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One Last Song

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You're gonna die. And the last thing you will hear will be this song. Maybe you just got killed by a Musical Assassin, or the Brown Note ended your life. This trope applies whenever a character can hear a song during his last moments, whether said song killed him, was sung by his killer, or by a relative at the dying man's demand.

Compare Death Song (where the dying character is the one singing).

This is a Death Trope, beware of spoilers.



Anime & Manga
  • D.Gray-Man: "The Millenium Earl he's looking for, for his precious heart..."
  • One Piece:
    • Talleran the Spider Monkey dies a few seconds after Brook stops humming "Bink's Sake", which was also Brook's (and his entire crew's) Death Song.
    • Scratchman Apoo's powers allow him to turn his body parts into instruments...and somehow cut peoples to pieces with their sound.
  • In The Legend of Koizumi, Georges Bush dies while his son W. sings a Tear Jerker rendition of "Take me out to the ball game".

Film — Animated

Film — Live Action

  • Titanic: "Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to play with you tonight." The string quartet goes for one last song before the boat sinks, the last musical piece heard by most passengers.


  • In Hunters of Gor Tarl has Marlenus and his underlings, all of whom are at that point prisoners of the forces of Tyros, sing the National Anthem of Ar as he goes into battle against 55 warriors from Tyros. It's the last thing that most of them hear.
    "Let me hear again, now," said I, "the anthem of Ar."
    The strains of the great song of Ar's victories broke from the Ubar's collared throat, and, too, from the throats of the men of Ar beside him.
    "Silence!" cried Sarus.
    He turned to face me, wildly. He saw that my blade was now drawn.
    "You are not of Ar!" he cried.
    "It would be better for you," said I, "if I were."
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  • Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby has the Brown Note version.
  • The Dresden Files had a ghost singing a lullaby while smothering newborn babies in a hospital.
  • In The Hunger Games Katniss sings Rue a lullaby as she is dying after taking a career's spear to the chest.
  • Near the end of Robert Munsch's Love You Forever, the now-adult son sings the titular song to his now-dying mother.


  • Enter The Haggis' One Last Drink, which is half-Death Song, half this. (Part of it is sang from Ol'John POV)
  • Jonathan Coulton's RE:Your brains. (The target of the song is stuck in a mall, alone against a horde of zombies)
  • Andrew W.K.'s Ready to Die
  • The Black Parade.
  • "And The Radio Played On" by The Delta Mirror. It's a Death Song involving a couple's last moments together as the man is dying from some (unspecified) disease. The man just wants his last experience to be listening to the radio with his wife/girlfriend.
    She flips through the stations knowing wherever that she lands
    Will forever be the song that returns her to this moment
    He said this isn't the one that she should try to find
    Anything will do, but we're running out of time

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Tangled: The Series: The chant associated with the Moonstone has the effect of causing everything in the vicinity to wither and die, human beings included.
    Rapunzel: "Wither and decay. End this destiny. Break these earthly chains, and set the spirit free."