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This is a gaming lounge where both ascended deities and those in the mortal world can come in and try out various kinds of games. Most Let’s Plays are held here, as are reviews of different games.

There is no right or wrong way to play a game here, so it's entirely possible for someone to completely screw over the other players whenever they're engaged in some sort of task. Nevertheless, things are mostly under control in this house (though certain games have been reported to have caused increased hostility between players whenever a playthrough of them is in progress).

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Intermediate Gods

    Rampage Wrecking Crew 
George, Lizzie and Ralph, Divine Avatars of Player Cruelty (The Wrecking Crew)
From left to right: Ralph, George, Lizzie
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A broken SCUM Labs logo
  • Theme Songs: Track 3 (of World Tour), Title Screen of Universal Tour and Through Time, Main Menu of Total Destruction
  • Alignment: CHAOTIC (with unpredictable changes)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Monsters, Science, DESTRUCTION
  • Heralds: The many other rampaging monsters (especially SCUM Labs monsters)namely...  & their movie counterparts
  • Allies: No conventional allies — the trio are far too chaotic for that — but...
  • Enemies: Everyone else, with special emphasis on evil-aligned deities related to Mega Corps and Mad Scientists, the Postal Dude (for stealing one of his tropes)
  • Rivals: King Kong (for George), Godzilla (for Lizzie), all Kaiju, all ascended Titans, Kumbhakarna, the Colossi
  • The day the Wrecking Crew ascended was the only day the Welcoming Committee wasn't even allowed near the Gates for fear of getting eaten. The trio wasted no time in making their presence in the House of Gaming where they destroyed the Postal Dude's Video Game Cruelty Potential digs to make it their home. Dude tried to fight them as best as he can and ended up being George's snack for his trouble. Once brought back to life in the House of Life & Death, he learned the Judge revoked his old temple leaving him with his other place at the Hall of Naming Convention. Dude swore he'll regain his old home back from the creatures whatever the cost.
  • Through the nature of the Pantheon, the trio has lost most of their balancing abilities and have become adept in various different ways. George, by nature of his primate body, is far more athletic and acrobatic, able to climb with the quickest of ease in comparison to the other two. He has also kept his devastating ape stomp which damages anything near him and completely annihilates any strcuture if it's underneath him. Lizzie has gotten speedier but lost some of her natural strength but gains the ability to breathe fire in projectiles or a single long stream. Ralph, being old even when still human, still is slow in movement and climbing, but is far stronger and his claws are even harder and sharper than before. And then there's his howl, which he weaponized to great effect.
  • Due to their destructive nature, many GUAD acolytes attempted to sway the trio to their side, only to be all devoured. If there is one thing the monsters can agree on, despite having absolutely no loyalty to anyone or each other, is for someone to force them to do their bidding. Thus, Lucifer was able to convince them to join the GUAC instead as he allowed them to do whatever they wanted and that suits the trio well. Still, the Morningstar is now the target of complaints from those who have their followers eaten or their temples ravaged by the three's chaos.
  • Several measures have been taken whenever the Monsters decided to go on, you guessed it, a rampage. The Houses most hit whenever the trio are let loose are Commerce (due to the abundance of tall buildings which they enjoy destroying), Food (where they get their fill on nonhuman usually destroying certain temples related to their appetite), Profession (also known for its tall buildings), Science (for reasons explained below), and War (where they enjoy crushing and destroying all types of military hardware the local deities there send their way). Lucky for the Pantheon, construction on whatever they destroy is quickly fixed...until the next time it gets destroyed, that is.
  • The most frequent targets of the Trio's collective wrath are all evil Mega-Corp and Mad Scientist deities as it was through the machinations of their world's SCUM Labs that they ended up the way they are. As such, the Houses of Commerce and Science are the most hit.
  • Even though they don't have any friends as they see everyone else as either potential meals or enemies, they refrain from harming Toxie. The fact that the Toxic Avenger was once a regular human who underwent radioactive mutation just as they did could be the reason. While his presence may not dissuade them from wreaking havoc, they enjoy the few moments Toxie joins up with them (as best as he can) to rampage across mutual enemies.
  • As Wreck-It Ralph can attest, the Rampage Wrecking Crew are known as veterans of Bad-Anon and they are quite punctual when it comes to their meetings, which is one of the few times the Pantheon can relax from their destruction. Strangely enough, it's only whenever they enter Bad-Anon HQ that they surprisingly act in a civilized manner and to the shock of everyone present, speak in perfect language. It's only once they leave that they revert to their monstrous destructive ways. Some chalk it up to them enjoying their roles as playable bad guy protagonists too much.
  • Whenever they aren't pigging out on food and humans or destroying everything in their path, they usually can be found fighting the other giant deities within the Pantheon. All three like to take turns fighting the Draconian Beasts of New Urth. George finds a bitter rival and Worthy Opponent in King Kong, whereas Lizzie gets her fill fighting the King of Monsters himself. Ralph, due to the lack of any other giant werewolf around, opts to just brawl with whoever else can satisfy his inner beast. That role usually goes to any Kaiju, Titan Shifter or the Colossi.
    • It was one particular day when the Monsters stormed the House of Food to get their usual chow that they intruded upon several cooks that were delivering Kumbhakarna's breakfast to the awakened Sleeping Giant. Without a care, they immediately ate up everything (including the cooks) which made the rakshasa furious and went on the attack. Even with their combined power and superior numbers, the Crew found Kumbha an opponent that wouldn't go down easily. When the smoke finally settled, the free-for-all ended in a draw with the Trio knocked unconscious and the Giant snoring away in his sleep.
  • When asked during a Bad-Anon meeting what they thought about the film adaptation of their series, George and Lizzie (mostly her) didn't like how they were changed from mutated humans to mutated real animals but understood why their film counterparts were so different as they themselves are Expies of Kong & Godzilla to avoid lawsuits, and Ralph had mixed reactions over being a quadruped animal but earning spikes and a flying ability in return. They all eventually agreed to not mess with Dwayne Johnson as courtesy (he even grew up a fan of their arcade) and being a badass.
    • However, George has been seen Flipping the Bird more often now, which serves to taunt his fellow monsters and those who attack them, whenever they go on their rampages. Many wish that part of his film counterpart didn't rub off on him.

    The Wither 
The Wither, The Ultimate Destroyer of Crafts (Amalgam Mecha Sonic)
Wither Storm 

  • Intermediate God (Greater God if fused with a Command Block to turn it into a Wither Storm)
  • Symbol: Three black skulls
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Destruction of Everything Built And Living, Stuff Blowing Up, Eldritch Abomination, Airborne Mook, The Juggernaut, Omnicidal Maniac
  • Domains: Creatures, Destructions, Undead
  • Followers: Anyone who wishes to wreak havoc in online games For the Evulz
  • "Allies": Undead gods, Ghetsis
  • Enemies: Almost every god what is alive (special mention to Steve?) especially House of Craft.
  • One day, a non-documented god decided to create a monster using a material called Soul Sand and three black skulls. When the thing was finished, an explosion happened, and from the smoke, The Wither emerged, starting to destroy everything on its path, creating massive amounts of chaos in the Pantheon. Where the Wither was eventually slain, it had managed to gain godhood, causing it to not quite die.
  • The Wither can fire skulls what not only inflict a status called Wither, what will slowly drain target's health, but can destroy almost anything. Because of that, the Wither's temple is built out of Bedrock, a material which not even it can break.
  • Besides how destructive The Wither is, there is one thing it doesn't target: other undead creatures. Of course, attacking the Wither is not a good idea even if you are undead, because it will target you if that happens.
  • For surprise for many gods, the Wither doesn't attack Ghetsis, possibly due of him having the Pokémon Hydreigon, a three-headed dragon who is almost as destructive as the Wither.
  • Won against Deviljho once by destroying everything it could use as food in order to cause Deviljho to get exhausted for not having enough energy to fight back.
  • Was made one of the Elite Mooks of the Lich's Army of the Dead.

    Yami Yugi 
The Other Yugi, God of Absurdly High-Stakes Games (Dark Yugi, Yami, Yami Yugi, Other Me, Pharaoh, Yu-Gi-Oh, Nameless Pharaoh, Atem, former King of Games)
Spoiler for the last arc of the series 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God with all the Egyptian God cards)
  • Symbol: The Millennium Puzzle; alternative the back of a Duel Monsters card
  • Theme Songs: Passionate Duelist, It's Time to Duel!, First Friends
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Character Development, Anti Heroes, Dark Is Not Evil, Sexier Alter Egos (as well as buffer and taller in the anime), Superpowered (Not Quite) Evil Sides With Even More Ridiculous Hair, former inflicter of Disproportionate Retributions before Taking a Level in Kindness (due to Yugi's influence), Amnesiac Heroes, willingly letting his soul be sealed in a puzzle for 3000 years, being the King of Games (Trope Namer), as in being good at all games (not just card games)
  • Domains: Games, Magic, Transformation, Craft, Inquisition.
  • Followers: Nate Mitotsudaira, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Chrono Shindou, Usogui
  • Heralds: Yusaku Fujiki and Yuga Odo
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Seto Kaiba, Ash Ketchum
  • Enemies: Dark Marik, The Spirit of the Ring, Zorc Necrophades, Eliphas, Vector, Ramses II, Sora Shiun'in, En Sabar Nu/Apocalypse, Nobuyuki Sugou, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Opposes: Keith Howard, Pegasus J. Crawford, Noah Kaiba
  • Pities: Takuma "Sartorius" Saiou
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Egyptian pantheon
  • An ancient spirit that was sealed within the Millennium Puzzle until Yugi Muto solved it many years later, releasing him and allowing him to reside in his body. Although at first he only took control of Yugi's body in times of great distress and danger, using his supernatural abilities and exceptional proficiency in games to aid him without his host's knowledge, Yugi eventually became aware of his "other self" and, together, they set out to discover the spirit's mysterious past and recover his lost memories. In truth, Yami Yugi is an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh named Atem, who saved the world by sealing himself and his enemy, Zorc Necrophades, within the Millennium Pendant, which was then smashed into pieces to turn it into its modern Puzzle form.
  • Gained his title not only due to his habit of saving the world by playing a children's card game, but also because of those times he used his powers to impart justice by playing games (known as "Shadow Games"), in which the loser received a (often magic, sometimes lethal, always poetic) punishment, with him often wagering his life. Several opponents ended up burnt alive or stuck in an endless insanity-inducing illusion, but he doesn't like to talk about that.
  • Was very happy to meet Yugi again. In the Pantheon, they're now allowed to exist separately, so any issues regarding Yugi's independence are no longer a concern, especially since Yugi has already proved he surpassed Atem in their Ceremonial Duel.
  • Despite his title, card games by themselves aren't actually really Serious Business for him, unless they're somehow attached to plot or used to hurt others. Seto Kaiba, on the other hand...
    • Speaking of, he has received numerous calls to his House from Kaiba asking to arrange a duel. Yami Yugi has barely had any time to meet his old friends again, so he really wishes Kaiba to stop calling. Of course, he does feel glad to see him in the Pantheon (though he's probably the only one from his world who actually does, aside from maybe Yugi), and even more so as Kaiba is the reincarnation of his cousin and friend, Priest Seto. He is willing to duel him again, just... not right now.
    • After seeing just how far Kaiba was willing to go to be able to duel him again, he finally acquiesced to his requests. In a long, arduous battle in which ancient powers entered a new era and both duelists were brought to the end of their ropes, the Pharaoh managed to once again pull the win against all odds. Kaiba's been temporarily content with the match (even if he's not happy about the result), but Yami knows it won't be long before he'll be back.
  • Spends a lot of his free time in the House of Gaming, not playing card games, but looking for new games to play (he's actually really good at many games; he isn't called the King of Games for nothing, after all). Often seen with his friends, but especially Yugi. He'd go alone more often, but he isn't quite used to go out casually by himself (in his day and age, at least), and he enjoys the company anyway.
  • Just like in his world, Yugi's allies are his allies:
    • Was glad to meet Judai and Yusei again, and is willing to arrange another duel with the two after he's rested enough, and this time it will be just for fun.
    • Got along really well with the friends of Judai and Yusei. He's also both amazed and amused by the similarities between Sho and Yugi, and encourages both the Duel Academy student and Yuma to keep evolving as duelists. He is saddened to see the 5Ds crew broke up and gone their separate ways, he is happy that, like Yugi, the experience has changed them to become better people.
    • Also gets along really well with Shark, who reminds him a bit of Jounouchi.
    • Doesn't particularly like spending time with Yuma due to the latter's immaturity but tolerate out of respect for Yugi and the fact that Yuma's friendship with Astral reminds him of his friendship with Yugi.
    • Doesn't approve of Sora Shiun'in's bigotry, which he finds completely unreasonable.
    • Wasn't as forgiving as Yugi is when concerning their former enemy Keith, Pegasus and Noah because both of them had hurt people he cared about, something he would have easily punished them for if not for Yugi's presence. The two of them are on the same page concerning Sartorius, Keith Howard, Eliphas and Vector, however.
    • Doesn't particularly like spending time with Aichi Sendou because of his Failure Hero tendency, which Yami hates to be reminded of. However, he tolerate him because of the two's friendship with Yugi and the fact that he can sympathized being brainwashed.
    • Doesn't know what to make of Gaim but gets along with him well enough for his similarity of Yugi.
  • Feels uneasy around thieves and genocide victims, due to having learned about the massacre in Kul Elna, a village of thieves, from which 99 people were sacrificed by one of his priests for the creation of the Millennium Items. Even though he wasn't actually responsible for the incident (it happened when he was still an infant, and it was done by his uncle behind his father's back), he still feels like he needs to make amends. He also advises against touching the Millennium Items now, due to their origin.
  • He's also still trying to atone for his actions back from when he had just awoken from the Millennium Puzzle. He made a conscious effort long ago to stop dealing his (often excessive, if somewhat deserved) punishments against evil-doers, and even has gone as far as to call out hurting people for fun, so he really wouldn't like that to be thrown in his face. Despite drastically toning down his Ax-Crazy and Knight Templar tendencies, though, he's still retained his dark sense of humor.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Midna because both of them are non-evil dark-inspired ruler.
  • Despises Ramses with a passion due to their difference viewpoint on slavery, especially after Yami spent a lot of time in the modern world. Yami does respect Anakarkis for his willingness to fight for his people, something Yami had done in his past life.
    • Because of their shared hatred for Ramses, he developed a bond with Moses.
    • This hatred however, is nothing comparing to Apoclypse for actively waging war against humanity, especially ancient Egyptians, that eerily reminds him of his old enemy Zorc.
  • Is the only person that can access and use the Egyptian God Cards. All good-aligned deities from the YGO universe are working hard to keep it that way... especially after what happened when they were let loose during "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", causing destruction and the death of gods in their wake.
  • Formed a friendship with Nabu, as they were (are, in Nabu's case) both spirits of Ancient Egyptians that wield magical powers who possessed a host using a golden artifact. Nabu the Wise used to serve as an advisor to the Pharaohs of his world when he was mortal, and now takes up the role again for Yami as Doctor Fate. They are now currently doing research to determine if there is a potential link between the Helmet of Nabu and the Millennium Items.
  • Is glad to see Dark Magician Girl again because he can be close to his friend from the past life Mana. Whether or not they're a couple remains to be seen.
  • While Yami and Yugi were respected by Harth Stonebrew for influencing card games as we know it, the Innkeeper denies them entry into his place because he fears that their insane luck and skill would make the atmosphere boring.
  • Has a complicated relationship with ascended ancient Egyptian gods in the Pantheon. While he still respects them, his faith and fear for them isn't as strong as he was before considering the fact that Yami has faced and defeated various dark forces and command some Egyptian gods as Duel Monsters. Not to mention that the name Anubis reminded him of a man who wielded something known as the Pyramid of Light...
  • Doesn't like Nobuyuki Sugou because he reminds Yami of his more sadistic enemies and Yami himself during the early time released from the Puzzle.

Lesser Gods

    Beatrix LeBeau 
Beatrix LeBeau, Goddess of Player Compassion

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Vacpack
  • Theme Song: Let's Go, Beatrix! or 1,000 Light Years Away
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Mime, Made of Iron, Using A Vacpack That Sucks And Shoots Things, Having A Former Romance With Someone With Opposite Lifestyles, Being Lovers Separated By Sheer Distance, Hardly Sleeping
  • Domains: Technology, Nature, Slimes, Profession, Caring Potential, Romantic Loss
  • Heralds: Her most common clients in her universe, namely Thora West, Viktor Humphries, Ogden Ortiz, Mochi Miles, and BOb.
  • Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Lofwyr, Jill Stingray, Dell Conagher, Dr. Light, Rimuru Tempest, Suu, SCP-999, Captain Planet, Chester A. Bum, Oliver Twist, the House of Water and Moisture, the House of Nature, Lea, Kirby (bordering on Teeth-Clenched Teamwork rarely)
  • Odd Friendship with: The Medic
  • Respected by: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube
  • Rivals: Wario, Glomgold
  • Annoyed by: The Goose, The Goat
  • Pities: Charlie and Nicole Birdman
  • Opposes: The GUAE Trollkaiger, Queen Sectonia, Swarm, Q-Bee, Phazon, Hedorah
  • Opposed by: Buy N' Large, Mr. Burns, Hexxus
  • Avoided by: The Cuccos, Foghorn Leghorn, all other chicken-related deities
  • Foil to: The Rampage Wrecking Crew
  • Source of Interest for: The Corpus, and the Houses of Craft, Science, and Technology
  • Somewhere within the Pantheon, a huge body of fluid appeared, but the surprise of many, it wasn't water that occupied the area, but a lot of slime. Then, slimes of many variations started popping out from the ground, bouncing around, eating crops and small animals. Some deities tried to get rid of them by throwing them into the Slime Sea, but they sooner or later would come out to roam the Pantheon. Eventually, some deities were looking for those who could manage to handle all of these slimes, and they found out about Beatrix LeBeau, who not only handled these slimes as a job, but did a lot to make the captive slimes really happy, from continually keeping them fed, giving their cages a music box, and even giving them special toys to keep them happy. In exchange for her helping with the slime problem, Beatrix was transported into the Pantheon and ascended with the trope of Video Game Caring Potential.
  • Beatrix also had gotten the Far, Far Range to ascend into the Pantheon with the other planets as well, so her temple is located there, with all the slimes, so she no longer has to travel in the Pantheon to find slimes. Due to Beatrix's occupation and trade as an experienced slime rancher has made her extremely popular for delivering plorts to the Pantheon, making her services highly requested among several houses, including the House of Military and Warfare, to her dismay.
  • Overall, the introduction of plorts into the Pantheon have been revolutionizing the lifestyles of those that the plorts reach, since their usage, along with research from the House of Science for finding more uses from them, has not only advanced technology but has begun to make normal store products more and more outdated by the second. This has made Beatrix the target of ire from companies like Buy N' Large who have been greatly worried about the fact that plort-products have the potential to make their own products obsolete due to both the versatility and eco-friendliness of all of the things that the plorts can be made from. Mr. Burns is also worried that his own businesses will be threatened by the likes of Beatrix's trade and has attempted to make smear campaigns on Beatrix in order to discourage people from being interested in her work, but it has hardly worked with other prominent figures in the House of Commerce taking Beatrix's side due to being more willing to take opportunities to invest in plort-products and the economic opportunities they bring. Beatrix was also defended by many within the House of Nature, including Captain Planet himself who supported the eco-friendliness of her work.
    • Stephen Colbert had contributed to putting some shade on Beatrix, due to also placing doubt in a future with plort-based technology and production, questioning others' insistence on putting faith in what he essentially calls "glorified slime poop". But his words have fallen on deaf ears, save for the extremely conservative ones. Even some of the evil-aligned profiteers and companies have leaned in favor of Beatrix, since the newer products that Plorts can bring along can benefit their own agendas, although this may only be for the time being, until more individuals figure out how to industrialize the obtaining of plorts without need of Beatrix as the primary mediator.
  • One of the main obstacles in Beatrix's line of work are the dreaded Tarr, slimes that ate one too many different plorts that will always attack plants, animals, slimes, and people. Since these vicious slimes can easily be neutralized by water, Beatrix has made friends out of the House of Water and Moisture to ensure they'd have her back when the Tarr become uncontrollable in certain places. She also despises the GUAE Trollkaiger for trying to intentionally create Tarr, so she had them banned from the Far, Far Range, but they'll still find a way to enter the place regardless of their ban.
    • Beatrix does not want to know what happens to slimes that get inflicted with Phazon, not even the possibility or certainty of Phazon Plorts is going to make her want to find out.
  • Beatrix does find Kirby adorable and likes to give him some of the edibles she finds while gathering food for the slimes, but she'd rather not have Kirby not be involved in her own work since he'd only be in the way.
  • Her temple contains gardens and corrals to grow specialized fruits and vegetables that are favored by certain slimes, as well as Henhens and Roostros and their variants to feed the carnivorous slimes. The Cuccos, disapproving of seeing one of their own getting fed to slimes after Bea accidentally sucked one of them up, the Cuccos attempted to enter her temple to attack her, but ended up doing the equivalent of a sheep running into a wolf's den. The Cuccos that followed Beatrix into the Ranch were quickly eaten by hungry slimes, with some Tangle Slimes managing to suddenly pull the Cuccos into the ground through vines that the slimes produced to make a meal out of them. Completely failing to threaten Beatrix, the Cuccos decided to leave Beatrix alone given how dangerous her world is for them.
    • Foghorn Leghorn wandered near Beatrix's slimes unknowingly, and left with a Tabby Slime chewing on his rump. Rolf has also cowered in fear of Beatrix and her slimes, worrying that the slimes may eventually doom his farm animals. Thankfully, due to the distance of the Far, Far Range from the Pantheon, this is a nigh-impossible scenario.
    • The Goose attempted to approach Beatrix's ranch in order to annoy her, but they usually end up failing since the slimes would also attempt to eat the Goose. As such, the Goose went to get the Goat to help. With the Goat, they could actually mildly irritate Beatrix, but it turns out the Goat would be sufficiently affected by the Vacpack to the point where Beatrix could pull in the Goat and launch her somewhere else, usually the Slime Sea. To this day, the two animals have been plotting to really make a scene at Beatrix's place.
  • When it came to other slimes in the Pantheon, she did learn about a sapient slime known as Rimuru Tempest, who was actually a reincarnated human. While they got along well, it was unfortunate that Rimuru hardly understood the Slimes of Beatrix's world and for the most part, he thinks they're too simple-minded to communicate. He also tried to eat some of the food they have eaten to see if he could produce a variant of plorts of their own, but it didn't go anywhere. Rimuru tried consuming a plort, but he didn't seem to be affected by it, which did sadden him at first. Then said sadness would be reversed later when fending off an attack from multiple Tarrs, which Rimuru manage to stop by absorbing them, and in the process, not only gained the abilities of the Largos that they were originally consisted of, but also could produce the plorts of the slimes they consisted of, on top of occasionally producing more passively. Since Beatrix appreciates Rimuru's far less wasteful methods for dealing with Tarr, she lets him keep the Plorts he obtains in such a manner, though he was happy to simply share a decent portion of the plorts with her whenever she visited.
    • SCP-999 was also bound to become friends with Beatrix and they mostly come in to cheer up some of the more agitated slimes in Beatrix's ranch, or those in the wild, which she appreciates. Out of curiosity, she decided to feed SCP-999, but the SCP didn't take the gift, and continued about their business. The SCP Foundation has taken this action with curiosity, theorizing about the potential of "SCP-999 plorts" for a good while, but decided that the effort wasn't worth it for the time being. There's also Suu, a Slime Girl who may not give any similar benefits to SCP-999, but Beatrix stops by on occasion to give her food from her excursion, since she gets along with the other slimes in her ranch.
    • Out of the trio of Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, obviously Cube appreciates how well Beatrix takes care of his slime brethren, so the trio don't bother her, though they're not interested in assisting with her work.
  • Beatrix used to be in a relationship from someone of her home planet named Casey, but their differences ended up clashing so much to the point where Beatrix's interest in adventure would bring her to the Far, Far Range in the other side of the galaxy. While she has had thoughts about bringing them in as a Herald, she decided against it since Casey had no other benefit from being in the Pantheon, and Casey likely wouldn't appreciate being in the Pantheon anyway, given their more introverted nature. She's learned to accept their separation, however. She does feel bad for the former Birdman couple for going through similar relationship issues.
    • Inevitably, she would manage to explain her story to Jill Stingray after a long, rough day of handing slimes, and Jill discussed her own unfortunate love life to Beatrix in response, glad that at least they could contact each other through e-mail. Pitying Jill, on top of the initial payment, Beatrix left her with some Honey Plorts and a Gold Plort, which has done much to help make her business a little better. She's also experimented with more potential drinks using the Honey Plorts in particular.
  • To the surprise of many deities in the Pantheon, she got along with the Medic since she claims that in her world, scientists would develop the Vacpack technology she uses in her work through experimenting with the Medigun, showing him evidence from what she claims to be from said Vacpack inventors to prove her claim. note  The Medic was *very* interested that his Medigun had a connection with such technology, and decided that being on her good side was very beneficial for him. Currently, his only material interest from Beatrix's work was one Pink Slime and a Quantum Slime, a request that Beatrix had no problem with fulfilling.
    • Some deities are very concerned with how such work with the Medigun could lead to the development of the Vacpack. There are those who believe that the Medic's work would eventually get accepted by the public to the point where others started making their own work out of his technology, and others believe that the Medic himself would later develop prototypes for similar technology in the distant future, or maybe related deities like the Engineer could have had some part in it, or Medic's possible successors. There are even those curious of the implications of this connection, including the possibility of Slime Rancher's universe and Team Fortress 2's universe to be one and the same. To the Medic, this means that his work has clearly made a huge impact in his world or at least in other societies or organizations more appreciative of his creations, thus justifying the rest of his work, including his experiments on some patients.
  • Flying drones resembling spherical robotic bees can be found wandering her temple to assist in taking care of the slimes or transferring plorts to Market Links to be sold. Dr. Light was one of the first to understand their workings when Beatrix shipped one to him to repair and upgrade its functions, and so was Dell Conagher since he showed enthusiasm for understanding the Drones, which led to Beatrix giving him one. However, the Engineer is secretly interested in giving them guns for the sake of using them in his normal work.
    • Beatrix does like to have them around since she finds bees to be adorable. She's not happy about the fact that the bee deities in the Pantheon are a beauty-obsessed maniacal Insect Queen, a Nazi made of bees, and a queen of Bee People that captures humans to use for breeding or food. Oh, and also Barry B. Benson's just there.
  • Obviously doesn't like Hedorah for not only being a monster that thrives off of pollution, but she believes it to be a living mutated Tarr turned monstrous and gigantic. Water doesn't seem to affect it like regular Tarr, so she hopes it never comes by her temple. There's also Hexxus who does have interest of the potential destruction that can be caused by the technology of some of the more dangerous plorts, like the Boom Plorts and Rad Plorts, but Hexxus doesn't like Beatrix's work since it can directly hinder his agenda for more pollution.
  • George, Lizzie, and Ralph, holding the opposing trope of Beatrix's, were obviously not welcome visitors of Beatrix's slime ranch, so she has been looking for ways to fend them off, or other allies adept at dealing with them, in case they somehow find their way into the Far, Far Range, as impossible as it may sound at first.
  • While it hasn't gone to downright opposition, the House of Electricity envies Beatrix since her exports of plorts, particularly the Phosphor Plorts for lighting, and both Rad and Dervish Plorts for more renewable forms of energy (the former using nuclear power in particular), Beatrix has become huge competition for any aspiring power company, and for the rest of the Pantheon, a way to getting a huge cut off their power bills.
    • On top of the benefits of the plorts above, Beatrix is loved by the poorer deities in the House of Poverty and Riches since Puddle Plorts and Fire Plorts make for more accessible water and heat, respectively. Beatrix even gives out some of said plorts as charity, which is especially appreciated by Chester Bum and Oliver Twist for making their lifestyles a bit easier.
  • Beatrix would arrive to a part of her ranch to find two of her Hunter-Tabby Largos stolen, on top of an entire Henhen corral, though since some clues were left behind, Beatrix would track down the thief to find that Carmen Sandiego had been responsible for the thefts, but considering that Carmen actually took care of the Largos very well, with a large room dedicated to them, Beatrix decided to let her keep her spoils and left to recover her losses on her own.
  • Beatrix often may be found chasing Lucky Slimes and Gold Slimes, and so do the more greedier deities, who always have some food ready if they spot one of these, and often compete with Beatrix for their favor. While Steve and Alex often make deals with Beatrix for a Gold Plort or two for dealing with Piglins, there's also both Wario and Flintheart Glomgold, among other gold-hunting deities, that tend to go nuts and throw food in a Gold Slime's general direction if they see an opportunity to get some Gold Plorts. Sometimes those two in particular will try to nab Gold Plorts that Beatrix finds herself, to her chagrin.
  • One of Beatrix's mortal clients, Viktor Humphries, also tasks her with the assignment of catching Glitch Slimes, which exist as living glitches within a simulation of the Far, Far Range, in exchange for Newbucks. Lea, who is a living Digital Avatar, often assists Beatrix in spotting and catching Glitch Slimes, and can take on Tarrs that appear in the simulated world, although she often leaves Beatrix to deal with them alone, since Lea is just as vulnerable to water as the Tarr are.

Garrett, God of the Stealth Run (the pre-eminent thief)

    The Goat 
The Goat, Chaos Goat of Destroying the Enviroment (Pilgor the Goat)
  • Lesser Goddess (Alleguedly around Greater Goddess level)
  • Symbol: A snapshot of her head.
  • Theme Song: Goat Chill
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Extreme Omni-Goat, Ground Pound, Troll, Made of Iron, Overly-Long Tongue, Ragdoll Physics, Rewarding Vandalism, Super-Strength
  • Domains: Chaos, Goats, Destroying, Fun, Points
  • Allies: The Goose, The Rock of Ages, Lucifer, The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, The House of Explosives, The Payday Gang, Yoshi
  • Rivals: Daffy Duck
  • Enemies: TMNT, Shrek, Slenderman, The House of Religion and Faith
  • While this might look like a regular albeit derpy goat, this is not a harmless animal. Often this goat will indulge in untold chaos or partake in activities that catch its attention. It was a matter of time before the Goat would enter the pantheon after going through several bizarre misadventures and its tendency to destroy everything on a whim has made the Court of Gods notice that the Goat tends to go after props or objects, they decided to give it a trope related to that.
  • While the origins are unclear, the Goat actually has a name and gender. It's believed that the Goat is female and goes by Pilgor, believed to be a very important goat monarch or even possible a Goat of Chaos, the Goat equivalent of the God of Chaos. This easily led the goat to join GUAC after Lucifer found her quite amusing.
  • Considers the Goose to be a kindred spirit after the two devastated an entire city with their shenanigans. The Goose tends to be the brains of the duo as it is way more likely to be caught by superior forces while Goat is the brawns of the two, being able to destroy most things that get in her way. Their alliance just further cemented the two as one of most dangerous threats for the Treasure Vault, a place that the Goose has been messing with for a while and that could lead to disaster.
    • To many a god's horror the Goose along with the Goat managed to find themselves the Rock of Ages and even befriend it. This lead to said boulder joining the two in their destructive and chaotic mischief and in one such venture they along with the Rock of Ages' Heralds managed wreck untold amounts of havoc in the House of Commerce. Many a temple was in flame if not reduced to rumble, and they made giants loads of money while doing so. It is thought one could counter the two with another boulder and setting up defenses but as it turns out the two are good at the art of throwing giant boulders down a hill. Apparently the Goat was mentored by The Great He-Goat and passed her know-how onto the Goose.
  • The House of Explosives worships the Goat for its innate ability to make thing explodes, some believing she is related to Michael Bay or at least a big fan.
  • The Goat doesn't get along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Shrek. The reason? She once stumbled upon a group of sewer turtles called "Michael Bay Sewer Turtles" who immediately attacked the Goat on sight and to some witness accounts, they resembled ogres like Shrek. The Goat could hardly care about either of the formerly mentioned parties and went on to do business as usual. Although there was that one time she came across Michelangelo and took him by force through an entire trip in the House of Nature.
  • There was that one time the Goat teamed up with the Payday Gang to take part in one of their heists. While they found her a bit too unreliable, she can take care of their foes very quickly but considering she is as likely to send them to prison over a stupid prank than to actively help them, they don't call her often to help them too much.
  • Daffy Duck considers the Goat a rival after that time he went against a Goat who was as destructive as she is. Not wanting to be outdone, Daffy set up a trap to capture the Goat and kick her out of the pantheon, but all attempts by Daffy have been complete failures.
  • The Goat can take many forms, from becoming a burly goat to a small goat to even more wacky forms. One of those is an apparent mockery to the Slenderman, something the creature doesn't take kindly especially after he found the Goat wandering the woods he lives in.
  • Several of the more religious deities found out that the Goat has performed satanic rituals in the past and some believe it is the spawn of Baphomet. YHVH in particular plainly opposes the Goat given its chaotic origins as Goat of Chaos.
  • One of the Goat's strongest assets is her strong tongue, which she can use to carry almost anyone she wants to. Some have compared her to Yoshi, especially when she takes the form of the Italian Dinosaur Goat but he doesn't know how to react to the Goat even if they seem to be on relatively good terms.
  • The Goat is by far one of the glitchiest gods in the pantheon. Her movements and behavior are so erratic that she makes Vanellope look normal by comparison. Nobody knows if it's just natural for goats to act like that, not helping that the creators of the Goat have stated that the glitches and bugs the Goat causes in the rest of the pantheon are intentional.

Kite, God of Deep-Immersion Gaming

    William Cage
Major William Cage, God of Save Scumming (Maggot, Keiji Kiriya/"Cage Killer")

    Yugi Muto 
Yugi Muto, the King of Games (Yugi Moto, Yug, Yugi Boy, Little Yugi, The King of Games, The King of Gets, Other Me, Partner, Vessel of the Pharaoh)
  • Lesser God (albeit in possession of the potential Overdeity, Exodia)
  • Symbol: The Millennium Puzzle
  • Theme Music: Theme of Yugi, Warriors, Loyal Friends
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Card Duelists, Adorkables, Being the King of Games (Namer of the Trope), Nice Guys, Being Older Than They Look, Heroes, Anime Hair Colors with Improbable Hair Styles, Good Guy Hair, Expressive Hair
  • Domains: Games, Hair, Friendship
  • Herald: Sugoroku Mutou/Solomon Muto (his grandfather)
  • Followers: Nate Mitotsudaira, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Chrono Shindou
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Seto Kaiba, Ash Ketchum, Shobu Kirifuda
  • Enemies: Dark Marik, The Spirit of the Ring, Zorc Necrophades, Eliphas, Vector, Number 96: Black Mist
  • Conflicting Opinion: Pegasus J. Crawford, Noah Kaiba
  • Pities: Keith Howard, Saiou "Sartorius" Takuma, Dartz
  • Admires: Bruce Lee
  • Spending eight years solving it, the timid Yugi Muto wished on the Millennium Puzzle for one thing: true friends. Unbeknownst to him, he gained much more than that—in time he became aware of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh sealed within whose spirit now resided within him. With his friends aid, he set out to help his "other self" restore his memories and save the world.
    • The grandson of a legendary gambler/archaeologist-turned-game shop owner, Yugi Muto learned everything he knows about playing games from his grandfather, and as such is an expert at all types of games, although his specialty is, of course, the Duel Monsters card game
  • Yugi has challenged Ash Ketchum to a children's card game for his title and portfolios; the duel is still going on. The rest of the Pantheon breathes a sigh of relief at keeping these two busy.
  • Plenty of gods and goddesses envy Yurika for her hair, but no one really wants the abstract explosion-shape that is Yugi's hair. Sigh.
  • Has watched Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged and wondered how many subscribers the show has gotten.
  • As his wish on the Millennium Puzzle was about finding friends, he is grateful to have lots of friends when he came to the Pantheon. However, when word of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" surfaced, Yugi knew he had to get involved with it somehow. Too bad that the only way that happened was by Alternate!Gentaro brainwashing him, not unlike the time Yami became corrupted by the Orichalcos....
    • And then he was absolutely mortified for what he did to the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the "Muse Hysteria" chapter of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro". Sending the Crusaders into Limbo and then he set a Zombie Apocalypse upon the Pantheon traumatized the poor boy for months. As of the "Tarot Crusaders" incident, many gods still haven't forgiven him for the incident, although the Crusaders have honestly forgiven him.
      • And it gets worse: sending the Crusaders to Limbo was the worst thing that he could've done—the darkness within Limbo became so interested in why someone would send three ponies into its landscape that it escaped its confines in order to see them again, unleashing chaos in its wake, making Queen Mystica try to send the Crusaders back into Limbo to return it home and having to learn that he was carrying the vital component to stop its madness—an All-Star Core/Keystone of Limbo—that could've only been taken out under dire circumstances like a threat to his/his friends' lives after being tricked by Gentaro's shadow (long story) and then realizing he was suckered by the real Gentaro who didn't show qualms if Yugi did die (since they were gods) but was more focused on stopping the mess Yugi caused in the first place. He was a nervous wreck after learning what happened.
  • Despite the fact that Bandit Keith had planned and failed to kidnap him to force him into a duel (much like his friend Jounouchi was once), he can't help but feel sorry for him after everything that has happened to him. Wonders about the possibility of redeeming Keith somehow. Yuma is the only one who has supported him so far, though.
  • Spends most of the time in the House of Gaming. While he doesn't duel as much as he used to, he really likes finding new games to play with his friends. Especially as those are not usually connected to cults, magic, the destiny of the world, or other not-exactly-"fun" stuff.
  • Really sympathizes with Sho Marufuji/Syrus Truesdale (who was totally starry-eyed upon meeting him), as Yugi also suffers from the plight of being shorter and Older Than He Looks. He has consoled him by telling him that true strength comes from within... And that eventually he could get much more buff and adult looking, anyway, just like with Yugi himself.
  • Was very happy when seeing Judai and Yusei again, especially after they saved all realities from Paradox. Yugi has finally managed to meet the 5Ds crew and, while initially sad that all of them had broke up and gone separate ways, he's glad that they've been there for each other and grow to become better people. He is, however, creeped out by Yubel's presence after hearing her backstory.
  • Isn't actually very comfortable with the attention he gets from other duelists. He was never really the showy-kind of guy. Despite managing to save the day several times along with the Other Yugi and beat Atem himself in the Ceremonial Duel, he's still kind of shy, and he's not really one to brag, either.
  • Was really happy upon meeting Yami Yugi again.
  • Unlike Yami Yugi, he actually likes spending time with Yuma due to their shared love for game and both being child-like at heart. Yuma's friendship with Astral also reminds him of his friendship with Yami Yugi.
  • He once wandered to the House of Combat to watch Bruce Lee fight (few people know, but he's a big fan).
  • Wasn't very pleased when seeing his former foes Pegasus and Noah ascended. While he did mend fences with Pegasus during their time as mortal, Yugi still doesn't trust both of them.
    • The same can be said for Sartorius. But Yugi does pity him for being brainwashed by the Light of Destruction. He absolutely despises Eliphas and Vector though.
  • Has a kinship with Kent Nelson, the current host of Doctor Fate, as they can both understand being the host of an Ancient Egyptian spirit, although the bond between Kent and Nabu is not nearly as strong as that of Yugi and Yami.
    • He's the one that told them about Mario and Cappy, who he of course knows of, but has no real special relationship to yet.
  • Feels very sorry for Aichi Sendou because of his Failure Hero status and is trying to improve his record.
  • Gets along very well with Kamen Rider Gaim because of both their idealistic nature.
  • Has been revealed some aspirations in becoming a game designer himself, and is currently working on developing his own game, which he's thinking of calling "Spherium". He's still working out the mechanics, but it looks quite promising.


    BrainScratch Commentaries
Nayrman214, Solaris Paradox, SomecallmeJohnny and ExandShadow, Gods of Riffing over Video Games (Nayrman 214: Ryan Malis, Jewfro dude, Solaris Paradox: Lewis Medeiros, SomecallmeJohnny: Juan "John" Ortiz, SomecallmeJuanny, Exandshadow: Ted Wiesen, Long haired guy, Loki, BrainScratch Commentaries)

    Chiaki Nanami (AI and Human) 
Chiaki Nanami (AI) and Chiaki Nanami (Human), Dual Goddesses of Female Gamers (Ultimate Gamer, Super High-School Level Video Gamer, Nanameme, Super Duper High-School Let's Player)
Chiaki Nanami (AI)
Chiaki Nanami (Human)

Oboromaru, God of the Pacifist Run (Oboro, The Infiltrator, Ninja Frisk)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An Invisibility Cloak active, so you would think that he didn't have any symbols
  • Theme Song: Killing Field
  • Alignment: Formerly Lawful Neutral, now Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ninja Fighting And Ninjutsu, Anime Hair, Stealth Expert, Glass Cannon, The Option To Complete Missions Without Killing Men Unnecessarily, Beating Down The God of Hatred, Believer of The Power of Trust
  • Domains: Gaming, Stealth, Missions, Ninja
  • Heralds: Pogo, Earthen Heart Shifu, The Sundown Kid, Masaru Takahara, Akira Tadokoro & Cube
  • High Priestess: Dove
  • Allies: Ryu Hayabusa, Riki, Himura Kenshin, Miyamoto Musashi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hattori Hanzo, Solid Snake, Genji Shimada, Pacifist!Iji Kataiser (previous holder), Frisk, Sans and Papyrus, Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi, Mega Man X, Roland Deschain, Po, StreetFighter!Ryu (the last six remind him of his allies from his home series)
  • Enemies: Odio, Oda Nobunaga, Liquid Snake, Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Respected by: the Marked Ninja
  • Oboromaru was but a normal, typical ninja in service of the Enma clan. On his mission to rescue a certain Ryoma Sakamoto from a diabolical warlord, he's given the choice to use whatever ways to fulfill his mission, including killing everyone and leaving no survivors. He had thought that killing others would be fine if it's for a mission, but on meeting Ryoma, he's getting second thoughts so he tried not to kill anyone in his run. This impressed not only Ryoma, who gave him a special sword, but also the Pantheon that it allowed him to rise after another multi-dimensional battle against a certain Demon King.
  • From that point on, seeing on how much he benefited from not killing anyone in a mission, Oboromaru is the deity who rewards those who do their missions without killing anyone.
  • Despite having purple neon hair, Oboromaru actually follows the tenets of a ninja to never be seen, impressing even the Marked Ninja (that only gave his congratulations by a letter with no name) and Genji. Oboromaru was unimpressed with how Genji massacred the Shimada clan, but sympathized with why he did it. At least the Enma clan didn't send his family member to kill and mutilate him! Besides, he used to fight with a robo-ninja and at least Genji isn't afraid of mice.
    • And speaking of that robo-ninja, another O-Robo was gifted to him to take his place while Oboromaru is off doing other things.
  • He lived around the Bakumatsu era, and thus made great camaraderie with those originating from there, but especially Himura Kenshin, as they share the 'no-killing' policy. As stated, just because Oboromaru prefers not to kill doesn't mean he should be treated as a pushover.
  • That Demon King he fought was Odio, and Oboromaru was quite surprised that he's in the Pantheon at the form before he defeated it the first time, full of misanthropy. Sure, he might not have his original allies, but he trusts that he won't be alone even this time.
  • Several Sengoku-era deities came to his notice, he respected Tokugawa Ieyasu for being quite similar to the Sakamoto Ryoma that he met, he opposed Toyotomi Hideyoshi for being a ruthless warlord, but in the same time, could respect his zeal and vision, so it was a bit complicated. At least, Oda Nobunaga was simpler, he's no different than Ode Iou, so this is one guy he could attempt to assassinate any day (though he proved to be way too powerful so he has to plan it right). Just the more demonic version, though. The normal Nobunaga would require further thoughts, but unless there's an extreme order, Oboromaru really prefers to not get in his way.
    • He's also quite surprised to see Miyamoto Musashi, in flesh and blood, and actually being a normal, decent guy (if a bit impulsive), since the last time he met him, he was a haunted ghost in service of Ode Iou. Even Musashi was shocked about that, and thanked Oboromaru for putting that version of him to rest.
  • As the former holder of his title, Pacifist!Iji sent her regards to Oboromaru, claiming that he's a more deserving holder of the title than she ever was. Sure, he's slain ghosts and his O-Robo exploded to kill three guards he wouldn't have been able to bypass otherwise, but her (flimsy) excuse was mainly the use of a reflector weapon, as well as tanking explosions, dropping objects from way above, getting two opposing sides to attack each other, and not counting machines as sentient. It's one of the reasons why she moved (that, and her other aspect ascended).
    • As a fellow embarker of a Pacifist Run, the Human Child approves of his actions as well.

    The Runaway Guys 
Emiliano "Emile" Rosales-Birou, Tim Bishop, and Jonathan Carlton "Jon" Wheeler, Gods of Let's Play (The Runaway Guys | Emile: Chuggaaconroy | Jon: ProtonJon | Tim: NintendoCapriSun)
  • Demigods (Chuggaa is borderline Lesser God due to his luck)
  • Symbol: The Runaway Guys Symbol
  • Theme Song: Casino Slot (Mario)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral according to Jon)
  • Portfolio: Let's Play, Large Ham, Power Trio, Dream Team, being incredibly incredibly loud, not giving up on difficult levels, exceptionally good gamers...sometimes, epic hilarity, weaponising karma, explaining mechanics and trivia in their works.
  • Domains: Fun, Hilarity, Video Games
  • Progenitor: Unknown. Though Slowbeef is one of the few confirmed ones, one can still go 'way back''
  • Allies: Gods of games they have let's played (which includes Mario and Amaterasu, Yoshi, Link, Kirby, Sackboy), Brainscratch Commentaries, Roahm Mythril
    • Fanboying: The Xenoblade Chronicle gods, the Chrono Trigger gods and Miror B. (Chuggaaconroy only)
    • As far as non-ascended is concerned, Jon's moderators, and various LPers they have associated themselves with.
  • Alone, they were powerless. But when they teamed up together, their power was so great that they ascended into the Pantheon.
    • That said, the three also have their own rooms in their Temple for their own projects. NintendoCapriSun has the most games in his pocket (many of them falling under Self-Imposed Challenge), Chuggaaconroy is the most prolific and ProtonJon, the originator of the three, and his Super Mario mods. Visitors are allowed to look around and get advice on how to advance the games, or have a good laugh at what goes on.
  • Each of these three are specialized in different areas. Chuggaaconroy is said to be Born Lucky, ProtonJon is said to be the one that runs away the most, and NintendoCapriSun is said to be exceptionally well with non-joystick based games.
  • The history of how Let's Plays even began is faded from history, but one follower has attempted to piece it all together. And it turns out that Let's Plays as we know them today are Older Than They Think, going all the way back to companies releasing video strategy guides on VHS, to "how-to-win-at-video-games" books, to chess guides'.
  • The volume that these three generate can sometimes match with ones of Gentaro/Kamen Rider Fourze, BRIAN BLESSED, and Kamina. It is said that the heavens would crumble if their voices merged.
    • If anyone hears someone scream "GAAAAMEEEE!!!", they had just heard ProtonJon being screwed over by Mario Party… multiple, multiple times.
  • They once held a special tournament with other LPers. Chuggaa once mentioned that Diabetus should be considered the God of Let's Play, but ProtonJon suggested against that. Diabetus even suggested that while he created the concept of Let's Play, the Runaway Guys deserved to be the symbol for all of them.
  • Chuggaconroy's luck is so great, that if he should ever be reborn as Pokémon Trainer, all of the Olympus Mons (particularly Arceus) had better pray that he's not wielding a Pokéball. Chances are he's gonna capture them in it. He wasn't Born Lucky for nothing. His attempts in Pokémon capturing include capturing both Groudon and Latias in Nest Balls (both of them close to full health), Kyogre in a Net Ball and Ho-Oh in a Pokéball. The House of Knowledge calculated that the chances to capture them were slim to none. And then that escalated when he caught Dialga with a Luxury Ball and both Giratina and Palkia with HEAL BALLS. At this point, gods are curious as to how Chuggaa will fare with Arceus. It turns out that Arceus ran away from Chuggaa in the end.
    • ProtonJon is considered The Mentor for both Chuggaa and NintendoCapriSun as they were both inspired by him to create Let's Plays. Thus, he plays the biggest part in their ascension as gods as a whole.
    • NintendoCapriSun is said to be an exception singer and can make lyrics in a heartbeat. Despite this, he denied a place in the Pantheon of Music and wants to focus more on his Let's Plays. He also can hold his breath for a long time, once starting off a race by screaming "Let's get ready to RUMMBBLLLLLLLEEEEE!" for at least an hour. He could've held it longer.
  • They frequently make comments on how Bowser Land is the 'happiest place on Earth'; the Villainous Gods agree on that statement.
    • Not to mention that Bowser Revolution is like Communism.
  • They are extremely popular in the House of Technology, mostly for the laughs the Gods get when they see them in action.
    • The three host a little event known as "Thrown Controllers" every now and then. Everyone is free to participate in a videogame quiz/challenge hybrid. They will also accept any challenges in this event—but they will not go easy on you. To be prepared, one must have an encyclopedia of videogame knowledge (ranging from the Konami Code to how to spell out "Tatsumai Senpuukyaku") and skill (such as surviving Battletoads and fighting Glass Joe blindfolded) in order to be out on top.
  • ProtonJon has received the power to weaponize Tempting Fate. One should be careful when playing games against him; he will invoke Tempting Fate to screw his opponents over.
  • The Runaway Guys have a fierce rivalry with Mat and Pat in the House of Friendship and the five get into epic Let's Play contests with one another. It makes a killing in the House of Commerce to see which side gets the most Epic Fail moments, who screams the loudest, and most importantly, who wins in the end. They also invite Roahm Mythril to their matches.
  • The three usually play Mario Party but really hate it whenever they fight Peach. It's not that they don't like her, but it's just that she is a monster to fight against on harder difficulties.
  • ProtonJon is never allowed to have coffee after the higher-ups saw this.
  • Dudley and Professor Layton once came and gave the three some lessons on politeness, and so the trio used it during an adventure across Sackboy's temple of LittleBigPlanet. It only lasted 30 minutes.
  • Due to the "Steve" incident, Pikmin are to be kept away from the Guys' temple. Early after their ascension, when the Runaway Guys were still in the House of Theater, the Pikmin, being the way too plentiful pests they can be in other houses, snuck into Chugga's room. Upon seeing a red leaf Pikmin, his resulting scream was so loud that it shattered every window in the pantheon and left several sound-power based gods clapping in respect.
  • Because of the above incident, when the House of Gaming was being built, the other gods suggested that each of the guys' rooms, plus the meeting chambers they record in, be soundproofed with reinforced adamantium, except for Chugga's room, which got two layers.
  • Among the members of the gaming house, Chuggaa is considered to be more morally ambiguous than NCS and Jon are, due to his extreme fanboyism towards the house of Villains (especially Bowser and Hades).
    • Chuggaa also has stated how he ships Viridi and Pit. He was just one second away from Viridi dropping a Reset Bomb on the House.
    • ProtonJon and his followers have since started shipping Chuggaa and Daisy together after a stream event done by Jon (about 2:10:00 is when the game in question shows up). Chuggaa only has himself to blame for his poor word choice.
    • And when Miror B. ascended, Chuggaa actually wanted to join his posse. Unfortunately to him, Miror B. decided to decline his offer.
  • With Shulk's ascension, Chuggaaconroy has been fawning over him. When Shulk heard of him discussing his adventures in heavy detail to others, the Monado wielder came to respect his appreciation for his adventure, but often gets a bit flustered because of the heavy attention to detail. And when Shulk's allies also ascended, Chuggaaconroy let out a squee of exciement...especially around Melia.
    • Has also given out praise to the Chrono Trigger gods as he states that he loves every single protagonist. (Yes, this include Magus).
  • ProtonJon has started a "league" for Bomberman Act:Zero where people maim each other with bombs for sport, almost like the gladiators of old.
    • One of the competitors, a moderator for Jon's streams named DanTheEnigma, challenged Jon to a match for his title of godhood after defeating 31 other competitors in a tournament. Jon ended up squashing him in seconds. Since then, an Act Zero match has not occurred.

Seaman, Species of Suggested Limited Gametime
Clockwise from top left: Mushroomer, Gillman, Frogman, and Tadman stages
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A sign that says “Caution Seaman” with a silhouette of its Frogman stage on it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Virtual Pet, Beast with a Human Face, Bizarre Alien Reproduction, Deadpan Snarker, Breaking the Fourth Wall
  • Domains: Wildlife, Treatment, Attitude
  • Herald: Dr. Jean Paul Gasse
  • Observed by: David Attenborough, Steve Zissou, Eliza Thornberry
  • Temporarily Owned by: Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, The CPUs, Big the Cat
  • Source of Intrigue for: Padak, The Master (Padak)
  • Kept Away From: Rusty, Dr. Borous
  • Foil to: Nintendogs + Cats, The Pinatas
  • Nature is home to as many oddities as there are beautiful and frightening creatures, and the Seaman is one such creature to emphasize how strangely diverse nature is as a whole. Originally discovered and extensively researched by French biologist Dr. Jean Paul Gasse, the Seaman is an aquatic creature with a literally human-like face with an unorthodox lifespan that grows from fish-like to frog-like. Those who have a Seaman in their possession must take care of it and ensure its living conditions are ideal regularly, but only for certain periods of time throughout each day, even as the Seaman is prone to making snide remarks towards their owners. Should a Seaman be successfully raised, the Seaman will bid a sincere farewell to its former owner as it heads out into the wild.
  • Some aquarium tanks arrived in the Pantheon one day, alongside some eggs which were believed to have belonged to a strange creature. Looking to see if there was anything worthwhile to be had from those eggs and aquariums, a group of Pantheonic denizens decided to put an egg in some of those aquariums and see what happens for the next handful of days. Ever since those eggs hatched, the owners were in for a strange surprise as the creature had an unusual evolutionary biology and it only increased as the offspring grew a human face on their fishy bodies. Given how strenuous it was to take care of such strange creatures, especially with how they were prone to making snarky jabs at the owners, the people who took care of the Seamen left them alone every so often so that they could report their findings to those interested in the creatures. Eventually, the Seamen reached the Frogmen stage of their lifespan and from there, the owners recounted their story of taking care of these unusual animals to willing participants. The Pantheon has since taken to looking into these Seamen further as part of an initiative to further expand the setting’s diverse catalogue of wildlife distinct from real creatures.
  • It didn’t take long for wildlife experts in the Pantheon to take notice of the Seamen and document them and their behavior. David Attenborough, who has made several documentaries about nature and wildlife throughout his career and has worked on such media to chronicle unusual wildlife in the Pantheon, has taken to working on a project involving the Seamen, their origins, and why they act the way they do in front of their owners. Oceanographer Steve Zissou has also been interested in the Seamen and has even taken care of a few to document the creatures and, like Attenborough, is willing to look further regarding the history of the Seamen. Eliza Thornberry has also examined the creatures and was surprised to learn that they could talk back to its owners on a regular basis, but her kind attitude has helped the Seamen she’s taking care of warm up to her.
  • Given their appearance and behavior, some believed that the Seamen would be strange to the denizens of Bikini Bottom and when some eggs ended up there one time, those assumptions were largely proven correct. As Spongebob Squarepants was taking care of his pet snail Gary one day, he heard a news bulletin saying that a new pet fad was sweeping Bikini Bottom and that they were sea creatures with a human mask. His friend Patrick Star visited one day, wanting to get in on this new trend after Spongebob managed to get ahold of a Seamen aquarium tank, even if the instructions on raising Seamen properly were a bit confusing at times. Spongebob was hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls he and Patrick suffered when they were raising a baby clam together back then, but the Seamen’s unorthodox biology brought some unexpected challenges to them, and that’s not getting to the snark the Seamen have dished out to them and Squidward Tentacles, who was rather creeped out seeing those human-faced sea creatures. At the end, Spongebob and Patrick managed to raise a Seamen to the Frogmen stage and were able to bid farewell to it, even if the philosophical musings went over the two’s heads. Of all the strange fads that have occurred in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob and Patrick agree that taking care of Seamen was definitely a weird experience for them.
  • Padak found herself in an aquarium one day, next to some strange eggs she'd never seen before. She ended up bewildered by what happened as the growing process of the Seamen occurred, eventually talking to some herself as she realized that she was in the process of being turned into another meal by an unstable chef, with the Seamen being considered for strange appetizers. She took the time to explain herself, the aquatic life she met back then, and what happened to the Seamen, who found the conversation rather interesting even amidst the snarks they gave out. Seeing as how Padak had more to do with growing the Seamen than the bad chef, the Seamen decided to follow her out of the tank once they decided it was time to leave and for Padak to escape. Following their farewells and her in a safer area, Padak was curious about how The Master would perceive the Seamen (and from what she told him about the Seamen, he wouldn’t mind enduring their snark if it meant helping them understand a free life in an aquatic setting better), but was worried about Anago shaping their mindset if he were to end up in a tank of Seamen eggs.
  • While there were plenty of potential forms of sea life for Seamen to meet up with, such encounters usually only happen whenever someone has another aquatic creature with them at the moment. While some of such lifeforms were on the harmless side, there were plenty of creatures that were larger and more dangerous than what amounted to a regular creature with a human face and human speech. As Seamen normally leave their owners once time passes after reaching the Frogmen stage, they’re sometimes bound to encounter such dangerous sea monsters if they’re unlucky, with such meetings likely ending badly for the Seamen. As much as some would hope that the Seamen wouldn’t encounter horrible monsters in the Pantheon once their owners let them leave, the fact that they leave by their own choice meant that there isn’t much that can be done about it.
  • Plenty of people in the Pantheon have tried their hand at taking care of a Seaman, with most of them encountering challenges in making sure things work out before the Seaman becomes grown-up and released into the wild. While some haven’t been entirely successful in raising Seamen, Rusty was someone whose failure in raising a Seamen ended up being too aggravating for others to notice given his track record of trying to raise strange animals. Despite being told not to raise a Seaman given how bad he was with his previous creatures, Rusty still managed to find a way to bungle his way into taking some Seamen eggs with the intent of trying to raise them into something unrealistic such as flying fish. The Seamen’s snarky attitude, combined with Rusty’s unpleasant and arrogant disposition, resulted in plenty of arguing between a clueless trainer and some human-faced aquatic animals amidst some Seamen under his ownership dying undignified deaths in the process. Rusty ended up getting punished when he tried to take more Seamen eggs when the creatures he had died and measures were taken to prevent him from taking such unique aquatic animals and making a mockery out of them.
  • Despite his poor reputation among animal lovers in the Pantheon, Dr. Borous of The Think Tank has expressed great interest in the Seamen and what they may mean for his research. As part of his plans, he managed to find an aquarium of Seamen eggs and took it upon himself to watch over them throughout their life stages. No amount of snark the Seamen gave him was going to stop him as he was very intrigued by the evolutionary biology they possess and the Seamen leaving him behind (on rather poor terms) wouldn't stop him either. Given the deadly creatures Dr. Borous has made, many don’t want to see him create something based on Seamen biology and efforts have been made to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on any of those creatures again, even if his treatment of them isn’t as horrendous as Rusty’s.
  • The Console Patron Units were an ensemble of girls based on various game consoles and have had ties to both other girls based on aspects of the gaming industry and the actual gaming characters present in the Pantheon. Uzume Tennouboshi was someone who the girls were familiar with and not only was based on the Sega Dreamcast, but also had a partner named Umio, who was a human-faced fish not unlike the Seamen and the CPU girls were bewildered upon seeing the actual Seamen in the Pantheon following a challenge to see which one of them could raise a Seamen well. While Umio had a largely cordial personality, the Seamen were much more snarky and their strange biology was a lot for the girls to understand as they raised the Seamen. Even if they were able to get their Seamen to the Frogmen stage, they weren’t able to keep them permanently and had to release them to the wild at the Seamen’s request. If anything, the girls won’t deny that Uzume would be very interested in raising those actual Seamen herself alongside Umio in their spare time.
  • Sometimes whenever they aren’t busy thwarting the various schemes carried out by Dr. Eggman or some other enemy, Sonic and his friends have taken care of Chao and raised them in dedicated Chao Gardens. In addition to partaking in such Chao-related activities, Big the Cat has his own companion known as Froggy and he was hoping that the Frogmen stage of the Seamen creatures would give Froggy some company. Big’s simpleminded demeanor meant that the Seamen’s snark and eventual philosophical musings would end up going over his head much to the creature’s annoyance, but he took good care of them much like he does for Froggy. While he succeeded in getting some Seamen to the Frogmen stage of their life, he was told that they preferred to be let out in the wild and can’t be permanent company to Froggy (who ended up being a source of existential questioning for the Seamen giving their human-like faces contrasting with Froggy’s more traditional frog appearance) much to his dismay given that he was told that there is a thing as “moving on” during the initial farewell. Big didn’t mind his time taking care of the Seamen, but he still considered Froggy to be an reliably inseparable companion at the end of the day.
  • The Seamen fall under a similar category as deities such as the Nintendogs and cats and the Pinatas in that they are entities that other deities can visit and raise as their own for a period of time. While the Nintendogs and cats happen to simply be ordinary dogs and cats under a unified title (and they sometimes stare at aquarium tanks that have Seamen inside them in the Nintendogs and cats’ rooms, something that the aquatic creatures feel indifferent about), the Pinatas were fantastical creatures not unlike the Seamen, but with a more colorful appearance instead of having a strange look. They also had unusual biology, but when the notable Pinatas decided to take a quick gander at some people raising Seamen when some of these creatures ended up in the Pinatas’ home, they were understandably weirded out by many aspects of these creatures, especially in regards to how they grow. The Pinatas had to endure some pinata-themed barbs from the Seamen during the time those creatures, but once the Seamen grew into Frogmen and left, the Pinatas were wondering just how strange things could get if there was an actual pinata equivalent of an animal with a oddly human face and even crazier ways of growing up.

    Spike (Ape Escape
Spike, God of Collection Quests (Kakeru, Time-Traveling Simian Subduer)

    The Tactician 
The Tactician, God of the No Casualties Run (Mark, Superb Mind, Robin?, Morgan?)
Art by SirMaxYukina with their default name
  • Demigod/dess, Intermediate God/dess if they're actually Robin
  • Symbol: Their overworld sprite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous and Purely Aesthetic Gender, Extremely Vital Player Character With Little Actual Importance To Their Story, Faceless and Featureless, Heroic Mime, Mission Control, Shipper to Their Army
  • Domains: Tactics, Casualties (Zero), O.C. Stand-in
  • Followers: Many a Fire Emblem player, Nuzlocke Challenge Pokémon players
  • Allies: Lyndis, Sain, Roy, Marth, Ike, Sigurd and Seliph, Chrom, Lucina, XCOM, The Emperor of Mankind
  • Rivals: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Leader Abelt Dessler, The Commander
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Opposes: Those who would sacrifice others to win.
  • Special Relationship: Robin
  • The title was meant for Robin, but because Robin didn't want to be God/dess of two different tropes, the Tactician decided to take it up, since no other character can fit it better. Even if the Tactician might actually technically be Robin, or at least related in some way.
    • Another theory behind the Tactician's identity is that they might be Robin's child and Morgan's opposite-sex sibling from the Future Past timeline. This would explain why they resemble one another and why the Tactician is always the same gender as Robin without them being the same person (though the nature of the Pantheon can change that sometimes). It helps that Morgan shares the Tactician's Canon Name ("Mark") in the Japanese version of Awakening.
    • Yet another theory is that the Tactician was one of the lost Primarchs, and—after defeating Nergal—was approached by the Imperium, explaining his/her disappearance. Neither party confirms or denies this theory, but the God-Emperor is impressed with the Tactician's skills either way.
  • The Tactician embodies the player's desires to achieve victory without any casualties, going so far as to start over if even one soldier dies, because for them, the loss of one unit is too many. As a result, they'll aspire to achieve victory without a single casualty, thus their title is earned.
  • Out of all the gods happy to see him/her again, Lyn and Sain were the most enthusiastic, having been under his/her personal command before. They look forward to more future victories with the Tactician.
  • During long campaigns, the Tactician has the tendency to "play matchmaker" by putting together those s/he believes would do well together, even "skipping turns" after/just before defeating the enemy commander/seizing the enemy stronghold just to wait for them to start talking.
  • During battles, the Tactician would rather deploy Jagen and other veterans only if they're short on available troops. Another thing the Tactician likes is to make strong as many soldiers as possible, which means that s/he's gonna go out of his/her way to get rid of every single enemy in the field and, if confident enough, will even wait for enemy reinforcements.
  • Since Dessler is a master tactician with plenty of know-how on devising trap maneuvers, thus giving his prey an impossible choice between two forms of death, the Tactician is often hard-pressed to either make difficult decisions, or somehow manages to find a way out with sheer crazy-preparednessnote .
  • Doesn't know what to think of Andy. While he shows potential in maintaining the survivability of his troops, the fact that they're still expendable doesn't sit well with the no-deaths-period Tactician.
  • Whenever s/he's serving part-time as XCOM's commander, s/he always has his/her work cut out for him/her, given the immense difficulty to keep all of his/her soldiers alive.
  • Sometimes considered to be one of the many facets of The Commander, although the Tactician is somewhat offended, as s/he sees his/her counterpart to be all too often willing to throw expendable forces away for an advantage.
  • Doesn't appear to talk. Or at least nobody can remember his/her voice when s/he speaks, only that s/he does. To outsiders, no one is sure how they are capable of commanding their troops without (seemingly) a single word. Heck, not even their troops have any clear idea. The best they can say is that when they are around the Tactician, it's like there are some invisible arrows they follow. It might be telepathy, it might be something else.
  • Always runs into Tommy Wiseau in the Language house, and is always greeted by "Oh, hai Mark.", interrupting whatever Tommy was talking about before.


    Robert Daly 
Robert Daly, The Cruel Player-Character God (Captain Daly, "An Asshole God", Gamin' Damon)
Robert Daly 
  • Quasideity, Overdeity when inside of his Game Mod.
  • Symbol: The Robert Daly: Chief Technical Officer - Callister Inc. wording on the door to his office.
  • Theme Song: Callister Inc.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, acts True Neutral in the real world and puts on a Lawful Good persona in his mod
  • Portfolio: Player characters who abuse their power, Abusing clones for the original's crimes, Evil Nerd, Not getting any respect and turning evil because of it, Straw Character of Star Trek fans, Where No Parody Has Gone Before, Virtual-Reality Warper, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Absolutely detestable and immoral
  • Domains: Data, Space, Godhood.
  • Allies: AM (His Partner in Crime), Masamune Dan, Nobuyuki Sugou (His Friendly Rivals), Alien Baltan, Zetton (His favorite monsters), The GUAE Dystopia Harbingers
  • Enemies: Starfleet, All clone deities, The Space Garrison, The GUAG White Hats, Anakin Skywalker, Naminé, All heroic Sword Art Online deities, The Five Survivors, Stefan Butler, Team America, Wanda Maximoff
  • To the public, Robert Daly is nothing more than the founder and CTO of Callister, Inc, the developers of the hit MMORPG Infinity, but that’s what the public. When he’s by himself, however, things take a far darker turn, as he takes DNA samples of his coworkers and uploads them into his Infinity Game Mod based on his beloved Space Fleet. Forcing clones of those who work for him to live out the lives of NPCs for all of eternity or risk suffering a Cool and Unusual Punishment if the don’t do exactly what he says. This torment went on for days on end until the Infinity patching software detected an irregularity in the code and sought to delete the modded game. Unable to escape in time, Daly watch as the digital universe collapsed in front of him as he stood there within empty space in a ship he could not control, unable to exit the game as his body laid dormant in the material realm… that was, until the pantheon came in. One day, Daly was approached by four players named xXMoreGothXx, LivingALiebert75, TheFifthGodhand and BibidiBabidiBuu who approached him with an offer, if Daly joined their organization, he’d be allowed to continue his modded adventures and be allowed to escape the game world.
  • Robert is one of the only deities for which AM can truly call a friend, rather than a mere ally or coworker, owing to their shared M.O. and general immorality. The two of them are often seen together in the GUAE's dungeons watching their enemies suffer and plotting out new methods of torture when the two have some alone time. Because of this, The Five Survivors have rallied against Daly for his abhorrent schemes, which are themselves incredibly similar to their own experiences with AM.
  • For his crimes against clonekind, Daly has been permanently banned from the house of Derivatives and is considered a Persona Non Grata among the Pantheon's clone population. Daly thinks nothing of this, viewing clones as nothing more than glorified punching bags for him to vent out the frustrations he has with the real people he can't stand up to outside of the game world. But even among clones, special mention goes to the following.
    • Rei Ayanami, the clone of Yui Ikari, views herself as expendable because of the fact that NERV has hundreds of more clones ready in case of her deathnote , and she sees the torture Daly puts his digital replicas through as placing her torment on those who do not deserve it, and Daly will pay for his crimes.
    • Fate Testarossa and Astro Boy exist as replacements for their creators deceased children, and see Daly's modus operandi as abhorrent on a personal level since they believe that they could have easily gone through an endless loop of cloning had certain thing played out differently.
    • Angela is a digital copy of another woman, just like the ones Daly uses to roleplay Space Fleet, so naturally she fears what would happen if Daly got his hands on her hard drive or figured out how to copy her onto Infinity. She's currently made a special, Space Fleet themed Nintendo Hard Boss Rush just in case Daly tries anything stupid.
    • Above all clones present in the Pantheon, Lea has possibly the closest connection to Daly and his abhorrent schemes. Lea is an "Evotar" a digital copy of another person used as part of MMO CrossWorlds, just like the DNA duplicates that Daly uses. Moreover, a man with close ties the the developers, Sidwell, profited off of abusing Evotars (including those of himself) to extract information, and viewed them as nothing more than Expendable Clones. While the treat of Sidwell is already dealt with, the dangerously similar Daly is still at large, doing far worse thing to clones while also having the approval of Melkor backing up his twisted Power Fantasy. Lea has sworn to stop Daly at all costs, while other Grand United Alliance of Good members have bigger fish to fry.
  • Daly was positively delighted to learn that Space Fleet was but only an imitation of the real Star Trek, and demanded that a DVD of every season of every series be brought to his temple. The ascended Starfleet personnel stood and reminded him that he holds no real power within the organization, and that Kirk, his idol, would be right there to smack some sense into the false Captain should he ever fall out of line.
  • The Space Garrison was quick to learn that Robert is just as big a fan of Ultraman as he is of Space Fleet, and that he wants the inner lights of the Ultramen for himself so that he could fight alongside them in-game, something that the Land of Light will make sure never comes to pass.
  • Darkseid has come to entertain the idea of a world ruled over by an uncaring god with no one being unable to oppose them, and offered Daly a chance to join the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers and provide service to the Lord of Tyranny, an offer Daly gleefully accepted.
  • Masamune Dan and Nobuyuki Sugou quickly became some of the few outright comrades Daly has amongst the gods, as all three are some of the few game developers present in the Pantheon on top of their overflowing wickedness. Time will tell if they will ever consider being business partners.
  • Is considered a most-wanted threat amongst the GUAG White Hats for his wanton cruelty and downright omnipotence in his realm, outright eliminating the Space Fleet mod from Cyberspace entirely is a high priority for the group.
  • Robert went positively giddy at the prospect of being in the same Pantheon as Darth Vader, a real Sci-Fi bad guy, and proposed a Villain Team-Up. Needless to say, the situation got messy really quick, Vader pointed out that the clones that Daly uses are, for all intents and purposes, slaves, and to Vader Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil because he was himself Born into Slavery, and demanded that Daly must leave his sight or else suffer a Force Choke. Needless to say, the two haven't seen each other since, at least without a fight breaking out
  • He was quick to compare himself to Naminé. Both of them used their abilities to insert themselves into stories, but Naminé argued that the similarities end there. She was but only a pawn in Xemnas's scheme, which she hesitated in doing, and neither of those excuses apply to Daly. The fact that Nobodies are technically clones makes the resentment run deeper. He then made the same statement to Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, as she also trapped people into an alternate reality based on "retro" television. Wanda retorts that she wasn't in the right mind back then and that she went mad with grief (it happens a lot) whereas Daly's routine is just sheer pettiness by way of Disproportionate Retribution.
  • As a fellow programmer and Black Mirror god, Daly was quick to meet up with Stefan Butler, and resentment between the two quickly erupted because of his own Cosmic Plaything status and the fact the he himself was trapped in an endless loop (in his case, one of time) on top of being mind-controlled by (Insert Name Here) in contrast to Daly, who desires control over everything while also being a Cruel Player-Character God that forces everyone to do exactly what he says.
  • Daly is, at least, on speaking terms with Dr. Wily. Both men were brilliant innovators in their fields (virtual reality and robotics, respectively) and should have been heralded as heroes for their talents, but were ultimately overshadowed by someone else (James Walton and Dr. Light, respectively), but that’s where their camaraderie ends, as Wily considers someone like Daly beneath him, as he did nothing beside make some video game whereas Wily can put the extinction of humanity on his résumé.
  • Both Melkor and Darkseid saw the potential in Daly's miraculous ability to replicate a person as a digital copy, complete with memories and a personality matching their source, based entirely on a single DNA sample, and have sent his digital replicas to guard GUAE/Harbinger related locations in the Cyberverse to serve as Expendable Clone Mooks. Master Xehanort has also taken an interest in Robert for this reason, as he could aid him in obtaining 13 copies of himself, Daly agreed, since getting an autograph from Leonard Nimoy was on his bucket list.
  • Is well aware of his resemblance to Matt Damon, which has lead certain deities to ponder the idea that Daly is a clone himself, a statement that he has repeatedly denied. Because of this, Team America is frequently seen outside Daly’s temple, uttering Matt Damooon, Matt Damooon at least once every Friday.
  • Also found in the house of Cruelty and Sadism.