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Intermediate Gods

    Charlie Nash 
Charlie Nash, God of Bodies That Went Missing (Captain Nash, Commander Charlie, Paradoxical Avenger, FrankenCharlie, Nashenstein, Monster Nash, Vessel Eleven, Helen's Clay Doll, An Average Puppet [by Urien])
From his Street Fighter V revival 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His forelock hairstyle and square glasses
  • Theme Song: Detroit Highway, The Man Who Lost it All for more serious fights, Decisive Bout against mooks, Nothing Can Keep Me Away when being deployed
  • Alignment: Usually Lawful Good, but can reach True Neutral when angered beyond reason
  • Portfolio: Returning Both to the Scene and From the Death (But Not in the Way Many Expected), Super Talented Fighter, Genius Bruiser, Patriotic Fervor, Cool Glasses, No Shirt Behind his Jacket, The One Who Taught Guile the Sonic Boom and Somersault, Being the Same Character, but Different and Not Himself, Keeping a Level Head Except When Dealing with M. Bison, Being Too Skilled For the Villain to Pass Up a Chance to Kill Him, Paradoxical Avenger, Always Has to Die to Cement Shadaloo's Destiny, Barely-Contained Rage Post-Revival, Living on Borrowed Time, Awesomeness by Analysis, Redemption Achieved via Heroic Second Death, Bullet Clear, Tragedy Assault, Judgement Sabre
  • Domains: Combat, Military, Stealth, Life and Death
  • Allies: Guile, Chun-Li, Josiah Bartlet, Ryu, Abel, Rashid, Cammy White, Ken Masters, Zangief, Rose, Roy Mustang, X, Zero (Mega Man), Selena Recital, Maes Hughes
  • Enemies: M. Bison (It's Personal), Balrog, Vega, F.A.N.G, Birdie, Envy, Sigma, Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Führer King Bradley, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Gul'dan, Master Xehanort
  • Unwitting Pawn of: Gill
  • Respects: Remy
  • Pities: Juri Han
  • Opposed by: Urien
  • Opposes: Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Supported by: Crimson Viper
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Complicated Relationship with: Kolin
  • He used to hold the title of Those Doomed in Canon, but the guardians of the House of Life and Death found no traces of him in his temple for a good reason. Charlie somehow reappeared in his very temple, with a new title no less.
  • Many deities already know his history, as he's the Air Force captain who pioneered the specialized fighting style including the arts of Sonic Boom and Somersault, then proceeded to train Guile in these same arts. Thanks to this fact, Guile is present in the Pantheon.
  • Ever since his return, Charlie is on the black list of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, due to his superior fighting prowess. In fact, many fear him, save M. Bison for obvious reasons.
  • His philosophy for surviving in combat is to keep a cool head, avoid making mistakes, and strike at the right time. However, M. Bison and Shadaloo's crimes were able to make him lose his cool to the point that he charged headlong straight into what turned out to be a fatal ambush including a Cavalry Betrayal on the part of his own backup.
  • Along the way in his career, Charlie has forged alliances with many of those who would turn up to compete in World Warrior tournaments and end up fighting alongside Guile against Shadaloo, such as Interpol detective Chun-Li, Shadaloo Doll-turned-Delta Red agent Cammy, and Anasatsuken pupils Ryu and Ken. He and Chun-Li once posed as a husband-and-wife duo on one particular mission, and he's done enough research on the Satsui no Hado to see that Ryu's power could be important. Unfortunately, in his return he's even willing to kill said friends if they get in his way. He stopped trusting ANYONE because of the above ambush.
  • The reason for his return is explained: Charlie did indeed die in the waterfall ambush, which took place some time after saving the life of Abel at one point. The organization who led to his rebirth is in fact…Illuminati, hence the jewel is located in his forehead. In fact, his sickly-looking stitched-together new skin came from one of the special prototype vessels in Urien's laboratory. On top of that, he was amnesiac at first but has recovered his memories, though he's still being manipulated by said organization as he isn't fully aware of who they are. Urien thinks of him as a worthless puppet who should be exterminated, but Gill and HelenAKA  are hopeful that he will serve their prophecies.
  • He hid himself from everyone including Abel and Guile until it was time for him to act against Shadaloo in his revival since he just plain doesn't trust anyone anymore. Even his mysterious nurse Helen. While he's grateful that she's been tending him back to form amd doesn't fully know what's going on with her, he's no idiot to the fact she has ulterior motives behind the anti-Bison alliance she's forging.
    • Aside from Nash himself, said alliance also includes the sadistic Juri, who Nash pities for how the dark path she's taken of infiltration for the sake of vengeance has reshaped the core of her being.
  • Nash holds a photo of Guile as a memento. The reason behind it? Guile has an important chess piece Helen needs him to take from the man. He went after Guile and took the piece without a word because it's key to stopping Shadaloo. It would turn out the piece was one of the keys to seven artificial "Black Moons" used to amplify negative emotions and spiral global society into chaos in order to feed Bison's Psycho Power up to nigh-invincibility.
  • Charlie had a strong sense of righteousness as well as a seldom-spoken faith during his life, having sworn to protect God's creation, peace, and justice back when he first became a soldier. This puts him over big time with President Jed Bartlet. Jed was disappointed to see that he lost that spark when he resurfaced after being revived as his idealism had given way to an impatient vengeance. But when his good sense returned to him and he quietly reconciled with his friends and honorably sacrificed himself to weaken the unduly-powered Bison enough to cause the Dictator's ultimate defeat in their mortal universe, the Pres was once again pleased with Charlie and happy to greet his reappearance in the Pantheon.
    • Shortly after reviving in the Pantheon, Nash once again sought out Guile, partly at the request of President Bartlet. This time, he ended up saving his old friend from the ambush of Balrog and his new criminal friend Kano, flooring Kano with a Sonic Hurricane and scaring Balrog away. Furthermore, due to the above epiphany Charlie had much friendlier intentions of his own for finding Guile.
    Charlie: We never did get to finish that conversation at Miss Kanzuki's, did we, Guile?
    • Aside from informing Guile of Bartlet's request for a conference, Charlie resumed said conference by revealing to Guile some of the horrors he saw in a mission he conducted against Shadaloo which had made him lose his cool in the first place, as well as the precious little he knows about the people that revived him.
  • Nash finds commonality with Sylvanas Windrunner in that they both came back from the dead to stop and destroy a tyrant. However, unlike Charlie, Sylvanas is a true Revenant Zombie and cannot get past her hatred, something he pities her for.
  • On one hand, he respects the Repliforce trio as well as Rebellion commander Epsilon for leading military orders that represent fighting for freedom. On the other hand, both of their armies have been used as the rubes for one megalomaniac or another with similarities to Bison, so he knows they've been pretty corruptible in the past.
    • On that note, Nash is not a fan of Sigma at all and plans on encountering X and Zero to see about a potential alliance to monitor and stop both Sigma and Bison before the two villains can beat everyone to the punch.
  • Despite knowing Nash is ultimately here to stop an evil dictator in Bison, Edward Elric has trouble trusting him because he was brought Back from the Dead by means of arcane experimentation in a clearly affected state, something the high command in Amestris would've done without hesitation if it was at all possible in Ed's world.
  • Roy Mustang, however, likes Nash's pragmatic (if sometimes ruthless) approach, and finds Nash reminiscent of two of his own military buddies when they're being serious. Mustang has taken it upon himself to tell Nash about Father, with Charlie agreeing to keep an eye out for the Homunculus.
  • Through his constant association with death, Nash managed to run into Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo's various powers as well as his balance between being cool-headed and hot-blooded impressed Charlie, but he thinks the young man is a bit too trusting.
  • Remy, a fighting savant with similar abilities to Guile and Nash, has also caught Nash's eye. Upon looking up his backstory, Charlie understood the young man's hatred towards his father but considered it to be hopelessly misdirected. Upon learning Remy had an epiphany which has enabled him to get past his hatred, Nash gained a small measure of admiration for Remy. That said, he still wants to find out who Remy's father is before Remy himself does.
  • When he met his old ally again in the Pantheon, Rashid of the Turbulent Wind was overjoyed to see him in better spirits than before, even if he's still a bit grim and serious. At some point Rashid asked him about a one-time partnership with a woman named Maya, claiming that another friend of his also named Maya had been approached about this, saying it wasn't her but she'd be open to a future alliance. Nash recalled a time when a Royal Thai Police detective helped him investigate Shadaloo while he was working with Interpol in Hong Kong, adding that many basically-incorrect and self-contradictory details were publicized about that incident. Given that Rashid's friend is a redheaded CIA agent, they're confident it's not the same person.
  • Wonders if Ryoma Sengoku had any involvement in his resurrection, but this is not a positive musing as he has zero trust for the process nor the state of his return and he knows Sengoku is an evil scientist.
  • Has approached Selena Recital about a mission-related opportunity of some sort, knowing that she too is a former soldier who once struggled with revenge. They are not divulging any details about it.
  • Upon Helen's ascension under the name Kolin, he immediately set out to try discovering who she was, which he'd already been wondering, and now who helped her ascend. His next step was to meet up with Chun-Li and Guile, confirming to them that she was the one who had resurrected him. When Guile then explained that he had encountered her while looking for Charlie but she fought him away, the group's suspicions grew further.
  • When a barracks suddenly appeared in the Pantheon with new magic-eyed candidate deities rising from the surface only for a single one, King Bradley, to mow down all the others, Guile and Chun-Li went to investigate his temple, with Charlie tailing them. However, this was a decoy: he helped Selena infiltrate the barracks behind everyone's backs before backing his friends. He was able to barely rescue the two from the onslaught of Father's Homunculi, who had all convened with Bradley at the base.
    • The truth about Bradley's revival was soon disseminated: not only was Bradley another Homunculus, with his sin name being Wrath the Furious, Father used help from Master Xehanort and Gul'dan to both draw Bradley out of the afterlife and to create weaker-powered clones of all the other candidates so Bradley could have a glorious display of his power to secure his ascension. When Bartlet contacted Nash to meet again after this revelation, he took Selena to the meeting, and Jed gave her a knowing glance as he congratulated Charlie on a job well done.
  • Mustang introduced him and Guile to Maes Hughes, Roy's own late glasses-wearing best friend, some time after Maes' ascension to the Pantheon. Aside from relating to each other's discovery of the traitorous elements of their governments, Nash appreciates that Hughes has still maintained his levelheaded demeanor.
    • What he doesn't appreciate, however, is Hughes constantly waving around that Fatal Family Photo. He makes him stop doing that by threatening to kill him. Despite this, Charlie intends to help Maes with getting payback against his actual killer, the shapeshifting homunculus Envy.
  • "If you stand in my way...I will kill you."

    Jonathan Joestar 
Jonathan Joestar, God of Heroic Deaths (The First JoJo, Mr. Joestar)

    Mami Tomoe 
Mami Tomoe, High Prophet of Early Deaths (Candeloro, Holy Mami)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Yellow Soul Gem in front of a block of cheese with a bite in it.
  • Theme Song: Credens Justitiam, but when being really badass, Mirai and Absolute Congifuration.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Evil as a member of the Wings of Magius
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl, Gunslinger, We Hardly Knew Ye, Cool Big Sis, Badass via adaption, The Mammaries, Victim of a Gruesome End, Tea Drinking, Tiro Finale, Lady of War
  • Domain: Magic, Death, Guns
  • Followers: Gai Daigojinote , Cliffjumper
  • High Priests: Ryoji Hase/Kamen Rider Kurokage
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, Sayaka Miki, Nanoha Takamachi, Len, Kyouko Sakura, Iroh, Paio II, Noel Vermillion, Litchi Faye-Ling, Guan Yu, Archer, Fate Testarossa, Doctor Wong Fei-Hung, Karen Minazuki, Charlotte the Dessert Witch and her avatars Bebe and Nagisa, Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell, Coyote Starrk, Ms. Fortune, Kiriya Kujo/Kamen Rider Lazer, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, The Hero Club (Especially Fu), Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Kisaragi, Guts, William A. Zeppeli, Anna Kozuki/Kaboom, Miyako, Eddard Stark, Squigly, Asgore, Church, Mia Fey, Androids 17 and 18
  • Enemies: The Incubators, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Opposes: Joel
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after aiding in the defeat of a mad prophet called Oriko Mikuni and her mass-murdering, insane compatriot (Kirika Kure, a blade witch) while she kept her resolve to fight as a Puella Magi rather than snapping and killing her teammates... again. Mami is thankful to the young Yuma Chitose for keeping her on the right path.
    • Unfortunatly, Oriko has since ascended to the Pantheon with Kirika as her Herald. Mami has made it clear that she will stop them if they try to kill anyone.
  • She has no malice towards her mortal killer, Charlotte the Dessert Witch, in fact Charlotte has become something of a pet of hers, which she loves in an unconditional fashion. In turn, Charlotte is rather protective of Mami's well-being... And gets a lot of cheese.
  • She and Kyouko Sakura use to be old friends and a team. Much has happened, but they have reconciled that friendship. Litchi notes that when the two of them are together... they are more like sisters than friends. Kyouko agrees.
    • In a somewhat hilarious example, this was partially what lead her to become friends with Squigly, as she's almost like a more lady-like version of Kyoko.
  • Being High Prophet of Early Deaths, Her task in the pantheon is to hear the life and times of the forgotten... to allow their passing. If she deems them worthy, subjects can be given a chance to fight for their credentials (which was denied in the mortal life).
  • Part of her past time is spent practising Gun Kata with Noel, particularly to increase her awareness in combat, is a regular customer at Iroh's tea-hut, meets with Litchi and Paio II ( the three of them are becoming known as the 'Boobie Trio') regularly. Mami made lots of friends since her Ascension and is really glad she won't be alone any longer.
    • This is very important as any misteps about her being lonely would result in her turning into Candeloro. Thankfully, with someone as kind as Litchi near her, the chances of her turning into that seems... low.
    • It was revealed that Paio was flat chested, and the ownership was relegated to Litchi, leaving the group down to the two of them. Fortunately, Paio's place was quickly filled by Sona Buvelle, so technically they're still a trio. Mami herself has come to enjoy Sona's music plays.
  • Nanoha and Fate once watched how Mami died once. They were REALLY scared. It seemed to provoke their motherly instincts, but they're not sure why. Mami doesn't talk a lot about that...
  • Is rather glad that her sempai, Usagi, has returned to the pantheon. Kyouko can't help but tease her about it.
  • As Eddard Stark was horrified to find that she met a similar fate as his, he decided to act as surrogate father to her. Ned feels that she reminds him of his own daughters.
  • Ever since Madoka befriended Beerus the Seventh God of Destruction, poor Mami now has to prepare ten time the treats for the Afternoon Tea Parties she holds Every Thursday because he is a Big Eater who can out-eat Son Goku himself. Mami counts her blessings that Beerus is largely indifferent about the Apple Pies she bakes for Kyouko; she simply can't handle the repair bills like King Kai did for his ravaged planet if Kyouko loses her temper about it.....
  • Prior to The Great Upheaval, Mami has refined her already powerful yet graceful fighting style to the definition of deadly-elegance by studying under Doctor Wong Fei-Hung, the Tenth Tiger of Canton; having Jet Li, his most beloved avatar as a classmate really helps.
  • Guan Yu allegedly taught Mami the secret to keeping those impossible fabulous twin-corkscrew tails nice-and-curled even in combat. Mami has not remarked on said matter, but nonetheless states she enjoys the company of The Warrior God as a scholar and a gentleman.
  • Has formed a strong friendship with Coyote Starrk, noting the similarities between both their fighting styles and desire for companions. She's one of the few gods in the Pantheon, aside from his Herald Lilynette, who can force him to actually get off his butt and do something. As such, he's a frequent guest at her Afternoon Tea Parties.
    • He has also taken to training both her and Noel in taking the art of Gun Kata to the next level, something about learning her own version of Cero Metralleta...
    • When she heard that Starrk had been seen around the GUAC, she expressed a deep sense of worry for his safety because it was she who convinced him to join as a spy at the request of Madoka to try to both find out more about Lucifer's plans and get close to Homura. Even so, she's fearful of what the fallout of these actions might mean.
  • Uneasy around her new friend Ms. Fortune considering Fortune's disturbing condition and that she sometimes dresses up as Mami.
  • Dislikes Joel ever since he made fun of her face, considering what happened to her, and decided to obliterate him at one of his fighting tournaments.
  • She kinda took a shine to Android 17 for awhile because he likes to use guns (albeit not against any serious opponents), but really warmed up to him and 18 after seeing their performance in the Tournament of Power, seeing the two repeatedly step up to the plate for each other and their teammates, 18 even knocking out a Magical Girl out of love for her husband, and ultimately sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, with 17 even giving up his life. When Usagi proposed the Sisterhood accept them as allies, Mami was one of the quickest to approve.

    Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki 
Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Co-Gods of Deceased Good Parents (Minato: The Fourth Hokage, The Yellow Flash || Kushina: Tomato, Hot-Blooded Habenero)
Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki
Click here to see Minato in Kurama Chakra Mode 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol:
    • Minato: A coat with the words Yondaime hokage cloak written and a hiraishin kunai
    • Kushina: Her hair split in 9 different tips.
  • Theme Music: This when Minato saves Kushina
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Deceased Parents Are the Best
  • Domains: Parenthood
    • Minato: Speed, Combat, War, Leadership
    • Kushina: Red Hair, Chains
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Any who would harm their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, Ragyo Kiryuuin, Ozai, Madara Uchiha, Deidara, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Sephiroth, Griffith, Yhwach, Souske Aizen, Relius Clover, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Medusa Gorgon
  • On Good terms with: Obito Uchiha, Kurama (Naruto), Nagato
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Orochimaru
  • Minato Namikaze is the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure, famous for having fended off the Nine-Tails' attack on the village. Kushina was a kunoichi from Uzushiogakure's Uzumaki clan and the previous jinchūriki of Kurama. Unbeknownst to Naruto, the two are actually his parents, a secret that was kept from him for his protection. Naruto would eventually learn this from the time he lost control of himself to Kurama during the battle against Pain when Minato's chakra came to aid him, and when Kushina's charkra aided him during the time he attempted to take control of Kurama's chakra. Minato would be brought back by Orochimaru via Edo Tensei to contribute in the war against the Akatsuki and the Ten Tails, helping Obito to come to his senses, aiding him in transfering the other half of Kurama to Naruto when he's on the verge of death, and summoning Team 7 back from Kaguya's dimension alongside all the other deceased Kage. Naruto says his last parting words to his father before the Sage of the Six Paths sends him back to the afterlife.
  • Minato originally shared the title of Fast Movement with Yoruichi, before that title was became hers solely, losing his place in the Pantheon. Kushina, the former Goddess of Attractive Redheads, was less than pleased. Thankfully, the gods found a new title they can share between them, as the Co-Gods of Deceased Good Parents. They wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Minato and Kushina are very proud of Naruto for finally getting the acknowledgement he wanted so badly, becoming the Hokage, and even finding himself the love of his life in Hinata Hyuga. The two treat her like their own daughter, and occasionally pay visits to them and their son, Boruto to check how they're doing. Minato and Kushina also act as the doting grandparents to Boruto as well as his sister Himawari Uzumaki whenever she comes to visit the Pantheon.
  • The two feel pity for Obito upon learning what he has become, even though he was the reason they weren't around to raise Naruto. Minato regrets never being able to save him, while Kushina is disappointed about what Obito has become since he was her favorite out of Minato's students. Currently, the two are on good terms with Obito and do pay him a visit when they need to talk (after Kushina gave Obito one big lecture about his choices), sharing advice with him about what he can do to atone.
    • Minato and Kushina are also on good terms with Nagato, though to a lesser extent due to his actions. Regardless, Minato acknowledges that he is just as much of a pawn as Obito was, while Kushina is sympathetic towards her fellow Uzumaki. So they are willing to give a chance just like Naruto did. Nagato in turn respects the two, both their skills, morality, and for being the parents of Naruto.
    • Naruto's parents are also on good terms with Kurama now, since Naruto is able to befriend him and bring out the best in him. Since Kurama was willing to work alongside Minato in the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurama no longer holds anything against him and Kushina now.
  • The two can't stand Ragyo Kiryuuin and Ozai, the two being horrifically abusive to their children. They outright state they are not true parents if they're willing to harm their own children. Ragyo's treatment of Satsuki also revolts them to no end.
    • The two also loathe Medusa Gorgon, Relius Clover and Sophia Lamb, parents who had treated their children as objects without care. They make it clear that they will destroy them if they cross paths with each other.
  • The two view Madara as one of their greatest adversaries, since he orchestrated the events that led to Rin's death and corrupted Obito. Minato's students are just like their surrogate children, what Madara did makes it personal.
    • Minato and Kushina also don't like Kaguya, mainly because she tried to kill her own children for opposing her and inheriting her chakra. The two point out that Naruto is right that a mother should be proud of her children becoming independent.
  • The two are aware of Orochimaru's presence in the Pantheon, though they weren't around to witness his crimes and had to learn from their peers in the Pantheon. So far, they're only tolerating Orochimaru at the moment, keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't try anything funny.
    • Minato and Kushina dislike working with Mayuri Kurotsuchi, considering his actions towards his peers and Nemu abhorrent. Mayuri couldn't care less.
  • Naruto's parents see a lot of their child in Anri, even if circumstances that led to her becoming an orphan were quite different. The two grew sympathetic to the fact that Anri isolated herself out of fear of the demon sealed within her, and grew proud of her for finding people to love her, and allowing that love to help her resist the demon's control. Anri appreciates their kindness and admits they're the kind of parents she would have wanted.
  • Minato and Kushina are shown to get along with Thomas and Martha Wayne, as well as James Potter. They were parents who weren't there for their son growing up, but their deaths and legacy still played a great role in shaping their children's future. They also cared a great deal for their child from beyond the grave, so they sit down to talk with Minato and Kushina about what they can do to make up for lost time.
    • The two are shown to get along many good parents in the Pantheon, some of them including protective and good parents such as Sophita Alexandra, Mufasa, Professor Utonium, and Bryan Mills. Mufasa in particular even shows sympathy towards Minato for never being interact with his son in his childhood, while he was murdered during Simba's time as a cub.
    • Minato and Kushina would learn of Kirito and Asuna's adoption of Yui, despite still being in their adolescence. They admire how quickly they were able to become Good Parents at such a young age, and they spend some talking to them and sharing tips about raising children.
  • Minato and Kushina heard of another fox spirit named Kurama, who just like the Tailed Beast, also resided in a pregnant woman. The two would come to Kurama face to face, and are surprised by just how different he is from the Tailed Beast with the same name. Ever since, they held conversations with Kurama on a daily basis, talking about the Kitsunes from their respective worlds.
  • In an alternate world, Minato and Kushina lived to raise their child (who is named Memna Uzumaki and still becomes the Jinchūriki of the Nine Tails). Though in this case, Kushina's Hair-Trigger Temper tends to get the best of her, overreacting and hitting her child. Kushina only hit Naruto once when they met, but she did apologize and admit it was bad habit of hers. Kushina worries she would do the same thing her alternate self did to her son had she lived and possibly alienate him as a result, but Minato promises her she won't end up like that all, and they certainly won't be overprotective of him since he's already proven himself capable enough to stand on his own.
  • Exclusive to Minato:
    • Minato tends to visit the House of Heroes in order to make up for lost time being that he missed his son's entire life.
    • Minato was glad to see that both Jiraiya and Kakashi had ascended and surprisingly enough none of his predecessors had ascended. It was then that both learned that the Pantheon was very different from their worlds.
    • Minato and Optimus Prime mutually respect the other's skills in combat and leadership. Optimus does feel sorry though that Minato's term as the Hokage was rather short.
    • Both Sonic and the Flash are impressed by how Minato combine speed with teleportation and turn it into an offensive tatic. Minato has made an offer to train them how to use speed effectively in battle.
  • Exclusive to Kushina:
    • Before the title change, Kushina made her ascension after her son Naruto invited her and Minato in order to join him. They both noted that a title based on her red hair would be perfect which lead to her ascension.
    • A notable event was how she managed to survive a Bijuu extraction a feat that would have instantly killed anyone else. Not only that, but she managed to restrain said bijuu. Even more amazing was this all happened right after giving birth after going through a 10-month pregnancy. The Boss was very much impressed by this. She became the second mother in the Pantheon that no one dares to complain about pregnancy pains.
    • She is considered to have the most beautiful hair amongst the pantheon... well, she tends to get the most compliments at least.
    • She was again utterly horrified to hear what happen to her best friend and her two sons. She decided to visit them both and call them out on their recklessness and punched both on the head. She is happy that Sasuke turned out a little better.
    • She gets really pissed when she heard how many try to pair her with her son. Another way to piss her off is to insinuate that she would neglect Naruto if she was alive and had a second child. That and harming him is a one way of getting an easy asskicking.note 

    Portgas D. Ace 
Portgas D. Ace, God of Those Who Are Too Pure For Earth (Fire-Fist Ace, Gol D. Ace)

    William A. Zeppeli 
William Antonio Zeppeli, God of Mentors Fated to Die (The First Zeppeli, Monopoly Man, "Glazed in Bitches" Zeppeli)

Lesser Gods

Artina, Goddess of Killed Off Cuties (The Angel of Avarice, Thief Angel, Vulcanus)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her braided pony tail wrapped around a med kit
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Killed Off Cuties, Unjustly punished kind acts, Good Samaritans, Five Finger Collecting, angel with no fear
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Suffering
  • Allies: Flonne (chain of command), Valvatorez, Fenrich, Ramza Beoluve, Marona, Raspberyl, Robin Hood, Shion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Rika Furude, Axel (on a good day), Colette Brunel,
  • Enemies: Mayuri, Nurgle, Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Flonne, upon becoming an Archangel, recommended Artina's ascension. Initially, the other gods were afraid that Artina would be just like her superior, but were relieved to find out that she's a lot more level-headed.
  • Artina has been banned from the House of Commerce for helping Robin Hood steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham and other gods, though this hasn't stopped her from making visits to the House of Crime to plot their next heist.
    • When confronted by the members of the House of Justice, she defends it by saying that they're only collecting illegal funds and nothing more than that. When asked for proof, she always has the proper paper work detailing the various illegal transfers and transactions. The paperwork is so convoluted that some members just want to ignore her crime so that they don't have to bother looking at it. That and the fact that many of her targets tend to deserve it makes some look the other way.
    • Flonne is often asked if it is alright for her subordinate to engage in theft, though Flonne is more concerned that Artina and Robin Hood have yet come up with a name for their partnership.
  • Now acts as a "care taker" for the "Hinimizawa Club Members", being responsible for preventing them from wrecking havoc when in their "infected" state. Rika has provided her with Hinimizawa Syndrome medication (always in syringe form) for this purpose.
    • While Shion is the most psychotic when infected, Rena and her freakish strength and affinity for fire was the reason she was chosen. It helps that Artina rarely feels any fear when it comes to tending those in need.

    Eddard "Ned" Stark 
Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, God of Quickly Killed Main Characters (Lord of the North, Lord Paramount of the North, Warden of the North, Lord of Winterfell, Hand of the King, Lord Regent, Protector of the Realm, Mah Nigga Ned)

    Jason Todd/Red Hood 
Jason Todd, Patron Saint of Dead Sidekicks (Red Hood II, Robin II, Red Robin I, Nightwing II, Red X?, Arkham Knight)
The Arkham Knight 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Hood helmet or a red Bat symbol.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Getting Killed by The Joker and Staying Dead for years (Until 2005), His Death being Batman's Greatest Failure, Back from the Dead, Opts for A More Violent Means towards Criminals, Uses Guns, in Sharp Contrast to the Bat-Family, Black Robin, Costume Copycat, Feeling Inferior to Dick, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Fallen Hero, Being Betrayed By His Mother and Feeling Betrayed By Bruce For Not Killing The Joker, "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Grey-and-Gray Morality, Pay Evil unto Evil, Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain.
  • Domain: Sidekicks, Weapons, Revenge, Rebirth
  • Allies: Terry McGinnis/Batman, Shinji Ikari, Alfred Pennyworth, Hikage, Kiritsugu Emiya, Wolverine, Laura Kinney, Spawn, Bizarro, Frank Castle/The Punisher, John Wick, Roxas, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Charlie Barkin
  • Rivals: Deadpool, Revy, Masato Kusaka
  • Enemies: The entire GUAE, the entire GUAD, most of the GUAL, most of the House of Crime and Villains.
  • Respects: Lea, Xion, Altair, Ezio Auditore, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero
  • Pitied by: The rest of the Bat-Family, Supergirl
  • Really Complicated Relationship: Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon.
  • Mixed Thoughts: Atrocitus, Agent 47, Dexter Morgan
  • Sibling Rivalry with: Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne
  • Annoyed by: Beast Boy
  • Oppose: Those who forgive villains, High Councilor Kal-El
  • In the comic universe, there was a common saying; Nobody stays dead in comics except for Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes and Uncle Ben. Well, the last one stayed true, at least...
  • Jason Todd met Batman when he was caught trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile. Impressed by the sheer nerve of the act, Batman inducted him into the Bat Family as the second Robin, since Dick had become Nightwing. Beaten to near death by the Joker with a crowbar before getting killed in an explosion, Jason Todd's death has always been seen as one of Batman's greatest failures and has haunted him his entire life. Even after he was brought back to life by a Lazarus Pit and took on a new identity as the Red Hood, his death is a cruel reminder of how truly dangerous being a young sidekick to a hero is. And he wouldn't be the last reminder.
  • Jason's mental health was a bit of a problem back in the day. At the best of times, he can pretty much act like an Anti-Hero. But at his worst, he can sometimes act just as villainous as many of the bad guys he killed. Most likely this was caused by the Lazarus Pit which has a well know side effect of causing mental problems to whoever it resurrects. Though, lately he has pretty much been in the more Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain side. Mostly.
    • Wait, you thought he was resurrected by Superboy-Prime punching reality? Don't be silly.
  • Pretty much hates most members in the House of Crime. Though, there are exceptions like Vi who is a reformed criminal and Isaac and Miria who don't cause any harm in their robberies. He is actually trying to figure a way to send the more sympathetic criminals away so that he can blow up the entire house with some C4.
    • He made a preempted strike to the house when he killed most of Balaika's men from Hotel Moscow. To further the insult, he delivered their heads back to the Russian Don, leaving a message that the entire house was next. This left Balaika very angry and she swore vengeance on Jason for killing her men.
  • Has stayed far away from the rest of the ascended Bat family. Some mistakenly believe he doesn't interact with Bruce because he still hates him for failing to save him. That's not true. What he hates is that he never avenged his death by killing the Joker. The only member he even has minimal contact with is Alfred who is known to always leave a hot meal for the "fallen" Robin.
  • Atleast some of Jason's problem stems from his inferiority complex towards Dick Grayson, feeling that he will never live up to him in Bruce's eyes.
  • Has found Beast Boy's constant pestering that he is Red X utterly annoying. Even when he tells him he isn't him, BB is still convince it's him.
  • Has been notice to sound just like Dean Winchester. Though, his voice went through a bit of a change. Now he sounds like Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, and even The Joker. Let's say Jason doesn't like the voice change that much.
  • Gained rivals in both Deadpool and Revy. The former because he feels Jason stole his style in that one awesome Batman adaptation and Revy who is under contract of Hotel Moscow to kill him. The three even had a three way fight that ended with all parties injured and left a bit of the pantheon in ruins.
  • Has been seen hanging around with Shinji Ikari for some odd reason. Though, Yui Ikari is apprehensive about her son hanging around Jason.
  • Jason has allied himself with Hikage. The two have been know to rough up a few mooks that they encounter.
  • Has required special 'Magic Bullets' from Kiritsugu Emiya to counter any baddies with magic abilities.
  • What's Jason's most cherished memory? Coming down with the Flu as a child and, after being told he can't come on patrol, having Bruce surprise him and spending a night in together.
  • To say that Jason hates the Joker would be an understatement. Either he wants the clown beaten to the inch of his life, begging for it before Jason ends it... or he wants Batman himself to kill the Joker to prove his point.
    • Jason and the Joker do agree in one thing though; The Red Skull is absolute trash and Jason is more than willing to kill him. Doesn't stop him from hating The Joker too.
  • An alternate version of Jason was revealed who instead of being killed by the Joker, was tortured by him for over a year under Arkham. The torture was so horrendous, it made him hate Bruce, believing he abandoned him. It also made him more villainous and traumatized than his comic version as he came back as the Arkham Knight with a whole army (that he trained himself) and worked with Scarecrow to inflict the entire city of Gotham with fear gas and put Barbara Gordan's life in danger. All to get revenge on Bruce.
  • Oppose any deities who have forgiven their villains no matter how much they have ruined their lives. Like Naruto Uzumaki and Madoka Kaname. Saying someone is a "cool guy" despite being the cause of your parents' death and not punishing a race for harvesting little girls doesn't sit well with Jason.
    • He also doesn't understand why the GUAG would even have a group of Token Evil Teammate. Which is ironic since he would fit right in that group.
  • Jason gets along rather easily with Frank Castle, seeing as both are vigilantes driven by vengeance and are willing to kill to get their job done, and both will not hesitate in either teaming up or sparring to sharpen their skills. As Jason is rather soft towards children and seeks to keep them away from their crusade, the tragic deaths of Frank's children makes his viewpoint more enforced.
  • Formed a kinship with John Wick after hearing his retaliation against the Tarasov Crime Family (Or rather the head's son) for killing his puppy. Jason found it rather similar to his situation when he returned from the grave and was hellbent on killing The Joker. He likes to meet up with Wick and test their skills with one another and is more than willing to help him when the situation arises. To this day, Wick remains one of the Pantheon Gods Jason respects the most, despite him having ties to the House of Crime.
  • Understands what Roxas went through during his days in Organization XIII, or at least during his last days when he broke his relationship with one of his friends and forced to kill another, resulting in Roxas lashing out against the Organization. Jason also finds Roxas to be rather similar to Nightwing.
    • In that regard, Jason has also come to despise Xemnas for letting these events transpire to his goals and disregard for his followers, comparing Xemnas to villains like Black Mask.
    • He found some some amount of respect for Roxas's best friends, Lea and Xion. He likes Lea for the fact that he's like a big brother to Roxas and Xion, a relationship Jason wishes he had with Dick Grayson. Xion being a part of the House of Life and Death has given Jason someone to relate to, though he doesn't like to talk about how he himself and Xion died, given the circumstances around it.
  • Has a surprisingly great relationship with Terry McGinnis, seeing as he ACTUALLY permanently defeated The Joker in his home universe. And for once, Jason can act like a Big Brother Mentor towards a younger protege of Batman, something he is very proud of.
  • Absolutely LOATHES Patrick Bateman, seeing him as a total scum and someone who deserves to be offed. Not helping matters is how similar he resembles Bruce, which only frustrates Jason further.
  • Really doesn't want to be reminded by the one time where he was actually killed by Bruce himself (Or rather, The Batman Who Laughs. Whether it was the fact that his father figure murdered him, or that Bruce turned into his exact antithesis, Its a terrible thought for Jason. That said, he abhors The Batman Who Laughs immensely and will kill him the first chance he gets.
  • Found a good friend and ally under Scorpion, seeing as the two can relate to each other regarding vengeance and loss. Scorpion does want to teach Jason on how to appreciate life, like how he himself did after his resurrection. Progress is slow, but Jason is willing to go through with it. He gets some help from Terry, Bizarro and his allies in getting to be happy and serene.
  • Respects Kuai Liang seeing him as someone who, while upholding law and justice, is willing to kill under dire circumstances. Kuai however, sees Jason as a troubled soul that needs mentoring and discipline. He declined, though he does note that Kuai has a point.
  • Has gotten fond of Charlie Barkin. The dog went through a lot to protect and provide for an orphan girl, and Jason, being an orphan, was rather touched by the tale. The two get along as both are caustic, though have good intentions for the most part.

    Jenette Vasquez 
Private Jenette Vasquez, Goddess of Expendable Tomboys
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her headband and custom M56 Smartgun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Tomboy Who Dies, Ambiguously Bi (to her, it's nobody's business), The Big Gal, Blood Knight, The Berserker, Helmets Are Hardly Heroic, The Lad-ette, Spicy Latina, Tank-Top Tomboy, Better to Die than Be Killed and You Shall Not Pass!
  • Domain(s): Tomboys, Military, Sacrifice
  • Herald: Carmen Vasquez (her younger sister)
  • High Priestess: Rain Ocampo
  • Followers: Cpl. Jane Proudfoot, FBI Agent Naomi Misora, Kathryn O'Brien, Trudy Chacon, Dizzy Flores, Dayna Jurgens, Isolde, Pauline Mikado
  • Allies: Cpl. Dwayne Hicks, Ellen Ripley, XCOM, Ashley Williams, Berserker!Iji Kataiser, the Tactician, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor (Enemy as the T-3000), Princes Daisy, Meryl Siverburgh, Johnny Sasaki, IF, Compa, Hitomi
  • Enemies: The Xenomorph Drone, Facehuggers, the android Ash, all evil aliens, SKYNET, The First T-800, The T-1000
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: All non-evil alien deities, "Uncle Bob" T-800
  • Ripley and Hicks were surprised to hear that another candidate from their universe was going to ascend to the Pantheon. Both dreaded that it might be perhaps the Xenomorph Queen or someone else at Weyland-Yutani. Thankfully, it turned out to be one of the marines in the mission at LV-426; Jenette Vasquez. Trope she ascended for; Vasquez Always Dies, a trend where in a group, the least feminine girl in it tends to kick the bucket while the most feminine one makes it to the end, though there have been subversions to that trend.
    • Vasquez doesn't mind this, since she's reunited with not only Ripley and Hicks, but also her sister Carmen, who also "fell" in battle to the Xenomorphs just like her, and now serves as her herald.
  • Sarah and John Connor had to check twice in their encounters with Vasquez, somehow almost mistaking her for John's foster mom Janelle Voight, who was as far from being a tomboy as can be from Vasquez. By extension, she's come to know about SKYNET and the Terminators thanks to them.
  • Prior to joining the military, she was (probably) an illegal immigrant from outside the USA. She lived the life of a street gangster, which ultimately led to her committing murder at a young age and being sent to juvenile prison. As part of the Service or Jail Act, in order to avoid further detention, she enlisted in the USCM. As such, she makes time to help young individuals struggling from the same issues that had affected her in her youth.
  • As a soldier tasked with killing aliens, not to mention her experiences in LV-426, she's slow to trust any extraterrestrial, regardless of alignment.
  • Aside from her smart gun, Vasquez has a Smith & Wesson Model 39 with ivory grips for a sidearm.
  • Given who portrayed her, some wonder how stacked is she actually. Of course, no one thinking to ask has gathered the courage to.
  • Given her track record against the Xenomorphs, X-COM has also thought of recruiting her. Given that Weyland-Yutani considered her and the rest of her squad expendable, even though X-COM tends to lose its operatives quite a bit in their operations, Vasquez immediately signed up.
    • Among the allies she's made while there was Iji Kataiser. The Berserker one, that is. Vasquez is both impressed with her massive kill count of over 300 alien soldiers as well as the weapon she used to kill them with yet at the same time concerned that this was all at the young age of 20 (to Vasquez's 26) over the course of a single day (or a few), not to mention how much it affected her psyche. As for the Pacifist one, Vasquez is puzzled with her…dubious no-kill code, but the Berserker vouched for her since the aliens they fought were speech-capable and can be reasoned with to an extent and that between the two, it's the Pacifist aspect that managed to stop Earth from being wiped of life by way of Alpha Strike, whereas her rage at the time went too far and killed the only one who can call it off, dooming her planet as a result.
    • Another person she has high regards for among X-COM's allies is the Tactician due to his/her regard for soldiers' lives. While Weyland-Yutani considered its employees and even soldiers expendable, the Tactician gives a damn about each and every single unit under his/her command (though neutral forces not under his/her command can be another matter). However, getting his/her assistance is rare due to the stress X-COM missions take on him/her.

    Jon Arryn 
Jon Arryn, God of Plot-Triggering Deaths (Ser Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender Of The Vale, Warden Of The East, Hand of the King, Keeper Of The Gates Of The Moon)

    Kanade Amou 
Kanade Amou, Divine Patron of Dead Partners
  • Theme Song: Kimi To Iu Oto Kanade Tsukiru Made. Gyakkou no Resolve
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Gungnir
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Near Ace, Losing Her Family to the Noise, Decoy Protagonist, Fiery Redhead, Good Feels Good, Hot-Blooded, Sacrificing Herself for Hibiki
  • Domain: Music, Weapons, Friendship
  • Allies: 2nd Division Symphogear, Suite Pretty Cure, Genjuro Kazanari, Miku Kohinata, FIS Children, Pit, Samus Aran, Iona Hikawa, Odin, Kyoko Sakura, Kamina, Pyrrha Nikos, Cu Chuclainn, Cloud Strife, Karna, Kushina Uzumaki
  • Enemies: I-No, Courtney Gear, HYDRA, Embryo
  • Conflicting Alliance: Kaito Kumon
  • Once the partner of Tsubasa Kazanari in not only as the music group Zwei Wing, but also in eliminating the Noise. The two were inseperable. Unfortunately, Kanade sacrifice herself to both save a young Hibiki Tachibana and destroy a horde of Noise. Her death deeply effected Tsubasa. And for a while, turned her very bitter and angry.
  • When Kanade first ascended to the Pantheon, she went straight to the House of Music, being informed that her old partner was also in the pantheon. When Tsubasa first saw Kanade, she was in brief denial that Kanade was truly in the Pantheon. However, once she was sure she was real, Tsubasa broke down in tears, hugging her once dead partner. Kanade, taken aback, also hugged Tsubasa, tears of her own falling down. Kanade was proud at Tsubasa growth and that she could soar on her own. Because of this, she has kept her distance from Tsubasa. Though, she still hangs out with her on occasion.
    • Kanade became fast freinds with both Chris, Hibiki and Miku and each gave them a hug and thank them for being friends with Tsubasa. Kanade was also surprise when she found out that the girl she saved from that Noise way back became a Symphogear user. She felt bad that a piece of the Gungnir embedded itself in Hibiki's chest and threaten her life. However, Hibiki has zero ill will over it.
  • It should be noted that Kanade does not own Gungnir. She ok with it as she feels Tsubasa and her friends can handle things without her.
    • Though, if the GUAG were to ever take a peice out of Odin's own Gungnir...Who knows.
  • Kanade was a bit surprise when she found out that two members of Suite Pretty Cure, another music theme magical girl warriors, share the exact name as her and Hibiki. What ever the case, she became friends to the four girls.
  • Even though Kanade doesn't wield a spear any more, she has made allies with some. These includes Kyoko Sakura, Cu Chuclainn, Karna, Niko Pyrrha and even Odin, the wielder of Gungnir. She is however more close to Kyoko since she sympathize with her tragic family life. She also learned, being lancer is suffering.
    • Her relationship with Kaito Kumon is a bit rocky. While she does feel for his trouble past, that whole trying to destroy the world really put a damper in any interacting. Though, he no longers desire it.
  • While not a bad person, Kanade first became a Symphogear user so she could avenge her family who were killed by the Noise. However, she started to like helping people and that it felt good doing it. She actually became friends with Iona Hikawa who lost her powers but regained new ones that was power by love and liking that feeling.
  • Gets along very well with Kamina. Might be because they are both dead partners for Tsubasa and Simon and decoy protagonists in their series.
  • While not as close to the FIS Children compare to Tsubasa, Hibiki and Chris, Kanade still became friends with the three, especially with Maria since their lives had parallel yet divergence life.
  • Has often perform in the House of Music, sometimes singing together with Tsubasa.
  • There are some who have notice Kanade sounds a bit like Pit.
  • Cloud Strife has remarked that Kanade's out going personality reminds him of his long past friend, Zack Fair.


    Dahlia Hawthorne 
Dahlia Hawthorne, Unholy Patron of Actions Even After Death (Chinami Miyanagi, Satoko Mukui, Dolores Willow, Melissa Foster, Teen Angel, Dollie)
As a spirit 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her white parasol with butterflies surrounding it
  • Theme Song: Distant Traces of Beauty
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, The Sociopath, Mia Fey’s arch-enemy, Hate Sink, It's All About Me, Manipulative Bitch, Smug Snake, Evil Twin, The Vamp, Wounded Gazelle Gambit, Crocodile Tears, Butterfly motifs, Bad Liar, Got exorcised while being humiliated over the failures she had been reminded of
  • Domains: Selfishness, Murderers, Facades, Spirits, Possession, Exorcism
  • Allies: None. She’s way too selfish to have one and only cares for herself
  • Rivals: Tomie Kawakami
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed/Feared by: Carol Anne Freeling, Libby Chesler, Monaca Towa
  • Interested in: Chucky/Charles Lee Ray
  • Born as a Fey clan member, her mother’s branch was overshadow in favor of her mother’s sister, Misty Fey, thanks to having more power that favors the clan and as a result, Misty became the clan head and her parents divorced with her father taking her and her twin sister Iris in custody and remarrying someone else. Having grown to hate her family, she convinced her father to give Iris away to the Hazakura Temple and wants to scam her father for money by using Terry Fawles and staged a kidnapping with her stepsister Valerie Hawthorne. As part of her secret plan with her stepsister, Valerie shoots Terry’s hand, Dahlia falling into the river, and Fawles being convicted for her “murder”, while escaping with the ransom of expensive jewels. Later on, Valerie became a policewoman and thanks to her job, she forged Dahlia a new life under the name Melissa Foster.
    • Years later, Valerie contacted Dahlia telling her that she’s going to meet Fawles who escaped about the truth of their incident. However, Dahlia’s fears results in her killing Valerie and disguising as her stepsister to meet Fawles, resulting in him being framed from Valerie’s murder. Under her new name, she became a witness in his trial with the prosecutor being Miles Edgeworth and the attorney being Mia Fey. Mia had the necessary evidence to prove Dahlia was the murderer, however, Fawles’s refusal for cooperation and determination to prove Dahlia’s innocence, he committed suicide by secretly drinking a vial of poison, with the trial being unsolved.
    • Enrolling as a literature student in Ivy University, she found out she was investigated by Mia Fey and Diego Armando, she poisoned the latter’s coffee (which she got from an another “boyfriend” named Doug Swallow) after agreeing for a meeting. Later on, she met Phoenix Wright and gave him a bottle necklace as a ”symbol of love” which is actually traced to the poisoning of Diego Armando with Swallow finding out about her true nature and broke up with her. Wanting to kill Phoenix due to having the bottle necklace, Iris decided to take Dahlia’s place to save him. Months later, knowing that Iris would never murder Phoenix, she decided to kill him instead, but found Swallow warning Phoenix about her true nature. Out of disbelief, Phoenix left the scene and in order for Swallow to not expose her, she electrocuted him and framed Phoenix. Becoming a witness again, she was doomed as Mia was the defense attorney and was able to expose her, causing her to be arrested.
    • Before her execution got take place, she met her real mother, Morgan Fey (who was arrested for her involvement in a murder) who both made a plan of Dahlia channeling Pearl by sending her to the Hazakura Temple in the hopes of murdering Maya and the former becoming the clan head of the Feys, since Dahlia wants to get revenge on Mia. When she possessed someone she didn’t knew (revealed to be Misty Fey to save Maya), she was stabbed by Godot, causing her to pull out of Misty’s body. She later got possessed again when an earthquake takes place and Dahlia uses this to escape and lock Iris, disguising as her. Standing as a witness in Misty’s trial, she tried to convince the court that Maya committed suicide out of guilt of killing her mother. However, Phoenix reveals that she’s possessing Maya’s body and Mia revealed her plan of Maya possessing Dahlia to save herself while Mia mocks Dahlia of all of her failures. Distraught over her humiliation of the failures she had to endure especially her plan regarding Maya and Pearl, she was exorcised out of Maya’s body, never to be channelled ever again.
  • Her ascension came when she suddenly appeared in the House of Life and Death to seek revenge on Phoenix and Mia for humiliating her and causing her exorcism. The Court of Gods made her the Goddess of Actions Even After Death due to being one of the dangerous criminals that Phoenix has ever face in his entire career and her only reason of channeling someone just to spite Mia is pretty special if not really petty. However, as a consequence because of her trope, she remains as a spirit and never given a living body, something that Dahlia doesn’t really care as long as she could take her revenge on both Phoenix and Mia.
  • News of her ascension has reached towards the Wright Anything Agency and Phoenix and his fellow Fey clan members are mad upon seeing her and have already work on their duty to stop her plans of giving Mia the perfect revenge from happening. Wanting to keep Mia safe from harm, Godot decided to work with the Wright Anything Agency even if he still feels guilty from not saving her. While the other members of the Wright Anything Agency haven’t met her, hearing her story from their superiors made them determined to get her behind bars, even if she’s a spirit. Being a prosecutor who now seeks justice, Miles is disgusted at her extreme pettiness and helps the Wright Anything Agency to arrest her while The Judge is exasperated upon hearing her ascension and tells anyone who is a spirit channeler to not ever channel her spirit.
    • The only person in her universe who works with her is Manfred von Karma, but that’s only because they’re accomplices as usual for Dahlia and since he is against defense attorneys in general and wants revenge on Phoenix for exposing him, she figures that his position as a prosecutor could help her destroy Phoenix and Mia’s reputation. That said, von Karma constantly watches her since her plans could be switched at any moment and decides to backstab him if she now regards him as a hindrance.
  • Thanks to her existence as a vengeful spirit, the good deities of the Ghost subhouse have really oppose her and work with their fellow ghost/spirit defeaters to make sure that she doesn’t do any damage to humans, especially Phoenix and Mia. Special mention goes to Hisako as she sees her reason of vengeance against her two targets as selfish and a dishonor to the spirits who seek vengeance for good reasons. Outside of the subhouse, Erma Williams hates her like her fellow ghost friends and after hearing about her exorcism, decides to follow Phoenix and Mia’s method of humiliating her of her failures when Dahlia possessed someone one time, thinking that it will be a much more satisfying outcome. It goes as much as you think it happened like before.
    • As opposed to humans hunting down ghosts and spirits, the Ghostbusters and Luigi see how malicious her spirit is and promised themselves to keep her spirit out of sight, even if the latter is literally afraid of her because of how much of a demon she is. Having faced a lot of malicious spirits in his life, Abe no Seimei doesn’t find her as much of a problem to face especially because she doesn’t have any supernatural powers to back her up. Nate Adams also doesn’t like her, if not finds her a bit creepy thanks to her demonic person and the Ghost Stories cast outright hate her, calling her a bitchy manipulative asshole who is way too pathetic for a spirit, something that Dahlia really took much more personal than the other ghost hunters she would face.
    • Regarding those who don’t have a career on hunting ghosts, Miku Hinasaki is a little bit frightened by her yet is determined to face her in the midst of trouble, but as a parent herself, she pities her for having never given love for the people who should have given her that. The same can be said for Mio and Mayu Amakura, both of whom feel bad for how she treated Iris and only seeing her as a nuisance. Considering she never had any defenses on fighting against spirits, Carol Anne Freeling justifiably fears him, not to mention how much of a malevolent spirit she is, but she also wants to find a way to rest her spirit and give her peace, which is not happening anytime soon.
    • Having heard what Dahlia planned to do to Pearl, Koudelka Iasant and Anna Kyoyama willed themselves to never let Dahlia possess them, knowing that her scheming could get anywhere and are willing to help Maya in case Dahlia ever decides to possess her again. Despite both not being a spirit channeler and a spirit anymore, Yusa and Misa Kurobane already don’t like her and Yusa is glad that she never had any of her powers anymore to unwillingly channel her.
  • Regarding alliances, Melkor and Nekron have extended an invitation for her to join their alliances, because her revenge and willingness to do anything to achieve it makes her a worthwhile member, even if they knew that she could backstab them any time she wishes, though they are much more powerful and aware of her than she would think. Dahlia accepts the invitation and uses it as sanctuary as long as she would participate in their activities.
  • While wanting to find a way to extract her revenge on Phoenix and Mia, she stumbled upon Tomie Kawakami. Rather than using her own looks to charm Dahlia, Tomie decides to torment her of all her failures she extracted on herself and how in the end, her looks didn’t really give her an edge since all of her plans resulted in a failure. This pisses off Dahlia so much she possessed someone and proceeds to kill many of Tomie’s clones but she keeps making more and enters a rivalry with Tomie just to humiliate her. To this day, the rivalry continues and it is not known who is on the edge.
  • Both the Houses of Family and Love really hated Dahlia and for good reason, the latter because she never cared any of the "boyfriends" she dated and is only using them for her schemes and the former because for harming her own clan members that never give hell towards her and for not loving Iris despite the fact that her twin sister really loved her despite Dahlia’s cruelty, though both houses pity Dahlia since she was never given any parental love and guidance that could change her life, something that Iris is fortunately given.
    • Both Ken Kaneki and Issei Hyodo hate her because she reminds them of their past girlfriends that backstab them and are actually cruel people in real life. This prompted Raynare to secure a meeting with Dahlia and the former finding much interest thanks to her cunning and scheming, finding a lot of Commonality Connection with the latter, and being confident that she would be safer since she is much more powerful than her, the two struck an alliance as long as they helped each other in their goals. Issei is not pleased when he found out about this so much so he immediately tried to punch Dahlia in the face despite the fact she’s a spirit.
  • Being a killer of killers, Dexter Morgan hates her, calling her a pathetic human being whose only reason of existence is to exact vengeance on people she believes have wronged her. It frustrates him that Dahlia is a spirit and thus, couldn’t really find a way to torture her on killing her just to give her a lesson.
  • Despite the fact they’ve only exorcised demons, Father Kerras and Father Merrin find her as much as a demon as the other demons they have faced and have already prepared themselves to do so the moment she possesses someone. They find her exorcism back then a bit satisfying, if not the method for Phoenix and Mia to do so as interesting and wanted to do the same method to Dahlia and to those whom they think couldn’t easily handle the humiliation of their failures.
  • Dahlia finds Chucky using voodoo magic to inhabit his spirit into a doll as interesting, wanting to use it in order to stuck her soul into objects in order to escape when she’s being targeted, but she’s willing to betray him of course if they ever enter an alliance. Of course, Chucky wants her to succeed on her goal, but doesn’t enter an alliance with her as doesn’t want to be killed one more time and feels safer without another person targeting him.
  • Though they pity Dahlia thanks to the fact of how much her parents have wronged her and never cared for her, an issue that Haru Okumura could relate, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are willing to change her heart, seeing her revenge towards Phoenix and Mia as toxic and her manipulations towards the innocent as corruptive. One of their friends, Hikari, also hates her, since she forced one of her "boyfriends" to commit suicide to save her own skin, since Hikari herself used to be suicidal, but she pities for the same reason as her own friends, since she was never given any love from her own family other than her father for wanting to become a director.
  • Coco and Salazzle already hated her the moment they hear how she had a blind follower committed suicide to save her by drinking poison and murdered Godot by slipping it into his poison (and Phoenix for eating her bottled necklace of poison). Though Killua is impressed with the method of how she does bottle necklace poison method, even for a former assassin like him, he finds her insane and compared how her blindness to vengeance is similar to Kurapika, a comparison the latter isn’t pleased to hear.
  • As much of a Manipulative Bitch Libby Chesler and Monaca Towa are underneath, even they find Dahlia a bit creepy and much of a demon they could face that they didn’t even bother approaching her, especially the latter who doesn’t want to become an Ax-Crazy person anymore. Though they could sympathize with her as they become the way they are because they are given any compassion, especially by their parents.
  • "From the day I was born to the day I died, I never helped anyone! I lived for myself and, in the end, I died for myself."

    Ernesto de la Cruz 
Ernesto de la Cruz, The Dishonored Dead God
Ernesto when he was alive 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His white flashy outfit, his (now defiled) mausoleum
  • Theme Song: Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fraudulent Celebrity, Former Friend of Héctor, Glory Hound, Selfish, Uncreative, Boasting Craven, Plagiarist, Chick Magnet, Loved by millions in life and death until his crimes revealed, condemned in both life and death for his crimes
  • Domains: Undead, Plagiarism, Defiled, Murderers
  • Allies: None (nobody like his attitude)
  • Enemies: Héctor, Miguel, Rivera, Manolo Sanchez, Valvatorez, Yusuke Kitagawa, The Riddler, Phantom of the Paradise, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jason Todd, Axel the Dark, Freddy Fazbear, Terra Branford, Bryan Mills, Asura, Bayonetta, Stan Marsh, Cream the Rabbit, Tails, Usalia, Satako Houjou, Rika Furude, Phoenix Wright, Quasimodo, Megan Williams
  • Ernesto de la Cruz, born in 1896, was a famed musician beloved by millions of people with his hit song, Remember Me. Or... at least, that's what people thought. In reality, de la Cruz was a mediocre musician himself who milked out his fame from stealing and murdering his partner and friend, Héctor. For over 70 years, he was beloved in the afterlife until an adventure of Héctor's great-great grandson, Miguel, exposed the truth of what happened to him and people in both the living and the dead world turned against him. His mausoleum is defiled and in disrepair within a year, with a mocking "Forget You" hanging on the mausoleum.
  • Ernesto wakes himself in his own mausoleum (now decrepit due to nobody wanting to maintain a tomb of a murderer) and find himself in the Pantheon. He sees it as a moment for him to restore his reputation in the Pantheon, though that's easier said than done since people are aware of his crimes. Some musicians/boombox owners even play "Forget You" right in front of the temple's door just to drive how ostracized he is.
  • A pariah in the eyes of the House of Music for both stealing the works and murdering the more accomplished musician, Héctor. No matter how much "Remember Me" is played, the House refuse to let him in for his fraudulent act and his lack of inspiration since he had to steal another man's work to be famous.
  • He is despised by the House of Friendship, who view his betrayal and murder of his best friend, as well as a fallout with his family that made him a Unperson and nearly got him the Final Death as unforgivable. On the other hand, the House of Betrayal thought that he would have got away with it if he didn't make a movie scene based on that betrayal.
    • When Ernesto tried to murder Miguel to prevent the truth from coming out from both the living and the dead world, people do not take kindly of him hurting children.
    • If there is one thing that Ernesto upsets, it is Phoenix Wright because it is stated that he dislikes two things: poisoning and betraying people.
  • A lot of people have noted that Ernesto genuinely did have the talents needed to become famous legitimately, with the only things holding him back being his lack of creativity and lack of faith in his own skills. He could do his own stunts, had leading man good looks, and the acting skills needed to perform in a variety of roles in multiple films. He's even capable of off the cuff improvisation, as proven by his joining Imelda singing "La Llorona" to keep his fans from realizing that's not part of the act. He could have hired another songwriter instead of stealing Héctor's songs, but he never really stopped to think that. Nobody bothers to point this out to Ernesto, and even if they did, Ernesto had already shot himself in the foot long ago, so it really wouldn't matter.
  • Manalo Sanchez doesn't like Ernesto for giving musician a bad name by stealing Hector's songs but also stealing something that belongs to a dear friend, of which Manalo cannot excuse bad behavior. Ernesto himself views him as some goody two-shoes who shouldn't butt into the business of others.
  • He started to grow a fear of bells, since they have been a bane of his life and death as they keep falling on top of him. The sound of bells would freak Ernesto out whenever the Quasimodo does his routine bell-ringing.
  • As his crime became known throughout the Pantheon, even the most respectful to the dead are disgusted by his fraudulent acts that he carry to the grave as well as murdering a man that was nearly forgotten.
  • His presence cut too deeply for the normally calm Yusuke Kitagawa, once even denouncing him as a disgrace to art (if we could count music as art). Perhaps his action was no different than Madarame, who stole the work of his students and even letting Yusuke's mother die so that he could steal her work.
  • The Riddler shows little amity toward the dead musician, perhaps because back when he had a normal life as Edward Nigma, he was a computer software designer who created a smash game called "The Riddle of the Minotaur," but was fired when his boss, Daniel Mockridge, denied him royalty and stole credit. He would have killed him had Batman not intervened, but his former boss lives in fear of his return. Ernesto stealing credit remind him too much of his own life and he consider scheming to make Ernesto's life miserable.
  • Moe Szyslak once kicked him out of his bar because, even for him, he disgust him. Even though he once stole an idea, the Flaming Homer, from his best customer, he never hold bad feelings toward him and was willing to apologize to him for stealing an idea. Plus, he would be displeased if Ernesto put poison in his drinks, like how he poison Hector's drink.
  • His Catchphrase "Seize your moment" would be a great motivator for those who seeks opportunity to reach their goal, if you forgot that he pushed himself to murder his own friend to achieve his goals.
  • "Seize your moment."

    Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris 
Melvin Harris, God of Sympathetic Villain Deaths (Big Smoke, El Grando Smokio)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Dipped into Neutral Evil when he sided with C.R.A.S.H.)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Big Eater, Big Fun, Face–Heel Turn, Fat Bastard, Flunky Boss, Unwitting Pawn, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Loyalty, Betrayal, Drugs, Fame, Money, Food
  • Allies: Tommy Vercetti, Those who fell into ambition
  • Enemies: The House of Justice, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Phillips, Niko Bellic, Dimitri Rascalov
  • On good terms: The House of FAITH
  • Complicated Relationships: Carl Johnson
  • Melvin Harris, also known as Big Smoke, was once the right hand man of Sweet Johnson and a loyal member of the Grove Street Families. However, Smoke later was corrupted by the ambition of being powerful and famous and decided to side with the corrupt cops of C.R.A.S.H. and organized the death of the mother of his best friends. However, even after he got what he wanted, he was struck down by CJ and realized that everything he did was become he became addicted to power and died saying that everyone was going to remember his name. His friend CJ regrets killing him but it was something that had to be done.
  • The House of Justice has kept a close eye on Big Smoke after his rise of power in the crack empire. However, since his mortal his influence has died down overtime and he might not even try to regain his power back.
  • CJ was confused when he saw his old buddy Smoke around the pantheon and actually confronted him. He hasn't forgotten that he was the one that betrayed him but Smoke actually regrets his actions. However, they decided to cut ties and never speak again.
  • Big Smoke ascension didn't sit well with a few other deities from his home franchise. Franklin found Smoke having too many similarities with Stretch, the man who constantly set up his friend Lamar and Trevor doesn't like him because of how he betrayed his friends (He doesn't take betrayal lightly). Niko Bellic is also another one who doesn't like Smoke, given his backstabbing actions remins him a lot of Dimitri Rascalov.
    • On the other hand, Tommy Vercetti is open to make negotiations with Smoke, provided he becomes one of his henchmen in the drug business. Smoke is considering the offer, but doesn't want to fall into the same trap as before.
  • He is not welcome in the House of Friendship given his betrayal. Big Smoke agrees this is a fair punishment.
  • He doesn't have the best relationships with the Russian Mafiya, mostly because he had a few run-ins with the Los Santos Russian mafia and even tasked his friends CJ in getting rid of a few members for him. Dimitri Rascalov, notorious russian snake, has had Big Smoke in his sights for a while.
  • Smoke can be often found in the House of Food, not surprising given his love for eating. He always makes a particular order everytime he goes.
  • It is adviced to never enter his temple without his permission. He has become very paranoid ever since his mortal death and since he no longer has the Ballas protection, you'll be surprised at what he is going to do to you.
  • People have asked him about following the damn train. He still blames CJ for those countless failures.
    • It's not unlikely to see Smoke in the House of Travel chasing trains.
  • Apparently he is a devout christian, so he sometimes visits the house of FAITH. He can believe that he became a god after death, so he must be right that people would remember his name.
  • "Respect has to be earned Sweet. Just like money."
  • Can also be found in the House of Ambiguity.

Padak, Goddess of Surprisingly Sudden Deaths (Flip-Flop, the Mackerel)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: An stylized drawing of her
  • Theme Song: Nightmare. I'm Sorry/Forgive Me (Shared with the Master).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Chaotic Neutral when starving.
  • Portfolio: Surprisingly Sudden Death, Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep", Only Known by Their Nickname, Blue Is Heroic, Nice Girl, believing in life being more than just surviving, Determinator, Bilingual Animal, No One Gets Left Behind, Cool Big Sis to Spotty, tries to take an authoritative role with the other fish but fails, her only friend was Spotty (And later, the Master), Gradually becomes a Broken Bird as the film progresses, The Ace, apologizes to the Master after thinking he was responsible for Spotty's death, The Hero Dies, Inspirational Martyr for the Master, Was served as Izukuri right after One Last Song, Eaten Alive, Undignified Death
  • Domains: Fishes, Freedom, Death
  • Heralds: Spotty
  • High Priest: Sarah Lynn
  • Followers: Kaname Tousen, Maude Flanders
  • Allies: The Master, Magikarp, Relicanth, Qwilfish, Aquaman, Spongebob, Patrick, Octodad, Te Fiti, Gaea, San, The Lorax, Viridi, Hazel, Ash Ketchum, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Sam Manson, Lisa Simpson, Aang, Captain Planet, Fluttershy, Rose Quartz, Steven Universe, Caesar.
  • Fears: The Penguins of Madagascar, the Kraken, Lord Fredrik, Bruce the Shark, the Liopleurodon, the Meg, the Raptor Pack, the Spinosaurus, Smeagol/Gollum, Lagiacrus, Plesioth, Ramon, All Fish-Eating Human Deities in general.
  • Enemies: The Scout, The GUAE Trollkaiger, Monstro, The Gyaos, Woundworth
  • Opposes: Saxton Hale
  • Uneasy Relationship with: Gordon Ramsay, Marlin, Dory
  • Wary of: Kingler, the Carapceons, Mr. Krabs
  • Avoids: The House of Food, mostly the sub-house of Chefs & Establishments.
  • Padak was a free-living mackerel who traveled the seas meeting all kinds of seafolk, but one day ended up caught and sold to a fish market, where she met a group of fellow fish from other species, who weren't quite the nicest bunch. In here, she found out that fish were killed and eaten by humans, much to her horror; she attempted many times to escape and have the rest of the fish in her tank escape as well to the sea, while being opposed by the Master, an old flatfish who told the others that escape was impossible and that they had to merely survive as long as they could, with her only supporter being a young, cheerful fish named Spotty. Sadly despite managing to change the views of the Master her story didn't end in a happy note, as Spotty died trying to help her, and she herself was killed and eaten, just after she had come to befriend the Master after being enemies with him for the whole movie, and told him to move on, in spite of her imminent death. Despite her death being abrupt, it wasn't all in vain, the Master was motivated by her last words to escape... Sadly, he was the only fish to escape in the end.
  • She was ascended after the Pantheon handlers watched her story and were downright shocked at her abrupt death near the last 10 minutes of the film, given how she'd been the main protagonist of the film depicting her story. Once ascended, Padak was very confused, not understanding what place she'd been transported to. But once she had been fully adapted to the Pantheon's general lifestyle and events she was quick to request that the fish from Tank #3 be placed as her heralds, her kind actions managed to win all the other fish over, who have ever since pledged to be her loyal heralds in the Pantheon.
    • Once the Master himself had ascended, most of the gang with Padak's consent has transferred over to his temple as his Heralds, but Spotty chose to stay by her side regardless.
  • She's made sure to have the Pantheon Handlers make her Temple a safe haven for all sea-life, especially those who've been put through the wringer by the meat industry, a firm warning was placed, for any trespassers that may try to catch and eat some of the fish residing in her temple, that such actions won't be tolerated.
  • To everyone's surprise she doesn't hates humans, but does fear the ones who eat fish meat and avoids their presence.
  • Marlin's first impressions of her weren't pretty to say the least. He was horrified when he heard of her actions of eating a whole clownfish school in an aquarium, going as far as believing her to be an enemy. But calmed down slightly once he heard from other sources that Padak only did that due to days of starvation and being provoked into attacking by one of the clownfish in the tank. Padak herself felt horribly guilty once she was confronted about it and has promised that she'll never eat another fish ever again, even if it kills her. Marlin still doesn't fully trusts her, like he does with Bruce, but is willing to remain civil around her whenever they cross paths.
    • While Dory also feels uneasy around the predatory fish due to the clownfish incident, she is a little bit more lenient to Padak than Marlin, mainly because of her own Odd Friendship with Bruce.
  • She understandably feels uneasy and scared towards humans, especially chefs. Among the few that she does not outright fear is Gordon Ramsay, who was disgusted by learning what kind of things were done to fish in the restaurant where Padak met her demise, while he is not an outright enemy, she still vehemently avoids his presence and Ramsay does his best to let her be.
  • She became a favored target of the Trollkaiger, who decided to catch and prepare several fish around the Houses of the Pantheon as Izukuri and taunt Padak by bringing their still living bodies to her Temple, even trying to force her to eat them. Luckily they were thwarted when Padak's allies came to ward them off.
  • Surprisingly enough, she made a bunch of human allies in the Pantheon despite her experiences with them:
    • The biggest one is Steve Irwin, who is an outspoken animal rights defender and Friend to All Living Things, he found himself moved by her story and was quick to promise to her that he'll be sure to be a support for her issues anytime he can.
    • On the same boat, Eliza Thornberry was quick to befriend the mackerel, and even bonded with her over their abilities at communicating with various animals. Sam Manson and Lisa Simpson were also two other humans to befriend Padak due to their beliefs.
    • She also befriended Fluttershy, the pony even cried when she heard the full extent of her story and swore to protect Padak against all threats that come her way.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Nature in general was moved by her story, and have become acquaintances with her. Gaea herself has made sure that Padak's temple be safe from all possible threats, especially predators or humans that might want to kill and eat her. Her experiences also haven't helped the Alliance's views on humanity improve in any way.
  • She does not like The Scout at all, not only due to his obnoxious attitude, but also because one of his weapons is a dead mackerel wrapped up in newspaper, which she is not amused at all to see, likewise, the Scout doesn't have much empathy for her situation and has even provoked her at times, but Padak refuses to try and attack him.
  • While Steven Universe is much like Fluttershy in terms of friendliness, Padak is a bit unsure of approaching him due to his own fish-eating habits in the past, although Steven turned a vegetarian a while ago, which has calmed her down a bit.
  • Other deities from the seas have become her friends/allies too, especially friendly ones such as Spongebob and Patrick are among her closer ones, though she tends to avoid crab deities due to her experiences with the King Crabs, though it's more of a precaution on her part, rather than hate or full-blown fear.
    • On the other hand, she's terrified of possible predators she might encounter, particularly Bruce the Shark, the Liopleurodon, Plesioth, Lagiacrus, Ramon; among many others. She does her best job to stray clear of their paths, and won't bother trying to communicate with such creatures, while some Deities have criticized it as being hypocritical on her part, she's been quick to clarify that she'll gladly talk and communicate with those creatures if she could, but has heard enough abut them to know they're bad news and can't really be reasoned with if you're not strong enough to stand on equal grounds with them.
  • Was very confused about Octodad at first, due to the octopus' Interspecies Romance with a human. Although the two became allies following a simple talk, it helped that both had to deal with humans threatening to kill and eat them. Octodad himself has also thought up of removing fish from his diet permanently after his encounters his Padak.
  • Vehemently opposes Saxton Hale, with herself knowing of the Australian's goal of killing all wildlife and viewing it as an unnecessary and cruel killing of innocents. Saxton himself does not care about it, as Padak can't do much to stop him, to her frustration.
  • She's currently aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Nature to some degree. While she is very much supportive of their end goals, she is also not much on board with the extremist approaches they can take.


    Maria Robotnik 
Maria Robotnik, Goddess Of Characters Dead Before The Story Even Begins

    Seita and Setsuko 
Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa, Guardians of Dead Children
Setsuko (left) and Seita (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Fireflies; Setsuko's candy tin
  • Theme Song: "Home Sweet Home"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tragic child death, the horrors of war, Foregone Conclusion, downer stories, The Woobie
  • Domains: Children, Siblings, Death, War, Tragedy, Empathy, the Afterlife
  • High Priestess: Little Maria
  • Allies: The other Studio Ghibli deities, particularly Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe and Totoro, Toriel, Charles Dickens, Charlie Barkin, Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink, Hansel and Gretel
  • Oppose: The House of War, Cole Phelps, America
  • Seita and Setsuko are two siblings who lost their parents in World War II. Being far too young to live by themselves, they moved in with their aunt. Since they didn't earn their keep and times were trying, she eventually drove them away. Seita and Setsuko were forced to fend for themselves in the streets, living in a cave and stealing food. This being wartime Japan, food was scarce and there was no compassion to spare for the orphans. In the end, Seita's efforts were in vain and he had to bury his little sister Setsuko after she starved to death, while he lost his will to live and followed her shortly.
  • Few things evoke a sense of tragedy quite like the sight of a child dying. Accordingly, Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most notorious Tear Jerkers of all time. In the midst of the Pantheon bawling their eyes out at a screening of the film, someone drew attention to the Death of a Child trope and how Seita and Setsuko were just the perfect representatives for it, as unlike the vast majority of examples, they aren't just disposable side characters that only exist to motivate the hero, but protagonists themselves. Besides the fact that their tale is really important and considered a classic. Thus the Main House unanimously decided that they should be ascended from their status in limbo and well cared for after their trials in the mortal realm.
  • It is said that every time a child dies, these two will be there to guide them to the afterlife, with fireflies floating around them to light the path.
  • It may seem contradictory, but Seita and Setsuko's story is not, in fact, a dissertation on how war is terrible and must be stopped. It's also not a guilt trip to get rebellious teens to obey their parents. The real aesop of the children's tale is about the need for empathy among people even at the worst of times.
    • The anti-war advocates of the Pantheon will still invoke Seita and Setsuko's story as an argument even so. The siblings don't necessarily mind; after all, war did take their parents from them and put them in that horrible situation. They know all too well now that in any war, people will suffer through things no one, including children like them, should have to.
    • Seita was very patriotic in life, but considering that didn't help him or Setsuko even a bit, and how he learned about the Axis and their atrocities at the Elysium Academy, he has more conflicted feelings now. He still can't forgive the Allies for causing his parents' deaths though. He's not interested in revenge though, he just wants to live in peace with Setsuko.
      • Seita can't bring himself to have a high opinion of deities who fought on the Allies side. He's profoundly annoyed by America's boisterousness and casting himself as "the hero"; Seita feels that America is just a bully. He was also disturbed at Cole Phelps' history of ordering the flamethrower on his squad to attack a Japanese makeshift hospital (considering his mother died in one of these), even if it was by accident (Phelps thought the cave wasn't a hospital and was full of Japanese soldiers) and Cole feels terrible about it.
  • They don't have all that much in common with their fellow Ghibli deities, considering how unfantastical and brutally realistic their home universe is. Still, they managed to make good friends with Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe who lived around the same time period, so they have an understanding, if vague on account of their age, of the harshness Seita and Setsuko had to go through. Seita thinks the sisters make better playmates for Setsuko than him. The Kusakabe sisters have tried introducing them to Totoro, however while Setsuko can see him fine (and often takes naps on top of him), Seita's innocence is so broken down from his experiences that he can barely perceive the spirit (though even without that he might be too old to see Totoro in the first place).
  • Being two of the biggest woobies in history leads to a number of deities wanting to look after them. Toriel is an obvious one, as she tends to mother all "lost" child deities. Mako of the Shinkenger is also always checking on them and wanting to comfort them. Setsuko definitely enjoys their attentions and Seita is happy for her, though Seita at fourteen is growing a bit too proud to allow himself to indulge in this, even if he dearly misses their mother. He's more drawn to Charlie Barkin for his tough, street-smart style, which Seita wishes he had when he was living alone with Setsuko (also it probably helps that like the siblings, Charlie knows what it's like to be dead).
  • As an author who's always sympathetic to the plights of children, Charles Dickens finds their tale very interesting and is seriously considering writing a tract against war in his next book. In the meantime, Seita has expressed interest in reading Oliver Twist.
  • Anyone who gets the bright idea of harming these two is sure to become a target of the wrath of the entire Pantheon (well, the good deities, anyway). But considering the two siblings don't have anything of value to offer, they don't have any real enemies in the first place.
  • The House of Food reports that they are fairly big eaters, which is understandable considering how the war forced them to ration food and they both starved to death. In their frequent excursions to the House, the siblings have become friends with residents Hansel and Gretel, themselves a brother-sister duo where the brother takes good care of the sister.
    • Incidentally, the House decided to stock on Setsuko's favorite candy tins since the siblings' ascension; Setsuko's own candy tin automatically refills through Pantheon magic.


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