort to lessen and hopefully stop their compulsion to their preferred drugs at some point, knowing that overindulging on them can lead to consequences. It's no surprise that Anderton would come to oppose Scott Shelby for his actions as the Origami Killer and aims to bring him to justice. On the contrary, Scott instead presents some appreciation towards Anderton for being someone who is willing to find his son no matter the cost, given his own past of having to deal with an abusive father that indirectly led to his brother's death, but Anderton has no patience to accept Scott's respect towards him, nor think his past justifies his actions.
  • Anderton's technology is considered quite revolutionary and a game-changer when it comes to deterring criminal actions from occurring anytime soon, but how it functions and the people required to allow for the premonitions to be showcased is not an ethical one, to say the least, which is the reason why Anderton mostly keeps its technology to himself. Many in the House of Machinery and Technology have expressed an interest in the devices and technology used for PreCrime, which only worries Anderton further, especially considering that someone, especially a member of the Grand United Alliance of Machines would want to use it for their own nefarious gains. That said, he has contemplated lending the information of his tech to others if mainly because situations in the Pantheon may become tenser than they already are and he may become a casualty without any contribution. Some of his close friends, particularly Hunt have expressed support for Anderton in that respect.


Ben, God of Incriminating Indifference
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Porche or... a stuffed drawer of feminine belongings.
  • Alignment: True Neutral on the surface... Neutral Evil perhaps.
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Situation, Faux Affably Evil, Giggling Villain, A God Am I, Lack of Empathy, The Social Darwinist, Unexplained Accent, Upper-Class Twit, Smug Snake, Creepy Souvenir, Maybe a Serial Killer
  • Domains: Suspicion, Wealth, Comfortability
  • Followers: Claus von Bülow, Naoki Konishi, David Harris
  • Allies: Tohru Adachi, The Parks, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Anise Tatlin
  • Enemies: Byakuya Togami, Josuke Higashikata, The Investigation Team, The Kims, John Doe, Dexter Morgan
  • Opposes: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Montgomery Burns
  • Conflicting Opinion: Rick Grimes, Wan, Keith
  • When it comes to Ben, he is a strange enigma of a man. Handsome, wealthy, charming, Ben seems to have it all even if he seems a bit standoffish. However, that was when people started getting suspicious. Is this all a facade for Ben as a means to an end? Various Court of the Gods kept tabs of Ben and discovered some pretty disturbing information about him. For one, he seems to like befriending lower-class young women, after a few days and a few months befriends another one then starts the cycle all over again. What happened to the previous woman he befriended? They aren’t seen with Ben any longer or for anybody else for that matter afterward. The Court of the Gods started digging to find out ... both figuratively and literally. Yeah, the truth of what happened to these women were not a pleasant discovery, with them wondering how Ben was able to do this for so long without a care in the world. They are not making the investigation public yet, but they ascended Ben to keep an eye on the man for the time being.
    • Ironically enough, Ben’s disregard for these disappearances ended up getting him killed when a friend of the last girl Ben had interacted became suspicious of him once that friend vanished, culminating Ben getting a knife to his stomach once his killer was pretty sure his suspicions were confirmed. Ben ended up in the Pantheon afterward, and actually had a better time adjusting here since he believed that he was one of “those kind of people” destined for a place like this.
  • Obviously, rumors and debate started spreading about Ben afterward. Is he a murderer or not? It would be incredible messed up to assume but people aren’t taking their chances. Especially when people go on to talk to Ben about this instances, he casually brushes it off as a misinterpretation of his hobby of burning abandoned greenhouses. A less severe crime, but in no way compared to freaking murder. Even though Ben enjoys his stay in the Pantheon, the looks he gets understandably annoy him. And no, he does enjoy the alternative theory of him being a sex trafficker either.
  • Even if everyone is wary of him, Ben still is quite friendly to everyone who gives him a benefit of a doubt. He’s not going to be best buds with everybody he meets, he can at least hold a decent conversation with people and seems not to be a Jerkass.
  • Is good friends with the Parks, as they see eye to eye when it comes to being out-of-touch wealthy Korean people (they just don’t see that). Ben can’t help but look down at the family that (used) to work for the Parks—the Kims. Ben likes making friends with those from a lower class than his but can’t really find their respect as Ben is a guy who leeches off the money that comes from whatever, instead of actually working as far as anybody knows.
  • Byakuya Togami looks down of Ben more so than others. Even if Togami was born into extreme wealth, he had to face off his siblings in who would became heir to the Togami family. This makes Togami disgusted by people who lay on their asses doing nothing but lay on their weath. As Togami says, “If you are part of the 1%, you better bring yourself above everybody else in that regard.” Ben doesn’t really care about Togami’s ranting, as all he wants to do is just go about his business in his Cool Car that he drives around with.
  • His outward friendliness towards those of a lower class has gained the approval of Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii who both encourage these interclass friendships. They don’t really take the rumors surrounding Ben that seriously, though do show a bit concern over Ben dropping and gaining new friends at whim. Ben excuses that as in the current Korean working world, there is rarely time for friendships. He also says the friends he makes live significantly apart from each other, so keeping up with friendships is a bit of a luxury. An acceptable answer to some but people are still suspicious of Ben regardless.
  • Anita Teslin overlooks these rumors of Ben over one thing: his wealth. As long as Ben is at least a seemingly nice sort of guy, Anita wouldn’t take even the slightest of criticism against Ben seriously. To everyone’s relief, Ben isn’t depraved enough to go after girls who look and are much younger than he is.
  • Even though Ben could be said to flaunt his wealthiness on vices, he doesn’t actively parade around that he is rich to others. Regardless, even he has to draw the line when people use their wealth for malicious purposes like Burns and the Reigan siblings. He tells them they should cool off and just use their wealth to entertain their boring lives instead of trying to make everybody else miserable.
  • Rumored to have many a Serial Killer as a friend. All of his suspected friends are sneaky when it comes to their murders. Bluebeard had murdered women he married constantly. Gilles de Rais had used his nobility status of psychotically rape-torture children (which is probably more than repulsive on Ben’s part). Ryuunosuke Uryuu is just a murderous child-killing maniac who worked under the radar for far too long. Patrick Bateman is a yuppie who manages to hide his insanity well. And then there is Yoshikage Kira, who kills women for their hands and anybody else who suspects his identity. This speculation started when people claimed that they saw Ben pass by each one of these persons at some point. Still a debated even amongst those who think Ben is a murderer, as associating yourself with known killers would not exactly be putting yourself under the radar. For better or worse, Ben is much more wiser than most people give him credit for.
    • Though a known murderer, Adachi, is actually public friends with Ben. Maybe it is because Ben relates to Adachi’s nihilism that he finds so appealing. They aren’t full-on buddies but always see each other in tthe bar and decide to just drink with each other during Happy Hour. This caused the Investigation Team also look into Ben it anything nefarious is going on with him as well. Josuke Higashikata, not wanting to repeat a murder going under the radar, goes along with the Investigation Team sometimes as well.
    • Has ironically attracted the attention of a few murderers who believe in the rumors and want to exact vengeance upon Ben for his supposed crimes. John Doe sees Ben embodying Pride for his semi-lavish lifestyle, Lust for his constant flipping through relationships, and perhaps Greed if the rumors him robbing the girlfriends he murdered are true too. Dexter is investigating Ben and seeing if he can justify tying Ben to a anvil then drop him into a river.
  • Rick is a bit disturbed that Ben looks exactly like his dear friend Glenn Rhee, to the point mistaking him for Glenn when Rick had managed to bump into Ben at a random time. However, he soon came to realize it was not the same friend who had fought through the Zombie Apocalypse together at closer inspection, as Ben is too clean and too uncaring towards the world to be that same person. Meanwhile, Wan and Keith of Voltron also note Ben sounds like them when he starts to talk in English, which makes the, extra wary of Ben as something feels off about him to them.
  • Can also be found in Calmness.
  • "Sometimes I burn down greenhouses. I choose an abandoned greenhouse and set it on fire. You can make it disappear... as if it never existed."

    Noah Cullen and Joker Jackson 
Noah Cullen and John Jackson, Gods of Being Chained Together (John: Joker)
L-R: Noah and John/Joker
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their cuffs
  • Theme Song: Noah's rendition of "Long Gone (From The Bowlin' Green)"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Chained Heat, Salt and Pepper
  • Domains: Prison, Escape, Friendship, Race
  • Allies: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Atticus Finch, Jean Valjean, Edmond Dantes
  • Complicated Relations: Shirley the Medium
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: CatDog
  • Noah Cullen and John "Joker" Jackson are convicts who got shackled together because their prison warden "had a sense of humor", the catch being that Noah is a black man, while Joker is (or was) a racist white man. When the truck that was carrying them along with several other prisoners crashed, Noah and Joker took the chance to make a run for it. The two did not get along at all at first, but their situation forced them to work together, especially with the sheriff and a posse after them. Despite their differences, Noah and Joker's shared adventure led to them bonding, to the point that neither of them would abandon the other to his fate. They were ultimately caught.
  • Another truck came to their prison to transport convicts, but this time, it was meant for Noah and Joker only. They figured it would probably take them to some Hellhole Prison as punishment for their escape attempt. They were even shackled together again. They were wrong on their assumption, as it was really meant to take them to a place called the Pantheon, for they had been chosen to become gods there. They thought it was all a pretty bad joke at first, until they got off the truck, saw the place for themselves and were brought before the Main House, that is. They were also told they were no longer prisoners and that they could start their lives anew from their shared temple. All things considered, this was a much better deal than being in prison, so they accepted. (Their shackles were taken off, by the way.)
    • Of course, their temple is in the House of Criminal Punishment, which basically IS the prison of the Pantheon. They were not happy about this, but then considering they are allowed more or less free rein of the Pantheon, they decided not to be too bothered about this, though it didn't stop Noah from constantly writing letters to the Court of Gods asking for a relocation, requests that were eventually granted by granting them a spot on Friendship Dynamics, which has become their preferred residence.
  • They're not keen on cops for obvious reasons, but they find themselves not minding Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, who incidentally oversaw the two ex-cons transportation into the Pantheon and also serve as their parole officers. It could be because, like Noah and Joker, Judy and Nick at first also worked together reluctantly and in not-so-friendly terms due to ingrained prejudice, but again like Noah and Joker, they were able to overcome their biases by bonding and forged an unbreakable friendship. Even if Judy and Nick being a rabbit and a fox respectively was something to get used to for Noah and Joker. Though they would have to sooner or later, considering the sheer range of things in the Pantheon that would be unreal in their world.
  • Much of the help they have gotten in establishing an honest living in the Pantheon has come from ex-cons Jean Valjean and Edmond Dantes, who are naturally sympathetic to Noah and Joker's story. For now, Noah and Joker work in the kitchens of the House of Food. Every so often, Joker gets the urge to start a get-rich-quick scheme out of his desire to be "Charlie Potatoes", with Noah doing his best to try to dissuade him.
  • A fair amount of deities went through similar experiences of being tied to someone without an easy way out of it, leading them to cooperate with other people that they would never have tolerated otherwise. Some of these deities have visited Noah and Joker to share their impressions of Chained Heat.
    • For example, it happened with Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant, with the former handcuffing himself to the latter so he'd help the rabbit with clearing his name. When they got to the part about how Roger could slip out of the cuffs through Toon Physics and Rule of Funny, Noah sarcastically asked Joker how come he could never do that. The fact that Eddie Valiant also grappled with prejudice, in this case against toons, and was able to get past it in his dealings with Roger was also relatable to Noah and Joker, even if they find the notion of racism against toons a bit strange (why hate something so funny?).
    • Speaking of toons, they were rather amused to learn there was a Sylvester cartoon called D' Fightin' Ones lampooning their movie. It starts much the same, with Sylvester on the run while handcuffed to a bulldog, and ends with the two free from their shackles, but joined by their legs stuck through a can (it's Toon Physics, don't question it). Despite their attempt to escape not working out so well, Noah and Joker are still able to see the humor in similar situations played for laughs.
  • Atticus Finch got a bittersweet feeling out of their story. Living in the American South and having been assigned to defend a black man accused of raping a white woman, a thankless task to put it mildly, he is well-acquainted with the nasty consequences of prejudice. So it makes Atticus glad to know that even a convicted criminal like Joker had it in him to overcome his racism. He does not presume to make assumptions on whether or not Noah and Joker "deserved" jail time, given he wasn't involved. Either way, Noah and Joker (Noah especially) seem to have a lot of respect for Atticus for his great sense of integrity.
  • Joker is still kind of an abrasive jerk and not the most sensitive guy. So it was that he made the mistake of angering the medium Shirley by saying a few racist things about the Roma people in front of her (he and Noah happened upon her at a festival). To teach him a lesson, Shirley cursed Joker. Joker thought it was all hogwash, but then the next day he woke up to find he was fused with Noah at the shoulder (basically making them Conjoined Twins). Noah was, needless to say, annoyed to be dragged into Joker's mess and also that they were going to do that all over again. At any rate, they went to find Shirley, who referred to Joker as "the stupid one" and told them she'd need a hairball from CatDog to lift the curse.
    • And so it was how they met the cat and dog known for being fused at the navel, a lot less mystical than Noah and Joker were led to believe from Shirley's description. Cat was rather offended that Noah and Joker were not satisfied with their state and refused to give them any hairball. Of course this only resulted in Noah and Joker stealing the hairball from CatDog's temple at night while they slept. Either way, they got the hairball, took it to Shirley, who concocted the cure and warned Joker not to do that again, and that's the end of that chapter. Well, except for the part where Cat remains mad at them for taking the hairball, but Dog's own indifference (or cluelessness) to the hairball event makes sure that enmity is not very serious at any rate.
  • "Come on man, you draggin' on the chain!"