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The Hall of Bladed Weapons

Upon the decisive splitting of the House of Weapons, this very Hall was one of those created. Here lie the realms of all Deities whose preferred weapons are known to slice through anything that can be thrown at them, even bladed ones that can be thrown at unsuspecting enemies. Known to be littered with slash marks.

Because so many of the deities here wield some manner of swords, a Hall designed especially for them was soon created.

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Greater Gods

Poseidon, God of Tridents (Neptune, Neptunus, King Neptune, Earth-Shaker, Stormbringer, God of the Oceans, Pool-seidon, Planetary Environment Modification Plant-Ship, Julian Solo)

Intermediate Gods

    Lea (Kingdom Hearts
Lea, God of Deadly Rings (The Flurry of Dancing Flames, Axel, Number VIII, Dark Rescue)
Click here  to see his Nobody, Axel
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His chakrams, the Eternal Flames, in silhouette.
  • Theme Song: Eternal Moments, At Dusk, I Will Think of You (Shared with Roxas and Xion)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Keyblade(s): Flame Liberator/Bond of The Blaze
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Figures, Hot-Blooded Redhead with Constant Backstabbing Habits, Multiple Allegiances And Those Who Play By Their Own Rules, Precision Guided Rings of Fire, those who quickly became popular with fanbase and production and thus becoming more important to the plot, Became much nicer over time, Has a tendency to lampshade things that sound ridiculous in the plot, "Got it Memorized?"
  • Domains: Fire, Assassination, Rings, Friendship, Redemption
  • Herald: Isa (his best friend and Saïx's completed self)
  • Allies: Roxas, Xion, Kairi, Riku, Naminé, Ventus, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Ruby Rose, Shobu Kirifuda, Batman, Jason Todd, Scorpion, Sun Shangxiang, Gentaro Kisaragi, Alexstrasza, Natsu Dragneel, Zuko, Iroh, Bourbon, Jaime Lannister, 2B, 9S
  • Rivals: The Spy
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations (Especially Xemnas), Vanitas, Ardyn Izunia, Tira, Lord Recluse, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Brand, Malty S. Melromarc, Malos, Rolo Lamperouge, Ozai, Starscream
  • On Good Terms With: Miguel Rivera, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Headbutting Heroes: Katsuki Bakugo
  • Opposes: The Heartless
  • Complicated Relationship: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka
  • Additional Relationships: Elim Garak
  • Rank VIII in Organization XIII, Axel was the designated "fixer", functioning to eliminate other Organization members once they become a liability, something with Vexen and Zexion found out the hard way. Despite this, Axel was not without his good moments, for he had established a tender and heartwarming friendship with fellow members, Roxas and Xion, often hanging out on top of the Twilight Town Clock Tower once they were done with missions, though he would confront fellow member Saïx about his newfound friendship. Unfortunately, things went to hell once Xion realized her true nature as a replica, despite Axel trying to help out his friends, which came off as more detrimental than beneficial. Roxas quit the Organization, Xion died to ensure Sora and Roxas's survival in addition to being completely forgotten and Roxas would be captured and had his memories forcibly removed, all to ensure Sora would wake up from his year-long slumber. Axel would try to find Roxas and convince him to rejoin Organization XIII, failing to do so. After antagonizing Sora throughout his quest to stop the Organization from attaining Kingdom Hearts, Axel decided to sacrifice himself to save Sora, telling him to go save Kairi, who was kidnapped earlier by the Organization and had tried to oppose them for his own reasons.
    • Prior to Organization XIII, Axel was originally Lea, a resident of Radiant Garden who was caught up in the machinations of Master Xehanort. Additionally, the death of Axel led to the reconstruction of Lea, who dedicates his time in helping out Sora and his allies, eventually gaining his own Keyblade, Flame Liberator, and soon taking training sessions from Merlin. He would play a role in the Second Keyblade War, reuniting with Roxas and Xion putting an end to Master Xehanort's plans to use Kingdom Hearts for his goals. From there on, Lea was able to carry on with a normal life, even reuniting with Isa his childhood friend, and Saïx's complete self.
  • When Roxas joined the Pantheon, it wasn't long before Lea and Xion also tagged in, as Roxas specifically stated that he would only enter if he could bring along his own friends. The Pantheon decided to agree, given what the trio had been through before they got back together. That said, he noticed Sora's lack of absence, especially given that he was the one that proposed Roxas to enter the Pantheon prior to the Second Keyblade War. Only time will tell when Sora will fully come back.
  • With his ascension into the Pantheon, Lea ended up a rather popular figure around, thanks to his carefree and extroverted personality, not to mention his own knack of telling others whether they've "Got it Memorized" whenever he introduces himself. He's the most popular one out of his trio, consisting of Roxas and Xion, though that's mostly because Lea is the only one who could properly integrate himself socially with othersnote  whereas Roxas and Xion struggle to immerse themselves, especially after having had an isolated life due to their upbringing in Organization XIII. Despite this, Lea remained optimistic and hopeful enough to try to help Roxas and Xion in getting adjusted and their priority is to settle down and lead a normal life, even if the Pantheon is a wildly fantastical place. He's confident that his two friends can defend themselves as can himself and it helps that Lea has other friends, namely Sora and Kairi, that he can get help. So far, it seems as though the Pantheon has been a welcoming experience as Lea and his companions don't have to be roped into Xehanort's schemes there… for now.
  • Lea's signature weapon as his Nobody, Axel, was a pair of chakrams, and was additionally a user of pyrokinesis. These, in addition to his role as a fixer, made Axel one of the more dangerous and persistent members of Organization XIII, and since his reconstruction, Lea retains those abilities and skills with the addition of now having a Keyblade of his own, courtesy of being trained by Yen Sid. That said, since his turn to good and wanting to lead a decent and carefree life, Lea understandably doesn't want to serve a role in spying and assassinating others, though he will take on the role of a hero if the situation calls for it. Being a recent Keyblade wielder, Lea was amused at the irony of the idea of Roxas and Xion training him in swordplay, but he's also happy that his friends would repay the favor in return for Lea helping them socially and emotionally. He sometimes visits the Hall of Swords when he decides to train and hone his skill and potential as a swordfighter, figuring that while his chakrams are his signature weaponnote , he still notes that he'll need a Keyblade to deal with the Heartless more effectively as well as stand a chance against stronger foes if he ever comes across them.
  • Given his time in Organization XIII as Axel, it stands to reason that Lea openly goes against large villainous organizations, especially those whose leaders either lie to their subordinates, treat them badly and with no concern for them, use them for their own ends, or all of them. Oddly enough, Lord Recluse doesn't fit either of those criteria, though he does kill his subordinates as a lesson for future villains to learn from their mistakes, but Lea affirms his stance for going against him regardless. On the contrary, Lord Recluse actually respects Lea's skill as an assassin and fighter and would have gladly considered recruiting him in Arachnos, but feels a bit disappointed that Lea would never align with him, feeling that he would have been easily swayed had he been Axel. Regardless, whenever Lord Recluse wants to deal with Lea, he personally enlists Captain Mako to fight him, feeling that pitting him against his own top assassin would be fitting, and Mako entertains the idea of proving his worth and deadliness. Lea takes this as an attack on him and his friends and is more than ready to fight back.
  • While not his definitive trait, Lea's affinity to fire does make him a common visitor in the Hall of Fire and Heat, seeing as he could freely practice there without the risk of harming others with his pyromancy and honing his skills as a Keyblade wielder. One of the visitors he came to be friends with was Scorpion, and Lea noted how much of an Odd Friendship he established with him due to their extremely contrasting personalities. There was a commonality in that both of them were Wild Cards, working with both heroes and villains to achieve their own ends, though where Axel was driven by a desire to usurp Xemnas with Saïx before deciding to maintain his friendship with Roxas and Xion, albeit, through questionable and counterproductive means, Scorpion was purely motivated by revenge for the slaughter of his family and clan, though both would eventually come around and affirmingly become good. Scorpion respects Lea's dedication, skills, and power, even stating that in his current state, he has the heart of a Shirai Ryu. Lea, on the other hand, was surprised by Scorpion's compliment, though doesn't talk much about the clan topic, given he's since known Scorpion's past. They remain good friends since, with Scorpion promising to look after Roxas and Xion in the event Lea isn't around.
  • While Lea would rather forget his time as an assassin and double agent, some are still willing to recall his days as Axel and try to challenge his reputation either in a fight or how much he can take down. One of the most frequent challengers is simply known as The Spy, who has thrived on backstabbing anyone he allies with just for the lulz. Upon hearing of Axel's backstabs and his ambition to prove his tenacity, The Spy decided to fight him one day and see how well he would fare against Lea. Of course, Lea being more powerful and having an elemental affinity that he has great control over meant that The Spy had to take precautions in his fight. Lea was more annoyed and angered by the occasion, so he decided to end the fight quickly and use his ability to open dark corridors via his black cloak to dump The Spy to a random place and end the battle abruptly, much to the latter's frustration. Since then, The Spy wants to get back at Lea and insist that he's the better assassin, but Lea would rather hang out with friends and fight a good cause than remind himself of his past as Axel, let alone have a competition on who's the best assassin.
  • While proud to be a Keyblade wielder, Lea does sometimes lament the fact that there aren't many who wield ringed blades as weapons, much less chakrams, so he tends to be impressed whenever he finds someone who uses such. This was the case when he met Sun Shangxiang, as the two complimented their blades after a friendly spar. While the two became good friends, they also shared more similarities than they expected, with Lady Sun not only favoring fire as her element of choice but also having a difficult choice in deciding her loyalty due to her Arranged Marriage to Liu Bei compromising her position in her family, the Wu Kingdom. While Lea would state that Lady Sun should try to appeal to the best of both sides, the truth is a lot more complicated on both sides and Lady Sun herself can be unsure of what to do in the situation. Regardless, Lea affirmed that, as a friend, he'll try to see what he can do to help and that he'll be there if Lady Sun needs him, which made her happy and see Lea as one of her better friends in the Pantheon due to his friendliness and optimism. On the other hand, Lea finds himself rather creeped out by Tira due to her manic and unstable personality creeping him out and knowing that she would be endangering others. Tira simply sees Lea as prey to hunt and convert into a Malfested for Soul Edge, though it's her making an implied threat to Roxas and Xion that made Lea really want to fight against her as he can't stomach the idea of his friends becoming crazed zombies, seeing it as a date worse than becoming a blank Nobody, which is saying something.
  • On the subject of loyalty, Lea heard about the tales of Darth Vader and actively feared the idea of meeting him due to the fearsome reputation that he had carved as a Sith Lord. Then one day, he did come face-to-face with the Sith Lord and while Lea remained hesitant, Vader didn't present any semblance of threat to him, despite their surroundings more-or-less silencing everyone else. However, Vader did notice Lea as a Keyblade wielder and told him that he didn't have to hide his weapon from him, regardless if he wanted to fight or not, though it was murmuring both his Nobody alias and real name that Lea was frightened, feeling that if he memorized who he was, Vader surely must have known about Roxas and Xion. Later on, Lea found out a bit about Vader's past as Anakin Skywalker and sympathized with him as he realized that he struggled with conflicting loyalty and his desires clashed greatly against his superiors, be it his time as a Jedi Knight or as a Sith Lord, though Lea personally prefers to keep his distance as he figured that Vader was not one he wanted to anger. All things considered, Vader is rather mellow in his thoughts on Lea and credits him for at least finding an ounce of happiness, something that he struggles with constantly, even in the Pantheon.
    • Further into loyalty and conflicting perspectives, Lea was surprised to learn that others had dealt with it in more severe terms compared to his, as demonstrated with Vader. Among others was Sasuke, the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan who found himself having different allegiances with the goal of revenge, having abandoned his friends in favor of power and going around a loop of hate and revenge before being knocked out of it by Naruto. There was the relationship between 2B and her companion, 9S, which ended up serving as a catalyst for a budding growth of emotion on the former's part, which compromised her thought design and her becoming more aware of the truth regarding YoRHa, which culminated in 2B being forced to put down 9S, which affected her deeply to the point of wanting to bring him back. Needless to say, Lea found it rather hard to get into their tales and made an effort to reach out to them with Sora and Kairi's help. He got to befriend 2B and 9S after a few tries, but Sasuke proved to be rather elusive, preferring to keep a distance from others in his newfound role as a protector from the shadows, though he does see that Lea has made good company and wishes that his past relationship with Team 7 was a bit more like Lea's with Roxas and Xion's.
  • Lea became good friends with Zuko and Iron when the three of them met each other in the Hall of Fire and Heat and Lea and Zuko expressed a desire to challenge each other in their pyromaniac skills. Of course, Lea wanted to befriend Zuko and Iron due to seeing them as cool and even heartwarming upon learning that the duo were nephew and uncle. In turn, Zuko came to respect Lea's hospitable nature and a willingness to not just prove himself, but also look out for others. That said, Lea was reluctant of telling them of his time as Axel, but Iroh reprimanded him that he should I stead look at his past as a way to improve his present self and cherish as much time as he has for his loved ones, speaking from experience via the death of his son. Lea also came to learn of Ozai and was taken aback by his cruelty and ego, likening him to Xemnas in a few regards and understanding why Zuko felt so burdened by his desire to become Fire Lord and challenging his father's desire. Of course, Lea believes Zuko made the right decision by giving up on Ozai's approval and defining himself, which he saw as an even cooler thing to do, much to Zuko's amusement.
  • Much like his best friends as well as Sora and his closest companions, it's not surprising that Lea is a recurring deity in the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, and the fact that Kairi is a guardian representative of said House is a bonus for Lea spending a lot of time there, seeing it as an additional home for him and his friends. His desire for others to memorize him had him encounter Gentaro Kisaragi, who similarly had a desire to befriend anyone he tended to encounter, so it wasn't a shock when the two quickly became fast friends, commenting on their enthusiastic nature, looking after their close ones and a strong drive to defend others if possible. Gentaro introducing Lea to the Kamen Rider Club further endeared the latter, even bringing along Roxas and Xion on later meetups as a way to bolster the number of good memories they can make, not to mention the three of them can align with Gentaro and their friends when it comes fighting against threats, something that the Kamen Rider was happy to tag along on.
  • Lea's hotheaded and extremely extroverted attitude would somehow catch the attention of Katsuki Bakugo, an up-and-coming hero with the ability to create and generate explosions who also had a larger-than-life personality, though it was one with a short temper and a tendency to lash out on others as well as being defiant. While both of them noted each other's boisterous nature, they actually found each other to be a pain to hang out with; Lea could barely tolerate Bakugo often making an ass out of himself and others whereas Bakugo finds Lea's witty remarks and his catchphrase repetitive and annoying. As a result, the two end up arguing and complaining against each other as much as they do fighting their enemies if they're ever in the same spot, much to the chagrin of anyone around them. If there is a consolation, Lea and Bakugo do admit that they are strong and capable fighters when on the field, and they can respect each others' dedication to what they believe in and fight for. Still doesn't change the fact that they'd complain and butt heads either way.
  • Having considered the idea of one day usurping an organization for his own benefits, Lea personally doesn't think about it much, now that he's gotten his friends back and is more comfortable as a hero. Still, it didn't stop the Decepticon Lieutenant, Starscream from constantly making remarks on the idea, clearly knowing that Lea, as Axel back on that moment, and Saïx had no chance fighting against Xemnas, but otherwise finds the idea of Lea wanting to be memorized as irritable and not exactly a way to be making friends, though Starscream himself is no stranger to barely having allies either, what with his constant attempts to overtake Megatron and become the Deception Leader for his own glory. Of course, the two dislike one another, but they usually don't interfere with each other due to their differing stances and desired outlook in the Pantheon, not to mention Lea wants no involvement in fighting the Decepticons, though Starscream does enjoy the idea of attacking Lea and his friends for petty amusement.
    • Despite his friendly and accommodating personality, not everyone has forgotten about Axel's time as a toxic friend, something that Lea has done his hardest to rectify. While he's comfortable with learning that most are willing to accept his change, Mikazuki Augus and Orga Isuka are harder to deal with as not only do they concern themselves too much with Lea's presence but Lea himself is surprised to see how toxic Mika and Orga's partnership and friendship is, which included a good deal of goading on Orga's part as well as Mika pushing Orga into becoming more unscrupulous in his efforts to defeat their enemies and serving the Tekkadan. Though they succeeded in their goals, albeit at the cost of their lives, Mika and Orga's complicated relationship is what led to their deaths, though Mika had since come to see that pushing past Orga's limit via his own influences was too costly, and felt uncomfortable about it. The full circumstances on the matter were pitiful and maybe Mika and Orga have since gotten a bit nicer, but Lea prefers to keep some distance, feeling that they remind him too much of himself as Axel.
"All right. What now? Guess I... shoulda' brought some ice cream."

    Strider Hiryu 
Strider Hiryu, God of Audible Sharpness (Strider, The High-tech Mercenary)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His cypher, Falchion.
  • Theme Music: Raid (Climber, Not One for Manners in serious action)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but is commonly set as Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Highly-Visible Ninja, Plasma Cypher, *SWHING!!*, One-Man Army, Consummate Professional, The Stoic, Scarf of Asskicking, Super-Soldier, Retired Badass, Super-Speed
  • Domains: Ninjas, Weapons, Sound
  • Followers: Taka
  • Heralds: the Strider Organization
  • Allies: Ryu Hayabusa, Raiden, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Miyabi, Greninja, Maximilian Christiansen, Luke Skywalker, The Marked Ninja, Beatrix Kiddo, Link
  • Enemies: Galactus, Albert Wesker, Doctor Doom, The Kurgan, Palpatine
  • Rivals: Wolverine, Vergil
  • Feared by: Crimson Viper
  • Admired by: Batsu Ichimonji
  • Hiryu is a Strider, a highly-trained ninja-like Super-Soldier. He is one of the few ninjas who can run straight into a group of trained soldiers with firearms and survive without a scratch. Mainly because of his Falchion, a plasma "cypher" that can cut through anything like butter. All while making a lot of sound. SWHING!
    • To his surprise, he has gained a massive following. Aside from being a badass ninja, his famous sounds have inspired many across multiple worlds to to the same. Though Strider is quick to point out to his followers not to overdo it, citing many cases where weapons sing even with the smallest of movements.
  • Was considered to be the new God of Ninjas after he managed to defeat the current owner of the title. Ultimately, the idea fell through, but Hiryu held no hard feelings towards it or Ryu. In fact, it was Ryu that helped find a title for his former high priest, respecting him as a Worthy Opponent.
    • Some also say that Hiryu would have also ascended for Scarf of Asskicking, but the dual Riders beat him for that. Though again, he doesn't seem to really care for it.
  • He really rarely talks. But when he does, they say that he sort of sounds like Donatello or a Greninja/Gekkouga.
  • There was one time when he was send to defeat Miyabi for reasons he didn't know at the time. Miyabi herself took Hiryu as a challenge, wanting to test his Falchion against her Seven-Pronged Sword. While Hiryu defeated Miyabi in the end, he quickly found out that it was a trick by GUAE to get rid of her. As such, he refused to kill her, and the two have mutual respect of each other.
  • Is really close allies with Raiden not only because both are ninjas with really sharp blades but for another aspect; Hiryu hates innocent people being used for experiments and easily discarded masses, especially children. If he finds you doing any of those things, then hope that he merely slices you in half.
  • Has been involved in multiple world mergings, though he was bit late on one of them. Still was a great occasion as he was one of the most dearly missed omissions in the initial game.
    • No one was more excited for his return than Maximillian, citing Strider as one of his favorite characters as well as one of the Pantheon's greatest advocates for his ascension. He's currently trying to get his team of Strider, Doctor Doom and Wesker together, with poor results. The three gods despise each other and would rather not work together, although Doom does admit he and Strider were a formidable team, especially in the previous game.
    • Has a rather rocky relationship with Wolverine despite the fact that the latter has a famous audible sound of his own. It's most likely due to the fact that Wolverine has an unfavorable relationship with ninjas in general.
    • Dante entered his temple one day, offering a box of pizza as a gift. That's because Strider's seen as the only cause of the sounds of Rebellion, Dante's sword in Devil May Cry. It doesn't even have a sheath. The high-tech mercenary quietly accepted the gift, becoming close allies afterwards. The same cannot be said with Vergil, though the two respect each other for similar styles. The battles the two have usually end in stalemates.
    • When Crimson Viper learned of his ascension, she quickly retreated to her temple and made many new safety precautions against ninjas. It's safe to say that she' frighten that the myth has finally attained godhood. Strider himself dismisses her, claiming she uses her technology as a clutch instead as a tool to fight.
    • Ghost Rider was amused when Strider had the gall to not only to challenge him, but calling him the prey. However, many gods assumed that Strider merely wants to lift some of the burden of judging the guilty, feeling pity over a many who was tricked into his current role.
  • Many gods hope to improve the sharpness of their blades and have turned to Strider for help. Strider ultimately decided to help Luke Skywalker's lightsabers as well as taking paid missions to thwart the Empire, drawing the ire of Palpatine.
  • Respects the Marked Ninja's emphasize in stealth instead of combat. The two can agree that a shared mission simply won't work, as any use of Strider's blade would alert their position. If there is any sort of cooperation between the two, it would be on separate missions.
  • Respects the The Black Mamba's reputation as a revered assassin. The two would have certainly been rivals if she was still in the business but now pay each other tribute from time to time. Beatrix does it for how her blade sounds whenever she unsheathes her samurai sword.
  • Has denounced the Kurgan, both as a brute without any sense of code and for horrible use of audible blades.
  • Gave his blessings to Link for the famous shhhwing whenever he performs the Spin Attack, going back to his first game. Don't expect the two to converse though; Link is the God of Silent Protagonists after all, which suits well for Strider.
  • Batsu, being his long-time fan, is surprised to see him in the Pantheon.
  • "Unless you're a target of mine, you will never see me. If you see me, then it's already too late."

Lesser Gods

    Maka Albarn and Soul "Eater" Evans 
Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, Divine Duo of Scythes (Maka: Tiny-Tits [by Soul] | Soul: Soul Eater, Death's Last Weapon)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Theme Music: Resonance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, though they sometimes cross into Neutral Good
  • Symbol: The Soul Eater logo
  • Portfolio: Ship Tease, Slasher Smile, Weak, but Skilled, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.
  • Domains: Order, Madness
    • Maka: Knowledge
    • Soul: Weapons
  • High Prophet (Pro Tempore): Duo Maxwell
  • Followers: Most non-ascended Grim Reapers, Marluxia, Hidan, Shuhei Hisagi
  • Allies: Death the Kid, Black Star, Crona, Pit, Artoria Pendragon, Nazuna, Scyther, Serah Farron
  • On speaking terms with: Edward Elric
  • Enemies: Medusa Gorgon, Jack the Ripper, Shang Tsung
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Ruby Rose, Undyne
  • Rivals: Airi, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland
  • Maka was originally supposed to ascend alone due to her mastery of her scythe. However, Soul could not be left out, because he is her scythe.
  • Maka can often be found in the House of Knowledge reading up on different universes.
  • Maka has on occasion sung the Excalibur song, or at least hummed it, which irritates Soul to no end.
  • She also speaks with Crona quite a bit and has struck up a friendship with Pit, who is a little jealous at her ability to fly with Soul's help. She sometimes tries to help him fly, with him usually crashing.
  • Soul is usually hanging around Black Star and Death the Kid, but has recently begun talking to Artoria as both have served as their respective ally's "weapon" in battle.
  • As Soul uses the piano in his soul as a weapon, some wondered if he should have a place in the House of Music as the new God of Pianos, but he respectfully declined the position, claiming his playing wasn't good enough to qualify.
  • Soul has been the subject of several seduction attempts on the part of the Aensland sisters. He ends up getting massive nosebleeds every time. Fortunately, Maka always stops them, but unfortunately, he ends up on the receiving end of a Maka Chop every time.
  • They can sometimes be seen together, even holding hands. They deny any implications that they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone Can See It though.
    • Any further pressing has resulted in one or the other quoting their creator's words on how their relationship isn't much different compared to a normal meister and weapon, though whether anyone believes that is another topic.
  • Rumors has it that Maka has once been seen with Edward Elric, who flexed his automail muscles.
  • Due to Airi's soul-draining ways, Maka and Soul have crossed blades with her a few times. It should be noted, however, that there is a level of grudging respect between them, as the two of them realize that should Airi stop draining souls altogether, she'll fade away, making her actions a little more understandable than that of the average Kishin. Airi herself admires their teamwork, and admits Maka's ability to wield a scythe is outstanding.
    • They also have a rivalry with Ruby Rose, one of their former followers, though it's of a far more friendly type. They currently have a bit of a competition on who can use a scythe better, and they genuinely enjoyed each other's company. Though Soul's been slightly worried ever since Maka took interest in how Ruby's scythe is also a gun...
  • Maka has recently had to correct a long-standing theory on her mother's name being Kami. It turns out it was a translation error (basically, Spirit was referring to the woman as his ex-wife). This cause a bit of a stir as the supposedly only bit of definitive information on her was now false.
    • Maka has become uncomfortable with discussing her mother in general recently. She's even admitted that she is unsure on how her mother actually is as a person and how she's actually doing. This has become a larger issue since she hasn't appeared during any of the crises in their universe. When Maka tried to rationalize her mother's lack of presence due to her avoiding Spirit, she was reminded that her father is willing to work with Stein (despite the latter's experiments on the former for the five years of their partnership that led to their fallout and led to Spirit meeting his future wife) and even managed to repair their friendship. Then when Shibusen allied with the Witches to stop Asura and even ended their bitter centuries-long feud, Maka was forced to admit that her mother really had no excuse for this. Since then, she's become tight-lipped and melancholic whenever she thinks about the implications.
    • Soul eventually intervened and told the questioners that it wasn't cool they kept bringing it up since Maka is uncomfortable about the implications. However, he has promised to deliver a definitive answer should their superior ever reveal it. As of right now, people have ceased questioning Maka about her mother though many note that since then, she's become more amicable and openly nicer with her father, Spirit (especially since he would've died along with several other comrades in the final battle, if not for the timely intervention of Mabaa, the Witch Queen).

Momiji, Goddess of Naginata-Wielding Maidens
  • Theme Songs: The Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate versions of Fuga
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Rank: Greater Ninja of the Hayabusa Clan
  • Symbol: The Dragon's Eye
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, The Apprentice To Ryu Hayabusa, Badass Shrine Maiden/Kunoichi, Lady of War, Last of The Shrine Maidens, Tomboyish Ponytail, Friend to All Children, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Ninjas, Shrine Maidens, Naginatas, Apprentices
  • High Priestess: Seong Mi-Na
  • Signature Weapons: The Heavenly Dragon Naginata and the Heavensong Bow
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Saito no Musashibo Benkei, Billy Kane, Hotaru
  • Worthy Opponents: Takeda Takahashi, Blake Belladonna, Oberyn Martell, Red Sonja, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Kung Jin, Kitana, Shigure Kosaka
  • Enemies: Juri Han, Sadira
  • Odd Friendship: with Hisako
  • Ascended to the Pantheon at the recommendation of Ryu Hayabusa when the Main House was looking for a protector to guard the House of Treasures. That and she was trained by Hayabusa himself.
  • Momiji had aspirations to become a kunoichi, while her elder sister, Kureha, served as the Shrine Maiden of the Hayabusa Clan. However, she was slain by Doku, which left Momiji to take over. This, however, does not stop Momiji from becoming a powerful warrior in her own right.
  • The first of her two signature weapons is the Tenryuu Naginata, or the Heavenly Dragon Naginata. Like the Dragon Sword, the naginata's blade was carved from the tailbone of a dragon. The Naginata is a 'shizuka' type naginata weapon used by the Dragon Shrine Maidens, and as Momiji can tell you, the weapon is pretty damn light, flexible, and powerful, allowing attacks that are impossible for a normal naginata to perform.
    • Her skills with the Naginata has attracted the attention of both Oberyn Martell and Billy Kane. But it's her rivalry with Takeda Takahashi and Blake Belladonna that really gets her blood pumping...and depending on where the fight takes place, either Momiji or Blake's temple is riddled with bullet holes, various slashes and scorch marks.
  • The second weapon Momiji wields is the Heavensong Bow, and is traditionally carried by the Dragon Shrine Maidens. Carved from the wood of a sacred tree, the Heavensong Bow is used in what is know as the 'Heavensong Rite,' in which the shrine maidens-in-training pluck the bowstring like a music instrument to drive away evil spirits, and the power of the arrows launched by is is for lack of a better term, insane.
    • Momiji also spends time at the Ranged And Explosive Weapons given her love for archery. A friendly rivalry has formed between her and Kung Jin, while she has formed a friendly rivalry with both Hawkeye and Green Arrow.
  • Somehow, she, like Kasumi and Hayabusa, finds herself in Feudal Japan, where she met other famous heroes of the past such as Joan of Arc and Achilles. She did manage to return back home.
  • Whenever she speaks English, she tends to get weird looks from certain deities, as she sounds similar to some of the other deities, such as Toph Beifong and Sailor Mercury.
    • She gets even more weirder looks from the Japanese-speaking deities, especially from the deified House of Son, as she sounds like Pan...and Videl.
  • Maya Fallenegros has scouted Momiji for membership with the Night Hand. Momiji refused, citing her responsibilities as the Shrine Maiden to the Hayabusa Clan. Momiji did say that if Maya needed help, then she would aid her in any way she can.
  • Most guys think that if you disarm Momiji, then she is defenseless. Guess again. Those who try to fight her hand-to-hand discover a bit too late that she was not only trained by the aforementioned Ninjitsu God himself, but that her signature ninpo, the Art of the Crimson Lotus, hurts like crap.
  • Saito no Musashibo Benkei didn't think too highly of Momiji at first. That changed when he found out that she was Hayabusa's former pupil in the ninja arts. Now Benkei is curious about the deified shrine maiden. He is now waiting, biding his time, until the perfect opportunity comes to challenge het.
  • Frank West is now working on a PERFECT EROTICA photospread, only this time, he's doing various kunoichi. Momiji, Ayane and Kasumi top that list.
  • Momiji has a soft spot for children. Threatening and/or harming any children is her Berserk Button.
  • How is Momiji friends with Hisako, you may ask? Both had experienced tragedies in their lives, with Hisako's being lethal, and both are masters of the Naginata. For Hisako, Momiji's presence is soothing for her tortured soul.

    Pyrrha Nikos 
Pyrrha Nikos, Goddess of Javelins (The Invincible Girl, Umber, Captain Canada, Canadian Magneto, P-Money, Pyra, The Red Huntress, The Great One)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her symbol, javelin on a red shield and her weapons Miló and Akoúo̱
  • Theme Song: "Forever Fall"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A world Renowned Huntress with a lot of personal Issues, Apologises a Lot, Nicest member of team JNPR, Action Girl, Has a crush on Jaune but he doesn't notice her feeling, Humble Hero, Hypercompetent Sidekick, Having a Javelin That Also Becomes a Sword and Rifle, Polarity, Put on a pedestal and incapable of making many friends, Stepford Smiler, Team Mom, Being a very Selfless and Heroic person, Red Is Heroic, Being the first Major Character to be killed
  • Domains: Combat, Magnetism, Love, Destiny, Martyrdom
  • Followers: Crocus, George Hanson, Noel, Lady Jaye
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinions: Cinderella
  • Rivals: Erik Lensher/Magneto, Monsoon
  • Enemies: Cinder Fall, Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, The Meta, Felix
  • Complicated Relationships: Achilles
  • Pyrrha Nikos was once a famous Huntress hailing from the region of Mistral in the World of Remnant, where she was known as one of the best students that attended Beacon. Her ascension happened no longer after her leader, Jaune Arc, ascended as well, and she was given the title of the Goddess of Javelins.
    • However, there was a period of time that Pyrrha went missing from her temple and the rest of her friends weren't around to answer what happened to her. As it turns out, she was killed during the Grimm invasion in the Vytal Tournament while fighting a woman named Cinder Fall. Luckily, she recovered in the House of Life and Vitality but she was too scarred emotionally to talk about what happened to her.
  • The first few days after her ascension, many noticed that she might have a crush on his partner Jaune Arc but Pyrrha has denied it so far, Even though everyone knows she is lying. She however knows that one day she might get the chance to be someone special for him.
  • Her semblance is Polarity, which gives her the ability to control any metal around her. That ability caught the attention of Magneto himself and the mutant was very impressed with Pyrrha's powers. Nevertheless they both considered worthy opponents.
    • Another one who also challenger her was the Cyborg Monsoon, who was very interesting to learn about Pyrrha more thoroughly. Their battle was very even but monsoon decided to drop the fight after a while and declared himself her rival ever since. Given her fate after the Grimm invasion in vale, Monsoon has gained even more interest on the Huntress given her Philosopy on destiny and to learn more of her Heroic Selflessness. She also understand how scarred she is, given that he too died in his home verse
  • Since so many people has some trouble spelling her name, many started calling her P-money. She actually doesn't mind being called like that.
    • Other has also started calling her Captain Canada, given how she uses her shield and because she is a really Nice person.
  • She also made friends with other redheaded heroines that are also very strong warriors, like Erza Scarlet. She often joins Erza for training in the House of Fighting and Combat.
    • Another redhead she befriended was Stella Vermillion for being a world-wide famous fighter just like her and even they both have sparred occasionally. Stella also helped her slowly open up to her Teammate Jaune and encouraged her to confess her feelings just like she did with Ikki. This gave Pyrrha enough will to kiss Jaune one time before never seeing him again. Stella has tried to console the broken down Pyrrha after hearing such story
  • Often been compared to Kanade Amou, for being both Redheaded heroines who happen to be The Aces of their respective teams. Their relationship also goes deeper, given that both turned to ashes after their respective deaths. While Pyrrha knew of Kanade's story and even was friends with her, she became much closer friends after having experienced a similar situation
  • As a lancer, Pyrrha was jokingly told that she would suffer like the others. They were eventually right, as she almost becoming the Fall maiden and having experienced death did leave her in a broken down state
    • Trollkaiger once dedicated her the song "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, which she didn't found funny at all. Apparently, It has to do with her demise. (And Cinder's to blame)
  • Unlike her teammates who get along quite well with their Genderbent inspirations and counterparts, Pyrrha is unease around Achilles. While she acknowledges him as a supremely skilled warrior, his general attitude is off putting. Plus, she hasn't forgiven him for what he did to Jaune when contacted him by mistake. However, when Achilles heard that Pyrrha also suffered a similar fate like he did, she started to warm up to her.
  • There was a time where she went into a period of mourning, along with the rest of people of her world. When asked, she would only say, "A very important person to all of us has passed on." Thankfully, she was glad to see said person ascended.
  • Given her celebrity status back in remnant, she became a mascot of cereal brand called "Pumpkin's Pete". She says that it was a fun experience but stated that the cereal isn't very good for your health. Still, the endorsement led to the House of Food being perpetually stocked with Pumpkin Pete's.
    • That's why she befriended fellow mascot John Cena and he has been teaching her a few of his moves so she can use them in combat.
  • There was one time where she was confronted by a Fishwoman creature by the name of Undyne after hearing that Pyrrha was an extraordinary fighter and challenged her to a battle. The match ended up being a draw and Pyrrha was very impressed with Undyne's resolve and eagerness to keep fighting. They became Friendly Rivals since then and occasionally spars with her whenever she has time.
    • They dropped their rivalry and got to know each other better after a while. What surprised both women was that they had a lot similarities like being two Redheaded Warriors who were pretty famous among their peers and they both are very Heroic people. Undyne even gave her a hug after hearing how Pyrrha battled against Cinder Fall in spite of losing in the end. Undyne on her part says that she would have done the same thing if she was on Pyrrha's place (Which given their nature of her world's timelines, she is not lying at all if the fabled "Undyne the Undying is to go by)
    • She also often joins her with Papyrus' training. She's been enjoying training the skeleton because it reminds it of the time she trained Jaune to become a better fighter, (Which she sadly can't do anymore). She also has taken a liking to Papyrus after he referred to her as a cuter and nicer Undyne, which made her blush.
  • Has a very strained relationship with Felix after he threatened to shoot Jaune and because she didn't like how Felix sounds exactly as Jaune. Felix doesn't like Pyrrha either, being reminded too much of agent Carolina and also threatened to shoot her and Ruby in the face.
    • With the exception of Felix and The Meta - who really doesn't like anyone - the other Red vs. Blue deities have a good relationship with her, shared background and whatnot. Sister says Pyrrha's hot, Tex relates to her suffering, Epsilon says she's one of the best warriors he's met since Carolina... Pyrrha only doesn't understand why upon finding Grif, Tucker and Caboose in the House of Music's practice hall, they instantly ran away.
    • After hearing much about Carolina, the Freelancer's ascension made Pyrrha finally meet her. She was downright spooked at how Carolina is a version of herself in a Powered Armor, but Pyrrha bonded with her easily and both have sparred on occasion.
  • Out of everyone ascended who comes from her universe, there was only one who could relate to Pyrrha's situation and that was surprisingly, Roman Torchwick. They are both still enemies but he has also expressed surprise that he wasn't the only one to get killed in the invasion of Beacon.
  • Of all her friends, only Ruby approached to her and they both had a private talk about their situation. She says that Jaune was really devastated after he found out about her death and Ruby stated that she joined the rest of JNPR to search answers on Mistral, where Pyrrha happens to be from. She only wished Ruby good luck and asked her to look after Jaune in her absence.
  • She's conflicted on her views towards Cinderella. On one hand, she's a version of Cinder Fall, the woman who killed her, and is a Princess of Heart, a maiden who holds special powers to unlock great evil when in the wrong hands, similar to how Cinder is the current Fall Maiden. On the other hand, Cinderella is a Nice Girl who herself almost met the same fate as Pyrrha because her stepfamily's hatred of her attracted creatures similar to the Grimm. When Cinderella learned about Cinder, she has set to work with trying to keep Pyrrha's legacy alive and atone for Cinder's crimes.
  • "Do you believe in Destiny?"


    Banzai Chargers 
Banzai Chargers, Gods of Bayonet Charges