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Pantheon / Dominions Expansion

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The Holy Lands Project

The Pantheon has been welcoming to many characters of various worlds, yet it has come to question others if places and objects of noteworthy addition could also be added to Pantheon territory past the usual characters. This became the goal of an unnamed expedition to discover various lands that can be procured for the Pantheon to study. Since the discovery of Titles that can be used to describe various settings, the project was officialized to continue its mission to find areas that encompass various settings, big or small.

In truth, before the creation of the project, there used to be an undiscovered portion of the Pantheon that housed various places. The places in question were (mostly) arranged in a Patchwork Map that made it nearly incomprehensible for the majority of the deities that uncovered the so called "Dominions" and as such, was abandoned. An undisclosed time after it's discovery did the new gods decide to re-open the "Dominions", this time with an overhaul to the entire concept, gutting out the unclean spots and refurbishing most of the places considered salvageable. The map concept was entirely replaced with a door system that provided the places present with special entrances exclusive to Pantheon residents and visitors alike and with additional security by request of the House of Defense.

With the restructuring of the entire Dominions, the majority of the deities decided that with enough space to handle more locations, did they embark on bringing the entire House back on track. The 'project' on the Dominions ensures that the finding of more fictional places will continue at a balanced pace, thus what has become, the Dominions Expansion.

Due to the extensive amount of Dominions present, categories based on their titles have been installed to separate them for easier nagivation.