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    The Master (ActRaiser
The Master, Celestial Player Deity (God)
His current avatar as of Actraiser Renaissance
  • Overdeity (Intermediate God when controlling one of his avatars)
  • Symbol: A stylized drawing depicting one of his avatar statues, bearing both armor and a pair of mighty wings.
  • Theme Song: Birth of the People
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Player-Controlled Deity, Leading a Fictional Religion, Manifest Destiny, Living Statue As Its Avatars, Avatar Strength Determined By Worship, God Is Good But Can Be Mean as Well Out of Necessity, Lightning, Earthquake, Second Avatar's Winged Humanoid Form Can Glide
  • Domains: Deities, Angels, Towns, Avatars
  • Heralds: His angels and the six heroes (Philotas, Daniella, Alonso, Migrana, Shemaal, and Taia)
  • High Priests: Blazer, Ark, the player characters of Populous
  • Followers: Queen Maia of Halassar, Doshin the Giant, Civilization players, Princess Amelie, Planeswalkers, the guardian Juju spirit
  • Allies: Grand United Alliance of Good (collectively)
  • Rivals: Kanako Yasaka (one-sided, from Kanako)
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, most demons, the Four Chaos Gods, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Not to be confused with: Time Lord Master (and also an enemy)
  • Special Relationship:The Commander
  • Pities: the Imperium of Man
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • One day, the House of Gaming was surprised by a massive, floating structure suddenly appearing in the sky. It looked like a grandiose temple on a floating island, populated with angels. While Mario and Sonic went to investigate, because the temple's residents were angels, the GUAG quickly mobilized to send envoys to negotiate with the newcomer before the GUAL could do the same. The GUAE and GUAC also mobilized (and briefly worked together) to ensure this newcomer's time in the Pantheon would be brief and his influence at a minimum (the GUAD and GUAM were otherwise occupied at the time, which was why they didn't actively participate, though they did send agents to observe the goings-on).
    • As it was, some time after commiting the ultimate sacrifice in the final battle against the demon lord Tanzra, the Master had found Himself and His angels, as well as the Sky Palace they called home, in a strange new place, without a clue as to how they got here. His angels observed a man clad in red and blue and a blue blurry form jumping their way to their location, walking on the clouds like they were solid ground, and the Master instructed them to inquire into their situation and location. As this discussion occurred, wicked demons began to mount an assault upon the Sky Palace, shortly followed by strange angels bearing another deity's banner, attacking those demons. Mario participated in the battle as well, while advising Sonic to send word to the Court of the Gods as soon as possible to prevent a GUAL power play.
    • During this skirmish, the Master's angels found a sacred statue inside the temple that the Master could animate. And so He did, brandishing His divine sword and joining the battle with all the zeal of an angered creator deity, just as the GUAG forces and representatives of the Court caught up to the conflict.
    • Once the battle had concluded, the Evil-Chaos coalition fleeing and the Law-aligned angels giving chase, the Court of the Gods explained to the Master and His angels that, after their final battle with Tanzra, they had been brought to the Trope Pantheons, as the Master's general modus operandi suited a Trope that had yet to receive a claimant: A God Is You. The Master, true to character, accepted His new role and decreed that, upon His holy name, His works would not be found wanting.
  • Karma has rewarded the Master for paying the ultimate price for the sake of His followers: He has access to all His Miracles, and His avatars are always at full power with Magic. And though He has his own special set of followers, He continues His holy work, to establish, populate and safeguard new, peaceful realms. In addition, the Sky Palace serves as His temple, which alows Him near-unprecedented freedom in roaming the Pantheon to learn of all He surveys, although, like with Diogenes, a blank spot of land is reserved for Him. It's also where He and His kind return into being should He ever have to repeat what He did near the end of ActRaiser 2; smash the Sky Palace into a barrier to reach Tanzra's dimension.
    • Speaking of His avatars, His angels and followers, with aid from the House of Craft, have constructed statues of His likeness and scattered them all over the Pantheon, in case the Master has need to walk among His people, or in case He needs to lay down a beating. Of course, these statues run the risk of being destroyed, stolen, or vandalized. And just in case, as was discovered during their first day in the Pantheon, there remains a statue in the Sky Palace for emergencies.
  • For reasons known only to the Master Himself, the Sky Palace can often be found near the House of Craft, or any place that needs demolishing. This is so He may leverage His Miracles to create lightning or an earthquake with which to bring down what needs to be brought down. In doing so, He (generally) leaves the best quality structures intact. The Sky Palace's angels do their share to warn the structure's inhabitants of when such a Miracle will occur, however.
  • Due to His Manifest Destiny tendencies and clearing out wild land for the sake of His people's continued development, He used to be at odds regularly with the extremists in the House of Nature, but has taken the advice of their more level-headed friends to heart. Nowadays, when He clears out the wild land for His people, He takes care to not mess with the environment more then He has to.
  • As He works for the ultimate benefit of His people, He stands in proud opposition to YHVH, the lord of the other angels He had beheld during His first day here. Hearing of his motives at the timeline where Nanashi takes him down simply redoubled His resolve: a god who cares only for eternal worship and blind obedience can barely be called a god at all, as far as the Master is concerned.
    • He also stands in opposition to the GUAE and GUAC, both on principle and because they had attacked the Sky Palace before.
    • As such, having ruled out three out of four major factions, the Master has decided to stand with the GUAG, as their goals best match His own, and He finds Cosmos rather agreeable. And should the people no longer have need of Him when the peace they so long for finally arrives, the Master intends to simply leave them be and move on to other realms.
  • Not to be confused with the Doctor's nemesis, who also goes by the title "The Master". The Master doesn't particularly like this namesake of His, and has sworn to have him removed.
  • When hearing His theme, some folks half-expect a history lesson to come up for some reason.
  • Is sorrowful of the Imperium's situation. Not only are they being screwed over by the despicable Chaos Gods and all manner of galactic threats, they abhor and fear the idea of innovation and progress (at least in their homeworld; they're a little more tolerant in the Pantheon). And knowing their xenophobia, the Master will be unable to lend His aid to them and will likely be besieged and driven off.
  • Moriya deity Kanako is incredibly jealous of the Master for His method of gaining the faith He requires to reach His power level, and is considering doing what He did and erecting statues all over the Pantheon for her own empowerment. The Master keeps a watchful eye out, but has no comment so far.
  • An ancient scroll that retells the Master's first outing has been discovered, and its text uncovered six mortal heroes who are to serve as His divine champions. Upon discovering their names and their tales, the GUAG wasted no time in leading them to the Sky Palace so they might lend the Master their aid once more. They consist of Philotas, a brawny man with an ax; Daniella, a girl who can use magic; Alonso, a snarky gunslinger; Migrana, a brash swordswoman; Shemaal, a magic using priest; and Taia, a little monster girl who can use a bow. The Master can summon His champions to any location by using their respective gemstones.

Greater Gods

Bayonetta, Goddess of Seducing Viewing (Cereza, The Famed Witch, Umbra Witch, Monkey Witch)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Madama Butterfly's silhouette with a glowing red left eye, superimposed over the Umbran symbol
  • Theme Songs: Mysterious Destiny, Tomorrow is Mine
  • Weapons: Love is Blue and Scarborough Fair, four handguns dual-wielded and used on her heels
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Chaotic Good on a good day
  • Portfolio: Hot Librarian, Hot Witch, British Accents, Guns Akimbo, Being covered with nothing but hairs which looks like leather, Mama Bear
  • Domains: Love, Lust, Beauty, Battle, Magic
  • Heralds: Madama Butterfly, Luka Redgrave/Strider (her husband), and Viola (her daughter)
  • Allies: Jeanne, Loki, Rodin, Queen Sheba, Father Balder (her father, formerly thought of as an enemy), Akeno Himejima, Dante Sparda, Millia Rage, Jack Cayman, Big Bull, Blacker Baron, Kuroka, Rias Gremory, Mondo Zappa, Rick Taylor and The Terror Mask, Ryouna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Lena Oxton/Tracer, Boa Hancock, Shantae (sort of), Trish (sort of), Lady, Kat (DmC), Ren Amamiya/Phantom Thief Joker, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Sparda
  • Odd Friendship: Pit
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Koneko Toujou (one-sided on the latter part)
  • Enemies: Loptr, Jubileus the Creator (her father's corrupters), Maximillian Caxton, Mundus, David Zappa, Enrico Pucci, Raynare, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Conflicted on: Nine the Phantom
  • Opposes: Vergil
  • After five hundred years of being sealed away without her memories, a woman woke up in Europe with vast skills and powers revolving around magical gunplay, martial arts, and a demonic aide called Madama Butterfly. Going by the name of Bayonetta, she went out seeking to discover her identity while taking down every angel of Paradiso that was seemingly carved out of marble to try to take her down. She discovered that not only was she, in fact, an Umbra Witch, a member of an ancient magical clan dedicated to protecting the world's sacred darkness, she was the offspring of an Umbra Witch mother and a father that belonged to the light-based clan called the Lumen Sages — a union which led to the destruction of both of their clans and resulted in her being sealed away and her memories wiped out for her own protection. Oh, and that demonic aide? Their contract together is the source of Bayonetta's powers.
  • She is such a formidable fighter, much stronger than her position would indicate, that she was actually considered to join the House of War or the House of Combat. However, contrary to her bloody origin and training, Bayonetta is also an outrageously carefree person who handles the angels sent after her with a mixture of playful sadism, camp, and sheer joy, all while remaining untouched by the carnage and ruin around her. Because of this, her ally and fellow Stylish Action game character Dante Sparda suggested that this is where she most belonged, and she'd give the House of Love a powerful defender if it were ever threatened. Bayonetta accepted the suggestion with a smile, a wink and a lick of a lollipop. Many gods were taking cold showers for a while after this. This combination of pure sexiness and badass power results in everyone capable of getting aroused doing so whenever Bayonetta walks, talks or fights. No exceptions.
  • Many have thought she is Dante's long lost sister, but Bayonetta denies any claims of descendant from Sparda. She also has a very friendly relationship with Dante which would be… awkward if they were siblings. Although considering it's rumored that Dante's mother was also an Umbra Witch and Madama Butterfly carries a very similar appearance to Sparda in his true demon form, there might at least be some connection between the two families…
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Akeno Himejima, who looks upon her as a mentor. Bayonetta is often shown teaching Akeno some of her dances, and sometimes they share ideas for 'punishments' against their foes. Moreover, Bayonetta often teases Hyodo Issei, and Akeno, who is one of his haremettes, usually joins her, since she finds her beloved's reactions to be very amusing. Furthermore, Bayo is openly encouraging Akeno to become Issei's mistress.
    • The same thing can't be said, however, for Koneko Toujou, who, given her dislike for perverted things, thoroughly dislikes Bayonetta. When the chips are down, she will try to help, albeit reluctantly. However, Koneko did admit that Bayonetta reminds her a bit of Kuroka, her older sister. As a matter of fact, Bayonetta befriended Kuroka when she ascended — even if that came to Koneko's own annoyance. The fact that Issei's other haremettes — Rias, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina — have all decided to attend the Umbra Witch's lessons alongside Akeno only makes things harder for the young Nekomata, who hesitantly decided to attend the Umbra Witch's lessons as well.
  • Many Goddesses of the Pantheon are still trying to find a way to replicate her hair, but none has succeeded so far. Considering the magical properties of her hair, this is not surprising. What did surprise people, though, was seeing that she cut her hair short prior to the battles with the Masked Lumen. She stated that she just wanted to reinvent herself.
  • The antagonist of her first adventure turned out to be her own father, trying to steal her Left Eye of Darkness in order to fuse it with his Right Eye of Light so he could bring back Jubileus, the creator dea served by the Lumen Sages. Having to defeat both Balder and Jubileus was a tough fight, but rekindling her lost friendship with Jeanne and summoning Queen Sheba, were both key aides in accomplishing the task. This would ultimately lead to Jubileus and Queen Sheba gaining Pantheonic seats in the same temple, still very much at odds with each other, as well as Bayonetta herself pulling strings to the effect of getting Jeanne ascended. She was the one who suggested that Jeanne could take the position of being the Goddess of Mirror Bosses, as well as fought Jeanne before the Court of the Gods in a very impressive test battle to prove it.
  • Through dealing with the chaos on Fimbulventr, she discovered that Balder was not responsible for his crimes but was, in fact, being controlled by an entity known as Loptr, whose soul is trapped within Balder's body. Bayonetta has gone on a quest since, looking for a way to separate Loptr from Balder to free her father from evil. Rick has offered a hand to help her to free her father as he understands quite well what he's going through. Just look at what happened to his girlfriend! The aforementioned Akeno has also pledged her support for Bayo for this cause: she's no stranger from the drama of dealing with issues regarding her father.
  • To the surprise of, well, EVERYONE, herself included, she was selected by Master Hand to be the final invited participant to one of the Smash Bros. events.
    • She took to the tournament wielding both of her trademark gun sets, Love is Blue and Scarborough Fair, which Rodin had modified to tone down her combat abilities so that no one could get super aroused by her naked body. Despite this, when she first showed up, she was so overpowered that the rest of the cast demanded that Master Hand Nerf Bayonetta. Even then, she was still very powerful, though not to Meta Knight's levels.
    • During the tournament, her "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum!" taunt has become notorious among the roster, since a third of them have Missing Mom syndrome. Lucas has been especially scared of fighting her because of this.
    • She also finally met the leader of the Phantom Thieves after several people noted that there was a resemblance between the two, resulting in a rumor that he was her son from an alternate realm of reality. This wasn't her first rodeo with "alternate-reality son" rumors, although it was more or less in good fun compared to another one which had been previously investigated for awhile before being quietly dropped. While both of them were somewhat annoyed by this, they were more or less pleased with each other's company, gaining a healthy respect for each other for their great deeds.
  • The question of whether Dante or Bayonetta is the superior fighter was hotly debated for quite a while amongst the denizens of the Pantheon and was finally answered with a heated Death Battle. For the first time in the contest's history, their allies Trish and Jeanne invited themselves in and assisted their partners before eventually splitting off to clash with one another. The winner turned out to be Dante: the demon hunter edged out the witch in pretty much every regard, ultimately skewering her and blowing her up. Thankfully, being reduced to Ludicrous Gibs only lasted a couple minutes. Despite this, she was rather sulky, quietly leaving to blow off some steam on a small army of angels while still physically sore from the after effects. During this, her grumblings revealed she also takes a bit of offense at Boomstick calling her a "Monkey Witch".
  • In an attempt to improve her arsenal even further, Bayonetta has made trips to the House of Demons. While she has yet to successfully make a contract with any of them (to the relief of the rest of the Pantheon), she has become quite friendly with the Aensland sisters.
  • Was once ambushed by the mercenary gunmen Reaper and Deathstroke, who'd teamed up to collect a bounty that had been placed on her head. While she and Madama Butterfly were able to hold them at bay, Slade and Reaper still managed to close in ever so slightly...until another stylish woman with an English accent started zipping around and shooting at them from several angles, which eventually irritated the two into calling a retreat. Learning that this woman was the famous Tracer people were comparing to her, she struck up a conversation about the source of Tracer's abilities, and the two became fast friends, each liking the other's style.
  • While visiting Rodin, she was encountered by Lady, who decided to go see the weapons dealer herself after hearing of him through tales of Bayonetta's exploits. The two women traded stories, and Lady related to Bayo's issues with Father Balder because she too had to put down her father to stop his evil ambitions. While Lady understands Bayonetta's situation with Loptr controlling Balder since she thought Vergil was doing something similar with Arkham, she still can't condone a father being treasonous and evil.
    • Bayonetta and Lady's conversation turned to the issue of Dante and his brother Vergil, and through that, they ended up mentioning a witch called Kat who herself has issues with both fathers and demons who's been seen around the two brothers. Finding her, the two discovered her story and empathized with her both for her world being completely overrun by a demonic conspiracy and for her having to kill her demonic stepfather with the help of her counterpart to Vergil, which lead to her joining his Order against the banker Kyle Ryder, who was actually that world's Mundus.
    • On that note, she was already aware of Vergil's rivalry with Jeanne, and the rumors of Jeanne being the mother of Vergil's son Nero. Learning that Kat's Vergil ultimately manipulated both Kat herself and his own brother in order to take Ryder's throne for himself rather than truly free humanity did not do Bayonetta's opinion of the Dark Slayer any favors, especially when Lady herself bitterly recounted that the real Vergil had ripped off his own son's Devil Arm and created a monster out of himself which went on to destroy his and Dante's own hometown with a demonic portal, all out of desperation to heal up from his injuries and get strong enough to beat Dante.
  • Desiring to free Father Balder from the evil of Loptr, she inquired with the Court of the Gods as to why Loptr was around undetected. The ensuing investigation revealed that Aesir had reached the Pantheon eons ago, thus giving his halves access as well. She asked for Loki to be brought into the Pantheon as a result, which was granted. Thus, the two embarked on a plan. Loki took the Left Eye of Darkness back from Bayonetta, drawing the corrupted Balder into a fight to steal the Left Eye from him. However, backing Loki was Bayonetta and Jeanne, Lady and Trish on a Devil May Cry commission, Rick Taylor, Akeno Himejima, and Phantom Thief Joker all fulfilling a promise to help her free Balder. This was the plan. Trish and Akeno irritated Balder with their lightning attacks and survival/defense skills, occasionally assisted by Rick intercepting and throwing Balder mid-move and Lady providing some well-timed gunplay, all of which provided openings for the Umbra Witches to attack him and actually do damage. Eventually, Loptr had enough, throwing the lion's share of his power into a final assault on Loki; however, with a rocket launched from Lady's Kalina Ann weapon, Joker working his craft while hidden in the Metaverse, and some Umbra magic on the part of herself and Jeanne, Bayonetta was finally able to eject Loptr from her father's soul, at which point Loki begrudgingly forced Loptr to fuse back with him into Aesir, officially exposing the God of Chaos in the Pantheon.
    • In the end, Balder was freed and Loptr was not, and her father promptly demonstrated his gratitude to everyone involved as well as resumed his expression of belief in humanity's best shot. This included accompanying her on her next visit to the Occult Research Club in hopes of striking a deal to help them. Not too long afterward, her father encountered some truly good members of the Hall of Angels who used their influence with the Court of the Gods to press a case and have her mummy Rosa revived and brought in as daddy's Herald. Being reunited with both her parents in the Pantheon, she finally cried Tears of Joy. Also got to laugh a bit at Dante's jealousy on the matter, as the best he could do as far as reuniting family was to settle on a straightforward no-bullshit rivalry with his brother...
    • least, until Sparda, finally, miraculously, turned up ascended in the Pantheon after decades of having gone missing and being presumed dead, and with the Court of the Gods' approval used the power of their contract to bring Eva with him as his Herald. As shocked as she was to see him, Sparda was also pleasantly surprised at seeing two more surviving Umbra Witches in her and Jeanne, believing that his wife had been their Sole Survivor. Both Bayonetta and Jeanne requested a contract with him, but he politely declined, stating that his wife was the only one for him.
  • Can also be found in Persons of Desire.

Intermediate Gods

    The Blue Avatar (CrossCode) 

The Blue Avatar, Divine Representative of Game Masters' Player Characters (The Designer, Gautham Ranganathan, The Creator, Egyptian Mr. Freeze)

As The Creator 

Gautham, the human behind The Designer's avatar 

  • Intermediate God (Practically a borderline Overdeity within his own personal domain)
  • Symbol: His headgear and visor
  • Theme Songs: The Experience, The Ultimate Experience when fighting as The Creator
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of True Neutral (Was forced in a Lawful Evil position)
  • Portfolio: The Avatar of Gautham With World-Editing Privileges, And Had Used Them To Create Unwinnable Situations, Blackmailed Into Sidwell's Evotar Interrogation Scheme, Dragon with an Agenda, Sees Lea As The Ideal Opponent To Grant The Ultimate Experience To, Elephant-Themed Final Form, Uses "We" In Dialogue For Grandiose Purposes, Tragic Villain Who Permanently "Logs Out" Due To Guilt
  • Domains: Virtual Avatars, Game Masters, Challenge, Spectacle, Designers, Blackmail, Regret and Despair
  • Herald: Leim (Gautham's pet cat)
  • Allies: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Ganesha, The Blue Elephant, Yuuki Konno, Stefan Butler, Leshy of the Scrybes, Ittle Dew and Tippsie, Yugi Muto
  • On speaking terms with: The Keeper, Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Respected by: Bremen of the Reverberation Ensemble
  • Conflicted Opinions on: Pegasus J. Crawford, Akihiko Kayaba
  • Utilizes: The Small Fry Corps
  • Worthy Opponents: Lea, Seto Kaiba, Sora and Shiro
  • Enemies: Masamune Dan, Nobuyuki Sugou, Robert Daly
  • Gautham Ranganathan was once an aspiring game designer and programmer who sought to shape the CrossWorlds MMORPG into a splendorous experience rich in worldbuilding and challenge for its players. With fellow coworkers Sergey, Satoshi, and Shizuka, he hoped to make his dreams come true. However, Instatainment didn't exactly provide decent funding or support for Satoshi's Evotar project, and that was when a man named Benedict Sidwell began to mess everything up. He set up a deal with Satoshi and friends to create a new server within Instatainment's Playground to continue work on Evotars. However, Sidwell saw a twisted purpose in the Evotars that Satoshi and Gautham were working on: to extract the memories from the Evotars' real-life counterparts and sell the information. Before they knew it, Satoshi, Gautham, and Shizuka (Sergey never left Instatainment and took the deal) were blackmailed into Sidwell's scheme, Gautham himself responsible for imprisoning and torturously interrogating Evotars for information, forced to use his skills for corrupt purposes. Until the day the Evotar known as Lea arrived, Gautham slowly lost morale and sanity, drained by the horrible things he was forced to do, but Lea's appearance sparked a new glint of hope in Gautham. An opportunity to both liberate himself from Sidwell's tyranny and to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating "the ultimate experience", through his own personal Evotar, armed with powerful game-master and rule-defying abilities to not just capture Lea as Sidwell ordered him to, but to test Lea's worthiness of facing the greatest challenges that his Evotar could throw at her. The Designer concluded it all with a grand final battle that sought a suitable climax and great spectacle, which was achieved in spite of his superior game-controlling abilities due to Lea and Sergey's cooperation. Even at the behest of Sidwell's orders to stop, Gautham finally accomplished his true goal of creating the ultimate experience, and with that, had nothing else to live for, walking off a high ledge and ending his life right there.
  • Gautham had perished for good after achieving what he set out to do in the first place, but the Designer's work was only beginning in a new world. Sergey, who was a close friend of Gautham and wanted to do what he could to make it up to Gautham for all the suffering he endured, used his connections in the Pantheon after helping Lea get used to the Pantheon to ask for some favors regarding an old acquaintance. Telling stories about Gautham's work and his stint as the Blue Avatar that Lea fought against, both Lea and Sergey successfully vouched to bring Gautham into the Pantheon, and indeed the man found himself alive against, in a place that definitely wasn't CrossWorlds anymore. That is, he was brought back as his Evotar, the Blue Avatar and the Designer himself. Apparently, the Pantheon's mysterious forces didn't bring back the human identity of Gautham, and solemnly brought back the Blue Avatar whom Gautham's consciousness was fully tied to. Sergey and Lea, who both were happy enough to see him again and catch him up on what happened after his demise, including the final dungeon update for CrossWorlds, asked if they could somehow find a way to retrieve Gautham's human body back. The Designer quickly and bluntly denied their offer, telling them that he frankly does not miss his human life and is more than happy to stay as his Evotar persona, which fit well given that his special Designer character, with special powers to enhance (or antagonize) fellow players, had earned him deification by holding the trope of Game-Master Player Characters.
  • Adapting to the Pantheon was hard for The Designer at first, even with some provided shielding for water protection (Instamatter and all), since he had been familiar to the virtual setting of CrossWorlds for so long. With humble request from the House of Craft and with permission of higher Pantheon authorities, his temple was modified to hold not just the Vermillion Tower that hosted his greatest challenges, but had a lot more space and potential to create new dungeons, new tests and trials, resources to create new foes, puzzles, and elements to create all sorts of grandiose courses for adventures ready for new spectacle and challenge. Of course, the price that The Designer paid was that his special game-master powers like increasing enemies' stats to absurd numbers, manipulating places and summoning foes, among other things, were restricted to his temple and general dominion, limiting the Blue Avatar's abilities outside so he couldn't cause trouble in the Pantheon with such abilities except for those willing to deal with The Designer, something which he had little problem giving up. He only sought to use what he was given to expand on the freedom he didn't have when working for Instatainment nor Sidwell, to master and show off his world-building skills, to hone in the potential of challengers and adventurers playing his games, to create an even better experience that could blow his previous example of "the ultimate experience" out of the water.
  • To utilize the new elements and inspirations from the Pantheon, the Blue Avatar is always searching for dedicated gamers and players that can understand Gautham's desire for the ultimate experience for players, active in the House of Gaming to experiment and research further into his craft. He's been looking into many game entities, including unascended game enemies, to create simulations that help him develop more quests and games to satiate his curiosity. He's even used the Small Fry Corps for the purpose of testing his designs all day long. He does give back to the Pantheon by contributing given data and biodata to the House of Fighting and Combat, assisting the development of a special training gauntlet full of various obstacles and adversaries throughout the connected worlds in the Pantheon to help train its challengers to all the potential dangers they could face. It's also noted that the Designer has been spotted in the dungeons belonging to The Keeper as well as Ainz Ooal Gown, who are not pleased by his actions, but let him be given that he arranged an offer to them to let him observe as long as he doesn't use the info to directly attack them with the exception of direct retaliation. Of course, Gautham's dedication to his craft was noticed by many, including Bremen of the Reverberation Ensemble, who understands the Designer's pursuit of the "ultimate experience", even if it is in a medium that is significantly different than the music that he and his Musicians aspire to create, making it unlikely for them to really get along.
  • Kirito and Asuna, who were both already acquainted with the Evotar Lea, decided to visit the Designer out of curiosity, given that their previous VR experiences would enable them to adapt to the gameplay of CrossWorlds better if the occasion arose. Unfortunately, they visited the Blue Avatar's temple when timing was most inconvenient for them, getting caught in the middle of a testing session with several other testers in a new dungeon that the Blue Avatar had designed. The pair of deities had no choice but to play along with the Designer's game and venture through all of the trials thrown at them. After they got through the dungeon boss, which already proved too strong for the designated testers, they were soon teleported to a new room by the Blue Avatar overseeing them. Having already gained interested in testing them beforehand, the Designer wasted no time in initiating a new duel with Kirito and Asuna to test their worthiness against the experience that the Designer sought to bring about. The battle went uphill with the Designer's stats increasing at a gradually accelerating pace, but Kirito managed to realize that some of the room's elements had similar functions to the dungeon elements, and found out that they could interact with those to grant themselves stat boosts to catch up with the Designer stat-wise, and eventually overcame the powers thrown at them. With great effort, the Blue Avatar was trounced, and so Gautham conceded and became willing to speak to them normally, having gotten what he wanted. Kirito and Asuna intended to tell him information regarding the games they already played through themselves like Alfheim and Gun Gale Online, only to be embarassed when it turned out that the Designer had done his research on them long beforehand.
    • This development would've made their whole quest obsolete had they not let slip about one of their friends, Yuuki Konno, a bedridden girl who was a highly talented and extremely skilled player in VR, who intrigued Gautham far more than the likes of Kirito and Asuna, and formally invited her to give her a taste of the ultimate experience that the Designer sought to create. One solo dungeon run later, the Designer found his expectations utterly surpassed, given a duel designed for what he deemed to be grandmasters of games like CrossWorlds that Yuuki proved to handle very well. With new metrics to expand his ideals for the Pantheon's ultimate experience, and with immense respect for Yukki's perspectives on battle and struggle, the two got along very well, and coincidentally, both of their mortal bodies were shed due to differing but equally tragic circumstances, not that either of them miss it.
  • When the Designer learned about Sora and Shiro, two gaming step-siblings widely known for their nearly unmatched skills, as extremely competitive players and becoming living legends in Disboard, he instinctively invited them to test out his more "out-there" dungeons and game worlds. The two were interested in the exotic constructed worlds and challenges of the Designer, and even got interested in CrossWorlds gameplay given its nature was similar enough to Disboard. Given that the pair managed to handle such challenges well despite them intending to put all sorts of skills to human limits, the idea of a CrossWorlds duel with the Designer was highly appealing. They managed to take on a highly advanced and complex duel against Gautham and the ultimate experience he wanted to throw at them, and they managed to best him still. Though the Designer still had one more trick up his sleeve: Introducing them to "the impossible", an extra battle segment meant for them to endure until attacks overwhelmed them. The Designer expected them to go down in about 5 minutes, but they managed to endure and handle "the impossible" until stats still forbid them to do so, lasting over 10, to the Designer's glee. To this day, Gautham is finding new ways to test their limits and use their experiences to build on his own to fulfill his long-term goals.
  • For Ittle Dew and Tippsie, the Blue Avatar reminds them of Itan Carver, a merchant who desired to create grand dungeons in the form of islands for people to adventure through, and had even made a few projects that Ittle Dew and Tippsie had to venture through. Given their eagerness to get into adventures, they were more than willing to help the Designer with creating new dungeons and virtual worlds to explore. Given their specialities, they've helped plenty with the less fast-paced content, including puzzles and suitable mechanics. Gautham intends to use this knowledge to eventually test Link, due to his renowned status at taking on all sorts of dungeons, but he wants to go big and introduce a truly spectacular example to him first.
  • While the Scrybes are mainly "masters" of their own card games in a sense, the Blue Avatar sought to understand how they set up their games and play them to learn more about their own perspectives on spectacle and experience. While finding them all interesting, he got along well with Leshy the most, even if his game provided a grim atmosphere involving sacrifice of body parts and lives, which was done given his awareness of the game's nature, and that it didn't meaningfully harm players overall. Given their dedication to creating a rich experience for players, in gameplay, aesthetic, and feeling, they understood each others' ways of thinking the most clearly. He gets along with the other Scrybes, save P03 decently well, though not consistently to an engaging extent. That said, he shows concern for the unusual nature of the game they were on, and is watchful regarding the OLD_DATA that their game contains.
  • Seto Kaiba, known for running multiple VR projects for his own ambitions, had sought to expand Kaiba Corp's domain by employing people experienced with VR development to further create VR worlds and games to his own liking. After some time scouting, he found that the Blue Avatar, a CrossWorlds developer, was more than suitable to the task of fulfilling Kaiba's interests. Kaiba had a message sent to the Designer for a contract offer, but while The Designer did sympathize with Kaiba regarding his upbringing and respected his achievements, the Designer wasn't keen on personally working for another's ambitions, and would have formally declined, had he not decided to make things a little more interesting. In Gautham's response was a challenge to Seto Kaiba through a CrossWorlds duel, wanting to put to the test Kaiba's reputation as a legendary gamer. Of course, Kaiba would accept the challenge and engage the Designer at his own game, with the game character provided to him, and the general rules regarding the duel. It took a long grueling hour of intense battle, but Kaiba ended up living to his reputation and eventually won against the Designer fair and square. At that point, Gautham conceded to his defeat, given that he deliberately gave Kaiba a Quadroguard character whose defensive nature conflicted with Kaiba's overall aggressive playstyle, and consequently became a contract worker for Kaiba Corp, though given decent leniency compared to his previous job.
    • During his time designing things for Kaiba Corp's projects, he ended up befriending Yugi Muto, who first intrigued him given his victories over Kaiba himself, and furthermore aspiring to become a game designer like Gautham as well. The Designer also believes that Yugi understands the essence of a game's "experience" more than Kaiba as well, and has been willing to help Yugi on such endeavours for those reasons, not to mention that The Designer hopes to teach Kaiba that there is more to creating a powerful experience beyond the pursuit of victory. He also got acquainted with the very game designer of Duel Monsters, Maximillion Pegasus, but while he respects Pegasus's craftmanship and understands his struggles regarding the loss of his beloved, he found his previous ambitions and actions to be too troublesome to really get along with, and for the most part, doesn't really try to engage with him personally.
  • Given the resemblances of his Creator form and the imagery invoked by it, Gautham is speculated by other gods to be of Indian descent, but the Designer doesn't really attempt to give any conclusive answers. That said, he does admire and respect Ganesha and the values he represents, and for Ganesha, despite the crimes that Gautham was blackmailed into doing, his decisions that eventually led to Evotars being free from Sidwell's imprisonment and control and his aspirations have led Ganesha to forgive the Designer as long as he continues to do right in the pursuit of his interests. Later on, the Blue Elephant was led to the Designer's temple, and after a hour of dabbling within the Blue Avatar's domain, the latter had figured out the Blue Elephant's motives of acquiring new achievements, and so he would begin to create all sorts of new challenges, trials, and experiences for the elephant to give the Blue Elephant more achievements to accomplish, and in turn give the Designer more elements and forms of experiments to work towards creating the ultimate experience.
  • Having loathed his time working for Sidwell, interrogating Evotars and imprisoning them in an inescapable prison, and using his influence and design for corrupt ends, he has no respect for people who have similar powers and using them for selfish manners, to a personal extent given the times he was forced to be in their shoes. To no one's surprise, the Designer despises the likes of Masamune Dan and Nobuyuki Sugou, and their actual intentions and crimes further add to his disgust, but to keep himself focused on his work, he doesn't really try to get into conflicts with them unless they go after individuals relevant to him, Lea included. He also views Akihiko Kayaba rather coldly given his idea of making death in his game also fatal in real life, though he does respect the dedication to his craft, not that it will convince him to see eye to eye with him. However, the Designer harbors much animosity towards Robert Daly, who used the DNA of his coworkers to create virtual clones to abuse and torture in his own game, all for his own sick amusement, which made Daly more heinous than even Sidwell in his own right. While as an Evotar, his DNA cannot be collected by Daly, there are rumors out there that claim that Gautham is planning an elaborate scheme to utterly humiliate Daly in his own game, which can only spell even more trouble for Daly given active opposition from Lea and Sergey.

"I only ever wanted to create. That was the one thing I loved. The one thing that kept me going. I even moved to this stupid moon. But he caged us and my designs were used for things I don't even want to think about anymore. It all seems too... distant. Until she arrived and gave me one last chance to create the ultimate experience."

    The Eight Travelers 
The Eight Travelers Members , Representatives of Optional Character Scenes (Psychopath Traveler | Ophilia: Phili | Tressa: Green Pea | Olberic: Berg, The Unbending Blade | Primrose: Prim | Therion: Mister Therion)

Fae, Goddess of Required Party Members (Divine Dragon, Fa, Murderchicken)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her dragon form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Required To Join In Order To Get The Best Ending, Badass Adorable, Killer Rabbit, Dragon Form Is Like A Really Cute Giant Goose, Several Centuries Old, Too Limited Dragonstone, Third-Person Person
  • Domains: Dragons, Children, Long Life, Character Selection
  • Followers: Nei, Shandra, The Volunteer, York, Raze, Atsuma
  • Allies: Roy, Lilina, Tiki (as an expy of her), Nowi, Nah, Hector, Ninian, Eliwood, Lyn, Corrin, Wendy Marvell, Paarthurnax, Spyro and other benevolent dragons
  • Enemies: Grima, Gharnef, Anankos, Ornstein and Smough, Acnologia and other malevolent dragons, Miraak, Alduin, Isamu Nitta
  • Fears: The Dovahkiin
  • Opposes: The Pale King
  • Sometimes, in order to get certain results, certain members need to participate. Sometimes, they're a liability if you do, but you have to suck it up and bear it, all for the sake of the story, a better ending, or even some beneficial additions later. And the "lucky" candidate selected by the Court via grab bag was Fae, the Divine Dragon of Elibe, and she who needs to survive to track down the real villain of Roy's story Jahn, the man(akete) behind King Zephiel.
  • As for who she is, Fae is a Manakete from the hidden Manakete village of Arcadia. Chronologically, she was first seen standing guard in a house at the Nabata Desert while Eliwood's army was fighting bandits to reach Pent. She also hinted on the existence of hidden items around the place.
    • She would meet his son Roy several years later when he visits Arcadia, but was forbidden to follow him, especially with the current war. Despite that, she managed to sneak out, and then be captured by Bern before Roy rescues her, after which she joins up. At the end of the war, she returns to Nabata, where she fades from Elibian history, but with the newly-rescued Idunn.
  • She was happy to see Roy and Lilina upon finding them in the Pantheon, after they had parted pays after defeating Jahn and liberating Idunn, and also got to meet their parents. Also, now that they are all deities, she doesn't have to worry about outliving anybody, which was a sentiment Tiki also shared.
    • There were those who worried that her encounter with Lyn might trigger hostility, but her early encounter with Tiki (as well as potentially meeting Fae once before) ensured that that wasn't the case.
  • In her time at Roy's army, she hadn't been allowed to partake much in battle, mainly due to how limited her dragonstone was in terms of usesnote . Thankfully, her excellent Resistance allows her to sponge magic attacks without wasting its uses, which only happens when she has to attack an enemy.
  • Fae's real name is very long, but it's mostly incomprehensible by humans, with her current name being the only comprehensible part of that long true one. Incidentally, if it weren't for the fact that she's already centuries old, this makes her immune to the Death Note.
  • Compared to all manaketes after her and Tiki before them, Fae's dragon form looks like a fluffy yellow goose-like thing that wouldn't look out-of-place in an Easter basket. Still no less dangerous, though.
  • Fears the Dovahkiin for…well, hunting dragons, and what would happen after that. Whenever she encounters them, she always tries to hide, either behind Lilina, Roy, or Tiki (as well as Marth after the elder Divine Dragon introduced her to him).
    • She also hates Miraak for the same reasons, with the added bonus of being a narcissistic cult leader also out to brainwash any dragon he could find.
    • That said, she's on better terms with the Dovahkiin's mentor Paarthurnax, as he's a dragon who turned against his species' nature to dominate and destroy. It helps that he's acquainted with Eliwood and Ninian (Roy's parents, maybe in Ninian's case), and is willing to help them out with many evil dragons in the Pantheon. Especially his brother, Alduin.
  • Having been forced to live in isolation due to her heritage and the forces who would covet her (now loosened to just the village boundaries), Fae hates those who would force that on anybody for any reason, sympathetic or otherwise, and bears sympathy for those who were victims of such situations.
    • One particular example in her mind is Isamu Nitta, and she doesn't understand why he advocates the Reason of Musubi, when he's demanded help from the Demi-Fiend and others several times.
    • Another is the Pale King, who once forced the Hollow Knight, his own child, to be permanently sealed in the isolated temple, keeping it imprisoned and chained, with the entrance to its temple sealed by the Dreamers. In fact, he birthed and raised the Hollow Knight for this very purpose to permanently seal it away. He also birthed thousands of other children for this purpose, but none of them were successful in leaving the Abyss, and he sealed them all away. All to contain the Radiance, though his efforts were still in vain.
    • Yet another would be Flandre Scarlet, who was sealed in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement by her own sister Remilia for nearly 500 years (which she was fine with) due to her immense destructive powers before later events led to her being allowed out. Were it not for just how obscenely powerful the vampire was even compared to Fae's dragon form, the two could've been decent playmates.

    Hydreigon and Volcarona 
Hydreigon and Volcarona, God and Goddess of the Late Character Syndrome (Hydreigon: The Brutal Pokémon, Sazandora, Volcarona: The Sun Pokémon, Moth of Solar Flame, Ulgamoth)
Top to bottom-Hydreigon, Volcarona

    Kanto Starter Pokémon 
Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, Deified Starter Mons (Venusaur: Seed Pokémon, Bulbapedia, Tux, Fushigibana | Charizard: The Flame Pokémon, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Blazing Fury, Sch, Lizardon, The Flying Terror | Blastoise: Shellfish Pokémon, Shellock Holmes, Kamex)
Mega Venusaur 
Gigantamax Venusaur
Mega Charizard X and Y 
Gigantamax Charizard
Mega Blastoise 
Gigantamax Blastoise 
  • Intermediate Deities (Greater Deities when Mega Evolved or Gigantamaxed)
  • Symbol: the giant flower on her back (Venusaur), the flame on his tail (Charizard), his cannons (Blastoise)
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Charizard is Neutral Good when on Ash's side and the others too when in the hands of good trainers)
  • Gender: Female (Venusaur), Male (Charizard and Blastoise)
  • Ability:
    • Venusaur: Chlorophyll (Thick Fat when Mega Evolved)
    • Charizard: Solar Power (Tough Claws as Mega Charizard X, Drought as Mega Charizard Y)
    • Blastoise: Rain Dish (Mega Launcher when Mega Evolved)
  • Moves:
    • Venusaur: Earthquake, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Sunny Day
    • Charizard: Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Focus Blast, Dragon Claw
    • Blastoise: Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Iron Defense, Ice Beam
  • Portfolio: Starter Mon, their species are more likely to be male, all have Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms
  • Domains: Mons, beginnings
    • Venusaur: Flowering plants, toxins, combat
    • Charizard: Fire, dragons, flight, competitiveness
    • Blastoise: Turtles, cannons, water
  • Heralds: Their pre-evolutions, as well as the non-ascended starter Pokémon
  • Followers: Burnt Meatballs; Mite; Leafee, Cuboom, and Phoechik; Spinax and Chompasaurus; Kewne; Tyrannos, Plesios, and Brachys; Houchic, Crystle, Smazee, and Tuwai; Bansheep and Candevil
  • Allies: All non-evil Pokémon deities (especially Blue Oak, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Calem and Serena), the Spectral Familiars
  • Rivals: Each other
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Giovanni, Missingno, Lysandre, Ghetsis Harmonia, Cyrus, PokémonHunter J
  • Fear:
    • Charizard: All evil dragons
  • Oppose:
    • Venusaur: All fire and ice deities
    • Charizard: Any Water/Electric/Rock-type enemies
    • Blastoise: Any Lightning or Nature based deities
  • Any aspiring young trainer needs a starter Pokémon (or first partner Pokémon, to use the official term) to protect them in the wilderness. In Palette Town in the Kanto Region, Professor Oak gives new trainers a choice of three Pokémon to start with: the Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur, the Fire-type Charmander, and the Water-type Squirtle. Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise are their respective final evolutions. Notable trainers who have used all three include Red and Ash Ketchum, though the latter started with Pikachu, and only his Charmander evolved. Calem and Serena also received one starter each, along with its final evolution's Mega Stone, from Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City, Kalos.
  • Wizard and Boomstick once staged a Death Battle between the three to prove once and for all which of them is the strongest. Though in order to make it fair, they had to change up the Pokémon's movesets to remove all trainer influence (including all EVs and TM-only moves). Venusaur was the first to fall, and Blastoise came out victorious. Both losers are looking forward to a rematch, especially Charizard, who hasn't forgiven Blastoise for the defeat.
  • Besides Pokémon, the only other Starter Mons in the Pantheon are the Spectral Familiars. The Kanto starters highly respect them, especially since they're all opposed to humans who've tried to exploit Pokémon. Since the Familiars lost most of their powers when they created the sanctuary, the Kanto Starters can go toe-to-toe with them in friendly battles. In particular, Charizard's aerial duel with the Spectral Eagle was a sight to behold; while Charizard focused on speed, the Eagle gracefully dodged his attacks. The Eagle ultimately won due to his Lightning Bolt attack giving him an advantage, but they both enjoyed it.
  • Exclusive to Venusaur:
    • If people say that you can't mix plants with animals, show them Venusaur, one of the better known Planimals of the Pokémon world. It's a warty, quadrupedal... thing that carries a rafflesia-like flower on its back. While she doesn't have the most diverse moveset available, she makes up for it by her good Defense and Special Attack, which get better when she Mega Evolves and gains the Thick Fat ability, which halve damage from fire and ice attacks. Nobody knows what animal Venusaur is based on; is she a dinosaur? A toad? A lizard? Venusaur is a pretty strange creature — its Japanese name means "strange flower" — and she isn't giving any answers. Notable Venusaur in the Pokémon canon include May's and Saur. Also, Chuggaaconroy and The Mob have both used a Venusaur in their adventures through Kanto. The former named his "Bulbapedia" after a popular Pokémon fansite; the latter named theirs "Tux".
    • Venusaur is a frequent visitor to Yuuka Kazami's flower garden, and this led to them becoming friends. One day, Yuuka found a Venusaurite in her field, and felt a connection when she picked it up. This allowed Venusaur to mega evolve, thus confirming their bond.
    • Venusaur is a frequent visitor to the House of Plants, and occasionally the Hall of Toxicity. In the case of the former, she's friends with deities who protect forests such as Shaymin and Treebeard. In the case of the latter, Venusaur are very aggressive against anyone who dares to harm the environment, so she hates Looten Plunder and Hexxus, who are well known for destroying forests. However, being a Poison-type, she's immune to being poisoned, though toxic attacks can still hurt her. Being a plant who draws energy from the sun, she gets along with solar deities such as Amaterasu and Princess Celestia.
  • Exclusive to Charizard:
    • Charizard is a dragon-like Pokémon (though not actually a Dragon-type) with a flame on the tip of its tail. This flame glows brighter if it's furious, which is often, because most Charizard are very aggressive. Its fire breath is said to be hot enough to melt boulders, and it can fly at altitudes well over a kilometer. It's also one of two Pokémon with two Mega Evolutions; Mega Charizard Y looks like a bigger version with torn wings, but Mega Charizard X is black with blue flames and exchanges its Flying type for Dragon. Notable Charizard in the Pokémon canon include Ash's, the member of Team ACT, Red's, Blue's, Salamè, Kiawe's, Alain's, and Leon's. Charizard is the most popular member of this trio, and is often put in the spotlight in both the anime and the games. It is said that this Charizard ascended by Mega Evolving to Mega Charizard X to take down Mewtwo, followed by breaking out as a solo fighter in the 4th Super Smash Bros. tournament. No one has yet to ask, but Charizard is allies with other fully-evolved Pokémon fighters such as Greninja, Lucario, and Mewtwo as a result.
    • The partnership program first led him to Harry Potter, who is known for his kind and benevolent heart, and proved to be able to temper the battle-loving Charizard and steer him towards more heroic purposes. After facing a Hungarian Horntail, this fire-tipped-tailed "dragon" was more reasonable. He's also useful in countering Voldemort's fiendfyre. While they're no longer partners, Charizard decided to stick with Harry as an ally.
    • Charizard's current partner is none other than Red, the legendary trainer of Kanto. Red encountered the three ascended Kanto starters, and challenged them to a triple battle with his non-ascended Kanto starters. Venusaur and Blastoise both had partners to help them mega evolve... but Charizard didn't, so he was the first to faint. Red took pity on him, so after the battle, he visited the Kanto starters in their temple and presented two mega stones to Charizard: a Charizardite X and Y. Charizard reacted to both (though not at the same time, of course), confirming his partnership with Red. Red's non-ascended Charizard is jealous.
    • Charizard travels the Pantheon to find new rivals to fight, but its favourite places are the Halls of Dragons and Fire and Heat. However, he has enough common sense to avoid the Pantheon's most malicious dragons, such as Fatalis and Alduin. Sunny of the SandWings was intimidated by Charizard at first, partly because of his hot-blooded-ness and partially because he reminded her of Peril, a Wreathed in Flames dragon from her world with... issues. However, Sunny warmed up to Charizard once she realised he has no ill intentions.
  • Exclusive to Blastoise:
    • Blastoise is a bipedal turtle with cannons in its shell. It uses these to spray pressurised jets of water that are said to be able to cut through steel and can reach over 50 metres (160 feet). Its weight makes it slow, but also allows it to withstand the recoil. Its pre-evolution, Wartortle, is said to live over 10,000 years. Notable Blastoise in the Pokémon canon include Blue/Gary Oak's, Blasty, the member of Team Hydro, and Tierno's.
    • One day, Maisie Farange and her adoptive parents visited a lake in the Pantheon, where they met Blastoise. A territorial Lagiacrus also lived in the lake, and attacked the humans it thought were invading its territory. Blastoise bravely fought the Lagiacrus, and Maisie rushed to hug him. Since Maisie always loved turtles — she used to have one as a pet — she instantly latched on to Blastoise as an older brother figure, and the two became partners.
    • Blastoise doesn't like being with other lightning- or plant-based deities because he's weak to those elements, but he likes being with other water deities such as Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Kingdra, Popplio, and Kyogre. Blastoise especially gets along with Feraligatr and Greninja (for the most part) due to them being final-stage water starter Pokémon, but he secretly resents the latter for replacing Squirtle in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
    • He's been seen helping the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on missions often. Despite his lack of agility, Blastoise more than makes up for it with great defenses and raw power, plus having many long-ranged attacks is very helpful to them. He's also allies with Gamera, another turtle who protects children. Since the Squirtle line help firefighters in places such as Ryme City, he's allies with firefighters such as Carter Grayson, the Burning Rangers, and Galo Thymos. Due to interactions with The Mob, Blastoise sometimes can be seen as a detective known as "Shellock Holmes" and solving mysteries like his namesake, Sherlock Holmes. The detective is slightly weirded out how a Blastoise makes a good detective but doesn't let it bother him.
    • Blastoise hates Bowser because despite being one of the few other turtle deities, he's still an evil character. The Koopa King doesn't like him either for being water-based and thus able to counter his fire. Blastoise's water cannons remind Bowser of that time Mario foiled his and his son's plans with a water-spraying jetpack.

    Koudelka Iasant 
Koudelka Iasant, Goddess of Previous Player Character Cameos (Zslato, Mysterious Voice, Angel, Straightjacket Woman, Witch, Mom, Key of Darkness, Witch of the Darkness Flames)
Click here to see her appearance in Shadow Hearts 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant
  • Theme Song: Requiem (shared with Edward and Father O'Flaherty)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with True Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Previous Player-Character Cameo, Dark Magical Girl, Hot Gypsy Woman, Person of Mass Destruction, Action Mom, Is the conduit/embodiment of black magic, but is not evil, Can see ghosts, as well as channel the spirits of the dead and allow them to possess her body, Psychic Powers, including Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Precognition, Primarily wields fire, and dark magic, Can also cast healing, and reflective barrier spells
  • Domains: Cameos, Spirituality, Psychics, Fire, Darkness
  • Herald: Halley Brancket/Harry Plunkett (her long-lost son)
  • Allies: Edward J. Plunkett, Father James O'Flaherty, Esmeralda, Sophitia Alexandra, Terra Branford, Maya Fey, Anna Kyōyama, Vent and Aile
  • Enemies: Judge Frollo, Amon the Equalist leader, Amon the Fallen Xel'Naga, Lucy, Psycho Mantis
  • Conflicting Opinion: Doctor Doom
  • Koudelka was born in 1879 to a very poor Gypsy family in the remote Welsh village of Abergynolwyn, beside the Taliesin river. Her birth name is Zslato, which means "treasure". Her strong psychic abilities frightened her family and neighbours and things came to a head when she predicted her father's death down to the very minute, days before it happened. Her mother, fearful of her daughter's powers, tried to kill her, but was unsuccessful. After being brought before the Gypsy elders, Koudelka was banished and chased from the village. In 1888, at age nine, she was found in London by Mrs. Blavatsky, a renowned medium for the spirits. She raised Koudelka as her daughter, helping her hone her skills until she passed away. Afterwards, Koudelka set off travelling around Britain, supporting herself by finding lost articles for other people and serving as a medium for those who wished to communicate with the spirit world. In Autumn of 1898, Koudelka heard a desperate plea of help from a spirit asking her to travel to the Nemeton Monastery in Aberystwyth, Wales. After arriving at the monastery, Koudelka met and teamed up with Edward Plunkett and Father James O' Flaherty in order to investigate the events happening there. 15 years later, Koudelka teamed up with Yuri Hyuga and his group in order to prevent Albert Simon from summoning a being a known as "Meta-God" and cleansing the world.
  • She ascended into the pantheon after the gods heard about her show-stopping appearance in the adventure of her successor, Yuri Hyuga. She was quite surprised to hear that it is considered to be such a big deal.
  • Koudelka quickly befriended fellow Gypsy Esmeralda, who was happy to meet another Gypsy within the pantheon. The two bonded over their shared hardships and formed a mutual respect. However, Koudelka also became enemies with Judge Frollo, who was outraged about the ascension of another Gypsy and started threatening her the same way that he did Esmeralda. Koudelka managed to get him to keep his distance by threatening him with her magic powers. While this has successfully resulted in him generally avoiding her, the fact that she can use dark magic further convinced him that she was evil and has fueled his desire to destroy her.
  • She became good friends with Sophitia Alexandra and Terra Branford due to her strong bond with her son and her willingness to prioritise his safety over that of the world or herself. She sympathises with Sophitia for having been Forced into Evil in order to protect her daughter and generally agrees with Terra about the joys of love, as it helped to soften her outlook on life and resulted in the birth of her son, Halley.
  • Koudelka is also good friends with fellow spirit channeler Maya Fey, which came as a surprise to many as the two have very different personalities. However, Koudelka managed to bond with Maya over their shared desire to help people. Similarly, Koudelka befriended Anna Kyōyama due to having a similar past of being ostracized as a child because of her powers.
  • She is on friendly terms with Vent and Aile and sympathises with how they lost their parents at a young age. They bonded over their shared desire to help others despite their respective hardships.
  • Koudelka was initially quite alarmed to hear that there were two Amons in the pantheon, as she thought that one of them could be a powerful demon with the same name from her world who is one of the three Gods of Destruction. Although neither of them is the Amon from her world, she nonetheless became enemies with both of them. The leader of the Equalists opposes her due to the fact that she is a magic user while the fallen Xel'Naga dislikes her due to his view of humans as being insignificant.
  • She generally opposes evil Psychics and is frequently called upon for help whenever any are causing trouble. However, she also feels sorry for certain evil psychics, such as Lucy and Psycho, as their bad childhoods contributed to them becoming evil and make her wonder if she could have ended up like them if not for the kindness she had received from others.
  • She's rather unsure of what to think of Doctor Doom. On one hand, they're both Gypsies who have experienced hardships and are very skilled at magic. On the other hand, she disagrees with his dictatorial methods and his willingness to resort to extreme and immoral methods to achieve his goals. However, his Heel–Face Turn has resulted in their interactions becoming more amicable.
  • Can also be found in Character Writing.

Mew, God of Secret Characters (The New Species Pokémon, The Mirage Pokémon)

Pikachu, God of Signature Creatures (The Mouse Pokémon, Pika Pika!, Number 8, Agent #25, Conduit)
Gigantimax Pikachu 
  • Intermediate God; Greater God with Pikachunium-Z or as Gigantamax Pikachu
  • Symbol: His lightning bolt-shaped tail
  • Theme Songs: Pokémon Red and Blue Theme, Boku no Best Friend (shared with Ash)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but with Ash's influence he's Neutral Good as are other less rowdy individuals
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Static
  • Moveset: Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Electroweb
    • Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc or 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt (with Ash on a rare occasion)
  • Portfolio: Lightning, Monsters, Kids with Leashes, Making Team Rocket "Blast Off Again"...and Again and Again
  • Domain: Animal, Lightning, Protection, Storm
  • Follower: Dark Magician
  • Allies: Mario, The Blue Slime, Samus Aran, Lilo & Stitch, Sparkynote , Sonic The Hedgehog, Pichu, Togepi, Red
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Zubat, Ridley, any Ground-type enemies, Clu
  • Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, easily the most recognizable Pokémon in existance and the Mascot of his franchise. This Pikachu ascended thanks to his master and best friend Ash Ketchum, who wanted Pikachu to have his own temple, even if he didn't have any problem sharing with Ash. Having reviewed the notability of his species, Pikachu was chosen as the symbol of all the Pokémon deities and is hold to the highest honor, even if he would rather not be put on a pedestal.
  • Is on good terms with Samus ever since their chance meeting during one of her trademark apocalypses.
    • In contrast, Ridley promised that he'll skewer Pikachu with his tail as payback for preventing him from killing Samus.
  • Between playing with his friends and shocking villains, he's sometimes seen carrying around — and eating from — a bottle of the House of Food's best ketchup. The House of Food doesn't mind a bottle going missing every now and then, as a single bottle is nothing compared to what some other deities consume every meal.
    • While he doesn't mind sharing said bottle if asked, he will retaliate if it's taken from him. Whether this is by himself or with the help of friends depends on the aggressor.
  • Once got into a fight with Blanka, and despite putting up a great fight, was sorely outclassed thanks to his small size.
  • Despite his incredible speed, he sadly suffers of a case of sensitive knees. VERY sensitive knees.
  • Once got unlucky with Ghetsis Harmonia, who tested mind control technology on him in a plot to eventually control legendary Pokémon within the Pantheon. Pikachu was able to break free thanks to the efforts of Ash, N, and surprisingly Team Rocket.
  • News has come to light of Pikachu taking on an exercise regiment for the sake of facing a different competition. Even more bizarrely, Heihachi is actually interested in seeing how this will turn out.
  • Alongside Ash, Team Rocket, Misty and Brock, Pikachu is expressly forbidden from entering Cyberspace, due in no small part to his role in a certain incident.
  • Was seen a few times in the Gaming Styles subhouse, acting as an agent for Roahm Mythril prior to his departure from the Pantheon.

Tremor, God of Playable Promotion
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Dragon emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral off the clock)
  • Portfolio: Adorkable (sometimes), Affably Evil, Ascended Extra, The Big Guy, Breakout Character, The Comically Serious, Extra-ore-dinary, Even Evil Has Standards, Guttural Growler, Mistaken for Scorpion, Taken for Granite
  • Domains: Earth, Mercenaries, Crime, Playable Characters, Popularity, Coolness
  • Allies: Gaara, Diancie, Heathran, Regirock, Deadpool
  • Rivals: Scorpion, Toph Beifong
  • Enemies: Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage (Although he is willing to spare them), Kotal Khan, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kano
  • Respects: Johnny Cage, Geb
  • Odd Friendship: Leon
  • What seemed to be at first just a quirky underling of Kano, Tremor made a huge impression after he fought Jax Briggs given his earth control powers. Eventually he lost the fight and died, but he wasn't forgotten and in the new timeline, the story of Tremor took a radical turn. After Kano sent him to retrieve an item in the Dream Realm, Tremor's powers being exposed to that realm increased their strength, enough that it is said his power rivals those of Raiden and Fujin, two demigods. After that, Tremor appeared among the pantheon ranks, triumphally claiming the title of Playable Promotion.
  • For a Black Dragon Clan member, he is actually not that bad even being very affable towards his foes and even willing to let some retreat. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to crush the ascended Special Forces members Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs. He especially wants some payback with Jax given his death in the original timeline and this time he is going all out.
    • Unexpectedly, he seems to unironically enjoy Johnny Cage's movies enough to respect the man himself in combat. Cage does consider him a dangerous threat but appreaciates his support.
  • His relationship with Kano has been strained given his rather...shady ways he goes around. They seem to tolerate the other enough to at least work together, but he has quit being a Black Dragon (at least in the pantheon) and has stated that he plans to off Kano before he departs.
  • His impressive earthbending skills haven't gone unnoticed and he sometimes can be found in the House of Earth and Rock honing his skills. He considers Toph Beifong a Worthy Opponent and their bouts have ended in stalemates multiple times, most impressive is that they also have control over metal (As demonstrated by Tremor's Metallic variation and Toph's metalbending). He respects Geb for being an ancient deity of earth elementals and hopes to one day match his strength.
    • He also has Crystalline variation where he can adopt moves based on crystals. This drew the attention of Diancie who was perplexed by their similar appearances. Tremor and Diancie actually became good friends, to everyones surprises and he seems to be super protective of the Pokémon, to the point that if Diancie gets in serious trouble, he won't hesitate to come to her aid.
  • Sometimes can also be seen in the hottest places of Nature, probably assuming his Aftershock form to practice. There he also found Heathran and confronted the creature to see if it had some combat in it. He wasn't dissapointed and ended up befriending the creature, strangely enough.
    • He also heard of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, a man with a fearsome reputation and even more fearsome powers. Tremor also challenged him to a fight to see if he the rumors were true and ultimately ended on a stalemate. Though their conflict didn't end there, as Akainu clearly wants to terminate Tremor for his connection with the Black Dragon clan and won't rest until he finishes him off.
  • While he might be better and more morally upstanding than his partner Kano, Tremor at the end of the day is still a criminal and mercenary and is judged as such. He has some received some job offers from the likes of Shadaloo, HYDRA and the Regime but he usually prefers to take smaller jobs, even if those don't bother him that much.
  • Once got to work with Deadpool and surprisingly, Tremor was able to tolerate his constant talking without too much trouble. Well, until he started to bother him about his old look and Tremor decide to crush the merc with the mouth with his Stone Tomb. Of course, that didn't kill him but it kept him quite for a few minutes.
  • Used to be confused for Scorpion in the past. A lot. So it's understandable why the two are rivals, besides their contrasting elements. The next person who will mention that he resembles Scorpion will get their bones crushed though.
  • Has some degree of respect for Leon, who also like him was Saved by the Fans. Initially though Leon didn't have a high opinion of Tremor considering his ties with Kano but since Tremor showed to be quite the honorable fighter he ended up also respecting him in return.
  • He seems to be closely connected to the House of Dreams and Nightmares, possibly since his powers increased after being exposed to the Dream Realm for so long. But the reason he visits the house is entirely unknown.
  • Can also be found in Effects of Popularity.

    Vent and Aile 
Vent and Aile, Co-Deities of Genders Irrelevant to Gameplay (The Model X Mega Man, The Model ZX Mega Man)
Above: Vent and Aile in ZX, Below: Aile and Vent in ZX Advent

Lesser Gods

    Ax Battler, Gilius Thunderhead, and Tyris Flare 
Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead, Divine Trinity of Balance, Power and Speed (Ax Battler: Ax=Battler, Tarik the Axe Battler, The Barbarian, Lord of the Frozen North; Tyris Flare: Tyris=Flare, The Amazon; Gilius: Gilius=Thunderhead, The Dwarf)
from left: Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler and Tyris Flare
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Golden Axe
  • Theme Song: Wilderness
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Vengeance, Weapons, Fantasy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Melkor, Gregor Clegane, Cervantes de Leon, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Euron Greyjoy
  • Conflicing Opinion: Kratos
  • In General:
    • Gilius Thunderhead was already plotting to bring his two comrades-in-arms, Tyris Flare and Ax Battler into the Pantheon. Getting Tyris Flare in was easy enough, as she was the High Priestess to Red Sonja, the goddess herself plotting to bring Tyris into the Pantheon proper. When Conan the Barbarian heard of this plan, he offered his aid in allowing his follower, Ax Battler to join his friends. Conan, Sonja and Gilius worked together and their plotting finally bore fruit. The Ax Battler and Tyris has reunited with Gilius in the Pantheon.
    • Of course, this meant that Gilius had to relinquish his previous title of God of Dwarves. Now Gilius has his hands full in deciding who gets to be his successor for the position. What better way than to choose than a good-old-fashioned free-for all?
    • Ax Battler thanked both Conan and Gilius for getting him into the Pantheon. Of which the dwarf replied that it was a joint effort between the two men and Red Sonja. Tyris, for her part, is humbled that Sonja had given her such an opportunity.
    • If you like where your head and appendages are at on your body, do not mention the Beat Rider Incident to the trio, as it is a Mark of Shame for the trio, especially for Tyris, as she was the one spearheading that event. If you're lucky (or if they're feeling merciful), they'll simply hack you to death.
    • While the trio are in agreement that most of the Greek Pantheon were a bunch of jerkasses, even they were apalled at Kratos' bloody rampage through Greece and Olympus. But as they see him with his son, teaching him not to be the man that he was, but better, makes the trio pause. That, and Gilius, famous for wielding an axe into battle, fawns over the Leviathan Axe, originally belonging to Kratos' wife, now his main weapon.
  • Ax Battler Only:
    • Turns out that he has gained a sympathetic ear from the deified mothers of the Pantheon, as he joined forces with Tyris and Gilius to avenge his mother and his people following Death Adder sacking his home village.
    • There has been some debate as to what Ax Battler's name is. Some say that his name is Tarik, and that Ax Battler is just a title, while others say that Ax Battler is his real name. In a dose of irony his weapon is a broadsword, rather than an axe.
    • Has gained sympathy from the deified parents in the Pantheon - especially mothers - after telling his backstory. He lived with his mother until Death Adder sacked his village, his mother being among the many casualties, leading to his war against Death Adder and his forces.
    • Also has his share of females chasing after him as well. That comes with being a former follower of Conan the Barbarian. Among his female admirerers are Isabela of Rivain and Queen Ashe Dalmasca.
  • Tyris Flare Only:
    • Hearing of Tyris' exploits has made Visenya Targaryen's warrior blood boil. Visenya knows of Tyris' battle prowess from her days as Red Sonja's High Priestess. Now, Visenya wants nothing more than to cross swords with Tyris herself.
    • Her time as Red Sonja's High Priestess has rubbed off on her. Not only did her swordplay improved, but she also developed a severe hatred for rapists. While Sonja would love nothing more than to geld The Mountain That Rides, Tyris loathes the Boltons, especially Ramsay. She also finds out that Euron Greyjoy has taken a shine to her, and wants to make her his latest salt wife. That and he threatenes Gilius.
    Euron: You will be mine, Tyris. I will pay the iron price.
    Tyris: Then you will accept my own iron price when I shove my sword down your throat.
    • As mentioned earlier, mentioning the Beast Rider fiasco pisses her off somethibg serious. If you want to remain in one piece, don't mention that to her.
    • As her nickname is 'The Amazon,' she certainly fights like one, hence the attention from Wonder Woman herself. Tyris was also seen in the company of Triss Merigold, as she was learning how to strengthen her fire magic.
  • Gilius Only:
    • One of the more reknown Dwarves in the verse, Gilius' services in the name of justice is very lengthy. He stopped the terrors of Death Adder, Death Bringer, Dark Guld, and later saved a group of heroes from Damned Hellstrike and returning one last time to face the return of Death Adder. And he was never alone, but he always represented the Dwarf race best: Stout and mighty in spite of his short size.
    • This is finally capitalized when he seemingly perished delivering the great final strike against Death Adder, sacrificing his life so others may live. The greatness of his sacrifice made the Pantheon re-evaluate his worth to enter the Pantheon... and after seeing Gilius even adapt to modern times by playing tennis and going karting even beyond his death, they decided that he deserves a place in the Pantheon and ascended him as the Dwarf God.
    • Contrary to the whole Elves vs. Dwarves thing, Gilius actually have no say about those, as he has never encountered them in life, and in fact would get along well with them if necessary.
    • He actually knows some magic, but much like other Dwarves, Gilius' more known for his strength, his magic is kind of lacking and he admitted his friend Tyris Flare was much more adept in that. Then again, that was enough to save at least two of the four adventurers from Damned Hellstrike.
    • He used to mine, like all dwarves as well, before all those shits with Death Adder. This is why sometimes he spends his time saving those Fortress Dwarves when they did something incredibly stupid it's life-threatening. Of course he can't be everywhere at times, so there were times he ended up unable to save them from the inevitable.
    • As one of the earlier Sega deities, he got along well with deities like Sonic The Hedgehog and Segata Sanshiro. He also seemed to note about the trio of Axel, Adam and Blaze to be fellow Beat 'em Up deities (well, Hack N Slash seems to be more of Gilius' expertise) and has noted that maybe Blaze kind of reminded him of what happened if Tyris would reincarnate in modern times.

    Carl "CJ" Johnson 

"Ah shit, here we go again. Worst place in the world. TV Tropes Pantheon Country. I ain't represented Game Characters sub-house for five years. But the Gaming House won't give a shit."

Carl Johnson, God of Customizable Player Characters (CJ)

    The GTA V Trio 
Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Trio of Multiple Playable Characters
Michael, Franklin and Trevor
  • Lesser Deities (Trevor can reach Intermediate level if he is angry enough)
  • Symbols: $100 bills
  • Theme Songs: "Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Trevor leans closely to Chaotic Evil
  • Domains: Thievery, Stealth, Violence, Aggression
  • Portfolio: Stealing Lots Of Money Against All Odds, and in extreme (and stylish) ways, Fighting together as one, Badass in a Nice Suit, Villain Protagonist
  • Heralds: The De Santa family, Lamar Davis and Lester Crest
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The 3rd Street Saints Leader, Professor Venomous
  • Commonality Connection with: The Mercanaries of Mann Co.
  • Enemies: C.R.A.S.H., Dimitri Rascalov, The entirety of the House of Commerce and most of the House of Justice, John Donovan, The HECU
  • Conflicting opinion: Big Smoke (Franklin)
  • Los Santos is a city where many things happen and huge influx of crime and debauchery. Enter these unlikely partners, Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips. An ex-robber who got set up with a cushy early retirement by the FIB agent who was supposed to kill him, a low-level gangbanger who aspired for more using his intelligence and skills, and an airman and sniper turned meth-addled psychopath, became an infamous trio of criminals with many successfully heists to their names in the city of Los Santos and other surrounding areas in the state of San Andreas. All three would serve as playable protagonists in their game, switching back and forth to show each man's own personal adventures in addition to their capers together, mainly dealing with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the United States government, and the entertainment industry. Along the way, Franklin would noticeably become a more skilled and hardened criminal, growing from taking orders from the two as Michael's protégé and Trevor's minder to becoming a genuinely equal and in some ways superior partner in their alliance. This would be put to the test, though, thanks to the many issues stemming from Michael and Trevor's past which threatened to undo everything the trio worked towards together, by both endangering them individually as well as straining their friendship.
  • Along with Multiple Playable Characters, their story also hit Multiple Endings, when separate bounties were put on the heads of both Michael and Trevor, and Franklin was given the choice to pick up one or the other. Option A: do something sensible and kill Trevor, commissioned by a double-crossing agent who worked with the one who faked Michael's death, to get rid of a volatile liability. Option B: accept that the time's come to surpass the mentor and kill Michael, commissioned by a business tycoon who'd also cheated the crew, wanting revenge for ruining his plot to buy out a film studio and replace it with condos. The version that is canon to both the GTA franchise and the Pantheon, however, saw Franklin take Option C: the third way akin to a deathwish, where he contacted their booker and mastermind Lester about the situation, who helped him figure out a long and intricate plot for their survival. This started with luring large swaths of both the corrupt FIB branch and the tycoon's personal PMC army to a foundry at once and staging a shootout there in order to kill them all. The trio, along with Franklin's best friend Lamar Davis, all survived to kill the enemies, leaving the men who tried to commission their deaths far less protected. This would set the stage for a calculated series of hits to take out anyone and everyone who wanted any of the three dead.
  • Ultimately, the events of their story saw the boys travel in different directions, formally choosing to end their criminal partnership and mostly retire from heists, while still remaining friends at least for a time. During one meetup, the three drove along a desert road while reminiscing and bantering amongst themselves, only noticing they were lost when the terrain around them was so drastically different from anything they'd known that they could never reasonably perceive themselves to still be in San Andreas at all, let alone Los Santos. Continuing to travel through this unknown territory anyway, they learned about a great "vault of weaponry" and decided to pull a score on said vault, just for old times' sake.
  • When they got into the Great Treasury and realized that the weaponry was only one of several different categories of, well, treasure, located inside, Franklin made sure they stayed focused on the weapons, finding the Armory on the Level 2 floor. Once there, they managed to steal a large chunk of the belongings before they were caught and forced to return them. Seeing their incredible talent for robbery and almost flawless execution, the Court of the Gods let them in with the condition that they would work under them whenever a critical situation arose. The trio protested the idea of once again being under the control of "the feds," but were convinced to let it slide when they were taken to a three-room "temple" that was basically a backdoor into their own rooms back in Los Santos. Aside from the relatively cool introduction to the otherworldly aspects of this new place and the easy way back and forth between the Pantheon and home, it seems that the Court of the Gods isn't as bad as the likes of Haines or Weston.
  • For the most part the three will maintain that they're supposed to be "retired", holding no real allegiances towards any greater alliances, mostly because they don't really care about what motivates any jobs they may get unless they get paid. Still, their time in the Pantheon has had them pull heists for a variety of factions trying to weaken another enemy group, so in that sense they aren't exactly abstaining from, or starving for, job opportunities.
  • The trio also got to meet several others from their own universe, some of whom they've tried to recruit for future heists, mainly so they could reinforce their "retirement" while still getting paid to a smaller degree. Howevever, most of the others were either not interested or not willing. For example, the hit on the Liberty City Bank was notorious among them, as Lester told them of Niko Bellic being one of the men that pulled it off as well as having worked with his friend Packie in the past, but Niko was trying to leave the life of crime behind. CJ and Franklin became quick friends thanks to their shared background and ties to the Families, though the former was sad that Grove Street ended up falling to Ballas hands.
  • Due to their bonding through same goals and long-term works, they have been seen talking with Mann Co.'s mercenaries as both teams have known similarities. One that stands out is that both teams have evolved into Fire-Forged Friends although most can agree that Trevor and the Pyro are some serious loose cannons that the groups have to keep a close eye on just in case. Michael's ruthlessness has Mann Co. a bit wary too. The Mercenaries have agreed to take on missions on behalf of the GTA V boys on the condition that Franklin is there every single time, as they trust him to have their backs and keep Michael, Trevor, and The Pyro honest. In fact it was Franklin who personally signed that contract with Saxton Hale himself.
  • None of the fellows seem to be too fond of the 3rd Street Saints, Michael in particular. While this could be attributed to a brief Mushroom Samba involving a purple haze and aliens, he claims that he is just wary of the gang's actions and consider them too much of loose cannons. That said, they have no problem allying with the leader if Zinyak is involved.
  • Trevor's company, Trevor Phillips Industries/Enteprises/Corporation/basically anything that sounds important, is competing against Marcus Kincaid's own Marcus Munitions. There is some bad blood between the two, probably hailing from the fact that Trevor was denied the ability to break into the arms race on Pandora and the fact that he continuously has stolen from Markus numerous times. He is mostly successful in other ventures, such as selling meth, and this also got them in contact with Walter White, who for some reason reminds Trevor of his buddy Chef.
  • There was also that time when people confused Trevor for Professor Venomous, only most thought the latter had finally gone completely insane. Nevertheless, both Trevor and Venomous developed a rivalry since the Professor IS a fellow Arms Dealer and Trevor ain't taking any competition lightly.
  • Michael can often be found with a good friend of his, Max Payne. It's been said that Max himself taught Michael everything he knows about marksmanship. He is also allies with the cowboy John Marston, who sympathizes with Michael's desire to be a good father and staying out of the life of crime despite circumstances. Incidentally, Michael was the one that ultimately tipped John off that his son Jack would end up becoming an author just like he wanted.
  • Given their history with Merryweather, a PMC that operated in Los Santos under the employ of Weston, the tycoon who tried to have Michael killed, the trio certainly is not fan of those groups. They in turn are especially wary of Trevor since he has a knack for stealing military equipment (he even almost stole a nuke once). While not a PMC, Trevor decided to target the HECU's headquarters and stole important weapons from them, which quickly landed him as well as Michael and Franklin in hot water.
  • Another instance of conflict came when John Donovan tried to wiretap conversations with Michael and Trevor. Given their history with goverment agencies, Michael especially, John got captured and almost spent a "special amount of time" with Trevor before Pantheon authorities rescued him. Since then, he has tried to stay clear from the dangerous trio.
  • For some reason, Franklin can actually understand dogs, so he can sometimes appear in the House of Canines unprovoked just because a dog happens to lead him there. No one has clue why he can do that, no even Franklin himself.
  • A lot of people have been harassing Franklin after a video was leaked where his pal Lamar said a few words to Franklin about his hair and life choices. Since then, many denizens of the Pantheon has indulged in roasting Franklin for that, an event that never ceases to annoy him.

    Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams 
Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams, God(dess) of Mutually Exclusive Party Members (Both: Virmire Survivor, Kaidan: LT)
  • Lesser God (Kaidan), Demigod (Ashley)
  • Symbol: A blue Alliance armor.
  • Alliance: Both are Lawful Good but can be Neutral Good if they have to
  • Porfolio: Both: Walking Spoiler, cannot be in the same party simultaneously, being The Lancer to Shepard, being Killed Off for Real (depends on Shepard's choice), military background
  • Domains: Both: Gaming, Combat, Life and Death, Narrative, War
    • Kaidan: Personal Appearance, Mentalism, Love
    • Ashley: Anti-Hero, Family, Personality, Quirk
  • High Priests: Bethany and Carver Hawke
  • Followers: Erana and Katrina, Rosary Esmeralda and Roswell Branthèse, Valeria and Kasumi, Daena and Escad, Samson and Arran
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Both: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the entire Collectors / Reapers army, Saren Arterius, David Xanatos
  • Opposes: Both: Yubel
  • Conflicting Opinions:
  • The two are among one of the most mysterious deities in the pantheon. Both of them claimed to be Shepard's closest companions, being the only ones along with Joker that don't require a Loyalty Mission to stay with him / her, yet every time someone saw them as a representative agent for Shepard, they became either of one these two different person whenever people blink: sometimes a male biotic named Kaidan while sometimes a female soldier called Ashley. This confused and scared the hell out of everyone in the Pantheon, including the villains. To make matter worse, both of them take charge of their temple at a schedule of different days in the week or when the other is unavailable and keep having crisis over the other not survived.
    • The only ones that know about the truth about this phenomenal are the gods from the Mass Effect universe, Cosmos, Aerith Gainsborough, Abed Nadir, Sherlock Holmes, Yubel and David Xanatos. Much effort was made from a lot of different deities to hire The Laughing Man to hack into the database of a mysterious entity from the Mass Effect Universe called the Shadow Broker to figure out what the heck is going on, only to find a file that titled "Virmire".
    • It should be noted that their presence did not have a positive effect on fellow Mass Effect gods from the Normandy, especially Shepard, as it's a constant reminder of their failures to ensure the survival of one of them.
    • It was reviewed that their ascension was a plan by David Xanatos (who stumbles across them in an effort to ascend his wife) as a form of gambit: If they are ascended, he will have a chance to cripple Commander Shepard psychologically as well as a leverage / favor against Shepard. If not, their high priest Bethany & Carver Hawke will ascend thus crippling Hawke, another powerful member, instead. While Ashley & Kaidan themselves hate David's guts for his manipulation of them, Shepard him / herself has mixed feeling as at least David allow him / her to see both of them again, in a matter of speaking.
  • Both of them and Shepard have to point out that Kaidan did not spent all of his time complaining about his implant and Ashley can work with her alien teammates just fine while eventually outgrew her racism toward the other species.
  • Was understandably mistaken as a hermaphrodite deity by Yubel, who pays their temple a visit along with Juudai. Needless to say, the Duel Monster was disappointed to find out that they were two deities but was amused when Yubel notices how similar the relationship between Kaidan and Male!Shepard is to Juudai and Johan before the Virmire incident. Ashley and Kaidan were just disturbed by how similar Yubel is to the Reapers and refused any more contact with the Duel Monster.
  • Do NOT mistake Ashley for Ashley J. Williams unless you want a shotgun in the face as she thinks he is too uncontrollable for her taste. She tries to avoid this as much as possible by introduce herself as Ashley Madeline Williams or Lt. Williams. Amusingly, a lot of gods realize they are not so different from each other, including but not limit to calling their guns a "boomstick". She got along better with the more pragmatic heroes, especially Wonder Woman (for their willingness to do the dirty works) and Emiya.
  • Ashley dislikes the Ashleys group as it reminds too much of the teasing she used to endure under her fellow Jerkass Alliance soldiers. Although their Pet the Dog moments have somewhat soften her opinion on them.
  • In her off days, Ashley can be seen in the House of Quirk and Theater to share her love for poetry with the gods reside there.
  • In his off days, Kaidan can be seen wondering around asking anime gods he came across if they are biotics, probably due to the eyes and hair. This is followed by a secret order from Shepard to not offer any explanation for him as s/he is too amused by this. Fortunately, his personality caused him to made a lot of friends in the hero side (and even a few bad or morally-ambiguous ones). He is especially sympathetic with Ranma Saotome for their shared experience with Training from Hell and advises Ranma to seek a good therapist for the latter's crippling fear of cats.
  • Kaidan has complicated feelings on Charles Xavier and Magneto as their philosophy reminds him of his world's stance on human biotic. While admiring Xavier for his stand on the mutant's side and disgusted with Magneto's more extreme actions, he dislikes Xavier's tendency to keep secrets from his fellow X-men and admits the Crapsack World nature of the Marvel Universe tends to justify a lot of Magneto's hatred for them.
  • Kaidan's sexuality is one of the most extremely debated topic in the pantheon, especially in the House of Love and Narrative. Some (most of the House of Love) argue that he is bisexual, pointing out that he only has romantic interest in two people at most (his friend Rahna and Shepard), one of whom is potentially male. Some (most deities from the House of Narrative) think he just attracted to Shepard, points out that it took much longer for Male!Shepard to start a romance with him than a Fem!Shepard and only after buying a whiskey bottle. Kaidan is just amused (and somewhat appalled / embarrassed) by this and states that what he does in the bedroom is his business.
    • Desire of The Endless tried to settle this argument through seducing Kaidan by shape shifting into the most attractive male form he desired. However, Desire's effort was found out by The Shadow Broker, who happens to be his good friend Liara and was stopped by the combined effort of the entire Normandy crew as they heard about Desire's Lack of Empathy and Manipulative Bastard personality.

Kuriboh, The Divine Lethal Joke Character

Quagsire, God of Defying the Metagame (The Water Fish Pokémon, Nuoh, Marshall)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The purple blob pattern on its back
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Unaware
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Scald, Earthquake, Recover, Toxic
    • Z-Move: Tectonic Rage
  • Portfolio: Making a Splash and Dishing Out Dirt, Anti-Metagame Character, Can Take a Hit, Less Give One, Can Have Water Absorb, Unaware or Damp, Delayed Reaction, Crutch Character, Perpetual Smiler
  • Domains: Mud, Water, Competitive Play, Slipperiness, Happiness
  • Heralds: Wooper (its pre-evolution), Clodsire (its Paldean counterpart)
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Snorlax, Cloyster, Oshawott, Feraligatr, Chuggaaconroy, Whispy Woods, Globox, The Inklings and Octolings
  • On good terms with: Ecco the Dolphin, Ron Stoppable
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Eneru, Max Dillon/Electro (on-sided on their end), Rusty (one-sided on Quagsire's end), Pokémon Hunter J, The Operation Razorfish and Lake Victoria Pirahnas, The Nuckelavee
  • Annoyed by: Glenn Quagmire
  • Amuses: Some of the legendary Pokémon like Rayquaza
  • Avoids: The House of Plants
  • Fears: The Flood (Doctor Who)
  • Water/Ground is one of those rather useful type combinations, only possessing a 4x weakness to Grass types. The first to represent the type was also a Pokémon you could get early; the Wooper line. A cute little axolotl, at Lv 20 Wooper evolves into Quagsire. The Water Fish Pokémon is one of the more carefree Pokémon, letting the current take it wherever it goes. Sometimes Quagsire bumps its head into boulders and boat halls, but it doesn't mind it. Rarely getting hungry, Quagsire just opens its mouth and waits for prey to come in. The species is rather slippery due to the slime their body produces. In the Spanish-inspired Paldea region, Wooper do not evolve into Quagsire as they have a Poison/Ground regional variant. Instead they evolve into Clodsire, who keep themselves hydrated through a poisonous film.
  • Quagsire entered the Trope Pantheon simply because he was following a river that entered it. An evaluation was made to decide whether the friendly fishy Pokémon should be a permanent member, so records of the species' activity were opened up. As it turns out, despite logically being outclassed by many Pokémon in competitive play the Water Fish Pokémon can stand its own against the higher tiers. It was determined to be a Anti-Metagame Character; though near the bottom of Smogon's tier lists, it is capable of holding its own against strong opponents due to its type, and since one of its abilities is Unaware; this lets it just ignore any stat boosts by the opponent. Also, some Quagsire have Water Absorb, which shuts down Kyogre's best asset. Even in recent generations, Quagsire was useful against the overwhelming Zacian-Crowned, who is one of very few Pokémon in the Anything Goes tiernote .
  • Due to his role as an Anti-Metagame Character, Quagsire decided to look for some other unorthodox game characters. Not that he is trying to build up a team; he just wants to make friends and figures if they share something in common that'd help. There are a few ascended Pokémon that have experienced the same role. The Imposter Ditto is able to punch above its weight class even if keeping the same HP (plus the limited PP) stops it from reaching said weight class. The three like talking about their stories. Many legendary Pokémon are amused by Quagsire for how it defies tiers. Rayquaza, existing to maintain a sort of balance, certainly finds it amusing. Of course, they also never have to worry about Quagsire unless he gets Ice Punch. The dragon would let his pre-evolution Wooper fight with Ice Punch though, since they're genuinely curious about how that would work.
  • Another Pokémon in the same House Quagsire likes is Shuckle. Shuckle has more of a clear role in the metagame, being a huge Stone Wall and all, though it still has tricks to play wacky. Shuckle can serve up some Berry Juice for Quagsire to enjoy while floating down the river, and they have some familiarity with one another already because they're Johto natives. Together with Ditto, they make up Quagsire's "gaming friends". Some non-Pokémon in that friend list are Kuriboh and Dan Hibiki. Being a Lethal Joke Character and a Joke Character respectively, they wanted to join up with Quagsire in order to troll the higher tiers and prove that no, they ain't useless one bit. Dan suggested this because he was the most competitive of the lot, and Quagsire went along just because he's a curious amphibian/fish/something who wanted to see where this goes. Outside of gaming he's friendly with Whispy Woods, despite the "4x Grass type weakness". Mainly because he's also laid back, and has let him have some apples so long as he doesn't headbutt him.
  • Ron has some fondness for Quagsire because of his characterization as a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, and as he doesn't have hair like his naked mole rat Rufus there's no fear of allergies. There were some warnings that his pre-evolution Wooper has a poisonous film, but outside of Toxic the line learns no Poison type moves. It's possible that the Paldean variant's traits got conflated with the OG Wooper. However Quagsire is a pretty physically slippery guy as his skin is slimy from being on the river bed. This saved him from pirahnas one time; one of the pantheon's pirahnas found Quagsire stumbling into its lake and tried to take a bite, only to not get a proper hold and be disgusted by the taste. Quagsire is still sore about this attempt and recognizes the pirahnas as wholly irrational beings who only want to eat what they can, even humans; that's just messed up to the amiable salamander.
  • While it doesn't go out of its way to act For Happiness Quagsire is one Mellow Fellow and has a goofy grin at all times. Its pre-evolution Wooper didn't even have arms and was just as happy. As Chuggaaconroy once said "If you can smile like that and have no arms, you are truly a king among kings." This was proven by him when his Quagsire, Marshall, was the last one standing against Evice and won. The lets player still has a soft spot for the Wooper line. However, he was not to be the man Quagsire chose as his partner. No, that honor would go to the Mr Lebowski. What could the Water Fish Pokémon say but that he respected his mellow attitude. His Dudeness appreciates the company, though he's not going to share a blunt. It's not that he doesn't share, he just feels giving one to a Pokémon would be unethical.
  • Not one known for intelligence. We're not talking Slowpoke levels of stupidity, but Quagsire hardly notice bonking their heads doesn't paint a good image. Nor does his Pearl Dex entry outright calling him dim-witted. The Quagsire in the pantheon at least is a Kindhearted Simpleton and doesn't hold any grudges to those that call it stupid. Some have compared him to Globox as they're big, blue, lovable oafs, and Globox is able to do a Rain Dance to summon the rain, which empowers the Water-type Quagsire. So they kind of make a good team. Quagsire believes that his wife Uglette is the shiny of whatever Globox's species is as she is pink like shiny Quagsire are, however Globox explained it's more like the gender differences in the Frillish line.
  • Quagsire doesn't get why Bill Cipher wants to torment his pre-evolution, though he won't stand for it. Apparently the reason is textbook Evil Is Petty and spoiler heavy; Bill has enmity with a cosmic axolotl, so he feels catharsis at the idea of making another axolotl like Wooper suffer. Also, he appears to have invoked this cosmic being on the cusp of defeat in a desperate attempt to save himself. The Water Fish Pokémon also doesn't get why some of the Hall of Electricity isn't fond of him; there are other Ground types. It's mainly psycho electros like Eneru and Electro; they're annoyed by how he is completely immune to their powers while also being part Water. Quagsire thinks they should just get over themselves, and no bother him for the sake of some personal pride.
  • Quagsire spends more time relaxing in either the Hall of Aquatic Life or Water and Moisture, as that's closest to his natural habitat. Misty had considered trying to get Quagsire as her partner first, because he would make good friends with her Psyduck and her game counterpart uses one on her team. She still appreciates another Quagsire ascending however, due to her love for and skill utilizing Water types. Ash was just happy to see another friendly Pokémon make its way to the Trope Pantheon. Quagsire has tried to make friends with some other Water types, such as Cloyster, Feraligatr and Oshawott. He likes Cloyster because of her defensive strategy, Feraligatr for being a contemporary as they're both from the Johto region, and Oshawott because they like a calming float down a stream. Snorlax is a non-Water type Pokémon Quagsire calls a friend because he is similarly mellow, though the salamander wishes he didn't snore so loudly.
  • Because of how calm and easy-going Quagsire is he has very little enemies. Even the House of Plants, despite being his Achilles' Heel, only incites feelings of caution and for once putting his mind to avoiding it. However, he does have a few. Obviously there is Pokémon Hunter J, who's complete disregard of other life for the sake of her wallet has made her an Enemy to All Living Things. Rusty is such a stupidly abusive trainer even Quagsire is disgusted by him. But unless you go to threaten his livelihood, for the most part they're his only enemies. Oh yeah, and the Flood, since as a water-bound creature that viral entity scares him. The Nuckleavee is naturally disturbing to Quagsire, and he is fortunate that he can use the monster's weakness to running water against it.
  • Quagsire isn't that fond of Glenn Quagmire, though more of the "he bothers me" than "I hate him!" kind of way. With how similar their names are some like to call him "Glenn Quagsire" or parody the "Who Else But Quagmire" song. Thing is Quagmire is a huge pervert and "weird" according to Quagsire so it manages to annoy him. Some have called Quagmire slimy, but not within Quagsire's earshot. Quagsire is physically slimy after all, and it helps more often than it hinders. He's helped out Meat Boy by using his slime to avoid potentially fatal injuries, and he's a big fan of the Splatfest. He's also fond the Slime Family. Another being he's fond of is Platypet, who's another aquatic 'mon characterized as being carefree. He thought Platypet was some undiscovered Pokémon at first, who mused "yeah, I get that".

    Rick, Kine, & Coo 
Rick, Kine, & Coo, Triumvirate of Assist Characters (Collectively: Animal Friends)
Left to Right: Kine, Rick, & Coo
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A brown sack
  • Theme Music: Kirby's Dream Land 2 Animal Friends Medley, Kirby's Dream Land 2 Title Screen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critters, Land, Sea, Sky, Power-Up Mount
  • Domains: Animals, Assistance, Abilities
  • Heralds: Nago, ChuChu, & Pitch
  • Allies: Kirby, Gooey, Yoshi, Chocobos, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: The Dark Matter Horde, Void Termina
  • Rick, Kine, and Coo are among Kirby's various allies and some of his earliest at that. They're found inside brown sacks and help Kirby via modifying whatever the puffball has at the moment once freed. Rick's abilities are suitable for land, Kine is specialized for underwater, and Coo's moves are meant for the air.
  • Three brown sacks were found one day at the House of Beast. No one was entirely sure what was in these sacks or if it could cause some potential problems. Kirby, who happened to be at the house at the time, recognized the sacks and went up to them. Out of the sacks were a hamster, a fish, and a bird, all of whom Kirby recognized as friends. Ultimately, the three were considered to not be much trouble and after additional matters were cleared with the Court of the Gods, Kirby's animal friends were allowed to stay around.
  • Their temple is a straightforward grassland setting, with accomodations specifically for each member. Since Kine simply flops on land, there is a lake for him to swim in. As for Coo, there is a high-enough tree for him to rest in, plus some other trees to fly towards. Rick has a few sections within his and his friends' temple for him to climb around.
  • All three get along great with Yoshi, who served a similar role via helping Mario after being freed from an egg. Yoshi was able to go on his own adventures independent of Mario and while the Animal Trio had far less solo adventuring than that of Yoshi's, they all still hang out and go around different places whenever possible.
    • Other animal companions that the trio became friends with are the Chocobos thanks to the general versatility that the birds had to offer to those that have them. Coo in particular is fond of the Chocobos and is seen with them by himself a bit more often.
  • While roaming around the Pantheon, Hammond managed to to come across Rick and was surprised to see not just another hamster, but one that's just a bit larger than him. Just out of curiosity, Hammond wanted to see if he could go on a ride with Rick and to his surprise, Rick was willing to go around with it. Not only that, but at a few points during their first meeting, Rick turned himself into a rolling stone ball. Going off what Wrecking Ball has translated, Hammond likes Rick quite a bit even if their meetings aren't going to happen often due to Hammond traveling frequently.
    • A few jokes have been going around by some claiming that they're both Australian, mainly since Rick somehow has an Australian accent on the rare chance that he talks and that Hammond crash-landed into Australia from the Moon. Both don't mind the jokes that much, even if they obviously don't originate from Australia (and that Rick had never even heard of that place to begin with).
  • Being a fish, Kine is unable to do almost anything on land except flop around. Kine found kinship with Magikarp, another fish that ends up land-bound for different reasons and also unable to do anything except splash around to no effect. That said, Kine's splashing does a bit of damage to some minor adversaries, but not enough to seriously stop them.
  • During an underwater swim, Kine came across Ecco the Dolphin and was surprised at what Ecco is capable of. The most the Kine could do underwater by himself is have a bit of ice powers, but ends up running the risk of freezing himself. Ecco considers Kine a good friend to swim with.
  • Outside of Kirby and his other animal buddies, Coo doesn't really have an additional friend to go with. Out of curiosity, he decided to look around and see if there were other owls to meet with. He's mostly fine with Kaepora Gaebora even if Coo isn't really the type of deity to have long conversations with. Coo was far less happy to hear about an actively threatening owl in The Grand Duke of Owls and made it a point to not go near him at all.
    • Decidueye was an owl that surprised Coo significantly thanks to its abilities. While Coo is decent enough to fend off some foes, Decidueye's skillset is well-ahead of Coo's especially when it comes to long-range capabilities. Despite that gap, the two get along well enough for them to hang around whenever Coo isn't with Rick or Kine.
  • There have been a few instances of Rick sleeping by himself. Some such as Rena Ryuugu and Schezo Wegey find a sleeping hamster cute to try and take him with them. While they are somewhat successful in taking him, they can't actually keep the hamster with them since Rick simply just walks back to where his friends upon waking up are whenever Schezo or Rena aren't looking.
  • Dark Matter was the main threat that the Animal Friends fought against with Kirby's help. While they know about the enemy known as Zero, the trio was shocked to learn about Zero Two as they weren't around when Kirby fought it. They consider this Zero Two to be just as bad, if not worse than regular Zero.
  • Rick, Kine, and Coo aren't the only animal companions that Kirby utilized on his adventures. There were a couple additional ones through Nago, ChuChu, and Pitch, who are something of counterparts to Rick, Kine, and Coo respectively as far as the land, sea, sky dynamic is concerned. While Nago, ChuChu, and Pitch sometimes help Kirby in the Pantheon, it's mainly Rick, Kine, and Coo who have had more time to help out Kirby.

    Tanya Adams 
Tanya Adams, Goddess of Hero Units (Special Agent Tanya)
Tanya and her ilks in three different wars.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Allies Faction symbol and two pistols
  • Theme Song: Take 'Em Out, Tanya!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, One-Woman Army, Legacy Character, twin pistols, swimming any body of water, famous laughter, the tough girl to Eva's smart girl, armored bra, wears a black dress at the end of wars
  • Domains: Commando, Hero Unit
  • Heralds: The Allied Forces
  • Allies: Albert Einstein, Stephen Colbert, Sonya Blade, Tresdin, Ecco the Dolphin
  • Rivals: Captain America, Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Kane, Yuri, Nikita Dragovich, Scanty and Kneesocks, Takeo Masaki, Lust, Saber Alter, Bashmaster, all the Japanese Ship girls
  • Distrust: Tashkent, Heavy Weapons Guy, good Russian and ursine deities
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nikolai Belinski
  • Of all of the Hero Units, Tanya is the most notable where she is a character while others are either generic representations or are already characters that are represented by some other title in the Pantheon. With the Court of the God's decision, they allowed Tanya to represent the commandos and heroes.
  • A One-Woman Army, she is equipped with twin pistols in which she could put down an entire division of infantries, holds load of C4 which she uses on ships and buildings (and later in other wars, ground vehicles) to blow them up. In the War of the Three Powers, she wears the Time Belt, a prototype device created by Futuretech Corporation, which allows her to return back 10 seconds ago.
    • Those who uses walker are very afraid of her C4s, as the explosive could destroy the legs and make them useless. Though she doesn't seem to understand the idea since she will place C4 on vehicles anyways, she started liking the idea of blowing up their legs.
    • She doesn't like the ship girls and they don't like her too. Not only because she blows up ships with her C4 like the four Soviet Dreadnoughts in New York, but also because of their affiliation with Imperial Japan is reminiscent to the Empire of the Rising Sun.
  • It is rumored that her role in World War II is what inspired GDI to initiate their own commando program to create their own One-Man Army.
  • Due to different time periods (even different timelines), there was only one iteration of Tanya. However, the Pantheon managed to get a glipse of what she looked like in the other timelines. Interestingly, they note that she was mostly brown-haired, but is blonde in the latest war.
    • Some speculates that Tanya may be a codename for a female operative, hence why she always look different for each war between the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union.
  • She doesn't get along with higher authority figures as she is very vocal and shows very little respect toward them. Scanty and Kneesocks were offended for her lack of attitude to obey the RURUS!!! Regardless, despite her lack of obedience, she is still the best they got, so they allow her to do whatever is necessary.
  • Tanya is fiercely competitive of her status as the best soldier in the world, and she would butt heads with other acclaimed soldiers when she ends up having to work with them.
  • She hates commies. As one of the Allies' best soldiers, she knew of the Soviet's atrocities and cannot stand the deities that associate with the Party. Though not all Soviet or Russian are evil or ruthless, they are not very trusting to them.
    • The one things that the Soviet ruin for her is bears. Armored, loud, man-eating bears, that would maul her if given a chance. A feat that Stephen Colbert found for someone who has the same mindset. And also found that the Legion Commander has a dislike for bears as well.
  • Do not confuse her with Tanya from the realm of Edenia. She finds her despicable for betraying her own realm and allies, something that a commie would do.
  • She is usually seen wearing a small black dress when the war is at its end, something that she likes to show off to the Commander. She finds herself to be the only decent one to wear it unironically.

Voldo, God of Wacky Fighters (The Hell Guardian, He Who Is Bound By Blind Allegiance)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Karma and Mara
  • Theme Songs: The Gears of Madness, Sweet Illusion, Ordinary Pain, Blind Loyalty, Phantasmagoria, Amid the Pure Insanity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Badass Back, Collector of the Strange, Confusion Fu, Disability Superpower, Dual Wielding, Go Mad from the Isolation, Hearing Voices, The Speechless, Stripperific Unwitting Pawn
  • Domains: Madness, Chaos, Loyalty, Combat
  • Followers: Alex, Bo' Rai Cho
  • Allies: Faust Baldhead
  • Rivals: Ivy Valentine, Taki, Siegfried Schtauffen, Talim, Carmen Sandiego, Dan Hibiki, Ling Xiaoyu
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Babmi Hughes, Frollo, Link, Ezio Auditore
  • Opposes: Cervantes de Leon, Soul Edge
  • Odd Friendship: Genos
  • Avoids: Slaanesh
  • Respected by: Corset
  • Observed by: Sigmund Freud
  • Annoys: Spawn, Heihachi Mishima
  • There were quite a lot of thefts in the Treasury Room in the Pantheon. All of them have been minor so far, but it would only be a time before the thief gets away with something more important. Sam Vimes hired the best detectives in the Pantheon to track down the criminal. It was Holmes who managed to track him down to the House of Combat. It was there that a slippery man in a skimpy outfit. He may not have looked like much, but he managed to overpower Holmes and Watson and made his escape. Unluckily for him, there were plenty of more powerful foes that managed to take him down. It was Taki who identified who he was: Voldo. Turns out he had made his home in this very area. The confiscated items were placed back in their place, but this man's adventures in the Pantheon has only begun...
  • Faust appears to be the only god that can fully understand his antics. It might be because Faust fights just as crazy as Voldo, but most gods won't delve into it for long, lest their brains explode in confusion.
  • His temple is the exact replica of the Money Pit, complete with the tomb of his deceased master Vercci. Not even his followers are allowed near the tomb for fear of getting them stolen.
  • One of his most prominent traits is his ability to fight just as effectively on his back. That has made him rivals with Xiaoyu. Whether one is better than the other in that regard is up to debate.
  • None of the deities from his world were that excited with his ascension. Voldo himself doesn't bother with any of them as long as they don't try and steal anything from his vault. And yet he always seems to get involved in their stories; he's one of the few Soul deities to have been involved in every game. There are exceptions; he despises the pirate Cervantes, believing he caused the death of his master. He has also long since stopped attempting to add Soul Edge to his collection, realising the evil nature of the weapon. This made him enemies with Nightmare.
  • One would think that with his bondage outfit he would be often seen in the House of Lust, but that's not the case. It's just that he prefers to wear as little clothing as possible. It doesn't help that the man doesn't appear to have much of a sex drive. That hasn't stopped Slaanesh from trying to test the waters. Voldo merely avoids her the best he can.
  • Upon his ascension, he was immediately challenged by Dan Hibiki, furious that such a clown fighter could have a higher rank than him. Voldo proved that his ranking was no joke, defeating Dan in a minute flat. His fellow members of the House of Gaming noted that Voldo's followers are not intended to be joke characters. They may look silly, but they can hold their own as well as the rest of them. That hasn't stopped Dan from training to beat Voldo some day.
    • Not even Bambi Hughes is willing to take the risk with that man. He doesn't feel he would get the satisfaction with Voldo.
    • Frollo denounced his method of clothing, claiming it brings about sinful lust in the eyes of girls and boys. Not that he's wrong, but it's clear that it's not Voldo's intention to do so. After backlash from various defenders, Frollo back down from his statement.
    • Freud hopes to find out why Voldo acts the way he does. It has proven to be one of his toughest studies yet.
  • At least Corset respects the man for having the guts for wearing such an outrageous outfit, even going so far as to saying it's a good look for him. Too bad he feels Voldo to be a too chaotic for his taste.
  • Genos became interested in Voldo's complete devotion towards his master, even after death. Genos himself has a similar bond with Saitama and hopes to help him out the same. The android still thinks that it doesn't justify his stealing tendencies.
  • On top of his unorthodox fighting style, it was soon discovered that he is completely blind as well. Daredevil volunteered to fight him to see how he manages to maneuver. After a brief encounter, the Man Without Fear concluded that his other senses help guide his movements, much like himself.
  • Carmen quickly learned that it's impossible to effectively work with Voldo in performing heists. Voldo is too distracted with various other items to make him steal any particular item. The two now see themselves as rivals in the trade.
  • Not that it interested Voldo, but there were a few gods that recognized him before his ascension
    • Link and Ezio have both issued a restraining order, banning Voldo from their temples when he was caught trying to steal their equipment. Both were involved in separate adventures and viewed Voldo as the least pleasing person they've met.
  • Neither Spawn nor Heihachi have any beef in Voldo... as long as he doesn't get in their way.


    Dan Hibiki 
Dan Hibiki, The Divine Joke Fighter (The Streetest Fighter, Sultan of Saikyo, Hell's Angel, Master of Saikyo-style)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Trademark Pink Gi
  • Theme Music: his SFA theme (Arranged, Alpha 2 ver., Third Rate Fighter, Performance and Power up Saikyo-Style
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Arrogant Kung Fu Guys, Joke Characters (Who Can Be Deadly in The Right Hands), Taunting, Having a Fighting Style Suspiciously Similar to Ryu and Ken and is Capcom's Jab at Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, The Color Pink.
  • Domain: Combat, Competition, Glory, Ego
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Sagat, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki, Mr. Satan, Zote the Mighty, Jigglypuff, Samurai Jack
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Vega, Balrog, Urien, Akuma, Kage, Kazuya Mishima, Tai Lung, Shao Kahn
  • Dislikes: Ryu, Ken Masters, Gouken
  • Dan Hibiki is a very interesting character. Motivated by the death of his father Go at the hands of Sagat, he went to train under Gouken to become a powerful martial artist but after learning that Dan was driven by revenge, he promptly kicked him out and Dan decided to train under his own martial arts, the Saikyou Style. He then went on to challenge Sagat to a match and due to the lingering guilt and pity from the latter he decided to throw the match and Dan emerged "victorious", going on to open his own Dojo.
  • So to no one's surprise his fighting style is....not good at all, being a derivative of the Ansatsuken Gouken taught him and made in Dan's own style but mimicked rather poorly. For that reason, Dan was awarded with the Joke Character title which naturally didn't amuse Dan at all but he decided to prove the court of gods wrong by opening the Saikyo Style Dojo and becoming the best martial artist in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being the quintessential Joke Character, Dan Hibiki is not the butt monkey of the gods, even though people drew much amusement from seeing him challenge powerful fighters like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan by himself and losing repeatedly. He's still convinced himself that he's the best around, and nothing's gonna ever keep him down. And somehow, he actually got better, slightly at least, which caught a few people of guard given how much of a joke he tends to be.
  • He shares a lot of things in common with Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia right down to how the former and Dan have a similarly styled fireball and the fact that he is such a weak fighter might be a intentinal jab from Dan's creators much to his dismay. Dan obviously has a bit of a rivalry going on with those two as well as Ryo's sister Yuri, trying to prove that his Saikyo Style is superior to their own martial art.
  • Received a brutal beatdown at the hands of Kazuya Mishima, who is a lot less sympathetic to his plight than Dan's real rival, Sagat. Dan's spent his time training (and training others) for the day when he can have his revenge. Luckily for him, his personal students made their way to rescue him from a rather grizzly fate and now that all three are in the Pantheon, Dan is planning to get back at Kazuya somehow. Both Sakura and Blanka are a bit worried about Dan slipping into a revenge story again, knowing that Mishima isn't as merciful as Sagat was.
  • Dan found himself in a match against world-champion Mr. Satan and he saw an opportunity to prove to the world that he was the better fighter. Unfortunately Dan lost as usual, this time exploding from swallowing a jukebox and managed to see his father in the afterlife before being brought back. Regardless, he has since swore to keep training and attempt a rematch with Mr. Satan, who will gladly challenge him again after their battle suffered quite a number of hiccups.
  • To the surprise of many, Dan is actually able to access the Satsui no Hado. Fortunately, the one time he tried using it in a fight against Sakura, he tripped over her backpack and immediately lost it. Ryu knowing the dangers of such power has tried to warn Dan about the potential struggles he could suffer if he felt to the allure of the Satsui no Hado but Dan refuses to listen to someone like Ryu. And then others like Akuma or Kage feel like he worthless and couldn't even hope to use its power at its full potential.
  • Dan is still a bit resentful to Gouken and his students by proxy for denying to train him but at this point he is content with his own Saikyo Style. This and coupled with his own arrogance made him notice a particular powerful Martial Artist that also thinks was denied his destiny in Tai Lung and Dan sought to challenge him just to test his power. Needless to say, Dan was utterly trounced by Tai Lung in the process and reason he survived was because the snow leopard didn't even care to finish him off. Even Tai Lung's own enemies, the Furious Five, find Dan arrogance and his lack of actually backing up his claims to be quite silly while Po is a little more sympathetic to Dan, trying to help him with his training but Dan continously refuses to train in another style that isn't his.
    • A similar situation ended happening with Samurai Jack as Dan tried to best him to prove his worth only for Jack to defeat him with barely any effort. Apparently this is not the first time the latter encountered someone like Dan as he was reminded of Da Samurai.
  • In terms of taunts, he may rival Shao Kahn in terms of how much taunting he can do in the middle of a fight, to borderline suicidal degrees many may add. But still, Dan knows better that to challenge the Emperor as he fears he will tear him to shred if provoked.
  • He and Cirno actually get along quite well, given their shared status a "jokes" even though Cirno tries her hardest to prove she is the "strongest fairy" and Dan is sympathetic to her cause. Similarly, he and Krillin are on pretty good terms cause he knows what it feels to be outclassed even if Dan refuses to accept his reality, doesn't help that Krillin is pretty strong on his own even if he hardly shows it.
    • That said, even Dan thinks Zote the Mighty is a bit too much for him. At first he was happy because Zote took interest in the Saikyo Style Dojo but after several training sessions not amounting to anything and Zote failing any noticeable harm on Dan no matter how many times he tried and his attitude while at it forced Dan to expel him. It reminded him about his time under Gouken and holds no hard feelings towards him, hoping that someone else can help Zote achieve the powers he wants.
  • Dan and Jigglypuff has had some weird history with one another as Puff being pink already rubbed Dan the wrong way and the fact that the Balloon Pokémon has beaten him in combat numerous times doesn't help. Turns out, Puff is quite the Lethal Joke Character thanks to her time in Super Smash Bros tournament and Dan wants in, though the organizers only allowed him to join as a spirit (as in they tricked him into getting killed by Galeem).
  • "Dan back after the ultimate improvement!"

Johnston, Patron Saint of Overrated Legendary Characters (DD-557, Radio Call Sign "NIKZ", Callsign "Brasslock", Amerikaze)
Johnston Kai
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the USS Johnston
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A character with a legendary reputation who turns out to be mediocre in actual combat, Born Lucky, Named After Somebody Famous, who in this case is a man, Having been foreshadowed months prior with equipment that she uses, Phenotype Stereotype, Having several smaller historical details on her costume
  • Domains: Legendary Characters, United States, Destroyers
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Cole Phelps, Takeo Masaki
  • Pities: Suzu Hojou
  • Similar characters: Cecilia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yamato, Shimakaze, Yukikaze
  • Johnston, who is the personification of the Fletcher-class destroyer of the same name, is, based on her historical counterpart's own service record, a pretty legendary character. Like Yuudachi's historical counterpart, she is best known for performing well in surface combat before being sunk by enemy action. Unlike Yuudachi, however, her surface combat ability leaves much to be desired, as, despite her reputation, she is woefully average in it. So average, her firepower is actually similar to that of fellow American ship Samuel B. Roberts, whose historical counterpart was a destroyer escort that had half the firepower and displacement.
    • Despite this huge disappointment, however, her Anti-Air and anti-submarine warfare skills are still considered to be one of the best among the destroyers. If anything, it can be considered as a Necessary Drawback, allowing her to do more without being utterly broken.
  • Of special note is her costume, which has some pretty nice attention to detail to it. These include: a Medal of Honor on her left arm (which references her late captain earning the medal posthumously for his actions in combat), her ribbons spelling out her historical radio callsign (which in this case is NIKZ, or November India Kilo, and Zulu), and a bronze star and silver star on her collar (which are based on the 6 Battle stars the historical ship received).
  • Like fellow American ship girl Iowa, Johnston's ascension was arranged as a joint operation by both STEC's personnel and The Admiral, as a sign of goodwill. In addition, the members of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 and many of the WWII-era US Marines had vouched for her.
  • Unlike every other KC-verse destroyer currently in the Pantheon, Johnston is, notably, the only American amongst them. This results in a huge contrast in weapons, equipment, and even looks.
  • Upon her ascension, she immediately begins working alongside her fellow shipgirls in fighting against the Abyssal Fleet. Despite her drawbacks, she still manages to hold her own against both the regular units and the far more powerful bosses. When not fighting the Abyssal Fleet, she is often seen in the company of Iowa.
    • In addition, she's also seen hanging around with the crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, who have a history of working alongside Fletcher-class destroyers during the Battle of Okinawa. Often, Johnston can be seen accompanying them in rescuing of deities stranded at sea, especially if they've been attacked by the Abyssal Fleet beforehand.
      • During on run-in with the Abyssal Fleet, Johnston saves the Black Cats from being shredded again by Air Defense Princess' Anti-Air fire and manages to drive the Humanoid Abomination off. In another skirmish, the Black Cats end up returning the favor with a Gunship Rescue during an encounter with the PT Imp Group, all the while Booth is telling Petty Officer Locke to "Take out those fuckin' PT boats!"
  • Isn't too fond of working alongside IJN ship girls Yamato and Shimakaze, due to their historical counterparts' role in her own's demise.
  • While they are related historically, with both of them being personified Fletcher-class destroyers, O'Bannon is rather disappointed that the Johnston that has been ascended is not from the same universe as her own. Nonetheless, they both get along really well, with Johnston's anti-aircraft and anti-submarine skills complementing O'Bannon's own.
  • Is among the few ship girls to get along really well with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It helps that the American President is hugely fond of the US Navy (having served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy during World War I).
    • John F. Kennedy also comes to respect her, due to both being veterans of the Pacific Theater. They even show each other the awards they had earned for their service.
  • Sgt. Thomas Conlin is rather jealous of her Medal of Honor. For bonus irony, Conlin's own series is named after it, despite the Marine Sergeant himself never earning one. Nonetheless, he and the rest of his squad appreciate having her around, especially when they're in need of offshore fire support.
  • Absolutely loathes Commander Masataka Shima and his allies in the Imperial Japanese Army, the Banzai Chargers, due to their attempted assassination of The Admiral. It's because of this that she also aids Pvt. Miller, Sgt. Roebuck, and Pvt. Polonsky in hunting the warmongering Japanese down.
  • Is rather disgusted by Cole Phelps' past as a Marine, due to a questionable act he ordered his squad to do, not to mention having gotten many of them killed due to his mediocre leadership. This is especially true when she finds out that he had earned the Silver Star just because he was the Sole Survivor of a disastrous battle.
  • Pities Suzu Hojou's traumatic experiences During the War, much like many of the Marines and Navy sailors who had met her prior. It also helps that unlike Shima, she's a noncombatant who had no clue of what her country's military was doing.
  • Is among the Allied ship girls being targeted by General Heinz Bohm and his Ms 300 "Razor" missiles. Like with Warspite and Iowa, the German General intends to film her demise as part of a Propaganda Piece that he intends to show to the rest of the Pantheon as warning.
  • Makes quite a few appearances or mentions on shows from The History Channel, at least before Network Decay set in.
    • Her historical counterpart has had a major appearance in the Season 1 episode of Dogfights "Death of the Japanese Navy", with two of her historical counterpart's former crew being interviewed. Here, she's depicted performing a Heroic Sacrifice in a David vs. Goliath match against Yamato's historical counterpart and the fleet accompanying her, saving several of her fellow ships in the process at the cost of being surrounded, finished off, and sunk. In fact, Yamato was among those to score a hit on her, though not with her primary armament.
    • The ship makes another prominent mention and appearance in the episode "Fletcher-class destroyer", of Modern Marvels. Here, she's among the Fletcher-class destroyers mentioned in detail by the narrator, alongside the USS O'Bannon. And again, a former crew member of her's is interviewed.
  • Outside of the Abyssal Fleet and Imperial Japanese holdouts, two other, non-aligned, threats become Johnston's concern. They are the Plesioth and the Lagiacrus. Both sea monsters have a known reputation of deliberately sinking small ships in their wake. To no surprise, Johnston informs the Black Cats about them as well, in order for them to avoid becoming casualties to these monsters as well. Thanks to Johnston's onboard anti-sub weapons and excellent ASW skills, she can more than deter both monsters in the event that they are encountered.

    Yuki Ashikaga 
Yuki Ashikaga, God of Gay Options ("Yuu")


Tamagotchi, Patron Saints of Raising Sims and Virtual Pets
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their planet…which is also a Tamagotchi. Alternatively, a plastic egg containing one of their kind.
  • Alignment: wildly varies, but even the worst of them are debatably Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: come in all kinds of shapes including Earth animals and plants, very low alcohol tolerance, Benevolent Alien Invasion, Descriptively-Named Species, Sugar Bowl planet is also a Tamagotchi, can mate with each other regardless of sizes or parents, changed and adapted to Earth's pop culture
  • Domains: Pets, Digital
  • High Priest "races": The Sims (Raising Sim aspect), Neopets (Virtual Pet aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Mario, Sonic, Wario, Hello Kitty, TRON, caring players, most Pokémon deities, many good children (like Steven Universe, Nanako Dojima, Cream the Rabbit (and her Chao Cheese), the CMC, and Frisk)
  • Enemies: cruel caretakers, the evil deities in the House of Technology, Agent Smith, Clu, Sark, the nasty children in the Pantheon (Eric Cartman and Mandy), many evil deities in general (as most of those are too busy with their agendas or are too cruel to care for them)
  • Avoided by: The Lyoko Warriors
  • One day, in a relatively peaceful area in the house of Nature, a small UFO crashed on the head of an anonymous scientist before falling into a river. After salvaging it, and upon realizing its inhabitants cannot survive the Pantheon's atmosphere, which is largely consistent with Earth's (given the numerous human deities residing in it), this scientist took it to the house of Technology, where the inhabitants were somehow safely housed inside specialized devices. During a debate for a name for the device, the UFO's inhabitants called them Tamagotchi HOUSEs, as their kind had experienced this dilemma before. Shortly after that, a few of their representatives were brought over to the Court of the Gods, wherein they were bestowed their title.
    • Some time after that, the Pantheon was visited by several more UFOs housing Tamagotchi, taking interest in all its wonders, and slowly adopting its further varied customs. The Houses of Craft and Nature were also able to replicate an enclosed environment they can survive in and a city to live in, all situated somewhere in the Dominions.
  • Because of the whole "atmosphere" issue, many "adopters" of Tamagotchi have decided to run tests on volunteer Tamagotchi's survivability by taking them to various dominions (exc. obviously dangerous ones like Mordor and Eggmanland) to see if other properties of these places (e.g. magic in Equestria) can counteract the Tamagotchi's…problem. So far, they have absolutely no problems wandering around the Grid.
    • Other scientists have taken to making things like Hard Light holographic projectors and robot body avatars to allow better interaction with the Pantheon's residents.
    • For unexplained reasons, Tamagotchi HOUSEs are the size of a cellphone, so it would be assumed they're incredibly small. However, inside their enclosed area, Tamagotchis are big enough to be comfortably cuddled by a ten-year-old human. Research is still being done to find out why this is so.
  • With the Pantheonic Wars, the Tamagotchi are in constant danger, as even if there aren't much resources worth stealing, there are those who would destroy their home just because they can. As such, they have no choice but to throw in their lot with the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Mario, Sonic, and Wario have made appearances amongst the Tamagotchi before, and so the three (including Wario) are official allies to them.
    • In fact, one of their number, Mametchi, even participated in Mario Kart alongside Pac-Man.
    • They also got along with several Pokémon, as their franchise has had Virtual Pets as well in their merch, like the "Pocket Pikachu", the Pokéwalker, and the (in-universe) Pokémon-amie.
  • Odd of the Lyoko Warriors once played a Raising Sim similar to Tamagotchi and got addicted to it, which forced the others to pawn it off to Yumi's little brother, where it died at the end. Upon hearing of the Tamagotchi being present in the Pantheon, Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremie, and Aelita have been keeping their friend away from them ever since, fearing a possible relapse.
  • The Tamagotchi also have a spot in the House of Technology.