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Being a sidekick isn't the most glorious occupation, and being one of the Mooks isn't the most glorious job. But someone still has to help and do the heavy lifting, so it might as well be someone from the Minions and Sidekicks sub-house. If you're in the minion or sidekick role, this is the place to congregate, and it's the play to employ yourself to service.

The deities enlisted in this sub-house sparsely spend their time here, as they have commanders and partners to work for. Sidekicks tend to identify with the Grand United Alliance of Good, and minions the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but all alliances have need of them in some fashion. The incentive can vary wildly. Some don't even know they're minions.

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Intermediate Gods

    The Barian Emperors 
The Barian EmperorsMembers , Deities of Unwittingly Evil Enforcers (Warriors of the Crimson World, Power Rangers Barian Force, Barian Rangers, Chaos Sentai Barianrangers, Barian Senshi; Ryoganote ; Durbenote ; Mizaelnote ; Alitonote ; Giragnote ; Rionote ; Vectornote )
From left to right: Vector, Alito, Rio/Merag, Ryoga/Nasch, Durbe, Mizael, Girag
Barian forms 
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: The Barian Emblem
  • Theme Song: Warriors Of The Crimson World - The Barians from the ZEXAL Sound Duel 5 album.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Durbe and Merag, Chaotic Good for Nasch, Alito and Girag, Lawful Good for Mizael and True Neutral, formerly Lawful Good for Vector. Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral (Chaotic Evil for Vector) while under Don Thousand.
  • Portfolio: Mouthless Energy Beings, Curiosity For Human Culture, Don't Have to Eat, yet Enjoy Eating Anyways, Anti Villainous Quirky Miniboss Squad, Well Intentioned Extremists, Named After the Big Dipper, Determinators, Having Human Disguises Because They Used To Be Humans, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Dying as Yourself, Later revived by Yuma with the Numeron Code
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, Space, Chaos, Life, Death, Villainy, Subordination
  • Heralds: Valon, Amelda, Rafael and Bommer
  • Followers: Lutecia Alpine, Wismerhill, Victor Stecker-Epps, Michael Bishop, Donny Vermillion, Damien, Lady Babel, John Jaspers
  • Allies: All ascended heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities especially Yuma Tsukumo and Astral, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack, Amethyst, Terra, Zangief, Alcor, Beat (TWEWY), Nana
  • Rivals: Jack Atlas, Yusei Fudo, Seto Kaiba (Mizael)
  • Enemies: Don Thousand, Number 96: Black Mist , Dartz, The Light Of Destruction, YHVH and the GUAL, Yuuki Terumi, Handsome Jack, Ragyo Kiryuin, Xehanort's Incarnations, HYDRA, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Milleniumon, The Psycho Rangers, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, M. Bison, Sheev Palpatine, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Lucifer, The Administrators, Monokuma and his Mastermind, SHOCKER, Vanitas, Fuhrer King Bradley, Father Homunculus
  • Odd Friendship: Hime Shirayuki, Cirno (Rio)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork / Headbutting Heroes: Eliphas, Sora Shiun'in; Johan Anderson, Jack Atlas, Anna Kozuki (Vector)
  • Opposes: All cat deities, Sora and Haruka Kasugano, Eliza and Neil Reagan (Rio)
  • Opposed by: Ika Musume (Shark); Rohan Kishibe (Girag)
  • Annoyed by: The Itazura Griefers (except Vector)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Takuma Saiou, Homura Akemi; Makoto Itou (Durbe); Daenerys Targaryen (Mizael)
  • The Seven Barian Emperors are the leaders of the Barian World and are also its top enforcers. They brainwashed most innocents in their worldinto Mooks in order to further the destruction of the Astral World. They consist of Nasch, Merag, Durbe, Alito, Girag, Mizael and Vector who actually were once human beings with the Legendary Numbers being related to their past lives and were chosen by Don Thousand for the reason that Astral sealed said Numbers away.
    • That is why they have ascended for their then-pending position. When they became Barians, it wasn't a true willing decision; he secretly manipulated events in their past lives and coerced them into doing various things they wouldn't normally do (especially Vector) and so, they now hold the trope of Minion Manipulated into Villainy as decreed by the Court of the Gods.
  • When Ryoga, Rio and Vector found out the rest of the Emperors had ascended, they packed their bags, made preparation for their High Priests to take their former positions and reunited with them. The other Emperors are happy to see Nasch and Merag again, but Vector... they just gave him a flat 'Yay'.
    Vector: Oh come on! Show a little enthusiasm for your old friend!
    Durbe: We consider you less of a friend and more of a sympathetic annoyance.
    • They became more exasperated the moment he invited the rest of the Itazura Griefers for the housewarming. You can guess what happens next. This is the price they pay for sticking together against Don Thousand...
    • By the way, their temple is a combination of the Kamishiro mansion and the BARian. Most of the other Emperors stick around other places so you'll mostly see Alito and Girag there.
  • As is customary upon ascension, the Barian Emperors have now regained the past memories that Thousand erased. Now, they have even more reason to go after him and this time they are not alone.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • Yuma and Astral also came by to greet the rest of the Emperors after their recent ascension and the two were very glad they're here. Not all of the heroes of the dueling multiverse are ready to quickly accept them yet though, as the Emperors have done some heinous actions towards others that warrant their criticism. They won't oppose that regardless, but Yuma and Astral are in the process of fully convincing the others that they won't be harming anyone needlessly anytime soon.
      • They obviously are not happy that Don Thousand was here before the rest of them did and are preparing countermeasures against him. Thousand himself is trying to find a way to get them to fight on his behalf once again, albeit without them knowing it. The other villains from their multiverse like the Light of Destruction and Zorc Necrophades are also no better who responded with scoffing.
      • Eliphas is a little irked that they have ascended, mostly because they are Barians who have residual energy that the Astral World cast out; he forgave them somewhat after hearing that they were normal human beings once until Thousand sought them out, but still remains wary of them as they still committed countless atrocities. Likewise, the Emperors grit their teeth at his attitude towards them. Then there's Sora Shiun'in and Yuri, two Fusion Duelists who aided in the Fusion Dimension's invasion of the Xyz Dimension's Heartland with the latter taking some pleasure in it; the Emperors cannot condone what they have done even though they have changed for good and likewise, the Fusion Duelists are currently getting over their biases if they want their relations to smoothen.
      • Takuma Saiou would be condemned by them since he brainwashes people for his cult but they can't truly hate him because he is rendered Brainwashed and Crazy by the Light of Destruction and Nasch himself is working to permanently snap him out of it, though they will still oppose him if he goes too far though. Same thing with Dartz and the Seal of Orichalcos and Nasch finds losing his people of Atlantis far too reminiscent of losing his own empire of the Poseidon Ocean.
    • Barians are essentially Energy Space Demons who achieved Rank Up and went to the Barian World. As Energy Beings they have no digestive abilities or other bodily functions, so they lack orifices humans would need to survive like ears, mouths, and noses. Despite that, they really enjoy it when they are in their human forms, especially Girag. They can be seen eating with Amethyst who also enjoys eating and Alito also loves sparring with her.
    • They have been compared to the Power Rangers and Magical Girls more than once. With the exception of Alito (who wanted to be The Leader because he was red) and Girag (who couldn't help but be flustered), they aren't exactly thrilled with the idea. Durbe even said that had they actually been in a Toku show, they would have been monsters instead. Still, the (defunct) Toku Base welcomes their help even if they are less confident about their alliance against SHOCKER.
      • Gentaro Kisaragi is willing to befriend them once he heard from Yuma about their circumstances and is hoping that they fully change for the better; Alito sees him as "an angel" not unlike how he sees Yuma and Kotori which the other Emperors roll their eyes at. Kaito Kumon also feels bad for them as they were forced to serve a being more powerful than them and the promise of power to restore his home shrine is exactly why he becomes an Overlord Inves; they were sad it turned out this way for Baron but they accept his help when he's available. Takumi Inui and Arata Kagami understand Rio and her brother's ordeal and the former has agreed to keep Masato Kusaka away from the Emperors since they remind them a lot of the Renegade Orphnochs.
      • The connections with Toku Base has gained them some enemies in the form of the Psycho Rangers and Basco, who see the similarity, and Kusaka who wants to kill "those evil monstrous aliens". The Emperors also hate comparisons to Evolto, who did his crimes all to destroy the Earth of his universe which is something they refuse to condone ever; Evolt likewise finds them interesting in that they are examples of humans turning into something far worse while being controlled by an uncontested force of chaos which furthers his belief of humans being lower than him.
    • If there is something that they can all agree is that they HATE villains who corrupt/brainwash/override people's personalities in any way, having been victims of that themselves especially Alito and Girag. Ragyo Kiryuin, HYDRA, Kougane, ZeedMilleniumon, all of them are on their shit list as a result, alongside others. Before you ask, yes they are aware that they also have this power themselves but they don't like it anymore for the same reasons and will only use it if they deem it absolutely necessary.
      • Rio also heard that Nobuyuki Sugou was researching on mind control. If he actually manages to perfect it, she won't hesitate on freezing him over with Zerofyne and Ragna Infinity. The other Emperors agree with her.
    • As they were manipulated into evil by Don Thousand, the Emperors have a sore spot for nefarious villains who made minions out of unwilling people such as Sheev Palpatine, M. Bison and Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson. Slade scoffs them off for something he himself wouldn't bat an eye on while Bison and Palpatine can see why Thousand utilize them for his plans and find it a great shame that they won't cooperate with them instead. This also got them allies in Beat, Zangief and Terra who were swayed by their evil bosses thinking that they will be promised what they want (Beat with bringing back Rhyme, Zangief with making the world better and Terra with proper guidance) and promised to join them in taking them down. Terra seems to like Rio, as she looks and acts like a "Mini-Aqua", a comment she got flustered by and she and the other Emperors have called Terra a "honorary Barian Emperor" due to their similarities.
    • The two respective absolutes of law and chaos, YHVH and Lucifer have obviously not earned them favours from the Barian Emperors. YHVH is furious of more agents of chaos threatening his power while Lucifer is trying to coax them into joining his side by making himself seem more benevolent than Thousand. It did not work as they know in spite of him being less vile than Thousand, Lucifer still has less-than benevolent intentions for them in mind.
    • The Akunin Sentai Trollkaiger once tormented them by pressing their buttons relating to their past lives (and also gave Shark onions and peppers) and the Emperors retaliated by sending their Ranked-Up aces to blast them away. Since then, that incident has left both parties with bad impressions of each other; not that the Trollkaiger have a good rep to begin with as Vector noted.
    • The Barian Emperors are named after the stars of the Ursa Major constellation, though they lack the "Alcor" in their formation. Sure enough, Alcor the Anguished One appears before them offering his hand in an alliance, proclaiming that he too distrusts Lucifer and opposes a being not unlike Don Thousand. At first they were a little hesitant since he does act just like Lucifer, but accepts anyway since he offers more good help than Lucifer did and he did expressed some good intentions. Nana also got along with them even though there aren't much Barians going around than them and agreed that Don Thousand's ideology cannot be followed willingly.
      • They join Alcor in his quest to defeat The Administrators who destroyed his world to the point that he's enraged at them and they agree seeing that the Admins are what would happen if Eliphas resorted to destruction; doesn't help that they got Eliphas to their side and he doesn't like the Emperors already. The Admins themselves are undeterred, still focusing on their given directives.
    • Shark would have said that Homura is like Kaito or even like himself but given what she did, he's hesitant to advocate for her. Though he's sympathetic that she had to discover she was a witch and understands there are times to do a Face–Heel Turn, he does not like the notion of betraying one's friends, especially for an entitled sense of protection; he betrayed Yuma to truly protect other people and he became the hope for them after all. The other Emperors agree that Homura had gone too far in protecting Madoka but when they heard she's already blaming herself lately, they decide to not pressure her further.
    • The Emperors have a disdain for Vanitas, as they see him as not only Don Thousand but worse but also what would happened if they go too far as well as Master Xehanort for manipulating Terra which also hit Vector too close to home, and also Vector is petty about how Xehanort is as much of a devious schemer as he is, causing the other Emperors to Face Palm. Vanitas think they're too worthless for his time and likes them better if they stayed evil while Xehanort sees them as no better than what he made Terra to be: only pawns to be manipulated to serve an end.
    • The Barian Emperors despise Führer King Bradley and to an extent, Father Homunculus for having pieces of Durbe, Mizael, Alito, and Girag's souls ripped off and cloned in the process that brought Bradley to the Pantheon. This grimly reminded them of Don Thousand sending countless souls from their past lives to power the chaotic energy and merge it with the living world. Bradley and Father are undeterred by their oppositions; they do recognize their threat but are so confident of their aims that they find not much worth in actively hindering them.
  • Exclusive to Ryoga/Nasch:
    • Nasch and Merag were once beloved rulers of an oceanic kingdom called the United Lands of the Poseidon Ocean. One day, Vector attacked them with a fleet of ships and several Gorgonic Guardians. Merag sacrificed herself to summon Crystalzero purify the god Abyss after refusing help from Durbe and a funeral is held after Vector retreated temporarily. With Abyss on his side, Nasch then declare war on Vector's kingdom in retribution and on the way, he rescued a little girl named Iris who looked like Merag. They finally chased to Vector and a Shadow Duel ensues between them in a tunnel that would become a Numbers ruins with the lives of their armies at stake. Nasch won but lost all of his army in the process due to Vector's mill strategy and Vector barely survives to escape to his kingdom, with Nasch following suit. He finds that Vector slain all of his people for opposing him and beats him in a second Shadow Duel, causing his soul to be condemned to the dark abyss. With all of his people and loved ones dead and gone including Iris, Nasch gave up his life and let his soul be absorbed into the Barian World where Iris' and his people's souls headed to. Unbeknownst to him, Don Thousand influenced Merag to sacrifice herself which started the Shadow Duel in the first place.
      • The two rulers were later reincarnated into Barians and Thousand made Nasch their leader. Irate, Vector held Merag hostage and used "Giant Sky Sword" to open a bottomless rift to push Merag in with Nasch jumping after her where they seemingly became lost forever, until Abyss rescued them and resurrects them into the bodies of the original Ryoga and Rio Kamishiro who died in a car accident with their parents. Since then, they lived their new lives without their past lives' memories and the rest is history.
    • Here's a humourous summary of why Shark ascended. He was not pleased when hearing this, feeling that the trope would be more like "Barian In The Mirror" for him but hey, at least he got to meet his friend Yuma and apologize again. Later on, he's glad he doesn't have to hold on to the trope any longer now that he gave it to his High Priest.
    • He has bonded with the Puella Magi right after his initial ascension because what happened to him is similar to an extent to what happened to Sayaka Miki. He is very close to her because of their mutual water motifs and their reveals but he likes all of the girls in general. Madoka reminds him of a more sensible Yuma, Kyoko of himself too and Nagisa/Charlotte of a much more sympathetic Vector; they all do share his woes regarding Homura and Shark hopes to ease Sayaka's anger towards her.
    • Shark also gets along with the Armored Riders of Zawame City with surprising ease. He likes Kouta because he reminds him of a more down-to-earth Yuma (the sensible part is easy but reminding him of such an idealistic guy is not), Hideyasu since both of them are stronger while good, and Mitsuzane because of that Best Bud-Turned-Villain thing. Kouta was actually taken aback a little at first after finding out that he was the leader of the Barians and metaphorically became their hope since you know, though later on he's relieved that Shark is not planning to serve Thousand any longer. Hideyasu exasperates him but was ultimately trying his best to be better and Micchy was glad to see more examples of those renouncing evil coming in seeing that when he became a bad guy it brought him nothing short of tragedy after tragedy which Shark is bummed out at and reassures Micchy that he'll become a better hero after this.
    • HATES Bruce, the Kraken and the Abyssals due to giving sea animals and Abyss water monsters a bad name even if he started using Abyss monsters as Nasch. He particularly hates Re-Class for her annoying habit of saluting (in a way that reminds him of Vector) and Wo-Class because of the implications that she might be a revived Kisaragi, meaning that Abyssals and Barians aren't so different, something that irks him to no end.
      • He has befriended Kisaragi for this reason and is sad that she really could be Wo-Class. She in exchange introduced Akagi to him to remind him that, yes, he could have fought his fate if he can. They both agreed to join him against Don Thousand since he tried to restrict Shark from being fully good. On a tangentially related note, Shark tried to befriend Ika Musume on the grounds that she wasn't really that evil, unlike the Kraken. Too bad she doesn't like sharks as the convincing ended up fallen on deaf ears.
    • He seems to like Yu Narukami for being a such a good brother figure to his cousin and something else related to his other friend Yuma, relating to his protectorate with Rio. Narukami hopes that Shark becomes a better person after all he had gone through now that he's no longer under Thousand's control and Shark himself hopes that Narukami continues to look after Nanako as well as her growing up well.
    • As for the other duelists he befriended, Ryoga likes hanging out with Yugi Muto after having a duel with him and being told that he is just like his best friend. Ditto with Johan Anderson, who is like a bro to him, and Judai Yuki for being like a more serious Yuma, though he's still baffled as to how Judai can draw everything he wants without Shining or Chaos Draws, and was reminded that he's just that darn lucky and that Yuma used to be his High Priest. He is also friendly towards Carly Nagisa, mostly because he has been Brainwashed and Crazy like her (somewhat) and being a Barian is not that different from being a Dark Signer.
  • Exclusive to Rio/Merag:
    • In a world where people turn to evil because of brainwashing, possession or corruption of any kind, Rio and Ryoga Kamishiro stand out that they turned against and betrayed all of their friends with nothing of that affecting their decision. Rio's reason in particular was to stand by her brother and the Barian World as she discovered what she actually was. Her situation is... kind of complex too. She was brainwashed in her past life for a Secret Test of Character and to force her brother into a decision and people around her were brainwashed but that didn't influence her decision in her current life to throw everyone under the bus for the sake of Barian World and their subjects who reside there. Because her decision to turn against her friends was out of her own free will, she had the same free will to turn good and she wasn't that comfortable with being evil anyways, especially not after Tetsuo tried to reach to her. Not that she was truly Forced into Evil, but being the punching bag of Vector and especially Don Thousand wasn't a comfortable deal.
      • Nowadays, she has the opportunity to make amends for herself and others in the Trope Pantheons and she exclaimed that she never felt so relieved doing so since getting out of the hospital from her blindness.
    • Was somewhat surprised by the fact that Hime Shirayuki sounds similar to her, has developed a (somewhat odd) friendship with her. Hime has tried to tell her that they are similar in that Rio used to be a princess prior to becoming a Barian, but Rio herself still finds their friendship to be weird. The same can't be said with Sonata Dusk, not only because she is a villain who brainwashes people but also because Sonata is an idiot of the degrees that she cannot tolerate, and in some ways the singer is her total opposite, being a siren-turned-human.
      • She also found out that when she speaks in English, she sounds just like Nurse Joy. Rio respects her a lot because there was that one time that she was blind.
    • Dear goodness, don't call her "Shark's sister" or anything between those words, just... don't. Rio loves her brother even if she doesn't show it at times, but even then it's one of the few things will make her go Not So Stoic because she wants to prove herself as her own person and not to be used against her brother again. But she doesn't love her brother in that way, even if she gave him rings! There are some gods who give her weird looks because there is the rumour that she is incestous with her brother so she was glad that at least Queen Elsa, a fellow Ice Queen, has defended her against those rumours.
      • Also goes without saying that she is squicked by the Kasugano twins and she has No Sympathy towards Sora too. While she does pity that her getting into a car accident left her sickly for life, she doesn't feel like that justifies being incestous. Sora for her own part ignores Rio, finding her to be a bitch who can't handle the subject of incest which furthers Rio's opposition.
    • Cats are another thing that can make her lose it. No, she doesn't hate them they just scare her. This doesn't seem to include other felines, since she was fine with Alito having a lion monster, so it didn't stop her from becoming allies with the Black Lion Rio. Mele once confused her for him and... it got awkward to say the least.
    • Is not fond of fellow Ice Queen Esdeath, who she sees as someone who just goes along the ride of corruption. Too bad that her attempts at duking it out against her go about as well as her attempts to fight off Vector due to Esdeath's ability to freeze time. Luckily, the other Emperors are always ready to give her a hand no matter what.
      • There are good-aligned ice users around and Rio got around to meet Mitsuru Kirijo and Weiss Schnee, both of whom she sympathized for their familial troubles (Weiss especially) as well as being glad that they are slowly opening up to others and the two women likewise are happy to befriend her. Through Terra, Rio meets Aqua who he once compared Rio to; they got on quite along even relating to the temporarily evil thing Aqua had the misfortune to be in.
    • She's also not impressed in the least with Embryo, who claims that he admires women that are "strong and independent" because in her eyes, he is just another person who thinks that girls are merely pretty decorations and uses that as an excuse to reduce them. The fact that he can control magic users just makes it worse, but she cannot do anything about it for the same reason. Embryo's only response is to tell her to come back after a few years have passed by which does nothing but disgusts Rio further.
    • Rio finds herself befriending the ice fairy Cirno, on a day when Cirno accidentally crashes into her while on the way back from the nearest mall. Cirno was instantly taken over by Rio's prettiness and vows to fight for her to get her to appreciate her prowess, something Rio is humouring for now but she is also legitimately looking out for her safety as Cirno can be quite reckless. Anivia took a liking to Rio once she feels Rio's deck's aura, which also has ice-themed birds like her; this also got Rio acquainted with Ashe who fights alongside Anivia. Rio is worried that Ashe is Exposed to the Elements and might get colds from fighting outside a lot though Ashe assures her she's already used to it. Ashe and Anivia agree to team up with her to take down the evil Kaldr, who has less than benevolent intentions for the Pantheons in store.
    • She finds herself disgusted at the Reagans, who mistreated Candy very horribly and Neil tried to force her into a relationship with him which prompted her to always freeze or hailstorm them on sight. The Reagans are obviously scared shitless of Rio because she has actual powers and they don't and they are finding ways to protect themselves soon.
    • As she is not truly human, even Rio ended up becoming too smitten to Luka whose scent attracts non-human girls. Luckily, Rio snaps out with the helps of his wife Alice who assures her that this is normal for her husband; they still remain friends but they do socialize online which circumvents his scent.
  • Exclusive to Durbe:
    • Durbe was a knight who was friends with Nasch and helped him defend against Vector and his forces after their brainwashing. When he got back to his own kingdom, his fellow knights were controlled by Don Thousand to kill him and his pegasus Mach with Thousand knowing that Durbe is unwilling to kill them.
    • As he had a deep friendship with Mach, Durbe relates with Rider whose Noble Phantasm involves summoning her world's Pegasus to attack her enemies as well as being very loyal to their allies. Durbe does feel bad that Rider has a bad Master in Shinji, but she made it clear that Sakura is her real Master which relieved him as he does not want her to experience further mistreatment from an uncaring superior like he did.
    • Since Durbe has something in common with Makoto Itou, he has been targetted by Kotonoha and Sekai for reasons he can't quite understand. Makoto himself is a point of conflicting opinions for him too. He also sounds like Roland, which has made him a target of Trollkaiger member Handsome Jack who called him a worthless alien bandit. Great, as if having to tolerate Vector and dodge his fellow Griefers wasn't bad enough... Speaking of Roland, he finds Durbe to be a valuable ally and they both now work together to defeat Handsome Jack for real good.
      • Noriaki Kakyoin also shares a voice with him and they both got along for being loyal allies to their respective leader-friends. Durbe sympathized with his Friendless Background and how Dio forced him to serve against his will, though Kakyoin assures him that Jotaro and the others finally gave him the connections he needed.
  • Exclusive to Mizael:
    • Mizael was a once a warrior who fought alongside his dragon Jinlon who saved him after he escaped from his villager's destroyers. After Jinlon and Mizael were accused for a deluge that flooded another village, they got attacked and defeated by a neighbouring army who proceeded to take over the land Mizael defended. It's only when he's on the verge of death did he found out Don Thousand orchestrated everything but his memories got erased by having his Over-Hundred Number embedded in his heart.
    • Looking for a new challenge for his ace Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Mizael went to the House of Dragons. He has nothing but respect for Io, Bahamut and Tiamat since they hold ultimate dominion over dragons and surprisingly made friends with the Dragon Pokemon (even those outside the house like Charizard and Kingdra) as he really admires their power. Some denizens there also are willing to be his opponent as well as his fellow duelists Seto Kaiba, Jack Atlas and Yusei Fudo, something Mizael takes delight in. Shinji Kido expect the best of Mizael once he heard from Yuma that he changed and Mizael likewise agrees while waiting to see Dragreder's true capability. He felt some kinship towards Shenron for reminding him of his lost friend Jinlon; Shenron respects Mizael's wish of not bringing back Jinlon as it's a reminder that Don Thousand had left a deep scar in his soul.
      • But not all the meetings there are positive, both inside and out. He really despises Acnologia for being a disgrace of a dragon who threw his humanity just to be the strongest and kill everyone unlike him, who did it to protect the ones he loves (and the transformation wasn't even a willing one) and has promised to one day rank up Tachyon enough to destroy Acnologia. Same goes with Mordremoth whose jungle can corrupt its surroundings and Mizael swore to protect his allies from now on. The dragonslayer Ornstein and Smough would rather be rivals to Mizael than true allies as Ornstein vows to erase Tachyon Dragon for good, bumming Mizael out though he finds Smough more reasonable but still competitive. On one hand, he commends Daenerys for bringing back dragons in her world and become a capable leader but on the other he can't agree on her lashing out against her enemies that had involved innocents, making him conflicted on her. Daenerys herself refutes that Mizael did a lot of bad himself but he countered that he's only in for his rivalry against Kaito and was coerced to join Thousand anyway, a fact Daenerys is slowly processing with a little opposition.
  • Exclusive to Alito:
    • Alito was a gladiator in his life, winning his fights with his bare hands and also a beloved one among children. But during his spar with the prince he befriended, the prince's confidants frame him and the prince orders his execution for those false charges. Later on, it turns out Don Thousand possess the prince to order the execution in the first place.
    • As someone who loved to fight in the arena, Alito got along with Maximus Decimus Meridius who managed to start a revolution against his rulers as revenge against the deaths of his wife and son though Maximus is saddened that Thousand forced Alito to be wrongfully executed. They do spar with each other from time to time and fight enemies together on another. Akihiko Sanada also joined in on Alito and Girag's training as well as eating meat together at the House of Food.
    • As Alito also befriends children, Gamera finds him friendly enough to hang around and Alito himself is amazed that a kaiju dedicates himself to protect others than destroy their homes. They do team up when Gamera needs some help against small scale threats.
    • He also likes to go to the House of Love and Affection to hit on girls. A lot. While he doesn't get too much success, he has managed to become friends with Saori Takebe. They did try to go on a date together, but it resulted in what could be described as something involving her friends' tank, bad pickup lines and some other stuff.
  • Exclusive to Girag:
    • Girag was once Souhachi Kiraku, a wise and benevolent warrior who loved to share what he gained from his conquests to his people and met the tanuki Ponta while on the battlefield once who agree to become his double and help him win more conquests. Kiraku later heard some vassals are not happy with him sharing the obtained wealth and also realize he'll lose the next battle, so he's forced to part ways from Ponta, who felt heart-broken from the decision. It turns out Don Thousand manipulated the vassals' minds and also embed Girag's Over-Hundred Number into his heart, erasing his memories and made him forget Ponta.
    • As he was a great warrior in his time, Girag gained a Friendly Rivalry in Miyamoto Musashi who heard about his exploits beforehand. Musashi was very bummed that Thousand manipulated a warrior like him to do his dirty bidding and he's happy to join Girag in taking him down, even if Thousand might be very strong than most swordsmen.
    • Due to his desire to make manga, Girag has tried to get close with the Ashirogi Muto duo, who could only tell him to keep practicing. Though the fact that Takagi sounds like Vector has unnerved him and his partners more than once. All Rohan Kishibe had to say to his art is "Your terrible art can never be on the level of mine! Come back when you do get better... in the next decade!" which discourages Girag greatly.
    • Girag was very discouraged to reveal that he wanted to draw manga because he likes Magical Girl shows but both Kanji Tatsumi and Nyarko have to tried to convince him that it's not a big deal. He has started to take a liking to Rise Kujikawa too, which also embarasses him to no end though she does assures him that everybody else like her music and they don't question each other a lot.
    • Felt a little kinship in Mamizou and the Tanuki from Tama Hill as they remind him of Ponta. Mamizou did prank him once by pretending to be Ponta but he knew Ponta so well since Mamizou did say something Ponta wouldn't say. Despite the scuffle, they still became friends.
  • Exclusive to Vector:
    • Vector was once a good prince, who decided to defy his tyrannical father by declaring a peace treaty with the other kingdoms his father sought to conquer. The king was so enraged by this to the point that he tried to murder his son but Vector's mother shielded him, sacrificing herself, and later his father died from an illness he'd contracted earlier. Don Thousand then came down to manipulate Vector's memories of the events, making him believe he killed his own parents; thus he ended up becoming like his father, as Thousand had intended. Vector later attacked Nasch and Merag's kingdoms, with Merag sacrificing herself to purify the Abyss and Nasch beating him in two Shadow Duels (the latter duel happened after he returned to his kingdom while losing a lot of his men); Vector lost the second Shadow Duel and he died by being dragged into the darkest Abyss by the souls he condemned. Thousand finally had his most dangerous enforcer yet.
      • After this, Nasch and Merag were resurrected and Nasch was made leader of the Barians, something Vector was irked by to the point of holding Merag hostage. Vector then opened a dimensional rift by using "Giant Sky Sword", threw Merag there and made Nasch dive after her. Vector finally believed he got them killed while Durbe thought they disappeared, when in reality they reincarnated by fusing with the original Kamishiro twins.
    • Nowadays, Vector is mostly neutral; he'll either aid the good guys or screw with them for kicks and also side with some bad guys pragmatically so that he can screw with them too. He can't shake off his old bad habits, it seems.
    • Became friends with Tohru Adachi and Miyo Takano for being redeemed trolling not-too-obvious villains. They and some other adepts have formed the Itazura Griefers to oppose the Trollkaiger and the Lol Rangers. None of them like the former but it goes double for Vector since he used to take a lot of cues from Terumi.
    • Has a high intolerance towards people who corrupt others since that was what turned him to evil in the first place, but especially Molag Bal for enticing others do evil for the hell of it. Molag Bal himself laughed so hard when he heard of Vector's past, even praising Don Thousand for breaking a good prince like him into a scoundrel, further earning Vector's eternal ire. The former mad prince doesn't like Tzeentch neither, as the Liar God reminds him even MORE of Thousand and it makes him wonder if he had anything to do with the corruption of the Barian World and/or DT. He does have a certain degree of respect for him because after all, it doesn't pay to underestimate your opponents.
      • However, what Vector truly believes to be his real enemy is the very existence of Rule 43, as it was its existence that gave Thousand the idea of corrupting him. Since Slaanesh is also a chaos god that enforces its very idea, Vector hates him. Slaanesh himself is very unconcerned with Vector's ire, finding it to be expected from former victims of mental corruption.
    • Some people like bringing up the fact that he cosplayed as Dandylion. But alas, the Trollkaiger really can't use this to get back at him since he thinks that the costume was very comfy.
    • Surprisingly, he respects those that follow his old portfolio so long as they pull it off well enough. Deep down, he does wish that they would come around like he did but he doesn't pressure them. For this reason, he doesn't have a problem with Prince Hans and only chided him for grabbing the Villain Ball when keeping up the façade would have been better. Also doesn't like his former follower, Felix; his betrayal and fake friendship wasn't as good by his standards because unlike Felix, Vector grew to legitimately consider Yuma as a true friend unlike him who never wants one.
      • Vector also commended Airy, Nui Harime and Raynare for their deceptive plans, though that doesn't stop him from opposing Nui for being a Trollkaiger member, and the latter, due to using the name Yuma as her alias. As for Airy, he is neutral about her as her being absorbed by Ouroboros reminded him of what Don Thousand did to him after failing. For Stocking, he's actually very wary of her seeing as she is actually a devil working for Corset and who knows how far she will go now.
      • Discord and Vector become instant best buds since they were formerly vile tricksters who did it all for kicks and legitimately turned over a new leaf from undeterred balls of sunshine who refused to give up on them (Fluttershy for Discord and Yuma for Vector). Vector likes to have fun with Discord and his shenanigans and the feeling is mutual and both also agree to help each other out when their respective Morality Pet gets hurt.
    • Would be boiled off alive than admit it openly but he has grown fond of Setsuna Higashi and Terra. The former because she supports his friendship with Yuma due to how genuine it became in the end and the latter because Vector pities him for what Xehanort has made him go through, which kinda reminded him of his own brush with Don Thousand. Curiously, this would make it the second time Terra's Horrible Judge of Character didn't backfire on him (Vector's title is kinda Obviously Evil and so is his appearance), though Ventus and Aqua still keep a close eye on Vector due to how deceptive the alien can be.
    • Has a very tense relationship with his fellow duelists in the "Johnny-come-lately" department (aka "the Bakuras") due to how he really was evil. Bruno does want to patch up but Johan is rather contemptous towards him as he feels that his acts are unforgivable. This mostly stems from the fact that they are more different; his direct predecessor was a villain but with amnesia and Johan was possessed to become evil. Jack Atlas doesn't like him either due to how Vector betrayed Yuma, though many can't ignore the physical similarities they have to the point that Vector joked about being the would-be child that Carly once dreamed of having with Jack. As a result, Carly has mentioned the desire of adopting Vector, much to Jack's dismay.
      • As both are redheaded Ax-Crazy friends of Yuma who have tried to kill him once at least, Anna Kozuki is the only ZEXAL deity that doesn't have quite as much Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Vector. It helps that she was uh... absent when he made the reveal. Although Anna didn't take well when she found out that it was him who brainwashed Umimi, she eventually grew bored of trying to blow him up since it didn't work and preferred to join forces against Raynare for sullying Yuma's name instead.
    • His relationship with Mitsuzane Kureshima was also heading to be rocky, what with Vector reminding him a little bit of Redyue. But after hearing his backstory and that he did become good again in the end, they are on better terms than expected.
    • Due to their surprisingly similar pasts (with their fathers having killed the rest of their families and them becoming cynics afterwards), he is somewhat chummy with Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko is a little put off by him being a playful jerk but she knows she can handle someone like him, especially if he pushes it. Likewise Vector finds her more tolerable than Homura or Sayaka because he himself can't handle those two.
    • Vector is insulted at the comparisons to Sora Takigawa/Gremlin, a serial killer turned Phantom who continues his killings even after falling into despair and turning into a Phantom; he makes it clear that for all of his deplorable moves, he wouldn't kill for some sick pleasure of enjoying strands of hair. Gremlin likewise also doesn't like the comparison to Vector, finding him a failure in his own mission that only focuses on mostly tormenting his enemies a lot. Vector the Crcocodile doesn't like to be confused for such a deplorable being with the same name and as such, distanced himself further from the Barian Emperor who finds this whole ordeal gut-busting.
  • "Bariaphose!"

    Robin (Fire Emblem
Robin, Deity of Loyal Tacticians (The (other) Avatar, My Unit, Reflet, Bubbles, The Tactician (Magician), Tome-toting Strategist, High Redeemer, High Deliverer, Mystery Tactician)
Robin's Male default appearance
Robin's Female default appearance

Lesser Gods

The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton, Divine Organization of Expendable Mooks (AAHW)
A poster belonging to the AAHW
ATP Engineers 
ATP Soldats 
MAG Agents 
  • Lesser Deities as a whole though ranking may vary depending the unit
  • Symbol: The general appearance of a Grunt.
  • Theme: AAHW
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blind Obedience, Fun with Acronyms, Hive Mind, Mook, Nebulous Evil Organization
  • Domains: Mooks, Fighting, Combat, Death, Numbers
  • Complicated relationships: Jebus, Tricky the Clown
  • Allies: The Auditor (Leader), HYDRA, SHOCKER, Melkor and Grand United Alliance of Evil, The Rebel Army
  • Enemies: Hank Wimbleton, all of his allies and anyone who gets in their way, John Wick, Killer Bean, Brock Samson, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Metal Slug Crew
  • The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton, or AAHW for short, is a nevadian organization with the simple goal of oppossing Hank Wimbleton. First led by the Sheriff as their personal bodyguards, the AAHW doesn't have the best track record at actually succeeding in defeating Hank, only some of their more elite members even managing to kill Hank at some points (which never lasts long). Their ascension came after discovering that Hank had a place in the Pantheon and as usual, antagonized him because that's what they are supposed to do. Given how many of their members are merely a nuisance to Hank and get easily taken down with little effort, they were awarded the Canon Fodder title, even if they aren't exactly thrilled to be ascended because of their constant failures.
  • Immediately after ascension, they were mobilized to Wimbleton's house in order to finally finish him off but as usual, all units were gunned down in mere seconds with Hank barely breaking a sweat. Hank himself was frustrated to learn of their arrival meaning that he's going to be constantly harassed by the AAHW on a daily basis though some people think he has it coming.
  • There are many units that comprise the AAHW, some like the Grunts and Agents are the more regular mooks that are usually the first to challenge Hank and his peers while there are other more artificially made like the ATP Engineers and Soldiers (who for some reason bleed yellow and more elite units like MAG agents. And even those are nothing to Hank and co, falling as quickly as any other regular grunt. The AAHW are looking to recruit new units in order to deal with Wimbleton but they haven't had much success in that front.
  • The leadership tends to be very flexible, though The Auditor has always been the leader of the organization. Originally the Sheriff served as the figurehead of the AAHW, but after his death, leadership became very transparent and unclear. Jebus, however, was still a member of the organization, while Tricky rebelled against it in his own terms to kill Hank. After Jebus' 4th death, he quit the AAHW, finding it not suitable enough to stop Hank's madness, and decided to go after it's leader, the Auditor. While the Auditor's status in the pantheon is questionable at best, he doesn't view them as valued soldiers, rather expendable tools for him to stop Hank, who, predictably, kills them en masse.
  • In an attempt to gain more backing, they pledged their loyalty to Melkor and his Grand Alliance. They have served under dark lords before and Melkor figure another faction on their side would be helpful but even he finds the AAHW to be terrible at getting anything done. They got some backing from other two evil organization, HYDRA and SHOCKER, but only because they are interested in studying how the ATP units are made.
  • It was mere weeks when the AAHW managed to piss off several notable deities. First, during breaktime and far away from Hank's temple, they decided to hold a party and this time no boombox would be stolen. Unfortunately the made the grave mistake on holding a party next to Killer Bean's temple, which ended pretty poorly for the Grunts that just wanted some peace. And another incident occured when they managed to piss off both John Wick and Brock Samson who then proceeded to go town with the AAHW grunts and did a serious dent to their numbers.
  • While they are mostly focused on trying to take down Hank, there have been other deities that they have been contracted to kill. Given their partnership with SHOCKER, it was not surprising that many Kamen Riders would come to blows with the AAHW. In particular, Hongo and Ichimonji had some encounters with the grunts and other units and as usual, taking them out like it was no issue at all.
  • General Morder took pity on the AAHW after learning of how they are merely just a nuisance to their enemies as his army is after prey to the Regular Army's top agents and other factions. Morden proposed a joint alliance with the AAHW in order to take out their respective enemies and considering their temple was located near Morden's mortal enemies, the AAHW agreed. Even after partnering with the Rebel Army, their performance hasn't improved by a lot sadly.
  • One of the only good things you can say about the organization is their distaste about smoking, though not for reasons you might think. Among the grunts it's believed that smoking is a bad omen and that you will get killed if you even dare smoking. And everytime someone ignored that rule, something horrible tends to happen to the AAHW, usually involving Hank.
  • Even though they are considering one of the most pathetic factions, they still have made enough capital by lending their grunts as living training dummies and even they would say this job is much more forgiving than being a regular foot soldier or even an elite as Pantheonic Guidelines protect the volunteered grunts from getting killed in gruesome ways. Although even that it's not enough from getting killed in some rather hilariously bloody ways.
  • Upon finding out that the Auditor actually did ascend with them, they threw a giant party to celebrate the occasion once his presence became public knowledge, with a remix of "The Chicken Dance" being heard across to the outer reaches of the Pantheon. Naturally, Hank decided to take matters into his own hands, and proceeded to slaughter the AAHW during their party. Needless to say, the rest of the pantheon was a lot less jovial at the announcement.
  • Can also be found in Logistics.

Excel, Goddess of Perky Female Minions (real name unknown; sometimes called Excel Excel)

    Jason Todd/Red Hood 
Jason Peter Todd, Patron Saint of Dead Sidekicks (Red Hood II, Robin II, Red Robin I, Nightwing II, Red X?, Wingman, Arkham Knight)
Outlaws Costume 
The Arkham Knight 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Hood helmet or a red Bat symbol.
  • Theme Song: Under The Red Hood Main Title, Predator Suite
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good normally, Chaotic Neutral on his worst days
  • Portfolio: Getting Killed by The Joker and Staying Dead for years (Until 2005), His Death being Batman's Greatest Failure, Back from the Dead, Opts for A More Violent Means towards Criminals, Uses Guns, in Sharp Contrast to the Bat-Family, Black Robin, Costume Copycat, Feeling Inferior to Dick, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Fallen Hero, Being Betrayed By His Mother and Feeling Betrayed By Bruce For Not Killing The Joker, "Well Done, Son" Guy, Grey-and-Gray Morality, Pay Evil unto Evil, Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain.
  • Domains: Sidekicks, Weapons, Vigilantes, Revenge, Rebirth, Anti-Heroism
  • Allies: Terry McGinnis, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Alfred Pennyworth, Bizarro, Spawn, Starfire, Kiritsugu Emiya, Akame, Night Raid, Bucky Barnes (fellow dead sidekick), John Wick, Roxas, Xion, Lea, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Hikage, Grøh, Elliot Alderson, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Guts, The Boys, Eddie Brock, Venom, The Eight Travelers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Commissioner James Gordon, Clark Kent/Superman, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Friendly Sibling Rivalry: Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin
  • Enemies: The Joker, The Batman Who Laughs, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (Really, Most of the Batfamily's Rogues Gallery), Superboy-Prime, Regime Superman, Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Mr Negative, Quan Chi, The Slavers, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Wild Hunt (especially Champ), The Fans, Griffith and the Godhand, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Patrick Bateman, The 456 Ambassador, Clown/The Violator, Anyone Willing to Harm or Kill Children
  • Special Relationships: Bruce Wayne/Batman (his adopted father), Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Pitied By: Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Starfire, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Conflicted Opinion: Madoka Kaname, Atrocitus, Dexter Morgan
  • Opposes: Any Evil-Aligned Member of the House of Crime and Transgressions, Frank Underwood
  • Jason Peter Todd; a runaway who first encountered Batman when he was caught trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile. The sheer nerve and stones needed to commit such an act impressed the Bat, and he would soon be taken under Bruce Wayne's wing and become the second to take up the mantle of Robin, replacing Dick Grayson. Unlike his predecessor and successors, Jason would never be able to completely fulfil his heroic career as he was suddenly kidnapped, tortured, beaten and killed by the Joker in an effort to hurt Batman. The event left Bruce with the most psychological and emotional scars since the death of his parents and regarded the untimely death of Jason as his greatest failure. Years later, however, a mysterious figure taking up the "Red Hood" guise began his own vigilante crusade in Gotham, determined to control and oversee crime to a manageable level and to take vengeance upon the Joker. The Red Hood was Jason Todd, resurrected through otherworldly means and was hellbent on killing the Joker for obviously personal reasons.
    • As a vigilante who was not hesitant in killing criminals if needed, Jason would ultimately come to blows against his adopted father and mentor, alongside becoming bitter rivals against the other Robins, especially Dick Grayson whom Dick harboured jealousy against, which lead to an inferiority complex on his part. Over time, however, Jason softened up and was open to helping out his old man and rivals time and again. In time, he would form his own vigilante team, the Outlaws, consisting of himself, Artemis and Bizarro (a previous team exists that had Arsenal and Starfire but since disbanded). Still, he isn't giving up on being lethal if that's what's getting the job done.
  • Jason ascended into the Pantheon thanks to his efforts in trying to become a better person after his scuffle against Batman as the Red Hood. Still, he's not exactly the nicest guy, but at least he's making an attempt. That, and while the Jason in the Pantheon is the original version, he has memories and visions regarding his different iterations, including one where he was instead tortured for days by the Joker and then shot dead, only for the latter to be faked and for Jason to later resurface as the Arkham Knight. Regardless, most iterations of Jason saw redemption in some way.
    • The former Robin was left stunned by the vastness of the Pantheon before quickly realizing that crime rates here would be reasonably high and demanding. Swiftly making plans, Jason set in motion an effort to make any of the criminals he comes across fear him, and for good reason. Batman may not kill, but Jason is a different story...
  • Out of all of the vigilantes from Gotham City, Jason may be one of the most unscrupulous and lethal out of the bunch, and the fact that he's been trained by Batman himself is a testament to how feared he is by the criminal underworld. The House of Crime and Transgressions have been reported to have many of its residents, ascended or not, to fear Jason more than his mentor, because he's simply not hesitant to kill. And in case he doesn't want to be lethal, Jason is still a lot more brutal than his adopted father.
  • Despite his status as a lone vigilante, Jason is willing to work with others if that's the best available option. In spite of their differing takes on approaching criminals, he'll team up with Batman and the other Robins if the situation needs it. He doesn't want to admit it, but Jason does care about them, especially Alfred and Barbara and is incredibly protective of them.
  • If there's any sort of criminals Jason despises the most, it has to be those who are more than willing to put children in harm's way or mark them for death. It doesn't matter if the idea of killing is morally wrong, Jason will stuff in as many bullets as he could.
    • At some point, Jason came across Wild Hunt and put in a pretty good fight against them, though retreated when he realized he was outmatched thanks to Wild Hunt's use in Imperial Arms. It was also these events that led to Jason meeting up with Night Raid, vigilantes who took to killing as the best route to liberating and providing a ray of hope to the oppressed citizens of their world's empire. Seeing a lot of similarities in them, Jason approved of their methods and declared a working relationship with Night Raid. They, in return, respected Jason's determination in combating crime in his city.
    • Speaking of Wild Hunt itself, Jason's main target for killing is, unsurprisingly, Champ. The very idea of someone who has an absolutely deranged mindset about children and resorts to killing them to make them be "little angels forever" was mind-numbing on Jason's mind. The cherry on top of the cake was how Champ gleefully raped the young daughter of a respectable fallen soldier, prompting Jason to immediately blast him to bits anytime he tries to break into the House of Family. Syura isn't far behind either, and Jason was just as disgusted with the depraved actions the Prime Minister's son is willing to take. He sincerely believes that Wild Hunt are Beyond Redemption (and hardly anyone could argue against Jason for it).
  • Predictably, his willingness to kill is a point of contention towards many of the heroes in the Pantheon, the Batfamily aside. To Jason, the existences of the Grand Alliances of Evil and Destruction justify his viewpoint, given that they are not above hiring the biggest scums into their service.
    • Still, there are other beings who are willing to fight for good and justice, even if killing is their main way of securing it. As aforementioned, Jason is respectful of Night Raid and their efforts to combat Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath and Wild Hunt. He also found himself becoming a close associate with a man named Grøh, who was driven by the death of his family and a friend, Curtis from the Malfested. Jason can also relate to Grøh's more blunt and ruthless approach to handling his foes and is willing to work with him in stopping any potential thugs and Malfested. That and Jason figured that Astral Fissures can potentially pop up in Gotham if left unchecked.
  • Outside of the Joker, Jason's biggest animosity towards Bruce's rogues gallery is directed towards the Penguin. This was for incredibly personal reasons, namely that the Penguin was responsible for the imprisonment of Jason's father. To exact his frustration and revenge, Jason decided to not kill the Penguin, but rather invade his headquarters and personal nightclub, the Iceberg Lounge, and proceed to throw him in a safe room before taking over the nightclub for himself. Since then, the Penguin is making plans for a comeback. Jason dares him to do so.
  • His bitterness, angsty approach towards relationships and his anger issues towards crime was an intriguing aspect for Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps, citing that Jason would make for a very worthy addition. Jason, however, prefers to help his distance from them, claiming that he's rather uncomfortable working with an organization who already have a sour relationship with the Green Lantern Corps and the scope of his goals are at city-range for the time being. That said, Atrocitus did muse that this scope can increase at any point, or maybe in an instant, to which Jason may consider a Red Lantern Ring if it goes too far.
  • Spawn and the Punisher are in approval for what Jason undertakes, to the point in which they are pretty willing to take him with their crusade against fighting crime. Jason himself is surprised to see how vicious and brutal the two of them are in their crimefighting career, but given how the two of them have been through a lot of wacky situations, he'll tag along. Additionally, all three of them have emotional family baggage that still tail them around to this very day, which they could relate to. Jason sends his condolences to Frank's family and is helping Spawn out in searching for the Violator after learning of how he killed Spawn's ex-wife, Wanda out of spite.
  • Has a great deal of respect towards Kiritsugu Emiya. Jason noticed how he was so determined to save the world that he wouldn't have cared about his own infamous reputation and noticed how he could have potentially gone through that route at one point. Kiritsugu is open to inviting Jason along in helping to create a better world for everyone, even if it meant using lethal force, though Jason has admitted that he's mellowing out over time. That doesn't change the fact that he will ruthlessly gun down the absolutely depraved if he is allowed the chance, which Kiritsugu could understand.
  • Developed a surprising friendship with the Eight Travellers as each of them were incredibly protective and caring for one another, in addition to taking the time to protect others if need be. Jason also respects the fact that they are willing to kill if it means to protect others and to stop their crimes from spreading. That said, Tressa, who is the sole member to refrain from killing, finds it rather difficult to approach Jason, given his psychological issues, though he, in return, doesn't bear any ill will towards her and instead would rather be protective towards Tressa, given she's the youngest of the group. Out of all the members, he personally favours Primrose the most, given that she's determined to avenge her family and loved ones, like how Jason himself is driven to bring crime down.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, especially Makoto Niijima, are conflicted about Jason. On one hand, they are not exactly fond of the fact that he would take lethal measures to ensure his goals of controlling crime and terrifying criminals to submission, or at least the mindset to commit serious criminal actions, given that the Phantom Thieves tend to alter their opponent's mindset to a completely different (and more benevolent) personality. On the other hand, they do sympathize on Jason's issues and trauma and, given that they are allies with Batman, would like to try helping him out in that regard. And of course, there's also the possibility of Jason having a Palace within him, due to his emotional and psychological scars and angst, which Futaba Sakura knows (and dreads) all too much about.
    • In contrary, Jason finds the Phantom Thieves's ability to basically rewire one's brain and mind to be interesting and a rather effective way of bringing down criminals. Though he does confess that if he were in their place, he would have unhesitantly driven a bullet into many of their targets' skull, especially if they just so happened to be Suguru Kamoshida and Masayoshi Shido. Despite their conflicting approach to crime, The Phantom Thieves simply want Jason to tone down his viciousness and be more open to his adopted family, in addition to wanting to make sure he doesn't suddenly succumb to a potential palace if he does develop one. Jason, while respectful of the Phantom Thieve's efforts, thinks they could be a lot more proactive when it comes to fighting crime.
  • While Jason believes that criminals and bad people can redeem themselves, he also bases this viewpoint in how much damage and misery they have caused throughout and sincerely believes that those who have done too much suffering are simply incapable of being changed. As a result, he has a difficult time grasping how someone like Darth Vader and Obito Uchiha can not only suddenly atone, but are also forgiven by those they have directly hurt, physically or psychologically. Not to mention how that they're attempting to benefit for the side of Good in the Pantheon seems rather irksome.
  • He's one of the few (anti-)heroes who isn't too fond of Madoka Kaname. He doesn't hate her and Jason is actually commendable in her being able to defeat Kyubey through a loophole in the latter's logic in granting wishes, alongside being someone of comfort towards hurt souls. This does not mean Jason cuts Madoka some slack when it comes to not being too proactive in the Pantheonic Forever War and becoming a victim to the machinations of YHVH and Lucifer which resulted in the loss of her influence and powers. When he heard she got some of her powers back, Jason's advice was simply telling her to toughen up and be ready, especially when Homura Akemi is dead-set on protecting Madoka to the point of actually deterring her needs and confidence.
  • For all of his determination in wanting the Joker dead, he was horrified to see how in one continuity, the Joker's death by Batman's hands led to the creation of The Batman Who Laughs. Not to mention Jason was killed a second time in said continuity (alongside Dick, Tim and Barbara) by his own adopted father when he was in the early stages of transformation. And now that The Batman Who Laughs is in the Pantheon, Jason is taking any step possible to prepare himself in battle against the most twisted iteration of Batman. At the very least, he's got a few new friends on his side.
  • There was once the common joke that "No One Stays Dead in Comics except Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben". During the 2000s, the former two were bought back to life, albeit under villainous circumstances. Jason finds the joke to be annoying, but he's glad of the fact that he can closely associate with Bucky, due to their villainous tenures and then patching things up with their mentors later down the line. As for Uncle Ben himself, Jason sends his condolences, to which the old man basically told him to simply become a better man.
    • That said, Wiz and Boomstick have discovered at least one timeline where Bucky and Jason came to blows when SHIELD sent Bucky to a neglected restaurant where Jason was about to tuck into a Big Belly Burger. It didn't end well... for Jason, because Bucky ended up crushing his head with one hand. Needless to say, Jason's pretty disturbed by that timeline.
  • Is somewhat perplexed by Dexter Morgan. On one hand, he is a dangerous Serial Killer who kills his victims gruesomely and is more than ready to do the deed again. On the other hand, he exclusively hunts down murderers and other criminal scums due to his adopted father telling him to concentrate his murderous urges to those that "deserve it". Jason thinks he'd be a very suitable asset if he lived in Gotham, though Bruce is less-than-enthusiastic about him, considering he's, well, a Serial-Killer Killer, and most of the Batfamily have a Thou Shalt Not Kill Policy, so Jason has a hard time wanting to associate with him. Dexter, on the other hand, likes Jason for being unfettered about killing criminals, though Jason does assert that he's toning himself down a few notches, only being willing to kill towards those who are truly depraved.
  • While his relationship with Bruce and the Batfamily is vitriolic for the most part, Jason is pretty subtle about showcasing his affection and care towards him. It's a well-known fact that he still sees Bruce as a father and while Dick and Tim are still rivals, the circumstances are on more civil terms nowadays. In contrast, Jason is a lot more extrovert towards Alfred who is open to embrace and take care of him, and Jason couldn't thank him any more. As for Barbara, Jason can relate to her in how both of them were damaged by the Joker in one way or another and thus, feels instinctively protective towards her.
    • To his surprise, the Robin he gets along with the most is Damian, Bruce's only biological child, given how the two of them are more Hot-Blooded than the other proteges' and initially had a lot of difficulty working with Bruce. If anything, Jason is the closest Damian has to an older brother, more so than Dick and Tim. Jason also has some affection for Cassandra Cain for largely the same reasons as Damian and Cassandra's own tenure as a solo vigilante who was more driven by bitterness and personal tragedy more than most of her older sidekicks isn't lost on Jason, who notes the similarities.
    • He initially showed some caution and concern for how Terry McGinnis would serve as Bruce's predecessor, given how even after all those years, Gotham was still riddled with crime. However, Jason was genuinely surprised and impressed with how Terry was able to permanently stop the Joker (albeit with help from Bruce) and bring an end to his reign of terror. Outside of their crimefighting shticks, Jason would often meet up with Terry and hang out with him as a surrogate "big brother", wanting to spend time like how Dick was able to do so with Tim.
You can't stop crime. That's what you never understood. I'm controlling it. You wanna rule them by fear. But what do you do with the ones who aren't afraid? I'm doing what you won't, I'm taking them out!

Kolin, Goddess of Enigmatic Minions (Helen, Phantasm of Snow and Ice)
Kolin, disguised as Helen.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Ushanka hat and the Book Of Miraha, placed atop a pillar of ice
  • Leitmotif: Frozen Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Likes Butterflies, Badass Bookworm Who Cleans Up Nicely In a Nice Suit, An Ice Person, The Military Is Her Berserk Button, Church Militant, Manipulative Bitch, Mood-Swinger, Mysterious Stranger, The Nameless, Russian Fashion, Sensual Slav, Undying Loyalty To Gill
  • Domains: The Illuminati, Prophecies, Cryokinesis, Systema Martial Arts, Russian Women
  • High Priestess: Lisa Hamilton/La Mariposa
  • Superiors and Associates of The Illuminati
  • Allies: Juri Han (sort of), Sub-Zero, Illyana Rasputin/Magik, Emma Frost
  • Opposes: Those who oppose Gill and the Illuminati in general, and all military deities, with Marcus Fenix, Captain America, and Sonya Blade topping the list
  • Rivals: Cassie Cage, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, Queen Elsa, Natasha Romanov/Black Widow, Esdeath, Führer King Bradley, Snow Villiers
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship: with Charlie Nash
  • Odd Friendship: with High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Distrusted by: Rashid
  • Gill wanted Kolin for the position of Enigmatic Minion, but Kolin faced stiff competition from Lisa Hamilton, A.K.A. La Mariposa. Kolin suggested that she and Lisa fight to decide who would take the title. Lisa agreed. Despite the latter giving it her all, it was Kolin's Systema fighting style and her ice powers that gave the Phantasm of Snow and Ice the victory, and cleared the way for her ascension.
  • Not only did she humbly thank Gill for the opportunity, she also offered Lisa the position of High Priestess, to show that there were no hard feelings, and due to their shared love of butterflies. Surprised by the gesture from Kolin, Lisa accepted.
  • Kolin is Russian in origin, but she doesn't like to talk about her past. What we do know is that she was once Soviet military, having lost her friends and family in an unknown war. Being the sole survivor, she wandered into a frozen wasteland, having lost the will to live. Then she met Gill.
    Gill: What is thy name, child?
    Kolin: I have none...
    Gill: Where is thy country?
    Kolin: It's gone.
    Gill: Then I shall forge one. The Country of God. It could be thy new home. Siring every nameless flower, bringing forth a thousand years of peace and harmony to all. If you desire it.
  • As a devoted follower to Gill, Kolin is known for carrying the Book of Miraha, the Illuminati's holy book. Some say that the Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. Incident is what squared Gill's decision to host the third World Warrior Tournament. Granted, Nash failed to stop Bison; Ryu defeated the dictator instead.
    When the sun sets on the Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into seven pieces and fall on the people "Ultania". Nothing can prevent this... Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering will assault the people. Then, after 130 days of nothingness, a boy who controls the elements will come to save the people.
  • Her Ice Powers were a gift bestowed upon her by Gill himself. Of course, she and her boss are not the only ice-wielding deities in the Pantheon, which is why she seeks to enhance and strengthen her powers. She was offered to learn from two people: Captain Cold and Sub-Zero. Kolin doesn't think too highly of Captain Cold, so she is learning under Sub-Zero, on the condition that Kolin doesn't preach to him about the Miraha prophecy of the Illuminati. There's a rumor that she is making a play for the Dragon Medallion, but Kolin denies it.
  • There are two things that can set Kolin off: those who oppose Gill and anyone with a military background. Guile can back the latter claim, since she did attack him. Since the Pantheon is home to several military deities, Kolin has to fight the urge to freeze them all.
    • Surprisingly, she does sympathize with Big Boss, having heard the story of how he killed The Boss and gained his title, not to mention his goals of freeing humanity from Zero's influence. It's pretty clear that Big Boss is one soldier Kolin truly respects.
  • Kano has an unhealthy obsession with her, much to Kolin's annoyance. Even Gill is annoyed with Kano's desire regarding his secretary.
    • Kolin is also not a big fan of Sonya Blade or her ex-husband. But she is intrigued by the Mediterranean warrior bloodline, which Johnny had passed down to his daughter, Cassandra. Gill sees Cassie as a candidate to join his utopia, but Kolin must first learn to look past Cassie's family and friends.
  • As she is a blue-eyed blonde, Leatherface approached Kolin as a potential girlfriend when they first encountered each other. One Diamond Dust later, and Leatherface was left frozen in place, and Kolin walked away, muttering choice curse words in Russian.
  • Aside from being fluent in Russian and English, Kolin is quite fluent in Japanese. Due to the voice she uses to speak that language, however, people tend to get her confused with various deities in the Pantheon, such as Katsuragi, Gamora, Mistral, Pharah, and Temari Nara.
  • Kolin does not like Leopold Goenitz at all. She sees him as, in her words, "a false prophet worshiping a false god." She doesn't think too highly of the deified Hakkeshu either, despite the fact that most of them hate Goenitz due to his genocidal tendencies.
  • Black Orchid and Jago aren't too big on Kolin or her boss, because the Illuminati reminds them both of Ultratech. This animosity is mutual, as Kolin sees the siblings as a threat to the Illuminati's dream of a utopian paradise on Earth.
  • Struck up a strange friendship with the former High Councilor, Kal-El. Turns out that Kolin and Regime Supes have a lot in common, mainly due to losing their loved ones and their home. While his Regime was dismantled due in part to Batman and his Insurgency, Kolin believes that Kal-El could benefit from Gill's guidance.
  • Was very surprised and conflicted about the fact that the Illuminati had ascended itself in the Pantheon and seemed to be only vaguely connected to Gill and his allies. On the one hand, it shows the organization seems to be far larger in scope than even Bill Cipher has hinted at, with even Gill's vast dominion being but a fraction of its power. On the other hand, this would confirm that the prophecy of the Book of Miraha was not something Gill invented out of whole cloth, allowing her to further believe in her lord. She is also on board with Gill and Savage's secret plan to eliminate Cipher in order to prevent a Weirdmageddon which would circumvent the Miraha prophecies.

Serge, God of Unwitting Pawns
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His weapon, the Swallow
  • Theme: Fields of Time
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though his actions are unwillingly often Chaotic Good or Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Unwitting Pawn To Worsening The Plot (Usually By Giving the Bad Guys What they Want), Being Dead in Another World, Paradox Person, Accidentally Becoming The Chosen One, Heroic Mime, Jack of All Stats, White Innate, Chick Magnet
  • Domains: Heroes, Manipulation, Patsies
  • Heralds: Kid (his partner) and all of his party members from the various timelines.
  • Allies: Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Robo, Ayla, Ann Takamaki, Zidane Tribal, Sora, Link, Azwraith, Jack Sparrow, the Merfolk deities (specially Ariel), Mushu, Spyro, George Bailey
  • Enemies: Lavos, SHODAN, Ganondorf, villainous manipulative deities
  • Uneasy around: Eugene Gallardo, Harley Quinn, most of the House of Dragons
  • Ascended in recognition of his heroic journey that ended up saving the world. Even if his title wound up highlighting how all of Serge's actions were the result of never-ending, often subconscious, manipulation by a wide array of parties. The complexity of the manipulation, which accidentally made him The Chosen One, makes him quite the pitied person in the House of Prophecy.
  • The start of Serge's journey was when he fell into another dimension where he had been dead for years. This naturally made him get along with George Bailey, who saw a world where he was never born at all.
    • The two worlds were part of the biggest manipulation Serge unwilling got into (one that the House of Planning was downright impressed at how difficult yet successful it was), planned by the powerful wizard Belthasar to save a princess from the monstrous Lavos, before he used her powers to destroy the whole universe. Serge was appalled to learn Lavos is still present in the Pantheon, even if not in the Eldritch Abomination forms he fought in his game. Serge is at least relieved everything is ready to prevent any evolution into the Time Devourer.
  • Easily got along with Frog and Magus, who were part of the first crew to defeat Lavos. Helps the duo reminds Serge of two former mates, the swordsman Glenn and the wizard Guile. Once Crono ascended, Serge didn't know if he should introduce himself, as Crono was one of the Ghost Children who chewed him out for messing with time and negating the efforts to defeat Lavos. But they're in good terms given Serge eventually fixed the timeline. Another of the Ghost Children, Marle, has also ascended and gotten closer to Serge. One more woman from Crono's team, the cavewoman Ayla, was surprised to learn that the personal connection Serge has with her is having fought with her mother, Leah. While Leah was still a child! Serge has preferred not to reveal to Robo that he possibly saw him die once.
  • Ann Tamataki, who like Kid is a seductive blonde thief dressed in red, has become Serge's biggest companion in whatever adventures the Pantheon requires him to face.
  • An experienced fisherman, he likes to catch some in his downtime along with Azwraith. The House of Sports also takes advantage of the unusual nature of his weapon, the Swallow (basically an oar-blade), to invite Serge for both canoeing and fencing competitions.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police made him a valuable ally for Serge's experiences hopping between alternate timelines.
  • All the manipulative villains in the pantheon have learned about Serge being gullible and want to take advantage of him, making him extra weary of accepting missions - or at times, even talking with suspicious-looking people. One of those bad guys, Ganondorf, has one extra thing against him: Serge got along with Link, as both are time\dimension travelling Heroic Mimes, who accidentally furthered a villain's plan (Ganon himself in Link's case when he opened the Door of Time).
  • While Serge harbors a deep respect for the Final Fantasy heroes, the fear of getting roped into other complex and dangerous journeys makes him a bit unwilling to actually known them better. The only one who has won him over so far is Zidane, whose game came out around the same time as Chrono Cross and who Serge finds a fun person.
  • Already an honorary Light and Brightness member for its White innate, he has gotten along with the God of Light Sora, a fellow Square(-Enix) protagonist who just lived in an island before unknowingly being wrapped up in a complex story. Serge has since been trying to teach him his Techs, with Sora most interested in the Luminaire.
  • Gives Jack Sparrow a pass for having once fought with the pirate Fargo. Serge also gets along well with merfolk due to his experience with Irenes, specially Ariel, who looks like childhood friend\girlfriend Leena.
  • His abilities to attract women have already manifested in the pantheon. One of the most unpleasant moments was with Harley Quinn, as the similarly-looking Harle already caused Serge enough of a headache.
  • Is terrified of Eugene Gallardo for reminding him of Lynx. SHODAN, who looks like FATE and is probably even more evil, also got his instant dislike.
  • Dragons are a mixed bag for Serge: while he got along with Mushu and Spyro for reminding him of Draggy, he is not much favorable to the bigger ones, having experience fighting the Dragon God and its parts.

    Spike (My Little Pony Generation 4) 
Spike, God of Hyper-Competent Sidekicks (Spike the Dragon, Spikey-Wikey, Twilight Sparkle’s Number One Assistant, Humdrum, Mr. the Dragon, Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious, Dragon Lord Spike (temporarily), Precious Pants, DJ Scales-n-Tail)
Spike in the Distant Finale 

    Tim Drake/Red Robin 
Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake-Wayne, God of Sidekicks (Tim Wayne, Red Robin, Robin III, Batman [Main and Beyond], Redbird, True Partner, Boy Wonder [Shared with all Robins], Mister Sarcastic, Alvin Draper, Tom Harper, Iggy Pollaky, Detective [by Ra's Al Ghul], Little Bird [by Lady Shiva], Gary Glanz/Spectacular Sunbird, Caroline Hill, Cal Corcoran, Rob Roy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Red Robin Chest Insignia and 2 Robin-style Rs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being the Third Robin (And being Number Two to the Batfamily even after Graduating), The Cowl, Badass Normal/Worm/Cape, Audience Surrogate, The Chessmaster, Great Detective, Crazy-Prepared, Gadgeteer Genius, Hollywood Hacking, Chick Magnet, Scared of His Future Badass
  • Domains: Partnerships, Detective skills, Technology, Hacking
  • Herald: His girlfriend, Stephanie Brown AKA the Spoiler
  • Followers: The many unascended sidekicks in Comic Books (especially Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane/Hawkfire), Mindy MacCready, Ema Skye
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Enemies of the Bat Family (especially Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Trigon), Dark Danny, Vile
  • Good Counterpart to: Syndrome
  • Just Friends with: Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
  • SiblingRivalry/TeethClenchedTeamwork: Damian Wayne/Robin
  • Friendly Rivalry: Near
  • Annoyed By: Timmy Turner
  • Respected by: The Incredibles, Ra's Al Ghul
  • Interested in: Miles "Tails" Prower, Morty Smith, Maya Fey
  • Opposes: The Houses of Crime and Transgressions, Slaughter, and Military and Warfare in general
  • Shared the godhood with his adopted brother, Nightwing, until Dick decided Tim was ready to hold the position by himself.
  • After the death of Jason Todd, Tim (who, using his impressive detective skills, had already deduced Batman and Robin's secret identities) saw that Batman was becoming increasingly merciless without someone to keep him in check. Batman needed a Robin, and when he failed to convince the original to return to the role, he resolved to don the mantle himself, becoming the third Robin. Although he's since matured from that, he still has heavy ties to the identity, as his new superhero name, Red Robin, makes abundantly clear.
    • Although completely capable of leading teams himself, he actually prefers to be the second-in-command and/or The Strategist of whatever group he's in.
    • Syndrome is envious of Tim, seeing him as a harsh, irritating look into What Could Have Been had his hero simply accepted him as a sidekick all those years ago. The fact that Tim was accepted by Batman, the poster boy for I Work Alone, is especially grating. Tim has noted that, while Syndrome never got over Mr. Incredible's rejection, he never actually expected or even intended to be Robin, and his ultimate goal is to one day withdraw from the hero business, go to college, and live a normal life with his girlfriend. This has garnered respect from Mr. Incredible and his family.
    • His wish to eventually retire has made him a noteworthy opponent of Crime, War, and Slaughter in general (he's hardly alone in that). He has an especially personal hatred of Vile, who reminds him of the General AKA Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong, his arch-enemy.
  • Is the best detective of all the Robins, and may one day surpass Batman and become one of, if not the, best detectives in the pantheon. Has gotten into a professional competition with Near for that title, and together they've set up a secure chat room where detectives from all over the pantheon can consult and swap theories with each other over cases. Batman likens it to a similar amateur detectives' chat room he uses to gauge other people's viewpoints and trade theories. Using this chat room, crimes that were once considered unsolvable even by the Pantheon's standards have been solved in literally minutes or hours.
    • His investigative skills are good enough to have earned him the title of "Detective" from Ra's Al Ghul, who normally reserves it solely for Batman himself. After his half-sister failed to conceive a child with him, Ra's has been waiting for the right time to try again.
  • Although he'll work with any member(s) of the Bat Family that asks him to (and, by extension, fight any enemy of them, particularly Two-Face, who's the arch-enemy of all Robins as a whole and once beat him nearly to death on one of his first outings as Robin), he has a lot of trouble working with the other Robin, Damian Wayne. Due to his training from the League of Assassins, Damian believes that he needs to "earn" his place as "Robin" in the Bat Family and as Bruce's son, and seeks to do that by killing Tim. Even though Damian has long since learned this isn't the case, he still routinely sabotages his equipment in a way that could kill him. Tim understandably has problems with this.
    • Unlike most other members of the Bat Clan, he has no actual desire to take on the Batman persona if he can help it, though he has had to on certain occasions, and in one universe even succeeded Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond using some time travel shenanigans.
    • Though he's acknowledged he has a thing for Batgirls, as all Robins do, he was still very confused when he heard of a universe where he ended up marrying Barbara Gordon. Not that he has anything against Barbara, but he doesn't really like her like that. If anything, that would be Nightwing's deal.
  • When not on a mission and often when he is, he's rarely seen without one of his best friends, Kon-El AKA Superboy, playing the straight man to Connor's outrageous behavior. They've been working on a plan to get their other best friend, Bart Allen AKA Impulse, into the pantheon so they can form a new incarnation of Young Justice. He's looked into other "sidekicks", like Tails, Morty, and Maya Fey, in preparation for that day.
    • He's also known to associate with Supergirl, as they've both been members of the Teen Titans.
  • Not that he actually needs a reason to be enemies with Trigon, but his enmity has become far more direct ever since he took over his mind and steered him to rape two of his teammates in the Teen Titans.
  • Although both he and Jubilee still feel the mutual attraction they had when they first met, they've realized that much has changed since that time, with Tim having a girlfriend and Jubilee having been a vampire and having an adopted son. They've decided to remain friends for now, though there are some in the pantheon who would like to see them get together.
  • Met Spider-Man (both Peter Parker and Miles Morales) while on a mission (Peter's temple is in the same House as his, but he's not there very often) and noticed how similar they are in personality. It didn't take long for him to deduce Spidey's secret identity, and they often hang out with each other out-of-costume, although Tim tried to use the alias "Alvin Draper" at first. Peter knew that wasn't his name because "no one would introduce themselves with an awful name like that when they could use a cool nickname like 'Al' or 'Vinnie'!". Superboy was grinning all throughout the exchange.
    • Peter introduced him to Danny Phantom, who was also forced to entrust his secret identity to Tim after he revealed he'd already figured it out without realizing it was even a secret to begin with. When he heard of Danny's dark future self, it reminded him of his scary future self who had turned evil, too. Tim has vowed to do what he can to help keep Dark Danny in check. After all, perhaps fighting someone else's future self will make it easier to fight his own, somehow.
  • Ashi once staged an intervention to get him to admit and discuss his suicidal thoughts with her. Although Tim was initially resistant, claiming he was too busy, he eventually relented. What they've discussed is known only by those two, but Tim's been in much better spirits since then.
  • Prefers to be called "Tim", but will also answer to "Timothy". However, he doesn't like the name "Timmy" and will not answer to it. For this reason, he tends not to stick around whenever he's in the same place as Timmy Turner. He's got nothing against the kid himself, other than the fact that he keeps following him around dressed as "Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder".

    Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites 
The Waffen Storm Leaders and the Nazi Storm Elites, Unholy Unit of Mooks and Their Heavily Armored Successors
Top:Waffen Storm Leader; Bottom: Nazi Storm Elite
Nazi Storm Elite: "Destroy them all!"
  • Eventually, one of the American paratroopers managed to get a Thompson burst into the German, only for the gasmask-wearing soldier to promptly shrug off the damage and gun the paratrooper down, leaving only Travers and his squad leader Sgt. Setzer alive. Recovering from their initial surprise, the surviving US paratroopers took down the new threats, and destroyed the Panzerzug that the Germans had arrived in, ultimately securing the railyard despite the heavy casualties taken.
  • This would not be the last appearance of these SS soldiers, however...While Operation: Varsity had been an astounding success, with the destruction of months worth of German ammo and weapons storages, the remaining defenders of the Essen railyard had holed themselves up in a Flak Tower in the center of the city. And so, Travers and the rest of the 17th Airborne dropped over, onto, and near Der Flakturm, the final German stronghold on the Rhine River. Facing them were several hundred or so elite German troops, including a large number of Waffen Storm Leaders and about 20 Nazi Storm Elites. Despite the tenacious German defense and the Americans losing several planes and suffering heavy casualties, the Flak Tower was ultimately destroyed by Cpl. Travers, who had killed several of their numbers both during the assault itself and his subsequent escape. With the tower's defenders all dead, and the Flak Tower itself in ruins, the Rhine River was now secured, and Airborne reinforcements soon arrived to relive Travers' position.
  • Impressed at their competence in combat despite their universe's Nazi Germany losing, several high-ranking Nazi officials such as Johann Schmidt, Rudolf von Strumgeist, Heinz Bohm, and Wilhelm Strasse made secret arrangements to have both German troop types ascended. While the Waffen Infantry and the Waffen Officers were able to solve their manpower shortage, they were still woefully outmatched against some of the more elite Allied soldiers. Ultimately, their arrangements proved successful, as not long after their secret meeting, a Panzerzug was reported to have arrived at the Temple headquarters of Rudolf von Sturmgeist. Emerging out of the train were a platoon of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites. The ascenced Nazis then bestowed to them the title of Unholy Unit of Mooks and Their Heavily Armored Successors.
  • With their ascension successful and with no Allied forces interfering, the top Nazi officials each decided to assign a number of these men to act as each of their personal bodyguards. Sturmgeist in particular replaced his entire bodyguard unit originally composed of Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers with these troops, no thanks to an almost successful assassination attempt by Kung Fury that ended with several of the former killed.
    • In many cases, this looks to be a case of Bodyguarding a Badass, at least on paper, given that deities like Schmidt and Strasse have shown time and again to be very competent in action. In truth, however, given that the Allies have deities like Captain America and BJ Blaskowicz on their side, not to mention the combat capabilities of regular soldiers such as Cpl. Travers, receiving protection from these elite troops is very much necessary on their part in order to avoid falling in battle.
    • In order to retain their combat prowess against even more powerful threats, both HYDRA and "Deathshead" Strasse have provided both the Waffen Storm Leaders and the Nazi Storm Elites with more modern equipment. For the former, their old STG 44 assault rifles have been replaced in favor of Sturmgewehr 60 assault rifles, while the latter replace their old MG 42 machine guns in favor of the Maschinengewehr 60. In addition to this, their uniforms are updated, with the Storm Elites in particular receiving new gas masks and improved body armor. And finally, they replaced their old swastika and totenkopf symbols for the HYDRA skull and tentacles, on Schmidt's orders, which they all complied with.
  • In combat, they prove to be a nasty surprise for any Allied soldier that isn't Corporal Boyd Travers, with the Storm Leaders having much better aim and combat prowess than your run-of-the-mill Nazi Mooks. The Storm Elites, even moreso, as by this point many of the Nazis' enemies had grown accustomed to them being killed in only a burst of fire or a single grenade. These troops? They can take either: an entire submachine gun magazine, half an automatic rifle magazine, several grenades, a sniper rifle shot to the head, or even an anti-tank rocket, and still be capable of killing someone in a single burst.
  • Corporal Travers was...less than enthusiastic when he learned that two of the enemy infantry types he's faced are now in the Pantheon with him. And with his fellow Allied soldiers finding out just how durable the Storm Elites were, they now asked Travers to show them how to take them down, not unlike how he showed Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell on how he took down the Tiger I tank. To say that many of them were genuinely surprised at the amount of damage these soldiers could take would be an Understatement.
    • Viktor Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko were also unhappy about having to deal with black-uniformed SS soldiers once more, not helped by the fact that these new soldiers they faced were also far tougher than the SS unit that defended their universe's Reichstag.
    • Even the experienced Lt. Karl Fairburne was rather shocked, when a Nazi Storm Elite took one of his sniper rifle's shots in the head...and still managed to continue firing back at him with precision accuracy. Thankfully, because of his Improbable Aiming Skills, he's able to take the enemy out before it can fatally wound him.
  • Aside from being bodyguards, both of these troop types are used to guard important Nazi facilities located in various parts of the Pantheon, particularly their old headquarters of Der Flakturm, which consequently had also been ascended under the orders of both Schmidt and Strasse. In addition, they're also deployed in and around the ruins of Berlin, guarding the Reichstag as well as other important German government buildings.
  • Many deities have theorized that, given the Nazi Storm Elite's massive strength and combat prowess, that they're reliant on a drug called pervitin, which is essentially a prescribed version of...meth. As a result, the Allies have been taking a closer look at two of the Pantheon's most infamous meth dealers, Walt White and Trevor Philips, though nothing thus has been confirmed whether they're working with the Nazis or not. That White has had run-ins with a White supremacist group with similar ideologies in the past doesn't help matters.
  • Given that they work for and represent an evil military dictatorship, many of the good-aligned German deities hate them. It's arguably the worst for the Karlslandian members of the 501st JFW, given that their version of Germany is actually heroic, not helped by many of the Allied deities having mistaken them for Nazis at one point. The German Fleet Girls also wish to avoid any association with these soldiers for the same reasons.

    Yellow Heart 
Yellow Heart, Goddess of Those Reforged Into Henchmen (Peashy, Pea, Pea Pea)


    The Enforcers 
Finn, Ratso, Chow and Hak Foo, Gods of Universal Henchmen (The Enforcers)
As Dark Chi Warriors 

Kronk Pepikrankenitz, God of Minions that Aren't Really Evil (Kronkie-Poo)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, Supreme Chef, Capable of Speaking Squirrel, Genius Ditz
  • Domains: Amicability, Personality
  • Followers: N (Murder Drones)
  • Herald: Bucky the Squirrel
  • Allies: Squirrel Girl, Remy the Rat, Popeye, Tohru, Lazlo, Raj, & Clam, GIR, Tien Shinhan, The Enforcers.
  • Odd Friendship: Conker, Screwy Squirrel, Ratatoskr
  • Additional Relations: Yzma
  • Kronk is the right-hand man for Yzma, a deranged woman who wants to take over an entire kingdom via killing its emperor. In stark contrast, Kronk is a very kind-hearted, if very ditzy, man who knows how to cook (he's especially fond of spinach puffs) and knows what squirrels are saying. It says a lot when he officially severed ties with Yzma after she insulted his cooking and loudly declaring that she never liked his spinach puffs. It makes one wonder why a man like him would get involved with a megalomaniacal woman's schemes if Kronk never acted that evil and never had any ill-will against Kuzco to begin with.
  • Even though Kronk and Yzma have severed ties with each other, some have argued that there was a time where Kuzco attended school and Kronk was still working with Yzma in trying to oust Kuzco. Kronk didn't seem to be aware of such a thing, but Yzma made it clear that any additional work between her and Kronk isn't happening.
  • He makes visits to the House of Food to prepare various kinds of meals to visitors. In addition to the various meals he makes, Kronk knows kitchen talk quite well. While inside a kitchen, he saw a rat cook and was surprised to see that it was skilled at the job. It didn't stop him from becoming friends with Remy the Rat afterwards, though he has wondered if there exists a squirrel that is able to cook elaborate meals on its own.
  • Kronk found some good company in Tohru, another big man who used to work for someone evil and turned good after leaving the villain, even if Kronk's situation was far more ridiculous than that of Tohru's. Kronk sometimes makes meals for Tohru and his friends, though he does try to take into consideration the fact that Tohru doesn't like to eat fish.
    • With the move to the subhouse of Minions and Sidekicks, he was met with the Enforcers who Tohru worked with before he left to side with the Chans. The Enforcers get along well with Kronk and praise that Kronk immediately left Yzma when she insulted his cooking.
  • Another not-that-evil minion who Kronk got along with is GIR, a robot who's possibly dumber than Kronk is and works for Zim, who is probably even more insane than Yzma is both in terms of goal and personality. GIR being a massive eater certainly gave Kronk a run for his money when it comes to cooking for him. Despite GIR eating more than just food during visits, the two are generally good friends. That said, even with multiple meetings between the two, Kronk doesn't appear to be aware of GIR having a Duty Mode and that it'd be better not to go near him when that is activated.
  • One of his talents involves being able to talk to squirrels. While he expected that there would be squirrels in the Pantheon, he didn't expect to be squirrels that are able to talk on their own. Even more surprising to him was that the squirrels that he could find weren't willing to talk to him initially. After some time, Conker was willing to put up with Kronk only because he wasn't mean and Screwy Squirrel wanted to hang out with him more because both found each other entertaining.
    • What Kronk didn't expect at all was finding someone who not only was able to talk to squirrels, but was able to use her communication skills with them to command the squirrels to do unusual feats in addition to having superpowers outside of that. Doreen Green was excited to find out another person capable of talking to squirrels and set out to meet Kronk. The meet-up involved Kronk cooking some spinach puffs for her and sharing his story about how he used to work for a villainess and quit the job. Doreen didn't really hold anything against Kronk since he never was evil despite who he used to work for and found his spinach puffs to be tasty. The two have become good friends since the meeting and some have wondered if the two are attracted to each other despite Doreen and Kronk not saying anything about those rumors.
    • Kronk later found out about Ratatoskr through a couple deities talking about the aforementioned rumor and was surprised to learn that a squirrel created that rumor according to the two. Given how Ratatoskr was a mythical figure of some kind, Kronk took it that Ratatoskr was the top god of squirrels, but was told that Ratatoskr was more of a messenger with a trickster streak rather than an all-powerful god that watches over squirrels. Kronk eventually found Ratatoskr and even with the squirrel loving to pull tricks on others and Kronk being part of a rumor made by Ratatoskr, the two get along pretty well. It helps that Kronk already gets along with other deities associated with squirrels and is very friendly overall.
  • Since he has done some work as a scout leader, Kronk was willing to take a job offer in handling Lazlo, Raj, & Clam for a few days. While the trio are certainly rowdy, he was able to get a handle of them. It helps that they think Kronk is someone worth being a scoutmaster and following the initial work, Kronk has become a part-time scoutmaster for the trio and has activities set up with them, including how to speak in "squirrel".
  • He is very good with kids and is known to play with many younger deities, including those that reside in the House of Family. He likes it for the most part, but he did hear that there were a handful of children who are much more problematic than normal to the point where they're very bratty and their behavior being almost akin to that of Yzma (minus the whole overthrowing the emperor thing, of course). Kronk was told via other deities who take care of children to be careful of the highly troublesome kids.
  • Upon being told that there was someone named Popeye who liked spinach, Kronk decided to try and look for him and see if the sailor was interested in trying some spinach puffs. Given that Popeye was already fond of spinach as is, he was willing to try out Kronk's spinach puffs and was pleasantly surprised to see someone make a good snack using spinach. Popeye sometimes visits Kronk to eat some spinach puffs in his downtime, though he still prefers his canned spinach whenever he needs to fight.

    Sniper Joes 
Sniper Joes, Deified Shield-Bearing Mooks
Your average Snipe Joe model
  • Demigods on average
  • Symbol: Their Sniper Shield
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (at least when Wily programs them)
  • Portfolio: Mecha-Mooks Who Carry Shields, One Of The Tougher Enemies, Cyber Cyclops, Arm Cannon, Multiple Different Varieties, Based on Proto Man's Design
  • Domains: Enemies: Shields, Eyes, Vehicles
  • Superior: Doctor Wily
  • Allies: Robot Masters loyal to Wily, The original T-800
  • Enemies: Mega Man and his allies (especially their model, Proto Man), E-123 Omega, E-102 Gamma, Conrad S Hauser, Snake Eyes, Sticks, the Nazi Storm Elite
  • Disrespected by: Metal Sonic
  • Sniper Joes are humanoid robots based upon Proto Man's design, created for the purpose of amassable robots. When Doctor Wily started his quest for world conquest, he repurposed them to be the backbone of his army. They have many different forms, but almost always tend to utilize a shield to defend themselves. They serve as one of the most common Mecha-Mooks of the doctor.
  • Their mass production makes them an easy tool for the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Machines, to which Dr Wily has made a lot of cash in selling them to both sides. Though the Sentinels hold the official position of Mecha-Mooks, the GUAE finds Sniper Joes more reliable as they are far less likely to turn on the user, even if they are weaker as a whole. Wily is pleased that people choose his models over them. Sometimes they go on raids for the smaller mechas stored in the Hall of Types of Mechas, since some Sniper Joes can ride them. Eggman is trying to get his Badniks and Egg Pawns up to compete, which had led the technophobic Sticks to be paranoid the Sniper Joes ascending was part of the good doctor's schemes.
  • Unlike the Robot Masters their A.I is simple and they serve as mere soldiers, which make them ideal Cannon Fodder for the GUAM. SKYNET regards them as inferior to even the T-600 Terminator model, however unlike other models they have no way to rebel. As such, the malevolent A.I has decided to make them support units to the T-800 loyal to him. Dr Wily decided to test them out against the Nazi Storm Elite, putting their Heavily Armored Mook position to the test. This pissed them off something fierce, and when the GUAE asked why Dr Wily was using them as test subjects he responded "who cares, they're Nazis!" and said the GUAE shouldn't be concerned anyway since they have reserves.
  • Among the GUAE the Sniper Joes have found themselves commonly used by the Mecha Cohort, mainly as grunt work for Megatron and the Decepticons. Cooler decided to create his own variant, the Meta Joe, which is made out of the same material as his Metal Cooler copies. People were confused as to why he would waste the effort, which Cooler mused by saying "oh they're not for me; they're for selling and making fat stacks of zenni!" He and Freeza are space real estate inspectors as much as they are conquerors, and in the pantheon there are some things you need money for.
  • New models for the GUAE and GUAM were commissioned for leading members, or modeled after them. This was done by Wily to curry support from other evil deities, and make money.
    • Brainy Joes: Sniper Joes modeled after Brainiac, mainly his Bronze Age robotic form. Mainly used to gather information and be the first line in preparing cities for him to steal.
    • Dark Joes: Sniper Joes modeled after Melkor and Sauron's intimidating "Dark Lord" physique. Even Wily admits they're mainly there to look cool.
    • Hawk Joes: Sniper Joes modeled after Griffith. Mainly to look aesthetically pleasing, they carry a rapier in case their sniper isn't optimal/not working.
    • Melty Joes: An attempt by Dr Wily to incorporate the Yellow Devil's morphing, fluid design with that of the Sniper Joe. The result is sleek silver Sniper Joes with pink highlights that are a limited take on the T-1000note . Also an attempt to replicate Buu's elasticity.
    • Stormtrooper Joes: Commissioned for Emperor Palpatine. Capable of generating an electric blast akin to Palpatine's Force Lightning.
  • As with many of Wily's first robots, the Sniper Joe design was actually stolen from Dr Light. Dr Cossack may or may not have "good" variants called Skeleton Joes in Skull Man's base, but as they were used as Wily forced him to do his bidding it's unclear which of the two created those models. Cossack is taking credit either way and has been hiring the Grand United Alliance of Good to create good guy Sniper Joes to oppose Dr Wily's. The Robot War Division has reprogrammed Sniper Joes for them.
  • The Robot War division has created new models for the GUAG, thanks to schematics Dr Light and Cossack have developed. The Tenno quickly agreed to testing these new models since they felt it compliments their Spectres.
    • Angel Joes: Shining, angel-themed robots that Cosmos and other gods of good thought would be a fitting look for their take on the Sniper Joe archetype.
    • Iron Joes: commissioned by Tony Stark. Have the same red/gold coloration as his classic powered armor, and their chassis and gun can be removed for use as armor and weaponry.
    • Mecha Joes: Humongous Mecha Sniper Joes that can be piloted by, and deploy regular Sniper Joe models.
  • Cobra Commander was very amused at the fact that they named Joes, and decided to purchase some Sniper Joes in order to achieve his ambitions. Neither Conrad S Hauser or Snake Eyes were the least bit pleased with this development. They weren't happy to learn that the CIS had purchased a number of Sniper Joes for that matter, believing they might be more effective than their standard model.
  • Proto Man hates the Sniper Joes because they're unlicensed and inferior knock-offs of him, and he's the Robot Master with the strongest sense of individuality. It's not known if them being knock-offs means Proto Man is also a Cyber Cyclops, however, since he's never seen without his Cool Shades. Gigan, being the former holder of the Cyber Cyclops, actually agrees with Proto Man on their inferiority. However this is only his dismissal of them being drones, not him caring about Proto Man's issues. E-123 Omega sympathizes with his rage as he considers them inferior consumer models, and E-102 Gamma isn't fond of their malevolence, especially after learning Eggman mass produced copies of himself after his deathnote . Metal Sonic seems to understand Proto Man's frustration, though it's all down to his complex over being a robot copy of Sonic and denial about this.

    Waylon Smithers 
Waylon Smithers Junior, God of Ignored Enamored Underlings (Mr Smithers)


    The Adoring Fan 
The Adoring Fan, God of Comically Incompetent Companions (By Azura, The Annoying Fan)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His flamboyant hair
  • Theme Song: STAR by young scrolls
  • Alignment: True Neutral generally (but variable depending on whom he idolizes as the Grand Champion)
  • Portfolio: Irritating and Idiotic Sidekicks, Ditching His Grand Champion at the Slightest Sign of Danger, Ridiculously Shaped and Garishly Yellow Hair, Repeatedly Recovering from Stupid Deaths, Worshipping the Ground You Walk on, Intentionally Useless in Gameplay, Butt-Monkey, Carrying a Torch in Dark Places So You Don't Have To
  • Domains: Fanaticism, Partisanship, Annoyance, Stupidity, Death and Resurrection, Elves, Trees and Forests
  • Rivals: Damian Wayne, Solaire of Astora
  • Enemies: Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Adores: The Dovahkiin, Ezio Auditore, Johnny Cage, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Jaime Lannister, Riki, Dunban, Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, Link, Kratos, Gregor Clegane, Optimus Prime, Annabeth Chase, Tyrion
  • Fears: Alduin, Hermaeus Mora, Metal Face, Leatherface, The Xenomorph Drone, The Joker, Nekron, Zanza, Deathwing, Khorne, Kefka Palazzo, The Wither, The Beast, Fortinbras, Ghirahim, Hades (Kid Icarus), Melkor, most of the gods in the Houses of Bosses and Enemies
  • Respects: Paarthurnax, Talos, Azura, Trevenant
  • Opposed by: Syndrome
  • This nutty Wood Elf has made it his mission to pledge himself to whomever he regards as the Grand Champion, who was, prior to his ascension, the individual that was at the highest position in the Imperial City Arena, but is now defined as the deity who has made the most glorious display of strength and skill in combat (of course, he never stops to question the ethics governing their methods). Needless to say, none of these new Grand Champions have tolerated him for long.
  • After his latest Grand Champion in Cyrodiil, the Hero of Kvatch, ascended into the Shivering Isles to take their place as the new Sheogorath following their adventures in the realm, the Adoring Fan was lost, for he had no replacement Grand Champion on Nirn to follow around. It was then that he travelled to the Pantheon in the hopes of finding a new and unfamiliar individual to fawn over night and day.
    • Because his favourite hangout was once the violent and bloody Arena, he first sought employment in the Slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, this concluded in failure when he met a messy end in the entrance hall at the hands of some of the more murderous and bestial residing gods, with his remains flung thousands of feet down the doorsteps afterwards. Following his return to life three days later, he looked for guidance from Paarthurnax, who invited the Fan to meditate alongside him until the answer came to him.
    • The answer arrived shortly thereafter in the form of the Dovahkiin, who also had come to meditate. Something about the Dragonborn reminded the Adoring Fan of the Hero of Kvatch, and he asked them if he could follow them around. The Dovahkiin, who was in the mood for companionship, agreed but told him to wait in the House of Professions until they returned. The Adoring Fan jovially sprinted off towards his destination... and ran off the edge of the mountain to another death.
    • The Dovahkiin soon came to regret their decision as the Adoring Fan refused to shut up about their heroic escapades and proved himself as an unreliable ally in their daily dragonslaying. The breaking point was when the Fan asked the Dovahkiin if they wanted a backrub, prompting them to shout at the Fan to go live in the House of Characterization instead. Since then, the Dragonborn has only called on the Fan if they want to test their latest weapon or spell. On the bright side, the Fan completed his ascension to the Pantheon, although he prefers continuing to worship rather than being worshipped.
  • The Adoring Fan occasionally manages to hold a civil conversation with the Dovahkiin, including a time where they talked about what had been happening in Tamriel during the two centuries since the Adoring Fan had followed the Hero of Kvatch. Despite seeing most of the world through rose-tinted glasses, even he was horrified to hear about how the Thalmor had been treating his kindred Bosmer in Valenwood.
  • Due to being a worshiper of Daedra rather than Aedra, he has little obsession with Talos, although he still admires him for the deeds that he accomplished during his mortal life.
  • Meanwhile back in Cyrodiil, the Adoring Fan had become a minor legend. One individual, an Imperial named Cicero, acquired a fascination with his adventures and dressed as the Fan, using the disguise to slit the present Grand Champion's throat and leave him for the bears in order to fulfill his assassination contract. The Fan later took notice of Cicero and, being flattered at hearing of the man having worn his likeness (completely ignoring the fact that Cicero killed the type of person whom the Fan was and is unhealthily devoted to), decided that he would make a perfect herald.
  • His temple, a near-perfect replica of the Imperial City Arena, is built on a narrow cliff resembling Dive Rock.
  • Despite his bad past experience with the the Slaughterhouse, he sometimes visits in order to capture the classic Arena taste, watching the gods partake in their routinely gruesome killings with a tranquil smile on his face.
    • He frequents the House of Combat for similar reasons. The young Bosmer soon became enamored with Johnny Cage's fighting prowess, eagerly asking for his autograph following one particularly intense match. Cage happily obliged, but eventually gave him a fatal punch when the Fan continued to pester him for more favours.
  • He was prompted to join Deadpool in his wacky adventures when the latter told him that he was indeed the Grand Champion (he was talking about his character from his Oblivion save file but felt no need to correct his hapless new fan). Five seconds later, Wade shot him out of annoyance over his incessant chattering. He then mailed the Fan's corpse to Bethesda with a letter of complaint attached. He also sent a second letter to the people at TV Tropes demanding to know what they were thinking when they allowed this obnoxious moron into the Pantheon.
  • He had, on one occasion, a chance encounter with Azura and predictably exclaimed his infamous Catchphrase upon learning her name. He was, however, disappointed to learn that she was not the Azura that he was thinking of.
  • In a rare display of common sense, he expressed confusion as to why Jaime Lannister gets such a bad reputation for slaying Aerys the Mad King.
  • Trevenant is among the small number of gods able to tolerate him and is often happy to give the Fan time to rest on his branches until he recovers from his latest death.
  • He briefly accompanied Riki and Dunban in their travels, where he soon got on their bad side during a fight with a Mechon squad.
    Dunban: Born in a world of strife! Against the odds! We choose to-
    • The normally level-headed Dunban, who had had enough experience with being deserted by his allies, yelled at him to get his bottom back into the battlefield, to which the Fan promptly complied. The two heroes then found that the Fan was even better at drawing enemies' aggro than Reyn, allowing them to easily whittle down their distracted opponents. The Mechon were nearly finished off with a Chain Attack, which culminated in the Adoring Fan revealing his own Talent Art: a single swipe of his iron dagger... which missed. Riki and Dunban were forced to clean up the last remnants of the squad on their own, after which the former mumbled, "This is why Riki prefer Hom Hom sidekicks..."
  • While Batman finds the Adoring Fan as annoying as anyone else, he has begun trying to train him in combat so that he at least has half a chance at defending himself, which has earned him the ire of Bruce's son Damian.
    • The Joker soon learned of this, kidnapping the Fan during one of his strolls around the Houses and locking him in a warehouse with a Cartoon Bomb, with the promise that he would be allowed to live if he could dispose of it. The Adoring Fan learned the hard way that some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.
    • Jason Todd bitterly envies how quickly the Adoring Fan both recovered from his death and resumed his friendship (such as it is) with Batman despite the latter's failure to save him. As a result, Jason holds the highest death toll of the Adoring Fan in the Pantheon, becoming one of the few gods whom the Fan has a sour opinion of.
  • The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse sometimes summon him as a phantom as a quick diversion in battles against more aggressive bosses.
  • Prior to his ascension, he once spent a period of time trapped in Mehrunes Dagon's plane of Oblivion, dying repeatedly but unable to escape. Because of this, he has developed an aversion to the House of Demons and to the members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction.
  • A few gods have started keeping Mud Crabs as pets in order to keep the Adoring Fan away.

Prinnies, The Servant Race
  • Quasideities (Yellow: Quasi+)
  • Symbol: A fish, a sword and a Cartoon Bomb
  • Theme song: Prinny My Love, alternatively Red Moon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Serving every other species imaginable against their will, Having to make up for crimes in their past lives, blowing up by being thrown, Rarely working when left alone, Always saying the word "Dood!"
  • Domains: Birds, Ghosts, Glavery
  • Allies (aka people who at the very least treat them somewhat better than Etna): Flonne, Fluttershy, Valvatorez, Bob-ombs, Asagi Asagiri, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner, Sicily, Chuck, Bandana Dee, the Blue Slimes, Usalia, Ice King
  • Their Lord and number one enemy: ETNA!
  • Enemies (aka people who treat them like Etna does or even worse): Laharl, Baal, Ghazghkull
  • Pitied by: Boa Hancock.
  • At times, many people feel sorry for the constant abuse that they take from most of their owners. Then they remember that most Prinnies are in fact the souls of murderers, thieves and other various criminals/sinners, leading to most sympathy going out the window.
  • Now and then, Etna will "bless" one of her Prinnies to go on a somewhat important mission. And of course, those missions will always lead to that Prinny getting killed over and over again.
  • They stay as far away as possible from Ghazghkull, knowing how he is one of the few gods who actually treats his Prinnies WORSE than Etna does. Some Lost refugee Prinnies compare him to Demon Emperor Void Dark prior to Killia's attack.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have made it their sworn duty to someday defeat Etna and liberate all the Prinnies as fellow "penguins". If nothing else, it does give the Prinnies a good laugh whenever Etna is on the receiving end of a well-done prank. Of course, only the idiotic ones let their merriment be known around her.
  • Every now and then, all the Prinnies—or at least those who have cleansed themselves of their sins—go to the highest point in the Pantheon under the light of the Red Moon to have their souls cleansed and reincarnated. Fluttershy comforts them as they move to the great beyond.
  • Every once in a while, strong Prinnies gather together to form Pringer X, a power robotic Prinny capable of defeating Baal and had once nearly taken Baal out of pantheon due to some nasty tricks like resisting attack used on it. However, when Baal came back more powerful than ever and turned Pringer X into a pincushion for his swords, the Prinnies have no longer attempted to become Pringer X.
  • Prinnies under the instruction of Valvatorez are notably more efficient and loyal than Prinnies under the watch of Etna. While not effective fighters, they are very effective scouts, being able to reliably gather information for Fenrich. This has caused many gods to be a little more cautious around Prinnies since Fenrich is very good at using information to his advantage.
    • Sicily sometimes likes to dote on the Prinnies, though Valvatorez will remind her not to spoil them, as they're still sinners who need to work off their sins.
  • As of late, a band of yellow Prinnies have been sighted around the Pantheon under the command of Usalia. The Pantheon is still reacting to this discovery.
    • Etna's sadism to her own prinnies kicked up a notch when but one of these new Prinnies stole her caramel mix, mistaking it for curry; this didn't anger her as much, given it was returned after the thief realized its mistake, but her entire prinny squad was obliterated trying to capture it. Etna's own attempt to capture these prinnies left her angrier still when she opened her bag and saw a single explosive carrot left inside.
    • Valvatorez bore witness to a squadron of these prinnies punching above their weight class and bringing down several Lesser Deities who thought them easy marks. He has been left confused, more on their Verbal Tic of "plip!" than their newfound competence. A discussion with Usalia has been planned for later in the month.
  • Hilarity ensued when a group of Prinnies accidentally sang "Red Sun" on the night of their redemption, rather than Red Moon. Sundowner had a chuckle when he found out.
  • Can also be found in Other Creatures.