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Welcome to your Nightmare! We accept our Visitors to be Frightened so as to Further the Power of Fear!

Yet in the Darkest Times, there is still Hope. Overcome what's holding you back, and you will Persevere.

Ultimately, the House of Emotion was forced to evict the Halls of Fear and Courage & Cowardice the House began to grow ever larger, just like with Despondency. However, a point of contention arose two Halls of opposing ideals and concepts were to be merged together into a House that was to represent Fear and Resilience. It was an interesting story for a moment until the day came where the House of Dread & Valor was finally established. The results were... complicated, to say the least.

This House is the closest to a hypothetical scenario of "what if the Houses of Heroism and Villainy were a combined entity". There is an extreme disparity between those who worship each particular emotion and belief and thus, the overall appearance of the House, imaginatively, is mangled at best. To elaborate, those on the side of Dread is depicted as an abstract, yet malignant landscape much like the House of Hatred and Rancor. Landscapes do exist on the physical plane as contorted and warped pieces of land, which is empowered by how much the House feeds on the fright inflicted on others and the terror it is caused by an individual. On the other side that represents Valor, the House instead looks normal, save for training sessions like the House of Fighting and Combat that emphasize mental and emotional training and therapy. The goal is to toughen visitors and deities and someday mold them into courageous and brave beings who will not hesitate to take action and help others. Of course, good and evil deities exist on both ends of Fear and Courage, so the general morality is more complex than you'd think.

This is sometimes considered a Sub-House to the House of Emotion, alongside Despondency, Love and Affection, Madness and Insanity and Hatred and Rancor. Its relationship with the other houses is said to be complicated at best due to the very skewed morality rate it's produced due to embodying two emotions and feelings that are at the opposite end of a spectrum.

The House has two sets of Guardians that represent Dread and Valor respectively. It should be noted that despite their shared opposition against one another, they have actually yet to engage in a battle against one another as their positions as House Guardians have ensured that they have to tend to the well-being and management of their newfound domains first and foremost. In case they do battle, it will always be outside of the House as neither of them can afford to damage the House and risk their position. Diablo and Freddy Krueger normally scheme to one day strike their opposers at some point, though they're aware that it's going to take a while, not to mention they already have so much against them and seek allies first and foremost.

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The Avatars of Terror

    The Bogeyman 
The Bogeyman, God of Things That Go "Bump" in the Night (The Boogerman, Bugbear, Bug-a-boo, The Sack/Bag Man, El Coco, Babau, Butzemann, and numerous other spellings, names, and titles all over the world)
From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
  • Intermediate God by default, but can vary depending on who he's interacting with
  • Symbol: A large sack, a closet, the darkness underneath a bed
  • Theme Music: Things That Go Bump In The Night by The Allstars, Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman (by Henry Hall) for more light-hearted (possibly even sillier) moments
  • Alignment: Nobody Knows, and Nobody Wants To
  • Portfolio: Our Monsters Are Different/Weird, Anthropomorphic Personification, Karmic Trickster, Peek-a-Bogeyman, Sometimes Eating Children, The Unseen, All Fear Tropes
  • Domains: Fear, Paranoia, Closets, Beds, Darkness
  • Allies: Considers all deities who feel and/or cause fear to be his allies, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Enemies: Has no personal enemies on his part. Everyone who feels and/or causes fear is his ally, and as far as he's concerned, those few that don't are beneath his notice.
  • Friendly Rival: Diablo (at least as friendly as Diablo can be)
  • Respected by: Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics, and most beings in the house of Otherness and Fear
  • Interested in: The Houses of Insects and Arthropods
  • Mutual Respect: Horror Writers, especially Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft
  • Fears: Chuck Norris
  • Complicated Relationship with: Pitch Black, Oogie Boogie, and Baba Yaga
  • Not To Be Confused With: Other deities who have used his names, such as Michael Myers and John Wick
  • Opposed by: Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan and the the Ghostbusters, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Alice Liddell
  • (Usually) Opposes: Evil and Chaotic-aligned children.
  • The Bogeyman has been a part of the pantheon since the very beginning, but no one realized because he had another deity, Balanar, representing him at first. For presently unknown reasons, he has chosen to assume Balanar's position and make his presence known directly. Balanar still resents him for this disrespect.
  • One of, if not the, most mysterious beings to exist in the pantheon. Very little is definitely known about him. Everyone who has ever seen him has a different idea of what he looks like (the pic above is merely an artist's interpretation of one of many possible ways he might appear). Billy and Mandy claim he looks like a green goblin man while The Powerpuff Girls claim he's a blue humanoid who likes dancing. Some say that he's a coward who can be beaten by pouring salt on his tail and others still claim that none of these are correct, and the truth is something else entirely. One thing is for certain, though: If you've been told that the only thing there is to fear is fear itself—then you've been told to fear him.
  • No one knows what his temple looks like. No one wants to know.
  • Some youths have said they've seen the Boogeyman in their bedrooms, usually hiding in the closet or under their beds. They have described being forced to use a flashlight to ward him off as he tried to enter their home through various means, including the window, the bedroom door, the ventilation (a skill rumored to have been acquired by studying the FNAF deities), and, of course, the closet and under the bed. Some children have even mysteriously disappeared, only to be found the next day, shaken and traumatized, and either unwilling to or incapable of describing what happened, although some Spanish-speakers have been heard mumbling, "Duérmete niño, duérmete ya... Que viene el Coco y te comerá." Translation Mike and Sully are highly against this, as at its best it's what Monsters Inc was doing wrong, except done maliciously rather than because they thought they had to. They've recruited the Ghostbusters to help them put a stop to it.
  • Works well with other fear icons, such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. The FNAF deities admire him, as their methods are similar, to the point that some have theorized that he was somehow responsible for their creation. Spooky practically worships the ground he walks on (assuming he walks on the ground), seeing as how he's the scary monster.
    • Speaking of which, he gets along with most monsters in the pantheon, regardless of their alignment. Even Mike and Sully feel like they have to respect him even as they are opposed to him. Indeed, he's appreciated by most deities in the house of Otherness, as he represents the fear of the unknown that makes most of them scary. One notable exception is Casper the Friendly Ghost, who sees that same fear as the main obstacle in harmony between disparate beings.
  • Alice is opposed to him because she holds that he takes the very thing she presides over, the power of imagination, and twists it into something loathsome. The Bogeyman is unconcerned about her animosity, despite the fact that she theoretically has incredible power over him, but did feel the need to clarify one thing she was mistaken about.
    I do not "twist imagination" in any way. I am part of it, as it is part of me. Fear is the price of imagination. I exist to ensure that debt is paid.
    • This unnerved everyone, both because of how much sense it made, but also because until then nobody knew he could talk.
    • Not only can he talk, he can read as well. He keeps a personal library of books that is quite extensive, containing numerous horror-related stories, including The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Fall of Silas Galloway, and... How The Grinch Stole Christmas?
  • Has strong regard for horror writers, and they recognize him as an iconic horror figure, especially Stephen King, who once wrote a compelling short story with him as the subject. H.P. Lovecraft is also a notable devotee, as the being embodies the vagueness that fuels most of his stories. The Bogeyman, in return, keeps a number of Lovecraft's stories in his collection.
  • Because the "Bogey" part of his name comes from the word "bugge", which is also where the English word "bug" originates, the Bogeyman considers himself a sort of honorary bug, and as such spends a lot of his time in the Houses of Insects and Arthropods. While the Arthropods are generally okay with this, the Insects tend to be a little more divided...
  • Diablo, who feeds off fear, tried to associate himself with the Bogeyman, even offering him a spot among "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil" seeing as he's sometimes used as a metaphor for The Devil. The Bug-a-boo wasn't really interested in joining, as, despite often doing terrible, horrific things, he's far too ambiguous to qualify as "pure evil". Both respect each other as powerful representations of Fear, but secretly have disdain for the other's methods. Diablo believes the Bogeyman is too indirect and focused, while the bugbear feels he's too obvious and destructive, though neither is a slouch in the other's department. Of course, what neither one realizes is that these opposing methods make them the perfect team. They don't work together often, but when they do, run.
  • Finds Doomsday an excellent ally for his extraordinary capacity to produce panic in otherwise invulnerable superheroes, though he actually prefers when Doomsday is intelligent, as only then can he use Doomsday's own fears against him.
  • One of the few aspects of his personality that remains relatively consistent is that he enjoys punishing children who are naughty. What he considers "naughty" can be variable, ranging from the genuinely sinister to those who are disobedient for good reasons. His punishments are equally erratic, sometimes simply scaring them silly, and other times gobbling them up. Why he does this is, like most things about him, unknown.
    • Some deities have alleged to have spotted him (well, they assume it's him, anyway) as a man carrying around a large sack or bag. No one who's seen him this way has had the heart to ask the Man with the Sack/Bag what's inside it, but they do all note that it's always just big enough to hold a number of small children...
  • No one's sure what his relationships with Pitch Black, Oogie Boogie, and Baba Yaga are. Are they rivals, partners, the same individual using different forms? Nobody knows for sure, and none of them is inclined to talk.
    • Although he doesn't particularly mind being called any of his myriad of names, one should take heed to not call him "Boogerman" in reference to a certain videogame character. Earthworm Jim made that mistake once, thinking he wouldn't know. It didn't end well. The Bogeyman always knows.
  • Is only afraid of one deity in the entire pantheon. When the Bogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.

Diablo, God of Primal Terror (Al'Diabalos, The Dark Lord, Lord of Terror, The Prime Evil, Dialon, Spirit of Determination (Triune persona), Metus, Survivor of the Dark Exile, Leader of the Three, Destroyer of Souls, The Terror Lord, Mirakodus (false persona), Big D, Prime Evil, Red, The Lord of Ganking, PREMIER GANK WARRIOR)
As the Prime Evil
  • Greater God (Overdeity as The Prime Evil)
  • Symbol: His insignia right here
  • Theme Music: The Original Hell's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Things Men Fear, Big Red Devil, Control Over Hellfire, Horned Devils, Satanic Archetype, Spikes of Villainy, Big Bad, The Title Of His Source Of Origin
  • Domains: Evil, Terror, Demons, Hell
  • Allies: Baal (his brother), Mephisto (His other brother), Adria (his servant), The Beast, Melkor, Arthas Menethil, M. Bison, Sinestro, Lucifer the Doom, Deathwing, Ostarion, Arcturus Mengsk, Leoric, Nefarian, Gul'dan, Terrorblade (If a vitriolic alliance), Shadow Fiend, Ten Commandments.
  • Enemies: The Nephalem, Kerrigan, Thrall, Tyrael, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, Tassadar
  • Diablo, the terror that destroyed the sacred city of Tristram and nearly everything around it, was well known as the Lord of Terror. He is capable of instilling terror or Paranoia Fuel, such was the fate of his early host, Prince Aidan, who was thought to be his defeater, but turns out that it was all his plan to corrupt him.
  • Among his plans were to launch a rebellion to his equivalent of Heaven, the Sanctuary. Diablo was vanquished for good, seemingly, by a group of people calling themselves the Nephalem, acting under Archangel Tyrael's guidance. However... in the ensuing battle, Archangel Malthael was corrupted into evil and the Nephalem had to put him down... at cost of enabling the overseeing Melkor to revive Diablo and brought him to the Pantheon. Turns out that Melkor has contacted Diablo before and planned the whole thing all along.
  • In the Pantheon, Diablo keeps to himself, formulating a plan to take vengeance on the Nephalem, by... maybe corrupting them into evil.
  • Before Diablo rose, there were two Gods that somehow handled his domain in his absence: M. Bison and Thaal Sinestro. After seeing that Bison actually has another trope that fits him better, Diablo contacted Sinestro to help him destroy that house, forcing Bison to relocate. Diablo then warned Sinestro that if he fails to keep his job in-line, he'd do something worse.
  • He's also a fast friend to Nyarlathotep. As Diablo isn't human-based God at all, Nyarlathotep is unable to take advantage of his 'dark side' (since everything of him reeks of evil). However, Diablo is impressed with the immense evil Nyarlathotep exudes, the terror he brought to mankind and apparently... the feeling is mutual.
    • Eventually, he joined a team made up by him, Nyarlathotep, Griffith and Chernabog called "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil". He was made The Brute of the team... though underestimating him as a dumbass will be seriously fatal, as he's capable of long-term planning even more than his brothers, making him a Genius Bruiser.
  • As a prominent villain, Diablo used to respect Kerrigan when she was the Queen Bitch of the Universe. Lately, however, he became so disappointed that she started her swings into being an Anti-Hero and redemption that he declared her his enemy. He didn't have high opinion on the Dark Templar Zeratul as well.
    • As such, when he heard that there will be a certain event where he would fight against various 'heroes' from the realm of Blizzard, including the Nephalem, Diablo has readied himself for battle against his enemies, helped with one of the few villains he still have respect for, the Lich King Arthas.
    • However, to the surprise of many, even Diablo seems to have a bit of humor sense, as he's shown to be capable of riding a Rainbow Unicorn. Anyone who laughs at him, however, will be burnt to crisp with his hellfire.
    • He earned the mockery of Jim Raynor when he threaten to eat his "terror". He is not amused by this, especially when it comes from a human. And he's also not amused that he kept calling him 'Red' from that point on. To counter that, he then proceeds to arrange the ascension of Raynor's Arch-Enemy, Arcturus Mengsk, while acknowledging that regardless of his low power level, Mengsk was up there amongst one of the more influential villains of the Starcraft-verse after Kerrigan, and on top of after Kerrigan has disappointed him.
  • He always believes that "There is no cow level". He's actually surprised when he found out that there's one somewhere near a certain Rogue Encampment.
  • Thanks to his participation in the nexus, Diablo learned new methods to spread fear. One of his favourites ones is "Ganking", which consist of giving a surprise attack to any bystander that happens to stumble upon him. There is a reason people are calling him "The Lord of Ganking".
  • With his relocation to the House of Fear, Diablo stood as the undisputed leader God of the house, even as Gigyas arrived, he's considered less lucid to actually lead as opposed to the more composed Diablo. This pleases him greatly. Even moreso when he's elected to the main Emotion house to represent fear.
  • Though only little heard it, Diablo had a hand in influencing a Sengoku-like realm named Yamato. The story goes that a worshipper of his managed to make Shogun Tsunayoshi sell his soul to him, becoming the Dark Warlord Zanshin and ravaged the land. Zanshin himself would be vanquished by seven brave Samurai under their Daimyo... but... through the worshipper, Diablo himself has corrupted the Daimyo to eventually betray his Samurais, succeed Tsunayoshi as the next Dark Warlord and turn his brave samurai into his mindless servants. Diablo considered it an accomplishment, because the tale ended grimly there, the world Yamato was doomed, and the effect was instantaneous instead of a slow process like what he did to Aidan. This is a tale that Diablo is most proud of, and expresses with ominous Evil Laugh.
  • "Not even Death can save you from me!"

    Freddy Krueger 
"Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch!”

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger, Avatar of Nightmares (The Bastard Son of 100 Maniacs, The Springwood Slasher, The Man of Your Dreams, The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of, Super Freddy, Rap Master Freddy, The Nightmare)
Click here to see him when he was human
  • Lesser God Generally, his Powers can Flux Depending on the amount of Fear he Inspires, which is to say he can Potentially be an Intermediate God to an Overdeity in the Dream World
  • Symbol: A glove with very sharp fingernails
  • Theme Music: A Nightmare on Elm Street, One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sadistic Child Serial Killer and (possible) Rapist who Enjoys Every Second of his Actions, Plants Nightmares onto Others, Allowing Him to Kill Them in their Sleep and in Reality, Utter Depravity, Absolutely Despicable yet is a Celebrated Horror Villain Icon, Clear-Cut Psychopathy, Laughably Evil, My Death Is Just the Beginning, Extremely Deranged, Became a Demonic Entity via a Deal with the Devil, Is a Product of Rape, Backstories whose Tragedies and Sympathies are Rendered Moot, Weilds a Glove Embedded with Huge Clawed Fingerblades, Is a Complete Asshole who Loves to Abuse and Mock his Victims and Killing Them as Gruesomely and Creatively as Possible, Pungeon Master, Eventually Seeks to Depopulate the World whilst Treating Each Part as its own "Springwood"
  • Domains: Evil, Murder, Dream, Death, Undeath, Horror, Depravity
  • Followers: The Nightmare King, Mannish Boy
  • Allies: Pennywise, Springtrap, Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, SCP-953, Vaermina, Antasma, Evan McMillan, Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, Ramsay Bolton, SCP-106, Ryuunosuke Uryuu
  • Tense Working Relationship: The Entity
  • Rivals: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, The Ghostface Killers
  • Enemies: Ash Williams, Alice Liddell, Laurie Strode, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Sidney Prescott, The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, Tree Gelbman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, NiGHTS, Mary, Kirby, Princess Luna, Shao Kahn, Dream, SCP-990, Madotsuki, Haruto Tsukishiro, Linkara, Sora, Riku, Bedman, Mario, Luigi, Ressha Sentai ToQger, Steven Universe, Razputin Aquato, The Phantom Thieves
  • Fears: Morpho Knight
  • Feared By: Heavy Sleepers, such as Mako Reizei, Tanaka-kun
  • Respected By: Molag Bal
  • Interested In: Thaal Sinestronote , Obito and Madara Uchiha (due to the Infinite Tsukoyomi)
  • Opposed By: House of Childhood and Adolescence, House of Family and Relatives
  • Frederick Charles Kruger initially seemed to be a worker in an old power plant in Springwood, Ohionote . However, beneath his unassuming display and/or his affection towards children belied a darker secret; Freddy was actually a child predator who reveled in dominating and tormenting them for his own sake, be it mutilating and murdering them, or sexually molesting them and breaking their mental psyche. Eventually, one too many times this happened, and the parents of the victims became alerted to Freddy's monstrous actions. However, it was when he was arrested and released due to a technicality that became the last straw; enraged, the victims' parents chased and were able to corner Freddy into his working place in the power plant and set him on fire, intending to kill him off and stop his killings and torments once and for all. And they succeeded... after Freddy made a pact with three Dream Demons to be given dream-manipulating powers at the cost of becoming a demonic entity himself so that he could carry on with what his depraved mind desires. Effectively gaining immortality, Freddy engaged in another killing spree, using his dreams to target pre-adults and killing them in their dreams, which also meant that they would die in real life as well. And with each kill he commits, Freddy absorbs his victims' souls, granting him more power.
    • Of course, Freddy would face opposition against many teenagers during his reign of terror in Springwood. One of his most frequent was a girl named Nancy Thompson, who had to witness her friends and boyfriend die by Freddy's hands and was forced to fend for herself whenever she would fall asleep. And while Freddy did succeed in killing Nancy, she had already inspired others to also take a stand against the Springwood Slasher, prompting Freddy to have more enemies. He attempted to invade and take over the body of Jesse Walsh and then had to contend against Kristen Parker and Alice Johnson, two girls who also had dream-manipulating powers. While Freddy killed Kristen after being beaten by her once, he wasn't so lucky against Alice, who proved herself to be Freddy's most dangerous and hated enemy and defeating him twice, even when he attempted to bodyjack Alice's then-unborn son, Jacob to re-enter the living. Freddy would meet one final enemy in Maggie Burroughs, who turned out to be his daughter, Katherine Krueger, who was taken away into foster care after Freddy killed his wife for becoming too suspicious of his criminal actions and threatened Katherine about telling it publicly. When the two finally met again, Katherine wanted nothing to do with her father and openly rebelled against him, even managing to kill Freddy and finish off his planned goal of turning the world into "Springwood" one-by-one".
  • The exact circumstances of Freddy's ascension into the Pantheon remain unconfirmed, though most speculations tend to state that it must have had something to do with Freddy using his dream powers to learn about the Pantheon via an unlucky victim or when his (im)mortal coil had been shed once. Freddy himself has not announced his entry, he simply states that he found the Pantheon and got interested in wanting to promote and extend his action and influences beyond just his own world. And that, he did, to the absolute horror and fear of everyone who came to learn about the Springwood Slasher, either before, during, and after his arrival. Freddy ended up enjoying his first few days in the Pantheon seeing as he was amused to discover just how many knew and were scared of him, though later on, he started to get himself into a series of new problems, which sullied his mind for a while. But regardless of the setback, the Pantheon seemed to be a promising prospect for Freddy's terror and he is more than ready to prepare and initiate it.
  • Already a notorious figure in Springwood, Freddy has become one of the most despicable and hated figures in the Pantheon precisely because of the terrors that he spreads towards his victims and feeling shameless and proud about the miseries and suffering that he had done. Being in a massive realm of supposedly endless possibilities did not deter Freddy, but rather further enthralled him into expanding his scope and nightmares towards not just human beings, but to any other sentient being capable of dreaming whenever they are asleep. To celebrate the occasion, Freddy created another bladed glove, took some time learning about the Pantheon and what to expect regarding different beings, and planned on just what to do to different deities and Houses. Those who are aware of Freddy get a very tense feeling as they clearly don't want to be killed in their sleep, a fact that Freddy revels in. That said, he was surprised to see the heavy resistance aimed against him, including ways to counteract his dream-weaving powers towards others. This has led, in a rare moment, for Freddy to seriously consider making partnerships and alliances to further his own ends.
    • There was one notable deity who admired Freddy for what he did, and that the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal. As someone who himself seeks to instill, commit and inspire all sorts of depravity, Freddy was someone who checklisted all of the criteria that Bal would be looking into and was the first deity in the Pantheon to welcome him into the new realm in which he was going to be taking residence in. Though he was unfazed by the vitriol and scorn that was thrown at him, Freddy felt obliged and pleased to see that for once, he was being praised and complimented for his actions and was open to visiting Coldharbour to get a few new ideas of how to brighten up his imagination in case he decided to go on another killing spree. Molag Bal has also stated that Freddy has great potential in spreading evil and encourages him to go through with it, a prospect that the Springwood Slasher wasn't going to toss aside.
  • The Pantheon wasn't the first time Freddy found himself crossing into unfamiliar worlds and figures. He very clearly remembers the time he bargained, worked with, and fought against Jason Voorhees and it was something that he wasn't going to forget. At another, he not only encountered Jason but also came into blows against Ash Williams to battle over the Necronomicon, with Freddy seeking to use it as a means to extend his reality-warping powers to the real world and further wreak havoc by gaining control of the Deaditesnote . Needless to say, Freddy and Jason were eventually defeated. Evidently, both Jason and Ash don't like Freddy, and the feeling is mutual, with Ash knowing full well just how insane and demented Freddy and his goals are and deems him a threat just as bad as the Deadites he's committed himself to fight against. He's also one of the very few Jason has a personal relationship with, and not for good reasons, as Freddy posed himself as Jason's mother, Pamela, in a dream, an act which pissed Jason like no one ever did. That, and the two were supposed to have a hunting competition and Freddy didn't like that Jason was supposedly stealing his own kills. While Jason generally wants little to do with anything beyond patrolling Crystal Lake, one exception he will make is to make Freddy suffer for trying to torment him by trying to appear as his mother. Even if there's no altruistic reasoning to Jason's enmity, everyone agrees that they'd side with Jason in case he and Freddy ever fought again. Freddy, on the other hand, wants to get back at Jason by winning their former game, no matter how much time it's going to take.
    • Interestingly, he ended up stumbling across Outworld and learning of the Mortal Kombat Tournaments that are held there. He would have been a valuable ally worth having for Shao Kahn... had Freddy decided that it would be better if he won the tournament and chose to usurp Kahn's throne so that he could absorb the souls that Shao accumulated and attain god-like power with which he can terrorize and instill fear across whatever realm he chooses. His actions and attempts did not go unnoticed for Show, who deems him an obstacle that needs to be dealt with. For once, the warriors of Earthrealm are in agreement with Shao Kahn that Freddy is a threat that needs to be stopped at all costs, though, of course, they'll still be fighting one another. Freddy's response to the whole thing? Bring out a second glove, kill a hundred more people to power himself up and tell the kombatants that he's more than ready to put up a fight, regardless of whether he's in a dream, or in real life.
  • At one point, Freddy was found by an enigmatic entity, who killed him in a ritual where was to hunt a group of survivors with the intent of delivering them to The Entity as sacrifices. Freddy was initially excited by the prospect, thinking that he could relish him his sadistic habits and mockery towards his upcoming victims, but to his dismay, the whole "sacrifice" thing came with heavy setbacks; Freddy couldn't kill his victims and his powers were limited, hence his ability to manipulate dreams were hampered significantly, something which The Entity enforced onto the Springwood Slasher as it wanted to make sure that Freddy didn't go too far off indulging in his own evil games and straying away from what The Entity desired. That ended up annoying Freddy considerably as much of his own fun came with killing others and being denied of such a thing was to render the whole deal boring. However, Freddy only works with The Entity as a means to find new victims and to further learn about the Pantheon for to The Entity's own tethering to other worlds and realms, otherwise, he couldn't care less about having to participate in the sacrifices, even if he was on killing duty.
  • A serial killer even before his transformation into a nightmarish demon, Freddy is noted to take utter enjoyment out of the pain and suffering he causes whenever he gets his hands on someone he likes to kill. For someone so barbaric and bloodhungry, he displayed a very vivid amount of imagination, all of which he intended to use in the worst way imaginable, though he's expressed annoyance in that he could only do this whenever he is in the dream world. In real life, he has to resort to using his quick wits, resources, and whatever alliances he has to keep himself active in his hobbies. And considering his infamy, this has proven to be a difficult task, especially given that the Pantheon not only knew too much about Freddy but there were also other magical beings who had control over dreams and nightmares that were willing to put a stop to Freddy.
    • That said, he was able to find a few figures whom he could keep in contact with and work with, provided they didn't interrupt and interfere with each others' sprees all too much. Freddy found Ryuunosuke Uryuu to be quite fun to hang out with and the latter found the corner's dream powers to be, in his own words, really cool, wishing that he, too, could have those abilities. Freddy appreciated Uryuu's enthusiasm and the two sometimes work together in hunting children, though Freddy is just as interested in teenagers as well. Though he doesn't mind killing adults in case they begin to intrude with his activities. He's been giving Uryuu some advice on what methods to use when killing others, which he appreciated.
    • Freddy, being a massive icon for unstoppable killers, would naturally come to find some sort of association with Michael Myers. Freddy expresses respect over Michael's implacable and unstoppable nature, in addition to how creativenote  he can get when it comes to brutally maiming, torturing, and killing whatever he can get his hands on. However, Michael couldn't give a damn about Freddy and his interests, all he cares about is waiting until Halloween for the next killing spree he can commit. Freddy also sees the Ghostface Killers as commendable in how they execute their mind games in an attempt to be meta about slashers, but the fact that most of the Ghostface identities are teenagers proves to be an obstacle in them forming an alliance. While the Ghostface killers look up to Freddy as an inspiration, the fact that they are within his preferred age regarding his victims means they can't hang out for long and Freddy has admitted that he does have a compulsion in trying to reach out to them, especially Jill Roberts.
  • On top of being a vile murderer, there are many claims of Freddy having a sexual attraction towards those under the age of 18. This has not gone unnoticed for the Springwood Slasher himself who has gleefully admitted that he sexually molested children and even got away with it, though this behavior is only applicable in one iteration of Freddy. Nevertheless, most of the Pantheon has admitted that this makes Freddy even worse than how he was already established. Of course, the House of Childhood and Adolescence has taken extreme measures to make sure he doesn't find a way to enter there and a lot of dream-manipulating deities have taken up to work with the House in preventing Freddy from ever getting to that particular House. Not that he's fazed by it, stating that once his powers grow exponentially, the House and its children and teens will be powerless and even its defenders won't stand a chance.
  • Freddy's history is… not a pleasant one, to say the least. His mother was a psychiatric nun named Amanda who found herself in an unfortunate circumstance where she was raped by numerous insane inmates and this is how Freddy was conceived. Later on, he was adopted by an abusive father and was bullied in school for being weird and odd compared to everyone else. Freddy would eventually lash out and kill his father, but nothing about his past can absolve Freddy for the numerous depravities and sadism that he went on to inflict later on. Most of the House of Family and Relatives don't care about Freddy's past and simply wish he'd stay as far away from the place as possible. Not helping matters was how he murdered his wife and traumatized his daughter only because the former found out about Freddy's habit of killingnote  children. Freddy seeks to find a way to get through the House of Family and Relatives and has come to terms with the fact that his daughter is never going to accept him. The Child Abuse Supporters are (somewhat) open to working with Freddy, though Lady Tremaine, in a surprising turn of events, feels incredibly uneasy as her own daughters, Drizella and Anastasia, are within Freddy's age preference when it comes to his favored victims, and is the most concerned about Freddy. Ultraman Belial seems to be the most open but shows some concern over Freddy wanting to use his dream powers against him and has thought about readying himself for such an occasion when it happens.
    • If there was one person he could have an association with regarding their literal bastardry and abusive upbringing, there was Ramsay Bolton, who did not appreciate living under the shadow of his much-accomplished, yet abrasive father, Roose and resorted to going around with his own hobbies which were to hunt and kill people, capture anyone unlucky enough to stumble across him and inflict as much physical and psychological pain as possible and, his most favorite, ripping off his captives' skins entirely and letting them die of bleeding and shock. Freddy was impressed by Ramsay's barbaric savagery and his psychotic glee at hurting others, whereas Ramsay was interested in Freddy's powers and sought to learn how dream weaving powers work, feeling as if he was entitled to having those powers himself. Freddy also commends Ramsay for killing Roose when the opportunity came, and the feeling was reciprocated when Ramsay learned about what Freddy did to his father. Their relationship is a positive one, with Ramsay seeing Freddy as a teacher-of-sorts regarding how to make his torturing techniques and skills more creative, psychological, and gruesome, and the Springwood Slasher is open to giving him some ideas, though rarely do the two of them go out killing together as Ramsay is, according to Freddy, a bit unambitious on the grand scale of things.
  • Freddy's affinity to the concept of fear made him a mascot in the House of Dread and Valor, representing the Avatars of Terror alongside the Demon Lord Diablo and Ungoliant, the Spider of Night, and the Springwood Slasher used this as an opportunity to take an ego boost and proclaim himself as one of the most important and terrifying killers in the Pantheon. Considering that he takes utter enjoyment in his profession, Freddy was keen in that this would further inspire fear, which in turn would further amplify his power and influence towards others. That said, the Earth 2814 Green Lanterns weren't exactly impressed by his boasts and have vowed to stop him at any cost. Freddy was amused to see that they, too, relied on imagination as he does, though them being powered by Willpower and the drive to overcome fear is a point of contention, with Freddy admitting that the Lanterns and the rings which empower them can pose a serious threat to him.
    • Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow was a demented psychologist with a pathological addition to fear, to the extent where his supervillain career was basically built on him wanting to spread fear and mayhem partly for the sake of research and partly because he reveled in causing disharmony among others. Freddy was intrigued by Crane's passions and wanted to display to him the true extent of how imagination and fear can intermingle with one another. In spite of him having a scientific profession, Crane saw a lot of potential in Freddy's magic and seeks to one day gain a portion of its power for himself to use as a new selection of Fear Toxins. Freddy and Crane have also noticed that they sound quite similar, a fact that Freddy has taken as a way to deceive others into thinking of him as Scarecrow to gain fatally unpredictable results.
    • Freddy also found a strong interest in Thaal Sinestro and his own Lantern Corps, which used rings that were empowered by the fear of others. Freddy was delighted to learn of a Yellow Lantern Ring's contents and from what his actions and reputation have displayed, he was a potential candidate. However, Sinestro, in an act of lucidity, denied offering a ring to the Springwood Slasher. True, Freddy inspired great fear, but with how the Pantheon's circumstances have impacted Sinestro's way of handling his corps, having to maintain a tense working relationship with the other Lanterns, and his extremely chaotic nature being very destructive if let loose, Freddy's induction would automatically result in bad PR, much to the Springwood Slasher's annoyance. Since then, Freddy has sworn that he will obtain a Yellow Lantern Ring someday and, if necessary, he'll be willing to overthrow Sinestro and his corps so that he can build what he thinks would be a better and more vicious one.
  • Freddy's dream manipulations and control may have made him feared and reviled, but, to the dismay of those detractors, he's found himself an audience who were praiseworthy of the terrible actions and theatrics Freddy has committed with the creative use of his powers. One of those figures was Pennywise, a Child Eating Monster Clown who found their shared quirk of having pre-adults as their personal favorite victims and choosing to torment and kill them by feeding onto their fears in a creative fashion. Freddy appreciated Pennywise's antics but has told him that he needs to get a lot more ambitious than just aiming for Derry, a statement which Pennywise accepted after seeing just how many evil beings in the Pantheon had their scope going as far up as worlds and universes when it came to spreading misery and discord, and the new realm in which he was a part of gave him a new hunting ground far more interesting and exciting than Derry ever was. The two have since made a fearsome duo with Freddy and Pennywise often playing bets on who can get the most kills. It's not been a pleasant experience for many ever since...
    • He also found some form of camaraderie with a being only known as SCP-953, who has a knack for using her psionic powers to hijack others through their mind and force them to commit grotesque actions and murders for the sake of fulfilling her twisted desires of harming people. Freddy quite liked her way of doing horrific acts, though he had to make sure not to be using the "furry" terminology around her as SCP-953 prefers to be referred to as a Kumiho. She saw Freddy as quite the vicious being who never stops in his attempts to be as sadistic as possible and finds his creative ways to do his acts interesting. Freddy, in response, thinks SCP-953's psionic abilities are interesting to a degree and seeks to learn more from them. They've since maintained good contact with one another in the Pantheon.
    • He's also made enemies with figures like Mario, Luigi, Mary, Madotsuki, and Princess Luna. It's obvious enough that all of them have had to deal with vicious dreams and/or nightmare-manipulating deities before, but the depths of depravity and malice Freddy has displayed means that they couldn't ignore him and would have to deal with him in some way or another. Mary and Madotsuki would rather keep their distance, but do possess high latent power with their dreams and Freddy is aware of this, so he's resorting to finding loopholes in which he could win over them. Freddy has made several attempts on trying to instill horrible nightmares on many Ponies from Equestria, which is how Luna came into blows against the Springwood Slasher, and Mario and Luigi learned about Freddy through his alliance with Antasma, a nightmare-controlling bat that they've fought before. Freddy seeks to exploit Luigi's cowardice, though he's increasingly becoming aware that Mario's younger brother is a lot more capable than he seems and is preparing for the occasion to fight the brothers at some point. He's also faced altercations against Sora and Riku, given that the boys have experienced an adventure regarding dreams, and Sora faced a ploy where Xehanort tried to convert the boy into another incarnation of him via invading his dreams. The fact that Riku was Sora's Dream Eater was interesting for Freddy but states that this is still nothing compared to what he is capable of, plus he thinks Sora's dream manifestations aren't going to be of too much help against someone who has mastered the way of weaponizing nightmares. Per usual, Sora and Riku oppose Freddy for very obvious reasons.
  • It should be noted that thanks to his deal, Freddy is technically a demon and he has an open invitation for the Hall of Demons. Turns out, Freddy's own reputation has not been exclusive to Springwood or his own world as many of the demons are all too familiar with his actions. Some, like The Godhand and Malebolgia, are in awe of what he has accomplished whereas others, while not good by any means admit that Freddy is more of a demon than them, though they would take this as a sign to make themselves more capable and feared than they already are. Of course, there are a few demons who are repulsed by Freddy's acts and wish to see him condemned. The whole buzz generated by the Hall of Demons has made Freddy rather proud of himself and is eager to further the ante in a bid to impress the demons there a lot more.
  • Given that his powers mainly revolve around someone falling asleep, many tend to be terrified by the idea that Freddy could be stalking them and he would suddenly lunge at their dreams the moment they fall asleep. It certainly doesn't help that there are a lot of heavy sleepers like Mako Reizei and Tanaka-kun, as their nature of dozing off too often would mean they are easy prey for Freddy. Fortunately, he's more concerned and focused on feeding on the fear of others and striking at them, and so far, Mako and Tanaka-kun haven't really caught his attention as they're too preoccupied with their own Pantheonic endeavors. There's also the fact that Freddy finds himself being hunted by many in the Pantheon and he's gotten quite annoyed with the situation since.
  • Many heroic deities in the Pantheon, especially children were delighted when Morpho Knight ascended. Why? Because Morpho Knight is the one being in the pantheon that Freddy fears. This is because The Butterfly of Paradise comes to claim the souls of those who should have already departed for the afterlife. Further, one of it's most prominent abilities is devouring the dreams of it's targets, no matter how powerful they may be. When Freddy first met the Butterfly, he laughed it off right up until he learned that he was completely powerless against it. Now Freddy is legitimately fearful to leave the safety of his house lest a certain Orange Butterfly begin stalking him once more, allowing many a much better night's sleep than when Freddy was freely running around.
  • Also in Dreams and Nightmares.
"My Reign Of Terror Was Legendary."

The Paladins of Determination

    Courage the Cowardly Dog 
Courage the Cowardly Dog, God of Justified Cowardice (Stupid Dog!, Nigel)
  • Quasideity, with moments of Lesser
  • Symbol: His fur pattern
  • Theme Song: Crisis Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cowardly Canines, Overly Long Screams, Running Scared, Surreal Horror, The So-Called Coward, screaming to the point of super power, The things he does for love.
  • Domains: Darkness, Courage, Fear
  • Allies: Muriel Bagge, Guy Shishioh, Edward Chris von Muir, Mike Schmidt, Wilson, Erma, Quasimodo, Piglet, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo
  • Enemies: Katz, The Great Fusilli, all evil deities in the House of Felines
  • Opposed by: Eustace Bagge, The Janitor, As Nodt, Freddy Krueger, the Perfert Trumpet Thingy
  • Opposes: Freaky Fred
  • Left behind as a young pup, Courage is a cowardly pink dog who lives with an old couple in the middle of Nowhere consisting of Muriel Bagge, a sweet old lady, and Eustace Bagge, her grumpy dog kicking husband. Many creepy and odd occurrences happen where they live (and where they go for that matter) so it usually falls down to him to save the day, screaming at the top of his lungs all the while.
  • Ascended after this moment. None had ever imagined that constant fear could ever be put to good use for the person being afraid, but Courage found a way.
  • Notwithstanding his status in this part of the Pantheon, Guy Shishioh is nonetheless impressed with how this dog is able to remove aliens from threatening his home, thus earning him his respect.
  • Before Muriel ascended into the Pantheon, Courage managed to form a friendship with Prince Edward, and had taken on a pet-and-caretaker relationship for a time.
  • He was not pleased to find Eustace in the Pantheon, but without Muriel around, the two luckily have no reason to be near each other.
    • While Courage was happy to finally see Muriel in the Pantheon, he also feared this would mean having to live with Eustace again. Fortunately, due to the nature of the Pantheon, the three were forced to live apart from each other, but she could still visit Courage whenever she wants (much to Courage's delight).
  • Courage is a huge admirer of Mike Schmidt, as he sees the two's methods of dealing with monstrous threats as being extremely similar. Mike in turn is a huge fan of Courage's, and has called him "by far the bravest coward I've ever met".
  • Erma has taken a liking to Courage, and is trying to help him understand some of the strange fellows that his world has to offer, first starting with "Freaky Fred". While we may be waiting a while for the results of this therapy session, Courage does appreciate Erma's willingness to help.
  • Quasimodo took a liking to Courage due to him being immediately accepting of his appearance. This was, of course, due to Quasimodo reminding Courage of his old friend, the Hunchback of Nowhere.
  • Courage was happy to have found good company in fellow cowards Piglet, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo. He's formed an especially close kinship with Scooby-Doo, as another dog who's experienced his fair share of strangeness.
  • "The things I do for love"

    Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 
In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power—Green Lantern's light!

The Green Lanterns of Sector 2814note , Celestial Patrons of the Heroic Willpower (Hal: Parallax, The Spectre, Highball, Pol Manning, Human Starburst, God of Light, The Man with No Fear, The Hero with No Fear | Guy: Warrior, The Gardner, Guy Joseph Gardner, Darkstar, Christmas Lantern | John: Stewart Johnson, "Square" John, The Master Builder | Kyle: Ion, Torchbearer, Omega Lantern, Hybrid Lantern, Crab-Face Guy | Jessica: Power Ring Jess, Limelight)
Clockwise from Top-Left; Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan as Parallax
Hal Jordan as the God of Light
Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern
Kyle Rayner as Ion
Kyle Rayner as a White Lantern
Jessica Cruz as Power Ring
  • Greater Gods as a group, Intermediate Gods individually (Individual members can become Greater Gods in the proximity of a Blue Lantern member, Hal and Kyle were once Overdeities as Parallax, the God of Light and under influence of the Spectre and while wielding all of the Lantern Rings respectively)
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern Symbol
  • Theme Song: First Flight, Emerald Knights, Green Lantern theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall, though each member has a personal set of ethics and approach.
  • Portfolio: Heroic Willpower and Spirit, Flying Brick, Imagination Based Superpowers, Determinators, Intergalactic Peacekeepers, Badass Creed
  • Domains: Heroism, Willpower, Courage, Determination, Space
  • Heralds: Alan Scott, The Unascended Members of the Green Lantern Corps (shared with Abin Sur, Kilowog and Mogo)
    • Hal: Jack and Jim (his brothers), Janice "Jan" and Susan "Sue" (his sisters-in-law), Harold Jordan/Air Wave (his cousin), Jason and Helen II (his nephew and niece from Jack's side), Howard "Howie", Jane and Arthur (his nephews and niece from Jim's side)
    • John: Shirley Stewart (his mother), Rex Stewart/Warhawk (his son with Hawkgirl from another universe)
    • Simon: His parents, Sira Baz (his sister), Nazir Amar (his brother-in-law), Farid Amar (his nephew)
    • Jessica: Sara Cruz (her sister)
  • Allies:
  • Head Butting Heroes: Aztar/The Spectre, The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro (Former Green Lantern Member and Hal's Mentor), Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Count Dooku, Jiren
  • Enemies:
  • Commonality Connection: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Matt Murdock/Daredevil (for Hal Jordan)
  • Worthy Opponent: Scarface (one-sided on Scarface's part)
  • Pities: James Heller (John), William Baker/Sandman (Simon), Yuri Nakamura, Frank Castle/The Punisher (Jessica)
  • Respects: Asura (Guy), Vincent van Gogh (Kyle), House of Family and Relatives (Simon)
  • Respected by: Sigmar Heldenhammer, The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Admired By: The Emotions, Sheldon Cooper
  • The Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic organization dedicated to overseeing and keeping the universe protected. To do so, members are granted a special ring that grants the wearer with incredible strength, reflexes, flight, durability and the ability to conjure and mentally construct anything in the wearer's mind with solid green light. What energizes the rings is the wielder's Willpower, which is represented by the colour, Green in the Emotional Spectrum. Members of the Green Lantern Corps are sent by their superiors, the Guardians of the Universe, to look after and protect a specific part of the Universe, which as designated as "Sectors". And as which any sort of fiction, much of the most exciting, life-threatening and emotional stories of the Corps happened in Sector 2814, which was where Planet Earth is set. And from Earth, came six of the greatest and most influential of the Green Lantern Corps; Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.
  • As Nekron was among the first beings in the Pantheon, it took some time before the Emotional Spectrum began to flourish and become a dominant presence during it's earliest timeframe. Nekron saw the Emotional Spectrum as a threat to his existence and power and sought to have it extinguished by any means necessary. Unfortunately, the ascension of Ganthet, who was backed by Cosmos was able to ensure that the possibility of fighting back against the Lord of the Unliving; while the Goddess of Good was preoccupied in her battles against Melkor, who established the Grand United Alliance of Evil in his quest of sundering the Pantheon for his own use, Ganthet and Nekron played their battles elsewhere, both trying to build up their forces, the former more discreetly as he saw Melkor as competition and the latter being open due to him and Cosmos being allies. And when the time came, Ganthet was able to use a good deal of his powers to unleash a rift, summoning an assortment of powered warriors of various colours, which shined brightly in the horizon. The colour Green was what caught Ganthet's attention as a collection of beings, both human and extraterrestrial glided down gracefully. In the forefront were six humans; the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814. Ganthet told the Corps about Nekron, Cosmos and the Pantheon and asserted them that with this ream possessing a far greater outpour of power and life that their home universe did, he concluded that the Lord of the Unliving is dead-set in rendering it devoid of any life. It is here that the Sector 2814 Lanterns declared that they will continue on with their resolve and fight to the very end. The Green Lanterns have entered the Pantheon.
  • In a short time, the Green Lanterns became among the more established and revered heroes in the intergalactic cosmos and very frequently soar in the House of Space and Cosmos. It helps that that is the general observatory of the Pantheon and that fellow Green Lantern member, Mogo is a part of it. And being the token humans in the organization also meant that a strong connection between their race and other forms of extraterrestrial life be established with the House of Extraterrestrials.
  • When the Green Lanterns ascended into the Pantheon, so did the rest of the major Lantern Corps. Given that each of them were powered and motivated by an emotion that fuels their rings, their goals tend to be rather different. In the Green Lantern's case, they have a great relationship with the Blue Lanterns and are on amicable terms with the Indigo Tribe and the Star Sapphire Corps. Larfleeze is too greedy, hence he's the only Orange Lantern, the Red Lanterns are brutal and uncompromising, seeking for vengeance and punishment, which often competes against the Green Lantern desiring order and control. The Sinestro Corps has the closest relationship, given that its leader, Thaal Sinestro, was a former Green Lantern himself (and the greatest before Hal came along). While the two Corps went neck-and-neck against one another constantly, Sinestro has made some gambits to make his former allegiance better than before (in his way, at least).
    • Regardless of their extreme differences, all of the Lantern Corps have a common enemy in Nekron and, in general, those who seek nothing more than to obliterate the universe and existence, so by extension, all of the GUAD are in their list of enemies. Because of Nekron's ever-growing influence, the seven Lantern Corps decided to stop fighting against one another and cooperate for the time being. It's not the easiest thing they've done, but they did do this before and they feel that this alliance is more important than ever.
    • To their utmost displeasure, there are two alternate versions of the Green Lantern concept in different multiverses that have posed themselves a serious danger; Hal Jordan of Earth 3, who goes by Power Ring and Bruce Wayne of Earth -32, who gained a Green Lantern Ring moments after his parents' death and used it to kill Joe Chill and overwhelm the Lanterns in his universe with his own will, hate and feelings of the inability to grow past his parents' murder, becoming the Dawnbreaker. While both of them are in the Pantheon, they don't have much of a strong presence as Nekron himself does, but the Green Lanterns are taking caution in dealing with him. That said, Power Ring was not happy to hear how Jessica was able to destroy his ring and personally hunts her out of revenge.
  • Becoming aware of the increasing presence in his own hands, Melkor not playing a hand in aiding him and the rising powers of Law and Chaos, Nekron decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own Organization; the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, gathering as many individuals as he could who were either part of the undead or desired total annihilation. These events quickly alarmed the Pantheon by a long mile, seeing as an army focused on eradicating the living was taking a large role. And if the Green Lanterns were to be getting new friends and allies in the Pantheon, then so would Nekron, who is more than willing to extend his war towards life even in other dimensions and universes.
    • At some point, Nekron gained an ally and a commander of his undead legion; Nagash. The Great Necromancer, largely having the same omnicidal desires as the Lord of the Unliving also took his time in creating an army and scouring for allies, in addition to searching for his nine books, which were scattered around the Pantheon. After amassing enough troops and comrades, Nagash, apparently taking permission from Nekron, waged an invasion in the Pantheon to slaughter and plunder as many as they can. Though it seemed as if Nekron would be pleased by such events, Nagash had ulterior motives, namely that those he would kill would have their souls stored into the Black Pyramid back in Nehekhara. He managed to kill a few deities before being driven back, but Nagash was able to still collect enough corpses to further add to the GUAD's forces. The Lantern Corps were unable to respond due to other commitments going on regarding the Great Upheaval and rising alliances.
  • The rampage inflicted by Nagash resulted in heavy environmental and social damage in the Pantheon and cleanup took a long time due to the undead still lingering long enough to hamper the progress. Upon receiving news of the attack, the Green Lanterns were alarmed and, in a rare moment, decided to call upon the other six Lantern Corps with Hal representing his own allegiance. All of them were conflicted on how to properly deal with the GUAD and some of the leaders providing more contrasting ideas on the situation, Sinestro proposed that it was necessary at this point that their Corps should begin looking for recruits in the Pantheon. Knowing that the growing threat of Nekron's new alliance is encompassing beings from different universes, the Corps leaders acknowledged Sinestro for making a valid point and took it upon themselves to allow their organizations' Central Power Batteries to start scouring for those worthy of possessing a Lantern Ring. In time, an immense army of protectors, powered by the emotional spectrum may rise up to save the Pantheon. It will take time, but the Lantern Corps will make sure of it, at least until the day comes where Nekron is finally vanquished.
  • As something akin to an intergalactic space police, the Green Lanterns are highly respected by the Houses of Heroism and Law and Justice thanks to their repeated efforts in stopping galactic threats and saving the universe multiple times. One such Organization to see them in very high regard were the Space Sheriffs, who were also humans who took it upon themselves to defend other worlds and the ones they love. Additionally, both groups were determined to get their job done, to the point where the Space Sheriffs would be a potential candidate for Green Lanterns.
  • On the subject of Willpower, they also receive admiration from the Emotions, who often ponder which sort of feelings would be needed to generate enough Willpower. Fear feels that he's alienating towards them, though Joy assures him that he plays an important role in some way. Joy thinks a combination of Anger, Fear and herself is what would be needed for Willpower. So far, the Green Lanterns haven't confirmed it, but Joy isn't giving up just yet.
    • In general, anyone who exudes the determination and resolve to do the right thing and keep going, even if the odds are stacked against them, is a plus for the Lanterns. Shirou Emiya was one of those beings; in fact, his weapon creation theoretically makes him a Green Lantern in all but wearing the ring nor possessing the title. Link and Naruto Uzumaki were also renowned figures whose main trait was never giving up. Evidently, they get along very well with the Green Lanterns and they would also understand how they are willing to act independently in their goals, given that Hal and Guy have done it several times and the former is hailed for being the greatest of the Corps. And they're more than willing to team up and fight for the greater good, which they all appreciate and look forward to.
  • To everyone's surprise, the Green Lantern Corps are pretty good friends with Colonel Sanders. And even more shockingly, Sanders himself became a Green Lantern at one point where, with the help of Hal, his Kentucky Fried Chicken brands were spread across the universe. That is until Larfleeze took a liking to KFC's unique Zinger Burgers and stole all of it. Hal and Colonel Sanders worked together to defeat the Orange Lantern by... introducing him to franchising. In case there's a KFC food chain somewhere in space, it's thanks to these weird form of events, not to mention that the colonel is an honorary Green Lantern.
    • Among other beings who've interacted with the Green Lanterns included Daffy Duck, whom they met when Daffy took on the role of Duck Dodgers and Starfleet Command under the leadership of James T. Kirk. In the case of the former, Daffy had a genuinely heroic experience where he was able to stall of Sinestro and gain the Lantern Corps' respect. For the latter, Starfleet had to deal with Nekron invading their universe and threatening to end all life in it. Ready to defend life itself across the entire universe, both James and Leonard McCoy are willing to once again accept the Green Lantern (Kirk) and Indigo (McCoy) rings to take on Nekron. If worse comes to worst, Spock as agreed to fight as a White Lantern once more.
    • Thanos actually has some sort of history with the Lanterns, barring that one time he fought Darkseid and the Justice League, this during the time when Hal was Parallax. In a bizarre situation, the Mad Titan ended up working with Kyle Rayner whereas the Parallax was allied with the Silver Surfer, albeit both cases were temporary and each had their own goals to fulfil. In the Pantheon, the Silver Surfer was able to establish a friendship with the Green Lanterns whereas Thanos was immediately registered as a grave danger to the cosmos. The Mad Titan is eager to see if the Corps can provide him with a worthy challenge.
  • Predictably, they expected that they would encounter a whole slew of galactic threats once they entered the Pantheon. While most of them were just as dangerous and vile, like Frieza and the Shroobs, the most persistent of these new enemies just so happened to be Evolto, who desired to destroy planets just because. That and the fact that Evolto happens to accumulate more power with each successive destruction was a big worry for the Green Lanterns. Evolto himself was fascinated by the power generated by the Guardians and Ion, and the situation became worse when he took an interest in Mogo. The Green Lanterns have since battled Evolto a number of times, with the latter becoming more determined to finish them off and destroy Mogo for himself. And no, just because Evolto's older brother, Killbas happens to be far worse than he isn't going to open up to an Enemy mine either, or unless there's really no other choice.
  • Another recurring enemy were the Daleks, a race of mechanised beings whose sole desire is to "EXTERMINATE!!!" all of life. Due to their one-track-minded nature, the Green Lanterns can't do much except fighting them back. There is, however, some pity towards them, given that their creator, Davos, specifically created them to be that way and that he went as far as to destroy his own race to further his own goal for the "Death of Reality ITSELF!". He was not unlike either Nekron or the Anti-Monitor in that regard, and the fact that he takes sadistic glee in his actions makes it all the more determined for the Green Lanterns to either imprison him indefinitely or kill him.
  • Exclusive to Hal:
    • Harold "Hal" Jordan was born to renowned pilot Martin Jordan, who used to take piloting duties from Ferris Aircraft. Hal idolised his father and was traumatized when he saw Martin get killed in an accident, instilling a sense of fear in the boy. Nevertheless, Hal was not deterred by his passion for flying, eventually becoming a pilot himself. One fateful day, he came across an odd crashed ship where he discovered the dying Abin Sur, who decided to pass on the mantle of his Green Lantern ring to him, believing that he has the potential to overcome his fears. Despite a wonky start, both in his personal life regarding his family and job and as the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Hal proved himself a worthy replacement, eventually being enlisted to being personally trained by Thaal Sinestro of Sector 1417. Although both worked well as a team, Sinestro had a series of shady agendas on his part, namely that he was instilling fear into his homeworld, Korugar, as a means to elicit control and dominance over it, as Sinestro believed that this was the best way to maintain Korugar's protection. Realizing the threat he was posing and that he was violating the Corps' ethics, Hal took to letting them know of what Sinestro was up to, leading to him being banished and being stripped of his Green Lantern powers. Soon enough, Hal would go on to inspire others of his allegiance, defend the galaxy against numerous galactic threats, including Parallax and become a founding member of the Justice League. It culminated in Hal Jordan becoming the greatest Green Lantern ever.
    • Before becoming a Superhero Hal was a trained and talented pilot, inspired by his father who was one beforehand. In case he isn't in his heroic duties, Hal would often be at the House of Travel, either borrowing a plane for personal flight training and rides and to spectate on others taking sessions and giving them advice. He found himself becoming quick friends with Charlotte E. Yeager pretty quickly, given that the two of them were hot-blooded thrill-seekers when it comes to flight, in addition to Charlotte also being a member of a team that had to stop an alien invasion. Hal also became quickly acquainted with Richard Halsey Best and Captain Booth, both of whom have taken a big liking to Hal's heroic career and wanting to learn how to overcome or at least surprised fear during the midst of flying.
    • To everybody's surprise, Hal manages to get along with Anakin Skywalker. And there's a lot of reasons and similarities that the two of them share; they're both heroes and Ace Pilots who were determined to prove their worth. However, tragedy after tragedy continued to break them down until they suddenly snapped and decided to lash out on anguish and hate, becoming great enemies to those they once used to fight alongside. Parallax and Darth Vader have become grim reminders of how noble heroes can sometimes lose themselves and succumb to hate and darkness. However, while both were able to regain their senses, it seems only Hal was able to restore his reputation and goodwill, unlike Anakin, who remained reviled throughout the galaxy, which is further reflected as he ascended into the Pantheon with his cybernetic suit. Despite this, Hal is one of the few to treat Vader with respect and relatable remorse, knowing how it feels to lose the ones you love and to snap. Vader, uncharacteristically, has since come to respect Hal in his own right, seeing a lot of himself whenever they meet.
      • Hal's nickname, "The Man with No Fear" was also one that was shared by the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen". Matt Murdock himself was intrigued to learn of someone with the same nickname and unsurprisingly, he and Hal became friends. It also helped that both could relate to losing their fathers at a young age, which is what prompted them into their professional work to honour their legacies. By extension, Matt's reputation as Daredevil has had him be put into several severe situations that potentially could have turned him villainous, but (usually) always stuck with his moral code by the end. The Guardians recognized that Matt has great potential to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, even if he isn't chosen as a candidate yet.
  • Exclusive to Guy:
    • Guy Darrin Gardner had a rather... unhappy and undesirable childhood. Regardless of who his father was (Ebenezer for New Earth and Gerald for Prime Earth), he was always overshadowed by his older brother (Mace from New Earth and Gerald for Prime Earth, alongside a younger sister, Gloria, turning Guy into a middle child) and would receive scorn and disregard from his dad. Guy did a lot to prove himself a worthy son, but kept going through one roadblock after another, and was often challenged by his brother(s). Only after going through a series of familial tragedies would Guy finally become aware of the Green Lantern Corps, including one such incident where he was to me for and look after Hal Jordan during the latter's prison sentence, where they became allies. However, it was revealed that Guy was actually the first choice Abin Sur would have went with as his successor; Hal just so happened to be closer to Avon's crash site. Still, whenever Hal was out of commission, Guy was chosen to become a Green Lantern in his steed. And for all his jerkiness, he's proven himself a capable fighter who will do what is right.
    • Though it may not seem like it, Guy actually took up a lot of jobs, including being a social worker, a police officer, a bar owner and special education teacher, though his reason for being an officer was to show his father that he can make him proud. Even then, one can assume that Guy has a lot of working experience and thus, is open to working for the House of Jobs and Profession, who think that while Guy can be brash and immature, he's a dedicated guy if the chips are down.
      • Deciding to play the role of a social worker to pass the time and help others without using his powers, Guy came across Maki Nishikino and Nico Yazawa of μ's fame. Apparently, his job role for a week was to look over Nico's younger siblings after it was revealed that Nico tries to single-handedly take of them. Although he felt that his jerkish demeanour might be problematic, Guy took it in stride to try providing for Nico's siblings, whilst also giving out some advice to the older two girls about life struggles. He was able to relate to Maki in finding difficulty in trying to get along with her parents, though Guy assured her that regardless, she's making them proud, whereas in regards to Nico, Guy said that she was a great sibling, though, in his mind, he wished his brother would have treated him in that fashion. After the week, Guy makes some efforts to reunite with Maki and Nico, who were glad to see him as a friend and that Nico's siblings look up to him. He plans to bring along his Green Lantern one day to provide them with more fun.
    • Thanks to his working experience, he sometimes takes up a job in the Alcohol Sub-House to work as a deputy manager for a few days. It's there where he met Tifa Lockhart, though their first conversation wasn't really a positive one, given that Guy did try to hit on her. But when a group of goons threatened to loot the place and to attack visitors if they weren't given what they wanted, Guy took it upon himself to teach them a lesson. Tifa was impressed but affirms that he's never getting her affection. She did state that they can be working partners and work on a friendship, under the condition that Guy stops hitting on her. He gladly accepted the deal and the two ave kept in contact whenever their services need help.
    • Due to his days as a police offer being put off after being forced to kill someone, which incidentally caused an explosion that killed some innocent people, Guy doesn't really reflect much on those days. Even then, he still found himself on good terms with Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, two detectives who ended up spoiling a case by killing an important suspect out of rage. Guy was somewhat put off by Cohle's nihilism and Hart's infidelity but is happy to learn that they're recovering for the time being.
    • Is often cited to be the Green Lantern who exhibits the most willpower out of any of them, and given how revered his comrades from Earth are, it's a high compliment. Heck, it's what allowed him to maintain his psyche to some extent during his stint as a Red Lantern. He, Bruce Banner and Ryuko Matoi were able to find common ground with this and respect one another for their ridiculous determination. And if he isn't with his fellow Lanterns, Guy would most definitely fight with them. It helps that Atrocitus is nervous about handing Banner a Red Lantern Ring, given his powers as the Incredible Hulk.
  • Exclusive to John:
    • John Stewart was born in Detroit, Michigan and since his early years, had to endure the struggles of poverty, racism and discrimination as he grew up. His mother, Shirley, was a community organizer and proved a morally influential figure for her son as she would encourage John to find a way to make the world a better place. That said, she wasn't happy when John wanted to enlist himself into the United States Marine Corps, though he protested. He would go on to become a skilled and talented marksman, gaining the role of Sergeant, though an altercation between Anarky and his commanding offer, Lieutenant Tasker, had John compromise his duty over saving civilians in Seaside Colosseum, Gotham City and actively defying the latter. John was court-martialled, but given an honourable discharge for his heroism and moved to San Diego, California to study architecture to become an architect as a well-paying work. One day, John took a class in Ferris Air where a Manhunter suddenly attacked. John immediately sprung in to defend the helpless; this was when a Green Lantern Ring dried to his position and grafted itself into the man, turning John into a Green Lantern and enlisting him in the Corps. With his newfound power, John defeated the Manhunter, earning his position when he was momentarily transported to Oa to be praised by the Guardians of the Universe. Unbeknownst to him, it was the Guardians who sent the Manhunter to Earth but chose not to tell this information to John, knowing that he had potential in rebelling against authority if he was morally challenged, not to mention that they had been keeping watch of him for quite some time.
    • As an architect, John takes visitation time in the House of Craft where he thinks he can use his education to provide for others and to keep himself refined. They like him due to his hardworking nature and his wariness of others around him and wanting to help them out. That and John's power can allow the House of Craft residents to clarify how they should set up buildings, architectures, furniture, etc, which has greatly helped.
    • As John is a former US Marine, he often visits the House of Cultures to pay his dues and regards to what he believed was the right thing to do. Despite his talented combat expertise, he refrains from entering the House of Military and Warfare due to a majority of deities choosing to advocate war, which goes against the ethics of the Green Lantern Corps. John does sometimes think of wanting to attend the House as he's aware that there are some well-meaning deities there who would want to do the right thing, but he's biding his time for the moment. As least for compensation, some soldiers do praise him for being an inspiration.
    • With his military history, John was able to get along with fellow marines and US soldiers like Jax and Jacqui Briggs, Cassie and Sonya Blade and James Rhodes, the former four of which were defenders of Earthrealm. Regardless, all five of them earned John's respect, with the Briggs and Cage families for possessing exceptional courage and determination in protecting their realms and the latter for using his expertise to help his world as War Machine.
      • Having fought in the Vietnam War, John was surprised to hear the tale of John Rambo and though many were intimidated by his ruthless streak, John wanted to find a way to reach out to him. And when they met, John was stunned to hear of the depravities and troubles that Rambo had to endure and even sadder, he found it difficult to adjust to a normal life, constantly getting pulled back into fight after fight. John decided that as a fellow soldier, he'll see to helping him out and wished him luck in finding a peaceful settlement to live him. Rambo paid his respects and sees John as one of the few beings that he can relate to and talk with. He also paid some sympathy towards fellow ex-US Marine James Heller, who went on a rampage after his wife was killed by the machinations of Alex Mercer, though was relieved to hear that he's kept his daughter safe. Heller appreciates John's condolences, though prefers to be left to his own devices, though John tells him to keep in check of his powers.
    • He once met up with Huckleberry Hound. In fact, John himself happened to be a fan of works featuring the blue canine and was happy to see him again in the Pantheon. They recall their last experience pretty well, where they joined forces to combat against racism and prejudice via corrupt police officers. In the Pantheon, John will sometimes seek out Huck and do some heroics in fighting and stopping corruption, though he isn't afraid to use his ring if things go too far.
  • Exclusive to Kyle:
    • Kyle Rayner was a gifted and talented, but struggling art worker. His christening as a Green Lantern came out of a critical and desperate situation when Ganthet stumbled across Kyle and granted him the only remaining Green Lantern Ring after Hal Jordan went on to destroy the Corps and the Guardians of the Universe upon becoming Parallax. His new role as a superhero made him seek the help of ex-girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt who proposed that Kyle take steps in training and taking up a new look to make himself distinguishable. He made his mark by defeating Mongul, receiving the respect of the Justice League and rekindling his relationship with Alexandra. However, she was suddenly killed by Major Force, who was sent to investigate the newest Green Lantern. After confronting and defeating him, Kyle was approached by Alan Scott, who proposed that they prepare themselves for an incoming threat, which turned out to be Parallax. Although he and Earth's heroes engaged in an epic duel to decide the fate of the universe's which Hal desired to save in a twisted fashion, Kyle manages to defeat him, proving himself more than worthy of why he was a Green Lantern.
    • Like John, Kyle also frequents the House of Craft, albeit his profession as a painter leads him there for different reasons. He tends to spend his time there drawing and painting artworks and desires to travel around the Pantheon to get more inspiration and ideas for his future works. As for his superheroics, his profession has helped in Kyle being one of the most varied and imaginative users in the Green Lantern Corps.
      • He quickly became friends with Eko, Ramo, Lola, Quill, Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, fellow beings with a strong connection towards art and painting. Given that they were mostly kids (except Ramo, Lola and Quill), Kyle tends to be a lot more gentle towards them than to his other teammates (which says a lot, given how much of a Nice Guy he is), They tend to enjoy Kyle's skills of conjuring all sorts of creative arts into Hard Light constructs with his ring, while Kyle himself is pretty eager to see his new friends' skills in using their craft.
    • He is a fan of Anime and Manga. For further demonstration, he could create a construct of a Magical Girl to use against his foes, a feat that made the Magical Girl Sisterhood rather impressed. It's also how we wound up becoming friends with Rohan Kishibe, with Kyle complimenting his works, though Rohan himself can be rather eccentric and egregious. Regardless of their conflicting personalities, they respect each other for their work, with Rohan being eager to have Kyle's story be used as his own inspiration of sorts for his manga series'.
      • Kyle, in general, is a pop-cultural nerd and sometimes loves to geek out on a lot of things in his spare time. Spider-Man took notice and exchanged some friendly banter between himself and the Torchbearer. Tellingly, the two could relate I'm trying to uphold responsibility due to their powers and anguishing over the death of a loved one, which allowed Spider-Man to be comfortable about Kyle knowing about his identity of Peter Parker, seeing as the Torchbearer is someone who earned his trust and has proven himself a responsible and great hero, even without his ring.
    • Although he doesn't reference him too much, Kyle has a great deal of respect towards Vincent van Gogh and was excited to learn that he was in the Pantheon. That said, Kyle did express some unease at the idea of meeting up with hi, given how tragic and miserable van Gogh's life was. Despite this, he wants to find a way to make feel like he meant something to the world and that he's an inspiration, in spite of van Gogh's secluded nature.
  • Exclusive to Simon:
    • Simon Baz was a Lebanese-American whose life took a turn for the worse once 9/11 occurred and he and his family took to being bullied, mocked and ostracized for being Muslims and his sister Sira being a victim of the former, which Simon took it upon himself to protect her. Nevertheless, Baz remained committed to helping and providing for his family, earning a degree in engineering and working in an automotive plant and after getting fired, doing street-racing and going as far as to become a criminal during times of desperation. Unfortunately, he once stole a van that, unbeknownst to him, was wired with explosives. A chase ensued where Simon was arrested and tried for being a potential terrorist due to being a Muslim and being sent to Guantanamo Bay. This was when he made contact with a Green Lanter ring, though further complications arose when after escaping prison, he was faced with distrust by the superhero community for his past and not helping was Sinestro tampering with his powers, which led to Simon clashing against the Justice League a few times. Eventually, the matter was resolved with Simon becoming a respected member of the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Simon often attends the House of Family and Relatives alongside his family where they can take their time to settle and be given sanctuary for the time being, knowing that the Child Abuse Supporters are too embroiled in their feud against the Heroic Protectors of Family and other outside forces. The House of Family are sympathetic to Simon's prejudiced past and misfortunes, but also deeply admire him for putting in a lot of effort to heal his brother-in-law and best friend, Farid Amar, from a coma, a feat that the Green Lanterns didn't consider achievable.
    • He is a pretty gifted street racer, though as of becoming a Green Lantern, he doesn't really indulge in that activity anymore. Still, he did go on to befriend Dominic Toretto and Brian Walker, who themselves are street racers who got themselves caught up against numerous conspiracies and grudges that tend to escalate to extreme levels. Simon likes their company, given Dom's dedication to his "family" and Dom and Paul themselves commend Simon for his familial care and desire for help. They once spoke about how one day, Dom and Brian may end up taking their cars up from space and performing an orbital drop from there, which Simon thought impossible unless he could help with that sort of seemingly impossible stunt.
    • Being a former criminal, Simon finds common camaraderie with struggling and/or honourable thieves like Omar Little, CJ Johnson, Sly Cooper and Aladdin. They could potentially form a team of thieves that would prove unstoppable if they bought along Carmen Sandiego, but Simon isn't in the mood. He does wish them luck and seeks to find time to hang out with the four of them at some point. On the other hand. while acknowledging him as a supervillain, Simon does sympathize with William Baker, who normally does petty crimes to provide for his family, something which Simon himself did. Like Spider-Man, he wants to help William, though progress is slow, given how most demonize him for being Sandman.
  • Exclusive to Jessica:
    • Jessica Viviana Cruz was once an ordinary girl whose life took a turn for the worse when she and her friends went out on a hunting trip, only to encounter a group of mobsters who were burying a body and, not wanting to leave any witnesses, retaliated by shooting and killing her friends. While Jessica survived, she was left traumatized by the incident, developing extreme agoraphobia and becoming extremely meek and unwilling to properly socialize with others. Suddenly, the Ring of Volthoom found its way onto her, taking control of and corrupting Jessica, who attacked her home of Portland, Oregon and forcing the Justice League and Doom Patrol to confront her. She was pacified by Batman, who was able to relate with her regarding the loss of their loved ones and keeping themselves in isolation. This helped Jessica to be taken under by the League with Hal Jordan promising to mentor her in the meantime. However, events concerning Darkseid, his daughter Grail and the Anti-Monitor forced Jessica back into action, which prompted her into freeing the Dark Syndicate to prevent the battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, though her ring regained enough of its consciousness to possess her again. Fortunately, Jessica was able to get the Black Racer into confronting her, where she managed to fake her death in an attempt to destroy the consciousness of the Power Ring, which soon crumbled. For this act of bravery, a Green Lantern Ring was sent out to Jessica Cruz, inducting her into the Corps.
    • Jessica has a difficult time adjusting to her surroundings and the Pantheon is no different. Although she is hailed a hero, Jessica tends to keep her head down for the most part and can't bring herself to properly communicate with others. More often than not, if she's not doing heroics, she's in her domain just sheltering herself and being looked after by her sister, Sara. However, when the situation calls for it, Jessica will waste no time if it means wielding her ring into the battlefield.
      • It should be noted that there was a time in which she was an outgoing, fun-loving and free-spirited girl, that is until she and her friends ended up at the wrong place at the worst possible timing. An effort has been made by the House of Friendship and Camaraderie to try reaching out and helping her become more social over time. They don't even have to express their sympathies, but the fact that Jessica went through such a harrowing event meant that she was someone who needs aid, and they're more than willing to step up for the job.
    • She's really not all that good with communication and thus, tends to have very limited friends. Her nervousness bought a few deities to attention, one of them being Yuzuki Shiraishi, who used to be taken advantage of the fact that she was a celebrity and was left with no friends and little proper social contact. Jessica commends her for building up some courage to go out to Antarctica and make new friends while Yuzuki admired Jessica's ability to persevere through tragedy, which she certainly felt sympathetic for. They do their best to keep in contact, hoping to better each other in being more interactive with others, especially for Jessica.
      • Jessica also became quick friends with Kim Possible. Being heroes aside, both have a lot of difficulty in trying to be interactive towards others, though with Kim, it's more apparent when she's with Ron Stoppable. The two do their best to give out tips and advice on how to be more extroverted, which often doesn't work out, much to their chagrin. Fortunately, Sara is open to helping both of them out.
    • While she may seem cowardly in nature, it's to do with the fact that she isn't fully over her trauma of losing her friends. However, this doesn't stop the fact that she earned her position in the Corps; she built up her bravery to extract Volthoom's influence from her and even stood defiantly against Darkseid of all people. She's happened to have become well-acquainted with Courage the Dog for a similar reason, they're still going to get the job done in spite of their fears and nervousness. That said, while he's certainly courageous, Jessica doesn't want to see Courage be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, seeing as he'd rather be more content in living a quiet life with Muriel.

    Naruto Uzumaki 
Naruto Uzumaki, God of Determination (Number One Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja, Nanadaime Hokage, The Orange Hokage, The Seventh Hokage, Naruko, Nardo, Shippuu no Naruto, Boruto's Dad)
Click here to see his Sage Mode
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Click here to see him in the Epilogue and in Boruto
  • Greater God (Overdeity in Six Path Sage Mode)
  • Symbol: A Naruto, the Spiral-Shaped Garnish of a Bowl of Ramen. Of course! Also, his Uzumaki Clan symbol.
  • Theme Music: Naruto Main Theme, The Raising Fighting Spirit (shared with Kakashi), Strong and Strike, ROCKS by Hound Dog, Go!!! by FLOW, Rise, Power!, Ninja Slayer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Determinators, Idiot Turned Idealistic Heroes, Highly-Visible Ninja, Converting His Enemies by Beating Them, Hidden Badassery, Facial Markings, Red Scarves of Assckicking.
  • Domains: Determination, Optimism, Love, Happy Endings
  • High Priest: Vyse
  • Teachers: Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki (his parents), Kakashi-sensei, Jiraiya
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Hayate Ayasaki
  • Friendly Rivals: Ichigo Kurosaki (that other popular Shonen Jump series guy), Luffy again, Black*Star
  • Enemies: Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Deidara, SCP-953, Shukuro Tsukishima, SHOCKER, Sephiroth, Kars, Tenjuro Banno
  • Opposes: Lucia Nanami, most Abusive Parents
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sasuke Uchiha
  • On good terms with: Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Uneasy Relationship: Orochimaru
  • Determined to someday redeem Sasuke Uchiha as well as return him to his rightful place as God of Emo. Sometimes sits at the feet of Kamina and begs to "try out" the Gurren. Successfully utilizing all his chakra, he can defeat Goku in an eating contest. Just barely.
    • His wish came true. Sasuke came to the Pantheon. But... he's not too happy with how he came back.
    • And he succeeds in redeeming Sasuke as well. Some are not happy about this, others do point out the fact that Itachi was the one who made Sasuke into who he was. In any case, Naruto is happy enough with it, and Sasuke is seemingly hell-bent on serving Konoha as Naruto's hidden hand for the rest of his life, so he's not rocking the boat over what anyone thinks.
  • The only god on the Tropes Pantheon to solicit followers himself.
  • Gets on well with Nanoha, Goku, and Touma Kamijou due to their similar views on making friends and what happens when they're threatened, as well as other similar traits such as desiring peace, open-minded kindness (though it shows somewhat differently with Touma than the others), and not being able to stand by when innocents are threatened. With Goku and Nanoha, this friendship extends to the three of them helping each other train, which has quite a few evil deities nervous; the thought of Naruto having access to Nanoha's brand of powerful and non-lethal (but very, very painful) magic is bad enough, much less the idea of him knowing the Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, or the Spirit Bomb…
  • Is unamused with the fact that he's not part of the Pantheon Ninja Trinity. He made it his other goal to replace Ryu Hayabusa as the leader of the Trinity and that's a promise! For he never goes back on his word as it's his Nindo (ninja way)
    • When he heard the news of the coaxing of Litchi Faye-Ling to the GUAG, Naruto immediately volunteered to join. Along the way, he managed to make a bet with Bang Shishigami that if they succeed, the Trinity is going to be revamped into a Shitennou/Four Guardians, and he's gonna get that position. Yes, for this one, it's gonna happen! Dattebayo!
      • And yes, he succeeded. Now he's part of the new Ninja Shi-Tennou.
  • Has begun hanging out with Axel Almer, after a fight that literally went on for days until they both realized that neither one of them was going to admit defeat. Because of their similar attitudes, Axel is one of the few older people that Naruto addresses with the utmost respect.
  • Has become friends with Hayate Ayasaki after realizing how his life is just as uber-fucked up as his after listening to a paragraph detailing on how he lives with his parents and being driven to tears by it.
  • Garrod Ran is his representative in the Gundam multiverse; as to how he got the job, this happened:
    Garrod: Tiffa, if I get to become Naruto's prophet, I'll believe in God!
    *Naruto appears out of nowhere*
    Naruto: Sure thing, dattebayo!
    Garrod: Tiffa, I believe in God!
  • For some odd reason, Naruto sees a good ally in Asura, if not for sounding very familiar to one of his friends, but for his Power type to be very similar to himself when tampering into his Nine-Tailed fox powers. Similarities have been noticed, but most do NOT want to see the day the two fight in those states.
    • As a result of this, when it became known that Naruto is the reincarnation of another Asura, both were quite obviously amused.
  • Often participates in friendly competitions with Monkey D. Luffy around the Pantheon, attempting to settle which is better between ninjas and pirates. What the events entail has varied from eating contests and sparring matches to a race that left the two in perpetual debt after they crashed the Gurren and Lagann into the House of Commerce. Despite this rivalry, Naruto and Luffy remain close friends.
  • Sometimes sneaks into the House of Love to meet with both of the Mais — sparring with Mai Shiranui, and sneaking out bowls of ramen from Mai Tokiha's kitchen (often asking Jiraiya to cover for him when he does).
    • He no longer sneaks inside as he goes to spend some time with his wife, Hinata.
  • Naruto avoids Lucia Nanami's music like the plague, believing it to be absolutely dreadful. His quest ended in failure when he was incarcerated on Ninja Shutter Island, where Mermaid Melody fandubs were used as a Cool and Unusual Punishment. Lucia herself doesn't quite understand this hate directed at her.
  • Quite a few members questioned his sanity and collectively facepalmed after he declared that Obito Uchiha (the guy that killed his parents, ruined a lot of people's lives and killed quite a bunch of them, including his future wife's cousin) was the "coolest guy ever".
    • However, a few took a metaphorical view, since Obito stopped being Obito after the tragedy and became Tobi, in much how Anakin Skywalker died and became Darth Vader. Considering how Obito was like Naruto before his breaking, some have interpreted this is what he meant.
  • He is happy to hear that his parents had ascended into the Pantheon. Unlike Jin Kazama, who dislikes the Mishima surname, he wished that the Namikaze surname would fit him, hence technically his full name is Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. Then he realized that it would sound weird and thought how weird his children's names would sound with 3 last names.
  • At one point he used to scream "believe it!" all the time but it grew out of style.
  • Has bonded with Akihiko Sanada over their love of ramen and constant training to get stronger and protect others. When the two are around each other, expected a dish of Ichiraku's combined with something baked by Akihiko's friend Kotone Shiomi to be there as well. It also helps that Akihiko's voice and attire colors kinda remind him of Gaara.
  • In the wake of the Great Upheaval, Naruto has developed a very strong dislike of Lucifer, explicitly comparing him to Madara Uchiha due to similarities: like Madara, Lucifer is a seemingly-selfish being who corrupted an innocent, traumatized child into doing his dirty work and becoming his disciple, taking advantage of Homura's moment of weakness just like Madara did Obito's. To that end, Naruto has sworn to help the Sisterhood against Lucifer, and to redeem Homura just as he redeemed Obito.
  • A strange young man with a long sword once came after him, but he saw the man's strikes coming and evaded every one of them. During this, he suddenly heard Ichigo frantically shouting to make sure that sword didn't touch him lest the enemy, named Shukuro Tsukishima, try to rewrite his memories. As the two friendly rivals converged on Tsukishima a police lady came through demanding answers. While they explained what was happening, Tsukishima tried to spin the situation as them being a couple of angry delinquents: however, when Tsukishima tried to say he came from the house of Heroes and Ichigo did not, the chief saw the truth and chased off the intruder.
  • Naruto and Ichigo eventually decided to finally settle their rivalry and find out once and for all who was stronger in a one on one fight to the finish. While Ichigo proved to be faster, Naruto's superior durability, destructive power, training and versatility proved too much for Ichigo to handle and the fight ended up escalating to the point where Ichigo used Mugetsu after even his Merged Hollow Form proved to not be enough, and Naruto responded by tanking the blow and basically overkilling Ichigo with his Six Paths: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken and Tailed Beast Bomb at the same time once Ichigo lost his powers. The two still remain on good terms even after the battle, though.