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Greater Gods

    Okina Matara 
I am the god of the back door, a god of impairments, a god of noh performance, a god of outcasts, a god of stars...and I am one of the sages who created our Gensokyo.
Okina Matara, Goddess of Doors to Somewhere (The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God, Earth Mother Goddess, God of Noh, God of Stars, God of Silkworm Breeding, God of Hindrances, God of Burakumin, etc.)
Okina (at middle), with her Heralds, Satono (left) and Mai (right)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her backdoors; alternatively, the Tsuzumi drum she carries
  • Leitmotif: The Concealed Four Seasons, Secret God Matara ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons
  • Alignment: For the time being, True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Secret God of Many Facets (probably too many facets), Power to Create Back Doors, Ushirodo-no-Kuni, Power over Vitality and Mental Energy, Likes to Sit Around, Wants to Stand Out And Be Noticed, The Sage Gensokyo Dislikes, Token Dubious Sage
  • Domains: Gods, Doors, Thrones, Energy, Seasons
  • Heralds: Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida
  • Allies: Yukari Yakumo, Kasen Ibaraki, Flandre Scarlet
  • Rivals: Nyotengu, Aya Shameimaru, Karl Franz
  • Enemies: General threats to Gensokyo (especially those made since Chimata Tenkyuu’s ascension), such as Yuuki Terumi
  • Complicated Relationship: Sumireko Usami
  • Interested in: Madotsuki
  • Okina is one of the sages who created Gensokyo along her "fellow" sages Yukari Yakumo and Kasen Ibaraki, and one of its protectors from the Outside World. Calling herself a secret god, she is a multifaceted god who hides behind all creation. A god whose true nature is unknown to all others- except to herself.
  • As a protector of Gensokyo, it was natural for her to take interest in the Pantheon, given that not only it was incredibly adjacent to the land of fantasy already, but also because Yukari was there as well. And truth be told, she wanted in on it in order to satiate her own ego and show off, so she set a brief incident in motion- which was, quite frankly, just a repeat of what she did a few years back. Though she did get a few more visitors than the usual resolvers (and even those not affiliated with Gensokyo), Okina soundly bested them with ease, cementing her position in the Pantheon as she ousted each and every one of her domain's intruders out through various...doors.
  • Her main power is the power to create back doors by placing them onto objects like people's backs. These doors lead back to Ushirodo-no-Kuni (Land of the Back Door), a realm with nothing but giant doors which are connected to her back doors. This technically acts as a sort of Hub World for her, as it allows access to just about anywhere she realistically pleases, much like how Yukari does with her gaps.
    • On its own, this is not that impressive of a power. However, this allows Okina to fully utilize a power she mysteriously gained one day, which is the power to manipulate life and mental energy. By placing one of her back doors on a person's back, she can directly manipulate their life energy, such as pouring life energy into them to make them stronger. By using this with fairies, this caused huge influx of seasonal energy to appear, rapidly altering the seasons in Gensokyo. She can even outright create life, or at least give life to inanimate objects by charging them with life energy. Naturally, she would end up using this power as a result of her exponentially increased strength to start an incident of her own design.
  • Okina is largely based on Matara-jin, a god with multiple facets and one connected to many other gods and people. As such, her dominions are vast and varied. She is an Earth Mother who is also a god of noh, stars, silkworm breeding, hindrances, untouchables and probably more. She is also god of the disabled. This mainly means that she does have a wheelchair alongside her throne, (among other types of things to sit on,) but she doesn't really need to use it what with her being a spirit and all.
    • Is sort of disappointed that there are only few noh performers in the Pantheon like Yumi. She also hasn't elaborated if she has any connections to Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoronote .
    • To elaborate on her being "god of burakumin", it is referred to people who were ostracized for being closely associated with death such as butchers, undertakers, executioners etc. For example, she expected some worship from Sanson due of his family being feared by common people due of their profession, but he only worships one and true God. This has also come to include disabled people, as they are quite marginalized and ostraciszed in Japan.
    • Naturally is in opposition with tengu in general, since tengu are born from "people of hindrances" who decided to hide in the mountains, while Okina is one who hid behind buddhas and being a god of hindrances also means warding off tengu. While she does express opposition towards Nyotengu, there’s one tengu in particular that has angered her a bit more, that being the Bunbunmaru reporter known as Aya Shameimaru. Not only is she a freakishly strong tengu who’s lived quite a long time, and not only is she one of Gensokyo’s most annoying known members, but she actually was also alongside Reimu, Marisa, & Cirno in resolving the incident that Okina started.
    • Speaking of rivalries, she has started getting into quite the petty one with Karl Franz of all deities, and for one good reason. Both of them have way too many titles, whether it'd be because of accolades or something along those lines (in Karl's case), or because of association with other gods and such (in Okina's case). The squabbles and diatribes that the duo have slung at each other have been, according to some, rather legendary.
    • There are rumours that she might intend to usurp Skadi out of her seat since she has more weird positions under her belt than her and it is more fitting for a "secret god" like her to hold such position. Though these are just rumours at this point, as Okina never really acted upon such intentions, especially after the events surrounding, and what followed, Gensokyo's raid on Brand X. When Skadi herself was asked about these rumours, she simply shrugged them off as just more nonsense from "an already nonsensical god".
  • They say that no one has seen, heard or spoken about her true form, even to those within Gensokyo. The truth is that she doesn't have a "true form" so to speak. She is just a syncretism of different aspects related to one entity, given her long list of titles among other things. Despite that detail, as a god, she is as classical as they get, being fearsome forwards to those who oppose her and reliable for her allies. She definitely has traits of Jerkass God, like when she messed around with Sumireko Usami's Dream World self and lended her more power & orchestrated the oil leaks during Black Pools incident to further a bond with the Gouyoku Alliance. Though as a "secret god", she doesn't really want to stay hidden; she wants others to acknowledge her existence while leaving a certain mystery with her. Sumireko in particular had this to say:
    Sumireko: Okina's a weird woman, like, really, she is, goodness. She does so much random stuff to mess with Gensokyo and even the Pantheon. In fact, Reimu-oomfie had considered replacing "Yukari" with "Okina" in "Yukari's fooling around again" as one of these...forbidden templates.
  • Is still looking for potentials replacements for her two Backup Dancers. Why she wants to replace Satono and Mai, no one knows, but she isn't necessarily in a rush to replace them, if she even really wants to replace them. The two of them are in stand-by in House of Madness and Insanity so that they can study madness.
  • Most likely doesn't work for Monsters, Inc., as her back doors are just back doors and nothing else. She also most likely has nothing to do with the Anywhere Door, but is interested in the doors that Madotsuki has access to, which lead into the young girl's dreams and the oddities within. Hence why recently, Okina had begun making concessions with Sumireko just to get closer to the dreamer.
  • Many of the Pantheon's fairies have a cautious eye towards her due of her causing the weather incident by filling fairies with life energy. Double so when she used her back doors to transform the Gensokyo's fairies into crystals called stone cherries in an attempt to draw out potential spies from Hell (i.e. Clownpiece) so that she can tell any invaders to be afraid of her presence. One time, Cirno tried to rally some of Gensokyo's strongest fairies, Clownpiece included, to get back at Okina and triumph over her...and yeah, that ended well for exactly Okina.
  • Due of her being placed in the Pantheon, she had to do a lot of work on setting up Ushirodo-no-Kuni to include back doors to different places in the Pantheon. This had some odd side-effects, such as when Ramora Flowers somehow ended there, with one of Subway Highways somehow having been connected to one of her back doors. Incidents like that has made her be cautious on who can enter the realm as not to allow any unwanted people get into Gensokyo, with the biggest nuisance she has to deal with is Faust, as he insists using Ushirodo-no-Kuni as a shortcut. This is also when it comes to gods potentially drawing power from it, as she has seen Nue Houjuu do that for one of her Spell Cards.
  • Recent events following Chimata’s ascension have put both Yukari and Okina on rather high alert. Not only were powerful deities such as Yuuki Terumi and the like rearing their heads towards Gensokyo once again, recent ascensions like Keiki Haniyasushin and Kosuzu Motoori have also made entirely new problems. Seeing that of Gensokyo’s known 3 sages, only Kasen had yet to ascend, Okina and Yukari conspired to, and succeeded at, bringing the last member of their triumvirate to the Pantheon, now ready to formally plan against any threats towards the land of fantasy.
    • Despite all three of them having the common interest of Gensokyo in mind, however, their relations with each other are generally below the average line of decency. Okina seems to be more amicable with Yukari, as according to Sumireko, they would sometimes converse- er, bicker- over things as equals. Kasen is a much more tenuous case, however, as one time, according to Aya, she called knowing Okina a "misfortune", already indicating that there's a rift between this part of the sage triumvirate.

Intermediate Gods

Kurogiri, God of Villainous Teleporters (Black Mist, Oboro Shirakumo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A dark, swirling portal
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, has a Quirk that gives him and his allies an unfair advantage over the heroes, wears a nice suit, an evil, walking mass of dark fog, has a deep voice, has no discernible face aside from his eyes, Faux Affably Evil, can make people half the person they used to be, a living warp gate, IS the villainous exit, acts as a mass teleporter for himself and his villainous allies
  • Domains: Villainy, Teleportation
  • High Priest: Six-Eared Macaque
  • Allies: Melkor, Himiko Toga, Hannibal Lecter, the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Odd Friendship: Number 96: Black Mist
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: "Hero Killer" Stain
  • Enemies: All Might and Izuku Midoriya, Nezu, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya Ida, Kuroko Shirai
  • Opposes: Sans
  • Opposed by: Warrant Officer Schrondinger
  • Melkor played a major part in Kurogiri's ascension. He took great interest in Kurogiri due to just how potentially useful he could potentially be to his cause. Kurogiri's ability to teleport himself and massive numbers of his villainous allies at once really caught his eye. And so Melkor offered him godhood in exchange for his servitude to the GUAE. He accepted without much hesitation.
  • The news of Kurogiri's ascension hit really close to home for All Might and his successor, Izuku Midoriya. Kurogiri almost killed All Might once, but was stopped just in time. Izuku witnessed the whole thing. Now, with Kurogiri added to the ranks of the GUAE, they are more concerned than ever about their potential to reap chaos throughout the Pantheon. Nedzu, Ochaco, Shouto, Tsuyu, and Ida are greatly concerned about his presence as well. Bakugou, however, just wants to straight-up fight him.
  • Kurogiri is very much disliked by Kuroko Shirai. She despises him on the basis that he gives those with teleportation powers a bad name. All in all, Kurogiri is living proof that "support" powers are not inherently good, and she cannot stand it.
  • Reportedly, if Hannibal Lecter is to be believed, Kurogiri runs a bad-guy bar somewhere among the ranks of the GUAE. He claims to be a frequent customer and regular of Kurogiri's.
  • Kurogiri has been noted to be somewhat of a team mom in the GUAE. Due to his Warp Gate Quirk, he's able to easily separate members should conflicts ever get out of hand. Should anyone go off the deep end, he's fully capable of taking control of the situation.
  • One time, Sans approached Kurogiri, believing him to be Grillby. He looked a lot like him, at least from behind and at a distance. Having been excited to see his friend ascend, Sans was understandably disappointed to learn that he wasn't Grillby after all. Now Sans has taken to calling Kurogiri "Evil Grillby." This, of course, greatly annoys him.
  • Kurogiri is definitely not to be confused with the other Black Mist. Strangely, though, while others assumed that they would be at least somewhat annoyed with one another over their shared name, they actually get along fairly well. Kurogiri, however, cannot shake the suspicion that Black Mist is only hanging around him to make things confusing for All Might and Izuku.
  • Ever since Kurogiri's ascension, Warrant Officer Schrodinger has harbored some resentment towards him. Schrodinger once held his title, but eventually had to give it up, instead sharing a title with the rest of Millenium. He maintains to this day that he should have been the one to hold this title, not Kurogiri.
    • The rest of Millenium does not share this sentiment, however. Sometimes, they actually find themselves having to apologize for Schrodinger's behavior, as they claim that his attitude in response to the situation is childish and does not reflect them as a whole.
  • Upon hearing that a so-called "Killer of Heroes" was among the ranks of the Pantheon, he immediately thought of the Hero Killer of his world, Stain. After a brief scouting, he discovered that the Pantheon's resident Killer of Heroes was not Stain, but Barbatos Goetia. Although Kurogiri finds him to be extremely irrational at times, the two of them are at the very least on speaking terms. Sometime later, Stain ended up ascending for real.
  • Kurogiri is also present in the House of Villains.

    Kuroko Shirai 
Kuroko Shirai, Goddess of Teleportation
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Judgement Armband
  • Theme Song: This is Judgement!, Onee-sama..., Kuroko's Plan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good normally, Chaotic Good bordering on Chaotic Neutral regarding her obsession with Mikoto
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Hard Head, Lovable Sex Maniac, Waif-Fu, Reasonable Authority Figure, Teleportation, Friend to All Children, ONEE-SAMA
  • Domains: Love, Lust, Friendship, Loyalty, Justice, Teleportation
  • Allies: Mikoto Misaka, Son Goku, Bang Shishigami, Jiraiya, Nyarko, Juvia Lockser, RinJuken's Mele, Hungary, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Peko Pekoyama, Sapphire Rhodonite, Rias Gremory, Lena Oxton/Tracer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Touma Kamijou, Accelerator
  • Rivals: Hanamichi Sakuragi, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
  • An interesting Goddess in that although she is a dedicated police officer who hunts down those who threaten The Pantheon, she is personally willing to be a little-more flexible with her morals when it comes to romantic advances towards Mikoto.
  • Kuroko has a friendly rivalry with Son Goku, and the duo regularly has races to see whose teleportation skill is faster and superior.
  • Less wisely, she has headbutting competitions with Hanamichi Sakuragi to see whose head is harder; this too has so far being fought to a draw; and after each match the two would console each other on their mutual bad luck at love. Now, they have a new challenger by the name of Stephanie Dola. All three would go on to facing stiff competition as Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka joins the fray; Hanamichi and Stephanie would be knocked out in short order, with Stephanie even leaving the Pantheon because of it, while he and Kuroko are still pounding into each other's skulls after three days. For being the first human ever to take his headbutt and remain standing, let alone for so long, Kuroko becomes the second human since Commissar Yarrik to earn Ghazghkull's affectionate respect.
  • Kuroko's Undying Loyalty to Mikoto Misaka has resulted in her joining the Pantheonic Rebellion to protect Madoka from the attacks of YHVH.
  • As much as she is crazy over Mikoto, she doesn't like being near the Yandere Quartet. Although she dislikes Touma Kamijou as a rival to "her oneesama's" affections, she respects him for having saved her life and being the only person who can pick Mikoto up when she is down in the dumps. As a result she happily accepted Nyarko's offer of forming a unit that will combat the quartet. Her opinions of the group what came after that is hard to say due of their change of policy.

    Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler 
Kurt Wagner, God of Excess Teleportation (Nightcrawler, "fuzzy elf", Demon, Misfit, Nightie)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The tip of his tail crossed by his two rapiers
  • Theme Song: W.A. Mozart
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: constantly teleports around via Extradimensional Shortcut, Wall Crawling, two kinds of badass (Adorable and Preacher), Chick Magnet, Cool Teacher, devilish-looking but very benevolent and raised Catholic, Triple Wielding Cutlasses Via His Prehensile Tail, likes to tickle
  • Domain(s): Good, Darkness, Travel, Smoke, Glory
  • Herald: Blink
  • Followers: The Bamfs, Aoi Nogami, Oscar Britton, Kamen Rider Odin, Shaco, Yugo, Eliatropes
  • Allies: The X-Men, especially Wolverine, Rogue, and Shadowcat, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Smoke, Drizzt Do'Urden, Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Gertrud Barkhorn, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, most pirate deities.
  • Rivals: Barry Allen/The Flash, Son Goku, Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain
  • Enemies: YHVH, Frollo, Davy Jones
  • Conflicting Opinion: Raven Darkholme/Mystique (his mother), Erik Lensherr
  • Constantly a core member of the X-Men, the blue elf has remained among the most popular mutants in existence. It was only a matter of time before he found a temple for himself. And what better way to represent himself than his ability to BAMF himself as a way of travel. The X-Men were quick to celebrate his ascension.
    • As a member of the group that saved the original X-Men from Krakoa, he forms the strongest bond with Wolverine and Storm. The Canuck in particular is considered his best friend. An Odd Friendship to be sure, but they sure make it work.
  • Kitty Pryde used to be frightened by his appearance. Nowadays, she finds it difficult to find a truer friend than Nightcrawler. The two would later become the most dependable platonic relationship in the X-Men series.
    • While not biologically related, he may well call Rogue a sibling. Both have been involved with the shapeshifting assassin Mystique, with Kurt being her son. Despite her actions, Nightcrawler is more sympathetic towards her.
  • As with the other X-Men, Nightcrawler is wary of the inclusion of Magneto into their ranks. With that said, he has done more than most to welcome him into the fold. He hopes it would serve as the beginning of a redemption arc.
  • Don't let his demonic appearance scare you. Kurt is one of the friendliest members of the X-Men. A chivalrous person through and through. He would point to his Catholic faith for his background, even though the church was one of his biggest detractors at the time.
    • Don't even try to argue YHVH is equivalent to the Abrahamic God. He would coldly point out all the atrocities of that being before giving you the cold shoulder.
    • It's not like he's a fan of Lucifer either, despite not being an evil god there. Any attempt by the God of Chaos to tempt him due to his demonic ancestry fell on deaf ears.
    • Was horrified to find out that Frollo has entered the Pantheon, together with his attacks on Esmeralda and Quasimodo. He would offer his protection against the priest. Frollo merely extended his spear campaign to include Nightcrawler. That didn't sit well with the X-Men deities, who now lump Frollo with other fanatics against mutants.
  • Was intrigued with the story of how Vanellope Von Schweetz was rejected by her peers and was ultimately pleased with the reveal of her true nature. To him it wouldn't matter; he would hang out with her no matter who she was.
  • When Nightcrawler disappears while teleporting, he leaves behind smoke as well as a smell that resembles that of Brimstone. It comes from the Brimestone dimension that Nightcrawler goes to teleport. Smoke was interested in the nature of the teleport and asked to take some himself to analyze it.
  • Some say that Drizzt mirrored his Dual Wielding skills to that of Nightcrawler. The dark elf grew fond of the mutant, admiring his cheerful personality despite his demonic nature. Kurt makes sure to have time to visit Drizzt every week to take him out for adventures. Even Artemis was admittedly cool with the Kurt. Less time dealing with the drow if fine with him.
  • Goku wanted to see how Nightcrawler's teleportation measured up to his Instant Transmission. Scientists helped put both teleporters to the tests. While both were comparable in sort distances, Kurt was unable to match the maximum distance Goku could. With that said, Goku had no desire to add that title to his name.
  • When someone asked whether Nightcrawler can be faster than the Flash, someone decided to research it. Verdict: it depends on the distance they're racing; the greater the distance (as in kilometers), the greater the chances of Kurt beating Barry to the finish line.
  • His presence was also heard from a couple Defenders of the Ancients. He was first attacked by the Anti-Mage, testing to see if the newcomer was magical in nature. He quickly backed down when Kurt cleared things up for him. With that said, Nightcrawler isn't a big fan of his crackdown on mages. He holds even less contempt for Akasha, who held some interest in him for different reasons. Though in her case it's to see how long it would take to break him. Thankfully, Kurt is usually fast enough to BAMF out of danger.
  • He may be German in origins, but he never really fell into the classic German stereotype. Still, he is willing to help out Gertrud Barkhorn, especially when she occasionally cuts loose.
  • Was delighted at the vast number of pirate deities in the Pantheon. Even more so that most of them are quite friendly. Nightcrawler made it his mission to meet them all, from dueling with Jack Sparrow to eating out with Luffy. He even seeks out adventures with Guybrush Threepwood. Davy Jones seems to be the exception.
  • Goes to the House of Faith with Asia and Xenovia. They often receive odd looks there, but the three don't seem to mind. There was one time when Xenovia asked him if he wanted to copulate. Kurt kindly turned her down, explaining his heart already belongs to a girl named Amanda.
  • Do not ask him if he has a second penis. Kurt blames the X-Men 2 comic for spreading that rumor around.

    Obito Uchiha 
Obito Uchiha, God of Weaponized Teleportation (Tobi, "Madara Uchiha", the Masked Man, the Mizukage, ToMaTo, Obitobi, Tobito, Juubito, Tentobito, The Coolest Guy)
Click here to see him in his childhood 
Click here to see him as the Masked Man 
Click here to see him during the Fourth Shinobi World War 
Click here to see him without a mask 
Click here to see him as the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God either in his Fourth Great Shinobi War tenure, or if he has both of his eyes, Overdeity as the Ten Tails Jinchūriki)
  • Symbol: His orange spiral patterned mask. Alternatively, his Mangekyō Sharingan.
  • Theme Music: Ritual, Obito's Theme during his final moments in life
  • Alignment: Neutral Good in his childhood, Neutral Evil after his Face–Heel Turn, Currently True Neutral with leanings towards good.
  • Porfolio: Determinator, Single-Target Sexuality towards his teammate, Rin
  • Domains: Space, Rejecting Reality, Fallen Hero, Redemption
  • On Good Terms with: Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki
  • Allies: Anakin Skywalker, Golbez, Mr. Freeze, Zuko, Captain Cold, Count Bleck, Nine the Phantom, Gendo Ikari, Magolor, Hata no Kokoro
  • Enemies: Madara Uchiha, Deidara, Molag Bal, Palpatine, Regime Superman, Zelenin, Griffth
  • Tolerated by: Every good Naruto deity
  • Pitied by: Raiden, Madoka Kaname, every good orphan deity in the Pantheon.
  • Sympathetic to: Guts, Carl Clover, Scorpion
  • Opposes: Dirty Cowards in general
  • Opposed By: The Other Raiden, Jason Todd
  • Complicated Relationships: Nagato, Sasuke Uchiha, Superman, Spider-Man
  • Obito Uchiha was a lot like Naruto in his youth, someone who wanted to become the Hokage so he can be acknowledged, grew up as an orphan, and even had a similar relationship with his teammates (having a crush on Rin and seeing Kakashi as a rival). The three fought in the Third Shinobi World War alongside their mentor, Minato Namikaze, and when Rin was kidnapped by the enemy, Obito and Kakashi went their separate ways to rescue Rin and complete the mission respectively. Obito's words "Those who break the rules are trash, but those abandon their friends are worse than trash!" manage to convince Kakashi to help Obito in his rescue mission. When Kakashi gets wounded in the left eye and Obito gets crushed under a boulder during a cave-in, Obito convinces Rin to transplant his left Sharingan eye into Kakashi's so they can escape. Obito was presumed dead, but his words and actions left a great impact on Kakashi's philosophy.
    • Unbeknownst to anyone, Obito actually survived long enough to be saved by Madara Uchiha, who replaced the injured body parts with parts from a White Zetsu, which granted him Hashirama's cells and the abilities that came with it (Wood Release and large chakra reserves). Though Obito wanted return to his friends he had to wait to recover and regain his strength before he could leave the cave he was in, showing no interest in Madara's ambition. One day, he heard that Kakashi and Rin were in trouble so he set out to rescue them, only to see Kakashi impale Rin, killing her and causing them both to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan. Slaughtering the shinobi from Kirigakure, but ignoring Kakashi, Obito vowed to create the dream world Madara told him about so he could reunite with Rin, discarding his identity and becoming Madara's protégé (all the while unaware that Madara planned all of that to make Obito his pawn). Obito took on Madara's name as he set off to fulfill the latter's plan to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi.
    • After many events as the Akatsuki's secret leader, from causing Kurama's attack on Konoha and indirectly causing Minato and Kushina's deaths to gathering the tailed beasts and corrupting Sasuke, Obito would eventually revive the Ten Tails and become its Jinchūriki, but Naruto, with the help of Sasuke, the previous Hokage, and the Shinobi Alliance, was able to stop him from casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Naruto is also able to reach out to Obito and convince him to stop lying to himself and accept his loss and fate after seeing his memories and inner conflict. Obito tries to redeem himself by resurrecting the victims he killed in the war, but is forced by Black Zetsu to resurrect only Madara. Despite being put on death's door as a result, Obito is still able to live long enough to save Naruto's life and contribute in the battle against the revived Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, sacrficing his life to save both Naruto and Kakashi. Obito's spirit, before passing onto the afterlife with Rin, Obito temporarily lends his power to Kakashi so he can help his students in the fight, finally reconciling with him and dying as Obito Uchiha instead of Tobi or Madara.
  • Obito originally ascended as the God of Masks and Easily Forgiven, before the Court of the Gods decided to ascend him for his Weaponized Teleportation via his Mangekyō Sharingan's unique power Kamuinote  Obito's standing with the other gods is conflicted to say the least. While there are some gods who do sympathize with him for his tragic backstory (such as Madoka Kaname and Raiden), there are some who aren't so forgiving or sympathetic, complaining that he got off too easily and think everyone is being too lenient (such as Jason Todd and the Other Raiden). The most reasonable gods decided to take a middle ground: Obito's Heel–Face Turn will be acknowledged and he will be given a chance to work for his atonement, but they will not forget his actions in life. Obito accepts this fate without argument, admitting he still has lot to do. He is currently put on probation.
    • Some people have made fun of Obito being called "The Coolest Guy Ever" by Naruto despite the fact that Obito is responsible for many casualties throughout the time he was committed to the Eye of the Moon plan, directly or notnote . Obito is annoyed by this, admitting that while he agrees Naruto's choice of words was rather poor, Naruto was talking about Obito Uchiha, the boy who sought to become Hokage and died to save his friends, rather than Tobi, the masked man who wanted to replace reality with an illusion.
      • Of course, while Obito is on probation, the GUAG is willing to count on him in case they need his power. Obito so far has learned that while his Kamui can no longer allow him to return to the Land of the Living, he can still access the Pocket Dimension it goes to and warp around the Pantheon as he pleases. He can also use it to sync with portals around the Pantheon like he did in the battle against Kaguya, using the left eye's long-range teleportation to connect with the portal, and the right-eye's short-range teleporation to allow him to warp through. This process still requires a lot of chakra to use, even with Hashirama's cells and the Six Paths Chakra, so he only uses it when necessary. Obito can also use the Susanoo and Kamui Shuriken Kakashi used in life, since the eyes do belong to him.
  • Naruto and Kakashi are the ones most accepting of Obito's ascension. Naruto because Obito was a lot like him in his youth, and Kakashi because they were childhood friends. The other Naruto gods are still wary of him, but they do tolerate Obito for Naruto and Kakashi's sake.
    • Nagato is a bit complicated. While they have both been redeemed by Naruto, Nagato does not forgive Obito for killing his friend Konan, but at the same time, does sympathize with him on some points.
    • Obito would also have a complicated relationship with Sasuke. Though Sasuke no longer intends to kill him, he is not going to forget how Obito participated in the massacre of the Uchiha Clan, even after they worked together against Kaguya. Their interactions are definitely some of most awkward amongst the Pantheon.
    • Deidara is openly shocked and furious to discover that Tobi, his seemingly goofy masked partner, is really an Uchiha all along, and he vows to get back at him when he has the chance for deceiving and using him.
  • Some are confused about how Obito's Kamui is able to allow his spirit to visit the world of the living and bestow his power onto Kakashi, even moreso when the latter is able to use it's full power despite not being an Uchiha. Of course, this was only a temporary power-up, lasting until Obito's time in the living world is up. No matter the case, its clear that both of Obito's eyes will stay with him permanently, since Kakashi's left eye has been restored by Naruto. Thankfully, Obito is no longer willing to use his Kamui for evil, though some gods are keeping an eye on him just in case.
  • Obito has formed a kinship with other people who had succumbed to darkness like him, like Anakin Skywalker and Golbez, or people who had wanted to reunite with their loved ones through any means necessary, like Mr. Freeze. Anakin and Freeze both understand what it's like to lose the one they love and would do anything to get them back.
    • Obito also saw a lot of himself in Count Bleck, who had lost the love of his life and fell into madness because of it, yet got to be with the one they love in the end. However, Obito notes how they coped with their loss and how they came to their senses after their defeat greatly contrast one another. Obito wanted to replace reality with an illusion by trapping everyone in a perfect dream world, whereas Count Bleck sought to destroy all of existence. Obito always had conflicting feelings about his goal, even when he tried to supress it, something that Naruto and Kakashi noticed and were able to talk him out of his delusions. Count Bleck only gained conflicting feelings after he discovered Timpani was alive, and after Dimentio stabbed him in the back, helps the heroes put a stop to his Evil Plan. Even so, the two still sympatheize with one another.
    • Obito also felt a kinship with Gendo Ikari, as both of them wanted to instigate an Assimilation Plot to remove suffering from humanity after losing the love of their lives. Gendo returns the sentiment, and they sometimesmeetup to talk abouttheir motivations and actions.
  • Obito would find himself interacting with the current bearers of his formers titles:
    • Obito quickly became fast friends with Magolor, someone who had also committed horrific sins, sought to make amends, and also would be Easily Forgiven. The two tend to hang out and speak about how they can fully atone for their actions
    • Obito became fascinated with Hata no Kokoro's collection of 66 masks, since he had also worn multiple masks throughout the years he was calling himself Madara. While he has gotten out of the habit of wearing masks since he now embraces his identity as Obito Uchiha, he will examine the collection and ask Kokoro questions about them every now and then.
  • Obito is greatly sympathetic towards Guts, Carl, and Scorpion, since they all suffered from events out of their control that led them to become the people they are. Of course, each of them had a different thought towards Obito.
    • Guts feelings towards Obito is complex. On one hand, Obito did betray his home and companions for the sake of a Lotus-Eater Machine, something that Homura inflicted on Madoka and her, but on the other hand, he does understand the pain of losing someone you care about.
    • Carl Clover, sadly went through a Redemption Failure, now distancing himself from others for the sake of restoring his sister. Obito sees just how much Carl has become like him, and hopes one day the people he called his friends would be able to save him from himself.
    • Scorpion and Obito see just how much they are alike, and the sympathy Obito feels for him is mutual on Scorpion's end.
  • Nine is one of most sympathetic towards Obito's plight, since they both wanted to recreate the world in their image for the sake of being with their loved ones (Rin for Obito, Celica for Nine). The two form a mutual understanding of their motives, how they were both used and manipulated, and how they were redeem themselves by giving the heroes the means to stop their adversaries.
  • Superman and Spider-Man's thoughts on Obito are complicated. Superman is sympathetic twoards Obito for what he went through, but isn't so forgiving of the latter for what he did as Tobi. Spidey does understand the pain of losing someone you love, but still acknowledges how dangerous Tobi can be.
  • Obito has found enemies in both Palpatine and Molag Bal, both of whom had corrupted others into villainy just like Madara did to him. Obito has promised to ensure these two will never harm or corrupt anyone again.
    • Speaking of Madara, Obito is not fond to say the least to see him in the Pantheon. Obito has not forgiven him for orchestrating Rin's death and making him his unwitting pawn. Obito also opposes Madara's ally, Regime Superman, and has vowed to help his former enemies put a stop to evil plans. He and Nagato are the most vocal about opposing the duo.
    • Obito also crossed paths with Zelenin, who like him also desired a World of Silence and brainwashed other people for her own purposes. Obito sees Zelenin as what he could have become if he didn't continued on his path as Tobi, and vows to stop her from doing the very thing he and Madara had plotted to do in their world.
    • If there is one thing Obito cannot stand at all, it's a coward. Cowardice goes against his childhood philosophy about friendship, so he is outright disgusted by Peter Petigrew upon learning of how he sold out his friends just to save himself.
    • Obito shows nothing but contempt for Griffth, considering how he sacrificed his own comrades for the sake of power. He is downright revolted after hearing what he did to Casca, and all because of a stupid reason that was entirely his fault. Griffth on the other hand doesn't seem to care, and looks down on him for giving up his ambitions.
  • Obito found out he has become an unwitting source of memes besides being "The Coolest Guy Ever", such as White Zetsu's quote "Tobi is a good boy". Obito reactions can range from being embarrassed, to finding it a little amusing.
  • Currently, Obito is working alongside other former villains seeking to make amends by helping the GUAG against their enemiesnote . Obito, having been a leader and great strategist once, is given one of the highest positions of authority within the group. He'll either be planning out the group's next move, or performing reconnaissance across other dimensions by traveling with his Kamui, gathering out as much information as he could and storing people and/or items in need of transport.
  • "Now I finally realized that faking one's name and letting others do everything for you is different than entrusting something to one's comrades. I'm not you. The current me is the one who wanted to become Hokage: Obito Uchiha!"

Lesser Gods

Chell, Goddess of Portal Travel (Subject Name Here, Test Subject 1498)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her orange jumpsuit. Alternatively, the Portal Gun
  • Theme Song: Chell Theme Companionship
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Wields a hand-held, portal-creating weapon, Never gives up, EVER, Should not be tested under any circumstances, Chooses not to speak so she can annoy her enemies, Was told there would be cake, Made of Iron, Has an unknown history, Known only by her first name, When all you have is a portal gun
  • Domains: Science, Video game physics, Portals, Seemingly impassible obstacles
  • Herald: The Weighted Companion Cube
  • Allies: Link, Gordon Freeman, Companion Cube, Sona Buvelle, Mike Schmidt, Pvt. Donut
  • Enemies: Cave Johnson, GLaDOS, HAL 9000, SHODAN
  • A few hours after her harrowing ordeal in the underground laboratories of Aperture Science and subsequent release by GLaDOS, Chell was recognized by the Gods for her remarkable ingenuity and tenacity. She ascended to the Pantheon with her Portal Gun and received her own temple completely covered inside and out with portal-able surfaces.
  • She was quite annoyed to learn that the A.I. that had tortured her relentlessly with test after test had ascended before her. She only calmed down once she found out that her arch-nemesis would be a considerable distance away from her and had other things to occupy her time.
  • The Gods knew of her history with GLaDOS and made sure that every House had a lot of portal-able surfaces, so that she wouldn’t feel too claustrophobic. If she ever felt that her safety was being threatened by the homicidal A.I. or any other undesirable gods, she could easily escape to another House through her portals. This is also why she doesn't speak even after she's (relatively) safe in the Pantheon; who knows what other evil A.I.s are out there listening? Also, she enjoys screwing with such programs, since her lack of response really infuriates them.
  • Shortly after Chell's ascension, the Portal Gun was considered a valued treasure that would be kept in the Vault with the other artifacts. After much heated debate by the Gods, it was to be kept with Chell at all times as its official keeper. Because the entrance to the Vault lies just beyond GLaDOS's altar, and considering both party's history with each other, this was a good decision…which after some time had passed, would later be reversed in a way. Chell herself would ask some members of the Pantheon to secretly raid Aperture Science and steal a working replica of it, which, while it briefly annoyed GLaDOS, would later be a decision the AI would begrudgingly live with, as would Cave Johnson to a more amicable degree, so as long as he was credited for its design.
  • Has struck a friendship with Gordon Freeman, whose games apparently occur concurrently with Chell's. Although they only seem to talk to each other when no one is seeing.
  • Chell remains wary around the bakeries in the House of Food because of the possibility of cake not being there. Not even Pinkie Pie, known for never breaking her promises, can promise Chell there will be cake, and has to affirm it every time she plans to give the mute woman some.
  • As soon as Chell heard the Companion Cube would lose its shrine, she just had to save him and keep it as a herald - losing him once by throwing it in an incinerator was more than enough. In its place of her temple, the Cube will sometimes 'sing' to her.
  • While Chell only "met" Cave Johnson through all the recordings played at Aperture, she hates the guy who created both GLaDOS and that nightmarish complex she had to escape twice. Chell admits that she would laugh at the absurd things Johnson says, if the impulse to keep herself silent wasn't much stronger.
  • Hoopa bonded with her because Chell can use her Portal Gun to teleport the Pokémon away, circumventing its inability.
  • Once Chell saw Donut's weaponized usage of time portals, created by a gun similar to hers, she decided to approach the trooper and has drafted him to missions that require two portal users (as Chell keeps hidden in her temple the spare gun used by Atlas and P-Body).
  • Refuses to comment on the theory that she died during her second foray into Aperture. Homicidal AIs wanting to kill her are bad enough without hearing actual humans thinking Chell shouldn't survive for the sake of "logic".

    Golden Freddy 
Golden Freddy, God of Teleporting Offscreen (Yellowbear, Fredbear (possibly))
Golden Freddy circa 1993
Golden Freddy circa 1987 
  • Lesser God, possibly Intermediate or even Greater
  • Symbol: His black (possibly purple) hat and microphone
  • Theme Song: Just Gold
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Ascended Extra, Bears Are Bad News, Black Eyes of Evil, By the Lights of Their Eyes, Evil Laugh, Expy of the regular Freddy Fazbear (actually the other way around), Flawed Prototype, Messing with the game directly, Gold-Colored Superiority, Gold Makes Everything Shiny, Losing Your Head, Non Standard Game Over, No clear information about him, Offscreen Teleportation, Predecessor Villain, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Animatronics, Ghosts, Death, Haunting, Mystery
  • Allies: The Fazbear Gang, The Marionette, Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Spooky, The Slenderman, SCP-173
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Mike Schmidt, The Phone Guy, Barney the Dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh
  • What is Golden Freddy? Even among the animatronics that run rampant in Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, this one is one of the most mysterious ones. He can seemingly appear out of nowhere and kill you if you stare at it for too long. Hell, it's not even confirmed if he has a physical form or not, but this animatronic has been spotted in the House of Food once, just sitting in a corner doing nothing, something that creeped out all the residents who saw him.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the few deities that can appear anywhere in the pantheon, given his ability to teleport seemingly anywhere when no one is looking at him. Even if you look to him, there is a chance he will attack you, so the Court of Gods have taken the time to put warnings in every house that Golden Freddy has a change of showing up. If someone happens to find the Golden Freddy poster, be warned.
  • The more accepted origins of Golden Freddy date back to the early 80s, where he was better known as Fredbear. He used to be the face of Fredbear's Family Diner until a child got stuck in his mouth after being forced by a group of teenagers and got his head crushed as a result, forcing the staff in charge to retire Fredbear in 1983.
    • However, when it comes to the soul that possesses the suit, nothing is known about them. One group theorize that it was one of the five children murdered by William Afton while others think that the one inside Golden Freddy is the Child that got bitten by him and later died in the hospital. Some think he's possessed by both!
  • Assuming Golden Freddy is Fredbear, then Golden Freddy and Springtrap used to be partners and the sole performers in Fredbear's Family Diner before their suits got retired. However, due to the circumstances and the man inside Springtrap being the killer who murdered the missing children, one of them possibly being inside Golden Freddy, they ended up becoming bitter enemies. Not to mention, it's implied that Springtrap took parts from Golden Freddy to rebuild himself.
  • It didn't go unnoticed that Golden Freddy does resemble Winnie the Pooh a lot given their similar color schemes. However, Pooh himself feels both scared at the animatronic and sorry about the poor soul stuck in him and hopes they find peace.
  • Seems to be friends with both the Slenderman and SCP-173, probably because Golden Freddy's behaviour is not that different from theirs. Although there are reports that the animatronic does feel somewhat uneasy around the slenderman since he is said to kidnap children too.
  • He is angry with the other animatronics because they never invite him to the nigh of debauchery.
  • It's been noted that Golden Freddy can force a game to shut down if he catches the player. Other times, he just kills his victims. This behaviour varies depending on his mood.
  • The SCP Foundation has deemed Golden Freddy as the most dangerous animatronic of them all and have tried to contain him, but there is no effective method of containment that has worked so far. Oddly enough, his label is that one of an Euclid given his random nature, but they also have taken into account the Nightmare Fredbear form, which is Keter level.
  • Apparently, he has been seen having "conversations" with Spooky, because she is interested in recruiting him. It's unknown what or how it happened but the most common theory is that Spooky being a ghost child has an easier time approaching Golden Freddy.
  • "IT'S ME"

    Lena Oxton/Tracer 
Lena Oxton, Goddess of Blinking (Tracer, Agent 3945_50, Agent of Overwatch, Butt)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Chronal Accelerator. Alternatively, her Laser Pistols.
  • Theme: "The World Could Always Use More Heroes" (shares with Winston)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful aspirations
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Spiky Hair, Hailing from London, Heroic Blue, Genki Girl, Guns Akimbo, The Pollyanna, The mascot of ''Overwatch'', Time Master, Teleport Spam, Unstuck in Time
  • Domains: Heroes, Teleporting, Time, Guns
  • Herald: Emily (her girlfriend)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Scout, Ada Wong.
  • Enemies: Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Sombra, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, most of the evil gods in Time and Temporality, Yoshikage Kira, the Incubators, HYDRA, Millenium, SHOCKER, Gul'dan, Arthas Menethil, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Arvis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Junkrat and Roadhog, Li-Ming, Nova Terra, Snipers in general
  • Fangirls over: The House of Heroism
  • Opposes: Evil Snipers (Specially the Cold-hearted ones)
  • Lena Oxton (better known as Tracer) was once of the youngest members to get involved in Overwatch's experimental flight program to test a teleporting fighter known as the Slipstream. However, an accident occurred when the vehicle malfunctioned and it was teleported somewhere, with Lena inside. Months later she reappeared but she developed a condition which made her fade in and out of existence, essentially making her a living Ghost. Thankfully, a scientist by the name of Winston created a device which allowed her to control her own time as well as developing the ability to teleport short distances and Rewind time
  • How she found the pantheon is a mystery to her, but she got excited to see a new place to explore. She was glad that there were a lot of faces she recognized and is eager to meet lots of new people.
  • Tony Stark immediately took interest in Tracer's Chronal Accelerator, being reminded of his own chestpiece, and decided to investigate how it's supposed to work. Lena gets along surprisingly with Stark, being reminded a little of her friend Torbjörn.
  • Instantly befriended Seras Victoria, another British woman who is also really nice. From her he learned about Millenium, who were the ones that set London on fire in her world, immediately making Tracer enemies with them.
  • She befriended Donkey Kong because she reminded him a lot of her friend Winston, the gorilla who designed her Chronal Accelerator. She wonder if DK is also obsessed with Peanut Butter like Winston is.
  • She was the subject of controversy when she once posed like this eventually causing a debate on her butt. She later decided to change her pose, not for the public demand, but because she found the old one too "boring" for her personality.
    • However, she is getting tired of hearing the same jokes about her butt over and over again. Not helped by the fact that her new pose focuses more on her butt.
  • Other point of contemplation about Tracer would be her heavy Cockney Accent, which a big group found to be grating and annoying. Lena chooses to ignore those people because she doesn't find any issue with her voice.
  • She met a lot of people who have the same abilities as she does like Anti-Mage or Kuroko Shirai. Very often she also likes to challenge them to a competition to see who is the fastest.
  • There was one time where she was confused with Fluttershy, given that she sometimes can sound like her. She finds her to be incredibly cute and instantly became her friend. This also made her somewhat distrusting of Kyubey, because he also sounds like her. It elevates further when all of the sudden, Homura Akemi slapped her for sounding like Kyubey. After hearing how 'cold hearted' Kyubey is, Tracer became convinced that he's a threat.
  • She was the first of her realm to join the world of the Nexus and she instantly fell in love with the place. She was first greeted by Uther and they quickly hit it off because she reminded her of Reinhardt.
    • However, she had a rough start with Nova, because she decided to dress like her old Nemesis Widowmaker, promptly scaring the crap out of Lena. While Nova has tried to make amends with her, she still doesn't trust her.
    • On the other hand, the Wizard Li-Ming has a hard time standing Tracer's presence. Ever since her arrival, her overwhelming speed has been a heavy counter to the Nephalem's magic, to the point that Li-Ming stopped being the Game-Breaker she was after the agent set foot in the Nexus. Not to mention, the fact that Tracer got her own 'trailer' while the latter got skipped.
    • She also gets along well with Chromie. She is considering the bronze dragon's aid while they're in the Nexus.
    • She also made an unlikely friendship with Tassadar. She found the protoss to be one of the best supports in terms of keeping her alive and they both also share the same ideals in regards to being a hero.
    • She also was one of the few heroes that decided to aid the guardian Medivh in order to stop the orchish warlock Gul'dan from destroying the Nexus. While she was able to hold her own, she underestimated her opponent, the Lich King himself, and then was almost vaporized by Gul'dan. She made it out okay but she has put both Arthas and Gul'dan in her strike list now that she knows they are in the Pantheon as well.
  • Most of the members of the House of Time and Temporality are cracking their heads at trying to figure out Tracer's situation, and are investigating how her Chronal Accelerator is supposed to work. In that same house, she personally met The Doctor, who is also another British time traveller like her and decided to befriend him. note 
  • Given that she doesn't have a particular good experience with snipers, she doesn't see them in a good light. The same can be said for the snipers, since they find Tracer to be incredibly annoying to deal with.
  • One thing that Tracer really laments is the fact that she failed to save Tekharta Mondatta from getting assassinated by Widowmaker. In addition to his lost life, the tensions between Humans and Omnics increased in King's Row after the incident. She also is disgusted with the fact that people asked her to deliver an EMP in said place to get rid of the omnics. Nope, that "Back to my old stomping ground again!" thing is totally not hiding anything at all...
  • She swore to take down evil organizations like HYDRA or SHOCKER in the name of justice, but most importantly because she heard they may have connections with Talon, the Terrorist organization with links towards the fall of Overwatch.
  • She idolizes the House of Heroism, saying that they inspire her to become a better hero like them in the future, like the now defunct Overwatch used to be back in the day.
    Tracer: You know, the world could always use more heroes.
  • A researcher decided to test whether Scout or Tracer was faster in a 100-meter dash with their best equipment. While Tracer's own running speed and Blinking is advantageous in a pinch, it is eventually trumped by the Scout's own running speed (with the Baby Face's Blaster).
  • Her cheery attitude and expertise with twin guns made her quite fast friends with Noel Vermillion, with Tracer trying to rub in her cheeriness and idealism to Noel, which she actually has made some progress at. And because Tracer wasn't as busty as some of her friends (not that she cares), Noel could open up to her real quick.
  • There were many who assume that Tracer couldn't remove her Chronal Accelerator for fear of getting unstuck in time again. As it turns out, as long as it's near her, she can remove it all she wants. Though, it needs to be charge.
  • Was confuse that there were people out there who actually ship her with Widowmaker. This is despite the fact the two had a very bad encounter. Not only that, Lena already have a girlfriend in Emily. Some tend to ignore that part.
  • The English accent, the pose, and the fun personality caused some to compare her to Bayonetta. The two finally met when Tracer got a lead that Reaper along with the mercenary Deathstroke were attacking someone. That someone turned out to be the Umbra Witch herself, who seemed to be holding her own somewhat, but with Tracer's help the tables were turned and the edgy gunners got frustrated enough to call a tactical retreat. The ladies then chatted a bit about where their abilities came from, and both came away liking each other's style.
  • For the record, yes, she is, indeed, already Tracer.
  • "Cheers, luv! The cavalry's here!"
    • However, she didn't want to say it in front of Arvis. Because the quote's supposedly stops there, with him around, it may end up getting an addendum "… to stab you in the back." And Tracer doesn't like it.

    Raven Branwen 
Raven Branwen, Goddess of Creating Portals With Her Sword and Detachable Dust Swords (Huntress, Leader of the Branwen Tribe, Bird Mom, Spring Maiden)
  • Lesser Goddess on the surface but actually is Intermediate as the Spring Maiden
  • Symbol: Her Gears symbol, and her hunter mask
  • Theme Song: "All Things Must Die"; alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, later has shades of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Byronic Heroine, Only Cares About Surviving, Remnant's Only Samurai-Based Warrior, Being Named with Her Brother, After Birds, Might Makes Right, Strong and Skilled, Uses Her Semblance To Watch Over Yang
  • Domains: Swords, Bandits, Portals, Birds, Ice
  • Herald: Vernal
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Velvet Crowe
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Roman Torchwick, Akame
  • Rivals: Hakumen, Esdeath, Samuel Rodrigues, Vergil
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Yang Xiao Long (Her Daughter), Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Ragna, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, Pearl (Steven Universe), Nine the Phantom
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Feared by: Neopolitan, The Blood Gulch Crew (apart from Sarge, who appears to love her)
  • In the land of Remnant was a small tribe of bandits led by Yang's mother and former member of Team STRQ: Raven Branwen. With her reputation as a former hunter and currently leader of a small group of fugitives, she quickly familiarized herself with those respective houses in the Pantheon while knowing she was dreading seeing her daughter once again along with her twin brother.
  • Raven was given the same ability as her brother to become a bird (in her case the raven), but while Qrow appreciates this gift she considered it a terrible curse. Along with her fighting skills with her dust swords, her semblance can allow her to transport herself towards everyone she has a close bond with such as her daughter Yang. Of course, the real secret behind her strength that drove back even Neo was the fact she is the real Spring Maiden. After killing the previous maiden and stealing her power, the former Huntress used Vernal as a scapegoat to fool everyone else into believing she was the real one.
  • After her last confrontation with Yang and her team, she had expressed remorse over the fact she'd been in hiding all this time, not willing to fight Salem with everyone else, and overall being a very uncaring parent to her child. As expected, the blonde-haired member of Team RWBY practically wanted nothing to do with Raven feeling shame about the life choices she had made as her mother.
  • Qrow also could barely bring himself to even consider her a sibling after the stunt that she tried pulling in Haven Academy by taking his life. While she tried killing Cinder in the ensuing battle, the rift between them seemed further apart than ever despite being flesh and blood.
    • Despite her issues with Salem's flunkies, she is willing to cooperate with Cinder's accomplice in the Pantheon (much to Team RWBY's confusion), Roman Torchwick. Much like the crimelord, Raven is willing to do just about anything in order to survive in Remnant over dying at Salem's hands and Roman was perfectly fine with that philosophy.
    • As for Cinder, however, the exact opposite feelings were had for the disciple of Salem who took away Vernal during their last battle. Raven was ready to cut off Cinder's head ignoring the rules set by the other gods while the defeated Fall Maiden wanted payback as well plotting to get rid of another enemy on her long list of adversaries.
    • For mostly the same reasons Raven deems Cinder a complete monster Adam is someone she also hates with a passion for his racism and hatred for mankind, even mocking him for becoming the very thing he vowed to destroy under the banner of the White Fang.
  • Once the Blood Gulch Crew learned another RWBY deity ascended, they went to see Raven, who in turn thought it was an invasion and threatened them. Washington responded saying they had no ill intentions, but hearing Ozpin's voice triggered Raven the wrong way and she downright yelled at them to no approach her again. They have kept the distance ever since... except Sarge, who was downright aroused by her violent behavior and is constantly sending bouquets of roses with shotgun shells to her shrine hoping Raven will someday date him.
  • Many debate on how good of a parent Raven truly is to Yang, since unlike with Ragyo who disregarded her own daughter as a failure she at least came to her aid once as Raven despises Ragyo for being a lot like Salem, but unlike someone like Nine who at one point seemed like a caring individual Raven has only become colder over the years.
  • Ragna figured out how easily Raven let such pride consume much of her compassion and kindness towards others long ago. While he can admit she isn't the worst kind of mom in the Pantheon, despite Raven's attractive figure she offers less as a mother-figure, something Raven takes no shame in admitting both about her outfit and parental history.
  • Despite how Velvet might feel about Raven's motherly behavior, she does admire the fact she finally stood up against those who've been haunting her life feeling reminded of her own path of revenge. Raven also was surprised by how similar the former human turned Therion looked like herself.
    • This also extends to the former Imperial Assassin of Night Raid who feels likes she's been a coward in hiding for too long when she could have easily joined to fight against Salem. Akame knows that Raven has a heavy burden on her shoulders protecting her tribe, and yet, she can't forgive her treatment of her own child, feeling reminded of her own past before joining the rebellion. As for Esdeath she merely finds the Spring Maiden a good potential challenge much like the Fall Maiden Cinder while admiring Raven's idealism of the world.
  • Charles wondered if Raven could agree with his reasons for believing in a world without masks considering they both thought they were strong enough to survive, but she refused to join his side feeling that his plan and methods were too extreme and much too similar to Salem.
  • Pearl declined to comment on her feelings towards the bandit leader, but she was surprised to learn about her ability to become a raven.
  • Vergil along with "Sam" quickly stepped up to challenge Raven to battle wondering how skilled she was in battle compared to him. Also, the half-human demon is in the possession of Yamato, the O-Katana that can cut through dimensions similar to how Raven moves around the Pantheon. Since Raven's blades and fighting style matched the hired swordsman of Desperado Enforcement, he also complimented her on her beautiful hair, but somewhat felt disappointed to hear that she was married, even if the relationship was very much strained.
  • Kaito Kumon and Anakin Skywalker both might understand where Yang's mother comes from in some aspects. Anakin doesn't think Raven should justify her aloof nature around Yang. As for Kaito however, he believes the strongest should protect, and those who are strong but target the weak are scum, a complete opposite to Raven's worldview and that is simply...
  • "The weak die, the strong live. Those are the rules."

Viki, Goddess of Teleportation Mistakes
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Blinking Rune
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Incompetent Use of Teleportation (usually by sneezing), Teleporting Others to Other Locations (Including Naval Fleets), The Cutie, Cute Clumsy Girl, The Ditz, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Appearing in Almost Every Game in the Franchise
  • Domains: Teleportation, Mages, Women
  • Followers: Monica
  • Allies: Jeane, Fuuka Yamagishi, Lazlo
  • Enemies: Luca Blight, Schrödinger
  • Viki didn't really ascend into the Pantheon initially. Instead, she accidentally teleported there. No one is sure where or when she came from, but she started to stick around the place once she actually ascended.
  • There are some gods who have tried to help her master the Blinking Rune, as it can potentially be really powerful if one would remove the accidents what can happen with it, especially since Viki is actually a good rune magic user. So far, no success has been made regarding it.
  • She understands that there are many goddesses in the Pantheon who sound like her. However, she seems to be most comfortable around Fuuka. Especially since she can help her train her teleport techniques with the help of Juno.
  • Avoids going into the House of Food. The reason being that her accidental teleportations tend to kick in before she can eat anything. One time she accidentally transported away food from so many gods, the place almost fell into chaos. She tends to carry around boxed lunch because of that.
  • No one is sure where she came from, especially since Blinking Rune allows for one to time travel. There was a kid version of Viki at one point in time, but no one is sure if even she is from that point in timeline.
  • Where she is not banned from House of Theater, she is absolutely forbidden to take a role in any play. The cringe from her acting is too much for people to handle.


    Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre 
Laurel Jane "Laurie" Juspeczyk, Goddess of Teleportation Sickness (Silk Spectre [II], Laurie Jupiter, Sandra Hollis)

SCP-507, God of Random Transportation (Reluctant Dimension Hopper, Tommy, Steve, Bruto, Guy, Houdini, Grabnock the Destroyer)
His appearance in Confinement
  • Demigod (Safe by SCP standards)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Uncontrollably Travels To Other Universes, Ridiculously Average Guy, Lovable Coward, A Lot Of His Adventures Involve Pudding, A Bit Dazed In The Head, Power Incontinence, What the Hell Is That Accent?
  • Domains: Teleportation, Alternate Universes, Exploration, Random Location
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: The Doctor, Morty Smith, Forrest Gump, Scrat, Nathan Drake, Qrow Branwen, Rincewind, Yukikaze, Nebby, Kurt Wagner, Kuroka Shirai, Chell, Lena Oxton, Laurie Juspeczyk
  • On speaking terms with: Earth-65 and 616 Gwen Stacy
  • Enemies: Barbatos, the Anti-Monitor
  • Avoids: Funny Valentine
  • Opposes: Gladstone Gander
  • Fears: Beerus, his enemies
  • Uncertain opinion: Rick Sanchez, Wobbuffet
  • Teleportation is a useful tool, especially when you can cross entire dimensions. However when you have no control over it, prepare for unfortunate travels at best, death by beaming into space at worst. (Un)fortunately SCP-507, the Reluctant Dimension Hopper, has the former. He goes by many names, though never gives out his true name because he likes to see people give him nicknames.
  • SCP-507's arrival to the Trope Pantheon was by random chance. To prevent him from teleporting away and possibly never coming back, Wobbuffet was brought in to use his Shadow Tag on 507. He was glad to be steady for once, but couldn't move past Wobbuffet much so the Pokemon went back into his Pokeball. However a curious reaction with his anomalous nature somehow manages to make sure the Reluctant Dimension Hopper always returns to the pantheon.
  • Has listed the previous universes he's teleported to. These include; a version of himself, an Alternate Self where he was female, one where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by his vice president and became the new standard to graduate from a case of Vice President Who?, something with "so many spiders", a disused version of the facility and complete darkness.
  • In every other regard SCP-507 is a completely ordinary person, except for the fact he has the power of Random Transportation. His accent is confusing too, but that's it. He seems to bond with Forrest Gump as while a regular guy, he has surprising involvement in important events. He feels similar about Scrat, given their misfortune. There's at least some consistency within the Trope Pantheon; his own House of Teleportation is where he ends up the most. He's been studying from the gods there in hopes of controlling his teleportation. Nebby has been keeping track of SCP-507 as well, and is able to help him return home through use of Ultra Wormholes most of the time.
  • Despite his misfortunate, he never transports to somewhere that'd kill him like the vacuum of space or in a brick wall. Given how the former makes up the vast majority of the universe, some speculate it's not truly Random Transportation or there is some sort of safety mechanism inplace. This oxymoronic luck may be why he hangs out with Yukikaze. Given what he's seen he's not too surprised to learn that a WW2 ship has a Moe Personification in some other universe.
  • SCP-507 tends to relate to the House of Misfortune, given he's somewhat of a Butt-Monkey yet ironically a bit of an Action Survivor. Mainly with Rincewind, as they are both cosmic playthings. He seems to feel sorry for both Nathan Drake and Qrow because they bring bad luck around him, compared to 507 who merely ends up in situations where bad luck happens to him. Contrast this with being very annoyed by Gladstone Gander due to his impossible lucky streak.
  • Has managed to find himself with in the Antimatter Universe, Dark Multiverse and the Upside Down on a number of occasions, such is his misfortune. The Anti-Monitor, Barbatos and the Mind Flayer all consider him pests and try to vaporize him when they see the guy, only for 507 to teleport out of trouble at the last second. This only infuriates them further. SCP-507 is naturally quite scared of the lot, for obvious reasons. He also wants to stay away with Funny Valentine to his Never the Selves Shall Meet power, and especially Lord Beerus; the latter is due to his numerous adventures involving pudding, and we all know what happens if you mess with Beerus' pudding.
  • Rick Sanchez was very interested into just what gave SCP-507 the ability to randomly teleport. Sure, he can obviously do much better, but he wants answers for someone who transport between universes without explanation. Given what Rick can be like, 507 isn't sure whether this would be a good thing or a bad thing for him. Given his misfortune and involvement in chaotic events beyond his control, he did get along swimmingly with Morty.
  • Often arrives in realities where his counterpart is The Ace. In one, he actually became a very valuable field agent in about three months. Upon arriving back to his reality, he details several SCP's that haven't been contained by his reality yet and they are found and captured. This is probably why he likes to relate to tales with both versions of Gwen Stacy. Unlike him it's not known if a gender-swapped version of Gwen exists.