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Greater Gods

Nergigante, Dragon God of Being One's Own Counter (Regular: Extinction Dragon, The Eater of Elders, Nergi, Nergal, Swolegigante, Spiky Boy, Arch-Tempered Nergigante | Ruiner Nergigante: King of the Monsters, World Destroying Elder Dragon)
Ruiner Nergigante 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter Icon
  • Theme Song: Even Elder Dragons Tremble, World's End
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Devouring other Elder Dragons, Increasingly Lethal Enemy, Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter: World, Porcupine motifs, Covered in regenerating spikes which it can launch, Lightning Bruiser, The Berserker that Fights Like a Normal, The Divebomb, Background Music Override, Elderseal, Possibly hunting Elder Dragons as the ecosystem's balancing force, Finishing off Shara Ishvalda
  • Size: 1644.83 cm - 2273.19 cm
  • Domains: Dragons, Ferocity, Spikes, Regeneration, Brute Force
  • Allies: None. Too aggressive have any.
  • Rivals: The Dragonborn, the Goliath, Grim Matchstick, Kenshiro, Nosferatu Zodd, Godzilla
  • Enemies: All Elder Dragons and other creatures of similar class such as Legendary Pokémon, Rexie, Grimlock, Paarthurnax, the Ruined Dragon, Miraak, Bowser, Hircine, any that comes across its path
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters and others of their profession, The Gang of Seven (Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper and Ruby), Link, users of electricity and the House of Electricity
  • While deities were out on the accustomed expedition through the Bestiary led by Steve Irwin, the group came across various white spikes assumed to be teeth but further inspection proved it to not be the case. Not a second later, some mortals attending the expedition were almost crushed by a falling carcass riddled with the same spines. After returning and telling them what happened, the House of Science wasted no time on analyzing the spikes (for good or bad purposes it depends) while the House of Hunters were tasked with tracking down what caused such a thing. After getting a lead on the creatures whereabouts, the pursuers made their way to the entrance of the House of Combat, where they were greeted with a hulking figure battling against a much larger Gogmazios. As soon as they tried to close in the beast dive bombed towards them and gave them one hell of a beating before taking off destroying whatever else came onto its path. By that point, the title of Being One's Own Counter had already been bestowed.
  • The top classifications of monsters are the Elder Dragons; a remarkably diverse set of creatures despite its name and known for the destructive power each member possesses. Yama Tsukami, for example, is a floating octopus-like Elder Dragon overgrown with flora is capable of clearing out an entire forest with its vortex of a mouth. As you can imagine, not many monsters are out to pick fights with them much less think of using them as a food source. But there have been some cases. The ever voracious Deviljho will devouring anything in its vicinity, including Elder Dragons, and the brutally fast Rajang actually devours Kirin for their horns which likely resulted in its affinity with the Thunder element. But there's a monster out there whose diet is primarily Elder Dragons for their rich bio energy, and such a monster happens to be one itself: Nergigante.
  • At first glance Nergigante looks like there's nothing going for it. No special power like control over the weather and storms like Amatsumagatsuchi or Kushala Daora, it's far from being the largest Elder Dragon there is with the Dalamadur or Zorah Magdaros, or even the most potentially catastrophic in nature like Shagaru Magala or Dire Miralis. Nergigante? It has its regenerative spikes, which when allowed to harden it acts as both its weapon and armor, and its sheer ferocity and relentlessness in combat. Yet its brute strength allows it to contend with its fellow Elder Dragons and live off of hunting them down. Perhaps its most notorious attack is its divebomb which it uses once its entire body is covered in harden spikes, and not only does it hit like a runaway freight train at full speed but said attack also has a deceptive range of impact. It does, however, break all of its spikes and has to regrow them which leaves it the most vulnerable to attack.
  • Due to the lack of ascended Elder Dragons in the Pantheon, Nergigante took to hunting down those that would serve as substitutes. It's not common for Nergi to hunt down some legendary Pokémon before being kept at bay. Nor is it common for it to do battle with the Goliath, although they never quite get to escalate to due to the No-Kill order on the latter on account of it being surprisingly more powerful than it lets on, meaning it could become much more of a threat should it perish and be allowed to reform. It doesn't go after the Ruined Dragon, though, seemingly waiting for a more opportune time.
    • One day while flying through the House of Combat Nergigante spotted a green cartoonish dragon taking a nap on a tower. The Elder Dragon took one good long look at the thing and deduced it wasn't a creature rich of bio-energy and simply moved on. After circling back to leave the House it bore witness to Dr. Willy and his forces meeting said dragon and an army of living fireballs. Willy was soon defeated by the dragon, who turned out to be Grim Matchstick, and fled the scene while Nergigante watched on and did the same, wanting to test who's the more tougher fighter of the two one day. Grim only managed to catch a glimpse of Nerg, though he still felt a bad aura radiating from its fellow dragon.
  • At some point, it decided to tail various hunters to find other potential meals. This lead to Nergigante following the Dovakiin who in turn was pursuing a bunch of dragons. While they were busy fighting, one dragon managed to escape the Dragonborn's sights but ended up coming face to face with the Extinction Dragon and was disposed of just as quickly. A stare down ensued between the two just after the last dragon perished, and it wasn't long until they clashed. What happened in the fight is uncertain, but the duel did allow Nergigante to see the Dragonborn as a competitor. Miraak meanwhile found a potentially powerful dragon that could prove useful in his future schemes.
    • Given that Nergigante is a Dragon, and after hearing its unsuccessful attempts at fighting the Ruined Dragon, Bowser immediately planned to try and take control of it like he did with the Ruined Dragon, not remembering the failure with Vaal Hazak due to the amount of attention drawn. Sure enough, his goals ended up clashing with the Daedric Prince Hircine due to his own interest in the Elder Dragon. Rumor has it that after seeing Nergigante completely overwhelm some nameless beast in the Pantheon the Huntsman of the Princes is considering gifting it lycanthropy like what he had done to a Daedroth in the past. With how much of an unrelenting beast the Extinction is already, no one wants to that outcome. Nergi is meanwhile annoyed by the two for bothering it.
  • In the New World it was mistakenly blamed for the disturbances regarding Elder Dragon behavior. In reality, it was Xeno'Jiiva's doing, luring Elder Dragons to perish around it and feed upon their bio energy to grow and mature. All Nergigante did was rile up its fellow Elder Dragons into moving to other areas, mucking up various ecosystems in the process. The Extinction Dragon still holds a grudge against the Monster Hunters because of this.
  • At times it may act like Kenshiro complete with the signature You Are Already Dead.
  • Some deities have pointed out the similarities between him and Nosferatu Zodd , Nergigante didn't seem to care that much, but Zodd seemed slightly amused. Every now and then they can be seen fighting each other in the House of Combat
  • There is assumption circulating across the various hunters in the Pantheon that Nergigante is able to hunt its fellow Elders due to the fact that it possesses the ability to inflict Elderseal. This mainly stems from the weapons made from it having said effect, and gear made from monsters tend to inherit traits similar to their living owners. Admittedly, it's not as concrete as you may think. The House of Science looking deeper into this but Nergigante isn't the most cooperative when it comes to such investigations. Some of the scientists asked the Hunters Guild for anything since they heard that they've known about Nerg before the New World. While that is true, their information was so limited they didn't even classify the thing as an Elder Dragon back then.
  • The etymology of Nergigante's name can be broken up in two parts: Nergal, the Mesopotamian God of war, death and destruction and gigante, meaning giant in Latin. It can also be read a portmanteau for Nero Gigante (lit. Black Giant) in many Latin languages. Given that its a bulky dragon capable of taking on other legendary creatures along with its penchant for destruction, it fits quite well.

Intermediate Gods

    Tomoe Gozen 
Tomoe Gozen, Goddess of Graceful Ladies At War (Tomoe, Archer Inferno, Too Moe)

Lesser Gods

    Aran Ryan 
Aran Ryan, God of Irish Fighters

Ayla, Goddess of Magically Inept Fighters
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her battering stick
  • Theme Song: Ayla's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unable to Learn Magic, Amazonian Beauty, Nubile Savage, Bare-Fisted Monk, Dumb Muscle, Hulk Speak, Fur Bikini, Big Eater, Advocates For Authority Through Strength
  • Domains: Strength, Good, Earth, Healing
  • Followers: Gourry Gabriev, Taiga Kuzumi, Asta, Alena, various melee fighters in Fantasy.
  • Allies: Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Robo, Serge, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Andorid 18, Fred Flintstone, Tarzan, Mowgli, George of the Jungle, Rock Lee, Goofy, Chie Satonaka, Ryuji Satamoto
  • Rivals: Tifa Lockhart, Tina Armstrong
  • Enemies: Lavos
  • Opposes: Evil deities in the House of Pantheon/Reptiles
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Magus
  • Shortly after Crono's ascension, he was met with a massive glomp followed by a tight squeeze. He knew it could only be one person. Ayla, a cavewoman from 65,000,000 B.C. has ascended into the Pantheon. She had a feeling she would make it into the Pantheon. In her mind, if scrawny people like Crono and Frog can make it into the Pantheon, so can she. Once Marle also ascended, Ayla just had to laugh at the princess' fear that Ayla was taking advantage of Crono in her absence.
    • She was shocked to find out that not only did the 'Big Fire' Lavos survived his beating, but ascended as a god himself. Ayla wanted to take the fight to him once more, but Crono advised against it, stating it would be better if they could get the rest of the group ascended first. Annoyed, Ayla agreed to the terms.
    • She also wasn't pleased that Magus had ascended as well. If it were up to her, she would have finished him off. But she does admit that they could use all the help to put down Lavos for good. If only they can convince Magus to go off on his own.
    • Ayla also met Serge, who lives in the same world as hers and to her surprise, fought alongside her mother Leah.
  • When Ayla found out there was a subhouse of Reptiles, she marched over to investigate. She singled out all of the evil deities there and called them out to face her. Back in her time, her people were at constant war with the Reptile tribe. Ayla just wanted to warn them that anyone who sides with them will receive retribution from her.
  • Is well aware that she shares similarity with Android 18, as much as Crono does with Goku. She wanted to see who was the stronger person, but lost fairly quickly. That hasn't stopped her from making friends with the Android. Still, 18 had to answer a lot of questions regarding how she functions as an android.
  • She also comes from the Linguistics school of the Hulk given that she can't stop talking in third person. She remains skeptical whether the Hulk truly is the strongest there is, but realizes she has a lot of competition if she herself is to take that claim.
  • In terms of the Eastern RPG, she shares the most physical traits as Tifa Lockhart. Both were strong and tanky women, a rarity at the time for Roleplaying Games. Both of them also have the beauty to match, inspiring women and men alike. Tifa offered some drinks from her bar for Ayla to try.
    • Chie and Ryuji from the Persona subseries also came by to meet her. Despite not knowing a lick of magic, they are just as capable of kicking ass alongside their counterparts. Ayla likes hanging out with Chie as she always has meat for her to eat. Ryuji can be a bit of a jerk, but he's nice enough for her to tolerate it.
    • Goofy is one of the toughest allies in Sora's side and is also incapable of learning magic (at least in the first Kingdom Hearts game).
  • When Tina Armstrong came across the cavewoman, she had a plan form on her head. She picked Ayla as her latest tag partner in the world of wrestling. Interested in the idea, Ayla accepted. It didn't take long before they dominated the wrestling circuit. Yet Ayla decided to quit after some time, having grown bored of the story-lines.
  • Was glad to see that there was another caveman in the Pantheon. The Flintstones welcomed her with familiar foods. Still, Ayla wondered how their world can have so many similar devices to the modern era.
  • She thought she had traveling in the future down in her adventures with Crono. That confidence disappeared when she discovered there was so much more to witness in the Pantheon. Luckily Tarzan was around to show her the place. She was impressed with the man's ability to live in the jungle and stand toe-to-toe with the gorillas there.
  • Despite not knowing any jutsu, Rock Lee remains one of the more powerful people that Naruto knows. He offered Ayla some training in the art of taijutsu in order to increase her skills. Ayla readily agreed and the two have been seen working out ever since.
    • She was... decidedly less impressed with George of the Jungle, a man who just can't stop swinging into trees. Ayla wondered how the man hadn't learned to swing properly after all those years.
    • She hopes that the same can apply to Mowgli one day. For now, the wild child has been struggling to keep up. Ayla encouraged him to become stronger to survive.
  • May or may not be bisexual. This thinking is due to her willingless to kiss both men and women to bolster their health. Ayla remains oblivious to the idea and has not clarified on her position.

Chun-Li, Goddess of Kicking (The Strongest Woman in the World, The First Lady of the Fighting Games, Chunners, Blue Jade, Auntie Li [by Yun and Yang], Chun-Li Xiang, Chun-Li Blazing Phoenix Ranger)

    Katarina du Couteau 
Katarina du Couteau, Goddess of Dark Action Girls (The Sinister Blade, Kat, Kata)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her twin knives crossed on the insignia of the Couteau House
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Extreme Voracity, For a Woman, Solving Everything With Violence, Femme Fatale, Doing Things Because She Can, Sinister Steel and Death Lotus, Shunpo, Knife Assassination, Violent Redheads, Midriff Fanservice, Being Surprisingly Put on Promotions a Lot, Romantic Subtexts With Rivals (or Not), Being the Daughter of a Powerful Imperialistic General
  • Domains: Combat, Assassination, Villainy
  • Followers: Rose Wilson, Ophelia, Inque, Callisto, Tempest Shadow
  • Allies: Many of the House Noxus members, ascended so far are just Darius and Draven. Also, Sakuya Izayoi and Zero, Larxene
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients; Garen Crownguard too; also Valeera Sanguinar, Tira, and Shiro Tagachi
  • This House was formerly owned by Selvaria Bles, who was rather open in opposing Emperor Palpatine. The latter, sickened with how the former, for a 'Dark Action Girl', was doing such a 'non-villainous' thing and lacking viciousness, eventually devised a plot, taking advantage of Garen Crownguard occasionally popping his head into Selvaria's house. With that, Palpatine contacted the House Noxus for a house cleanup, and on Darius and Draven's recommendation, Katarina was appointed to do the job. With that, Katarina snuck into Selvaria's house, and armed with several Magic Penetration items, cut through Selvaria's Valkyria flames with several spins using her Death Lotus, all while Selvaria was weakened from something. The takeover was complete and the Valkyria sent back to the mortal realm, Katarina took over the house and was accepted because she had one important thing that a Dark Action Girl had, but Selvaria lacked: Viciousness.
  • Once the deification was complete and she had enough rest, Katarina once again answered the challenge issue of her eternal rival, Garen Crownguard. After their fight ended in a draw, like usual, Katarina then issued a challenge to Garen's co-house owner, Yurnero... and only to be taken by surprise by the next day when she realized that Yurnero just shrugged off her infamous Death Lotus with just his Blade Fury (Garen couldn't do that with Judgment). She was just one breach away from utter defeat (he continued with Omnislash on her not-so-durable self) when Garen interrupted and Yurnero admitted that he might went a little too far. Katarina did not take this well and swore revenge one day.
  • Despite listing the Defenders of the Ancients as her rivals, Katarina still makes decent visits to Medusa to pay a visit to her sister Cassiopeia.
  • Is a little disappointed that she's not assigned with the task to eliminate the Noxian traitor Riven, because Draven took up the job first.
  • Hates any forms of 'hard bash to the head' or 'interruptions', because it is one thing capable of stopping her Death Lotus, spinning and throwing a lot of extremely painful knives in quick succession. If those things didn't hit her, corpses will fall and she'll be able to do so again.
  • She forms quite a good relationship with Sakuya Izayoi due to their knife throwing and fighting, although Katarina admits that she didnt have the advantage of Time Stands Still that Sakuya had.
  • She has considered another person as a Worthy Opponent much like Garen, being Valeera Sanguinar. As two knife dual-wielding assassins with similar voices and equally skilled in chaining their skills, they clash a lot, with Katarina considering that she has the edge of being bloodthirsty.
  • She takes pride of her assassination skills. However, despite being a violent nutcase, she would back down when confronted with the actual Assassin God, Ezio Auditore. Katarina won't call him an ally, but she wouldn't dare put him as an enemy.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Zero. They occasionally train against one another and on the rare occasions they work together there are few who would dare face them. Maybe it's the voice...
  • Hates it when people just dismiss her as merely 'badass Tsundere girl'. Katarina prefers that people do not forget that first and foremost, she's a high class assassin who's good at killing and revels in such. As such, they better don't get that image solely just to hump her with Garen, a rival is a rival, no more, no less. Anyone who gets that kind of notion to her... gets about 30 knives on the forehead.
  • "Violence solves everything!"

Matador, God of Beautiful Killing
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Capote, the Espada sword
  • Theme Song: Fiend Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Grim Reaper, Blood Knight, Aspect of Death with Style, Master Swordsman, Skeleton Head like other Fiends, Fragile Speedster, Wake-Up Call Boss, Andalucia, Sukukaja and Red Capote, Taunt
  • Domains: Death, Killing, Sport, Bullfighting
  • Allies: The Fiends
  • Rivals: Vega, Bugs Bunny, Bald Bull
  • Enemies: The Demi-fiend, Aleph, Flynn, Nanashi, Inigo Montaya, Zorro, Baine Bloodhoof, Elite Tauren Chieftain, Rajang
  • One of the Fiends, Matador was known as the Spanish Grim Reaper who enjoy the sport of killing. It was said that he was once a mortal man who was killed in the sport that he loved and now kill others, even after death.
  • His status among all of the Fiends is legendary, for many reasons, Matador manage to ascend on his own from his Fiend brethren.
  • He was the first of the Eight Fiends to fight against the Demi-fiend for his Candelabrum in Lucifer's test to see who will be his champion to challenge God. Though the Demi-fiend was ultimately the victor of his test, he himself admits that he was caught offguard by this Fiend and nearly lost to him.
    • Matador, like most members of the Fiend, often hide on seclusive parts of Tokyo. Though for Matador, he claims that he want to fight in a place where their match cannot be interrupted at the cost of an potential audience. Still, he found Aleph and Flynn wondering around the place and tried to challenge them in his realm.
    • Nanashi, on the other hand, found him wandering around a mysterious world known as Twisted Tokyo. As usual, he challenged him to a duel as he descended deeper into the visceral realm.
  • He was once compared to Vega for their love of beauty and murder, as well as being a living matador. Though they are alike, Vega is too full of himself to reciprocate.
  • In the House of Crafts, he is an enigma since he would not unintentional interfere in the lives of the craftsman, claiming that they are no challengers worthy to be stain in his sword. He would most often hide in the House of Weapons, Slaughter, and Combat to await worthy opponents.
  • A matador still in spirit, he often tried to challenge the resident "bulls" of the Pantheon like Baine Thunderhoof and the Elite Tauren Chieftain, demanding them to charge him with all their might so that he would once again be the champion in the ring.
  • He considers Bugs to be a complete fraud of a "matador" as he has not once tried to go for the kill on Toro the Bull.
  • Matador would pick fights with Zorro and Inigo Montaya as he found their swordsmanship almost comparable like his own and, therefore, worthy to stain his sword unto his challengers.
  • Though a demon, he is among the many demons that lurks in the heart of humanity and are fragments of the Collective Unconscious. A Persona of the Death Arcana, he will answer the call of Yu Narukami and Ren Amamiya when summoned from the Sea of Souls.
  • "I swear, by my sword and capote, that I will once again prove victorious!"

Minori, Goddess of Girly Bruisers (The Puerile Pancake Pitching Pipsqueak, Minnow, sweetmmminori)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A blue bucket with a hamster printed onto it
  • Theme Music: Play~!, Minutes of Hustle and Bustle Cooking, Watch Me!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Templar Good
  • Portfolio: Fighting With Food, A Bucket and A Frying Pan, Genki Girl, Girlish Pigtails, Girly Bruiser, Beware the Silly Ones, Child-like 15-Years Old, Token Mini-Moe, Sweet Tooth, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Food, Youth
  • Allies:
  • Former Enemies: Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Hebijo Academy
  • Enemies: Those who really are evil, Kyoko Sakura (little bit one-sided)
  • One of the students of Gessen Academy, Minori used to be hailed as Goddess of "Weaponized Food" due to her unusual fighting style involving. Though oddly enough, there wasn't a trope what would be directly associated with it, so she had hard time settling in. However, when gods noted that even though she is childish and has a silly fighting style, she isn't any less dangerous than her comrades. As such, she was given this new spot.
  • She is rather childish for her age, and even looks the part. She has a lot of energy, loves to play and eat sweets. Always keeping a smile, though she has her darker moments like how her parents are dead.
  • Kyoko Sakura got really mad at her when she originally ascended due to her thinking that she is wasting so much food. While Minori tried to calm her down by offering some food to her, Kyoko didn't listen and attacked. However, before things would get too out of hand, Yozakura dropped by and broke the fight. While she understands where Kyoko is coming from, that doesn't excuse her from attacking Minori, and says that if she attacks her again, she will break her spear and her arms.
  • Enjoys playing "battle" alongside other things with Eko.
  • Is seemingly getting some lessons from Hungary on how to wield her frying pan even better. Though she still prefers her bucket for fighting.
  • She tends to be one of top contestants to any foodfights what the House of Food has (when it involves just food, that is). Some other top survivors are Chase and The Three Stooges.
  • A boy calling himself Sora Shiun'in once tried to approach her due to his feat of beating couple of dudes with a lollipop stick. However, Yumi had warned about Sora beforehand, saying that she shouldn't trust him. As such, she challenged him to a variant game of rock-paper-scissors where the loser has to quickly defend their head from being smacked, and offered to use her bucket and frying pan for it. Sora accepted... only to regret later as Minori started to bash the bucket on Sora's head, causing his ears to ring for the entire day.

    Motoko Kusanagi 
Motoko Kusanagi, Goddess of Female Ass-Kicking and Awesome Majors (Cash Eye, Mira Killian, Chroma, The Major)
Click here to see her Arise body 

    Presea Combatir 
Presea Combatir, Goddess of Adorable Powerhouses (Lumberjill, Reticent Axewoman)

    Sonsaku Hakufu 
Sonsaku Hakufu, Goddess of Revealing Combat (Sun Ce, Baka, Busty Fighter, Little Conqueror, Sho Hao, Ms. Booby Bombs, "Gu Dasao")

    Tifa Lockhart 
Tifa Lockhart, Goddess of Buxom Strength (Feint Brawler, Tifa the Liar, The Final Fantasy Heavy Hitter)


Anguirus, God of Close Range Combatants (Angilas, Angurus, Anguilosaurus, Killer of the Living)


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