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Greater Gods

Nergigante, Dragon God of Being One's Own Counter (Regular: Extinction Dragon, The Eater of Elders, Nergi, Nergal, Swolegigante, Spiky Boy, Arch-Tempered Nergigante | Ruiner Nergigante: King of the Monsters, World Destroying Elder Dragon)
Ruiner Nergigante 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter Icon
  • Theme Songs: Even Elder Dragons Tremble (Teppen remix), World's End
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Devouring other Elder Dragons, Increasingly Lethal Enemy, Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter: World, Porcupine motifs, Covered in regenerating spikes which it can launch, Lightning Bruiser, The Berserker that Fights Like a Normal, The Divebomb, Background Music Override, Elderseal, Possibly hunting Elder Dragons as the ecosystem's balancing force, Finishing off Shara Ishvalda
  • Size: 1644.83 cm - 2273.19 cm
  • Domains: Dragons, Ferocity, Spikes, Regeneration, Brute Force
  • Allies: None. Too aggressive have any.
  • Rivals: The Dragonborn, the Goliath, Grim Matchstick, Kenshiro, Nosferatu Zodd, Godzilla
  • Enemies: All Elder Dragons and other creatures of similar class such as Legendary Pokémon, Rexie, Grimlock, Paarthurnax, the Ruined Dragon, Miraak, Bowser, Hircine, any that comes across its path
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters and others of their profession, The Gang of Seven (Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper and Ruby), Link, users of electricity and the House of Electricity
  • While deities were out on the accustomed expedition through the Bestiary led by Steve Irwin, the group came across various white spikes assumed to be teeth but further inspection proved it to not be the case. Not a second later, some mortals attending the expedition were almost crushed by a falling carcass riddled with the same spines. After returning and telling them what happened, the House of Science wasted no time on analyzing the spikes (for good or bad purposes it depends) while the House of Hunters were tasked with tracking down what caused such a thing. After getting a lead on the creatures whereabouts, the pursuers made their way to the entrance of the House of Combat, where they were greeted with a hulking figure battling against a much larger Gogmazios. As soon as they tried to close in the beast dive bombed towards them and gave them one hell of a beating before taking off destroying whatever else came onto its path. By that point, the title of Being One's Own Counter had already been bestowed.
  • The top classifications of monsters are the Elder Dragons; a remarkably diverse set of creatures despite its name and known for the destructive power each member possesses. Yama Tsukami, for example, is a floating octopus-like Elder Dragon overgrown with flora is capable of clearing out an entire forest with its vortex of a mouth. As you can imagine, not many monsters are out to pick fights with them much less think of using them as a food source. But there have been some cases. The ever voracious Deviljho will devouring anything in its vicinity, including Elder Dragons, and the brutally fast Rajang actually devours Kirin for their horns which likely resulted in its affinity with the Thunder element. But there's a monster out there whose diet is primarily Elder Dragons for their rich bio energy, and such a monster happens to be one itself: Nergigante.
  • At first glance Nergigante looks like there's nothing going for it. No special power like control over the weather and storms like Amatsumagatsuchi or Kushala Daora, it's far from being the largest Elder Dragon there is with the Dalamadur or Zorah Magdaros, or even the most potentially catastrophic in nature like Shagaru Magala or Dire Miralis. Nergigante? It has its regenerative spikes, which when allowed to harden it acts as both its weapon and armor, and its sheer ferocity and relentlessness in combat. Yet its brute strength allows it to contend with its fellow Elder Dragons and live off of hunting them down. Perhaps its most notorious attack is its divebomb which it uses once its entire body is covered in harden spikes, and not only does it hit like a runaway freight train at full speed but said attack also has a deceptive range of impact. It does, however, break all of its spikes and has to regrow them which leaves it the most vulnerable to attack.
  • Due to the lack of ascended Elder Dragons in the Pantheon, Nergigante took to hunting down those that would serve as substitutes. It's not common for Nergi to hunt down some legendary Pokémon before being kept at bay. Nor is it common for it to do battle with the Goliath, although they never quite get to escalate to due to the No-Kill order on the latter on account of it being surprisingly more powerful than it lets on, meaning it could become much more of a threat should it perish and be allowed to reform. It doesn't go after the Ruined Dragon, though, seemingly waiting for a more opportune time.
    • One day while flying through the House of Combat Nergigante spotted a green cartoonish dragon taking a nap on a tower. The Elder Dragon took one good long look at the thing and deduced it wasn't a creature rich of bio-energy and simply moved on. After circling back to leave the House it bore witness to Dr. Willy and his forces meeting said dragon and an army of living fireballs. Willy was soon defeated by the dragon, who turned out to be Grim Matchstick, and fled the scene while Nergigante watched on and did the same, wanting to test who's the more tougher fighter of the two one day. Grim only managed to catch a glimpse of Nerg, though he still felt a bad aura radiating from its fellow dragon.
  • At some point, it decided to tail various hunters to find other potential meals. This lead to Nergigante following the Dovakiin who in turn was pursuing a bunch of dragons. While they were busy fighting, one dragon managed to escape the Dragonborn's sights but ended up coming face to face with the Extinction Dragon and was disposed of just as quickly. A stare down ensued between the two just after the last dragon perished, and it wasn't long until they clashed. What happened in the fight is uncertain, but the duel did allow Nergigante to see the Dragonborn as a competitor. Miraak meanwhile found a potentially powerful dragon that could prove useful in his future schemes.
    • Given that Nergigante is a Dragon, and after hearing its unsuccessful attempts at fighting the Ruined Dragon, Bowser immediately planned to try and take control of it like he did with the Ruined Dragon, not remembering the failure with Vaal Hazak due to the amount of attention drawn. Sure enough, his goals ended up clashing with the Daedric Prince Hircine due to his own interest in the Elder Dragon. Rumor has it that after seeing Nergigante completely overwhelm some nameless beast in the Pantheon the Huntsman of the Princes is considering gifting it lycanthropy like what he had done to a Daedroth in the past. With how much of an unrelenting beast the Extinction is already, no one wants to that outcome. Nergi is meanwhile annoyed by the two for bothering it.
  • In the New World it was mistakenly blamed for the disturbances regarding Elder Dragon behavior. In reality, it was Xeno'Jiiva's doing, luring Elder Dragons to perish around it and feed upon their bio energy to grow and mature. All Nergigante did was rile up its fellow Elder Dragons into moving to other areas, mucking up various ecosystems in the process. The Extinction Dragon still holds a grudge against the Monster Hunters because of this.
  • Some deities have pointed out the similarities between him and Nosferatu Zodd , Nergigante didn't seem to care that much, but Zodd seemed slightly amused. Every now and then they can be seen fighting each other in the House of Combat
  • There is assumption circulating across the various hunters in the Pantheon that Nergigante is able to hunt its fellow Elders due to the fact that it possesses the ability to inflict Elderseal. This mainly stems from the weapons made from it having said effect, and gear made from monsters tend to inherit traits similar to their living owners. Admittedly, it's not as concrete as you may think. The House of Science looking deeper into this but Nergigante isn't the most cooperative when it comes to such investigations. Some of the scientists asked the Hunters Guild for anything since they heard that they've known about Nerg before the New World. While that is true, their information was so limited they didn't even classify the thing as an Elder Dragon back then.
  • The etymology of Nergigante's name can be broken up in two parts: Nergal, the Mesopotamian God of war, death and destruction and gigante, meaning giant in Latin. It can also be read a portmanteau for Nero Gigante (lit. Black Giant) in many Latin languages. Given that its a bulky dragon capable of taking on other legendary creatures along with its penchant for destruction, it fits quite well.

Intermediate Gods


Anguirus, God of Close Range Combatants (Angilas, Angurus, Anguilosaurus, God of the Sea, Killer of the Living)
  • Intermediate God (at his weakest); Greater God (at his most powerful and determined)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Theme Music: His theme from Godzilla: Unleashed
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Close-Range Combatant, Lightning Bruiser, Grievous Harm with a Body, Determinator, Badass Normal
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Armor, Spikes, Combat, Determination
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Gomora (Rei's herald)
  • Enemies:
  • Anguirus is quite an odd kaiju, first appearing in 1955 where it fought against the second Godzilla in a battle to the death that devastated Tokyo once more. Just one year after the death of the original. It perished in battle, but eventually returned in the form of a second one who instead became allies with Godzilla, becoming Godzilla's best friend. What he lacks in fancy and showy powers, he makes up for with an admirable amount of brute strength and determination that is not to be taken lightly. Ever since his reappearances, Anguirus might not have the best track record of all Kaiju, but his bravery and strength are valuable assets regardless and has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with.
  • Anguirus quickly met up with his fellow Kaiju such as Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan. Together they made sure to stay aware of each other's allies and be supporters to the forces of good. He's also hoping to prove his worth to the world, as he laments that most only remember scenarios where he lost, forgetting that he's been easily capable of taking down human armies and was perfectly capable of giving Godzilla a hard time in their first encounters and fight.
  • Anguirus and Godzilla started out as enemies, but have since turned into the best of friends and are generally seen together when exploring or wandering around the Pantheon, even chatting in ocassions, Anguirus will protect Godzilla from harm even if he loses his life in the process, similarly to how Mothra will do. Godzilla himself respects Anguirus ever since the monster was able to evenly match him in their first fight for a good while, and has reciprocated his friendship since the day they both fought against Gigan and King Ghidorah. From time to time you can even hear them outright talking with one another, much to everyone else's confusion.
  • He still hasn't forgotten about the instance where MechaGodzilla snapped his jaw, forcing him to flee. Or the instance that Gigan made him bleed profusely, or just about anytime that Ghidorah bullied him. That said, Anguirus has proven that he's no pushover against them and has been getting out of his reputation as a "loser" as recent years have recognized his virtues, notably it's been seen that he was capable of fighting and driving off Destoroyah (with some help from humans), an action that has also had the after-effect of making Destoroyah see Anguirus as its number 2 priority to take down after he's done with Godzilla. His interactions with MechaGodzilla have also made him way of Evil Doppelgangers, as Mechagodzilla started out impersonating Godzilla before revealing its true identity once the real deal showed up to fight it.
  • He enjoys a more amicable relationship with King Kong and Gamera than Godzilla does, as he is eager to help them out in their struggles and hasn't really had a clash with either, though it occasionally gets a little awkward with his interactions with King Kong due to the latter having once snapped Gorosaurus' jaw, given how Gorosaurus is an ally of Anguirus himself. Like everyone else, Anguirus is looking forward to the rematch of Kong and Godzilla, as he was a bit disappointed to find out that Godzilla lost the first round and so hopes he can win the second time around.
  • As a Badass Normal among Kaiju it earned the respect of various Toku Heroes, particularly the Ultras as many of them have fought alongside heroic Kaiju and are impressed by Anguirus' never-ending determination despite his lack of powers compared to most of his peers. As well as Moonlight Mask, who as a Badass Normal himself, admires that Anguirus can stand out among his peers despite his lack of flashy moves or powers.
    • In the side of Ultra Series Deities, Anguirus has obtained a new friendly rivalry with the Kaiju Gomora, fellow melee fighter under the command of Rei. Similarly to Godzilla's and Gomora's small rivalry, Anguirus respects his fellow dinosaur Kaiju for being strong and fighting for justice and good.
  • Is friends with dinosaur deities in the Pantheon, mostly those such as Rexie, the Raptor Pack, Speckles and The Gang of Seven due to their relatively friendly and neutral behavior. On the flip side it absolutely hates evil or legitimately sadistic dinosaurs such as One-Eye, Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor as they have killed many creatures for fun, which reminds Anguirus of the sadistic Gigan and King Ghidorah. Anguirus has had to many times show them that in spite of not having any flashy powers or overtly showy abilities he is still as force to be reckoned with.
    • Similarly, deities who admire dinosaurs are friends with Anguirus, particularly Harry, who was impressed to see a giant ankylosaur; Harry's dinosaurs also became friends with Anguirus quickly. Anguirus will occasionally give them piggyback rides in good spirit, enjoying Harry's passion for dinosaurs and admiration of him
    • The Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers teams also earned Anguirus' favor due to their use of dinosaur powers as well as being enemies with Mesogog, who Anguirus has nothing but contempt for due to his actions. If the need ever comes for Anguirus to help them, he will do so without any doubt.
  • Alan Grant was impressed by Anguirus' size, as the giant Kaiju dinosaur was quite something to behold. He does appreciate that Anguirus is a real dinosaur all on his own instead of an experiment, and his existence has made Grant curious about the dinosaurs of Anguirus' world, given Grant's awareness of Godzilla being mutated by an atom bomb. Malcolm and John Hammond were also impressed to meet the Kaiju in person and have grown curious about the Kaiju that Anguirus is allies with as well. Anguirus appreciates their interest in him in return.
  • Curiously enough, he formed a large connection with Connie Mashewaran of the Crystal Gems, as Connie is The Team Normal to the rest of the Crystal Gems with her fighting skills being her only "power", yet not being any less capable than her mentors and teammates. Their commonality also made Anguirus become friends with the rest of the Steven Universe deities, who generally get along much better with him than they do with Godzilla. Anguirus also likes to hear that they were able to save their Earth from harm, even if he feels somewhat unsure about the Diamonds and their actions.
  • Cosmos herself has major respect for Anguirus' unending determination, which she considers makes Anguirus far stronger than many who have mocked him for his not-quite-stellar track record, with herself denoting how his determination paid off immensely in many situations, as such she has made sure to make Anguirus' reputation one of respect in the Grand United Alliance of Good, which Anguirus' allies have fully supported.
    • This Determination of his has also earned him allies in the Undertale Deities, particularly Frisk, as they admire his refusal to stand down when beaten back and desire to do good and save the day even when the odds are not in his favor. He also came to know of Flowey's true identity and alignment and is willing to be allies with him in secret, hoping to get Flowey on better terms with everyone else eventually.
  • Like his allies, he heavily opposes and seeks to exterminate the Gyaos' race, knowing that their uncontrolled growth will lead to their species spreading and destroying everything they find, including the Pantheon itself, and thus makes sure to stick close to his allies in any case of a Gyaos emergency. His help is greatly appreciated by Gamera, who likes that another Earth monster participates in protecting the planet.

Toki, God of Combat Capable Messiahs (Maker of Miracles, Kung-Fu Jesus)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His headband
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Martial Medic, The Ace, Beware the Nice Ones, Lightning Bruiser, Looks Like Jesus, The Stoic, Disease Bleach, Healing Hands, Weak, but Skilled, Too Good for This Sinful Earth
  • Domains: Combat, Healing
  • Allies: Kenshiro, Florence Nightingale, Asia Argento, Joshua Graham, Giorno Giovanna, SCP-2955, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Enemies: Thouzer, Jagi, Immortan Joe
  • On bad terms with: The Medic
  • Special Relations: Raoh
  • The second eldest of the Hokuto brothers and Raoh’s biological younger brother, not only does Toki have a heart that surpasses even Kenshiro’s in terms of kindness, his skills in Hokuto Shinken surpasses that of Kenshiro and even Raoh to the point that Toki would have been the proper successor of that martial art. Such an event didn’t happen thanks to Toki protecting Kenshiro, his girlfriend Yuria, and thousands of innocent lives from nuclear fallout, resulting in Toki becoming gravely ill and relinquishing the role of the successor of Hokuto Shinken to Kenshiro. While Hokuto Shinken is known for being a deadly combat skill, Toki sought to use it as a healing art and even in his weakened state, Toki traveled across the post-apocalyptic wasteland to bring miracles for sick people and remains a skilled fighter for when he needs to be on the offensive.
  • For every section of the Pantheon that continues to thrive, there will be a part that suffers from immense damage and that was what happened to some towns whose prosperity was gone after they were the target of an unprovoked terrorist attack that left many injured and several others dead. Hope wasn’t completely gone for these ruined locations as a man visited those towns and healed the survivors, allowing them to rebuild what was gone. Word spread across the Pantheon of this messiah, known as Toki, and word reached Kenshiro, who looked for him and reunited with him following a battle with some vile stragglers looking to take over a town for themselves. Kenshiro told Toki of the Pantheon, a place filled with promise and danger, as well as what had happened between him and Raoh following Toki’s battle with the latter. Even in a place as unpredictable as the Pantheon, Toki sought to continue his duty of healing the innocent, fighting back against those that threaten them when the need arises.
  • Even in the Pantheon, Toki has continued traveling to places in need to help those who are suffering recover. Unlike the sprawling wasteland that he was familiar with, the Pantheon had many medical facilities designed to handle all sorts of medical problems, places that Toki was more than willing to go to in case they’re dealing with a patient that has a grave illness that can’t be taken care of through normal means. He then learned of a House of Health and Diseases, which functioned as a sort of centerpiece for how the Pantheon handles the injured and sick and housing many deities that specialize in that particular field. It was there that he met Florence Nightingale, a renowned medic who has proven to be a good ally for Toki, both when it comes to tending the ill and in battle thanks to Florence having a more battle-ready Servant version. Toki appreciates Florence’s help, but does believe that she could tone down some of her more questionable traits when it comes to dealing with ill patients whenever she’s in her Berserker form.
  • In order to fully heal someone from whatever illness they have, Toki has to strike any particular pressure points from his patient. While it does sound painful in theory, it’s a much lighter touch compared to how Hokuto Shinken normally works where the pressure points have to be touched much harder in order to cause serious pain to someone. Among the deities that are able to use their hands to heal someone (though in a much more painless manner) was Asia Argento, a girl with a level of kindness on par with Toki. She was saddened that Toki had to go through a lot in a post-apocalyptic world with a condition that left him weakened, but admired his determination throughout all of it. Toki knew that Asia had to go through her own pain to ensure the happiness of her own friends and the two have maintained a good friendship with each other since their initial meeting.
  • Toki is, by all accounts, a very altruistic doctor that wants to ensure that humanity continues to prosper even when terrible danger is afoot. That said, he has a problem when people misuse something for their own gain, such as when he called out Amiba (who later impersonated Toki not only to try and ruin his reputation, but to be better at Hokuto Shinken) for misusing Hokuto Shinken. Toki did find some morally questionable medics whose practices put patients at greater risk than before and him seeing The Medic attempt to “practice” his medicine on a gravely ill patient resulted in Toki interfering just as that patient was on the verge of dying due to supposed medical malpractice. Toki was able to save the patient in time and after the latter was transferred to another room, The Medic got annoyed at what Toki did. Toki responded by stating that being a medic isn’t something that should be taken lightly. The two haven’t been friendly with each other since then, with The Medic thinking that Toki doesn’t understand what The Medic is really capable of.
  • Generally speaking, the frequent conflicts that occur in the Pantheon, both in well-adjusted locations and in more ruined places, meant that Toki had a lot of places to go to, various other healers to meet, and an assortment of other conditions and ailments to learn about. There were plenty of benevolent medics for Toki to work with such as SCP-2295, of whom Toki has helped with whenever a patient has brain damage of some kind in spite of the teddy bear being a very unorthodox healer, but there were a number of other questionable doctors that he took issue with (especially if they’re doing work solely for themselves without regard towards their patients’ lives). What Toki subsequently learned was that there were some deities who suffered serious conditions that can’t be fully remedied with Hokuto Shinken, but it wasn’t going to stop him from finding a way to let those people continue to live, even if their permanent condition is a serious handicap to their lifestyle.
  • When they were both young, Toki was told by Raoh to seal his fists and render him unable to use Hokuto Shinken should Raoh end up being power-hungry. The two eventually ended up in conflict, with a weakened Toki, despite using an ability to boost his strength at the cost of his lifespan, being unable to stop Raoh from going further with his ambitions of being a conqueror of the wastelands. Among those who were in a similar situation as Toki’s was Naruto, who ended up in conflict with his Sasuke, who ended up in a dark path for revenge. Eventually, Sasuke did realize the error of his actions and Naruto still considers him a valuable friend, though Raoh’s redemption didn’t happen until after his climactic battle with Kenshiro, when Toki had died well before then. Toki finds Naruto’s perseverance in the face of dire situations admirable and Naruto sees Toki as a great man who’ll put himself on the line for others, even if Toki’s attempt to put an end to his former friend’s rampage didn’t work out at first.
  • Toki put it upon himself to stop Raoh once the latter was driven by power to take over the wastelands. Even so, Raoh still holds plenty of respect for him and Kenshiro despite keeping his kindness very well-hidden. Even if Raoh had changed for the better in the Pantheon, other wastelanders didn’t much to Toki’s dismay and one of the worst was Immortan Joe. His unrelenting desire to make others suffer while fancying himself as a “messiah” of the wasteland was more than enough to earn Toki’s ire and the fact that Joe started off as a legitimate hero during the wars that later led to the end of civilization and becoming who he is now only made it worse. Should Immortan Joe grow in power too much and find some powerful entities to aid him, then it’s something that Kenshiro, Toki, and Raoh are willing to work together in order to stop Joe from achieving his goal.
  • Of those who have had to endure life in a post-apocalyptic world, Joshua Graham was someone who was interested in Toki for a number of reasons, especially after the latter was traveling around for a bit and ended up having to save Joshua from a group of thugs that wanted to harm him further. Looking at how bad Joshua’s injuries were even before he was attacked, Toki could tell that it wasn’t something that can easily be remedied and the most he could do was lessen the pain Joshua was suffering from for a few days. During their conversation, Toki learned about how Joshua got his injuries and how he sought to become a better person after realizing what he was doing and how he failed to stop the people he was formerly working with from causing widespread damage across the wasteland. Toki saw a bit of himself in him in regards to sustained injuries (though Toki’s condition isn’t as noticeable as Joshua’s) and failure to stop a former comrade of theirs from conquering the wastelands, with the two getting along with each other since then.
  • Despite being a gangster and being the leader of a group of such, Giorno Giovanna ultimately has a benevolent goal in mind: to take over the Passione Mafia and have the mob protect the weak instead of taking advantage of them. His Stand, Gold Experience, can heal others in a very unorthodox manner and whenever he gets serious, it’s against those that are truly heartless. Although this is related to a profession that is morally ambiguous at best, Toki knew that what Giorno was trying to accomplish was reform and change for the better, something that Kenshiro sought on a much wider scale regarding the ruined world. The two get along with each other fairly well, with Giorno stating that if he lived in a devastated world like where Toki and Kenshiro come from, he would still lead with a group, but ensure that innocents don’t get harmed in any capacity at all and make sure that overall life .
  • With his skills being able to create “miracles” for others and highly benevolent character in regards to such, many have seen Toki to be very similar to a certain Jesus Christ, especially regarding his appearance. Toki only wanted to be seen as someone who wanted to help out others in need, but otherwise didn’t hold anything against the comparisons. Things got unusual for him after some odd people claimed that Toki was the living incarnation of something known as The Saint’s Corpse. Even after hearing that it’s completed form could fulfill wishes so long as they don’t have ill-intent (much like how Toki only has selfless goals in mind), Toki made it clear that he and the Saint’s Corpse are not one and the same.

    Tomoe Gozen 
Tomoe Gozen, Goddess of Graceful Ladies At War (Tomoe, Archer Inferno, Too Moe, Saber)
As a Saber 

Lesser Gods

    Aran Ryan 
Aran Ryan, God of Irish Fighters

Chun-Li, Goddess of Kicking (The Strongest Woman in the World, The First Lady of the Fighting Games, Chunners, Lady of Lightning Kicks, Blue Jade, Auntie Li [by Yun and Yang], Chun-Li Xiang, Chun-Li Blazing Phoenix Ranger, Blue Phoenix Ranger, Martial Arts Master, Elegance & Beauty, On Wings Of Eternity, Nature's Grace)
Chun-Li's classic design
Chun-Li in the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series 
Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6 

    Motoko Kusanagi 
Motoko Kusanagi, Goddess of Female Ass-Kicking and Awesome Majors (Cash Eye, Mira Killian, Chroma, The Major)
Click here to see her Arise body 

    Presea Combatir 
Presea Combatir, Goddess of Adorable Powerhouses (Lumberjill, Reticent Axewoman)

    Sonsaku Hakufu 
Sonsaku Hakufu, Goddess of Revealing Combat (Sun Ce, Baka, Busty Fighter, Little Conqueror, Sho Hao, Ms. Booby Bombs, "Gu Dasao")