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Greater Gods

    B.B. and Alter Egos 
B.B., Meltryllis and Passionlip, Triumvirate Goddesses of Composite Characters, (B.B.: Mysterious Black Magus, Black Coat Girl, Black Blossom, Black Sakura, Moon Cancer, Forgotten Primordial Goddess, BB, Bebe, Baby, Heroic Spirit of the Moon Cell's Bane, BB Pele, The Faceless Moon; Meltryllis: Artemis, Lotan, Saraswati, Meltlilis, Melt-lilies, Alter Ego S, Lancer, Mysterious Alter Ego λ; Passionlip: Parvati, Durga, Brynhild, Passion Lip, Alter Ego M)
(Top to bottom) B.B., Meltryllis and Passionlip
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Intermediate Gods

    Liberation Army 
The Liberation ArmyMembers , Divine Extensive Cast of Characters (108 Stars of Destiny, Toran Republic)
Just some of the Stars of Destiny and others.

    Mugen, Jin, and Fuu 
Mugen, Jin, and Fuu Kasami, Divine Knight Knave And Squire Trio
From top to bottom: Fuu, Jin, and Mugen

    Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Power Rangers Jungle Furymembers , Battle Deities of the Three Plus Two Teams (Casey: Jungle Fury Red Ranger. Lily: Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger. Theo: Jungle Fury Blue Ranger. Robert: R.J., Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger. Dominic: Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger.)
From Left to Right: Lily Chilman, Dominic Hargan, Casey Rhodes, Robert James, and Theo Martin.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.
  • Intermediate Deities as a Team, Lesser Deities individually
  • Symbol: The Jungle Fury Symbol aka The Order of the Claw
  • Theme Song: "Power Rangers Jungle Fury"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Combat, Kung-Fu, Martial Arts, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Fran, Jarrod, Camille, Pai Zhuq/Order of the Claw
  • Followers: The Gekirangers, The Livemen
  • Allies: All: Zordon, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Dr. Thomas Oliver, The Furious Five, Po, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman
  • Enemies: Enter, The Pyscho Rangers, Mesogog, SHOCKER, M. Bison, Zamasu, Lord Shen, Tai Lung
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Rio and Mele
  • The Jungle Fury team consists of Casey, Lily, Theo, R.J, and Dominic, who all helped out the Order of the Claw in stopping the reborn Dai Shi and his clan of animal spirit beasts. Along with saving Jarrod from his possession, and even managing to save Camille from dying with the rest of Dai Shi's army. Later, the team began to teach the newer generation about the ways of martial arts with Casey offering advice to the Super Megaforce rangers as they dealt with the Armada.
    • When asked why their team was ascended for this trope, the reason was 1) the Choujuu Sentai Liveman team have been considered, but might be put into the Pantheon at a later date, 2) The Dino Thunder Rangers include the already-ascended Tommy Oliver and he's already a prominent representative of his trope, and 3) the Ninja Storm Rangers have already been reserved for a different title (and they're more of a Three Plus Three team).
    • They were also praised by the Go-Busters for coming up with the idea of using shades as morphers. When asked how they developed them, the mentor R.J said that he knows a guy who knows a guy who has an uncle…
  • Applies to the team as a whole or two/more of its members:
    • Their temple takes the form of the Jungle Karma Pizzeria, where the Rangers work on their off time. Their base of operations is at the second floor (and is known as one of few Ranger bases to not be attacked by the bad guys near the end. They also have another area where the Order of the Claw train their students.
      • As soon as word of the pizzeria spread, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decided to come over and check them out (after finding Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to having terrible food, on top of the animatronics), making fast friends with the Rangers.
    • All of the Rangers utilize the power of their own personal animal spirits along with their personal weapons. Casey uses Jungle Chucks in the beginning before earning the Shark Sabers, Lily has the Jungle Bo until she earns her Jungle Mace from Master Phant, Theo has the Jungle Tonfans as he starts only until he gets the Jungle Fans from Master Swoop, RJ can fire energy blasts from his own morpher, and Dominic can fight with his morpher along with using Power Chop.
    • Lily was asked by Chun-Li to help out with her training routine while Ryu talked with Casey about the Order of the Claw being interested in meeting some of his students to see how their training was coming along.
    • At first, when the Jungle Rangers met the Furious Five, the group was concerned they were some of Dai Shi's followers, having dealt with animal-looking monsters before. Thankfully, Po was there to clear things up and explain the situation.
  • Exclusive to Casey:
    • Casey wasn't sure how to feel about ascending into the Pantheon, since he felt like he'd accomplished so much already with his friends and mentor. When he met up with other deities who have experience in the field of fighting but wanted to learn from, him Casey decided to join up with his old team once again.
    • Casey wasn't sure how to feel when Batman of all gods wanted to train with him one day as Bruce felt like getting back into shape after taking some time-off with some detective cases in the Pantheon.
    • At first, Rio and Mele were confused when they confronted the Jungle Rangers, since they expected to confront the Gekirangers instead of this version of Power Rangers. Still, Rio found Casey to be a worthy rival along with the rest of the Rangers while Mele was curious about this Camille and Jarrod they spoke about, especially when they told her the two of them ended up falling in love and joining the Order of the Claw.
  • Exclusive to Theo:
    • Theo was pleased to meet one of the best earth-benders in the Pantheon, since Toph had reminded him of Master Swoop as she was also blind and easily able to fight with anyone.
  • Exclusive to Lily:
    • While at times she is known to be a kind, and gentle girl there was one moment when she was under the effect of a needle from Porcupongo causing her to become more harsh and mean to her teammates.
  • Exclusive to R.J.:
    • Zordon is honored that another team of Power Rangers has joined the Pantheon, though he's curious as to how R.J. managed to tap into the Morphin Grid through his…dubious connections. Still, they fight for the side of good, though people are still curious about his method.
    • R.J made it a priority to find the nearest pizza location in the House of Food as he was feeling awfully hungry after his ascension. Then he got to met C.C., who was busy chowing down on some cheesy pizza that was dripping from her mouth.
    • Vergil voiced his annoyance with RJ about the fact Tommy was bothering him again over being mistaken as a Power Ranger. Apparently, the alternate universe of Dante's world had another version of Vergil sounding like R.J., much to the Wolf Ranger's dismay.
  • Exclusive to Dominic:
    • At first, Matt was confused when he saw Dominic thinking he was part of the Russian mob, but after clearing the air with the attorney/superhero they've managed to get along.

    Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger 
Satoru Tojo, God of Heroic Wannabes (Kamen Rider Tiger)
Kamen Rider Tiger 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Tiger Advent Deck
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, turned Neutral Good during his Ironic Heroic Sacrifice
  • Portfolio: Participants of a Death Game Competition, Heroic Wannabes, Ax-Crazy, Constantly Betraying His Allies In A Twisted Belief of The Needs of the Many, Apologetic Attacker, An Ice Person, Awesome, yet Impractical Powers, White Tiger Motifs, Death by Irony, Diving Save, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Combat, Justice (Twisted), Heroism (Believed), Death Games, Tragedy
  • Herald: Destwilder, Hideyuki Kagawa/Alternative Zero (his mentor)
  • High Priest: Don Quixote
  • Followers: Overdrive, Leopold Scorpse, Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo, Nuka, Frank D'arbo/Crimson Bolt,
  • Complicated Relations With: Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda
  • Rivals: Wolverine, Chiffon Fairchild
  • Enemies: SHOCKER (surprisingly), Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors, XANA, The Trollkaiger (especially Handsome Jack), Syndrome, "Hero Killer" Stain, Copy X, Lu Bu, Margaret Moonlight
  • Pitied by: Capt. Martin Walker
  • Opposed By: Shiro Kanzaki, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Wyldstyle, Junpei Iori, Sayaka Miki, David Lizewski/Kick-Ass, Hiro Nakamura
  • Satoru Tojo is a very disturbed man with a twisted moral background who determined to do what it takes to be accepted in the society. Prior of obtaining his Advent Deck from Shiro Kanzaki, Satoru presumably studies at Seimenin University under the discipleship of Hideyuki Kagawa, who he shows amount of respect to the teacher for teaching him the concepts of being a hero before he revealed his role as a Rider to Kagawa, which would lead to recruit Hajime Nakamura in their crusade to close the Mirror World as a means of ending the war. However, things are getting worse when Satoru's mindset became increasingly disturbed causes him to kill his comrades in the war, believing that in order to become a true hero, he have sacrifice his allies to win the Rider War, until he sacrificed himself to saved a kid from a car accident after he finally realized at what it means to be a true hero.
    • As a result of this act, though the submission for it was lost in the sea of paperwork of more ascension requests, his was eventually found and Satoru was revived in the Pantheon, now with the knowledge of how he was regarded after his death; the fact that his Diving Save truly made him a hero, which he didn't think of in his dying moments. This left him in deep contemplation for days on end.
  • As such, with everything he's done, he (shockingly) didn't join up with SHOCKER, and instead immediately applied for the Ministry of Atonement. He knows what he's done before were actually unbecoming of a hero, even of an unscrupulous one.
    • Hearing of his position there, the Kamen Riders from the same Rider War had varying reactions; Shinji, Ren, and Shuichi avoid him due to past transgressions and Satoru understands that. Takeshi's vexed that yet another Kamen Rider from his time is here. Masashi…ended up being his first target in a GUAG mission and animosities were natural after that.
    • Because of allying with Hideyuki Kagawa, whose agenda was to kill Yui Kanzaki, Shiro wasn't as forgiving to Satoru despite being in the same division.
    • Mitsuzane naturally opposes Satoru's backstabbing habits, which reminded him of what he used to be as a villain.
  • Syndrome finds his looking up to his mentor repulsive, and more so when he heard Satoru had killed his while honoring his mantra; it disgusted the villain greatly.
  • Another who opposes him is Wyldstyle, since his ascension drew in those of her flock that went evil. Oh, and there's the whole "sacrificing his comrades" thing.
    • Junpei doesn't like him either, as it reminds him how he wanted to be a hero and how unlike him he finally managed to get over it without first dying (his own first dying was for a different reason).
    • The same goes for other ascended former wannabes like Sayaka, Kick-Ass, and Hiro.
    • Worst of them is Handsome Jack (and the Trollkaiger in general), who was far worse at being a "hero" than Satoru ever was.
  • Martin Walker can understand what Satoru has been through, having gone down the same path himself.
  • Naturally, his former idea of what a hero is all about has drawn the ire of Stain, who sees him as one of the worst kinds of heroes ever conceivably made who needs to be put down.
  • As a claw-based warrior, when he's out training (and feeding his contract monster with "allowed" sources like GUAE goons, GUAC demons, Kyubeys, etc.), he sometimes gets into duels with deities who use similar weapons such as Chiffon and Wolverine. Chiffon legitimately means well for others despite coming off as creepy while Satoru thinks he does yet he came off as a horrible person instead and Wolverine says that at least he himself have legitimate good in him which actually consider his allies' safety. As such, they under Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at best when facing their common enemies and at worst, Chiffon and Wolverine will stop Satoru if he steps out of line again, be it conscious or not.
  • Despises Lu Bu since he backstabs anyone if it suits him, to which he refutes that Satoru is no better since he backstabbed his allies in the Rider War under an excuse to become a 'true hero'. They have been on bad terms ever since.
  • Due to his failure to be a hero in life, he's a constant target of Margaret Moonlight's songs.

Stephen, God of Characters Based On Celebrities (Steven, Dr Matsuda)
  • Intermediate God, but he may be an Overdeity
  • Symbol: His wheelchair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Recurring Extra, Orchestrating A Victory For Humanity, Represents A Neutral Path From Order Versus Chaos, Gadgeteer Genius, Fictional Expy of Stephen Hawking, Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence Yet Still On Mankind's Side, Wheelchair-Bound Genius (except not), Nay-Theist, Mr. Exposition, Bonus Boss, Good Is Not Soft, Physical God
  • Domains: Humanism, Neutrality, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Computer Programming
  • Allies: Any SMT protagonist who chooses the Neutral alignment, the Emperor of Mankind (somewhat), Asura, Team Dai-Gurren, Spawn, The Men in Black, Madoka Kaname, The SCP Foundation
  • On good terms: Guthix, supernatural beings who are pro-humanity, Albert Einstein
  • Drinking buddies with: The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Enemies: The Forces of Law and Chaos, and as such Lucifer and YHVH, along with the White, the Divine Powers and Mem Aleph. Asides from them, he opposes Chakravartin, Cyrus, The Four Chaos Gods, Havik and Hotaru, Merged Zamasu
  • Interested in: The Endless, Philemon and Nyarlathotep, Izanami, any human Overdeity, Galaxy Man
  • Under watch by: The Hall of Demons
  • Stephen, also known as Steven, is the brilliant computer program and architect of the Terminal System project, which would allow instantaneous transportation through the computer network. However he would accidentally come in contact with the Expanse, and a demon would cripple him. From this point on he dedicated himself to studying demons and created the Demon Summoning Program. A neutral figure outside of Law and Chaos, he is often involved with the SMT protagonists.
  • Very similar to physicist Stephen Hawking; he's a genius in a wheelchair that's a humanist and does not see gods as needing and/or deserving of worship. They even have the same first name, though he has denied that his last name is "Hawking". Albert Einstein mistook him for the popular physicist, though afterwards, they had a good time discussing astrophysics.
  • In the battle of Order Versus Chaos, he's a third option and represents the Neutral path. Or as he puts it, humanity. Not one to side with YHVH or Lucifer, preferring man make their own path. He was pretty appalled to learn of the White's own take on neutrality-destroy everything as they cannot bear the Forever War and see no value in any side. Further displeased to learn of the Divine Power's option. Granted, the path of humanity has its own risks and he supported the Massacre Route to test humanity's limits.
  • Mostly aligned with the Emperor of Mankind, as he is the champion of humanity in a universe of cruel gods and aliens, and while extreme in many of his actions it has all been a necessity for mankind. In turn, the Emperor values his efforts and attempts to rid the "parasite gods" from mankind. Stephen regards the Chaos Gods in contempt due to how their inherently self-destructive nature is similar to the White and will never allow humanity to reach their true potential.
  • He's not into direct helping others with some exception, coming off as an Aloof Ally. While mostly for the Emperor of Mankind he is perfectly willing to test him to prove he is deserving of his position, even if he has to send humanity's warriors to fight and die against him. Willing to do whatever it takes to prove the worthiness of champions, such as Nanashi during the Anarchy/Massacre path.
  • Asides from the Chaos Gods, he opposes Havik and Hotaru due to their similarity towards Lucifer and YHVH. He doesn't like Cyrus either, due to his ambitions of a World of Silence through universal destruction being some unholy hybrid of YHVH and the White's goals. Though he has heard that Hareta has the potential to redeem Cyrus. As for Chakravartin, he disdains the god's passive-aggressive egomania and abuse of the Omniscient Morality License.
  • Has become aware that there are alliances representing two alignments not truly present in the SMT multiverse; good and evil in the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil. He suspects a higher agenda than there actually is, but otherwise isn't picking a side due to his True Neutral stance.
  • Despite believing humanity does not need gods, he is not opposed to the divine entirely. Gods that support humanity's development are gods he's on good terms with, such as Guthix who isn't interested in worship. The Flying Spaghetti Monster proved to be a good drinking buddy. As for Asura, he's outright allies with him due to being a god who fought against corrupt gods and refuses to be prayed to.
  • Putting his cards with Team Dai-Gurren due to defying the Cosmic Horror Story and championing humanity, and sees enormous potential in Madoka Kaname due to become an effective deity who replaces the corrupt system the Incubators set up. Won't help achieve her full power again however, unless it's an indirect way no-one notices. Likes Spawn's work, and is helping protect mankind with the SCP Foundation and the Men in Black.
  • Interested in the Endless due to more neutral concepts they embody and are, and the fact they can be shaped by the perceptions of sentient life. He is also interested in Philemon, Nyarlathotep and Izanami due to being aspects of humanity made manifest.
  • The majority of gods in the Trope Pantheon are to a degree composites of different versions in the multiverse. Not Stephen. Having Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, he's the same person no matter what the universe is. This has led people to wonder what exactly he is. The fact he's a DLC boss at Level 128 (the highest of ANY boss in SMT) and may be stronger than YHVH raises many questions.
  • Merged Zamasu hates Stephen for being a champion of humanity, a race he sees as hopelessly corrupt. Stephen considers him everything wrong with the divine. Stephen overcame him when Zamasu faced the DLC, and most found the mad god and Multiversal Conqueror defeated by a wheelchair-bound man hilarious.

    The Toa Inika/Toa Mahri 
The Toa Mahri (previously the Toa Inika)members , Gods and Goddess of Empowered Badass Normals
The Toa Inika
Matoro using the Kanohi Ignika 


Lesser Gods

Blair, Goddess of Pretty Freeloaders (Cat Witch Blair, Monster Cat)
Blair as a cat
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A black and gray curled hat and a silver bauble
  • Theme Song: Affections
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Sexy Cat Person, Defeat Means Friendship, Pretty Freeloader, Back from the Dead, Cats Are Magic, Unusual Ears, Ms. Fanservice, Little Bit Beastly
  • Allies: Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans, Black Star, Death The Kid, Spirit Albarn, Len, Garfield, Phantom Thieves of Heart (mostly Morgana)
  • Enemies: Medusa Gorgon, Cruella De Vil, Katz
  • Opposes: Dio Brando, the Halls of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, Goro Akechi
  • The background that Blair has is that she is a special monster-cat living on her own in her pumpkin-themed house until meeting Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans. Both Maka and Soul were assigned a mission to fight Blair because they thought Blair was a witch and that they need one witch soul in order to create a death scythe. For some time, Maka and Soul were able to defeat Blair to take one of her souls until they realized that Blair was not a witch just that she is a magical cat with the ability to use magic. It was because of this error it led to Maka and Soul being forced to start over again by collecting 99 kishin souls and having to make sure to collect a real witch soul they need this time.
  • After Blair was defeated by the meister-weapon students, Blair decided to move in with them at their dorm much to Maka's protest not liking the arrangement of Blair having to stay with them. Later, the two teens gradually begun to see Blair as a friend of theirs in their live's and do not mind her presence at their home despite being a freeloader.
    • Blair ascended when she was walking on her way home to Maka and Soul's dormitory after done visiting the club Chupa Cabra's. Blair opened the door but no one is inside this made her feel confused on where Maka and Soul could of went to until Spirit Albarn spoke to Blair saying that they are at another place. Blair did not know what this place is until Spirit said that Maka is at a special place called the Pantheon and that Blair has been given permission to go to the Pantheon to meet with them. Blair was later reunited with her two dear friends and was happy to see other familiar faces as well; Blair was given the title of being the Goddess of the Pretty Freeloaders.
  • In her free time at the Pantheon, Blair pays a visit to Maka and Soul's temple like the old times where she is living with them back at their place in their homeworld. Blair's own temple looks like the pumpkin-themed house that she lived in before meeting Maka and Soul. She did not mind having this look again because she missed her old house ever since deciding to leave it behind to start something new with her friends.
  • When Blair was told about how the Pantheon works, she was surprised to learn that Lord Death is here since in her world he passed away ever since his son Death The Kid awakened his full powers. Although, Blair does not like seeing Medusa Gorgon in the Pantheon because Medusa had hurt Maka badly and Blair will not forgive such an action and that is why Blair would offer to help defend Maka just in case that witch tries anything.
  • There are some people in the Pantheon that Blair is afraid of it would be Dio Brando. The reason being is that Blair heard in the past Dio kicked Jonathan Joestar's pet dog back when they were children and burned Danny alive. There is also the part where Dio used to fuse different animals together one of them being a cat and Blair was disturbed by this so she prefers not to go anywhere near the vampire.
  • Another deity that could also take the form of a cat would be Len. Both Blair and Len have some things in common of having a human form and a cat form as well as having the ability to use magic. Blair becomes friends with Len because the fact that she is kind to other catlike deities and having commonality connection's.
  • Some of the things Blair's agrees with Len about is the Halls of Lust. Blair's opinion about these Halls, in particular, is that it is something she finds repulsive because Blair heard about some things that are...inappropriate...such as Blair's attraction to Soul. Soul is a minor, so the idea of people portraying Blair having these lustful feelings towards Soul is just downright gross and disturbing, and that she has lines she would never cross.
  • Blair's opinion about another deity Cruella de Vil, is that Cruella is a mean person that seeks to harm animals to get their fur. Since Blair is actually a cat she may be in danger of this. Cruella's opinion about an animal taking human form was that of dislike because she would not treat a pet such as Blair like a person.
  • Some new facts about Blair is that she is named after a horror movie found footage film called the Witch Blair Project where it was about a group of teens trying to find evidence on the alleged witch. Blair did not like the fact she was named after some horror movie villain that kills teens and that Blair wants to assure others that she is nothing like her namesake.
  • In the Pantheon, Blair's other interactions she had with deities would be the Phantom Thieves of Heart. Blair's opinion on the group is that they are a really cool people that have these special powers and that each of the members could cast magic spells in a way when they summon their persona. Blair met the group's mascot Morgana (code named Mona) who is a feline like entity.
    • Morgana was at first jealous of the fact Blair was able to have a human form unlike Morgana who is stuck with having a cat form and his metaverse form. Blair said to Morgana that it does not matter about what his appearance is like and that the inside is what counts and that Morgana has all these wonderful friends that do love him. After this meeting Blair befriends Morgana and is aware that Morgana does not like being called a cat so she made sure not to say anything about that.
    • Blair's interaction with the other Phantom Thieves is more positive as in Haru thinks her cat form is cute and pets Blair, Ryuji was also surprised seeing another talking cat and that this cat also happens to be special like Morgana. Ren Amamiya respects Blair for her traits and that he think she is a powerful feline that could defend herself from enemies. Yusuke would like to draw a painting of Blair by asking permission.
    • The ability to change someone's heart is something Blair is interested about on how it can be used to help reform bad people so they could express remorse of what they have done. Blair heard from other deities that the Phantom Thieves power of changing hearts is something that would be debated to be ethical or unethical since people view it changing someone's behaviour against their will while other supporters think that the group are doing the right thing.
  • A person that was associated with the Phantom Thieves would be Goro Akechi. Blair's opinion on the teen detective is that he is dangerous and that betraying the Phantom Thieves is something Blair finds appalling since Blair is loyal to her friends and would never think on turning on them or attempting to kill them. Akechi on the other hand distrusts cat like beings because of the fact Morgana who has the appearance of a feline is one of the factors leading to Akechi's defeat.
  • She does not get along with a feline deity named Katz due to the fact Katz can be known to causing more problems and is described as malicious cat that likes causing problems. Katz is willing to try to cause problems to another pet named Courage and his owners Muriel and Eustace by putting them in dangerous situations. Blair hearing about this made her upset that someone would want to harm innocent people just because they were standing in the way.
    • Blair also think's Katz gives other normal cat's a bad name due to Katz negative behaviour on trying to harm others as well as being a serial killer.
  • Another cat that Blair met is Garfield. Garfield came from the same house as Katz as even Garfield dislikes that psychotic cat and prefers not to associate with him. Garfield is a good cat that deeply cares for his friends including his owner who took care of him. Blair thinks Garfield is a much better feline deity than Katz since Garfield is not a mean cat that hurts others but he is caring towards his friends.

Zhao, God of Counter-Exemplars (Captain/Commander/Admiral Zhao, "Admiral Choi", "Zhao the Conquerer, Zhao the Moonslayer, ZHAO THE INVINCIBLE")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation flag
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: First Major Opponent of the Avatar, Firebender, Glory Seeker, Bad Temper, Prideful, Wants to destroy the Moon Spirit without consideration, Sent into the Spirit World by the Ocean Spirit, Trapped in the Fog of Lost Souls for Eternity
  • Domains: Bad Examples, Admiral, Fire
  • Allies: Ozai, Azula, Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies: Zuko, Iroh, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa and Momo, Korra, Tenzin, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nebby/Lunala, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrawn, Ackbar, Euron Greyjoy, Twilight Sparkle
  • An ruthless officer of the Fire Nation and a dangerous Firebender, he has relentlessly pursued the Avatar in order to claim glory and spite his archrival, the then-exiled then-Prince Zuko. Through the contrast with Zuko's very real virtues, numerous standards and countless Pet the Dog moments, he ironically proves that the Fire Nation is not inherently evil.
    • His last moment in his life was the siege of the Northern Water Tribe, where he tried to kill the Moon Spirit, Tui. Though he succeeded in killing the Spirit, this moment sealed his fate as Aang and La the Ocean Spirit merged to destroy his invasion forces and was taken into the Spirit World by La (self-inflicted as he refused to take Zuko's hand out of pride). He was thrown into the Fog of Lost Souls, where he will forever wander in its mist, losing mind believing his self-glory and arrogance.
    • While he was ascended from the Pantheon, he was still insane from his experience in the Fog of Lost Souls. It was said that the GUAE rescued him from the Spirit World and recuperated him until he recovered from his mind. While he regained his arrogance, he still experienced some episodes as a result of his imprisonment, though Ozai doesn't seems to lead his rescue or even care about his fate.
  • This man is the rival of Zuko, butting heads in regards to who could capture the Avatar. He views him a failure for his exile, then a traitor upon learning that he was the Blue Spirit that freed Aang when he captured him. It becomes humiliating for him when he learned that Zuko is now the Fire Lord after Aang defeated Ozai. He still refuses to acknowledge Zuko's sovereignty out of petty arrogance and spiteful anger.
    • The Gaang are not happy to see Admiral Zhao again. Toph doesn't really seem to care all that much since she never met him once in her life, as she joined after Zhao was imprisoned in the Spirit World.
    • Tenzin recognized him as that crazy guy that he was rambling about "being a legend" and "capturing the Avatar for his lost glory" when he and his siblings were in the Fog of Lost Souls to look for his daughter, Jinora. The fact that he doesn't recognize him as a legend, not even mentioned as an adversary to his father, wound his pride quite a lot.
  • Many will not forget his "destiny" of destroying the Moon because his brash arrogance could have nearly destroyed the world as the result of the lost balance. Lunar deities of the Pantheon glare at him scornfully for murdering Tui the Moon Spirit.
    • Even Nightmare Moon was concerned with his moon-destroying "destiny" that she was willing to end opposition with the Protectors of Night and Day to prevent a disaster like that from happening again.
    • Tyrande will tear him a new one if he were to do something like what he did to Tui to her people. Hell, there is a precedent for that considering what happened to her after Teldrassil burned.
  • He is an Admiral of the Fire Navy who lead its forces for the capture of the Avatar and sieging the North Pole. However, not many naval officers took him very seriously, considering that the one time he fought Aang, he inadvertently destroyed his ships because Aang was making fun of him. Thrawn viewed this man as a disgrace to the navy for his negligence.
  • Arrogant and ill-tempered, his Firebending is strong but very uncontrollable. He once tried picking fights with other fire deities in an Agni Kai, but it comes to an end when Zuko decided to put an end to his persistence. Zuko defeated him easily since he had a lot from the last year of the War, but Zhao refuses to accept his defeat from the exile.
  • Knowledge seekers were furious when they learned that when he found Wan Shi Tong's Library, he took the knowledge of the Moon Spirit and destroy much of the information stored that could harm the Fire Nation. Such disrespect practically banned him from the House of Knowledge.


    Adenoid Hynkel 
Adenoid Hynkel, God of Comedic Dictators (The Great Dictator; Phooey of Greater Tomainia, Conqueror of Osterlich, Future Emperor of the World)

    Alan Wake 
Alan Wake, God of Writer Characters (The Champion of Light)
  • Demigod, possibly much higher
  • Symbol: A pen crossed with a revolver
  • Theme Song: A Writer's Dream
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Similar To His Game's Writer Sam Lake, good shot for a writer, Captain Obvious, Helping Himself in the Future, Genre Savvy, Nerves of Steel, Jerkass But Still Well-Meaning, Took a Level in Kindness, Cannot Smile Convincingly
  • Domains: Flashights, Typewriters, Guns, Novels, Horror Stories
  • Followers: Sumiregawa Nenene, Larry Donner, Giovanni Pantano, Ginger Foutley, Paul Sheldon
  • Allies: Maxwell, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Barton Fink, Jo March and Anne Shirley, Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe and Richard Castle, Simon Henriksson, Max Payne, good-aligned Light-aligned deities
  • Enemies: Mr. Scratch, Herr D. D. Drosselmeyer, the Bringers of Everlasting Night
  • Shortly after ascension, Alan mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth, unable to be found by any deity. He is believed to have orchestrated this disappearance in some way, although none know how.
    • Actually, that's because a further review shows that he doesn't actually qualify as a Badass Bookworm—which he first ascended for—over better examples. Sure, he's done some pretty awesome things, but despite being a writer, he's not that much of a bookworm. An appropriate representative would be one who's well-read and probably a nerd while minoring in combat, and Wake is unfortunately not one of them.
    • Fortunately, his being a writer gave him a chance for a different title: Most Writers Are Writers. Well, of course writers are writers. And among new companions he found thanks to this title were Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe and Richard Castle.
  • Despite pleas to return Alan to the Pantheon, the Dark Presence still needs him, and the sequel will apparently mark his return to the real world. As such, there had to be a compromise, even as Mr. Scratch got wind of the scheme and sent Taken after Taken to stop it, only for several lights (both from tech and from mages) to hold them off. Just like with many of the Pantheon's deities whose tales have not yet ended, and just like the situation with Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, the Alan Wake that's intended to ascend is just an "illusion" with the memories of what's happened to the real Wake so far. As a result, every evening, Mr. Scratch has begun to send Taken after Taken to bring him down.
  • For some reason, he reminds Maika Sakuranomiya of her co-worker Miu Amano, who writes doujinshi off-character, and they somehow managed to become friends over their unconvincing smiles.
  • As a "champion of light", and to help hold off the Taken, Alan has acquainted himself with various Light-elemental deities. The main deity representing it, Sora, is particularly invested in helping in this matter, especially since Mr. Scratch's title, The Heartless, as well as his Taken, are reminiscent of the Heartless in his universe.
    • He's also come to oppose the Bringers of Everlasting Night, especially after he heard that Mr. Scratch made an alliance with its leader Nightmare Moon.
  • Understands Simon Henriksson due to sharing a similar experience except Alan's was real. He also got enmity with Book Simon as said being reminds him too much of Mr. Scratch.
  • He also doesn't like Drosselmeyer due to being an evil author and capable of Rewriting Reality, which hits too close to home for Alan.
  • Max Payne reminds Alan of a character he wrote named Detective Alex Casey.

    Travis Bickle 
Alright, who's ne..

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK."

Travis Bickle, Patron Deity of Imaginary Violent Monologues and Extremely Disturbed Taxi Drivers (Henry Krinckle, Killer, Cowboy, Prophet, Pusher, Walking Contradiction)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A taxi
  • Theme Song: The Main Theme by Bernard Herrmann
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at best, Neutral Evil at worst.
  • Portfolio: A psychaotic taxi driver with Schizotypal personality disorder, acts smart but is actually not, took a cab job due to inability to sleep at night, goes on a killing spree against the "wicked" of New York City, lacks any form of social norms, armed with many guns on his sleeve, once a part of the marines in the Vietnam War, lies to his parents often, plans to kill most scum and himself but fails as he runs out of bullets
  • Domains: Anger, Hatred, Vigilantism, Insanity, Deranged Psychopaths
  • Allies: Frank Castle, Godspeed, The Joker (or more specifically Arthur Fleck), Bill Foster
  • Enemies: The Houses of Crime and Justice, Louis Bloom, Claude Speed, the Slavers, The Fans
  • Heavily Opposed by: Most law-bringers, the Hall of Politicians (especially Ethan Roark Sr.), Niko Bellic, the West Coast Cabbies
  • Under observation from: The Houses of Health and Diseases and Theatre and Spectacle, John Donovan
  • Ah New York City. Home of the "American Dream" and the city of the land of the free, or perhaps that was what it is. In reality, it is a slumbering mess filled with some of the most vile and sinister people on earth. As more of such appear, these types of people would become acceptable targets to one (in)sane taxi driver going by the name of Travis Bickle. At first glance, he may seem like a normal, if not rather strange, individual, unable to keep up with conversations and failing to interact with the locals of the city, but underneath all that normal sight lies a psychotic personality that eventually manifests in him as a loathing vigilante who wants to kill all the scum of the city through violence. Insane, violent and filled with contempt towards the lowest bowels of New York as well as having a weird fascination with revolvers, the merciless killing and his ramblings would soon become a hallmark to the type of insanity he has in him and would become the image he embraced on himself.
  • Travis' normal day on one night would all soon change when a mysterious passenger, acting as a customer, offered him an invitation. His first attempt at conversing with the mysterious passenger was with problems as he is not really a sociable person, thus simply ignoring the person behind. As the drive prolonged, the driver stopped and suddenly pulled a revolver pointing at the passenger, warning to cut his bullshit and not waste his time. The passenger then decides to give the invitation to him but told him of "new possibilities" as soon as the stranger left the cab. The invitation, actually an envelope, had a tape of which he played and heard all the information through his radio. Hearing the words "godhood" and his name may have sparked some excitement for him as if he was finally recognized but alas, he will have to continue his work alongside with him, his contempt for the criminals around him on that night.
  • For a psychopath, the Pantheon is so different from the world he hails from, considering New York being a really bad place to begin with from all the slums and criminals that come out at night. While Pantheon security might be different from the city's police, that has not deterred Bickle from contempt as he still sees some sights of criminals, made even worse when an entire House dedicated to criminals was spotted by him. With his experienced handling of firearms, he believes he can wipe the entire house clean with ease, though unlike New York and their batch of delinquents, the members of that pantheon are far more sophisticated than he knows. That will not stop him from enacting the same killing spree he handed New York over once he snaps.
    • This attitude of his is also manifested during his job as a taxi driver, as he takes the shift at night where most of the criminals come out. This may explain his outlook towards those within the slums, as he has seen enough of these people going around the streets like rats in a maze. It only took a sighting of a poor prostitute that drove him off his patience and lead to his vigilantism. Even after he saved her, his insane attitude only grew worse and even caught the attraction of the police, putting him in even hotter water. Thankfully, he stopped except not really, since he did not get cured and has a chance of lashing out again. All of this shows how deranged Travis is, especially for a taxi driver who serves different types of people. And to those who take his service, perhaps conversation is not his forte.
  • The Houses of Crime and Justice do not have great opinions on him apart from his mental state. The former is one of Travis' most hated locations, with sightings of him walking back and forth in the entrance, probably waiting to see whoever comes out for him to kill. On the other hand, the latter are not so merciful towards vigilantes, as they believe that such action makes them no better than the criminals they are busy pursuing in the first place. Overall, Bickle's reputation has not translated well among those two houses, but as all will see, those are not the only ones who share the same opinion.
    • Public relations between regulars and Travis is almost little to none. Being a non-sociable type, he is rather awkward to be with in conversations, and his violent persona only makes him worse to be with due to his many triggers. A few observations from the House of Health and Diseases have concluded that his insane disorder makes him a rather tough cookie to deal with in the social aspect, known as Schizotypal Personality Disorder, which makes him anti-social to many people. His parents might be there for him, though he does not talk to them much, so it is safe to assume he has problems with them as well. His entrance to the Pantheon can be of good use to introduce him to a new path but as it stands, that may not happen due to the end of his vigilante spree.
  • Even with strained relationships between Pantheon denizens, there are a few people who have been rather understanding of Bickle's predicament, or more specifically his outlook on criminals. First meeting was with Frank Castle, the legendary vigilante known as the Punisher. While Travis may be an angry driver who wants to cleanse New York through violence, the Punisher does the same but with more... extreme methods, using military-high grade weaponry to suit his choice. They are also somewhat sociopaths, though Frank has a soft spot for children while Travis may or may not be albeit too merciless towards others (and more insane to boot). For all his reputation within the Pantheon, he may actually find a first for those who understand his plight.
    • He also met a super by the name of Godspeed, one of the Flash's more complicated foes. The duo immediately understood each other when the two agreed how murder is an answer to crime. One key difference to the two of each other is their mental state, Travis has a case of Schizotypal personality disorder, a case of loner and anti-sociable mannerisms manifested into one's life up until childhood, which explains his mental instability, Godspeed on the hand is actually sane and has control on himself, hence his decision to murder even innocents to get the job done, making him less palpable than Travis, even he agreed that innocents are not to be harmed, proven by him saving a 12-year old prostitute from further harm. While the two are in agreement of such, that one aspect of Godspeed is what keeps the two from being fully relatable.
    • Perhaps his biggest meeting was with, of all people, the Joker. However, some of the other deities noticed something different about the Joker he met, without all that gun-crazy attitude of his. If anything, Bickle resonated with this version the most and understood his plight, with that similarity being close to each other. This Joker then introduced himself as Arthur Fleck and outright convinced Travis that they can work together against the society they vehemently hate. The duo would soon be found armed with guns and strolling within the House of Crime, shooting whatever moves. By the end, they soon parted with good terms and Travis was convinced that Arthur must have been a fan of him, something that he appreciates within his angry-ridden life.
    • Those vigilantes he met would be blown out of the water when it comes to insanity by the Fans. The idolizers of Jacket's killing spree have quite a lot to say about Travis from how he became a popular icon of anti-heroic criminals, even thinking he may be the predecessor to Jacket, minus the mask. Yet despite their dedication, this put him off very much, as he considers himself not as a hero nor an idol, and coupled with the group's own disillusionment for fame in their own twisted sense of that logic, made him very angry within their presence. While they were comfortable within Travis' temple, he came back guns blazing against them, forcing the entire group to flee. Since then, Travis has warned them never to come back.
    • Few people are known for their anger past their patience but those who are characterized by it seem to have a few similarities, none more evident with Bill Foster, otherwise nicknamed 'D-FENS'. The two having their patience running out, then snapping and enacting a killing spree while also being chased down by the authorities seem suspiciously similar. A few observations would see a few key differences, namely morals as Travis has hatred for certain types of people and Foster is not afraid to hurt even innocents, their cause of anger with the latter having lost his patience on traffic of all things, and lastly the former's condition as Foster has nothing but bad temper while Travis has a mental disorder that caused him to snap. Either way, the two do understand each other but Travis has warned him about who he tries to kill - after all, he is a man of standards.
  • His outlook against criminals was soon translated through gunfire and most criminals are unsympathetic towards him mainly due to him being an angry psychopath. This was more evident through his encounter with seasoned criminal Niko Bellic, who has experience in the world of crime. Considering that he wants to move away from all that and move in to the future as a peaceful man, Travis personally trying to pick him off angers him to an extent as Travis' anger and lack of remorse towards him is slowly pushing him on edge. Niko has told him many times he wants to move on, but the deranged taxi driver is not convinced and has not stopped his attempts against him. Granted, he understands how bad New York is, though for Niko it is translated to Liberty City, as he desperately tried to move on from his past, but trying to use murder as a method is not something he can fully agree to. Still, Niko will have to use lethal force if he will not stop on his murderous push.
    • Travis' criminal record would soon become a main source of interest to one John Donovan. Looking from his bio, the confirmation of him as a Vietnam veteran and his criminal notoriety matches what Donovan needs in his operation which requires recruiting criminals for spying operations and other dirty work. While he has not tried approaching him due to his psychotic personality, he still has a firm chance of gaining his attention, though he will have to do it slowly as he does not want to get caught, or find himself with a gun on his head.
    • Even past Niko, Liberty City, being another version of New York, has a large amount of criminal activity that one may wonder if he would drive his cab over there. Not long after, gunfire was heard around the House of Characterization and after some intense shooting, Travis retreated. Behind him was Claude, who was chasing him down until he drove his cab out of the location. Some say Travis provoked him out of spite due to his connections to Liberty City and due to his hate for criminals, one may guess this might be the case.
    • But if there is a group of criminals he hates the most, it would be pimps and those responsible for prostitution as he did save a 12 year old from a group of pimps. His hate for such manifested to the Slavers, who are already notorious for their connections to human trafficking. To those who he considers to be the worst scum on the earth, they fit the criteria very well. Coupled with his understandings with the Punisher and the two would go out of their way to kill the Slavers in any way possible, so much that his insanity was near uncontrollable. Thankfully, he was restored back to normal though as eventually shown he is not cured of it at all.
  • Outside of the three Houses mentioned, there is one type of people that are put off by Travis: politicians. One of his personal targets was New York Senator Charles Palantine who he attempted to assassinate, which failed for him as he was chased by Secret Service personnel. Then comes who Travis is based off from, making him a threat to most politicians' personal safety. In return, a few politicians have been under Travis' sights, specifically corrupt politician Ethan Roark Sr., who runs the crime-infested city known as Sin City, of which he paid a visit, through several killing sprees.
  • During one of his usual taxi profession days, an unexpected passenger came in and attempted to hire Travis for his documentation trips. While payed with large sums of money, Travis' first destination was not so bad, as said passenger came back to give another location. On the way however, he noticed bloody marks on the suit and on the camera handle. Travis made a full stop and told the passenger to leave despite promised massive pay. It did not take long till the passenger, Louis Bloom, ran as the taxi driver chased him off with a revolver at hand. The reporter then took a look at Travis' biography and soon realized he had solid morals compared to him which explained why he hesitated on the second location. As a result, he will have to resort to manual means of travel and has to watch out in case he encounters Travis once again.
  • Very few Houses appreciate his presence but no House has respected him more than the House of Theatre and Spectacle. Many directors and interested deities watch most of Travis' life, mainly because of his popularity. Others have also studied his entire character piece by piece, making him an interesting character for a character study. Regardless of what he thinks of this, his popularity will never go away, whether he likes it or not.
  • In his job as a taxi driver, he would have some form of competition/coworkers with the West Coast Cabbies but only for the profession. While he is not familiar with the loose drivers, they have some knowledge on Travis and see that he has legitimate mental instability, making him hard to socialize as a taxi driver; they, on the other hand, are much more like in the stunt and insane driving aspect of cabbing. Regardless, as long as they do not pester him, all is well, unless he starts bringing a revolver out.
  • His other temple is located within the House of Quirks, in the Hall of Speech (N to Z).
  • "Loneliness has followed me my whole life. Everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. I am God's lonely man."


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