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Greater Gods

Osiris, He Who Lost the Most Noble Organ (Broken God of the Afterlife, Julius Kane)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His mummy-bandaged crook-sickle and flail
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Good King, Back from the Dead, Inhuman Human, Our Zombies Are Different, Distressed Dude (one time), Dark Is Not Evil, Sinister Scythe, Epic Flail, Mummy Wrap, Didn't Need Those Anyway! (except for a certain one)
  • Domains: Afterlife, Egypt, Castration
  • Allies: Geb (his father), Anubis and Horus (his sons; the latter currently unascended), Zia Rashid, Anakaris, Yugi Muto, Judai Yuki, Flynn, Death of the Endless, Death the Horseman, Ichigo Kurosaki, Frankenstein’s Creature, Ariel, Rikuo, Exodia
  • Enemies: Other!Hades, Eliza, Lord Raptor, Bruce, Dracula
  • Rivals: Main!Hades, Sobek, Zeus, Azir, Odin, The Black Knight
  • Followers: John Bobbitt, eunuchs, castrati, many living Darwin Award honorees
  • The Lord of Egypt’s Underworld thought being part of the Pantheon would finally give him the chance to regain his… lost member. To his eternal dismay, joining the Pantheon instead made his condition permanent.
    • Any jokes that he is “ dickless” will be met with ripping the offender’s spirit out of their body and taking them for a round of torture in the Egyptian Underworld. Just ask Lord Raptor, who made that very same insult.
  • Even though he technically is a zombie, Osiris is unique since losing limbs and other body parts doesn't hinder his movement and actions as they remain as "phantom" spirit versions fueled by his Ba, that are just as powerful as his real ones. Once losing everything, his spiritual Ba form is quick, able to walk through any solid hindrances and still attack with the same power and ferocity if he still has all his body. Unfortunately, the only body part that is unable to regenerate is naturally his crippling lack of his "noble organ". Trust us, he's tried!
  • Being his pantheon’s Lord of the Underworld, he spends most of his time in the House of Life & Death. His relations to both Death of the Endless and Death the Horseman are quite friendly. He also gets along with shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki, whom at first winced hearing about his unfortunate condition. At least Ichigo knew not to disrespect Osiris.
    • He was surprised to see two Hades in the Pantheon. The first one was familiar to him, only for Osiris to be slightly shocked to see how his attitude changes once he removes his helmet. The second one, however, gave him nothing but disgust.
  • Osiris is also pleased that his father is in the Pantheon alongside other good pharaohs such as Anakaris and Atem/Yami within Yugi Muto. Under their advice, he also allied himself with Cosmos under the GUAG.
    • Yugi's friend, Judai Yuki, apparently is a very big fan of his, saying he is part of a dorm that bears his name. Curious, he travelled to his world and was stunned to see how shabby and run-down the Osiris Red dorm was. He did not let his anger get the best of him, though, and commended Judai for honoring his name by being part of that dorm. He did wonder why he was named Slifer in that verse.
  • Upon seeing Azir, Osiris thought his son Horus had finally ascended only to see his mistake upon closer inspection. Still, they decided to test their strength against one another. The Broken God barely won just before his Ba energy would dissipate. The Emperor of Shurima enjoyed their bout and vowed the next confrontation he would be the victor.
  • He is grateful to Flynn as he helped his wife Isis find his body after Set dismembered him. He doesn't hold any grudge since his precious organ was never recovered.
    • Isis did manage to create a new one out of gold in order to give birth to Horus, but he really wishes he had his real one back.
  • Despite what many think, Osiris holds no ill will towards the fish that devoured his beloved organ and doesn't take out his anger on fish-based deities in the Pantheon. In fact, he thinks highly well of Princess Ariel and Lord Rikuo. Bruce, on the other hand…
  • He is very jealous of the Black Knight. Unlike the Knight, he is still able to keep fighting despite losing body parts as his spirit form fights on; but unlike Osiris, the Knight regains all his body parts once he is reborn. That last bit stings him greatly.
  • Once, he dressed up convincingly as Frankenstein’s Creature. Dracula thought the Creature mastered new weapons seeing Osiris hold his sickle and flail upon seeing him, only to be attacked. After being informed of his mistake, Drac swore vengeance on the Egyptian god.
    • The Creature itself reacted with indifference, but at least mentioned it was a good likeness.
  • If you still haven't figured it out, he lost his penis.

Tyr, The One-Handed God (Týr, Tiwas, The Lawgiver, The Almighty, God of Courage and Strategy, God of Justice, Grimjaws, The Even-Handed, The Maimed God, Blind, Blind Tyr, The Blind Overlord, The Wounded One, The Just God)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Tiwas Rune (an arrow pointing up) carved into his sword, alternatively Balanced scales resting on upright warhammer
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with strong Lawful Good leanings)
  • Portfolio: Sacrificing His Arm And Still Kicking All Sorts of Ass, Disabled Deity, The Cape, No Sense of Humor, Justice, Carrying A Large Sword One-Handed note , Badass Beard, War God
  • Domains: Courage, Disabilities, Good, Honour, Justice, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Retribution, War
  • Allies: Thor Odinson, Freya, Tyrael, Eiki Shiki, Baiken, Superman, Sayaka Miki, Belldandy, Skuld, Arturia Pendragon
  • Enemies: Fenrir and the rest of Loki's Brood, Loki himself, Majority of House of Crime
  • Worthy Opponent: Guan Yu
  • Tyr is known as the god of law, glory and war. However, one of the events he is most known for is when the gods captured Fenrir to restrain him, only for him to break two times from his bindings. When they tried to bind him with a magical ribbon, Fenrir required for a god to place their hand inside his mouth to make sure he wasn't being tricked. Tyr offered himself to be the sacrifice and lost his arm without regret. Though as proven in the Battlefield of the Gods, he only needs one hand to deliver justice.
  • He was happy to reunite with fellow gods from Asgard, Freya and Thor, even if Thor was surprised that this Tyr wasn't so jealous of him as the Tyr he knows. Though he did not have as warm a welcome with Odin.
    • Some gods say that he was prophesized to ascend after Fenrir found his way into the Pantheon. Fenrir still mocks Tyr for the events, but his mockery hardly flinches Tyr.
  • Even if he is alongside many gods, he is still willing to help out those in need in battle. Those who carve the Tiwaz Rune into their weapon are blessed by Tyr, promising that they will not loose or break their weapons.
    • Besides this benefit, both Riven and Kisuke has declined that blessing. With Riven, the reason is that she broke her weapon on her own will, and doesn't want it to be permanently fixed. With Kisuke, considering that he almost cursed the gods above for letting Torahime die before she could complete her task makes him think that he is not worthy of any blessings.
  • Even though he is an upholder of justice, he can fair. Everyone deserves justice, but everyone also deserves fair judgement. That is why he is allied with Tyrael for discarding his angelhood to be fair and Eiki for trying to judge every living thing as fairly as possible.
  • Where it's hard to tell his opinions on others on this matter, he refuses to joke around in the battlefield. If someone asks him to laugh with them, he will bluntly say no. War is not a laughing matter.
    • However, he has been seen going around as "PrivaTyr". During this state, where he still refuses to laugh, he is a lot willing to crack a couple of jokes. Though Tyr himself refuses to talk about those events. Some gods think that he is drunk when as "PrivaTyr". Some say that Brook has something to do with it (Hey, they do sound similar).
    • Also, never bring up the time his iron handpiece was replaced with a sock puppet. It was an agonizing experience for him to deal with that large mouth of it.
    • At one point, all of the sudden, he suddenly felt compelled to don the outfit of a certain British King and then ended up saying hilariously silly things and jokes. When Tyr snapped back to his senses, he nearly fell into a Heroic BSoD at just how he ended up sullying the fairness of justice with such jokes, and demeaning what would be such a dignified king. He then gets a tap on the shoulder by Saber, understanding how it feels to have one's legacy getting lampooned into silliness. Afterwards, they have been friends.
  • He reportedly cracked a smile when he heard that there is a boy who sounds like him who also aims to be heroic, though he might have more to learn.
  • Due to the prophecy that he will gain a Mutual Kill against Garm, he is preparing himself for that day by facing against Cerberus
  • He has a herald of sort: "The God of Swords" Gottfried, who was designed after Tyr's image. He appreciates all of the efforts the Maiden who accompanies Gottfried has done.
  • He really doesn't like M. Bison due of him claiming that any atrocities he commits being "just a Tuesday" to him, as Tuesday was named after him.
  • Some mortals believe that Tyr was actually a Top God, or at least was equal to the All-Father. There is at least one universe where this is true. Where he is also the father of the Norns. Where this relation isn't present with this Tyr, he still acts like a father-figure to Belldandy and Skuld when he can.
  • He is Courage. He is Honour. He is Justice.


Intermediate Gods

Scaramouche, God of Surviving as Only a Head (Scaramouche the Merciless, the Pied Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His flute
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoat, Beware the Silly Ones, Body Snatcher, Bunny-Ears Assassin, Card-Carrying Villain, Cranial Processing Unit, Determinator, Faux Affably Evil, Glass Cannon, Gratuitous French, Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Loses His Head, Meaningful Name, Mind over Matter, Musical Assassin, Nice Hat, Scarf of Asskicking, Scatting, Sissy Villain
  • Domains: Robots, Assassination
  • Allies: Ember McClain, I-No, Margaret Moonlight, Courtney Gears, Balthazar Bratt
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore
  • Enemies: Samurai Jack, Ashi, Aku (one-sided)
  • Opposed by: Shrek
  • Scaramouche made his ascension due to the passionate campaigning of several evil-aligned deities of the House of Music. The good news was that they were eventually successful in their campaign to ascend him. The bad news was that, due to his title having nothing to do with music and rather his ability to survive as only a head, he would not share the same House as them, instead establishing his temple in the House of Personal Appearance.
  • Among Scaramouche's biggest advocates were fellow Musical Assassin and robotic performer, I-No and Courtney Gears. They garnered support for his ascension from Ember and Balthazar Bratt. They've become a rather tight-knit group of allies as a result of all this.
  • Even though Margaret Moonlight wasn't part of the campaign to ascend him, Scaramouche still manages to be particularly fond of her. Anyone who is capable of trash talking the hero and sounding good doing it is more than alright in his book.
  • Samurai Jack was NOT happy to see Scaramouche ascend to the Pantheon. Ashi, having never known the robot personally prior to ascension, was promptly brought up to speed on him. Needless to say, Ashi isn't particularly fond of him either.
  • Scaramouche and Aku have a complicated relationship, to say the least. The robot used to be his number one assassin, but how quickly things change. A major misunderstanding regarding the loss of Jack's sword led to both his and his former master's demises. Any of Scaramouche's attempts at rekindling their relationship are always swiftly rejected.
  • Upon his ascension, Shrek took notice of Scaramouche and was not at all amused by his presence. "Why did it have to be a piper?" he said.
  • Scaramouche and fellow assassin Ezio Auditore very frequently butt heads over their methods. This has led to them to become a pair of fairly unfriendly rivals, but the robot loves every second of it. Seeing Ezio get mad is all too satisfying to him.
  • The spelling of Scaramouche's name is often a subject of intense debate among the deities of the Pantheon. Some think his name is already spelled correctly, while others insist that there shouldn't be an 'E' at the end of his name. Frustratingly, Scaramouche absolutely refuses to comment on this. Everyone arguing over it is just too hilarious for him to put an end to it.
  • Growing increasingly bitter with not being able to enter the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine due to him being a robot, Scaramouche frequently plays his flute outside the establishment as loudly and obnoxiously as possible. Since he isn't actually in the cantina, nobody can force him to leave.
  • Scaramouche really wishes that everyone would stop asking if he does the fandango. It was funny the first time, but now it's starting to get old.

Lesser Gods

Rayman, God of Floating Limbs (Ray, The Limbless Wonder)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A stylized "r", one of his fists, or the 0 on his shirt
  • Theme Song: Has more than one theme song
  • Alignment: Switches between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Hands, Feet, and a Head, but no Arms, Legs, or a Neck, Changing Appearance Often, Ambiguous Origin Story, Being Able to Kick Ass in Spite of Looking Ridiculous, Over 300-years-old Without Looking the Part, Being able to Punch from a Distance and Fly with his Hair
  • Domains: Fantasy, Appearance, Heroism
  • Followers: Norstein Bekkler, Plok, Haunter, Porygon-Z, warmongering worms, Trace, Sour Bill
  • Heralds: Murfy, Barbara
  • Allies: Globox, Betilla, The Teensies, Dixie Kong, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Brightwing, Ysera, NiGHTS, Kirby, Snorlax, Ezio, Jade
  • Enemies: Admiral Razorbeard, The Magician, N'Zoth, Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Atropos, Antasma, Dark Link, Cervantes de Leon, Gangplank
  • Odd Friendship: Bugs Bunny
  • Annoyed with: The Minions
  • Hailing from a rather unusual world, Rayman's most distinguishing feature is the fact that his hands, feet, heat, and torso are all floating even though he doesn't have limbs (that's because the fairies who created him were running away from Zombie Chickens and dropped some lums in the process). Despite that, he's more than capable of battling against evil if the situation calls for it, though he can get a little carried away with it sometimes.
  • What kind of species Rayman actually is has been debated for a while. He has generally been classified as either a "Ray-person" or a "Thingamajig", but neither of them are really saying much.
  • For a point in time during his career, he was upstaged by a group of yelling creatures known as Rabbids. After a while, Rayman was able to get back to business, though he is still bothered by their screams.
    • For whatever reason, he doesn't like to go near the House of Commerce due to the Minions being there since not only are they, in his opinion, too similar to the Rabbids (being popular to the point where too much focus is placed on the creatures and indiscernible babbling), but the Minions have also put the Rabbids as their High Priest. The Minions seem to be more inclined towards good as of late than the Rabbids, but Rayman doesn't want anything to do with the small yellow things.
  • If he's in a particularly energetic mood, he would visit the House of Music and partake in a run set to the tune of a certain song. A version of "Eye of the Tiger" that was played during these runs proved popular amongst many deities.
    • That particular house is not the only place he runs around at. Every so often, if there's a racing competition, Rayman will probably take part in it given that he participated in one before. He runs at a decent speed, though not to the extent of certain faster gods.
      • One of these trips to the house of Music had Rayman and Globox head up to the stage to perform music. While plenty of deities there were confused and curious about just what kind of music they were going to perform, one performance of Sex Bomb later had the entire crowd clapping and cheering.
  • It's not brought up often, but Rayman was believed to have, at a certain point in time, sounded a bit like Bugs Bunny. The Limbless Wonder has managed to find a bit of free time in hanging out with the wabbit and seems to be able to tolerate him.
    • As for Rayman talking, sometimes he is able to speak normally. Other put it this way, it's less comprehensible, let alone intelligible.
  • Rayman gets along very well with Dixie Kong since the two of them are able to use their hair to slow their descent. Rayman is admittedly a little jealous that Dixie can also use her hair to attack enemies.
  • Nobody really knows what Rayman's origin story is, so there are many theories about it. Even Rayman himself doesn't know, although he tries not to think about it too much, as he usually gets headaches trying to figure it out.
    • One of the weirder possible origins of him was that he was originally bald and had a wife who left him after orange creature things latched onto his head. Rayman got weirded out by this and has been attempting to ignore the House of Love, where a handful of members there constantly ask him about it.
  • Has no less than four alternate appearances. With each appearance comes a different personality. Though most of the time he has a laid-back personality, he has shown to be much wackier on occasion.
  • Someone once claimed that he may be the one behind Master and Crazy Hand, given the whole detached glove thing. Rayman laughed at that possibility and both Master and Crazy Hand simply ignored that theory.
  • Whenever Rayman is asleep, his hands would sometimes go off on their own and cause mischief. Since that ended up causing one of his adventures, deities who spot wandering gloves often try to return them to him to make sure more chaos doesn't happen.
    • The Limbless Wonder is also noted to have been asleep for at least a hundred years between two of his adventures (and his appearance that time never really changed), if certain sources are anything to go by. Regardless, he likes to sleep alongside Snorlax, another deity known for dozing off a lot and on separate occasions, Rayman has even slept on Totoro's Tummy Cushion.
  • Many have talked about Rayman being a possible candidate for the Smash tournament despite the apparent unlikelihood of it. In what came as a bit of a surprise, Rayman was able to, at the very least, get some involvement in the fourth Smash tournament through having a trophy modelled after him.
    • A handful of gods claim that during the posing process, Rayman sneezed, but he continually denies this and insists that the pose he did for the trophy wasn't poorly timed.
      • Sometime after the above event, rumors spread that Rayman became an actual participant of the tournament, though it turned out to be an elaborate prank.
      • Regardless of all that has been mentioned, Rayman is good friends with two of the participants of that tournament, Mario and Sonic, having something of a friendly rivalry with them. Them being noticeable platforming characters may have something to do with that. Both Rayman and Mario can also relate to jumping through paintings to visit unusual worlds.
  • Rayman doesn't like a lot of evil doppelgangers of already existing good-aligned deities given his experiences with one. Ray has a somewhat stronger animosity towards Dark Link given the latter's association with darkness; something that Rayman has fought against numerous times.
  • As someone who has had experience in dealing with threats in a dream world, Rayman has found work and companionship with those who have undertaken a similar journey, while making enemies with those who make nightmares. It did take a little bit of time for him to get used to the fact that Darkrai, a creature that would look like something associated with creating nightmares, is helping with stopping those who instigate nightmares.
  • Having confronted an army of robot pirates in the past, Rayman has taken a dislike towards malicious pirates such as Gangplank, as well as the various evil robots that reside in the Pantheon. Although there aren't any literal robot pirates in the Pantheon, Rayman is still keeping an eye on these particular pirates and robots.
  • Rayman has been seen alongside Ezio and Jade, given that the three have a thing in common. The relationship between them is strictly on a professional level because of that.
  • YEAH!!

Six, the Goddess Who is Nothing but Skin and Bones
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A lighter
  • Theme Song: Six's Theme (Part 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Acquired a Cannibalism Superpower, Ambiguously Human, Blinding Bangs, Creepy Child, Determinator, Does Not Like Vegetables or Shoes, Ill Girl, Mysterious Past, Nothing but Skin and Bones, Pintsized Powerhouse
  • Domains: Hunger, Starvation
  • Allies: Max Tennyson, Toriel
  • Enemies: Black Doom, Gramma Stuffum, Gluttony, Jabba the Hutt, Starjun
  • Not So Different: Merkava
  • Opposed by: Morris, Ratigan
  • Odd Friendship: Kirby, Remy, Ashi
  • The tantalizing offer of a position in the Pantheon came as no less than a surprise to Six, but it was a very welcome and quickly accepted offer nevertheless. So far, Six has been living a fairly happy life among the ranks of the Pantheon. Any place was better than the Maw.
  • At first, Six's ranking confused many deities in the Pantheon. They were baffled that a little girl of such tiny and emaciated stature could be any more than a Quasideity. Once they found out about the life-draining powers she acquired after consuming the Lady, it started to make more sense. Now, most deities pray that nobody ever gives Six a reason to use them.
  • Six's lack of fear in response to Merkava has legitimately surprised many deities. In fact, she is one of the few deities who treat him with even the slightest bit of respect. One would think that his particular taste would put her off, but this isn't entirely the case. She seems to understand that Merkava doesn't eat people because he wants to, but because he has to. Unfortunately, Six knows this feeling all too well.
    • That being said, though, Six does not tolerate those who should know better. Gluttony could eat anything else if he wanted to, but he still frequently wants to eat people. His appearance also reminds her of the many ravenous guests on the Maw. The outward appearance of Jabba the Hutt also contributed to her dislike of him, but she mainly dislikes his disgusting table manners and involvement with the black market.
    • Of course, Six is ultimately disgusted by Black Doom, who seeks to make a meal out of all of humanity.
    • She's also not a fan of Starjun at all. While he isn't known to cook up cannibalistic dishes, he's still an evil chef. Six has had more than enough of having to deal with evil chefs on the Maw.
  • Gramma Stuffum is quite interested in Six, and it's definitely not the good kind of interest. Six has an often questionable taste in food. One of the few foods she legitimately dislikes is vegetables. Because of this, Gramma Stuffum sees her as a little brat who needs to eat her veggies. Stuffum tries to force-feed her with a morbid army of living veggies on a regular basis.
    • Speaking of foods that Six dislikes, she tried Joja Cola once and almost immediately recoiled at the taste. The fact that even a deity like Six hates his company's flagship product has made Morris somewhat of a laughing stock in the Pantheon.
  • Though it seems that Six has made quite a few enemies in the Pantheon, she still has a few friends to speak for. Toriel, for one, immediately took pity on the poor child. She offers Six some of her pie all the time, and she even likes her infamous snail pie.
    • Six is also, oddly enough, a pretty big fan of Max Tennyson's cooking. Of course, he's always ecstatic when a fellow human (?) can appreciate alien cuisine. As such, he's more than happy to cook up some grub for her whenever she wants it.
  • Remy was pretty apprehensive of Six when he found out what she did. He eventually warmed up to her when she expressed an interest in his cooking rather than any desire to eat him, though. Try telling that to Ratigan, though. He still actively avoids her.
  • Six was afraid of Kirby at first, but her fear dissipated when she realized that he doesn't actually eat people. He just swallows them and spits them out to copy their powers. She has to admit that it's pretty neat.
  • Ashi has attempted to reach out to Six. Keyword, "attempted." While she does sympathize with the little girl, her powers and past deeds remind her too much of her own personal nightmare. Six is the first being in the Pantheon that Ashi had ever been nervous around. Jack and Toriel are usually there when the girls talk to help keep the tension down.
  • Whenever the subject of Mono is brought up, Six always gives the person a very dark glare, nonverbally telling them that she does not want to talk about it.



    Captain Ahab 
Captain Ahab, God of Seafarers with Peg-Legs (Old Thunder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pegleg
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can easily be Chaotic Neutral when it comes to Moby Dick
  • Portfolio: Father Neptune, Revenge Before Reason, Determinator, Broken Ace, Handicapped Badass, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Revenge, Seafaring
  • Acquaintances with: Kunkka
  • Enemies: Moby Dick, Monstro, Wailord
  • Opposed by: Carl Fredricksen, Jean-Luc Picard
  • Not So Different from: Captain Nemo
  • As the Captain of the ship known as Pequod, Ahab is a very skilled and respected leader to the other members of his crew. Beneath all that, however, lies an undying hatred for Moby Dick, who attacked him previously and ate one of his legs. That leg is replaced with a peg-leg made out of a sperm whale's jawbone. Ahab is very much driven in his desire to get revenge on the White Whale, no matter what the cost may be and it's to the point that others believe that his obsession with Moby Dick is insane and dangerous.
  • It really didn't take that long for Ahab to resume his quest for vengeance against Moby Dick after being told that the whale was still around. What actually got him upset was that in the Pantheon, no one can truly die, thus his goal of killing Moby Dick is most likely never going to be fulfilled there. Despite that, his determination to go after Moby Dick remains and he's guaranteed to continue his journey no matter the circumstances of it.
  • Not only is he very much aware of Moby Dick still being around, but Ahab also learned that there were a couple of other whales roaming the seas of the Pantheon. While he doesn't consider either of them as big of a priority compared to Moby Dick (especially since Wailord isn't actively attacking others despite his size and strength), he's aware that there's a strong possibility of him getting into conflict with either whale later on. Given that Ahab was a commercial whaler before Moby Dick came along, he does have the necessary equipment needed for a potential encounter. Ahab considers Monstro to be potentially as troublesome as Moby Dick was since there were some who compared the two whales to each other, alongside the fact that Monstro has been known to not let any prey of his escape.
    • While there are a variety of other sea monsters out there that are potentially more dangerous than Moby Dick could ever be, Ahab only sees these other sea monsters as just obstacles in his path to enacting revenge on Moby Dick. Given how skilled of a seafarer Ahab is, he's likely to have some sort of measure in place should something like the Kraken attack him while trying to hunt down the White Whale.
  • Both Ahab and Captain Nemo have a bit in common despite some sort of wariness towards each other. The most prominent similarity between them is that they're skilled seafarers that are on a quest of revenge for different reasons and aren't the sanest of men despite initial impressions. There's also the fact that their desire for revenge has put their respective crew members at risk along with getting into conflict against different sea monsters, though in Captain Nemo's case fighting a sea monster was just an obstacle and not an overall goal compared to Ahab.
  • His determination in trying to find an elusive wild animal reminded Carl Fredricksen of Charles Muntz and his quest to find a legendary bird. Fredricksen finds Ahab's single-minded determination to the point of insanity to go after an animal to be eerily similar to that of Muntz' ordeal and would rather keep his distance from him, even if Ahab isn't as evil compared to Muntz despite Ahab wanting a whale dead as opposed to Muntz wanting to capture a bird.
  • Ahab found a bit in common with Kunkka, another seafarer with a rivalry against a sea creature, it being Tidehunter in Kunkka's case. Ahab found it a little strange that a sea creature would be the one to have an intense grudge against a seafarer rather than a grudge much like what Ahab is familiar with. Kunkka told Ahab that even if Tidehunter isn't part of Ahab's main goal, the Champion of the Sunken Isles is still someone that shouldn't be taken lightly given his abilities.
  • Jean-Luc Picard has a few issues with Ahab, mostly because Ahab's revenge quest reminded Picard of what happened when hunting down the Borg. Whereas Ahab remained didn't really change at the end of the journey, Picard did for the better, even if Ahab's own quest was referenced by Picard that time. There's also the fact that others have claimed that Ahab bears some physical resemblance to Picard sometimes.
  • Maiev Shadowsong, despite having a similar level of revenge against Illidan Stormrage initially, isn't really fond of Ahab's quest to hunt down a whale. It's one thing to have a justifiable reason to have revenge, but Maiev finds no justification whatsoever for Ahab to go after what's essentially a wild animal over losing a leg.
  • At one point, Ahab was very close to reconsidering his revenge hunt against Moby Dick, but such a thing never came to be. This ended up disheartening a few deities, especially those who have given up on their revenge-driven mindset. Any additional attempts by others to try and, at the very least, make Ahab calm down to some degree haven't really worked out thus far.
  • There is one God that is Lord over the earth, and one Captain that is lord over the Pequod.

    Raven (Elsword
Raven, God of Mechanical Replacement Hands (Blade Master, Reckless Fist, Veteran Commander)

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