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Here is the House of Names, where every single deity present has a very Meaningful Name given. This House also is home to a Database that records every single ascended deity, their name and the Temple they reside, usually checked often to avoid confusion with deities that have similar names.

It's not strange to see members of the House of Knowledge present to check on the Name Database. They also stop by to make a backup archive of the Database in case things go haywire.

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The Protectors of Names

Isis, Goddess of True Name Knowledge (Goddess of Health, Goddess of Marriage, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Magic, Aset, Eset, Iset, She Who Knows All Names)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her kite bird wings, headdress and name in Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, although Ra sees her as True Neutral.
  • Domain: Magic, Necromancy, Marriage, Name
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, knows all true names, tricked Ra into revealing his true name to save Egypt from falling into darkness by Set and overthrow him, Finds and resurrect Osiris to conceive Horus
  • Followers: The cast from Earthsea
  • Allies: Osiris (her husband), Geb (her father), Anubis (her nephew and step-son), Neith (her great-great-grandmother), the House of Family and Relatives, Yu Narukami, Flynn, the House of Magic and Sorcery, Hecate, Persephone, Yami Yugi, the House of Death and Postmortem, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Zia Rashid, the House of Love and Affection
  • Enemies: Set, Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Apophis, Zeus, Aphrodite, Ryuk, Charmcaster, Voldemort, Sobek
  • Opposes: Hades, Cleopatra the VII
  • Opposed by: Ra
  • Pities: Hera, Rem
  • Summonable by: Yukari Takeba, Hibiki Kuze, Ren Amamiya
  • Feared by: Io, Bahamut and Tiamat, Dr. McNinja, Harry Dresden, Valkyrie Cain, Skullduggery Pleasant, Darquese
  • The ancient Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Health and Marriage, Isis flew into the Pantheon because she missed her husband Osiris. After being impressed with her ability and title "She Who Knows All Names", Isis was welcomed to join the Pantheon.
  • Isis' ascension was spoiled by Ra and Set's antic of making the sun unbearably hot while the wind stirring up and whispering about Osiris's condition because the former still holds a grudge against her for tricking and successfully staged a coup against him to ascend her son Horus while the latter is angry that she revived Osiris. The two have been on bad terms ever since. The only thing they seem to be remotely on the same page is how much they hate Apophis.
    • However, the one time she and Ra did get along is when Isis' role was combined with Bastet briefly during the Ptolemaic dynasty, which made her married to Ra. The two of them prefer to never mentioned this period and this is why Isis has a strained relationship with Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra.
  • Gets along well with a lot of the SMT humans since she is powerful enough to holds some independence from YHVH and frequently allied with them by being summoned by Yukari, Ren and Hibiki.
  • As the Goddess of Marriage, she frequently visits the House of Family. In there, she had the pleasant surprise of encountering Yu Nakurami again. The latter is also glad since she helps him and represents the bond between him and Margaret.
  • Pities fellow goddess of marriage Hera for putting up with such a cheating husband such as Zeus but feels that her revenge is rather excessive. Also disgusted by Zeus's frequent use of Bed Trick reminds her of her sister's Nephthys trick with her husband Osiris to conceive Anubis. The fact that Isis also fought against him before doesn't help. Same story with Aphrodite since she is a rampant cheater.
  • Since one of her sacred animals is the cobra, Isis pays a visit to the House of Toxicity and Reptiles. Not only is she disappointed by the large amounts of evil deities in both houses, the House of Reptiles brought her attention of Sobek, who is rumored to be taking married women from their husband. Isis declares him an enemy since she is the protector of families and marriage.
  • As the Goddess of Funeral Rites and married to an Underworld ruler, she frequently visits the House of Life and Death. Death of the Endless welcomes her since Isis is one of the few people who knows the true value of both life and death.
  • Holds the knowledge of the true names and other nicknames/titles of not only the entire Egyptian deities, but also the entire Pantheon. Some believe that this, along with her power over funeral rites, Magic and Family, makes her the most powerful of all the Egyptian Pantheon because she can perform incredible feats such as:
    • Immunes to Io, Bahamut and Tiamat's magic since she knows their Secret Name and can demands one favors from each of them.
    • Can use the Death Note with just meeting a person. The fact that she can fly makes this really easy. Although Isis usually doesn't even bother using it since she isn't a bloodthirsty goddess.
    • Can summon the Dovahkiin if she ever in possession of the Thu'um. Although she is usually a good sport about summoning him by supplying the Dovahkiin the protonymic name of a Daedra.
    • Is sought after by many every single Warcraft deities who fought against the Burning Legions since her knowledge of their true names allows them to have an edge against the Demons.
    • Is one of the few deities feared by Dr. McNinja since the knowledge of his true birth name makes him vulnerable to be cursed.
    • Holds power over Charmcaster since Isis knows of her real name "Hope". As such, Isis sometimes uses her power to save Ben, Gwen and Kevin when Charmcaster turned evil.
    • Can basically mind-control anyone not sealed their True Names by magical seal when entering the Skulduggery Pleasant world. Is also one of the few deities who can forced Harry Dresden's to his knee. Thus, Dresden, Pleasant, Darquese and Cain are all wary of her. And no, Dresden's power to influence other being by nicknaming them doesn't work on her since Isis knows her true name as well.
    • Got on the nerve of Voldemort to no ends since she refuses to call him Voldemort and insists on calling him Tom Riddle. Or Tommy if she is pissed.
    • Being the ONLY figure to be banned from participating in the Holy Grail War AND interacting with any deity / version from that world since her knowledge of a participant's true name allows Isis or anyone summoned / allied to her to gain significant advantages. Except Chaldea Missions, because apparently true names weren't that much of a big deal in their missions.
  • A lot of people are surprised about how Isis usually just laughs off Horus's conception and sometimes even gloats about the events since it proves her absolute mastery over life and death. However, do NOT bring up Anubis's conception or her husband Osiris's condition.
  • Her ability has brought her the attention of Light Yagami, who plans to manipulate her temple's power to fuel a new killing streak with Misa. Enraged by this, Isis immediately resurrects all of his victims and sic a swamp of cobras to chase down Light and his partner-in-crime Misa. She then declares both them mortal enemies and vows to resurrect everyone that is killed by the Death Note.
    • Also doesn't let Ryuk off the hook either since he is the one enable Light. Although she does feel sympathy for Rem because of how Light killed her and her devotion to Misa.
  • Got along surprisingly well with Hecate and Persephone as Isis is usually worshipped by Greeks alongside them as the Underworld trio goddess, not to mention Hecate is the patron goddess of witchcraft. Although her opinion on Hades is a little bit mixed since his frequent demonization and that she fought against him but she acknowledges that him and Persephone is the few Happily Married couple in Greek Pantheon.
  • As the goddess of marriage, she also frequently visits the House of Love. All of them welcome her since she represent both the concept of marriage and childbirth. Yes, even the House of Lust who are impressed by the golden phallus she made for Osiris that not only keeps her satisfied but also conceived Horus.
  • Pays Yami Yugi a visit after hearing about the Pharaoh's incredible adventures. After hearing that he used her temple's power to vanquish Zorc and saves his people, Isis made him her honorable champion and promises to look after his friends so now that he doesn't have to fight and can rest.

Othinus, Goddess of Prophetic Names (One-eyed Othinus, Odin, Othi-chan)

    Zero (Mega Man
Zero, God of Heroic Zeroes (The Red Ripper, The Crimson Hunter, The Bloody Maverick, DWN-∞, Zero Wily, Commander Zero, Commander of the 0th 'Shinobi' Unit, Model Z, The Mysterious Long-Haired Ninja)
Zero in Mega Man Zero 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His helmet and Z-Saber (both apply for both of his incarnations)
  • Theme Songs: Enter Zero, his X2 theme (and its Teppen remix), Standby, Zero, Special Zero Unit, Fallen City
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a Maverick Hunter (Chaotic Evil when under the influence of either too much or no Maverick Virus), Chaotic Good as a Resistance Fighter.
  • Portfolio: Laser Blade, Energy Weapon, Superpowered Evil Side, Heroic Sacrifice, Shut Up, Hannibal!, Big Brother Mentor, Taking A Third Option, Determinator, Big Damn Heroes, Colony Drop, Swiss-Army Weapon, One-Man Army, Hyperspace Arsenal, Anti Anti Christ, Commanding Coolness, Very Technically A Ninja, Not Acknowledging Oneself As A Hero.
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, Army, War, Fury
  • Followers: Omega-Xis, Zero.EXE and Protoman.EXE
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Sigma, Omega, Dr. Weil, The Joker, The Tails Clan, Copy X, Ultron, The Flood, Metal Sonic, Tenjuro Banno
  • Varying opinion from: Devola and Popola, The Four Guardians (friendliness varies, but all four respect him)
  • Friendly Rival: Ichigo Kurosaki, Meta Knight
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Prometheus and Pandora, Elpizo
  • Opposes: M. Bison
  • Opposed By: Bass (his older brother)
  • Additional Relationship: Dr. Wily (his creator), Repliforce, especially Iris
  • Odd Friendship: Sticks the Jungle Badger
  • Dr. Wily created him to be the ultimate destroyer, and as was discovered when he was first fought by Commander Sigma, the substance that became known as the Maverick Virus actually stabilized him in a sense. After gaining control of himself, he became one of the Maverick Hunters serving under Sigma alongside X. However, Sigma had obtained some of the virus in that first battle as well; it simply couldn't overtake such a strong Reploid, instead having to assimilate into his being and more subtly warp his mindset to where he eventually turned and became leader of the Mavericks. Thus, Zero spent the better part of a century helping X defending their world from Maverick outbreaks all tied to Sigma in some way or another.
    • As a living carrier of the Maverick Virus, he became concerned that he was spreading the trouble to the world, and thus sealed himself away following the end of the Maverick Wars. He was later awakened by Ciel in a new-model copy body in an era where Reploid forms had become more similar to humans… and the main government of the time was led by X in an indeterminate assault on Reploids, who were declared Maverick and terminated for the smallest of reasons, being deemed responsible for an energy crisis. Venturing out to stop X and his "Guardians", he discovered that this was in fact a malfunctioning Copy X, and the real X had become a Cyber Elf and guided Ciel to awakening him. Through a series of events, Zero found himself faced up against another insane threat; the malevolent criminal Dr. Weil and his ultimate creation Omega.
  • Thanks to the weird nature of his creation, the Court of the Gods have put up a decree regarding him: No one is to allow him to get ten feet of (A) any version of the Maverick Virus that is not inside a reploid host, or (B) any type of anti-virus vaccine that will directly intrude on his neural functions. NO ONE wants to deal with Zero in either his "Awakened" (too much MV) or "Berserk" (no MV at all) states.
  • Despite his high ranking, he doesn't like to consider himself a god or a hero. Nobody's really gonna impose the issue, though.
  • There is a prophecy regarding him, Dante, Link, Kratos, and Mega Man fighting each other at once. A few more names may be involved, but everyone is too afraid to read any more. All that's really known is this: it will be bloody awesome, and the House of Commerce is going to make a killing.
    • In one continuity, he actually meet fellow deities Dante, Wolverine, Taskmaster and Chun-Li (plus several others such as Amaterasu and Haggar) in a fateful battle between two dimensions. A battle so great it shakes the Pantheon's very ground.
  • Frequently mistaken by his followers for dying and coming back several times, not unlike Jean Grey.
  • Has a mortal follower trying to take his mantle, named Girouette. The guy has many of Zero's portfolios, including his penchant of sacrificing himself. Unfortunately, unlike Zero, he doesn't get better (he just turns into a Cyber-Elf). Being a Sacrificial Lamb, Giro now also serves as Mami Tomoe's some-time helper. Fortunately, there's still Vent/Aile who took up the mantle shortly thereafter.
    • He briefly had a misunderstanding with Grey, who originally mistook him for Aile in her Model ZX form. After clearing that up though, Zero has taken to training the young Reploid in swordsmanship and other skills, though he finds it a little weird to be facing down what appear to be genderbent versions of Leviathan, Fefnir, and himself.
  • His relationship with his father has been complicated. At first, Wily was irritated that his son didn't help out with his evil schemes. Over time, though, he's let that go and is genuinely proud of him. Though it's rare, you can sometimes see them having a father-son picnic. Wily has decided not to bother with his other "son", Omega, who's too Ax-Crazy to socialize. This of course is ironic when one realizes that Omega, bearing Zero's original body in the modified form his new body would be based on, is EXACTLY what he INTENDED Zero to be.
  • Has befriended Raiden due to their past as rippers.
  • He's not entirely sure what to make of Prometheus and Pandora. On one hand, he respects their hatred of Weil and their power. At the same time, he can't forgive them for their brutal slaughter of countless lives.
    • Some say Prometheus also reminds him of Omega slightly.
  • Madoka reminds him of X and everything that X stands for, which is why he's taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Upon Bass's ascension, Zero was immediately confronted by the black robot, saying that he'll never live up to him. Zero just ignored him, and Bass continues to antagonize the Reploid.
  • He and Android 16 were able to become friends thanks to their common ground as good robots created by Omnicidal Maniacs, or because of a special relationship between both of their voices. Leon Magnus also vouches for this, though Zero himself states that Leon needs to work together with people more effectively.
  • Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki have dragged him into sparring contests with their fellow Big 3 member Ichigo Kurosaki because he sounds similar to Ichigo and is a cool-headed sword master. He wouldn't care to mention these trips but since evidence of one such match came out and he started being asked about it, he admits he had fun and praises Ichigo's skill. He won't say who beat who, though, since he knows that would expose Ichigo to annoying levels of gossip either way.
  • Upon Elpizo's ascension, Zero was surprisingly neutral about seeing the one who destroyed X's original body and tried to kill him. He only told the Reploid that he'd be watching him, and has on several occasions been forced to step in when he starts getting a little too Drunk with Power.
  • Was not happy to learn of the existence of Model W within the Treasury, though he was one of the ones who prevented X from going down there to destroy it, stating that it'd be useless to fight something like that with its favorite meal. He has sworn to make sure no one gets their hands on it.
  • The Persona androids Aigis and Labrys are also on good terms with him and X, as both like that there are robots whose person and whose specific and voluntarily-chosen mission in life is to protect humans. Though Labrys is a bit queasy about Zero's cavalier attitude towards taking down enemy robots...
  • Joined X and Axl in confronting and greeting Epsilon upon the rebel commander's reappearance in the Pantheon. The conversation went well, as neither side was looking for a fight, and the Hunters were able to confirm in detail to Epsilon that Colonel Redips had manipulated his downfall to capture his Supra-Force Metal. After it was agreed that Epsilon should continue towards his goals of advancing Reploid potential as long as the Hunters are there to keep him on the right path, Zero warned in a brief aside that if Epsilon goes Maverick again he'll have to personally cut him down. Epsilon appreciated this.
  • Zero actually took on some students in sword play, one promising 'student' being a certain Grolla Seyfarth. However, Zero is unable to bring them as followers because not everyone has 'Zero' or sorts in their names. That said, teaching Grolla had a good boon, as it enabled Zero to succeed on a certain mission to rescue a brainwashed Spiritia Rosenberg; since Spiritia and Grolla are friends, the swings of his Z-Saber managed to break her out of brainwashing by reminding her of Grolla's swordplay. Zero finds it suspiciously intriguing to think that Spiritia had a run-in with a little girl (Iris Zeppelin) with a caliber of evil matching Dr. Weil…
  • Was VERY happy to see Ciel ascended to the Pantheon. The reunion between the two Neo Arcadia Resistance allies was one of the few times he reverted back to his more energetic pre-Repliforce demeanor as he and X promptly introduced her to their fellow Maverick Hunters. He calmed down after that, though. Later, when he discovered her deal with Epsilon, he advised her to be careful around the Commander, but did not attempt to dissuade her.
  • He once fought Metal Sonic in a duel to the death. Zero was able to effortlessly slice through Metal Overlord but this has caused him to make an enemy out of Metal Sonic.
  • "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate… If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"
  • Is also placed in the House of Heroism.