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    The Master (Act Raiser
The Master, Celestial Player Deity (God)
The Master's avatar in the first game
The Master's avatar in the second game
  • Overdeity (Intermediate God when controlling one of his avatars)
  • Symbol: One of his avatar statues, or the Sky Palace
  • Theme Song: Birth of the People
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Player-Controlled Deity, Leading A Fictional Religion, Manifest Destiny, Living Statue As Its Avatars, Avatar Strength Determined By Worship, God Is Good But Can Be Mean As Well Out Of Necessity, Lightning, Earthquake, Second Avatar's Winged Humanoid Form Can Glide
  • Domain(s): Deities, Angels, Towns, Avatars
  • Heralds: his angels
  • High Priests: Ark, the Populous player
  • Followers: Queen Maia of Halassar, Crogneitor, Gaia, The Breath, Doshin the Giant, Civilization players, Princess Amelie, Planeswalkers, the Creator, The Guardian Spirit, Blick Winkel, the guardian Juju spirit, the Celestial, The Watcher
  • Allies: Grand United Alliance of Good (collectively)
  • Rivals: Kanako Yasaka (one-sided)
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, most demons, the Chaos Gods, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Not to be confused with: The Master
  • Special Relationship: The Commander
  • Pities: the Imperium of Man
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • One day, a floating structure suddenly appeared in the House of Gaming. It looked like a temple in the sky, populated with angels. While Mario and Sonic went to investigate, because there were angels, the GUAG quickly mobilized to send envoys to negotiate with the newcomer before the GUAL could do the same. The GUAE and GUAC also mobilized (and briefly worked together) to destroy this newcomer before his influence could spread (the GUAD and GUAM had other priorities at the time, which was why they didn't actively participate, though they did send agents to observe the goings-on).
    • As it was, some time after the final battle against Tanzra, the Master had found himself and his angels, as well as the Sky Palace, in the Trope Pantheons, without a clue as to how they got here. His angels observed a man clad in red and blue and a blue blurry form jumping their way to their location, walking on the clouds like it was solid ground, and the Master instructed them to inquire on their current situation. And than that's when demons started attacking the Sky Palace, shortly followed by angels not under the Master attacking those demons. Mario participated in the battle as well, while advising Sonic to send word to the Court of the Gods as soon as possible to prevent a power play from the GUAL.
    • During this skirmish, the Master's angels found a statue inside the temple that the Master could animate, and he did so, shortly joining the fray as the GUAG forces and representatives of the Court caught up.
    • Once the battle has been concluded with the Evil-Chaos coalition fleeing and the Law side pursuing them, the Court of the Gods explained to the Master and his angels about the Trope Pantheons and that the Master has been nominated for ascension to represent A God Is You, where the player controls a deity.
  • Part of the Master's ascension package is that he has access to all his Miracles, and that his avatars are always at full power with Magic. And with his own special set of followers, he doesn't need to garner favor from the masses, though he still does so anyway. Also, the Sky Palace serves as his temple, which means he often roams around the Pantheon, though like with Diogenes, a blank spot of land is reserved for him. It's also where he and his kind would respawn should he ever repeat what he did near the end of ActRaiser 2; crash the Sky Palace at a barrier to reach Tanzra's dimension.
    • Speaking of avatars, his angels and followers with help from the House of Craft have constructed statues of his likeness and scattered them all over the Pantheon so that the Master can inhabit them and wander around. Of course, these statues run the risk of being destroyed, stolen, or vandalized. And just in case, as was discovered in their first day in the Pantheon, there is also another statue in the Sky Palace for emergencies.
  • For reasons no one can tell, since the Master's ascension, his Sky Palace and angels are often at the House of Craft or any place that needs demolishing. And they always herald a fire or earthquake that brings down what needs to be brought down and (generally) leaves the surrounding best quality structures intact.
  • Due to his MAnifest Destiny tendencies and clearing out wild land for his people to urbanize, he's often at odds with the extremists in the House of Nature.
  • As he works for the ultimate benefit of his people, he's also against YHVH, especially after hearing of his motives at the timeline where Nanashi takes him down. The fact that all He cares for is eternal worship and blind obedience doesn't help.
    • By default, and because they had attacked his Sky Palace, he opposes the GUAE and GUAC.
    • As such, the Master has decided to join the GUAG, as their goals best match his. Even if he might eventually not be needed or worshippped anymore once they do win, that's perfectly fine with him.
  • Not to be confused with Koschei, who also goes by the title "The Master", and he has sworn to have him removed.
  • When hearing his theme, some folks half-expect a history lesson to come up for some reason.
  • Is sorrowful of the Imperium's current situation. Not only are they being screwed over by the Chaos Gods and all manner of galactical threats, they abhor the idea of innovation and progress (at least in their homeworld; they're a little more tolerant in the Pantheon). And knowing their xenophobia, the Master will be unable to lend his aid to them and will likely be besieged and struck down.
  • Kanako's incredibly jealous towards him for his gaining enough faith to reach his current power level and is currently considering stealing his followers' idea of erecting statues all over the Pantheon for her own empowerment. The Master on the other hand has no comment so far.

Intermediate Gods

Fae, Goddess of Required Party Members (Divine Dragon, Fa)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her dragon form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Required To Join In Order To Get The Best Ending, Badass Adorable, Killer Rabbit, Dragon Form Is Like A Really Cute Giant Goose, Several Centuries Old, Too Limited Dragonstone, Third-Person Person
  • Domain(s): Dragons, Children, Long Life, Character Selection
  • Followers: Nei, Shandra, The Volunteer, York, Raze, Atsuma
  • Allies: Roy, Lilina, Tiki (as an expy of her), Nowi, Nah, Hector, Ninian, Eliwood, Lyn, Corrin, Wendy Marvell, Paarthurnax
  • Enemies: Grima, Gharnef, Ornstein and Smough, Acnologia, Miraak, Alduin
  • Fears: The Dovahkiin
  • Sometimes, in order to get certain results, certain members need to participate. Sometimes, they're a liability if you do, but you have to suck it up and bear it, all for the sake of the story, a better ending, or even some beneficial additions later. And the "lucky" candidate selected by the Court was Fae, Divine Dragon of Elibe, and she who needs to survive to track down the real villain of Roy's story Jahn, the man behind King Zephiel.
  • She was happy to see Roy and Lilina upon finding them in the Pantheon, after they had parted pays after defeating Jahn and restoring Idunn, and also got to meet their parents. Also, now that they are all deities, she doesn't have to worry about outliving anybody.
    • There were those who worried that her encounter with Lyn might trigger hostility, but her early encounter with Tiki (as well as potentially meeting Fae once before) ensure that that wasn't the case.
  • In her time at Roy's army, she hadn't been allowed to partake much in battle, mainly due to how limited her dragonstone was in usesnote . Thankfully, her excellent Resistance allows her to sponge magic attacks without wasting its uses, which only happens when she has to attack an enemy.
    • Nowadays, dragonstones aren't rare (though not exactly dirt cheap either), allowing her to be a bit more liberal with its use. Her fellow Manaketes (usually Tiki) always take time to make sure she has one in case some schmuck has the bright idea of attacking her.
  • Fears the Dovahkiin for…well, hunting dragons, and what would happen after that. Whenever she encounters one, she always tries to hide, either behind Lilina, Roy, or Tiki (as well as Marth after the elder Divine Dragon introduced her to him).
    • She also hates Miraak for the same reasons, with the added bonus of being a narcissistic cult leader also out to brainwash any dragon he could find.
    • That said, she's on better terms with the Dovahkiin's mentor Paarthurnax, as he's a dragon who turned against his species' nature to dominate and destroy. It helps that he's acquainted with Eliwood and Ninian (Roy's parents, maybe in Ninian's case), and is willing to help them out with many evil dragons in the Pantheon. Especially his brother, Alduin.

Hydreigon, The God of Late Character Syndrome (The Brutal Pokemon)

    Kotone Shiomi 
Kotone Shiomi, Goddess of Variable Video Game Protagonists (Runako Gekkou, FeMC, Female Protagonist, Minako Arisato, Hamuko Arisato, The Great Seal)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with Messiah, Overdeity as The Great Seal)
  • Symbol: Her naginata
  • Theme Music: Wiping All Out and Pull the Trigger
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Genki Girl, Plucky Girl, The Heart, Lady of War, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, Dude Magnet, Blade on a Stick, Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Followers: Eric Lecarde, Ashe
  • Alternate Self: Makoto Yuki
  • Mentors: Philemon, Igor
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, Johan Liebert, and the evil-aligned gods in the House of Hatred
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zeus (only on Zeus' side)
  • Opposes: Kratos
  • The alternate-universe female self of Makoto Yuki. She originally was entered into the Pantheon as "Minako Arisato" for this reason. Minako is not her "real" name, but fans of her world's story kept calling her that as a Gender Flip of an inaccurate secondhand-source accounting of Makoto's name and as far as Pantheonic records knew she didn't really have anything else to go by.
    • Due to both of them being gender-flipped alternate character interpretations of male heroes, she gets along well with Artoria.
  • Many who met her after ascending, including the non-SEES Persona users in the Pantheon, were surprised at both her existence and how different her personality is from her male counterpart's. While Makoto can best be described as passive, concise, and generally reclusive unless it comes to protecting his friends, this heroine is quite the upbeat and cheerful social butterfly. She especially gets along well with the other Persona users because of this, though. She's closest to Rise, due to the voice.
    • That said, she does have a very similar backstory to Makoto's and tends to hide her suffering and burdens. This tends to worry the other SEES members, especially Akihiko and Junpei.
  • Like Makoto this isn't the real her. It's only an illusion of the real one, who may or may not exist. And is presumably still in the Great Seal.
  • Occasionally shows up at the House of Food to bake. Several are surprised at her skill and her ability to rescue burnt creations. Her baking mixed with Ichiraku Ramen is often a favorite dish to both Akihiko and Naruto.
  • She gets along well with Miyuki Hoshizora, due to their shared energy. It helps that she sounds a bit like Nao...
    • Due to her voice, she's also close to Nagisa Momoe, Nyarko, Yoko Littner, Maka Albarn, and Tohru Honda.
  • She hasn't actually met her male counterpart but has heard a lot about him. Many wonder what would happen if they did. Funny Valentine is trying to arrange such a meeting, in the hopes of eliminating both of them, but hasn't succeeded.
  • Lois Lane and Shinnosuke Tomari recently confronted her with some information they recently picked up through public video records that her name is, in fact, Kotone Shiomi, both curious as to why she nor her friends ever corrected her identity in the Pantheon's books. She begrudgingly revealed that the reasons she kept the fake name attributed to her were twofold: Junpei suggested it as a rib on the Court of the Gods, and Mitsuru approved it in order to test the Pantheon's historians and detectives to see when and through what source they would uncover the truth.
    • One phone call later, she, Lois, and Mitsuru were taking the footage to the Court and the discrepancy was fixed in short order. They also petitioned a case to ascend SEES kid member Ken Amada into the Pantheon. It was soon accepted, and the team welcomed him with open arms.
  • May or may not be romantically attached to either Shinjiro, Akihiko, or even possibly Ken. But NOT Junpei (mainly because of his own romance arc with Chidori). Most who speculate on the matter believe it's Shinji, given a couple of signs from his ascension, but he's not saying anything.
  • She may not be a big fan of Ren Amamiya's methods, but she still appreciates having another good Persona crew leader around, plus she likes that he cares about his friends so much.
  • While initially disappointed that the SEES she met in the labyrinths were all directly from Makoto's timeline and thus never knew her, she did manage to make friends with them as well as finally meet Makoto. By the time the adventure was over, she was relieved to be back to the Pantheon where SEES remembers her as well as Makoto, especially armed with the knowledge that the two selves can meet without destroying each other due to a literal case of Same Character, but Different.

Mew, God of Secret Characters (The New Species Pokémon, The Mirage Pokémon)

Pikachu, God of Signature Creatures (The Mouse Pokémon, Pika Pika!)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His lightning bolt-shaped tail
  • Theme Song: Pokemon Red and Blue Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but with Ash's influence he's Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Static
  • Moveset: Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Electroweb
    • Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc or 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt (with Ash on a rare occasion)
  • Portfolio: Lightning, Monsters, Kids with Leashes, Making Team Rocket "Blast Off Again"...and Again and Again.
  • Domain: Animal, Lightning, Protection, Storm.
  • Followers: Meow Wow and the other benevolent Dream Eaters
  • Allies: The Blue Slime, Samus Aran, Lilo & Stitch, Sparkynote , Roahm Mythril, Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Zubat, Ridley, any Ground-type enemies, Clu
  • Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, easily the most recognizable Pokémon in existance and the Mascot of his franchise. This Pikachu ascended thanks to his master and best friend Ash Ketchum, who wanted Pikachu to have his own temple, even if he didn't have any problem sharing with Ash. Having reviewed the notability of his species, Pikachu was chosen as the symbol of all the Pokémon deities and is hold to the highest honor, even if he would rather not be put on a pedestal.
  • Is on good terms with Samus ever since their chance meeting during one of her trademark apocalypses.
    • In contrast, Ridley promised that he'll skewer Pikachu with his tail as payback for preventing him from killing Samus.
  • Between playing with his friends and shocking villains, he's sometimes seen carrying around — and eating from — a bottle of the House of Food's best ketchup. The House of Food doesn't mind a bottle going missing every now and then, as a single bottle is nothing compared to what some other deities consume every meal.
    • While he doesn't mind sharing said bottle if asked, he will retaliate if it's taken from him. Whether this is by himself or with the help of friends depends on the aggressor.
  • Once got into a fight with Blanka, and despite putting up a great fight, was sorely outclassed thanks to his small size.
  • Despite his incredible speed, he sadly suffers of a case of sensitive knees. VERY sensitive knees.
  • Once got unlucky with Ghetsis Harmonia, who tested mind control technology on him in a plot to eventually control legendary Pokémon within the Pantheon. Pikachu was able to break free thanks to the efforts of Ash, N, and surprisingly Team Rocket.
  • He and Ash ventured into the Friendship Asylum, but only Pikachu escaped. It turns out that the asylum corrupted Ash, with Pikachu escaping before he too was corrupted.
  • News has come to light of Pikachu taking on an exercise regiment for the sake of facing a different competition. Even more bizarrely, Heihachi is actually interested in seeing how this will turn out.
  • Alongside Ash, Team Rocket, Misty and Brock, Pikachu is expressly forbidden from entering Cyberspace, due in no small part to his role in a certain incident.
  • Has been seen a few times in the House of Gaming, acting as an agent for Roahm Mythril.

Tremor, God of Playable Promotion
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Dragon emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil. True Neutral off the clock.
  • Portfolio: Adorkable (sometimes), Affably Evil, Ascended Extra, Badass Baritone, The Big Guy, Breakout Character, The Comically Serious, Extra-ore-dinary, Even Evil Has Standards, Guttural Growler, Mistaken for Scorpion, Taken for Granite
  • Domains: Earth, Mercenaries, Crime, Playable Characters, Popularity, Coolness
  • Allies: Gaara, Diancie, Heathran, Regirock, Deadpool
  • Rivals: Scorpion, Toph Beifong
  • Enemies: Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage (Although he is willing to spare them), Kotal Khan, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kano
  • Respects: Johnny Cage, Geb
  • Odd Friendship: Leon
  • What seemed to be at first just a quirky underling of Kano, Tremor made a huge impression after he fought Jax Briggs given his earth control powers. Eventually he lost the fight and died, but he wasn't forgotten and in the new timeline, the story of Tremor took a radical turn. After Kano sent him to retrieve an item in the Dream Realm, Tremor's powers being exposed to that realm increased their strength, enough that it is said his power rivals those of Raiden and Fujin, two demigods. After that, Tremor appeared among the pantheon ranks, triumphally claiming the title of Playable Promotion.
  • For a Black Dragon Clan member, he is actually not that bad even being very affable towards his foes and even willing to let some retreat. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to crush the ascended Special Forces members Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs. He especially wants some payback with Jax given his death in the original timeline and this time he is going all out.
    • Unexpectedly, he seems to unironically enjoy Johnny Cage's movies enough to respect the man himself in combat. Cage does consider him a dangerous threat but appreaciates his support.
  • His relationship with Kano has been strained given his rather...shady ways he goes around. They seem to tolerate the other enough to at least work together, but he has quit being a Black Dragon (at least in the pantheon) and has stated that he plans to off Kano before he departs.
  • His impressive earthbending skills haven't gone unnoticed and he sometimes can be found in the House of Earth & Rock honing his skills. He considers Toph Beifong a Worthy Opponent and their bouts have ended in stalemates multiple times, most impressive is that they also have control over metal (As demonstrated by Tremor's Metallic variation and Toph's metalbending). He respects Geb for being an ancient deity of earth elementals and hopes to one day match his strength.
    • He also has Crystalline variation where he can adopt moves based on crystals. This drew the attention of Diancie who was perplexed by their similar appearances. Tremor and Diancie actually became good friends, to everyones surprises and he seems to be super protective of the Pokemon, to the point that if Diancie gets in serious trouble, he won't hesitate to come to her aid.
  • Sometimes can also be seen in the hottest places of Nature, probably assuming his Aftershock form to practice. There he also found Heathran and confronted the creature to see if it had some combat in it. He wasn't dissapointed and ended up befriending the creature, strangely enough.
    • He also heard of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, a man with a fearsome reputation and even more fearsome powers. Tremor also challenged him to a fight to see if he the rumors were true and ultimately ended on a stalemate. Though their conflict didn't end there, as Akainu clearly wants to terminate Tremor for his connection with the Black Dragon clan and won't rest until he finishes him off.
  • While he might be better and more morally upstanding than his partner Kano, Tremor at the end of the day is still a criminal and mercenary and is judged as such. He has some received some job offers from the likes of Shadaloo, HYDRA and the Regime but he usually prefers to take smaller jobs, even if those don't bother him that much.
  • Once got to work with Deadpool and surprisingly, Tremor was able to tolerate his constant talking without too much trouble. Well, until he started to bother him about his old look and Tremor decide to crush the merc with the mouth with his Stone Tomb. Of course, that didn't kill him but it kept him quite for a few minutes.
  • Used to be confused for Scorpion in the past. A lot. So it's understandable why the two are rivals, besides their contrasting elements. The next person who will mention that he resembles Scorpion will get their bones crushed though.
  • Has some degree of respect for Leon, who also like him was Saved by the Fans. Initially though Leon didn't have a high opinion of Tremor considering his ties with Kano but since Tremor showed to be quite the honorable fighter he ended up also respecting him in return.
  • He seems to be closely connected to the House of Dreams, possibly since his powers increased after being exposed to the Dream Realm for so long. But the reason he visits the house is entirely unknown.
  • Can also be found in Effects of Popularity.

    Vent and Aile 
Vent and Aile, Co-Deities of Genders Irrelevant to Gameplay (The Model X Mega Man, The Model ZX Mega Man)
Above: Vent and Aile in ZX, Below: Aile and Vent in ZX Advent


Lesser Gods

    Ax Battler, Gilius Thunderhead, and Tyris Flare 
Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead, Divine Trinity of Balance, Power and Speed (Ax Battler: Ax=Battler, Tarik the Axe Battler, The Barbarian, Lord of the Frozen North; Tyris Flare: Tyris=Flare, The Amazon; Gilius: Gilius=Thunderhead, The Dwarf)
from left: Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler and Tyris Flare
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Golden Axe
  • Theme Song: The Golden Axe Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Vengeance, Weapons, Fantasy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Melkor, Gregor Clegane, Cervantes de Leon, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Euron Greyjoy
  • Conflicing Opinion: Kratos
  • In General:
    • Gilius Thunderhead was already plotting to bring his two comrades-in-arms, Tyris Flare and Ax Battler into the Pantheon. Getting Tyris Flare in was easy enough, as she was the High Priestess to Red Sonja, the goddess herself plotting to bring Tyris into the Pantheon proper. When Conan the Barbarian heard of this plan, he offered his aid in allowing his follower, Ax Battler to join his friends. Conan, Sonja and Gilius worked together and their plotting finally bore fruit. The Ax Battler and Tyris has reunited with Gilius in the Pantheon.
    • Of course, this meant that Gilius had to relinquish his previous title of God of Dwarves. Now Gilius has his hands full in deciding who gets to be his successor for the position. What better way than to choose than a good-old-fashioned free-for all?
    • Ax Battler thanked both Conan and Gilius for getting him into the Pantheon. Of which the dwarf replied that it was a joint effort between the two men and Red Sonja. Tyris, for her part, is humbled that Sonja had given her such an opportunity.
    • If you like where your head and appendages are at on your body, do not mention the Beat Rider Incident to the trio, as it is a Mark of Shame for the trio, especially for Tyris, as she was the one spearheading that event. If you're lucky (or if they're feeling merciful), they'll simply hack you to death.
    • While the trio are in agreement that most of the Greek Pantheon were a bunch of jerkasses, even they were apalled at Kratos' bloody rampage through Greece and Olympus. But as they see him with his son, teaching him not to be the man that he was, but better, makes the trio pause. That, and Gilius, famous for wielding an axe into battle, fawns over the Leviathan Axe, originally belonging to Kratos' wife, now his main weapon.
  • Ax Battler Only:
    • Turns out that he has gained a sympathetic ear from the deified mothers of the Pantheon, as he joined forces with Tyris and Gilius to avenge his mother and his people following Death Adder sacking his home village.
    • There has been some debate as to what Ax Battler's name is. Some say that his name is Tarik, and that Ax Battler is just a title, while others say that Ax Battler is his real name. In a dose of irony his Weapon of Choice is a broadsword, rather than an axe.
    • Has gained sympathy from the deified parents in the Pantheon - especially mothers - after telling his backstory. He lived with his mother until Death Adder sacked his village, his mother being among the many casualties, leading to his war against Death Adder and his forces.
    • Also has his share of females chasing after him as well. That comes with being a former follower of Conan the Barbarian. Among his female admirerers are Isabela of Rivain and Queen Ashe Dalmasca.
  • Tyris Flare Only:
    • Hearing of Tyris' exploits has made Visenya Targaryen's warrior blood boil. Visenya knows of Tyris' battle prowess from her days as Red Sonja's High Priestess. Now, Visenya wants nothing more than to cross swords with Tyris herself.
    • Her time as Red Sonja's High Priestess has rubbed off on her. Not only did her swordplay improved, but she also developed a severe hatred for rapists. While Sonja would love nothing more than to geld The Mountain That Rides, Tyris loathes the Boltons, especially Ramsay. She also finds out that Euron Greyjoy has taken a shine to her, and wants to make her his latest salt wife. That and he threatenes Gilius.
    Euron: You will be mine, Tyris. I will pay the iron price.
    Tyris: Then you will accept my own iron price when I shove my sword down your throat.
    • As mentioned earlier, mentioning the Beast Rider fiasco pisses her off somethibg serious. If you want to remain in one piece, don't mention that to her.
    • As her nickname is 'The Amazon,' she certainly fights like one, hence the attention from Wonder Woman herself. Tyris was also seen in the company of Triss Merigold, as she was learning how to strengthen her fire magic.
  • Gilius Only:
    • One of the more reknown Dwarves in the verse, Gilius' services in the name of justice is very lengthy. He stopped the terrors of Death Adder, Death Bringer, Dark Guld, and later saved a group of heroes from Damned Hellstrike and returning one last time to face the return of Death Adder. And he was never alone, but he always represented the Dwarf race best: Stout and mighty in spite of his short size.
    • This is finally capitalized when he seemingly perished delivering the great final strike against Death Adder, sacrificing his life so others may live. The greatness of his sacrifice made the Pantheon re-evaluate his worth to enter the Pantheon... and after seeing Gilius even adapt to modern times by playing tennis and going karting even beyond his death, they decided that he deserves a place in the Pantheon and ascended him as the Dwarf God.
    • Contrary to the whole Elves vs. Dwarves thing, Gilius actually have no say about those, as he has never encountered them in life, and in fact would get along well with them if necessary.
    • He actually knows some magic, but much like other Dwarves, Gilius' more known for his strength, his magic is kind of lacking and he admitted his friend Tyris Flare was much more adept in that. Then again, that was enough to save at least two of the four adventurers from Damned Hellstrike.
    • He used to mine, like all dwarves as well, before all those shits with Death Adder. This is why sometimes he spends his time saving those Fortress Dwarves when they did something incredibly stupid it's life-threatening. Of course he can't be everywhere at times, so there were times he ended up unable to save them from the inevitable.
    • As one of the earlier Sega deities, he got along well with deities like Sonic The Hedgehog and Segata Sanshiro. He also seemed to note about the trio of Axel, Adam and Blaze to be fellow Beat 'em Up deities (well, Hack N Slash seems to be more of Gilius' expertise) and has noted that maybe Blaze kind of reminded him of what happened if Tyris would reincarnate in modern times.

    Carl "CJ" Johnson 
Carl Johnson, God of Customizable Player Characters (CJ)

    Felicia and Jakob 
Felicia and Jakob, Dual Deities of Different Characters Fulfilling the Same Role (Felicia: Maid Mayhem Jakob: Devoted Servant, Joker)

    Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams 
Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams, God(dess) of Mutually Exclusive Party Members (Both: Virmire Survivor, Kaidan: LT)
  • Lesser God (Kaidan), Demigod (Ashley)
  • Symbol: A blue Alliance armor.
  • Alliance: Both are Lawful Good but can be Neutral Good if they have to
  • Porfolio: Both: Walking Spoiler, cannot be in the same party simultaneously, being The Lancer to Shepard, being Killed Off for Real (depends on Shepard's choice), military background
  • Domains: Both: Gaming, Combat, Life and Death, Narrative, War
    • Kaidan: Personal Appearance, Mentalism, Love
    • Ashley: Anti-Hero, Family, Personality, Quirk
  • High Priests: Bethany and Carver Hawke
  • Followers: Erana and Katrina, Rosary Esmeralda and Roswell Branthèse, Valeria and Kasumi, Daena and Escad, Amon and Leraje, Samson and Arran, Karel and Harken
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Both: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the entire Collectors / Reapers army, Saren Arterius, David Xanatos
  • Opposes: Both: Yubel
  • Conflicting Opinions:
  • The two are among one of the most mysterious deities in the pantheon. Both of them claimed to be Shepard's closest companions, being the only ones along with Joker that don't require a Loyalty Mission to stay with him / her, yet every time someone saw them as a representative agent for Shepard, they became either of one these two different person whenever people blink: sometimes a male biotic named Kaidan while sometimes a female soldier called Ashley. This confused and scared the hell out of everyone in the Pantheon, including the villains. To make matter worse, both of them take charge of their temple at a schedule of different days in the week or when the other is unavailable and keep having crisis over the other not survived.
    • The only ones that know about the truth about this phenomenal are the gods from the Mass Effect universe, Cosmos, Abed Nadir, Aerith Gainsborough, Sherlock Holmes, Yubel and David Xanatos. Much effort was made from a lot of different deities to hire The Laughing Man to hack into the database of a mysterious entity from the Mass Effect Universe called the Shadow Broker to figure out what the heck is going on, only to find a file that titled "Virmire".
    • It should be noted that their presence did not have a positive effect on fellow Mass Effect gods from the Normandy, especially Shepard, as it's a constant reminder of their failures to ensure the survival of one of them.
    • It was reviewed that their ascension was a plan by David Xanatos (who stumbles across them in an effort to ascend his wife) as a form of gambit: If they are ascended, he will have a chance to cripple Commander Shepard psychologically as well as a leverage / favor against Shepard. If not, their high priest Bethany & Carver Hawke will ascend thus crippling Hawke, another powerful member, instead. While Ashley & Kaidan themselves hate David's guts for his manipulation of them, Shepard him / herself has mixed feeling as at least David allow him / her to see both of them again, in a matter of speaking.
  • Both of them and Shepard have to point out that Kaidan did not spent all of his time complaining about his implant and Ashley can work with her alien teammates just fine while eventually outgrew her racism toward the other species.
  • Was understandably mistaken as a hermaphrodite deity by Yubel, who pays their temple a visit along with Juudai. Needless to say, the Duel Monster was disappointed to find out that they were two deities but was amused when Yubel notices how similar the relationship between Kaidan and Male!Shepard is to Juudai and Johan before the Virmire incident. Ashley and Kaidan were just disturbed by how similar Yubel is to the Reapers and refused any more contact with the Duel Monster.
  • Do NOT mistake Ashley for Ashley J. Williams unless you want a shotgun in the face as she thinks he is too uncontrollable for her taste. She tries to avoid this as much as possible by introduce herself as Ashley Madeline Williams or Lt. Williams. Amusingly, a lot of gods realize they are Not So Different from each other, including but not limit to calling their guns a "boomstick". She got along better with the more pragmatic heroes, especially Wonder Woman (for their willingness to do the dirty works) and Emiya.
  • Ashley dislikes the Ashleys group as it reminds too much of the teasing she used to endure under her fellow Jerkass Alliance soldiers. Although their Pet the Dog moments have somewhat soften her opinion on them.
  • In her off days, Ashley can be seen in the House of Quirk and Theater to share her love for poetry with the gods reside there.
  • In his off days, Kaidan can be seen wondering around asking anime gods he came across if they are biotics, probably due to the eyes and hair. This is followed by a secret order from Shepard to not offer any explanation for him as s/he is too amused by this. Fortunately, his personality caused him to made a lot of friends in the hero side (and even a few bad or morally-ambiguous ones). He is especially sympathetic with Ranma Saotome for their shared experience with Training from Hell and advises Ranma to seek a good therapist for the latter's crippling fear of cats.
  • Kaidan has complicated feelings on Charles Xavier and Magneto as their philosophy reminds him of his world's stance on human biotic. While admiring Xavier for his stand on the mutant's side and disgusted with Magneto's more extreme actions, he dislikes Xavier's tendency to keep secrets from his fellow X-men and admits the Crapsack World nature of the Marvel Universe tends to justify a lot of Magneto's hatred for them.
  • Kaidan's sexuality is one of the most extremely debated topic in the pantheon, especially in the House of Love and Narrative. Some (most of the House of Love) argue that he is Bi the Way, pointing out that he only has romantic interest in two people at most (his friend Rahna and Shepard), one of whom is potentially male. Some (most deities from the House of Narrative) think he just attracted to Shepard, points out that it took much longer for Male!Shepard to start a romance with him than a Fem!Shepard and only after buying a whiskey bottle. Kaidan is just amused (and somewhat appalled / embarrassed) by this and states that what he does in the bedroom is his business.
    • Desire of The Endless tried to settle this argument through seducing Kaidan by shape shifting into the most attractive male form he desired. However, Desire's effort was found out by The Shadow Broker, who happens to be his good friend Liara and was stopped by the combined effort of the entire Normandy crew as they heard about Desire's Lack of Empathy and Manipulative Bastard personality.

Kuriboh, The Divine Lethal Joke Character

    Rick, Kine, & Coo 
Rick, Kine, & Coo, Triumvirate of Assist Characters (Collectively: Animal Friends)
Left to Right: Kine, Rick, & Coo
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A brown sack
  • Theme Music: Kirby's Dream Land 2 Title Screen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critters, Land, Sea, Sky, Powerup Mount
  • Domains: Animals, Assistance, Abilities
  • Heralds: Nago, ChuChu, & Pitch
  • Allies: Kirby, Yoshi, Chocobos
  • Enemies: Zero (Kirby)
  • Rick, Kine, and Coo are among Kirby's various allies and some of his earliest at that. They're found inside brown sacks and help Kirby via modifying whatever the puffball has at the moment once freed. Rick's abilities are suitable for land, Kine is specialized for underwater, and Coo's moves are meant for the air.
  • Three brown sacks were found one day at the House of Beast. No one was entirely sure what was in these sacks or if it could cause some potential problems. Kirby, who happened to be at the house at the time, recognized the sacks and went up to them. Out of the sacks were a hamster, a fish, and a bird, all of whom Kirby recognized as friends. Ultimately, the three were considered to not be much trouble and after additional matters were cleared with the Court of the Gods, Kirby's animal friends were allowed to stay around.
  • Their temple is a straightforward grassland setting, with accomodations specifically for each member. Since Kine simply flops on land, there is a lake for him to swim in. As for Coo, there is a high-enough tree for him to rest in, plus some other trees to fly towards. Rick has a few sections within his and his friends' temple for him to climb around.
  • All three get along great with Yoshi, who served a similar role via helping Mario after being freed from an egg. Yoshi was able to go on his own adventures independent of Mario and while the Animal Trio had far less solo adventuring than that of Yoshi's, they all still hang out and go around different places whenever possible.
    • Other animal companions that the trio became friends with are the Chocobos thanks to the general versatility that the birds had to offer to those that have them. Coo in particular is fond of the Chocobos and is seen with them by himself a bit more often.
  • While roaming around the Pantheon, Hammond managed to to come across Rick and was surprised to see not just another hamster, but one that's just a bit larger than him. Just out of curiosity, Hammond wanted to see if he could go on a ride with Rick and to his surprise, Rick was willing to go around with it. Not only that, but at a few points during their first meeting, Rick turned himself into a rolling stone ball. Going off what Wrecking Ball has translated, Hammond likes Rick quite a bit even if their meetings aren't going to happen often due to Hammond traveling frequently.
    • A few jokes have been going around by some claiming that they're both Australian, mainly since Rick somehow has an Australian accent on the rare chance that he talks and that Hammond crash-landed into Australia from the Moon. Both don't mind the jokes that much, even if they obviously don't originate from Australia (and that Rick had never even heard of that place to begin with).
  • Being a fish, Kine is unable to do almost anything on land except flop around. Kine found kinship with Magikarp, another fish that ends up land-bound for different reasons and also unable to do anything except splash around to no effect. That said, Kine's splashing does a bit of damage to some minor adversaries, but not enough to seriously stop them.
  • During an underwater swim, Kine came across Ecco the Dolphin and was surprised at what Ecco is capable of. The most the Kine could do underwater by himself is have a bit of ice powers, but ends up running the risk of freezing himself. Ecco considers Kine a good friend to swim with.
  • Outside of Kirby and his other animal buddies, Coo doesn't really have an additional friend to go with. Out of curiosity, he decided to look around and see if there were other owls to meet with. He's mostly fine with Kaepora Gaebora even if Coo isn't really the type of deity to have long conversations with. Coo was far less happy to hear about an actively threatening owl in The Grand Duke of Owls and made it a point to not go near him at all.
    • Decidueye was an owl that surprised Coo significantly thanks to its abilities. While Coo is decent enough to fend off some foes, Decidueye's skillset is well-ahead of Coo's especially when it comes to long-range capabilities. Despite that gap, the two get along well enough for them to hang around whenever Coo isn't with Rick or Kine.
  • There have been a few instances of Rick sleeping by himself. Some such as Rena Ryuugu and Schezo Wegey find a sleeping hamster cute to try and take him with them. While they are somewhat successful in taking him, they can't actually keep the hamster with them since Rick simply just walks back to where his friends upon waking up are whenever Schezo or Rena aren't looking.
  • Dark Matter was the main threat that the Animal Friends fought against with Kirby's help. While they know about the enemy known as Zero, the trio was shocked to learn about Zero Two as they weren't around when Kirby fought it. They consider this Zero Two to be just as bad, if not worse than regular Zero.
  • Rick, Kine, and Coo aren't the only animal companions that Kirby utilized on his adventures. There were a couple additional ones through Nago, ChuChu, and Pitch, who are something of counterparts to Rick, Kine, and Coo respectively as far as the land, sea, sky dynamic is concerned. While Nago, ChuChu, and Pitch sometimes help Kirby in the Pantheon, it's mainly Rick, Kine, and Coo who have had more time to help out Kirby.

    Tanya Adams 
Tanya Adams, Goddess of Hero Units (Special Agent Tanya)
Tanya and her ilks in three different wars.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Allies Faction symbol and two pistols
  • Theme Song: Take 'Em Out, Tanya!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, One-Woman Army, Legacy Character, twin pistols, swimming any body of water, famous laughter, the tough girl to Eva's smart girl, armored bra, wears a black dress at the end of wars
  • Domains: Commando, Hero Unit
  • Allies: Albert Einstein, Stephen Colbert, Sonya Blade, Tresdin, Ecco the Dolphin
  • Rivals: Captain America, Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Kane, Yuri, Nikita Dragovich, Scanty and Kneesocks, Takeo Masaki, Lust, Saber Alter, Bashmaster, all the Japanese Ship girls
  • Distrust: Tashkent, Heavy Weapons Guy, good Russian and ursine deities
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nikolai Belinski
  • Of all of the Hero Units, Tanya is the most notable where she is a character while others are either generic representations or are already characters that are represented by some other title in the Pantheon. With the Court of the God's decision, they allowed Tanya to represent the commandos and heroes.
  • A One-Woman Army, she is equipped with twin pistols in which she could put down an entire division of infantries, holds load of C4 which she uses on ships and buildings (and later in other wars, ground vehicles) to blow them up. In the War of the Three Powers, she wears the Time Belt, a prototype device created by Futuretech Corporation, which allows her to return back 10 seconds ago.
    • Those who uses walker are very afraid of her C4s, as the explosive could destroy the legs and make them useless. Though she doesn't seem to understand the idea since she will place C4 on vehicles anyways, she started liking the idea of blowing up their legs.
    • She doesn't like the ship girls and they don't like her too. Not only because she blows up ships with her C4 like the four Soviet Dreadnoughts in New York, but also because of their affiliation with Imperial Japan is reminiscent to the Empire of the Rising Sun.
  • It is rumored that her role in World War II is what inspired GDI to initiate their own commando program to create their own One-Man Army.
  • Due to different time periods (even different timelines), there was only one iteration of Tanya. However, the Pantheon managed to get a glipse of what she looked like in the other timelines. Interestingly, they note that she was mostly brown-haired, but is blonde in the latest war.
    • Some speculates that Tanya may be a codename for a female operative, hence why she always look different for each war between the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union.
  • She doesn't get along with higher authority figures as she is very vocal and shows very little respect toward them. Scanty and Kneesocks were offended for her lack of attitude to obey the RURUS!!! Regardless, despite her lack of obedience, she is still the best they got, so they allow her to do whatever is necessary.
  • Tanya is fiercely competitive of her status as the best soldier in the world, and she would butt heads with other acclaimed soldiers when she ends up having to work with them.
  • She hates commies. As one of the Allies' best soldiers, she knew of the Soviet's atrocities and cannot stand the deities that associate with the Party. Though not all Soviet or Russian are evil or ruthless, they are not very trusting to them.
    • The one things that the Soviet ruin for her is bears. Armored, loud, man-eating bears, that would maul her if given a chance. A feat that Stephen Colbert found for someone who has the same mindset. And also found that the Legion Commander has a dislike for bears as well.
  • Do not confuse her with Tanya from the realm of Edenia. She finds her despicable for betraying her own realm and allies, something that a commie would do.
  • She is usually seen wearing a small black dress when the war is at its end, something that she likes to show off to the Commander. She finds herself to be the only decent one to wear it unironically.

Voldo, God of Wacky Fighters (The Hell Guardian, He Who Is Bound By Blind Allegiance)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Karma and Mara
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Badass Back, Collector of the Strange, Confusion Fu, Disability Superpower, Dual Wielding, Go Mad from the Isolation, Hearing Voices, The Speechless, Stripperific Unwitting Pawn
  • Domains: Madness, Chaos, Loyalty, Combat
  • Followers: Alex, Roger, Bo' Rai Cho,
  • Allies: Faust Baldhead
  • Rivals: Ivy Valentine, Taki, Siegfried Schtauffen, Talim, Carmen Sandiego, Dan Hibiki, Ling Xiaoyu
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Babmi Hughes, Frollo, Link, Ezio Auditore
  • Opposes: Cervantes de Leon, Soul Edge
  • Odd Friendship: Genos
  • Avoids: Slaanesh
  • Respected by: Corset
  • Observed by: Sigmund Freud
  • Annoys: Spawn, Heihachi Mishima
  • There were recent thefts in the Treasury Room in the Pantheon. All of them have been minor so far, but it would only be a time before the thief gets away with something more important. Sam Vimes hired the best detectives in the Pantheon to track down the criminal. It was Holmes who managed to track him down to the House of Combat. It was there that a slippery man in a skimpy outfit. He may not have looked like much, but he managed to overpower Holmes and Watson and made his escape. Unluckily for him, there were plenty of more powerful foes that managed to take him down. It was Taki who identified who he was: Voldo. Turns out he had recently made his home in this very area. The confiscated items were placed back in their place, but this man's adventures in the Pantheon has only begun...
  • Faust appears to be the only god that can fully understand his antics. It might be because Faust fights just as crazy as Voldo, but most gods won't delve into it for long, lest their brains explode in confusion.
  • His temple is the exact replica of the Money Pit, complete with the tomb of his deceased master Vercci. Not even his followers are allowed near the tomb for fear of getting them stolen.
  • One of his most prominent traits is his ability to fight just as effectively on his back. That has made him rivals with Xiaoyu. Whether one is better than the other in that regard is up to debate.
  • None of the deities from his world were that excited with his ascension. Voldo himself doesn't bother with any of them as long as they don't try and steal anything from his vault. And yet he always seems to get involved in their stories; he's one of the few Soul deities to have been involved in every game. There are exceptions; he despises the pirate Cervantes, believing he caused the death of his master. He has also long since stopped attempting to add Soul Edge to his collection, realising the evil nature of the weapon. This made him enemies with Nightmare.
  • One would think that with his bondage outfit he would be often seen in the House of Lust, but that's not the case. It's just that he prefers to wear as little clothing as possible. It doesn't help that the man doesn't appear to have much of a sex drive. That hasn't stopped Slaanesh from trying to test the waters. Voldo merely avoids her the best he can.
  • Upon his ascension, he was immediately challenged by Dan Hibiki, furious that such a clown fighter could have a higher rank than him. Voldo proved that his ranking was no joke, defeating Dan in a minute flat. His fellow members of the House of Gaming noted that Voldo's followers are not intended to be joke characters. They may look silly, but they can hold their own as well as the rest of them. That hasn't stopped Dan from training to beat Voldo some day.
    • Not even Bambi Hughes is willing to take the risk with that man. He doesn't feel he would get the satisfaction with Voldo.
    • Frollo denounced his method of clothing, claiming it brings about sinful lust in the eyes of girls and boys. Not that he's wrong, but it's clear that it's not Voldo's intention to do so. After backlash from various defenders, Frollo back down from his statement.
    • Freud hopes to find out why Voldo acts the way he does. It has proven to be one of his toughest studies yet.
  • At least Corset respects the man for having the guts for wearing such an outrageous outfit, even going so far as to saying it's a good look for him. Too bad he feels Voldo to be a too chaotic for his taste.
  • Genos became interested in Voldo's complete devotion towards his master, even after death. Genos himself has a similar bond with Saitama and hopes to help him out the same. The android still thinks that it doesn't justify his stealing tendencies.
  • On top of his unorthodox fighting style, it was soon discovered that he is completely blind as well. Daredevil volunteered to fight him to see how he manages to maneuver. After a brief encounter, the Man Without Fear concluded that his other senses help guide his movements, much like himself.
  • Carmen quickly learned that it's impossible to effectively work with Voldo in performing heists. Voldo is too distracted with various other items to make him steal any particular item. The two now see themselves as rivals in the trade.
  • Not that it interested Voldo, but there were a few gods that recognized him before his ascension
    • Link and Ezio have both issued a restraining order, banning Voldo from their temples when he was caught trying to steal their equipment. Both were involved in separate adventures and viewed Voldo as the least pleasing person they've met.
  • Neither Spawn nor Heihachi have any beef in Voldo... as long as he doesn't get in their way.


    Dan Hibiki 
Dan Hibiki, the Joke Fighter (The Streetest Fighter, Sultan of Saikyo)

Jagen, God of Crutch Characters (Jeigan, Bones of Iron, Veteran Knight)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Spikes on his Purple Armor and a Silver Lance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Powerful Early, Weak Late, Cool Old Guy, Old Retainer, Wearing armor even as a tactician
  • Domains: Protection, Strategy, Wisdom
  • Followers: Arran, Eyvel, Dagdar, Marcus, Gunther, Tellah
  • Allies: Marth, Caeda, Robin, Chrom, Lucina, Iroh
  • Enemies: Megatron, Grima, Crocodile
  • Ascended due to being the former Trope Namer for Crutch Character as well as being the namesake for an entire archetype of units in the Fire Emblem series.
  • Jagen was more important in the early days of the Pantheon when things still needed to be set up, and the more powerful gods hadn't ascended, or were still in training. Nowadays, he's mostly retired, but he still steps up when he's needed.
  • Helps train some of the younger heroes.
  • Is actually very strong and is very dependable in a fight despite his old age, but he doesn't improve too much from the experience. Instead, he prefers to let the younger people improve. He is still there to help if things get out of hand.
  • Marth was pleased about the ascension of his guardian and adviser.
  • Gets along with Robin as fellow tacticians because Robin reminds Jagen of Kris, a soldier who once fought with him and Marth. Conversely, Jagen reminds Robin and Chrom of the latter's own retainer, Frederick.
  • Upon meeting Chrom and Lucina, Jagen was impressed by the action of the descendants of his prince.
  • Gets along well with Iroh as both have served similar roles as loyal retainers and mentors for Marth and Zuko, respectively.
    • Jagen is also enemies with Grima, as the dragon resembles Marth's foe Medeus.
  • Does not like Megatron. Not only do they sound similar, Jagen is not fond of Megatron's megalomania.
  • For the sake of all that is holy, don't insult Marth right in his face. Jagen may be an old man, but he'll bravely stand up for Marth's honor, even if it might force him to strike and take experience that he doesn't much need.

    Yuki Ashikaga 
Yuki Ashikaga, God of Gay Options ("Yuu")


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