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Headscratchers / Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

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  • Weird thought: in the first Street Fighter film, Guile remarked that he'd kick Raúl Juliá Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe would feel it. So did this version of Bison feel it?
    • Neal McDonough looks a bit constipated in this picture, so I'd say yes.
  • How did Chun-Li and Gen not know the "White Rose" was "a who" and not "a what"?
  • What, exactly, did Bison need with spoiler, anyway?
    • He claimed she was his only weakness, which makes him bringing her to him all the more strange. And shipping her? They apparently knew each other and were on good terms and Bison was rich. Why not just buy her a plane ticket?
      • One deleted scene hints of Bison's canonical Grand Theft Me into Rose. Which would make her less of a weakness and more of a strength. Which the movie never hinted at.
  • If Gen was the leader of an anti-Bison organization, why were he, Chun-Li, and one nameless dead mook Chun-Li comes across in the airport the only members we ever see?
    • Actually, the dead mook from the airport wasn't dead at all. It was Gen. Still, the point stands.
  • How exactly did kidnapping Chun-Li's father get Bison connections? Wouldn't these people be a bit concerned about the fact that a prominent businessman who they were on good terms with suddenly disappeared? For that matter why would Bison even need Xiang's connections?
  • Why did Bison even create Rose? It was said to make him stronger, but he was already pretty much and evil psychotic before creating her and he never really demosntrate great strength aside from being a skilled martial artist. Or was that his increased power? In the games at least it was to increase his psycho power, but he did not demonstrate anything supernatural here.
    • Possibly, by letting the final bit of his guilt into her, he really did increase his power. Considering Rose's purpose in the games, it might be possible he was intending to use her later as a power amplifier, but she just wasn't ready yet. That's a bit of a WMG theory on my part, but it makes more sense than half the movie.
  • How did Bison spend his whole life in Thailand, end up with an Irish accent, and wind up with a daughter who only speaks Russian?
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  • How does Cantana - Bison's right-hand woman - not know what Chun-Li, second only to Gen in terms of "Stop Them" priority, looks like? And for that matter: how can the former be the case, but Chun-Li obviously knew exactly who Cantana was?
  • Bison was willing to murder his wife and curse his unborn daughter in order to remove his conscience. How much of a conscience could he POSSIBLY have had to be willing to do something like that in the first place?


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