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Most of the time, there's no one specific way to eat food. Anyone can eat in small or large quantities and sometimes food can be used in unusual ways. There's also the matter of what could go into food that one eats, though that sometimes leads into minor debates on such.

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Greater Gods

Midora, God of Vicious Gluttony
  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbol: Gourmet Corp Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Overly Long Tongue, Vicious Gluttony, Horrifying Tongues, Evil Scars, The Stoic, Beard of Evil, Power Born From Insatiable Hunger, Woobie Anti-Villain
  • Allies: None known so far
  • Enemies: Most of the gods from the House of Food, especially Toriko and Komatsu, and various gods from the House of Beasts
  • Ascended not long after his victory against Ichiryu. Seeing him use his tongue to devour even the very air itself convinced the other gods that he deserves the post.
  • Apparently used to be nicer especially after he met Frohze as a teenager and experienced kindness from her. No one knows (yet) what had happened to change him into the man that he became.
    • Frohze's sacrifice to save him, right after he risked his own life to save her to the point that he almost died, combined with being cursed with a hunger which simply cannot be satisfied, was what drove him into the path of villainy.
  • His "Hungry Space" is acknowledged as a dangerous ability as it can cause injuries to suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere.
  • Is highly antagonistic towards the majority of the gods from the House of Food as he would devour everything inside and leave absolutely nothing for the other gods. Even Kirby and Pacman are afraid of his ruthless hunger.
  • Tried to devour everything from the House of Beasts, making him an even greater threat than Toriko who at least shows some restraint especially for sentient animals. Not even humans are safe from his ravenous hunger.
  • There is chance that Midora is an extreme omnivore on par with Gluttony and Kirby but there is no proof to validate that claim. On the other hand, Midora admits that he favours food that humans can eat, and especially if it appeals to his palate, so he has not interest in becoming a God of Extreme Omnivory.

Pac-Man, God of Gluttony, Champion of the Arcade (Yellow Fella, Most Recognized Gaming Icon in History, Zac, The Yellow Bane of Ghosts, Dr. Pac-Man, History's Greatest Enemy)
  • Greater God
  • Symbols: Cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, pretzels; alternatively, "a pizza with a missing piece" shape (basically the 8-bit Pac-Man)
  • Theme Song: Pac-Man (Namco Museum Vol. 1), Pac-Man Park & Block Plaza
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eaters, Granddaddies Of Video Gaming, Hollywood "Just Not Getting Him", Namco's Golden Boy, Consumer of All, The Origin of Powerups, Spectral Exterminator, Booking It, Turning the Tables, Seen Everything, No Concept Of "Quitting", Cool Fathers
  • Domains: Fun, Arcade Games, Eating
  • Followers:
  • Heralds: Jr. Pac-Man/Pacster/Pac-Man II (his son), Ms. Pac-Man (his wife).
  • Allies: Yoshi, King Dedede, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Fix-It-Felix Jr., Mario, Sonic, Mr. Game & Watch, SCP-524
  • Rivals: Kirby, Garfield
  • Pac-Man brought his whole family to the heavens one day, but they decided to go back down to Earth when nobody recognized them.
  • Though predated by Game & Watch by a few months, Pac-Man was the world's first actual character in videogames, as the collective of Game & Watch would not spawn a representative among the nameless figures until some time later. A pioneer in an uncharted land, Pac-Man broke the barrier of objects and vehicles being the only player representative in games, giving the players at last a true ally in their quest for the highest scores.
  • After the notion of creating a "continuity" for Pac-Man was abandoned, the yellow fella found himself transcending all manners of boundaries — without any sort of ties or anchors to keep him in place, his presence and power snowballed to a degree the likes of which never seen before or since. The act of joining the Mario Kart events was something he was able to do on a whim, and finding his way into the world where the artifact Pandora was being fought for was no trying feat.
    • Thirty years under his belt, Pac-Man finally decided it was time to pass the torch to a new generation. Giving Namco consent to give him a "reincarnation" in a younger and more modern Pac-Man (who turns out to be his son, an all grown up Jr. Pac-Man), the legend respectfully allowed himself to somwhat retire, going out on top as one of the most important figures in gaming history.
    • Following his contacting by old friend and "student" Mario, Pac-Man consented to join the great gathering of Super Smash Bros. for their fourth tournament. It was only shortly thereafter that he became aware of the Pantheon's presence at all and, as he's oft to do, strolled right on in. His legacy was quickly acknowledged and, well aware of the kind of power held behind that deceptively lighthearted package, nobody was exactly keen on the notion of telling him "no".
  • Pac-Man, while respected for his significance in history, is also regarded by some of the higher-ups in the justice-oriented Houses as a secret weapon. With his ability to consume quite literally anything, it is kept in mind that this frightening hunger could be unleashed on any rogue member of the pantheon, no matter how great or terrible. Thankfully, Pac-Man's neutrality isn't absolute, and he recognizes that going on a hunger spree amongst the gods would be wrong.
  • It has been seen that Pac-Man actually appears distressed or aggravated when in the presence of Missingno, the renown glitched abomination. While the young/modern members of the House can't figure out why, Game & Watch and the House Legends are well aware that Pac-Man's almost instinctive exception to the glitch harkens back to the "Progenitor Glitch", Level 256 that halted his stride years before...
  • Made the mistake of taking Light Yagami's favorite bag of potato chips...and EATING them without adding the extra "awesome".
  • He and Kirby spend the majority of their time gorging in the dining hall, cleaning up after legendary food fights or eating everyone's leftovers, usually leaving (or in Kirby's case, spitting out) the plates to be washed. There is no waste in this House.
  • Has built a miniature robot that looks similar to Mokujin, meant for beating the life out of anyone who gets in his way of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Has also used the mech to hunt down an overweight man who has suffered a mid-life crisis and believes he is Mega Man.
  • Is the only being to consume Mystery Food X, an indescribably-horrid dish created by Yukiko Amagi and her allies Chie Satonaka and Rise Kujikawa, without any side effects. Despite which, Pac-Man would still prefer his good ol' power pellets instead.
  • Once tried to eat Pinkie Pie after eating a Power Pellet, believing her to be one of the Ghosts.
  • Participated in the First Pantheon Gourmet Race and ended up in a three-way tie alongside Goku and Kirby. He naturally has a life-time membership of the Gourmet Racer Club.
  • For some reason, PacMan seems to like hanging out on Sark's airship. Amusingly, Sark never seems to take notice of the stowaway.
  • He's weary of slingshots, thanks to the many cruel things players did to him in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures.
  • One day, for a joke, Ed reprogramed Pac-Man's famous maze. When the ghost munching God entered for a round, he found that the maze was tilting about, forcing all the ghosts, and himself, to tilt with the maze. He has since forgiven Ed for the prank (Granted, when you have a stomach of iron, it's hard for you to throw up in a tilting maze, and 30+ years of bumping into walls have given him a resistance to head trauma), and certain Gods have requested to try out this new variant of his famous game.
  • Panic struck the House of Gaming, as the Progenitor Glitch, 256, returned upon Pac-Man's 35th Birthday, seemingly intent upon consuming he and his rivals to bring all of their series to oblivion. In a bold and heroic bid that may very well have cost him not only life but existence, Pac-Man lured the nightmare away from the House into a hall of endless mazes. Though a slew of wild ghosts mindlessly sought to take their last chance to get him once and for all, Pac-Man escaped safely — leaving the all-consuming abomination trapped within the infinite stretch forever. At least, hopefully...
  • Also in the House of Gaming.

    The Time Eater 
The Time Eater, Deified Dimensional Devourer
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its time holes
  • Theme Song(s): BOSS BATTLE: TIME EATER (Versions 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination Space Time Eater, Shadowy Creature Able to Manipulate Time, Homing Projectile, Clockwork Creature Being Similar to Solaris, Actually a Mecha From Unwilling Roboticization, Super Strength, Final Boss, New Dimension
  • Domains: Time, Destruction, Monsters, Clockwork
  • Followers: The Chronophage, The Chronovore, The Langoliers, The Maelstorm
  • Interests: The Anti-Monitor, Unicron
  • Superior: Dr. Eggman
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman's allies, Dr. Wily, Lavos, Lord English
  • On speaking terms with: Mephiles the Dark
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman's enemies, Sonic the Hedgehog and all his allies, Mega Man and his allies, The Pantheonic Time Police, Wreck-It Ralph, The Doctor, Dialga, Rassilon, Kirby, Agent 9, Clockwork, Chronos, The Dahaka
  • The Time Eater was an enigmatic supernatural entity that Dr Eggman found floating in space. Intrigued by the being's power over time, he worked with his past self to turn the Time Eater into a Humongous Mecha he could use to undo his past defeats. The Time Eater wrecked havoc on history, swiping different points in space-time, before eventually succumbing to the combined force of Classic and Modern Super Sonic.
  • As the name suggests, the Time Eater can "eat" time and drag points of history into a white void. For this reason, it is considered a mortal foe of Pantheonic Time Police. Dr Eggman considers the creatures his ace against them, at least until he finds something better. There have been some comparisons made to Mephiles, and some even theorize it's what's left over from Solaris. No word on if this is the case, however.
  • All guardians and deities of time consider the Time Eater to be an abomination that must be put down ASAP. This includes Dialga, Clockwork and Chronos.
  • Seemingly devoid of sentience, and is the first Eldritch Abomination Dr Eggman has learned to control. As such, it doesn't have much allies out of Dr Eggman's, and is mainly focused on eliminating allies of Sonic. Due to their partnership, Dr Wily is interested in the Time Eater being much more effective in time manipulation than any Robot Master or the Time Skipper. Eggman is happy to let Wily be the co-pilot, as he thinks Wily is just as smart as himself and Classic Eggman thinks Modern Eggman's a bit loopy.
  • Due to being Dr Eggman's monster and now siding with Dr Wily, all allies of both Sonic and Mega Man are considered the creature's enemy. It also considers Kirby and Agent 9 enemies. With Agent 9, this is because of his position of providing Boss Arena Recovery, which is inconvenient since Super Sonic ends up burning through rings to sustain his state and Agent 9 can replenish them. Kirby is probably due to fighting monsters like itself on the regular.
  • The only other beings something as primal as itself can relate to is Lavos and Lord English. Lavos is a beast of apocalyptic destruction that seems to lack intelligence, only doing what comes naturally to it. That, and the Time Devourer is similar in how it eats time. Lord English is intelligent albeit still idiotic, but thinks the Time Eater's powers would be very useful for his efforts to destroy everything everywhere.
  • The Anti-Monitor and Unicron recognize that the Time Eater, like themselves, can devour dimensions. While the Time Eater is a lot weaker and less focused, they consider the creature to be a very useful tool in enhancing their own abilities once they learn to usurp control from Eggman. Most agree the good doctor's ownership would be the lesser of two evils.
  • Rassilon wants to suppress and analyze such a creature, most people thinking this might be part of his plan to pull out the Final Sanction again when things go south, or as a potential ace in another Time War. It didn't take long for the Doctor to catch on to this, but at the end of the day, Dr. Eggman finds both inconvenient for his own ambitions with the Time Eater.
  • Hated by the Dahaka. While on the surface both are shadowy creatures related to time, the Dahaka is a guardian entity and what the Time Eater does is more that change fate but a danger to time itself, making him one of his top priorities to take down.

Unicron, God of Planet Eaters (The Chaos Bringer, The Lord of Chaos, The Destroyer, Dark God, Death God, Planet Eater, The Demon, Ginormous Weird-looking Planet, The Monster)
His Planet mode 
Aligned Unicron 
IDW Unicron 
  • Greater God with aspects of Eldritch Abomination
  • Symbol: His alternate mode; an immense, horned planetoid with a massive ring surrounding it.
  • Theme Music: Unicron's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Antithesis of Primus, Physical God, God of Evil, Transforms into a planetoid, either a primordial being or created by a mad scientist, A threat to the entire universe, Often empowers other beings to carry out his tasks, capable of devouring whole planets in mere minutes, Incomprehensible Uber-Beings, Unconquerable Hunger, Actors Slumming It, Omnicidal Mania, Unwitting Pawn to Starscream, Succeeded in destroying Cybertron
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Consumption, Planets, Robots
  • Heralds: The Fallen, Nemesis Prime, Razorclaw, Ramjet, The Blendtrons note 
  • Followers: Demon King Neo, Jenova
  • Allies: SCP-682, Nekron, Dharkon, The Shadow Monster, Gigyas, AM, Darth Nihilus
  • Rival: Galactus, The C'Tan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Megatron/Galvatron, Starscream, Merged Zamasu
  • Enemies: Primus (his brother and eternal enemy), Optimus Prime, Every other Transformer in existence, Mata Nui, The Rebellion and Empire, G.I. Joe and Cobra, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Silver Surfer, Mogo, The Tyranids, the Grand United Alliance of Good, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Galeem, The King of All Cosmos, SCP-1548, The Sleeper
  • Opposed by: The Grand United Alliance of Law, The House of Time and Space, Thanos, The Unbidden, Gandalf
  • Demon, Monster, Planet Eater, Destroyer, Lord of Chaos. These are but a few titles used to describe one of the most dangerous beings in the entire Multiverse. Unicron. The Chaos-Bringer. Much is known about what this Transformer is capable of, but his origins are the subject of great debate. Some may claim he was constructed by the scientist Primacron, others say he was created by the last Antillan, who wanted revenge on all Cybertron for the death of his people and daughter. But most tend to lean towards Unicron being a living being, existing long before the creation of the Transformers and being the brother and sworn enemy of their creator, Primus. It was their conflict that forged the aspects of good and evil in the Transformers universe; from the creation of The Fallen, to ultimately becoming one of the stepping stones in the Autobot-Decepticon war.
    • Unicron sees all living beings as a personal insult to him, and has made it his goal to completely destroy all existence, consuming everything in his wake. Planets, stars, moons, you name it. So far, he has devoured 22.56% of all universes and after much travelling, he came upon the Pantheon, orbiting high above it in his planetary alternate mode. Luckily for its inhabitants, his brother Primus protects it. To be truthful, the only reason Unicron hasn't destroyed the Pantheon yet is because of his competition with Galactus and the interference of the Imperial Death Star, both of which have been keeping the Chaos Bringer at by with some subtle assistance from Primus himself. They, along with the arrival of the Autobots, Decepticons, and Rebel Alliance, exhausted Unicron's power and forced him back into his planet form, entering a state of hibernation and resulting in cheers of joy throughout the Pantheon...
  • But not everything ended in sunshine and rainbows. While Unicron remains in hibernation... his Heralds took the time to invade the Pantheon. There are seven Heralds altogether; Nemesis Prime, Razorclaw, Ramjet, the trio of Fuzors called Blentrons, and the infamous thirteenth Prime known simply as The Fallen. All have been working to sew chaos and dissent in the Pantheon, all while gathering up large supplies of Dark Energon and Angolmois Energy to reenergize their master. They're also ridiculously powerful, and even the most skilled Gods have a difficult time fighting them.
  • From time to time, Unicron will regain enough energy to transform. When that happens, he and Galactus will compete once a week, every week, for the position of God of Planet Eaters. The winner takes the title, the loser gets eaten. They only stopped long enough to bitchslap the Beast Planet for being a pretentious wannabe. In case you're all wondering, Unicron cuts and Galactus serves.
    • It's been rumored that the two of them are due for a DEATH BATTLE!, though Wiz and Boomstick have kept quiet about when it will occur. Whenever it happens, nobody will be safe, though Silver Surfer has been trying to keep the pair in line, having been a former Herald to Galactus before realizing the error of his ways and switching sides.
  • Though he has mostly been inactive, when Unicron does get enough energy to attack the Pantheon, everyone becomes involved. Grudges are put aside, enemies turn into allies, and even Cosmos and Melkor will put aside their differences to take down the Chaos-Bringer with their allies. Unfortunately, Nekron caught on, and brought Unicron in as one of his Ring Overlords. The alliance has been a bit tedious, especially with Zamasu wanting the honour to wipe out the multiverse to himself. He's still found fellow deities who share his interests to wipe out all existence, such as Dharkon, Gigyas, and the Shadow Monster.
  • Should anyone make it inside Unicron, they will be greeted by a truly horrifying sight. Hidden within the Chaos-Bringer's body are his anitbodies, hideous creatures comprised of the mashed up remains of Unicron's devoured victims and worlds. They act as his "immune system", protecting their master from any outside threats. This has given AM plenty of subjects to experiment on, and has even installed a portion of himself into Unicron's body to torture new victims that have been consumed.
  • Although the original Galvatron was created from a reformatted Megatron by Unicron, the Decepticon leader has renounced ever being associated by the Planet Eater... except when he does become Galvatron, and is forced to become his Herald once more.
    • Interestingly, it was Starscream of all Decepticons who tricked Unicron when the pair worked together to get revenge on Galvatron and the Autobots. The Chaos Bringer has not forgotten what the Seeker did, nor has he forgiven.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Star-Lord, have become enemies of Unicron, whose planet form reminded them too much of Star-Lord's father Ego, and even teamed up with Thanos himself to curb the efforts of the Heralds. Thanos may not like it, but what good would his perfect universe be if everyone was killed off?
  • Unicron is locked in an eternal stalemate with the Death Star, with the Planet Eater trying to devour the battle station and it fighting back with its super-laser. They draw apart for brief periods to create the tides, cause eclipses, and fool around with other gods. Looking to find a way to drain Unicron of his energy, the Imperials re-engineered the Death Star, coverting it into a Transforming Mecha bearing a striking resemblance to Darth Vader. The two duked it out for a time before both were so drained of energy they reverted back to their alt modes... where they continued their old duel once more.
    • From time to time, the Jedi and Rebel Alliance will make a truce with their Imperial enemies to sabotage the efforts of the Heralds trying to restore Unicron to his full power, though that has been met with minimal success.
  • Thanks to his habit of devouring whole planets, Unicron has gained an enemy in the form of Mogo, a powerful Green Lantern and member of the Pantheon's Nature Preservers. Anytime the Chaos Bringer tries to take a bite of him, Mogo simply blasts back using his Lantern powers, turning the skies above the Pantheon a brilliant emerald. Unicron has also gained the ire of SCP-1548 after trying to eat it. The evil sun didn't appreciate the attempt. On that topic, the C-Tan's habit of poisoning and eating stars certainly caught Unicron's attention, and has since declared them to be rivals in his conquest of destruction.
  • Massively disappointed in his IDW incarnation for being nothing more than a mindless Weapon of Mass Destruction controlled by the spirit of a dead scientist. Despite that incarnation's power and success in destroying Cybertron, Unicron does not take it kindly to being reduced to a supporting character to prop up someone else's story. He vastly prefers his animated incarnations because they actually live up to his reputation as a malevolent cosmic god.
  • The Unbidden don't like him one bit. Being energy-based organisms who seek to devour sapient life they, like with the rest of the GUAD, can summarize their plans as tossing all the buffet food into the dumpster. Still, they don't view the Chaos-Bringer as an enemy. That honour belongs to The Sleeper. Being a comet which in truth had a eldritch abomination living within it, The Sleeper sees Unicron as a threat to its very existence. As a result, it stays as far away as possible but one day, when it breaks free of its rocky prison, it will encounter beings such as Unicron and do battle with it.
    • The King Of All Cosmos became an enemy to Unicron after discovering the Chaos-Bringer eating the planets he, his son, and his son's cousin have made. As a result, he plans to one day creating a big enough Katamari to roll Unicron into and turn him into a harmless planet... progress has been slow though.
  • Unfortunately, the Pantheon's deities came across a truly horrible realization; Unicron cannot be destroyed permanently. They can blow up his physical body yes, reduce him to a head orbiting the planet, it doesn't matter. He will survive in another part of the multiverse, ready to continue his quest to end all of existence, even going so far as becoming a black hole.
  • Can also be found in Planetary and Celestial.
  • "Destiny... you cannot destroy my... Destiny!"

Intermediate Gods

Gluttony the Voracious, the God Defined by His Hunger

    Jabba the Hutt 
Jabba Desilijic Tiure, God of Disgusting Table Manners (Jabba the Hutt, "Jabba the Wise", "Jabba, the Omnipotent")


Lesser Gods

    Anthony Chu 
Anthony "Tony" Chu, God of the Consumption of Inedible Substances

    The Dementors 
The Dementors, Gods of Soul Eating
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A hooded black cloak
  • Theme Songs: The Dementors Converge (film), GBA game theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Evil, Black Cloak, The Dreaded, Emotion Bomb, Emotion Eater, Ghostly Chill, The Heartless, Humanoid Abomination, Mind Rape, Embodiment Of Depression, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Vader Breath, Walking Wasteland, Fate Worse than Death through the Dementor's Kiss And Eating Souls
  • Domains: Cold, Depression, Despair, Soul (and lack thereof), Horror
  • Superior: J.K. Rowling
  • Interests: The Auditors of Reality, The Godhand
  • Allies: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Dolores Umbridge, Lord Voldemort, the Witch-king of Angmar, Despair of the Endless, Aza'gorod the Nightbringer, Junko Enoshima, Dark Gaia
  • On good terms with: Hope Crushers (mainly on their end), Yuuki Terumi, Nurgle, Molag Bal, Sauron
  • Rivals: The other C'Tan, No Face
  • Enemies: Madoka Kaname, all other Harry Potter deities, most of the House of Emotion, SCP-999, the other Chaos Gods, Hope Bringers, Father and his homunculi, Auriel, The Phantom Thieves of Heart, Bro'dee Walker, Hal Jordan, Willy Wonka, the heroic LOTR characters
  • Feared by: The House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Fears (seriously): Rational!Harry Potter
  • Respects: Ungoliant, Darth Nihilus
  • Dementors are among the foulest creatures to exist in the world of Harry Potter and with good reason. Embodying despair itself, their presence spreads despair and they feed off it. Worse still is the Dementor's Kiss, where they will eat your soul. It's unknown if they can die; all that's known is how their breeding can be stopped.
  • Just being near them is Mind Rape, and, when they actually try to attack, you will be left with absolutely nothing but the worst experiences of your life. The Puella Magi fear the dementors more than anyone else in the Pantheon. The nature of these beings is more than simply crippling in their case: it's downright lethal, utterly overwhelming their Soul Gems with corruption in a matter of a few seconds.
  • If they get too close, they can and will give you the Dementor's Kiss. You won't die per se, but you won't have anything. No soul, no sense of self, no personality, no nothing. It's a Fate Worse than Death. And it isn't as cheap as death usually is in the Pantheon. Someone wondered if they could also destroy Horcruxes, assuming it even takes notice of it. The soul is either digested, or worse, remains to continue.
  • There's a certain peculiarity regarding just how much they affect Harry Potter compared to literally everyone else (except his fanfiction counterpart). Lupin claims it's the severity of the memory of his parents' death by Voldemort, but it barely holds water due to how surely most other people have almost certainly lost loved ones from the Death Eaters. One theorist posits that Harry's fragment of Voldemort inside of him was a factor for just how much pain it gives Harry; given Voldemort's own near-death as a result of his deflected Killing Curse as well as his absolute fear of death...
  • They can think, as shown by making deals with the Ministry of Magic and the Death Eaters. For the latter, it's probably because they would bring a lot of despair and let them have freer reign. The same logic was applied to joining the GUAE. Melkor likes the despair they bring because of the general mindset that the world should know depression before snuffing it out completely out of spite for not creating it. Because of their connections to Voldemort, they have ties with the GUAE Corruption Agents.
  • By their own nature, the Dementors find those who seek to bring despair appealing. Junko Enoshima actually enjoyed their presence and was able to make out a deal to use them as part of her own goals of bringing absolute despair. Dark Gaia in its own way recognized kinship, seeing as how its darkness generally brings out negative emotion. Less maliciously, Despair of the Endless regards the Dementors as a sort of pet. Given she is the Anthropomorphic Personification of ennui while also representing its positive qualities, most believe that the Dementors are better off with her keeping an eye on them.
  • While Yuuki Terumi loves the suffering the Dementors embody and bring, ultimately he wants to bring out his own taste of despair rather than their own. Of course, they're still useful and he likes them on principle. Aku would rather ignore them, as Dystopia Justifies the Means isn't as fun without a sense of hope to rip away and they can't help with that. Molag Bal's fond of the Dementors for the sheer despair that they bring and represent. If there's one con to them it is that their Soul Eating gets in the way of entrapping the deceased into Coldharbour and turning them into Soul Shriven where then their suffering is perpetual.
  • They follow Rowling, although she dislikes them, given that they're the personifications of her battle with depression. Within their universe, they guarded the wizard prison Azkaban. As expected, their presence made it a living hell. Most in the Pantheon consider the dementors to be too sadistic a punishment for those locked up. There are a few who probably deserve it, but still most feel they should be a boogeyman since breaking people's spirits doesn't help improve them.
  • Can be repelled by the spell 'Expecto Patronum', which summons a personification of the caster's hope and happiness. However, it has been discovered that sufficiently powerful light magic, such as Keyblades or the Hama/Kouha line of spells can also harm them; a few deities wonder if the First Keyblade (Sora's) or the X-Blade can actually destroy the abominations, but thus far there haven't been any opportunities to test this theory. Sora managed a few solid whacks on a dementor, but it fled before he could deliver a killing blow. Blue Lantern energy constructs, and the energy from the Spirit Bomb can also keep them at bay, just like the Patronus.
  • The Dementors are antithetical to any Hope Bringer, and any literal force of hope, will and happiness is their kryptonite. As a Green Lantern's willpower is all about overcoming great fear, and a Blue Lantern is about hope, they are laughably outmatched facing either. And when both are active, it's one of the few things that can kill a Dementor.
  • More amusingly, the Dementors can't stand SCP-999 for how saccharinely happy it is and how it makes people so happy. One of the foulest creatures out there powerless against a cute orange blob was very cathartic for most of the pantheon. On a lesser note, chocolate helps people recover from the trauma of a Dementor attack.
  • Regarded as the bane of the House of Emotion, and loathed by most there. The shift to being in charge of Soul Eating was welcomed as it means the Dementors don't haunt them as much. During their tenure, they were seen as nastier versions of No Face as they both feed on emotion. However the Auditors of Reality were more interested than contemptuous of the Dementors. Partly because depression makes humans more predictable and "easier" to list, partly because they're so dry and emotionless the Dementors have no effect on them. And it's not like they have a soul to remove.
  • Some people wondered why the Ministry of Magic decided that Azkaban, filled with Dementors, would be an ideal prison for Dark Wizards. This is how that came to be. If you ever wondered where they came from, this will answer your question.
  • Another Harry Potter wants them gone forever and they fear him, since he actually succeeded in destroying one of their number. There are some accounts that the Death Eaters are instead adorable with some shyly confessing their love to one another. Of course said account portrayed Ron eating Hermione's family and Harry Potter dipping her in hot sauce, so take it with a grain of salt or two. This actually got a laugh out of Voldemort.
  • As the Dementors are inherently hostile and only seem to exist to make people miserable, some in the Grand United Alliance of Good are tempted to believe exterminating them entirely is justified.
  • As they feed on souls, the Dementors are disliked by most of the Chaos Gods since they steal souls that could go to them. Mainly Slaanesh, given their despair is antithetical to his/her/their passion and lust, and Tzeentch for personifying hope and change. Nurgle is the exception, since he is fine with the Dementors due to representing despair along with stasis and disease. Most C'Tan regard the Dementors as smaller rivals, with the exception of the Nightbringer. It's likely an aesthetic choice with the reaper-like appearance of the Dementors, and the Nightbringer's fondness for scaring people more so than the rest of its brethren.
  • Those with more than one soul are a very enticing meal for the Dementors. Marceline, having absorbed five vampire souls, had them target her. However the Homunculi were the most attractive target for the Dementors, due to their Philosopher's Stone comprising of thousands of souls. One can only hope the Dementors would choke on them.
  • Resemble ringwraiths. Sauron is amused by this and their capacity for bringing despair, and the Witch-King likes the comparison enough to be able to command them. This worries most of the heroic inhabitants of Arda.
  • They once tried to feed (on separate occasions) on Darth Nihilus and Ungoliant, which ended up backfiring due to their natures. In fact, the opposite happened: The Dementors were devoured by Nihilus and Ungoliant...which then lead to the two abominations getting food poisoning due to the Dementors’s status as amortal beings. However, this, along with their immense dark powers, actually impressed the dementors, who decided to aknowledge both Nihilus and Ungoliant as potential new masters should something happen to Voldemort. Naturally, the mere idea of Nihilus or Ungoliant having an army of Dementors at their beck and call is quite terrifying for a majority of the Pantheon.
  • Any dementors in search of a regular diet of souls were employed at the the Overlook Hotel. Both of these entities, one a monstrous supernatural force that was intent on killing its guests, the other, a group of amortal beings that consume the happiness and souls of its victims, made for a force to be reckoned with. Once the trap was set and the victim had no chance of escape, the Dementors would strike. This deal not only made many Dementors find a stable supply of their natural diet, but also made the Overlook a whole hell of a lot scarier.

Monstro, God of Devouring Heroes Whole
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head with his mouth wide open
  • Theme Songs: Monstro Awakens, A Very Small Wish, Monstrous Monstro
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Ensemble, Captain Ersatz, The Dreaded, Extreme Omnivore, Final Boss, Somewhere, a Mammalogist Is Crying, That One Level, Villainous Breakdown, Womb Level,
  • Domains: Oceans, Food, Villains, Beasts, Whales
  • Allies: None; Monstro tries to eat anyone that gets close
  • Rivals: Moby Dick, The Kraken, Red Gyarados, Scylla, Charbydis
  • Enemies: Pinocchio, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Terra, Riku, Ventus, Aqua, Mickey Mouse, Isaac, Wailord, Aquaman
  • Opposed by: Eren Yeager
  • Monstro ascended to his position after becoming famous for having swallowed Pinocchio and Gepetto whole, then later eating Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and Riku on separate occasions.
  • Monstro's ascension caused quite the ruckus in the Pantheon's aquarium, as he proceeded to try and eat everything he could fit into his mouth. It takes massive quantities of fish to pacify his hunger enough that he will settle on the sea floor to rest.
  • Monstro sees Moby Dick as potential competition to his diet and has his eye on the white whale.
  • Many Disney deities shivered in fear upon hearing of Monstro's arrival in the pantheon, especially Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku, who have had to navigate the massive whale's labyrinth-like insides. They make sure to stay as far away from the whale as they possible can.
  • Upon finding out that Pinocchio was in the Pantheon, Monstro let out a furious roar and expressed a desire for vengeance upon "the one that got away."
  • Through their journeys, Terra, Aqua and Ventus have encountered an artificial copy of Monstro in the Mirage Arena. Needless to say, they are not in any hurry to get into a scuffle with the real deal anytime soon.
  • Many within the Pantheon are perplexed at how Monstro is able to function given how bizarre his anatomy is for a whale. Upon hearing of Monstro's maze-like innards, Isaac let out a scream and curled up in the fetal position while crying, memories of his mother coming back to him.
  • Eren Yeager despises Monstro and sees him as no better than the Titans he fights against and has vowed to come after the whale once the Titans are gone.
  • Monstro reminds Link of Lord Jabu Jabu due to both of them being whales that have devoured people. However, Link keeps his distance, knowing that while Lord Jabu Jabu ate Ruto due to being plagued by a parasite, Monstro does so of his own volition.
  • Aquaman was once called in to try and make Monstro easier to deal with. Things were actually going pretty good until he relinquished control. Needless to say, Monstro did not take well to the knowledge of being controlled. After the incident, Monstro instantly flies into a murderous rage upon seeing the King of Atlantis in his territory.
  • Wailord does not particularly care for Monstro due to the man-eating whale giving cetaceans a bad name.

Muffet, Goddess of Arachnid Attires and Innocuously Named Products (Miss Muffet)
art by dogbomber
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pet muffin monster, or a teacup filled with spiders
  • Theme Song: Spider Dance
  • Alignment: Neutral Pro-Spider (In other words, True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Binds her opponent's SOUL in a "web", Can be bribed with GOLD or her own products, Serves spiders as food, Cute Monster Girl, Hartman Hips, Distinguishing giggle, Attacks with spiders and donuts and croissants, Holds a bakery, Lets anybody loose so long as they don't hurt spiders
  • Domain(s): Spiders, Pastries, Monsters
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Temmies, Orren Pierre Alfonzo
  • Enemies: All who kill spiders (unless it's to eat them), Arachnophobes (Misty, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Billy), SCP-953
  • Opposes: Widowmaker
  • Muffet acquired the attention of the Pantheon when she was found having trapped numerous victims in a secret corner in the House of Commerce (or the House of Food, no one could remember) because of the fact that they hurt spiders. As soon as they heard of the disappearances, Frisk was quick to appeal to her to let them go, even if some of them really did hurt spiders. When the other gods caught sight of her looks and apparel, it was decided that she be ascended in order to keep her in check.
  • Now that Muffet has ascended, she decided to open a shop where she sells food made from spiders by spiders. Contrary to what most would think, the products she makes are actually really delicious (according to Frisk at least).
    • However, her longtime business rivals, the Temmies, had already set up shop before her. And this time, she is going to make sure that her Spider Donuts make a better impression than those pesky Tem Flakes, even though she finds them delicious.
  • As a supporter of all Spider related, she is a huge fan of Spider-Man himself, even sometimes dressing as him. She was initially very upset that Peter did not buy any of her Spider Donuts, until Peter revealed his long-standing financial troubles to her. She gives him large discounts as a result, which he eats for her sake.
    • She also met the Alternate Gwen Stacy and, unlike Peter, she actually got to try some of her pastries and found them pretty good (she is financially more well-off after all). And of course, a Spider-Gwen costume was inevitable.
  • One of the things that will piss her off is if you harm a spider in her presence. She once caught Garfield hitting one and she immediately webbed him up for his cruelty. Garfield was almost fed to her Muffin pet, but he was saved in the nick of time by Frisk. This serves as a warning that harming spiders is not a good idea.
    • She is also not really fond of Billy. Besides him being afraid of spiders, she considers the treatment of his spider "son" to be unacceptable.
  • Being a spider Monster Girl, Muffet decided to go out and meet other people like her. She was glad to meet Arachne and Rachnera, although the two are rather confused by Muffet's more anthropomorphic appearance.
    • Rachnera also invited her to "play with her webs". Muffet still isn't quite sure what her offer means or what to think of it.
  • She is also a supporter of other races that embrace their love and care for spiders. For example, hearing about how Widowmaker used to fear Spiders yet came to feel like one after a while made her giggle with joy.
  • Since she runs a pastry shop, Muffet has found a rival in Kamer Rider Bravo given that he also runs one. However, she is rather friendly towards him, at least because he hasn't harmed spiders as far as she knows.
  • Often seen with a rather big Muffin Spider Monster that happens to be her pet. She also likes to feed it people that either has done bad things to spiders or tried to steal from her shop.
  • According to unknown sources, she is apparently a really young spider monster even though she looks older and even runs her own business. Might explain why she is so childish most of the time.
  • Despite the Temmies being her sales rivals with their Temmie Flakes, she occasionally is seen scarfing them down, embarrassed that she finds them so delicious.
  • She has been called out as a hypocrite by many gods for proclaiming herself a defender of spiders and attacking people who hurt spiders, even though she eats her own kind and makes pastries out of them. Muffet replies that it's only natural for big and strong spiders to eat smaller spiders, but squashing spiders out of fear or torturing them for fun is a waste of good spiders. Those who spend time with her come to realize that she clearly genuinely cares for her smaller brethren in her own way, though she seems to privilege the survival of collectives over that of individuals.

    No Face 
No Face, God of Feeding On Emotions (Noh Face)
  • Lesser God/Kami
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: presumably True Neutral normally, varies depending on his surroundings
  • Portfolio: Japanese spirits, feeding on emotions and being influenced by them, awesome masks, changing shape, eating a lot (only when corrupted by greed), looking sinister without being evil
  • Domain: Spirit, Emotion, Loneliness
  • Allies: Chihiro Ogino, other Studio Ghibli deities, Coraline Jones
  • Enemies: GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposes: Darth Nihilus
  • No Face experiences the emotions he eats. Positive emotions keep him firmly on the side of Good, but negative emotions can contaminate him and turn him into a powerful destructive force. Since all the Gods in the House of Emotion literally radiate emotions, he could potentially become one of the most dangerous residents of the House if he was allowed to approach the wrong deities. Shortly after his ascension, there was an accident wherein he went on a murderous rampage after being near Kefka Palazzo for too long. Once the Good-aligned Gods managed to calm him down with the combined radiance of their emotions, they resolved to keep gods of Evil away from him by any means necessary.
  • His body is very resistant to damage, and can easily shrug off magical attacks.
  • No Face and Hata no Kokoro should not be placed anywhere near each other. On one hand, due of Kokoro's masks represent different emotions, no one is sure what would happen if No Face started feeding on all of those masks. On other hand, Kokoro gaining No Face's mask would possibly make her able to feed on emotions, and no one is sure to what extent she would go with that.
  • To say he was very happy to hear about Chihiro's ascension would be an understatement. He also got to meet her new friend too.
  • Can also be found in Other Emotions.

Orga, God of Counterintuitive Eating
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Theme Song: Godzilla VS Orga (US Version), Orga's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Horror Hunger, Dumb Muscle, Healing Factor
  • Domains: Aliens, DNA
  • Heralds: The Millennians
  • Allies: Gigan, King Ghidorah, ADVENT
  • Rivals: Xenomorph Drone, The Goliath, Chin Chin
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Rodan, Deoxys, Galaxy Man, The Monsters, John Nada
  • Intrigues: Mesogog and other villainous biologists
  • The Millennians are a group of aliens that sought to take over Earth and rule it for a whole millennium. Orga is the result of one Millennian trying to consume Godzilla’s DNA and the process getting botched. The Millennians as a whole can assimilate an opponent’s DNA by biting them and in an attempt to save itself, Orga was prepared to eat Godzilla whole. Thanks to the fact that Godzilla was already prepared to blast Orga with a nuclear pulse after getting bitten, this ended up being a really bad idea.
  • Another day in the Pantheon would lead to yet another disaster as someone sighted a weird-looking UFO headed towards a city. Later that day, that same eyewitness saw several UFOs similar to the previous one and had to warn people to take action. It ended up being another day at work for everyone who took action to try and ward off the UFOs, determined to make sure the Pantheon wouldn’t fall into ruin. Sometime later, Orga, who was part of the group of UFOs, identified as The Millennians, went on a rampage destroying everything in its path, before coming across Godzilla. The two engaged in another fight, with Godzilla defeating that adversary once more. Orga and the rest of The Millennians haven’t given up on their goals in spite of their loss, with Orga in particular hoping to finally gain proper access to Godzilla’s DNA.
  • While Godzilla is Orga’s primary target when it comes to assimilating someone’s DNA, several others aren’t safe from Orga as that kaiju is constanting looking for someone to eat to assimilate someone’s DNA into himself. Gigan, who Orga was working with at one point (and still continues to do so in the Pantheon mainly for the sake of Gigan’s bloodlust), was someone who Orga attempted to eat and the wide variety of monsters present in the Pantheon presented Orga with an assortment of potential targets alongside Godzilla.
  • Numerous fights have broken out between Deoxys and Orga, with others such as other Millennians getting caught in the conflicts. Being another alien and one that is not only able to change between different forms with different strengths but have a number of references to DNA within itself (including being what’s essentially a living chromosome), being able to assimilate Deoxys is something that The Millennians have been highly interested in. While Orga will simply see Deoxys as an obstacle in his path to Godzilla, he will fight it if it means the rest of the Millennians can try and assimilate Deoxys’ DNA for themselves.
  • In his quest to find more chromosomes and get more people to worship him, Chin Chin learned about Orga, the latter’s race, and their schtick of assimilating someone’s DNA for themselves to become rulers of Earth. Taking it as a sign that someone else is interested in chromosomes, Chin Chin made his way to where Orga and some other Millennians were at and attempted to convince them to hand over whatever chromosomes they had to him. It didn’t work out the way he liked and Chin Chin has since believed that Orga and his race were part of a rival cult looking to steal chromosomes for themselves. Chin Chin has taken it upon himself to find others and convince them to sacrifice their chromosomes so that (in his own words) they can be safe from “millennial aliens”.
  • Being a group of alien invaders that wanted to conquer Earth, it didn’t take long for others with a similar goal to learn about Orga and the rest of its kind. The aliens that are focused more on assimilating others and generally ruling over other people instead of blatant destruction have taken some interest with Orga and The Millennians. ADVENT in particular has considered using them and Orga as additional muscle as a means of expanding ADVENT’s influence in the Pantheon.
    • Of the malicious aliens in the Pantheon, some have noticed a similarity between Orga’s race and the Xenomorphs in terms of using DNA to their advantage. Whereas The Millennians are willing to assimilate others DNA as part of their goal for global conquest, the Xenomorphs are more inclined to just murder anyone in their way and find helpless victims to increase their numbers and get more Xenomorphs with additional traits borrowed from their hosts. The Xenomorphs and The Millennians have had an aggressive rivalry with each as to how many deities they can go after to increase their numbers, but the possibility of Orga (or any other Millennian) getting ahold of DNA from a Xenomorph is something that many other deities don’t want to see happen.
  • Deities who have had experience taking on alien invaders were already prepared to take on whatever Orga and The Millennians were planning. Of them, Ginormica and her friends already knew what they were up against considering that they’re working with Godzilla and Mothra in dealing with other giant aliens that threaten the Pantheon. John Nada, already angry at the prospect of yet another alien in the Pantheon, had plenty of reason to try and take down Orga and The Millennians as their ability to assimilate the DNA of others could prove deadly if their plan (whatever it may be) moves far enough.
  • At first, the prospect of meeting another group of sentient flying saucers excited Galaxy Man, but after he learned what The Millennians intended to do, that quickly turned into fear and disgust. The idea of having his genetic code being assimilated into a group of aliens hell-bent on global domination was something that Galaxy Man didn’t want to happen and is willing to fight them and Orga if it means stopping their rampage.
  • The concept of a monster that can assimilate the DNA of hapless victims was something that intrigued plenty of villainous biologists. One idea they’ve had in improving their line of work was to get a sample of Millennian tissue (be it from Orga or otherwise) and examine its properties and use it for their work. Mesogog, who is very interested in Godzilla for his research, sees Orga as a failed experiment in trying to assimilate Godzilla’s DNA and he (alongside others in his field) is hoping to come up with something better than what The Millennians have attempted.
  • Orga, not known for being a smart alien, saw a creature that resembled Godzilla one day and attempted to eat him. Unfortunately, not only was this creature not Godzilla, but it turned out that nothing happened that would warrant Orga getting any physical changes. That creature happened to be The Goliath, whose genetic structure was written in RNA instead of DNA and proceeded to attack Orga in a battle that resulted in a lot of property damage before some hunters were called in to break up the fight. While Orga hasn’t made any attempts to go after The Goliath following that mishap, things are a much different story for The Goliath, especially considering the latter’s respect for Godzilla. While many can rest easy knowing that Orga and the other Millennians won’t be able to gain access to The Goliath’s vast amount of power, others are concerned about what could happen if The Goliath ate Orga (or any of the other kaiju Godzilla is familiar with) to add to whatever The Goliath is already capable of.

    Sima Shi 
Sima Shi (style name: Ziyuan), God Who Gets Angry at Losing His Food (Emperor Jing, The Genius Without A Purpose)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Lightning Sword, his Eye mask, a bag of Meatbuns
  • Theme Songs: Heaven's Will, Blade Of Fate
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with shades of Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Meatbuns, Getting Enraged At Anyone Who Takes His Meatbuns, Aloof Big Brother, Diabolical Laughter, Lifelong Regency
  • Domains: Food, War
  • Heralds: Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji (his brother and sister-in-law).
  • Allies: Sima Yi, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Byakuya Kuchiki, Zero, Karen Minazuki AKA Cure Aqua, Chousokabe Motochika (the Koei-verse version)
  • Enemies: Anyone who takes his meatbuns, Liu Bei, and his kingdom of Shu
  • He was happy being the High priest of the Meatbuns until Scooby-Doo stole the meatbun and sent him on a berserker rage and attacked the poor dog. His mortal brother once said that he once sent an army after him when he took his meatbun.
  • On occasions he can be seen conversing with Aila on the importance and tastiness of meatbuns.
  • His number one desire is to make the perfect meatbun by gathering the perfect ingredients.
  • Despite his quirks he is quite the formidable opponent being well-versed in both strategy and combat. He is searching for appropriate titles so his family can ascend.
    • This is proven quite well with a Tumblr blog stating that he was quite the regent during his time of rule (as well as being an accomplished scholar), though many events and rebellions he had to quell (as well as the loss of his two friends-turned-bad Xiahou Xuan who tried to kill him and He Yan who turned corrupt with Cao Shuang) took a toll on his health, giving him a form of eye cancer he at first recovered from via a surgery, but another battle came before he was to rest came about. He soon lost his life afterwards and fellow gods mourned for that moment.
      • Sima Shi himself states that it was nothing to worry about, for it was just mere fate that he had to die on that day. Others have claimed that his brother's infamous deeds along with the War of Eight Princes might not have happened if Shi was still alive during that time.
  • He gets along quite well with Byakuya as they both note that they sound very similar.
    • On that end, he even gets along with Alucard (especially since not only do they sound similar, but the famous Ayami Kojima even did artwork for both of them), and Motochika from the Koeiverse as well (and by proxy, the other Motochika somehow oddly enough). However, he shows a bit of disdain towards the Basara-Toyotomi Hideyoshi however, especially in his goals.
      • He also seems to find a friendship in Zero as fellow flashy-swordsmen who feel that fate has had a tight grip on them, but Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott outright disgusts him.
      • Right now, via using the hunch of that aforementioned familiar sound, he's trying to hunt down Toriko in order to learn the secrets of his order to craft meat buns worthy of any Gourmet Cell-enhanced badass' Full Course, and then eat them!
      • Has been seen alongside the Koei-verse Motochika is seemingly a bit fond of Karen Minazuki AKA Cure Aqua as an odd friend. Possibly because their respective voice actors are married. The aforementioned Zero can also vouch for that.
  • He has a habit of laughing maniacally and calling people imbeciles. Apparently he gets it from his father.
    • Does not take it well when people confuse him via his style name (Ziyuan) for the female genderbent version of Huang Zhong, who's also known as Ziyuan (they have different Chinese characters and on'yomi renderings for their names).


    Chester (Don't Starve
Chester, God of Storing Items by Eating Them (Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq., Shadow Chester, Snow Chester)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Eye Bone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portifolio: Can Hold Up To 6 Items Inside His Stomach, Series Mascot, Acts Like a Dog (And a Very Cute One, At That), A Benevolent Chest Monster, Punny Name
  • Domains: Chests, Companions, Pets, Fur
  • Heralds: Hutch, Packim Baggims, Ro Bin
  • Allies: Wilson, Rusty, Rico, Kirby
  • Enemies: The Reaper
  • Avoids: The Chosen Undead, Rayman
  • The Constant is full of many strange and frightening creatures, most of which are incredibly hostile. However, there are a few friendly, or at least neutral, creatures to balance it out, with one of the most noteworthy being Chester. A creature resembling a, well, chest, he's summoned once someone finds and holds the Eye Bone, after which Chester would act like a mobile storage, being able to hold up to 6 items in his stomach while following you around. Despite its lack of combat abilities, he's still rather useful if one is looking for extra storage space. Plus, he's as friendly and energetic as a dog. Who doesn't love dogs?
  • One day in the Pantheon, a few gods were wondering around when they suddenly came across a strange bone with an eye on it. Picking it up out of curiosity, they were shortly met with a strange, dog-like creature that followed them around as they continued walking. Eventually, they found out about his Stomach of Holding and promptly started taking advantage of the fact, putting some useless junk they had that was weighing them down. A short while later, after becoming fond of the little guy, they were approached by the scientist Wilson, who told them that the creature was his and he accidentally dropped the Eye Bone, which as it turns out summons Chester to serve whoever is holding it. After Chester proved Wilsons claims by being more affectionate towards him than he usually is towards others, he was returned to Wilson, who took him to The Court Of The Gods to get him ascended, which was why he was here in the first place.
    • After he was properly ascended for the title of Stomach of Holding, he can usually be seen with Wilson helping him hold and obtain supplies for survival. Occasionally however, his Eye Bone would get lost and end up in the hands of another god, in which case Chester would be seen following and helping them instead. Wilson usually has to track him down and ask for him back, to his annoyance. With that said, Chester still considers Wilson to be his true owner, only going along with his Eye Bone stchick because hey, that's his nature. Without anyone possessing the Bone, Chester acts like a regular animal, albeit one slightly smarter than average, wondering around The Pantheon and having interactions of his own.
  • One of the first friends Chester made while in The Pantheon was Rico of the Madagascar Penguins, a explosion loving penguin whose notorious for the same kind of stomach storage that Chester is capable of, if not more-so. Rico, finding the little monster to be rather relatable due to this, can be sometimes seen teaching Chester how to swallow and store bigger objects. So far, Chester has been able to store half a Science Machine in his digestion system. Wilson also often watches over the two, as while he notes that the training has been rather useful all things considered, he's still concerned about the Penguins generally unhinged attitudes, Rico especially. Nothing really bad has happened between the two so far, but only time will tell if that holds up.
  • Chester once decided to try and befriend the holder of Chest Monster, figuring that, being a chest monster himself, they would get along. What he didn't realize was that not only was the trope not restricted to literal mimics, just monsters who came out of chests, said holder was also a hostile Grim Reaper duel wielding revolvers ready to kill anything in front of it. Chester had to hightail it out of their as fast as possible to avoid getting killed by it. His second attempt at companionship went much better, as he ended up befriending a friendly mimic called Rusty, who led his own team of friendly dungeon monsters acting as adventurers. Chester is more than happy to accompany them if they happened to come across the Eye Bone, which suspiciously happens a lot more than one would expect.
  • During an episode of boredom, the little chest monster decided to host a challenge to see if anyone could out-eat him, partially to show off how much stacks of meat he can store and mostly because he'd thought it'd be fun. He was doing pretty well for a little bit until he discovered that he was challenged by Kirby, a small pink creature famous for having a literally bottomless stomach. To put it in short terms, the resulting competition was barely even fair for the little monster. To his credit, Chester took his loss pretty well, being far more impressed with how much Kirby can eat, and the two ended up becoming friends afterwards.
  • It should be noted that Chester isn't the only one of his kind, as creatures similar to him can be found in other areas of the Constant, usually when Chester isn't present. For reference, Hutch is a fishlike creature that can be found exclusively in dark caves, Packim Baggims is a pelican found on deserted islands that'll eat any food stored in him, and Ro Bin is a bird that can be found and hatched from an egg. Chester was still chosen to ascend thanks to being more popular than his peers, though that didn't stop him from ascending them as heralds to help out Wilson.
  • Normally, the idea of filling up Chester with literaly nothing but Nightmare Fuel in order to turn him into a whole new form would sound like an incredibly bad idea. However, not only does it not harm the creature at all nor change his attitude, its actually beneficial to him: it gives him 3 extra slots to store items in. Related to that, if one was to do the same thing with ice gems found in the Constant, it would turn him into a walking refrigerator , being able to store food items without them going bad. Unfortunately, some experimenting in the Pantheon shows that only the items found in the Constant can give Chester those abilities, though in the process it was discovered that Chester is able to store normally dangerous items with no negative setbacks.
  • One quiet day had Chester encounter a mysterious knight sitting at a campfire, looking into the night sky and minding their own business. The little monster, as usual, decided to befriend the stranger and walked up to him. The second the knight took a look at Chester, however, they immediately grabbed their sword and took a swing at the monster, which Chester narrowly avoided. The Chosen Undead took a few more swings before realizing that, no, this wasn't the usual monstrous mimic they were used to, just an innocent creature that was terrified out of its mind. After a few awkward seconds of silence, The Undead picked up their gear and left. Chester has since gone out of his way to avoid the Undead, as even if he understood it was an accident he sure as hell ain't risking that again.
    • A similar, even more embarrassing incident happened when he met the Limbless Wonder, Rayman. In this case, the hero had mistaken Chester for a separate chest monster that would flee upon seeing Rayman. Upon him seeing Chester, he started chasing the poor creature around for about five minutes, being as persistant as one can be in that amount of time. As soon as he realized that what he was chasing was a completley different creature, he immediatley stopped and started apologizing profusley, much to Chester's confusion. Any encounter afterwards would consist of the two starring awkwardly at each other for a bit before moving on, both parties not wanting a repeat of last time.

GIR, God of Robots That Eat Human Food

Hawk, the Gluttonous Pig God (Captain of the Order of Scraps Disposal, Talking Piggy, Master, Mr. Pig, Swine, Mild)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Balor's Magical Eye
  • Theme Song: Classic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gluttonous Pig, Anthropomorphic Animal, Big Eater, Boisterous Weakling, Butt-Monkey, Cannibalism Superpower, Is an animal named after another, Fake Ultimate Hero, Heroic Sacrifice, Iron Butt Monkey, Loyal Animal Companion, Rolling Attack, Small Name, Big Ego, Talking Animal, Team Pet
  • Domains: Pigs, Leftovers, Transformation
  • Herald: Wild
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ten Commandments, Zote the Mighty
  • Fears: Gluttony, SCP-524, Matt (Epic Battle Fantasy), Eli Bacon, the Angry Birds, Teostra and Lunastra, Surtr, SCP-457
  • Feared By: Most food establishment owners in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: Napoleon
  • Pitied By: Marco Pagot, Chihiro Ogino
  • Admired by: Hawk
  • Annoyed By: Peppa Pig
  • Despite his misleading name, Hawk is in fact a pig (His real name being Mild). He was born in Purgatory and lived with his older brother, Wild. Hawk's peaceful life didn't last too long, however, as the Demon King kidnapped the pig and sent him to the human realm to spy on Meliodas. Hawk was completely unaware that he was just a tool to spy on the Demon King's son, but he managed to encounter an unconscious Meliodas anyway after the Seven Deadly Sins split up after being falsely accused of murdering the chief holy knight, Zaratras. After meeting Hawk and his massive mom (Who is actually the Mother of Chaos), Meliodas got the idea of running a mobile pub called "Boar Hat" to gather information on the whereabouts of the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins. This continued for a decade until Elizabeth stumbled into the tavern looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. And so, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk set out on a long journey to find the rest of the Sins, killing demons along the way.
  • While exploring in Purgatory with Wild, Hawk found a strange looking portal. Hawk and Wild, interested to explore, jumped into the portal and wound up in the Pantheon. Hawk and Wild were instantly awestruck at the fresh air of the Pantheon, as they were used to the harsh conditions of Purgatory. They wandered around for a bit, and they were able to bump into Meliodas and Ban. Hawk instantly burst into tears at seeing his comrades again, and Meliodas and Ban were overjoyed to reunite with the pig brothers. The first thing Meliodas did after reuniting with Hawk was ascend him. Eventually, the court of gods decided on making Hawk the Gluttonous Pig God. Hawk was outraged by hist title, but Meliodas pulled him out before they get in trouble. In an attempt to calm the pig down, Meliodas and Ban brought him to his temple, which resembled Purgatory with a hut that looks exactly like the Boar Hat in the middle of the temple. In the Boar Hat, there is an endless supply of leftovers and scraps, as well as a bust of Hawk. Hawk was estatic.
  • One of the places Hawk was most eager to visit in the Pantheon was the House of Food. His original plan was to try every single meal in the large dining hall. One whiff of the air, however, sent Hawk in an eating rage. After an hour, Hawk was finally caught in the act while raiding a pantry. After this incident, several deities were trying to come up with a punishment for the pig. One of the most popular punishments (Suggested by Gordon Ramsey and Sanji) was cooking Hawk, but this idea was rejected. Eventually, it was decided that Hawk would be banned from all eating establishments in the House of Food without supervision. Hawk's supervisor used to be Wild, his brother and herald, but Hawk was able to convince him to join in his food eating antics. Wild was then replaced by Meliodas, but he was too irresponsible to pay attention to Hawk. Finally, Ban was officially deemed as Hawk's supervisor, as when the swine stepped out of line, Ban was quick to punish him.
  • Despite being banned from the house of food without supervision, Hawk was able to befriend food-goers in the Pantheon. Most notably Kirby and Fat Buu, who are both pink gluttons like Hawk (Especially Kirby, since he also has a Cannibalism Superpower). At first, Hawk taunted the duo, saying that he could probably eat more than them. Feeling challenged by this statement, Hawk was invited to join them in an eating contest. Hawk accepted, but the pig immediately wished he didn't act so high and mighty the moment he saw a pile of food the size of a tree. When Kirby and Fat Buu finished their meals, Hawk wasn't even halfway done. After the competition, Hawk apologized to them, saying that he's not worthy. The eating duo forgave him and they began to invite Hawk to eat with them. When they're not eating in the House of Food, they may be found in Hawk's temple, eating leftovers.
  • One day, while training in the House of Fighting and Combat, Hawk noticed Amethyst and Sonic were there as well. Hawk, taking advantage of the situation, approached and asked them to help him improve his rolling attacks. They accepted, and put Hawk through rigorous training. Eventually, Hawk had greatly improved his signature move, the Rolling Ham Attack. Hawk tested this out on Ban, and Hawk had become so strong that he could send the Fox Sin of Greed flying a bit! After this, Hawk has become training buddies with Sonic and Amethyst.
  • Hawk's sworn enemy is Zote the Mighty. Hawk first encountered Zote once when he was boasting about his greatness. Hawk then proceeded to taunt him, telling him that he shouldn't act so cocky, because if Hawk wanted to, he could easily squash him. Zote countered by mentioning that Hawk is a weak pig who almost got eaten multiple times. Annoyed by this, Hawk proceeded to gloat about his power level of 3,000, and that Zote shouldn't mess with him. Ever since then, Hawk and Zote have become enemies. Once, Zote challenged Hawk to a fight, stating that he could beat him easily. Hawk accepted, and actually gave Zote a pretty god beating. Hawk nearly sent Zote out of commission, but fortunately, The Knight interrupted at the right time and ended up giving Hawk a good beating as well. Hawk and Zote still don't get along, but since their fight, they have been avoiding each other (Although rumors are circulating of Zote training to get his revenge).
  • Despite being gluttonous himself, Hawk thinks that Gluttony goes to far with his, well, gluttony. Hawk didn't think too much of Gluttony until he saw a glimpse of his Belly Mouth. Hawk grew a greater fear of Gluttony when he tried eating the pig, wondering if he tasted like bacon or ham. Ever since then, Hawk has stayed very far away from Gluttony. Unfortunately, Gluttony wasn't the only terrifying glutton that Hawk has to deal with. Hawk also had to deal with SCP-524, who he approached, thinking it was a regular rabbit. Hawk immediately regretted doing so when he got a nasty bite from the rabbit. Hawk reached his limit when Matt of the Epic Battle Fantasy Party attempted to catch Hawk to turn into bacon. Hawk decided to hit him with a Rolling Ham Attack. After this, Hawk began to spend much less time in the House of Food (Hawk even asked Merlin to turn him into a human to avoid detection from both).
  • Hawk, due to being a pig, fears some other pig-fighting deities in the Pantheon. One time, Hawk had a run-in with Eli Bacon, who decided to pig-wrestle him. Hawk tried to fight back, but he was in a bear hug most of the time. Another time, Hawk infiltrated the temple of the Angry Birds after he smelled their eggs. The Angry Birds opened fire on Hawk once they caught him. Hawk hasn't recovered since, and often uses Meliodas or Ban as a security guard. This led to the Angry Birds frequently using Hal as their projectile of choice.
  • Hawk and his brother Wild both frequently visit the House of Fire and Heat and the House of Ice and Cold, due to reminding them of Purgatory and having people to interact with. Although the pigs were mostly welcomed by the House of Ice and Cold, the House of Fire and Heat wasn't as welcoming. The most notable incident involving Hawk in the house was when he almost got cooked alive by Teostra and Lunastra, who were planning on eating him. Hawk also avoids more evil-aligned deities in the house, such as Surtr and SCP-457.
  • Surprisingly, Hawk doesn't get along with many other pigs in the Pantheon. Napoleon has attempted to get Hawk to join his efforts, but Hawk sees what he did disgusting and refuses to interact with him. Hawk also dislikes Peppa Pig, as he sees her as very immature and bossy to a fault. Hawk especially dislikes how Peppa treats her little brother George and has tried to get him to do things himself. Unfortunately, George is too naive to understand what Hawk tells him. There are still pigs that Hawk gets along with, however. If there's one pig Hawk get's along with, it's one of Otis's heralds, Pig. Hawk can frequently be found at Otis's temple, but he's mostly there so he can eat with Pig.
  • Another "pig" Hawk gets along with is Piggsy. The way their friendship started was rather odd. Hawk wandered close by Piggy's temple, and Piggsy, who was out at the time, decided to feed Hawk some human flesh. Hawk thought that it was delicious and kept on visiting Piggsy's temple for more. Hawk is blissfully unaware that Piggsy is in fact a serial killer who has been feeding him flesh. One time, Hawk saved some flesh to give to Meliodas and Ban. They immediately knew that it was human flesh, but seeing how Hawk seems to see the pig-faced serial killer as a good friend, they let him have his fun.
  • Hawk is pitied by both Marco Pagot and Chihiro Ogino. Although Hawk admires Marco for being a flying pig (Something thought to be impossible), Marco, along with Chihiro, thinks that Hawk has been cursed to be a pig (Something that happened to Marco and Chihiro's parents). The Ghibli duo have tried contacting several magical deities in the Pantheon, but they were quick to confirm that Hawk is indeed a natural-born pig. They get along with Hawk, but still pity him nonetheless.

Sableye, the God who Eats Rocks and Gems (Yamirami, The Darkness Pokémon, Mega Sableye)
Mega Sableye 
  • Demigod (Intermediate God as Mega Sableye)
  • Symbol: Its diamond-like eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Abilities: Prankster (Magic Bounce as Mega Sableye)
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Knock Off, Recover, Lick
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Darkness, Gemstones, Mischievousness, Pragmatism, Stalling
  • Allies: Gengar, Rotom, Mimikyu, Ash Ketchum, Steven Universe, SCP-524
  • Enemies: Diancie, Spiritomb, Team Rocket, Murkrow, Darunia, most of the House of Commerce
  • Opposed by: The Crystal Gems
  • Nobody is quite sure how Sableye got into the Pantheon, but he was first spotted in the House of Commerce nabbing on some of the precious jewelry stored inside the House, running away before he could be caught. Based on his short stature, purple color and appetite for gems, the mysterious being was believed to be Spike at first, at least until said dragon claimed to not have been anywhere near the house, a fact confirmed by Twilight who was accompanying him at the time of the event. Only later was the creature caught while sneaking around the House, and it was then when a closer inspection revealed it was actually a Pokémon; a Sableye, to be exact.
    • After the ordeal was over, Sableye was allowed to remain in the Pantheon, albeit banned from entering the House of Commerce again. Despite this, Sableye's appetite tends to get the best of him and the Pokémon keeps sneaking into the House. While he's always kicked out after being caught, Sableye's general lack of strength and desire to eat only gemstones and jewels make him less of a menace and more of a minor annoyance that gets taken care of quickly.
    • Sableye was later approached by Spike himself, curious to learn about this new deity that was supposedly so similar to him. While the 'mon seemed scary at first, Spike was pleasantly surprised to learn that he wasn't evil at all, just mischievous, kinda lonely, and with a bit of an appetite. They have since become partners, with Spike offering to show Sableye around the Pantheon, occasionally together pulling pranks on other deities or treating themselves to a nice meal of gems. In the end, Spike is happy to have a friend that shares his interests, while Sableye is just glad to have met someone that's nice to him. However, Twilight has been keeping an eye on Sableye, worried that the latter's love for hunting gemstones might help trigger Spike's Greed.
  • For the longest time Sableye held the honor of being one of the only two Pokémon that possessed no type weaknesses whatsoever, a title he shared with fellow ghost/dark 'mon Spiritomb. Unfortunately for them, Gen VI introduced the Fairy Type, which finally granted them one type weakness and deprived them of their iconic status. However, Sableye got another chance to shine when he was granted a Mega Evolution, allowing him to become one of the best Stone Walls the world of Pokémon had seen until then. And while this Sableye hasn't displayed the ability to Mega Evolve yet, it's still something worth considering.
    • It's also worth noting that even before the Nerf Sableye was anonymously considered to be roundingly weak and unable to fulfill any specific role. That's it, until Gen V turned him into a Lethal Joke Character by giving him the ability Prankster, which combined with his moveset allowed him to become deceptively bulky. While this became mostly redundant after he gained a Mega Evolution, it's fair to say Sableye isn't as much of a weakling as he seems like at first.
  • Even though he belongs in the House of Food, Sableye prefers to reside inside the dark caverns of the House of Nature, hunting for rocks and diamonds to eat. While over there he has gained an enemy in Diancie, thanks to Sableye's tendency to prey on the Carbink that serve her. While Diancie's Fairy typing means she has an easy time driving Sableye away, the Darkness Pokémon always keeps coming back to hunting Carbink.
  • Was once approached by Ash Ketchum, who hoped this Sableye would be the same one he met back at Hoenn. While he was disappointed to learn that it was not the case, he and Sableye are still on good terms with each other. On the other hand, Team Rocket don't have many fond memories of their past experience with said Sableye and have been mostly hostile to this one.
    • Interestingly, this Sableye knows Lick, a move that Sableye can't usually learn (the sole exception being that one that Ash met, funnily enough). Nobody is quite sure exactly how this Sableye knows such move, but Sableye himself has refused to bring attention to that.
  • Gets along rather well with fellow mischievous ghosts Gengar and Rotom, although he admits that their pranks can go a little too far sometimes. He's also in good terms with Mimikyu, with both of them representing Dark Is Not Evil and Sableye being able to relate to Mimikyu's loneliness.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't really get along with Spiritomb, as not only does the latter play Dark Is Evil straight but Spiritomb itself also highly resents Sableye for gaining a Mega Evolution after they both became weak to fairies, while Spiritomb got nothing to compensate and was left in the dust.
  • Thanks to his appetite for jewels, Sableye has made his way into some deities' treasure hoards (most notably, Smaug's and Fafnir's hoards), but his sneakiness has actually allowed him to frequent these places and get out unscathed. However, Sableye always gets eventually caught in the act with unfortunate results, but he always just "faints", living to try another day. And despite his insistence, Sableye is smart enough to know when a hoard is not worth visiting anymore, usually giving it up if being caught was too much of an unpleasant experience.
    • On a similar note, while most deities expected Sableye and Darunia to be on good terms thanks to their similar tastes, Sableye just tends to get on Darunia's nerves because of his desire to get hold of the Goron Ruby, Darunia's people's most sacred treasure. It doesn't help that Sableye's mischievous behavior ticks off the usually serious goron. There was one time where Sableye actually managed to get his claws on the Ruby, and would have eaten it had Darunia not dropped the hammer on him. Since then Darunia has made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with the 'mon, and Sableye hasn't bothered to try again.
  • Sometime after ascending Sableye was approached by Steven Universe, who believed that Sableye was possibly a Crystal Gem based on the gemstones embedded on his body, maybe even a fusion since Sableye was covered by more than one kind of gem. Unfortunately the encounter didn't go so swell, as Sableye attempted to eat the Rose Quartz gem located on Steve's belly as soon as he got close to him, the latter only saving himself thanks to his barriers. After things cleared up, Steven explained himself to Sableye, quickly forgave him, and actually managed to befriend him. The two have been good pals since then, with Sableye's mischievous behavior pairing well with Steven's tendency to occasionally pull off (harmless) pranks.
    • However, the other Gems haven't taken too kindly to Sableye after hearing of the incident. They consider someone with an appetite for gems to be extremely dangerous for them, and they shudder to think of what could have happened had Sableye successfully devoured Steven's gem. And while Sableye does think that their gems do look quite delicious, they both have avoided trying anything nasty at Steven's request. Steven himself hopes they could all make up and be friends, but the situation is still tense.
  • Despite sharing the same Pokémon category of "Darkness Pokémon", Sableye and the Murkrow flock that reside in the House of Crime do not get along. This is because of Sableye constantly trying to get hold of whatever jewelry and gems the Murkrow have stolen, as well as pulling pranks and generally being a nuisance to the flock. While the birds can easily take care of Sableye when grouped together, the ghost is a sneaky one and has managed to steal from them from time to time. What annoys the Murkrow the most is that once Sableye steals something, they can't get it back since Sableye just gulps down whatever he grabbed.
  • There have been claims that Sableye is based off the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, which featured goblin-like aliens described as having shining eyes, small legs, clawed arms and swaying hips, all characteristics that Sableye possesses as well. Whenever Sableye themselves are actually extraterrestrial or not remains a mystery, but this Sableye has expressed no opinion on interest on the matter.


    The Grey Goo (Tasty Planet) 
The Grey Goo, Deity of Rising Up The Food Chain Games (Toilet Cleaner, Martian Goo)
  • Quasideity by default, but can increase in rank as it grows, up to Overdeity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Tasty Planet OST - A
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grey Goo, Extreme Omnivore, Big Eater, Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, Blob Monster, Planet Eater, Gone Horribly Right, Sphere Eyes, Accidental Time Travel, Non-Malicious Monster, Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds, Obtaining Flight As The Plot Demands, Did You Just Eat Cthulhu?, One-Track-Minded Hunger
  • Domain(s): Nanomachines, Absolute Consumption, Boundless Growth, Science Experiments
  • Heralds: Tasty Blue fishes, robot cat, a vengeful octopus, an experimental super-bee, a mine-eating rat, an evolved dingo, a vengeful whale shark, and a mutant penguin
  • High Priest: The Maw
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Goo and Valiant Singleton, The Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor
  • Opposed by: Pretty much all of existence, especially the Pantheonic Time Police
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Amaterasu, The Egyptian Pantheon, Julius Caesar, Martian Manhunter, Kirby, Deviljho, Arthur Maxson, The Grandmas, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Beatrix LeBeau, The Slime Family, Hedorah, The Blob, Lobotomy Corporation
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, House of Commerce
  • Usually, there's a natural order to things on what eats what (with a few exceptions). But some games say screw that and allow you to climb it, though obviously usually start the character way down to make the inevitable climb much easier. Like this blob of Grey Goo for example, which grows bigger as it eats. At its smallest, the only things it can eat are quarks. As it consumes quarks however, it gradually grows until it is big enough to eat subatomic particles... then atoms and molecules, then micro-organisms and dirt particles, then bits and pieces, then small pets, then humans and furnitures, then vehicles and trees, then buildings, then cities and landscape, then asteroids and then the moon... and then the planets in the solar system, then the Stars, then entire galaxies, then clusters of galaxies and then finally... the whole well as other universes which all look like quarks.
  • A group of deities in the House of Science were one day studying samples that were collected from the Martian ice cap. One of them picked up a strange reading from a particular sample after it was scanned, but was told to hurry up before they could elaborate further. Unbeknownst to them, a grey blob of goo with two eyes was slowly consuming everything within a puddle of melted ice, and not too soon, witnesses saw it gobbling up all of their equipment until it was big enough to eat the deities themselves. When the House of Science went on high alert, the grey goo escaped via a sink and ended up being washed off to another part of the Pantheon where it continued feeding. A few hours later, the Pantheon found itself being attacked by a 1000 metre-tall blob monster. Despite the combined firepower of the House of Defense and other capable and armed deities, along with prior experience to dealing with the Blob, the worst they could do to the goo is make it say "ouch". Before it could start consuming entire Houses, the Overdeities of the Pantheon quickly interfered and put the Grey Goo in stasis to prevent the Grey Goo from consuming anything even further. Upon examination, deities realized that the entity originates from a (former) universe where the Grey Goo had gotten so large that it consumed its own universe before exploding, and finding its way into the Pantheon from there. Due to the nature of its consumption of everything smaller than itself for the sake of getting bigger, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction vouched for giving it the trope of Rising Up The Food Chain Game, which meant this thing had to stay. To prevent this goo from causing immense destruction on the fly, the temple it stays in is essentially a high-security containment area to prevent the Goo from getting to a threateningly big size on its own. All visitors are advised against giving it treats, since such an action typically ends in the perpetrator and many other deities getting consumed.
  • The true origin of the Grey Goo is traced all the way back to an unnamed scientist and and his younger assistant, the former who created the all-consuming blob in first place. Said scientist vehemently denies the destructive potential of the Grey Goo, insisting to the rest of the Pantheon that the goo was supposed to "eat poo"; that it was just an "automatic bathroom cleaner". Someone from the House of Commerce asked if said bathroom cleaner is on sale. Due to such motives, there are those who are genuinely interested in using it for huge clean-up jobs, but with extreme care and caution so it doesn't eat more than it's supposed to. As for those who chastise unchecked development of sciences, Arthur Maxson harshly berated the scientist for poorly handling the Grey Goo scenario and made the Grey Goo an example of the dangers of letting technological progress surpass human control. The Brotherhood of Steel, members of the SCP Foundation, and many other volunteers were prepared to use force to contain the Goo should it leave its temple.
  • Aside from some Overdeities using their reality-warping powers and brute force, it turns out that a lot of shrinking rays and deities capable of shrinking deities, usually through magic, could outpace the Goo's growth. Other deities known for indiscriminate gluttony, like Kirby or Deviljho, could possibly eat the Goo right back, though some worry of the risks of the Goo eating whatever they ate earlier, and growing from within. There were other assimilators in the Pantheon that could do something similar, like say, Rimuru Tempest, but the Pantheon is wary of those that can absorb their abilities in the process. If the Grey Goo were to be absorbed at the hands of someone like Alex Mercer, who has gained a disturbing interest in the goo, such a deity would have no issue making use of the much quicker consumption abilities of the Goo to become unstoppable.
  • The scientist recalled the time when the Grey Goo was freed by his assistant and making a mess (Or rather, cleaning up said mess) in their laboratory when it ate a Time Machine, causing it to travel through random periods of time, change history by preventing important events from occuring and have hiccups whenever it travels through time. The Pantheonic Time Police took note of this incident and adjusted the security in The Great Treasury to account for this deity, ensuring that the Grey Goo would not, by chance, consume any time-travelling devices such as Kronika's Hourglass and the DeLorean Time Machine. Even time-travelling deities like Celebi are advised to stay away from the Grey Goo as far as possible whenever it is loose. That said, it did interest some deities about how the Goo's timeline consisted of literal turtles, all the way down.
    • There are more mixed reactions from deities related to the time periods the Grey Goo had invaded. Some dinosaur deities revere the Grey Goo for saving the dinosaurs from an extinction-causing meteor, allowing their species to survive all the way to the present day, though that would get undone the Grey Goo eating the universe later on. Egyptians, on the other hand, are upset at the Grey Goo for eating their people, their homeland and the Great Pyramid of Giza, which turned many of the Egyptian deities against the Grey Goo, not they weren't already against its existence anyway. At some point while the goo was still trapped in the past, the people's fashion sense along with the architecture have switched to match that of the Roman Empire. This is because due to the Grey Goo's rampage, the people were forced to unite and rebuild, thus preventing the empire from falling apart. Julius Caesar isn't sure what to feel about this, but that does not change his sentiments about the goo's indiscriminate aggression towards his people. Japanese deities have become hostile to the goo as well, if it's only because it terrorized Feudal Japan during its time there. Godzilla, upon learning that the goo devoured his expy and unleashed Kaiju monsters in the present, roared in a fit of rage.
  • The Grey Goo is usually hyper-aggressive towards any objects, inanimate or not, and will prioritize eating the largest one it can consume. When left with nothing to eat however, the goo will continue searching until there really is nothing to eat and becomes docile, waiting until it finds something small enough to eat. It usually steers clear of larger deities, especially the Super-Persistent Predators who can eat it whole or just run it over. With that said however, smaller deities are warned to not get too close to the goo, lest it eats them alive. Kirby ended up becoming its most feared enemy as not only can he eat the Grey Goo without any ill-effects, but also prevent it from escape with his vacuum mouth.
    • The House of Food in general is obviously a location that the Grey Goo is kept from as far as possible, even considering its place in the Hall of Consumption, with the Grey Goo's attachment to the place being only be a tremendous disaster in waiting. There's just so much food there that even without the inhabitants, it would straight up grow to city-size at the very least if it ever absorbed the whole House in. Food-based deities also feel threatened by the Grey Goo's very existence, especially for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who ended up becoming eaten by the Grey Goo once as it went to eat up the universe, making it a dreaded monstrosity for the Pastafarians in general.
  • The SCP Foundation has obtained, studied and grown a sample of the Grey Goo for use in some of their experiments. One of them tested if the Grey Goo could completely neutralize SCP-682. After growing their Grey Goo to approximately 10 metres in diameter, they moved SCP-682 into the chamber where the Grey Goo was contained. SCP-682 fought off the goo for a moment before it enveloped and swallowed it whole. For a while, nothing seemed to have happened, until the goo started groaning in pain as though it was having a tummy ache, after which the goo then suddenly got absorbed by the pissed-off SCP-682 from inside-out, making it grow larger than before. The experiment was concluded a failure, just like the other ones that were done on the unkillable entity, and the resulting rampage ended up causing a colossal amount of damage as well. If there's one thing they can confirm though, it's that the Goo can eat anything smaller than it.
  • The other Goo have mistaken it as one of their units gone rogue and sent other blobs to retrieve it. The blobs ended up being assimilated into the larger blob against the Goo's control, with said blob exclaiming, "yummy!". Upon learning that this Grey Goo is different, the Goo made an attempt to integrate it into its ever-growing army and due to this goo's rather simple programming and their similar properties, managed to partially convert it, though when the Goo expires, the Goo comes back normal. Regardless of its condition, this Goo doesn't seem to mind much— as long as it gets to eat something, it's content.
  • Other forms of slime and goo aren't fond of the Grey Goo since it hardly discriminates let alone cares for friend or foe; everything is simply food or soon-to-be-food for it. All of the denizens of the Slime Family are intimidated by it, with the Metal Slimes hoping to adapt to better ways of escaping its pursuits. Beatrix LeBeau, a slime rancher, is rather terrified of how similar it is to the Tarr she has to deal with, but with much more ruthlessness and no weakness to water. Hedorah and the Blob also see the Grey Goo as competition, the latter more so. Some deities have made the foolish mistake of watching the giant slimes absorb everything in their path in order to outgrow each other for the sake of eating the other slime. Whoever wins doesn't have qualms about eating up their onlookers, so trying to enjoy the spectacle of the Grey Goo's dining is definitely not worth trying.
  • The Grey Goo's heralds are similarly dangerous creatures that have the unusual property of growing really big from eating at concerning rates. Notably, some of them are the result of humans trying to making them into eating machines for all sorts of benefits, Gone Horribly Right as they devour their target, and then humans. Others also happen to be victims of human-caused ruination, like humans almost driving basking sharks into extinction, or causing so much pollution that it caused animals in it to mutate. The fact that one of them was an octopus that wreaked havoc on humanity for its pollution also amused the likes of Octogeddon, though even he knows better than to underestimate the likes of these creatures. If there wasn't a really good reason to respect the House of Nature before, there is plenty now. As mentioned earlier, the Goo and its heralds are masters of quickly cleaning up pollution (with humanity and everything else as collateral if not controlled and supervised), to the chagrin of deities like Mr. Burns or Hexxus, who are dismayed that it can easily ruin whatever they've tried setting up, especially for the former who has plenty of property to lose to the Grey Goo.
  • Unfortunately, luck is never on the Pantheon's side whenever it breaks free on its own. Wherever the Grey Goo goes, there always seems to be a laid-out pile of junk for it to gobble up. Sometimes it can also end up in the House of Slaughter where it cleanly devours the Ludicrous Gibs (Along with anyone unfortunate to be in its way). Even more worrying is all of the cookies left behind by the Grandmas, the hundreds of them making thousands and thousands of cookies continuously, making it a prime opportunity for the Goo to grow several sizes larger in the blink of an eye, thus people track its distance from the Grannies to prevent such a disaster from escalating further. The Grandmas themselves definitely dislike it, but they don't make as much of a big deal of it as others, probably with they've experienced from the various origins they have, let alone their connections to the Grandmatriarchs.
  • Quite a number of deities have smuggled small blobs of the Grey Goo from its temple back to their temples to make adjustments. Some managed to create a Grey Goo that works as its original creator have intended (by removing its ability to grow or give the goo a dietary preference for excretion and grime). However, others, particularly those affiliated with the GUAD tried to make their own Grey Goo to suit their destruction-oriented goals. No one barring the other Goo has been able to reverse-engineer the Grey Goo though, but the deities in House of Commerce are making a profit selling their own brand of improved "Toilet Cleaners". That said, in very desperate situations, the Grey Goo is allowed to leave its temple is when there's a ginormous mess that's too huge for the Janitor and his co-workers to handle. The Grey Goo would sometimes be paired up with the Janitor to help clean up parts of the Pantheon. Although it gets his job done faster, most of the time it would end up growing large enough to swallow him, unless the Janitor keeps stomping on the Grey Goo to keep it at a small and reasonable size, which is easier said then done.
    • While the Lobotomy Corporation is known for its history of containing and even exploiting Abnormalities, their staff know better than to try anything crazy with the Grey Goo. Having dealt with plenty of ravenous entities with boundless hunger to rival the Grey Goo, dealing with yet another entity with potential to devour the whole world and more is something they'll only help with surpressing at most. They have considered using the Beauty and the Beast Abnormality as a method of dealing with it, considering that if it was to be devoured by the goo, the goo would be forcefully transformed into another of said Abnormality, but to minimize the chaos it could cause, it's only considered as a Godzilla Threshold kind of counter.

    The Is The Order a Rabbit? Girls 
Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Goddesses of Edible Theme Naming (note , Rize: Lize, Rose | Sharo: Syaro, Sxaro)
Clockwise, starting from top right: Chiya, Rize, Cocoa, Chino, Sharo
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Tippy, Anko, and Wild Geese next to a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a Japanese sweet, and a handgun
  • Theme Songs: Daydream Café and Popping Jump
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolios: Edible Theme Naming, Moe, Iyashikei, Bunnies for Cuteness
  • Domains: Coffee, Tea, Business, Rabbits
  • Heralds: Megumi Natsu, Maya Jouga, Midori "Blue Mountain" Aoyama, Mocha Hoto, Takahiro Kafuu
  • Allies: Houkago Teatime, Bugs Bunny, Angel Bunny, Bunnymund, Miyamoto Usagi, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Hazel, Ruby (Jewelpet), Hibari, Yoshino, Cream the Rabbit, Fluttershy, Maika Sakuranomiya, Hideri Kanzaki, Chiyoko Shiraishi, the Polar Bear Cafe, Sojiro Sakura, Godot, Pandemonica, Professor E. Gadd, the Doom Slayer
  • Enemies: The Rabbit of Caerbannog, Springtrap (All), Devil (Devil World) (Cocoa)
  • Opposes: Mr. Saturn, Kyoko Kuremi
  • Fears: All rabbits (Sharo)
  • Envies: Charlie Bucket (Sharo)
  • Complicated Relationship with: Copen, Bonnie the Bunny (All), Rudolf von Stroheim (Rize), the Kims (Sharo)
  • Confused by: Killer Bean
  • Commonality Connection with: Stitch (Sharo)
  • Once upon a time, a girl named Cocoa Hoto moved into a new town to attend high school, and was searching for the cafe she's supposed to work in to pay for her accommodations. A certain cafe known as the Rabbit House brought her attention, and she entered the establishment thinking that it would be a place where you could cuddle rabbits. Inside she met Chino Kafuu, a precocious child with a pet angora rabbit atop her head. Surprised by the lack of rabbits inside, Cocoa realizes that the Rabbit House is the very café she was looking for. She decides to take the job and befriends Chino while calling herself her big sister much to Chino's embarrassment. She also met another worker in the Rabbit House, the military-obsessed Rize Tedeza, as well as the refined, traditional Chiya Ujimatsu working at the sweets shop Ama Usa An and the dignified, impoverished Sharo Kirima who works at the tea shop Fleur de Lapin. Together with her new friends, Cocoa would enjoy the coming days with all her might.
  • Applies to the group:
    • Ever since their ascension, the girls often kept trying to persuade the Court of the Gods to open up their cafes in the Pantheon so they can continue working and serve other deities with delicious drinks and treats. After some beureacratic issues, the Court allowed them to open the new branches. With enough help from the House of Craft, the Rabbit House, Ama Usa An, and Fleur de Lapin's Pantheonic branches finally opened their doors, eliciting much celebration from the girls.
    • The girl's cafe establishments are located in the House of Food and are quite close to eachother. All three of them are rabbit themed, and are staffed by the girls as well as a few mortal workers from their world.
      • The Rabbit House is staffed by Cocoa Hoto, Chino Kafuu, and Riza Tedeza and in fact was founded by Chino's grandfather. The cafe serves coffee, so naturally many coffee loving gods tend to visit the place. Godot, being the coffee conoisseur as he is, enjoys the Rabbit House's coffee, although he still tends to wax poetic about the flavors much to the girls initial confusion. They experienced some whiplash when Pandemonica's demeanor changed from tired to sadistic after she got her fill of coffee, but thankfully their drinks are good enough to prevent her from manhandling them. Copen also sometimes visits the cafe for his drink, but the girls feel a bit antsy around him because of his vengeful nature. The girls were quite unhappy to hear find out that a Mr. Saturn replaced one of their drinks with their own psychedelic ones, resulting in one patron getting drugged.
      • Ama Usa An is staffed by Chiya Ujimatsu, and the establishment has a traditional Japanese theme, as well as serving traditional Japanese sweets. A few sweets lovers have made their visits to the cafe to try it out. Stocking Anarchy loves visiting the place to gorge on sweets, and sometimes Chiya has to stop her from eating all of the sweets in the catalogue. Yuu Sonoda is also a frequent visitor as she loves anything macha flavored, to the point that she occasionally helps Chiya with making new matcha-based treats. Houkago Tea Time sometimes have their dessert time in this place, enjoying Chiya's specialties.
      • Fleur de Lapin is staffed by Sharo Kirima, and the establishment has the waitresses dressed in maid uniforms, and they serve herbal tea there, perfect for any tea alficionado. Iroh sometimes visits the cafe to drink the tea there, as in turn Sharo has made her visits to Iroh's tea shop, and has greatly enjoyed the tea there. Lynette Bishop became a regular customer as she wanted to try out Japanese-style tea. Houkago Tea Time also likes to visit for their regular tea time, enjoying the many teas on the menu. Alice of the Blood Team and the Mad Hatter are also frequent patrons, with Alice's tea party obsession and the Mad Hatter's sheer quirkiness initially overwhelmed Sharo, but she quickly got accustomed to them as they're otherwise pleasant people. Byleth also sometimes drink tea there, and they tend to gift Sharo with tea blends from Fódlan for her to try out, and Sharo is considering adding them to her menu.
    • Of course, they're not the only ones in the Pantheon running Cafes, so they ended up seeking out other cafes in the Pantheon. They met up with Maika Sakuranomiya and Hideri Kanzaki, who work at Cafe Stile, a maid cafe where the waitresses take up roles based on popular anime archetypes. The girls were initially intimidated by Maika's sadistic looking expression, but she defused the situation by explaining that she relexively makes that face whenever she feels stressed. They were also surprised that Hideri is actually a crossdressing boy, but took the reveal in stride. They became great partners, and frequently visit eachother's establishments. They also met and befriended Chiyoko Shiraishi, a worker at a Cosplay Café based on international cultures, which Sharo was intrigued by, as her cafe is based on maids. They also came over to Cafe Leblanc where Sojiro Sakura works at, and he enjoys the girls as his customers. They were intrigued by Professor E. Gadd's Beanbean cafe as the drinks come from beans from the Beanbean cafe, and they were surprised to find out that the drinks rather delicious and healthy in spite of their ridiculous names. They were amazed that the Polar Bear Cafe is staffed by actual talking animals, as well as that they live in a world where animals and humans coexist peacefully. This didn't stop Cocoa from trying to cuddle them on their first meeting. On the other hand, they're confused by Killer Bean as he is a living coffee bean, and Killer Bean's discomfort with coffee in general makes him avoid the girls whenever possible. They also tried out Kyoko Kuremi's coffee, to which they quickly spat it out in disgust. Needless to say, they're not entertaining the idea of trying her drinks again.
    • Given that the restaurants are all rabbit themed and even have their own rabbit residing in the building, it wasn't surprising to find out that the girls love rabbits, which means they take frequent trips to the House of Rabbits and Rodents to cuddle with the rabbits. The exception is Sharo, as her leporiphobia makes her avoid much of the rabbit deities whenever she can. The girls were amazed to see such a powerful bunny like Bunnymund reside in the House, and he was quite amused to see the girls take a large interest in him. Bugs Bunny initially played some pranks on them, but then he cleared up the misunderstanding when they began to look upset, so they get along with eachother. They thought that Miyamoto Usagi being a samurai rabbit was really cool, too. They were surprised that Angel Bunny was quite fierce for such a tiny rabbit, so their first meeting went quite awry when Angel got cranky with their cuddling so Fluttershy had to intervene. Angell since then has calmed down, but still gets a bit cranky whenever they're too affectionate with him. On the other hand, they stay far away from the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, as his violent nature and surprising strength made them reconsider cuddling him, plus Sharo would definitely faint at the sight of him.
      • The girls also met with other rabbit deities outside of the House. They became one of the few humans Hazel is willing to trust, as they're quite careful and gentle around him, and they feel sorry that he had to go through much tribulations to escape the warren. They practically fell in love with Ruby and were amazed at her magic capabilities, but they sometimes get caught in the crossfire when her magic backfires. They are deathly afraid of Springtrap, not only for his frightening looks but also being possessed by the child murderer William Afton. Bonnie is less scary looking, but the girls still keep their distance from him considering his violent streak. Surprisingly, they get along with the Doom Slayer after they found out he used to have a pet rabbit named Daisy, who unfortunately was killed by demons. Sometimes the Doom Slayer visits the cafes just to pet the rabbits there between his regular demon slaying.
      • The Girls were intrigued when they say Reisen and Tewi, who happen to be a moon rabbit and a rabbit who happen to look a lot like humans with rabbit characteristics. The girls thought they are cute, but they do get headaches when they stare too long into Reisen's eyes and Tewi loves to prank around with the girls. They also befriended Yoshino who's not only wearing bunny-inspired clothes but also has a hand puppet named Yoshinon who she talks to on a regular basis. The girls introduced Tippy to Yoshinon and they became quite the Vitriolic Best Buds. They also bonded with Hibari as she has a ninja rabbit named Ninto that she can summon, though he can be quite feisty at times. They also get along with Cream the Rabbit, as she's a rabbit person named after dessert, and Cocoa's first reaction to seeing Cheese was, well, to cuddle him.
  • Exclusive to Cocoa:
    • Cocoa is a huge fan of cute things, and loves to cuddle things she considers cute. Chino and Tippy happen to be in that category, much to Chino's annoyance. She gets along with Yui Hirasawa, Rena Ryugu, Hime "Himeko" Onizuka and Yaya Panda because they also love cute things, and they sometimes hang out to cuddle and fawn over cute things and even cute deities like Pichu and Togepi are not free from their adoration.
    • Cocoa is... not the best with directions, as without a proper guide (and even with) she strays off the path a whole lot and ends up somewhere she didn't intend to go. George and Karl, Celica A. Mercury, and Linkle can relate to being horrible at directions, so they made themselves a little club. needless to say, trying to give any one of these Deities directions can and will go wrong. Like the other directionally-challenged members, she once got lost in Devil World, and while she managed to escape unharmed, she's rather afraid of the blue Devil ever since.
    • While Cocoa does her job as a waitress well, her skills as a cook leaves much to be desired. The only food item she can make successfully are entirely bread-based, anything else tends to end in failure. She became good friends with Kazuma Azuma after she tasted his bread, and Kazuma is also interested in eating her bread. Meanwhile, some deities like Gordon Ramsay desire to teach her to cook other foods and to prepare coffee for the establishment.
    • While spacy, Cocoa is something of a mathemathical savant, being able to calculate large sums instantly and can count prime numbers up to the thousands range in her head. She doesn't really consider these skills to be anything special, but it helps when it comes to calculating costs. Sho Minamimoto, already a mathemathics wiz, wants to test out her math skills, but she's rather intimidated by his behaviour, so his attempts usually end in failure.
  • Exclusive to Chino:
    • Chino is the youngest of the girls, and is rather mature and well-spoken for her age, often being exasperated by Cocoa's antics. She gets along well with other mature children in the Pantheon like Negi Springfield, Ui Hirasawa, Aya Drevis, and Chiyo Mihama. She's impressed that Negi became a teacher at such a young age and is one of the most mature people in his classroom full of wacky teenage girls, and Chiyo skipping straight to high school because of her intellect also greatly impressed her. She was amused that Ui was the more responsible and mature sister to Yui despite being younger than her, which reminded Chino of her relationship to Cocoa. For Aya, she was alarmed that her father was trying to kill her to turn her into a doll, and is amazed that she could keep her composure during such a harrowing time.
    • Chino is sometimes seen with her two Herald friends, Megumi Natsu and Maya Jouga. The two are practically never seen apart from eachother, nevertheless apart from Chino. The two girls often claim to have a psychic link between them, and when the more incredulous deities watch how they act, it's likely they're not bluffing, or at least really good at keeping the ruse up.
    • Chino owns a pet Angora rabbit named Tippy, who sits atop her head and also functions as the Rabbit House's mascot. Chino's rather protective of Tippy, as she only allows people to cuddle her once per coffee cup. Of course, some deities like Rena Ryugu steal Tippy for themselves to cuddle, making Chino chase after them around the Pantheon. May Chang's bond with Xiao-Mei is similar her Chino's bond with Tippy, so the two girls and their pets got along with eachother and admire eachother's pets.
      • Unbeknownst to many deities, Tippy is actually Chino's grandfather and the one who founded Rabbit House. No one knows how this is possible, but Chino is dedicated to keeping that secret hidden from others as she is very aware that the more curious and nosy deities, especially the ones from the Houses of Knowledge and Science will likely kidnap Tippy and experiment on him to discover how such a thing is possible. Only a very small pool of deities like Yoshino know about Tippy's secret, as Chino can trust them to not spill the beans.
  • Exclusive to Rize:
    • Rize is the daughter of a wealthy former soldier, and she's absolutely obsessed with anything related to the military to the point that she carries around a model Glock and a combat knife with her on her person at all times. She loves frequenting the House of War to see all the soldiers, generals, and military technologies residing there. She befriended SCP-516 due to it being a sentient tanks, and she sometimes rides it around the House. She was intrigued by the concept of Sensha-Do, so she decided to watch one match. Ever since that match, she became close friends with the ascended practicioners of Sensha-Do, and loves to inspect their gear whenever possible. She and Gertrude Barkhorn got along easily because of the latter being in the Strike Witches as well as her pride in her military technology. While she's impressed by Stroheim's technological enhancements, she knows that she should keep her distance from him due to being a Nazi.
      • Rize also encountered a few Goddesses who are involved in the military or combat situations. She's fascinated by the Tactical Dolls, who are Ridiculously Human Robots who serve as soldiers on the battlefield, and are named after the guns they wield. She would love to meet the other Dolls sometime in the future. She's interested in Isuzu's Steinberger in how it fires magic bullets that cause great pain without any wound, as well as her royal guard training making her socially deficient. With Violet Evergarden, she noted that she had to retire because of her losing her arms during a battle, knowing that the battlefield is full of dangers. She loves to ask them about how warfare and the military in their worlds function, often taking notes to compare with other militia.
    • Rize is a star student at her school, where she gets excellent grades in class and is good at physical activities, making her very popular among her classmates. Hinagiku Katsura also happens to excel at both academic and athletic pursuits at school as well as being very popular, so the two get along and even compete to see who's better at certain subjects.
    • Once when Solid Snake was out sneaking, he found a rather conspicuous closet in his way. When he opened it, Rize wearing nothing bbut her underwear suddenly leaped out pointing her Glock at him. After the initial shock, Snake asked her just what she's doing in an environment like this, to which she said she hid to surprise Cocoa the same way she did when they first met, only for her to get suddenly teleported in an unfamiliar location. Snake managed to get her out of the area safely, and is considering using her surprise trick in the future.
  • Exclusive to Chiya:
    • Since Chiya's family runs a cafe selling Japanese sweets with a traditional theme, Chiya is often seen wearing a kimono and also acts rather traditionally, being calm, polite, and subdued, although with a touch of steel inside. She gets along with Hokuto, who is also a very traditional Japanese woman, and she feels quite saddened about having to kill her renegade brother through any means possible.
    • Chiya has a habit of giving nicknames to her dishes, which happen to be very strange and overly descriptive, and she tends to slip into this habit during the job, so patrons often get confused when she states something that's not on the menu, only to find out it's just a weird nickname for something they can order.
    • While not the strongest deity around by a long shot, Chiya is remarkably good at dodging, especially if it's against thrown objects. She always seems to avoid getting hit by thrown projectiles, whether or not she's actually aware of it. Son Goku, who has mastered Ultra Instinct, a state in which he can dodge anything without thinking, is impressed that a regular human like her has mastered the art of dodging without any powerups.
    • It might be surprising, but there's nothing Chiya loves more than a good horror story. Whenever she hears or reads a horror story, she just giggles and calls it romantic, which disturbs some deities. She even considers the House of Dread and Valor and places like Spooky's Mansion to be romantic, which greatly frustrates Spooky and other deities wishing to genuinely scare her. Koume Shirasaka is glad to meet another goddess who loves scary things, so they enjoy telling eachother spooky stories.
  • Exclusive to Sharo:
    • Given how Sharo acts rather dignified, her attending an elite school, and her good looks, it would be easy to assume that she's rather wealthy. The truth is that she's rather poor, she's attending the school on a scholarship and she works hard in both school and work to exit poverty. Ochaco can relate to her plight, as she attends the U. A. to earn money to help her impoverished family, and Sharo is happy that there's someone to understand her struggles. Akihisa Yoshii is also an impoverished student attending a prestigious school, but the rest of his family is rather well off and he's sruck in the worst class thanks to his poor test scores. Sharo appreciates his company, even if he embarrasses her sometimes. She also gets along with Yomi, as she grew up in the slums and attended a school filled with middle to upper-class students, and Sharo pities her for holding grudges towards the rich because the ones she met were unkind towards her.
      • She also interacted with other deities residing in Poverty and Riches. She sympathizes with the Kims for trying to climb out of their poor living, but isn't really a fan of how they continue to leech off the rich with underhanded tactics even when they've proven themselves to be more than capable of earning money through honest means. She greatly envies Charlie Bucket for becoming rich through chance rather than hard work like her, cursing herself about how she wishes that she has his luck.
    • The cafe she works in, Fleur de Lapin, has the waitresses dress in maid outfits. Aside from the aforementioned Maika and Hideri, Sharo did encounter some actual maids in the Pantheon as well as maid cosplayers like Felicia, Fiona Mayfield, Sakuya Izayoi, and G36. She was quite amazed with the four, as all of them displayed some battle prowess from Sakuya's time stop to G36's skills with a gun.
    • Sharo is normally composed and controlled, but there is one single condition that unleashes her inhibitions. Due to her very low caffeine tolerance, she becomes extremely hyper and energetic when she drinks coffee, becoming unable to sit still and is practically bouncing off the walls during her manic states, with her emotions dependent on the specific blend of coffee. She shares this trait with Stitch, who also becomes extremely hyperactive after drinking coffee and often destroys things during his hyper phase. Many deities prefer the two to not be in the same room especially when hyper, fearing that the two could cause unwanted damages to their surroundings during their coffee high.
  • Can also be found in Naming References.

    Lady & Tramp 
Lady & Tramp, Deities of the Spaghetti Kiss (Lady: Pidge | Tramp: Pooch)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Blue and Red collars, respectively
  • Theme Music: Bella Notte
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Tramp was formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Pet's Perspective, Huge Guy, Tiny Girl, Happily Married, Had Four Puppies Together
  • Domains: Dog, Love, Spaghetti
  • Heralds: Jim Dear, Darling, Jim Jr., Jock, Trusty, Scamp, Angel, Anette, Danielle, & Collette
  • Allies: White Fang, Pongo & Perdita, Bolt, Tiana & Naveen, Shaun the Sheep
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Ratigan, Cruella De Vil, Chantel DuBois
  • Lady lives with a loving family and is friends with two other dogs named Trusty and Jock living nearby while Tramp is a stray living the carefree life. When an incident at home results in Lady being forced to wear a muzzle, she runs off and encounters Tramp, who is able to get Lady’s muzzle off with the help of a beaver. Lady and Tramp spend some time together, falling in love with each other and later having a candlelit dinner at an Italian restaurant. Sometime after that, Lady ends up in a dog pound where she learns that Tramp was a womanizer who never truly settled down with a woman. Things get strained between the two, but a rat that was about to threaten the family baby that Lady took a liking towards results in Tramp coming to her aid and while Lady is able to put a stop to the rat, Tramp ends up being captured by a dogcatcher. After Trusty and Jock free Tramp (with Trusty getting injured as a result), Tramp gets adopted by Lady’s family and they have a litter of puppies consisting of three who resemble Lady and one who resembles Tramp.
  • Even though Lady and Tramp have been living well with their family and pups, there was that feeling the two had that more adventures would be happening sooner than later. That time would come when the mail came one day and a letter specifically addressed to Lady and Tramp was one of the items that arrived. While the human members of the family found it amusing to know that there was someone who admired their dogs, the canines were curious to know what the Pantheon that the letter was talking about was exactly. The pictures that came with the letter did give Lady and Tramp a better idea of what to expect from the Pantheon and although there were plenty of elements much more extravagant than what they were used to, Lady and Tramp are willing to see what life is like in a very lively world that’s somehow close to where they’re at.
  • White Fang was one canine that Lady and Tramp took a liking to, Tramp especially considering the circumstances of being a former stray that found a caring owner and having some puppies with a mate once domesticated. Both Tramp and White Fang had to rely on their wits and instincts to survive, but while the Tramp had witnessed more urban surroundings, White Fang had to survive in the harsh wilds and had to contend with more antagonistic human beings that didn’t care for White Fang’s well-being. The wolf-dog had to endure harsh circumstances compared to Tramp and it was something both Lady and Tramp were aware of when they first met White Fang. It didn’t prevent the two from welcoming White Fang as a visitor to their home from time to time and if Tramp’s street-smarts aren’t enough for him and Lady to get through trouble, then White Fang’s natural-born instincts as a wolf-dog will help the two through events more dangerous than what they were used to.
  • A rat ended up endangering Lady’s family’s baby and while some of the rats in the Pantheon were more friendly in comparison to what Lady and Tramp had to deal with, one notable rat ended up being a bigger problem for the duo compared to back then. Not only was Ratigan someone who posed a danger towards animals, but he had a level of intellect that surpassed that of the rat that Lady and Tramp went up against previously. As Lady and Tramp are content with living a normal life in the Pantheon, they are opposed to Ratigan’s plans and getting rid of him won’t be as simple as taking down a feral rat that doesn’t have human-like behavior, especially if Ratigan himself decides to engage in direct combat and drop his polite demeanor. Tramp being a street-smart dog has helped him get in touch with other animals who are aware of what Ratigan is planning and if his friends and family are threatened in some way by him or someone else connected to that rat, Lady and Tramp will do what they can to defend them from Ratigan.
  • Dogcatchers or any kind of animal control officer in general have been a problem for the two at different points, Tramp especially back when he was a stray animal. While the Pantheon had a few animal control officers and most of them were just doing their jobs, one such officer who was sadistic in her occupation was Chantel Dubois, who had pursued some animals in France and was determined to have a lion’s head in her room of animal heads. If any dogcatcher ended up being as psychotic as she is, Lady and Tramp would definitely try to avoid her and use their wits to throw her off their trail. During one instance of them avoiding Dubois, the duo encountered Shaun the Sheep, who had previous experience evading animal control officers and helped them get out of trouble. Shaun was a farm animal and was very interested in having fun, even though he has to make sure things don’t get too out of control. While someone like Shaun is someone who Tramp in his days as a stray could look up to when it comes to living carefree, he and Lady both like the sheep’s company whenever the canine couple decided to visit farms in the Pantheon.
  • Pongo and Perdita were a pair of canines that took a liking towards Lady and Tramp, given that they a pair of dogs who fell in love and live with a family, with the dalmatians not just having more pups in their litter, but adopting a large number of other pups later on. Said pups were formerly held hostage by Cruella De Vil, who wanted to make a fur coat out of dalmatian fur and was hated by all the other dogs in the Pantheon. Lady and Tramp share that same contempt towards Cruella and they’re more than determined to make sure that their pups don’t end up kidnapped by Cruella. While making a fur coat from the separate species that Lady and Tramp are from isn’t that big of a priority for Cruella compared to a dalmatian fur coat, she still sees Lady and Tramp as not much different from Pongo and Perdita in the long run and has targeted them on separate occasions.
  • Lady learned about another dog who had a caring owner that ended up getting separated and went on an adventure that ended with the dog getting reunited with their owner and bringing some friends along with them through Bolt. What made Bolt different from Lady was that he was an actor for an action-adventure series and his journey made him realize that reality doesn’t even resemble what happens in the TV show he once starred in, prompting him to enjoy life as simply Penny’s dog in the end. Lady did have some canine friends of her own before Tramp entered the scene compared to Bolt finding some friends during his quest back to Penny, but Bolt’s upbringing in an attempt to make him a great actor did have consequences. Bolt has made visits to Lady and Tramp’s family on separate occasions, with Tramp remarking that trying to use TV acting to survive had issues as Bolt experienced firsthand, and Tramp did give Bolt some advice on how to better survive the streets if something happened that would result in Bolt and his friends being out in the open.
  • There were plenty of other dogs for the two to meet up with in the Pantheon and many of them have had adventures that were much more unorthodox than what Lady and Tramp went through. A handful of these particular dogs have extranormal traits that would help them out of danger and while it was unusual to see such traits, the Pantheon was known for being a fantastical place by default and the two appreciate the help they need when things get dire on their end. Such dangers they would learn about in the Pantheon would likely be more intense than just a rat or a dogcatcher and while Napoleon the pig sounds like a more mundane threat, the danger he poses to others can’t be ignored. Given that he corrupted some puppies into working for him and the fact that Scamp, son of Lady and Tramp, attempted to be stray by joining a group of junkyard dogs, the canine couple are more than willing to make sure that Napoleon’s schemes, especially those involving turning puppies into vicious enforcers, fail to come to fruition, regardless of Napoleon denigrating his detractors.
  • Their relationship can be described as that of a romance between a rich entity and a poor one and the Pantheon had its share of deities whose romance fit that category. Tiana and Naveen was another couple who went on adventures following meeting with each other, with Tiana being a working-class woman and Naveen being an upper-class person, though Naveen got transformed into a frog and the same happened to Tiana when she tried kissing him the first time to undo that spell, with it only being properly undone at the end. Tiana and Naveen also operated a restaurant (with opening a restaurant being a goal Tiana wanted to achieve), with Lady and Tramp being some of their regular customers and a place where the canine couple hung out with others. Another couple with a notable gap among social standing that the dogs learned about was Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, but despite getting along well with each other, that relationship ended in tragedy with the ship they were on hitting an iceberg and Jack falling into the bottom of the cold ocean in the end. It was disheartening for Lady and Tramp to learn about such romantic tragedies, especially those that are related to being on opposite ends of social standings.
  • A notable aspect of their adventures prior to Tramp being part of Lady’s family was their dinner date at Tony’s and them sharing a kiss with a strand of spaghetti. This moment has been recreated and parodied a number of times by others, sometimes with different reactions and other times with different food items in place of the spaghetti strand. The two figured that such imitations would happen, partially since they're no stranger to being subject of such parodies at Mickey’s nightclub where they would get interrupted while eating spaghetti. Others have had their spaghetti kiss moment interrupted in the Pantheon, be it by those noticing the oddity of such or the recipients realizing what’s about to happen, but while the canines are aware of how associated they are with it, they’re more focused in making sure their relationship as it stands is still in good condition.

    Dr. Layon 
Dr. Layon, God of Ramen Slurps (Dr. Laon, Dr. Leyon)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Whale King, which he calls "Great Whale King".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portifolio: Ramen Slurps, Awesome Sunglasses, Rivals Turned Evil, Obvious Love Of Ramen, Having A Interest For The Rival's Daughter, Being Just As Childish As Said Rival
  • Domains: Food, Quirks, Rivalries
  • High Priestess: Miss Koizumi
  • Allies: The Backdraft Group, as well as some members of the House of Love (more especifically, the Tainted Love subhouse), The Corpus.
  • Rivals: Dr. Toros, Gilgamesh, Team Rocket as a whole (Friendly Rivalry in the latter case)
  • Enemies: Most members of the House of Love, with the exceptions of the Tainted Love subhouse, Shirou Emiya, King Arthur (Nasuverse), Ash and his Pikachu (As well as the other Pokémons), Brock, Misty, Hiltz
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The other members of the Blitz Team (Except Leena), Van, Fiona, Thomas, Rosso, Viola and Rudolph, Inspector Zenigata, Heihachi Mishima
  • Interested on: Erina Joestar, Tsukushi Makino, Artoria Pendragon, as well as most of the GUAG and GUAE members.
  • Annoyed by: Naruto Uzumaki (one-sided from Layon's part)
  • Ascended after he supposedly saved Leena from the massive explosion created by three charged particle cannons during the Royal Cup tournament. But others knew that his ascension is because the way that he slurps his ramen shows how childish he actually is. Independent of the reason, Layon is now on the Pantheon.
  • Even after the Royal Cup, he still holds a grudge against Dr. Toros for marrying a woman which Layon was supposed to marry. Said woman was also Leena's mother.
    • In regards to his grudge agains Toros, the man himself doesn't seem to have the same relationship. In fact most gods are aware that they're just childish adults bickering with each other rather than being fiery rivals. And while Layon hates Dr. Toros, he is still in love with his daughter Leena, likely because she reminds him of his supposed lover. Leena herself doesn't know about it.
    • Layon is not amused to see the other members of the Blitz Team in the Pantheon. And he also doesn't forget Brad's supposed betrayal as well as Bit calling him "a sly fox".
    • The other Zoid pilots in the Pantheon are aware of him and they refuse to help Layon in his plans. In fact, they're pretty much allies of the Blitz Team, especially Van and Fiona. Rosso and Viola even were used to be villains, but they turned a new leaf after kidnapping Rudolph.
    • While his relationship with Prozen is neutral (which is surprising considering that he's pretty much a Treacherous Advisor), the chancellor does not approve Layon's "relationship" with Leena. Given that she's a member of the Blitz Team, and Prozen's profound dislike of them, this is pretty much justified.
    • Let's not forget about "his" battle against Dr. Toros, which looked more like a vehicle exhibition contest than a Zoid Battle. A fool's battle, indeed.
  • Sometimes he goes up to the House of Sports to help the Backdraft Group. He is allies with them, and it's implied that he only joined the group due to being drunk in a bar. Only a few people knew about the fact.
    • Due to their "connections" to the Backdraft Group, Layon is also allies with The Corpus and Team Rocket. Consequently, his alliance with the latter group makes him enemies with the Pokémons and their trainers.
    • While Layon is okay to team up with guys like the Backdraft Group, people like Hiltz is a big no-no to him, given that Hiltz is a Omnicidal Maniac which is willing to return the world back to the ancient Zoidians. And the fact that he sounds like Bit scares him even more.
  • Due to the fact that Layon became Dr. Toros' enemy due to a huge misunderstanding, most of the members of the House of Love completely dislikes him. Of course, Layon's only major allies, aside of the Backdraft Group, are the members of the Tainted Love subhouse.
    • Layon also seems to have a soft spot for Erina from the same house, because her voice sounds like Leena's. Similarity he feels the same thing with Tsukushi. Too bad said girls are already married...
  • Outside of the House of Love, he seems to be interested on Artoria Pendragon, as she also sounds like Leena. Unfortunately for Layon, not only Saber is not interested on him, but he also have to deal with the ire of Gilgamesh which is also obsessed with Artoria. And given Gilgamesh's nature, things are not good for Layon. Not to mention that he also have to deal with Shirou, which is very protective of Saber.
    • While he does like Artoria, Layon doesn't like her Prototype counterpart. According to him, King Arthur not only looks like Bit Cloud whit his blond hair and green eyes (despite Artoria having similar traits), but he also has his annoying voice.
  • Nowadays Layon is trying to recruit some members from different mecha factions to destroy the Blitz Team. The problem is that some gods aren't interested, especially the good-aligned ones, as they're in good terms with the Blitz Team.
    • That said, Layon is aware of the existence of Gauron and Ali al-Saachez, two bloodthirsty psychos for hire. Layon thinks that those two will be useful for his plans (and by extension Backdraft's) in the future and spend part of his money hiring them.
  • Is not amused by the fact that he sounds like Brook and Scooby Doo. Especially considering that the latter eats some of his ramen. Although Layon is very impressed that Starscream also sounds like him... in a different way.
  • Speaking of ramen, he sometimes goes to the restaurants of the House of Food to eat some food... and then he brings his ramen along. He thinks that if a "God of Ramen" will ascend in the Pantheon someday.
    • Other notable ramen admirers are Naruto, Zenigata and Heihachi. However, Layon is not too fond of them, especially Naruto, which Layon thinks that he's annoying. Although the relationship is not mutual, because Naruto still thinks that Layon is a decent guy - one of the reasons why Layon sees him as a nuisance.
  • There's a rumor that Layon gave Leena's Gunsniper back after she lost it in a kidnapping attempt. It wasn't confirmed... yet implies that he is not a bad guy after all.
  • Seems to be very good on oyaji gags, if the "Koppa Mijinko" jokes have any indication.