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Greater Gods

    The Narrator 

"This is the story of a man....that being me."

The Narrator, God of Strange Narrations
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™
  • Theme Song: Countdown
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Can be Lawful Evil if the story goes too Off the Rails)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Evil, British Stuffiness, Knows what everyone is going to do, "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Insane Troll Logic, Killing the game if it goes too far off the rails, Mind Screwdriver, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Railroading
  • Domains: Narration, Stories, Keeping Stories Right, Controlling, Speaking
  • Followers: Douglas Adams, Pseudonymous Bosch
  • Allies: GLaDOS, The Author, Naughty Bear's Narrator, Dr. Hax
  • Enemies: Kamina, Old Man Henderson, Captain Martin Walker, Rika Furude, Bob, Vegeta, Lemony Snicket, The Doki Doki Literature Club, ICEY, Diogenes, The Mob, Kirito (Abridged)
  • Complicated Relationships: Stanley
  • Conflicting Opinions: Niko
  • Annoys: The Defenders of the Ancient
  • "This is the story of a man named Stanley" were the starting words uttered by this unseen narrator, architect of the story about the aforementioned man named Stanley. The Narrator's role is simple, he has to narrate Stanley's story from beggining to end and everyone will live happily ever after. That is, if Stanley decides to follow through with said narrative, as things can get Off the Rails if Stanley decides to, making the Narrator either punish Stanley or fabricate a new tale entirely. But he is always ever-present, ready to deliver the best narration he can, even if he can get a little wacky during it.
  • The Narrator was very compelling in his ascension, although it is rumored that he "persuaded" the court of gods into allowing him to godhood. For a while he didn't really have much to do other than narrate in his usual style about whatever was happening, with zero control on what would happen. That all changed when Stanley arrived, as he gained his control over the narrative and that allowed him to steer Stanley into whatever tale he had planned for him and that also affected other deities. Said development would be the start of many bizarre misadventures for several deities.
  • In the past, it was very common to hear mild-sounding British voice from out of nowhere state "This is the story of X", then said deity was prompted to follow the Narrator's exposition. However and quite frequently, those ended up disliking how controlling the Narrator's exposition is and often go against the Narrator's wishes. The Narrator is patient about this; he will start speaking directly to the person, often reprimanding their choice of action before placing down walls to Railroad the story back on track. Should the person cause the Narrator's tract to go completely Off the Rails, however, the Narrator will place the person in one of GLaDOS' unsolvable test chambers, commenting on the story as if it were a tragedy. He seems to particularly enjoy that last part. That's part of the reason why he and GLaDOS are very good friends.
  • Often is the welcoming voice to newer deities, guiding them through a "tutorial" and teaching them most of the ins and outs of the Trope Pantheons. This, however, is just optional and it was made to keep him entertained and away from other deities so he would stop trying to narrate their every movement. Stanley is often forced to help the Narrator in order to make an example of what NOT to do and Stanley has been pretty annoyed at that. The reason he doesn't help as often is because of how Stanley is likely to cause problems.
  • Considering he tends to railroads characters into his story by any means he has available. Most who he has tried to narrate over just follow because they are interested in his story, others not so much. The two he constantly has trouble with are Kamina and Old Man Henderson, whose defiance towards fate and the plot respectively has made the Narrator want to "correct" them the most but that only ends up with the Narrator giving up on them after a while.
    • Another particular deity he started to mess with was Diogenes, AKA the Man in the Cauldron. He first took notice after hearing that he was being followed by a british narrator, similar to Stanley and then both Stanley and Diogenes became friends. So the Narrator decided to test his resolve by narrating a tale where Diogenes had to climb an even more difficult mountain but he refused to follow the directions of the Narrator, making his journey all that more difficult.
    • And then there was the Abridged version of Kirito, who the Narrator decided to narrate over after hearing of how he tends to not care about the established plotline. Kirito tried to ignore him but then the Narrator started insulting him with the Awful Truth and then was promptly silenced. Since then, the Narrator loves to mess with Kirito whenever he can.
  • Often seen commentating on matches for the Defenders of the Ancient and his habit to be too wordy and very sarcastic has annoyed them to no end. Others however have found his commentary and observation to be priceless.
  • The Narrator was very curious after meeting Martin Walker and hearing about his story and how his own delusion led him to a villainous path. Walker on ther hand despises for the very idea of being pushed to commit horrible things and does not ever want to hear his narration. The british man simply just tried to place him in a more "relaxed" story but that only made Walker more furious.
  • Once tried to get a hold of The Mob but they were surprisingly one of the few deities that made the Narrator feel powerless as their sheer randomness and constant hive mind mentality ended up overwhelming him. That and they are, for some reason, obssessed with the Broom Closet.
  • Vegeta once attempted to play his game but the resulting lack of rebellion and the continuous restarts drove him insane. Because of this, The Narrator is perhaps the only person besides Beerus that Vegeta fears but he will never admit it to his face.
  • Good friends with the Author, who fills a similar role to him except he has a lot more creative power behind him unlike the Narrator. When he heard how Bob performed a Rage Against the Author, he felt sorry for him, and decided to invite him to a game of "Save the Baby" which he personally developed. On the other hand, the Author's creation Bob has also attempted to take down the Narrator from his position but that lead nowhere as the Narrator has no tangible form.
  • He was incredibly impressed with the narrator of Naughty Bear, whom manages to not only communicate perfectly with him, but also gets Naughty to go through with just about anything he so wishes him to do, practically his revenge. He came to respect him and the two can be heard discussing ways to get people to follow through with their stories.
  • He later began delving into the storytelling business by telling a story about someone or something called the Absolute Evil, containing multiple references to other fantasy series. The only person who seemed to like it was the Keeper, who found it similar to his escapades.
  • Although they fill similar roles and his title was named after him, the Narrator and Lemony Snicket aren't actually on cordial terms. Reason being that Snicket believes the Narrator to be too controlling of his narration and his sheer sadism when punishing those that don't follow the story has made him wary of him. The Narrator doesn't really mind that but is apalled that Lemony would call him sadistic.
  • ICEY was one of the first deities to take a more direct approach at opposing the Narrator, given that she too was the victim of a narrator that wanted to railroad her into a story she didn't want to be part of. She was later joined by the Doki Doki Literature Club, as once they learned of the nature of their home game they started to dislike the Narrator's actions. Monika specially because the whole reason she started to mess with the code of her game was because of how she was forced to not be a love interest but discovering that the Narrator is as much of a pawn as she is made things a bit more complicated with the Narrator. The british man personally just finds ICEY and the girls amusing and would often try to narrate a tale they would be happy to be part of, even if they rarely want to follow it.
    • On the other hand there was Niko, who tried to be much nicer to the Narrator about how he goes about his storytelling but was unable to make him change his mind. Niko also felt really uncomfortable since Stanley became friends with Niko not long before meeting the Narrator and that made Niko a potential target for a tale. That and the fact that the Narrator reminds Niko of the World Machine.
  • It is believed that the Narator and Stanley are both stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop and they will continue to repeat the story eternally. Some, like Rika Furude, have blamed this on the Narrator and hated him for forcing Stanley to go through the same events over and over leading to insanity or death (sometimes both). She started to pity the Narrator once she discovered he isn't in control as much as he thinks he is but still doesn't think highly of him.
  • Cheaters fear to be taken to the Serious Room, where the Narrator is said to deliver very serious punishments for cheaters, a practice personally endorsed by Dr. Hax. Only one deity in the pantheon has ever made it out of the room and that was, of course, Stanley himself.
  • "And Stanley was happy."


Intermediate Gods

"Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance."

Tidus, God of Telling His Own Story (The Son of Jecht, Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, "You-Know-Who", the Spry Striker)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Brotherhood propped next to a Blitzball.
  • Theme: "To Zanarkand". When fighting, Battle Theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Telling his story, being very chipper, a star athlete who's still nice, being in his father's shadow, mastery of Haste, Slow, and Stop, using Blitzball skills in combat, intending to protect Yuna, asymmetrical clothing, those who were really beings of the Fayth's dream
  • Domains: Narration, Water, Combat, Professional Sports, Love, Dreams
  • Heralds: Wakka (shared with Lulu), Rikku (shared with Yuna), Kimahri, the Besaid Aurochs
  • High Priest: Ishmael
  • Followers: Lester Burnham, Susie Salmon, Meilin Lee
  • Allies:
  • In Friendly Competition with: Percy Jackson
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship: Jecht (his father)
  • Longing to ease her unhappiness, Cosmos led Yuna to the gates of the Pantheon (this was before the Inspector from Papers, Please ascended and the borders needed him), the closest they could reach to the mortal plains. There, Yuna was given another chance to whistle at the top of her lungs. After a few tries, the two feared it was a lost cause. Just as Cosmos was about to command the 501st to close the gates, the swift figure Tidus dashed through at breakneck speed, knocking into Yuna in the process. He finally kept his word.
  • Unusual for the gods within the Narrative House, Tidus' shrine is in some way connected to the House of Sports, where a newly created Blitzball stadium had been built. Tidus has been teaching many a curious deity about Spira's favorite pastime.
    • As it stands, he's still trying to get better to be a match for Aquaman, who boasts aquatic skills he'd never thought possible.
  • Tidus has something of a love-hate relationship with his father Jecht. He's gotten to know the man on a much deeper level, and is willing to accept him. However, there are many times where his father's actions as the musclehead or sex god he is makes Tidus just want to clock him over the head with a few dozen blitzballs.
  • He would like to remind everyone that his name is "Tee-dus", not "Tide-us".
  • As one of the youngest of the Sons of Square (before Lightning and Noctis came along), many seem to ridicule the striker for a number of things, chief being when he attempted to laugh at Yuna's suggestion. Always exasperated by this, Tidus has repeatedly mentioned that he was "purposefully" laughing like that.
  • Given that he was literally a dream, some gods have been trying to think of a joke pertaining to it, but are coming up flat at the moment. After all, since she never thought of him until they actually met, there's no way Tidus is Yuna's dream boy. Besides, depending on what ending gotten on X-2, he essentially becomes a real person.
  • Apparently, between his disappearance upon defeating Sin and his revival in Spira, he had spent two years fighting almost alone in another dimension during the events of Mobius Final Fantasy.
  • Naturally Tidus was quick to join up in the GUAG as one of Cosmos' original Warriors, and is working with Ieyasu to make raids against the GUAE's Reeducation Facility and bust out his old man.
  • Sora has stated more than once that he knows an alternate, and younger, version of Tidus back on the Destiny Islands, whom he always handled sword practices with. That version was killed in the destruction of the islands, but was eventually brought back to life following Ansem's defeat. This Tidus has the memories of the alternate one (barring his death), and recognized Sora upon meeting in the pantheon.
  • Has a connection with Kirby given he is the protector of dreams and Tidus was part of a dream where he exists, but not anymore. His general friendly attitude also helps.
  • Was sought out after his ascension by Ratchet to see just who Yuna had mistaken him for. It was an unusual meeting, but physically Ratchet reminded Tidus of Zidane and was able to warm up faster that normal.
  • Shortly after the Pantheon Blitzball Stadium was finally finished, Tidus noticed many gods and goddesses using it as a standard pool. Exasperated, he exclaimed "That's not what it's there for!" and quickly explained what Blitzball was. Enrollment for the Pantheon's first Blitzball teams has begun, and to ensure there are enough members for teams, Tidus has included heralds for enrollment, and ascended his own team, the Besaid Aurochs, as heralds.
  • Due to their extremely similar personalities, daddy issues, and love of the water, he and Percy Jackson have developed a friendly rivalry. Percy finds the Brotherhood sword awesome to behold and Tidus thinks Percy would make an awesome Blitzball player.
  • Currently, the only deities in the Besaid Aurochs include himself and Jak. Two former players, Sora and Ratchet, both retired for personal reasons (Sora due to his leg injury, and Ratchet due to loss of interest).
    • Thanks to the intensive training they've gone through, the Besaid Aurochs are considered to be almost unbeatable. Only Team Atlantica has ever been able to beat them, and only because its captain, Melody, sounds exactly like Rikku, and is able to do flawless impersonations of Keira Hagai and Talwyn Apogee. Tidus holds no ill will towards the tomboyish princess, however.
    • Through Melody, yet another blitzball team by the name Team Mermaid Melody, and comprised of the Mermaid Princesses, has caught his eye. Notably, despite being the group leader, Lucia doesn't lead the team.
  • He doesn't like talking about what happened when he visited Arizona. All the gods know is that it involved a nasty encounter with a certain cult leader that for some reason has the support of Sephiroth.
  • Relates with Wendy Marvell a little bit, because although they weren't in a dream at all like Tidus was, she realized and mourned over the fact that her old guild Cait Shelter and the rest of its memebers except for herself and Carla don't actually exist.
  • He's made another friend in Boruto, since he understands the feeling of being overshadowed by who his father is, even though, unlike Jecht, Naruto is a very cool guy.

Lesser Gods

Javik, the God who Narrates his Past to the Young and Patron Saint of Execution Via Airlock (The Prothean Avatar of Vengeance, The Last Living Prothean, Prothy the Prothean, Trollvik, The Oldest Troll in the Galaxy, Buggy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Prothean Echo Shard, or his trusty Particle Rifle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anit-Nihilistic Hero, Commander Contrarian, Deadpan Snarker, Fantastc Racist who nonetheless encourages the young, Being frozen for Fifty Thousand Years, the Last Living Prothean, Memetic Badass, suggesting to space out the unworthy, Troll, Narrating to others life in his cycle
  • Domains: History, Space, War
  • Direct Superior: Commander Shepard
  • Allies: Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Jack, Liara T'Soni, Urdnot Wrex, Mordin Solus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Legion, KOS-MOS, Optimus Prime, All other good-aligned machine deities (Due to the fact that they are all synthetics.)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the Reaper Collective, Ragyo Kiryuin, Yuuki Terumi
  • Found by Commander Shepard and Dr. T'Soni in a stasis pod on Eden Prime, after having last fought the Reapers 50,000 years ago. He was rather shocked to see that the primitive species of his time are now in charge of the galaxy. Nonetheless, he managed to adapt properly and aid them in the war.
  • Since he's technically the Last of His Kind, a lot of the young deities of the Pantheon wanted to learn more of what it was like during his cycle, minus the Reaper Invasion part. According to him, a lot of the species in the current cycle were once primitives, and were at best groomed to be as advanced as the Protheans or at worst treated as food. In particular, his kind once ate Salarian liver and kidneys raw, particularly when the Salarian is still alive (in his own words: The fear adds... Spice.)
  • Has the highest level of respect for Shepard and Garrus for seeing him as a soldier who wants nothing more than to thwart the Reaper threat, as opposed to other deities who are still in awe as to his status as the last Prothean. It took a long while before he came to respect Liara however, as she did not expect him to be so... Different from what she expected of Protheans.
    • Both Javik and Liara had an argument once regarding how her race's ideologies were apparently revealed to her as the work of the Protheans, and not just some religious belief of her race. Shepard had to cut in to quell the situation, which prompted Javik to instead remind her that she is still alive and able to fight, and that she must not let the despair of losing her homeworld get the best of her. When Shepard asked him if he really meant what he said, he affirmed.
  • He's been also known to be a massive troll at times, thanks to being in a time that is completely different from his; an example is his comment about Salarians being food in his cycle, as stated. This has caused a bit of friction between him and Terumi, since all of the latter's trolling can easily be counter-trolled. Yuuki definitely felt dejected when he realized that there is someone who can counter his trolling skills; Javik's only response to him:
    • The LOL Rangers actually sent their invite when they heard of what he did to Terumi. He rejected the offer, because he's currently with Shepard, and because he claims that he has a higher trolling count than both them and the Trollkaiger unit combined.
  • Due to being born (and later unfrozen) in a time when his race was on a losing war against the Reapers, he has developed a huge disdain of synthetics. This actually causes some uneasiness in the atmosphere when he made a quick trip down the House of Machinery and Technology, and aimed his Particle Rifle at some of the deities there - even the good-aligned ones.
    • Seeing Optimus Prime actually reminded him of the "Metacon Wars", the organic-synthetic conflict that his race was in before the Reapers arrived. Optimus figured that the said war was probably Megatron's doing.
  • While it was transcribed as his alternative name, it is known that if anyone refers to Javik as 'Prothy the Prothean', he will descend to the realm, take the sayer to outer space, and throw the sayer out of the airlock. He just puts up the title to Troll people and see just how many people took the Schmuck Bait.
  • Under consideration for a rank increase to Intermediate or Greater God after the discovery of the Avatar of Victory universe, where he was the last Prothean Avatar. Due to this, Aang and Korra have been hanging around him somewhat, though he tends to avoid them.

    Max Payne 
Max Payne, God of the Private Eye Monologue (Maxey, New York's Finest, The Angel of Death, A Fat Bald Guy with a Temper)

    Michael Westen 
Michael Westen, God Of Character Narrators
  • Theme Song: Burn Notice
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: My Heckler and Koch P30
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Combat Pragmatist Atoning Broken Ace, Cunning Linguist, Gentleman Thief, Works On The Fly, Sharp-Dressed Man Consummate Liar (except to his mother), Technical Pacifist, Vigilante Man, Bully Hunter, ultimately a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Who will eviscerate anyone who hurts kids or his teammates
  • Domains: Combat, Good, Trickery, Knowledge
  • Heralds: Fiona Glenanne, Sam Axe, and Jesse Porter (part of Team Westen), Madeline Westen (his mother), Nate Westen (his younger brother).
  • Allies: Nick Fury, Solid Snake, Gracie Hart, Sterling Archer, Roger Thornhill, James Bond, Kim Possible, Austin Powers, Ethan Hunt, Aiden Pearce, Louise Banks, Ash Williams
  • Enemies: Evil deities in the House of Crime and Transgressions H.Y.D.R.A., the subhouse of Tyrannical Figures, John Wick
  • Annoyed by: The Mythbusters
  • My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Until...(voice on phone: "We've got a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted.") When you're burned, you've got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history. You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in. You do whatever work comes your way. You rely on anyone who's still talking to you: a Trigger-Happy ex-girlfriend; an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI; family too—if you're desperate. And a down and out spy you met along the way. Bottom line: As long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere. Yet after several adventures with various people, I did manage to get a happy ending, sort off. Sure it involves moving into the Pantheon with your Trigger-Happy wife and the son of my dead sister, but it will have to do. At least nowadays, I don't have to worry about keeping a low profile.
  • The name of the game regarding the Pantheon is such; if you can distinguish yourself in any sort of way, chances are you end up here to be exalted. In my case, someone managed to get a read on my various inner monologues. The thought of being appreciated for this does give me a sense of happiness. Still, I prefer to use this newfound power to help those in need.
  • When you're an ex-spy, you can never guarantee that you will be out of the game for long. Case in point, my meeting with Nick Fury. As the Divine Spymaster of the Pantheon, he offered a position in his growing arsenal of agents. This is where you would want to do prior research on people of interest. The man has a history of doing ambiguous work behind the scenes, but overall I decided it would be a nice change of pace as a contract worker. Besides, I did miss being able to take down bullies. With that said, I made it clear that any betrayal on me or my friends will result in retaliation.
  • When you're in a new area, it's wise to make an assessment on the different number of spies in the area. In this case, it's an goddamn shark tank. I took the strain of meeting as many such agents as possible to see what makes them tick.
    • The granddaddy of them all if James Bond, God of Secret Agents who also has a history of being a womanizer. This is a many who excels at putting people under a false sense of confidence. The British man has defeated foes far more powerful than I have ever faced. His skillset may not be as great as some of the other spies I witnessed, but the man has an uncanny sense of clever thinking. That in itself is one of the most important tools of being a spy. As for the man himself, he's notorious for scoffing at the prospect of working with other agents, so any team-ups between us are rare.
      • The man apparently has a bitter rivalry with an Austin Powers, who I believe is a parody Expy of his exploits. Regardless, his portfolio is impressive. He may be a parody, but he can be just as effective as the real deal.
    • It was amazing to discover that he may not even be the crazier person on the job. That title may well belong to Sterling Archer, possibly an even more extreme version of our pal Bond. Despite being a alcoholic manchild, he can be just as effective as the rest of us.
    • One can say that Ethan Hunt is one of the most determined spies I have ever met. Of course, he is backed by technology many a secret agent may dream of, but not even depriving him of that slowed him down. I for one am fond of his loyalty to his crew.
    • It is inevitable that some people try to recruit younger people into the field. Unassuming, these are the type of people that can be underestimated, which is why some unsavory organizations try to recruit teens to exploit them. I initially thought that was the case for Kim Possible, but she stated she made the choice herself to get into the spy business. That and her impressive resume soothed my worries.
    • Every organization has a black sheep, a former agent who ended up on the run for one reason for another. The most prominent of those is Jason Bourne. From what I gathered in his profile he doesn't seem like too bad of a person. In fact, I see a lot of me in his situation. Unfortunately, any meetings between us have been few and far between.
    • And then there are those who were thrust into the role against their will. Most people buckle under the pressure, but there are a few individuals who shine in the role given to them. Roger Thornhill commands such people in the Pantheon and I consider him as a reasonable ally of sorts.
  • There are a few things that are constants in any area you enter. One of which is with every group that wants to help people, there are others that want to bring people down. HYDRA fits the description well as the premier enemy of many a good secret agent, but any evil deity in the House of Crime would want nothing more than to put me in a body bag. To which I reply: you're welcome to try if you can.
  • Most spies have at least one aspect of their job that they enjoy. For me, it has always been the opportunity to bring a tyrant down a peg or two. To which I welcome any mission involving the subhouse of Tyrannical Rulers as well as those against Darkseid. I find the fact that many of them are back by these deities to be abhorrent.
  • In this day and age, having someone with considerable hacking skills is crucial for success. I offer my works to Aiden Pearce, a man from Chicago who spent much of his time there as a vigilante. He refuses to do any official spy work from Fury, but is willing to help me in any personal vendettas. In a way, we relate to each other in the need to protect those we love.
  • It is common knowledge that if you enter the Pantheon, chances are you will meet someone who either looks or talks like someone you know. There are only so many actors and actresses that can play the part of characters. My case happened when I was shopping for firearms. When someone came by shopping for shotguns, I could have sworn I saw my old friend Sam. Instead, he referred to himself as Ashley Williams and he only looks like my friend.
  • It is inevitable that certain people would be critical of my work. The two men who have done more to discredit my work than anyone else has been Adam and Jamie. They claim that you can't bounce bullets from the the road to a car and that landing on a mattress in a pool is worse than simply falling in the water. I do not take these claims lightly, but it would at least convince others not to reliably try this at home.
  • There is often someone in the criminal underground that is feared among his peers. They are often one of the most dangerous criminals and should be dealt with immediately. In the case of the Pantheon, that man is John Wick. I have been tracking this man down for the past few months, and he is certainly as dangerous as others have lead to believe.


    Clopin Trouillefou 
Clopin Trouillefou, God of All-Knowing Singing Narrators
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme Song: Bells of Notre Dame, Topsy-Turvy, The Court of Miracles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Cloud Cuckoolander, Cool Mask, All-Knowing Singing Narrator, Black Comedy, Beware the Silly Ones, Good with kids, Hanging Judge, Being the Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Binding and gagging victims for kicks, "Any Last Words?"
  • Domains: Gypsies, Trials, Black Comedy, Masks, Disney
  • Allies: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, AZ
  • Enemies: Claude Frollo, Lysandre, The Joker
  • Clopin's rise into the pantheon happened when he mistook Quasimodo and Phoebus for Frollo's spies. What happened was that the two were Bound and Gagged and given a mock trial where they were sentenced to be hanged. Esmeralda saved them at the very last moment. When he saw Quasimodo and Esmeralda in the pantheon, he asked if it was a coincidence that they were all chosen to represent some silly storytelling tropes.
    • Because of this, Clopin is seen as one of the few Disney deities as neither good or evil.
  • After his ascension, Clopin sometimes does the retelling of the story to a bunch of children in the House of Theater. Depending on the age group, the story would be Lighter and Softer where Everyone Lives (similar to the Disney film), or Darker and Edgier, where Esmeralda dies (similar to the novel or German theater adaptation).
  • Be cautious if you try to enter Clopin's temple through a secret passageway in the House of Life and Death. Get caught, and you'll be accused of being a spy for the GUAL, which often results in hanging, even if you are innocent, because it's "the worst crime of all". A few deities have wondered how such a tunnel came to be in the first place.
  • Surprisingly, a dream version of Clopin wasn't present when Sora visited the Court of Miracles at the point where the trial took place in reality. Who knows what could've happened to the Keybearer if the dream did follow what happened closer, and included Clopin and the other gypsies, but it's agreed that Esmeralda would've saved him from hanging as well.
  • Clopin has no respect towards Lysandre because of how he tried to wipe out life in his own world using an Ultimate Weapon powered by either Xerneas or Yveltal. Clopin also compared Lysandre with Frollo, while AZ has been compared with Quasimodo, and Floette with Esmeralda.
  • Carnival has gotten a 300% popularity boost ever since Clopin introduced the Festival of Fools to the pantheon. For safety reasons, starting a pelting on the King of Fools and mocking him is prohibited with a penalty of two months cleaning up manure in the House of Beasts.
  • Has been compared with The Joker, on them appearing to be lunatics. But Clopin only feigns insanity for the safety of the other gypsies.
  • Upon first meeting him, Pinkie Pie (some would say literally) exploded with joy at realizing who Clopin was. The historical accounts of the Feast of Fools were one of Pinkie's many party inspirations, with much of her work being an attempt to capture that rampant joy of everything being the opposite of dreary. Discord looked into this event out of curiosity for Pinkie's reaction, and deemed it "a stunning amateur production". The chaos spirit has vowed to lend a hand for the next Feast to show everyone a true "topsy-turvy day".

    The Crypt Keeper 
The Crypt Keeper, God of Horror Hosts
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A cobweb covered chair
  • Theme Music: Tales from the Crypt (Main Title)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Horror Host, Large Ham, Evil Laugh, Pungeon Master, Lemony Narrator
  • Domains: Horror, Stories, Puns
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Sans, Rod Sterling, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Grimm
  • Odd Friendship: Monsoon, Koume Shirasaka
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Papyrus
  • Living in a haunted house by himself, the Crypt Keeper is more than willing to tell visitors to his place a number of terrifying tales. Fitting for a corpse he's also got a dark sense of humor, with him letting out a number of macabre puns to go along with his primary occupation of telling scary stories.
  • Every now and then, he'll allow a guest host to come in to help with setting up his stories (though he won't allow it if someone tries to forcibly take the spotlight away from him). One instance of that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger helping the Crypt Keeper out with weight training in addition to hosting a story.
    • With the number of deities present in the Pantheon, the Crypt Keeper has decided to be a bit more diverse on finding guest hosts. He hired Monsoon one time to help out and is quite amused at how the similar-sounding the latter is.
    • One of his most frequent ones is Rod Sterling. A contender for the title, Rod decided the abdicate his claim to focus on anthology.
  • He also has a separate set of stories to tell for younger visitors. While these particular tales are not as bloody as his normal ones, they're still noted to be quite scary according to the youngsters that listen to them. There are some people who aren't really sure as to why the Crypt Keeper himself would show up in a few of these specific stories.
  • Most visitors to the haunted house he's in tend to end up going to the basement, where he usually is at to tell tales. There some who are curious about what more the house provides, but considering that he more or less has a security system he uses to scare off uninvited wanderers whenever he leaves his home, there hasn't been a whole lot of people who have seen the entire interior of his house.
  • By his own admission, he didn't really expect a cute girl such as Koume Shirasaka to be one of his most frequent visitors to his house. Given her liking to horror stories and ability to tell such stories of her own, the Crypt Keeper is quite pleased to see a frequent fan of his.
  • It's not clear how much narrative power he has over someone, provided that he has any to begin with. While some think the stories don't happen until he tells them, most are willing to assume that the stories he tells have happened in the past.
    • On that subject, he got a bit of a laugh after hearing about the Narrator's power to make someone part of a story he's telling, especially with the Narrator's tendencies to get aggressive at that person should they end up straying too much from the Narrator's intended path.
  • Grimm took quite a liking to him for telling dark stories and is especially interested at the fact that the Crypt Keeper told a version of "The Three Little Pigs" that was darker than the original interpretation. Grimm has asked him if more dark and twisted interpretations of stories like that will happen at a later point in time, and the Crypt Keeper has considered it.
  • Sans is one skeleton that the Crypt Keeper loves to have around due to their shared interest of pulling out puns on a frequent basis. While the Crypt Keeper is also fine with Papyrus hanging around, that skeleton is almost always driven nuts by the barrage of puns that result from these meetings.
  • Many of the stories he tells often feature twist endings in various forms. This might be why he hired M. Night Shymalan for setting up some additional tales to tell for visitors to that haunted house.
  • Is a huge fan of Elvira and would hit that if he wasn't a bag of bones. The Mistress of the Dark adores the attention. Any teamup story involving these two will certainly be an epic affair.
    • It happens infrequently, but the Crypt Keeper will sometimes hold auditions for new story editors if they are interested in coming up with ideas for more frightening stories for the Crypt Keeper to tell. Those who have had experience in telling Ghost Stories have expressed interest in these auditions.
  • One of his more unusual tales was inspired by Film Noir and it involved someone who opted to undergo surgery to look like Humphrey Bogart. Incidentally, some have also believed that the aforementioned tale was being told to Alfred Hitchcock one time, but the director didn't say anything about it when asked (probably since there was a skeleton in Hitchcock's place by the time the story was finished being told).
  • There has been a few instances where he has done something other than scare visitors with his stories. For one, he hosted a game show that he more or less set up in the House of Theater. He also worked with the House of Music to make a music video for a song he came up with and a macabre Christmas album.
  • While he is willing to tell stories to visitors any day of the week, he becomes more relatively active with that job whenever Halloween comes around, with him being around those associated with the holiday. He hangs around with the Halloween-related deities even when that holiday isn't happening.

    Veronica Mars 
Veronica Mars, Divine First-Person Smartass
  • Theme Song: We Used To Be Friends.
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Mars Investigation logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: The Snark Knight Who Usually Isn't Nice Towards Others, Guile Hero, Daddy's Girl, Born Detective, Intrepid Reporter, Knight in Sour Armor, Defrosting Ice Queen, Full-Name Basis, Consummate Liar, ultimately a Tragic Hero.
  • Domains: Trickery, Good, Narration, Justice
  • Followers: Anyone in Neptune High with a mystery to be solved.
  • Allies: Nancy Drew, Daria Morgendorffer, Barbara Gordon, Sherlock Holmes and all other detectives, Gareth G. Lestrade, Akane Tsunemori, Kim Possible, Red Sonja, Percy Jackson,
  • Enemies: The House of Crime and Transgressions, especially Moriarty and Scott Shelby, Libby Chessler
  • Opposes: Inspector Javert, Rosco P. Coltrane, Goro Akechi
  • When Nancy Drew was looking for a high priest for her temple, this lady fit the bill for the role. Starting her career from back in high school, Veronica Mars proved to be a sharp mind from the get-go. She was even compared to the Goddess of Amateur Sleuths within her own show. There was just one problem: Veronica Mars preferred to work alone. While she would admit that Drew has history to back her claim to the throne, Veronica Mars dreamed of striking things out on her own. Eventually, the two had a falling out with the blond storming out the temple, bringing a sizable amount of her fans with her. Drawn by her narrative skills, they eventually found a place in the House of Narration. Some alone time was just the cure she needed, as she later apologized to Nancy Drew about her outburst. It was decided that the two would only teamup when they ended up doing the same case.
    • She has been described as 'Nancy Drew meets Phillip Marlowe', but a crowning trait of hers is a wit comparable to that of Daria herself. The Goddess of Sarcasm stated she already had a high priest in line. Besides, she figured that having Veronica Mars there would be problematic given how anti-social the two of them can be. Regardless, Daria respects the detective enough to enter her tight circle of friends.
  • Many in the Pantheon have at least some sort of Trauma Conga Line and Veronica Mars is no different. She hides her guilt behind an ironclad gate of jadedness, but some people still feel bad for her. When Red Sonja discovered that she was raped, she offered her services cases that require physical strength. The detective reluctantly agreed. She may say that she doesn't want to be turned into a pity party, but in secret she is glad there are more sympathetic people here than in her own world.
  • At least shares a trait with Holmes in the need to work alone. Still, Veronica Mars admires the tenacity of the premiere detective in the Pantheon. They do make a fine time in the rare chance they work on the same case. There are others such as Tomari, Naoti and Shotaro Hidari and Philip that she seeks advice from.
    • As her work involves some occasional cooperation with the police, Holmes convinced her to open up ties with Inspector Lestrade. She does not, however, have a healthy relationship with the police and tends to avoid them whenever possible. Still, Lestrade did leave a good impression on her, allowing Veronica Mars to handle her cases as she sees fit.
    • Usually when Veronica Mars does seek help, it's against Moriarty. He's a figure Veronica Mars has been obsessed with ever since she found out about him. Attempts to find his location has been in vain. It has been a while since she faced a criminal mastermind that could match her skills.
  • Much of the reason why she avoids the House of Justice is because of the likes of Javert. The officer employed Don Lamb to be the sheriff of her town, and he has done nothing but do his hardest to arrest Veronica Mars and her allies in false allegations. While Javert admits he wishes Sheriff Lamb would do a better job, he commended the man's zeal for justice however misguided it may be. Despite this, Javert himself has largely left Veronica Mars alone to her own devices.
  • Rosco on the other hand has actively pursued her on false charges. This hostility started when Veronica Mars successfully proved that the the Dukes of Hazard did not run over Kenny while speeding. Rosco has since tried his hardest to make her investigations as difficult as possible. Regardless, the detective proved to be more than a match for his schemes, evading arrests and legal traps with ease.
    • Her contempt goes especially vicious against those who use their detective skills in order to hide their crimes. She wouldn't hesitate to go after such people on her own, even though such actions often get herself in trouble.
  • May be seen as a slightly more snarky version of Kim Possible. In fact, she has been the go-to person for the super spy in regards to solving mysteries. The detective wonders about her relationship with Ron, but has let things slide since he makes her happy.
  • As a high schooler, she unleashes much of her wrath upon Alpha Bitches such as Libby and the Ashleys who have targeted her for her aloofness. Little did they know that Veronica Mars was always ready for a barbed retort, embarrassing them in the process.
  • While far from an idealistic Hope Bringer, she does enjoy the company of Akane Tsunemori. In the least, she makes sure that her nativity does not get the better of her.


    Amélie Poulain 
Amélie Poulain, Goddess of Narrative Filigree

    Joe Gillis 

You see, the body of a young man was found floating in the pool of her mansion - with two shots in his back and one in his stomach. Nobody important, really. Just a movie writer with a couple of 'B' pictures to his credit. The poor dope! He always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool - only the price turned out to be a little high. Let's go back about six months and find the day when it all started.

Joseph C. Gillis, He Who Narrated His Story Past Death (Joe)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His dead body floating in a swimming pool
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A starving screenwriter placed with bad luck, represents a hack writer, found dead near a swimming pool at the first scene, narrates the beginning to the end of his life, deadpan, descriptive and cynical in his narration, has a pessismistic outlook of the world, loves another woman but breaks up to spare her, outsmarted by Norma and Max
  • Domains: (Failed) Screenwriters, Death, Narration, Pessimism, Posthumous Presence
  • Allies: Marion Crane, Kenny McCormick
  • Pitied by: BoJack Horseman, Mimi Kirigoe, Max Payne
  • Pities: Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Opposes: Krusty the Clown, the Tropic Thunder Production Staff
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Annie Wilkes
  • Complicated Relationship with: Norma Desmond
  • Joe Gillis was a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who was struggling on his profession come the beginning of 1950. While luck was not on his side, he met a certain gilded star by the name of Norma Desmond, hired by her to help set up her movie comeba—er… “return.” Joe believed he can manipulate her, setting in easy money for him, but soon finds out that he is wrong. At first she was cooperative, but the moment she kept giving him precious items without pay no less, his patience has slowly grown thin. Her script she gave to him was trashy and too long to even be considered for screenplay and soon, her clinginess would invade his personal life. His ambivalence about their relationship and her unwillingness to let go, combined with her delusional visions of stardom, lead to a situation of violence, madness, and death, hence his narration to the fateful day of his life.
  • At first, Joe found himself waking up in the Pantheon after he was murdered by Norma at her swimming pool. Such event brought him confusion and so asked some of the higher ups on why he was brought into the Pantheon. They responded how his narration shed light to his murder as well as highlighting the crazed star's descend to madness. A few found it intriguing how the events played out and was ever more curious of the star herself, a wish that would soon come to reality past Joe's ascension.
  • Being alone has made him relaxed on the first few days of the Pantheon after being granted godhood but such days would not last. On the House of Theatre and Spectacle, a large crowd gathered up on the entrance with what seems to be a glamorous-looking figure walking on the hallways. A few of the deities recognized the figure and decided to inform Joe of the situation, coming to his senses that the crazed star herself, Norma Desmond, arrived shortly in the Pantheon, as if his misery would not end. That was not all, upon her ascension, she was informed of Joe's early presence, which sparked her desire for her "return" once more. Yet even in a plane away from the greedy Hollywood studios, the intention to work together was not well-received, as he has fears that with the rising presence of other actors and stars will result to Norma's delusions and jealousy kicking in once again. God-forbid that his death will be repeated ad-nauseam.
  • Gloominess surrounds Gillis' mind, mainly thanks to a downward spiral of a career he had as a screenwriter. His opinion in the Pantheon, past Norma's presence, remains the same, especially with the new form of superstars and actors of various kinds. All things considered, he has a rather sour opinion for most of the part, afterall, being killed by one vicious superstar has ruined the image for him, especially if any sociopathic ones appear just around the corner, and sadly for him, sociopaths come in all shapes and sizes past the blissful image of Hollywood. Case in point, Sideshow Bob, who also has links to being an actor and a murderous psycho.
    • Following the discovery of Bob, he would soon call out Krusty the Clown for his jaded personality, though not without the same response being called out by Krusty towards him for being equally pessimistic as well. Unhelped by the fact that duo are generally viewed with disdain on their profession with Krusty often being a sellout and Joe being called a hack due to his past pictures and the fact that most of his pitches have been worn out following the change of the genre of Film Noir. He accepts this criticism as he admits this is a part of his fault and tries to make up for it, were it not for a certain actress' desperation that ended his career.
    • He also has been attempting to meet other actors in the hopes of using their stories for his pitches, though some called this to be rather cheap of him. Trips from the House of Theatre and Spectacle exposed him to various actors and actresses he had never seen. Non-human like BoJack Horseman to even the rather disturbing ones like Mima Kirigoe, both of which have come to pity and resent towards him for some of his revelations. The former has seen his attempts of reclaiming his fame and saw it to be depressing as a victim of the chase he has done, while the latter has somewhat feared him mainly because of his fate. Norma's treatment of other actresses as rivals only exasperated things between him and Mimi and have rarely interacted under the fear that both could get murdered on the spot.
  • Speaking of rather unstable members of Hollywood, a production staff that was known for the film called Tropic Thunder was seen by Joe and to put it mildly, he was very uncomfortable with the group. Beyond the group's insane attitude of its members, the events that actually played out in the production of the film has him filled with questions and doubt, as they could have gotten themselves killed on the spot (though one of their members died firsthand to an actual mine no less), all that for a chance of an Academy Award. Out of the members, he has the largest disdain to Les Grossman who goes all the way to make a success even at the risk of the actors' lives, which is a director version to an experience he already felt.
  • Often visited by similar victims of psychos, he is not alone in regards to such, shown when both Marion Crane and Kenny McCormick have become common visitors to him. Kenny's silence kind of irks him while Marion has been pitied by him due to her unforeseen fate with Norman Bates, who is arguably worse than Norma. The meetings with the two have sparked some interest to him if there have been other killed victims past them. Ironic since he did claim that psychopaths sell like hotcakes to the common media, and became a victim of one instead.
    • Soon, a feeling of wariness loomed over Joe's temple as he felt like as he was being watched, not by Norma but by someone perhaps far worse. His fears came true when a woman carrying a knife was suddenly found in his room, threatening to kill him. He would soon wake up revived in another House and as soon as he went back, he found his temple examined by police with the woman he saw in custody. That was when an officer told him of the menace known as Annie Wilkes, who is notorious for kidnapping an author to change an ending of a certain novel. His response was that of a desperate sigh, seeing that there are more mad people around the Pantheon as if his ascension was bad enough.
    • A third visitor came, this time a mother with a child. Rosemary Woodhouse was told to contact Joe Gillis about her experiences with an actor, although this was more on cult behavior than actual star-studded insanity. He does understand her plight seeing what her married actor did to her. He has been warned about her situation being far more dire than his, as her child brought the attention of a cult willing to bring the Antichrist. Some suspect he might use Rosemary's story for a movie pitch but he digresses.
  • Very few could match the same narration Gillis has used to describe his life though he did hear one narrator who also had the same narrative themes displayed on their lives. He would soon visit a washed up apartment within the same Hall he resided in, the police detective known as Max Payne. When they met for the first time, the background went on a black and white tone, complete with apt descriptions of their meeting, filled with cigarettes, dirty lights and two figures sitting calmly on the room. One showed his gun and the other flinced but was otherwise unharmed, nor did a shot occur, only used to tell bits of his story. Finally done with their monologues, the two parted ways, though Max offered Gillis some protection in the case she intervenes, which he politely declined.
  • His temple has been expanded on the House of Death and Postmortem, under Afterlife Entities.

    Stefan Butler 
Stefan Butler, God of Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
  • Quasideity with some moments of Demigod status depending on the choices/endings
  • Symbol: The Bandersnatch logo
  • Theme Song: Hold Me Now (by the Thompson Twins)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good by default. Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Having plenty of choices with Multiple Endings, but none of them are good except one of them may be bittersweet, being a Cosmic Plaything, Constantly starts over his path, Depending on the choices, he will remember certain events on certain timeloops
  • Domains: Endings, Choices, Programmers, Timelooping
  • Allies: Phil Connors, Tree Gelbman, Stanley, ICEY, Frisk
  • On good terms with: (Insert Your Name Here)
  • Enemies: YHVH, Nerose Satanel
  • Additional Character Relationships: Stephen King
  • Opposes: Flowey
  • Complicated Relationship: The Narrator, The Heroic Protectors of Family
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • On a normal day of the Pantheon, somebody arrived unexpectedly with the first word he asked is, "Am I being controlled again?". Confusion spread around them as they thought he was being mind-controlled. The man introduced himself as Stefan Butler and told them his story of being an aspiring video game programmer who becomes aware of the constant timelooping that occurs around him, being controlled by someone and revealing the fate of who is controlling him depending on the choices he was given, and how his fate plays out depending on his choices. Upon hearing his story, a lot of them thought that he was unique and choose him to ascend with a cetain trope that they fits him best.
    • For a week, Stefan does random things in the Pantheon to see if he is being controlled. Realizing that he could do things on his own, he knew that because he wasn't working on Bandersnatch, he was able to have full-control on his life and could never experience timeloops. He decided that the best thing to do right now was doing something good as he fears of being drove to insanity and wanted to use his free will for the best because although there may be some experiences in the constant timelooping that he actually enjoyed, he doesn't want to relieve the experience of doing something horrible again.
  • The first people to approach him after his ascencion are Phil Connors and Tree Gelbman, hearing that he experienced timeloops like them, albeit not in a way that they are expecting. Hearing his story, they feel bad that he is controlled by whoever is controlling him depending on what choice he was forced to do. Stefan is happy to hear that there are other people that experienced the same things as him, even if their situations and how they went through it are completely different and gained his first two friends.
    • He feels conflicted over Homura Akemi. The latter wanted to save Madoka by using her magical girl powers to constantly timeloop, something that Stefan understands, but he doesn't respects her decisions of doing so, such as stealing Madoka's powers and becoming a devil to keep her happy. For now, he decided to keep out his distance towards her thanks to her powers and hopes that she will see the errors of her ways.
  • Is wary of (Insert Your Name Here) at first, since he found out he doesn't know the reason why he was controlled by them. The former apologized to him and stated that they wished that there were choices that could give a happy ending. They seem on good speaking terms these days, with the former explaining to him about Netflix, since it is one of the choices that he was chosen with and he became curious about the entertainment program that is from the 21st century.
  • Is shocked to see that there are people that are in the same situation as him, which is the csse with Stanley and ICEY. The latter two are interested to see that Stefan experiences timeloops whenever the person whoever is controlling him makes a choice that meets a dead end. He became interested to know their stories and also sympathizes with them for the situation all of them were put in.
    • His friendship with Stanley is what caused him to develop a complicated relationship with The Narrator. The former is irritated at the latter's constantly telling anyone of how their story should go, not to mention that he will put anyone in GLaDOS's test chambers if they go against his wishes. Stefan doesn't actually mind how his story should go as long as he thinks it's good for his well-being, but considering the consequences, he would rather have (Insert Your Name Here) because they are on good terms and the latter expressed genuine interest on giving him a happy life.
  • Became fond of Frisk as they seem to easily forgive him of the crimes that he would admit that he's proud of doing and sympathizes aith him of being controlled, although Stefan is a little bit envy that he is able to go to a Pacifist Route but it doesn't really change anything between them. He decided to keep an eye on Flowey as he didn't trust him considering what he did back in his own world and to make sure he didn't cause any trouble.
  • Approached by Stephen King one day as he actually admirred the Black Mirror series and was thrilled to see someone there ascended and synpathizes for what happened to him. Although he doesn't get what he is saying, he was interested to what he is saying.
    • His encounter with him leads him to become much more curious about his own universe and wants to know what's going on there. He became interested to see that his universe developed such rabid technology that might occur in thr future of other universes since he lived in the 80s, yet he was also appalled to see that other people are abusing it to the point that it caused them insanity.
  • He knew that he still hates his own father, but he knew he doesn't want to actually kill him in the first place despite knowing that in some loops, he eventually expressed happiness after killing him.
  • The Heroic Protectors of Family don't know what to think of him. They are mad that he killed his father, especially how in one loop, he is rather gleeful about it after he does it, but on the otherhand, he was controlled by someone to do his biding. They decided to keep an eye on him in case he may do something horrible in the future.
  • Became bitter enemies with those that will do anything to erase free will in favor of their philosophy like YHVH and Nerose Satanael.