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Most of the time, there's no one specific way to eat food. Anyone can eat in small or large quantities and sometimes food can be used in unusual ways. There's also the matter of what could go into food that one eats, though that sometimes leads into minor debates on such.

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Greater Gods

Midora, God of Vicious Gluttony
  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbol: Gourmet Corp Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Overly Long Tongue, Vicious Gluttony, Horrifying Tongues, Evil Scars, The Stoic, Beard of Evil, Power Born From Insatiable Hunger, Woobie Anti-Villain
  • Allies: None known so far
  • Enemies: Most of the gods from the House of Food, especially Toriko and Komatsu, and various gods from the House of Beasts
  • Ascended not long after his victory against Ichiryu. Seeing him use his tongue to devour even the very air itself convinced the other gods that he deserves the post.
  • Apparently used to be nicer especially after he met Frohze as a teenager and experienced kindness from her. No one knows (yet) what had happened to change him into the man that he currently is as of the present.
    • Frohze's sacrifice to save him, right after he risked his own life to save her to the point that he almost died, combined with being cursed with a hunger which simply cannot be satisfied, was what drove him into the path of villainy.
  • His "Hungry Space" is acknowledged as a dangerous ability as it can cause injuries to suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere.
  • Is highly antagonistic towards the majority of the gods from the House of Food as he would devour everything inside and leave absolutely nothing for the other gods. Even Kirby and Pacman are afraid of his ruthless hunger.
  • Tried to devour everything from the House of Beasts, making him an even greater threat than Toriko who at least shows some restraint especially for sentient animals. Not even humans are safe from his ravenous hunger.
  • There is chance that Midora is an extreme omnivore on par with Gluttony and Kirby but there is no proof to validate that claim. On the other hand, Midora admits that he favours food that's edible to humans, especially good-tasting ones, so he has not interest in becoming a God of Extreme Omnivory.

Pac-Man, God of Gluttony, Champion of the Arcade (Yellow Fella, Most Recognized Gaming Icon in History, Zac, The Yellow Bane of Ghosts, Dr. Pac-Man, History's Greatest Enemy)
  • Greater God
  • Theme Song: Pac-Man (Namco Museum Vol. 1), Pac-Man Park & Block Plaza
  • Symbols: Cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, pretzels; alternatively, "a pizza with a missing piece" shape (basically the 8-bit Pac-Man)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eaters, Granddaddies Of Video Gaming, Hollywood "Just Not Getting Him", Namco's Golden Boy, Consumer of All, The Origin of Powerups, Spectral Exterminator, Booking It, Turning the Tables, Seen Everything, No Concept Of "Quitting", Cool Fathers
  • Domains: Fun, Arcade Games, Eating
  • High Priest: Jr. Pac-Man/Pacster/Pac-Man II (His son)
  • Followers: The King of Town, Master Higgins, "Tom-Tom", Mappy, Galaga, Pitfall Harry, Centipede, dozens of Expies
  • Allies: Yoshi, King Dedede, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Fix-It-Felix Jr., Mario, Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, SCP-524
  • Rivals: Kirby, Garfield
  • Pac-Man brought his whole family to the heavens one day, but they decided to go back down to Earth when nobody recognized them.
  • Though predated by Game & Watch by a few months, Pac-Man was the world's first actual character in videogames, as the collective of Game & Watch would not spawn a representative among the nameless figures until some time later. A pioneer in an uncharted land, Pac-Man broke the barrier of objects and vehicles being the only player representative in games, giving the players at last a true ally in their quest for the highest scores.
  • After the notion of creating a "continuity" for Pac-Man was abandoned, the yellow fella found himself transcending all manners of boundaries — without any sort of ties or anchors to keep him in place, his presence and power snowballed to a degree the likes of which never seen before or since. The act of joining the Mario Kart events was something he was able to do on a whim, and finding his way into the world where the artifact Pandora was being fought for was no trying feat.
    • Thirty years under his belt, Pac-Man finally decided it was time to pass the torch to a new generation. Giving Namco consent to give him a "reincarnation" in a younger and more modern Pac-Man (who turns out to be his son, an all grown up Jr. Pac-Man), the legend respectfully allowed himself to somwhat retire, going out on top as one of the most important figures in gaming history.
    • Following his contacting by old friend and "student" Mario, Pac-Man consented to join the great gathering of Super Smash Bros. for their fourth tournament. It was only shortly thereafter that he became aware of the Pantheon's presence at all and, as he's oft to do, strolled right on in. His legacy was quickly acknowledged and, well aware of the kind of power held behind that deceptively lighthearted package, nobody was exactly keen on the notion of telling him "no".
  • Pac-Man, while respected for his significance in history, is also regarded by some of the higher-ups in the justice-oriented Houses as a secret weapon. With his ability to consume quite literally anything, it is kept in mind that this frightening hunger could be unleashed on any rogue member of the pantheon, no matter how great or terrible. Thankfully, Pac-Man's neutrality isn't absolute, and he recognizes that going on a hunger spree amongst the gods would be wrong.
  • It has been seen that Pac-Man actually appears distressed or aggravated when in the presence of Missingno, the renown glitched abomination. While the young/modern members of the House can't figure out why, Game & Watch and the House Legends are well aware that Pac-Man's almost instinctive exception to the glitch harkens back to the "Progenitor Glitch", Level 256 that halted his stride years before...
  • Made the mistake of taking Light Yagami's favorite bag of potato chips...and EATING them without adding the extra "awesome".
  • He and Kirby spend the majority of their time gorging in the dining hall, cleaning up after legendary food fights or eating everyone's leftovers, usually leaving (or in Kirby's case, spitting out) the plates to be washed. There is no waste in this House.
  • Has currently built a miniature robot that looks similar to Mokujin, meant for beating the life out of anyone who gets in his way of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Has also used the mech to hunt down an overweight man who has suffered a mid-life crisis and believes he is Mega Man.
  • Is currently the only being to consume Mystery Food X, an indescribably-horrid dish created by Yukiko Amagi and her allies Chie Satonaka and Rise Kujikawa, without any side effects. Despite which, Pac-Man would still prefer his good ol' power pellets instead.
  • Once tried to eat Pinkie Pie after eating a Power Pellet, believing her to be one of the Ghosts.
  • Participated in the First Pantheon Gourmet Race and ended up in a three-way tie alongside Goku and Kirby. He naturally has a life-time membership of the Gourmet Racer Club.
  • For some reason, PacMan seems to like hanging out on Sark's airship. Amusingly, Sark never seems to take notice of the stowaway.
  • He's weary of slingshots, thanks to the many cruel things players did to him in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures.
  • One day, for a joke, Ed reprogramed Pac-Man's famous maze. When the ghost munching God entered for a round, he found that the maze was tilting about, forcing all the ghosts, and himself, to tilt with the maze. He has since forgiven Ed for the prank (Granted, when you have a stomach of iron, it's hard for you to throw up in a tilting maze, and 30+ years of bumping into walls have given him a resistance to head trauma), and certain Gods have requested to try out this new variant of his famous game.
  • Panic struck the House of Gaming, as the Progenitor Glitch, 256, returned upon Pac-Man's 35th Birthday, seemingly intent upon consuming he and his rivals to bring all of their series to oblivion. In a bold and heroic bid that may very well have cost him not only life but existence, Pac-Man lured the nightmare away from the House into a hall of endless mazes. Though a slew of wild ghosts mindlessly sought to take their last chance to get him once and for all, Pac-Man escaped safely — leaving the all-consuming abomination trapped within the infinite stretch forever. At least, hopefully...
  • Also in the House of Gaming.

    The Time Eater 
The Time Eater, Deified Dimensional Devourer
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its time holes
  • Theme Song: Its final boss theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination Space Time Eater, Shadowy Creature Able to Manipulate Time, Homing Projectile, Clockwork Creature Being Similar to Solaris, Actually a Mecha From Unwilling Roboticization, Super Strength, Final Boss, New Dimension
  • Domains: Time, Destruction, Monsters, Clockwork
  • Followers: The Chronophage, The Chronovore, The Langoliers, The Maelstorm
  • Interests: The Anti-Monitor, Unicron
  • Superior: Dr. Eggman
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman's allies, Dr. Wily, Lavos, Lord English
  • On speaking terms with: Mephiles the Dark
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman's enemies, Sonic the Hedgehog and all his allies, Mega Man and his allies, The Pantheonic Time Police, Wreck-It Ralph, The Doctor, Dialga, Rassilon, Kirby, Agent 9, Clockwork, Chronos, The Dahaka
  • The Time Eater was an enigmatic supernatural entity that Dr Eggman found floating in space. Intrigued by the being's power over time, he worked with his past self to turn the Time Eater into a Humongous Mecha he could use to undo his past defeats. The Time Eater wrecked havoc on history, swiping different points in space-time, before eventually succumbing to the combined force of Classic and Modern Super Sonic.
  • As the name suggests, the Time Eater can "eat" time and drag points of history into a white void. For this reason, it is considered a mortal foe of Pantheonic Time Police. Dr Eggman considers the creatures his ace against them, at least until he finds something better. There have been some comparisons made to Mephiles, and some even theorize it's what's left over from Solaris. No word on if this is the case, however.
  • All guardians and deities of time consider the Time Eater to be an abomination that must be put down ASAP. This includes Dialga, Clockwork and Chronos.
  • Seemingly devoid of sentience, and is the first Eldritch Abomination Dr Eggman has learned to control. As such, it doesn't have much allies out of Dr Eggman's, and is mainly focused on eliminating allies of Sonic. Due to their partnership, Dr Wily is interested in the Time Eater being much more effective in time manipulation than any Robot Master or the Time Skipper. Eggman is happy to let Wily be the co-pilot, as he thinks Wily is just as smart as himself and Classic Eggman thinks Modern Eggman's a bit loopy.
  • Due to being Dr Eggman's monster and now siding with Dr Wily, all allies of both Sonic and Mega Man are considered the creature's enemy. It also considers Kirby and Agent 9 enemies. With Agent 9, this is because of his position of providing Boss Arena Recovery, which is inconvenient since Super Sonic ends up burning through rings to sustain his state and Agent 9 can replenish them. Kirby is probably due to fighting monsters like itself on the regular.
  • The only other beings something as primal as itself can relate to is Lavos and Lord English. Lavos is a beast of apocalyptic destruction that seems to lack intelligence, only doing what comes naturally to it. That, and the Time Devourer is similar in how it eats time. Lord English is intelligent albeit still idiotic, but thinks the Time Eater's powers would be very useful for his efforts to destroy everything everywhere.
  • The Anti-Monitor and Unicron recognize that the Time Eater, like themselves, can devour dimensions. While the Time Eater is a lot weaker and less focused, they consider the creature to be a very useful tool in enhancing their own abilities once they learn to usurp control from Eggman. Most agree the good doctor's current ownership would be the lesser of two evils.
  • Rassilon wants to suppress and analyze such a creature, most people thinking this might be part of his plan to pull out the Final Sanction again when things go south, or as a potential ace in another Time War. It didn't take long for the Doctor to catch on to this, but at the end of the day, Dr. Eggman finds both inconvenient for his own ambitions with the Time Eater.
  • Hated by the Dahaka. While on the surface both are shadowy creatures related to time, the Dahaka is a guardian entity and what the Time Eater does is more that change fate but a danger to time itself, making him one of his top priorities to take down.


Intermediate Gods

Deviljho, God of Gluttonous Menaces (Eviljho, The Great Devourer, Violent Wyvern, G.I. Jho, Jhoassic Park, Halijhosis, Assjhole, Evil Joe, Heeeere's Jhonny!, G.Rex, The Giant Angry Pickle, JhoJho, Ron; Savage Deviljho: Fear Violence Wyvern)
Savage Deviljho 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon.
  • Theme Music: Ravenous Demon, and it's World version
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Endless Hunger That Drives It to Kill, Dangerous Breath Attacks, Covered in Scars, Eating Anything Made out of Flesh, Feared by many, Tyrannosaurus rex Which is Actually a Wyvern, Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, Dragon Breath Weapon, Attack! Attack! Attack!, Background Music Override
  • Domains: Hunger, Wyverns, Theropods, Wandering, Dominant Predators
  • Followers: Gyaos
  • Allies: None. At all. It sees only food.
  • Rivals: Zinogre, Glavenus, Rajang, Lagiacrus, Brachydios, Indominus Rex, Any other predator or those just as hungry for flesh as it
  • Enemies: Those made of flesh and those who aren't, The Monster Hunters, The Wither, Littlefoot, Chomper, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Rexie, Jotaro Kujo, those wielding electric elements
  • Pitied by: Sauron (Primal Rage), those suffering from unending hunger
  • Size: 1803.0 cm - 4097.8 cm
  • Picture this: You're off walking in a forest like that of the House of Plants for example. You're probably just walking along, minding your own business, trying to get to the middle of the place which is said to house a breathtaking sight for a few days now. It's going to be a long walk considering the size of it all and have asked directions from those passing by so you don't end up in the deepwoods by accident and thus not meet any of the less-than-good deities residing there. So far, your day is going pretty great. At least until this massive bipedal creature of muscle comes crashing through the flora, a large chunk of meat in its toothy jaws. You soon book it and are luckily saved by other travelers. It gets fended off but you soon learn that it, for some reason, got deified. As you may of guessed, that's how the Deviljho's ascension went down.
  • Deviljho was kicked out of the Pantheon at one point, due of how incredibly annoying it was. However, it came back... as a Savage Deviljho, which took even more resources to take down and it was agreed that keeping a strict eye on Deviljho was better alternative than let it loose. There's already the Alliance Wars and other ne'er-do-wells running around freely as it is, the denizens don't need more trouble. Even if Deviljho is strictly locked away in a highly secured area, it still manages to break free and roam around for food, requiring really specialized teams to either take it down or capture it. Rinse and repeat. Nowadays, Houses just try to drive it off into the House of Nature or try to goad it in fighting some less-than-heroic deity or another predator like it.
  • To say that Deviljho isn't a pretty terrifying monster is a big fat lie. Deviljho's body consumes so much energy, producing so much heat, it is constantly hungry, and will eat anything made out of flesh. Humans, animals, monsters, other Deviljhos, even their own tail if it gets chopped off. It'll even eat monsters alive if it's short on time, conscious or not. Given the chance, they'll hunt an entire species to extinction. Once, it made its way into the House of Slaughter where it proceeded to devour everything it could find. The attempts to take it down took a lot longer thanks to the many ways it could regain its stamina. It has since been banned from stepping foot within 50ft from any entrances.
    • Sauron, (not that one), pities the theropods hunger having contracted his own which was only mitigated by the fact that the Court of Gods feed him one of the more viler criminals. Though he cannot meet it in person since Jho would attempt to devour him too, he did try and petition the Court of Gods to do the same. Others have spitballed ideas of using Deviljho as a way to punish evil gods too, but the chaotic nature of Deviljho ultimately make it far too unpredictable and uncontrollable for this purpose. Some more insaner folks at the House of Science thought of mechanizing it. It hasn't gone anywhere, it ate those who tried. They remain to be a consistent food source.
  • As you may of guessed from its other relationships with creatures like it, Deviljho doesn't have great relationships with other dinosaur deities either. Rexie finds the Brute Wyvern too destructive for its own good, even if its hot blood is a very valid reason for its hunger, and has opposed it on numerous occasions. The Land Before Time gang don't like it either, having dealt with Sharptooth enough and find it an even worse version and are quick to take off when it's near. Not that they're wrong to do so.
  • Becky left him for that hoe, Ben.
  • It has suddenly popped up in many areas in the New World, still competing with other monsters as strong as itself and turning those who aren't into its food, chew toy, or weapon it uses against others be it other food or enemy. Some wonder why it didn't pop up sooner considering it's effect on the ecosystem, though some suggest it traveled by doing this. Godzilla approves.
  • Its Savage variant wasn't the only one who made it into the Pantheon. Indeed, there's also the Four Heavenly Kings Deviljho, a Deviljho signified by its shorter jaw and incredibly strong affinity for fire. By which we mean, many of its attacks are fire based (special mention to its stomp which creates large explosions) and its own aura is scorching. Buffed up counterparts like the "World Eater" Deviljho, Hyper Deviljho, and Tempered Deviljho can also be sighted.
  • Can sometimes be seen taking on the guise of Jotaro Kujo, if only because of the amount of people depicting it as him in the same vein as Brachyios as Dio Brando. Jotaro didn't really care about it, at least until the conversation switched to the possibility of the thing being pierced by the Stand Arrow. Considering it produced things like Forever, Pet Shop and Bug-Eaten... it's probably a good idea to keep it from ever gaining a Stand.

Gluttony the Voracious, the God Defined by His Hunger

    Jabba the Hutt 
Jabba Desilijic Tiure, God of Disgusting Table Manners (Jabba the Hutt, "Jabba The Wise", "Jabba, the Omnipotent")


Lesser Gods

    Anthony Chu 
Anthony "Tony" Chu, God of the Consumption of Inedible Substances

    The Blob 
The Blob, Representative of Devouring Enemies
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Beware of the Blob
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, Blob Monster (obviously), Came from the Sky, Grey Goo, Immune to Bullets, Completely absorbs its victims, flesh, cloth and bones, Non-Malicious Monster, Starfish Aliens, Can be stopped with cold
  • Domains: Aliens, Blobs, Consumption
  • Rivals: Hedorah
  • Enemies: Any and all living organisms, All ice-related deities (particularly Ice King), Ditto, Kirby
  • Evil Counterpart to: Zac
  • Avoids: the House of Ice & Cold
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation, Agents K and J
  • Somewhere in a quiet American town, a meteorite which contains an alien lifeform crashed from the sky. This alien Blob is an indestructible, ravenous, blood-colored mass that engulfs and dissolves its victims. It grows larger with every victim it consumes. Bullets, electricity, and fire have no effect on the Blob, and the man-eating goo seems unstoppable.
  • It was yet another peaceful night in the Pantheon until a small meteorite landed in a the woods. One of the people who have witnessed the meteorite was the Ice King, who proceeded to poke it with a stick, revealing a strange red goopy object within the space rock. Just when that thing was dissolving part of his muumuu, the Ice King froze it with his powers and left it behind without telling anyone. By then, the ice melt, allowing the Blob to attack again by devouring several people that it came across. However, the presence of highly advanced technology and magic give the Pantheon’s residents more options to subdue the Blob’s rampage.
  • Given the House that it resides in, it is preserved in one of the House’s freezers, which is probably the closest it can have to a temple. The SCP Foundation watches over this alien and warns others who happen to be near it not to open the freezer or bring any heating device near it since it can thaw enough to free the Blob. Because of its inability to tolerate cold temperatures, it avoids any ice-related deity, especially those who reside in the subhouse of Ice & Cold.
  • No one knows where this life form came from, but many can agree that it’s an alien that came from outer space. However, some sources suggest that it’s a government experiment in biological warfare and that it’s smarter and more dangerous than it appears to be.
  • Can be seen as an evil counterpart to Zac given that both of them are Blob Monsters. Zac has a problem with the Blob’s habit of devouring innocent people and would stop at nothing to take down the monster.
  • Hedorah is another monster the the Blob clashed with as he’s another blob that arrived from space. Any devastation usually caused by either monster tends to be worse whenever the two monsters cross paths.
  • Apparently, when Homer Simpson had an encounter with another meteorite alien, he ate it and gained its insatiable hunger and blobish appearance. There have been attempts to keep Homer as far away from the thing as possible to prevent this from happening in the Pantheon.
  • One time, the Blob ran into Kirby who tried to eat it up because he thought it was a massive pile of red gelatin. The result? Let’s just say that things wouldn’t go well for the Blob…
  • As with other aliens, it has been a target of Agents K and J, who have been tasked with containing the Blob. It would be constantly trying to escape the Agents, but K & J don't have any special animosity towards it.

Chase, God of Food Fights (Zen Makunouchi, Dish Wizard, King of Foods)
  • Theme Song: Fighting Foodons, Pride + Fire
  • Lesser God, Himself and those of his world simply call him a "Dish Wizard" Bridges to Intermediate God while infused with Palator
  • Symbol: A plate of Fried Rice with a Meal Ticket on top
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eater, Frying Pan of Doom, Primary-Color Champion, Shonen Hair, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Generation Xerox, The Magic Touch, Chef of Iron, Takes Cooking Very Seriously, Bringing Foods to Life, Thousands upon thousands of Food puns
  • Domains: Cooking, Battle, Fried Rice and other Food, Frying Pans
  • Allies: Ash, The Three Stooges, Minori
  • Enemies: All antagonistic members of the Food Pantheon. Also, while Sanji and Kyoko do appreciate his cooking skills, they're not so fond of Chase using the food for battles.
  • Opposed By: The Glutton Empire (Not so much after King Gorge was defeated, although some remaining officers try to oppose him)
  • Chase's ascension began after he defeated King Gorgeous Gorge with the help of the Foodon embodiment of Good, Palator. As a result, Chase was swiftly -and somewhat reluctantly- ascended to the Pantheon and crowned the "King Of Foods", and was required to listen to thousands upon thousands of people who thank him for stopping the Glutton Oppression. Because of Chase's outgoing nature and dislike of confinement, he occasionally sneaks away from his Temple to venture out to the other Houses, more often then not the House of Combat.
  • Since his ascension, Chase has created and recorded many recipes and "Foodons" from the dishes created of them. The beings he creates reside in his Temple and usually accompany Chase to the House of Combat to practice with the other residing Gods and Goddesses.
  • Chase had once brewed a fierce one-sided hatred from Kyoko Sakura. She didn't appreciate Chase putting all the effort to make delicious meals, for the purpose of transforming them into fighters, practically playing with his food. Chase argued that the food wasn't being wasted, and considered all of his "Foodons" to be his trusted companions, and enjoys making new friends of them. It wasn't long before the two were pulled into a scuffle, surprisingly Chase's Foodons kept up fairly well with the Magical Girl, but were not enough to overcome her brute strength and experience. Despite the turn of events, Kyoko had taken note of Chase's genuine care for his edible companions, and opted to allow him to continue his business, starting a rather shaky friendship.
    • Also has gotten the...respect of Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay praised Chase for his determination in perfection cooking but has advised that if the two are cooking together that Chase doesn't make fighters out of his dishes. Chase, knowing of Ramsay's mighty temper, immediately agreed. It also helps that Chase sees Gordon Ramsay as some sort of tutor.
  • Chase is waiting to challenge Masaharu Morimoto into a cooking duel. Morimoto agrees, as long as it's only a cooking battle and not the ones where their dishes get to fight one another.
  • He became quick friends with Ash, sharing their deep passion for their respected Mons. Chase had once attempted to try his hand on landing a position in the House of Commerce with his Foodons to share Ash's position, however they didn't make nearly as big an impact as Pokémon had. Despite this, Chase holds no grudge and still enjoys his company.

    Gramma Stuffum 
Grandma Stuffum, Goddess who Fattens Her Victims
  • Theme Song: Her Rock Opera and Slamwitch
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Food
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Lethal Chefs of Iron, Card Carrying Villainesses, Live food
  • Domain: Food, Villainy
  • Allies: SCP-953 (sort of)
  • Enemies: Wig-Wigs Kirby, Pac-man, a majority of Gods from the House of Food, Sora, Riku, The Kids Next Door
  • One day, Gramma Stuffum came into the pantheon and tried to have her food stuff themselves in the stomachs of the child deities. Once Gordon Ramsay and Takeshi Kaga found out about this, they sent Kirby, along with Pac-man, in to devour the living food, causing her to retreat. The Guardians of the House of Food placed her under house arrest afterwards.
    • She also made another attempt, this time in the Pantheon Academy, only for her efforts to fail again.
    • On a more positive note, her "food" minions do have some use; They keep Deviljho slightly occupied with their hunger, which at least keeps them from eating other gods. However, there will be more Deviljhos to arrive unexpectedly and eat her as well.
  • Stays far away from the House of Beast; The animals there are will ruin her plans. Even worse for her is that the Wigs-Wigs are her worst enemies.
  • Whenever she's in a pinch, she summon out a "Slamwitch" to guard her. Unfortunately, There are so many gods from the House of Beasts, so it's not as effective as it sounds.
  • Recent studies have found that anyone who comes in contact with the most rotten of Stuffum's food (especially her Slamwitch) become ill from what the pantheon calls "Stuffum Syndrome". The effects range from severe headaches and dizziness, to endless vomiting. At this point, several scientist gods are working on a cure.

Monstro, God of Devouring Heroes Whole
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head with his mouth wide open
  • Theme Song: Monstro Awakens, A Very Small Wish, Monstrous Monstro
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big-Bad Ensemble, Captain Ersatz, The Dreaded, Extreme Omnivore, Final Boss, Somewhere, a Mammalogist Is Crying, That One Level, Villainous Breakdown, Womb Level,
  • Domains: Oceans, Food, Villains, Beasts, Whales
  • Allies: None; Monstro tries to eat anyone that gets close
  • Rivals: Moby Dick, The Kraken, Red Gyarados, Scylla, Charbydis
  • Enemies: Pinocchio, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Terra, Riku, Ventus, Aqua, Mickey Mouse, Isaac, Wailord, Aquaman
  • Opposed by: Eren Yeager
  • Monstro ascended to his current position after becoming famous for having swallowed Pinocchio and Gepetto whole, then later eating Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and Riku on separate occasions.
  • Monstro's ascension caused quite the ruckus in the Pantheon's aquarium, as he proceeded to try and eat everything he could fit into his mouth. It takes massive quantities of fish to pacify his hunger enough that he will settle on the sea floor to rest.
  • Monstro sees Moby Dick as potential competition to his diet and has his eye on the white whale.
  • Many Disney deities shivered in fear upon hearing of Monstro's arrival in the pantheon, especially Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku, who have had to navigate the massive whale's labyrinth-like insides. They make sure to stay as far away from the whale as they possible can.
  • Upon finding out that Pinocchio was in the Pantheon, Monstro let out a furious roar and expressed a desire for vengeance upon "the one that got away."
  • Through their journeys, Terra, Aqua and Ventus have encountered an artificial copy of Monstro in the Mirage Arena. Needless to say, they are not in any hurry to get into a scuffle with the real deal anytime soon.
  • Many within the Pantheon are perplexed at how Monstro is able to function given how bizarre his anatomy is for a whale. Upon hearing of Monstro's maze-like innards, Isaac let out a scream and curled up in the fetal position while crying, memories of his mother coming back to him.
  • Eren Yeager despises Monstro and sees him as no better than the Titans he fights against and has vowed to come after the whale once the Titans are gone.
  • Monstro reminds Link of Lord Jabu Jabu due to both of them being whales that have devoured people. However, Link keeps his distance, knowing that while Lord Jabu Jabu ate Ruto due to being plagued by a parasite, Monstro does so of his own volition.
  • Aquaman was once called in to try and make Monstro easier to deal with. Things were actually going pretty good until he relinquished control. Needless to say, Monstro did not take well to the knowledge of being controlled. After the incident, Monstro instantly flies into a murderous rage upon seeing the King of Atlantis in his territory.
  • Wailord does not particularly care for Monstro due to the man-eating whale giving cetaceans a bad name.

Muffet, Goddess of Arachnid Attires and Innocuously Named Products (Miss Muffet)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pet muffin monster, or a teacup filled with spiders
  • Theme Song: Spider Dance
  • Alignment: Neutral Pro-Spider (In other words, True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Binds her opponent's SOUL in a "web", Can be bribed with GOLD or her own products, Serves spiders as food, Cute Monster Girl, Hartman Hips, Distinguishing giggle, Attacks with spiders and donuts and croissants, Holds a bakery, Lets anybody loose so long as they don't hurt spiders
  • Domain(s): Spiders, Pastries, Monsters
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Temmies, Orren Pierre Alfonzo
  • Enemies: All who kill spiders (unless it's to eat them), Arachnophobes (Misty, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Billy), SCP-953
  • Opposes: Widowmaker
  • Muffet acquired the attention of the Pantheon when she was found having trapped numerous victims in a secret corner in the House of Commerce (or the House of Food, no one could remember) because of the fact that they hurt spiders. As soon as they heard of the disappearances, Frisk was quick to appeal to her to let them go, even if some of them really did hurt spiders. When the other gods caught sight of her looks and apparel, it was decided that she be ascended in order to keep her in check.
  • Now that Muffet has ascended, she decided to open a shop where she sells food made from spiders by spiders. Contrary to what most would think, the products she makes are actually really delicious (according to Frisk at least).
    • However, her longtime business rivals, the Temmies, had already set up shop before her. And this time, she is going to make sure that her Spider Donuts make a better impression than those pesky Tem Flakes, even though she finds them delicious.
  • As a supporter of all Spider related, she is a huge fan of Spider-Man himself, even sometimes dressing as him. She was initially very upset that Peter did not buy any of her Spider Donuts, until Peter revealed his long-standing financial troubles to her. She gives him large discounts as a result, which he eats for her sake.
    • She also met the Alternate Gwen Stacy and, unlike Peter, she actually got to try some of her pastries and found them pretty good (she is financially more well-off after all). And of course, a Spider-Gwen costume was inevitable.
  • One of the things that will piss her off is if you harm a spider in her presence. She once caught Garfield hitting one and she immediately webbed him up for his cruelty. Garfield was almost fed to her Muffin pet, but he was saved in the nick of time by Frisk. This serves as a warning that harming spiders is not a good idea.
    • She is also not really fond of Billy. Besides him being afraid of spiders, she considers the treatment of his spider "son" to be unacceptable.
  • Being a spider Monster Girl, Muffet decided to go out and meet other people like her. She was glad to meet Arachne and Rachnera, although the two are rather confused by Muffet's more anthropomorphic appearance.
    • Rachnera also invited her to "play with her webs". Muffet still isn't quite sure what her offer means or what to think of it.
  • She is also a supporter of other races that embrace their love and care for spiders. For example, hearing about how Widowmaker used to fear Spiders yet came to feel like one after a while made her giggle with joy.
  • Since she runs a pastry shop, Muffet has found a rival in Kamer Rider Bravo given that he also runs one. However, she is rather friendly towards him, at least because he hasn't harmed spiders as far as she knows.
  • Often seen with a rather big Muffin Spider Monster that happens to be her pet. She also likes to feed it people that either has done bad things to spiders or tried to steal from her shop.
  • According to unknown sources, she is apparently a really young spider monster even though she looks older and even runs her own bussiness. Might explain why she is so childish most of the time.
  • Despite the Temmies being her sales rivals with their Temmie Flakes, she occasionally is seen scarfing them down, embarrassed that she finds them so delicious.
  • She has been called out as a hypocrite by many gods for proclaiming herself a defender of spiders and attacking people who hurt spiders, even though she eats her own kind and makes pastries out of them. Muffet replies that it's only natural for big and strong spiders to eat smaller spiders, but squashing spiders out of fear or torturing them for fun is a waste of good spiders. Those who spend time with her come to realize that she clearly genuinely cares for her smaller brethren in her own way, though she seems to privilege the survival of collectives over that of individuals.

    Sima Shi 
Sima Shi (style name: Ziyuan), God Who Gets Angry at Losing His Food (Emperor Jing, The Genius Without A Purpose)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Song: Heaven's Will, Blade Of Fate
  • Symbol: His Lightning Sword, his Eye mask, a bag of Meatbuns
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with shades of Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Meatbuns, Getting Enraged At Anyone Who Takes His Meatbuns, Aloof Big Brother, Diabolical Laughter, Lifelong Regency
  • Domains: Food, War
  • Allies: Sima Yi, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Byakuya Kuchiki, Zero, Karen Minazuki AKA Cure Aqua, Chousokabe Motochika (the Koei-verse version)
  • Enemies: Anyone who takes his meatbuns, Liu Bei, and his kingdom of Shu
  • He was happy being the High priest of the Meatbuns until Scooby-Doo stole the meatbun and sent him on a berserker rage and attacked the poor dog. His mortal brother once said that he once sent an army after him when he took his meatbun.
  • On occasions he can be seen conversing with Aila on the importance and tastiness of meatbuns.
  • His number one desire is to make the perfect meatbun by gathering the perfect ingredients.
  • Despite his quirks he is quite the formidable opponent being well-versed in both strategy and combat. He is currently searching for appropriate titles so his family can ascend.
    • This is proven quite well with a tumblr blog stating that he was quite the regent during his time of rule (as well as being an accomplished scholar), though many events and rebellions he had to quell (as well as the loss of his two friends-turned-bad Xiahou Xuan who tried to kill him and He Yan who turned corrupt with Cao Shuang) took a toll on his health, giving him a form of eye cancer he at first recovered from via a surgery, but another battle came before he was to rest came about. He soon lost his life afterwards and fellow gods mourned for that moment.
      • Sima Shi himself states that it was nothing to worry about, for it was just mere fate that he had to die on that day. Others have claimed that his brother's infamous deeds along with the War of Eight Princes might not have happened if Shi was still alive during that time.
  • He gets along quite well with Byakuya as they both note that they sound very similar.
    • On that end, he even gets along with Alucard (especially since not only do they sound similar, but the famous Ayami Kojima even did artwork for both of them), and Motochika from the Koeiverse as well (and by proxy, the other Motochika somehow oddly enough). However, he shows a bit of disdain towards the Basara-Toyotomi Hideyoshi however, especially in his goals.
      • He also seems to find a friendship in Zero as fellow flashy-swordsmen who feel that fate has had a tight grip on them, but Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott outright disgusts him.
      • Right now, via using the hunch of that aforementioned familiar sound, he's trying to hunt down Toriko in order to learn the secrets of his make his own meat buns taste even better! What else?!
      • Is recently alongside the Koei-verse Motochika is seemingly a bit fond of Karen Minazuki AKA Cure Aqua as an odd friend. Possibly because their respective voice actors are married. The aforementioned Zero can also vouch for that.
  • He has a habit of laughing maniacally and calling people imbeciles. Apparently he gets it from his father.
    • Does not take it well when people confuse him via his style name (Ziyuan) for the female genderbent version of Huang Zhong, who's also known as Ziyuan (they have different Chinese characters and on'yomi renderings for their names).

    Tasmanian Devil 
Tasmanian Devil, God of Extreme Omnivores (Taz, Claude, Bright Eyes, Poochie, Theodore Tasmanian)
  • Theme Music: Come to Taz-Mania; Tasmanian Meltdown
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself spinning
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Spinning, Seldom-Seen Species, The Unintelligible/Hulk Speak, Music Soothes the Savage Beast, Informed Species
  • Domains: Hunger, Spinning
  • Heralds: His family (Jean, Hugh, Molly, & Jake), Dog the Turtle, Dizzy Devil
  • Allies: SCP-524
  • Rivals: Kirby, Gluttony the Voracious
  • Enemies: Neo Cortex, Hunter J
  • Odd Friendship with: Crash Bandicoot
  • Special Relations: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Wonder Woman, Michael Jordan
  • A (mostly) mindless beast, the (or rather this particular) Tasmanian Devil spins wildly, looking for something good to eat. Of course, Taz has had a particularly large appetite throughout his life and has eaten through wood and steel. He can also eat dynamite and not get blown to smithereens afterwards.
  • Loud spinning noises were heard near the House of Beasts, causing much of the weaker wildlife to flee in a panic. Bugs Bunny, who just so happened to be present at that time, knew that noise quite well and decided to go near it. Shenanigans ensued and Bugs was able to use his wits to defeat Taz. Surprisingly, Taz was able to stick around thanks to Bugs, who offered to keep watch on him in case Taz went too out of control. After all, not only Bugs kept Taz as a pet previously (which weirded out some deities not only because of that idea, but because Taz's "docile" behavior was closer to that of a dog during those instances), but the two also went on a time-travelling adventure.
  • One method of calming down Taz, as utilized by Daffy Duck, is playing music. Bagpipes are apparently the only form of music that will not work, but other than that, any other form of music will do the job as long as it's still playing (although it's highly uncertain as to whether or not a Dreadful Musician will get that accomplished).
    • The other method is something that Speedy Gonzales and Bugs Bunny can do (though the mouse has considered talking to animal lovers about the trick). However, it has the side effect of making Taz act like a dog.
  • No one is sure why, but Taz has an extreme dislike of water. It doesn't help that there are large bodies of water within the Pantheon and that there are a fair number of deities with control over that element.
    "Taz hate water! Taz hate water!"
  • At one point, he was seen wearing a Flash costume. Luckily for some it was just for show, as the thought of a miniature vortex whizzing around at high speeds was troubling.
    • On that note, not many expected Taz to cross paths with Wonder Woman, but almost no one expected Taz to have met up with Diana initially when the latter was a teenager. It turned out that Taz was somehow a Guardian of a Labyrinth in Themyscira, where Diana was tested to prove her worth as an Amazon warrior. One of the trials there was getting a bit of fur from Taz. Years later, when trouble hit the island, Diana requested Taz's help in stopping the threat. Taz admitted during then that he was upset that the music (which was used to lull him to sleep) was taken away from him and not becaused he was tricked during their first encounter.
  • Taz can spin whenever he likes, even while he's driving a car without destroying it...somehow.
  • Unsurprisingly, Taz gets into (semi-friendly) competition with Kirby and Gluttony the Voracious over who can eat the most. To that end, Taz is also a competitor in King Dedede's Gourmet Race contests, but given Taz's behavior, expect him to eat more than just the food during these races.
  • Dr. Cortex saw a miniature vortex and believed that Crash Bandicoot was out to get him once more. Once the spinning ceased, it turned out that Taz was spinning instead of Cortex's primary foe. However, the break was momentary and Taz went back to spinning and causing havoc. Cortex believed that he could use Taz's abilities to get himself closer to his goals and tried to kidnap the creature. Unfortunately for the doctor, Taz proved to be highly troublesome and wrecked Cortex's lab not long after being taken there. Cortex has sworn to get back at Taz following the incident.
    • As for the Bandicoot himself, Taz sees Crash as sort of an acquaintance. It may have something to do with them being a Seldom-Seen Species of different kinds and not having intelligence as their main thing.
  • The House of Food felt like promoting an energy drink and following a raffle drawing, it was determined that Taz would be the star of a potential commercial. Not only did it go over as well as one would guess, but it also annoyed some other people trying to work on another commercial.
  • Hunter J has proven to be quite a sore spot for Taz, given how her hunting for unusual creatures brings back memories of being hunted by different beings for different reasons. However, Hunter J is practically the opposite of the Taz's hunting adversaries in just about every way (especially in personality and competency). Given Taz's appetite, she is looking for a foolproof idea that will let her capture Taz and not let him escape afterwards.
  • Measures are in place to ensure that he doesn't go near Flint Lockwood's FLDSMDFR. While no one is sure what would happen if Taz eats the whole thing in one gulp (eating an exploding bomb doesn't affect Taz a whole lot for one), Flint just doesn't want to risk anything with a wild creature like Taz. That and Taz has chased the "foodimals" created by that machine on a regular basis.
  • Of all things, Taz has crossed paths with Tweety more than once, usually in strange circumstances. The first time was when Taz got captured by Yosemite Sam to be put in a zoo, but it turned out later on that Tweety had other plans. Much later, the two, alongside Sylvester the Cat, ended up far away from their homes and had to endure a lot of trouble to get back.
  • For a mindless, spinning, hungry beast, Taz has actually done a couple of decent jobs. He worked as a bellhop for a hotel and was also an accountant for a separate company. Weirdly enough, Taz has tried to keep his more troublesome characteristics in check while working as an accountant.
    • Taz also likes to play basketball, an activity he's been seen practicing in the game Looney Tunes B-Ball and the movie Space Jam (which is also a reason Michael Jordan sometimes calls him to be a partner).
  • Despite being barely capable of speaking English by default, Taz has shown to suddenly speak perfectly normal on certain instances. Then again, this only occurs whenever he feels like it.


GIR, God of Robots That Eat Human Food

    Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo 
Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Godesses of Edible Theme Naming (note , Rize: Lize, Rose Sharo: Syaro)

Sableye, the God who Eats Rocks and Gems (Yamirami, The Darkness Pokémon, Mega Sableye)
Mega Sableye 
  • Demigod (Intermediate God as Mega Sableye)
  • Symbol: Its diamond-like eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Abilities: Prankster (Magic Bounce as Mega Sableye)
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Knock Off, Recover, Lick
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Darkness, Gemstones, Mischievousness, Pragmatism, Stalling
  • Allies: Gengar, Rotom, Mimikyu, Ash Ketchum, Steven Universe, SCP-524
  • Enemies: Diancie, Spiritomb, Team Rocket, Murkrow, Darunia, most of the House of Commerce
  • Opposed by: The Crystal Gems
  • Nobody is quite sure how Sableye got into the Pantheon, but he was first spotted in the House of Commerce nabbing on some of the precious jewelry stored inside the House, running away before he could be caught. Based on his short stature, purple color and appetite for gems, the mysterious being was believed to be Spike at first, at least until said dragon claimed to not have been anywhere near the house recently, a fact confirmed by Twilight who was accompanying him at the time of the event. Only later was the creature caught while sneaking around the House, and it was then when a closer inspection revealed it was actually a Pokémon; a Sableye, to be exact.
    • After the ordeal was over, Sableye was allowed to remain in the Pantheon, albeit banned from entering the House of Commerce again. Despite this, Sableye's appetite tends to get the best of him and the Pokémon keeps sneaking into the House. While he's always kicked out after being caught, Sableye's general lack of strength and desire to eat only gemstones and jewels make him less of a menace and more of a minor annoyance that gets taken care of quickly.
    • Sableye was later approached by Spike himself, curious to learn about this new deity that was supposedly so similar to him. While the 'mon seemed scary at first, Spike was pleasantly surprised to learn that he wasn't evil at all, just mischievous, kinda lonely, and with a bit of an appetite. They have since become partners, with Spike offering to show Sableye around the Pantheon, occasionally together pulling pranks on other deities or treating themselves to a nice meal of gems. In the end, Spike is happy to have a friend that shares his interests, while Sableye is just glad to have met someone that's nice to him. However, Twilight has been keeping an eye on Sableye, worried that the latter's love for hunting gemstones might help trigger Spike's Greed.
  • For the longest time Sableye held the honor of being one of the only two Pokémon that possessed no type weaknesses whatsoever, a title he shared with fellow ghost/dark 'mon Spiritomb. Unfortunately for them, Gen VI introduced the Fairy Type, which finally granted them one type weakness and deprived them of their iconic status. However, Sableye got another chance to shine when he was granted a Mega Evolution, allowing him to become one of the best Stone Walls the world of Pokémon had seen until then. And while this Sableye hasn't displayed the ability to Mega Evolve yet, it's still something worth considering.
    • It's also worth noting that even before the Nerf Sableye was anonymously considered to be roundingly weak and unable to fulfill any specific role. That's it, until Gen V turned him into a Lethal Joke Character by giving him the ability Prankster, which combined with his moveset allowed him to become deceptively bulky. While this became mostly redundant after he gained a Mega Evolution, it's fair to say Sableye isn't as much of a weakling as he seems like at first.
  • Even though he belongs in the House of Food, Sableye prefers to reside inside the dark caverns of the House of Nature, hunting for rocks and diamonds to eat. While over there he has gained an enemy in Diancie, thanks to Sableye's tendency to prey on the Carbink that serve her. While Diancie's Fairy typing means she has an easy time driving Sableye away, the Darkness Pokémon always keeps coming back to hunting Carbink.
  • Was once approached by Ash Ketchum, who hoped this Sableye would be the same one he met back at Hoenn. While he was disappointed to learn that it was not the case, he and Sableye are still on good terms with each other. On the other hand, Team Rocket don't have many fond memories of their past experience with said Sableye and have been mostly hostile to this one.
    • Interestingly, this Sableye knows Lick, a move that Sableye can't usually learn (the sole exception being that one that Ash met, funnily enough). Nobody is quite sure exactly how this Sableye knows such move, but Sableye himself has refused to bring attention to that.
  • Gets along rather well with fellow mischievous ghosts Gengar and Rotom, although he admits that their pranks can go a little too far sometimes. He's also in good terms with Mimikyu, with both of them representing Dark Is Not Evil and Sableye being able to relate to Mimikyu's loneliness.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't really get along with Spiritomb, as not only does the latter play Dark Is Evil straight but Spiritomb itself also highly resents Sableye for gaining a Mega Evolution after they both became weak to fairies, while Spiritomb got nothing to compensate and was left in the dust.
  • Thanks to his appetite for jewels, Sableye has made his way into some deities' treasure hoards (most notably, Smaug's and Fafnir's hoards), but his sneakiness has actually allowed him to frequent these places and get out unscathed. However, Sableye always gets eventually caught in the act with unfortunate results, but he always just "faints", living to try another day. And despite his insistence, Sableye is smart enough to know when a hoard is not worth visiting anymore, usually giving it up if being caught was too much of an unpleasant experience.
    • On a similar note, while most deities expected Sableye and Darunia to be on good terms thanks to their similar tastes, Sableye just tends to get on Darunia's nerves because of his desire to get hold of the Goron Ruby, Darunia's people's most sacred treasure. It doesn't help that Sableye's mischievous behavior ticks off the usually serious goron. There was one time where Sableye actually managed to get his claws on the Ruby, and would have eaten it had Darunia not dropped the hammer on him. Since then Darunia has made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with the 'mon, and Sableye hasn't bothered to try again.
  • Sometime after ascending Sableye was approached by Steven Universe, who believed that Sableye was possibly a Crystal Gem based on the gemstones embedded on his body, maybe even a fusion since Sableye was covered by more than one kind of gem. Unfortunately the encounter didn't go so swell, as Sableye attempted to eat the Rose Quartz gem located on Steve's belly as soon as he got close to him, the latter only saving himself thanks to his barriers. After things cleared up, Steven explained himself to Sableye, quickly forgave him, and actually managed to befriend him. The two have been good pals since then, with Sableye's mischievous behavior pairing well with Steven's tendency to occasionally pull off (harmless) pranks.
    • However, the other Gems haven't taken too kindly to Sableye after hearing of the incident. They consider someone with an appetite for gems to be extremely dangerous for them, and they shudder to think of what could have happened had Sableye successfully devoured Steven's gem. And while Sableye does think that their gems do look quite delicious, they both have avoided trying anything nasty at Steven's request. Steven himself hopes they could all make up and be friends, but the situation is still tense.
  • Despite sharing the same Pokémon category of "Darkness Pokémon", Sableye and the Murkrow flock that reside in the House of Crime do not get along. This is because of Sableye constantly trying to get hold of whatever jewelry and gems the Murkrow have stolen, as well as pulling pranks and generally being a nuisance to the flock. While the birds can easily take care of Sableye when grouped together, the ghost is a sneaky one and has managed to steal from them from time to time. What annoys the Murkrow the most is that once Sableye steals something, they can't get it back since Sableye just gulps down whatever he grabbed.
  • There have been claims that Sableye is based off the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, which featured goblin-like aliens described as having shining eyes, small legs, clawed arms and swaying hips, all characteristics that Sableye possesses as well. Whenever Sableye themselves are actually extraterrestrial or not remains a mystery, but this Sableye has expressed no opinion on interest on the matter.


    Lady and Tramp 
Lady and Tramp, Dual Gods of the Spaghetti Kiss (Pidge (Lady), Pooch (Tramp))

    Dr. Layon 
Dr.Layon, God of Ramen Slurps (Dr.Laon, Dr.Leyon)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Whale King, which he calls "Great Whale King".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portifolio: Ramen Slurps, Awesome Sunglasses, Rivals Turned Evil, Obvious Love Of Ramen, Having A Interest For The Rival's Daughter, Being Just As Childish As Said Rival
  • Domains: Food, Quirks, Rivalries
  • High Priestess: Miss Koizumi
  • Allies: The Backdraft Group, as well as some members of the House of Love (more especifically, the Tainted Love subhouse), The Corpus.
  • Rivals: Dr. Toros, Gilgamesh, Team Rocket as a whole (Friendly Rivalry in the latter case)
  • Enemies: Most members of the House of Love, with the exceptions of the Tainted Love subhouse, Shirou Emiya, King Arthur (Nasuverse), Ash and his Pikachu (As well as the other Pokémons), Brock, Misty, Hiltz
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The other members of the Blitz Team (Except Leena), Van, Fiona, Thomas, Rosso, Viola and Rudolph, Inspector Zenigata, Heihachi Mishima
  • Interested on: Erina Joestar, Tsukushi Makino, Artoria Pendragon, as well as most of the GUAG and GUAE members.
  • Annoyed by: Naruto Uzumaki (one-sided from Layon's part)
  • Ascended after he supposedly saved Leena from the massive explosion created by three charged particle cannons during the Royal Cup tournament. But others knew that his ascension is because the way that he slurps his ramen shows how childish he actually is. Independent of the reason, Layon is now on the Pantheon.
  • Even after the Royal Cup, he still holds a grudge against Dr. Toros for marrying a woman which Layon was supposed to marry. Said woman was also Leena's mother.
    • In regards to his grudge agains Toros, the man himself doesn't seem to have the same relationship. In fact most gods are aware that they're just childish adults bickering with each other rather than being fiery rivals. And while Layon hates Dr. Toros, he is still in love with his daughter Leena, likely because she reminds him of his supposed lover. Leena herself doesn't know about it.
    • Layon is not amused to see the other members of the Blitz Team in the Pantheon. And he also doesn't forget Brad's supposed betrayal as well as Bit calling him "a sly fox".
    • The other Zoid pilots in the Pantheon are aware of him and they refuse to help Layon in his plans. In fact, they're pretty much allies of the Blitz Team, especially Van and Fiona. Rosso and Viola even were used to be villains, but they turned a new leaf after kidnapping Rudolph.
    • While his relationship with Prozen is neutral (which is surprising considering that he's pretty much a Treacherous Advisor), the chancellor does not approve Layon's "relationship" with Leena. Given that she's a member of the Blitz Team, and Prozen's profound dislike of them, this is pretty much justified.
    • Let's not forget about "his" battle against Dr. Toros, which looked more like a vehicle exhibition contest than a Zoid Battle. A fool's battle, indeed.
  • Sometimes he goes up to the House of Sports to help the Backdraft Group. He is allies with them, and it's implied that he only joined the group due to being drunk in a bar. Only a few people knew about the fact.
    • Due to their "connections" to the Backdraft Group, Layon is also allies with The Corpus and Team Rocket. Consequently, his alliance with the latter group makes him enemies with the Pokémons and their trainers.
    • While Layon is okay to team up with guys like the Backdraft Group, people like Hiltz is a big no-no to him, given that Hiltz is a Omnicidal Maniac which is willing to return the world back to the ancient Zoidians. And the fact that he sounds like Bit scares him even more.
  • Due to the fact that Layon became Dr. Toros' enemy due to a huge misunderstanding, most of the members of the House of Love completely dislikes him. Of course, Layon's only major allies, aside of the Backdraft Group, are the members of the Tainted Love subhouse.
    • Layon also seems to have a soft spot for Erina from the same house, because her voice sounds like Leena's. Similarity he feels the same thing with Tsukushi. Too bad said girls are already married...
  • Outside of the House of Love, he seems to be interested on Artoria Pendragon, as she also sounds like Leena. Unfortunately for Layon, not only Saber is not interested on him, but he also have to deal with the ire of Gilgamesh which is also obsessed with Artoria. And given Gilgamesh's nature, things are not good for Layon. Not to mention that he also have to deal with Shirou, which is very protective of Saber.
    • While he does like Artoria, Layon doesn't like her Prototype counterpart. According to him, King Arthur not only looks like Bit Cloud whit his blond hair and green eyes (despite Artoria having similar traits), but he also has his annoying voice.
  • Nowadays Layon is trying to recruit some members from different mecha factions to destroy the Blitz Team. The problem is that some gods aren't interested, especially the good-aligned ones, as they're in good terms with the Blitz Team.
    • That said, Layon is aware of the existence of Gauron and Ali al-Saachez, two bloodthirsty psychos for hire. Layon thinks that those two will be useful for his plans (and by extension Backdraft's) in the future and spend part of his money hiring them.
  • Is not amused by the fact that he sounds like Brook and Scooby Doo. Especially considering that the latter eats some of his ramen. Although Layon is very impressed that Starscream also sounds like him... in a different way.
  • Speaking of ramen, he sometimes goes to the restaurants of the House of Food to eat some food... and then he brings his ramen along. He thinks that if a "God of Ramen" will ascend in the Pantheon someday.
    • Other notable ramen admirers are Naruto, Zenigata and Heihachi. However, Layon is not too fond of them, especially Naruto, which Layon thinks that he's annoying. Although the relationship is not mutual, because Naruto still thinks that Layon is a decent guy - one of the reasons why Layon sees him as a nuisance.
  • There's a rumor that Layon gave Leena's Gunsniper back after she lost it in a kidnapping attempt. It wasn't confirmed... yet implies that he is not a bad guy after all.
  • Seems to be very good on oyaji gags, if the "Koppa Mijinko" jokes have any indication.


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