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Greater Gods

    B.B. and Alter Egos 
B.B., Meltryllis and Passionlip, Triumvirate Goddesses of Composite Characters, (B.B.: Mysterious Black Magus, Black Coat Girl, Black Blossom, Black Sakura, Moon Cancer, Forgotten Primordial Goddess, BB, Bebe, Baby, Heroic Spirit of the Moon Cell's Bane, BB Pele, The Faceless Moon; Meltryllis: Artemis, Lotan, Saraswati, Meltlilis, Melt-lilies, Alter Ego S, Lancer, Mysterious Alter Ego λ; Passionlip: Parvati, Durga, Brynhild, Passion Lip, Alter Ego M)
(Top to bottom) B.B., Meltryllis and Passionlip
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    Sasuke Uchiha 
Sasuke Uchiha, Official God of Rivals (The Last of the Uchiha, Sasuke of the Sharingan, Child of the Prophecy, Supporting Kage, Little Brother, Sauce, Sauce Gay, Team Hawk's Resident Evil Bastard, Emo-Duck, Dr. Snakes)
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  • Greater God (Borderline-Overdeity when Using the Full Power of his Susanoo)
  • Symbol: The Uchiha Clan symbol
  • Theme Music: His initial "cool guy" theme, Hyouhaku and Kokuten, Burning Sword (shared with Himura Kenshin)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (was initially All Over the Spectrum from Neutral Good, to Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Rival Deuteragonist, Rival Turned Evil, Had to Endure Losing his Family and Clan and Becoming a Pariah, Empowered by Hatred which Badly Damages and Violently Twists his Psyche, An Exeptionally Talented Individual who is Internally Broken and Lost, Contrasts Naruto in More Ways than One, Is Obsessed with Revenge Against Itachi, Takes Grudges and Retribution Too Far, Is Easily Corruptible due to his Nature of Undergoing Traumatic Events, Insanely Resillient, Possessing the Sharingan, Having a Wide Assortment of Powers, Cool Kusanagi, Formerly (And Still Does) Idolize and Adore his Brother, Becoming Increasingly Villainous and Condescending Overtime until Naruto Beats Out his Nihilistic Mindset and Properly Redeems Him, The Atoner, Walking the Earth, Polarizing Characters and is More Divisive on the West
  • Domains: Revenge, Tragedy, Loneliness, Hatred, Guilt, Atonement
  • Allies: Jin Kazama, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Siegfried Schtauffen, Ayane, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, Genos, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Count Dooku, Kurapika, Golbez, Cecil Harvey
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Most Heroic Deities from his World (Hinata Hyuga, Shikamaru Nara, Might Guy, Tsunade, Gaara, Killer B), August Heart/Godspeed, Riku
  • Rivals: Hiei, Maul, Malus Darkblade, Vergil, Ryu
  • Enemies: Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Deidara, Sophie, Noob Saibot, Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, Vanitas, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Regime Superman
  • Friendly Enemy: Kisame Hoshigaki
  • Mentor: Kakashi Hatake
  • Student: Boruto Uzumaki
  • Interests: Atrocitus
  • Pities: Ren Hakuryuu, Hanako Ikezawa, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Pitied By: Many in the Houses of Family and Relatives and Despondency, Hashirama Senju, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Clark Kent/Superman, J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter
  • Conflicting Opinion: House of Revenge and Retribution, Alith Anar
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Sota Sarushiro/Simon Keyes
  • On Speaking Terms With: Orochimaru, The Sound Five, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Kuai-Liang/Sub-Zero, Yuri Nakamura, Kratos
  • Special Relationship: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno (his wife), Sarada Uchiha (his daughter)
  • Sasuke Uchiha was born to the prestigious clan of his surname in Konohagakure, who were renowned for their ability to value love and camaraderie above all else, their exceptional talent as ninjas and possessing the fabled doujutsu known as the Sharingan which allows its user to, by mere sight, replicate one's movements whilst also enhancing their own reflexes, perspectives, and agility. Sasuke initially led a happy life… until one night, he found his clan suddenly slaughtered by his older brother, Itachi, who promptly mentally tortured Sasuke with visions of their clan's slaughter before leaving him behind to tell him to build up his hatred for the intent of killing him and avenging the clan. Sasuke then led a lonely, quiet life where all he had in mind was exact vengeance. Once he graduated his exams to become a Genin ninja, Sasuke was enrolled into Team 7, composed of himself, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sakura Haruno, and was to be led, trained, and looked after by Kakashi Hatake. Naruto personally saw Sasuke as someone to compete against whereas Sakura had a crush on him, though Sasuke himself was hard to interact with. Though gradually, he would warm up to them and see Naruto and Sakura as friends and worth fighting for, as well as respecting his competition against Naruto. However, one day, Itachi, now a member of an elite terrorist organization known as the Akatsuki, came back to Konoha and Sasuke, wanting revenge confronted him, only to be effortlessly defeated, tortured again, and demoralized, effectively destroying any hopes of Sasuke growing out of his desire for vengeance. His desperation attracted Orochimaru, a rogue ninja of Konoha, Mad Scientist, and a wanted criminal who has since played responsibility for the death of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, as well as being the one who gave Sasuke the Cursed Seal of Heaven by biting him when he was participating in the Chunin Exams. Orochimaru sent his bodyguards, The Sound Fournote  to convince Sasuke to leave Konoha and join Orochimaru's hidden village of Otogakure. Though Sasuke resisted, he gave in and decided to abruptly depart to Orochimaru, obsessed with the desire to grow stronger and kill Itachi. Though the Sound Four and Kimimaro died in battle fending off against Naruto and some of his friends who tried to bring Sasuke back, they succeeded in their mission with Sasuke making his way to Orochimaru, eager to prepare training for him for the day he would have to meet Itachi again.
    • Sasuke trained under Orochimaru for two-and-a-half years, becoming increasingly stronger as time went by. His strength had grown considerably to the extent where he easily outmatched Naruto and Sakura when they met again, and that was also after Naruto and Sakura themselves had gotten stronger. While Orochimaru trained Sasuke with the intent of one day taking over his body to achieve perfection, Sasuke intercepted and supposedly killed his master, deciding that he was strong enough to kill Itachi. Along the way, he decided to find three Otogakure ninjas, Suigetsu Hozuki, Karin, and Jugo, and form a quartet known as Hebi. After a surprise confrontation with Akatsuki member Deidara, Sasuke finally met Itachi and engaged in an intense battle where Itachi confided that he intended to kill Sasuke and take his eyes. The battle ended in a draw with Itachi dying of illness and fatigue and Sasuke passing out from exhaustion. He woke up to encounter a masked man who supposedly claimed to be Madara Uchiha and a survivor of the Uchiha Clan Massacre. It was here where Sasuke found out the real circumstances of why that night happened; Itachi was acting under orders from the ruling Konoha Elders behind Hiruzen's back as the Uchiha themselves were planning a coup against Konoha's leadership and Itachi was instructed to kill every member to prevent this from happening, though he was unable to kill his younger brother as Itachi loved Sasuke too much and quickly left in shame, though he did admit internally that he fully intended to die by Sasuke's hands. Sasuke also learned about Madara to some degree and it caused a revelation within him. Awakening his own Mangekyou Sharingan after being emotionally affected by the actual circumstances involving Itachi and his death, Sasuke rebranded his group into Taka and made it a new goal to destroy Konohagakure.
    • Sasuke eventually developed a dangerous addiction to hatred, to the extent that when he decided to kill the village elders responsible for authorizing his clan's extermination, most notably Danzo Shimura, Sasuke dropped much of his valor in favor of becoming single-minded on revenge, causing him to abandon his allies, but his physical health at risk by overusing his Mangekyou Sharingan, and becoming more mentally deranged and deluded over his obsession. He eventually killed Danzo with "Madara's" aid, though he clashed against Team 7 yet again. Sasuke promised that he would end his feud against Naruto one day, who still desired to bring him back. Sasuke eventually agreed to be treated by "Madara" so that he can be given Itachi's eyes and awaken the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. By the time the process was done, the Fourth Shinobi World War was ongoing and Sasuke proceeded to take action on his own accord. A chance meeting with a reanimated Itachi convinced Sasuke to work with him, coming to blows against Orochimaru's lieutenant, Kabuto Yakushi, who was in league with "Madara'' who was since been outed as an imposter and was later revealed to be Obito Uchiha. Kabuto claimed that he had evolved beyond what Orochimaru was capable of, but was defeated and forced to cancel out his reanimation, with only the real Madara Uchiha remaining.
    • With Itachi's last words, Sasuke sought to find answers, reuniting with Taka and bringing back Orochimaru, who went on to simply help Sasuke out with truths regarding the Uchiha. Returning to Konoha, a reanimated Hashirama Senju told Sasuke about Konoha's history as well as what he and Madara went through. This got Sasuke convinced enough to side with the Allied Shinobi Forces and the reanimated Hokages and defeat Obito and Madara, who had awakened the Ten Tailed Beast. Working with Naruto and the other ninjas, Sasuke was able to defeat Obito, though a forcibly resurrected Madara turned the tables and put him and Naruto on the verge of death whilst becoming the Ten Tails Jinchuriki. Sasuke was saved by a reformed Kabuto and, in his subconsciousness, met with Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, who told Sasuke about the origins of the Uchiha and how he was a descendant of both Madara and Hagoromo's older son, Indra. Awakening the Rinnegan, Naruto, and Sasuke worked to stall Madara, but it was too late as he had achieved his goal in casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi onto the moon and hypnotizing everyone into eternal lucid dreams, save for Sasuke, Team 7, Obito, and the reanimated Hokages. With Madara suddenly betrayed by Black Zetsu to bring back Kaguya Otsutsuki, the original form of the Ten Tailed Beast, Team 7 worked together more time to defeat her, albeit at the sacrifice of a redeemed Obito. However, Sasuke then revealed his endgame; to kill off all the living Kages so that he can instill himself as a Shadow Dictator to ensure that everyone can centralize their hate towards him and remain unified and supportive of one another. Naruto opposed this notion and decided to engage in one more fight, concluding in Sasuke admitting his loss and conceding Naruto as the winner. Finally abandoning his obsession with revenge and following onto hatred, Sasuke and Naruto ended the Infinite Tsukuyomi together and served some time in prison for his actions as an escaped criminal, though Naruto and Kakashi pardoned him. Sasuke, seeking atonement, decided to embark on his own solo travels, though he's made it a point to protect Konoha from amongst the shadows as a way to honor Itachi's promise and wishes.
  • Sasuke's story was said to be a very polarizing one for those who became familiar with him, his past, and what he went through. It's universally accepted that he went through a traumatizing experience that no child should ever have had to go through and pity him, thinking that he deserved better. That said, Sasuke's desire for revenge was seen as a point of contention; there was some justification, but to dedicate your whole life to it was something that was considered to be unhealthy and unnecessary, especially considering that Sasuke ended up corrupting his own mind out of hatred and addicting desire to strike back at those who were responsible for his tragedies. It's how he entered the Pantheon, and he tried to put as much distance as he could when it came to how others viewed him. However, with him having grown out of his need for vengeance and instead aiming to protect the world and honor his brother's wishes, Sasuke has been forgiven… somewhat. He's still criticized and chided upon for his many selfish actions and his obsession jeopardizing many that he came in contact with, but his attempts at atonement being genuine have mitigated that to some degree. The Pantheon has been an interesting experience overall; Sasuke's first days there were him still working under Tobi and fighting against Naruto, but those days have long passed and the circumstances in this new realm have made things different. It's not that Sasuke needs to just protect Konoha, but now he's got worlds upon worlds to look after, it seems as if his redemption is really being tested. However, he is willing to undertake it, if mainly because Naruto would encourage him to do just that, as well as Itachi.
  • Sasuke is a solitary figure, both in his home realm and in the Pantheon. That's not to say he is entirely on his own; he eventually married Sakura, the two have a daughter named Sarada, and he himself has come to be a mentor to Naruto's son, Boruto, who has taken to look up to Sasuke. Whilst Boruto and Sarada have their own adventures, Sasuke is putting in a considerable amount of time to look after them. The fact that they're also in the Pantheon is further motivation in that fact. Obviously enough, Sasuke's actions and goals are more aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Good, given that Naruto and his other allies, be it in his own realm or in this new one, are members of it, and while Sasuke does play some contribution to helping out the GUAE, he always does it under his own terms and chooses to keep things as covertly as possible, thinking that his own polarizing nature would catch unwanted attention. Many of the other alliances have been seeing Sasuke as a thorn on their side, if mainly because he's been using his time to neutralize whatever threat he's identified in an effort to give the heroes a better chance, though he's aware that he can't keep up with this forever and he's going to be needing help on some occasions, be it from Naruto or from anyone else.
  • Sasuke's reception in his homeworld speaks for itself; he's seen as a disappointment towards Konoha by many, although there are some who are willing to give him a chance to redeem himself and are willing to work alongside him if necessary. The other villages are not any kinder to him and prefer to just keep their distance from him as Sasuke's war crimes aren't exactly easily forgivable. On his side of things, the fact that Sasuke may need to be working with Obito, a man who also partially took part in their own clan's massacre, was a very serious point of contention that he found difficult to accept. At the end of the day, they only work together because they both have mutual enemies and that their position in the Pantheon means that there aren't many who are too forgiving towards them. Though Obito predicts and doesn't mind the thought of Sasuke wanting to kill him, a fact that he found rather surprising. Nagato is a little easier as he and Sasuke can relate to the loss of parents and being driven past a certain breaking point that turned them towards villainy. That said, their alliance is still a little shaky as Sasuke prefers to be solo whereas Nagato's attempt of atonement involves him creating another organization composed of like-minded individuals like him.
    • Him and Orochimaru are on... decent terms at the moment, to the confusion and dismay of many others, as they felt the former Sannin should have not just been on bad terms, but punished for his many war crimes, though Sasuke insists that Orochimaru is needed in some capacity and that everyone else may be needing his support, even if he himself doesn't personally get along with him. The Sound Five, on the other hand, are thankful to see that they succeeded in their mission, even if they died to get it done, and decided to follow his and Orochimaru's rule on not antagonizing Konoha and their killers, something which they're understandably very uneasy on. Kimimaro, on the other hand, is grateful to see that Sasuke did indeed take care of Jugo and is open to conversing with the two from time to time. The fact that Kimimaro is on good terms with Boruto due to him trying to help out and reason with Jugo has also played a part in him being well-accustomed with Sasuke, seeing as the Uchiha is a second mentor to Boruto.
  • Love and Camaraderie is a trait that is considered very deep and special among the Uchiha Clan, and Sasuke's affection for his family, especially towards his brother, Itachi was obviously special. However, there was a major downside; this love was taken to extreme levels, which morphed into toxic and destructive levels whenever an Uchiha loses a loved one. They may awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan from the emotions of losing a loved one, but this is also a step into descending into madness and insanity and this heavily contributed to the polarizing reception and, later on, the downfall of the Uchiha. While Sasuke has since been attempting to maintain his affections without falling into darkness these days, that doesn't stop other deities from pitying the circumstances that he had to go through. Sasuke has since made a conscious effort that while his love and affections towards others will remain intact, he will honor the words of Itachi and his friendship with Naruto and instead use them for protecting what he holds dear. It's been working, most of the time.
    • The House of Family and Relatives had turned out to be a friendly hub-spot for Sasuke to attend, and it also happens to be one of the few places where he has casual meetups with his wife and daughter. On an additional note, he addresses his problems and issues in the Hall of Family Dysfunctions as a way to express his angst and trauma without having to resort to violent and destructive ways. This was something that Naruto recommended to him, and Sasuke feels a little thankful that his rival was making an effort to help his emotional needs even when he wasn't around. On a greater note, he has a working relationship with The Heroic Protectors of Family, who genuinely want to help Sasuke out in spite of his aloof attitude and he's even come to aid them every now and then. Of course, he sees The Child Abuse Supporters in a very disdainful light, seeing them as the antithesis of what he desired as a parent, either being raised in one or looking after one.
  • Sasuke isn't fazed all too much about those who have undergone a similar tragedy or circumstances as he did because, as far as he knows, lots of other people in his world also went through harrowing and traumatizing experiences, and Sasuke himself had to deal with it for years. That said, he does take some time to interact and make an attempt to sympathize with others regardless. It's something that Naruto encouraged him on as he believes that Sasuke could benefit by making some good friends while he's in the Pantheon. He frequents the House of Despondency as he thinks that it is the ideal place where he can find some like-minded figures and befriend them. Residing residents like Yuri Nakamura, had to live with the regret of failing to protect her sisters and brother from being killed in a burglary break-in and some visitors like Kurapika, who sought revenge against the Phantom Troupe for killing his family for their eyes, which had special abilities, were stunned to hear about what Sasuke went through, and initially mixed feelings that while he did go through events no one should ever have had to go through, they didn't like his increasingly selfish and narrow-minded nature on his goals either, though Sasuke has begun to mellow out and make an attempt to be better towards others. He's at least managed to maintain being on speaking terms with most of whom he meets, being willing to defend them if need be.
    • August Heart seems like an inverse of sorts, given that his entire motivation for becoming a lethal vigilante was because his brother was killed in a shootout and there was no justice being given. The fact that he denied whatever help could have been given to him by close ones and was so focused on revenge to the point where anyone else be damned if they tried to stop them was not lost when he and Sasuke learned about each other. The two aimed to redeem themselves, though have admitted the task is becoming increasingly more difficult for them. They can get along somewhat well, though August's obsessive nature of wanting justice about his brother's killer has been a point of contention for Sasuke, who feels that he could be using his powers to further benefit, especially when someone like August's former friend, Barry Allen would want him to do just that. August has conceded Sasuke's point but solemnly states that he can never really find closure until he can finally hunt down and kill Eobard Thawne, the man who actually was responsible for killing August's brother just to motivate the former into becoming a villain. It's there where Sasuke did pity the man somewhat his circumstances were a lot more similar to his than he quite imagined.
    • Surprisingly, Sasuke has a bit of a soft spot for Hanako Ikezawa, given that she had to watch her parents die in a house father and she survived with a noticeable sear on the right side of her face, severely crippling her self-esteem, which is the reason why she tends to be very reluctant and reserved whenever she is approached. Sasuke can understand the pain and loss of losing a family and can see why Hanako gets despondent most of the time unless she's either with close friends or those who could relate to her, if mainly because Sasuke himself developed a similar sort of demeanor after the massacre of his clan, albeit, unlike Hanako, he was deliberately aloof and exhibited coarse facial expressions simply to keep his distance from others. Hanako, on the other hand, doesn't have much to say towards Sasuke, except to also pity him for losing his family in a terrible event, though she is at least happy to learn that he is trying to make an attempt at being a better person.
    • Sasuke surprisingly gets along well with Kratos, considering the infamous reputation that the defective God of War had among the Greek Pantheon and towards most of the Pantheon. Sasuke was stunned to learn of the circumstances of Kratos's revenge, though the Ghost of Sparta has stated that he really doesn't like to be reminded of his old self and that he wants to devote his time to looking after and training his son Atreus to be self-sufficient as well as a better person than Kratos ever was. Kratos acknowledged Sasuke's selfish and insane desire for revenge in his old days but felt that this paled compared to his own as Kratos inadvertently doomed the world whilst trying to kill Zeus. The two came to the simple agreement that they should simply strive to be a better person than they once were and that they should aim to raise their kids in a good direction and be better than they are.
    • His relationship with Hanzo Hasashi has been a rather interesting one. Initially, Scorpion didn't like Sasuke as, while he was also motivated by revenge, Hanzo only directed it at those who were responsible for the massacre of his own family and clan, the Shirai Ryu, and unlike Sasuke, didn't make it a hobby to act all condescending towards others. That, and he did make an attempt to become a better man after being restored to life and trying to rebuild his own clan. Thankfully, things have gotten better with Sasuke's redemption and Scorpion has seen him in a better light, now being open to working together for a better future and a better world. By extension, Sasuke also became well-acquainted with Kuai-Liang, who sympathized with Sasuke's past and would offer some words of advice and motivation to help him out. Though Sasuke was a bit unnerved to learn about Kuai-Liang's brother, Bi-Han, and how he's made every attempt to oppose his younger brother, despite Kuai-Liang having idolized and looked up to his brother throughout most of his life before he became Noob Saibot. Bi-Han simply doesn't care about what Sasuke thinks of him and is willing to kill the Uchiha as another way to spite Hanzo and Kuai-Liang, a threat that Sasuke is ready to protest against.
    • Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi have had issues regarding family and clans, so them getting to understand Sasuke's problems and his attempts at atonement were not hard for them to understand and accept. Sasuke was intrigued to learn about what they had to go through, especially considering that Kasumi wanted to avenge the defilement of her mother by tracking down her violator, Raidou, which also signaled her having abandoned the Mugen Clan, who dispatched her younger half-sister, Ayane, to kill her. That said, Kasumi and Ayane have forgone their problems with one another and are trying to reconnect. Ayane was also open to tagging along with Sasuke as the two did go through a similar experience of wanting to kill their older siblings and realizing that nothing good was going to come out of it. She and Sasuke often work together to investigate a series of cases involving Pantheonic conflicts and attempt to halt whatever could potentially result in an uproar. Ryu and Kasumi have their own priorities to count on, but regardless do send Sasuke regards on doing his best for atonement and on protecting the Pantheon.
    • Sasuke's familial issues were compared to the Mishimas, though it turns out that they are more dysfunctional and chaotic than Sasuke's relationship with Itachi ever was. Obviously enough, Sasuke doesn't get along with Heihachi and while he can see why Heihachi's son, Kazuya was driven into a dark path and desired revenge, Sasuke was wary of him due to Kazuya's own obsession of wanting to be the only one to inherit the Devil Gene, which meant that he needed to kill his own son, Jin Kazama to accomplish this. Sasuke gets along with Jin, obviously, though he does show concern over Jin's struggle to maintain control over the Devil Gene and the extreme risks he was taking in an effort to end the feud between him, his father, and his grandfather. Given that both are solitary by nature, Jin trusts Sasuke enough to work together on occasion, though Jin wishes he could have done more to benefit others and feels burdened by the constant baggage he has to face regarding his family and his Devil Gene.
  • These days, Sasuke doesn't really give much of a thought about revenge, seeing as like a lot of his peers had told him before, it's only a pathway to further misery and suffering, and ever since his last battle against Naruto, Sasuke has made a concentrated effort to use his powers for good, even if he remained unpopular. That said the topic of revenge is the most notable (and sometimes, the only) thing that some people would bring up whenever he's the focus of a discussion, speaking up about how his obsession turned him into a "whiny edgelord" and an Ungrateful Bastard when he really should have been killed on a number of occasions, had it not been for either him being really determined or simply being implausibly lucky. Sasuke usually tends to ignore these sorts of gossip, figuring that some are simply only in it to make fun of him, and nothing else. That said, there are a select few figures under the subject of revenge that regard Sasuke and his initial goals in a serious light.
    • One being who took to acknowledging Sasuke's struggles and plight was Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps, whose rings were powered by the rage of feeling a personal loss. Atrocitus was captivated by the fact that he and Sasuke had been through similar circumstances and saw great potential in the Uchiha becoming a Red Lantern, telling him that with the power of a ring, he can be given far more power to deliver justice and vengeance in his own way. Sasuke refused the offer, though he was surprised to see that Atrocitus treated him with some form of respect, especially considering that he himself lost his family and race to a hostile extraterrestrial attack many millennia ago, so the Uchiha saw him as someone whom he can rely on in the future, something which he said to Atrocitus. The Red Lantern Leader departed and even said that he is willing to help Sasuke if he's ever needed, though he does remind the Uchiha that there will come a time when Sasuke would be forced to wield a Red Lantern Ring, willingly or not. As of now, the occasion hasn't happened and Sasuke doesn't ponder much about it, though Atrocitus is sure about it.
    • Alith Anar, a High Elf who took it upon himself to deliver the most brutal and torturous punishment towards the Dark Elves after they had killed his family initially had a lower opinion on Sasuke, namely that his pursuit for revenge, while initially justified, became increasingly more petty and disproportionate over time, a fact that Sasuke actually agreed on. That said, this did come after Sasuke finally made a proper way into redemption, whereupon his attempts there have impressed Alith Anar to some degree. The two also took notice of how they tend to lead a nomadic lifestyle of sorts, traveling around and finding whatever threat to their kind they could find so that they could eliminate it as quickly as possible. That said, the two don't travel with one another as they felt that they had different priorities to deal with, but respected each others' conviction regardless.
    • Helena Bertinelli became The Huntress to avenge the death of her family who was killed in a mob shoot-out and didn't really care whether she had to kill others to get her job done. The fact that she had… other tribulations and issues didn't help matters either, which left her a mentally broken woman, though she's made an attempt to become more considerate and helpful towards others. Sasuke, seeing the similarities between himself and Helena, was open to the idea of conversing about their issues, which she was open to doing so. While Sasuke's goals and ambitions are far grander than Helena's, she still felt complimented enough to support them and Sasuke stated that whatever people think about Helena, she simply needs to do better than what she perceives to be her best. And on the topic of family, Helena stated that it would be best to not dwell on the topic for too long, given her own mafia history and she doesn't want to further upset herself by hearing Sasuke's beside of things. That said, she did express an interest to teach Sarada one day after learning that she's proven to be a talented student like Sasuke himself was.
  • Sasuke's special affinity towards the feeling of Hate is indeed overwhelming but given just how much of a detriment this has come to be, he takes great measures to keep this tempered, hence his steely, reserved tone and demeanor. Many have claimed that he would be a very suitable representative for the House of Hatred and Rancor. Sasuke has visited the House before and has admitted to disliking it. Not just because the meaning and nature of the House are reflective of his past self, which he expresses some embarrassment about, but because many of the deities there has a level of hate that is even more irrational and destructive than his, and Sasuke doesn't like the idea of using his hate as a basis to destroy the world and spite everyone for the hell of it; even at his worst, Sasuke was more motivated by personal desires and grudges, as twisted as they were. Though he's also just as surprised to see that Madara himself doesn't fancy the House of Hatred and Rancor all too much either, despite Hatred being the main motivator for much of his own goals. He claimed that, as Sasuke had admitted, the philosophy of hate there was centered around destroying everything to validate the belief that nothing is worth it. Sasuke found that to be very baffling, considering that Madara himself was a nihilist, albeit he wanted to change the world and bring it peace, not destroy it.
    • The Curse of Hatred that plagued the Uchiha since their inceptionnote  is noted to be quite similar to the teachings taught by The Dark Side, and this did not go unnoticed with the Sith Lords in the Pantheon. Sasuke immediately felt wary of Emperor Palpatine and has taken measures to prepare a battle against him in the future, though he personally doesn't care about the Uchiha. To his surprise, Sasuke did receive the support of two former Sith Lords; Darth Tyranus, better known as Count Dooku, and Darth Vader, who prefers to be called by his original name, Anakin Skywalker. Dooku was praiseworthy for Sasuke trying to forge a new path like he is trying in the Pantheon, even with all the difficulties he's facing when associating himself with heroes due to his reputation as a villain and a traitor. Vader is aware of the potency of Sasuke's hatred and declares him a strong man, though he also commends him for relying on other factors to remain in shape and finding new motivation in a purpose for life. Sasuke is satisfied that he has two allies to count for, even if Dooku and Vader aren't on good terms with one another and the latter is part of Nagato's new organization.
    • Initially, Vanitas didn't strike much of an impression towards Sasuke until the latter learned that the former was a being born from the darkness of someone else, namely Ventus and is not only powered by but whose existence is dependent on constant hatred, something which did intimidate Sasuke somewhat as Vanitas felt like a sort-of reflection of what if Sasuke chose to define his entire life to hatred, which would have entailed misery and suffering towards others and himself. Vanitas expressed an interest in the Curse of Hatred and felt that the Uchiha Clan would have made for a great harvesting spot regarding his lifeforce and created the Unversed, facts that Sasuke did not take well and the two have fought against one another on a number of occasions. On a more optimistic note, Sasuke did learn about Riku, who also went through a similar phase of having to fight against his own inner demons and being plagued by internal issues and doubts. That said, the two find difficulty in coordinating with one another as Sasuke feels as if Riku's dependency on his friends means that Sasuke himself could be a burden to them as well as himself. Still, it doesn't deter Riku from occasionally wanting to help Sasuke in overcoming similar issues that he went through as well as aiding him in protecting the Pantheon under the shadows.
  • During his early days in the Pantheon, Sasuke was in an alliance with a few questionable deities such as Gilgamesh and Masato Kusaka, mainly because all three of them were mainly driven by selfish desires and they generally didn't care less about what was going on with others so long as they got what they wanted. Sasuke has since left their company and soon started to see who Gilgamesh and Kusaka were really unpopular in the Pantheon, to begin with. They make the Uchiha almost feel good that he isn't in the self-centered phase that he was in back in the day. Sasuke is wary of Gilgamesh, considering the vast power he possesses meaning that his proclamations and boasts aren't unwarranted, though with Kusaka, just because he's Kamen Rider Kaixa doesn't mean he is worth his time, let alone an adversary he can take on, for Kusaka has consistently proven himself to be so callous and unrepentant to the extent that he'd gladly throw away a chance of redemption if it means killing off all the Orphonochs just to validate his claims.
    • Speaking of selfishness, Sasuke and the other Uchihas are meant to symbolize a really close unity, yet end up motivated by desires that are the total opposite of that, something he's aware of. The House of Philosophy has become a pretty helpful place for Sasuke to ponder his thoughts and how to formulate his plans in the Pantheon. One of his main priorities, outside of defending the Pantheon covertly, is to bring Itachi back in some capacity. He's unsure whether he's being selfish or selfless, given that this is his older brother at the end of the day. And of course, he dislikes being associated with the Hall of Entitlement due to the simple fact of being reminded by his past self, which he has overgrown, yet is still the most remembered iteration of Sasuke according to others, and much to his annoyance.
  • Sasuke does not have a positive opinion on chessmasters in general, though the main reason behind this is to do with the fact that ever since the Uchiha's attempted coup, Sasuke's entire life has been one of being manipulated, being lied to, and being misguided into going down a direction that Itachi wouldn't have wanted him to take. This is also a reason why he hates Emperor Palpatine as, in addition to wanting to tempt others into using their inner darkness, he is also willing to manipulate and lie to them, similar to Madara, as well as disregarding them once they are of no use. When Sasuke and Madara once met in the Pantheon, the former comparing the latter to Darth Sidious did not sit well with Madara; he stated that while he did have all intents on lulling people like Obito and Sasuke to his side, he didn't go out doing it for the sake of it and had a grand vision at the very least. This still didn't convince Sasuke to change his viewpoint towards his ancestral processor one bit.
  • Wiz and Boomstick conducted a battle simulation between Sasuke and Hiei under the guise that the two were primary rivals to a hero and possessed a hidden dark power that proved to be corrupting to their influence and psyche. The end results were that Hiei was the better fighter and that Sasuke simply didn't have the necessary strength and durability needed to get a win against him. Not that Sasuke cares about it, though he did have a chance encounter with Hiei and, out of curiosity, decided to battle against him. It turned out that Wiz and Boomstick were right, though it gave Sasuke a new motivation in life; to become stronger than he already was, feeling that if he would lose to Hiei, then he really wouldn't be able to combat much bigger threats in the Pantheon. He's actually quite thankful towards Hiei for the motivation, but the two remain competitive rivals who sometimes duel against one another in an effort to hone their skills.
    • Among other rivals Sasuke has, there was the former Sith Apprentice, Maul, who also underwent a similar circumstance in that he was "adopted" by Palpatine, and trained, abused, manipulated, and tortured to become a Sith Lord, and when he was cast aside, only to return seeking revenge, Palpatine resorted to killing off his family and mentally crippling Maul until he became a broken wreck and having to solely rely on his hatred towards his former master and the Jedi just to keep himself motivated and alive, regardless of the huge toll on his sanity. He saw Sasuke as a kindred spirit, but their goals in life and their perspective on doing things differed so much that they were incompatible to work with one another. Sasuke sees Maul as a possible reflection of what he could have been had his hatred completely engulfed him to no return, though Maul seeks to find a way to get Sasuke to join him in his attempt to oppose Sidious, though nothing has come out from it, only resulting in a few skirmishes now and then.
    • Like Maul, Sasuke also finds Malus Darkblade to be quite similar under the fact that he was empowered by hate and had to deal with constantly being manipulated and forced to live a hard life. Though Malus consciously chose to be a warlock who sought to appease the Dark Elves of Naggaroth as much as he could. Malus was amused to see how Sasuke has undergone similar tribulations, though he does admit that he only had a mother and sister whom he cared about, seeing as his father and brothers didn't care for himnote . And like Maul, they see each other as competitive rivals as Malus was impressed by the powers Sasuke is capable of unleashing once he taps into his hatred, whereas Sasuke thinks Malus is a waste of his time and usually ignores him unless he's forced to fight against him should they cross paths.
  • Sasuke is but one of many individuals in the Pantheon who is very dedicated to atoning themselves for the terrible actions and crimes that they have committed, though he does make it an attempt to further extend this to protect his world and the Pantheon, considering that now that not only is Kaguya and Madara still around, but there are also worse threats either in league with or opposing them. He's slowly come to realize that, while usually preferring to be on his own, he needs allies more urgently than before, Takanote  aside. He found one in Siegfried Schtauffen, a disgraced knight from the Holy Roman Empire who had a severe problem with his self-esteem and is making a hard attempt to redeem himself after being corrupted into becoming Nightmare through Soul Edge. Seeing that the two are quite alike, they formed a good working relationship with one another and Siegfried has considered Sasuke to be one of the few figures he can put a good deal of trust towards.
    • On a different note, some figures like Superman, Batman, and the Martian Manhunter are aware of Sasuke's plights and journeys in the Pantheon and while Batman is rather mixed on how to view the situation, The Man of Steel and J'onn J'onnz are somewhat optimistic for a good outcome. Their interactions with Sasuke are rare given his rather nomadic lifestyle, but they do make some degree of impact on the Uchiha. He noted how Superman's sense of optimism and belief in encouraging others and not giving up was pretty similar to Naruto, which is the main reason why Sasuke tends to remember the Man of Steel's interactions with him in good detail. Of course, Sasuke denied wanting aid from them, though he did appreciate their gesture and support given to him and he feels obligated to owe them something in return. It helps that Superman and J'onn J'onnz's conversations are them trying to help Sasuke to come to terms with his past and use his experiences, powers, and the mistakes he went through as a learning experience to become a better person than he was. Sasuke admits that this is a very difficult task, but he's also made it very clear that he is trying.
"No man chooses evil because he is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks."

Intermediate Gods

    The Toa Inika/Toa Mahri 
The Toa Mahri (previously the Toa Inika)members , Gods and Goddess of Empowered Badass Normals
The Toa Inika
Matoro using the Kanohi Ignika 

Lesser Gods

Blair, Goddess of Pretty Freeloaders (Cat Witch Blair, Monster Cat)
Blair as a cat
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A black and gray curled hat and a silver bauble
  • Theme Music: Affections
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Sexy Cat Person, Defeat Means Friendship, Pretty Freeloader, Back from the Dead, Cats Are Magic, Unusual Ears, Ms. Fanservice, Little Bit Beastly
  • Allies: Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans, Black Star, Death The Kid, Spirit Albarn, Len, Garfield, Phantom Thieves of Heart (mostly Morgana)
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil, Katz
  • Opposes: Dio Brando, the Halls of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, Goro Akechi
  • The background that Blair has is that she is a special monster-cat living on her own in her pumpkin-themed house until meeting Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans. Both Maka and Soul were assigned a mission to fight Blair because they thought Blair was a witch and that they need one witch soul in order to create a death scythe. For some time, Maka and Soul were able to defeat Blair to take one of her souls until they realized that Blair was not a witch just that she is a magical cat with the ability to use magic. It was because of this error it led to Maka and Soul being forced to start over again by collecting 99 Kishin souls and having to make sure to collect a real witch soul they need this time.
  • After Blair was defeated by the meister-weapon students, Blair decided to move in with them at their dorm much to Maka's protest not liking the arrangement of Blair having to stay with them. Later, the two teens gradually begun to see Blair as a friend of theirs in their live's and do not mind her presence at their home despite being a freeloader.
    • Blair ascended when she was walking on her way home to Maka and Soul's dormitory after done visiting the club Chupa Cabra's. Blair opened the door but no one is inside this made her feel confused on where Maka and Soul could of went to until Spirit Albarn spoke to Blair saying that they are at another place. Blair did not know what this place is until Spirit said that Maka is at a special place called the Pantheon and that Blair has been given permission to go to the Pantheon to meet with them. Blair was later reunited with her two dear friends and was happy to see other familiar faces as well; Blair was given the title of being the Goddess of the Pretty Freeloaders.
  • In her free time at the Pantheon, Blair pays a visit to Maka and Soul's temple like the old times where she is living with them back at their place in their homeworld. Blair's own temple looks like the pumpkin-themed house that she lived in before meeting Maka and Soul. She did not mind having this look again because she missed her old house ever since deciding to leave it behind to start something new with her friends.
  • When Blair was told about how the Pantheon works, she was surprised to learn that Lord Death is here since in her world he passed away ever since his son Death The Kid awakened his full powers.
  • There are some people in the Pantheon that Blair is afraid of it would be Dio Brando. The reason being is that Blair heard in the past Dio kicked Jonathan Joestar's pet dog back when they were children and burned Danny alive. There is also the part where Dio used to fuse different animals together one of them being a cat and Blair was disturbed by this so she prefers not to go anywhere near the vampire.
  • Another deity that could also take the form of a cat would be Len. Both Blair and Len have some things in common of having a human form and a cat form as well as having the ability to use magic. Blair becomes friends with Len because the fact that she is kind to other catlike deities and having commonality connection's.
  • Some of the things Blair's agrees with Len about is the Halls of Lust. Blair's opinion about these Halls, in particular, is that it is something she finds repulsive because Blair heard about some things that are...inappropriate...such as Blair's attraction to Soul. Soul is a minor, so the idea of people portraying Blair having these lustful feelings towards Soul is just downright gross and disturbing, and that she has lines she would never cross.
  • Blair's opinion about another deity Cruella de Vil, is that Cruella is a mean person that seeks to harm animals to get their fur. Since Blair is actually a cat she may be in danger of this. Cruella's opinion about an animal taking human form was that of dislike because she would not treat a pet such as Blair like a person.
  • Some new facts about Blair is that she is named after a horror movie found footage film called the Witch Blair Project where it was about a group of teens trying to find evidence on the alleged witch. Blair did not like the fact she was named after some horror movie villain that kills teens and that Blair wants to assure others that she is nothing like her namesake.
  • In the Pantheon, Blair's other interactions she had with deities would be the Phantom Thieves of Heart. Blair's opinion on the group is that they are a really cool people that have these special powers and that each of the members could cast magic spells in a way when they summon their persona. Blair met the group's mascot Morgana (code named Mona) who is a feline like entity.
    • Morgana was at first jealous of the fact Blair was able to have a human form unlike Morgana who is stuck with having a cat form and his metaverse form. Blair said to Morgana that it does not matter about what his appearance is like and that the inside is what counts and that Morgana has all these wonderful friends that do love him. After this meeting Blair befriends Morgana and is aware that Morgana does not like being called a cat so she made sure not to say anything about that.
    • Blair's interaction with the other Phantom Thieves is more positive as in Haru thinks her cat form is cute and pets Blair, Ryuji was also surprised seeing another talking cat and that this cat also happens to be special like Morgana. Ren Amamiya respects Blair for her traits and that he think she is a powerful feline that could defend herself from enemies. Yusuke would like to draw a painting of Blair by asking permission.
    • The ability to change someone's heart is something Blair is interested about on how it can be used to help reform bad people so they could express remorse of what they have done. Blair heard from other deities that the Phantom Thieves power of changing hearts is something that would be debated to be ethical or unethical since people view it changing someone's behaviour against their will while other supporters think that the group are doing the right thing.
  • A person that was associated with the Phantom Thieves would be Goro Akechi. Blair's opinion on the teen detective is that he is dangerous and that betraying the Phantom Thieves is something Blair finds appalling since Blair is loyal to her friends and would never think on turning on them or attempting to kill them. Akechi on the other hand distrusts cat like beings because of the fact Morgana who has the appearance of a feline is one of the factors leading to Akechi's defeat.
  • She does not get along with a feline deity named Katz due to the fact Katz can be known to causing more problems and is described as malicious cat that likes causing problems. Katz is willing to try to cause problems to another pet named Courage and his owners Muriel and Eustace by putting them in dangerous situations. Blair hearing about this made her upset that someone would want to harm innocent people just because they were standing in the way.
    • Blair also think's Katz gives other normal cat's a bad name due to Katz negative behaviour on trying to harm others as well as being a serial killer.
  • Another cat that Blair met is Garfield. Garfield came from the same house as Katz as even Garfield dislikes that psychotic cat and prefers not to associate with him. Garfield is a good cat that deeply cares for his friends including his owner who took care of him. Blair thinks Garfield is a much better feline deity than Katz since Garfield is not a mean cat that hurts others but he is caring towards his friends.

    Lincoln Clay 
"This city survived the War of 1812, the Civil War, and God knows how many hurricanes. But when Lincoln Clay went after the Mob, he inflicted more damage than all the wars and hurricanes combined."

- Agent Jonathan Maguire, FBI (Retired)

Lincoln Clay, God of Vietnam War Veterans (Lincoln Robinson, Jackknife Johnson)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His US Army jacket, as well as the bullet scar on his head
  • Theme Music: New Bordeaux, Bottom of the River,
  • Alignment: True Neutral, can become Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil depending on his actions later on
  • Portfolio: Fought in the early stages of the Vietnam War, and is clearly haunted by his expereinces there, Being a much more reasonable organized criminal than Marcano, Anti-Hero, The most brutal and ruthless Mafia protagonist thus far, Takes down his enemies any way possible, Wants Sal Marcano to know what's it like to lose everything before killing him, Served in the Green Berets during the Vietnam War, Went from soldier to organized criminal, Knows how to get into a fight, run a criminal empire, and search for vital intelligence, Is hated by both Whites and some African Americans for being a half-black and half-white, Enjoyed being with his adopted family, One-Man Army, Ragin' Cajun, Destroys New Bordeaux and Sal's criminal empire as revenge for betraying him and killing his friends and family, Scary Black Man, Clearly still haunted by his experiences in Vietnam, Refuses to hurt women unless absolutely forced to
  • Domains: Veterans, Criminals, 1960s
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Donald Love, Travis Bickle
  • Enemy Mine:The DiMeo Crime Family, The Sopranos, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Opposed by: Cole Phelps, David Budd
  • New Bordeaux, 1968. A series of destructive gang wars have broken out in different parts of the city. Ultimately, The Mafia's decades-long stronghold over the city, led by one Sal Marcano, was over, with Marcano himself found dead outside of The Casino he was having built. The man responsible for this mess? One Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran turned organized criminal. His organization, the Clay Mob, would end up taking over the city in subsequent decades, either prospering or being destroyed and reduced to lawlessness.
  • Lincoln Clay was born in January 1945, to a Dominican mother and an Italian father. After spending most of his early life in an orphanage following Parental Abandonment by his mother, Lincoln would be adopted in the early 1960s by the Robinson Family. Sammy Robinson, the family Patriarch, was also the head of the Black Mob, a small organized criminal faction based in Delray Hollow. During this time, he helped his stepbrother Ellis Robinson run the gang, and became close friends and associates with Giorgi Marcano, son of Sal Marcano, and Danny Burke, son of Thomas Burke.
  • In 1964, however, Lincoln decided to leave New Bordeaux behind, and signed up to join the US Army. In Vietnam, Lincoln would prove himself to be a competent soldier. So much so, that he was eventually transferred to US Special Forces operating near the Vietnam-Laos border. It was during this time that he met CIA Agent John Donovan, who was operating alongside the MACV-SOG. During this time, Lincoln learned how to take down North Vietnamese Army, Pathet Lao, and Viet Cong formations using search-and-destroy methods. These methods involved killing the lower ranking soldiers first, then working up towards the officers and killing the highest ranking commanders last, which would ultiamtely cripple both the morale and combat effectiveness of a unit, leaving them a Sitting Duck for other counter-insurgent units to finish off. Lincoln would serve in this role until early 1968, when his tour of duty was completed.
  • Upon returning from Vietnam, Lincoln had originally planned on settling down in California to work at a shipyard there. However, when he found out that Sammy Robinson was in heavy debt to Sal Marcano, Lincoln volunteered to stay and help them pay back Marcano. Following a successful heist of the Federal Reserve where Sammy managed to repay all of his debt to Sal, Lincoln along with Sammy, Ellis, and Danny were betrayed by the Marcanos, with the latter three being killed in the process. Only the timely arrival of Father James Ballard, a close friend of Sammy and Lincoln, saved the Vietnam veteran's life. Before losing consciousness and going to a coma, Lincoln asked Father James to call John Donovan over, a decision the Parish Priest would arguably regret for the rest of his life.
  • With Father James' help and Donovan's encouragement, Lincoln was able to recover from his injuries within a few months. Immediately, Lincoln made it a point to get revenge on Marcano for his showing TheDon what it was like to lose everything he ever cared for. To achieve this goal, he created his own criminal organization, the Clay Mob, composed of Thomas Burke, Cassandra, and Vito Scaletta and the organizations they run. The three of them would act as his Underbosses, with Lincoln himself as The Don.
  • Using the same search-and-destroy methods he had done in Vietnam and Laos, Lincoln went on a lengthy Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Marcano and his criminal associates. Anyone who didn't have Undying Loyalty to Marcano or his allies were spared by Lincoln, and anyone who either was loyal to Marcano or was just a racist and/or irredeemable asshole was killed by Lincoln brutally, intended to send a message to anyone else who resisted. Among the latter victims of this were all but one of Marcano's top lietunants and Capos, with only Marcano Family lieutenant Enzo Conti, a close friend of Sammy Robinson, being aided by Lincoln into escaping New Bordeaux and living a new life. Ultimately, the Clay Mob's strangling of Marcano's assets and finances and the deaths of all his top associates left Sal Marcano unable to finish his casino project and practically alone in the criminal underworld, just as Lincoln Clay had hoped. Now holed up in his unfinished casino, Sal and his son slash Underboss Giorgi Marcano decided to make a Last Villain Stand, alongside their remaining men. Unsurprisingly, Lincoln decided this was the right time to end it alol, and in a matter of minutes Lincoln wiped all of them out, Sal and Giorgi included.
  • Fortunately for Lincoln, the rest of The Mafia, represented by Leo Galante, knew what his intentions were from the beginning, and understood his message, only asking that, if he and his organization were to replace Marcano as The Syndicate running New Bordeaux, they were to pay 20 percent of their annual profits to the Mob. Lincoln agreed to that condition, but remained unclear whether he would be running his organization or hand over leadership to one of his Underbossses. Upon telling both Donovan and Father James of the Marcano leaders' deaths, Lincoln ended up becoming even more conflicted. Would he stay and rule over New Bordeaux as A Lighter Shade of Black type of mob boss? Or, would he follow Father James' advice and give up his life of crime for good?
  • In addition to his crusade against Sal Marcano and his organization, Lincoln Clay was also heavily involved in stopping other nefarious organizations operating in and around New Bordeaux, with at least one of them allied with Marcano and the Southern Union. These were: The Ensanglante, a cult founded by a racist Confederate General and currently run by one of his equally insane descendants, Connor Aldridge and his private army, a former CIA agent turned North Vietnamese and Soviet sympathizer willing to sell nuclear weapons to the the NVA, and the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department, a bunch of Small-Town Tyrant sheriffs and deputies who kill African Americans who enter their district come sunset. These organizations would be: wiped out completely by Lincoln Clay himself (Ensanglante), taken down by both Lincoln and John Donovan with help from the CIA (Aldridge and his men), and taken down through legal means (Sinclar Parish Sheriff's Department).
  • The Lincoln Clay that would find his way into the Pantheon came from a scenario where he decided to leave New Bordeaux and his life of crime behind, having Vito Scaletta take over the organization in his stead. Under Vito's leadership, the city would end up prospering, turning into another Las Vegas, with Vito himself continuing to run the city well into the 2010s despite his advanced age by that point. As for Lincoln, following a close call with the FBI in 1971, he would end up living on the run, occassionally being spotted by police and FBI up until the 1990s.
  • And so, one day, a drifter in US Army fatigues and a knapsack on his back wound up wandering into the Pantheon. That man was Lincoln Clay, who after fleeing the California shipyards when the FBI attempted to arrest him, had received a letter from none other than his Old Friend John Donovan. In that letter, he told his friend that he had the perfect place for him to get away from the authorities: a place known simply as the Trope Pantheons. At the end of the letter, he told Lincoln to keep it, since that would be his key to getting in. Not long after finishing the letter, Lincoln found himself in a completely new place, with a very familiar face waiting for him: none other than John Donovan himself. Immediately, the two of them shook hands and greeted one another, asking how the other's been. Donovan wastes no time and briefs Lincoln about his new home, where, aside from housing the "usual" threats such as organized criminals, cults, communist agents, police, and federal agents, also houses far more dangerous and otherworldly beings, some of which they would not even comprehend. Fortunately for Lincoln, he has Donovan to cover for him in the Pantheon.
  • Knowing that Lincoln must probably need or want a way to settle down into his new home, he gives The Vietnam Vet a list of trusted criminal contacts, including the current location of Lincoln's old associate and former Underboss Vito Scaletta. Donovan then leaves Lincoln with one more surprise: his old Samson Drifter, still in pristine condition, complete with keys. The CIA Agent then parts ways with his Old Friend for the time being, wishing him luck on his new opportunities. If he ever has any problems with powerful deities or wants to get his hands on vital intel in the Pantheon, Donovan tells Lincoln that he can always contact him through the usual channels.
  • On reuniting with Vito Scaletta, Lincoln is surprised to see his former Underboss to be around his age. Having met him in his 40s as a stressed-out middle aged man, the Italian-American mobster from Empire Bay was almost unrecognizable to the Lousiana native, only recognizing him thanks to his signature hairstyle, his 1950s-era clothes, and his signature voice. Sure enough, both of them do a lot of catching up, with Lincoln admitting to Vito that he was never really planning on replacing Marcano or running New Bordeaux, and that he only established the Clay Mob to achieve his goal of revenge. Vito replies that it doesn't really matter, given that Lincoln had kept every promise he had made to Vito back then, which had allowed his Italian Gang to grow, prosper, and eventually replace Marcano's hold on New Bordeaux. Vito then introduces Joe Barbaro to Lincoln, the latter of whom recognizes Vito's best friend as Leo Galante's bodyguard and driver. Joe tells Lincoln that he and Vito have already caught up on what Leo did, and that they both hold no more hard feelings for the man. Vito, seeing Lincoln's disinterest in reestablishing the Clay Mob, offers Lincoln instead to work for him as a part-time enforcer, which Lincoln agrees to, seeing as, outside of Donovan and Vito, Lincoln himself is practically alone and in unknown or hostile territory.
  • Aside from doing jobs for Vito, Lincoln also takes the time to look for and befriend other Vietnam War veterans like himself. After some time in the Pantheon, Lincoln eventually finds a number of them, including Forrest Gump, William "Bill" Overbeck, John Rambo, and Travis Bickle.
    • Of these three, Lincoln is closest with Rambo, due to both of them being Shell Shocked Veterans who were motivated by revenge, and were even recruited by members of the US government to help them take down major communist threats. What's more, they both had run-ins with Dirty Cops, evil soldiers and mercenaries, and were wanted by law enforcement for causing huge amounts of property damage. While Rambo does initially oppose Lincoln due to his links to organized crime, the latter doesn't deny any of it, and admits to his fellow Vietnam vet that he only did to get his revenge, and that he never took part in human trafficking, kidnapping, or the harming of innocents and especially women.
    • Despite their contrasting outlooks on life, Lincoln does come to respect and immediately befriend Forrest Gump. Forrest himself tells Lincoln that he reminds him of a friend he had lost over in Vietnam. In addition, Lincoln is glad that Forrest, despite being a descendant of an infamous Klan leader, is nothing like his ancestors, in addition to being a genuinely good, if somewhat stupid, person.
    • It's through John Donovan that Lincoln meets fellow Vietnam veteran and taxi driver Travis Bickle, whom Donovan had recruited as a part time assassin and intelligence asset. While also having served in an elite unit during his own tour, namely the Marines, Lincoln is rather weirded out by the former Marine's weird behavior. This says a lot, considering Lincoln himself is known for having brutally killed a number of organized criminals, racist cops, and evil mercenaries. That said, he's willing to work alongside and help Bickle when all is said and done, no thanks to having similar enemies and a shared Dark and Troubled Past between them.
  • Thanks to Vito's and Donovan's help, Lincoln eventually finds out who in the Pantheon he should be looking out for. These range from hostile organized criminals like the Corleone Crime Family and Dimitri Rascalov, to Dirty Cops like CRASH, and even Soviet and Russian soldiers and terrorists like Dragovich, Volgin, Zakhaev, and Makarov.
    • While normally not having any personal beef with The Mafia as a whole, Lincoln comes into conflict with Michael Corleone and his father Vito, who are enemies of Lincoln's friend and associates Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro. Not unlike Sal Marcano, the Corleones wanted to legitimize their business, at the cost making multiple enemies. On the other hand, Dimitri Rascalov, known for constantly betraying his criminal associates, is absolutely hated by the vast majority of organized criminals, which now includes Lincoln Clay. Having witnessed what betrayal is like firsthand, and seeing Rascalov's utter enjoyment in this action, is enough for Lincoln to seriously consider giving him the same treatment as Marcano.
    • Having had his fair share of fighting against many a Dirty Cop, it wasn't surprising when Lincoln would come across more of them in the Pantheon. CRASH, composed of the infamous Officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, had been on John Donovan's watchlist ever since Donovan had arrived into the Pantheon, not unlike how Agent Mike Toreno had been tracking Tenpenny's movements back then. Wanting to prevent them from rising to power in the Pantheon, Donovan asks Lincoln for a favor in helping stop CRASH, in exchange for providing his criminal partner with a new associate in the form of Carl "CJ" Johnson. Like Lincoln, Carl was also betrayed by those he thought were his friends, decided to seek revenge on his betrayers, fought against The Mafia and won, and was aided by a CIA agent in taking his enemies down. It's thanks to these similarities that the two criminals form a friendship with one another, culminating with the Grove Street Families and Lincoln forming an alliance.
    • Having already had experience in Vietnam against the NVA and VC as well as additional experience from Connor Aldridge's attempted procurement of a Soviet nuclear warhead, it was no surprise that Lincoln was again asked by John Donovan to help him stop Soviet officials and their sympathizers from wreaking havoc. With help from allies like Alex Mason, Lincoln and Donovan launch a series of crippling blows against Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich, not unlike the search-and-destroy operations they had conducted against both the North Vietnamese and the Marcano Crime Family.
  • Thanks to his ethnicity, Lincoln has become the target of the infamous Klansman Col. Benjamin Cameron, the man who established The Klan in his timeline. Lincoln, having fought against and wiped out similarly vile organizations such as the Southern Union and the Ensanglante, decides to put The Klan out their misery by targeting all their operations and high-ranking personnel. Donovan, who himself expresses utter disgust towards the Confederacy's and Klan's dated and racist beliefs and practices, personally aids Lincoln in doing so, namely by wiretapping all of their congregations, meeting places, and bases of operation.
  • Amongst the weirdest allies and enemies Lincoln has come across in the Pantheon are those from The Princess and the Frog, who all hail from New Orleans, their version of Lincoln's home of New Bordeaux, in the 1920s. While Lincoln himself has never experienced nor fought against any outright supernatural enemies before, he is rather well-versed in the many myths and legends of New Bordeaux thanks to Sammy Robinson telling Lincoln about them in detail, many of which include the use of voodoo magic and curses. Thus, it's no surprise that Lincoln immediately distrusts the likes of Dr. Facilier, who uses magic for nefarious purposes, mostly to scam people with. It's in one of these encounters while spying on "the Shadow Man" that Lincoln meets Tiana and Naveen, who were once victims of one of Facilier's schemes. He agrees to help both them and their ally Charlotte LaBouf whenever possible, though due to not being a magic caster himself, can only do so much to help. The least he can do is have Donovan track Facilier's movements and operations via the CIA Agent's vast wiretapping operation that now spans the entire Pantheon.
Father James Ballard: "You know, I think Lincoln wasn't able to accept the world for what it is, or his place in it."

Zhao, God of Counter-Exemplars (Captain/Commander/Admiral Zhao, "Admiral Choi", "Zhao the Conquerer, Zhao the Moonslayer, ZHAO THE INVINCIBLE")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation flag
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: First Major Opponent of the Avatar, Firebender, Glory Seeker, Bad Temper, Prideful, Wants to destroy the Moon Spirit without consideration, Sent into the Spirit World by the Ocean Spirit, Trapped in the Fog of Lost Souls for Eternity
  • Domains: Bad Examples, Admiral, Fire
  • Allies: Ozai, Azula, Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies: Zuko, Iroh, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa and Momo, Korra, Tenzin, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nebby/Lunala, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrawn, Ackbar, Euron Greyjoy, Twilight Sparkle
  • An ruthless officer of the Fire Nation and a dangerous Firebender, he has relentlessly pursued the Avatar in order to claim glory and spite his archrival, the then-exiled then-Prince Zuko. Through the contrast with Zuko's very real virtues, numerous standards and countless Pet the Dog moments, he ironically proves that the Fire Nation is not inherently evil.
    • His last moment in his life was the siege of the Northern Water Tribe, where he tried to kill the Moon Spirit, Tui. Though he succeeded in killing the Spirit, this moment sealed his fate as Aang and La the Ocean Spirit merged to destroy his invasion forces and was taken into the Spirit World by La (self-inflicted as he refused to take Zuko's hand out of pride). He was thrown into the Fog of Lost Souls, where he will forever wander in its mist, losing mind believing his self-glory and arrogance.
    • While he was ascended from the Pantheon, he was still insane from his experience in the Fog of Lost Souls. It was said that the GUAE rescued him from the Spirit World and recuperated him until he recovered from his mind. While he regained his arrogance, he still experienced some episodes as a result of his imprisonment, though Ozai doesn't seems to lead his rescue or even care about his fate.
  • This man is the rival of Zuko, butting heads in regards to who could capture the Avatar. He views him a failure for his exile, then a traitor upon learning that he was the Blue Spirit that freed Aang when he captured him. It becomes humiliating for him when he learned that Zuko is now the Fire Lord after Aang defeated Ozai. He still refuses to acknowledge Zuko's sovereignty out of petty arrogance and spiteful anger.
    • The Gaang are not happy to see Admiral Zhao again. Toph doesn't really seem to care all that much since she never met him once in her life, as she joined after Zhao was imprisoned in the Spirit World.
    • Tenzin recognized him as that crazy guy that he was rambling about "being a legend" and "capturing the Avatar for his lost glory" when he and his siblings were in the Fog of Lost Souls to look for his daughter, Jinora. The fact that he doesn't recognize him as a legend, not even mentioned as an adversary to his father, wound his pride quite a lot.
  • Many will not forget his "destiny" of destroying the Moon because his brash arrogance could have nearly destroyed the world as the result of the lost balance. Lunar deities of the Pantheon glare at him scornfully for murdering Tui the Moon Spirit.
    • Even Nightmare Moon was concerned with his moon-destroying "destiny" that she was willing to end opposition with the Protectors of Night and Day to prevent a disaster like that from happening again.
    • Tyrande will tear him a new one if he were to do something like what he did to Tui to her people. Hell, there is a precedent for that considering what happened to her after Teldrassil burned.
  • He is an Admiral of the Fire Navy who lead its forces for the capture of the Avatar and sieging the North Pole. However, not many naval officers took him very seriously, considering that the one time he fought Aang, he inadvertently destroyed his ships because Aang was making fun of him. Thrawn viewed this man as a disgrace to the navy for his negligence.
  • Arrogant and ill-tempered, his Firebending is strong but very uncontrollable. He once tried picking fights with other fire deities in an Agni Kai, but it comes to an end when Zuko decided to put an end to his persistence. Zuko defeated him easily since he had a lot from the last year of the War, but Zhao refuses to accept his defeat from the exile.
  • Knowledge seekers were furious when they learned that when he found Wan Shi Tong's Library, he took the knowledge of the Moon Spirit and destroy much of the information stored that could harm the Fire Nation. Such disrespect practically banned him from the House of Knowledge.


    Adenoid Hynkel 
Adenoid Hynkel, God of Comedic Dictators (The Great Dictator; Phooey of Greater Tomainia, Conqueror of Osterlich, Future Emperor of the World)

    Alan Wake 
Alan Wake, God of Writer Characters (The Champion of Light)
  • Demigod, possibly much higher
  • Symbol: A pen crossed with a revolver. Alternatively, the Clicker.
  • Theme Music: A Writer's Dream, Herald of Darkness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Similar To His Game's Writer Sam Lake, good shot for a writer, Captain Obvious, Helping Himself in the Future, Genre Savvy, Nerves of Steel, Jerkass But Still Well-Meaning, Took a Level in Kindness, Cannot Smile Convincingly
  • Domains: Flashights, Typewriters, Guns, Novels, Horror Stories
  • Followers: Sumiregawa Nenene, Larry Donner, Giovanni Pantano, Ginger Foutley, Paul Sheldon
  • Heralds: Alice Wake (his wife), Barry Wheeler (his agent and Fat Best Friend).
  • Allies: Maxwell, Stephen King, Barton Fink, Jo March and Anne Shirley, Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe, Richard Castle, Simon Henriksson, Max Payne, good-aligned Light-aligned deities
  • Enemies: Mr. Scratch, and other Evil-aligned darkness deities
  • Shortly after ascension, Alan mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth, unable to be found by any deity. He is believed to have orchestrated this disappearance in some way, although none know how.
    • Actually, that's because a further review shows that he doesn't actually qualify as a Badass Bookworm—which he first ascended for—over better examples. Sure, he's done some pretty awesome things, but despite being a writer, he's not that much of a bookworm. An appropriate representative would be one who's well-read and probably a nerd while minoring in combat, and Wake is unfortunately not one of them.
    • Fortunately, his being a writer gave him a chance for a different title: Most Writers Are Writers. Well, of course writers are writers. And among new companions he found thanks to this title were Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe and Richard Castle.
  • Despite pleas to return Alan to the Pantheon, the Dark Presence still needs him, and the sequel will apparently mark his return to the real world. As such, there had to be a compromise, even as Mr. Scratch got wind of the scheme and sent Taken after Taken to stop it, only for several lights (both from tech and from mages) to hold them off. Just like with many of the Pantheon's deities whose tales have not yet ended, and just like the situation with Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, the Alan Wake that's intended to ascend is just an "illusion" with the memories of what's happened to the real Wake so far. As a result, every evening, Mr. Scratch has begun to send Taken after Taken to bring him down.
  • For some reason, he reminds Maika Sakuranomiya of her co-worker Miu Amano, who writes doujinshi off-character, and they somehow managed to become friends over their unconvincing smiles.
  • As a "champion of light", and to help hold off the Taken, Alan has acquainted himself with various Light-elemental deities. The former deity representing it, Sora, is particularly invested in helping in this matter, especially since Mr. Scratch's title, The Heartless, as well as his Taken, are reminiscent of the Heartless in his universe.
    • He's also come to oppose the Bringers of Everlasting Night, especially after he heard that Mr. Scratch made an alliance with its leader Nightmare Moon.
  • Understands Simon Henriksson due to sharing a similar experience except Alan's was real. He also got enmity with Book Simon as said being reminds him too much of Mr. Scratch.
  • Max Payne reminds Alan of a character he wrote named Detective Alex Casey.

    Leonardo da Vinci 
Leonardo da Vinci, God of Renaissance Men (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, The Renaissance Man, Caster, Rider, Ruler)
Arcade Rider 
  • Demigod (normally), Intermediate God (as a Servant)
  • Symbol: The Mona Lisa painting
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Good as a Servant
  • Portfolio: Man of many talents, Can't focus on any of his work, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, famed painter of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, which is known for being parodied
  • Domains: Science, Math, Engineering, Invention, anatomist, painting, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, writer
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, The TMNT, Master of Chaldea, The Doctor, Mario, Dexter, Tony Stark, Batman, Tails, Ami Mizuno, Asami Sato, Jack and Annie
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Griffith, Goetia
  • Painter, scientist, architect, anatomist, inventor. He has many professions during the Renaissance era where art and science is reborn. While he may not be the first of these Renaissance Men, he is recognized as one of the greatest artists in history.
    • Because of his multiple disciplines, he resides as guardian of the House of Profession and is willing to aid those within the House of Craft, Health and Diseases, Knowledge, School, and Technology.
  • He's one of the Assassin's Order's prominent member in Italy and one of Ezio's closest allies, as he aided him in unlocking the secrets of Altair's Codex and providing some inventions that aided him.
  • To many surprise, he created many plans of inventions that wouldn't be invented for many years. Those include armored tanks, automatic machine guns, flying machines, parachutes, etc. However, since he only made plans on them and never tested them, it is unknown if they are practical in use.
    • However, when he was forced by the Borgia family to create war machines for their war efforts, he warned Ezio of creating a machine gun, naval cannon, an armored tank, and an advanced flying machine capable of dropping bombs. Ezio manage to claim them to destroy the Borgia's operation as well as destroying the weapons themselves to prevent further use.
  • He is rather inspired when he met Leonardo, whom was named after him by his master.
  • Some claimed that he was an alien because of his high intelligence and plans of inventions that wouldn't be invented for next hundred years. One claimed that he was seen still alive in the future and he hailed from a planet full of smart people, and he's the dumbest one.
  • He's friends with the Doctor when they were staying at Florence at one point.
  • He's happy to see that two of his paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, are remembered to this day, though he questioned why people are plagiarizing them.
  • He's believed to be one of the Servants, however, in that case, he is a woman because his painting, the Mona Lisa, represents the ideal beauty she pursued so she doesn't feel shameful of becoming that woman. But she is very greedy of wanting to sell the painting for a high price.
    • Although he doesn't mind becoming the Mona Lisa because he thinks it captures a perfect beauty.
    • Additionally, there exists a child variation of her in the Rider class. Created as a sort of backup body for by the adult in case she perished, while containing her memories, she's considered a different entity of her own, comparable to other alternate forms of Servants summoned in Chaldea. She was awakened after the adult da Vinci died at the Lostbelts incident, taking on her reins.
  • He's speculated to be gay because of one document of him getting into trouble. When Ezio once told him to not get distracted with pretty women when the Mona Lisa was still work in progress, he told him that woman "provide little distraction" to his work.
  • Good-aligned zombies volunteered to being dissected by Leonardo so that he and them could see why they are still animate despite being dead. He also want to dissect odd-bodies like one with four arms and wings to see how they function.
  • To answer people's questions, no, he did not leave behind clues of the Holy Grail in the Last Supper painting.
  • It is believed that he's Stewie Griffin's ancestor.
  • At one point in time, a clone of da Vinci was in Italy and due to him not having much longer to live, the clone tried to do an Assimilation Plot that would have him copy his mind onto that of the citizens of Italy. It failed due to Lupin III being there at the time. Da Vinci really wasn't happy when he learned about what the clone was trying to do.
  • Was delighted to find Jack and Annie in the Pantheon as he remembered the day that they arrived at his workshop and let him fly like a bird. Jack and Annie frequently visit his workshop to see his new inventions or to listen to one of his lectures.

    Travis Bickle 
Alright, who's ne..

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK."

Travis Bickle, Patron Deity of Imaginary Violent Monologues and Extremely Disturbed Taxi Drivers (Henry Krinckle, Killer, Cowboy, Prophet, Pusher, Walking Contradiction)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A taxi
  • Theme Music: Taxi Driver
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at best, Neutral Evil at worst.
  • Portfolio: A psychotic taxi driver, acts smart but is actually not, took a cab job due to inability to sleep at night, goes on a killing spree against the "wicked" of New York City, lacks any form of social norms, armed with many guns on his sleeve, once a part of the marines in the Vietnam War, lies to his parents often, plans to kill most scum and himself but fails as he runs out of bullets
  • Domains: Anger, Hatred, Vigilantism, Insanity, Deranged Psychopaths
  • Allies: Frank Castle, Godspeed, The Joker (or more specifically Arthur Fleck), Bill Foster
  • Enemies: The Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Law and Justice, Louis Bloom, Claude Speed, the Slavers, The Fans
  • Heavily Opposed by: Most law-bringers, the Hall of Politicians (especially Ethan Roark Sr.), Niko Bellic, the West Coast Cabbies
  • Under observation from: The Houses of Health and Diseases and Theatre and Spectacle, John Donovan
  • Ah New York City. Home of the "American Dream" and the city of the land of the free, or perhaps that was what it is. In reality, it is a slumbering mess filled with some of the vilest and sinister people on earth. As more of such appear, these types of people would become acceptable targets to one (in)sane taxi driver going by the name of Travis Bickle. At first glance, he may seem like a normal, if not rather strange, individual, unable to keep up with conversations and failing to interact with the locals of the city, but underneath all that normal sight lies a psychotic personality that eventually manifests in him as a loathing vigilante who wants to kill all the scum of the city through violence. Insane, violent and filled with contempt towards the lowest bowels of New York as well as having a weird fascination with revolvers, the merciless killing and his ramblings would soon become a hallmark to the type of insanity he has in him and would become the image he embraced on himself.
  • Travis' normal day on one night would all soon change when a mysterious passenger, acting as a customer, offered him an invitation. His first attempt at conversing with the mysterious passenger was with problems as he is not really a sociable person, thus simply ignoring the person behind. As the drive prolonged, the driver stopped and suddenly pulled a revolver pointing at the passenger, warning to cut his bullshit and not waste his time. The passenger then decides to give the invitation to him but told him of "new possibilities" as soon as the stranger left the cab. The invitation, actually an envelope, had a tape of which he played and heard all the information through his radio. Hearing the words "godhood" and his name may have sparked some excitement for him as if he was finally recognized but alas, he will have to continue his work alongside with him, his contempt for the criminals around him on that night.
  • For a psychopath, the Pantheon is so different from the world he hails from, considering New York being a really bad place to begin with from all the slums and criminals that come out at night. While Pantheon security might be different from the city's police, that has not deterred Bickle from contempt as he still sees some sights of criminals, made even worse when an entire House dedicated to criminals was spotted by him. With his experienced handling of firearms, he believes he can wipe the entire house clean with ease, though unlike New York and their batch of delinquents, the members of that pantheon are far more sophisticated than he knows. That will not stop him from enacting the same killing spree he handed New York over once he snaps.
    • This attitude of his is also manifested during his job as a taxi driver, as he takes the shift at night where most of the criminals come out. This may explain his outlook towards those within the slums, as he has seen enough of these people going around the streets like rats in a maze. It only took a sighting of a poor prostitute that drove him off his patience and lead to his vigilantism. Even after he saved her, his insane attitude only grew worse and even caught the attraction of the police, putting him in even hotter water. Thankfully, he stopped except not really, since he did not get cured and has a chance of lashing out again. All of this shows how deranged Travis is, especially for a taxi driver who serves different types of people. And to those who take his service, perhaps conversation is not his forte.
  • The Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Law and Justice do not have great opinions on him apart from his mental state. The former is one of Travis' most hated locations, with sightings of him walking back and forth in the entrance, probably waiting to see whoever comes out for him to kill. On the other hand, the latter are not so merciful towards vigilantes, as they believe that such action makes them no better than the criminals they are busy pursuing in the first place. Overall, Bickle's reputation has not translated well among those two houses, but as all will see, those are not the only ones who share the same opinion.
    • Public relations between regulars and Travis is almost little to none. Being a non-sociable type, he is rather awkward to be with in conversations, and his violent persona only makes him worse to be with due to his many triggers. A few observations from the House of Health and Diseases have concluded that his insane disorder makes him a rather tough cookie to deal with in the social aspect, known as Schizotypal Personality Disorder, which makes him anti-social to many people. His parents might be there for him, though he does not talk to them much, so it is safe to assume he has problems with them as well. His entrance to the Pantheon can be of good use to introduce him to a new path but as it stands, that may not happen due to the end of his vigilante spree.
  • Even with strained relationships between Pantheon denizens, there are a few people who have been rather understanding of Bickle's predicament, or more specifically his outlook on criminals. First meeting was with Frank Castle, the legendary vigilante known as the Punisher. While Travis may be an angry driver who wants to cleanse New York through violence, the Punisher does the same but with more... extreme methods, using military-high grade weaponry to suit his choice. They are also somewhat sociopaths, though Frank has a soft spot for children while Travis may or may not be albeit too merciless towards others (and more insane to boot). For all his reputation within the Pantheon, he may actually find a first for those who understand his plight.
    • He also met a super by the name of Godspeed, one of the Flash's more complicated foes. The duo immediately understood each other when the two agreed how murder is an answer to crime. One key difference to the two of each other is their mental state, Travis has a case of Schizotypal personality disorder, a case of loner and anti-sociable mannerisms manifested into one's life up until childhood, which explains his mental instability, Godspeed on the hand is actually sane and has control on himself, hence his decision to murder even innocents to get the job done, making him less palpable than Travis, even he agreed that innocents are not to be harmed, proven by him saving a 12-year old prostitute from further harm. While the two are in agreement of such, that one aspect of Godspeed is what keeps the two from being fully relatable.
    • Perhaps his biggest meeting was with, of all people, the Joker. However, some of the other deities noticed something different about the Joker he met, without all that gun-crazy attitude of his. If anything, Bickle resonated with this version the most and understood his plight, with that similarity being close to each other. This Joker then introduced himself as Arthur Fleck and outright convinced Travis that they can work together against the society they vehemently hate. The duo would soon be found armed with guns and strolling within the House of Crime, shooting whatever moves. By the end, they soon parted with good terms and Travis was convinced that Arthur must have been a fan of him, something that he appreciates within his angry-ridden life.
    • Those vigilantes he met would be blown out of the water when it comes to insanity by the Fans. The idolizers of Jacket's killing spree have quite a lot to say about Travis from how he became a popular icon of anti-heroic criminals, even thinking he may be the predecessor to Jacket, minus the mask. Yet despite their dedication, this put him off very much, as he considers himself not as a hero nor an idol, and coupled with the group's own disillusionment for fame in their own twisted sense of that logic, made him very angry within their presence. While they were comfortable within Travis' temple, he came back guns blazing against them, forcing the entire group to flee. Since then, Travis has warned them never to come back.
    • Few people are known for their anger past their patience but those who are characterized by it seem to have a few similarities, none more evident with Bill Foster, otherwise nicknamed 'D-FENS'. The two having their patience running out, then snapping and enacting a killing spree while also being chased down by the authorities seem suspiciously similar. A few observations would see a few key differences, namely morals as Travis has hatred for certain types of people and Foster is not afraid to hurt even innocents, their cause of anger with the latter having lost his patience on traffic of all things, and lastly the former's condition as Foster has nothing but bad temper while Travis has a mental disorder that caused him to snap. Either way, the two do understand each other but Travis has warned him about who he tries to kill - after all, he is a man of standards.
  • His outlook against criminals was soon translated through gunfire and most criminals are unsympathetic towards him mainly due to him being an angry psychopath. This was more evident through his encounter with seasoned criminal Niko Bellic, who has experience in the world of crime. Considering that he wants to move away from all that and move in to the future as a peaceful man, Travis personally trying to pick him off angers him to an extent as Travis' anger and lack of remorse towards him is slowly pushing him on edge. Niko has told him many times he wants to move on, but the deranged taxi driver is not convinced and has not stopped his attempts against him. Granted, he understands how bad New York is, though for Niko it is translated to Liberty City, as he desperately tried to move on from his past, but trying to use murder as a method is not something he can fully agree to. Still, Niko will have to use lethal force if he will not stop on his murderous push.
    • Travis' criminal record would soon become a main source of interest to one John Donovan. Looking from his bio, the confirmation of him as a Vietnam veteran and his criminal notoriety matches what Donovan needs in his operation which requires recruiting criminals for spying operations and other dirty work. While he has not tried approaching him due to his psychotic personality, he still has a firm chance of gaining his attention, though he will have to do it slowly as he does not want to get caught, or find himself with a gun on his head.
    • Even past Niko, Liberty City, being another version of New York, has a large amount of criminal activity that one may wonder if he would drive his cab over there. Not long after, gunfire was heard around the House of Characterization and after some intense shooting, Travis retreated. Behind him was Claude, who was chasing him down until he drove his cab out of the location. Some say Travis provoked him out of spite due to his connections to Liberty City and due to his hate for criminals, one may guess this might be the case.
    • But if there is a group of criminals he hates the most, it would be pimps and those responsible for prostitution as he did save a 12 year old from a group of pimps. His hate for such manifested to the Slavers, who are already notorious for their connections to human trafficking. To those who he considers to be the worst scum on the earth, they fit the criteria very well. Coupled with his understandings with the Punisher and the two would go out of their way to kill the Slavers in any way possible, so much that his insanity was near uncontrollable. Thankfully, he was restored back to normal though as eventually shown he is not cured of it at all.
  • Outside of the three Houses mentioned, there is one type of people that are put off by Travis: politicians. One of his personal targets was New York Senator Charles Palantine who he attempted to assassinate, which failed for him as he was chased by Secret Service personnel. Then comes who Travis is based off from, making him a threat to most politicians' personal safety. In return, a few politicians have been under Travis' sights, specifically corrupt politician Ethan Roark Sr., who runs the crime-infested city known as Sin City, of which he paid a visit, through several killing sprees.
  • During one of his usual taxi profession days, an unexpected passenger came in and attempted to hire Travis for his documentation trips. While payed with large sums of money, Travis' first destination was not so bad, as said passenger came back to give another location. On the way however, he noticed bloody marks on the suit and on the camera handle. Travis made a full stop and told the passenger to leave despite promised massive pay. It did not take long till the passenger, Louis Bloom, ran as the taxi driver chased him off with a revolver at hand. The reporter then took a look at Travis' biography and soon realized he had solid morals compared to him which explained why he hesitated on the second location. As a result, he will have to resort to manual means of travel and has to watch out in case he encounters Travis once again.
  • Very few Houses appreciate his presence but no House has respected him more than the House of Theatre and Spectacle. Many directors and interested deities watch most of Travis' life, mainly because of his popularity. Others have also studied his entire character piece by piece, making him an interesting character for a character study. Regardless of what he thinks of this, his popularity will never go away, whether he likes it or not.
  • In his job as a taxi driver, he would have some form of competition/coworkers with the West Coast Cabbies but only for the profession. While he is not familiar with the loose drivers, they have some knowledge on Travis and see that he has legitimate mental instability, making him hard to socialize as a taxi driver; they, on the other hand, are much more like in the stunt and insane driving aspect of cabbing. Regardless, as long as they do not pester him, all is well, unless he starts bringing a revolver out.
  • His other temple is located within the House of Quirks, in the Hall of Speech (N to Z).
  • "Loneliness has followed me my whole life. Everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. I am God's lonely man."