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Greater Gods

    Fecto Forgo 
Fecto Forgo, the God who Survived Without a Body (Specimen ID-F86, Invasive Species, Ultimate Life-Form, Fecto Elfilis, Psychic Beast, Soul Forgo, Species Born of Chaos, Chaos Elfilis, Fecto Forgor, Seethe Rat)
After assimilating the Beast Pack 
Fecto Elfilis 
  • Greater Deity as Fecto Forgo; Overdeity as Fecto Elfilis, and especially as Chaos Elfilis
  • Symbol: Their larva form inside the Eternal Capsule. Alternatively, a star-shaped dimensional rift with their eyes inside it.
  • Theme Song: Eternal Echo of the Thrilling Tour-our-our, Hunted by the Beast, Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit, The Fate of Two Worlds
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil as Fecto Forgo, Chaotic Evil as Fecto/Chaos Elfilis
  • Portfolio: Living on after its body is destroyed, Consuming everything around it to steal their powers, Yanking the inhabitants of Planet Popstar into the New World, Created Forgo Dreams, Somehow captured by Scientists, experimented on for decades, and made into a Tourist Attraction, Absolutely earned every second of it, Immense Psionic Power like planet wide mind control, and generating huge holes in Spacetime, Able to manipulate souls, Very Manipulative, Refuses to die no matter what, Far more evil than other Kirby villains
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Manipulation, Psychic Powers, Souls, Dreams, Other Dimensions
  • High Priestess: Miranda Jahana
  • Allies: The Shroobs, Black Doom, Ridley, Vanitas, Mesogog, The Lich, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Octogeddon, Majin Buu, SCP-682, The Radiance, Wild Hunt
  • Rivals: Cell, Shadow the Hedgehog, Kars, The Anti-Monitor
  • Arch-Enemies: ELFILIN (Its missing half, and removed Good Side), KIRBY, BANDANA WADDLE DEE
  • Enemies: Anyone who doesn't seek the end of all life everywhere but especially, King Dedede, Meta Knight, The Waddle Dees, Morpho Knight, Adeleine, Susie Haltmann, The Three Mage Sisters, XCOM, Samus Aran, Future Trunks, Android 16, Androids 17 and 18, Android 21, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Professor Hojo, Dr. Manhattan, Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls, All-Might, Asuka Langley Soryu, Zygarde, Sonic and his Friends, Eonar, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight, The Collector, Philip Wittebane/Emperor Belos, Kazuma's Party, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Feared by: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna, especially The Plantar Family, and Every Equestrian deity, regardless of alignment, as well as ADVENT, The Salmonids, Subaru Natsuki
  • Avoids: The SCP Foundation, Giygas
  • Disrespects: THE END
  • Evil Counterpart to: Mewtwo, Deoxys
  • Respects: Sir David Attenborough
  • Unclear Relationship with: Void Termina
  • A bloodthirsty life-form with unknown origins, the creature once known as Fecto Elfilis used its mighty spear and powers over spacetime to carry out destructive raids on defenseless worlds. That all changed when it mounted an invasion against "The New World", where its indiscriminate attacks on the wildlife spurred a team of researchers into capturing the beast. They studied it and its miraculous abilities within Lab Discovera for thirty years, until an accident happened. A small shred of benevolence called Elfilin split away from Fecto Elfilis. As a result, what remained of the original creature — now called Fecto Forgo — was permanently sealed away, and it stayed in stasis long after the planet was abandoned. In a bid to return to its former body, Forgo committed a long list of atrocities: brainwashing King Leon, turning his followers into the militaristic Beast Pack, opening up dimensional vortices to abduct whomever it could find, ordering Waddle Dee Town to be razed, brainwashing King Dedede into helping to capture his own Waddle Dees, and using the Waddle Dees as slave labor. Unfortunately for Forgo, it failed to account for Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee, who were brought into the New World through one of its vortices. They confronted the creature, and even though it assimilated its "other half" to become Fecto Elfilis once again, Forgo was eventually defeated and turned into roadkill. However, that wasn't the end of it. Forgo's evil soul survived the battle inside Forgo Dreams, a strange archipelago created from its own dreams. It planned to take its revenge by creating an army of living thoughts and commanding them from inside Leon's body. Kirby and friends defeated its minions and freed Leon from possession, but before Fecto Forgo could strike back, its soul was spirited away by the psychopomp, Morpho Knight. In one last battle, Forgo and Morpho Knight combined to form the almighty Chaos Elfilis. Even this was destroyed, and Fecto Forgo's reign of terror seemingly ended for good.
  • After Kirby's battle with Chaos Elfilis, the primeval beasts that it assimilated were reincarnated as a harmless point of light, and Elfilin accepted that light into himself. And despite all of this, Fecto Forgo still managed to survive, the tiny fragments remaining of its own soul that hadn't been absorbed by Elfilin fleeing elsewhere. Clinging desperately to life, the Psychic Beast searched for another planet, preferably one with a powerful vessel that it could inhabit to rebuild its might, and then begin its conquests anew. Instead, it found the Pantheon. When Fecto Forgo entered the Pantheon, it was initially able to sustain itself thanks to assuming control over a small school of Salmonids, as it learned where it was. It used the enslaved Salmonids both as sustenance, and to build a rough approximation of the Eternal Capsule so it isn't always melting, albeit one designed more to its own tastes. With so many powerful deities surrounding it, Forgo has decided to lay low for now, at least until it can find a suitable vessel that will let it resume its invasion.
  • When Fecto Forgo learned that its other half, Fecto Elfilin, had ascended to the Pantheon, it was delighted. Not because it actually cared for Elfilin, quite the opposite in fact, as it will go out of its way to be able to devour him once more and truly regain its status as the Ultimate Lifeform. Fecto Forgo hasn't been as zealous in catching Elfilin due to acquiring other means of becoming Fecto Elfilis in the Pantheon, but its still happy to try anyways, purely out of spite. While Elfilin was able to accept Forgo's evil as being a part of him after Chaos Elfilis' defeat, that does not mean that he doesn't despise Forgo for its appalling crimes, including his own absorption by Forgo and temporary banishment to Forgo Dreams until Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee freed him from Fecto Elfilis' body. While Elfilin doesn't have the best control over his own Psionic Powers, he is always more than happy to lend his aid to anyone who fights Fecto Forgo or Fecto Elfilis, just as he did with Kirby.
  • As one of the vilest villains in the Kirby franchise, Fecto Forgo remains a bitter enemy of every deity it wronged during its first bid for power. Kirby utterly loathes Forgo for its numerous atrocities, especially its enslavement of so many of their friends, and attempt to crash Planet Popstar into the New World. As such, he has made sure to quash any of Forgo's shenanigans that they encounter with extreme prejudice, and is more than happy to shut down Fecto Elfilis and Chaos Elfilis whenever Forgo achieves either form. They also take a certain satisfaction in crushing Forgo with their Big Rig Mouthful Mode, as they know Forgo is deeply infuriated by the manner in which it lost its Elfilis state to Kirby. The hate also runs especially deep for Bandana Waddle Dee, who witnessed the destruction of Waddle Dee Town and helped Kirby rescue hundreds of his brethren from Forgo's clutches. As such, Bandana is just as willing as Elfilin to assist in stopping Forgo.
    • King Dedede despises Fecto Forgo. When he ended up in the New World, he was forced to imprison his beloved Waddle Dees due to having been subjugated by Forgo. The Waddle Dees despise Forgo for its employment of them as slave labor, and Meta Knight abhors it for its continual attempts to take over his mind and sending its slaves in the Beast Pack to try and pillage Waddle Dee Town again, as he fights them off. The deity that Forgo returns the hateful sentiment to the most sans the "Irksome Pink Contaminant" that is Kirby, is the Butterfly of Paradise, Morpho Knight. When Soul Forgo attempted to reassert itself by using Leon as a vessel after breaking his soul, it was prevented from leaving Forgo Land, or even getting to fight Kirby due to Morpho Knight arriving to claim its soul. While Forgo survived, and in fact managed to steal some of Morpho Knight's DNA to become Chaos Elfilis, it isn't interested in chancing that again, and has taken great pains to avoid ever meeting Morpho Knight again.
    • When they learned of how Fecto Forgo subjugated the Beast Pack, and especially what Forgo did to poor Leon, Susie Haltmann, and the Three Mage Sisters were both appalled. While both Susie and the Jambandran Mages did things they have come to dearly regret before their change of heart, a major contributing factor to their crimes was due to their beloved father figure being subjected to forceful corruption by an outside force, President Haltmann due to having his mind warped by Star Dream, and Hyness due to succumbing to the Dark Hearts. It's rumored that the New World is actually an extradimensional version of Planet Earth in the future. The truth of the matter has yet to be verified, however Adeleine was exceptionally vitriolic to Forgo even before she learned of its enslavement of her friends, the Waddle Dees. While she didn't get to once more help Kirby and Bandana Dee in the New World, she is happy to pitch in against Forgo in the Pantheon.
  • It's unclear what Fecto Forgo's relationship with the all powerful creator of its reality, Void Termina/Astral Birth Void, is. When Soul Forgo stole some DNA from Morpho Knight, and became Chaos Elfilis, its coloration changed to perfectly match that of Zero, 02, and Void. Its second form as Chaos Elfilis was a white and red sphere and it utilized all of the "Soul Boss" attacks that are implied to originate from Void. Even before that, Forgo was capable of manipulating Dreams and Souls, two of the four Matters Void is the origin of, and was able to make Phantom Clones of its victims, even if it didn't take control of them, just like how the Dark Hearts from the Jamba Heart spawned off the "Parallel" entities within Another Dimension.
  • A being as cruel and omnicidal as Fecto Forgo isn't going to be inundated with allies. Yet, Forgo still found a way to make some without resorting to "reprograming" its victims. Chief amongst these were the Shroobs. The Shroobs, were amazed by the sheer level of destruction that Fecto Elfilis was capable of, much less Chaos Elfilis, on top of it also being a world conquering and decimating menace who hails from outer space. Many are alarmed by their alliance, as Forgo is able to craft Phantom duplicates of anyone that it attempts to control in Forgo Dreams, with said copies being stronger than the originals. The prospect of the Shroobs having an instant army of Psionically powered warriors has horrified countless deities. When he heard of Forgo's penchant for mental domination, along with its origin, Black Doom happily applauded the Psychic Beast, noting how it was who Shadow should have been. Forgo is happy to accept his praise, as its interested in the forces he commands, and how it could mimic them.
    • When XCOM learned of Fecto Forgo, they assumed the Psychic Beast to be the being that the Elders dreaded so much that they began their own conquest to try and find people with the gift of Psionic Power to enslave, supported by how the Elders were visibly shaken by Forgo's Psionic superiority with the entirety of ADVENT skyrocketing it to the top of their enemies list. Forgo's habit of brutalizing whatever world it ends up on only lent further credence to the idea. Regardless, XCOM has vowed that Forgo will never get to slaughter Humanity, and are researching the containment at Lab Discovera to learn how the people of the New World captured a being as strong as Fecto Elfilis. The fact that those same people may have been Human themselves has only further fueled XCOM's drive to stop Fecto Forgo.
    • When the cruel Space Pirate known as Ridley learned of Fecto Forgo's fierce enmity with XCOM, he was very intrigued and sought the Psychic Beast out. Forgo initially only intended to assimilate Ridley, but that changed when it got to know the Cunning God of Death, finding him to be an extremely agreeable entity, as well as an exceptional enforcer, and has infused Ridley with its powers. When Samus learned of this, she immediately teamed up with her good friend Kirby to take down both malevolent extraterrestrials. The battle was fairly quick, and incredibly bloody, but when the dust settled, Samus and Kirby stood triumphant. Fuming, Forgo has made assimilating Samus a high priority, and is especially intrigued by Samus' Metroid transformation, and what sort of powers it could steal from her...
    • Ragyo Kiryuin and Nui Harime's connections to the mysterious entity known as the Life-Fibers caught Forgo's attention. As it did deeper digging on the two cruel monsters, it found them to be exceptionally agreeable. Forgo likes Nui due to how willing she is to sacrifice herself to empower Ragyo, as it is perfectly happy ordering Nui to allow herself to be eaten so Forgo can get her Life-Fiber powers. Ragyo sees Forgo as being just like the Life-Fibers she worships and happily sides with the Psychic Beast against Humanity. Forgo doesn't have any strong feelings regarding Ragyo experimenting on her own children, as Forgo doesn't really care when someone is experimenting on people as long as it isn't the subject, or the experiments remind Forgo of Lab Discovera.
  • After hearing it on repeat for decades, Fecto Forgo has long associated itself with the phrase "Ultimate Life Form", and it will fight tooth and nail to keep the top spot. As such, anyone else in the Pantheon with that title, such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Cell, and Kars will find a bitter rival in Forgo. It butts heads the most with Cell, since both of them are haughty and consider each other "fake" and unworthy of the moniker. Forgo simply cannot fathom how an artificially created bio-android even counts as a "life-form", since its origins are completely natural. Cell dismisses Forgo as little more than a psychic parasite who requires other life-forms to be truly "ultimate". Neither of them are willing to back down from their position, and the two of them are regularly seen sparring together, with Elfilis always winning out, and atomizing Cell to deny him a Zenkai, though Cell is confident that with enough training he could beat Elfilis. Should Cell relent, Forgo has vowed to consume him and scatter his essence across Forgo Dreams.
    • When he heard of Fecto Forgo, Future Trunks immediately denounced it as a monster that needs to be put down. He sees many of Cell's worst traits in Forgo. It focuses on other enemies more than Trunks, but Trunks has irritated it by intervening with Forgo's crimes as Fecto Elfilis whenever Kirby isn't around. When Androids 16, 17, and 18, first heard of Elfilis' opposition to Cell, they thought it could make for a strong ally against him. This swiftly ended when they learned that Forgo was just as bad as he was, especially given how Fecto Elfilis is much stronger than Cell can get without a copious amount of Zenkai boosts. 17 and 18 were also disgusted when they learned of Forgo's need to devour its other half Elfilin to achieve its perfect state. For its part, Forgo despises the Androids as unnatural abominations, and has vowed to shatter the their souls to ensure they won't continue to be an annoyance to it.
    • Though it detests her as much as the rest of the Androids, it is intrigued by Android 21. When it learned of her Hunger, it did everything in its power to force her Hunger out so as to absorb her after she had eaten a few powerful deities. The rest of the Androids vowed to stop Forgo, and Android 21 herself is prepared to destroy herself should it ever come close to succeeding. On an even scarier note, their origin as an omnicidal alien being with the ability to assimilate other beings and their desire of chaos and destruction has led Forgo to find a kindred spirit in Majin Buu. This kinship was only heightened when Buu learned of Forgo's ability to reabsorb a piece of itself to become truly complete, just like how Evil Buu absorbed Fat Buu to become Super Buu, a trait it also shares with Android 21.
  • Fecto Forgo is dreaded by almost every deity in the House of Beasts and Fauna, due to it's enslavement of the Beast Pack by means of Mind Rape upon it's leader Leon. Forgo was happy to facilitate this fear when it attempted to and very nearly succeeded in mind controlling every deity within the house with only the strongest willed beings managing to resist its Psionic Power. It then attempted to lead this new army as Fecto Elfilis to ravage the rest of the Pantheon but was thankfully stopped by Kirby, with Elfilis's defeat releasing it's victims from it's mind control. Sprig, Polly, and Hopediah Plantar were among the first of the deities to succumb to Forgo. When they were freed and learned that they had been under the thrall of an entity far more terrible than the Core could ever dream of being before they had even known it existed, they were horrified, as they have had to deal with things like mind controlling fungus before, and that only infected Sprig and Polly due to them making contact with it. Forgo can assume control from the other side of the Pantheon.
    • The two most notable victims of Forgo's little stunt were Princesses Celestia and Luna. The two had never experienced a Psychic on Forgo's level, and so they soon succumbed. As a result of this, Forgo instantly became the most reviled and feared deity in Equestria, even above the likes of Lord Tirek. Fluttershy was especially shaken, having seen first hand the cruelty for and power over animals Forgo has when it enslaved her animal friends. When Tirek himself learned of this, he attempted to drain Forgo, only to realize Forgo's powers aren't Magic at all. Forgo was thrilled that Tirek did so, as it promptly devoured him and began hunting down every Equestrian deity it could find to consume their Magic or bodies as Fecto Elfilis. While Elfilis was still stopped by Kirby, it had already shaken everyone from Equstria to their core, hero and villain alike. Even Discord was terrified due to Elfilis' own powers surpasing his.
    • Due to Forgo enslaving animals, it has found itself at the top of the hate list for every heroic Sonic deity ever. Forgo welcomes the challenge, as it sees the ones with Super States as excellent candidates for assimilation, and is confident that the incredible powers of Fecto Elfilis or Chaos Elfilis will bring them to heel. Its most interested in making a meal out of its rival for the title of "Ultimate Lifeform", Shadow, as it was delighted when it learned of his usage of Chaos powers. Forgo managed to catch Shadow off guard and devoured him, transforming into Chaos Elfilis. The heroic Sonic deities with Super States promptly all combined their powers to just barely hold Elfilis at bay, Sage needing to grant Super Sonic 2 to Sonic to try and counter Elfilis' ability to heal itself via energy drain. They managed to last long enough to get help from other heroes opposed to Elfilis and took it down.
  • The reason that Fecto Forgo required the Waddle Dees to continually supply it with energy, was due to Forgo's power being too much for its larval body to withstand, and it begins to melt outside the Eternal Capsule without Elfilin. When it learned of the Salmonid's Golden Eggs, and their function as a power source from its initial victims, it was delighted, and promptly began subjugating them en masse in order to sustain itself indefinitely. The rest of the Salmonids have begun fleeing places where Forgo has influence as a result. While it was enslaving Salmonids, Fecto Forgo became aware of a raging octopus that had tentacles shaped like all sorts of species. This piqued its interest, having taken a similar form after absorbing members of the Beast Pack, and so it took control of a Boss Salmonid and followed the octopus. Forgo got a cathartic thrill watching Octogeddon's devastating attacks on countless human monuments. Afterwards, Forgo appeared to Octogeddon in a dream, inviting it over to discuss all the havoc they could wreak together. Many are concerned about the alliance, for while Octogeddon is normally peaceful unless provoked, Forgo seems all too happy to encourage its darker side.
  • Fecto Elfilis is an elegant, and graceful chimera-like being, with clear angelic imagery despite it being a horrific aberration on the inside. Due to its much more pleasant visage than Fecto Forgo, Elfilis is Popular with Furries. And where there is interspecies lust, there are the Interspecies Reviews, who came to Forgo's temple for a review. Elfilis initially intended to use them as fodder for its hunts, but it soon got annoyed by their lewdness, and decided to just teleport them away. When the Reviewers learned of Forgo's alliance with Wild Hunt, they denounced it, even if Forgo has no interest in rape, only killing. Elfilis replied to them by collapsing the Succujoints into a wormhole, deeming the sex obsessed Reviewers to be unworthy prey.
  • Despite being Elfilin's absolute polar opposite in every way imaginable, there is one organization that Fecto Forgo shares its missing half's aversion to: the SCP Foundation. When Forgo learned of how the Foundation has managed to contain an amazing variety of creatures, including many like itself, it was filled with a great deal of anxiety, not at all interested in being put into another Lab Discovera. As such, it has sought out SCP-682 upon hearing of an infamous incident where it escaped Foundation captivity to prevent itself from being locked away forever if it does get captured. It also appreciates SCP-682's disgust towards other life forms, and has been encouraging it to fully embrace its xenophobia, and destructive tendencies.
  • Due to being a victim of decades of unwilling scientific experiments, Fecto Forgo takes issue with many a Mad Scientist in the Pantheon. It loathes Professor Hojo above all the others, as the sheer brutality of his experiments reminded it of the accident that split off Elfilin from Fecto Elfilis. Should it ever find itself targeted by Hojo, Forgo is prepared to expend as much of its energy as possible in order to kill him, including crashing Shinra into another planet. Despite this, and its reviling of artificial beings, it still developed an odd kinship with Mesogog after learning about his circumstances as an Enemy Without. Ever since then, Forgo has kept a vested interest in Mesogog's plans, for if the dinosaurs really are as powerful and terrifying as Mesogog says, Forgo would be happy to use one as a temporary body.
    • While Forgo was doing some scanning of minds to find more ways in which it could demonstrate its superiority to Cell to get him to surrender to the greater being, it learned of Cell's creator Doctor Gero. Gero's own projects of forcefully mechanizing Androids 17 and 18, and his creation of both Cell and Android 21 earned Forgo's utter disgust. Not because it had standards, but because of how much Gero was attempting to infringe upon Forgo's domain, in addition to Gero also reminding Forgo of the Lab Discovera scientists who locked it up in the Eternal Capsule. When it learned that Android 21 was in truth, Gero's wife Vomi, and that Android 16 was an effigy of his son Gevo, Forgo redoubled its efforts to absorb the former and destroy the latter, as it knew doing so would hurt Gero even more than the immense physical or psychic harm it could inflict.
    • It takes quite a lot for Fecto Forgo to feel inferior to another being, but Dr. Manhattan and his reality-warping abilities have aroused a sense of profound envy in it. It seems that the more Forgo learns about him, the deeper its jealousy grows. When it found out Dr. Manhattan was once an ordinary human until a lab accident occurred, it became especially furious, for when a Warp lab accident occured to it, Forgo lost its Fecto Elfilis state. It also has trouble understanding why Dr. Manhattan is so detached from it all, as if it had access to his level of power, all of creation would be under its heel. Even though Forgo is capable of creating an entire universe all to its own in Forgo Dreams, and is even capable of yanking people, and objects, up to and including planets from entirely different dimensions, it still felt eclipsed by Dr. Manhattan's power to alter the entire multiverse all at once.
    • The kindest scientist that Fecto Forgo found itself despising was Professor Utonium. Like Gero, Utonium had created artificial beings in the Powerpuff Girls, though Utonium raised them as his children. Upon hearing of Forgo's past, Utonium attempted to offer it his empathy for how it was experimented on, only for Forgo to announce how it would have gleefully slaughtered everyone in the New World even without the resentment from Lab Discovera, purely because it can. Utonium and his daughters quickly grew to loathe Forgo, as a short time later, Forgo happily made the latter its dinner, and stole all of their many powers. Though Kirby managed to free them, they still have decisively unpleasant memories of the Phantoms that they had to fight after their minds were banished to Forgo Dreams. The Girls have vowed to never let Forgo's assimilation happen to them, or any of their friends ever again, to which Forgo merely snorted with amusement.
  • Like many villains, Forgo is opposed to the Anti-Monitor's plans for omniversal oblivion. It understands the need to consume, but it considers eating space-time itself to be too far. Its objections are purely selfish — despite being obscenely hard to kill, Forgo isn't suicidal, and it also reasons that without any other forms of life, it won't get to absorb other beings, and it won't get the opportunity to start invading again. Most of all, Forgo wants to be the one destroying all worlds. To Forgo, the Anti-Monitor's plan is the ultimate Kill Steal.
  • Its apocalyptic powers as Fecto Elfilis, on top of it being almost as hard to kill as its ally SCP-682, have attracted attention from some of the vilest villains in the Pantheon, like the Lich. After witnessing its last-ditch attempt to destroy Kirby via Colony Drop, the Lich believes Forgo should do such a thing on a regular basis instead of assimilating strong bodies into itself. Forgo agrees up to a point, and while it has no problems with everything up to whole universes dying due to it and the Lich, it much prefers the thrill of the hunt to simply obliterating everything in its path. This attitude has earned Forgo the approval of Vanitas, another fellow cunning mastermind with a love of violence and bloodshed. Vanitas considers Forgo a potential ally to Organisation XIII, for their situations and temperaments are eerily similar. Forgo has some very ugly plans in place with the things that Vanitas made it aware of, especially with any Sleeping World that could still be out there. When Wild Hunt learned of their former follower ascending, they sought the Beast out to learn more, and found Forgo to be a very agreeable being. While Forgo considers the excess of things like Champ's nature, or Cosmina and Syura's own proclivities to be utterly pointless, it does ascribe to the pillaging and burning mentality Wild Hunt espouses, and happily participates in their slaughters as Fecto Elfilis.
  • Though Fecto Forgo values having a strong body, it trusts in its mind and psychic abilities above all else. When it learned of Giygas, a psychic alien who lost its body and its mind to The Power of Hate, it was horrified. In a world where crowns are sentient and even Void, the Essence of Chaos, can become evil incarnate if exposed to too much hatred, the idea that Fecto Forgo might one day become an Almighty Idiot is deeply disturbing to it. If it ever finds itself losing its grip, Forgo has decided to reenact the Warp Experiment Incident that created Elfilin to jettison such extreme emotions. Forgo doesn't fear Gigyas himself, as its confident Fecto Elfilis will be capable of surpassing him, and Chaos Elfilis if it isn’t, rather its fearful of what happened to Gigyas happening to it, and has made sure to avoid him just in case his condition could be transferred to another.
  • One night, a mysterious light began to shine in the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams. Forgo's soul approached it cautiously, and encountered the Radiance. While the Psychic Beast initially thought that the Radiance was actually Morpho Knight, it was pleasantly surprised to find that she was much more agreeable to Forgo's goals and viewpoints. The Radiance quite likes Fecto Forgo for its ability to force the souls of the beings that it assimilated into its personal realm of Forgo Dreams, where both of them can influence the innocent victims. She appreciates how easy this makes it to force others to remember her in addition to it also making the Radiance safer from her nemesis the Knight, due to the Knight having to face both of them in the place where their powers were most potent. Both deities would soon become extremely anxious when the Fluttering Dream Eater that Fecto Forgo was so fearful of fully ascended itself.
    • All-Might hates Forgo almost as much as he hates All For One, due to sharing his penchant for possession, and forceful stealing of powers. At one point Forgo was intrigued when it learned of a deity with a voice that was identical to that of its foremost victim, Leon. It was especially delighted when it learned that All-Might was much stronger than Leon could be without Forgo's "help" and so it immediately went to possess him. While All-Might was able to resist for a time, Forgo got impatient and eventually decided to just shatter his soul and steal the husk that was his body. Fortunately, the broken pieces of All-Might's soul were saved by the Powerpuff Girls, alongside Elfilin and Future Trunks, with Forgo opting to withdraw rather than fight Trunks without the insurance of its powers as Fecto Elfilis.
    • As a foul villain who plays with minds as it sees fit, Fecto Forgo has earned the much-deserved wrath of Asuka Langley Soryu. It doesn't help that Fecto Elfilis's Ear Wings give it an uncomfortably similar silhouette to Arael, the reason why she hates Forgo in the first place. Forgo doesn't seem to care, since it's much more powerful and has greater concerns. The first time she raised her voice to it, Forgo simply opted to read her mind and frighten her away. It expected to see the type of boring memories you'd expect from such a primitive species, but what it found instead were visions of the Angels. Forgo was intrigued, and now it seeks to learn what it can about them by invading Asuka's dreams to force her to show it all the experiences she's had with the Angels, thoroughly traumatizing her.
  • Fecto Forgo can still hear the Dream Discoveries Tour guide wherever it goes. The woman's voice has haunted it ever since it was shut up in the Eternal Capsule and shown off to the public, to the point where the innermost reaches of Forgo Dreams are filled with distorted bits of her voice. Now that it's ascended into the Pantheon, Forgo has decided to put its enormous ears to good use and find a new voice to listen to, and it eventually settled on the warm tones of Sir David Attenborough. When it isn't scheming up plans to hijack someone's body, it's listening to his voice. As an added bonus, Attenborough typically narrates nature documentaries, so Forgo often sneers at lesser life-forms throughout each programme.
  • Throughout the Pantheon, many deities have experienced what its like to be yanked to a new world against their will, or when they do travel willingly, find themselves getting trapped with no way home. When such deities learned of Forgo employing such tactics, they were not pleased. Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu were at the top of this list. They all already hated it for being victims of the former, and when the Girls heard how Forgo had enslaved their friends the Plantars, they all entered their Calamity Forms in the hopes of destroying it once and for all. Things went sideways when Forgo became Fecto Elfilis, as it proved to be too much for the Calamity Girls. Fortunately, they were saved by the two other "isekai" deities who share the top spot on Forgo's hate list: their good friends, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight. Luz and Amity were disgusted with Forgo due to having been victims of the latter means of "isekai", on top of its penchant for Mind Rape, as Luz was subjected to such tactics at the end of her quest to free the Boiling Isles, with her girlfriend Amity being mentally enslaved, though she broke free through her own willpower. When the Witches arrived, Luz immediately went to fight Elfilis in her Titan Form as Amity helped the Calamity Girls, and together the five forced Elfilis to retreat.
    • Before Elfilis actually retreated, it decided to drop another planet on the five girls, immediately bringing back ugly memories of how the Core attempted to ram Amphibia with itself in the Calamity Girls. This was short lived however, as Luz and Amity's other closest friend, the Collector, arrived on the scene. The Collector is deeply remorseful for their own puppeting of the people of the Boiling Isles, so when they learned of Forgo's penchant for doing similar things out of wanton malice, they were appalled, and they promptly flicked the planet to a safe distance away, before using their own reality distorting powers to finish off the weakened Elfilis. As Elfilis reverted to Soul Forgo and retreated, it learned of the man who had tricked the Collector into subjecting Luz to the nightmares she had at the end of her journey: Emperor Belos. Forgo initially thought that Belos would make for a strong ally against them, and was deeply puzzled when Philip summarily rejected the idea, labeling Forgo a monster that needs death, and living proof that his planned genocide is just. The Witch Hunter hasn't directly clashed with Forgo yet, but he doesn't attempt to intervene when his own nemesis' in Lumity do.
    • The adventuring party of Kazuma also featured their leaders getting warped into another world against their will, albeit due to reincarnation, so the group despises Forgo. Kazuma saw besting Forgo as his chance to get taken seriously by others, though even with Aqua's power, he stands no chance against the Psychic Beast. When Forgo learned of Subaru Natsuki's ability to cheat death, it promptly licked its nonexistent lips, knowing that the ability to reset to an earlier time would make it all but invincible. Forgo happily subjected Subaru to all of his worst memories on a loop to prevent him from resisting as it ate him. Upon hearing this, Kirby immediately went to take out Forgo to deny the creature Subaru's abilities, and they succeeded in yanking him out of the Beast, with his spirit being saved from Forgo Dreams by the Powerpuff Girls and Elfilin. Ever since, Subaru has been paralyzed with fear at the prospect of ever meeting Forgo again, lest he again experience his worst nightmares, get consumed, and sent back to Forgo Dreams.
  • Fecto Forgo and Zygarde detest one another for Fecto Elfilis's invasions pose a threat to the biosphere of any planet it visits. Should the two of them ever fight, Forgo doesn't believe that it actually has anything to fear from the Order Pokemon, given how Zygarde is only able to access its true power when the environment is in immediate danger. Forgo intended to exploit this by absorbing Zygarde before they were complete, however they were prevented from doing so by the timely arrival of another hated enemy of Forgo. Eonar the Life-Binder. Eonar held Forgo in complete contempt for how it had ravaged the Ecosystem of planets including the New World as Fecto Elfilis, and how it had enslaved the entirety of the Beast Pack to its will, not unlike what the Old Gods had done. Catching Forgo before it could absorb Zygarde, she knocked it away before she did battle with its Elfilis state, managing to fight the Ultimate Lifeform up until Kirby came to once again take it out.
  • Fecto Forgo sees a lot of itself in Mewtwo, another extremely powerful, psychic Animalistic Abomination with no compassion, and was amused to learn that Mewtwo has its own "Elfilin" in the form of Mew. But other than also possessing similar backgrounds, that is firmly where the similarities end, as Mewtwo is utterly disgusted at the sorts of cruelty that Fecto Forgo happily engages in, and was especially furious when Fecto Elfilis utterly crushed them. Deoxys very much shares Mewtwo's opinion of the Psychic Beast. Fecto Forgo thought that it had found itself a new ally when it learned of how Deoxys was a Psychic extraterrestrial who nearly caused the end of the world. It was deeply annoyed when Deoxys instead summoned its many copies and attacked it, having no desire to endanger the world again, though Fecto Forgo had little trouble driving them off.
  • Can also be found in Manners of Survival.

Koh, The Divine Face Stealer
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The silhouette of his normal face surrounded by his claws.
  • Theme: "Koh."
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Known for stealing and collecting faces, One of the oldest spirits in existence, Son of the Mother of Faces, resembles a human-faced centipede, Arch-enemy to Avatar Kuruk, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Affably Evil, Big Bad of the Spirit World flash game, Only Known By His Nickname, White Mask of Doom, Malevolent Masked Men, estranged from and misses his mother.
  • Domains: Spirits, Faces, Theft, Horror, Antiquity
  • High Priest: Jaqen H'ghar
  • Respects: Raava and Vaatu, Giratina
  • Interested In: Arya Stark, No Face, Charles Victor Szasz/The Question
  • Odd Friendship: The Slender Man, Starro The Conqueror
  • Enemies: Yukako Yamagishi, Koichi Hirose, Sean Archer and Castor Troy, Mario, Cyrus
  • Opposes: AM
  • Feared By: The Hall of Facial Attributes, Aldo
  • Opposed by: The Doctor, The Five Survivors, Chihiro Ogino, Toph Beifong
  • Pities: Christiane Génessier
  • Complicated Relationship: Avatar Wan, Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra
  • There are two plains of reality; the Mortal World and the Spirit World. Long ago, the two realms existed as one, but during the Harmonic Convergence, as the tension between the humans and spirits blossomed into conflict, the first Avatar, Wan, sealed the portals to the Spirit World, separating the two realms. Travelling to the Spirit World, especially for non-Avatar humans, is extremely rare... but anyone who dares set foot must do so with the utmost caution, for there exists an ancient spirit with an infamous reputation. His name is Koh, but most know him simply as... the Face Stealer. Show any emotion, even the slightest expression, and he will steal your face and add it to his collection. And the victim? Their body is left a blank slate; trapped between life and death in a cruel purgatory. This fate has befallen many in the past and not even the Avatar is safe from Koh. When Aang came to the Spirit World to find the moon and ocean spirits, Koh provided the young Avatar with the information he needed... while still trying to steal his face. The attempt failed, but as Aang left, Koh knew they would meet again... And sure enough they did. After his near-death experience with Princess Azula, Aang's spirit wandered the Spirit World, trying to reconnect with his previous Avatar lives. Koh was a constant torment for the young Airbender, testing his knowledge on the past lives and trying to steal Aang's face. Alas, Koh failed and Aang was able to reconnect with the other Avatars. But if Koh is anything he is patient. He would meet Aang again, even if it took another few reincarnations.
  • It was a normal day as ever in the Pantheon, but it quickly turned ugly when several mortals were reported to have lost their faces. and were still alive. Avatar Aang was called in to investigate and upon looking at the victims, quickly realized who was responsible. Aang travelled to the Spirit World to confront Koh, only to discover his successor, Avatar Korra, was evading the ancient being. Aang managed to quell the fighting before Korra could have her face stolen and asked how Koh found his way to the Pantheon. Koh explained he had known of the Pantheon for a long time and had travelled to it in search of faces to take. Despite his attempted theft, Koh held no ill will to the two Avatars and happily welcomed himself into the Pantheon as a God... not that it made either Aang or Korra happy.
    • Koh's temple leads directly to his lair; deep beneath an ancient tree in the Spirit Wilds. Most don't dare go there, considering what he does to his "guests." Only those with strong emotional control can enter and meet Koh... but it's better to have an Avatar with you. Trust us.
  • Koh's obsession with faces led to him discovering the Faceless Men of Braavos. These assassins specialize in wearing the faces of other people and shapeshifting to carry out their assignments. Though initially wanting to steal every face in the guild's collection, he decided against it. The Faceless Men served to grant the gift of death to appease their Many-Faced God and Koh figured he could use that to his advantage. Koh struck a deal with the Faceless Men. They'd assassinate a few victims and allow the Face Stealer to take the price. Through them, Koh encountered Arya of House Stark, who managed to remain calm before the great spirit. So impressed as he that Koh will sometimes enlist Arya in "acquiring" new faces for him to collect. Arya's family, particularly her father Lord Eddard, was unhappy about the arrangement and has tried to keep her away from Koh.
    • As part of their aforementioned deal, the Faceless Men offered one of their own as Koh's High Priest. A skilled assassin. A man who, at one particular point, was a Lorathi prisoner known as Jaqen H'ghar. He was freed by Arya and in return, offered to kill three targets for her, which she used to save herself and a few of her companions from enemy forces at Harrenhal. The two humans don't speak to each other much anymore, but Koh calls upon Jaqen to lure the occasional unsuspecting soul to his lair. It's a risky partnership; Koh could take Jaqen's face at any time... except Faceless Men have many faces to wear. And besides, good assassins are hard to come by.
  • As one of the oldest spirits in his home realm, Koh has a fair amount of respect for Raava and Vaatu, the primordial personifications of light and darkness. He tries to not get in their way, knowing full well their true powers and their shared connection to the Avatar. Koh discovered there were other deities in the Pantheon that matched Raava and Vaatu's power, even surpassing them. One such being was the Renegade Pokémon, Giratina, who resides in the topsy-turvy Distortion World, a plain of existence similar to the Spirit World. Koh and Giratina, though not friends, share a mutual respect for one another, with the latter allowing Koh to travel to the Distortion World and punish anyone who would dare disturb the peace. One such target is Team Galactic's leader Cyrus, who's proven to be quite difficult due to his normally blank expression. Apparently, being around so many Eldritch Abominations doesn't phase him anymore.
  • It's no secret that Koh and the ascended Avatars have a, suffice to say, complicated relationship. The reason for it doesn't lie with Korra, Aang or even Wan. No, it really lies with Koh punishing Korra and Aang's past life, Avatar Kuruk, for neglecting his duties to the spirits. You see, Kuruk was set to marry a young woman named Ummi, but just before they could tie the knot, Koh lured Ummi into the Spirit World and stole her face. In response, Kuruk ventured into the Spirit World to kill Koh in revenge. But he couldn't do it, knowing that his lost love would die alongside the Face Stealer. Despite this, Koh holds no true grudge against other Avatars, knowing that they're all different incarnations. Doesn't stop him from trying to steal their faces if they ever decide to enter his lair.
    • Surprisingly, Aang and Korra's blind Earthbending friend Toph Beifong didn't trust Koh all too much, not just because he's hard to throw a rock at. Turns out that Toph had an encounter and fight with the Face Stealer in an alternate timeline, which ended in her losing her face after letting loose a Grin of Audacity. Koh remembers the incident well and is looking forward to taking the Blind Bandit's face once more.
  • In a realm full of deities with expressive faces to choose from, it's no surprise that Koh has made a few enemies along the way. A few of his unfortunate victims include Yukako Yamagishi, who had stumbled upon his lair while waiting for her boyfriend Koichi Hirose. Her signature eye twitch nearly spelt her doom but Hirose saved her at the last second. With Aang's help, the two managed to escape with their faces intact. But they weren't the only ones to run into the Face Stealer. FBI agent Sean Archer and terrorist Castor Troy may hate each other's guts, but their time swapping faces drew Koh's attention, forcing them to team together and try to kill the spirit. It didn't work out so well. They nearly lost their faces but Koh is a patient one. He'll get some new additions to his collection one way or another.
    • He also learned of five particular human beings - Gorrister, Nimdok, Benny, Ted and Ellen - survivors of a post-apocalyptic future who were kept prisoners for the Allied Mastercomputer to torture. Koh was initially intrigued by these five survivors and AM offered them to the spirit to torment. But Koh wasn't interested in torture for the sake of torture. The faces would be stolen on his own accord, not if they were served to him on a silver plate. He left the temple but made one simple request to AM. "Let them free. Only then will we see if they can scream without a mouth." AM has yet to follow through, fearing that Koh's face stealing will ruin his fun.
    • He became so curious of the warrior known as Aldo, given that his identity is that of his adoptive owner Eden and that he was once a cat. Aldo wants nothing to do with Koh given that he's already dealt with a youkai who stole his face for fun.
  • Interestingly enough not everyone in the Pantheon has a face. Charles Victor Szasz, better known as The Question, caught Koh's eye due to his lack of facial characteristics. He inquired to the detective on where his face had gone, to which Question led the spirit on with various conspiracy theories and ludicrous ideas on what happened. Of course, Koh could tell a liar when he hears one, but he decided to let the human off the hook. But he trails the Question from time to time, hoping to steal a criminal face before they can be brought to justice.
    • Italian plumber and gaming icon Mario isn't a being one would consider being a potential enemy to the Face Stealer, but as it turns out Nintendo's mascot has a lot of reasons to distrust Koh. In the Paper timeline, Mario had to contend with the Disco-loving Hole Punch, who had a habit of punching the faces of the toads in their captivity. They also put Mario through the same ordeal. Not that it stopped him. In fact, Mario was able to still attack and decimate the hole puncher even after his face was stolen. Koh knows better than to tangle with someone who can still fight without a face. Not that Mario wants to lose his face in the first place.
  • The reason Koh collects faces isn't out of true malice. In a way, it's a way of remembering his mother, the aptly named Mother of Faces. This longing to be reunited with his mother led to Koh making a few rather unexpected friends. Along with the Slender Man, Koh found an ally in the form of Starro, a starfish-like alien race who control their victims by latching onto their faces and mind-controlling them. Koh will use Starro and its legion to bring in additional victims to spice things up a bit. On one such occasion, Koh and Starro found themselves being confronted by The Doctor. The Face Stealer had heard about The Doctor and their multiple incarnations, comparing them to the Avatar in terms of faces. So many faces, so many opportunities... The Doctor avoids Koh as a result.
  • Koh has very few allies in the Pantheon, given his infamous reputation. Among the few deities he managed to "befriend" was The Slender Man, a strange faceless being who often hunts down unwary beings travelling in its forest. Koh got along well with Slender, often letting it lure victims to his temple for, well, face stealing purposes. It was how they encountered a young woman named Christiane Génessier, whose original face was destroyed in a car accident and having to witness her father kidnap innocent women to remove their faces to restore her own. In a rare moment of disgust and pity, Koh spared Christiane and requested Slender to take her to the Mother of Faces.
  • The signature white Noh mask Koh wears certainly drew a few comparisons between him and a similar-looking spirit named No-Face. Instead of hunting for faces, No-Face is influenced by his surroundings and can either be a calm, kind-hearted individual or a gluttonous, greedy monster who desired attention. No-Face entered Koh's temple by complete accident while waiting for his friend. Kod decided to keep the lonely spirit company until they arrived... allowing him to earn a new face. The friend in question was a girl named Chihiro Ogino, who seemed completely unfazed by Koh's appearance. Try as he may, The Face Stealer couldn't get her to even express, and in the end, decided to let her and No-Face go on their way. Ever since, he's kept his eye on the No-Face, hoping that someday he will lead Chihiro back to his temple. After all, it's been a long time since he added a child's face to his collection.
  • Koh's obsession with faces and remembering his mother led to him discovering the House of Facial Attributes. A few stolen faces later, the High Gods placed a magic seal on the House of Facial Attributes, essentially banning him indefinitely. He doesn't seem to mind. He just has to wait till they leave the House.
  • "You've come to me ... with a new face."

Osiris, He Who Lost the Most Noble Organ (Broken God of the Afterlife, Julius Kane)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His mummy-bandaged crook-sickle and flail
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Good King, Back from the Dead, Inhuman Human, Our Zombies Are Different, Distressed Dude (one time), Dark Is Not Evil, Sinister Scythe, Epic Flail, Mummy Wrap, Didn't Need Those Anyway! (except for a certain one)
  • Domains: Afterlife, Egypt, Castration
  • Allies: Geb (his father), Anubis and Horus (his sons; the latter currently unascended), Zia Rashid, Anakaris, Yugi Muto, Judai Yuki, Flynn, Death of the Endless, Death the Horseman, Ichigo Kurosaki, Frankenstein’s Creature, Ariel, Rikuo, Exodia
  • Enemies: Seth, Other Hades, Eliza, Lord Raptor, Bruce, Dracula
  • Rivals: Main Hades, Sobek, Zeus, Azir, Odin, The Black Knight, Settra
  • Other relationships: Big Bird (Don't ask)
  • Followers: John Bobbitt, eunuchs, castrati, many living Darwin Award honorees
  • The Lord of Egypt’s Underworld thought being part of the Pantheon would finally give him the chance to regain his… lost member. To his eternal dismay, joining the Pantheon instead made his condition permanent.
    • Any jokes that he is “ dickless” will be met with ripping the offender’s spirit out of their body and taking them for a round of torture in the Egyptian Underworld. Just ask Lord Raptor, who made that very same insult.
  • Even though he technically is a zombie, Osiris is unique since losing limbs and other body parts doesn't hinder his movement and actions as they remain as "phantom" spirit versions fueled by his Ba, that are just as powerful as his real ones. Once losing everything, his spiritual Ba form is quick, able to walk through any solid hindrances and still attack with the same power and ferocity if he still has all his body. Unfortunately, the only body part that is unable to regenerate is naturally his crippling lack of his "noble organ". Trust us, he's tried!
  • Being his pantheon’s Lord of the Underworld, he spends most of his time in the House of Life & Death. His relations to both Death of the Endless and Death the Horseman are quite friendly. He also gets along with shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki, whom at first winced hearing about his unfortunate condition. At least Ichigo knew not to disrespect Osiris.
    • He was surprised to see two Hades in the Pantheon. The first one was familiar to him, only for Osiris to be slightly shocked to see how his attitude changes once he removes his helmet. The second one, however, gave him nothing but disgust.
  • Osiris is also pleased that his father is in the Pantheon alongside other good pharaohs such as Anakaris and Atem/Yami within Yugi Muto. Under their advice, he also allied himself with Cosmos under the GUAG.
    • Yugi's friend, Judai Yuki, apparently is a very big fan of his, saying he is part of a dorm that bears his name. Curious, he travelled to his world and was stunned to see how shabby and run-down the Osiris Red dorm was. He did not let his anger get the best of him, though, and commended Judai for honoring his name by being part of that dorm. He did wonder why he was named Slifer in that verse.
  • Upon seeing Azir, Osiris thought his son Horus had finally ascended only to see his mistake upon closer inspection. Still, they decided to test their strength against one another. The Broken God barely won just before his Ba energy would dissipate. The Emperor of Shurima enjoyed their bout and vowed the next confrontation he would be the victor.
  • He is grateful to Flynn as he helped his wife Isis find his body after Set dismembered him. He doesn't hold any grudge since his precious organ was never recovered.
    • Isis did manage to create a new one out of gold in order to give birth to Horus, but he really wishes he had his real one back.
  • Despite what many think, Osiris holds no ill will towards the fish that devoured his beloved organ and doesn't take out his anger on fish-based deities in the Pantheon. In fact, he thinks highly well of Princess Ariel and Lord Rikuo. Bruce, on the other hand…
  • He is very jealous of the Black Knight. Unlike the Knight, he is still able to keep fighting despite losing body parts as his spirit form fights on; but unlike Osiris, the Knight regains all his body parts once he is reborn. That last bit stings him greatly.
  • Once, he dressed up convincingly as Frankenstein’s Creature. Dracula thought the Creature mastered new weapons seeing Osiris hold his sickle and flail upon seeing him, only to be attacked. After being informed of his mistake, Drac swore vengeance on the Egyptian god.
    • The Creature itself reacted with indifference, but at least mentioned it was a good likeness.
  • One wouldn't expect Osiris interacting with Big Bird, but the two crossed paths after Big Bird got locked in an art museum at night and befriended the ghost of a boy pharaoh. After Osiris tried to ban Saru from the afterlife due to his heart being heavy, Big Bird called out the judgment because the boy had been alone for 4,300 years and had no one to love him. Osiris himself sheepishly admitted that he was quite rash and apologized. Big Bird told him to never do that again, but is willing to give some of his feathers for future judgments.
  • If you still haven't figured it out, he lost his penis.

Tyr, The One-Handed God (Týr, Tiwas, The Lawgiver, The Almighty, God of Courage and Strategy, God of Justice, Grimjaws, The Even-Handed, The Maimed God, Blind, Blind Tyr, The Blind Overlord, The Wounded One, The Just God)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Tiwas Rune (an arrow pointing up) carved into his sword, alternatively Balanced scales resting on upright warhammer
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with strong Lawful Good leanings)
  • Portfolio: Sacrificing His Arm And Still Kicking All Sorts of Ass, Disabled Deity, The Cape, No Sense of Humor, Justice, Carrying A Large Sword One-Handed note , War God
  • Domains: Courage, Disabilities, Good, Honour, Justice, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Retribution, War
  • Allies: Thor Odinson, Freya, Tyrael, Eiki Shiki, Baiken, Superman, Sayaka Miki, Belldandy, Skuld, Arturia Pendragon
  • Enemies: Fenrir and the rest of Loki's Brood, Loki himself, Majority of House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Worthy Opponent: Guan Yu
  • Tyr is known as the god of law, glory and war. However, one of the events he is most known for is when the gods captured Fenrir to restrain him, only for him to break two times from his bindings. When they tried to bind him with a magical ribbon, Fenrir required for a god to place their hand inside his mouth to make sure he wasn't being tricked. Tyr offered himself to be the sacrifice and lost his arm without regret. Though as proven in the Battlefield of the Gods, he only needs one hand to deliver justice.
  • He was happy to reunite with fellow gods from Asgard, Freya and Thor, even if Thor was surprised that this Tyr wasn't so jealous of him as the Tyr he knows. Though he did not have as warm a welcome with Odin.
    • Some gods say that he was prophesized to ascend after Fenrir found his way into the Pantheon. Fenrir still mocks Tyr for the events, but his mockery hardly flinches Tyr.
  • Even if he is alongside many gods, he is still willing to help out those in need in battle. Those who carve the Tiwaz Rune into their weapon are blessed by Tyr, promising that they will not loose or break their weapons.
    • Besides this benefit, both Riven and Kisuke has declined that blessing. With Riven, the reason is that she broke her weapon on her own will, and doesn't want it to be permanently fixed. With Kisuke, considering that he almost cursed the gods above for letting Torahime die before she could complete her task makes him think that he is not worthy of any blessings.
  • Even though he is an upholder of justice, he can fair. Everyone deserves justice, but everyone also deserves fair judgement. That is why he is allied with Tyrael for discarding his angelhood to be fair and Eiki for trying to judge every living thing as fairly as possible.
  • Where it's hard to tell his opinions on others on this matter, he refuses to joke around in the battlefield. If someone asks him to laugh with them, he will bluntly say no. War is not a laughing matter.
    • However, he has been seen going around as "PrivaTyr". During this state, where he still refuses to laugh, he is a lot willing to crack a couple of jokes. Though Tyr himself refuses to talk about those events. Some gods think that he is drunk when as "PrivaTyr". Some say that Brook has something to do with it (Hey, they do sound similar).
    • Also, never bring up the time his iron handpiece was replaced with a sock puppet. It was an agonizing experience for him to deal with that large mouth of it.
    • At one point, all of the sudden, he suddenly felt compelled to don the outfit of a certain British King and then ended up saying hilariously silly things and jokes. When Tyr snapped back to his senses, he nearly fell into a Heroic BSoD at just how he ended up sullying the fairness of justice with such jokes, and demeaning what would be such a dignified king. He then gets a tap on the shoulder by Saber, understanding how it feels to have one's legacy getting lampooned into silliness. Afterwards, they have been friends.
  • He reportedly cracked a smile when he heard that there is a boy who sounds like him who also aims to be heroic, though he might have more to learn.
  • Due to the prophecy that he will gain a Mutual Kill against Garm, he is preparing himself for that day by facing against Cerberus
  • He has a herald of sort: "The God of Swords" Gottfried, who was designed after Tyr's image. He appreciates all of the efforts the Maiden who accompanies Gottfried has done.
  • He really doesn't like M. Bison due of him claiming that any atrocities he commits being "just a Tuesday" to him, as Tuesday was named after him.
  • Some mortals believe that Tyr was actually a Top God, or at least was equal to the All-Father. There is at least one universe where this is true. Where he is also the father of the Norns. Where this relation isn't present with this Tyr, he still acts like a father-figure to Belldandy and Skuld when he can.
  • He is Courage. He is Honour. He is Justice.

Intermediate Gods

Scaramouche, God of Surviving as Only a Head (Scaramouche the Merciless, the Pied Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His flute
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoat, Beware the Silly Ones, Body Snatcher, Bunny-Ears Assassin, Card-Carrying Villain, Cranial Processing Unit, Determinator, Faux Affably Evil, Glass Cannon, Gratuitous French, Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Loses His Head, Meaningful Name, Mind over Matter, Musical Assassin, Scarf of Asskicking, Scatting, Sissy Villain
  • Domains: Robots, Assassination
  • Allies: Ember McClain, I-No, Margaret Moonlight, Courtney Gears, Balthazar Bratt
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore
  • Enemies: Samurai Jack, Ashi, Aku (one-sided)
  • Opposed by: Shrek
  • Scaramouche the Merciless is one of many robotic assassins under the employ of Aku, though he takes special pride in being his number one favorite (not that Aku actually cares, anyway). Hammy and flamboyant he may be, he’s no less dangerous than many of Samurai Jack’s foes earning titles as the Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, and the Eradicator of All. The musical-themed assassin encountered Jack with the intention of eliminating him but was surprised to find out that he had lost his sword sometime before was ecstatic at informing his master but Jack interrupted and destroyed him before he got the chance... or so it would seem. Scaramouche survived with nothing but his head and sought to continue his mission of telling Aku the good news but he was met with many a tribulation. He does eventually inform Aku of his discoveries and both went to confront the wandering samurai in celebration but by the time the pied piper told him, Jack had already required his blade and regained his hope. Thinking the assassin lied, Aku immediately disposed of him for his troubles. While relaying information to the Shogun of Sorrow was a bust, it did have some unintended consequences down the line Aku wouldn’t have known about right away.
  • Scaramouche made his ascension due to the passionate campaigning of several evil-aligned deities of the House of Musicality. The good news was that they were eventually successful in their campaign to ascend him. The bad news was that, due to his title having nothing to do with music and rather his ability to survive as only a head, he would not share the same House as them, instead establishing his temple in the House of Personal Appearance.
  • Among Scaramouche's biggest advocates were fellow Musical Assassin and robotic performer, I-No and Courtney Gears. They garnered support for his ascension from Ember and Balthazar Bratt. They've become a rather tight-knit group of allies as a result of all this.
    • Even though Margaret Moonlight wasn't part of the campaign to ascend him, Scaramouche still manages to be particularly fond of her. Anyone who is capable of trash talking the hero and sounding good doing it is more than alright in his book.
  • Samurai Jack was NOT happy to see Scaramouche ascend to the Pantheon. Ashi, having never known the robot personally prior to ascension, was promptly brought up to speed on him. Needless to say, Ashi isn't particularly fond of him either. Although, him incidentally being the reason Aku finding out about having a piece of his essence and exploiting that to turn on Jack didn't give her much of a good opinion on him to begin with.
    • And speaking of Aku, him and Scaramouche have a complicated relationship, to say the least. The robot used to be his number one assassin, but how quickly things change. Not only was he demoted to his third greatest assassin in the time it took for Scaramouche to get to him, a major misunderstanding regarding the loss of Jack's sword led to both his and his former master's demises. Any of Scaramouche's attempts at rekindling their relationship are always swiftly rejected and the assassin was forced into freelance work as a result. While he was one of the many foes thrown at Jack in a last-ditch attempt to stop him, it still hasn't done him any good.
  • Upon his ascension, Shrek took notice of Scaramouche and was not at all amused by his presence. "Why did it have to be a piper?" he said.
  • Scaramouche and fellow assassin Ezio Auditore very frequently butt heads over their methods. This has led to them to become a pair of fairly unfriendly rivals, but the robot loves every second of it. Ezio is appalled at Scaramouche's gleeful if callous disregard for all life while Scaramouche himself finds Ezio angwer towards him all too satisfying. The other members of the Assassin Brotherhood share his views on the robotic assassin as well.
  • The spelling of Scaramouche's name is often a subject of intense debate among the deities of the Pantheon. Some think his name is already spelled correctly, while others insist that there shouldn't be an 'E' at the end of his name. Frustratingly, Scaramouche absolutely refuses to comment on this. Everyone arguing over it is just too hilarious for him to put an end to it.
  • Growing increasingly bitter with not being able to enter the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine due to him being a robot, Scaramouche frequently plays his flute outside the establishment as loudly and obnoxiously as possible. Since he isn't actually in the cantina, nobody can force him to leave.
  • Scaramouche really wishes that everyone would stop asking if he does the fandango. It was funny the first time, but now it's starting to get old.

Lesser Gods

Rayman, God of Floating Limbs (Ray, The Limbless Wonder)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A stylized "r", one of his fists, or the 0 on his shirt
  • Theme Song: Has more than one theme song
  • Alignment: Switches between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Hands, Feet, and a Head, but no Arms, Legs, or a Neck, Changing Appearance Often, Ambiguous Origin Story, Being Able to Kick Ass in Spite of Looking Ridiculous, Over 300-years-old Without Looking the Part, Being able to Punch from a Distance and Fly with his Hair
  • Domains: Fantasy, Appearance, Heroism
  • Followers: Norstein Bekkler, Plok, Haunter, warmongering worms, Trace, Sour Bill
  • Heralds: Murfy
  • Allies: Globox, Betilla, The Teensies, The Princesses of the Glade of Dreams, Dixie Kong, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Brightwing, Ysera, NiGHTS, Kirby, Snorlax, Ezio, Jade
  • Enemies: The Magician, Mr. Dark, Admiral Razorbeard, N'Zoth, Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Atropos, Antasma, Dark Link, Cervantes de Leon
  • Odd Friendship: Bugs Bunny
  • Annoyed with: The Minions
  • Hailing from a rather unusual world, Rayman's most distinguishing feature is the fact that his hands, feet, heat, and torso are all floating even though he doesn't have limbs (that's because the fairies who created him were running away from Zombie Chickens and dropped some lums in the process). Despite that, he's more than capable of battling against evil if the situation calls for it, though he can get a little carried away with it sometimes.
  • What kind of species Rayman actually is has been debated for a while. He has generally been classified as either a "Ray-person" or a "Thingamajig", but neither of them are really saying much.
  • For a point in time during his career, he was upstaged by a group of yelling creatures known as Rabbids. After a while, Rayman was able to get back to business, though he is still bothered by their screams.
    • For whatever reason, he doesn't like to go near the House of Commerce due to the Minions being there since not only are they, in his opinion, too similar to the Rabbids (being popular to the point where too much focus is placed on the creatures and indiscernible babbling), but the Minions have also put the Rabbids as their High Priest. The Minions seem to be more inclined towards good as of late than the Rabbids, but Rayman doesn't want anything to do with the small yellow things.
  • If he's in a particularly energetic mood, he would visit the House of Musicality and partake in a run set to the tune of a certain song. A version of "Eye of the Tiger" that was played during these runs proved popular amongst many deities.
    • That particular house is not the only place he runs around at. Every so often, if there's a racing competition, Rayman will probably take part in it given that he participated in one before. He runs at a decent speed, though not to the extent of certain faster gods.
      • One of these trips to the house of Music had Rayman and Globox head up to the stage to perform music. While plenty of deities there were confused and curious about just what kind of music they were going to perform, one performance of Sex Bomb later had the entire crowd clapping and cheering.
  • It's not brought up often, but Rayman was believed to have, at a certain point in time, sounded a bit like Bugs Bunny. The Limbless Wonder has managed to find a bit of free time in hanging out with the wabbit and seems to be able to tolerate him.
    • As for Rayman talking, sometimes he is able to speak normally. Other put it this way, it's less comprehensible, let alone intelligible.
  • Rayman gets along very well with Dixie Kong since the two of them are able to use their hair to slow their descent. Rayman is admittedly a little jealous that Dixie can also use her hair to attack enemies.
  • Nobody really knows what Rayman's origin story is, so there are many theories about it. Even Rayman himself doesn't know, although he tries not to think about it too much, as he usually gets headaches trying to figure it out.
    • One of the weirder possible origins of him was that he was originally bald and had a wife who left him after orange creature things latched onto his head. Rayman got weirded out by this and has been attempting to ignore the House of Love and Affection, where a handful of members there constantly ask him about it.
  • Has no less than four alternate appearances. With each appearance comes a different personality. Though most of the time he has a laid-back personality, he has shown to be much wackier on occasion.
  • Someone once claimed that he may be the one behind Master and Crazy Hand, given the whole detached glove thing. Rayman laughed at that possibility and both Master and Crazy Hand simply ignored that theory.
  • Whenever Rayman is asleep, his hands would sometimes go off on their own and cause mischief. Since that ended up causing one of his adventures, deities who spot wandering gloves often try to return them to him to make sure more chaos doesn't happen.
    • The Limbless Wonder is also noted to have been asleep for at least a hundred years between two of his adventures (and his appearance that time never really changed), if certain sources are anything to go by. Regardless, he likes to sleep alongside Snorlax, another deity known for dozing off a lot and on separate occasions, Rayman has even slept on Totoro's Tummy Cushion.
  • Many have talked about Rayman being a possible candidate for the Smash tournament despite the apparent unlikelihood of it. In what came as a bit of a surprise, Rayman was able to, at the very least, get some involvement in the fourth Smash tournament through having a trophy modelled after him.
    • A handful of gods claim that during the posing process, Rayman sneezed, but he continually denies this and insists that the pose he did for the trophy wasn't poorly timed.
      • Sometime after the above event, rumors spread that Rayman became an actual participant of the tournament, though it turned out to be an elaborate prank.
      • Regardless of all that has been mentioned, Rayman is good friends with two of the participants of that tournament, Mario and Sonic, having something of a friendly rivalry with them. Them being noticeable platforming characters may have something to do with that. Both Rayman and Mario can also relate to jumping through paintings to visit unusual worlds.
  • Rayman doesn't like a lot of evil doppelgangers of already existing good-aligned deities given his experiences with one. Ray has a somewhat stronger animosity towards Dark Link given the latter's association with darkness; something that Rayman has fought against numerous times.
  • As someone who has had experience in dealing with threats in a dream world, Rayman has found work and companionship with those who have undertaken a similar journey, while making enemies with those who make nightmares. It did take a little bit of time for him to get used to the fact that Darkrai, a creature that would look like something associated with creating nightmares, is helping with stopping those who instigate nightmares.
  • Having confronted an army of robot pirates in the past, Rayman has taken a dislike towards malicious pirates such as Gangplank, as well as the various evil robots that reside in the Pantheon. Although there aren't any literal robot pirates in the Pantheon, Rayman is still keeping an eye on these particular pirates and robots.
  • Rayman has been seen alongside Ezio and Jade, given that the three have a thing in common. The relationship between them is strictly on a professional level because of that.
  • YEAH!!

Six, the Goddess Who is Nothing but Skin and Bones
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A lighter
  • Theme Song: Six's Theme (Part 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Acquired a Cannibalism Superpower, Ambiguously Human, Creepy Child, Determinator, Does Not Like Vegetables, Mysterious Past, Nothing but Skin and Bones, Pintsized Powerhouse
  • Domains: Hunger, Starvation
  • Allies: Max Tennyson, Toriel
  • Enemies: Black Doom, Gramma Stuffum, Gluttony, Jabba the Hutt, Starjun
  • Not so different: Merkava
  • Opposed by: Morris, Ratigan
  • Odd Friendship: Kirby, Remy, Ashi
  • The tantalizing offer of a position in the Pantheon came as no less than a surprise to Six, but it was a very welcome and quickly accepted offer nevertheless. So far, Six has been living a fairly happy life among the ranks of the Pantheon. Any place was better than the Maw.
  • At first, Six's ranking confused many deities in the Pantheon. They were baffled that a little girl of such tiny and emaciated stature could be any more than a Quasideity. Once they found out about the life-draining powers she acquired after consuming the Lady, it started to make more sense. Now, most deities pray that nobody ever gives Six a reason to use them.
  • Six's lack of fear in response to Merkava has legitimately surprised many deities. In fact, she is one of the few deities who treat him with even the slightest bit of respect. One would think that his particular taste would put her off, but this isn't entirely the case. She seems to understand that Merkava doesn't eat people because he wants to, but because he has to. Unfortunately, Six knows this feeling all too well.
    • That being said, though, Six does not tolerate those who should know better. Gluttony could eat anything else if he wanted to, but he still frequently wants to eat people. His appearance also reminds her of the many ravenous guests on the Maw. The outward appearance of Jabba the Hutt also contributed to her dislike of him, but she mainly dislikes his disgusting table manners and involvement with the black market.
    • Of course, Six is ultimately disgusted by Black Doom, who seeks to make a meal out of all of humanity.
    • She's also not a fan of Starjun at all. While he isn't known to cook up cannibalistic dishes, he's still an evil chef. Six has had more than enough of having to deal with evil chefs on the Maw.
  • Gramma Stuffum is quite interested in Six, and it's definitely not the good kind of interest. Six has an often questionable taste in food. One of the few foods she legitimately dislikes is vegetables. Because of this, Gramma Stuffum sees her as a little brat who needs to eat her veggies. Stuffum tries to force-feed her with a morbid army of living veggies on a regular basis.
    • Speaking of foods that Six dislikes, she tried Joja Cola once and almost immediately recoiled at the taste. The fact that even a deity like Six hates his company's flagship product has made Morris somewhat of a laughing stock in the Pantheon.
  • Though it seems that Six has made quite a few enemies in the Pantheon, she still has a few friends to speak for. Toriel, for one, immediately took pity on the poor child. She offers Six some of her pie all the time, and she even likes her infamous snail pie.
    • Six is also, oddly enough, a pretty big fan of Max Tennyson's cooking. Of course, he's always ecstatic when a fellow human (?) can appreciate alien cuisine. As such, he's more than happy to cook up some grub for her whenever she wants it.
  • Remy was pretty apprehensive of Six when he found out what she did. He eventually warmed up to her when she expressed an interest in his cooking rather than any desire to eat him, though. Try telling that to Ratigan, though. He still actively avoids her.
  • Six was afraid of Kirby at first, but her fear dissipated when she realized that he doesn't actually eat people. He just swallows them and spits them out to copy their powers. She has to admit that it's pretty neat.
  • Ashi has attempted to reach out to Six. Keyword, "attempted." While she does sympathize with the little girl, her powers and past deeds remind her too much of her own personal nightmare. Six is the first being in the Pantheon that Ashi had ever been nervous around. Jack and Toriel are usually there when the girls talk to help keep the tension down.
  • Whenever the subject of Mono is brought up, Six always gives the person a very dark glare, nonverbally telling them that she does not want to talk about it.


    Captain Ahab 
Captain Ahab, God of Seafarers with Peg-Legs (Old Thunder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pegleg
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can easily be Chaotic Neutral when it comes to Moby Dick
  • Portfolio: Father Neptune, Revenge Before Reason, Determinator, Broken Ace, Handicapped Badass, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Revenge, Seafaring
  • Enemies: Moby Dick, Monstro, Wailord
  • Opposed by: Carl Fredricksen, Jean-Luc Picard
  • Not so different from: Captain Nemo
  • As the Captain of the ship known as Pequod, Ahab is a very skilled and respected leader to the other members of his crew. Beneath all that, however, lies an undying hatred for Moby Dick, who attacked him previously and ate one of his legs. That leg is replaced with a peg-leg made out of a sperm whale's jawbone. Ahab is very much driven in his desire to get revenge on the White Whale, no matter what the cost may be, and it's to the point that others believe that his obsession with Moby Dick is insane and dangerous.
  • It really didn't take that long for Ahab to resume his quest for vengeance against Moby Dick after being told that the whale was still around. What actually got him upset was that in the Pantheon, no one can truly die, thus his goal of killing Moby Dick is most likely never going to be fulfilled there. Despite that, his determination to go after Moby Dick remains and he's guaranteed to continue his journey no matter the circumstances of it.
  • Not only is he very much aware of Moby Dick still being around, but Ahab also learned that there were a couple of other whales roaming the seas of the Pantheon. While he doesn't consider either of them as big of a priority compared to Moby Dick (especially since Wailord isn't actively attacking others despite his size and strength), he's aware that there's a strong possibility of him getting into conflict with either whale later on. Given that Ahab was a commercial whaler before Moby Dick came along, he does have the necessary equipment needed for a potential encounter. Ahab considers Monstro to be potentially as troublesome as Moby Dick was since there were some who compared the two whales to each other, alongside the fact that Monstro has been known to not let any prey of his escape.
    • While there are a variety of other sea monsters out there that are potentially more dangerous than Moby Dick could ever be, Ahab only sees these other sea monsters as just obstacles in his path to enacting revenge on Moby Dick. Given how skilled of a seafarer Ahab is, he's likely to have some sort of measure in place should something like the Kraken attack him while trying to hunt down the White Whale.
  • Both Ahab and Captain Nemo have a bit in common despite some sort of wariness towards each other. The most prominent similarity between them is that they're skilled seafarers that are on a quest of revenge for different reasons and aren't the sanest of men despite initial impressions. There's also the fact that their desire for revenge has put their respective crew members at risk along with getting into conflict against different sea monsters, though in Captain Nemo's case fighting a sea monster was just an obstacle and not an overall goal compared to Ahab.
  • His determination in trying to find an elusive wild animal reminded Carl Fredricksen of Charles Muntz and his quest to find a legendary bird. Fredricksen finds Ahab's single-minded determination to the point of insanity to go after an animal to be eerily similar to that of Muntz' ordeal and would rather keep his distance from him, even if Ahab isn't as evil compared to Muntz despite Ahab wanting a whale dead as opposed to Muntz wanting to capture a bird.
  • Jean-Luc Picard has a few issues with Ahab, mostly because Ahab's revenge quest reminded Picard of what happened when hunting down the Borg. Whereas Ahab remained didn't really change at the end of the journey, Picard did for the better, even if Ahab's own quest was referenced by Picard that time. There's also the fact that others have claimed that Ahab bears some physical resemblance to Picard sometimes.
  • Maiev Shadowsong, despite having a similar level of revenge against Illidan Stormrage initially, isn't really fond of Ahab's quest to hunt down a whale. It's one thing to have a justifiable reason to have revenge, but Maiev finds no justification whatsoever for Ahab to go after what's essentially a wild animal over losing a leg.
  • At one point, Ahab was very close to reconsidering his revenge hunt against Moby Dick, but such a thing never came to be. This ended up disheartening a few deities, especially those who have given up on their revenge-driven mindset. Any additional attempts by others to try and, at the very least, make Ahab calm down to some degree haven't really worked out thus far.
  • There is one God that is Lord over the earth, and one Captain that is lord over the Pequod.

    Tulip Olsen 
Tulip Olsen, Goddess of Those Without a Reflection (Miss Tulip, Bud, Tulip the Literate, Kitten, Tulip Van Helsing)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The characters of her video game, Good Guy and Bad Guy. Alternatively, a green "115".
  • Theme: "Running Away" and "Word Up!" (she will deny the latter though)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fiery Redhead Badass Bookworm, tries running away to coding camp, Parental Issues, loves onions, named Tulip because she bounced back like the perennial flower, Smart People Wear Glasses, has a love for game coding, Logical Latecomer for the Train, one passenger on the Infinity Train who sends big changes throughout the cars, abrasive front, depressed within
  • Domains: Runaway, Coding, Parental Issues, Emotions (particularly Anger and Sorrow), Logic, Trains
  • Heralds:
    • From her world: Megan and Andy Olsen (her parents, divorced), Mikayla (her friend)
    • From the Infinity Train: One-One and Atticus (her denizen partners)
  • Allies: Numerous good-aligned Cartoon Network deities (particularly Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin), the Pine Twins, Good-aligned Canine deities, Sabin Rene Figaro, Pit, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Wabright, and Marcy Wu, Coraline Jones, Mako Mankanshoku, Lars Barriga, Mae Boroski, Wario and the WarioWare employees, Steven Universe, Radical Ed, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight, Xion, Heather Mason
  • Enemies: Simon Laurent, Kyubey, Odio, Michael Morningstar, Kuroto Dan, Calypso, Philip Whittlebane, Jack Horner
  • Other relationships: Lake (her reflection), Claire Stanfield
  • Train-related deities: Ryotaro Nogami, The ToQgers, The Steam Team, Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, Giovanni & Campanella, Pteradon Family
  • Pities: John Wick, the Puella Magi (particularly Homura Akemi)
  • Fears: The Terraformars, Pyramid Head
  • Odd Friendship: Shrek, Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane
  • What's the first thought that comes to mind if someone is missing a reflection? They're either a ghost or a vampire. Tulip Olsen is a unique case in that she's a bonafide human, but after an incident where she wound up on a train to help deal with the frustrations over her parents' divorce, she helped free her reflection from being grinded down by the Mirror Cops, which meant that she permanently lacks a reflection. Tulip doesn't feel bad about it, as she notes that it's a reminder of the choices she made and how she worked on her emotional struggles.
    • As for why she was on that train? Again, it all stemmed from dealing with her parents' divorce, and her father unable to take her to a coding camp she wanted due to a scheduling error on his part. Angry that neither parent could understand how it's "not that hard" to raise one child, she decided to march her way to the camp. In the middle of winter. And her camp was 300 miles away. As she began to understand the situation she was in, she then found a train appearing in the middle of the forest that she assumed would take her to her coding camp, only to wake up in a snowy car, befriending a small round robot named One-One and later Atticus, King of Corginia, as they traveled across the Train to confront the Conductor in how to find a way home...which ended up badly when the Conductor nearly killed her and shot Atticus turning him into a cockroach monster that tried to suck her life-force. Thankfully, she learned to move on from her anger and frustration, learned the truth about the Conductor, and made it back home with better understanding of her parents...and her reflection gone for good.
  • Tulip Olsen was in her room, working on her video game and eating an onion when she got a message of a "new adventure" awaiting her. Curious, she packed up some supplies, said a farewell to her mother and walked to a specific destination. There, a large white train was waiting for her, and she find herself at the Gates of the Pantheon. There, she was quickly judged to become the Goddess of Missing Reflection and was even surprised to even find her Mirror Self ascending alongside with her. The two had an awkward talk about what they've gone through, like Tulip being the one who brought One-One back to his role as Conductor and MT ending up killing someone, before they were taken into their new temples. Her temple is a recreation of her house, and she also learned that her parents are heralds. However, given their divorced status, her mother mostly stays around as herald duty with her father visiting every now and then. While she's saddened that even as a goddess that her parents are still separated, she's come to accept that the two are trying to become better. She's also happy to see Mikayla popping in from time to time, even if she's a little out by the whole "god" thing.
    • She once asked the Court of the Gods if she could have her denizen partners as additional heralds. The problem came up with that it was impossible for denizens to leave the Infinity Train, and One-One has duties as the Conductor. They did decide to create a video-messaging service so that she can still communicate with them, however.
    • Her temple is in the House of Personal Appearance which is known to have numerous mirrors. When gods initially noticed her lack of a reflection, they assumed that she was a vampire and tried to push her towards the House of Otherness. Tulip groaned as she explained the truth of what happened, feeling a bit awkward of people knowing her secret. While many gods know the truth, some still like trolling her by calling her a vampire. It's notable that she's the only one whose temple does not have mirrors in them.
    • Of course this has made her have a tense relationship with vampires with only a few that she can be on good terms with. The closest she can get along with are the likes of Count Duckula, Arcueid, and the vampire wrestlers. She's kinda confused over what's going on with Gangrel and Luna Vachon; why are they vampires and not living "Gothic lifestyles"? She was then directed to one of Gangrel's old "disciples", Edge, and he stated that it was more them being "pseudo-vampires". Then Tulip asks what's this whole thing of him being called Brood Edge. He decided to just shut up after that.
  • Tulip's favorite food is onions, and she's shown to eat them like they were apples. It's not one of the weirdest tastes in foods, and she's known to bring a basket of these back to her temple to munch on. She's not the only one who loves onions, since Shrek is also known to love them since onions are similar to ogres in that both have layers to them. She has a lot of common with the ogre, given that one of their partners is a talkative loon (Donkey) and a talking cat ends up becoming an important ally on their journey after showing them kindness, not to mention that they went on their respective journeys to reclaim their homes.
    • When she mentioned her adventures about One-One and Atticus, particularly how Atticus was shot in the face and turned into a Ghom, Puss was immediately reminded of Jack Horner who also didn't mind shooting Perrito in the face. Tulip herself was shocked to learn at how Jack Horner had...a normal backstory to him as to why he became a jerk who hated all magical creatures. She could find no excuse to pity him since his backstory does not give him any reason to why he acts like he does now.
  • Tulip's hobby of choice is coding games, with her first one being called "Good Guys Popping Bad Guys". While the naming can use some work, she's quite proud to see that many of the gods are actual video game characters and uses them as inspiration to improve her coding and game design. More specifically, she was interested in learning how Wario has a company that makes "microgames" and decided to apply for a job so she could also have have some experience in the field. Wario shrugged his shoulders and said it was fine. She makes games, he makes money. This also led to Tulip hanging out with the rest of WarioWare Inc. In particular, she's amazed at learning of Dribble and Spitz being space cabbies, befriended Ashley, ended up singing karaoke alongside Penny, and found a supportive mom figure in 5-Volt.
  • Hates to admit it but her favorite song is Camio's "Word Up!" which reminds her of the road trips she had with her parents when they were still together. She'll only sing it under special circumstances, like that time she couldn't leave a car unless she sang a song with special meaning to her. When asked why she likes that song, she can only explain that it was due to something about "dancing". She was once tricked into singing the entire song when someone invited her for karaoke, much to her utter embarrassment.
  • Tulip was glad to find many deities who share many similarities with her. Gwen Tennyson was the first goddess who welcomed her to the Pantheon, looking like a magical/alien alternate of her (and they also had red hair and similar voices). Then Tulip was shocked to learn about Gwen's boyfriend Kevin, who has the ability to transform into different matter just by touching them, especially metal. Unfortunately, the fact that she has matching red hair and voice of Gwen, this made her the target of Michael Morningstar, who wanted to have "Lovely Gwen" in his grasp. Thankfully, the real Gwen unleashed her Anodite form to blast Morningstar away, and Tulip has hated him ever since, due to his draining powers being similar to the two times she dealt with the Ghoms.
  • Because of her friendship with Atticus, Tulip is a frequent visitor to the House of Canines and is a friend to all talking dogs. It was during one trip that she met up with a man in a suit with a black pug. Said man was Baba Yaga aka John Wick. Tulip had a talk with him and she learned how John lost his wife, his car, his first dog, Daisy, and then his home, that caused him to go on a rampage of vengeance that could never be satiated until his death. Tulip can't help but pity that Wick cannot let go of his anger after losing so much, but offered him some words over how he hopes that he can find some peace. John sincerely thanked her before heading off. He's also vowed to shoot the Conductor in the brain for shooting Atticus out of sheer spite the moment they ascend.
  • Tulip feels sorry for many of the gods in the House of Despondency since they were all broken by their experiences and have no way of moving on. She once had a talk with Despair of the Endless, who told her that sadness is necessary, as it also represents the concepts of memory and mourning. Tulip understood, as she also had to help Amelia Hughes (the one who usurped One-One) to move on from her sorrow of losing her beloved because running away from your pain is unhealthy, and that venturing into her own memories was the key to understanding how her parents' divorce was painful but that they still cared for her. Despair gave a smile to Tulip and let her be on her way.
    Despair: You're one of the few who understand what despair means and to move on from it. Be proud of that.
  • She's not fond of gods who try to make her have her family whole again via Deal with the Devil or Lotus-Eater Machine, because she has learned that it's not real. Yes, the divorce was painful and unfair, and yes she's frustrated about it all, but running and denying reality is not a good thing. She can't help but pity the Puella Magi goddesses, most of them wishing for something to escape their pains only to be screwed over by their wishes and turning into witches. She's honestly disgusted with how Kyubey doesn't understand the pains these girls with you as long as he gets enough energy to avoid the entropy of the universe. While she's glad to have them obtain karma from Homura, she also can see that Homura is just full of despair that she is not able to let go, as that means coming to terms with Madoka being her enemy. She hopes that Homura will eventually move on, though.
    • Another god she hates is Calypso, who would easily warp her wish to be with her family in some grotesque way he can think of. That said, Calypso leaves her alone due to how she's not only learned to move forward with her life, but also because she's only 13, thus too young to participate in his tournaments. She's not sure what to think of Calypso's backstory or the one time he ended up hugging his daughter — who was turned into a time bomb to kill him and end the Twisted Metal tournaments — except to ponder that even someone like him can feel pain and sorrow.
  • Was glad to hear that there was another passenger who got into the Pantheon...only to learn from Lake that this god, Simon Laurent, was an asshole to the extreme who wanted to wheel Lake and all other denizens that got in the way. Learning about why Simon became this way didn't help — he was neglected by his denizen partner, The Cat, while they were being chased by a Ghom. Simon was rescued by Grace Monroe, who lied that her number (142 to Simon's 55) went up because she totally knows how the Train works and that Grace worshipped the Conductor for her big number, and it led to them leading a child cult that destroyed everything in sight and wheeled anyone not human ("Nulls"). Tulip has nothing but anger at Simon for that, especially when he eventually tried to wheel Grace, but couldn't help but pity him as well as he ended up Dying Alone, unable to face his problems with his family never learning the truth. While Simon rejects her pity and hates her because it was she who ascended One-One/"False Conductor" back to his throne — not to mention The Cat went back to save her but never him — Tulip still hopes to get to him somehow, as not even he deserved his fate.
  • Due to having two horrible encounters with the Ghoms (canine-cockroach hybrids that suck the life out of you and turned Simon into a pile of ash), Tulip is downright terrified of the Terraformars, and runs away screaming in a panic whenever she gets in sight of them. It's probably the only thing she and Simon Laurent have in common.
  • Her experience with the Infinity Train made her question if there are other Cool Trains in the Pantheon, or gods who can give her pointers to them. She first met up with Ryotaro Nogami, who can access a train that travels through time. Tulip was tempted to try and "fix" her parents' marital problems so that the divorce didn't happen, but shook her head when she realized that it would cause a paradox that would prevent One-One from returning as the Conductor. Instead, she simply asked Ryotaro to let her go back to a time when the three were happy before leaving it at that.
    • The second group of gods she met were the ToQgers as they are able to board a train that can only be seen by those who are either children or a child at heart. While she and the ToQgers are opposites (Tulip is a teenager who is a logical thinker, the ToQgers are actually children who transformed into adults due to their imagination), Tulip is awed at how they can use their imagination to create wonderful things or to empower them in a fight.
    • The next source of Train information was the Land and Sea Travel sub-house where she found a plethora of Trains to encounter. The first was the Steam Team, a brigade of talking trains. She began asking them questions as to how they were able to talk and why they were steam engines instead of modernized ones. She was then led to the likes of Ringo Starr and George Carlin, who have narrated many of their adventures, to which Tulip gathered her notebooks and a basket of onions for story time.
    • Then she learned that there was a train that travels in space. This was where she met Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, who board the Galaxy Express 999. Tulip was saddened to learn the world Tetsuro lived in, but was glad that he decided to not turn himself into a robot and destroyed the facility that created these mechanized human begins. She can't help but pity Maetel a little, since she's an artificial human trying to fight the system like MT was.
    • She was surprised to learn that there was a train that takes people to the afterlife. Giovanni and Campanella were the deities of the trope, to which Tulip was surprised both in the fact at how they were quite young and they were talking cats (since she's met one in the past). She was happy to learn that Giovanni moved on from losing Campanella since it was a happier (albeit bittersweet) ending than what happened to Amelia and her fiancé Alrick. Thankfully, while their temple (a replica of the Train) won't take her to the afterlife, Giovanni and Campanella state she's always welcome aboard.
    • Finally, she learned about another time-traveling train from a family of talking Pterandons used to help people learn about dinosaurs and their natural habitats. Tulip herself has taken numerous trips on said Train and even brought up the time she played baseball with a couple of dinosaurs while on the Infinity Train.
  • Speaking of Trains, Ryotaro warned Tulip to be wary of Claire Stanfield/The Rail Tracer, as he has convinced himself that he is God and would want to learn about the Infinity Train to prove that it was all his creation. Tulip herself thought it was completely illogical, only for Claire to appear at her invite her to lunch where they had a pleasant talk about his beliefs. He pointed out that despite his reputation as an assassin, he would never sink to the lows as to what Amelia or even Simon Laurent did, as he cares deeply for the passengers on the train he worked on (as Isaac and Miria can attest to). Claire also said that if Simon should ever come knocking on her door, all she has to do is bring up his name and Simon will never try that again. Tulip (awkwardly) appreciated the support.
  • Due to her logical mind, she ended up being pals with Dipper Pines and Wirt, as they've also been through adventures with surreal and quirky characters. Tulip was amazed at how Wirt outsmarted the Beast with logic, and Wirt also found it cool that Tulip talked down Amelia through the use of moving forward. Dipper also has been journaling the numerous cars that Tulip saw on her trip and comparing them to the wackiness he's seen. As for females who have gone through numerous adventures like she did, she heard of the tail of Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu. the three were friends growing up but a strange box transported them to the world of Amphibia where they ended up fighting one another. Tulip connected the most with Marcy (as it was her idea that got her friends trapped in the first place and at each others' throats) but gently told her that letting go is healthier than running away from your problems. She's glad to see that the three were able to move on, with Anne eventually introducing Tulip to the Plantars, who she sees as a secondary family. Sprig was enamored by all of the strange creatures and adventures that Tulip went on, while Polly wanted to see if she could enter the Train and see how it worked (to which Tuilip refused since that's what Amelia did and everything always ended up having turtles for some reason).
    • It's through Anne that Tulip met up with the couple of Luz and Amity, as Luz was a human who ended up running away to another world to escape a conformist camp and ended up wanting to become a witch, gain new friends, and even a girlfriend. While Tulip isn't into magic, she can't help but be awed at the tales of the Boiling Isles and how the two ultimately put an end to Philip Whittlebane/Emperor Belos. Tulip is absolutely disgusted with now Belos is so deluded to seeing himself as a hero, making him a million times worse than Simon. Oh and he sounds just like the Conductor who tried to prevent everyone on the Train from moving forward all so they could create a car of their own making instead of actually moving forward and accepting that they can't change everything. While he can no longer influence the Boiling Isles, it wouldn't take much for people to sway into his rhetoric.
  • Tulip ended up becoming a Cool Big Sis figure to Coraline Jones, a girl who also had to deal with parental problems and ended up entering a surreal world where she got everything she wanted...for the price of sewing buttons into her eyes. They also got along well because one of their allies ended up being a talking cat (Tulip's was female, white, and wore clothes. Coraline's was male, black, and didn't wear clothes) and how they learned to move on from their frustrations towards their parents. She also finds it interesting how both of them have a Black Best Friend (Mikayla for Tulip, Wybie for Coraline).
  • Was shocked to learn the tale of how Sabin and Cyan were sent into an Afterlife Express, and how Sabin suplexed the damn thing. She wrapped her brain around that feat for days, trying to calculate how much strength and force it would take, calculating velocity and the physics needed before Sabin told her to just let it go as it won't do her any good questioning it. Of course, she also learned that the same Phantom Train was the one which carried Cyan's wife and son to the afterlife, so she consoled the samurai by stating that they're at peace now and he has to do what he can to move on.
  • Tulip doesn't like fighting, but if she does, she decides to arm herself with a rusty pipe..or a donut holer as she likes to call it. When asked why she calls it that, it's because a cat (THE Cat) sold the pipes as such, and stated that their purpose was to punch "holes" into things and make them donuts. She's hoping that some donut-obsessed gods don't try to take that offer.
  • She wasn't the only deity who had a Mirror Self in the Pantheon, as Pit accidentally created his — Dark Pit — after smashing the Mirror of Truth. At least Dark Pit didn't try to trap Pit in a mirror dimension in an attempt to become free. Dark Pit doesn't really care for Tulip, so she's not his hit list. Should Tuip ever find herself in trouble, Pit is ready to fight back with some light arrows if necessary.
  • Given that she's a goddess about logic, one would expect her and Mako Mankanshoku to not get along, but surprisingly the two get along swimmingly. It helps that Mako's argument of "winning with friendship means winning at life" had some merit for Tulip. If she didn't go back to save Ghom-transformed Atticus, she wouldn't have learned that One-One was the true Conductor, stopped Amelia's rampage, give One-One the idea to create the video system that finally explained how to survive the Train, got her reflection to live her own life while getting Jesse Cosay to stand up for himself, and lead to Amelia helping to dismantle the denizen-slaying cult known as the Apex (albeit with the side effect of having Simon die to a Ghom). So yes, winning with friendship meant winning in life.
  • Her experiences with the Crystal Car had her learn about The Great Diamond Authority and how they all suffered from the death of Pink Diamond. She understands that what happened was really depressing (even if you disregard the fact that Pink faked her death) and that it will take a long time before they are able to move on, but she's happy to hear that they are making progress. She also ended up befriending Lars Barriga, as he also was insecure about himself before he ended up in space, died to protect the Off-Colors, then was resurrected by Steven to become the infamous "Lars of the Stars". She finds it saddening that Lars will eventually outlive his parents, but Lars reassures her that his parents always love him and that they're happy that he's living his best life.
    • Tulip has also become great pals with Steven Universe, due to his kindness and altruism changing the lives of everyone he touches. Upon learning of how he was unable to process his trauma, to the point of transforming into a monster, she can't help but ponder what would happen if he ended up on the Infinity Train to confront himself. She's glad to learn that he's finally getting therapy for his troubles, but that lead her to another question: Why aren't there any therapists able to step in before the Infinity Train intervenes?
  • When people heard of her tale across the Infinity Train, some pointed out that the Train is a much more "benevolent" Silent Hill, as both locations have obstacles generated to help visitors confront their inner turmoils...whether they want to or not. Tulip shuddered at the idea of her somehow ending up in that fog town and of the executioner known as Pyramid Head. Thankfully, Pyramid Head doesn't see Tulip as a target, but Tulip has decided to not be around when she hears an eerie scraping sound.
  • Tulip learned of the tragic tale of Oersted, who lost everything due to the actions of a selfish friend and gave into becoming the Demon Lord Odio as everyone feared. While it's impossible for her to actually reason with him, she can't help but wonder if she could've become like Oersted if she didn't learn to let go of her parents' divorce. She also admits that while Oersted had a right to be mad over everything Streibough did to him, it's no excuse for having thousands of people suffer.
    Tulip: It sucks what Streibough did, I won't lie. But holding onto that anger won't do you any good. The only thing you can do is let go, and hope to be a better person.
  • Tulip wasn't a stranger to talking cats. Outside of Giovanni and Campanella, she became a good talking buddy with Mae Borowski, who is struggling with the idea of growing up, having run away from college back to Possum Springs. Tulip has done her best to comfort Mae in that trying to go back to her past won't really solve her problems, but that it was unfair that she lost a good friend in Casey. Mae asked Tulip how she's able to just "get it" when it came to moving on.
    Tulip: I didn't just "get it". It took me looking into the tape of an old British lady to learn how to empathize with others. But for now, you're in a safe place and have a chance to move forward. And you have a friend in me as well.
  • Aside from talking cats and dogs, Tulip also entered a car filled with turtles. Master Oogway is a turtle that she frequently visits, as his calm demeanor and advice has helped Tulip when she's at a crossroads with herself and how many gods just aren't able to let go of their struggles. Oogway assured her that she was fine as she is, as long as she maintains the inner peace within herself. This also makes her detest Simon even more as it was during an Apex raid in the Unfinished Car that spiraled into the events that lead to his death. Simon doesn't give a damn though, stating that those Nulls had it coming. Thankfully, Tulip has allies in the like of Master Oogway and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who despised how Simon was ready to kill Hazel (a girl who was actually a turtle humanoid denizen created by Amelia) and didn't feel any sorry for it.
  • Not the only green wearing girl with glasses in the Pantheon, Tulip ended up becoming friends with the snarky Daria Morgendorffer. Daria respects Tulip for how she was able to move on from her parents' divorce, while Tulip has come to accept Daria's sarcasm and way of thinking. She's been allowed to join pizza dates with Daria and Jane, whom Tulip has become somewhat concerned for how Jane was raised by her parents growing up.
    • Speaking of which, she's not the only red-haired girl with interests in coding who also befriended a corgi. This is how she met up with the Playful Hacker Ed, after being challenged to a game of chess. The two of them shared stories of their adventures and their respective family life, Tulip's parents are divorced but love her, whereas Ed's father is absent-minded and easily distracted with his job to even remember he has a daughter. Tulip has pondered that with Ed Walking the Earth to find her trye home, perhaps she might've entered the Infinity Train to sort out her issues.
  • Finn Mertens was quite interested in learning about the Infinity Train since it sounded similar to a train that trapped him with numerous adventures and bosses for him to kill. Unlike the Infinity Train made to help Tulip deal with her issues, the Dungeon Train slowly transforms people into bosses whom other heroes would kill for loot. While Finn spent two weeks on the Dungeon Train, he was shocked to learn how Tulip was unable to leave home until her number dropped to 0, and it took her five months before she could go home.
  • One day, Lake asked Tulip to meet up with some of her friends to eat some sea-salt ice cream. Tulip agreed to visit these friends, which is how she met with the Twilight Town Trio. Out of the three, Tulip ended up bonding with Xion the most, who had the worst experience of the three (she was a puppet who existed to keep Roxas in line and prevent Sora — who she absorbing memories of — from awakening and then she would be completely forgotten by everyone) and consoled how Xion was allowed to move forward. They also bonded over Xion's love for dogs, to which Tulip was happy to tell the tale of one of her friends on the Infinity train, Atticus, King of Corginia and Uniter of the Pembrokes and Cardigans.